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Additional pertinent information regarding the International Common Law Court of Justice and its current case: Genocide in Canada

This is a very short summary of additional key points of information for those who are following this unique and historic case. The website ITCCS provides a wealth of extensive additional information from which I have just taken the most important points to help readers understand and follow this case.

The Common Law Court of Justice

The Common Law Court of Justice is based upon the precedent of the Nuremburg Laws as well as the Roman Statute of  the International Criminal Court.

The latter states that citizens everywhere have the right and obligation to refuse to obey or pay taxes to governments or institutions that are engaged in crimes against Humanity. It is also recognized by international law that institutions and individuals can be engaged in criminal actions and in that case can thus be held accountable and liable in a court of law.

Prior to the establishment of the Common Law Court of Justice it was impossible under the existing international law to bring institutions to trial for genocidal or criminal actions.

This meant that through the ages there has been no legal recourse for millions of peoples whose cultures and lives have been destroyed deliberately by actions of institutions of state and church. Entire continents were invaded and untold numbers of non-christian peoples were decimated by European powers operating under sanctions of so-called Papal law.

More recently, national courts have denied victims of sexual assault or torture by clergy the right to sue these churches and restricted their litigation to individual perpetrators.

The inability of the existing system of law to address this intolerable situation gave birth to the international Common Law Court of Justice.

Case #1

In the matter of Kevin Annett and the People versus the Government of Canada, the United Church of Canada, the Roman Catholic Church in Canada, the Anglican Church in Canada, the Crown of England, the Assembly of First Nations, the Weyerhauser logging company, the RCMP”E” Division, and the Law Society of British Columbia and officers of these corporations.

The Plaintiffs claim that :

the defendants are associated with a centuries old criminal conspiracy against humanity and were authorized by church law to conquer, enslave, terrorize, and permanently eradicate non-Christian nations and indigenous peoples, depriving them of identity, livelihood, lands, resources  and that the same defendants have actively used and are using the medium of their religion and so-called Indian Residential schools to accomplish this conquest and other crimes which fit the definition of genocide under international law.

The Plaintiffs also claim that:

these crimes caused the death of at least 50,000 children in residential schools alone and many hundreds of thousands of other native peoples and their offspring.

The Plaintiffs further claim that:

these crimes continue to the present day and involve the deliberate targeting and extermination of indigenous families, children and land-based communities across Canada and that these crimes are aided and abetted by officials of the Crown and private corporations as well as the media, the RCM, the courts and legal community and their agents.

The Plaintiffs further claim that:

this plan to eradicate native families is deliberately aimed at traditional female elders and their lineage , and involves child trafficking and pedophile sex-slavery networks, the murder of native women and children, “snuff films’ and other criminal acts.

The Plaintiffs further claim that:

the defendants are actively concealing those crimes and their complicity in them through a sustained campaign of historical falsification and misinformation, lies, destruction of evidence and eyewitnesses, obstruction of justice and other methods of dissimulation and fraud.

The Plaintiff Kevin Annett further claims that:

the defendants did knowingly and with malicious intent enter into an ongoing criminal conspiracy to intentionally assault and destroy his livelihood, employability, good name and family in order to conceal evidence of all of these crimes and especially of their theft and profiting off of land of the Ahousaht Nation, their defrauding of the public and their collusion in genocide, rape and murder of generations of indigenous   children across Canada in their so-called Indian residential schools and hospitals.

Case #2

In the matter of the People versus the Government of Canada and its officers, the Roman Catholic Church in Canada and its officers, the Anglican Church in Canada and its officers and the United Church of Canada and its officers.

The Plaintiffs claim that :

the government and the named churches  in Canada are deliberately and obstructively subverting justice, defrauding the public and concealing their own crimes against humanity by establishing a self- regulated, restricted inquiry into the Indian residential schools named “the truth and reconsiliation committee” that has neither the mandate nor the legal power to conduct a competent and legally effective investigation.

The Plaintiffs further claim that:

these named organizations and persons are deliberately concealing, destroying and subverting evidence of their own crimes in these schools, silencing eyewitnesses, denying the latter due process and civil liberties and are re-traumatizing the latter with intent to destroy them. 

Case #3

In the matter of the People versus the Crown of England and the New England Company, the Anglican Church of Canada, the Government of Canada and the Six Nations Confederacy and its officers.

The Plaintiffs claim that:

the defendants are responsible for the intentional,  planned extermination of generations of native children at the Mohawk Indian  residential school in Brantford,Ontario and for the deliberate and ongoing concealment and destruction of evidence, documentation, burial sites and human remains at this school and elsewhere.

The Plaintiffs further claim that :

these parties actively conspired and planned ways to destroy the Mohawk Nation in its entirety through the medium of the same Mohawk Indian school by way of a formal agreement signed between these parties in 1870.

Cases # 4 and # 5 will follow as soon as these are being heard by the  Common Law Court of Justice.