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Ari Kopel and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for December 31, 2013

Alexandramicrophone (1) Good afternoon everybody today is December 31st 2013 and this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and I am going to be doing something a little bit unique today I am going to interview the interviewer Ari Kopel of 2012emergence.com and there are many reasons why I’m doing this we have a lot of things to go over. This is an extremely important radio show today. I really want everyone to pay attention to what we are going to be addressing because it applies to everyone. So I want to give you a little bit of a feedback on Ari because she tends to not really talk a lot about her own background. She’s a graduate from the University of Miami in psychology and communications and whilst she was there she worked with a Doctor Cesare Emiliani, I’ve probably totally obliterated that Ari, sorry
Ari (Laughter). It’s all right.
Alexandra Running the Herald Curay Laboratory on pole shifts and ice ages. It sounds fascinating. She also worked as an assistant to Doctor Robert Jastrow who was the Chairman of the Board for NASA at Goddard Institute for Space Studies. She’s also an ultra terrestrial contactee and I really want everybody to understand that she’s got some extremely great inner workings with a lot of higher light beings. She works very closely with them. The attempt to shift the consciousness on this planet and for over 35 years she’s been in sales and management and she’s now of course the creator of the website called 2012Emergence.com and she is very much concerned about bringing that awareness to the forefront so that people understand what do we do to overcome fear on this planet. She also has her own radio show called Shattering The Matrix on blogtalkradio.com and her whole aim there of course is to bring forth any kind of information on the deceptions and disinformation that are in the dark forces. So Ari thank you so much for coming on, on the line with me today.
Ari No, thank you Alexandra, it’s always an honor to be on the show with you.
Alexandra Hey ditto. And a lot of people are probably wondering oh God it’s the Ari and Alexandra team. (Laughter).
Ari (Laughter).
Alexandra But the reason why we’re hooking up guys is because we do realize behind the scenes that we have been very, what, angelically and galactically orchestrated to work together on this project. Not only the implant removal process but on a myriad of other things. And when we look at our history together it’s very, very clear to me that we have a very strong purpose of working alongside one another. So I wanted Ari to talk a little bit today because she is a master at squashing the dark so to speak. (Laughter).
Ari (Laughter).
Alexandra And the reason I say that is because when I was really hurt myself she’s the one I sought out and she saved my life literally and I really am so grateful. And everybody has been writing in at this final hour and so many of you are either under psychic attack or you’re under some very bizarre circumstances that you typically didn’t experience before with the dark attacking you. And Ari what I’d like to talk about today is please give us your insight on a myriad of different tools and ways in which people can just nip this in the bud right here, right now, today. What do they need to do? What is the reason that they are experiencing it at an all time high? I know this is a ton of questions but we can go over this for the next however many minutes.
Ari Oh yeah for sure.
Alexandra Everybody really needs to hear this.
Ari Yeah well we are going to be experiencing a huge influx of attacks because of the timeline that we are in. We are getting so close to an event, however that manifests itself. However that shows up. No one really knows I would say but the dark forces are really running scared and they are going to not go down without a fight because that obviously is what they do. That’s part of their wiring. The good thing is that as they do something like that as they do you know orchestrate their little pranks and naughty things that they do to us to keep us chasing our tails and getting us mad and all that. If we stand our ground. If we recognize who we are. If we don’t fall for the drama. If we don’t believe the illusion. If we don’t fall for that we can overcome that. The problem is that we give up too easily and we just forget, we just totally forget all the years that we spent studying and meditating and acknowledging all these truths about a situation, about a discord. We totally forget, we loose control, we get out of our core and that’s how they win. Not only do they get us down that time but the more that we’re beaten the less that we believe who we are and they beat us down again. So it becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy shall we say you know. Yeah, its like, woe to me, woe to me, boom, and they hit you and then woe to me, woe to me again and it hits you again because you’re not coming from strength.  I guess the question would be ‘what do we do about that’?  I will speak from my personal experience. Not everyone has the kind of background I have and its not the mundane background that you read, the resume shall we say. Its more my connection with the other side.  So I work very closely, as a child I knew about the higher realms, the illumine realms, the kingdom of heaven, whatever feels good, that kingdom ok where the divine occurs. Where everything is the way it should be in the divine blue print. There are beings that work in those realms, that serve prime creator and those are the ones that I have always connected with ever since I had common sense to realize that oh my gosh I’m not from here, I’m not from this realm, I’m not from this planet, I don’t belong here. I know I have a purpose but I don’t know what it is. From that age, I’m talking about four; I was always connecting to those higher realms. So I already knew because it was wired in me how to manifest as a child. I knew how to do that. I knew how to overcome things and become a super strong being you know where I would defend. To give you an example I would be six years old, I was six years old and my brother four years old got beaten by a thirteen year old and I stood up to this thirteen year old and beat the crap out of him (laughter) because I use to do this mantra and I didn’t know what a mantra was at four but I did, and so I would do a mantra and that mantra would make me into a super duper human being and I was bigger than this kid and I would beat him up I mean and that’s how I would do things like that. To make a long story short, connecting with these higher realms is absolutely important because if you’re not connecting to that then you’re buying into the lower frequency realm which is the one that we’re in right now which is not really where we are supposed to be.  This is not really our home.  We are just experiencing this right now for a purpose. For whatever the reason is that we are here. So one of the things that I do is, I automatically do connect with the Mighty I Am Presence. For those of you that don’t know what that is I would strongly suggest that you start Googling it. Start getting books about it. Maybe getting the chart of what that looks like. But it is about your true self; it’s your true higher self. From there I do bring down the ‘Tube of Light’ I do surround myself with the Tube of Light where it completely surrounding me all the way to the bottom, to the center of the earth all the way to my ‘Mighty I am Presence’ and I do also surround myself with what we call the ‘Electronic Circle of the Mighty I am Presence’ which is, I would call it, it is really a circle. Well I mean I am sitting in the middle and it is completely surrounding me like a shield, a force field that nothing can penetrate it, it is so strong that they say. I haven’t tested it of course yet.  I hope I never have to. (Laughter)
Alexandra (Laughter).
