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microphone (1)April 22, 2014 Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors Interview
Galactic Connection Radio

Alexandra: Hello, hello everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is Tuesday, April 22, 2014. We are coming off of a pretty heavy-duty energetic weekend, with Easter on Sunday. Whoo. I don’t know how you guys got through that whole weekend but it was very profound and intense. So I thought at this time who better to bring on than Kevin Annett. He has an amazing announcement today. And for those of you that were not able to check it out on his website which is itccs.org, he has actually made an announcement about an Emancipation Proclamation. And it’s really, really exciting. I just want to read a little bit of this to you if you didn’t have a chance to view it. But basically he is calling forth “the Vatican, the Church of Rome, its officers, clergy, adjunct and derivative bodies, is now and forever abolished and disestablished as a corporate and a spiritual body.” Oh my god. This is historical, guys. This is a game-changer for our planet. This is going to affect every single, solitary institution out there if you think of the way money flows throughout the planet. He also states that they have “violated and waged unrelenting war on God and humanity through its history of crime, murder, apostasy, child sacrifice and idolatry, and thereby repudiated its covenanted requirement of duty to uphold the honor of Heaven and Earth, and the life and dignity of mankind, the Church of Rome has nullified its basis for existence and brought upon itself the status of a renegade transnational criminal organization in the eyes of God and Man, and under the laws of both heaven and earth.”

And what I ask all of you now is, with the immense amount of work that he has done in bringing this forth, what are each of you going to do to keep this moving in the right direction? You may be thinking, who me? Just little old me? How can I do anything? How can I make a difference? But you can. One of greatest things you can do is to study up on common law. And I again remind all of you that we will be continuing a series of interviews reviewing common law and its simplicity as well as its beauty and its power. Remember, that we are the land of the free. And one of the comments that was made in this interview with Kevin that is very, very key was that the United States and the United Kingdom are the two most prominent as far as moving forward with the common law courts. Why is that? Go back to our history. Go back to our forefathers and what we truly have ingrained in our soul memory and our mass consciousness memory as a continent or as a nation. So I really feel that you will thoroughly enjoy this interview. It is exciting as all get out! And afterwards, I will be re-playing an interview to support Marco Missinato, who is putting on a concert for the 144,000. So please stay tuned and I hope you have an enjoyable rest of the week. We will talk to you again next Tuesday. Take care.

Alexandra: Welcome back, Kevin, from the experience and journey that you’ve had this last weekend with Easter. Well first of all, just tell me most importantly, what was the biggest thing that happened to you that was life changing from this experience. Because, just reading it, it was energetically life-changing.

Kevin: Well, for me, it was a combination of a lot of years of work and essentially what we did is, we gathered at a very important spot, I guess you could say,
energetically. It’s in a southern Dutch town called Maastricht and it’s right near the German border. It’s the place where the first Catholic Church ever built outside of Italy was built here. And it’s kind of like a symbol of that whole Vatican tradition. So we went there and did a – I guess you could call it the third and final phase of this exorcism that began in Rome, in October 2009, in which we said basically, under the laws of heaven and earth, the Vatican is now disestablished and has no more authority. And not only is that a solid legal thing to say, because under all of these laws, you know, the law of nations, the crimes against humanity and all of that, clearly the Catholic Church is a criminal organization. But also we thought it was important to make a spiritual statement and say, that it is not necessary anymore for people to be subjugated by this instution. So we called it an Emancipation Proclamation. And that really went out to all people, whether they’re inside the church or not, it’s time to leave this fallen organization. So it really was a way to disestablish that entity, and I don’t even want to call it a church – but that thing in Rome that has been the cause of so many crimes and so much suffering over the centuries. So after this happened, for the last day I’ve been just feeling tremendously liberated because it’s almost like all the years have led to that moment. Now I think we will see a lot of doors opening.

A: I know, I was really excited to see some of the evidence that was put forth. And one in particular that really caught my mind was, supposedly someone who stepped forward – a senior Vatican official. Can you talk a little bit about that – obviously not who that person is – but was that probably a game-changer in bringing this forward?

K: Definitely. One of the reasons yesterday had such an impact on me personally, and the people who were there – Oh, by the way, there have been more hits on our site than I have ever seen after yesterday. We had in the first – probably first 10 or 12 hours we had almost 10,000 hits. It was incredible how much this story is going all over the planet. But the reason that they had such significance for a lot of us is, over the last week I’ve been meeting with eyewitnesses to these crimes and we are getting top level confirmation now. This is what is quite startling. We are accessing not only the eyewitnesses including insiders in the Church who are confirming these, for example, the satanic-cult killing of children in which every pope is expected to participate. But we’ve even been given documents out of the Jesuit archives confirming this. This has been going on for centuries. And it goes by certain names and everything. The two women that I spoke to this last week were present when they saw both the present Pope Francis and Ratzinger at ceremonies in which children were ritually killed. So I mean when you talk to these people the amount of detail, the suffering they’ve gone through in their lives, trying to remember, clearly this stuff is not being made up, it is genuine. And it’s just startling. Startling isn’t the word for it, but I don’t have the words, you know, to describe this.

