Akashic Readings
by Carolyn Evers

Earth History
Another Viewpoint

Akashic Readings From Planet Earth 

Knights Templar History
Who were the Knights Templar?
Why did they build the Gothic Cathedrals?

Who were the Templars?

Where did they originate from?

What was their secret knowledge?

I, Carolyn Evers wanted these questions answered, so I went to the keeper of the Akashic Records and asked that the records of the Templar Knights be opened and read to retrieve the answers to these questions.

We have received this book about the Templars and it is a very large book as there were many people who were included in their mastery, their journey, and their abilities.

The cover of their book is a mixture of colors.

There is a lot of pink in the cover and there is brown along with green and what you call indigo. These colors seem to swirl around in a circle forming a pattern as one sees in a stream where it swirls around a sand bank, or debris, or stones. The swirl seems to go inside the book and there is a bright light in the center and a tetrahedron at the tip of the white light so it seems as if the light has formed this sacred geometric symbol, but we can see that it hasn’t.

We have asked the holder of the records what this might mean and they tell us that the geometric symbol was interference from the God force in the affairs of mankind. This is an unusual happening as for the most part God sent forth their representatives with a mission and has allowed those who participated in the mission to follow their own desires and destiny. This has been the way on this planet, but there was a need for interference and there was an answer given.

This represents the white light of the Creator and the emergence of the geometric configuration as it merged into form. This configuration was necessary as there was a very serious danger to humanity and the complete creation of this part of the cosmos.

Humanity and this experiment were on the verge of completely annihilating itself. There was a plea from the Creator Gods from this universe to the Source of all in the center of the cosmos and God sent part of the cherubim contingent to reinforce the etheric bands so that the solar system would not be destroyed in a giant implosion.

This was the result of the disobedience of those in Atlantis who stepped over the threshold. Since the question did not center on the Atlanteans, we will not describe the problem as that is a very large part of the book that has to do with the Templars and this energy stamp.

For now let us say that the cherubim carried an energy that was a balanced energy of love and vibratory mastery. The cherubim are responsible for nurturing the law of the creator where vibration is concerned. Their energy was necessary to sustain this solar system and the Source of all answered the Elohim in this part of the cosmos and sent their beloved cherubim.

Understand that God would not deliberately cast the cherubim out of the heavens, as you call it. This had to be completed on a voluntary basis. As you might imagine, no cherubim wanted to leave the throne of the Source and go down into the very depths of illusion and the darkest dark of all the planetary systems.

The cherubim were accustomed to living in the light and being supportive of the love that All-There-Was entailed. Only the most loving and the greatest souls of compassion that were enthroned in the bands of cheribumic energy were willing to leave their only love that they called the Creator of all, or All-There-Is and come down to help save the home of all these souls. Their sacrifice was made out of love and they truly loved the Source.

They understood that when they left, all of their powers would be stripped from them. They understood that they would be vulnerable to heavy dank energies that would buffet them and cause them to feel abandoned and in their desperation some of them cried out to the Source to help them.

As they fell from the center of the cosmos, they were encased in what would look like a tube. They couldn’t see out of this tube, but they were being assisted and protected by other angelic bands that carried their specially loved angelic bands to the new part of the cosmos, that part of the cosmos that is right beyond this galaxy.

Those who you would consider Atlanteans, who Archangel Michael designated in his Earth History, Past Present and Future as those souls who believed in power and control, were in the process of destroying their universe which was adjacent to this galaxy.

These cherubim were sent to bring their energies of balance and vibratory mastery, which would and could, hold the dying universe together long enough to save these souls who were enmeshed in distortion.

These were the souls who were brought to Earth and joined those peace loving souls who were the first brought here to experiment in love, and were the original followers of light brought here by Archangel Michael. We will not repeat this story as Archangel Michael discussed this in his Earth History.

What we will say is that there were knowledge strands that were gathered and compressed into what looked like a band of energy and this was accomplished by these same cherubim. As they landed into the new dimension that they would call home for a very long time, they were released from their tube-like enclosures and they went to work using their energy to sustain the creation in this part of the universe.

The creative forces were not certain that if this experiment failed that there might not be an implosion of all that was formed in the cosmos. The central Source in the center of the cosmos could not tell by reading vibration as to what would happen as there was no knowledge of the void beyond vibration.

This was an important mission as you can see and these cherubim have been caught on this Earth plane ever since, even though they yearn desperately for Source. For the most part they know who they are and they work for the light forces with Archangel Michael and others. Archangel Michael has taken responsibility for them as their gift will not be forgotten.

You might be wondering what this event has to do with the Templars and we will tell you as we are interested in this story also. We have never seen an energy geometric shape such as this on the cover of Earth records before and we stand in awe at the image of it. It is most beautiful and wonderful as it moves and circles and interfaces with the geometric shape and swirls on the cover and seems to go within the very book itself.

