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microphone (1)Alexandra Meadors interviews Tory Smith Transcription, February 10, 2014
Cleansing and Clearing of The Whole Galaxy is Underway, Part 2

Hello everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is Tuesday, February 10, 2015. And I have with me our sequel with Tory Smith and for all of you who don’t remember very much about him, he is an plantery healer, he is completely on fire about justice and freedom and bringing the child trafficking scene to an end. Wouldn’t we all love to have that? He’s very determined and committed and he’s willing to put his line on the line daily, if not hourly, to bring this atrocious agenda by our government and the Vatican and etc to an end. And because of his experiences his healings are phenomenal. He’s a very powerful healer. He’s also just totally coming from the heart. I think you guys will agree when you get to know him better. And he brings with him an amazing gift of being able to read people’s DNA. And he can provide you with an amazing amount of detail, everything from how much sacred light you hold to the planets that you’ve traveled to, etc. So we are going to dive in today and get more details on galactic stuff. Things we all yearn for, I think.

So hi, Tory, thanks for coming on with me today.

Tory: Well, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alexandra: I always enjoy talking to you. So, the first thing right out of the gate is, a lot of activity is going on and a lot of changes are going on in last 48-72 maybe 4 or 5 days and I’d like to ask you what is your take on this whole operation that is coming to a head.

Tory: Well, I knew were coming into something last week because I had heard from several different astrologers that I really like that there was a gateway opening. I think it was between 21st and the 23rd. And I just instinctively knew that something big was coming. But a lot times I don’t know, you know, I’m not good with the future, my skill is reading the past and helping people to understand who they are, so I usually do know nothing about the future and just go on instinct. But I knew it was something big because the energy – you know, I’m been doing energy work for decades and I’ve been doing as much as I can and Heaven guides me, but it’s been expanding. But last week it just went huge. And things were opening up that were never available to us before. And I was really excited about it. And then you know, I love to scan the internet and sit around and my angels and spirit guides kind of guide me to this person’s site or that person’s site and I heard people we’re saying, well, they believe the veil is lifting.

And I thought, I try to be careful with what words are because sometimes we use different words for the same thing, (I agree) but I just had this moment – I’m doing these very special, very targeted energy blasts where the energy flows from Heaven through me to directly into the Milabs and the child traffickers and the evidence of what they have done. (Excellent) And it’s not so much as that I’ve become so involved with all of this, it’s not my place to expose all of this. The universe will take care of that in it’s own way. But by sending and channeling energy to the evidence and the people involved and the people that are actually committing these things, it just changes the whole dynamics of it.

And it was a couple nights ago – I’ve never experienced this in my life and – my astral body was so big and I was so into the clouds and all of a sudden I saw a star right in front of me. And it was so clear – these horrible energies that we’ve all been combatting for so long – were gone. The microwaves, the GWEN towers and scalar weapons, the HAARP weapons, it’s so many different energies that we have been bombarded with, were all gone. And I just blurted out, I’m in Singularity, and I really don’t even know what that is. But I think I was in it. And I was really excited, I was like Wow, everything so clear.

A: I felt the same thing. There was a huge shift this week. The sense of peace and the lack of chaos in the inner plane was so obvious to me and I had a very interesting experience last night. I was making remedies for the implant removals. And I was making custom formulas like the ones I did for you. And I had for the very first time come in an Archangel, an actual walking talking archangel who ordered this process. I have angels that come in all the time but this was very different and I became very emotional, I couldn’t stop crying and my husband was like, are you okay? Should we stop? And I was like, waann, and I said, oh my god, this is it. Something has happened. And he is an messenger, he’s come to share this with me. And I didn’t really want to call him he because he was androgynous, right? And he kept saying, No you’re right, Alexandra, we have done this many times before, we’ve worked together on this before. We are very very close. So I woke up and I found a couple more messages.

Well, last night, Tory, at 4:44 in the morning I had the most restless night’s sleep. I couldn’t sleep. I heard all of these voices, I was hearing all of these communications and groups of people talking and everything and finally I just said, okay, stop. And it was Father God, and he said, You need to write this down or you won’t remember it. So in the middle of the night, at 4:44, I wrote down my message and I put it up on the blog today. But basically, the gist of it was, they showed me – the skies were completely cleared – no, it was basically covered with this very thick cloud cover and in the center was this gigantic portal and this light was just beaming down and blasting the planet.

And I looked at it and I looked at him and he said, yes, it’s the same type of operation that we did in Africa with you. And I said, yeah, that’s what I thought, because it looks very similar. And he said, yes, this is the same type of thing and I said, So we’re getting rid of the big – the ones that are left, the 12% that are left. And he said, yes, we are. I said, that’s great. Well, so why don’t we have all the angels that have suddenly ascended on the planet – there is word right now that there’s no interference. If they see somebody being messed with, they don’t have to be – oh, I need to have their permission to interfere. They are saying that is off their books now. I said, So why don’t we just have them do that? And he said, Oh, you don’t understand. These dark ones, they’re very good at hopping dimensions and changing shapes and finding different bodies to jump into and all kinds of things. He said, We don’t want to mess with that. It’s too much work so we’re just going ahead and just remove them. And I just lost it. I was just like, oh my god. You said you got a message. Was yours similar to that?

Tory: Yes. And, you know, I’m not a spiritual teacher so I’m not the one probably to explain this out very well but we all know that there are certain edicts and laws in the natural order of the universe that are in place but let’s say a galactic person can’t just land on a planet and arrest some one who has committed a crime. You know what I mean? There are laws of interference and such. Okay, well, one of the messages that I got today was that all of that is over. There is absolutely no, it’s like there’s a no-holds-barred removal of all the dark and like you said – the angels don’t need permission to come in because I know that Father God came in with this 300,000 years ago, when he was looking at Atlantis and Lemuria, he saw what was going on. And I made a joke with him today and I said, Did it take like a milli-second of our time to come up with this huge plan 300,000 years ago? It was a little bit longer. And I thought, I thought it was funny. All the power of the dark is gone and everything is basically completed.

Because you see, things had to in a divine order. I know that for sure, because for example, certain things couldn’t occur until all of the Dracos were gone. And then there these others we were arresting that did have physical bodies – because the Dracos didn’t have physical bodies, the ones I knew anyway, and then we came up with this other level. These were roughly 300,000 of them and I was working with the Galactics to arrest them, and Heaven, of course. But they had physical bodies. They were 97% reptilian and 3% human and they could only appear human for a couple of hours. And they all lived underground. A lot of them were involved with the Milabs and what not. If someone wants to see them all you have to do is google ‘reptilians’ and you can see images of them. It’s the classic –

A: Do you agree that the Dracos have like these big humongous wings behind them? There are pictures that depict them like that?

T: Well yes. Well, what I now know is, after doing DNA research, there are 1271 types of Reptilians in our galaxy. (Wow) And almost all of them are benevolent now. Because the Galactic War is over. This is the last place in the galaxy that the Galactic War was still occurring here on Earth.

A: Not Mars and not in the Moon?

T: Well, I should say in the Solar System. The last place that the Galactic War was being carried out. And it was time to clear because Heaven wants the Milky Way Galaxy to move into the light. So the rule of the land right now is you either move into the light or you leave. (Right on!) And the way the people are leaving – and entities, beings, aliens, whatever you want to call everybody here – the way that they are leaving is by several ways. Some of them, like Satan and Lucifer, and Baphomet, Anu, a whole bunch of them, and especially those ones from Babylon times that many people called God, they were at a point where it was impossible for them to change so Father God put them into the uncreated mass. That’s where Satan and Lucifer went.

A: The uncreated mass? What do you mean by that?

T: Well, there are 18 halls and temples in heaven – like we say, the gate of heaven, the Akashi Records is the first one in the door, so to speak. And most of the time, you see, when people die the first thing that they usually do is, they go to the Hall of Charts or the Hall of Records and they go to the scanning machine and they see, they record the history of their life. Because everything in this reality is recorded, not just for those of us from Heaven who come here and incarnate, or incarnate from other divine places, but also everything that the dark entities do has been recorded. And what is fascinating is, that we record through our eyes and ears and our own DNA, but Heaven also records the big picture. So it’s like the TV series Star Trek, where they say, oh okay, well, let’s bring it up on the big screen and they go right down and they can show you what’s going on there. It’s almost like they have a camera there.

That’s the way Heaven operates. There’s video records of everything. Everything that you’ve ever done is recorded. So when we die we go back to the scanning machine and then also sometimes when we’re very, very close to death but it’s not our time to go, we will bi-locate, go to the scanning machine, witness in very quick time and you’ll say, Oh my God, I saw my whole life pass right before my eyes. Well what most people don’t know what was happening was, you just went to heaven, bi-located, you stood before the scanning machine and you saw the whole thing. And then they come back and they go on. Because it’s like a gentle reminder, so to speak. (How cool is that?)

But yeah, the energy shift, but the big part of the message that I got was – you see the Illuminati call it the grid, because some people call it the veil, I was calling it the ‘energy matrix’ because what I saw was that cloud of energy around our planet imposed on us by the Dark Side. To me, a ‘veil’ is simply something to block. And it has one purpose. But we all have our own words. I was calling it an ‘energy matrix’ because I said, now wait a minute, there’s all kinds of things going on with this energy field that’s around us. And it is to super-enhance the weapons, it is to suppress energies that are coming down from Heaven and making very difficult for most of us to communicate with the Divine and Heaven and the Higher Dimensions Up.

And then Heaven told me – because I pointed out three or four things going on, like the way that they travel and because the dark energy Reptilians and the Insectians, as you were saying, they jump dimensions and things like that, that’s how they come into our homes – is they have these technologies where they just show up. I mean my house has become, well technically it is my home, my mother owns the house, it became a subway station. People just show up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, popping in, popping out over and over again, CIA agents, DEA, TSA, FBI, I mean –

A: Are you serious?