A: I know. I really felt a shift yesterday, Kevin. Part of that, I think is because I’ve connected with you. But there seems to be an energetic sense of peace across the planet. I don’t know how else to describe it. Can you talk a little bit about the actual exorcism itself, or is that off limits?

K: No, no. The way this has happened, a lot of this I didn’t even plan, it just kind of came to me, in the same way the eye-witnesses come to me all the time. The first stage really was the naming of this entity. So really, back in October 2009, when I was outside the Vatican for the first time, I asked the entity to come forward and name itself. And in that naming traditionally, it loses its power because the way this evil operates, it operates behind masks and behind lies. And as soon as that is exposed, it starts losing some of its power. The second phase, the next year, had to do with a banishment process and if we look at what’s been happening in the world, definitely the Church – the so-called church – is in crisis. And the final stage really was an expulsion and the replacement with something else. And I think what you are feeling as this energetic shift is all of those spirits and those who’ve suffered over the centuries by the hand of this entity, are not only being freed and liberated by this, but there’s a kind of vacuum going on which now can be filled with light, with truth, with recovery. And the love that had been sacrificed can now be regained. This is what I am hearing from more and more people. And I certainly feel it within myself. This was part of that shift that you are feeling.

A: Now did you also assist all the souls that were trapped because of these horrific experiences back to the light?

K: Well, this is part of the process and all over the planet yesterday there were groups, light workers, spiritual elders, some indigenous elders in Canada that I know, they were all focused very intently, intentionally, on that process of replacing this evil with truth and recovery. And I really feel that it is really disappearing now. Now I don’t mean to make it sound that things are fine now because in fact, these practices are continuing as we speak. But the people who are doing them are running for cover, that’s the sense that I’m getting.

A: Excellent, excellent. Now you mentioned something and this was kind of an eye-opener for me. You mentioned something about how the Jesuits had worked with Spain, Argentina, and other fascist regimes including the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp in Germany. Can you expound a little bit more upon that, as far as using these children in these political war situations?

K: Yeah. Well, the thing to remember is that the Vatican as it is now, was really created in 1929 by Mussolini. Because 60 years prior to that, the Vatican didn’t exist. A guy called Giuseppe Garibaldi had united Italy, he was like the George Washington of Italy. He united the country. He shut down the Vatican. He expelled the papal – you know – he took away all of the political power of the papacy. And Mussolini re-established that and when he set up his fascist dictatorship he set it up as a Catholic State and gave the Vatican all of this power.

So the Vatican went around the world helping to create these kind of fascist corporatist states in Spain, in Germany – I mean Nazi Germany was first recognized by the Vatican – and Argentina, all over Latin America these dictatorships were set up with a lot of Catholic Church support. And everywhere they went they made a point of grabbing the children of the political opponents, people who opposed these fascist regimes and raising them deliberately, to brainwash them to, you know, to be part of the regime. And that’s what Jorge Bergoglio, the present Pope, was deeply involved in that in Argentina. The Catholic Church did that in Spain under the dictator Franco who ruled for 40 years. They trafficked over half a million children, you know, from political prisoners. So it’s a common practice. And the Catholic Church is still doing that all over the world. So this is why we named that specifically.

A: Interesting. Now you also mentioned the Majisterial Privilege and one of the questions that I had was, apparently, each person that is up for the position of pope, correct? (Yes) has to take – some sort of oaths and decrees and that kind of thing, are they fully aware of the Majisterial Privilege early on in the priesthood? I mean, I’m curious as to when are their eyes opened to the child sacrifice and the satanic rituals.

K: Well, it’s like in any corporation you only get to the top if you know the game right at the beginning and play by all the rules. For example, every Catholic priest in the world knows about the law called Crimen Solicitationas where they are expected to cover-up child rape or they will be excommunicated. So you can’t become a bishop or a cardinal in the Catholic Church without knowing all of the dirty secrets and enforcing them, enforcing these policies. And that applies to this Majisterial Privilege. We know from the reference to it in the Vatican archives that we have been given, that this was a practice that has been going on since at least the 1700s and probably earlier. Every pope is expected to do this thing whereby they basically are involved in the ritual sacrifice of children and drinking of their blood.

Now that is kind of startling for people to hear at first, but there’s a belief that you acquire spiritual power through the suffering and the blood of the innocent. And of course, that’s right there in Catholic dogma where it’s said that the blood of Christ – they literally believe, that in the communion, it’s not just a symbol of Jesus – it’s his literal blood, and it is from that blood that they acquire ‘quote’ salvation. Now it’s easy to take a step to that to saying that children are innocent like Christ, therefore we need their blood. And it flows right out of their way of looking at the world. And that was again confirmed by this document. So it’s really a wake-up call for people who have been blind to this; they have deliberately been blinding themselves to what they are a part of if they’re in that organization.

A: This is so sick, it’s so sick. (Yeah) The other thing I thought was just fascinating is through this whole process that you’ve undertaken, you also mentioned that all officials and agents, all those that are employees, members and adherants to the Catholic Church are now released from all of their vows and allegiances. Have you had any response from that yet. It’s probably is a little bit too early to tell but I would imagine that you might start having people step forward.