This represents the story, the power and the promise of the Source to all of those souls who were in creation at that time. This is the central record though there are other copies in other parts of the cosmos. This represents the story and the promise of God to sustain all souls.

This story was recorded and kept by those adepts who very early in Atlantis’ history had the most illustrious power and led the advanced people to the highest of accomplishments. These were not the souls who came from the imploding and dying universe, but rather these were the souls who originally came with Archangel Michael.

This was their history and their power and their accomplishments and they received these cherubim and cared for them until the cherubim could sustain their own energy currents in form. They needed a time of care and unconditional love as their circuitry had been shocked and it took a long time for their healing. They were healed in the healing temples and slept for a very long time to sustain their soul power and not be destroyed themselves.

These records are some of the records that were carved in the stone pillars that were found beneath Solomon’s Temple. They were gathered and kept in secret by monks in the early Jerusalem location, or more correctly this location before it had been given this name.

King Solomon understood just how important this work was and the need to keep it intact. He remembered being one of those who had written these words on the columns and he was willing to keep this hidden until the time when it would be ready to come forth again.

Those monks who kept the very early records remembered their lifetimes in Atlantis also where they had come back to protect these very same records. Those early cherubim who came forth to sustain the cosmos were caught in this dense part of the universe and have been reincarnating time and time again to protect these records.

The early Templars that went to Jerusalem to retrieve these records were some of the same cherubim who came in the very beginning. They again remembered their mission. They were able to remember their mission because of the energy lines that ran beneath their homes. The leader lived within this energy his entire lifetime as he were born in this home as it was a family home, so he had the opportunity to remember enough details that when he explained his memories to his group of friends, they were able to put a plan into place.

He could read the Earth records as we are reading them and understood the importance of what these records entailed. It was necessary for him to acquire these records. He remembered enough of the information to understand its importance, but not enough to remember what had been added to the original records.

These original Templars made their trip to Jerusalem and recovered all that was necessary to put into place what was needed to energize the human body. They were people who were remembering how to work with Earth Energies and the effect that this energy has upon the human body.

End of part #1 — Continue on to Part 2.

The Gothic Cathedrals

We have before us the book of life containing all the records for the Templars as they interacted with the Earth. So these records are not from the individual lifetimes of any Templar Knight, but from the Earth records themselves.

We said earlier that the Templar Knights came from the area of Champagne in France. We didn’t really identify this region, but as we follow the line of development we see that this is the region in the Earth energy system whereby the knights reincarnated to Earth in the time of question. They followed their plan to bring to the surface the understanding and knowledge of Earth forces as they interacted with bodily form.

Earlier, Jeshua had come to Earth to lay a foundation of light to support the grid system, as their orientation had been changed. He also came to connect the strands of light on the etheric region of this planet, as they too had been destroyed at the time of reorganization at Atlantis. That was one focus of his life and there were others, but that information has no bearing on this part of the plan, so we will bring this to light at a later time.

But now it was time for the energy centers, subsequently known as the Gothic Cathedrals, to be built, and by design, connected to a ground force which connects to the cosmic energies and then to the Earth energies. This project would take many men in a work force of great numbers. This was the first time that there was the availability of such forces and the financial means to pursue such a project.

There had to be a settlement of connecting forces upon the surface of this planet and it centered in the area that is now called France, but then it had other names. These were Franks which is a Germanic settlement of knights that belonged to a society that was secretive to begin with.

They used the cover of what was then known as the Roman Catholic Church. You must remember that this was a period of great danger as far as travel was concerned and there was a need for an organizational pattern to have control over the territory and obtain the permission of great authority. The Church was the means of organization as their approval would give shelter to the project and the approval of a pope would give the project legitimacy.

The group that would be Knights Templar planned this circumstance to make their project come to fruition by using this mantle of authority, and it was their plan to make this a religious order to offer the most protection to their plans.

It made sense from many fronts and this group found that there were members of great wealth, and politically the best protection for them was the mantle of legitimacy of their chosen legal system, which was higher than a king and the authority of the pope couldn’t be questioned.

This group’s authority went beyond the bounds of church or state. This group had chosen to come back to Earth at this time to set up the next step of Earth progression as it pertained to the bodily form and its revival of perfection. The churches they built that are known as the Gothic churches used the umbrella of religious devotion, but it was really about perfecting the human form. This was the next step available and its purpose was to enter the DNA of the human being and perfect and correct the damage that was done to the DNA system at the fall of Atlantis.

We use that term as humanity understands that wording better. The fall was not really a fall, but a decision of the Elohim to make a break in the human mind at that time to keep the spiritual information from coming directly to the reasoning side of the brain. The ability of spirit, that ability that comes with spiritual knowledge and used at the discretion of the reasoning part of the mind was too powerful to come in directly as it could be abused.