T: Secret Service, presidents, people from Russia, you name it. These people just show up, and I’m thinking, who are you? Now I’m used to it. It used to be bad, but now I’m used to it. And it doesn’t occupy the same space. Because sometimes, and I’ll look up, and because my skills have developed over time, and I’ll ask the universe, how many are here? 79. And it doesn’t make sense because you might be in a room that’s maybe 20 by 10, but if you can kind of focus, because you can’t really see them, they’re invisible but you use your third eye and your psychic abilities, then you kind of say, okay, here they are. They are all in front of me and they are in a group. And suddenly, it’s like the physicality disappears and you’re looking into their dimension where the walls don’t exist. And that’s what happens when they come into a home.

And they do this other thing where they come in and attach to people while we are sleeping and they drain our life force energy out of us. A couple of weeks ago I had 150 something, I think 158 of them attach to me, all at one time. And I woke up and I’m just like, here we go. So I called in the Zero Point, it kinds of snaps them up off of me. And another dude that I met, he lives in Europe somewhere, taught me that you can bind them which was a great assest. So I’ve been doing that. To bind them, then I’d ask God to put like a golden rubber band around them to pull them in. Because, you know, like when you buy parsley, it’s on a rubber band and it’s really tight. So they’re all scattered around so I put this band around them and put them all in one and I use the sacred fire and I throw sacred fireballs at them.

A: That’s so funny.

T: That takes away their energy.

A: We did a similar thing where we captured them in a net and then threw them in the pit.

T: That’s awesome.

A: We just let the Company of Heaven decide what what they want to do with them now. Getting back to, you said, calling in ‘zero point.’ Can you tell everybody –

T: Could I just say something about this energy field, I’d like to finish up about that. I love Zero Point Energy. It’s just so amazing, what it does. It just does everything basically. But what Heaven told me is, the gist of the message was, now it’s up to us. Everything, everything on the Galactic side has been done. Everything on Heaven’s side has been done. It’s basically up to us and that’s going to happen by our desire and our awakening. And all the time, all the constraints, all of that has been lifted. It’s lifted and the grid is gone. I could just use the ‘Illuminati’ word, that’s an easy word for the grid. The energy grid that they had, and goes along with the grid lines.

And this is how I get things – I knew and I kept hearing these guys – because as we become more fully conscious you can connect to anyone in the universe and talk with them, telepathically. (Right) And since my last activation a lot of that is kicking in and I can hear people. And it’s not like voices in my head, like ego per se. I literally hear people, especially if I’m focused on what they are saying about me, or whatever, or someone that is just in the house and I can hear them. How the heck can the grid, I won’t use the language they use – How come the grid’s gone, How’s come is the grid down. We lost the grid. How are we going to do this without the grid. You know, the New World Order’s plan to take over. (Yes, definitely) They don’t have the grid.

And then it dawned on me, wait a minute, because like all these football stadiums – we went through a big ordeal with the Super Bowl. They got absolutely zero power out of the Super Bowl. But this has been a crazy week for me – meaning me and Heaven and a lot of people praying on this planet – it took so much sacred and divine energies and put into the Super Bowl completely negating what they would have gotten out of it normally, because they harvest energy off of us. (Yes) And they didn’t get a drop. And then we were putting sacred light in there. St Germain came in and we created a huge globe of this super-max silver violet flame around the entire Super Bowl, so all of the people that were there, if there had been any fighting or bickering or whatever all of that energy was immediately transmuted into the light. So the dark side got nothing out of that. There wasn’t even a drop.

A: You know Tory, just to interject, you were mentioning that everything was done now it’s up to us – that’s the same message that came in this morning at 4:44 to me, where they said, Now it’s time for us to take action. The wars are going to cease on the planet, but they said eventually, the only war that will really have to focus on is our internal war of all the layers, and all the progamming, and all the belief systems that we have accumulated, and that’s the work that we need to do. And they basically told me to put out an alert to the healer ‘industry’ and to get them all ready. That’s basically the message that came in to me.

T: That’s wonderful. Because, yeah, because the desire for justice, and the desire for freedom, to me are the two main ingredients for our success. It’s not even like that we have to do anything physical, (yes) we certainly can go out and make a big sign and carry it in the streets, that’s not going to get you anywhere. (Right) It’s all really up here. Humans don’t realize, because we are creators and we have this special power available to us because we are flowing and then we add our personal creativity. What I know to be true is we pull energies from the divine – the higher dimensions of our universe but then we add our own to it. And that combination is – I mean humans are awesome. We are awesome. We’ve been so been so beaten up and raped and murdered and all of this crap done to us for so long, but now it is our time.

It’s our time now because the dark entity reptilians, well, the insectians are gone, the zetas, the archons, the dark entity mantids are gone. Saturn is empty. I don’t know, there were millions of non-physical archons in Saturn, they’re gone. (Awesome) The Sun has been cleared and I think it was Mars, Mars is in the process of cleansing – Mars is complete. The colony that was living inside of Mars was a huge control group for the Illuminati – the Bushes, the Reagans, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Cheneys, and the Windsors, and Netanyahu, and the Vatican, all the control, the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, the control group here, they were getting a lot of power from Mars and there was a big movement because most of the people in Mars were predominantly Reptilian. Well there was a certain percentage, I think it was 18% or 20% Insectian, well, they were the first to go, because I don’t know how the Galactics took them, I haven’t had time to look and now the entire planet has been cleared out.

But you see, so much of the guidance – I don’t know the right word even – ‘level’ or ‘layers’ of support for the New World Order here, or the Illuminati or whatever you want to call them – I just call them the Dark Side, it’s just easier. But starting with the Annunaki they lost them, then they lost this, and then they lost the other thing, and then they lost the Sun, and then they lost Saturn, and then they lost Mars, and you know what I mean? They keep losing and losing and now they lost the grid. I keep hearing it all day long, ‘We can’t don’t anything without the grid.’ And we could probably talk about the grid for two hours and I’m not really an expert about it. But there was layer of layer of energies and weapons and stuff going on with this grid and now it is gone. So basically that was the big message, it’s really up to us and all we need, in my eyes, and I’m sure that everybody can add their two cents in, is a desire for justice and the desire for freedom. And it’s not like we need to take control of the planet, we just need to go with the flow. You know what I mean?

A: And how to cooperate and lead by example, not by oppressing someone else’s viewpoint. You know, I’ve talked about that many times. We need to get to a place where it’s okay if you have a different opinion. It’s okay if you have a different approach to get there. This is about us galactically learning to be at a table and accept the other people are going to have different ways of saying things. It’s not where we have to come to a table and one person is the authority and everybody needs to ultimately agree with that one person.

T: And the way that I see that is, that now I can have everything I want and the old way was, well, if I’m going to get everything that I want that means it has to be taken from others. That’s over.

A: Exactly!

T: I can have everything I want and everybody else can have everything they want and my getting everything that I want has nothing taken anything away from you or anybody else.

A: Totally.

T: It’s prosperity and abundance time and we can all have whatever we want. And my getting what I want doesn’t bring harm to anybody else. So the whole thing of, oh, the haves and the have-nots, is over.

A: Yeah, that old paradigm. And the fact that all that we hear about is that everything is of abundance and now we actually can allow the universe to respond and mirror that which we want. We actually need to re-train our brains now in the way that we are thinking and that we feel that we have to attain what we want. That’s really where it’s at now. It’s a whole new ballgame. And it’s not like we haven’t talked about it, but now because the playing field has now been cleared, it’s all that responsibility is now back on our shoulders. Instead of looking outside of ourselves and going, oh, that was an archon, or oh, that was a draco, or that was the Illuminati, now it’s really being put back in our laps. Big time. It’s pretty exciting.

T: I think that even before we get to that point we’re just going to have to take a breather. Well, some of us are going to take a breather, because some of us have been working our butts off for years and other people are completely oblivious. And they’re going to go into a state of shock when they realize. But a lot of people I think chose to be on the planet that way. They said, that’s too much for me, it would overload me. I’ve come in contact with people and I just mention, slightly mention, things that are going on in my life, because our souls can talk with each other, they would be in overload. Woop, no, nope.

A: In fact, I really enjoy – any day that I go out to grab gasoline or food or whatever, I love to drop a bomb, you know. Just a kind of a subtle, calm, little, like, oh, did you see the chemtrails today? And that’s another thing. I want to ask the audience this. Have you noticed that there were chemtrails that showed up and they disappeared as quickly as the showed up? These last couple of days. I knew something was going on. Did you notice that?

T: Well, ours are – because before they were there, heavy spraying everyday. Then we’ve gone through a period where you’d hardly see one for several days. And then they would come back and then we’d hardly see any. And then they would come back like crazy and it was like the entire sky was covered. So it went from systematic, to kind of random. Because I have one here, a cloud buster right here in the house.

A: Right on.

T: I brought it in for the winter because I didn’t want to leave it outside in the – we’ve had 17 inches of snow in the last couple of days. So I didn’t want to leave it out there.

A: Well Tory, what do you feel – the other message I got this morning was, I said, what about the cling-ons. What about those are like clinging on to the people? And they said, Well, now wait a minute here. With this whole process is about us learning and also understanding that the choices that we make. And that would be through fear, our choices that we need to learn from. We need to evolve from it. They very clearly stated, They’re not here to do the job for you. We are here to assist you in your learning process. What do you have to add to that?

T: Yes, and that was the big part of the message today –

A: Really? You too?

T: It’s like Heaven is saying okay, we’ve done our part, now it’s up to you. (Okay) With what you are going to do with it. Are you going to – the timeline that we’re on, it’s like there’s been so many things have happened if it takes us three days it will be done, or if it takes us three years it will be done. And it’s really all up to us. The ball is in our court. But for the first time in over 13,000 years we are not oppressed. And all of these energies have happened and –

A: 13,000 years? 13,000 years. Oh my God. And I thought it was a lot longer than that. I thought that we started, you know, and that would be something great for you to tap into, okay. Supposedly from the first time that we incarnated on to planet Earth we were implanted, okay, like we were processed by the Empire. And supposedly, that was 3 to 400,000 years ago. And they say, I’ve been wanting to ask you this and I know other people would love to hear your opinion – they say that when you die and you go into that whatever it’s the first, second or third heaven, and you’re asked, okay, you have your life review and all of this and you go into the whole thing about supposedly you are very sorrowful for what you have done and that kind of thing and they say that, basically, they take the soul and they process it back into through a system where’s it’s zapped with such a high voltage of electricity that not only does it wipe out your memories so that you’re born again without your gifts, without your memories, under a veil, that it also supposedly wipes out a lot of your natural gifts of being human. So I’m curious if you’ve seen anything like that.