K: Well, we already, even before yesterday, we had people who were aware of that, and they had approached us within the Catholic Church. But the thing to realize here – the power of what we did – is we’re saying, yeah, the Catholic Church, I’m sure they’ll continue to pretend to operate. The point is they’re not a lawful power, they’re a de facto power. Just like governments and courts that operate without any accountability. They have the power in the de facto sense not in the de jure or lawful sense. So they don’t actually have any rights under the law of God and man. And for example, any group of citizens can perform citizen arrests on known child-raping priests. They can walk into these churches, which are already tax-payer supported, so they’re public institutions and they have no right to lock the doors. They can take over these spaces. They can declare that these things are under public ownership. And that is exactly what people need to do, instead of waiting for some kind of miracle to happen about who is going to bring down this institution. It’s already been brought down and it is solidified by the action of people acting on these warrants and on this thing that we did yesterday. So now it’s really up to everybody to act on this.

A: I’m glad you brought up the public institution regarding churches. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that – they hear about the 501C3 taxation filing for a church, and what they don’t realize is that, here they are, they are tithing and getting a tax credit for doing so, but what they’re not seeing is that that is intertwining the Church and State. And the fact that making the church be an actual public forum for people to contribute money to. So you are always under the IRS or whatever tax jurisdication you are in, you’re under their jurisdiction.

K: Right. It gets quite corrupt when you look into it. Because I’ll give you an example. Last year alone, in 2013, the Catholic Church in the United States alone brought in $170 billion in revenue.

A: Holy cow!

K: Out of the 170 billion, only 1.8% went into charities. And over half of that charity money is endowed by the government as well, so it’s less. It’s less than than 1% of all of that revenue went to charities. So where did the 99% of that 170 billion goa? To the Vatican bank, to corporate investments, the arms industry, to Monsanto, into major banks, they are funding the biggest corporate machine on the planet. And when people say, oh, they do charitable works, no they don’t, they put maybe 1% of the money towards charity. So Americans need to realize that because their tax payers’ money is going directly into the Vatican Bank through a thing called the financial concordat where the United States government and over 100 other nations fund the Vatican Bank directly through tax money. That is totally illegal and immoral for people to be expected to fund criminal organizations like the Catholic Church.

A: Right. Especially through their tithing, you know.

K: Yeah.

A: And the other thing about tithing is, I’ve talked to people about this before, if you’re going to give something to a spiritual entity – let’s just call it an entity – there should be no string attached. Oh, I’m going to give this to you as long as you give me a tax refund credit. Do you know what I am saying? If you’re going to tithe, you tithe from your heart. So I’m really glad that you clarified that. The other thing that I wanted you to point out was, would you talk a little bit about peacefully seizing and occupying these churches and the assets and properties that are affiliated with the churches. How do you see that unfolding in society?

K: Well, Jesus said – he did it the simple way – he just went in and threw the money changers out. (Yeah!) The simple way is, for example, in any city these Catholic Churches, and a lot of other churches, are sitting locked up at night when there are homeless people and people in need. They should be opened up and turned into community centers, and the daycares and the homeless centers. They should add service to the community. That’s what they are supposed to be doing under in the law in the first place and they’re not doing it. People need to get together and just do it. They are starting to do it in places like – we have a common law group operating in Coventry, England, and I am going up there next week. These people have been already doing that, they’ve occupied Catholic Churches all over Coventry and educating the people in the pews about this. And now, they’re setting up a common law court to try local child molesters who are hiding behind the robes of Catholic priests. So this is the kind of grassroots action that needs to be triggered by this. That’s a lot of the work that I do now, going around and organize groups like that and educate people about it.

A: Kevin, I have two questions. Number one, how many total Catholic Churches are there throughout the world, are you familiar with that? And number two, isn’t it true that the country of Ireland has already starting seizing, taking back the property of the Catholic Churches back to the people?

K: I can’t give you a number. It has to be hundreds of thousands of Catholic Churches. We know that just from the collection plate alone the Catholic Church collects between 50 and a 100 billion a year all over the planet. (Woh) So you know, whatever that breaks down to in number of churches. So sorry, what was the second question?

A: It was regarding Ireland. I thought I had seen that, I think it came from your site, I’m not sure.

K: That’s something about two or three years ago the Taoiseach, or the Prime Minster of Ireland, his name is Enda Kenny, he came out and did a couple of things. He closed the Irish Embassy at the Vatican. This was when all of the reports were coming out about the extent to which the Catholic Church in Ireland – Ratzinger as Pope had ordered the Irish bishops to not work with the police, but actively cover up child abuse, and Enda Kenny was facing so much pressure that he came out and was forced to cancel the embassy for a while. I think they were reinstated again after a while. And he said he was going to bring in a new law whereby any Catholic priest who didn’t report child rape could face jail for five years. And they were going to bring in that law. Now that got stalled, and there was a lot of talk about it but there was very little action about it. And in fact, things really haven’t changed that much in Ireland. But the fact that he had to do that, at least paid lip service to it, it shows the extent to which people in what was considered one of the most loyal Catholic countries in the world, even there.

