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microphone (1)Alexandra Meadors LA Presentation On The Call To Africa: Mission Accomplished, January 20, 2015

First of all I just want to start off by saying thank you for coming today; it means a lot to me. And I also want to ask for your patience because I have not done this [before].

This was basically one of those messages from upstairs, ‘You have to go do this,’ and I was kicking and screaming just like my website, just like getting on the BBS radio shows, I didn’t really want to be so high profile.

Part of that is because as you can guys can see there is a lot of warfare going on in the internet and I find it extremely distasteful and unnecessary. I’m asking everybody in this room – we see a lot of stuff going on between Annett and Alfred and we must not participate in this.

This is extremely obviously been set up. I know a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that’s going on, so I just ask all of you to consider that. We really are being called at this time to remain neutral. Just observe, don’t take sides and just go with your heart as to how you feel about these people.

Woman – Who are these people?

Alexandra – Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett

Man – I thought they were on the same side?

Another man – They were.

Alexandra – They were.

Man – But then what happened?

Alexandra – The puppet masters, basically.

Alexandra – I mean we need to be not so naive to think that they still have the technology available to send scalar waves (Woman –The cabal, yes) to the high profile people and I was just talking to her a minute ago –if you are not completely 100% founded in your truth, and you are a little bit into your fear position, you are going to be manipulated by the dark if you are in a high profile position. You have no room for fear.

Man – I thought we were past all that though?

Woman – It’s still going on.

Another man – Not everybody.

Alexandra – So did I, but its still going on. I don’t want to pound it, I just want to put that out there. Please, just whoever you talk to that you see on the internet going at it just say, ‘I don’t have time for this’. Let’s stay on focus guys, because we have some exciting news to share with you today. And I couldn’t sleep last night because I knew I was coming here today – seriously.

So bear with me because this is going over probably 3 or 4 months worth of activities that went down. And as you all know it all started February 10th 2012, and that was my 10th year anniversary of having a radical car accident and I received a message I had to start Galactic Connection. I was given 60 days to do that. I got online on April 1st and lo and behold Cobra was up March 31st. There is no coincidence for that. As all of you know I interviewed Cobra for almost 2 years off and on doing the daily reports.

Now the message that came in to me was it was my responsibility, which is a 3D word, I know, but we haven’t quite bridged that gap yet, but it was my responsibility to kick the ground crew in the ass, okay. Basically it was something where everybody was so depleted and so down and so frustrated and wondering how are we going to get through this muck? – Because we had a lot of muck to get through. If you look back where we are today December 2014 and look at the last two years, they have been a difficult time – for the most evolved people, okay this not how evolved you are.

So I received a message very loud and clear, ‘you are a mouth piece to show what is going on that’s right on this planet,’ and don’t focus so much on all the garbage that’s not right. So I did that.

I then started receiving messages – I was on the phone with Pam one day – I think you guys are very familiar with the fact that we ended up rolling out the implant removal process. Little did we know that that ended up becoming an overnight flurry of activity, I mean literally 22 hour workdays and we’ve done a lot of people.

And so the cool thing about it is every single person that we have worked on has added that heightened vibrational field to the planet and when we look upon the planet we can see, as Pam said before she passed away, the moment she pulls out that last very stubborn implant – and these are bio-etheric, they are not the typical implants that are removed by the way for most people. These are the real nasty boys that most people don’t want to mess with, most healers don’t even want to touch them, most healers will admit that to you that they don’t want to mess with them. They have a curse associated with them, they have a lot of things associated with them that you don’t want to monkey with.

But she told me that that last implant that is pulled out, the entire Christ auric field, the Christ consciousness field, completely lights up. So the person is going like from a 20 watt bulb to millions of watts. Okay. So that’s what we are doing in the background.

While all this was going on, in July of this year Pam three-wayed me into a conversation with Kevin Annett and it was such a mind blowing experience that none of us could speak. Someone was speaking through her, which I believe was …possibly source, I don’t know and the next morning she could not talk. She lost her voice and she never regained it after that. (Woman – wow) Okay.

From what I have been told, the energy was so over-the-top powerful for her circulatory that it fried her –‘whatever.’ And at that point she really started going downhill. I didn’t really go into all that, she didn’t want me to go into all that. And she really was – one minute she was doing fairly well – had some back and neck issues and the next minute she was in hospital. I mean it happened that quickly.

Woman – Was she old?

Alexandra – No, 63 and totally full of life.

Woman – What’s her last name?

Alexandra – Plauche.

So Pam taught me a lot of things. She was a spitfire, that’s just the perfect way to describe her. And you had to be to do what she did, you know, it’s a very brutal job what she does and has done.

So anyway, that led to a flurry of messages coming into me. ‘Up, you’ve got your next mission.’

Which you all know I think, maybe – that my husband and I did a mission cross country last year which was very, very essential for timelines. And it was very, very powerful to life changing etc.

Well all of a sudden I got this clarion call and I was clamouring to go take a vacation. I was exhausted after working – I mean as most of you know, I wasn’t even available – like I just disappeared. I wasn’t returning calls, text messages, I just didn’t have any time to myself.

Woman – When did she pass away?

Alexandra –She passed away September 11th, yes, and I’ll talk to you about that in a minute because it has everything to do with this.

So the next thing I knew, I got to a place I was calling everyone in saying ‘I have got to have a vacation!’ And all of a sudden the woman that volunteers to handle all of my paypal stuff, she writes to me and says, ‘Hey we were thinking about it, you wanna come to South Africa?’ And I wrote back saying, ‘Are you serious? Do you have a room just for me?’ because I really needed space and everything else… ‘Oh yeah gosh, you’ll have your own place, we’re up on the top of a mountain, it’s in the middle of a forest, it’s way out in the middle of nowhere. I’m like, ‘That’s exactly what I want.’

And so I jumped at the chance and I looked at plane tickets to see if I could afford it and it was bizarre, I got an incredibly cheap plane ticket, they couldn’t figure out how I got a plane ticket so cheaply. Normally its about 6 to 8 [hundred] to 1000 dollars more. Spirit was totally behind this whole thing.

So I arrived in South Africa. Now I’m thinking I’m going on vacation right? Wrong!

Yeah. And so I got there. They said ‘Hey, we’re going to crash at Sandi’s sister’s place, and let you have a little sleep. I said okay good. I was up for 30 something hours straight, oh, no, it was 30 hours of travel. It was a couple of days straight with no sleep – and they put you in there like sardines.

So we got up to the mountain on the 12th which was my birthday. I forgot all about that I had a birthday, I couldn’t care less. All I wanted to know was I was going on vacation.

So Chris says, ‘can you come outside? I really need to talk to you and we need to go over finances.’ I thought, ‘Oh no! He’s already freaking out!’ We’re going to have issues, you know – you can only do this and I’m not driving there. I didn’t know them that well; I had shared skype messages with them back and forward regarding business most of the time.

He sits down and he says, ‘Listen you know we’ve been talking about this and we’ve been feeling very strongly that you’re going to be here a lot longer than you think you are. And I said what are you talking about?! – I’m here for two and a half weeks and that was like a stretch to walk from my business and everything that’s going on, and to have my husband and Marie kind of hold the fort.

It was just a fiasco when I left by the way – that’s a whole other story. Because that’s when Pam got sick and that’s when she ended up going to the hospital. So it was a bing a bang and a booma.

They said, ‘Well yeah, we were talking about it and I decided I’ve put some money away, just for you and I just want you to know that this is my gift to you for all the work you’ve done on the planet. We follow you all the time, we know your heart and we want to support what you do.’ And I just burst into tears. I was like OMG, and I’m thinking, ‘well, how much?’

He said, 30,000 rand. Well I didn’t know exchange rates. Well I was just like getting into a plane; I didn’t pay attention to exchange rates. Rands and dollars. He says, okay, for your information, just basically divide it by 10. I said, $3,000?! He said, Yeah. I said, I can’t accept that, there’s just no way. He said, No, I’ve been told this is what I have to do. Little did I know, okay? So that was my first sign. And then the next one – they are twin flames. So I knew, everything in my life, in all of the missions that we’ve done, all about the triad, it’s very very important and very strong metaphysical and numerology and all that stuff. So I’m thinking, oh okay, you’ve got the twin flames, and then you’ve got me. I get it, I get it, we’re going to be doing a couple of little ceremonies, (some laughs) you know, no big deal.

So the first day I was there, I immediately was told I had to go activate a portal on the property and I know zippydedoodah about Africa. I don’t know how many of you have researched Africa and all that it is, but I happen to not be one of them. So I didn’t even remember that Tellinger had brought it out that Africa was the cradle of humanity, and I don’t know if you guys understand what that means, but they believe that this is the beginning of Mother Earth’s first seed of humans and the First World Age.

So next thing I know – I’m thinking this is a really good birthday present, you know, I can stay here as long as I want, I’ve got my own room, I’ve just had an administrative assistant literally come on board days before I left and that was all magical too and I thought, okay, but I still couldn’t relax. I could not relax. I was thinking Oh God, Is Steve going to handle this? – And all these things. And is Marie going to be okay. Then Jerry came on board because he took over Pam’s workload for the implant removals.

There were a lot of changes going on.

And so they sat down very methodically and said, ‘we need to go over all the ancient sites that we feel you need to go to’ I said, ‘coool, I’m into that, let’s do that.’ They said, well there’s this, this that and the other and by the way this one’s really got a lot of black magic going (laughs) and that one I really think needs clearing. (laughs) And I just looked at them and said, ‘Ah guys this is a little over the top you know? (Many laughs) This is heavy duty’. They said, ‘Well no, you know, we’ll just see if you’re called to do it.’

Okay so I already knew I was getting set up for this. The next thing I know it was almost as if after we activated the portal – and little did I know, I was just doing it because they claimed that the landlord – they have a landlord on this beautiful paradise property and they claimed that the landlord was really not very nice. So I thought I was going in there sort of clearing up the energies. You know?

I had said basically, ‘Father God I love you with all my heart and my entire being, I’m here to be your vessel and I think I want to stay on, I need your help on how to handle the additional income. (This was before Chris said anything) I leave it up to you, if this is in alignment with what I should do…’ and bam next thing I know, Chris sits me down and says ‘We got 3 grand for you.’ Okay cool.

