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microphone (1)It’s Time To Get A Little Crazy! Alexandra Meadors with guests Shannan Marie Dunlap and Lorde Chaisse, January 27, 2015

Hello everyone.  This is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com.  For those of you who have not visited my website, I run a daily blog 365 days a year that you can access anytime of the day or night.  Just go to Galacticconnection.com/daily-blog.  

Well, now that we have that out of the way.  I just want everyone to know that this is a big deal for me.  This is my very first video.  Breaking out into the world of the unknown for myself.  I have been doing a lot of interviews as you know, behind the scenes.  Strictly audio.  I have been getting a lot of prompting from Spirit that I need to come out of the closet.  What’s interesting is that all of those that run blogs and that are in a little bit of a higher profile position, we are all receiving this message. Isn’t that interesting?  And, you have to say to yourself, “Why?”  Why are we being prompted to come out of the closet?  

Now, the reason for that is because for so long we have been insulating ourselves to cope with the realities of living in a very dissonant world.  In a very difficult world. Especially when you are a Starseed and you’re part of the Ground Crew.  It just comes with the course of your life that opposition is a natural experience.  And, of course, opposition is a part of being in this reality.  However, for those of us who have come here clearly knowing that we have a very strong purpose to assist in the transition that is unfolding as we speak, we are finding that we are being so challenged, so incredibly challenged, to let go of the way things have always been.  This is probably one of my primary messages for everyone today.   And, I have several, but I am going to start out with that.  

Why do I say that?  Because when I was given the clarion call back in July that I was gonna be going on another mission and then found myself – thinking I was doing a vacation – little did I know that I ended 60 up days in Africa doing several missions. I found out, bottom line, that life was about to really get blown off the top.  What I mean by that is that we are no longer in the same format, in the same frequency.  We are not even in the same grid for God’s sake as we were in 2014.  We are no longer in a reality that is as stifled and as stagnant and as resistant as it was at one time.  And because of this, I am being compelled to share with you and once again to compel you to step out like I’m doing in this video.  It’s not easy…I get it, trust me, I get it. However, if we remain united and we accept the fact that each of us has a unique piece of the puzzle.  

If each of us accepts that we have a unique message to bring and that each message is o.k., each message has a purpose and each message is interlocking to bring about this transition, now, how cool is that?  So I want to say right now, please bear with me. This is my first video and I hope that I honor you in this way. I’m going to try to bring forth these messages once and for all.  And, I also want to let everyone know that I am at a public park, so if there is any distracting noise in the background, please forgive that as well.  

O.k.  So where do I begin?  A lot of messages have come in.  One of them, as you know, is that four additional portals blew open in the month of December.  Now a lot of people think, “Wow!  That is great!  That means there’s going to be more energies flowing into our realm. That means there’s going to be more power and more accessibility of cosmic energies reaching us.  That’s fantastic!”  However, what it also means is that we’re going to be hit really hard with anything that we haven’t finished up.  We’re going to be really facing any leftover, undone business within ourselves.  

Don’t ever forget for a moment that the opening of portals is also a macrocosm of the opening of ourselves.  Now, how amazing is that when you start to think how far we’ve come?  I want to commend everyone for how far you have come through the years of 2013 especially, and 2014.  Those were the really heated years of plowing through a lot of very intense purification.  A lot of very grueling releasing and facing that shadow side of ourselves.  It hasn’t been easy nor has it been simplistic.  And, even those that are the most enlightened have found it to be very challenging.  And, why is that?  Because we tend to think that once we’ve gotten through an initiation, once we have received some answers, we’ve got it all together and we are gonna be cool.  But then we find that we have another initiation to crawl over or leap over, for that matter, so guess what we’ve done that, we got through the year 2014.  We all did this together. It wasn’t just one of us.  It wasn’t just one group of us. It wasn’t just a Meet-Up group or a meditation group or a Buddhist monk or whoever.  We were in this together and we need to understand that united is where we succeed.  Divided is where we fall.  

I’m being very serious when I say that there is an immense amount of smear campaigning going on the internet for every single major blogger out there, every major individual that has truth to share and is coming from their heart wanting to share this information.  And I challenge each and every one of you to not participate in that any longer.