It’s funny, I had a debate once at the University of Cork three years ago, with a representative of the Vatican. It was the student society there and they invited me to come and debate this guy, and the resolution was ‘Be it resolved, that the Pope should be arrested.’ And at the end of the debate, I won. The 2/3 of the students voted, yes, he should be arrested. Now with that happening in Cork was mind-boggling, that was traditionally the most solid area of the country for the Vatican. And even there, the people were just up in arms over all of this stuff. So you can see how the tide is really turning.

A: Wow, that is fantastic! Oh, Kevin, we just commend you for all the hard work that you have done. Now do you see this as something where there has to be a physical posting of this proclamation at each of the Catholic Churches? That was a question I had as well.

K: Absolutely, now I am trying to get this document up in PDF form. The actual document is stamped with an international common law court stamp, which makes it a lawful document. So people need to run it off, post it up at Catholic Churches, and also hand them out to people going in, saying you are free with any connection from this church. You are obligated not to fund criminal bodies. You can walk now people. You can worship in your own way, just don’t be connected with this corporate body. That is really important for that knowledge to be spread all over the place because we find that it’s from the grassroots upward that the change happens.

A: Now do you feel that this is applicable to other churches. Why wouldn’t we go ahead it and post it at, say, a Christian church, since there is clearly a kind of fuzzy line there with the whole body and blood of Christ thing.

K: Well, the Catholics believe literally that it is the blood. Protestant churches say, no, it’s just a symbol of him. But definitely, like in the case of genocide in Canada, we did indict the United Church and the Anglican Church or Church of England, as well. The Church of England is another very important one – they’re called Episcopalians in America – they’re Anglicans in Canada and in England and around the world. They are directly implicated with the Catholic Church. As a matter of the fact, Queen Elizabeth went this month to Rome to negotiate the return of the Anglican Church in to the Catholic Church and she agreed to apply that policy of Crimin Solicitationas. That was something that we found out – that she agreed to force Anglican priests to cover up child abuse now as well. So definitely the Anglican Church is part of this problem. In fact, in the present court case before the common law court in Brussels, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is one of the chief defendants, as well as the present Pope and the head of the Jesuits.

A: Oh my gosh. It just goes deeper and deeper, doesn’t it?

K: Yeah. It sure does.

A: We think you find the source and it just continues to unravel. Now I read a very fascinating article just yesterday called the ‘Deconstruction of the Cross’. It’s by Lisa Renee. I wanted to see what your perception was on this. It’s basically talking about, ‘At this time of our planet and group identities stationed in time, are undergoing stages of the Deconstruction of the Cross in our physical body, spiritual body and other matter life forms that have been impacted by planetary crucifixion.’ (Right) And she goes on to say that this is an artificial cross architecture that was created by the negative alien agenda. Do you have comments on that?

K: Well, definitely, as a matter of fact, my reading of the cross is, it’s not a cross at all, it is a grid. Now it was manifested in the Roman Empire because – the reason that we have a grid network in city streets is because when the Roman Army would go into an area and conquer it, the Roman Army camp was set up on a grid basis and that would form the basis of the town, right? –

A: Right.

K: – the towns that were founded. Now the cross didn’t appear in any archeological ruins in Rome or anywhere until about 300 years after Jesus. (Interesting) Before that they had the symbol of the fish, which is like an open infinity symbol. (Right) And they then imposed this grid system on it which – when you look at all of the images – the nailing of the hands and the feet to this grid is cutting us off from the earth, impaling our spirit and our body in this system of real enslavement and control of our energy. So I am completely with her on that. I think it is exactly what we need to do and this whole exorcism process is a way to put that into practice: To say the power of this cross and this energy over the planet and over the people within that church has got to be broken, and it has been. It’s a matter of people now moving into the freedom created by that space.

A: Thank you for that explanation. That is really going to help people. And the other thing that I thought was so effective in her article was, she talks a lot about, hey you know, it’s one thing to know about this and it’s another to continue to go to church every Sunday participating in these rituals no matter what church it is, because they’re still energetically entangled in that concept of the blood and body of Christ. (Yeah) So she went on to say that, ‘This is an Archontic Deception, its controller mechanisms are to keep us subservient,’ which we all know, “to the continual feeding off of the False God Vampires.’ It says, ‘One of the most prolific ways to feed the bloodthirsty vampires is mass killings in war, and especially of human beings in the name of God.’ And I just wanted to see if you have any comment on that.

K: Well, definitely. As a matter of fact, that itself, begins in every family when the child is born, even before that, the way the child is deliberately traumatized. Look at something as basic as circumcision. That was definitely designed to not only traumatize children, but make them – like a young boy who is circumcised has a sense of shame about his sexual identity after that. Your source of manhood and power is directly assaulted when you are born. Now that has a clear agenda, it’s to channel people’s energy, and a lot has been written about that. So that’s very important for us to bring all of these pieces together now and see exactly what has been the enemy for so many centuries.