T: Well, there’s several things that can happen to us when we die and then also our species is kind of interplaying with that as well. Because the Dark Side, most of their death and recycling was controlled by the archons and when – and this was shocking to me when I first saw it, this is how royalty has lasted so long because when somebody great grandfather would die, somehow his soul would be taken and put into a great grandchild in the same family. Or they would also – it’s not just one rule fits all – or they would take people and put them, they would give them rewards because I see so many people that worked in the concentration camps in Germany in World War II as famous Hollywood actors.

A: Wow!

T: And a lot of the times I can’t watch a movie, there’s a movie coming out, Jupiter Ascending, which I really wanted to see but I can’t go see it because I have issues with two of the actors. But one of them I can’t even stand to look at because he’s killed so many people in one of the concentration camps. And so, that have their little reward system and so souls are definitely guided and then we humans – and then there’s a lot of people – this was strictly reptilians that had to use technology to appear human and then there’s human-reptilian blends. But the thing is there’s no clear rule because human-reptilian blends can be benevolent. And so when they die, it really depends on whether their sacred light content – if they’re recycled back into another lifetime here or whatever, or go to heaven. Because I have seen people who are human-reptilian go to heaven when they die because they were benevolent.

Obviously, I can’t explain what the soul is, but I really believe that we can jump species if we want to because when I read the DNA, I’m incorporating how many species of human that we’ve been. And a lot of times somebody has been 14 different species of human. And I don’t even know who they all are. I’m trying to figure that out because I’m in a learning process. (Right) So some of us though, when we don’t have the 51% of sacred light, most of the souls – there’s the Divine Directive and the Lords of Karma and all of the Lords of Karma are ascended masters but not all ascended masters are Lords of Karma.

And so then there’s Heaven and the Divinity guiding what happens to the soul and they just take the soul and it really depends on what lessons they did not learn or haven’t had a breakthrough yet they are put in a womb in another mother in the family and the conditions where they will learn or have the opportunity, sorry the opportunities to learn the lessons that they didn’t learn where they just died from.

A: But Tory, do you feel that in some cases many of us feel there was an intrusion in that process by the dark agenda to literally guide that soul into a very very disruptive family and story. You know. I really agree with the whole statement that how many times do you have to re-incarnate to learn your lessons? If we’re already ascended beings in the first place.

T: Well, I have a slightly different take on that. I really don’t think it’s so much learning the lesson as it is lifting your sacred light to the point where you can move on. Because we don’t always learn the lessons. Sometimes we come here and we say, well, I want to do this and I want to do that, but things happen, because the future is impermeable – it’s not set. And basically, what I see, I see this pattern of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime we have that the only big difference is that our lifetimes is what happens to you right after the death process and before the birth process. That’s what is different and there’s not many variables on that, but it’s different for all of us.

Some of us, we have sacred light, we go back to heaven and camp out there for a while and we choose to come back and do another lifetime. Sometimes the dark entities, they just recycle immediately, sometimes they are helped. And there’s all kinds of other stuff that’s going on with our souls that the dark entity reptilians and the dracos, and the dracos were really big on that, the ones with the wings, that they would harvest human souls and they were taking souls and putting them in – well, like the cubes. (Yes) They have these cube ships – because one of them was like 100,000 human souls trapped in the individual containers on this ship. There was a cube.

It’s so funny how so much of reality is mirrored in Hollywood (Yes) whether it’s by purposely doing it or not purposely doing it, or somebody pulling stuff out of memory like the Borg cubes from Star Trek. A lot of the times the creative people are just remembering stuff but they don’t really remember it. It’s like well, you’re talking about having our memories wiped out. Well not everything gets wiped out and then as we get older we say, oh wouldn’t be cool, I think I’m going to create a story about this. No, that’s you remembering that in Star Wars. That’s all. That’s George Lucas did most of that from memory.

A: And if you think about it that’s why Star Wars was so incredibly successful because it was everyone’s subliminal memory.

T: It wasn’t a story being told to us, it was our story. A: Yeah, exactly.

T: The whole story up there with lasers and lights and ships and all of that. It was like, hey, that’s us.

A: So Tory, do you feel that for those of us to had exceptional difficult childhoods and difficult family structures, and very intense, you know, rape and torture and oppression and all kinds of things that have happened to us in our younger, youthful, age group, do you feel that the reason that we went through that was to increase our sacred light, like in a big way? For this lifetime?

T: Well, those experiences make us advance faster. (Okay) And there are people that come in, well, there’s people in heaven that say, I will never, ever go to the Earth and they stay in heaven. ‘In no way in ‘ell I’m going down there in all that’ and they don’t go there. I don’t know how many people there are in heaven but there’s a lot of them. And then there’s other people who come in and they say, okay, well I’ll go in but I want to have a pristine, fabulous life. I don’t want to get sick, I’ll gets some colds and flus but I’m not going to get cancer, and I’m not going to get AIDs, I’m not going to get anything big, no broken bones, no car accidents, I’ll go in and I’ll have a happy, – look around you see couples who’ve been married for eighty years and they were maybe farmers. They’ve had a very simple peaceful life and they have been happy. And that’s great because they anchored the frequencies and a lot of people don’t realize that just by being helps when it’s a high frequency.

Well, if you’re on the Dark Side then you’re involved in this crap and the criminal stuff. But it’s just like a huge play that we choose to come in and play our part – when we come from heaven anyway and other places like heaven. They’re the same level. But then the Dark Side, they have their own thing going about the recycling of the souls and stuff so it’s this massive collaboration here in the 3rd dimension that is just absolutely amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. So there’s just so much going on.

A: So tell everybody a little bit about some of the galactic travels. I think people can vicariously through an average night that you have.

T: Well, you know, in very very soon we won’t been traveling vicariously through anybody anymore. Because that’s the primary reasons why I have been doing DNA readings is because – it’s not that our memories they are kind of wiped out but I really think it’s just made us invisible, disconnect, because all the memories are still there. All you have to do is awaken them. And then, because I’ve had people and I tell them, ‘you’ve lived in 26 star systems and you’ve had 1295 lives’ and they’re like, what? You know what I mean? They just freak out. It’s kind of the thing and it’s a process of how much do we want to remember and how quickly and so forth. But I’ve kind of forgotten the question you asked me now.

A: That’s okay. Well, before you answer my question, when you look at your DNA reports you talk about how many strands of DNA are activated and you apparently have 784,000 of strands of DNA activated (728,000 is my current level) 728, and you said that nobody has more than a million but that most people here have around 144,000 or less.

T: Okay, what I try never to do is to say what’s not possible in the universe. Because what I’ve seen it just seems to me like almost anything is possible. (Yeah) But what I have seen is that I believe, or what my mentality is capable of understanding so far, that right at a million strands activated fully-functional is a state what we would call fully conscious. No matter what we are. Because looking at galactic reptilians or galactic humans, everybody’s the same. I pulled up 1,000,007 strands activated. And it just seems to me that people in heaven, like when we go back and we are our normal selves in heaven we’ve got about a million strands activated, fully functional. And so, but I wouldn’t say that there’s not things way beyond that. Because I have no idea.

A: What do you feel is the average number of DNA strands that you run into when you are doing these reports?

T: Well, it’s rapidly changing because like I said before, everybody was at two strands, okay. Then there was the starseed people that came in and they were coming in at 144 strands, I just met two more girls last weekend online on a show and they came in with a 144 strands activated. But there is a general process of awakening where we can go from 2 to 4 strands and then, from 4 strands to 12, 12 to 144, to 156, (It’s like the fibonacci) Yeah, so it’s kind of, well not exactly the same as that but it’s similar. (Okay) I don’t know why that goes from 2, 4, 12, because I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone who had 6 strands activated. So there is a method to it but I don’t understand it yet.

A: That’s like 2 times 2 is 4 and then times 3 is 12 and then 12 – maybe it’s 48 after that? I don’t know.

T: Well, what I’ve seen is, it goes from 12 to 144, so thought it was 12 times 12 but there was 156. And then I asked Heaven once, I said, oh, because on December 12, you know, the big date December 21, 2012 the lords of karma came in and said, okay, this whole group has had its DNA activated at 144 strands, we’re going to give you an upgrade.

And I said okay, now I have 156 strands activated which all the Dark Side, by the way, have 156 strands activated and they cannot progress more that. (Interesting) Same as for Bush, Barbara Bush, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, all these people that are on the Dark Side, they are locked at 156 strands activated and, well, they have zero sacred light.

A: That’s why they are so obsessed with messing with our DNA.

T: Oh yeah, that’s another whole show in itself, the DNA manipulation and the human trafficking and the human experiments and what not. You see, the Insectians were masters of that. They were just really really good at DNA work. And they have been around for a long time. This one guy that I met, he was one of the creators of HIV, I think he was, I can’t even remember, I’d have to go back and look, but he said that he had – because something really funny happened in the Milab, well not the military dudes, but I made this two – they were archons – I made them laugh. And he told me that was the first time that he’s laughed in 10,000 years. But they were so dark and so evil. I’m telling you, you could just move into the light, that’s all you’d have to do, and Father God and Mother God would come down and help you. They would give you new bodies. You’ve wasted 10,000 years in a laboratory trying to create a new body that you could move your spirit into, well, Father God could do that pretty much overnight for you. A: Yeah.

T: And he said, no, we don’t do that. That was there answer to so many things that I suggested to them. ‘We don’t do that.’ But that is quite an experience. (Wow) While we’re on the topic shall I tell you what happened?

A: Yeah, definitely.

