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Wednesday, February 13th 2013 at 6:00 am

Airport Security Check Points

Terrorism – or the perceived threat of it – has turned democracies into paranoid armed camps in which the state feels justified in assuming that every citizen is a potential terrorist.” – John Naughton

We are the last ones to board the flight to LA. It’s not the first time that our refusal to pass through the airport scanner has caused us to nearly miss our flight. Donn is already ahead of me and in the spread-eagled, humbling position when I reach for my iPhone to get a picture. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent gathering my possessions ever so slowly, despite my telling her our flight is boarding, advises me not to touch anything on the belt. “Just a quick picture … I’m writing an article on the scanner that the European Union just banned at nearly the end of the 3-year trial period.”/1 “It’s against policy for you to touch any of your possessions.” But my talk about the EU banning the scanners momentarily diverted her attention.

I snatch my iPhone off of the “verboten belt” and quickly get my shot of my husband, Donn going through the process no one else in the vast lines of people opted for. Realizing she’s lost control, the TSA agent snaps, “Hurry and take it [after the fact] – that’s my boss coming!” and then proceeds to ask her burning question, eyes widening, “The EU did what?”

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