A: Yeah, and think about everything that is intertwined with that philosophy. (Yeah) We have quite a lot of work to do to unravel all of that. Now I’ve noticed a lot of your latest postings talk a lot about the Ninth Circle. Can you go over that a little bit? I was just doing a little bit of digging, and I was surprised that you said that this was actually instituted as a kind of cover for the so-called disbandment of the Jesuits.

K: Right. Well, what happened is, people may or may not know, the Jesuits were set up in the 1500s as a military society to eliminate any enemy of the pope. In the 1770s the Vatican pretended to disband the Jesuits for a few years, and two years after they were disbanded the Illuminati were formed. And the Illuminati were in fact the Jesuits under a new cover. And part of the Illuminati rituals have to do with the sacrifice of children. That’s right in their whole doctrine. It was just kind of Jesuitical experimentation with the ways that – it’s all about captivating people’s spiritual energy and this is the purpose of these rituals. They believe that they capture the souls of children in the sacrificial process.

Some of the people who have been part of these sacrifice rituals and have survived them like Toos Nijenhuis right here in Holland, whose interview we posted last May, May 8th, on our website at itccs.org, they describe literally witnessing that, as children were being slaughtered, having the sense that their souls were being taken from them, and feeling that happening to themselves too. Sitting and talking to people like Toos and others who have gone through this, it’s just mind-boggling, what’s involved in that. So that whole history involving the Jesuits, the Illuminati, all that, is tied up into what is, basically, it’s a means of controlling the planet. And that’s how they are seeing it.

A: Now, re-iterate that again. That’s on May 8th, I think people are going to want to listen to that.

K: It’s on our website on itccs.org, if you go to last May 8th, 2013, there’s an interview with Toos Nijenhuis. She’s a Dutch woman who – it’s an extensive interview. She was actually with me yesterday when we did the ceremony in Maastricht. So that’s May 8th, of last year at itccs.org. She goes into a lot of detail of seeing Catholic cardinals, Joseph Ratzinger, Prince Bernhard who set up the Bilderberg group, all these people were at these ritualistic sacrifices of children, and newborn babies.

A: Oh my god. Now you did mention that you’ve already heard that some of these people are on the run. Have you gotten confirmations on that, is that something that you can trust, those reports that you’ve received?

K: Definitely, because it’s coming from people on the inside. You know, we’ve had government people, we’ve had this source in Rome. In fact, they have been very effective in helping us, in warning us. For example, when the common law court convened on April 7, we had to put that off for a week because we had a report from Rome that the Jesuits had dispatched a group to disrupt the court. That’s why it’s been operating behind closed doors in secret locations. So yeah, these sources are genuine and they definitely have proven to have been true.

A: Now tell us a little bit about your trip. I know that I’ve been posting that trying to make it as public as possible, by the way, Kevin.

K: Thank you.

A: Tell us a little bit about your trip out there, because I know there was a little bit of – I’m not going to say concern – there’s not a fearful bone in your body, it appears to be, but you were definitely wondering if you were going to run into any kind of problems with the dark. So how did that go?

K: Well, we had received a pretty reliable report that there were people waiting for me at the place where – people of a not very nice nature waiting for me – at my original place I was going to come in to in Europe. So we changed the venue. We tend to do that in my schedule, we switch locations and that. It’s what you have to do operating in this world and doing this work. But presently, I’m in Holland. I’m going all through western Europe, including to Spain and France, down to Rome. I’m coming back through England and Ireland. The best responses that we had to the common law project is in the United States and England. Which of course, the common law came right out of those countries. So I’m going to be working a lot there and coming back to the States in the summer and working with the common law courts groups that have been set up there.

A: That is so exciting. Now somebody asked me the other day, when you are doing these common law workshops, what are you bringing to the table, as far as the information being any different than what is already out there?

K: Well, one of the differences is we try not to get hung up on the details of the legal procedure because a lot of the – and there’s a lot of good work being done on the common law movement – like National Liberty Alliance in New York. The thing to understand is that each country had a different evolution about what the common law is. So we don’t get hung up about the details of how you operate a court. We’re of the philosophy that the common law is common sense and the people acting in their own name as is the law. So we encourage all sorts of different approaches.

We also try to link it to the Biblical and spiritual basis and what the common law was originally. And when you look at the Founding Fathers’ statements in America, clearly the reason why the American Republic came about was because it came from a congregational model of people coming over from England saying, ‘we don’t have bishops over us, we elect our own ministers, out of the congregation, we are a self-governing body of believers. And out of that came the notion of representative democracy, and all that. It’s really understanding of the roots of something, not just the manifestation, that’s really what we try to put forward.

A: That’s fantastic. No coincidence that it would come from England and the USA, right?

K: Not at all. As a matter of fact, here in Holland I have been trying to talk to people about the common law, they don’t get it, because they have lived under Roman law all of their lives. The Roman law says the authority tells you what your rights are and they can take your rights away whenever they like. As opposed to common law, which says no, you are born with inalienable liberties and no one can take them away from you and if they try to they’re illegitimate, regardless of who they are, you know.

A: Right on! I love it. (Yeah) So going back a little bit to your Proclamation you put out recently, can you talk to us a little about the Jesuit records that were introduced. I don’t want to expose anything that isn’t supposed to be exposed, but at the same time I hear that they are very, very adamant record keepers. Is that true?