There comes a time and place no matter what you suspect, no matter what you question to be a possibility, there comes a time when you accept grace, accept peace, and accept that all of us are doing our bit to bring this transition through.  Just really feel passionate about that.

I’m seeing a lot of people very wounded and very hurt by the low blows that are going on on the internet and I ask you not to participate any longer.  

So with that said, I received a call from an individual who asked me to meet her for dinner and really challenged me on certain issues that I was going through.  

As you all know, I’m a twin flame.  I am with a twin flame in the physical 3D reality. This is not an easy solution as they say because we’ve not reached that divine union singularity point. I’m finding that is the case for a lot of twin flames right now.  It’s really coming to a head.  What I want to share with all of you is that one of the biggest reasons that it is the most challenging… Number one, is that it is mirroring back all that you don’t want to deal with.  When you are in a regular relationship, you can leave that relationship. When you are with a twin flame, if you choose to leave that twin flame, you’re still with that reality because they’re a part of you.  And it’s very difficult if you are not in a relationship to really get it.  But, it is very challenging.  I’m only bringing this up because there is so much out on the internet about, “Oh, I want to meet my twin flame.”  And, the fact of the matter is, I want you to be happy where you are.  Not necessarily where you think you need to be to reach something that someone else has and possibly have a misunderstanding or misperception about how blissful that situation truly is.  Now, I commend all of the twin flames out there that have reached a state of equality, equanimity, balance and just divinity, perfect union.  Awesome.  And I hope to be there soon myself, but at the same time, all of us that are in twin flame relationships that are kind of working things out, we’re really truly…this came through in a very strong message.  We’re really truly healing through our own wounds the divine masculine and the divine feminine for the entire planet because of our frequency and because of the fact that in the dream state reality, we are now becoming as one far more.  

More and more people are writing into me right now and also more and more people are seeing now that we are holding hands and we are standing in a circle and we are seeing one another and we’re remembering it. And I ask you why is that?  Now there’s a lot of reasons why that is.  But, the number one reason is we’re becoming more aware of our multi-dimensionality.  We’re no longer the singular individual.  We’re learning right now at this point to become the multi-dimensional individual, not the multi-dimensional oneness, meaning losing who we are, losing what we bring to the table.  

We are supposed to maintain our individuality and be proud of it.  And be proud of whatever it is that we do with goodness, and perfection, and purity, and honesty, and integrity.  That’s what every one of us holds.  

And I want those of you who write in to me and say, “I have no gifts.  I’m not offering anything to humanity.  I don’t really see what I am here for.”  I want you to really step back and think about saying that.  

First of all, you’re a creator god and because of that you are going to continue to create that which you really don’t want.  If you want your gifts, you need to start commanding them.  And if we want to become a galactic society, we then must step into becoming a Master and acting the part. The only way that we will ever be able to taste the galactic society that we so badly yearn for is by stepping fully into our own power.  

You cannot step into your own power by constantly discounting yourself.  Trust me, I’ve been there and I know it does not fulfill any of our roles.  O.k.?  That’s another thing I really want to say.  

Now, back to the dream state.  I want to share this because it is really a cool story. I’ve been getting various emails from people that they are not only seeing us gathering on the inner plane, but they are also noticing that when they see a dark being, they’re surprised because the dark being sees that they see them and they run and they run big time.  And, this is a fairly new reality.  

It shows me anyway that the layers and the debris and all of the clearing that’s being done in the higher realms is happening.  We’ve talked about it a lot.  We’ve wanted to clear the astral planes a lot.  But, now it’s really starting to take place.  People are starting to recognize that the dark beings are those that don’t want, you know, participate and really supporting the light and the whole and the all.  They’re running scared big time.  So, remember that.  

We have made progress and I know that people are really…some of you are just reaching a point of, “I just want to explode.”  Because things are still not shifting in your life the way you would like to see them.  Especially, maybe financially or within a personal relationship or what have you.  

But I challenge you that because of the opening of these portals, cosmic energies are reaching our planet that have never been here before.  These cosmic energies are so magical I can’t begin to tell you and if you command these energies to work with you, you are now for the first time able to live the life that you were destined to live.  And the life you were destined to live was to be a Master where you command and it occurred.  We are not used to that.  We’re used to being part of the Lulu.  We’re part of the slave race.  That’s all been wiped out for the most part.  I’m not saying that the entire 3D arena is cleared by any means.  But what I am saying is that there are far fewer impediments.  There’s far less frustrations and also….

