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microphone (1)Alexandra Meadors, Me, Myself and I on September 16, 2014

Hello everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is September 15th, 2014 [airs 16th], I hope that is the correct date. I’ve kind of lost track of time due to the schedule that I’ve been carrying lately. I am going to be doing something a little bit different today. As you all know this is a very sad time for me and all of those who have worked side by side with Reverend Pam Plauche. She just passed away on September 11th, of this year, and what I found fascinating was that she chose that day to leave this earthly world. And I can’t stop thinking of the fact that that was a very deliberate choice on her part because I found out totally by accident the week before that she was fading very quickly and I was shocked because the way in which it occurred took many, many of us by surprise.

What I’m called to do today is to share with you the story behind all of this because I think that many of you deserve to know what she went through, what we’ve all gone through. And as I am talking with you right now a beautiful, beautiful red and gray butterfly landed right on my feet. It’s almost as though Pam is making herself known to me. It’s hard for me because I don’t want to break down. I kind of have gone through the mourning process last week. But now that it is final and she has left this world I’m kind of processing that. But honestly, everyone, this is a message of positivity and hope and I hope that with what I share with you today you will fully walk away comprehending the complexity to all of this.

So I’m going to start with how I met Pam – some of this might be a repetition of what you have already heard before – but I’m going to put all of the pieces together and hopefully, I’ll be able to paint a much clearer picture as to what we are now realizing is the purpose of us being together. And I would also like to add that I took a very much needed vacation and I’m on the other side of the world now, frankly, and really spending some time with Spirit to get some clarity as to the next step of my life. So at this point I would just like to give you a little bit of background.

I met Pam in a CE-5 training group and we instantaneously hit it off. One of the things that I always recognized about her was she was so much bigger than – her energetic field was just so massive, she had just so much power and so much strength. And when she would laugh it would literally fill up the whole entire place and everyone would laugh with her. She has an unique laugh, I think that those that know her know what I am talking about. And it just came from the depths of her soul so it was very contagious. But the other thing that I really respected about Pam was her strength, her absolute undying commitment to be there to serve others and she really had just a massive calling for that.

And as I began to get to know her, it was very funny because the gentleman that was running the CE-5 group, he actually had to kind of pass me by her to see if she approved of me. It was kind of funny and he gave the thumbs up and he said, oh, she really liked me and she wanted to talk to me live. And that kind of started our friendship. And now looking back on it, it was all so divinely guided in order for us bring forth the things that we ended up doing together.

So at that the time I became very aware that she was something way more than what she claimed to be. As you all know, I have just an immense amount of injuries from that accident I had in 2001 and I have had a lot of complications or ongoing unwinding issues with my body, because of that experience. And so I called her one day to ask if she would be willing to do a healing and she said, of course. She didn’t even hestitate. And the first thing that she did for me was so profound, and I had had so many healings with so many other people that I knew that this was a very unique soul. She was bringing forth something far than just the healing energies, far more than just, what would you say, far more than just the unwinding of whatever the ailment was. I knew that there was something else to her.

She was quite an enigma to me for a very long time because she was very, very private and very, very – kind of solitary. She didn’t allow a lot of people into her field and so much of that was because of the kind of work that she was doing. She was – what she called – very targeted by the dark and satanic attack and it was something that which was – if not daily, it was ongoing each day that she did an immense amount of work to clear that, and to keep herself in a safe and neutral space. She even went so far as to choose a little apartment, for lack of a better term, it was a home behind another home, a teeny place upstairs and it was nestled in this grove of trees. And she actually lived in the town of Flower Mound which I just found very interesting.

So what I found later as I got to know her more and more was, I felt very honored because she naturally trusted me and she began to share things with me that she had not shared with other people and I really took that to heart. I was very honored to be her friend. And at the same time, that was not very common for her to open up to you or to tell you about herself. It was always what could she do for us. That was always how could she help and it was just so very rare that the focus was on her. And I used to complain about that, you know, how can we help you, Pam. And she would say, oh no, I’ve got everything under control.

So, anyway, then came the time where, as everybody knows, I was really struggling with my twin flame and his addictions and his pain, oh my god, his deep, deep, deep, deep pain. And because of that, I was just going crazy trying to find answers, just where can we find these answers and find out what else can I do to live my mission, live my purpose, when my other half was still really stuck in all of that trauma. So I went to Pam and I ended up finding out so much information about myself, about Steve, about Pam.