So all of a sudden they said you have to meet this man named Louw. And I’ve actually interviewed him, he’s a very interesting man, he’s South African. And they immediately took me over to his house. Oh My Gawd!, – Now the reason I was ‘Oh my Godding’ is because they started talking about the tall light beings that hung out there. And I was like I have to go, I’ve got to meet them and I kept hearing, ‘Not only have you to meet them Alexandra, you have to anchor some energies and encodements and all this stuff’ and I thought Okay I can handle that.

So when I got there, they had this dog who was a white German Shepherd and he was in incredible pain, I mean it was to the point that I could feel it on this property. It was so bad, I mean, it was worse than what I normally feel.

They thought I was bizarre. I got there, just met them, sat on their floor and did a healing on the dog for 15 minutes and I actually ended up doing a psychic surgery on it and then the dog immediately healed in front of me. (wows in audience) And I was going – Wow.

The dog got up and it stopped crying.

The vertebrae actually were fused and there was a hunk and they separated and the back straightened and he was able to walk better.

I mean he needed more healing.

I was going, okay, is that me or is it this property? – there’s something going on here. So we walked to the door and then we walked to the back and he says, ‘Oh did they tell you about the tall white ones?’ I said, ‘yeah, yeah’ and all of a sudden I just got drawn, it was like it just got pulled me to this vortex and I went back there – I would swear, you know that picture when Marilyn Monroe is like this with skirt flying way up? (yes with lots of laughter) that’s exactly how I felt on this spot. These people thought I was so bizarre of course because I was like ‘oooohhh’ – I was literally feeling like I was going to have an orgasm. (Much laughter) It was that intense. They kept saying, ‘Wow you’ve found it’! I said, ‘Who couldn’t?!

And I had butterflies in my stomach. I know what happens when I’m getting into a place where know that I need to do work since I’ve done it before. I thought okay this isn’t a big deal. So I called in the ancient ones. And I was just kind of messing around and I saw boom, boom, boom, boom, boom ……eight of them! and I went, ‘Oh no.’ Now the reason I say that is because the ancient ones, they do the really heavy lifting – if anybody has not been familiar with them – they only really get involved typically when there is some big big heavy heavy heavy heavy density darkness stuff to tackle. They’re very very old and ancient.

So considering there were 8 and I’m an alchemist, I thought I like that number, good, and I thought something is percolating in the background.

So the next thing I know, Louw comes out and he says, ‘Yeah it’s just the weirdest thing.’ I said, ‘what’s this about the tree?’ The tree was gone and there was only the root of the tree and it had fallen over and it was right where that spot was. And he said, ‘we went on vacation for about three days and we got back and it had spontaneously combusted.’ I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ He says, ‘No, I’m not kidding, we got phone calls, they said, ‘By the way, your tree’s on fire.’ And by the time we got home the tree was lying on its side and it was history.’

But it was right over that gateway or portal or whatever you want to call it.

The next day – they had me pretty much locked in – I mean I had stuff going almost every day. So the next day they said, ‘you’ve got to meet this guy, he’s incredible, he’s a tour guide and he found these ancient stone etchings in this valley and he really wants your take on it. He wants to see what you’d see.’ I said ‘Hey, I didn’t say I was a psychic per say, you know I can give him my feedback but you know, I’d love to go see this.’ So the whole time we’re like four-wheeling through some of the most brutal pathways I’ve ever been on four-wheeling in my life – we were hanging on going over huge boulders and rivers and things like that. We get there, and by this time I’ve already asked them, ‘Well, can you tell me a little bit about the bush here and can you tell me about the snakes?’ And so they proceeded to tell me about these three major snakes – one of them is the Mamba which within 10-20 minutes you are dead. I’m like ah how many times have you run into this? Now that was pretty freaky for me. I’m totally cool with the rattlers here but a mamba killing you within 10 minutes?

(Man in audience – it’s the most poisonous snake in the world)

Alexandra – It is really brutal.

Rupert says, ‘Ah don’t worry about it. I faced one down once and it stood up’ – it literally stood itself up and looked in his eyes, okay. I’d never heard about that with a snake before, it was pretty intense.

I gotta tell you, I’m pretty fearless most of the time, I got out of the car and I was like OMG, I got to walk through that bush to get over to those etchings. And it’s like completely uncivilized. This is an untouched place. He was taking me to a very ancient location that hardly anybody in the world knows about. It’s not even something that they are readily advertising. So it was very, very special. Little did I know that once I got there and we climbed all the way up these rocks – I could show you pictures but it would be a little hard to show them at the same time. They were amazing. And what the message was – it was a calendar of stellar activity going back 3 million years ago. Now – the location I started seeing the people, and there was bleed-through and I could see the civilization all around me.

They had those kind of protruding foreheads, and hardly any kind of chin and their neck was kind of slanted instead of straight and they spoke telepathically. It was a very peaceful civilization, they all got on very well, it was amazing and I could see them all around this valley and when you stood up where the etchings were, you could see literally a rock formation in a circle. I thought, ‘That’s kind of a trip.’

The next thing they did they showed me they were sitting in a very very ancient base of a volcano. And I’m like, ‘This is so cool.’ So we did a little ceremony there and they told me it was the beginning, but whatever you intend today, Alexandra, it will be amplified – a gazillion fold. I said okay, let’s do it. So we did and it wasn’t like any bells went off or anything, It was, okay, let’s get in the car and let’s go. My intention was, ‘let’s feed Mother Earth, let’s help Mother Earth, let’s give her some respite, let’s give her a break, she’s been really taking the bullet for all of us for a long time so to speak. That was the beginning of all of what happened.

The next thing I know I am invited again over to Louw and Rosie’s. Louw by the way is a….I would call him a Biblical scholar. Immediately I was turned off. It reminded me very much of my own childhood. Then I realized My God, he was so galactic. And his interpretation of the Bible through a galactic lens was absolutely fascinating.

So he proceeds to tell me something about my next mission. And I’m like who is this guy? He seemed so traditional; he was an older gentleman, and kind of shy but very intelligent and he said, ‘I’m supposed to tell you that it’s at the bottom of the hill and not the top of the hill.’ I thought that’s really weird because I’ve already been told I’ve got to go to Zimbabwe ruins to do a massive ceremony there. And I didn’t look up anything. I didn’t even know that much about the Zimbabwe ruins other than it was Enki’s temple and it was where the Lulu were created – if anybody is familiar with that? – (someone asks Lulu?) The Lulu are considered the primitive slave worker. So that’s our beginnings from that time period.

And I’m thinking what does that have to do with any of this? I didn’t know anything about the ruins. And I deliberately don’t go and fill myself up with a bunch of information off the internet because I like to get the confirmations that what I’m hearing is reality, right? So he just said, ‘well, I’m just telling right now, you need to be at the bottom,’ and the next thing I know as I was talking to him all these pictures came in. I’m going to draw this picture and see if anyone resonates with this. (Man – is this central Africa?) I was in South Africa at that time. This is one of the pictures that was shown to me – okay has anybody seen this before? (Man – Yes)

Okay, now what blew me away was that I did an interview with Carl Calleman. Is anyone familiar with him? (Yes) He’s incredible. He’s the one that brought through the Mayan calendar, the end of Mayan calendar; he did a tremendous amount of research on that.

He had told me when I interviewed him he said, ‘What people don’t realize is that a pyramid actually has eight sides, not four’ – if you looked at it from an aerial perception. So I mentioned this to Louw that I’d received this picture. And Louw’s response was, ‘I know what this is, this is biblical.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, that was at the top of the crucifixion cross that Jesus was hung on.’ I said, ‘wow, really?’ And he proceeded to say this was an aerial view of a merkabah which is actually a space ship – and that was what Christ was essentially trying to show – which was the ascension process.

Stephen and I were talking on the way up here and we got a big hit even on that -you know – that all that dying on the cross for the sins and that kind of thing – it was really hoping that we could get to a place of non-polarization and truly take just the light path and as you know in many ways that mission dismally failed, which is where we are today. In some ways it was good but some ways it failed.

So anyway he was talking to me about that and I’m thinking okay what does that have to do with this? I couldn’t figure it out. But he said, ‘well, you’re obviously getting involved in the Merkabah field and all of this stuff – whatever you’re about to do. I said, ‘Okay, okay, cool’.

So here’s the message that came in after I left him.

They said, ‘Just know that we have your back, no matter how scary it is.’ I’m like, ‘Oh God.’ (audience laughs) you know, ‘This will do more service to Africa than you can imagine. The light will spread across the continent of the world, it will activate a gateway allowing direct intervention over the war torn areas such as the Congo.

And they said, ‘Alexandra don’t be surprised if you have a gigantic parking lot of ships above you.’ I was like jumping up and down. They said the number of the ships surrounding you that day will be as much as the number of stars in the sky.

They said, ‘await for the people to give us permission.’

What they wanted me to get out into the world is – They are chompin at the bit for us to give them permission, it’s not asking guys, it’s commanding and saying ‘I fully command and give you permission to do blah blah blah…’ because they are really accelerating their – (Man asks, ‘How do we do that?, meditation or what’?) Alexandra –‘No, you just proclaim it, proclaim it with your heart, your heart needs to be in a completely pure place.’ (Man asks – and that doesn’t violate the non intervention galactic policies?

Alexandra – No, because of you requesting that, because you’re a master, and that’s how they see us. And anybody who has guidance they know – I don’t know, but my guidance has never talked down to me, has never talked to me as if I’m a subordinate, they have never told me that I’m subservient. You’re talking to the light, so it’s very important that we do that.

It says, ‘Rest with the thought and know that one day no one or no thing will suffer ever again.’ I was just bawling. ‘You’ve done nothing like this before just go ahead with your heart and pure intention and great magic will occur.’

Then they just said, ‘You will be the union between Mother and Father, hold strong towards the end of the ceremony because this will affect all of your bodies in a very different way.’

So I’m thinking Oh my God, what am I doing going up to the Zimbabwe ruins, right?