Wow, wow, you guys have no idea what just happened.  That is amazing.  This tree just lost a branch as I was saying this.

Shannon:  “A big one.”  

Alexandra:  A big one.  

Shannon:  “Oh, my God.”  

Alexandra:  So, I want everyone to know that this is so important.  Remember, this is a game changer.  

From last year to this year we truly are in a place, if you ask, you are actually going to feel and recognize and receive.  

Now, for those of you that are saying, “Oh, come on.  I ask all the time and I don’t get it.”  And this, that, and the other.  

The message that I am being told to give to you is that a lot of the playing field has been cleared.  O.k.?  A lot of the dark minions have been removed and I know that because I was involved in what I did.  My piece of this along with all of the other wayshowers, enlightened ones, lightworkers.  Whatever you want to call yourself.  We have all played our part to assist in removing this darkness.  When I say darkness, I’m talking about impediments, blockages, resistance.  

Guess what?  That resistance is also within ourselves.  It is not just outside of us as we have attempted to focus within the spiritual community that the Archons, and the demonic beings, the, whatever, could be black magic or whatever.  Yes, I’m not denying that that has not existed and it does exist.  But, the fact of the matter is we now have a ton of frequential help to get us to where we want to go now.  I’m challenging you that whenever you are feeling a block in, surrender, release it, and ask if you can’t surrender it – if you are so irritated with someone or you’re so anguished and hurt with someone, ask that someone help you do it and then allow the universe to create because this has just happened to me.  

It really showed me that that which I have been saying and that which I have been sharing for the last couple of months is truly occurring on this planet to the point where it’s a total game changer.  

So, we just had another branch fall behind me.  O.k.?  

Anyway, now with that said, I also want to talk a little bit about…I saw this guy the other day.  I was driving by and he was all suited up and he had a mask on and all of this stuff and he’s spraying pesticides on the ground and it was some sort of strawberry field and I thought to myself, “Wow!  We’ve driven by him a million times. Why would I specifically notice it at that moment?”  

How disconnected can you be from Mother Earth to be doing that for a living.  How disconnected can you be to spray something that doesn’t smell right, that you intuitionally feel doesn’t feel right, but you’re doing it because you’re in a survival mode?  

We’re being challenged right now to start challenging ourselves about what we choose to do for work.  What path do we choose to walk in order to make a living?  Because now is the time that we must start stepping into our full integrity, fully aligning ourselves in how we live, even how we eat, how we sleep, everything.  Every single one of us is being challenged to let go of habits, and patterns, and ways of thinking that are no longer serving us.  And, they’re no longer serving the planet, frankly.  

We are at a crossroads right now…not like last year.  We are at a crossroads now of how quickly do we want to build our new society.  Last year we were all about how quickly can we release everything?   Now we are in a whole new ball game and this is incredibly exciting.  

So, for those of you who have passions and want to participate and assist the planet, take this as an action item.  If you can possibly wake up the farmers, the migrant workers, the people that are picking the fruits and vegetables, the grocery stores, and start waking them up to the reality of doing that job is gonna kill them, and ultimately their own families, and we really need to wake people up to this.  

Now, the other thing that I’m getting a lot of is that people are starting to see repetitive numbers in a phenomenal amount of repetition.  Myself, I’m seeing the number 144.  I’m also seeing 14-40.  I’m seeing 1144.  I’m seeing it all the time.  People have asked me, “What does this mean?”  

I can only give you my interpretation in my message.  What I do feel this is saying to me, is that those that are part of the 144,000 and above are being gathered now.  This is very exciting.  We are being called.  And, when you see repetitive numbers like this, this is clearly a call to action.  You may not know that it’s going on on the physical, but I can guarantee you that something’s going on on the etheric.  We all do a great deal of work in our sleep time mode, we just aren’t necessarily conscious of it.  So, if you are seeing 144, get excited because that again is showing more progress, more movement towards where we ultimately want to be and a closer development to moving into a reality of freedom for all.  

The other thing that’s been coming up is a lot of spiritual groups are starting to gain momentum.  And, they are starting to work together and they’re starting to create new projects.  But, one of the things that I would like to put a warning out there about is any sense of superiority.  

