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microphone (1)Alexandra Meadors interviews Tory Smith, February 3, 2015 – Cleansing and Clearing of the Whole Galaxy is Underway!Hello hello everyone this Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is February 3, 2015. And I have such an amazingly special guest today. I’m excited to share his information to all of you because in just the short period of time that I’ve gotten to know him he’s completely blessed my life in many ways. But before I dive into that I want to remind everybody that if you are new to Galactic Connection.com we do run a daily blog page which is 365 days a year. It’s purpose is to inform, educate and expand the consciousness through the filter of trying to show you the things that are going right on the planet. So please check it out and the other thing is we are very renowned by our implant removal process series. If you want to check that out there’s a link on that as well. Please be patient, we are updating the website as we speak. And there’s going to be some changes and maybe some quirky little things, so just be patient because it’s all going to be worth it in the long run.

So with that said, I want to introduce my new friend Tory Smith and honestly, Tory contacted me, gosh, months and months ago, and does the incredible free and kind service out of his heart to scan all the higher profile bloggers and healers and practitoners and things like that, making sure that we have not been re-implanted, like for example, with DARPA chips and things like that. And that’s exactly how he came into contact with me. That started a friendship that has far surpassed what I expected. And one of the things that Tory Smith offers is the reading your DNA. Now if you have ever heard of this before, he has an amazing website and it’s called Read My DNA.wordpress.com. Please check it out while you are listening to the interview. It will give you some definite interesting tidbits of how he sees life. It’s very multidimensional. It’s very profound. And I feel that’s one the most important reasons why I’m bringing him on this interview today.

Tory’s background is really interesting – he holds the themes of being healer and survivor. He began remote healing more than twenty years ago. So it’s definitely been around the block. In 2008 he began opening up his galactic chakras and began soul talking, which we’ll talk about in a minute. His main focus though is on seeking justice, especially for children and especially for those that are used in child sacrifice and satanic rituals and things like that. So he’s going ahead and give us some information on that today. And also just giving us a little more of an understanding about DNA because he can literally see and read your DNA. A very unique asset to the planet.

So thank you Tory for hanging in there for that long introduction.

Tory: It was very nice. You know, I believe when we come here from heaven that everyone chooses two life themes. And those are mine – Healer and Survivor. And they were very beneficial to me and as many spiritual teachers will say that we choose many exit points in our life and I was at my exit point when I was 31 years old and was ready to go. I had three terminal illnesses and was ready to go. And my mom was absolutely freaking out and she just kept saying over and over, I can’t lose my other child. Because, you see, my sister had also died when she was 30. (Oh my God) She died from a brain tumor. Although she’s doing really well. She works in the Hall of Orientation in heaven where people go, where they get prepped for birth. So she helps people with that and then they shrinks us down and God puts into the womb in the mother and that’s what my sister does. She does counseling and preparation for people. And she’s so much happier over there. I mean, like me, she’s been through a lot of abuse but she’s doing really well.

But, yeah, I asked God if I could say that I had a wonderful near-death experience. It was not then but when I look back and say, yeah, it was wonderful. But then it was kind of scary. (I bet) Although when I was out of my body, that part was very peaceful, when I came back was very scary. And I really focused on, instead of choosing to see so many illnesses as a victim, I stepped out of that role and began the process of healing.

Alexandra: I so relate to that. We have very similar backgrounds.

Tory: And it was quite a ways, but systematically I healed from all of that. So then moved on. Now I just do healing mostly for other people.

Alexandra: And of course, that whole journey was what created you into what you are today. I mean, without it you wouldn’t have that rich experience of being able to see the whole perspective of being ill. I was in bed for three years after a severe car accident and I was in excruciating pain for eleven, so I would not be where I am without going through that process. But I think one of the biggest things that I’m impressed with you about is you still continue to walk into the fire knowing that it can be somewhat – what’s the word – I’m not going to say ‘destructive’ – right? but can you kind of talk to people what is your daily life like as far as to the type of Light Warrior work that you do. And I call it Light Warrior because it truly is.

Tory: Well, I get my butt kicked on a – it seems like on a minute-by-minute basis. Well, in our pre-interview we were talking about what you called the ‘Unseen War’ and because most people don’t see into the astral and etheric planes and most people don’t see the beings that are there on the higher dimensions. But there is literally an entire universe right here, right around us, going on. And this aspect of my life started about three years ago. Well, February will be the 38th month. So I’m in month 37 of dealing with what most people call the Illuminati, the New World Order – these people who I call the child rapists and child murderers and they – I was doing light work for everybody on the planet. Because I had done so much specific remote healing.

I think that the easiest way to put it is, there’s an array of light of various colors and various properties that God gives us as tools to use while we are here. And anyone can use them. And I started working with the Light of the Holy Spirit, filling myself and filling others and it’s very purifying and wonderful. As many people know the violet flame – I like to add a metal to it – I usually ask for the silver violet flame because metals make things a little bit more electro-conductive. And it kind of gives you a boost. And there’s a sparkling emerald green healing energy, the gold ray of Christ, the opalescent ray of divine grace, there’s a whole fortitude of –

Then later on, once I worked with those for so many years Heaven introduced me to what’s called the Sacred Fire. And the Sacred Fire, I’ve been exclusively working with that because it’s a combination – I wouldn’t call myself – I never like to call myself an expert of anything – I always refer to myself as a student. (True) So I really couldn’t give you the nuts and bolts of what Sacred Fire is except I can tell you it’s extremely powerful and when you send Sacred Fire into someone that’s very dark, it transfigures them just like the Silver Violet Flame does even though it’s more powerful than the Silver Violet Flame. And it does things that I really don’t understand. But all that I can really say is that it’s a super incredibly powerful . And that’s what I’ve been working with.

A: It’s really important, Tory, you have to understand how important this is for the audience to hear this. This is the time than any other time that we are really cleaning house of the dark entities on the planet.

T: Oh yes. There’s a huge, huge ordeal related to cleansing and clearing. And that’s not just going on here, that’s going on – not only in our Solar System – it’s going on Galaxy-wide. There’s a huge shift, which we can get into later, but people are basically being removed – well I call everybody people. I know a lot of people like to use the word ‘alien’ but to me ‘alien’ means unknown. But I mean it doesn’t mean easily recognized DNA as Insectian or Reptilian or Dinosaurian or – . I’ve come in the presence of literally hundreds of thousands of people that are not of the slightest bit human.

A: It’s amazing.

T: So I think the most important thing is that because I get such a heavy – I don’t know what the word is – from the Dark Side, the Illuminati, they say, Oh you think you are so special, and I say, Well I do, but the thing is we are all special. You know what I mean? I think what the most important thing that I could tell anybody that is listening is, Every thing that I do is available to everybody. And like when a dark entity comes into my home and I blast them with I do that, why? because I’ve learned how to do it and I can do it. And it’s just that simple. Anybody can do light work.

A: Do you have any tips on what would be the number one suggestion that you would use when someone is under severe psychic attack? They really feel it in their home. They feel that they can’t even handle the attacks they are experiencing – what would be the first thing that you would do in that circumstance.

T: Well the first thing that I would is to ask for help. I would go straight to the Creator of the universe and his partner, his twin flame, and ask for help. What I did years ago, I turned my life over to the angels and also turned my life over to God. Because I call Father God and Mother God, God. Because it gets too complicated with the ‘he’ and the ‘she’ and ‘they,’ it’s just easier to call Father and Mother God, God. But there are two. There’s both Mother and Father God, twin flames. But you see Mother God is the one to can go to if you want to get things done. Because Father God – we have these rules in our universe – it’s almost like a hands-off. Well, for so long it’s been hands-off, we call it a freewill universe and we come here and you do what you want, but then you have to realize there is karma created with that.

So Father God hardly gets involved. So if you need help and you need help immediately you can go to Mother God and petition her. And what you can do, you can write Mother God a letter and you can say, look, I need help. And she will help you. She will definitely help you. Heaven helps everybody, even the darkest of the darkest entities. Now they aren’t going to come down and help you rob a bank. They are going to help everybody in the divine and highest good. So even a dark entity who has murdered somebody goes to God and says, I need your help – Now I have no idea what happens in that situation but help will come. And it will be a step-by-step process to get a person like that out of their negative karma. It could take a while, I don’t know how long. But anybody can get help. And I think that is very important.

So the Number 1 thing is ASK FOR HELP and the number 2 thing, I learned a long time ago, was INTENT. And INTENT is, I believe, the number 1 most powerful tool that we in this universe have because it’s how we create, and we create with our thoughts and our emotions and our powers and our desires, our wants. I don’t know if you’ve read the book, The Secret, but a couple of years ago it was on Oprah and it was all the rage all of a sudden, it’s like Heaven taught us how to create and everybody was talking about it. Oh, I’m going to use The Secret to get a new car. And the bottom line is that it worked. Esther and Jerry Hicks and their stuff is so powerful.

But the thing is, when you are learning and you’re in the position of constantly being attacked and you don’t know what to do, once you set your Intent and say, I deserve, I am a sovereign being and I deserve to live in a peaceful life without being attacked, and your Intent starts to strengthen – the universe will immediately guide you to everything that you need and it’s a very powerful process. You’ll go to the internet and you’ll see – you might see a spiritual healer that you really resonate with, or crystals, there are so many various ways that we can cleanse our homes and do things for ourselves. But if you just go straight to the top all the details will be taken care of, I think.

A: You made a good point about the deserving. Several of the essences that I have made have been so much about us valuing ourself to feel that we deserve that. And a lot of times we invoke and call this stuff in because of that believe system, that feeling that we don’t deserve it. One of the most powerful suggestions that I would like to add onto that is, as you are Intending and as you are invoking and calling in the Mother, Mother God, and Mother Earth, etcetera, if you can prostate yourself up on – have you done that? When you lie face down onto the ground and you lie like a cross. You see it in the old ways like the monks and stuff. I always wondered, somebody turned me onto this – it was the most powerful thing that I think I have experienced. When you are really hitting that wall and you want to surrender totally and you really want to let go. It’s a great – just try it and see how you like it.

T: I spend a lot of time in the dirt and with my hands and my feet in the dirt and I do a lot of gardening and landscaping and dealing with a lot of stones. My mother and father bought 40 acres recently and turned it into a Nature Preserve, (Nice!) and I don’t even know – 10 to 20 thousand trees – part of it was already a woods. Then part of it was a lot of open fields and we had a machine that came along and plant the trees. So we go out and work in the trees and care for them. And that’s another thing too, it’s not just your being attacked by the dark entities, one of the best things that you can do is to go out and be out in the trees. And it’s just amazing and especially when you can do that barefoot. See, that’s my version of lying on the ground, is to be out. Because there’s such an amazing cleansing and grounded energy just being out in nature.

A: I think we are being called to really start doing that on a regularly basis. Today I felt like a very blanket of peace. I don’t know if you – did you feel that today, by the way?

T: Well, yeah, and you know, someone that I love dearly, I never met her in person, is Laura of the Oracle Report, and she was talking about (Yeah, she is a great friend of mine) Oh yeah, in these four days that we are in, it’s being just absolutely showered with love. And there’s also a HUGE, huge shift in the situation with the Milabs this week.

A: Yeah, tell everybody about that. Now tell them about if from the beginning, okay, so they have an idea.

T: Well, first I’d like to say for those – in case we lose somebody – Milabs are underground locations that when the United States brought all the Nazis over here after World War II, they immediately continued all the human experiments (Paper Clip) and they continued – the Elite have been doing human sacrifice forever, it seems. Like 13,000 years, probably ever since the fall of Atlantis. For many reasons. Most of them because it gives them power. When you sacrifice a human child to Lucifer or Satan it would give them power and would give them protection.

But there’s a lot of stuff that goes on in these Milabs, they are mostly run by DARPA and the CIA. They were owned by the Bush family so they are privately-owned corporations so therefore they’re not under – like the Senate or Congress or the Supreme Court, none of these entities – like those branches of government have really anything to do with all these branches of the military because they are privately-owned corporations. So you really don’t have a right to come in here.

And they have been killing children by the hundreds of thousands. And it’s been going on for a very long time. And when I was first exposed to this I went into – I think I am still in a state of shock – and I know that I am really traumatized, I just refuse to think about it. You know, I can’t go into the ‘woe is me’ I saw this and start crying. I have to remain focused because I deal with these people. They have the ability to come into our homes and do a lot of things to us – these people who work in the Milabs and also the Illuminati also have this machine or a computer, I’m not sure exactly what it is, this technology they have gives them the ability to come into our homes in the astral and etheric states. So it truly is a multidimensional war.

And I know to some people, and they say, Well, I don’t really believe that you can do an astral travel. And a lot of times when people don’t believe something is possible it’s because they’re usually operating on two strands of DNA which is a condition imposed on us and it makes – when you have two strands of DNA activated it makes it very difficult to understand and connect to the truth. (Right) So I have been advocating to people for years – really seriously consider to have your DNA activated. You can always wait and have it done naturally – now that I’m reading DNA I’ve hardly ever find anybody with two strands activated. Almost everybody that has not done anything is at 12 strands activated because the information is coming through the starlight.


So going back to the Milabs. And what they do is, human experiments, you know, they’ll want to do tests on Round-Up, they’ll just inject it into children and see what happens. I don’t really know about animals being there because it’s legal to test it on animals so they just do that on the surface in laboratories, as far as I know. That’s kind of out of my area of knowledge. But they would take – and there’s this other group and I would probably say when you say ‘alien’ just to some person or any person I mean in the planet, probably the most common image that you immediately would come up into your head would be a Zeta Reticulian – the short Grey dudes with the black eyes, it’s probably the number one connection of what a alien is. (That’s so true) Okay. Those beings are actually insects. They are Insectians. I don’t know the actual number, because I don’t walk around with all these numbers in my head so I have to go back and check for the number, 356 species of insects, that are sent here.

A: Is this why they are so weird, right? That’s why they are so distorted.

T: There’s even what they call a higher class, they are called the archons, because they are rulers. The archons are the rulers of the Insectians, but they are insects too and all you have to do is google ‘archons’ or zeta reticulians and you’ll come up with these images. The first thing that you do is uunngg, it’s like somebody walking down a trail in the woods and you look down and you see a rattle snake poised at you ready to strike and hit you, there’s an immediate – we have these things in us that make us go uh-oohhh – you know what I mean?

A: Yes, yes.

T: Looking at these people and the reason is because they are the favorite thing to eat is humans. And so, in their minds there was a perfect cycle. Because there are so many undocumented people and there are a lot of unwanted children. It’s very, very easy for them to get a supply of children. And then the politicians, the bankers, the business executives, and the military – there’s a certain type of man who is mostly Luciferian – there’s a whole bunch of groups – we could go down the list – Bilderbergs, Trilateral, all the list, Skull and Bones, Freemasons, there’s so many groups – Jesuits, the Vatican, and they – I would say addicted to killing a child during forced intercourse. And then, and if I go into that in detail, if I went into detail with that I would prefer to do it at the end, because what happens to me, if I connect heavily to my memories I go into some kind of a seizure.

A: Yeah, we don’t want that.

T: So for me to talk about it like this, I kind of have to pretend the Tory that experienced all these things is kind of sitting over there quiet and he’s okay. And then there’s me who can try to be sane and rational and speak to people about what’s going on. You know, kind of separate myself.

A: And Tory, let me add just for everybody listening. It’s not just about the fact that you are remote healing and you’re astral traveling and you’re able to see what’s going on in a lot of different realms and different dimensions. But it’s also that you yourself have actually been experiencing this type of subject that we are talking about.

T: Yes. Yes.

A: It makes it a whole new ballgame.

T: Yes. And it’s more than for me, it’s because – I don’t like labels – I have been called a gifted psychic and I have been able to see – it has really blossomed over the past few years. Like I didn’t see DNA my whole life. Even when I was a child I would see ghosts and things like that, so it had been slowly building throughout my life. But for me, I wouldn’t consider – because I haven’t been astral travel – I used to do it more than daily before this began with them, but once it began with them – because the Illuminati are masters on that level. And when you leave your body they can just snatch you. And so I learned very quickly I need to stay in my body and still things would happen. But I almost stopped doing anything and I was still dealing with multidimensions, but it was being forced upon me, it wasn’t really my choice. It was the Insectians – they are the ones that would pull me out of my home and pull to these underground locations.

A: Do you still feel that the underground locations are still going on, right? We talked about that. T: Yes.

A: They have not all been cleared out like a lot of people have been led to believe.

T: Well, you know what? I got messages – I think it was the underwater hydra bases, and blown up by the Procyon people and things like that. But what happens to me I get so distracted that I don’t have time to research things and then I forget. But recently, like the Illuminati have so many mind tricks. And one of them was they tricked me into believing that Dick Cheney had been arrested and was taken into Agartha and that the Milabs had been closed by the Galactics. A: Woh.

T: And a few weeks later went by and this was, I believe, in October, September/October. Because I had snapped out it and – because they do this energy work – everything you can imagine they can do. And they can put like these energy globs over your head so – do you know what I mean? If you’re not speaking to Heaven on a daily basis you don’t really notice the blob. A: Right.

T: I thought, oh, that’s funny. Where are my spirit guides ? I haven’t talked to my spirit guides for like a couple of weeks. What’s going on? Then I realized, oh, I’m under this cloak.

A: And it’s constant. It’s like it’s non-stop now. That’s the reason that I wanted to pull you on because I really feel that people need to be aware of how important it is to continue upping your protection. I mean the protection is KEY. Cleaning your grid, cleaning your auric field, cleaning your chakras, whatever it is. If you don’t believe in chakras, do believe in chakras, whatever it is you just need that Intention to clear yourself on a regular basis.

T: I would definitely agree with that. But in the Milabs system, it’s predominantly three species working there. And most of the military and politicians are blends, or what most people call hybrids between eptilian and human. And the dark entity reptilians – by the way all of this is going on, there are benevolent people of the same group. Like there are 1271 species of reptilian in our Galaxy and way over 90%, I think it is 98 or 99% of them are benevolent. It’s just that all the bad ones are here. For some reason, Earth and our Solar System seems to be the magnet for all the dark entities that are left. Because all the other reptilians have moved into the light.

I know, I’ve met I was on a couple of ships – in the astral, in astral travels – then one group had pulled me up, the Eta Draconis people, the Eta Draconians, and they were really nice to me. It was a wonderful experience. And they were just, okay, don’t be afraid. I said, I’m not afraid. And this guy was about 6 feet tall and he had a short snout like an alligator and green skin and he was glowing and he was wearing this purple robe and he said, it’s okay. And I gave him a big hug and everything. And he said, You need to be very careful. They had laid down the laws, so to speak. They said, You need to be very careful. You are with these entities, they are dark entity reptilians and they are ruthless. And this was when I first got started.

A: Wow. This was back in 2010, right? This was when you really started doing all this.

T: Well, it started three years ago. You see, what happened was, I was doing all this energy work and I had been doing remote healing forever and filling everybody with light and I kind of stumbled upon – I had my own little awakening of what was going on on the planet. You know. We all go through our thing, we become politically involved, or whatever the term is and then I – because I didn’t believe in evil. I never believed in Satan or Lucifer and all the thing about the devil and the horns and all of that stuff. I never bought that because I knew that Heaven – I knew hell did not exist. I knew that Heaven did, but I always said that this was hell, A: Yeah.

T: We had a joke – if you don’t believe this is hell, turn on CNN or Fox News. You’ll get your proof right there. You are in hell.

A: That is so true.

T: And so, I didn’t realize that all these entities exist on other levels. So, I asked – it became an Intent – I started to know, so I thought, okay, well, then it’s their planet too, we need to fill them up with light. You know, the whole thing – it wasn’t like I’m going to change them kind of a thing. It was more of they’re dark and we all need to be in the light so let’s fill them up with light – that’s where I got into a lot of trouble. And it was filling – because I was literally filling up every dark entity on this planet with light – which by the way anyone can do.

A: But you sure did irritate a lot of them, didn’t you?

T: Oh yeah, that’s when they got after me was because – well, everything has totally changed now. And then I did a couple of astral travels and I went into military bases, not really knowing what was going on.

A: Oh my God.

T: In an astral travel I went to the Moon and I just went into it, because I had heard, Oh, the Moon is hollow. And there’s all kinds of things going on there, and I said, Really? I’ll go check it out. Because that’s my answer to everything. I knew this one guy who sounded like a total crackpot, like a stoner definition, Hey man, the Moon is not what you think it is, man, we’ve got all these scientists wrong. I said, Really, okay. I’ll go check it out. And he turns out he was really accurate. The Moon is nothing like what we are led to believe it is.

A: Right. But I remember I went into this thing I was sooo amazed by this. I was in this room in the Moon, and this huge window and you could see the Earth perfectly and it was so beautiful. And I was looking there and I was just mesmerized by looking at the Earth.

A: Did it look the same way that we always see it?

T: Yeah, it was pretty much the same. It’s just like a perfect circle. (Okay) It didn’t look like a ball, it looks like a perfect circle.

A: Okay, interesting.

T: Just like any picture or whatever. And so, then in the corner of my eye I see a bunch of people that aren’t in the last bit human running around, they looked like big alligators and crocodiles and I was all new to this at the time. And there was this one guy who had some kind of big gun and he was firing at the Earth. And he was huge. He probably weighed a ton and a half. And he was this big – well, I now know he was a Dinosaurian and he had this big patch on his eye. A: Wow.

T: And he turned that laser and he was screaming, ‘Intruder, intruder,’ and then I kind of came out of my daze, hearing this ‘Intruder, intruder’ and they were all looking at me and I’m thinking, well, I’m here astrally they can’t see me. Boy, was I ever wrong!

A: Little did you know!

T: Yeah. They pointed that gun thing at me and I’ve never been the same ever since.

A: What did you do?

T: Well, it affected my energy fields. I just really think that it opened the door to abuse. I really do. Because what they’ve done to me it’s just not normal.

A: So the key here is if you’re going to be like Tory, go in prepared, knowing how to protect yourself.

T: Yeah, it’s funny that you said that because in one of the sites, a spiritual site that I love, and the guys like, Make sure if you’re going in astrally don’t ever go to a military operation because then they can see you. Just don’t ever do that. And I”m like, that’s great, I find that out six weeks later. Now I know! Now we all know.

A: A little too late for that, huh? T: Yeah. So –

A: So tell us about the Sun. Tell us about the Sun – what did you find there.

T: Well, the Sun, I used to go astral travel and get being upset and I would need grounding is, I would take my astral body – basically what happens is, you leave your physical body behind and then the rest of you goes. Because our main fifth major body parts is physical, astral, etheric, mental and causal. And there could be more than that. Those are just the main ones that we know now. We are existing in five dimensions simultaneously that we know of, I’m sure because people say things like, oh, we’re infinite. So there could be infinite – that’s too much to deal with. So I’ll just deal with the five, for now, with my little brain. Okay, so we go to the Sun and love these little ropes of light, the ropes of fire that come off of the sun . And I think they are called CMEs, and solar flares. But the magnetic lines – if you see them in an animations or whatever, you’ll see the fire follows those magnetic lines. And I would just love to jump in one of those and put my arms out and the fire would go right through me. And it was fabulous. Because fire cleanses the soul. Fire will hurt your physical body but that’s it. It doesn’t hurt anything else.

And I used to do that over and over – I even had a Sound of the Sun meditation,

this beautiful meditation where they recorded the sounds that the Sun makes and I had all these healings and it was wonderful. And then all of a sudden I thought, you know what? I should go in the Sun. I should go in there and see what’s in there for myself. And I went in and I was going, traveling, and it was just so dark and I couldn’t see anything and all of a sudden I popped and I was standing on a beach. And I thought, okay, this is unique. And I’m looking around and off to the side I could see these massive mountains. I mean just huge mountains and I thought well, maybe just somehow got into Hawaii or something like that. I didn’t know. Because I try to keep an open mind wherever I go.

And then this guy walks up to me that is HUGE, you know, I admire a lot of body builders and I’ve been focused on my body. And all this stuff has happened to me and I wasn’t able to work out for three years and I’d see guys who were really big and I’d think, wow, I wish I could was more at home with my own body. And he was BIG. He was probably 9 to 10 feet tall and when he stuck out his hand, his hands were like they were like cigars. His fingers must have been like, hmmm, 10 inches long, just huge. I almost passed out just looking at his hands. He looked like a typical fitness model that was maybe 1200 pounds and ten feet tall.

A: And they reside within the Sun?

T: Yeah. Well, I didn’t even had any idea – I didn’t even think that I was in the Sun at that time. So we chatted for a little bit and we talked for a while and then I left and I went home and went back into my body. I did go back inside another time, but it wasn’t until, because I’m not really good with time, and I think that happened when I was still doing astral travel so it was like 2007, 2008, and it wasn’t until I finally started reading DNA that as my abilities developed in reading DNA, then I realized, okay, there are a whole bunch of different types of humans. And then because I had met, at Milab, a man who was similar to the man I met at the Sun and because I had been reading the DNA – see sometimes when you are looking at DNA It’s kind of like looking at a fog sometimes trying to transfigure that fog into a word. And I’ve never been really good with names anyway.

When I was a bartender none of us ever called ourselves by the names. We’d say, oh you know that guy, you know, that guy that drives me crazy, dude, Mister Rye on the rocks with two straws, Oh I hate him. Nobody ever called the customers by their names it was always what they drank. So, anyway, I was in Milab, oh my god, you’re a Nephilim. He says, Yeah, how did you know? And I didn’t have time to explain to him or whatever, because I would have really upset them. Sometimes the reptilians would come in and I’d start rattling off their past home – , and I said, okay, you lived in Altarf and Anelham, well no, I always say the name of that star, it’s ‘Alnilam,’ I don’t know how I got Anelham – sometimes I say the names of the stars wrong –

A: Well, at least you know that exist.

T: But there are just so many things I would have done to upset them. So, to answer your question, I didn’t really know all at once, it’s like I would get bits of information and then finally when I started realizing that there was 56 species of humans – well, even now I don’t know all the different species. I don’t even know and I’ve just started including that in the DNA readings, that you’ve got 12 species of human and I don’t know what all of them are. You know what I mean? Being a student I’m still learning. But it turns out that the group is called Nephilim and they have a long history with Earth and they’re even in the Bible. But basically they are just giant humans. And they live inside of – well, a lot of them had to leave because the whole Solar System is being remodeled – that’s the word I use, because I like do-it-yourself networks, it works. That’s not Heaven’s words.

But basically, in a nutshell, the vibrations and the energy is going up and so therefore, the darkness cannot stay in the light. And so what happened with the Sun was – well, that’s probably another whole show – but basically there’s a cleansing procedure and the Nephilim had a choice, you either had to move into the light or you had to leave. And most of them left. So they were taken away.

A: Well, the Nephilim, you’re referring to the giants, right? T: Yes.

A: Okay. That were actually walking the planet, but did they get to a place where they got too much into their ego?

T: I don’t know their history. A: Okay.

T: But the guy that I met I thought they were all benevolent, because he was really nice to me.

A: That makes a lot of sense, that they would go to the Sun. That’s very interesting. So the whole civilization is within the Sun, you are saying. T: Yes. A: Okay.

T: There’s a lot of stars like that. There’s a star called Ra, that’s hollow and they called it a god. I don’t consider him a god, but they called him Ra, the Sun God. (Yeah)

T: Ra was a very advanced being that came here and lived in ancient Khem, the modern Egypt, with all the pyramids and all that and he was from the star Ra. And also Alcyone – it doesn’t really matter how we pronounce the name of the stars, just as long as we know which one we’re talking about – Alcyone is hollow and it’s a magical paradise and lot of people from heaven go there on vacation. And I’ve seen that a lot – like Hollywood gossip, JFK and his wife Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy just went on a very extended vacation for a while. They went for about six months and came back to heaven.

A: What a trip! Now Tory, who would you say are the key races or galactic races that are contributing to planet Earth right now to help us get free from such a dark oppression. Who do you really think is contributing to that right now? The most. I know there are a ton of the species.

T: Yeah, I don’t know who would be the most. But the star systems represented here right now would be Andromeda – not the galaxy but the star system, Andromeda, Fomalhaut, I always called it Formalhaut but Fomalhaut –

A: That’s a new one to me.

T: It’s spelled F-o-m-a-l-h-a-u-t. And Sirius is here – from Sirius B, there are a lot of Pleiadians here, well, I’m not sure but I think there are about 70 star systems in the Pleiades that have colonized sentient life. But I don’t have the numbers yet. I heard the other day some guy say that there’s about 2000 planets in the Pleiades that have colonized sentient life. And so, there’s a lot of varieties of Pleiadians that are here. But it’s the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, there’s a lot of Centaurians here, there are a lot of stars in Centaurus. There’s Alpha, Beta, Gamma Centauri. And there’s also Menkent, and Rigel Kent, and Muhlifain, if you will. Those major stars. And it’s funny because the Centauri’s are the first beings that I met in this lifetime that were not from Earth.

A: What do they look like?

T: Exactly like us.

A: Okay, that’s what I thought. I’ve actually communicated with them. The Alpha Centauris.

T: And they are also – I haven’t had much contact with the Lyrans, but I know that they are around and the Vegans and they are very similar, because almost all the humans – when I read the DNA, they went from Lyra and then to Vega – and it’s funny, because every person has a different star line – you know what I mean – the line is the path that the soul follows from this planet to that planet and then this star system and that planet and this one – there is a line that you can follow that the soul has taken.

A: That’s how you actually listed it on the DNA the report, right?

T: Yeah, that’s one of the biggest things – that’s probably the most important thing for me that I do for someone and these are all gifts from God. (Yeah, absolutely) They are definitely a gift from God, they’re not free. DNA readings are not free because they take a lot of time to do and they are very difficult to do. One to three hours and usually over two days.

A: Wow. T: So they are not free but they are a gift and that’s the difference. They are an invaluable gift, that’s your word. I use the word gift from God and the reason that I do star lines and I make that list of stars for people is because that is the order of their soul’s travel. And the funny thing is, every one, there has never been two people that have the same list.

A: Your travels. It’s like your travels.

T: We all have the same stars because there only so many stars in our galaxy. And another thing I know that I’ve learned is that when we switch galaxies you switch DNA, most of the time. I’ve only encountered I think of all of the people that I’ve read, there’s only one or two, three people, that for some reason, I have no reason idea why or how, have maintained their DNA from an another galaxy. I know one person who has lived in four galaxies, but she’s a hoot. She’s quite a character. And I just met a couple of other people that have come here from Andromeda but they kept their DNA from the prior galaxy. But that virtually almost never happens.

A: Doesn’t that incorporate like a specific sacred geometry? Don’t solar systems and galaxies carry specific shapes that they use to create. For example, everything on this planet is based on the pyramid and the triangle and that kind of thing.

T: I don’t know.

A: I just was wondering.

T: It could be, I just don’t know.

A: Now you do look at people’s activated strands. Now tell everybody a little bit about how you do this. Does it just kind of flow through you? I know you are working with a very specific group of beings that is helping you with this.

T: Well, actually, the beings that help me keep me alive, because there’s been such an attempt – this is going back to my reasons for trying to kill me – the Illuminati – this is one of the reasons that they hate me the most. Because they want humans on this planet to believe that we are nothing and that we are worthless and we are trash and we are expendable. And they want to kill most of us off and keep the others as slaves. Okay. If most people knew how special and wonderful they are we would be, well, we’d be galactic. We’d be back in full consciousness and we’d be galactic and then this society that we have would not include them because they would not include the lower frequency behaviors that they do, like killing children and what not. And so, but what I do is, I call – whoever it is – it doesn’t matter what their name is – because somebody could send me an email with the name like ‘Hey Now’ and what I do is, I sit down, I clear myself out, and I say, okay universe, I would like to pull up Hey Now’s DNA. Okay. And then what happens is then the DNA appears right before me. And then, usually the picture of the DNA is on the left and the information is listed on the right. A: Wow.

T: But it can be, sometimes, if I’m scanning back and forth it can be kind of melded together. Because a lot of times something will hit me and say, oh, this person did something in France in the third lifetime ago, and then all of a sudden it will pop up and something that happened to them 3,000,000 years ago in this other star system and it’s just a kind – I mean they are not at the same place. Because it is just so vast. Our DNA is literally like a universe within itself.

A: I bet.

T: And that universe is different than the cells of our body. The cells of our physical body, that’s a whole different thing. Then the DNA, there is one DNA or whatever in every cell and that in itself is an another universe. So it’s so vastly complex. And then what I found is as I read more and more – and I try to do one reading a day but that’s not always possible. Like January was really rough. Because Milabs, the vibrations are going up so high that they are not able to get the children.

A: Yeah, before you forget tell everybody. Because remember you told me that before. T: Oh yeah.

A: Because that is great news. I’d really like to share that.

T: The vibrations are dramatically rising. And this is why I watch the astrological reports. There are a few people that I really love and I’ll say, okay, this gateway is opening and then we’re going to be flooding the light. Because to me, those are really significant because that changes everything. In what is mostly unseen to most people. (Yes) And you can ask anybody that throws a party, caterers or whatever – I used to do that too – I had a huge history in food and beverage which also – because I have had served over 100,000 people food and drinks.

A: And even then you were serving.

T: I think it is funny because that was at good precursor for me reading DNA because I had been in contact with so many people one and one. And then I started working at night clubs. I remember that we worked at the Warsaw Ballroom there was one night and we had 5,000 covers in two hours. I think it might have been during the White Party Weekend or something, you know, those places in Miami we had those huge mega circuit weekends where people would fly in from all over the country and I was working at Dorset Security at the Warsaw and we had to greet each person that walked in through the door and get a ticket from them. So it was like ‘hi, how are you doing?’ ‘hi, how are you doing?’ It was an intimate contact with a huge amount of people. 50:34 Well, when the Club first opened we had a half of a million covers in four days. Can you imagine back then it was $20 to walk into the night club. Of course, not everybody paid. It was usually 65% of the people that paid. The club made so much money. And they never paid taxes or whatever. Anyway, that was in my deep past.

So the vibrations are going up and they are losing. And if I could go back to a serious moment and talk about what they are doing with the Milabs is, because these men are predominantly reptilian-human feel that when they kill a child – what they really like to do is, they like to kill the child during forced intercourse. And the standard way is to choke the child to death and they like the moment of death to be at the same time as the orgasm. And that’s what I really believe that they are addicted to that because it gives them a huge sense of power, like the CEOs who have limosines and they jump in their jets and they do all this stuff. They feel they are above the law – well, they have been above the law for a long time – but they do this to children out of an egoic need. It just feeds their ego and they have gone so far down the slope that they’ve literally become addicted to it.

And then, what made it seem so easy for them so long was, the Insectians, the Greys, the Zeta Reticuli, and the Archons, a variety, and the Insectians were also working and they were giving the military – these reptilian men – the politicians and the bankers and CEOs, they were giving them technology. Everybody thinks Bill Gates is a genius, no, Gates is a reptilian-human and a lot of his technology is not his. He takes full credit from all of his technical crap but most of it was given to him. And he’s another one –

A: You know, Tory, it’s typical of how they operate in the first place.

T: Yeah, now these are not the beliefs of Galactic Connection because I don’t want to get you into trouble. These are what I have seen, eyewitnesses accounts of what I believe to be true. And lot of the men who have raped and murdered children have also raped me. And this has been a lot. There have been a lot of them. But back to the Milabs. What it made it so easy for them was because the Insectians eat humans. And so, they could walk into the Milab, they would have all these children on these table beds and then each child would be raped by a multitude of men, you see, not every man that would go into a Milab would kill a child – they would actually even do a little lottery bet thing and the man who ‘got’ quote/unquote, who ‘got’ to kill the child was chosen. And they would compete for that. A: Oh my God.

T: But what made it so easy for them was because they didn’t have to do anything with the children. Once they were done they would just leave the child on the table and then the Insectians, the Greys, would take it and they would process the children as food. And there were a lot of Insectians here. There were a lot of them. So there were a lot of them to feed. I think it was 26,000-ish.

A: Are they here now?

T: Okay, they are gone. The Insectians are gone and they are also gone from Saturn.

Now the ones that lived inside Saturn didn’t have physical bodies. Saturn is kind of hollow but it’s not hollow in the same way that Earth and Venus and Mars are hollow. And anyone that wants to know about Inner Earth you can look up Agartha. And you’ll see pictures and there’s an inner star and the landscape is almost the same as it is on the surface but it really looks like heaven. The colors are brilliant, there’s crystal places, it’s fabulous down there. I would recommend anybody to go. Okay.

So in this process of cleansing the light and vibrations have gone up which is like a forced cleansing but God doesn’t kill people. So if God had left these entities here they all would be dead. Okay, because God – that’s one thing about our universe is, the universe will give you chance after chance after chance to become a better person. You know what I mean. There have been so many studies of that, how we repeat the same behavior until we learn. But the problem is even in this freewill universe, because all of these wars – people say how can God allow this – this is a freewill universe. It’s not God that’s killing all these people, it’s the people that are killing all these people. (Exactly) So they were arrested and abducted.

And then there was another group of people that had been arrested – they were 97% reptilian and 3% human. And they could only hold their human face for a few hours. And they would also live in the underground. They wouldn’t necessarily in the Milabs but there’s a huge – there’s like another world in the shell of the Earth just below the surface. They have taken – I think the United States debt is – I think the last time I checked is 8.4 quadrillion dollars, quadrillion, like a thousand trillion – the number is so big. Because they produce all this money out of thin air and use that money for themselves. And I knew at one point Obama had taken 6 trillion for himself and Clinton had taken 6 trillion for herself. That’s what they do, they take this, I don’t really know, because I don’t have any money so I don’t know how it’s processed or held in bank accounts or whatever. But anyway, I’m sorry, back to Milab. It was so easy for the politicians and bankers and the military to kill these children because the archons and the Insectians could take the bodies. Okay. They are gone. So now, it’s so much more difficult for them because they have to dispose of their bodies themselves.

And I started looking around at this. And I know there is – because I hadn’t heard about Cargill, I didn’t know what it was. But I found out about Cargill because they had executives in this operation, killing children. And one thing led to another and at one point they had taken 7 children and put them in the meat supply. And there were human children going into McDonalds and Burger King. (Yes) And they are just trying to be inventive to get rid of these children.

A: So you have actually seen that with your own eyes?

T: No, I haven’t seen the eating children in person, in my presence. A: Okay.

T: Because usually what happens to me is, or it doesn’t happen anymore, it was the Insectians that were transporting me from home to Milabs. And I think the reptilians may have – well, obviously they had something to do with it, they may have had a part of the technology in it, but I don’t think so. I really don’t think – everyone thinks the reptilians are so smart, I don’t see that. I don’t see that they were creating a lot of this technology. I believe it really came from the Insectians. But I don’t know – everything. And it’s so weird, for 10,000 years they kept trying to clone these bodies and these particular genetics and they were doing this work on DNA and spending all of this time on creating Zeta-human clones and all of this stuff. And I said, if you just would have moved into the light, Father God, would have given you new bodies. You spent 20,000 years feverishly working to do something that God could have done for you in –

A: In the twinkling of an eye.

T: the twinkling of an eye compared to what you are doing. A: Good point.

T: And so, but no, they don’t do that. I swear to God, I heard that so many times, ‘No, we don’t do that.’

A: Tell everybody, because the last time that you and I spoke I believe you had a statistic that was drastically higher than it is now for the sacrifice of the children.

T: Oh yeah, I’m sorry, the good news. Then there had been – on Halloween weekend there is always one of the worst ones and that’s probably one of the most horrific times recently. That was 2014 and in the first weekend of November. And there had been a lot going on. And there was a couple of major ones – there were 36 children in the Denver Milab and they can’t accept that Satan and Lucifer are gone. And Dick Cheney has been trying to contact Satan and Lucifer for quite a while. They have been gone 16 months. Because they had to go, they couldn’t exist here, so they had to go. (Right on) So Father God put them in the uncreated mass. They are never coming back, they went back into the uncreated mass, which I can explain later. They are not coming back. They don’t exist anymore. A: Okay.

T: And that’s in the Temple of Father God. And Dick Cheney murdered 26 children by himself in one shot and it was such a horrific scene I was told later that it took them three days to get the blood and the parts from the walls and ceiling. And none of those children made it. It was such a horrific ordeal that when they were killed none of them made it to heaven because they were so freaked out. And I woke up – that happened on a Sunday and I woke up Monday morning at that was the first thing I saw and it freaked me out. And once I was able to finally start crying and stop screaming then we helped them and we created tunnels for light for them to go home and they all made it.

A: I’m so sorry.

T: And it has gotten better. It has gotten better. And the vibrations are moving up. Sorry.

A: No, I’m sending you a big hug.

T: Thanks. I just have to disconnect. I have to move on or I’ll flip out.

And on New Year’s Eve was the next one that was really big and they had 1,012 children. And I didn’t really understand that Heaven had to point it out to me because I was desperate to try to help these kids out of there, and I kept filling them with Sacred Fire and I was up for four hours – for four hours straight doing this energy work, filling the Milabs up with Sacred Fire and the Gold Ray of Christ and the Light of the Holy Spirit and connecting every person there with cords of light right to the Mother and Father God over and over again. And going around to Illuminati New Year Eve parties and filling them up with light energy. Because, you know, anyone that throws a party knows it doesn’t take much to throw off a party. A couple of people – if you’ve got 500 guests and your A-list has decided not to come because they know of another party, everybody else in the party already knows they’re not going to be there so suddenly your party is a flop. And that was my goal – was to make these parties that they were having to be a flop. Because that’s what they consider them – a party.

And Heaven later told me that once a child goes into the Milab they never come out. And so all I did was basically postpone it. But the energy really helped. Because basically the energy comes from God right through me to them. And that’s what I really like about Zero Point is, that it cannot manifest in this Third Dimensional reality unless somebody learns how to connect to it and pulls it down. 3:00 And that’s what I’ve done over the past few years. It has to be pulled down from the higher dimensions in a certain way and then broadcast that. And then immediately, a couple days later, I think the first week of January was the 3rd or 4th, 765 children. And they used to do a lot of children. I think the statistics were up to about 700,000 to 800,000 a year.

Because it was so easy for them to get rid of the children’s bodies. And then, the third weekend, it’s hard to pull it up from memory because I’m upset. I can’t read. I think it was 356 and then the next weekend it was 200 something and last weekend it was down to 112. Because of the recent shift, there’s an energy gateway which I believe was the 22nd to the 24th of January, maybe the 22nd to the 25th, this new gateway opened and then we could have access to a new energy, a new to us energy, that we haven’t had for a while, and then after that now we’re being showered with this massive amount of love. And what happens is as the love vibration goes up people start to care more.

A: Yes, and thank God.

T: So the numbers are way down and it was yesterday they only had 13 children for this weekend. In all 41 locations. There’s 39 locations in the United States and two of them are in England.

A: Are you serious?

T: Yes. They are all tied together – the Illuminati, the Bush family. Well, Bill Clinton, well, most people call her Queen Elizabeth, you know, Prince Charles’ mother – she is Bill Clinton’s half-sister. They have the same father but different mothers. They are all connected. And the Bush-Clinton family are heavily connected. They always pretend that they hated to each other but they’re not. They are all connected. And they are all doing Luciferian child sacrifices together. And so for 39 locations in the United States they only had 13 children. And then they have been really upset.

A: I bet.

T: And what I’ve been doing is, because there was a new opportunity, the energies have gone up and I really seized that and I’ve been very specifically focusing Zero Point Energy into the way that we would do the Law of Attraction and that is – just to summary it up quickly, I’m so glad that the vibrations have gone up so high that the Milabs had to be closed down. That the men that murdered children were arrested, prosecuted and removed from our society.

A: From our existence.

T: And what I’ve been doing is – I don’t even know for how many days – I’ve been doing these very specific focused – I bring my energy up and once the Zero Point Energy goes through me, which takes care of, I don’t need to program God’s energy. It’s already going, it’s already perfect. It doesn’t really need my help. The only way that I’m helping is by being a conduit, like an extension cord. Because I’m not really sure how – I’ve never checked to see how many of them are pulling Zero Point Energy from the sky and sending them to child traffickers but I don’t think there are too many of us

A: No, not many. I wouldn’t imagine not.

T: And then, to couple with that, I hardly ever receive help, I never receive anything except from my parents, well, my father passed away but my mother now and few other people, but your galactic essences and I didn’t really know what they were and I still really don’t, except for the fact that I have been doing this a couple of days and then you sent me these three galactic essences and they just totally just radically changed the whole picture.

A: I’m so happy for that.

T: That was a huge thing. It was just so huge.

A: Well, thank you.

T: And now what I do is I have a quota of doing these massive energy focused energy sessions, or exercises of whatever you want to call it, prayers, I have a minimum quota of 10 a day. I’ve just kind of blown that out of the water. (Wow!) It’s really been meaningful for me because I feel – and it’s funny even that even through all of this, I feel like a failure. (My God) That’s the message that I got today was that how can you feel – because children are still dying. And it’s too much. You know, what I mean? It doesn’t matter how much that I do it never feels like it’s enough because

A: because there is always more to do.

T: There’s always more children that are being taken, even if the numbers are way down. And my spirit guide Peter, just told me a little while ago, it was 17 children for this weekend. So it is the end. It is the end of Milabs (Fantastic) and they don’t have the negative karma protection. You see, that’s what these entities, Satan and Lucifer, when they were coming into my home and stuff like that I was just – oh, they really do exist. And all of this stuff, they were kicking my ass and all this stuff was going on and the energy was just so awful. A lot of times I couldn’t even walk.

And it finally dawned on me, well, duh, why don’t I just look at their DNA and see who these people really are. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? And the funny thing was they turned out to be Alpha Draconians. And that really helped me a lot because then I knew I had already had contact with other – they were all non-physical – and there were 1738 of them. And they were here and also and then, my attention had been called to this one name, Ed in the Sun, from this woman named Yellow Rose For Texas has this video out Ed Is Dead. I’m wondering, who is Ed? I’m going to check this out. Well, that was a part of the great cleansing of the Sun. Ed was another one just like them and then there was Set, and IL, and IL was mostly involved with Saturn. But they were not physical entities but they are Alpha Draconians. And a lot of them were – like this one guy was 46 million years old. So they had been around for a long time.

A: When you are saying non-physical are you saying that they are just kind of a ball of energy?

T: No, what I’m saying is that when you could see them and look at them they still looked the same as they did when they had a physical body. A: Okay.

T: It’s just that their energy had gotten to the point where it was so low, so negative, so demonic, that they could not manifest in a physical body because the physical body’s vibration was higher than they were. (Wow!) So that’s how bad off they were. I don’t think Satan and Lucifer, I could go check and get the numbers, but I don’t think that they’ve been in bodies for millions of years.

A: That is very interesting.

T: Because they went to this level and then they had all these people committing all these crimes and doing all these atrocities and they fed off of those frequencies and that’s how they stayed alive. But all of them were sent into the light. There’s a whole bunch of people on this planet – I’ve been told 15 of us that have the desire to do this so God gave us a special thing that we do where – and we all do it differently, that all these – that level of people – entities had all be sent to the light and then Father God took it from there. So what our responsibility was – like when they would come in we would transfigure them little by little.

And what I mean by that is, to put it in the simplest terms is, well, one of the first times they came in all my crystals in the room went immediately charged from a very high power to all black. And it was like in the horror movies when there’s lots of house plants and a demon walks into the room and they all kind of die, wither and in five seconds later they are all dust. (Yes) That’s what it was like when they would first come in. So I would clear all the energy out and when they would leave. But I would do the focused energy work on them and basically what would happen is instead of Father God sending the energy through me to them we would basically pull the energy out of them and they would go backwards and there was too much for me so the energy would take an el-shape right in front of my face and go up. Well, it would go through me at the beginning and I thought, this is way too much for me to handle, I don’t want this energy going through me. And so it would just go around me basically up, around my spirit and up.

A: You know Tory, I got to tell you, that’s so interesting because I’m so used to running energy through me and when I was in Africa they kept saying to me over and over and over again, do not do this. Make sure that you pool the energy in front of you – this was when one of the missions was closing the Congo Portal and extracting all of the archon and a lot of negative beings and it was amazing.

T: Then after that was over did you go back and clear yourself in anyway?

A: Oh yeah. But I was still so high. I mean I was like on another universe after that. The energies were SO incredibly high. What I’m saying is, I felt like – they had already prepared us in ahead of time that if you brought it through you you could fry your circuits, and whatever you wanted and whatever you deemed to have would be so just from the pristine incredibly clean, clear energies that were running – you know, within us, within our circle. So it is very similar.

T: Well, I didn’t want all that crap with Satan – I didn’t want that running through me my body. I don’t think so. I don’t even like prime TV. It’s too much for me to watch these lawyers shows where everybody gets killed, and the forensic police shows and wherever, it’s too much. So little by little it’s called transfiguring their energy – the energy would be pulled out of them and to the point these 1738 Dracos were so weak and then we’d finally basically froze them. And the energy became so strong – sometimes I was working with these beings, the pressure would build and the blood would shoot out of my nose and on the floor, it was so intense. The pressure would build in my head like crazy. And then in a flash they were gone. A: Wow!

T: I don’t really understand the process – whether the energy shot them up to heaven or if Father God reached down and grabbed them and took them to heaven and I really don’t know yet. Well find out of the details later. But they were gone.

A: When was that?

T: A lot of them – like Satan and Lucifer left in 2013 in September. But I think they were some of the last ones to go. No, maybe not, now wait, the guy came out of the Sun and then there was Set, and he was another one. Oh, this is another thing I’ve learned is, going back to Babylon, and thinking they are all god and things like that, there are a lot of different people have the same name. And so, which kind of threw me off because you think well this guy is Lucifer and that guy is – there could be 20 Set. Or there could be 20 Lucifers and whatever and that was really confusing to me for a while too.

A: And deliberately.

T: And sometimes we call different entities the one name, there could be a whole bunch of entities that we’re calling them by a single name. So there’s a lot of confusing things going on. That’s why I don’t take too much stock with names. Then some of them left even earlier. I know some of them went out in the first year – it was like May of 2012. And they were the really – they were the oldest ones. I think that their names were – Maldek, they named a planet after him, after they killed all the humans in Tiamat they took it over, the dark entity reptilians and then they changed the name to Maldek.

A: Yeah, yeah.

T: And then a lot of the humans went to Mars and Venus after that. And Marduk, Maldek, I was never good with names but there were five of them that went out. I think they were like 46 million years old. And then it became a process where, I guess in modern day terms – the biggest and baddest were first and we have been going down the ladder. But for some reason Satan and Lucifer were near at the end. And then there were some other stragglers after that time. And I remember saying, like you get that, Okay, it’s over. And that’s one of things that really upset me because I’d go through this thing and we sent this group of entities into the light and we get the message, Okay, it’s over. Well, I would always think, it’s over permanently, and then maybe hours later or the next day it would start over again, well, it’s over for now. And I’m thinking, well thanks, you could have said it’s over FOR NOW. Instead of ‘It’s over.’

But there were also these other entities that when I would look at them – see, I thought they were the archons, I didn’t really know at the beginning. If you’ve seen Harry Potter, they looked like the Flying Witches, they were just like these black globs that would just fly around in the sky. And I call them the Draco reptilians spirits. And what’s unique about then is they have no physical bodies either. But what is unique about them is they have the ability to jump right into our bodies. And when that happens they can just radically alter the way that you think and it’s just amazing. And almost every police officer in America had one of these entities in their bodies. I remember one time I pulled 36 out of these spirits out of one police officer. Because he had a really horrendous record for abuse. I know, a lot of that was because he had 36 of these spirits inside of him.

A: You actually feel like obviously we are making headway and obviously we have removed at lot of these negative beings off the planet. Who do you think we are left with right now? I mean are the majority of the politicians, the Crown, the Vatican, would you say that they are the majority of them are reptilians and the other question I want to ask you is – people ask this all the time. Who really are the popes? Who kind of beings are the popes?

T: Well, they are predominantly reptilian-human.

A: Okay. T: All of them. Almost everybody that’s got the major money. That’s the easiest way to find these people is, several billion dollars and more

A: Follow the money trail.

T: Yes, because they have been controlling all the money for so long. And then, then another trick the archons used to do when one of them would die, they could take the soul out of the grandpa and put it into the great-grandkid. I don’t know where they would go, it would not necessarily be an instant transfer but the way Heaven puts souls into women when they are about to be born, the archons have this thing where they would take the soul of a bad guy and then put it into their own family and the grandchildren and the great grandchildren, depending how far it the – No wonder they have all of this money –

A: They keep just going. They keep the whole bloodline going that way.

T: But what was really confusing to me was, well, let’s take this serial killer Elizabeth Windsor, I don’t know how many children has killed. She’s killed so many children and partially eaten them. I just hate her so much.

A: All you have to do is just to look at her, Tory. You know what I mean? You can see that she is reptilian.

T: But what was confusing to me was – and this is another group – there was her and her physical body which they call avatars. Okay. And then the avatar also has some kind of a spirit or a soul. Then there was the reptilian, what I call the reptilian hosting spirit which lived inside her body with her. Then, she had the Draco attached to her rear. There’s a man, David Icke, that’s done a massive amount of research and you can even see some photos and stuff, it looks like a shadow person attached behind another person. Which was confusing to me because I didn’t know any of this when it all began. And I would look at their DNA and they would be slightly different but it turns out that there are really three of them. And then the hosting one didn’t have physical bodies either. There are about 300,000 of them and they are all gone.

So we went through the layers, first the biggest and baddest and then there’s also the other ones that I call the Draco reptilian spirits there were about 500 to 600 million of them, that I know of. And those were the ones that wanted every person in the United States to have one or more inside of us. That’s part of this whole Illuminati take-over of the New World Order plan. (Wow) So they are all gone. They went into the light. And then the hosting ones, I think there were 300,000 of them, I’m not sure of that chronological order but they are also gone and I’m pretty sure that they were arrested. They didn’t have physical bodies but a lot of these entities were being taken to a galaxy that is relatively close to us – they are 300 billion light years ago at Aeron. And the funny thing is I met some people from Aeron. When all of this stuff was going on, but I didn’t know what was going on, I’m just like Hi, I’m just an benevolent person. Thank God you are here.

A: What do you mean, they are being taken there? I mean, are they having to deal with their own karma there?

T: Well, I think it was more of a process of arrests and being tried. My first question was what the hell did they ever do to deserve this? I mean the Aeronians, well, they have the technical ability to deal with this. I’m like, good, because we don’t.

A: Yeah, no kidding.

T: We certainly don’t have that here. Where we are now is, because we can’t just send someone like George HW Bush – he was the first one that came into my life. When all of this started, when I was doing of all this stuff, and traveling and filling everybody with light he came into my life because he wanted to convert me into an Illuminati. He wanted to call it – I forget now, they have a term for that – oh, attitude adjustment – they call it an attitude adjustment. And then basically, and it didn’t work out and it went downhill from there. And here we are 37 months later.

But what I happened is now, getting back to your question is, we are on a certain level and most of the bad guys are gone that didn’t have physical bodies so I think we are just finally at the threshold of what you would call earlier, ‘unseen war’ becoming seen. I think we are right at the threshold. Because the other day I was asking Heaven, I said, – right when I started this massive new campaign of focused energy on the Milabs there was a message for me. The next group is ready to go. Well, they’re not ready to go, I mean Heaven is ready to get rid of them.

A: They are ready to go and get their extractions done.

T: Yeah, so the next group, they are ready to get rid of the next group, or however you want to put it. A: Yoohoo!

T: And then a couple days later I thought, Wait a minute, the most evil people on the planet, with the lowest vibration would be GHW Bush, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Liz Queen Elizabeth Windsor and her husband, but of course, he isn’t half as evil as she is, although he is a mess, and he rapes and murders children, but compared to her he’s a girl scout. And then the popes are right behind them. Because the popes are – it’s just amazing what is going on in the Vatican. It’s just terrible. And I tell everybody, well, it’s the Catholics, well, I can’t believe that Catholics are so -, it isn’t the Catholic people. The Catholics are good people. But they are just in a really bad organization. They’re like the Jews. The Jews are really good people. I’m part Jewish myself, by bloodline.

A: And the Freemasons. You meet a Freemason, there’s a ton of Freemasons. They’re not the ones, they are using that avenue to do disgusting things.

T: Yeah. The Zionists, it’s the same thing, the Zionists are to the Jews as the Vatican is to the Catholics. You know. But it’s just a vibration that’s going up so much that it’s all just changing.

A: Now Tory, before we were on this interview we were talking about the different realms of darkness. Could you talk to us a little bit about that? Obviously you’ve seen that first hand with the kind of Lightwork you are doing. I’ve been told that there’s nine realms of dark dimensions that light beings will not enter into those areas. Because if they did they would die. Or they don’t want to because they would have to lower their vibrations so significantly. What is your thought on that?

T: I don’t know. What I do know is that the universe was created and empowered by love. And I do know that all the planets and the galaxies are all held together by Zero Point Energy, what we call Zero Point Energy, for now. And this is not gravity, it’s this other energy. And a lot of people have different names for it. (Right) Like Gregg Braden calls it the Divine Matrix and Sylvia Browne called it the Supreme Emotalay(?), there’s a lot of different words for Zero Point. But I don’t know that – I think a light being can go anywhere but it’s just that I don’t think they would –

A: They wouldn’t want to?

T: unless, because there are so many things in our universe that are freewill. We’ve got these pockets of darkness throughout, and I don’t necessarily think that a light entity would be killed if they went into a certain area. But there are a lot of things that I don’t know. Because what I know for sure is, what I’ve said before that we exist multidimensionally that most people are not aware of, or are becoming aware of, and that those frequencies are where these dark energies of Earth have been doing all their dirty work. Well, David Icke has described it as these beings exist just out of our sight range, because we can see the rainbow and they are just higher than that, but I’m not sure if that’s a different dimension.

Because when they would come into my home, well, they can’t always, because the vibrations are higher, but with their mind tricks or their drugs, they can come in and they can inject you with things. They can inject you with viruses, they can inject you with chemicals, but all of this is diminishing now, I don’t know if that is still possible. They can take your body and pin you down. And a lot of this stuff we see in horror movies, it’s basically the ghosts are getting blamed for what these not-humans are doing.

A: Interesting.

T: I was thinking about doing some research about how many women in this country are having sexual experiences thinking they are having sex with a ghost and it’s, no, it’s a reptilian, it’s a reptilian-human that has this technology that can come into our homes and physcially rape you. It’s just like they are really there, except you can pass your hand right through them but once the penis is inside of you it’s the same as having a penis inside of you. And it hurts. And then the energy is extremely painful. It’s just like a poison A: Oh my God.

T: when they ejaculate inside of you.

A: I have quite a few people write in to me about how they just wake up the next morning and they have like a red bump and maybe it looks like a bug, a bee sting or something, and then it gets to the point where it creates pain within that part of their body and it never goes away. Is that the same kind of thing?

T: Well, that’s just one of the things. Because a lot of times I would wake up and my skin would look pretty clear and I would wake up in the morning and I would have all these open sores all over my arms and legs and I would have blood on the night on the sheets and that was when they would come in and inject chemicals or viruses – if they want to kill you – they just come in and inject you – they have two ways, they can use a needle that you can’t see, but that’s part of their technology or they have this disease ray technology that they can broadcast wherever they want into you – poison, or a mixture of poisons or virus or whatever. But it’s just the amazing the level of technology they have. I honestly don’t think they are the ones who created it. I don’t think the reptilians are that smart. I think they are a do it as they’re told kind of people. They probably do have some smart ones but I think, honestly, it really was the Insectians and a few other beings that were giving them that technology.

A: So do you feel that the Annunaki are involved with the Vatican? Do you think basically there is a pecking order where they have the archons, and the Insectians, and then you have the reptilians, and they basically report to the Annunaki ?

T: Well, the Annunaki were the head, the top of heap so to speak, the top of the ladder. And again, I think a lot of the technology had come from them as well, but they are gone, they are out of the equation. A: Okay.

T: Because the Annunaki could see the future – now they are extremely intelligent.

A: I’ve heard that.

T: And the reptilians, the dark entity reptilians specifically were working for them. The ones that we have now are minions. That’s basically all that we have left, is the minions. And the Annunaki, what they did was, because the Earth was a Galactic Society and we had Lemuria and Atlantis, and the Annunaki infiltrated Atlantis, they destroyed Lemuria, they nuked it, the continent dropped it into the sea, it’s under the Pacific Ocean and also there’s another continent Sri Lanka that’s gone, okay. Then they took over Atlantis. Well, the frequency started dropping and I don’t know if they intended to keep Atlantis or not but one thing lead to another, because that was when they were building the Egyptian pyramids at about 58 thousands BC. So Egypt was called Khem back then, but Egypt was already being built and a lot of these places all over the Earth were already being built while Atlantis was still there. And I think, I’m not sure, I haven’t had the time to research but what I think what it was – there’s an expression, there’s two many chiefs in the tribe and there was too much friction and they basically blew themselves up and Atlantis fell into the sea. A: Right.

T: But they had already set up camp here on Earth and that’s what we call the Sumerian and Babylonian times, that’s when their presence was really cemented in, after they had loss all that they basically still had enough camp to take over control of this planet. And one of the biggest things that they did to cement that in was what most people call Noah’s Flood. And that’s when they smashed the firmament and the ice fell to the Earth as rain and the oceans went up 300-ish feet. That’s when the sea levels really rose up. And they did all kinds of things and, if I remember right, the axis used to be straight up and down and the Earth was more temperate and the poles weren’t frozen and when they tilted it they put the Earth into a tilt that’s when the weather patterns got screwed up and that’s when Greenland is frozen and Antarctic is frozen. So basically to put all that into a nutshell – I remember this woman a couple of years ago she was hysterical. Well, what if aliens come take over the planet, and I said, Well, honey, they already did. They already overtook the planet years ago.

A: That is old news.

T: Yeah, like 30,000 years ago, that’s when it all officially took over.

A: So do actually you feel that – supposedly there is a very positive Annunaki faction, do you agree with that?

T: Well, they all are now. They made an agreement and they are under very strict – they’re serving karma. And what happened was, you see, in the 90s they saw what was coming and they said, You know what? We aren’t going to be put in jail or any of that because Heaven came down and spoke to these people and said, Okay, if you move into the light now, we will give you amnesty. You are not going to be charged with crimes. You will not be charged with murder. You can basically step out of the light that you had here and step into new one if you step into the light. And there are things you have to do with that, okay.

So like the Bushes and the Cheneys and the Windsors and all these other people, were like, No, we are not going to do that. We are going to take over the Earth. This is our planet. The universe and God and Heaven have no power over us. That’s basically what they said. And the Annunaki didn’t. They said, Okay, that’s a heck of a deal, we’ll take it.

And so, almost all the Annunaki that are here moved to a star system called, well, it’s looks like Beta-cancer but there’s an ‘i’ on the end and I always pronounce it Betacanceri. Which I don’t know if it is really correct or not, but basically it looks like Beta-cancer with an ‘i.’ [Beta Cancri] And then another group of Annunaki were left to tend the planet Nibiru. And there’s about 45,000 Annunaki that are living inside the planet Nibiru, which is out past Pluto. And if I understand it correctly, it’s currently cloaked. And a lot of people – because that is the planet that would come in every so many thousands of years and it would wreak havoc, but it wasn’t because it wasn’t in an orbit, it was the flight plan because it’s one of these ship planets like the Death Star in Star Wars. So that’s where I see the Annunaki now.

A: Now you said something really interesting in your talking about Bush and Clinton and the Queen. And I noticed last year when I was doing blogging I noticed that each of them ended up in the hospital. Is that related to kind of the change in the guard, so to speak, when it’s actually beings or entities that are taking over their bodies?

T: Well, I think what it is is what a lot of people would call is a diva problem or a prima donna problem. And recently, George HW Bush went to the hospital and CBS News was quoted as being ‘shortness of breath.’ And when I looked at his DNA basically what I saw was he went to the hospital for sympathy. Because people around the world were calling for him to be prosecuted as a war criminal and for murdering and raping these children. He was like, Oh, I guess I’ll just go to the hospital and maybe I’ll just get some sympathy for it. You know what I mean?

A: That’s interesting.

T: And Obama went too, and he’s one of the most evil, ruthless, egomaniacs in the universe. And he was saying, Benjamin Fulford had questioned whether he had been poisoned but basically he had a tummyache. So he went to the hospital and God only knows how much that cost, probably $50,000 dollars, whatever. But see, I have to research things one at a time. I don’t go around looking for stuff (Right) most of the time, unless it is crime. Then I put my two cents in YouTube. But most of the time these incidents are sympathy. They are being accused of being a bad person, Oh, I’ll just go to the hospital and then they’ll feel sorry for me.

A: So it’s all just media propaganda? T: Yeah.

A: Very interesting.

T: Well, the triple letter networks, they’re just so beyond. There are people that I like in the networks, I really like Tom Brokaw. I like him. I did an DNA report on him and he has a very long history with the reptilians. But at some point – and one of the ways that torture works so well – because when you torture and torture and torture someone eventually sometimes they just give up. And they say okay. And then they settle down into a life and they’re like, I can’t take it anymore. You know, when you deal with the weapons and the rapes and being subjected to all these things, and you said, Okay, some of them might say and I’ll just sit here and I’ll just do what you know, and I’ll live my life and I’ll live a little quiet life and I won’t go fighting the system anymore. Because there was a time in his life he fought to get away from the dark forces. And he went away and then they went back and snatched him and really heavily punished him for that.

A: Well, we have about 15 more minutes and I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, specifically about your DNA charts. The DNA readings that you give to people. One of the first things that I noticed that you do you go over how many strands of DNA are activated and how much people carry. Can you go over that?

T: Sure. ‘Activated’ means non-dormant. And I don’t know how many strands of DNA we have but I do know that a lot of people in heaven and the galactics have about a million strands activated. Fully functional and fully operational. And I’ve learned that 80% or so of our DNA is memory. And the 20% is the building blocks that keep us alive, so to speak – you know, our eye color, our hair, our skin, all that, (Interesting) our species type, which by the way is something that I’ve just tackled now is, because we can choose to be one species, like a feline-human, and then we can have another couple of other lifetimes as a dolphin-human and then maybe we can have a lifetime as a bear-human like a Yeti, and then we can come to Earth and we’re just basically 100% regular human. But we have all the other species as part of our DNA. Okay. And then sometimes and I just found this recently, with a new species, because I had a suspicion but sometimes it will come up – 97% human and 3% cetaceans, (dolphin). And what I just saw recently it was 97% human, 3% Olmec, and I love Olmecs. Olmecs have a very special place in my heart.

A: What are Olmecs?

T: Olmecs are also big, not as big as the Nephilim, but they were, if you were to google ‘Olmec’ you’ll see their statues. They created these massive stone statues of heads of people and they are very artistic but nobody can figure out –

A: Like Easter Island, right?

T: Yeah. Just like the Easter Island ones, but they are different. They are these huge statues that nobody knows – scientists just don’t know how they possibly did that – these old theories of scientists about using chisels and hammers – a two million pound stone statue with a chisel, okay.

A: Wrong. T: So my question is, what I’m working on now is, why is this it that some of us were 12 species of human and they were 100% human and then why is it that others which is actually really rare, so far anyway, is why is it that other people are 97% human but still have 3% of another type of a species of their former life. 43:06 Why is that carrying like that?

A: Now Yellow Rose for Texas would say that’s why there’s so many people are incarnating here at this time is so they can have the option of taking the Seal of Man and taking that 100%, where most of us arrived from the bird race, the lion race, or the bull race. That’s according to which she has received. So it’s considered to be the ultimate gift to be able to take the Seal of Man in a very short period of time just coming in here in this lifetime and this incarnation. You didn’t necessarily have to – I don’t know all the details, but you didn’t necessary have to have a gazillion different lifetimes as a human to be able to have that gift.

T: That’s interesting. I love her dearly but a lot of times I have no idea what she is saying. I think what she is saying is beautiful but I just don’t understand. I used to accuse my father of speaking in riddles all the time. And then you hear Lily Tomlin, ‘I hate people who use big words when small ones would do.’ (laughter) There’s another man, not Yellow Rose, but there’s another man that has a website that speaks in terms, I say, well you used 10,000 words when 50 would do. So I don’t have any idea what he’s saying either. But Yellow Rose, I like her, she speaks like a poet to me and I don’t know if it’s symbolic or literal but I read a lot of her stuff. I really enjoy it. She turned me on to a couple of entities that I didn’t know existed.

A: Yeah, she’s got some really juicy stuff, that’s for sure.

Now Tory, you also looked at how old the human is, right? How old –

T: Yes, and you asked about . And has nothing to do with species. is a variable amount of light glowing in our DNA from zero to 100%. And it changes. So it’s not like somebody comes in and is born and has 68% and they keep that throughout their life and when they die they have 68%. It never works like that. Our can go up – well, you can have – I see this a lot – I know a specific person who had – he was running at 78% , he joined the Freemasons, and since the Freemasons are a Luciferian-Satanist organization he immediately fell to 37%. As soon that the signed on the dotted line. (Wow) And I don’t know how long it would take, because I don’t have any negative karma to serve, and the negative karma I did have wasn’t really, was never for murder, you know what I mean? So I don’t know what it takes to build it back up.

I do know that people can lose it instantly, if they kill somebody, or whatever. For some reason all the Luciferians and all these dark entities club group members run at 37% until they rape and murder then it falls to zero. And every once and awhile, like I saw a person who was at 12% and I thought, that’s really weird, that’s an odd number. And every once in a while I find somebody that is 40%, like when Joan Rivers died, she had 45% which wasn’t enough. Because you need to be 51% to generate a tunnel to come home to heaven when you die.

A: Interesting.

T: Okay. And she didn’t go home. And what some people call being recyled, what happens is – well, it’s either the archons or the lords of karma/divine director, the soul is guided when you are considered a dark entity, which less than 51%, your soul is usually guided immediately into reincarnation – instantaneously. So as soon as you die, they have chosen a womb that you can go into immediately. And Joan Rivers went to China. But I looked at her because I happened to think she was really funny and I loved her. But she had made some very disparaging remarks right at the end of career just before she died about what was going on in Israel and Palestine. But I think a lot of that was programmed. But when I looked at her DNA she was about 68% until her husband committed suicide. And when her husband committed suicide she plummeted down into the 40s and she never recovered.

A: That is fascinating.

T: She never went up again.

A: So basically you lose your depending on a traumatic event in your life or a poor decision that you make. T: Yeah.

A: That’s really interesting. T: Or a behavior.

A: You also said you scanned a lot of people in the internet, and the thing I love about you is, you can scan these people and really get a good feed on who they are really serving. Are they serving their ego, are they serving the light, or are they just basically playing a role for this game.

T: Well, you know, that is listed, I’ll give you a secret, an insider tip, if you ever start reading DNA. A: Sure.

T: Those things are listed and you can scan for them. Now I’m not the only one and I know that this is a gift, I believe, coming to everyone. Because our lives are not our own. They are an open book. I really think we don’t have any private secrecy at all. But you know, everything is recorded from the time that we are born until that we die. And there’s a record of that in the Hall of Charts, in the Hall of Records. You can go to the Hall of Research, there are so many places where all of these records are kept. But yeah, because I look at someone, there’s a perfect example and I shouldn’t really say his name because he’s a benevolent person. But he is selling himself as a spiritual guru making YouTube videos. And I know someone who loves him. So I really don’t want to trash talk anybody. I say that about the rapist and the murderers. But when he talks he talks . . like this . . I am here to help you. And I’m like, No you are not. You’re here because here to feed your ego, so you can sell yourself as a spiritual guru on the internet. And I would look up and see the Intent, what is the Intent of this person. EGO. It comes up like a big brick. EGO. Right in front of my face.

A: Like a neon sign, right?

T: I knew some other people that spoke in this same way. Because there was this one guy named Braco, he was really just a dark entity reptilian and he would have these religious services and the people would be crying and screaming and stuff, but basically he would just be pulling in energy right out of them. The whole purpose of that was to harvest energy out of people. And then the reptilians, that’s one thing that they are very good at.

A: Very good at that.

T: And they can just literally suck the energy right out of you. And they also do this other thing where they can attach to you while they are sleeping and drain your lifeforce energy out of you. And there could be more of them. I remember one time recently, about a week or two ago, I woke up and I had 156 of them attached to me. And my logical mind would say, how is this possible? There’s not even room for them, I live in a small house. But it’s like it’s in a different dimension so . . . it is possible.

A: Do you actually talked to me also about the meditation. And I didn’t even bring it up because I had come to that conclusion for a lot of other feedback and messages I’ve received about group meditations. Could you talk a little bit about that?

T: You have to be very careful who your group is. I thank God for my gifts everyday, because I was always a poor judge of character before. You know what I mean?

A: I do. I think that is a starseed trait, don’t you? I don’t mean to cut you off but I think that is a starseed characteristic.

T: Well, we’re so benevolent. We’re like, Oh yes, we’ve got to go help these people and we walk right into a group, the first thing we want to help some people. And we think this will be so wonderful, and BAM! You get the slammy. Then you leave and you’re like, I was acting like I was run over a truck. But yeah, group meditations are extremely powerful if you are with good people. But there’s a lot of dark entities that feed off on stuff.

A: Especially at this time. Don’t you think? Especially at this hour.

T: Right here at the end and they’re desperate to hold onto power and all the powers that have from manifesting evil behavior, almost all of those energies have been transfigured right out of them, transmuted away. And so, a lot of times, even in these human sacrifices, they used to do it for power and get power and protection from that, but now they don’t. And we go through and we sweep, and there’s a whole bunch of us and we basically take all of the powers away from them, Father God, I don’t know what he does with it, he transfigures them, sends them to the light. Father God can do whatever thing he want with it. But they are left powerless. And I hear this a lot.

Because they come in and bitch to me, and they complain, and what I hear a lot lately is, I’ve murdered someone for this protection and now I have none. What are you going to do? And I’ll hear things like well, it’s every man for himself now. Things like that. Because they are really upset because so many people joined the Illuminati and killed a person for these special privileges and these special privileges have been taken away from them. A: Ohhh.

T: And they don’t have the ability, I don’t know if it is the vibration or the photonic light or whatever but these machines they had, it’s probably a computer technology, it’s not really a machine – a lot of those, I really believe that anybody who has murdered someone can’t rape using that technology anymore. Because of the vibration. It’s just that because I keep hearing that all the time. All you need to do is tune in now, because I’ve done so many things, like soul talking, when you connect someone’s soul and you have a communication. It’s called, Oh, I just blocked out the word, there’s clairsentience, there’s clairaudience and clairvoyance, where you see, hear and feel – synthesia. There is a sense we have that’s called ‘synthesia’ and that’s a communication skill. It’s a communication thing and it’s when you connect to a plant or an animal and you understand – a lot of people have synthesia with dogs and cats but they don’t know what the word is, or what’s it’s called. It’s like when your cat comes up to you and you’re like, okay, I’ll get you some tuna. You know what I mean? The cat wants tuna. Not the cat food but the real tuna for a treat.

A: That is so true.

T: So there is a lot of that that’s going on. We are right at the cusp of a lot of stuff.

A: And you definitely –

T: The age of DNA was the next question.

A: Yes. And then don’t forget, we have about 5 minutes max.

T: Okay. I tend to go off of the subject. You ask me one question and –

A: That’s okay. And before we go into the age, we talked about this, we’ll probably have an interview. We might do a series, depending on . . . we could even ask people to call in with their questions. That might be cool.

T: That’s always fun.

A: Yes, something like that. But the other thing is, just talk a little bit about the people, the major high profile people that are out there and the amount of attacks that are going on at this time. Like you scan that. Do you have any advice for people as far as, because I’m constantly saying don’t get sucked in to all the drama.

T: Okay. I see what you mean.

For people who want to know what is going on, well, I tend to recommend what I do. I like to listen to everybody, and see what their opinions and beliefs are and say, okay, good for you. Let’s see how it turns out. And I know what you are saying, because a lot of people will hear something and they’ll say, omg, and I’ve even done this too with readings and then come to find out that my reading is accurate and the other person was lying about saying, Oh no, Tory, you’re wrong. Well, it wasn’t directed specifically at me, but I was corrected, so to speak. (Right) And it turns out that it was a dark entity that corrected me and so . . . But I don’t really care, because I don’t have to deal with my ego, I just go with the flow. And then I re-read and I find out what’s going on later. But my advice is that when you listen to other people, just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean you’re the one who should change. And you can stick to something, because we all have to have something to believe in; if we didn’t we would all go nuts.

A: Thank you.

T: You know what I mean? My faith is really in God and Heaven.

A: And when you go within your heart. And if you started in a really good place there the chances are really good that that’s where it truly is still, you know.

T: Yeah. Because a lot of people like the site 2012 Emergence and a lot of people have been listening to Cobra and then some things happened and I really don’t know specifically what but all of a sudden people were saying, Oh I never liked him, I didn’t believed him, or whatever. I think maybe Ari Koppel had done an expose on him or something. And I said, well, what I thought was kind of funny was, because I had done a lot of readings by people on that site and I said, basically you have a dark entity reptilian pretending to be a Pleiadian to a group of Pleiadians. You know what I mean? Like this one woman was saying, I don’t know why he’s attacking Cobra as his little mascot, or whatever. Well, it’s because it is a reptilian and so is he. You know what I mean? There’s a huge symbolism in a striking reptilian about to attack you. And then it’s funny, and then she said I knew that along.

That’s why I like to share my opinions and share what I see and what I know to be true, without trying to convince people because I really believe that we all have to have our lessons because, if somebody were coming along to fix you or teach you, instantly, what would be the point of growing. You know what I mean? For that we might as well stay in heaven. Well, what’s the answer to this one, or what is this one. A lot of times we’ve got to get our feet wet and learn the hard way, I think.

A: I agree. I agree. Well, wow! You just ended this interview with a big bang. But anyway Tory, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank you so much for just sharing your wisdom. And I feel like, because it is experiential, you know, you have really experienced it and you’re doing some really heavy lifting for the Light, I just want to speak to all of us and thank you for what you are doing. I know it has made a difference and I’m really grateful. I’m very grateful.

T: Yeah, it’s absolutely a miracle that I’m still alive. Well, it’s all Mother God.

A: Totally.

T: If anybody wants to know how I survived this it’s Mother God. A: Yeah

T: There’s just one answer. That’s how I survived all of this. Well, the angels have helped and a lot but it’s really Mother God.

A: So for all of you out there who are listening and are very interested in Tory’s work you can go to Read My DNA.webpress.com and you can check his work and his DNA readings, he likes to to call them, and we certainly are going to be calling you back because we have so much more information that we can cover. There’s just a gazillion things that I want to ask you. This one I wanted to make sure to cover all the major bases.

So with that please visit Galactic Connection.com and you can see the Daily Blog tab at the top and anything else, check out my Galactic Essences, the Implant Removal, Soul Alignment and DNA Activation, all of that stuff and we will talk to you again next week. Thanks for listening and for tuning in. We love you with all of our hearts. Take care.

T: Thank you, I love you too.

A: Thanks, Tory.


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