Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening, March 19, 2013


The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries (and Mars rules Aries so it is very strong) means “igniting lightning” and it is often felt in the body as if lightning is going through us. It produces an excess amount of energy that manifests with insomnia, muscle aches, headache, and extreme anxiety.

Sophia is using this excess energy for a purpose: she is transforming humanity once again (turning point then activation point and again with another point on its way. It’s like stages in the metamorphosis of a butterfly. To shift to another stage requires an enormous amount of energy. This is the “butterfly medicine” we’ve been talking about. Can you feel yourself changing from the inside?

Uranus brings changes- bottom line.

Understand the process of what’s happening and remember that surrendering is the best wisdom right now. Don’t struggle against things. Allow them to change. Mentally struggling overtaxes physical bodies that are already under stress.

Also, the Mars-Uranus conjunction makes a sextile to Jupiter, the planet that expands things to the greatest degree possible. It’s a power-packed transit. Highly electric. So anger, moodiness, self sabotage, issues related to success, and apathy are as possible as happiness, energetic, motivated, unique, and initiative. Since we know Sophia is directing the electromagnetic frequency of our personal lightning, we can feel secure and safe with the changes and transformations that are underway.