Galactic Connection Alchemy
Alexandra's Galactic Violet Ray Essences & Oils
Combining all of Nature's precious Gifts such as water, sound, light, minerals, flowers, crystals, zero point, tachyon, sacred geometry, music, alchemy and more for a profound and effective resolution to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues or ailments.

I have created countless formulas for just about anything you can think of, so if you don't see it here, just drop me a line and I will create it just for you! This list will continue to grow over time.
Alexandra's Two New Product Lines
My son has definitely started to be his old self again - your essences are wonderful!

It was a true honor and a blessing to receive the oils from Alexandra

I cannot, as a long term carer for feral cats, and feral cat colonies, recommend Alexandra's 'Contented Cats' essence highly enough.

Commentary from Tory Smith on Alexandra's Alchemy
Vibration healing is the way to go and I am truly blessed to have been directed to Alexandra and experience the miracles of her gift and talent. The frequency drops were especially fine tuned for my needs. It brought me to a whole different level of peace, health and understanding. I was able to pull in my strength and power like never before. It targeted areas in my body to accelerate healing and balance. I felt the energy of this essence immediately and a very noticeable positive difference. I was also blessed to experience a distant healing with Alexandra which she reported to me the day after with all the exact trouble areas that she picked up on and I experienced great relief. I highly recommend this very effective and spiritual methodology of healing.

The remedies that Alexandra creates are tailored to the individual. These remedies have assisted me in releasing on a cellular level the remaining memories and effects of the memories and the physical effects of extreme childhood abuse. The remedies are precious in these times of accelerated change and movement. I treasure the remedies. It's like having Spirit in a bottle.
Thank you Alexandra

"Alexandra's essences literally carry the magic, the vibratory frequency, and the highest levels, bringing forward the magic from ancient times. She was a wizard and an alchemist in the highest form of the Melchizedek Order, right alongside Merlin and all of those very high alchemists of that time. She worked with them and learned from them, but they learned from her as well. I have this vision of her standing in this laboratory where she has all of her stuff before her. All of this magic comes from her hands and her 3rd eye, as she looks into her creations and adds ingredients to her bottles. I see her creating these fabulous essences to help people come to fruition, to be exactly who they are. That is why they are so special.

She agreed to come back at this time to assist with the ascension of the human race, specifically to help humans become aware and elevate their frequency in order to advance themselves so they can get out of this 3D matrix and move forward. Everyone needs to be at a certain frequency level so we can jump, but all of us have been put into this matrix. The essences literally unlock the key that unlocks the blockages, keeping others from knowing their mission, knowing who they truly are and their highly-evolved self.

Alexandra's essences are helping awaken the Light Warriors so they can help with the shift in the consciousness. Her essences are a huge key in bringing about the ascension of the human race.

She along with Merlin and The Ancient Ones carry the knowledge, the codes, the vibrations, the sacred symbols, the sacred colors, the energies, the magic, and the sacred geometries. No one at this time can do what she does. Others do it, but are not at the level that she is. No one can bring forth what she does, at least not to the magnitude and level that she does it."

Reverend Pam
Photo by Veronica Saunders
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Drop me a line if you would like to try some remedies! We will break out of the 3D earth spell together!
Alexandra Meadors
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