He begins this by warning us not to panic or go into fear…change appears to be afoot.  Because of the “tone” of this interview I wanted to listen to the whole thing before I posted it.  It has some really good tid-bits but PLEASE keep in mind that fear gets us no where.  We are the new trail blazers and we should be excited about this NEW CREATION we call the Golden Age!

By  on Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Alex Collier – Radio Interview with Jay Perron – 20th February 2013

Alex Collier has recorded a special 90 minute conversation with Jay Perron on 20th February 2013 that was broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio.

The interview was conducted by Jay Perron aka JP from Ever Beyond. Please visit Jay’s website for his twice weekly radio show on Sundays and Tuesdays, his personal Personality and Soul readings and  Meditation Pyramids, Orgonite, Crystal Pendants and Devices.

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