And one of the things that she ended up finally telling me later that she did not want me to share with anybody, but now that she has passed I think it is okay, and that is that she began having physical visitations by Christ from the time, she said, that she remembers, I believe, she said, she was two or four years old. And he would appear at the end of her bed. And Pam grew up in a very abusive home. There was a lot of verbal, and physical, and sexual abuse, so she went through a lot of pain in the early on years. And because of that she said that her actual visitations from Christ were what got her through. She also was born with her gifts intact and she ended up finding that this became truly a gift for her, instead of a bummer, or you know, something that omg I’ve got these gifts but I really don’t want the responsibility. So she grew into her gifts, was what I think she told me, and they just became more and more powerful and the visitations kept coming. In fact, they became more numerous.

She said one of her first experiences with Him that was very, very profound was, she was at school and she was sitting on a swing and she felt very left out and very strange because she was a starseed and he arrived at her swing and began to swing her. And she was actually swinging and away from all of the rest and they were having a conversation. And this definitely gave her peace while at the same time all the other people in her school thought she was really weird. And she was telling them that Christ was visiting her and they were all making fun of her and putting her down and picking on her and stuff, and one day one of her nuns stood up in front of the class and said, ‘does anybody know what Pam sees? Can anybody honestly say that they don’t see exactly what Pam sees?’ And nobody could of course, and it was amazing, she said, it was a turning point in her life because the nun said, ‘Then I never want to hear anyone pick on Pam again for who she feels is visiting her.’ And that ended up empowering her greatly. And it ended up even magnifying and amplifying the communication and the response that she was getting from Christ.

So as time went by, you know, she had a very strong connection to the American Indians and the Cherokees. She was very much into the Cherokee and actually had Cherokee blood and had done some trainings with shamans and things like that. And then, she started doing a lot of healings and realized that she had a gift.

And then all of a sudden when she and I met and we started getting acquainted, I finally confided in her about, my god, my twin flame, and this is just incredibly painful. Because if you aren’t with your twin flame, you really – I get so many emails from so many of you that just desperately want to meet your twin flame. And what I always say to people is, don’t go there. Don’t push it, don’t try to go up the river as they say, because it’s a very challenging relationship. And it’s one in which when things are not working out well and the other person is struggling or having challenges or whatever, you feel everything because now he is part of you. It’s not the same. I know many of you are saying well, I feel that already with my spouse, or my boyfriend or girlfriend, or whatever. It’s not the same. It’s almost as though they are an appendage, okay.

So when they’re struggling you have to really get to a place where you are not going to struggle. And this has been a tremendous – as I learned from her – this has been a real tremendous training ground for me and honestly, I know at least, I would say that come to mind – at least maybe three or four other sets of twin flames – and what I find fascinating is that all of them have a very much similar pattern to ours, which is one of them has had, or still has, challenges with addictions. One of them has been phenomenally targeted through the childhood years and their childhoods were so challenging, in fact, that they caused significant delays in their development even spiritually, metaphysically, etcetera. So I just want to say that to everyone. We tend to put these things out there where the grass is always greener on the other side, and it’s not.

I commend the twin flames that are out there, that are completely, totally, in union and in total balance. But let me tell you, it is work, and it is work 24/7. It’s not like the normal relationship. So just know what you are asking for, okay, because when you’re in a major manifestation mode in the planet right now, if you really want something, it’s going to come. But just be aware because you’re going to learn that as much as you think you’re so together, that you’ve done a lot of your work, that you are really in a very centered state of peace, and mind, and spirit and soul, etcetera, what happens is one you hook up with your twin flame a lot of that goes out the window, you know, because there is just not anything that can hide from the twin flame. Because you are mirroring each other.

And when I went to Pam about this, one of the things that she told me was, this is the fast track to what we term the ascension process. Which I want to talk about in a minute. She said, it is the absolute fastest way to leap in consciousness. And obviously, I just explained to you why. So Pam did some mind-blowing healings on Steve, which was one of the reasons that I was just Wow. Steve has had quite a few healings as well for his trauma, as I’ve shared with people in the past, being the subject of not only verbal abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even spiritual abuse. So Steve kind of took it all on when he came back, this last life time. And we both feel that when he is complete in his healing he will actually be healing a very large layer that’s been kind of sitting on the planet.

And I feel that there’s a lot of us out there that are doing that right now. Because we truly are not just blazing a trail, we’re clearing the densities by doing the work on ourselves. And depending on how much work that you’ve done and the vibrational level that you’re at, depending how powerful you feel that you are, and depending on how much you’ve acknowledged the mastery will determine how far and wide your healing spreads throughout the world and heals others. So I just kind of wanted to throw that out there.