The break in the brain which is called the right and left hemisphere caused the spiritual information to ark over the corpus callosum instead of being on one path uninterrupted. This meant that there had to be some spiritual mastery attained by the individual to be able to have command over this process.

No longer would the Elohim allow the gifts of the spirit to be given without challenging the intentions of the recipient. Their purpose was to not only to challenge the initiate, but there had to be a period of testing before the initiate could again use the spiritual gifts of creating. The period of events leading up to the fall were so severe in consequences that all the creator gods were adamant that this mistake would never happen again.

At the time of Atlantis there was a direct link between spiritual knowledge coming into form and the use of this knowledge. Because there were offences made against the natural law of the human and the guiding forces of the spiritual hierarchy, that had the responsibility of spiritual acumen, it was decided that there must be a correction made in the experiment and that experiment had to be divested of their abilities and then allowed to come forward in ability at a later time.

The DNA was changed and the mind was divided, and the bands of energy around this planet were changed, along with what would be considered today as the grid system. This was a very desperate move on the part of the Elohim, but it was necessary and required as the energy bands of the soul were changed and this was the only way for correction. This decision was made after a conference among all the leaders who were responsible for the guidance of the human race.

At that time there was also a plan put into place whereby the bodily form could then be healed. Humanity would then be able to start that long trek back to advancing again, which would begin in the next era of the history of the human body, as it was engaged in, and with, the spiritual soul.

There were many plans put forth. The answer couldn’t be built upon a foundation of knowledge, as there was no knowledge in the human race as to how to change DNA and how to follow the lines of physical growth and perfection. A system had to be put into place where the changes could be begun in an automatic manner. Therefore it was decided that the plan of design would be to bring forth an architectural means using sacred geometry, and fuse it into the belief system of the human.

Naturally, the religious fervor that already existed on the planet was the vehicle that would be used. Even though the religious leadership did not understand the real means for advancement, namely, that the beginning changes would be brought about in the DNA system of the human physical, this would be the tool used without the knowledge of the leaders of the church.

The plans and knowledge for this was already in the Earth records. It was simply the need to bring those records back into the consciousness of humanity, and to have a work force provided to build the structures that could heal the DNA. This would be the beginning of change in the form of the human. This change would again integrate the brain and begin healing the brain, so that there could be the trek back to the former knowledge and ability of the human.

We must say that this was just the beginning. There was a complete plan brought forth, and the first part of the plan was to build the structure that was necessary to facilitate the beginning changes.

So we will discuss the Gothic Cathedral first as this was the beginning of the changes. The method for bringing forth the changes couldn’t be divulged to the populace as they were mentally ignorant of anything so refined. The design and plans had to be kept secret as the governing bodies of the temporal forces along with the religious forces would desire to usurp the power since they were of the power and control variety.

This force of the dark had integrated into the layers of society in the form of religious fervor and the Elohim understood all too well that this plan and knowledge couldn’t be given to the authority of either church or state. This had to be a plan which could by stealth integrate itself to be a legitimate part of the organization, but working at its own design separate from the authority that had implanted itself in the organizational force of humanity.

We understood all too well that we couldn’t be found out or else we would be destroyed and our knowledge stolen for the personal aggrandizement of the leaders of both church and state. Therefore this appeared to be an authentic voice for the religious system, but bowing to no organized political or religious authority, as this was the intent to be autonomous to its own discretion.

The thrust of the work had to be controlled in secret and it was accomplished as such. The group of cherubim formed again. They could read the records and they understood all too well what their job had to be and they accomplished it right under the authority of the dark forces. They were the beginning of light again on this planet, and they fostered those ancient dreams of the Elohim. In that history as you understand it, they built the Gothic Cathedrals and the energy work began without anyone consciously knowing that this work had begun. Humanity again was on the path of the perfection of bodily form and it would begin again, that long trek from the dark that had originated in Atlantis.

Those in charge of the cathedral project recognized those souls in control of the Church and the government as those same souls that had been embodied in Atlantis during the fall. They had also cycled between the physical framework of the human and the spiritual existence of the soul in spirit. Both groups have been recycling in the new form of incarnation that was now the law for this planet.

This system of reincarnation was not the desire of the angelic beings that came with Archangel Michael at the very beginning, but they now had to work with this law as the error was created in this dimension and had to be corrected on this dimension.

All the players were in place and the building project was begun. Both forces from the light and the dark were working together as separate forces working within their own organizational bonds and working alone. The forces of the light understood all too well that they had to finish their objective with their knowledge hidden. If the forces of control and domination understood what the power behind the building process entailed, they would again take over this force and use it to their own benefit.

To Be Continued

Carolyn Evers