Well the next morning, at 3:33 in the morning we heard this big crash boom bang, got up and a fire proof tempered glass that was over their stove shattered into a gazillion pieces, so we knew they were serious. And that night we were talking about ‘Where are we supposed to go?’ and all this. And Chris and Sandi are relatively new to all of this so they we’re saying ‘Alexandra, just tell us and we’ll take you there’- because they’d basically drive me wherever I needed to go.

So the next day I walk and I’m like, ‘I gotta get out,’ I have put on 40 pounds working 22 hours a day folks okay? So all I could think about was I gotta walk, I gotta walk. So I get on the road and I started of course doing my normal thing, I’m always obsessed with rocks and crystals – are you guys remembering that? I collect rocks everywhere I go, I’m obsessed with them. Of course I come home with a whole knapsack of them, they were like – whatever – but I converted them.

So when I was down there, I found a perfectly placed cluster of milky white quartz. It was like a rose, it was gorgeous. And I knew, I thought, ‘Oh my God, is this everywhere’?! I just thought it was in South Africa. And I saw veins all over the place. There were crystals everywhere! I came home and they were so upset because they’d never found anything like that before. So the next day they said, ‘we’re going to go out and look for crystals, because they wanted to find some too. Where did you find that?’ And we went out there and found nothing else.

So that night I got the message, ‘Excuse me! did you not figure this was supposed to be used for a ceremony?’ Oh, right, okay.

Then I got another message, ‘Opening the portal affects everyone and it will counter aerial destructive frequencies. And the shattering of the tempered glass is a representation that we are finally shattering the illusion.’ (Audience applauds) I can’t wait – I’m so excited to tell you what I’m going to tell you – and they said, ‘this first mission (and I’m saying Oh God, ‘first’?) (laughs from audience) will be linking ALL the dimensions, it will open the Stellar Gateway, it will destroy programming, it will shut down over 2000 programs, the programs will still be created but they will be null and void at the point of Planet Earth and it will take the point of creation of programs – if we went to the point of creation programs – and wiped that out, it was too time consuming,’ they basically said. I said, ‘I thought you weren’t in time?’ They said, ‘We’re talking your talk – so you can understand this.’ I said Okay.

They said it’s a significant step towards what you call the Event. They said the burst of light will come from within the planet. And they started telling me about the crystal core. (Woman – the what?) Alexandra – The crystal core of the Mother Earth. And it said, ‘The locations where crystals lie in the earth must all be online and once they are, a grid of light and creating between each point, they will then be connected to the crystal core. Once the people who oversee these crystals are up and running and aware that the main Mother Earth crystal bed is emitting a beam of light, they will be sent to all the rest. This will be like they are brought online.’ Does this sound Atlantean or what?

The action is what raises the planet. The Guardians are involved and they are the overseers of the crystal beds. It is the crystal beds that we have been reading about, not the same as the gateways. A beam of light is sent to the core from the other crystal beds.’

And I was just so excited because other messages have come in regarding the 144 000. ‘And then they just said that there was a connection between the light grids, the sound, the Guardians and the groups around the world.’

As you guys know I usually say I’m a gatherer of the Guardians because one of my responsibilities through the internet, through the site, not because I’m (?) or anything but just because I have the wherewithal to be able to gather all of you together.

It says each individual will resonate to a specific bed of crystals – get this! – depending on their point of creation on the Planet Earth.’

So wherever you were originally dropped – either from a space ship or you were birthed, that original place is which will determine where you will be linked up to. Okay. Sounds pretty big. (Man – But how do you link up though?)

Alexandra – Well that remains to be seen.

(Woman – Does that mean we will go back to where we were born?)

Alexandra – No you don’t have to physically go there. But you will etherically be connected to that. And I think once that happens you’re going to start getting your memories back. You know?

So anyway, guess what? That was the day before the mission. OMG the next day was hell. I mean I’m just going to be honest. It was not an easy day. It was September 25th and we were going into Zimbabwe and Chris was driving and he was a total stress cat and this was because people were getting shot on site if they had white skin. (audience – Wow….sadly) And a lot of people were getting assassinated in Zimbabwe. And a lot of people are starving to death there. It was very sad. It was very sad, I’ll just put it that way. Even animals were emaciated and skinny you know, when you drove by them all.

So we woke up at 2:15 in the morning and he said, ‘we will not be staying in Zimbabwe, we have to come back,’ and its way up there, I mean, it’s a long drive up there.

So we went through about ten different desks to get various pieces of paper, to get various permissions, various sign-offs, to get this and that and the other and by the time we were done it cost him about a 100 bucks just to get into the country. It’s just totally corrupt; I mean it’s just so incredibly corrupt.

So finally we got there and at that point, we drove up to the Zimbabwe ruins and I felt this peace come over me and I thought oh my God we’re finally here. And as we were driving up, there were these bizarre mounds and mountains that were shaped like animals and people’s profiles and things and nobody’s talking about it. And I kept saying, ‘God that’s so obvious that looks like an E.T. face and his hands are folded over his chest.’ You could totally tell. So remember way back when everything was viewed from the skies and we had this big aha because we were driving through looking at all the types of topography that were up there, we just couldn’t believe it. I have pictures so you guys can see it.

I really realized at that point how ancient this place was that I had stepped into, I had never been in anything so ancient before – to me it felt more ancient than England or even the European countries that I had walked. It was just incredible. So the next thing that I know, I’m like a bulldog, I knew exactly – I literally almost on a leash energetically – you go this way, you make a right there, you go up here and the next thing bam! I’m right in what they call the Great Enclosure.

Guess what? It’s known as the ‘Valley Enclosure’ which is what Louw had told me previously. Oh I get it now! So I went up and I found this location and it was in the middle, in the midst of three bizarre conical towers made of rock. (Man – just cones?) Alexandra – Cones, and they were actually still intact. Now the walls – they say 32 metres high and the walkways were this thin.

I’m sitting there going ‘What is this thing all about?’ They said that this was Enki’s – this was Queen of Sheba’s hangout. Queen of Sheba and supposedly Solomon had it going and they supposedly had a child and she was one of his many queens. This was the queen – [interruption apologizing for break in transmission due to technical difficulties and lost a few moments of the presentation] – ‘circle view – you are on a need to know basis.’ They said, ‘you have no idea of the intrusions that were experienced yesterday’ – they staved off a lot of attacks. I literally – you know that feeling when you’re standing in the eye of the storm? That’s exactly what we felt, it was incredibly peaceful. And when we did the ceremony I saw the burst of light from this core of Mother Earth and I heard ‘Okay, it’s done.’

We kind of walked away and I thought, that wasn’t like the others ones, it wasn’t like the bells going off and stuff, I was kind of like oh man I think I screwed up, I don’t think I did it right, or maybe I forgot to do this or that, and this is the message that came in. ‘We were in the eye of the storm, we stood in the eye.’ They made sure of that.

I was shown the perfect cross – space and time, the eight-pointed star – which is another thing that came out of interviewing Carl Calleman is that the eight-pointed star also represents the four sets of parents from the prior four World Ages. If you haven’t read up on that, read it, it’s fascinating. And the lotus blossom, which as Steve said, the flower of life.

I was told it opened the cosmic gateway; there was a beam of light coming from the bowels of the ship and they showed me – get this – a schematic of a configuration of the ship’s connecting all the light grids which then was fed to a mothership which then was fed to the triad of light which was us.

When asked where the light of the galactics met the light of Mother Earth I was told it was multidimensional – feeding all dimensions and all gates.

Now this is the biggie – what I saw was, I saw the interlocking of the pins of each of the time gates when I did this so I immediately asked – this was merging the time lines and it was merging all of the different World Ages so that we could go back to the singularity point – right? So I was like Oh God this is great.

I knew there had been a massive release, I just didn’t at that point realize how much.

I was reminded that we were very protected no matter how many intrusions, not to focus on it. They kept really saying that.

And we would constantly see – we saw them on the way up here too – we would constantly see their version of a hawk – which was an eagle – they didn’t have hawks, they had eagles, and they would fly over my car, our car, as if ‘Hey, we’re here!’ You know?

So they confirmed that the mound was used for sacrifices and the towers captured these energies during sacrificial ceremonies. And basically I stepped onto the ground of the ruins and felt nothing but the hum of the days gone by, a buzzing civilization and a peacefulness. I was told I would be going to the Valley Enclosure and not the Hill. They confirmed this is why I was to meet Louw. We discussed the build up of the energies of the mission and the intensity of the entire day and night because this was the point of origin that was a build up of the energies as well as the layering of energies from the mis-creations of earlier civilizations. The dark had been waiting for us and I literally saw them going – you know. And I was told that the gateway was now opened.

So why am I telling you this? – Because in doing that – after that occurred, the energies were so intense right before and right afterward, it was not an easy experience. In fact I found us all like -we were all like yna yna yna – you know?

We really needed to get back home and process, because it was such a blast of energy.

How many of you know Jeff Godfrey? He was at the Cobra conference with his wife. I believe they’re twin flames. (Man – who?) Alexandra – Jeff Godfrey. He’s in Arizona. Anyway Jeff is a very – Oh my God- he has the ability to do this multidimensional grid work that is out of this world. And so he was working with me in the background and I just want to read this to you because it goes to show you what was happening.

I said, ‘Jeff, I was shown before the trip to the Zimbabwe ruins a schematic of ships placing themselves in a specific formation which would link the beams of light and feed the light into the mothership which would then beam light down to the ruins. I was floored when presented with a picture by a visitor to my website. I got a huge hit that this was actually the schematic.’

Now I want you to know I got an email from somebody out of the clear blue and they said, ‘You got to check out this crop circle!’ I thought okay, I get crop circles a lot in my email. I opened it up and I was just flattened because it was the same schematic! – that he had shown me. So I looked it up, it was in England ….Burnaby Hills or something? And it was in June. I thought why would it be that far back and we’re actually doing the schematic now? I haven’t gotten down to that part, if you guys have an answer on that let me know.

I said, ‘Within the last few days we’ve had phenomena that’s been blowing our minds, lets just say faces are showing up everywhere, beings are coming into our photos and the image at the top is an exact duplicate to what is appearing to me right now and I’m also being told 11th dimensional beings are hanging out and helping us at the ruins.’