So anyway, what ended up happening was, Pam called me up one day and I was crying and many of you have heard this story, and that is when I said, I just don’t know, I can’t do this this anymore, it’s just too painful, this isn’t my pain, this isn’t my childhood, I’ve kind of sifted through all of my stuff and this is just too much for me. And I remember her actually kind of crying on the phone with me. It was so – not of this world that day. And I just felt the maternal spirit and her cloak of love and harmony around me and she basically said that I just want you to know that I’m here for you, and I also want you to know that you have a mission together. There is a purpose for why you’ve come together and you have that mission together, but I’m not going to tell you that you have to stay with him. Don’t feel that you have to be imprisoned in misery just for the sake of the Spirit or the planet or anything.

And all of a sudden, because we both were kind of crying, we were very sad, that’s when the big lightening bolt occurred. And that’s when we both ended up receiving information about the bioetheric implants and the fact that we were given information on how to successfully remove them. And, you know, it was so mind-boggling to both of us that she said, I’ve got to go, I’ve got to process this. I got off the phone as well and I immediately started receiving messages from St. Germain. I went into my workshop, so to speak, and started writing all the things that I was to do. It wasn’t even quite clear yet as to what was going on. Well, when Pam called me back the next day, we both realized that this was such a divinely orchestrated process that we were bringing forth.

It was almost as if in my mind’s eye, I felt as if God had handed me this golden platter and had said, okay, we have selected you to bring forth, because you are both pure in Spirit, you’re both pure in Mind, as far as you’re not just about yourselves. We both definitely had the yearning and the fire – it’s really just a fire that consumes you to really make a difference on this planet, to really lessen the pain and the suffering. It’s a big deal for me, you know, to maintain the compassion to release and free all those that are oppressed by whatever it is. So we then – I just kind of put a letter together, the words just flew through my hands and my fingertips into the computer and I put it up there and Bam! the orders started coming in. It was just amazing. I hadn’t even advertised, and Bam, the first thing that I knew.

And because we had experienced it and Steve ended up becoming completely free of his addiction to alcohol overnight – we knew there was something to these implants. We really knew that there was something far greater than we saw that was running our lives and because of how much we got so much into it, we really realized that we needed to do some more research. So we started watching all of you that were coming in for the implant removal process, and of course, Ari is a good example of that where it took her about 30+ days and then all of a sudden she realized this huge shift by an event that really brought home to her that change in her perception of things.

So I have been receiving messages from Pamela the past couple of days and it’s been difficult because I didn’t know if I was ready. I didn’t know if she was ready. But one of the things that she really wanted me to do was to share a little bit more of the details, just some of the little odds and ends things that maybe I haven’t shared before on the interviews. And the one thing that we’ve become very aware of is that these implants – they are biopheric, they are alive, and this is what a lot of people don’t realize is, this is why it’s not the standard kind of removal thing like you might receive from the typical healer for these physical extraterrestrial implants. It’s very, very different than that and even the etheric implants from the abductions and connections and communications that we receive from the Galactics – in some cases they can actually can be very benevolent so we don’t want to remove those.

But what Pam was being shown, and for a long time we were actually told not to go into too much detail for reasons such as her protection, my protection and etcetera. But now, she is saying to me that now that she is on the other side of the veil she is able to provide so much more guidance and protection for me and the rest of the Galactic Connection team and she wants me to share some of this stuff. So one of the things that I noticed right away when we started doing this was how difficult some of these extractions are. And they are similar to a psychic surgery and yet different, okay. And they are nothing to mess around with because if the extraction process is addressed not properly then the person can really suffer and they can even – we are told – they could even die. So this is why Pam was chosen to do this.

And apparently this was something that was part of her mission before she left, was to make sure that this whole thing was launched properly and that people are able to feel safe and confident and know that they could receive a feeling of freedom, a feeling of harmony that they had never felt before. So what then happened was she, when she started to dive into these, she started seeing what these really are, and in fact, it was so intense that when I had one conversation with her she said, I just really don’t want to talk about it. Because the more that we talk about it, the more – it’s like they are listening. And one thing that I got really clarity on was they are very, very cunning and very aware, very, very aware. Why do I tell you this? It’s certainly not to create fear but to make you aware that when you sign up for the implant removal process understand that these are alive things. And they know that when you finally have made your commitment to free yourself from them, from the parasitical relationship that you’ve had with them for such a long time, they are typically not going to go without kicking and screaming.