I’ll give you an example.  I received an email from an individual who is extremely passionate about animal rights.  The email basically went along the story of, “Hey, you know, you’re all about implants Alexandra, but what about the 6 point something million animals that are slaughtered and killed every year. Are you acknowledging that?”  

Now, I honor his position and I am also very happy to see his passion.  But, what it showed me was that there is still this underlying element within the spiritual community of an “us versus them”.  When in fact, we should be seeing this as it’s not an “either or or”.  Their both o.k.  It’s o.k.  It’s o.k. for me to be passionate about assisting people with removing their implants, aligning their souls, eliminating fragmentation of a soul, and assisting them with their DNA.  That’s o.k.  It’s also o.k. for them to be very passionate about assisting animals and protecting animals.   

I just would like to see us all get to a place where we allow and we acknowledge that what is one person’s passion is not someone else’s.  There’s plenty of room and we need everyone on board right now.  This is what we are being called to do.  Everyone is being called with their own passions.  With their own talents and assets to come forth.  This is how we have to start working together, cooperatively.  We’re really being challenged to change the way we think in the way in which we operate with one another in a group environment.  Allowing, accessing other people’s ideas.  And, saying, “Hey, I may not agree with that, but I can still see the validity of that.”  And, just be o.k. with it. So, I wanted to put that out there.  

I also wanted to talk about there’s a lot of manipulation going on that is unseen by the human eye.  I want everyone to remember that the technology that is available to our governments, to the Illuminati, and to any of the other dark factions – please remember that we have no clue as to the extent in which this technology goes.  It is not a table top discussion.  It is not a typical bit of information that’s accessible to most people as to how these factions operate to manipulate us and puppeteer us to create the division and the divide and conquer sequence.  

Please remember that every single time you read something on the internet – step back, be neutral, observe and go into your heart and connect your mind with your heart and ask, “Does this feel true to you?”  

We are the ones blazing the trail.  We are the ones that are going to create a pathway which others will walk down.  It is so important for us to clearly step into more of a galactic way of thinking and a galactic way of accepting.  If we cannot accept one another in our differences, how are we going to have contact that we so greatly want? How are we going to get from here to there if we cannot bridge this particular gap? So, once again ask you, try to read all that you see on the net with a position of, “It’s just a piece of information. That’s it.”  See if it’s triggering you.  See if it’s firing you up, because if it is, you need to take a look at that.  

The other thing I wanted to share…this is phenomenally good information.  

On the 13th of January I was told that we had reached the tipping point on this planet.  This is a confirmation from something I had received the week before.  I want everyone to know that we have finally reached the 51 percent tipping point.  We have successfully made it through some of the most dismal, darkest, horrific times of planet earth.  Do you understand?  We won’t return there again.  Now, it’s up to us to take this to the next level.  

And I know we don’t want to hear this, but we can’t get too comfortable with that information.  We can’t even get too comfortable with all of the cosmic energies that are blessing us right now.  We must take action and start coordinating and start working together.  

I do feel that all of us need to see one another more, to feel one another more, to be in the physical more.  So many of us are staying in our houses because it’s safer, because it’s more secure.  Because we feel like we’ll be accepted at least by our dog or our cat.  O.k.?  Because we are so used to not being accepted.  Now, it is up to us to break through that barrier.  

This is really truly the year that we are being challenged to come together and unify.  Not necessarily a big huge project.  It can just be small intimate gatherings and it doesn’t even have to have a purpose.  Because one of the things that I recognize today is I was listening to the music, “Crazy” by Seal and it said, “If you want to survive, we need to get crazy.”  And it really hit me.  I started crying and I realized that many of us are so committed to the cause, so committed to assisting this planet and humanity.  We are so, so, so committed. Think of why we’re here – that we have forgotten the joy and the excitement and the spontaneity.  We have forgotten to grace ourselves and I’m speaking for myself as well.  

We are so passionate about what we want to do that we forget to honor and reward ourselves for how far we’ve come.  So, I hope that you can take the time to kick up your heels, crank up the music, and go do something that you don’t feel, you know, “Oh my God.  I’ve got to help the planet.”  “Oh my God I’ve gotta, bring the ratio of dark and light.”  Whatever it is that you feel so compelled to do. “I have to spread my light or I need to do this better because it will assist these guys.”  Whatever it is that you typically do, give yourself a break and just be crazy and know that it’s not “if” we are going to survive.  We are surviving.  We’ve made it.  We’re going home.  