K: It’s very true. The Vatican archives are vast. We’ve had a woman who was taken down into them in the 1980s. And she said, what she observed, because her uncle was a cardinal who took her on a tour, and it was the most unbelievable state of the art, military-protected installation. It was highly computerized and had very arcane artifacts in it, with skulls, records of anyone ever killed or tortured by the Inquisition, very strange stuff including records of the existence of Jesus, which the Church has suppressed because it went against all of the Catholic dogma. And this was from the archeological excavations that the Vatican had taken over in Cypress in the 1950s, where evidence of Jesus and his ministry were found, proving that he was a man, he had a certain calling and that, but he certainly wasn’t what the way the Catholic Church has portrayed him. So all of that was suppressed and controlled and she saw all of this stuff. So those records are there. And don’t forget, it was that law of Crimen Solicitationas which orders priests to cover up child rape – that was leaked from the Vatican archives about ten years ago to a London newspaper – from a source within the Vatican. So all of this stuff is accessible for people on the inside who tend to give us this info.

A: I remember watching a very convoluted movie and they were talking about, it was on YouTube, and they were talking about how you can’t just say that everybody in the Vatican is not in support of getting this information out. And they were trying to explain that in their own little way, they had created a different group, it was a different Illuminati group. Do you have any information on that?

K: Well, what you have to remember is that in any group there’s factions, in any elite group, there isn’t just one. There are various factions. In fact, the reason Ratziger stepped down was because there was a faction that wanted to have a cooling-off period so they could do some kind of spin doctoring, which is what the present Pope Francis is doing, even though we believe that he is not actually the Pope. And we can talk a little bit about that. Within the Vatican, it’s the oldest corporation on the planet, – it is riddled frankly with political insiders with different agendas. So I think there is a definite interest on the part of some of these cardinals to appear like they want to change, just to hold onto their institution because they sense that it’s in crisis, including the Vatican Bank which is on it’s last legs according to some of our sources. They are transferring massive amounts of money to German and Chinese banks.

A: Hmmm, interesting. So do you also think that part of the problem with the Vatican too is that – it feels to me Kevin, as if the best way to bring the Vatican down and hold them in check is to have a faction from within that has all of this evidence.

K: Well, they can help but there’s an old saying, don’t ever put your trust in princes. I think we have to realize that it’s kind of like talking about good [?] and bad [?]. They are serving the same beast regardless of what they call themselves. And if they are genuine, they will come out and leave the institution. That’s kind of my litmus test of someone’s authenticity in this. Nevertheless, these people within it like in any system can provide us with some very good information, but you always have to take the information with a grain of salt because it’s being manipulated to help their faction. You can’t accept anything as absolute truth when it is coming from that kind of source.

A: Yeah. And especially now with intel, trust me, like I am doing this every day. The intel is so convulated because you never know which faction is, what the agenda is, behind something, etcetera, etcetera, and it’s so much intensified now than ever before. I also wanted to ask you, do you agree that in the end of the ages throughout history where you hear and read about the burning of the libraries and the books and all the knowledge, isn’t it true that the Vatican has always positioned themselves in such a way that they were the first ones to swoop in and grab all this information and put it in the Vatican library? Is that true? Do you agree with that?

K: Exactly. It is the same reason that they burned anybody that tried printing the Bible in their own language. Because they needed to have a monopoly on all the information and on all the knowledge. And they still try to do that now all the time. The Jesuits sponsor universities all over the world, like Georgetown University, is a main political think tank for the US Government. That’s totally Jesuit-run. So they definitely try to control the knowledge at every level.

A: Wow. I guess in one sense it’s good that the knowledge and information is still in existence, correct? If we could just our hands on it.

K: Yeah, but you have to ask what is the nature of that knowledge, is it perverted? People also really have to be their own authority, they have to look within. I’ve always believed like Jesus said, that the kingdom of heaven is within us. It isn’t in any institution, right?

A: Very true. So tell us a little bit about you established a link between the British, Dutch, and Belgian royal families. That’s a biggie, with the –

K: In Europe it’s not really too much of a revelation. These families are all from the same bloodline, they are all linked. Everybody knows about Queen Victoria and how all of her grandchildren were all the crowns of Europe. But it goes even deeper than that. A lot of these royal families are linked as far as back as the early Roman Empire. There were ten or twelve Italian families, Roman families, and you can trace their bloodline all over Europe. But in terms of these crimes specifically, the Belgian, Dutch and British royal families were heavily involved and are involved in these ritual sacrifice and killings of children, that’s been proven time and again.

A: Do you actually have a list of all of the royal families that have participated in this? Is it a general assumption that they are all a part of it or is it an actual compilation of people?