T: Because I had that abduct of 14 of the 144 Milabs, okay. So I don’t know the transport, I don’t know technology that well, I just know what happens. Okay, I opened my eyes and when you go to the doctor’s office it’s like a table bed that has paper over it and they have this thing you can put your feet on. Okay, I’m sitting on that and I’ve got these big Insectian dudes that call themselves Doug and Scott, that’s not their real names. But they’re what most people would call Zeta Reticulians or the Tall Whites or the Greys, we all have different names, but they were definitely Insectian beings (Okay) eyeballs, hardly no nose, a little tiny bit of a mouth and they communicated telepathically. And I had been through a lot at that point. They were the two beings that created HIV and it wasn’t going exactly the way that they wanted it to so they kept mutating the virus. They had mutated the virus 77 times and all 77 times they had to inject it into me.

And it would really upset them, especially toward the end because I was over-all, I was injected HIV 187 times by them. (Oh my God) And they would get really upset because I would do healing and I would heal myself and I learned how to heal HIV and I’ve done it so many times I could practically snap my fingers and heal HIV in somebody else. Well, it’s not me doing it, it’s just that I’ve done it so many times that I can pull the necessary energies from the universe and wipe HIV out somebody’s body in less than five minutes. It’s just like that. (Awesome) And it’s funny because, of course, I would have never healed myself or whatever. But it wouldn’t have gotten to that point if they hadn’t done all these things to me. You see what I mean?

Because I heard the other day, somebody said, oh my god, we really created a monster. Well, it isn’t that you created me, it’s just that what you’ve done to me and what Mother and Father God have recovered

to me has made me the person that I am. Okay. And as I’m sitting there we were – I think it was back in 2012 and it was just day after day there were so many things, so many attacks, the Dracos were still here, it was constant. I couldn’t work, so I couldn’t earn money for food and disability, there was no money for food because I didn’t have enough – there just wasn’t any food in the budget and so I was going for long periods of time without eating, I didn’t have any protein power and I was really hungry. And my parents, my father was still alive at that time, everybody just thought, because I had three fatal illnesses before but they just thought I was sick again. They didn’t know that I had completely recovered from three terminal illnesses, that I was injured.

I had all these Dark Side people, entities, just basically experimenting on me and injecting me and putting chemicals in me and all of this stuff going on. And they all thought, Oh Tory, he’s sick again, let’s just let him rest. (oh my god) So I wake up sitting there and I’m like, I’m so hungry. Can we just get order some food because they were working on me and you can’t control your body. (Right. They paralyze you.) They paralyze you, they have every trick on the book you can think of. And this was one of the times they were injecting me and they were upset because I would heal, I would eliminate the virus out of my body [garbled] they had their plans to wipe out. When HIV was introduced into humanity it was done by vaccine and 300 million people were injected with HIV via that vaccine. That’s how it got started on the planet.

A: And didn’t they start it in Africa, didn’t they?

T: Well yes, it went over so well that it went from Africa almost immediately to the major city, the metropolitan areas in the country and they went right after gay men. (Right) And San Francisco, New York, Chicago, big places, here it was introduced through the small pox vaccine, or maybe it was the other way around. No, Hepatitis B in America and small pox in Africa. Okay. So I come up and I’m sitting there on the table, well here’s Doug and Scott, the aliens, and I’m saying let’s get something to eat, and they say, ‘we don’t eat.’ Well, of course, that is a lie, because they eat. The only thing they eat is humans. Of course they are not meat eaters, they eat children. And I could see across the room there was a telephone, and I said, ‘look, there’s a telephone on the wall. Order a pizza. I’m hungry. I want to eat something.’ ‘No, we don’t do that.’ And I was just like okay, I’ve got to eat something. We just knew it. It had gotten to the point that I didn’t have anything in the house or whatever. It was getting critical.

So this military dude walks in, I think he was a general, I’d have to go back and check who he was. But he was wearing a blue suit with a black tie and he had all of these colored boxes with these tiny little boxes on it.

A: We call it ‘scrambled eggs’ in the military.

T: And he walks in and I said, hey, honey, why don’t you do me a favor and get me a cup of coffee? And he flipped out. He totally flipped out. He said, You’re talking to a five star general. He starts screaming at the top of his lungs. He said, ‘I don’t get coffee. Don’t you know who I am?’ He had kind of a southern accent like he’s from Texas. And I’m looking at these two big grey Insectian alien dudes. I said, ‘Dude, you’re in the military all this time and you don’t know how to pour up a cup of coffee? That’s really pathetic.’ And they started laughing, these two aliens started laughing because they were making fun of this guy. Well, he flips out and he laughs too. Because the military, with men with their egos, they’re soo – (Big time) I thought later, how stupid is that. Can’t he just go get a cup of coffee. Of course, it didn’t occur to me at the time that he wouldn’t get the coffee because of his ego. That’s secretary work. It never occurred to me at the time. I kept thinking, God, this guy was 50, 60 years old and he can’t pick up a pot and pour some coffee. I’m thinking Oh my god.

A: In the meantime, they are working on your body.

T: Yeah, they are injecting me with chemicals and stuff like that. And then it got cloudy and I get sleepy because they do these things to put me to sleep. And then the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and I was at home in bed. And it was like, okay, here we go, that’s another day. There’s another day.

A: Now how did you recuperate from that? How did you feel like when you woke up the next day?

T: I felt – every day when I wake up I feel like I’ve been run over by a semi truck. That’s pretty much it. But it’s gotten a lot better. Especially when I had snakes in my body. Those were like a trip. Omg. And that was the Insectians too. That was soo – something that I would never have expected.

A: Why did they do it?

T: Well, they have different ones. Oh that was what I was saying. The professionals were telling me they have these snakes that are like on the astral or etheric level that go in they just wrap around your spine and affect your sexual desires and it’s a way of taking over some one sexually. And like men who go to strip clubs and I remember Eve Lorgen had that on her site about this woman who had a husband that was going to strip clubs and she was doing all this art work because she could see the non-human interference in his life and things they were putting in him – snakes – those are a different type of snakes – they were almost like a non-invasive – well, except invasive to the point that they take you over and take control of your sexuality and then they guide you around. And they put you in all these situations that most people would call ‘sleazy sex’ because they would feed off the frequencies. You know, they love strip clubs and the lower astral entity places because they feed on that. (Right) Well, the snakes that they put in me were different. Well, there were actually different types but the first one, they were eighteen inches long and just a little bit smaller than a garden hose. Just a typical half-inch garden hose.

A: Oh my god.

T: And they were black. And I never suspected this. The first time that it happened – and I know which should put up an disclaimer – these are my beliefs and my thoughts they are not the Galactic Connection site, because this is what I am telling you. And I thank you for allowing me to share my experiences. But you know what I mean. This is my liability, what I’m trying to say, not yours.

A: Thank you.

T: But it happened in a rape. And I was being raped by Barack Obama. And I was on my back and they had me in a position, my legs were in the air, and he was sodomizing me. And he pulled off and then I didn’t really understand what was going on because of the mind control techniques they do, I like to call them spells, the
weapons, the paralyzing, the way they freeze your body, I really didn’t see the Insectian behind Obama. And something went right back into my anus. Well Obama, well, he’s got what we’d call ‘sticky dick.’ I thought he was just starting again. He raped me 250 times, it was just over and over again with him. And his clones. He has three clones too. But the funny thing was, I could feel like a penis inside of me but he wasn’t there. Then they were all gone. And my spirit guide Peter was at my side and he says, honey, you’ve got a snake inside of you. And of course, I can’t move yet or anything. And I’m like, you have a snake inside of you. And I’m thinking, okay Peter’s telling me that I’ve got a snake inside of me.

And then all of a sudden, because when it went in it was just like a penis inside of me and it didn’t move. Then all of a sudden, it came to life. And it was in a slightly different dimension so it wasn’t held by my physicality. In other words, it could travel around my body at will, but not leave my body. It was inside of my body and it started moving around and it went up and started coiling inside of my torso and then it hit me and this was so surreal that I’m like flipping out, okay, omg, I have a snake inside of me. I’ve got a snake inside of me. And then the weapons and the spell broke. Because, you see, normally during the rapes I couldn’t move, but there came to a point where it would almost snap off and then I could get up out of bed and either go to the bathroom or whatever, take a shower or do whatever.

But this time it was different. And I’m like oh my god, then I can feel it moving around a little. It didn’t start from zero to a hundred percent. It got into my body and it didn’t move, then it start moving a little bit, it wasn’t coiling like a – and I’m flipping out. Luckily, I had some MMS in the house. I think some scientist created this where there’s two bottles in drops and you mix them together and create this real intense thing that you drink and it will kill a lot of viruses and crap in your body. But it’s really intense stuff. And I went up and I was remodeling the cottage because our family has this in the 84th year. My grandfather built this house but I had the kitchen in my bedroom. Because I was remodeling this room. So I moved everything over there. So I called it my temporary kitchen and I ran over there and by the time I got there I just rapidly mixed this stuff together and you have to wait for it to activate and I’m standing there and I have my legs apart and then this snake went into full everything and went up in my throat like a coil and started compressing my throat. (Oh my god)

And I’m flipping out. Oh my god what the hell is going on with me. And then it broke free, it went down my leg all the way down to my foot and back up my leg around my groin down the other leg and back up and then it wrapped around my heart. And it was squeezing my heart and I’m like OOOHHH I have a snake inside. Okay, the stuff isn’t ready yet, it isn’t ready and I was totally flipping out. Oh My God I was really flipping out. And then I just grabbed the stuff and I had mixed it up way too strong, I mean way too strong. I got the breath because it makes a fume if it’s made too strong. I got the cup and I chugged that thing down and I know Heaven had a part in this and also my vibrational frequency and my level had a part of this. And all of a sudden at once the snake died and it went – I could feel it going out and it went splat! on the floor. And I looked down and that’s where I saw that it was a black snake about the size of a garden hose dead on the floor between my legs. And I’m thinking this is what my life has become. My God.

A: Well, not only that. When you think you’ve heard all the stories about how they use to mess with humanity then you hear something like this. The bottom line is if people will always remember that the worm is the key intruder. And the worm relates to the virus. And everything single thing, especially in the alternative healing arts world, every single thing always gets back to typically a virus. Even when you have an issue like OCD, you can now prove that that is directly treatable through an algorithmic code that is associated with a virus. (T: Wow) Everything goes back to that. And what it is always associated with is ultimately a parasitic worm. Isn’t that amazing?