So, the last thing I want to remind you of is the chemtrails.  

And, I had interviewed someone the other day that who brought a very good point up that we tend to look up, see the chemtrails and go, “Arrr, arrr!”  Calling them whatever.  What if everyone of us converted that and said, “Bless the chemtrails.  Thank you chemtrails.  Thank you for blessing us with abundance and health and wealth and peace and harmony and love.”  Now, if we all start doing that, what do you think is going to happen?  So, another little FYI.  

Let’s try to see what we can do and what we can create.  And, this is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of our life in 2015.  Most people are agreeing that by March 31st…March 23rd is what I’m getting to April 4th, it’s gonna be a major game changer again.  Which is about all we keep going through is game changers.  But the reality is, this is a time to prep.  

We are all sitting on our bunkers putting our boots on.  We’re getting ready for some big, big stuff to go down guys.  This is what everyone’s talking about, waiting for, hoping for and now it’s arrived.  Are we up for the task?  Can we unify and prove to the darker oppositions that we are united and that false flags and smear campaigns…and I mean campaigns where it comes out of nowhere.  It comes out of the clear blue.  That’s always a very good indicator.  Are they serving us?  Or they really truly serving us or serving the opposition?  

We’ve come a long a way if we continue to keep moving like a launched rocket like we are doing right now.  Can you imagine what we will be creating by the end of this year?  I mean, we’re here.  This is it folks.  

So, I challenge everyone to really think in terms of where do you wanna go this year? What do you wanna release?  Truly ask for help to release it and know that the help has finally been accessible.  That it’s finally arrived and it’s accessible to you.  There’s the difference.  It’s not that it’s never been there, but it’s accessible.  Start feeling it.  Feel the difference.  Feel the difference in the air.  Feel the difference in how much less friction is in your life.  And, if there is friction in your life, it’s just because you’re just working some stuff out and you need to release it.  But, how quickly do you want to release it?  And, how quickly do you want to start over and redraw your blue print, your divine pathway.  Where do you want to go?  These are the kind of questions that you should be asking yourself now.  

We have an amazing year ahead of us and I just wanna remind you to thank yourself and thank the community. Be grateful for everyone, no matter who they are because they’ve all assisted us in growing and expanded our consciousness, and becoming more powerful and stepping into our gifts.  

So, with that said, I have one last little piece of information and that is that our seventh portal has opened up and it is unfolding as we speak.  And, if you think of the seven chakras within the body, think of why that’s important that the seventh chakra of the planet, let’s say, is opening up.  What’s going to happen from now?  What is that bringing forth for humanity?  We can contribute what that brings forth because I have been told to remind you all if you can just give permission, there are many beings of light that are ready and online and willing and now able to access us and assist us now.  

So I just want to honor all of you.  Once again, you’re a fabulous audience.  I love you with all of my heart and soul.  Have a wonderful day and please check my website out.  For those of you that are compelled to get your implants out – check that out for sure because every single one of you that has done this, you have increased light on this planet.  Thank you.

So for all of you that have not met Shannon Marie Dunlap, she is a personal friend of mine and the little sister that I’ve never had in this lifetime.  And, we’ve had many other past lives, especially in Egypt.  And, Shannon just wanted to share a few words as well today for the Ground Crew.

Shannon:  Hi everyone.  It’s a pleasure to be talking to you.  

As Alexandra has set the stage for something very powerful, currently she has created a platform in which, how I describe it, “Heaven speaks through her to humanity.”  She’s created a space in the world where it’s safe to feel and think and act how we intuitively feel that we need to.  She’s created a space where it makes sense of how we feel and how we think.  And personally, I feel like my life has in a sense blossomed since I met her.

Andrea:  Oh, so sweet.

Shannon:  And, I’ve never told her that…I just always felt alone for the most part in my life because I’m so different, but when I met her and I met our close spiritual friends, I understand that we are all the same. And there are a small group of people on this planet –  there’s some of us who are here to help and heal and transmute and neutralize all of the negativity that has been created by another small group of people that do not have positive intentions for the rest of humanity.  