K: Well, there are a number of names that keep appearing all the time. People like Prince Bernhard. We found out that during the war the Dutch royal family came over to Canada and stayed there after Holland was occupied by the Nazis. Queen Wilhelmina of Holland was given – we’ve just found the document from the Canadian government – given them absolute immunity from any jurisdiction while in Canada. Well separately, we found that there were references to some of these people being involved in the Ninth Circle sacrifices at in the Mohawk Indian Residential School, in Brantford, Ontario, where we did a brief dig and found the remains of children and their clothing. That was about two years ago now. So definitely they were given immunity from prosecution because they were involved in these crimes. And they were going over to the Indian Schools and grabbing kids all the time and killing them and raping them etc. So these documents are beginning to bear out what the evidence, the anecdotal evidence, has been telling us.

A: It sounds it’s really been really heating up in Holland. Would you agree with that? I mean I’ve gotten a few articles over on this side of the pond.

K: Well, I’ll tell you, Holland and Belgium are really one and the same country in many ways. But what has happened in Belgium, a very brave member of Parliament called Laurent Louis came out and demanded the re-opening of the Marc Detroux case. Marc Detroux was a serial child killer and when he was prosecuted he started naming names. He said the Prime Minister of Belgium, the Belgian royal family members like Prince Bernhard, the head of UNESCO, judges, policemen, they all were involved in this child killing. And Laurent Louis asked to have the case re-opened and they arrested him, he’s facing trial now for just doing that. So within the political establishment these people are beginning to come forward who are spilling the beans and we are working with these politicians. So, yeah, it’s definitely beginning to open up more.

A: Unbelievable. It’s such an amazing time to be alive – all the information is coming forth.

K: That’s certainly true.

A: Going back to the Ninth Circle, did they choose that name because it reflects Dante’s Inferno? (Yeah) There were Nine Circles of suffering within the Earth. I wondered if you would expound upon that.

K: Well, the Ninth Circle in Dante, the Ninth Circle, the lowest of level of hell, is reserved for those who have betrayed a trust, those who violate something very sacred and basic. And so I think that the twisted logic here is that if you take a vow to God to protect the innocent, which is what a true holy person should do, and then you betray that trust by sacrificing the innocent, by violating them, you gain some kind of satanic power. You are rewarded by Satan, in effect. And that’s one of the reasons that it’s called the Ninth Circle, but it goes by other names as well. We found a link with a group set up by the S.S. during the war, during the 1930s actually, known as the Knights of Darkness and Joseph Ratzinger was a member. They came over after World War II through Project Paperclip and were being used in experimental CIA-funded experiments all over North America. We have talked with a survivor of one of these experiments in Canada. So these cults operate under different names but I think the Ninth Circle was certainly one of the foundational groups.

A: Incredible. And so you also mentiond that you had found out that organized child sacrifice rituals had gone as far back as 1528. How did you find that out? Did it come from like a leak . .

K: This is also referenced from the documents that are being leaked to us from the Vatican archives and other sources.

A: Wow.

K: Yeah.

A: Wow. I’m trying to wrap my brain around this whole thing. Now at this point you are going to be returning to a certain location on May 5th, is what I read, correct? To tie up some of the work you are doing right now?

K: Yeah, yeah.

A: So will that be anything that is in addition to this or is it something completely separate, like a separate case or you adding upon what you have already done?

K: There are many levels to this. This is going to further the case how to do with the complicity of the chief defendants, the present Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the head of the Jesuits. It takes a lot, as you can imagine, a lot of work on the ground to corroborate this stuff, protect the witnesses, and all of that stuff. So I’m helping to coordinate a lot of that, yeah.

A: I’ve always been surprised and I’ve always wanted to ask you this, I’ve never heard you talk about communicating or connecting with the nuns. And I know in the last interview that we had I brought up the fact that I had listened to that testimony of that nun, who they ultimately bumped off because she came out and told all of this information. Do you have any correspondence with the nuns, do you see them wanting to come forward as much as some of these factions within the Vatican?

K: Well, you know, they’re have been some. For example, when I was working about ten years ago in Canada, there was a nun, Yvonne Mays[?], who came forward, and she had been raped by a priest and then driven out of the church because she talked about it. She was a good help as far as talking about some of this stuff. You find very few people though within in the clergy ever coming forward, especially in the Catholic Church. There’s a huge level of brainwashing and fear going on. So normally it has to be ex-clergy, people who had dropped out altogether that approach us.

A: I’m curious too Kevin, have you done any research on how many people actually leave once they’ve signed up to this idea that they want to be a priest. How many have actually left because of the conspiracy and the atrocities that they run into within the Vatican?

K: It’s hard to give a general figure but I know when I was a minister in the United Church that I read a statistic once that showed about a third of all the clergy, one-third that end up leaving or are driven out of the church and that applies to both Catholic and Protestant. So it’s a large number of ex-clergy out there who know a lot, obviously. But maybe they’re worried about their pension, or – . It’s a whole culture of silence, don’t forget, in the church. That’s why these crimes can happen so commonly.

A: Good point. Do you also feel that the Vatican being as powerful as it is, aren’t they also kind of controlling or conspiring with the heads of each of the religions on the planet?

