So they are liquidating their corner on COMEX paper gold in huge chunks…
“Stop Logic” Gold Slam Was So Furious It Shut Down CME Trading Again
“Moments ago it just happened again. As part of the already noted massive gold slamdown just before 9 am Eastern, when “someone” sold an epic 2 million ounces of gold in one trade, the CME just went dark for 10 seconds, blaming it on an appropriately named “stop logic” event.”
If you want to know when it will stop…I would guess when JPM runs out of paper longs to dump and starts adding paper shorts again. Not sure how much they have but Ted Butler seems to think it is in the 8M ounce range….so they are only about 25% done.
Of course the JP Morgan “Operation” is much more involved as they announced their first loss under Jamie Dimon today AND they “announced” yesterday that they had sold all their short term Treasury notes. HA! Since when does JPM announce their trades???
JP Morgan Sells Short Term Treasury Notes
and they got the headline they wanted…

“Banking Giant Doesn’t Want to be Holding Bonds if the U.S. Defaults”
Of course this is 100% BULLSHIT as they hold about $50 TRILLION in interest rate swaps so it should make you think..Why would JP Morgan telegraph their trade out of short term Treasuries specifically held in their Money Market Funds?
Obviously, that’s where their PROBLEM lies! They are being GUTTED by the move up in short term rates and they are trying to throw up a smoke screen!
So that’s Jamie’s response to the Government Screwing with his markets…lie about his exposure and DUMP GOLD to try to influence interest rates in his favor. All the while the CFTC is shut down and telegraphing to the markets that manipulation WON’T be watched or prosecuted. Also, I guarantee you that when Obama met with Jamie Dimon last week he told him that the US Congress was going to bring the system down.
You can’t make this crap up…and I warned you! For Private Road Members go back and read the threats that Jamie Dimon laid upon us and why now…
Jamie Dimon Issues Terrorist Threat to Americans!
What’s Happening and Why
Expect more and more turmoil over the coming weeks are the Bad Guys reeling in pain. Keep out of their system with physical silver in your own possession. Read the Road to Roota archives if you are feeling out of the loop.
This is all part of the plan to take back our monetary system…and it will get a lot uglier.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir