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microphone (1)Good morning everybody.  Today is May 28, 2013.  My name is Alexandra Meadors of Galacticconnection.com.  I have with me Julie Haskins, not only my friend but my sponsor of the BBS radio show.  We have a very important announcement today.  We have just returned from the New Society Conference with Cobra over the 3 day week-end in Irvine, CA.  What we would like to do today is review where are we now and where are we about to go.  This is a call to all of the light workers, all of those that are enlightened,  all who wish to put out a helping hand for the rest of society through this transformation and through the up and coming changes regarding THE EVENT. 

So, I first want to look at where we are right now Julie.  The most important thing to keep a note of is there is a lot of Archonic activity.  People use that word so much these days but it is true there is a tremendous compression of light on the planet.  You have light coming from within the planet, the Agarthon network.  You have light coming from on top of the planet, from the galactic beings and the great central sun.  You also have the light being emitted from our own bodies at an unprecedented level.  With this compression, we are receiving a little more activity from the Archonic realms.  They use to hide out in the astral planes and we are now experiencing them in our physical realities.  With that said, we also have the veil to contend with.  The veil as many of you know is equivalent to what many have called the quarantine.  The quarantine is a structure in space time reality where tiny little black holes are being created.  It’s kind of a hang out for these dark reptilian, the Archons realms.  It’s also an anomaly and this is what people don’t realize and this is really affecting the ever increasing desire of us receiving E.T. contact.  This anomaly of little tiny black holes has affected the spaceships that want to visit us.  It affects their propulsion system of those spaceships.  This is one of the reasons why we haven’t had massive E.T. contact on a physical level. That is all changing though.  I think it’s important for people to understand.  Look how much it’s changing.   Look how many more ships are coming into our realm now.  If you see more and more ships occurring and you’ve already been reading reports about millions of ships surrounding our planet you know the light is definitely making progress.  I really wanted to reiterate that.  Did you want to say anything Julie?  (No, you’re doing great). 


Above all of this, above the veil or quarantine if you want to call it, is LOVE energy and that is where every single one of us wants to be.  Once this quarantine or veil is lifted, we will literally be living in this realm of purity and harmony and we can also anchor that, we ourselves as beings of light can anchor that love energy that is outside of the veil onto planet earth.  When we experience our re-unification with Tacyion energy fully, that will just be a blissful experience for all of us.  We will be able to live in a light paradise and peace and joy.   All of those that are of the dark, meaning: they don’t have a connection to Source nor do they have any kind of auric field.  They will experience their 2nd death and they will be removed are return back to the great Central sun or what-have-you.  Where does that leave us.  We are experiencing ourselves a very interesting up and coming event.  Cobra calls it THE EVENT.  This happens about every 25,000 years.  A Galactic pulse is emitted from the sun.  Luckily this galactic pulse favors the light.  It began all the way back in 1975.  It will cease in 2025.  We are not alone in this experience.  We are going through this with all the other planets and all the rest of the other galaxies.  This is not just an earth job.  We are all in this together.  This is also why there is so much attention on the earth.  We are the last stronghold of the dark. This galactic tsunami is about to unfold.  This leads us into how do we to handle that?  Right now, before the event occurs what people need to be aware of is that the ships that are coming into our realms that are surrounding our planets, are providing us a more gentle process of processing the Goddess energy that is beaming onto the planet.  They really are assisting us this way.  Don’t think of the ships so much on the physical level, but on that level, so you can connect through them on the Goddess energy.  Their presence of doing and being that is assisting us in not having such a brutal time during this unprecedented changes that are happening astrologically and all the light that is entering the planet.  One of our responsibilities right now is to channel this Goddess energy.  To decrease the brutality of the tsunami wave of energy that is just pummeling the planet.  We all really need to make sure to up our Goddess channelling of energy.  Whatever we need to do to do that, if we need to work with other healers.  For all of you out there that need assistance, I can assist you with my galactic remedies.  Julie can assist you with essential oil remedies.  There’s all sorts of things out there that we can do to assist one another.  Here’s the key, we can not move forward at this point in time, the resistance will not act if we ourselves are not ready.  And when we say, we, we are talking about the light grid, the light workers, those that have already done their work, or in the process of doing their work, who have already awakened or been enlightened. 


A lot of people over the weekend were talking and asking what exactly is THE EVENT?  We’ve talked about it many times, yet it seems nebulous to many people.  The event is remembering that we are exiting, we are going through an exiting out of the black hole.  We are actually leaving this space time continuum anomaly of the black hole.  This is essentially THE EVENT.   We have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment.  We are on the precipice of expanding this incredible brilliant bright light. This flash of light that is going to bring forth a new renaissance of society.  At that point the great pulse of light is sent through the galaxy and beyond and down into the earth.  This flash of light will catalyze contact with the Pleiadians, the Resistance movement, those in key positions within the Military, the Financial system, the Educational system, all throughout society, basically.   Then it will go into contacting select folks within the ground crew and light network.  We are in a very important time now.  We are going to be entering a 2nd renaissance.  This is where all of our new ideas are coming forth.  More and more people are coming on line and awaken.  We need to gather together and get our act together.  We need to unify and unite.  The event is synonymous with the mass arrest of the Cabal, the re-setting of the Financial system and the E.T. disclosures.   Again I want to stress to all of you that this is not going to happen until the surface population are ready to go forth.  Folks, that’s us.  We need to meet the critical mass point.  Don’t forget also that the virus has already been placed within the banking system.  All it needs is a code to trigger this virus to bring the system down.  This will be done by the light when the time is appropriate.  Once the virus is activated, the Banks and computer systems will be shut down, money will not be accessible, nor will credit cards and Banks will be closed.  We have to get prepared.  The call is being put out through this conference and several other cities throughout the world. Cobra is getting us ready to roll.  This is very very exciting.  Don’t you think Julie?


Julie:  Yes, as a point, the Banks will not be shut down forever like Cobra mentions, only for about a week.  No need to panic.  It’s a matter of a re-set, so the Monetary system can switch over.  The new society, the new renaissance can being.


Alexandra:  I agree, I agree.  Because this has never happened before, they’re not really sure, but allow 1 – 2 weeks. 


Julie:  Right, but do not panic, Do not panic.  Put that in big bold letters:  DO NOT PANIC.


Alexandra:  That’s the reasons we are having this program today.  We want to rally others to come together, to put a fire under your feet to take action. To start forming individual groups and get prepared.  What is being put out there?  The call that is being put out there almost like a clarion call is for us to be prepared to assist all the others that will be in a time of need. 


Julie:  Absolutely and there are web-sites being formed to create a network to help us through this change and in this time of need.  It will be a huge website.  Lots of media information.  Everything that we will need will be on there.


Alexandra:  Also, Just a reminder, when this goes down, every body needs to be prepared, we need to be walking our talk, so we can prepare everyone else to be prepared.  (It’s like the cart before the horse – I don’t think so.)  We’ve never experienced this before.  Even ourselves will be in shock, but remember The Event is all a positive beautiful love energy.  It’s not a negative thing, it’s an extremely positive thing. However, it will cause a lot of disorientation, it will cause confusion, fear.  It’s going to be very intense.  People are not going to understand what is going on.  There will be a kick up in the survival tendencies.  Like:  OMG now I can’t get access to my money, now what?   We’re going to see a release of suppressed emotions like we’ve never seen before.  Every single light worker, every single person out there, keep that in mind.  We need all of you to unify and this is where you all step in.  We want to start developing support groups to help prepare for the event.  The groups will need to meet on a weekly basis and be committed.  I wanted to stress that the more committed you are and the more passionate you are the more likely you will be to receive direct contact from someone in the Pleiadian or Agarthan network. 


We apparently hit a 30% threshold point on May 6th, 2012 in eliminating the dark off the planet.  We need to do that again.  These groups are not only facilitating bringing together ideas for preparing for this event but also doing around of meditation every sunday.  Cobra highly recommends the meditation be included in the group gatherings.  This is very key. 


How do we prepare everybody?   

This is more about psychological preparation. This is a reminder that we must take care of ourselves, be ready for this, be healthy for this.  We will be sought after.  We will be needed. We will be pursued.   We need to take care of ourselves first. I really want to stress that.  As a light worker community, we tend  not do that.  We tend to be compassionate and we reach out to everyone else first.  Assuming that is in place and assuming you know that people will be seeking you out. You will then have the opportunity to come forward and speak publicly.  This is a time of calming down everyone around you.  Use your talents and skills to a bring about a bigger transition of this event.  We will be fine.  We need to make sure to stress to everyone that we are heading in a much, much better and brighter direction.  A renaissance society.  But we know that everyone around us will need assistance.


So what is this about.  We are here today making sure we are creating a surface infrastructure.  We need to get motivated to organize now.  I want to tell you guys (Off on tangent)  if anyone has read the history of my website.  It was divinely downloaded to me.  A lot of guidance was involved in putting the site together.  I was informed that I would be putting some sort of on-line library of education and information.  One of the tabs on my site was “healing portal”.  I didn’t understand why it was up there because I’ve had it there for months.  I’m a one man show.  I have a few friend, Julie of course is one of them.  I’ve been doing this a great deal by myself, until recently.  I didn’t understand the significance of the healing portal was until I went to the conference this weekend.  I had a huge ah ha.  It was a very synchronistic moment.  I realized that this portal was designed and created to be a central point of collecting information of all the light workers’ contact information so we can develop an emergency infrastructure grid at the time of the event.  We need to start developing a protocol in which to prepare and how to get the word out through this 1-2 week period.  This is not going to last forever. This is an instantaneous requirement.  Because these are such positive energies on the planet, people will start getting it.  We aren’t use to that.  We just aren’t use to that.  Julie – did you want to add about the healing portal.