K: I think generally that’s true. Any state-funded organization, any of the mainline churches, they’re all Vatican funded, we know that for a fact. We know the World Council of Churches, which is supposed to be the Protestant federation, a federation of all Protestant churches, they are heavily funded by the Vatican. As soon as we posted our stuff on the World Council of Churches website, the link was taken off immediately. Now why would they do that if we’re just putting up our evidence about these crimes. You know all of the major political parties are funded through the Vatican, all of them in Italy are. So yeah, the tentacles go very far. We had proof of that in Canada when we first brought out the evidence on genocide in Canada. All of the churches closed ranks. The United, Catholic, and Anglican Churches all got together, their lawyers got together to plan their legal campaign and their PR campaign to try to get the public on their side and everything. Yeah, they work together constantly. So we pretty much treat these people as the same entity in practice.

A: Unbelievable, my god. I always think of – now the second largest, highest [in terms of] profitability institution from a religious point of view is the Mormons, is it not?

K: I don’t know the statistics on that, I’m not sure.

A: Okay. I’ve always wondered how do they fit in to this whole equation, with the polygamy, and everything else.

K: Well, these crimes aren’t confined to Christianity, we’ve found them in every major religion with this kind of stuff, under the guise of religion a lot of stuff goes on, which is not good.

A: That’s true. So where are you off to now? Are you on vacation for a little while?

K: Well, I take my vacation every day, kind of day by day, not for an extended period. It is hard not to – I mean, I’m on call much of the time, especially now. But we are up for the next number of weeks I’ll be in Europe, and I like I said I’m coming back through the US later in May. And during the summer I’ll be doing a lot in the States. We’ll keep it posted on the website at itccs.org.

A: Well, I’m really excited about this. Tell me a little bit about what can the audience do to continue to support your efforts, meaning what would you like all of us that are listening to do as far as any kind of leg work for you.

K: Well, first of all, circulate through all the websites – all the evidence – and get it into the hands of people still – for some reason I can’t imagine – going to these churches. I don’t know, but get it into their hands and say that the first thing that you’ve got to stop doing is, is stop funding these criminal bodies. And pull out from them. Do that education in the community and also plug into our common law network because this is something, especially in the States, they are spreading wildly. Go to itccs.org there’s a community training manual there about the common law and how to set up common law courts. And they can also write to me and invite me into their community. I am at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com.

A: Perfect. And anything else as far as – those of us who can do our own ceremonies that feel comfortable doing that, I should say, any recommendations on that?

K: Well, I often say to people, let the Spirit move you. Be guided by your own sense of passion and truth about what you know about this. And I don’t think there is any one blueprint for any of this. I think whatever is right and truthful and has the survival of our children at the center of it. That has to guide all of our words and actions. So I would say, yeah, definitely do your own ceremonies. I find that when you are standing near these churches and you are doing this action, it creates an enormous energy ripple. It can evoke a lot of anger, but also a lot of people coming out are saying I didn’t know this stuff. So I think it’s very important to be a public witness about this stuff. That is another thing that I try to encourage people to do.

A: Now you had talked the last time Kevin, about performing these exorcisms. Now were you trained to be able to do this during your trek through theology and that sort of thing? Or is it something you felt you were drawn to do?

K: I felt definitely drawn. There’s not a real training you can receive in this. I did take part in a couple of them when I was in Port Alberni, actual exorcisms. You learn from people who have done it. And I learned from different traditions, not just one as well. So that is something that I learned as I went.

A: Now in the series of three exorcisms that you went through, did you clearly see and feel that spirit that you were exorcizing?

K: Yes, definitely. I didn’t see it with my eyes, but like with the first one that I ever took part in, I definitely saw in my heart the nature of this entity, it was indescribable. Horrible. And predatory. Feeding literally off the human race. And this is exactly what it does.

A: Wow! Amazing. Well, I thank you and I’m sure the whole world thanks you, if they have the knowledge and the eyes to see and the ears to hear of what you are doing and we are very grateful. And I know that you have a very full day ahead of you and I don’t want to keep you too long. But I would like to ask if there’s any final comments that you would like you to mention for your upcoming week. Go crazy . . .

K: Yeah, I urge people to take it to heart and realize that there is nothing more sacred than the life of a child, and that’s really, for me, divinity, that sacredness and innocence. And we have to defend that with our lives and we have to build this from the grassroots. It takes a while. There’s no three-minute sound bite on this stuff. We have to educate ourselves, go to itccs.org and read a lot of the material there and the back-history of what we have been doing. And again take action and contact me, I just really urge people to take action and not wait.

A: Fantastic. Well as always, Kevin, it’s a delight to speak to you. I’m sure we will be talking soon. (Yes) I will get this out to the rest of the world and let them know your progress.

K: Thank you.

A: And we send you with lots of love and lots of protection and lots of appreciation for what you are doing.

A: Everyone, please remember what he says, which is this is not just a singular, solitary job, so to speak, on the part of Kevin. We are all in this together. We need to work together. This is what they don’t want, for us to unify our actions. And the common law court are the ticket. This is why Kevin and I are going to continue to discuss in detail what is entailed with the common law court. So read up on that. This is truly one of the biggest tools to empower all of us.

K: Thank you, Alexandra. We’ll talk really soon. I appreciate it.

A: Thank you, and you have a wonderful day and keep me posted, Okay?

K: I sure will.

A: Bye, bye, Kevin.

K: Bye, bye.

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