T: It is. Yeah, and it’s funny how I really sometimes surprise myself. Because I have this line, where did this come from? Did that come from me? I don’t know. I’m looking at a dead snake on the floor and I thought, what a terrible thing to do to an animal. I didn’t realize that they were bred in a laboratory for a specific purpose. (Oh my god) At the time I thought it was an animal that they would grab, like from a woods, or whatever. I didn’t realize it’s literally a military operation going on, you know what I mean. Because we don’t know, you know, this stuff happens to us and I didn’t know. I went like two or three months with all of these things happening to me. Well, I hadn’t gotten to the snakes yet but at the first beginning, the first three months all of this stuff happened to me and I didn’t know what was going on. And I just thought I was going crazy. I asked my mother, is there a lottery in insanity and I won the first prize? Is there an insanity lottery, I want to win.

A: Listen. Look at how much you’ve done that has prevented them from being able to move forward in their agenda. So you have been targeted in a really big way, you know.

T: Yeah, I used to really piss them off. But it’s all Mother and Father God, really, in the end, and the angels. They’d have ever, ever, ever done almost all of this on my own. Yes, I’m a strong person. Yes, I’m a survivor, yes, I’m a healer. (Totally true) But there’s no way that I could handle this by myself. So it’s funny, when I looked at the snake, the first thing I had was compassion for the snake. And I thought, what a horrible way to die – he coming into my body. Then my spirit guide goes, you know, honey, it never had a chance. Once he got into your body your vibration was so high and it didn’t know what to do so it just attacked you the best way that it could and then it died. You know, between the energy and the healing energy from Heaven and the MMS that I drank, it killed the snake.

And then I said, well, okay, we’re going to fix this. So I called in Zero Point Energy and we pulled energy from Heaven and we sent the snake into the light. And that’s when I lost it. I never seem to freak out when it’s happening. I freak out when it’s over, said and done. After the fat lady sings that’s when I freak out. And everybody else is going crazy during the event, well, I’m the one to flip out when it’s over and I just remember that I burst into tears and I was crying. I was like, Goodbye little snake. Goodbye, have a good time in Heaven. I didn’t know where it went.

A: And you were all worried about the snake. What about the damage it could have done to your body. For God’s sake.

T: Well, that was later.

A: So Tory, let’s get back to the Zero Point. Tell everyone – we talked about this a little bit – can you tell everyone what is the most effective way for you and your technique and how to call in Zero Point Energy?

T: Well, I think it boils back to – every time anybody asks me advice on how to achieve a goal I always say INTENT. Because I first heard, well, I had heard about this energy, like from everybody. But I didn’t really put two and two together that, because Sylvia Browne used to say – she used to call it the Supreme Emotalay(?). And she would say that there’s this energy that holds all the planets together. It holds and controls everything, because I used to be so amazed by that. If you look at just the Solar System – you know, the Sun is spinning, the planets are spinning. We’ve got the Moon spinning around us. We go around the Sun over and over yet we don’t fly away. And then scientists have said, well, gravity holds it in place. Well, why doesn’t gravity just suck us into the Sun. There’s nothing holding us the other way. But I never believed in gravity, holding the Solar System together. I just never bought that theory, or whatever. (Right)

Another dude that I really like named Gregg Braden – (Oh, I love Gregg Braden) wrote The Divine Matrix. And then as I would look – now I’m kind of missing out but almost every person who is enlightened or is spiritually awakened, or whatever you want to say, a lot of people who write books and things have a word of their own for this. And then I stumbled upon – Sheldon Nidle has a video called Zero Point Energy. And since I’ve worked with so many different types of energies and lights as a part of my being, I thought, oh, this maybe – I didn’t really care for Reiki and I had some bad experiences with people who were ‘Reiki’ or whatever. And I always had a problem with – okay, if you want to be a Reiki Master you’re going to find this person and you’re going to learn everything you know through that person. Well, I have a big problem with that.

Because when I was developing my healing techniques twenty years ago, I started reading books written by doctors, written by spiritual teachers, I wanted to know what everybody thought. I wanted to know everybody’s opinion and everybody’s expertise then I would kinda get my own gist of it and go from there. And what I was finding with the Reiki was – because my mom’s a Reiki Master, but she had a wonderful experience and was only involved with high quality people to get there. And she also does Therapeutic Touch and Hands-on Healing. She’s a licensed massage therapist and she was an RNC at a major psychiatric ward of a major, major hospital in Indiana for almost 30 years.

A: Wow, a great combination, a lot of background.

T: So a lot of my healing is passed through my family’s lineage. And her mother was also very gifted. (That’s fantastic) So it goes on for a while. And that was Sheldon Nidle had said too. He says, if you want to work with this energy you can manifest it with INTENT. And I watched his video and how he went through, he talked about how all of these different teachers had their experiences with Zero Point, including Nicola Tesla. I really admire him a lot. It’s really a shame, I think that if the Dark Side had not been taken hold of his work we would have moved into ascension probably a hundred years ago, you know.

A: Oh, absolutely. He was so advanced.

T: Because he was so tuned in and turned on and gifted. And he was already talking with the Galactics and a lot of his information – he would stumble on to something and he develop it a little bit and then he would get help from the Galactics and help from Heaven and that would just manifest his work even more. But of course, then the Dark Side basically took his work and exploited it. But Zero Point Energy quite literally is the consciousness of God. It’s God’s energy, it does so many different things. It’s part of the creation process when planets are created, when stars are created. Basically, with proper machinery you pull Zero Point Energy out of the air and create electricity with it. It’s a way – it’s like an invisible cell phone because you can pull in Zero Point Energy and connect to any person in the universe and have a conversation with them with no technology, no artificial cell phones or wired phones or whatever. We really don’t need that. That will be happening when our DNA is activated more. We won’t need the lower astral technologies.

A: Woohoo! That’s so cool.

T: And there’s so many things. There is so much I don’t really understand. So I’ve got my feet wet a little bit because I am working with it for – gosh, I don’t even know, four or five years, I don’t really know how long I’ve been working with it – I can’t remember off hand. But for me, it’s done many things. Specifically for healing, let’s say somebody walks into my house and said, I have HIV a viral load, I would say, let’s sit down, concentrate, if you want to get rid of it, yes, okay, I’m calling in Zero Point Energy and Zero Point Energy would basically dismantle the virus, render it useless, dissolve it and then move it into the light. All the energy would be transmuted and that’s it, and it would be flushed out of the body within minutes.

And then the days after, then it’s the cleansing process and detox process. But it literally would be deactivated and dissolved and removed within minutes. Also we could also do that with the cancer viruses. It helps to be specialized. Like I have a lot of experience, you know, with HIV, I’ve been through that so many times, a couple hundred times. So it’s like nothing to me now. I’m sure cancer would be the same way we would just – I hate to use the word ‘practice’ but practical application. Anything that you do over and over you get better in.

A: Well the same thing applies to cancer that Doctor Hulda Clark found. She found that the majority of the patients she worked on that had cancer she found an amalgamation of what? worms, in that patient.

‘T: Yeah. When they designed HIV that’s when they brought the drugs in, what killed the virus, the virus would go and hide in the parasites. And they specifically created this virus so that it could go and hide in the body so it wouldn’t be completely wiped out, why? because they wanted the money. They wanted to keep people on the drugs. And a cancer is simply healed but it’s not because of the money. It’s all about money. But of course, those are the lower things that are about to be thrown out the window.

A: Tory, I have to throw something out here. I have a friend who is a brilliant doctor and he likes to work under the radar and he told me that through his alternative healing work he has worked with people that – he scanned their DNA, he was able to determine that they had no cancer in their body. And then they got some sort of a lump in their breast and he said to them, don’t go into the hospital. If you go into the hospital bad things are going to happen. Because I’m telling you right now, there is no cancer. That tumor is really more about a backed-up lymphatic system. Because you have tons of lymph nodes in your breast, right?

They get scared, they go into the hospital. They came out of the hospital and they said, Well, we were told that I have cancer. He said, You do not have cancer. This is off your DNA. You do not have cancer. But what he noticed was that the moment that they came out after they had run the tests on her, that she then had a cancer cell. And he has seen that now in six different patients and he’s now seeing that that they are injecting something into these people. So it ties in with what you are saying.

T: Oh yeah. And a lot of people in the medical industry and don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know what they are injecting, they just so blithely following – doctors who inject pregnant women and babies with all these deadly chemicals – they are just blithely following the orders of the Dark Side. And they don’t even know – because they think that they are helping people. But one of my biggest things with HIV doctors – and it’s like it’s a mantra – it’s a major major conglomerate group called Parkview Hospital and it’s like a mantra, the doctors say ‘you will never heal.’ I have been told that by so many doctors in this community – that ‘you will never heal.’ And I’m like, excuse me, but how can you prove that? How do you even know that, personally and how can you prove that? How can a doctor go to a patient and tell them that you will never heal. And I hear that over and over again.

A: That’s amazing. That’s like playing god.

T: It is. And then it’s, oh, what’s the answer? You just take this prescription drug – very heavily toxic chemical – and you’ll probably just take this the rest of your lives. And I’m like, well, I’m not most people, idiot. And I leave. It’s gotten so out of hand. There are good doctors out there left. And the funny thing is, most of the doctors are the ones who are old and they’re in their sixties and seventies and their eighties.

A: They remember the old ways.

T: Yes. And they haven’t been heavily programmed by the Dark Side. But it’s just amazing. Well and the recent thing about taking pain medicine, the politicians decided, the Illuminati politicians decided that people who need pain medicine were criminals and were drug addicts. So everyone, here in Indiana, they decided that okay, they’re going to take everybody’s medicine away and the only way that you can get the medicine now is to go to a pain specialist. And it’s just the paper work. I went to a pain specialist and I don’t know how many pages – page after page after page – it was a contract. And basically at the top, okay, you’re a criminal and you’re here and you want pain medicine because you’re a drug addict and a criminal. And I said, no, I want pain medicine because I was beaten up and raped me by some aliens last night. On top of the chemicals, the snake, and all this other shit they put into my body, that’s why I am in pain. And the weapons they were used on me.