And here’s Jeff’s response, ‘So much synchronicity, its fortunate you can keep your trip open-ended for now, since the new missions keep presenting themselves, the next mission looks really awesome.’ They’re already preparing me for the next mission.

I’m seeing it being the Arcturians who are sending the energies straight down and out. Another reason that spot is important is because it is an anchor point – something about it being the hollow earth and developing an anchor point into an oneness portal for accessibility – not physically but dimensionally accessible. Do you guys understand the significance of this?’ – This is what everybody has been talking about is the alignment of the portals.

Now if you go back to Anna Hayes – if anybody has read this book – Voyagers by Anna Hayes, Ashayana Deane – this is a really good reference material. I’m sorry, you could not create this information, you just couldn’t. This woman is amazing. She has taken a lot of heat for what she’s brought forth. Anyway it says, ‘The six portals from the Sphere of Amenti which are the original ones to Tara’s past and the five new ones into the various stages of Earth’s future, linked Tara’s past through various time periods on Earth into Tara’s future creating a new track in time through which Earth could re-evolve into 5th dimensional frequency bands and merge with Tara.’

I’ve already been told that that’s some of the work I’m here to do – is to work on grids and portals. My girlfriend Beth also does work with me as well as my husband. And these are the big, heavy duty guys. This is the singularity points, there are 6 of them on the planet. I did not realize at the time, that that’s where I was being sent. This is deliberate, so you don’t have too much information and don’t yap about it. Because the dark have been owning the airwaves for a long time.

Then this is what he said – ‘The part you wrote about the Atlanteans’ – which I’ll talk about that in a minute, I’m not going to spoil that because (Alexandra whispering – because I haven’t gotten to that part yet) I’ll skip that.

He says, ‘the vortex seems to have opened up in a gradual way and it’s definitely open now, its full potential is not accessible to everyone though.’

He says, ‘I’m going to have to work to create accessible pathways so others can use it to their abilities and gifts.’ Okay? This is why I’m here today. To get you all to realize what has opened up to you.

It was an orange chakra colour and it was making total sense that it was the cradle of civilization – the vortex, the core perception was bringing in awareness of itself, the individual exploring who and what we are, our greatness, our individual specialness as opposed to a collective awakening.’

So really what is it doing? It’s powering each and every one of us to step fully into our mastery. How often do you guys hear me saying that in my radio shows? And that just comes off the tip of my tongue.

Now that you’ve physically opened it, and anchored the vortex, I will be able to do the additional work. The vortex is now complete and it’s existing in its fullness 3 dimensions over.’

Now what that showed me was that when the time lock opened, I literally saw it, it was almost like Star Trek, I saw the dimensional bands go ‘tsch tsch, tsch tsch, tsch tsch’ (demonstrating movement) like this, but it got stuck in another dimension, so we weren’t able to access it here except from maybe the lower levels. Now we’re fully multi-dimensionally able to do this guys. This is a big deal for us everybody, a big deal. It’s really going to enhance things for us.

So anyway, okay. The next thing I know I meet a military officer and I was at Kruger Park checking out all the animals and just digging it, seeing elephants, I actually saw a leopard and a lion and wild dogs- all kinds of cool things.

And he has this really strange conversation with me right after we get this thing done.

And he goes, ‘Oh yeah, I’m on counter assassination and espionage.’ And I am thinking, ‘Why on earth is he telling me this?’ He said you know, these guys were coming all the way down from Zimbabwe and the assassins travelled down through Africa and ended up in South Africa to take out specific targets. This was his assignment.

Now they had told me ahead of time, ‘Don’t discount any message that comes in to you. Everything that comes in to you is a potential message.’ You know, a lot of times that’s how they communicate, is that not true? (Man – Me? Oh. – Another man: You’re supposed to agree.)

Alexandra – So anyway, that was it. Now all of a sudden I started getting more messages. And I’m like, well should I go home? And they said, ‘Yeah, you need to fly home’ – that’s what they said – ‘on October 18th.’ Well little did I know the next major major mission was on October 18th. So I thought ‘flying home,’ on October 18th’ and thought I was going ‘home home’ to California.

Then they took me to a place and we had some tomato and cheese sandwiches and a frog jumped on my foot and it sat there and it sat there for minutes. And I’d never had that happen to me before. I played with frogs a lot because I was a tomboy. I thought okay what does that mean? So I looked it up and it said: A symbol of metamorphosis and duality of the soul.

Okay so what does that mean?

So as I was getting home I decided to take another walk and I was talking to St Germain and I asked him, ‘could he just really prove, you know just really make it clear that you’re really here with me?’ So I’m messing with him – I’m like, I’m going to take a picture out there – and there was nothing. Okay I’m calling you in and I’m going to take a picture – sure enough the purple ray was there. And the purple ray was with me all the time and I don’t know if you guys had an opportunity to see my – I did a really quick 8 minute video on psychic protection and he came in and said, ‘this is worrying you, it’s bothering you (because I get a lot of emails from people that are under targeting and under psychic attack because of the implant removals and it concerns me, its upsetting) and he says okay we’re going to do this. So I recorded it, not only was the purple ray coming in but there was a perfect purple pyramid over my face so he was with me the whole time, yeah.

Then I just kept taking walks, I found a staff, you know, and it was like, wow, this is so cooool. And I kept asking for messages – what am I supposed to do from now on? And as you guys might know, Pam passed away on the 11th [September] and that’s when I landed in South Africa and so it was very sad and I was still kind of going through the grieving process of losing her in the physical, but all of a sudden she started coming to me all the time and the communications were exceptionally clear and clean for her to come over. So anyway she comes in and says, ‘Listen, yeah I was archontically attacked, no question, because of what I do.’ She said, ‘But I chose to pass because I could do so much more work on the other side, so stop grieving, get going, its time to get going on your next mission.’ I thought, ‘Gee! You don’t give me much down time!’ She said, ‘well we’ve got a lot to do.’ And she said, ‘I can protect you better where I’m at.’ And I’m going, ‘Gee, now where am I going?’ You know. Anyway, she made herself known and I asked, ‘Okay, what’s up next? Where am I going next?’

Well, we four wheeled up through these forests – absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous – I don’t even know if I’ve seen such beauty in my life. I was kind of bummed that we were driving on a four wheeler – but they’re into them.

So all of a sudden all three of us got the hit that we had to stop at this particular location and it was this red cut-out of a cliff and I thought OMG I have to take a picture of that. We got it home (I’ll show you that in a minute) and it blew our minds. Not only does it have fairies that you can see, but it has some sort of being – very clearly – in a turquoise orb and then it has another orb and a couple of other ones. And they were really trying to get themselves known that, hey, we’re getting ready, we’re starting to prep you, we’re starting to give you information, get ready for your next assignment.

Sure enough Pam comes in the next day and says, ‘do you have your protection bag?’ I said, ‘yeah I do.’ She made me and Steve a protection bag because when I went to go see her last year, Steve and I – right before we were getting on the plane we both looked at each other – and I didn’t say anything, he didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to freak each other out- but we thought that we were going to get killed, we just felt really strongly. And once we got off the plane, Pam pulled him aside – never told me this and she said, ‘yeah it was touch and go, I had to do a lot of protection work.’ I was just like da da de da, you know, finally getting on the plane to go to Texas, I didn’t realize it.

So she says, ‘Make sure you have your protection bags, the ancient ones are online, there’s more to come.’ I said, okay cool. So all of a sudden the information came in.

I was advised to go to Maun, Botswana, which is a north west country above South Africa.

Now many of you are aware that Cobra has hounded the message that the Congo portal is a very malevolent place. And there’s been a lot of talk about people going there but if you actually went there physically you just probably wouldn’t make it. It’s very, very scary there. (Man –still?) Alexandra – Yeah, well not now – I’m just saying that now that I’ve been in Africa I really appreciate why we don’t know very much about it. Because it is totally bush. And you can’t even walk from one building to another in certain parts of Africa without potentially being taken out by a hippo or a lion (audience laughing) or something, seriously its like a normal part of their lives. It’s just really different for me. They just laughed; they thought that was so funny. I said, what’s so funny? You know you guys get eaten up by the wild animals out here. (Man – lions and tigers and hippos?)

Alexandra – The hippo is actually the king of the jungle. They fear the hippo and the hyena more than they do the lion. (Man – no doubt because they’re not around.) Alexandra – Yeah, yeah, exactly.

So I ended up getting all this information about Maun. This is what’s cool – they kept saying, ‘Okay Alexandra, this is a little different, you don’t want to bring the light through your body.’ I said whyyyyy? ‘They said because it will fry your circuits.’ I said okay, I get that. So how do I do this? And they showed me all these pictures and one of the ones that they showed me. (she sketches for the audience)

So basically we were supposed to etherically build a cistern and pool their light within us and then once they gave us the signal that it was ready, we were to direct it to the Congo. (Man – It looks like a chalice) Alexandra – Yes, that too, that’s a good point.

The thing that was so amazing was that Pam and I had done a lot of Congo work already and Cobra was aware of that. We’d done a lot clearing and stuff and it’s a nasty place, man. But the thing is, we realized that every time we’d clear it, more would come in. So that was our problem.

I found out later that this mission, to do this, was decided upon in February 2013 and that was a really big day or time for me because I went up to Los Angeles – I don’t know if you guys remember this – with a group of 12 and we were lured into a trap and it’s a long story. And this is what initiated this mission and I apparently went into the Council flipping out going ‘I don’t want anyone else experiencing this, this is b/s, we got to stop this stuff, we’re going backwards, and we’re not going forward.’ They said, yeah, yeah, okay, okay.

Pam and I started working on it back then and that’s how long it’s taken to get it where it is today.

Anyway the next thing I know, two cloud-shaped ships showed up. This was the first for me. We’re sitting on the porch sipping some sherry. This is on the 15th – 3 days before the mission.

I started messing around and I said you know what? I’m going to see if that’s really space ships up there. There were only two and they were shaped like ships. I’m going to ask some yes and no questions. And if it’s a yes, then show us something; if it’s no then don’t show us anything.