Ari I hope I never have to. But they say that even if someone were to shoot a bullet at you. Well you know, no, I have to take that back. I have to tell you a story about that. If they shoot a bullet at you, even an atomic bomb, you know goes off next to you, nothing will perturb you, nothing, not even a hair on your head is moved.  That is how strong this is.  It’s called ‘The Electronic Circle of Mighty I Am Presence’ and then I coat that with mirrors and that is really important because we are talking about psychic attacking many times. What I do with the mirrors, the intention is that only those things that are to my highest good, those things that are in alignment with my divine self, with my higher self, with My I Am Presence. Those things that are in alignment with the divine blue print of myself and what is true and all the order of the Divine, only those things can get through and come to me. Anything else that is not that will be reflected back to itself and multiplied so that anyone who has an ill intent towards me. Anything that is evil, anything that is of a lower vibration that wants to get me perturbed, get me upset, knock me down, get me ill, whatever those things are, they stay out and it goes back to its source. Go right ahead and knock yourself out, go right ahead and project whatever you want negatively towards me but its not going to come to me but it will come right back to you and that’s what that is. But to me it works without fail because I do practice that and I do not only, I can’t say that I believe that, I’m telling you that I know that. I know that this is true, I know that this is true and I am that and that is absolutely correct and because of the fact that I’ve done it so many times since childhood without trying to understand it. And here’s the big thing with me right now and where I’m at with trying to let people know it, trying to get people to the point of being able to do this almost second nature. You can’t use your mind. You can’t try to rationalize well how does this work. And how is this supposed to look around me, and what dimension and what is the thickness of this shield and you know you start getting to start using your mind to rationalize it and comprehend it, using your mind it’s not going to work. You got to allow and know, that you know, that you know that that indeed is a place because you’re talking about the realms, these are the Divine realms. These realms don’t operate and function from the way that we see things down here. They just are. And so you’ve got to be in the ‘I Am’ mentality, I just am. It just is. How does it work? It just does, it is. There’s no rationalizing, there’s no trying to understand it. It just does. And I would do that as a child because I didn’t know. What is the thickness of this thing? I don’t know. How big is it supposed to be? I don’t know. How do you do these magic words that transform me? I don’t know. I just did them and I believed it and I knew that I knew, that I knew that those things were going to take place. All the time it just happened.
Alexandra You know Ari the other thing that’s really a piece of this too is knowing that you’re so much more massive..
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra Than the physical part of you and I know that when I perceive myself to be this multidimensional field that’s everywhere and anywhere that is your I Am. And if you see yourself through that light you’re power is going to go up about a million percent. And I mean this is why I called you on today because I thought who of all people has just been on the rooftops screaming about empowerment and that has been you and I really appreciate that. For the individual that cannot trust in themselves and their own way what would you say to them?