A: I am laughing, I’m sorry but the way that you say it.

T: I know you’re not laughing at me, you’re laughing with me. It’s ridiculous. So finally, I gave up. And in fact, the only time that I went to a doctor last year was to be treated from poison ivy. And I just got the bill for that and it was $820.00.

A: Oh my God, I could have given you an homeopathic and it would have knocked it out. Seriously.

T: Well, I have a thing with poison ivy. It’s with all the other stuff they are using on me. I mean, it was one time that I went to the hospital and I was so overloaded that when I drove past – we have a really gnarly cell tower here, real close, about a mile and a half away and when I drove past it with the car the right side of my face scrunched up and I couldn’t release it until I got a half a mile away from the cell tower. I was like rrrrrrr (showing his face) and my head starts shaking and I’m going rrrrrrr, oh, this was great, this is all that I need now. But it was too much. That was right around the time of them cutting me off from pain medicine. Well, the pain – well they had this one thing was a stun gun and I think they electrocuted me, I don’t even know. I think that one point I checked 80,000 times where they hit you and it’s literally it’s like a stun gun. And they would come in, well, that’s how they killed me several times, was with this stun gun. That’s what I call it, when you’re out of your body. And God has to come and put you back in your body. Mother God would say all the time, Heaven is not ready for you yet. And I’m like, can you go back and check? It’s like God’s not going to know you. And I say, Mother God, are you sure? (laughter)

A: So Tory, let’s do something totally different. I would like you to go down the list of planets in our Solar System that you’ve actually either visually seen or visited or pulled somebody up on or what have you. Are you game?

T: Well, you know what? I was just getting my feet wet with that and I had worked very long and hard on astral travel and I was getting very good at it and that’s when the Dark ones really came into my life full force. And what I did, because I told you how I got into the Sun, and the Sun was really the first time that could realize that stars could be hollow. And I was also making trips to Agartha, which anyone can do. All you have to have is sacred light, 51% or more, which is considered a light being. The Dark Side ones are considered 50% or less. And so, to astral travel you make your Intent to go into Agartha, in the Inner Earth, and you can go to Inner Venus, because Venus is an incredibly beautiful planet on the inside. I think Mercury is hollow but nobody lives there for some reason. And then we have another planet Vulcan which is gone. Vulcan was between Mercury and the Sun but it blew up. And I really don’t know what happened to it. I just know that it was there and it’s not there now. And so,

A: Is Agartha like really – T: It’s like Heaven.

A: Okay. And how about Venus?

T: Venus I have not been inside yet but I plan to now – because I used to meditate in the past and that’s one of the way that I healed myself. And I would do a lot. I would do astral travels and all kinds of things but when the Dark came in I couldn’t do that because they’re such manipulators of our souls and our astral bodies they can snatch you, and that’s happened to me, I would leave my body and they would immediately snatch me. And there’s another whole realm over there where they are in control because they have been doing this for millenia. (That’s amazing) And I’m like, okay, that’s it for me. I’m going to stay in my body.

A: And what would happen if they would snatch your soul? I mean there’s a lot of controversial information out there about the ripping off of the souls through the military. Like this was the big project. What happens at that point. You said they actually put the soul in a box and you saw them in Saturn, for example. Wouldn’t that have happened to?

T: Well, when this all started happening when the Dark ones came into my life, the first thing that I did was to start writing contracts with God. And most people call it the Akashi Records, or our Charts, the Hall of Charts. We write a chart before we were born. And I said, Okay, all this stuff is going down. I want it declared in the universe because they kept saying that – they kept telling me that they owned me. And I didn’t buy into that. And they would shape-shift and they shape-shifted into Jesus Christ and tried to trick me saying, Oh, kneel before me and you’ll worship me as your God, pretending that he was Jesus. And I’m like, Oh, I love Jesus Christ, I’ve known him for years and we’ve done all kinds of healing and worked together. That was not the answer I was supposed to give. So I never officially gave my soul to them and that really pissed them off. I’m really good at pissing these people off.

A: Yes, I know.

T: And I wrote contracts out and I said, because Mother and Father God don’t own our souls and they told me that and I said, Well, whatever, I don’t care if you don’t consider owning your children, however, I’m writing in my contract that if anybody does own my soul it’s you. I want Mother and Father God to have complete total ownership of my soul. And I wrote it all out and put it into contract. I signed it and God signed it and even though he said he didn’t own my soul but that way they could never get my soul. And I wrote out specific contracts with God and one of them was that eventually the evidence would come out because everything was being recorded and also the Galactics were coming at a certain point. Like some of the really intense experiences that I had or I was in, because I didn’t have them, I was in them, like the time when I was raped while they murdered children immediately following the rape, when I was still in the room, the Galactics recorded that.

And I was told that 17 trillion people witnessed that. And I can’t comprehend, it’s just some of these numbers are too big for me. And then later I learned that there’s 800 million sentient species. There’s 800 million species of people in the universe, how many of each of those 800 million people are there? Because there could be a trillion of a type of people. Look how many different kind of humans – there’s 56 species of humans in our galaxy alone. And then look at how many galaxies there are. There are huge numbers. But they told me that most of the people watching were from the Milky Way and also in Andromeda and then I think there’s a couple of other galaxies near by. Like the Sombrero Galaxy. And there are other things too that happened. Because in another time when they said that there’s 6.1 trillion, and I said do you mean million, and they said, no, trillion. Six point one trillion people watched what happened to you.

And one time I was sitting at a table and the Galactics came in and interviewed me and it was one of the few times I had a breakdown. These experiences would go on for twelve, fifteen twenty, thirty hours at a time. And I would finally break away and run for the kitchen. I remember one time I was pouring a bowl of cereal and I was wolfing down some cereal and they were trying to interview me. And I said, I’m sorry I’m eating like an animal. And this is it. And know that they are coming right back. And I’m shoveling food down my mouth.

A: Well, that’s crazy. So tell us a little bit, because you alluded to this on the last interview but there’s so much confusion out there about all the different ‘gods.’ Some people say that the old Mother Father God has been killed and this was the one that really didn’t care about his children. And I think that they were referring to Anu, right? I wondered what you thought about all that.

T: Well, one time when I was talking to the children of my family I explained to them what I knew to be true is there is a Creator of this universe and his name is Father God. And his twin flame and partner is Mother God. And there had been a lot of people, like especially like in around Egypt times, after the Fall of Atlantis, very advanced what most people would call Extraterrestrials would come down and they would have all their – people would be living here in very primitive circumstances and all of a sudden a space ship would come down with all of this technology and the person would say, I’m a god. And the people would say, Okay, you’re a god. And he must have been a god, because he has all this technology. He looks like a god to me, let’s go with it. And so, so what I see is there’s a lot of people that call themselves gods, but then also we use that term because I know that there are Creator Goddesses, like the Mahavidhas and then the Solar Elohim, they call that group of entities Creator Gods, but to me, there’s only Mother and Father God.

A: What do you feel is the difference between the Divine Creator and Supreme Creator? Is there any difference?

T: I don’t know that I see any difference. It’s just a play on words.

A: And the only reason that I ask that because in the Bible it very much specified that there are two different entities.

T: Well, how many times has the Bible been re-written by dark entity reptilians?

A: I agree, trust me, I agree.

T: The King James Version, did you know King James was a Reptilian? These people, oh, I’m going to put my name on Bible because I’m King James. I’m like, Well, good for you. Then people read it think it’s the law of the land and it’s like, Hello, it’s some crazy lizard came along and changed your religion and you’re going to believe it just because he whatever. Huhh.

A: I have another question. Do you feel that there’s more than one universe. Have you seen more than one universe in your travels.

T: I don’t. What I comprehend is there’s just this one universe but there are so many different dimensions, especially when you get into the different timelines and I don’t even know how they spread out. Like there was a TV show called Sliders where there was an infinite number of Earths and every time they would jump through a portal they would land in a different Earth and so there’s all that kind of energy going on and different timelines. And then some people said the souls make a choice and this one says ‘yes’ and that one says ‘no’ then our souls almost kind of split and then we go off then there’s another thing created so with all of that going on I don’t know. But the bottom line is I don’t know. I can only deal with the one universe and that’s all I can handle.

A: Well, I’m just asking what have you experienced. Now what about timelines. At this point of time, what do you feel we are looking at as far as the timelines left or existing now?

T: Well, what I feel is what was reinterated today was that Heaven took control of the situation here on Earth. And normally, in a freewill there’s no interference. That’s why Sylvia Browne said, if you want something done go to Mother God because Father God is like, hand’s-off. Do you know what I mean? Well, if you charted as having cancer you’re not going to call Heaven and they’re not going come down with a magic wand and just tap you on the shoulder and have the cancer removed. That would defeat the purpose of you coming here in this reality to get cancer and learn from it and grow. If they just took it away from you. So like they’d say, no, they’re not going to take it away. But what you can do, you can say well, ‘I’ve got the cancer and I can heal from it. Heaven, will you teach me how to heal myself completely?’ And the answer is, ‘Yes.’ So a lot of the stuff is put on us. But I really feel that we are completely under the edict of Heaven right now.

A: Isn’t that incredible?

T: All of this darkness is being removed because Heaven wants our Solar System and our Galaxy to move up to the galactic level, which is everyone operating at a 100% sacred light. Which I can’t believe that we can achieve in this reality that we are in right now. The highest I’ve every seen in 92%. And I’ve seen that in quite a few different people. From people from different walks of life. People from walks of life, like entertainers, musical performers. I’ve seen it in a few specific women who sing that had 92% sacred light, Shardae being one of them. I just love her. People who project and channel love frequencies to the crowd (Right) and also receive that energy. But they do more projecting. See, most musical performers pull energy from the crowd. They are into that worship energy because most of them are either Dark entities or on the Luciferian or Illuminati side. With 37% sacred light. Or 0% like Katy Perry.

A: I never thought about that!

T: Katy Perry has 0% sacred light. A: Wow!