All of a sudden the entire horizon lit up. Now there was no rain, no thunder, no lightening – (Man- What do you mean, it lit up?) It just flashed. Like it was a flash.

And I looked over at Sandi and Chris and we all started giggling and I said, you saw that too right? That wasn’t just my imagination? So I did this for an hour and they were answering me with flashes in the sky.

They basically said you wanted physical confirmation and you are getting it and this is why we are doing it.

And it was the Arcturians and there were 11th dimensional Greys, it was really cool. So they were giving us all kind of messages as to what we were about to go into because this was the real biggie.

So anyway the next thing I know I start getting messages – they were much more detailed. They were basically saying all you need to do is direct it with your thought, make sure it’s a direct north direction. And they were showing me how I had to set up the grids and how I had to set up us. There was a lot of stuff to it. And I felt kind of stressed out because I knew this was a really big mission.

Then I had another message and they were showing me – this is really interesting – they were showing me that there’s all these ships and each ship has light coming from both ends of the ship and they would be going down into this. So they were showing me all of this (she’s drawing). I asked Louw, I said why would they have two? Why wouldn’t they just have it in the centre?

He said, Oh, – he had an answer for everything – he said, that allows them to aim it perfectly, something to do with quantum mechanics, – and it is also a way for them to defend themselves because the entire ship is a projector of energy. And he reminded me – now get this – that things will begin happening below the rivers of Ethiopia per the Divine Creator. That goes way back that things will begin below the river of Ethiopia. He talked about projecting love, compassion, making sure there is pure intent.

Then he finally told admitted that he was a Commander of 300 ships. I thought, Ah, finally, he finally told me after all that time. I guess I was getting sized up or something.

Next thing I found out that there were 3 faults around the Congo. Now why would that be a big deal?

Yes, they’re really ancient – one’s called the Gumare, the Kunyere and the Thamalakane and they’re very very ancient. Three of them, (Man – significant) Alexandra – yes.

And what I got was that by doing what we were about to do – we were going be able to to seal those etherically because this is what is part of creating separation on the planet.

I then heard – for all of you who don’t know about Maun – you’ve got Botswana right here, and here’s Maun (pointing to map) and there’s this big delta. Have you heard of this? It’s called the Okavango Delta. This is very famous. It takes three months almost for the floods to travel down through two countries to reach this Delta. And it is called ‘the bringing of life’ because all the people and all the animals wait for this to happen every year and every year they celebrate. And they call. They have this system where they call each other as it moves down. And as it moves down they celebrate. And then it comes down here.

So we’re going in when? – It’s all dried up. And they call it suicide month. I’m thinking well that’s kind of weird, why are they sending me in October and it’s supposed to be over 100 degrees there? Okay, that’s their normal temperature in October. Remember they’re going into their summers as we go into our winters.

I thought to myself, this is very interesting. I looked at this (points to map) and this actually ends up being distributaries and they span out – And how many are there guys? Six. – Six portals. I thought that’s really interesting.

The other thing is I could totally tell it was the heart of Mother Earth. It was representing the heart of Mother Earth. They said that one of the biggest problems that is happening is when the water comes flowing down it gets coagulated from the leaves and the papyrus and that is becoming such a problem because the water isn’t reaching the deltas and why is that another big deal? – because these animals travel literally – and they’ve actually tracked them – hundreds if not thousands of miles to get to this water. And it’s so dry in these parts of Africa. A lot drier in those parts than I never thought it would be. So this is a really big deal. I am thinking, oh my God, it’s almost like we’re doing a chelation therapy treatment. We are going to clear up these distributaries and help the water flow.

This is part of the intention behind our ceremony.

Well on the way up there – this is just really interesting. As we’re driving through Botswana, which was much easier, it only cost us like 10 bucks to get through immigration and all that – I saw a dead goat just beside the road and I just realized that, oh, it’s the upside down five pointed star. They’re showing me a sign of what is going to happen. So then there was D-day. And this was one of the biggie biggie missions that we did. We got up super early, we meditated, we connected with spirit then I got the go ahead, okay, we’re ready when you are.

And they literally took me – I would just receive directions, you know – go left, go right, at about 12 miles you’re going to hit a roundabout, go another 6 km and you’re going to hit this – and I ended up between these two cities – I’m sorry I wouldn’t even call them cities. They are little villages, some of them aren’t small they even on the map, for God’s sake, they are so small. But what was mind-blowing is, you just cannot make this stuff up. I ended up being between these two towns or villages – we pulled over to the side of the road and we ended up doing the ceremony on the side of the road.

Now Sandi and Chris thought I was nuts. They’re like, I thought we were going to a really cool, quiet, peaceful – I said Sandi, you just go where we you’re supposed to go, you just gotta follow the advice. We ended up doing the ceremony; it was so friggin powerful I’ve never been the same since. It was under none other than an Acacia tree which is the same tree that was used for the Ark of the Covenant and the thorns of Christ. I’ve actually brought one back (shows to audience) and these thorns are sharp. And that’s their true size.

So I was called to go there, ended up doing the ceremony. This ceremony was so mind blowing, if I get emotional please forgive me.

We first called everyone in and according to Jeff even, there were over 2000 ships – above us. There were the ArcturiansArcArcturiaturians, the Andromedans, Pleiadians, and the Sirians, you name it. (Man – Galactic Federation) It was full blown Allied F

orces and you could feel it.

Then I had the ascended masters there, I had the elemental kingdom there, I had the Guardian Alliance there which is magnanimously huge and we went ahead and did this, we followed orders basically. We collected the light and I was a little freaked out about this because I was used to doing things in a different way and they just kept saying don’t bring it through your body! I’m going okay, Gee! And then we diverted it.

And what I saw – I saw the light go into the portal in the Congo. I saw every continent light up gradually all the way around the globe. I saw them pull this goo out – now this is all about, don’t forget – when you take the Earth, it is divided into thirds – the top was Enlil, the bottom was Enki, and then this was the Father. And they kept telling me that I was here to clear out the underworld. The king of the underworld was Enki okay? I don’t know how read up you guys are read up on the Flat Earth, but I’m pretty convinced we are on a Flat Earth. So I was trying to figure that out – how all of that worked.

Finally all the goo came out and they said don’t worry about how we get it done, its quantum mechanics, we’re experts at this, you just need to be there to anchor it. I said okay, cool. And I saw it and it came back to here (she is drawing) and when we were directing the light north, which we were told to do, towards the Congo – Chris is 6 ft 4 and he was in northern position and he almost fell over from the thrust – of directing that light. That’s how powerful it was. He was like this – all the time (almost falling backwards). He was, God this is so strong.

When it came back it went back up and it disappeared and all of a sudden I saw the ships and they were high fiving, they were celebrating and they were saying F i n a l l y! Oh God, good job! And I’m saying, ‘what? what? What? -tell me tell me!’ And next thing I heard Mother Earth cried out. I don’t hear that very often, but she was crying out and I said, ‘Are you okay?’ She said, ‘no, I’m just so happy, thank you, this is such a relief.’ We were sobbing; it was such an emotional moment.

I said, how successful were we – taking out the dark? And he said 88%. Well I got really bummed. He said, ‘why are you bummed?’ I said, ‘well man, I thought we were supposed to close the portal and dah dah dah.’ He said, ‘well you were 100% successful in that.’ He said, ‘but you wanted to know how many beings were left.’ He said, ‘you got 12%.’ I said, ‘people aren’t going to believe this.’ He said, ‘it doesn’t matter you need to get out there and tell them.’ I said, Okay.

He said, ‘we are going to show you more physical confirmations because we know all you people need to hear that and see that.’ I said, ‘Yes we do need that, because of what we’ve gone through for God’s sake, look how many false alarms we’ve had.’

It was a very long ceremony, it was about an hour, and there was a lot of stuff we did, and it was just super super powerful. The next thing I knew, there was just this peace that blanketed, it was just incredible – even the people that were coming up to us and the way they were treating us, the way that they were talking to us, it was just very different.

There was something that had shifted.

Well after that occurred – they are now telling me that they deliberately did this – this was the strategic plan on their part, so that they could get the 12% to scatter and they could get them to go to their other areas that they’ve not been able to infiltrate. Don’t you wonder to yourself why the chemtrails are still running? (Audience – yes and of course) You have to scratch your head – and I asked them this, I beat them up all the time, and they said, ‘There are nine realms of the dark that we cannot access because our vibration is too high, you wouldn’t even catch us in those darker realms.’ And there are realms that are so high in vibration, they can’t get into these realms. Now there those that are master Archons that are multi dimensional and masters at cloaking themselves – that’s pretty much all that we have left guys.

And the thing I want everyone to know is an article was put out that there is a 100:1 ratio of how many archons per person on the planet – I don’t if you guys remember that article – it was Zen Gardner …or- I forget who the guy was.

(Man – when?) Alexandra – This was probably summer time and everyone was like ‘Uch god’ when it came out but that’s gone now. And that’s what we need to get out to people.

(Man –How many were there?) Alexandra – it was like a 1 to 100 ratio or 1 to 10 ratio, I mean there were that many clinging on to each of us. They got to a point, where we didn’t have a prayer to shake this no matter how evolved, how enlightened. It was like you were constantly clearing yourself. I know everybody in this room relates to this. You keep yourself clean but it was an ongoing constant job and they don’t want us to focus on that anymore. They want us to focus on clearing our inner vessel and get ready because we’re getting closer now.

And that was the big sign. So 88% successful for removing.

Now the other piece – this is mind blowing – I’ve never studied Africa – I’ve never even heard this – This is the message came in to me: you know Alexandra, you know the reason why this portal is so nasty? I said, No, I don’t. Well it is because Atlantis is still alive. I said yeah yeah, I’ve heard that. He said well Atlantis is literally under the continent of Africa – I said I’ve never heard that before. They said, Well, there is a worm hole that was opened and the scientists of Atlantis actually created these archons and they were pumping them into our realm, pumping them by the masses into our realm right now because they know we were lighting up and this is one of their desperate tactics and it was working.

This is what they just – they didn’t close it, they didn’t seal it, they eliminated it, all together. That’s the biggie.