Ari Wow! I mean that’s going to be really a tough one you know what I mean because they’re operating from obviously they’re buying into this realm, they’re buying into this dimension, they’re buying into the matrix. And I know so many people like that. You and I have had conversations of some recently. I don’t even know, I wish there was a magic wand that I could put over a person and just say you are now empowered. Unfortunately the empowerment has to come from within. A person has free will and you must make choices. The choices are to believe that you are this realm, you are part of this world, part of this matrix, this illusion, that you are flesh and blood, that you are all your problems, and that you are all your illnesses and your financial situation. If you believe that you will be stuck in that and there is nothing that I can say or do or rub on you or any meditation or anything I can do not even an ascended master can come in and change that because that is your choice, that is your free will. So it has to come from you. Even the implant removal Alexandra, even that, once you get that and your slate is clean. You start fresh, it’s a reboot and if you don’t take your life back, you don’t take your sovereignty back, you don’t take your power back, you’re back in the shit hole all over again. So it’s just giving you the reinforcement that power, that injection, that boost that you need to be able to do that. But man if you start believing again that your life is all your problems, that you are those pains, those pings and pangs, then your financial situation and the drama of your love life, whatever, whatever, that’s what you’ll be and it doesn’t matter how many implant removals that you have, it doesn’t matter how many psychic surgicals you have, r how many exorcisms that you have, how many reptilians that you get off of you, it doesn’t matter, you know what I’m saying its got to come from you, you’ve got to desire it.
Alexandra Yeah. It’s like after you have the implants removed you’re like in an….
Ari That’s right!
Alexandra Ejector seat.
Ari Yep.
Alexandra That’s how rapidly your life will take off if you choose and make the decision. Now one of the things I’d like to say is if you are in a place where you are wavering about your strength, if you’re in a place where you’re feeling sad or depressed or you’re trying to figure out why are these feelings coming up then this is the place where you go and ask…
Ari That’s right, yes, you got it.
Alexandra .. for the beloved violet flame. The violet flame is one of the most outstanding, come on folks, this was a gift because it was a tool that was only shared in the mystery schools long ago. Now every body knows about it, well, anybody that studies the I Am Mighty Flame and that sort.  And it is without a doubt one of the most effective things I’ve ever used in my life. When you’re feeling shaken and scared and vacillating and unsure, and uncertain and desperate and you know any of those kind of feelings all you have to do is call in, I mean go into a room by yourself, you know I actually take in a walking stick that I have and I slam it down and I call in the beloved Mighty violet flame and ask it to consume all density within all of my bodies and just return it back to, you know father, mother, God. I know you probably recite it better than I can..
Ari (Laughter). Yes.
Alexandra .. but it is brilliant and it is really the most effective things you can do.
Ari Yes absolutely.
Alexandra Tell them another thing you can do.
Ari It’s literally a cloak of invisibility just like you would see in Harry Potter. I mean its not a physical one obviously but you would have to visualize it as if it were a cloak of material that when you’re putting it over you, you’re actually you’re gone so you will see the chair that you’re sitting on and you have to visualize yourself sitting in the chair and then you are seeing yourself from a much higher perspective. You put the cloak on and now you visualize yourself and you’re gone. And then you’ve got to do what I do with manifestation is that I see it, I know it, it clicks.  So I get a sensation in my body that shows that it actually happened. So I’ll get like maybe the little hairs on my arm will stand up, I’ll get a reaction in my solar plexus. There’s some physical manifestation that happens that says: “oh my God” it’s like an excitement, oh my God it happened and all of a sudden I don’t see myself. When you get that it’s done and you become invisible. It happens all of the time. I’ll use that and unfortunately I’ll be speeding ha ha, but I would have put the cloak of invisibility and I’ll be speeding and the guy behind me is not speeding, the guy behind me gets pulled and I’ll just keep going and stuff like that. These little things that show yes oh my God the cloak was working. That’s what I use for to be invisible to the psychic realms, to anyone who might want to cause me harm, anyone who might want to do any type of remote viewing I put the cloak of invisibility. I become invisible and that’s the end of that. Plus, then I use everything else. I use the mirrors.
Alexandra Now it’s interesting because I can tell you, I’ve shared that with several healers and they didn’t know anything about that and in my opinion it is one of the best tools.
Ari It is.
Alexandra If you’re doing a lot of work on the interplane, which a ton of us are, and a lot of us don’t even know we are doing it. For those that are cautiously doing a lot on the other side this is without a doubt one of the most important tools.
Ari Yep.
Alexandra Actually one of the tools that was missing in my life that brought me to my knees.
Ari Wow that’s great.
Alexandra I’m really grateful to have been and you know its kind of like one of the things where I had been told about it a long time ago and had forgotten about it, wasn’t practicing it, like you were saying.
Ari Hmmm, hmmm.
Alexandra It’s really important. What about proclamation?
Ari I am going to be very honest with you. I personally don’t use them because I’m using all these other tools. I’m already in a state where what I do, do is I do the ‘Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth’ mantra over and over in my head, under my breath, right even in my sleep, as I’m driving, as I’m doing the dishes, whatever I am doing. That is what is behind, that takes over my thoughts. And so what that does is that creates a force field around me, a shield. And it takes me to the higher realms to begin with. It raises my vibration so I’m functioning from a higher vibration so that I am you know totally invisible anyway to anything that is lesser in vibration to that and anyway so that’s why I don’t use the proclamations or anything like that. I don’t use affirmations, proclamations or anything like that. I just get into the higher vibration to begin with.