And this happens with some people, not with everyone, some are worse than others, and we have no idea why. But they like their life, they’re sucking off of you. They are sucking off of your energy field, and they’re sucking off of your emotional trauma and drama and your ectoplasm. So they really love that and when you start breaking away from that pattern they kind of freak out. And so, our whole experience with this has been an ongoing learning and an ongoing process for us. To the point that even on my end, I’ve made adjustments which have really worked, by the way. I made adjustments where at the time that you take the essences and the oils there is a built-in protection grid, that is immediately beginning and being built around you to protect you from further psychic attack. So we have noticed that the number of you that go through that process diminishes.

Now when I have asked Pam, you know, why are some people experiencing that and not others she told me point blank she says it’s because of the fear. So for whatever reason if you’re experiencing that, it’s because there is a fear that is either buried within you or you are somewhat aware of it, that you need to let go. And remember this is a process. This is like, seriously folks, this is like a shamanic journey. It’s an initiation. It’s going from who you were and literally allowing that old part of you to die off. If you really want the freedom, you also have to contemplate your part of it which is to free yourself from those repeating thoughts, those repeating emotions that you allow to become repetitive, so let them go. So there’s a lot of allowance, and just knowingness, that your back is covered.

Now when I came on my vacation – I’m visiting another twin flame couple by the way – and I was talking to them one night, and I just got into this discussion and they said, ‘my god, why don’t you tell people this,’ and I said ‘I don’t know, I guess it just never came up.’ So I want to give you a little bit more information about what’s actually in the essences. So this is for the implant removal process, because each process is a little different.

But for IRP it’s a seven stage process with the essence itself. This is the custom formulas. I made seven custom formulas for this process and so what happens is, I’m bringing you through an actual energetic initiation first before. I’m kind of preparing you on the energetic plane before you even go into the extraction process, by the way. And I’m calling you forth to see how badly do you really want to step into your mastery and mission. And I will ask you various questions. I literally will speak with you on the inner plane with your Higher Self and I also call in your spirit from the point of Creation. This is something that I got from Jerry which is very profound. I also work with your guidance as well. And my guidance is massive, you know, I work with a ton of different dimensional realms and legions of light. And always, always, calling forth the purest light and love possible.

And so, the first thing that I’m going to do is, I’m going to ask you or challenge you on whether you are ready to let go of the 3D baggage. I mean, are you ready to let go of that so you can move forth? So you can step forward and become the evolving master and teacher that you came here to be. And then, I check to see what level of healing that you’re needing. So I’m going over these with you. The first level is a general healing of all the bodies and everything from deep, deep, deep pain, soul pain, that kind of thing. The second one is I’m working with you on coping with the immense amount of change that you’re going through and that you will have the wherewithall to kind of slide through it. The third one is about providing you the nurturing and the love and the safety and the security. And you just knowing that your back is covered and there’s no need for you to go into fear and doubt.

And then the fourth one is proclaiming that you are standing tall in who you are and your truth, not being afraid to do that around others, even those that make fun of you, or think you are ridiculous because of what you are and what you believe in. And calling forth you as a leader and example for all of those around you. Because literally we are initiating you and we are anointing you into your next phase of becoming the master that you are. And then we also call forth the holding, being able to hold these changes and all that is involved, being able to stand strong and not go backwards, not go back to the old you but really, truly embrace the new you.

And then I also work with assimilation, especially right now, because we are getting so blasted with so much change that it is very, very challenging for many of us to run as fast as the changes are occurring – like keeping up with it. And if you keep up with it, it’s like it’s excitment. It’s cool. But if you feel like you’re always fifteen steps behind it can become very frustrating, so that’s another component. And then one of the final ones is, reminding you of your power and reminding you that when you step into it, never, ever, ever do you forget the need for humility. Never forget that you were where humanity once was and you are here to volunteer your time and to assist humanity through this process. Even though we ourselves physically in every other way are going through the same thing.

So then what I do after that, and remember, this is just my piece of it, then what I do after that is I check to see if there is any other homeopathic needs that you have. I look into – I have just thousands of remedies, by the way. I have quite a -what would you call it – a dispensary, a repetoire, and I will test to see if there is anything else that you’re testing for. And then I go through a whole regimen where I test you to see – there are like nine core obstacles and impediments that are keeping us from really breaking free. So I go through those. I can give you a couple of examples, but I don’t have the page right now. But you know, everything from obstinance, psychic attack, sorrow and depression, those are some of the examples. So I will work with you on that level and select the appropriate homeopathics for you and then I’ll see if there is any additional essences that you will be calling for, because I have a zillion of those.