This is the conversation we had on the inner realms about – Well, you know, every time you seal up something, its just going to pop up somewhere else. It’s not fixing the problem right? That’s why it was such a big deal.

And I just want everyone in the room, if you don’t walk away from anything else, just realize, and really start feeling it, if you feel you’re under attack, if you feel like your life is very difficult, its now time to dump the internal programming, okay. That’s where we are at right now. It’s not external. We’ve got to move away from, ‘Oh it’s the Archons. Oh the Archons made me do that.’ Because it’s cleared up. And I’m going to be very confident in saying that because I know what I saw. And it was mind blowing.

Right after the mission, I tapped in. I called in Ashtar this time, and he says, ‘Listen although your work is temporary ended, our’s is ramping up.’ He said, ‘The holodeck is busy, there are people wanting assistance, is this really important?’

I said, ‘Well I just wanted to kind of check in, what is your perception?’ He said ‘all you need to know is you’re protected but there is not an armada of ships around you now’ – that’s how BIG this mission was to keep us protected to GET there safely.

He said, ‘You had a special protective shield of violet light that’s been cast upon you in your travels with the surface of archons and reptilians – they are scattering and they are afraid. They know their time is near, the allied forces are gearing up for one big last hurrah and they are prepping for it at this moment. We are on High Alert at this moment. When you see the small solitary clouds as you travel down the highway, you will know it is one of us protecting you.

I said, ‘shall I fly home anytime?’ He said, ‘I do not advise it.’ That is how we left it.

So we drive down the road right after this and what do we see – two ostriches standing in the middle of the road. Ostriches? I looked up what do ostriches mean? It means to be very aware about your protection.

Now this is the best part of all.

I’m going to pass these around so you guys can see them.

Just so you guys can see with your own two eyes. (Shows printed sheets charting the solar flares.)

They promised me – I said, Listen, people are not going to believe me. I need something more than this. Come on, you’ve got to come up with something.

The next day the X flares started. Did you guys watch this? From the 19th of October (I was there the 18th) from the 19th through the 27th, they had the most show of X flares than they’ve had since 1990.

Now if you listened to the The Lies NASA Told video she talks about how the flares are actually a representation of galactic warfare…and CMEs.

So it says the first one we did was on September 25th, on September 26th a solar flare went off producing a CME that was observed by Nasa and both sides of the sun. Okay that was the first one we did. Then the next one started a triggering reaction, and you guys, it’s mind blowing and it was the next day and it was an X flare.

So it starts …and you can just go through here – Oct 19th – X flare, October 20th and 21st – M8.7, Oct 22nd – X1.6, Oct 23rd – one of the most gigantic sunspots – almost 18000 miles across and it’s says it’s the largest one they’ve seen, in a while anyway, since long ago. Oct 24th – X flare, Oct 25th – X flare, Oct 26th – X flare, Oct 19th through the 27th and it gives you all the generalizations on this and the thing I thought was really interesting about this was it added up to a six – which is the 6 portals. Oct 27th – they didn’t stop – X flare. Oct 27thagain they did another one – M6 flare and then they took a break.

Now when you read that they’re like – normally when there’s an X flare it screws up the magnetics of the planet and we all know that when these X flares hit, when you’re sensitive to it, you’ll start feeling it, like I usually or possibly get a migraine because they’re so intense. They said it was kind of bizarre that these X flares went down but the magnetics were kind of stabilized. Why is that? (Man – protection?)

Alexandra – Because they didn’t want us to be spinning out because we’re already spinning out, generally speaking on the planet you know – maybe not us but the rest.

Woman in audience – Are you saying there was Galactic activity aside from the sun? Was it from the sun flare or…?

Alexandra – No, the solar flares are actually, how can I say? – The shooting of the weaponry, like scalar wave weaponry that they use and they took out a bunch, – A bunch of dark. So between the 19th and the 27th they moved some bad asses.

(Man – they were cleansing?) Alexandra – Yeah.

And it says an active region on the sun and an area of intense complex magnetic fields rotated into the view – rotated into the view – on October 18th – which is the day that we started this.

It soon grew into the largest such region in 24 years – which is a 6! And it fired off 10 sizeable solar flares as it traversed across the face of the sun.

And 10 is a ‘1’ guys, it’s all about starting over. They want us to start over too – they want us to change the way we are thinking and seeing things.

And then there was just the occasional X flare – you know – November 7th when I had two more major missions I still had to do and then another one November 16th and then the last one December 4th and December 17th.

So I was told by Ashtar that we had definitely started a chain reaction and he showed me a kid sticking a stick inside of an anthill. And he said that is exactly what it looks like. That’s how chaotic it is, they are running; they are running for their lives. And he wanted me to get that out to people to understand that we now have the upper hand, guys.

We have destroyed their reinforcements. And the other thing we’ve done is by that doing this mission – we opened up, we closed this down but we opened up at Enki’s Temple the Cosmic Stellar Gateway and why is that important? Because now we are open to all interdimensional travel from all different interdimensional beings and why is that important? Because now we have access to all of their light! They can access us – They haven’t had as much of an ease to be able to do that, but what is the difference? We have to command and request their assistance – and be specific in exactly what we want to do.

Then I thought I was done. WRONG! It was not done.

They ended up taking me to Solomon’s Wall. Now everything of course was around gold – you guys are familiar with Tellinger’s whole thing about South Africa, you know there are gold mines and its where the Lulu started and we all got enslaved and everything else.

And that theme just kept showing up and showing up and showing up.

We went to Solomon’s Wall, they immediately showed me the flood and this ancient dyke – it was incredible and we walked over and there was no water in this river bed – this is an amazing story. We walked across over to the wall because supposedly if you put your hand on the wall, you could space travel.

We go over there, there was no water, it was really hard because the river was just super super thick sand and it was difficult to walk in – we walk over there and there was just one little area of water, and it was lime green – beautiful – and I said hey Sandi look how pretty it is, she said wow yeah it’s beautiful. Well I come to find out there was a crocodile in there. Standing right at the edge of that! – You know being a Southern California girl – I mean she’s thinking nothing of it right? – but I’m thinking wow.

We walk up, we see all these huge trees that had been washed away and over in the far distance over to the right there’s an elephant chomping on a makoti tree and I’m thinking OMG this is what they mean by wild Africa, we’re like walking amongst the animals. And I went over – I left my hat because as we were walking in the middle of the river bed I end up finding these amazing rocks and crystals and I mean they’re amazing. These were all over the place and some of them were opened and crystals broken open which I don’t have all of them here (passes them around) but you just have to see the beauty – Everything was purples and greens and blues and I went crazy right? – Because I’m a rock hunter, I thought, ah this is cool.

I ended up going over and picking up my hat and collecting them in my hat.

Finally we basically were told that we had to get back to the car. Sandi took off and left me in the middle of the river bed. And I had to go over and get my hat, well my hat was right by where the pool of water was and I thought maybe I’ll go down there and take a picture, maybe it’ll let me take a picture of it. I was getting really bold. And I walked over and it came out of the water and I literally got this telepathic message and they said, ‘back off, this is my domain. I’ll leave you alone just back off.’ I said, okay, no problem. So that was kind of a nice learning lesson.

Anyway, basically I got a message that day and they said that the curse had been lifted on the planet. We’ve all heard about the curse so that was a big deal.

I then visited a Shaman which is called a sangoma and that was an incredible experience – I have that video taped.

Then another mission happened. They took me down to this place called the Fadutzi(?) Dam and apparently the myth goes that a maiden that was reaching puberty would be fed to the crocodiles and this was for the entire tribe. So I went down there not thinking much of it and I was doing a clearing and all of this stuff and I saw everything – I saw the chief, I saw them hailing him and I saw people gathering around the lake and I saw them giving her herbs to put her in a trance and she would walk in the water and then she’d just die, right?

I said I don’t actually feel any souls trapped here because it was actually an honour to do this and these girls would actually agree to it.

What I am feeling is black magic and I am feeling a lot of voodoo because it’s very popular as you can imagine in parts of Africa.

Well I did a clearing, it just kicked our butts and we probably slept for a day or two, or maybe three after that. That was all clear and again we saw all the ancient cities – again we were doing everything from a very ancient perspective.

So I finally I started getting more messages from Ashtar and he said that the lid had been blown off which caused nefarious behind-the-scenes attacks and he said there is a major exodus of Archons going on. There is more than 270 ships as of that day of the allied forces, they were scattering and

he said, don’t worry about it, this is exactly what we wanted, because what they’re able to do is to track them down and where they’re going – because they’re trying to find reinforcements, they’re trying to find help and they’re having a tough time.

He said just expect very strange weather and stellar activity – and that’s what I showed you.

So I was also told I had to go to Adam’s calendar. Have you guys heard about that? So Michael Tellinger and I were constantly going back and forth, we could not solidify a date – I hadn’t realize until later that was because that these had to be done first, so he went on vacation for three weeks and it was just crazy.

So finally we set a date for November 8th. So he took us up to what they call the Bohemian Groove (slight laughs and gasps from audience) and it’s really cute, it’s this coffee house and sandwich place and its up in this beautiful area. It was this extremely misty misty day. And Sandi said this is really weird that there is no visibility whatsoever when we got there – I was really bummed because my pictures didn’t turn out that great.

And I kept being told that this was a solo job, that I had the key and encodements and I had to go in and I had to over-write something in the Adam’s calendar.

I got a phone call from a friend of me and he says, hey, I’m just calling you because I have a friend who is a Shaman, and he’s pretty good and he just wants me to warn you to be careful when you go into Adam’s calendar because of what you’re doing. I said, what do you mean? And he said he had something hang onto him and he couldn’t get rid of it for over 2 or 3 months. So he just wanted to give you the heads up. I said okay. I just ignored it because I’m protected. Everything’s going to be good, no problem.

Well, when we got there, the night before my husband for the first time in our marriage – we’ve been together almost 20 years – he decided to sing me Wild Horses by the Stones (audience touched and aaaawwww) and he’s learning how to play the guitar and I was really touched and everything and I thought wow that’s amazing that he’s doing this.

The next day when we walked out to the Bohemian Groove – it is known as the city of wild horses so I thought okay, here we go again, I know I’m in the right place, this is another sign.