Alexandra Ok. I have used proclamations and I think the biggest difference is how you do it.  If you’re going to do it and if it’s going to work for you, you really need to be in a state of total passion.
Ari Sure.
Alexandra And you know the Ascended Masters have said many, many times we are all created Gods, but the reason that we don’t create what we want is because we haven’t connected the body, mind, spirit fully.
Ari Hmm, hmm
Alexandra You know you’ve got to have the tone, you have to have the visualization, you have to have the passion, the feeling. And if you don’t marry those three you won’t get what you want.
Ari That’s right.
Alexandra I mean and it’s as simple as that.
Ari Yeah!
Alexandra So there is a proclamation up on my page, on my website that we have used. It is so powerful. It was made by a guy named Rich Work. It was brought into our lives at a time when we were under severe, I mean phew, psychic attack and really weren’t sure why this was all happening but we were so into the conspiracy theory and these were the days when we were going to offshore seven hours. It was all about conspiracy and they couldn’t come on shore so everything was really being monitored. At that time we had literally a walk-in come into our life and she handed us this.
Ari Well.
Alexandra And then we never saw her again. And this basically says: ‘I Alexandra Sylvie Meadors proclaim my life is my own. I close all windows portals and doorways. Allowing another to observe and manipulate my energies as far as they extend and transmute all energies connected to this experience into the divine expression of created love’. And it goes on and on and on. But it’s so incredibly divinely worded!
Ari Wow!
Alexandra It is so powerful and I guarantee we have actually seen windows, portals, clumps as we were proclaiming.
Ari That is awesome!
Alexandra What my intention is everybody, is that we will be putting a list of all this stuff together because I really feel since we’re getting close and we’ll talk about that in a minute. Since we’re getting close to the final hour…
Ari Oh yeah!
Alexandra ..they have stepped things up.
Ari They sure have.
Alexandra One of the reasons they have stepped things up is because I know the piece that we brought forward and that is we are unplugging people from the matrix literally and they are not happy about it. Now the other thing I wanted to talk about was how we define ourselves as beings of light. You and I just talked about this a little while ago. I feel that after you’ve had your implants out it is one of your responsibilities to go back to the drawing board. Look at yourself and perceive yourself in a totally different way even if you’re ok with yourself and recognize that before when you were implanted that the ultimate thing that came along with that was the core of your being was based on victimization. Ok. Whether it was generational belief systems that were passed down from your grand parents and your parents, whether it was peer pressure and being picked on at school, whether it was you know I am too fat or too ugly, I’m too this, I’ve got too many zits on my face whatever ok, to I wasn’t successful enough in college to I don’t have a high enough paying job all of these things if you literally looked at everything that we have based this matrix on. It’s all about we are victims. And I know for me, I am speaking just personally..
Ari Yes sure, yep.
Alexandra ..I have had to go back to the drawing board and say: ‘oh wow wait that has a little bit of victimization in it’ that thought form and I need to trash that and replace it with something completely different. One of the things that I feel that’s happening with me after this process has been done is I’m still recognizing, you know how that saying goes: The World is your oyster?
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra It truly is that.
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra And I’m noticing that I am manifesting expediently anything that is of an amazing support to the mission that I’m on. It’s just flying into my life. I want people to understand, you get these things removed but you’ve got to do some inner work as you literally trashed an old operating system.
Ari Oh yeah.
Alexandra How did you say it to me today? It was so poetically stated.
Ari You’re putting in software, so you’re putting in a new operating system in and then all of a sudden you want to keep some of the old files that were corrupt.
Alexandra Right.
Ari So you want to keep these files because they’ve got old pictures in there and then you want to keep some writings that are on these document files and the next thing you know you’re putting in all the stuff from the old stuff that was corrupt and the next thing you know everything is corrupt again. It’s like a virus. So you’re not clean anymore. So you’ve got to let go, you’ve got to let go of all that stuff. And here’s the thing letting go of all those attachments to things, attachments to ideas, attachments to people that no longer serve you, ideas that no longer serve you, things like that. You’ve got to be willing to let go and start anew and come on with a new software program. A new way of thinking. Connecting directly to source man. I mean that to me is like so huge when I see people, oh my gosh, don’t get me started (laughter) with…
Alexandra (Laughter).
Ari You know when I see people quoting you know from, because so and so from such and such you know blog, or such and such a workshop, or some famous name, or some channeler said this and that and I’m thinking to myself: ‘Are you kidding me? Wait a minute are you kidding me, but what do you say? What is it that you know?’. Forget about what they’re saying, forget about what you read. What do you know and why is it that you don’t know at this point? At this point in time we are so close to something major happening and people are still quoting so and so’s truth and so and so’s reality and so and so’s and making it your own. The point is that we have a direct line to the main server. Yeah, yeah.