And then I go through the whole process of blessing the actual essence. Excuse me, I’m going to put my paper down. And I go through a whole scenario where I’m literally working directly with God and I work with you within the vortex of light and I’m proclaiming that all opportunities are coming to you, that all love, health, happiness and joy are now yours. And you have the capacity now, to allow that to come into your life. That you have the capacity to let go of the resistance to receive that in your life. Because this is what I am seeing in a lot of my essence work. So I work with that. And then I also work with helping you to remember who you are and having you stepping out of your 3D suit. I will call forth new neural pathways. And all sorts of things. I mean it just goes on and on, in order for you to receive the essence that will absorb in whatever core part of your essence and being and bodies that is needed, that it will go to the very depths of your soul in the location where it needs to go. And then, that’s just one part of what I do with the essences.

And then after that I then call you in to reconnect you with your star family, and it’s amazing because they are so anxious to make contact with us. I remember somebody said maybe just two or three weeks ago, and I can’t remember who it was, and they were saying that 98.2% of all the Galactic Beings are of the light and it’s unfortunate on this planet that we are so aware of the 1.8 that are of the dark. Isn’t that sad, you know? So it is kind of our role to bring forth – letting go of that fear and knowing that we have a lot of support and we do have a countless amount of races that really want to help us through this transition period. So that’s another part of what I do.

And the final part is where I actually place your essence in a crystal cave and I proclaim that when you are ready, you exit where you have guidance and you have direction and you have purpose and you become knowing of your mission and who you are. So that’s just my process. I’m telling you that for $144 bucks you guys are really getting a good deal. That’s just the essences.

And then the oils were divinely guided as to what I was to create – again I don’t have the paperwork, I’m on the other side of the world right now – but a very, very strong oil, of course, I put my alchemy into it. And then I ship out the package and I send it out to you and many of you have written into me to say that you are already feeling the shift when I make it and that is very true. Because I am already connected with you on the inner plane, so it is already starting to work.

Some people will ask me, ‘why do I have to take it physically?’ Because we are in physical bodies. There really and truly is a need for many of us to have the physical manifestation taken. And the body actually really likes it. The body is really grateful when we do that, rather than always being energetic. A lot of times, I know I am so guilty of that as well, but we are such energetic bunnies that we tend to think, oh you know, I just do a lot of energy work I really don’t have to think about the body, and that isn’t true. The body definitely needs some physicality attention just like the energy bodies do.

So anyway when that’s accomplished, then you set up the appointment with Jerry Yusko, I was about to say Pam, oh my god. And I want to talk a little bit about this because there’s been a lack of clarity and I apologize for that, for any of you out there that are first time listeners to this process. But at this point, you are going to set up an appointment and when you are getting prepared for the implant removal, I highly recommend that you take it very seriously. You always make sure that you are resting or sleeping.

Now some of you want to experience whatever feeling that you have. But what we have done is, Jerry really wants me to let everyone know that we have guided to make this as seamless as possible. So if you are walking away and you’re saying I didn’t feel a thing, we have received some of this information from Pam, and it’s important for you to understand that there’s no necessity to have to feel these things being pulled out of you. I mean if you want it, that’s cool. But it’s truly based on your perception of trust, isn’t it? And just because you didn’t feel anything – and I see this on a lot of healers’ websites, by the way – just because you didn’t feel anything, does not mean that it was not done.

And for what ever reason, and I’m just going to put this out there, I think that some people don’t feel as much because they had more ancient karmic ties associated with those bioetherics and it’s so ancient and it’s in some other distant timeline that it’s more seamless. For me, that was not the case, but of course I was the guinea pig, and I would never want people to go through what I went through. So, seriously, because it was very painful. And now we have worked that all out. So nobody really has to go through that anymore.

But, let me see, where was I? I would also like to address how Jerry came into all of this. So I did not know how ill Pam was. She did not know how ill she was. She really only thought that she had some neck and back injuries. And she just kept telling me, oh my god, I have spent so much time on the computer and it’s really wacked my back out. She would go to the chiropractor and the chiropractor would tell her that she was in misalignment and he would adjust her and then she would feel really good. And she would come back home and would feel okay for awhile. So this was kind of like her life for awhile.