So we hired Michael’s tour guide to take us up to Adam’s Calendar and Michael is definitely a Guardian, he’s protecting Adam’s Calendar and you can’t just come and go in there because people do face stuff and take things away and all that.

I hit it off with him, I hadn’t talked with him before.

So we go in there and the very first thing they show us – and you guys are going to crack up -is this stone protruding out of the ground. And he very seriously says, ‘This is the clitoris of mankind’ and we’re all laughing and he says, no, I’m serious! It doesn’t look much like one much anymore and again it all got back to fertility, creativity, manifestation and all that kind of thing.

So as we cruised in there, this place is supposedly even more ancient than Stonehenge and you feel it. It’s amazing. If you ever go to South Africa, look him up and go there, it’s incredible.

Apparently they were waiting for us once again. When we got there were 12-14 people and I said I can’t get this done with all these people here – there was all this chaotic energy and everything. And he was explaining things and he said over there was this sphinx and I went – and all of a sudden I saw it and under that sphinx, which was no longer there, was the same doorway that I saw at Louw’s property – and I was like ding, ding, ding, ding! and OMG! Because basically I was told this is the doorway to the First World Age.

So he basically got rid of everybody very nicely and gently and they all took off and everything. I said, Listen, I gotta do something, could you guys walk out to the car and I’ll be out in a little while?

So everybody came in. I have this key that I wear all the time that was given to me a very long time ago by a Hermetic Master and he told me many many moons ago that I would be doing some very important work on the planet. So I did my thing and I heard it again – The big Yeeaaayey! And I said what, what, what, what, what? And apparently Adam’s Calendar is not just a calendar, it was a transmitting station and what it did was, it transmitted a specific frequential program and that program – was – I am unworthy, I am a slave, (audience – wow!)I am a Lulu, I am not free, I cannot make my own decisions, I need someone to make my decisions for me, (I’m getting goose bumps) I am subservient – And this is what was being beaming out the whole time – in fact Enki’s son was bizarrely buried there and I was told that that was to enhance that frequential program to keep going. I basically went in and over rode that program, so that’s done. Okay.

Audience applauds so happily.

Audience -Thank you

Alexandra – No thank you! No, thank you guys.

So when I got back to the hotel I got the most bizarre skype phone call from a psychic that I know – and I was staying in the Shamrock Hotel –which was kind of a trip and he told me – there was a question I had – haven’t you ever wondered this? – There are many many many articles and research showing that Adam and Eve were black but there are also many many many that show that they were white. He calls me and the main message that he told me was – there was black, there was white, there was yellow-skinned, there was brown-skinned and I thought OMG! It’s the World Ages, it makes sense, it goes back to the point of creation. You know that story where they sent out 7 people to 7 continents? And they all had different skin? So basically that all goes back to this Enki’s Temple and Adam’s Calendar. It’s all related.

The other thing that was mind blowing was that when I went to those two villages, in between these two villages – later on when we got on Google and we mapped it and we looked at where we thought the Congo Portal was, it was directly, directly in alignment with where we ended up doing this. You just can’t make this stuff up!

You know? I mean I knew nothing about that area.

So the last thing he said, – you have one more thing…. I said, I’m going home, I’m tired, it’s been 58 days man, I’m ready to go home, I’m tired. And he said ‘Well you got something else going on’ I said, ‘well it better not be anything else other than Michael Tellinger because that’s it, I’m done’.

So sure enough the next day I had an interview with Michael Tellinger and I don’t know if anybody has seen it or not, please do because I think it has some morsels of some things he hasn’t discussed.

Man in audience interrupts to ask ‘Alexandra will you explain a little bit about the Congo doorway? Because I don’t think that everybody is up-to-date on that – does everybody here know what the Congo vortex is’?

People in agreement that they know.

Woman – The vortex, yep, we do. The Congo invasion.

Alexandra – Thank you, he wants to make sure does everybody know what the Congo vortex is.

Another woman – It’s a very bad place.

Alexandra – yeah.

Another woman – Can I ask you a question about Atlantean energies that were still coming up?- was that stopped too or was it just wiped out?

Alexandra – Now that stopped the wormhole, that did not stop that Atlantis still exists. (Woman –its energy) And what they told me is – and this is the biggie – that we are now in a place that the dark forces can no longer intrude in our lives okay? Meaning – I’m talking external forces coming into the Earth plane – this is the reason that we were in quarantine – because not only are we concerned about the guys here who are trapped here – you know the Reptilians, the Draconians – that kind of thing, they are trapped because they don’t have the consciousness, they don’t have the vibration to be able to ascend, so they’ve been trying to kind of ride on our coat tails.

Woman –So what’s going to happen to them, are they going to go away?

Alexandra – I think many of them are going to experience a second death and I saw that in another mission I did when I was there because I kind of asked them and they said, ‘second death’ because they’ve been given countless opportunities. It’s not like they haven’t tried over and over and over again. But they’re at a place where there are so many of us that are ready to leap that the time has gotten crucial and action must have been taken and

I was also told by St Germain that God gave the Decree. Now we’ve heard this before, it’s flown around the internet a lot, but I heard that several times. God is done; it is ready to go so and there is just no more messing around. And so we felt that power and the energy behind what we did.

Woman – Can I ask one more question?

Alexandra – Sure!

Woman – Are the Annunaki and the Reptilians – Did the Annunaki make the Reptilians? And the Archons? How did reptilians come about? How much of it is AI and how did the Reptilians come about?

Alexandra –From what I know, and I’m not going to say I’m an expert, just from what I’ve read, know and received messages about, from what I know the Annunaki basically used the Reptilians and the Archons to do their dirty work. (Woman – but they already existed?) Yes, The Annunaki are an extremely very brilliant, very enlightened race believe or not…..

Man – They came from Atlantis right? Did the Anunnaki come from Atlantis?

Alexandra – I think so, I’m not sure do you know Steve? I’m not positive about it

Steve – The Annunaki comes from a similar place as the Lyrans but they didn’t come from Atlantis.

Man – Yeah, they had their own planet

A few of audience agree they had their own planet.

Alexandra – Well they’re tall but they they’ve got these bizarre heads.

(Another man says supposedly Nibirunians)

Man – Cone heads? But many channels believe that the Annunaki – many of us were Annunaki at one time.

Alexandra – Well that’s possible, I don’t believe that but that could be true, I don’t discount anything.

Man – I think we’re a combination of a bunch of different things.

Alexandra – One thing else I want to share with you, then I’m pretty much done – thank you so much for being so patient. You’ve heard of the House of Avalon – And I don’t know if you’re like me – I just couldn’t ever figure it out and Beth and I have talked about how we’re obsessed with the Fleur De Lis. Is there anybody in this room that is really into the Fleur De Lis? (Audience –What?) Alexandra – Really into the Fleur De Lis. It just totally resonates with my soul you know? And of course part of that is the St Germain ray – a lot of us came in on the purple ray.

But that’s also affiliated with Camelot which is also affiliated with the House of Avalon. And I got a little piece of information yesterday – That this is a direct link to Lyra and the Lion beings and that the Lion beings who were actually walking the planet at one time were extremely magnificently gifted, very compassionate but also very protective – you didn’t mess with them.

I’m thinking that there are many of us that are that and we are reuniting – and

we’re coming together and we’re going to make this party happen sooner rather than later.

I just want everyone to do you yourselves a favour and do me a favour. They have told me that after the 18th of October miraculous things would start occurring. The first thing that comes to my head is China – taking over the Federal Reserve – that was pretty miraculous (audience in agreement….one woman – So its really happening then?)

Alexandra – Oh yeah, and I’m a personal friend of James Gilliland and he has shared some financial systems information that blew my mind.

That’s one, and the other one was Putin – Puteen as my Russian girlfriend corrected me – people say why do you say ‘Putin?’ I have been trying to correct that on my radio shows.(Laughs) – But for he to take such a stance and say I‘m done with the United Sates, I’m done with the CIA, I’m done with being jacked around and you know that the only reason he would do that is because he is in a safe place to do so. (Audience in agreement) So you’ve got that going on.

You’ve also got the rubles not being traded with the US dollar. That’s huge news.

There are also a lot of rumblings going on within the government and Obama is being sued if you’ve haven’t already seen and they ruled him unconstitutional with this last judgement.

Man – So does that mean the new government is going to come in soon?

Alexandra –They’re suggesting it could to be any time

Now as of 12/12 supposedly all of this legally went down.

Man – 12/12?

Woman – a couple days ago.

Man – that’s almost 10 days ago now

Alexandra – Supposedly it all went down. We noticed when we came up here today and I felt it was maybe a sign – did anyone go to an ATM machine this morning? (No) We did and we went to two totally separate banks and they didn’t work at all (audience ooohhhh)

Man – somebody next to us and it didn’t work either.

Woman – I couldn’t get it to work.

Alexandra – But I wanted you guys to know – this is a confirmation – because I didn’t want to hear it, but I received this from many different guides, including Pam and she said that between December 21st and 23rd, everything changes on this planet.

Audience – cheering and applauding

Woman – Well thank you for sharing that

Man – good job

Alexandra – With that being said, I do not want to predict a date, I’m not into that at all, please I’m going out there right now. (Woman – Thank you for sharing that.)

So today’s the 21st and I didn’t even realize that’s the date and I’m here. Driving up the freeway, they said you were planting a seed and they want us so badly to understand that we are not under attack anymore like we’ve been – We are free from that stand point, not totally free but we are literally in a different place, it’s a game changer.

Man – can I ask a question?

Alexandra – sure

Man – What about leaders around the world (?)

Alexandra – They are still in office – definitely- they are the 12%. And what I think is going to happen, and is already starting to happen and I think we’ve just blogged a couple of posts – which is an advantage to Galactic Connection, I’m blogging occasionally. I’m not doing it every day like I was but I’m up there enough to kind of track what’s going on and there’s been a lot of rumblings. There’s been a lot of leaders being taken out and others put back in – and when you look at their faces I mean if you look at Putin, he doesn’t have the normal Reptilian face (audience – no) and you can tell a Reptilian a mile away (Woman – yes) and you can tell when they’re going to go down.