Julie:  The healing portal.  It’s beginning to take shape.  The Reiki doctor is sending me lists of people to add to the portal.  Within the portal will be healers of all different varieties, talents and modalities that we are categorizing.  We are going to be starting a separate website to feed into that one.  It’s going to be huge where we are collect healers from all over the planet.  try to bring us all together, Skype meeting between us.  Regular meditations.  It’s a Work in progress now.  It’s going to be huge.


Alexandra:   It’s going to be really huge. This is so exciting.  This is what we’ve always wanted.  I can’t think of anybody who’s not a practitioner or light worker or healer who hasn’t wanted this from the bottom of their heart – to unify all of us, the ground crew.  This is the time.  Please do Julie and I a favor.  Please send us an e-mail with your name, phone and e-mail.  What your back ground is.  Are you a practitioner?  Are you a healer?  Are you some one that is really good at guiding and calming people, or you know how to handle emergency situations?  We want to stress that you don’t have to be a practitioner to be in this network.  We need everybody that feels they are able to calm a situation down, to bring peace or support or love to the planet at the time of the event.  That is the healer portal.  We are going to refer to this as the Planetary Healing Network.  We’ve put together a video.  I’m going to put it up there so you can watch it.  It’s from 6 people from the breakout groups fro the cobra conference.  You’ll get a feel of what we’re looking for and wanting from you, but what we need from you is for you to send your information in to us so we can start getting prepared.  Be patient.  Everyone is going to get really excited.  Be patient.  We will be contacting you and we are going to figure out to formulate a . . .order, a hierarchy?  


Julie:   It will be separated into different modalities and services.  (Yea) The healing group wasn’t the only breakout group.  6 groups –  Healing, Technology, Finance, Media, Renaissance, & Leadership.  Those will all be listed as well.  We will promote them.  Wherever your talent lies, there is a group for you.  That’s what’s important.  The Cabal will be down at this point and so will the Archonic activity.  The fear factor I believe, shouldn’t be that much.  There will be an initial shock.  The Archon’s won’t be adding into the fear.  The Cabal won’t be adding into the fear. We should be able to go forth after The Event very quickly.


Alexandra:  I wanted to stress that this is not a long time cataclysmic event.  It’s going to be very blissful and uplifting. None of us have experienced this before.  No one knows when this will occur.  Cobra has said many times that it’s not going to happen until we are prepared.  Those of us at the Irvine event have taken the impetus to get this going.  One thing we want to stress is we are in this together.  The time is now to make things really unify.  It is up to us.  We will make the difference if this will occur sooner rather than later.  That is key. That has been said so many times.  When we are prepared, when they feel that we are prepared The event will take place.  I am taking this upon myself . I already have the web site to handle the support of the light works.  I already have the healing portal.  It was divinely guided.  I now get it.  It’s there to help support all of us in setting up this network.  Please do us a favor, drop an e-mail to alexandra@galacticconnection.com.  Give us your name, e-mail, phone number, city and state and your background.  We had a gentleman in our healing group who’s background is in IT but he made a specific point that people come to him in a state of panic and “I don’t know what to do”.  He’s very good at keeping people calm and being able to direct them or give them a list of things to do.  Those are the types of qualities that people will need at this time.  Did you want to say anything else Julie?


Julie:  I totally agree.  You’ve brought up a valid point. This is the front of line, of “oh my god, what should I do.”  He will give you a list of what to do. 


Alexandra:  Exactly.  I think this is really exciting.  We put together the core group when we were there.  It’s very interesting because there were all very very diverse walks of life.  We had Dr’s, nurses, people that work with children, little love beings, health workers, you name it.  And that was just in our group.  We have taken upon ourself to form this and really wanting to get the word out to the rest of you to contact us so we can get this going.


Julie:  Another thing – the whole room, the whole conference made a consensus that we would like to do a flash mob situation to raise awareness.  Send us an email if you want to volunteer to do the flash mob.  Not sure when or where yet.


Alexandra:  It will be in Southern California. 


Julie:  Yes, in So. California.  Not sure yet where.  If you want to participate here let us know.


Alexandra:  That’s a good point.  We thought that would be fantastic.  That will really get the attention across the world.  Somebody looked at the statistics on the flash mobs and they were so shocked that so many people have reviewed the flash mob video’s. 


Julie:  I believe the initial plan is we will create and tape flash job before the 4th of July, but blast it on to youtube on the 4th of July. 