Alexandra I love that. (Laughter).
Ari Not a little whatever, megabyte, a little laptop.  We’ve got the mainframe and we’re on, what do you call it? Telephone dial up, that’s where we’re at, not even the modem telephone dial up its not even cable or DSL its dial up mode and on top of that we’re connecting to the little you know.. you’ve got to connect to source. You’ve got to get the stuff directly from source man because you can’t go wrong. You’re not going to get the wrong information. You’re going to get ‘The Information’ not ‘This Information’, not ‘Misinformation’. Nothing that’s tainted or twisted or qualified with a certain energy or certain agenda.  No, no it’s crisp and clean, and clear and pristine and you can’t get any better than that.  This is where people are going wrong, they’re not trusting in their selves being able to do that and I think that the implant removal gives you that ability to start from scratch and get rid of all the corrupt garbage and now you’re crystal clean and now you have a direct line. It’s like when you get a catheter. You know when a person has an artery that’s plugged up and they go in with a stem and they open it up. Man that’s not the way to do that but I’m saying you need a direct a clear line; it’s something that’s unplugged and unclogged. That’s what we need to do and that’s what the implant process does. It gets us going to be able to have a clean and direct line to source and that’s what we need to do to get all our answers and stuff from there.
Alexandra You know I’m so in alignment with what you’re saying and the other thing that I’m hearing from people is: ‘Oh you can do that but you know I’ve never been successful at that’. Well, I want everyone to know we’ve all been bought with gifts, every single one of us has a gift but if you don’t work at it, I mean yeah there are those few people that walk around that have automatically been given the gift of psychic abilities. They chose to bring that into this reality.
Ari True.
Alexandra You have some of those people. They are few and far between really and they haven’t had that fun of a life because of it. But for those of us that lost that at an early age, you got to do some work.
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra To get it back, you got to work at it. You can’t just you know do a bewitched thing and twinkle, twinkle, and bam it occurs.
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra I think people tend to compare themselves to very outstanding psychics and things and then again they go into the victimization: ‘Oh, I’m inadequate, I’m not as good as’ and that’s what you just said fits in as we have to get rid of all of these belief systems that we’ve developed over all of these years. So it’s a whole scratch it. Get rid of it. (Laughter).
Ari (Laughter). Yeah and it’s easier said than done some times you know because you know we are accustomed to our baggage. We are accustomed to you know our stuff. It’s clutter, but man I don’t want to let go of this because it reminds me of that! I don’t want to let go of this one because you know. I grew up with that. It’s almost like those, what do you call those little blankies what do you call that? A comfy blanky, a little blanky that little kids that’s just use to comfort them.
Alexandra That’s right.
Ari It’s something that gives you comfort. You know to me it’s chocolate but other people … that type of thing.  It’s a comfort thing. It’s stuff that people know they need to do but many times are unwilling, unwilling to do that because its painful to part with things, you know that they’ve lived with for ‘x’ amount of years.
Alexandra Well, you know what too Aria for those of us that are out there and you’re working you know, an eight hour day which of course is typically ten to twelve hours, and they just don’t feel like they have a whole lot left over. Well, the thing is you really have to look in the mirror and say how badly do you want this?
Ari Exactly.
Alexandra And this again is getting down to your choices and your choices you’re going to really be challenged when you go through the implant removal process that you mentioned you will be challenged about who you are going to want to spend your time with. You are going to want to spend your time with those of much higher vibrational because its natural that you will want to be resonating with the higher frequency because you’re a higher frequency.
Ari Hmmm, hmmm.
Alexandra So you know I just really challenge each and everyone out there if you’re having… you know I’ve had people write into me and go God the attacks, the this, the that, the other, they are just at an all time high. Let me tell you today was a very frustrating day just because I decided to interview Ari yesterday. From the moment that I decided to interview Ari and talk about this I had nothing but technological problems. I mean they were challenges I should say.
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra And you know I was telling Ari this morning that I just had to like laugh because it was one thing after another. I had printer problems, I had computer problems. I had my cell phone die and I had to go down and get a new one and then when they did that they couldn’t even get my passwords that were perfectly normal and I never changed them. They wouldn’t work. You know, I mean it was one thing after another.
Ari Well you know it just tells you something doesn’t it? There must be something that we were going to share or are sharing that they just you know… it’s empowering and it allows people to go to the next level. So now you stepped up, you heard the call and you’ve got your implants removed ok but you’re going to have to step up now even more, ok. So what do you do to protect yourself? Oh, they don’t want you to do that.
Alexandra Are you kidding me?
Ari No. They don’t want you to know that. And so no, and if there’s anyway possible you know, you and I are going to get on air and talk about this because people need to know this
Alexandra You know Ari, you’re going right into the next topic which I am so grateful that you brought it up and that is we are literally today New Years Eve of 2014.
Ari Wow, yes!
Alexandra And we have a huge year ahead of us.
Ari Hmmm, hmmm.
Alexandra I’ve been saying all along, I’ve been getting the hit that somewhere round the time of springtime.
Ari Ok.
Alexandra There’s going to be a fairly major shift going on. How that unfolds I do not know and when I don’t know but with that said let’s talk a little bit about what do you feel is going on with those of us that have decided to step forth and do this process?
Ari Wow, wow! Well, it’s interesting because I just looked up and saw this major blue light whatever that means I don’t know but I just have to say that. (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter).
Ari A little fairy, I don’t know.
Alexandra Wow!
Ari Well yeah, I’ve been getting… we’ve been talking about the one hundred and forty four thousand when you’ve been on my show and it’s umm almost like umm a clarion call for those that are, have a very specific mission to accomplish during these times, to step up, ok.  And I have to personally say that a lot of people unfortunately misunderstand or they qualify what we’re stating with the one hundred and forty four thousand and it’s not a group of people that are, that have that they are super privileged or that they are better than other people, ok.  Or that they are better than other light workers or others in the spiritual community. It’s just a group of people that have certain wiring, ok, or certain codes and it’s a little bit more than that because, but it’s not just because they are better, just there’s a lot of people because every body gets hung up on this and I think I mentioned that to you, it’s like I’ve got to clarify that because there are a lot of people and someone mentions it, remember I always measure everything being a microcosm of a macrocosm. Somebody just mentions it then it’s out there, people are thinking the same way so I’ve got to address it. There are certain people that come into a world that is in the process of ascension that have very specific functions and the one hundred and forty four thousand have a very specific function. Like maybe others have another function. You know others function by holding the light by creating music that’s very high frequency and just keeps everybody’s frequency at a very high frequency. Everybody has a specific task and a specific specialty. Well, the one hundred and forty four thousand and this is what I was reminded again by my dear friend Atona Areyus who is also part of this whole thing of activating the one hundred and forty four thousand is that the one hundred and forty four thousand on the other side.  I’m talking about the other side of the veil. The higher realms of the realms of the illumine worlds were given mandalas, living mandalas so the one hundred and forty four thousand carry a special mandala and you mentioned something about the mandala the other day or the geometric, the activation of how we are forming a geometric, activation, unbelievable and then I came up and told you this and its like oh my God. But we carry living mandalas that when we come together as many of us as the one hundred and forty four thousand because I don’t know how we would be able to do this but that would be great, but even if it’s just a portion of us. When we come together and reunite in a certain sacred place ok, we’re talking about like a Mount Shasta lets say just to give you an idea a certain place that’s sacred has high vibration that type of thing. We are activated together and we form that living Mandala and then we are actually creating that transformation. We’re helping in the transformation of this planet in a much quicker fashion, a much more powerful fashion. So that’s what I got and Atona Areyus if we would ever get on a show together she would even elaborate into that so we are going to be creating sacred journeys. Initiating those that are saying in, I’m one of us I’m one of the one hundred and forty four thousand, I’ve got my implant removal, or I know that I’m one of the one hundred and forty four and we are recognizing who we are, we are coming together to these sacred places, we are getting initiated and we are getting that Mandala activating. That is what is going to help this planet, just push it even further. Yeah, so that is in the works.
Alexandra It also confirms my guidance, which has told me you read all these channelings and I know that we all have some misgivings about channelings but we read all these channelings and what do you hear in almost every single one of them? You hear we are who we are waiting for.
Ari Sure, oh yeah.
Alexandra Ok, and then you know I received a message the other day, and it was basically ‘we are the event’.
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra We are the event.
Ari Yeah, we sure are.
Alexandra And the one hundred and forty four thousand have a big job ahead of them and that job is to get ready. Get prepared. This isn’t just a you know a lightweight process of what we’re going to be doing.
Ari True.
Alexandra We will never be the same after we gather together to do this and this is going to be not only life changing personally but it will be changing the planet. And you’re right; there are so many other groups that have their own role to play.
Ari Yep.
Alexandra And we can’t do it without them.
Ari Nope.
Alexandra And they can’t do it without us. It’s all part of the tapestry.  It’s all the way that the divine decreed planned this whole thing and it all gets back to again getting away from the victimization, if you’re looking at this and saying ‘oh so you’re better than…’
Ari Exactly.
Alexandra Then you need to step back and say, ok, first of all that’s not what we’re saying
Ari Exactly.
Alexandra And if you’re taking it that way, then what within you is thinking that somebody’s trying to tell you, you you’re last again?
Ari It’s that old belief system and they’re buying into that you know and that’s how we filter out information or miss perceive things you know when miscommunication happens yeah, this whole thing with the one hundred and forty four thousand I mean that’s major because we’re on the planet now.