Whether your beliefs are on the right side or the left side, it’s about where your heart lies.  And, listening to Alexandra speak just now, I get chills when she speaks because she speaks the truth.  

And it’s interesting, we don’t speak all of the time, but when we do have these conversations, it’s interesting because we have very similar life experiences.  We’re taught very similar lessons.  Sometimes in the same way.  Sometimes in very different ways.  But the answer and the outcome is always similar.  

So, I am here to reflect off of the video that she just made and give you my perspective on those same topics.  Mainly being, this job that we are here to do for many of us spiritual people is a lot.  It’s a lot and it’s stressful and it takes up a lot of our time.  It takes us away from our family and friends because we just realize that we are different from them.  We don’t blend with them any longer the way that we used to.  And, to be isolated all of the time is not easy for a lot of us, but it’s a necessary part and phase of the path to enlightenment.  So, with that said, we have to remember to stay positive.  

And yes, personally, it’s my job every day to bringing God’s light into my physical body and radiate that out and heal people and plants and animals and the elderly and infants and the ants that I see crawling on me that I used to get irritated about but now, I welcome them into my space because we are all existing together.  

And, I feel like it’s so stressful sometimes, this life.  We have a lot on our shoulders.  We’re holding a space for everyone on this planet and it’s a lot.  So, my message to you is I’m co-signing.  I’m co-signing what she’s saying and that we do need to get a little crazy sometimes.  We need to let our hair down and just relax.  If it calls to just relax, relax.  If you wanna go take a jog, take a jog.  If you wanna go get a coffee, go grab a coffee.  If you wanna go see a comedy show, just go do it.  We don’t always need to be so serious.  And, that’s been my problem personally.  I’m so regimented.  So go to work, come home, read, write, connect with heaven every day.  “Shannon, relax a little bit.  It’s o.k.”  Because when we relax a little bit, and we’re not so rigid all the time, we are actually able to help more.  

So, with that said, and you copied my phrase, “with that said”  [speaking to Alexandra] [laughs] With that said, get a little crazy, but just stay in your heart.  Stay positive.  And, if you are not hurting anyone and you want to do it, do it.  I have more to say, but I think that’s enough for now.

Alexandra:  Time to break free!

Shannon:  Break free!  I want to get a little bit crazy!  So, thank you.  It was great to talk with you and hopefully, I will be back for more.

Alexandra:  Thank you Shannon Marie.  

Shannon:  I love you!

Alexandra:  This is my friend, Lorde Chaisse and a very commanding presence for many reasons.  But Lorde had an interesting thing to say about our conversation today.  Go ahead Lorde.   

Lorde:  I think this is a great thing that we are moving forward on earth’s inhabitance. And, I believe that as we continue to move forward, the harmonics will continue to balance itself within every single cell, and every single atom on this planet.  The idea isn’t to be caught up, I don’t believe, in the rhetoric of duality, but actually living life the way it’s meant to be lived.  If you can cancel out fear, then you can understand life and that can be the beginning for you.

Alexandra:  Very true.

Lorde:  You, as an individual have the power to be creative in whatever way you want.  Actually, one of our great inventor’s/entrepreneur’s mentioned it…Steve Jobs…about being creative.  And Tesla mentioned this.  And there are so many other inventors that have mentioned this.  

But really, you embracing life, and your looking for that harmony from within. You can find that harmony amongst those that you love and even those that you perhaps don’t agree with.  That’s entirely up to you.  It’s your decision.  

But, I want us to really take a moment and examine and breathe that you’re living life and that’s what you were meant to do.  You don’t always have to sit back and see yourself as the one-and-all receiver.  

If you’re a father, if you’re a mother, if you’re a boss, whatever you are, take a moment…breathe.  Examine it, play with it for a moment.  Let’s have a little bit more joy in our existence and invite that like oxygen.  Do you realize how much you can change the planet just with joy for 24 hours?  

If I were to say, “Everyone on this planet have joy for a moment and do that for 24 hours straight that would in itself can create its own transmutation.  

So that being said, embrace your inner self, embrace your outer self, recognize the love within and also try out this mantra, “I invite harmony of another into the harmony of myself.”

Alexandra:  Beautiful.

Lorde: And with that, I wish you adieu.  May the forces be with you.  And, good day.

Alexandra: God bless you. I love you. Thanks so much for all you do. I know that is has been tough.


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