Alexandra:  Drop me an e-mail.  Be patient, we are just starting out.  We want everyone kept abreast of the situation.  It really feels like there is a push through Cobra from the Resistance to get us organized.


Julie:  Absolutely, Without a doubt.  In our almost daily updates to the newsletters, I will be putting out updates in that as well.  Please look for them in our daily updates.  Announcements, flash mob activity.  We just ended the conference on Sunday, decompressed Monday, back to work today, and tomorrow – who knows.  The world could be ours.


Alexandra:  I want to reiterate one more time.  The event is going to be super super positive.  We have never experienced such positive waves of light and love penetrating the planet and our own bodies, trees, plants and animals.  We’ve never experienced this.  Please be aware that it’s not “Ahhh, the sky is falling”.  The better word is disorientation.


Julie:  The energy is already starting as you and I have discussed.  The plants look and feels different.  New colors. New brightness in the plants that weren’t there last spring.  The colors are intensified.  There is a joy coming out of the plants.  That’s how I feel and the blast from the central sun will just create a feeling of bliss.  If you’re not in a space where we are, where we’ve followed a spiritual path, you’re not going to know what is happening.  That’s why we’re here, Helpings other realize what this blissful feeling is.  It’s OK.


Alexandra:  We will not be immune to this disorientation as well. 


Julie:  Oh no, I agree, but we will be better prepared,


Alexandra:  We’re a little more in the know.  Oh wow, that’s it? This is what’s happening.  Where others might not be.


Julie:  People have had body aches and pains.  They don’t know what’s going on.  I’ve explained CME’s.  That made sense to them.  They didn’t know where their aches and pains were coming from.  Where we do, not that it’s any fun.  We’re not panicking over it.


Alexandra:  Knowledge is power – (Yes) certainly it is.


Alexandra:  That’s what I wanted to say.  Did you have anything to add.


Julie:  Please glance through the e-mails that we will be sending out.  Sometimes they are rather huge. I will highlight that as quickly as possible.  We are doing the web-site formations.  I will be sending out the Goddess meditation information again which is important to do around the world.  At the same time.  That will be coming out to you.


Alexandra: 12 noon pacific time, Sundays. 


Alexandra:  Yes, I believe so.  One more clarification – there were 6 break-out groups.  They are breaking it out to six groups.  What ever you are drawn to that will be out on the web-site.  We can hook you up to the appropriate groups.  Julie and I are working in the healer group.  The galacticconnection.com is a portal to the major web-site, which is a sub-link to the major web-site.


Julie:  The bigger hub of this.


Alexandra:  All groups will link to other web-sites. 


Julie:  Yes, could be possible to create a mothership if you will.  It will have to split off.  All that will be spelled out.  It won’t be confusing.  – it will all break out.  We will be sending out a brief synopsis.


Alexandra:   We will be sending out notes on the conference so everyone can review that.  That will go up on my site shortly.  Look forward to seeing the transcribed notes from the conference. Other than that.  I think that’s it.  This is very exciting.  I feel like we are getting close.  We still have work to do.  We’ve got to get organized and prepared ourselves in order to prepare others. 


With that said, I do want to take care of some housecleaning activities.  For all those who have sent in their questions for Cobra. I have not forgotten you.  I will be compiling that data for our next interview, which should be coming up after his Hawaii event.  He is just slammed right now and his computer is down.  We won’t be able to interview him this week.  Probably next week or the week after.  That will be reviewing May’s events, and all the questions.   Hopefully I can get to some more questions in June’s review.


Julie:  That makes sense.  Since we have some wonderful guests booked, we might even do an “on the fly” like we do for Rob.


Alexandra: We will have to see what Cobra’s schedule is.  We usually have to plan it because there is such a gap in our schedule.  (We will get there) It’s time to really get excited.  Get motivated. Really see the changes that are occurring.  Take a walk in the park and see how the trees are talking to you now.  Go to a restaurant and it will blow you away hearing people and the way they are talking now.  I was with someone yesterday who was a fundamental Christian and she was talking about dimensions.  Things are really shifting on the planet.  We are in the process of awakening.  It’s not that we have to keep waiting for it to happen. It is getting us prepped and ready to go.  We just have a few more details and one of them is this network.  I am honored to serve all of you and I am honored to assist all of you.  That’s why I’m here and why I started the site.  I love you all with the deepest part of my heart.  I can’t wait to get this party going.


Julie:  Indeed.  It will be a grand party.


Alexandra:  Julie, if you don’t have anything to say I will let everybody go.


Julie: I think we are good.  It was a great conference.  I hope you can make it to the next one.  We don’t know when that will be


Alexandra:  It may not be a conference, it may be a party.  Take care folks.  If you need anything send me an e-mail at Alexandra@galacticconnection.com.   Have a great day.

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