Alexandra I’ll tell you the other thing that’s really just blown my mind. I had spoken to Cobra before our last interview and I said, oh I don’t know we were talking about the implant removal and I said Cobra its so fulfilling because I’m receiving emails like on a daily basis and this is really changing peoples lives, those that are ready to move forward I mean they’re like ‘phew’ you know. It’s just (laughter) mistling into the ethers and he said oh that’s just wonderful and I mentioned something about the one hundred and forty four thousand. Well ‘bam’ a couple of days later I don’t know if you saw it he put a post out about the one hundred and forty four thousand.
Ari (Laughter). Yeah.
Alexandra So it really was interesting because we are all receiving our guidance all about this and it’s come up just in the last what maybe, I mean heavily…
Ari Heavily?  Probably, what within the last month or so? Or…
Alexandra Yeah, yeah!
Ari Yeah! Yeah that’s what I’m thinking because that’s what I’ve been seeing too, a lot of that, a lot of that. A lot of people just synchronicity, you know bringing us together and speaking about that and somebody will say: “well this is the piece that I bring, this is the information that I got” and I go: “oh my God that’s what Alexandra said” or “that’s what Atona said oh my God” and it’s all like coming together beautifully and then you know that this is being divinely guided and orchestrated because there’s no way that so-and-so would know about it and you would know about it. The same thing maybe you’re using word that’s similar but it’s the same concept you know what I’m saying, you’re conveying the same information. I’m like just totally tickled to death about this, which I hate being tickled (laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter).
Ari But this one I can take, I like this, I like this tickling. This is cool. (Laughter).
Alexandra Well it seems like this is what we’ve all been waiting for. This is it!
Ari I know.
Alexandra We’re finally at the final curtain call.
Ari I know.
Alexandra You know its just a question of gathering you know those that are ready to step up and get it done, you know it really is up to us.  When are we going to get this done? When can we get this done? Are we capable, are we ready? I mean that’s just mind blowing.
Ari It is mind blowing.
Alexandra And it’s like what you said before I mean when you live your life through this filter. When you live your life where you live your life where you’ve received some information, you know you’re kind of wondering that’s some pretty interesting information, but it’s just to me.
Ari Yeah.
Alexandra It’s just to me. So you know, I’m going to just going keep it in the back of my head. I’m not going to say much anything. And then all of a sudden you get a phone call.
Ari Right.
Alexandra And they say something that’s exactly like what you just got the night before through your guidance.
Ari Exactly.
Alexandra And then the next day you go to the store and you see, you know, like numerology that backs up. That’s what’s been happening. So it’s very clear to me that we are starting to gather on the other side of the veil.
Ari Hmmm, hmmm.
Alexandra And things are getting close. And look at all of the amazing inroads that are occurring across the world. I mean oh my God!
Ari Yep.
Alexandra I mean today the sun has supposedly finished for the equinox.
Ari Yeah I know that’s what I heard.
Alexandra How cool is that that ‘A’ we are still here with all the fear porn that’s been out there about how we are going to fly off the planet. We are going to blow up and all this. We made it through. This was a really big thing though. A lot of people were afraid of, all earth changes. Why did we have less earth changes?  It wasn’t just because of the Galactic Intervention; it was because of all the work that emissaries of light have done because we desired it. We desired that it not be a catastrophe, therefore we created it into something more streamline. I mean we are living in such impeccably fascinating times.
Ari It truly is, it really truly is. And you know the illumine world is are really just so, the veil is just so thin now, really that thin and it’s really just a matter of us being able to recognize when someone that is of a higher vibration is in a room with us.  It’s very subtle and it’s very refined and one has to really know what they’re looking for and that’s something that happens when you know we start raising our vibration and then we start getting rid of the junk, the garbage and that willingness. That desire has to be there to be able to open oneself up to these realms because they are literally, almost like, it’s even thinner than an onionskin. You know it’s that thin, but, you’ve got to know what you are seeing, you’ve got to be able to recognize the manifestation of these worlds because you might be missing out on a whole bunch of stuff and thinking, here’s where the thinking comes. Thinking that it comes in a certain way, when maybe the trumpets (sound of trumpets) here I am, I am Saint Germaine, Jesus, Anunda and this is Elmer and they don’t come in like that. These beings don’t show up like that and you know you might have an angel next to you and of course you know there are many people have been given all these things, these beautiful beings of these higher realms a terrible, terrible reputation now you know because of this New Age concept and spiritual thing you know. It’s bad.
Alexandra Yeah, I’d like to ask you about that, you know so George Kavasilas.
Ari Oh great. (Laughter).
Alexandra He’s one of the main players to bring forth that there are a lot of you know people praying, calling in, invoking these ascended Masters and Lords and things like this and that they’re basically they are just another theme that is trying to capture you know, and keep us subservient to them, and keep us away from our own inner power. What’s your feeling about that?
