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November 16, 2015

Version 5It is Monday afternoon and after five hours of responding to emails, I realized that I am ready to move forward with several changes in my life. One of them is building a team that is as on fire as I am to serve this planet, it’s people, and God Himself/Herself. I have envisioned daily exactly how that would look like and where I have wanted to take to. My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and excitement, as I AM Seeing this reality finally manifesting.

What began as a commanding voice inspiring me to develop and create GalacticConnection back in 2011, has now become an organism which communicates with me as well as sustains me and my life. Changes are afoot for us all at this juncture, however for me this change has been a signpost for good tidings coming forth. Why do I say this? Let me explain.

For about 4 years now I have dedicated my life to a multi-tiered mission. One that continues to reveal itself on a daily basis. The revelation that this “fire” I carry is more than just a obsessive commitment to “the people.” I KNOW I carry a great deal of responsibility to myself and all of you, and because of it I take it very earnestly.

These last 6 weeks have been immensely challenging, and in fact ever since I accomplished a mission at ECETI in July of this year, the resistance has grown monumentally. I have had to ask myself why this much? And now I have the answer…

Without writing a book on such specifics, the DECISION has been made, The Energies have sped up in frequency, and the Councils are meeting more often and with more decisiveness. The days of waiting for “an edict” are gone. We are a go, and because of this, many of us may be experiencing unrelentling attacks, both psychically and by those who are implanted or unenlightened that come into our field. Each step up in frequency brings a new level of intensity and a new layer of resistance.

So I just felt compelled to let you all know that progress is forthcoming beyond all of our imaginations. Imagine the complexity to coordinating all of The Councils with all of the Boots on the Ground. Feel the ongoing tweaking and aligning going on with Mother Earth and her Stargates. Being in a constant state of flux has become a way of life, and as such impacts how we maneuver through higher vibrations. Have you noticed you see people’s agendas more clearly? Do you sense the lack of a time gap between when you make a choice and when it plays out on the physical plane? Stay alert to how that which you desire is delivered to you now merely by deciding, intending, and aligning to your own mission. These energies are most fierce in demanding that you step into your mastery. It is time for us to be a masterful authority, which is more about being true to yourself WITH the finesse of allowing others to do the same without criticism. We are being called to fully understand that our beliefs are too confined to provide us the whole tableau. We are maturing and “giving” to the nudges from Spirit with much greater ease.

Again, ALL be on alert for anything to occur that sends a vibrational ripple across the planet. We are the anchors of the grids. We are rooted. We are nourished. We are ancient.

And So It Is!

With All of My Love