Galactic Connection Alchemy

Alexandra’s Galactic Violet Ray Essences

Combining all of Nature’s precious Gifts such as water, sound, light, minerals, flowers, crystals, zero point, tachyon, sacred geometry, music, alchemy and more for a profound and effective resolution to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues or ailments.

I have created countless formulas for just about anything you can think of, so if you don’t see it here, just drop me a line and I will create it just for you! This list will continue to grow over time.

Alexandra’s Alchemy – Two new lines of products!
My son has definitely started to be his old self again – your essences are wonderful!  Anitta

It was a true honor and a blessing to receive the oils from Alexandra. Mark

I cannot, as a long term carer for feral cats, and feral cat colonies, recommend Alexandra’s ‘Contended Cats’ essence highly enough. Alison

Vibration healing is the way to go and I am truly blessed to have been directed to Alexandra and experience the miracles of her gift and talent. The frequency drops were especially fine tuned for my needs. It brought me to a whole different level of peace, health and understanding. I was able to pull in my strength and power like never before. It targeted areas in my body to accelerate healing and balance. I felt the energy of this essence immediately and a very noticeable positive difference. I was also blessed to experience a distant healing  with Alexandra which she reported to me the day after with all the exact trouble areas that she picked up on and I experienced great relief. I highly recommend this very effective and spiritual methodology of healing. 


The remedies that Alexandra creates are tailored to the individual. These remedies have assisted me in releasing on a cellular level the remaining memories and effects of the memories and the physical effects of extreme childhood abuse. The remedies are precious in these times of accelerated change and movement. I treasure the remedies. It’s like having Spirit in a bottle.

Thank you Alexandra Laura

Commentary from Tory Smith on Alexandra’s Alchemy
This covers her unique galactic formulas and remedies and should answer most questions you may have.
When ordering, please know that we are continually clearing interference! You will add further support by visualizing your product, and/or service completely surrounded within a protective sphere of Liquid Golden Light. Gratitude!

This remedy gives you confidence to step into your spiritual authority, recognizing the lessons from the past and enabling engaging your heart in the healing process. It helps with grounding, detoxification and mental agility; especially during “a dark night of the soul”.

For overcoming distractions and letting go of trivialities that misdirect your spirit; dealing with false emotionality that covers deeply seated pain; eliminating the fear of being violated and also being open even when you’re vulnerable. It will help with persevering in spite of reduced vitality and having the will to confront issues despite opposition, boosting your ability to take risks.

This remedy improves your inner strength, for both saying yes to opportunities that present themselves for inner growth and overcoming over-personalization of one’s pain. The essence will help you when there is alienation from your physical body, uncertainty about how to create and express, and coping with tension created through using addictive substances.

The essence helps with becoming fully present, removing stress because of emotional repression and awakening the heart to authentic feelings. This goes along with hearing one’s own conscience and developing warrior-like strength in the face of adversity, having the courage to confront evil wrongdoings.

This remedy is for overcoming insecurities and fears, feeling more protection and trust; having freedom of expression, enhancing your life purpose and commitment to the planet, and feeling more unity with humanity. It also helps you remember how to communicate with the other realms.

This is all about breaking patterns and overwhelming old paradigms; lightening burdens and being a catalyst for health changes – developing a healthy lifestyle based on healthy rhythms. The remedy supports you in dealing with people who are not integrated, and helps to awaken the body after being depleted from over-intellectualization.

Key points here are : assimilation, reconciling feelings of power regarding feminine qualities, balancing love with power and strength, catalysing the will, having healthy feelings at an ego level, stimulating healthy mental alertness, becoming aware of pain from your past, and integrating the human collective consciousness.

Alexandra’s Galactic Violet Ray Essences

Animal Alchemical Essences

The Animal Kingdom is more-so connected to Gaia than us. Animals are continually swimming in all Energies emanating from their environment. Offer your Pets a clean start from past experiences with these remarkable formulas. Let them feel peace and safety once more.

Drop me a line if you would like to try some remedies!  We will break out of the 3D earth spell together! Alexandra Meadors

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