T: She pulls energy for herself and for the Dark Side through the worship energy. But then she is also doing – I don’t know if I mentioned this before, she has astral overlays which are invisible video on top of a video and her birthday which has – I guess she has a birthday, I forgotten the song her birthday video where she has birthday parties and she play five different characters – well, over that there is an invisible video of little girls being raped and murdered. Okay. And this is all very Illuminati/Luciferian and they did things like this all the time. And there’s all these heavy metal bands or whatever. And there’s so much energy work going on through that. But –

A: I just never thought about it as they’re actually extracting energy from you while they are entertaining. That is very interesting.

T: Well, that goes back to the grid lines. Because not only that, there’s football stadiums, they’re harvesting energy from that. It was all about that’s where the Insectians and the Dark Side and the dark entity reptilians would get their energy from – they would harvest that energy from us. And that was the big thing about Vatican. And I remember telling you this, I worked with a woman ten years ago and I love Catholic people, they’re so good and they’re so devoted to God and it was coming out about the priests and I told her, No honey, they are doing that on purpose. They are harvesting innocent’s energy out of the child when they go and they rape a child it’s specific because they are basically taking the innocent’s energy out of the child and taking it for the church. And that’s basically – there’s so much more going on but that’s the bottom line, right there. It’s all about energy. Because they’re like a parasitic – going back to the parasites, the viruses, well, so many viruses are of the Dark Side’s creation, if not all of them.

A: Yeah, exactly.

T: And it goes back to the serpent worship, pulling the energy, harvesting the energy from us. It’s like we are – that’s why I like the movie The Matrix because we literally are the batteries. That wasn’t just symbolic, that was literal. We humans are the batteries powering the Dark Side and that’s where we are now. Are we going to continue to be batteries powering the Dark Side or are we going to say NO, I want freedom, I want liberty, I want justice, what are going to do?

A: And take your power back! Take your authority back! Because you yourself are the Master now. Yes.

T: And another thing I would like to tell people, going back to astral travel is, that when people set their Intent because I wouldn’t say 100% of the Dark entity Side is gone because we had 66 planets – I call them planets – moons and planets, worlds I should say – 66 worlds in our Solar System with sentient colonized people and most of them were all Dark. And especially when you get out. There’s one planet that’s out past Pluto that people live inside and they are beautiful. They have beautiful, beautiful violet skin and they’re human, they’re a species of human but they don’t want to be introduced yet to you because their vibrations are very high and a lot of times they speak to Indians that are here – Native Americans and Indians, not Indians from India because they have their own thing going on –

A: I told you that I saw them when I made your remedies for you.

T: Oh, is that who you saw?

A: That’s who came in. They were beautiful. They were like lavendar with opalescent sparkling and they’re very pretty. (Yes, yes!) Well, their heads look a little bit bald. But yeah, that was the first time I had seen ones like that.

T: With a sparkly glow.

A: Very very, and a little bit on the shy side.

T: Yes. Because the frequencies here is almost too contaminating for them. So they come in – but soon, once we have the new governance and the horrible evil criminals are removed from the government – because it is not our government that’s really doing all of this shit to us – it’s the criminals that have taken over the government (Right) but that is not our government, you know what I am saying.

A: Okay, so speaking about the government. I’d like you to give your little magic (Okay) and tell what you are feeling and seeing from this point forward with all the existing politicians and bankers, you know. What are you seeing from say, Obama, what are you feeling is going to happen with him now?

T: Well, like I said before I don’t see future well. I’ve heard, because there’s been a lot of military people around. I know that there’s been a lot of people that are trying to kill him. But I also know, because Mother God told me specifically, she wants Dick Cheney sitting in a court room and they’re going to show evidence – video evidence – to all of humanity. To everybody on this planet. Everybody. Humans, Reptilians, everybody. We used to say humanity but that’s just an expression. But Mother God wants him sitting in a court room exposed, because he has done more damage to the planet than all the wars combined. A: Wow!

T: With his chemicals, he’s like the chemical pusher. And so, if I had to make a guess about what’s going on is, that so people before we can move on, there’s so many or such a high percentage of the population of the people – like the Missouri people always say ‘Show me’ before I believe it.

A: Yeah, the ‘Show me’ state.

T: There are so many people that are like, Oh Mr Obama is a wonderful man. Really? Well, if he’s such a nice man why does he rape and murder children? And John Kerry. And John McCain. And the Bushes and the Cheney’s and the Clintons and the Obamas and the Reagan’s. Why are all these men raping children if they’re such good people.

A: And you’ve actually seen this.

A: You’ve actually seen this in your astral traveling and your experiences of the recipient of rape.

T: Yes. Yes.

A: Amazing.

T: First hand. Multidimensionally. I’ve seen this. Experienced it first hand. And I heard this one woman say why hasn’t this man been arrested. And it’s because I’m telling you the truth. You know what I mean? Because I have been talking about this for years now. How far do you think I would have gotten because somebody used the ‘N’ word about Mr Obama and they were arrested. There was another man that I saw on Alex Jones that called Mr Obama quote/unquote ‘Bathhouse Barry’ and they planted a gun in his house and they arrested him and put him in jail. One time, oh, I think it was when I exposed or I was talking about – I guess exposing is a good word – what’s his name from the CIA – I’m blacking his name right now – he has a long history too – he killed me 13 times, you’d think I’d remember his name – Sometimes I do that, I mention a name and it just blacks out –

A: Well, you don’t remember the experience, huh?

T: I say somebody’s name and it is just gone. So I just have to let it go, and then it comes back. And I don’t know, it’s a thing I’ve had because of all the hits or weapons, I don’t know, anyway. The point was somebody comes up to me and says, you’re the only person on the planet who could say that and quote/unquote ‘get away with it.’ And I didn’t say that because I didn’t want to get away with something. If I have a mission, my agenda, is to do whatever I can to bring this child trafficking situation to an end. It’s like I have this whole drive to do that and I don’t say things about people to slander them or get away with it. I am trying to do what I can to make people look at the situation and they say, Well Tory says that this guy has raped and murdered 300 children maybe I should look into this evidence. But nobody does that, it seems.

All these law enforcement agencies that we have, these 3-letter agencies, how many of them are there – 41 or 45 of them – none of them are out for justice. Even the Justice Department, who is so beyond criminal that each one of them, it seems like, everyone is doing what they can to support the Dark Side because the Dark Side has just infiltrated the govenment so much. But we’ll see. We’re right here at the point where we’re going to see what happens.

A: Tory you talk a lot about the Illuminati. What about the Vatican? About the Ndrangheta that Kevin Annett talks about so much?

T: Well, I don’t know how many different groups there are. I tend to use that word because they’ve all kind of merged into – using that word, because there is the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, the Bilderbergs are basically a pedophile group, every time they get together they have 30-40 children and they rape them all and then they kill most of them, sometimes they let some of them live, but that’s just because they want to keep the children to keep as sex toys, in their private homes or whatever. There so many – and I kind of lump them together and use the Illuminati as one word. Because as they’ve all kind of merged together. They are all part of the Luciferian/Satanist, there’s Moloch, the Owl, and they had Anu and Baphomet, you know, the dude with the horns (A: and the 5 pointed-down star) and so there’s a whole bunch of entities that they worship and there are different groups – Skull and Bones, Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Vatican, you know what I mean?

A: There are just so many of them.

T: So just for simplicity’s sake I tend to lump them into on word, either the Dark Side or the Illuminati or the New World Order.

A: So is it possible, for example, the Obama that’s raped you I think you said 250 times or something, is it possible that that’s a different entity than an other Obama? Is there another Obama out there that is spreading divine light?

T: That’s where it gets really tricky because when in the heat of this – because it started out with George HW Bush. He was the first one and he was the first one that would come in and he would come with the Secret Agents with him and then some of them – he would come with shape-shifters with him also. And this was very confusing to me because I would see somebody but yet it didn’t seem like it would be them. And as I developed my skills of reading the DNA I was starting to be able to identify people easier. But there were multiple people as Obama. In other words there was – I have been told by Heaven who they call the Avatar, okay, and then there was a Reptilian entity, a non-physical reptilian entity that also, so that person had the ability to almost have their own soul. The avatar and that soul, and then there was the Reptilian entity who was also what I would call the hosting entity of the body, okay. And then there was the Draco attached to the rear. So it was like three in one there. Or maybe even more.

Because we have those other spirit things that could jump into our bodies too. So sometimes they make it more evil a whole bunch of whole Dark entities spirits would jump into the body too. So there could be a whole community going on in one body. Okay. And then what would really confuse me because Obama would come back so many times. They would do their thing, either they would either knock me out, and put me to sleep and sometimes I would be washing dishes in the kitchen at 2:30 in the afternoon and then I would wake up, I would open my eyes and I would be standing naked in the bedroom obviously heavily sodomized for three hours there’d just be missing time. (oh my god) I had so many experiences like that. Well, with Obama, he would come in and then he would leave and fifteen minutes later he would show up again. And I’m thinking, you’ve got to be kidding me. Are you back again?

A: Why do you think that he did that?

T: It took a while to figure this out, and it wasn’t until I was reading DNA. I was looking at a picture of one of the Obamas and I was doing his DNA percentages and I was ‘wait a minute,’ that’s not accurate. I thought I read Obama’s DNA a week ago and it was different. One was 79% Reptilian and then the rest 21% was human. But this Obama I was looking at, I said, ‘wait a minute’ and this one was 8% Insectian, 68% Reptilian, you mean, the numbers were off. And then I started doing more and more research and there were four Obama’s. And I was omg, that explains why he kept coming in over and over. Because one would come and they would leave. Then maybe half and hour later another one would come in and they would leave And another one would come in. I thought it was the same guy. Or I thought maybe he was a shape-shifter. All this stuff was going on. And there’s a possibility that, you know, there are still shape-shifters here. Because obviously I don’t know everything in the universe.

A: So basically those are all clones, then. There are all these different clones walking around.

T: Well, I knew at the time the main Obama then he had three clones. And none of them had the exact same DNA structure as the main one.

A: Interesting.