And I mean literally, towards the end of, I think it was July 28th, in fact, towards the end of July, was when we finally found out that she was in so much pain that she was going to have to stop. And even then she kept thinking that a vertebrate was out or she had cracked an vertebrate or it was something like that. And she just felt she hadn’t gotten down to the bottom of it and neither had the chiropractor. And I told her, at that point, that’s it, you’re going to take a few weeks off, you need to have some rest, you need a lot of healing on yourself. You’ve been taking care of everybody else and you need really to focus on yourself. And as I was saying that I was realizing that I was talking to myself as well because, seriously, everybody, Pam and I were working around the clock. We were so excited of discovering this process and the receiving of the information of these process. It was such an honor that we both often kind of giggled about, oh my god, what would it be like to have a day off?

And so, she took her two weeks off and that was kind of overwhelming because then I had to handle her emails and correspondence as well as everything I was covering. But at the end of the two weeks was when I realized that something had gone awry. And that’s when I didn’t hear from her. She didn’t return my calls and we had people scheduled. She said she would be back in two weeks and we had people scheduled for removals and we didn’t hear back from her and we were hearing back from the people of the first day that she was supposed to come back and they were like, ‘we didn’t hear from Pam, I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t feel a presence or anything.’ So literally it was in 48 hours of the day that she was supposed to come back she fell and broke two ribs and ended up in the hospital. And for eight days her family shut us out. We were not able to have any contact with her. We didn’t know what hospital that she went to. In fact our friend, Pablo, made 26 phone calls and we couldn’t find her anywhere. It was just amazing and it was heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking because I wanted to be there for her. And Steve and I would just cry because we didn’t know what was going on.

Well, in the meantime, without knowing all of this was going on, because it’s just so fascinating it is the way we operate on our higher plane, you know. As you all know, I have had Jerry on the radio show probably four times and he’s become a very close personal friend. I used to jokingly call him my brother. I thought nothing of it because I have done that with a few men here and there that I’ve become comfortable, fun, and close to. And I just didn’t think much about it. And the more that we got together, the more the resonance I had with Jerry. I found him to be very pure and very innocent in many ways. And yet he was just so profound. He would just start talking about the things that he has learned and he is like Pam, he was born with his gifts. He had an amazing background and also one which was highly abused, highly physically abused. He had a lot of turmoil in his childhood.

And so, when Pam was asking me one day, this was what was a telltale sign, she asked me one day, she was working with a healer and she wanted to – because when you do this you have to constantly be cleansing yourself and clearing yourself – and she was talking to me about branching out and would I recommend another healer that she would trust or whatever. And I gave her a couple of names but the one that she was the most receptive to was Jerry. So I even asked her, there were some cases that would come in that she wanted someone else that had incredibly – how can I say this – I know all of you healers out there will relate – there’s a lot of different kinds of healers and everyone of us plays a different role. Not everybody is providing the same type of healing. We tend to generalize it and it really doesn’t work that way. So Pam kind of wanted to hand off some of the much more intense cases where it was getting into a lot more difficulty, a lot of darkness, and it would require an immense amount of protection work.

And what I finally found out was that she allowed Jerry to take those cases. That was a huge realization to me that she really trusted him. So the next thing that I knew, we started talking about – would Jerry be willing to do some healings on her. And that was a major, kind of thumbs-up to me, and I already felt that way because I had had a few healings from Jerry and I still to this day, I am very good – I can’t think of the right word – I’ve just had so many different types of healings because of the accident and the trauma that I went through those eleven years that I felt a very amazing shift when Jerry would work on me. So anyway, so time went by. I didn’t think anything of it, Pam didn’t say much of anything, and Jerry didn’t say much of anything, and then one day Jerry and I met at a Starbucks.

It had been a long time since we had spoken and I said, Jerry, I just really have to tell you something that’s been coming through. I’ve been getting messages lately, and I’m not really clear on where this is all going but I just need to see what you have to say. Well, Pam had told me that she found out, through all of this visitation with Christ, that she was told over and over again that she was Mary Magdalene, that that was one of her past lives. And she really didn’t wanted to come out and say that because she didn’t want anybody’s judgments, or perceptions attached to it, she wasn’t trying to be something bigger or better or, you know, it just is what it is. And at that moment, she ended up telling me that I was Sarah her daughter. And it took me a long time to process that. There’s not a whole lot of information out there about Sarah. Any of you who get information on Sarah, please send it my way, by the way. But I said, ‘wow, that is very interesting,’ then she said, ‘yes, and Steve is one of my sons.’ And I was like wow, that is kind of interesting. So that was awhile back.