Guess what else? Here’s another miracle – In the country of Botswana, they have a president called Khama and he was up against a lot of fire but he is one of the very few that supports protecting the wildlife and no poaching – it’s unheard of right? – because Africa is wild Africa – they don’t have the appreciation, so much, of their animals like we do, you know how we sleep with our animals, we give them vitamins – (agreements and laughs)

They’re like, ‘they’re just outside man’ – holding the space.

He was re-voted into office despite all the slander that went down against him – so that was a biggie.

Then supposedly one of the very very very first white presidents was voted into office in one of the other African countries and it is unheard of. And this is needed and the only reason I’m bringing up the white and black thing is because over there – the blacks that suffer reverse discrimination here (US) are flip flopped. The whites are suffering big time over there. They had 2000 assassinations of white farmers (gasps) and they’ve had everything taken from them, their farms, their homes and even some of their lives. So it’s very serious over there and people are not aware of that. I know that is one of the reasons that they wanted me to speak out. They’re awesome people. I love the South Africans. God, they are such cool people. So there’s been just a lot of that.

The other thing I remind people because they always go into the paranoia about China. Well China could have brought us to our knees a long time ago guys, long ago, long ago. And the fact they’ve taken over some of our supposed debt, Federal Reserve and things like that is showing me very positive direction regarding our financial system.

So if it’s true, go out and check your ATM machines today. I’m going back and do that. I really want to see.

Man – I was taking cash with my daughter and in the morning it went to her account and zeros with my balance and in the afternoon another account did the same thing. So if you have money, take it out.

Alexandra – Interesting

Woman –If we can take it out.

Man – Do you know why the funding is still getting through for the chemtrails planes and pilots?

Alexandra – Because that 12% is still dominating that and like I said before, and this really made sense, they multidimensionally hop into the darker dimensions and the light won’t go there. So they have to pull them out, which is what we did, they have to get them to show their true colours and be able to strategically nail them.

Man – Well on a simplistic basis, to say that the Chinese are now in charge and in command of the Federal Reserve, I mean aren’t they the ones that could immediately stop that?

Alexandra – I don’t agree with that.

Another man – This is what I know – sometime at the end of last month, the HAARP bases were taken over and reversed the use for training on them.

Another man – That makes sense.

Alexandra – I heard that too and I also was told when I was in Africa that the dark have dominated the airways and they told us – I think that’s one of the things I read – they told us that no longer will the aerial frequencies be dominated by the dark. So guess what! That’s our thoughts! If we think that they own the airways still, we’re going to keep manifesting that! We’ve got to change this and that’s why all of you are here today – to help me do that. So we can get the word out, that it has changed. It is truly over. This part of it is over.

I’m not saying there aren’t going to be any bumps in the road in the future but I really do believe we are there.

They told me today on the way up here, ‘Please tell them that we are officially in the Golden Age’.

Woman – woo hoo!

Man – Have you noticed that people around you, immediate family and friends are more easy going, (Alexandra –Sure, yes) more accepting, being more open to you, asking more questions, but in the past completely rejecting you as if you were kind of crazy? Have you noticed that?

Alexandra – Yes

Woman -Yes

Another man – Actually I noticed it with my Grandmother.

Man – The process is to release – not externally.

Another man – Do you remember December 21 when it was supposed to be the end of the war? Millions of people were praying and nothing happened (Alexandra – right) so when they had all that number of people having them together, (Alexandra – yes) with the same spirit, the same energy anything could be possible.

Alexandra – I’m really glad you brought that up because I do want to go on record and say one thing about global meditations. You may notice I don’t post many of them on my website anymore. It’s not because I don’t support the people that meditate, all power to you – but what I have come to find out is that the majority of the meditations have been hijacked – because they have the technology in which to divert the energies from us who are very sincere in our intentions but when you pull these energies together, they can manipulate them. One of the people that is really big about this is Swer-?

Man – Stewart Swerdlow

Alexandra – Stewart Swerdlow

All I’m saying to you is (and I’m hearing it right now) you don’t need to have a global meditation; we just all need to be onboard and doing our thing.

Man – Do your, do your thing.

Alexandra – Yeah. Do your own thing you know? We’re powerful, we’re masters.

And they showed me this – talk about another heart wrenching moment – When I was in the middle of the ceremony, I saw myself kneeling down, I saw God, and I saw myself kneeling down and they said, this is exactly what we’re talking about! Stand up! You are masters, you are no longer enslaved! You are no longer enslaved.

And so hopefully this resonates. And either you feel it here or you don’t. But that is what I desire to bring forth. I’ve been wanting to see everyone stepping into their own power.

Even the people I stayed with – they were newbies and they kept saying, ‘Oh God I don’t have any gifts.’ I said that’s a bunch of B/S – yes have gifts. Oh no, he’d say.

He’d say we’ll take that route or that route and then we found out that was the perfect thing to do and I’d say, ‘Oh that’s right. You don’t have any gifts.’ I mean your messages come in all ways and all shapes, all sizes.

Woman – Alexandra, going back to the banks – I got from Sophia today a message from Anonymous and it said that there were 150 banks in Pennsylvania that were out of commission.

Man – A virus caused 150 banks right? A virus

Alexandra –Yeah Anonymous

Alexandra – (excited and squealing with glee) you see! It’s happening!

See that’s part of it too – did you see the other miracle that Anonymous pulled with Sony? That’s big! Sony has been part of the cabal thing and now Sony says we’re not taking this, we’re going to prove to you that the CIA was behind it. You know?

Man – History again – 2500 years ago, the Roman Empire has dominated for centuries (?) after that like in Spain – same thing

Do you think that US is now in that situation?

Alexandra – They have proven economically that each major world power holds a specific reign of time – and what happened with the US was it was artificially kept on the top – at all of our expense by the way.

So the new one is a totally different situation. I personally feel that China – and I’ve been told this also – there is a faction of Chinese that have been receiving information for thousands of years from the ‘Elders’.

I’ve also been told that each continent has been manipulated or been guided by specific alien races (Woman – Yes, I said that too) so what its getting down to is literally – that’s why we still have galactic wars going on because they have technology and information and all this stuff way beyond our comprehension. That’s why its so important for us that we don’t get triggered by the information because we don’t have all the answers, we don’t know all the details.

Man – The world is coming down because too much … (?) (Alexandra – that’s another miracle by the way) so now you can go to the gas station and pay $2.00. The gas is coming to ….(?)

Alexandra –Unbelievable!

Another man – So how is it that the stock markets are going up and the oil prices are going down? How does that work?

Alexandra – Good point!

Another man – Programming, good programming

Another man – This will answer some of our questions. Alexandra – Good, go for it.

Man – This is a lawyer that works for us and he sent an email on Friday and I posted it on facebook. Do you mind reading it? (hands to another man)

Man – The very positive reset update from Attorney Al Hodges – Most of the high-level and medium-level people both in and out of government have either been ‘wood-shedded’ and/or arrested, and now face disgrace, loss of financial advantage, loss of position-of-power, loss of official office and near-term prosecution.

In my opinion having participated in many of the events as they occurred, we are finally at the point of conclusion.

While it is very difficult to accept the inordinate amount of time this has taken, I can tell you that the acts involved were categorically required to accomplish the end goals.

As a result of now having a fuller understanding of both the end goals, and the progress to date, I will once again stick my neck out and advise you all that your journey is essentially over.

My professional opinion is based not only on what I’m told each day by those at the top of the New Powers That Be but more importantly on the status of the imminent Global Currency Reset.

Its status is important because it cannot become a public fait accompli without the US Treasury becoming a hard-metal asset-backed issuer of US currency – the very definition of ER.

Accordingly, when you publicly see the Global Currency Reset you will know that we have an asset backed currency and you will know that we have received ER. [Economic Receipt]

Every indication from every credible source is that the reset will become public today, tomorrow, the next day or certainly by January 1, 2015; most probably before Christmas.

I do not and cannot guarantee this of course; but, it does represent my professional opinion based on all available information.

I can assure you that the impact of what you are so soon to experience will mightily shatter any doubt, disbelief, bitter humour, or unhappy memories that this journey may have encouraged and supported.

As I’ve said in the past, ‘you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of your investment]. In addition, you will receive a payment for the unconscionable length of payment delay.’

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Al Hodges

Alexandra – That just blows my mind because we have been receiving the same message but I wasn’t going to talk about dates because we can’t get hung up on that.

Man – Dealing with the US treasury and the heritage funds which is called the

historical bonds redemption- the name that they gave to this. I know because for a lawyer they’ve already started paying these bonds. They started paying by the higher numbers. So that’s extremely good news.

Because before it was just a lot of hear-saying, it was going to happen, it was lining up everything. And now it’s actually the funds have been released, it’s been confirmed already.

Alexandra – And Steve and I have received some information personally that has shown that we think the money is moving but I just don’t want to get into details.

I just want to finish this off by saying that when I went to Arkansas, I met a Shaman/American Indian/Baptist. Can you believe that? (Man – Born again!) Yeah, really! And she owned a crystal mine. I have a gazillion crystals in my house but she took me into this one back room and I saw this crystal and I held it and I held it and I couldn’t let go of it and I said, ‘How much is it?’ ‘Oh my that’s very rare.’ ‘Come on, how much is it?’ ‘I don’t know man, it’s a very special crystal, it’s called a golden healer, I don’t know.’ This went on for probably half an hour. And finally at the very end she gifted this to me.

I’m going to pass it around the room because this is my baby.

This is transmitter and a receiver and this is in every one of my ceremonies, in the middle. (Man – And it’s a record keeper) it’s also a record keeper and I felt it. They’re actually feeling frequencies in here right now.

Man – where in Arkansas?

Alexandra – You know what I think they’re closing down.

Man – Mount Ida

Alexandra – Mount Ida.  You can read all about that, it’s up on my website – the mission that I did. I mean there are a lot of details on crystals. And the other thing is, get this – if you look at this there’s like triangles and sacred geometry. This is from Namibia, Africa. It was taken right out of the land. This was another gift that was given to me while I was doing my mission work in Africa so I know that’s also extremely special.

Anyway, other than that, that’s it!


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