T: Then I did some more research later, because I really think he was pretty much created in a laboratory and then injected into the mother because I looked back he had the exact same DNA as someone who lived in Egyptian times and it’s almost like they kept this DNA from an Egyptian person and they kept it in a laboratory and then re-introduced it (A: Wohh) into the mother and when she had the baby in Kenya – that was the one that was born in Kenya – one of the Obamas was born in Brazil. But all of the four Obamas were from four different locations. And I don’t really know that they lost the ability – because I know there was a time, I can’t remember if it was last summer or when, because I’m not good with time, all the clones ceased to exist. None of them really had souls but yet they had these other reptilian souls or beings that didn’t have physical bodies and they could also jump into the clones’ bodies. There was the clone who be almost like conscious – the conscious ability to do anything but sometimes the reptilian spirit would jump into that being. And then there was like a couple of them there. So you see what I mean, this is something that I say Heaven is going to have to sort out for all of us. Because it is too much.

A: It’s crazy. How are the souls typically extracted from the person’s body? Is it at the point of death . . . only?

T: Well I know that they do that, there is soul extraction at the point of death, but how it begins at the laboratory I don’t know. But there was so much manipulation going on with people’s souls and the clones and there’s, you know what I mean, most of the answers I don’t know. But I have seen stuff that’s just so wacked out. There was a time when I called Heaven, Am I sane? Am I really sane? I mean, every fifteen minutes, I’d swear to God, all day long I would say, am I sane? Am I sane? And the answer was Yes. Well, I guess people that are not sane don’t ask that question. But still, there’s so much overwhelming stuff that I don’t know.

A: So what about the Queen? What percentage of sacred light does she have?

T: Zero.

A: Okay. So would the same apply to people like Clinton?

T: Zero. Both Bill and Hillary, zero.

A: Hillary is really nasty.

T: Well, the funny thing that happened with her when she came in after the clones were sent into the light. I don’t really know what happened to the bodies. It’s multidimensional, but I know that they were what I’d just say they were sent to the light so I don’t know if the physical body expired. Because they were conscious beings but they were said to be ‘soulless’ but they were conscious beings but there was something that animated that. So it was almost as – maybe it wasn’t a soul like you and I are, it was a soul of something else.

A: I’ve talked with Steve about this and I keep thinking to myself – what about the clones – like a percentage of the soul is put into the clone. Now this is something that my husband and I have gotten information on. So they’ll take a percentage of that individual soul and they’ll put it into a clone and then the clone is upset because the clone feels, and feels that they’re a part of the soul connection and yet there is this blanket statement out there that, oh, if they are a clone, they’re not real so we need to kill them or get rid of them or what have you.

T: Yeah. And also the clone would have all the memories. A: Right!

T: of the person. Or they could function perfectly as the person.

A: At what point do you

T: the person could go and entertain in a party or whatever and the clone would know what was going on because the person could leave and go and do something else and the clone would come out of the basement or whatever and then interact in the party and the clone would know what had happened and it would be almost like a Siamian thing going between all of them.

A: So how do you determine life and the difference between the real soul and the clone?

T: Yeah, that’s a great question.

A: There are a ton of clones walking around on this planet supposedly.

T: Well, I don’t know if they are all still here and I don’t know when the main clones were taken out. I know there was a time that all of the main clones were taken out. Because several of them were here when – and I don’t really understand how they left. But there was this massive energy work going on and sometimes when I am working with the Zero Point Energy it makes a double vortex. There are two tornados of energy because my hands go – this one goes clockwise and this one goes counter-clockwise and the energy goes out like a tornado in the person and then they would be here – one minute they would come in and be attacking either with energy or with mental energy or whatever and then we would be working on them and then they were gone. So I don’t always know. I use a blanket term, ‘they went into the light.’ Because I don’t know how they left. But they were instantly gone. A: Wow.

T: But one time I remember Hillary Clinton came in – sometimes I would just get delirious but I tend to laugh more than I cry. And some people laugh in situations which they should be crying and that happens to me a lot. But one of the times I saw Hillary Clinton as she really is and I freaked out and I just started laughing hysterically and I was, oh my god, that’s what you really look like?

A: What does she look like?

T: It was just like a hideous monster. And when you google ‘reptilians’ they look pretty compared to what she looked like. Her and Barbara Bush must be the ugliest, nastiest creatures. They are SO vile. They’re this brownish, green kind of lumpy, is it a dinosaur? is it a lizard? is it – you don’t know what. Because I’ve seen Galactic reptilians and they look – they’re pretty cool. They wear purple robes and they glow and they’re all very diplomatic and wonderful and divine and they’re glowing with light and stuff. But these are like something I call sewer lizards because I always say they like they just crawled right out of the sewer. Oh my god and they stink. I tell people, they’re coming in and they’re invisible but you can smell them like hundreds of feet away. (Wow) And it really has to be a really nasty odor if you are coming in and you can’t even see the person but you can smell them – that’s pretty nasty. And I tell them all the time, if you’re going to sneak in on somebody, you should take a bath. It is really nasty.

A: So Tory, we have about five minutes (Okay) so in that five minutes did you want to drop the bombshell about the evidence that you have regarding the meat in the hamburger?

T: Oh, that just came out? A: Yeah.

T: We were talking about that before and you know what, I was wrong because I said I didn’t watch the children be processed as food. I said that and afterwards I thought that doesn’t sound right. And I thought uh-oh. Because a lot of these things I can’t go back and look at that because I’ll freak out. (Right) Well, like the time when they murdered the 54 children and I was in the room, I kept telling everybody, Oh, they’re fine. I was talking to them, because I remember the conversation that I had with some of the children that were around me, because they all left the room and then they came back. And when they left the room I was talking to the children and kept saying, Oh, they are all fine. And Heaven would say ‘yes’ they are all fine. Well Heaven wasn’t saying they were brutally murdered right in front of your eyes and now they are in Heaven. Heaven was saying, ‘yes, honey, they are fine. Yes Tory, they are fine.’ And I was, okay. I did help them didn’t I? Yeah, you helped them. But other words I didn’t see – I couldn’t look what I saw from months later and then when I did, I flipped out and I was a basket case for days.

A: Absolutely, absolutely.

T: But what happened was, this guy’s name is Mark Jacobs and I was spelling his name wrong. It’s not M-a-r-c, it’s M-a-r-k.

A: Okay everybody, I did post this up on Galactic Connection Daily Blog page so take a look at it. Anyway, go ahead.

T: And I realized when I wrote that I realized that I left out where they are going. Because what they are doing, once the children are processed in the Milabs then they are shipping them to Minnesota and I haven’t had time to research it but Heaven says, – and all this energy work, like all of a sudden I point towards – because Minnesota is like right over there, right on the other side of Chicago, almost in the same direction otherwise. Because these energy blasts that we’ve been getting, there are six main point. There’s Boston, New York, Washington DC, then there’s Texas, Denver, and now, well, Chicago and Minneapolis have came up just recently and I’ve been doing this energy work. So because when I am doing with these energy blasts I just have God, I say, okay God, where are we doing first it? All of a sudden my body will flip over and we start going. Then we would do a multiple of energy work.

But what happened was, because I’ve been saying I don’t understand how they come in but I know that they do come in. And I came in, it was just a couple of days ago, when I came into the kitchen and there he was standing right in front of me and he wanted to kill me. This was the ninth time that he tried to kill me. But their weapons don’t work anymore. One is because of the grid, one is that the vibration is going up so much, and then also the photons, the photonic light – my take on that is that it’s just getting rid of the evil. They’re just dissolving the evil and making evil impossible to exist. Because they’re weapons used to hurt like hell. When they would fire that weapon at you, boy, you would be crippled. And your skin would turn this bluish grey color and you would start sweating, and you would go into pain and you could hardly move and you’d collapse and you’d be down for sometimes twelve to sixteen hours.

A: We’ve got two more minutes.

T: Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll get the point. So he came in and he was doing his thing and firing his weapon at me, he was trying to kill me. So what I did was, with the sacred fire, we transfigured all this energy out, Father God took it up into the light. And then I could see what he has done. And there were – I could see the process and then I told you last week that I didn’t see the children being processed in as food – okay, that was completely wrong. And I started seeing it all over again and it was like a flash before my eyes. Not only did I see what he and Cargill were doing with these children and putting them in the meat supply, but I was seeing how they were processing the children.

And then that activated other memories of where the Insectians were doing the exact same thing. And that’s what they were doing – they were processing – Cargill is processing the children almost in the exact same way that the Insectians did it but at the end it’s different. Because the Insectians would eat the children but now instead of that they are turning the children as the final product – first what they do is, they dissolve the hair, skin, and nails off of the children with the chemical treatment. And then what’s left is the part that they like so that’s washed off and then that is processed. And what they are doing is to turn the children to a paste. Well, the Insectians didn’t do that. The Insectians did something else and they would harvest the children that way.

And there were like 26,000 of these beings around. And children – there are so many undocumented children, they just disappear and nobody cares. People don’t even know their neighbors now a days. So when somebody disappears nobody notices. So I saw all of that. And it just hit me. Then I started reading his DNA, and I said, omg, you’re doing this with the children? And how many children do you have and all of a sudden the number just came right up. 2-1-5-6. Cargill has put – I said, you’ve put 2156 children into the meat supply? And I was flipping out and screaming at him. And he’s saying, And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

A: Well, I hate to cut you off, but I did want everybody be aware of the fact that this has been confirmed through Tory’s experiences. And I want to thank you Tory, I’m sorry but we are running out of time. I want thank everybody for staying tuned. Tory and I are probably going to keep doing this. We know that we’ve had at least thirteen lives together and done a lot of healing together and we feel strongly that we need to keep getting more information out to all of you. I want to thank all of my audience for visiting the Daily Blog page and supporting us. We do live off of the donations and of course, of supporting my essence work and the implant removal series. So once again, stay tuned. We will see you next week. Tuesday BBS Radio Station 2 from 3:00 to 4:55 pm Pacific. And I hope you enjoyed this very enlightening and interesting interview with Tory. Thanks Tory.

T: Thank you so much. God bless you, dear.

A: God bless you. I love you. Thanks so much for all that you do. I know that it has been tough.

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