Here is the true story about Adam & Eve and what it’s all is about.

Once and for all.

Were Adam and Eve being “tricked” by the serpent to eat the Fruit of Knowledge from the Tree of Life – or maybe not?

What they really did, and what that symbolizes, is that they lived under the rule of a Lesser God, a Evil Creator, which we still do, but they discovered the Qabalistic Tree of Life – it was not an actual real physical tree or apple, that was symbolism – and they gained access to the Fruit of Knowledge from discovering their spiritual aspects, and thus became aware of the difference between Good and Evil and themselves etc. The Serpent represents the Kundalini Rising which is an effect of Illumination and Enlightenment and which is needed to receive the “Fruit of Knowledge” from the “Tree of Life”. The Serpent was NOT Evil, it was quite the opposite, the God of the Bible was the Evil one, and god filled with rage when he saw that the people represented by Adam and Eve had found the “secret” to their own existence, spiritual reality, their Soul, and thus ultimately a path to be Free from the Physical Prison planet they were in.

So as summary:
Adam & Eve = Mankind

Tree = Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Apple = Fruit of Knowledge – symbol of the understanding gained from “climbing” the tree of life.

Serpent = Kundalini energ / spirit, which ascends (“climbs the tree”) to reveal the Fruit of Knowledge (truth, understanding).

The whole story of Adam & Eve represents mankinds practice with the Kabbala, a spiritual system for development and insights, and what the results of such practice will be – the ability to understand more (“knowing the difference between good and evil”, as per the bible, meaning being more conscious and aware of ones own actions and thus able to get on the “right path”). It is an esoteric and symbolic text, not meant to be taken literal as actual events or the way the story is presented.

Below is an illustration of this Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and the different parts it consists of, where you start at bottom and work (“climb”, as the serpent on its way up the tree) up towards the top (where you reach “The Fruit of Knowledge” – Highest Wisdom):

And here is a video introduction briefly explaining the meaning of the different parts of the Tree of Life:

What all this really means, is that “God”, an evil tyrant entity/deity NOT the Real God above All, wanted mankind to stay ignorant in the lowest part of the Tree of Life, only being present here in the physical world, and not gain the experience and understanding of all aspects above which would make mankind free. That’s why this biblical “God” got angry when Mankind discovered the secret of how to gain this Understanding all the way to the top of the Tree of Life, where the Fruit of Knowledge is.

As a sidenote: The Adam & Eve story is not the only place where the story is a symbolical representation of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. As another example you have Moses, with his 10 Commandments – these also relating to each of the total 10 spheres (sefira) of the Tree of Life.

Hope this cleared up all these misunderstandings about the Adam & Eve story and what its symbolizing.

-Edward Alexander “Maggador”