And that day when I was talking to Jerry I finally came clean and I told him. And he cocked his head and he looked at me and he said, ‘yes, yes, wow, I see you. I see you.’ And he said ‘Well, I guess that we’re being really honest, I guess I’ve been receiving messages like crazy for these last two, three, four months and they’ve been telling me that I was one of the sons of Jeshua.’ And I just looked at him and he looked at me and I said, ‘Oh my god, we truly have re-united to do this work.’ And I told him about Pam and I called Pam and Pam said, ‘Yes, I agree, that Jerry was indeed my son.’ ‘Wow,’ I said. So I just wanted everyone to know that, that she’s clearly passed the torch on to him. It was all divinely guided, I guess, on an inner plane. Jerry knew and he even told me that he was preparing for this literally for months. He didn’t realize that Pam was going to disappear from the scene on the physical level, but he was being told to do certain things to get prepared for stepping into this role.

And I have to tell you he has taken all of Pam’s knowledge and wisdom because I know she shared things with him but all of his own amazing knowledge and wisdom. And I think it’s bigger and better than ever, honestly. Why not? We are joining two master healers together you just get more benefits. And what’s really cool is, we have upgraded the reports so they’re even more detailed and showing more information and what kind of attachments you had, what types of beings that are connecting to you, or are attached to you. So as again, we are just trying to go the extra mile because for us we really take it seriously that you trusted us with your being. And from the bottoms of our souls we take it very seriously too.

And that’s what I really respect and admire about Jerry. He is very, very serious about his work and makes sure that each and every person receives that Christ Consciousness anointment and freedom. So with that said, I also want to really specify again, I think that it’s absolutely absurd to have this done to you and have an expectation that is based on something that someone wrote on a testimonial or based on a friend of a friend who said, omg, this happened to me. Every single one of us is different and we are such complex creatures. You are preventing the message from coming forth when you shut it down by getting disappointed because you didn’t feel something. Or you didn’t have some sirens going off or some bells ringing within 30 days. I’m telling you, it is a process. And I’ve had people write in to me 6 or 9 months later profusely thanking us because they didn’t get it, they didn’t see it, they didn’t recognize it until later that that is the process. That it took them more time. They needed to integrate more.

And this is huge. Integration is one of the biggest things about afterwards. That is one of the things that I recommend for all of you to ask for on a daily basis – that is, that integration will be sufficient and be thorough. So there’s no better or worse. I know we are all feeling really impatient, and trust me, I am too, but I am noticing now after the Soul Alignment and the DNA Activation I’m noticing now, later on, let’s see, those were done, I think those were done five months ago for me. I’m just starting to notice now some of the acceleration of my gifts, okay. I didn’t say to myself, oh god, it didn’t work. If you know who we are, if you have the compunction to place the order and you’ve been divinely guided, allow it to take place. Don’t have expectations.

The same goes for when you go to a seminar, and if you go there with an expectation and it didn’t play out in the way that you thought and you didn’t think you learned anything, you always know later down the road, as you’re talking to someone and you’re having dinner with them and you just reminisce about and you say, ‘oh I went to this seminar, da-da-da-da, yeah, it was kind of a bomb.’ But ultimately, we all know that we are placed divinely in a specific place, time, location at all times. Nothing is by accident. Especially now. So I’ll ask you to trust us, trust the fact that you placed the order. Trust in your Higher Self, that’s a biggie. Trust in the fact that this is so divinely guided that it’s not even funny.

And for those of you who feel compelled to fully take this all the way to the end, the Soul Alignment – I just read the other day and I was just blown away how plugged in Pam really was. Because now what is coming forth, a lot of the information that is coming forth from some of the master teachers is that it’s all about getting the Soul prepared and aligned with the body, this is the latest. Well, that’s what the Soul Alignment is doing. It giving you that boost. It gives you that kick in the you-know-what to get to that place. It prepping you.

And the essences are so complex that I created. I created those from scratch. Those were made – some of the ingredients are gold, frankincense and myrrh, by the way, and they’re made by scratch. They were created with my whole heart and soul and all of my guidance and support and they were created at a very special time planetarily, around the full moon, and so they are there to assist in not only grounding you, which means once again getting comfortable to be in your body. One of the things that I see a lot, when I’m doing essences for people is, they’re having an incredibly difficult time incarnating because they never fully incarnated their energetic field into their physical body. I see this a lot with starseeds and people that do a lot of lightwork. And we are called now to do that. We really need to be in alignment so the essences are really helping you to do that.

