Finally a video that many of you have been asking for! Jerry Yusko, an expert medical intuitive, and Alexandra Meadors, a master alchemist, review everything to do with implants, the types he encounters, where he finds them, where they come from, how they are related to cellular memory, and how they involve the soul and the DNA. This is such a great discussion that really brings forth so much clarity to why the implant removal series is such an important step in your evolution and ascension. We go into positive extraterrestrial implants, being a one time healer, and a suggestion for changing the healer’s paradigm about tackling people’s conditions versus the disease itself. We must begin to eliminate the diseases on this planet period! Other perspectives such as faith in our healers, our own White Light, learning how to “save” ourselves without our star family’s assistance, the true implications of the fall of humanity, how ET species come to be, harmonization with ET’s,

The Soul Alignment and DNA Sequencing Activation is reviewed so there is a full understanding of how we strive to remove the conflict within the soul-spirit-body-mind-subconscious-DNA. Universal truths are reviewed as well as feeling truly human, not what we have been “taught” it means to be human. Learn about the difference between the repair of DNA strands and the growth of new strands, where feeling you need a multitude of DNA strands is not really serving you. You will never see your DNA the same after this interview!

We also discuss how providing healings is defined, and how you should stand in your own authority when providing healings. We are also now providing a new service to take you on a thorough past life journey and learn about the patterns you developed. We also discuss implants and animals. This is a must hear for all healers and practitioners.

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