And you notice that when I am giving you the oils I am asking you to put them on the soles of your feet. Well, one of the first things that came in that was shown to me through Christ was that I myself am anointing you, just like Mary anointed Jesus, anointing your feet, okay. I am spiritually and energetically there with you to do that. To honor you, to honor you as a master. The only thing that keeps us from our mastery, seriously, is what we think about ourselves. It’s not ‘do we have the gifts,’ because we all know that we do. It’s not that ‘oh, she’s better at it,’ it’s what we think, what we feel about ourselves. So our little piece with the Soul Alignment and the DNA Activation is to really help you to step into your mastery fully and completely and get you prepared, as the light continues and it’s going to. You know, we’re in for some really intense moves and changes this year. We’re doing our best to support you as best that we can.

Because most of you are definitely going to lead the masses. You’re going to go and disperse yourselves around the world and you’re going to lead all of these people. And we are part of assisting you and getting prepared for that. And it’s such an honor.

I want to thank all of you that are taking the time to listen to this, that are allowing me to speak openly about myself and my marriage and Pam and Jerry. I really appreciate all the tenderness and the understanding that you guys have given me through this process. You guys are incredible. You know, I wake up every day just kind of going Wow. I’m so blessed. And you are too. You know, we all are. And the greatest thing that could ever happen to me is to know and to hear that each one of you steps into your unique gifts.

It’s kind of like that – what’s the name of that movie – where they’re talking about how each person is a super-being and they all have really interesting gifts – oh you know what, I’m thinking of Forty Four Hundred. I don’t know if anyone has seen that. And they all have those neat, unique gifts, but the problem is they don’t have a way to control their gifts.

Well, we do, and we are about to step into it. So you know, it’s not just all about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, right? It’s so much more than that. And what you do, what your gift is, what you bring forth to the world is so very important at this time. It’s a very important time to truly allow yourself to know that you are a Master. Just know it. Honestly, you wouldn’t be listening to this radio show if you weren’t.

So anyway, I also wanted to let all of you know that I literally got to the place where I was so exhausted I had to take a vacation. I think some of you know that I’m supposed to be going to a mission with Kevin Annett in Ireland and that got delayed, many have asked me, that got delayed because of the threat on Kevin’s life. So that is to remain scheduled in the near future. However, I went ahead and took a vacation and I am now about to do some pretty major work here. I got here and there’s been just one miracle after another and another and another, so I will keep you posted on that.

I’ll give you a little hint that I’m probably going to being doing the interview that I spoke about with Michael Tellinger, but I will be doing it LIVE, in person. And that’s pretty exciting. I also want to thank those of you who assisted me. I just want everyone to know that when I chose to come here to South Africa my husband awoke screaming and had a very horrible dream about my death and they showed him three scenarios. And he was so upset about it that he refused to even take me to the airport because he thought I was going to my death.

So I want to thank those of you and all the powers that – all of the light and the power for the beings of light that assisted me, for helping me to get here safely and securely. I know that because of this there’s something extremely important to do here. And the one thing have connected the dots on is, this truly is the cradle of humanity and it very much feels like going back to the point of Creation here. So we will be doing some work here. I think I will keep it quiet right now because of the obviousness of what I just told you. And I look forward to share those experiences with you in the future. If you have not read my mission across the United States please do so, because you will get an idea of some of the work that I will be doing over here. I’m going to take a much needed rest and I will still be available and to create the alchemy and the essences, so don’t worry about that, but for the most part I’m just going to take some chill time. I feel that I really needed it.

Lastly, if you have any questions or you need to ask any additional information than what’s already out there, please feel free to drop us a line. You can always drop an email with Marie, my assistant, and that’s marie@galacticconnection.com or you can always drop an email with steven@galacticconnection.com.

So I just wanted to share that with all of you. And one other thing is that’s becoming very apparent to me is this whole word about ‘ascension,’ you know, we keep talking about ascending, we’re always talking about going ‘up,’ rising to heaven, that kind of thing. And really what I’m just becoming more and more clear and clean on is we are ‘descending.’ We are having the marriage with the body. We are having the union and I actually think that we are getting ourselves prepared for Mother Earth to drop her mantle, which is the Earth that we actually live on, and become the star that she already is or will become again, because she was once, right? And I think that’s why there is more of a descension going on. We are going back to the point of Creation, we are going back to singularity, we are going back to the descension into the Earth. If you think about it there’s a lot of planets out there but they all live within the Earth. They don’t live on top of the Earth. So I kind of leave you with that, just ponder it, it’s very profound thing to think about.

And I just want to send you all love and light. Thank you for listening to me today. I normally don’t do this myself, but I was very prompted to do so. So have a wonderful week and I will talk to you next week. Lots of love. Take care everyone. Bye.

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