Ari I’m not saying that, that may not be true and there are beings that are pretending and disguising themselves as beings of light and I would say yes indeed there are those beings out there but you recognize them by their vibration. They do have energy signatures. They actually have energy signatures and of course here’s the problem you know that I am going to try to describe. There’s a lot of people have not had experiences with these beings in the past therefore if a being of light, they’re calling themselves a being of light that is of the false light in order for appearance to someone. It’s very difficult to discern if you have not had an experience of one and they come in and they say I’m Saint Germaine or I’m Ashtar, or whatever. If you haven’t really had experience with Ashtar you would not know what Ashtar’s real truth energy signature is and therefore you’re going to buy in to that because they are speaking in such a beautiful way. Their demeanor is so peaceful, they’re glowing, you know they’re wearing the right clothing you know. They’re blond and blue eyed and bla, bla, bla and you know you’re going to fall for it not knowing what to look for. In reality the beings of light don’t normally show up in the way that they show up. It’s so refined that you can’t perceive it with your eyes. Let me just put it that way, if you’re perceiving it with your eyes usually and if you don’t have experience with the true signature, I usually will do the ‘Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth’ because if they truly are a being of light that serve the prime creator they will sing that right back with you. They will sing it with you because what it’s saying is: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts’ and for them to be able to say that, they have to obviously be in service to, to the prime creator. So they have to sing it back to you. If they don’t sing it back to you just tell them to go away that you serve prime creator, that you serve the light and they therefore have no business being in your space and they need to leave but yes there are beings that pretend to be because they are deceivers and there are many of those beings coming in through channeling unfortunately pretending to be Jesus, Anunda and Michael and all the wonderful household names that we’re aware of. They all use the same colorful language and it’s all very embellished and the beings of light really do not speak that way. They do not speak that way. They are very straight and to the point.
Alexandra They are, yes they are.
Ari They are very straight and to the point. They are very loving, like a loving father, like a loving mother. Very loving but straight and to the point there’s no sugar coating or anything. So if you get a being that talks to you ‘dear ones’ and ‘beloveds’ runaway because it’s all BS they’re lying to you. They’re trying to awe you and wow you because it feels good because wow they’re calling me ‘dear ones’ they must be of love, no, no, no, no. On the contrary that’s what they use to… it’s their little carrot, ok, it’s like they’re trying to put the little worm in the hook and bait you. That’s what they’re doing.  But, no, there are indeed beings of light they’re Ascended Masters that have attained their mastery from this illusion and they are not in polarity because they can’t be in polarity in order to be ascended. Therefore they are totally free from the matrix, totally free from this wheel, this life and death cycle. They’re totally free from illnesses and you know regardless of what we believe whether George Kavasilas says this or that they are ascended regardless of what George Kavasilas says.
Alexandra Well, and also it’s a very rare moment for an Ascended Master to appear physically.
Ari Very rare!
Alexandra And tell everybody why.
Ari Why it’s rare? I don’t know what you’re asking me, why would it be rare?
Alexandra It’s exceptionally difficult for them because of the frequency and vibration number one. It’s not that they can’t, they don’t really want to.
Ari They usually don’t and again, if they do it’s very, very rare but it again it’s not the way that people are expecting that to happen and that’s what I’m trying to say is that a lot of people won’t get an experience that might be a true experience with the illumine realms because they’re thinking in their head that it has to look a certain way and when it actually happens they miss it because they were wearing filters based on a 3D world and matrix that they’re used to living and they are not allowing for something else to show up to give them a vision of what those other worlds might look like. You know what I’m saying, I mean do you understand?
Alexandra Oh God Ari that is such a good point. I received an email today from a woman that was, I was almost in tears. She was talking about how she was irritated. She was at the airport and they bumped her, and they put her in a seat that she didn’t want to be in and this guy comes walking up and he’s like five hundred pounds and he sits down next to her and not only that but you know, he was a little bit on the smelly side.
Ari A little bit, right.
Alexandra BO, yeah, and she said it was without a doubt because she finally let go of her irritation, her frustration with the airline and what she thought she should have and she finally just let herself go into the moment this individual ended up really changing her life.
Ari Wow!
Alexandra She said it was one of the most profound, beautiful experiences of her entire life. He gave her these words of wisdom that will be carried in her heart for the rest of her life. And in my experience it was the classic way in which spirit works.
Ari Absolutely.
Alexandra It’s not the way we expect..
Ari Not at all.
Alexandra Spirit to communicate to us and it’s not the way that we think we’re going to get information to us. It’s the way in which the world kind of unfolds in front of us.
Ari Hmmm, hmmm.
Alexandra When we’re like a kid and we’re open and we’re ok with just being super wide open to any possibility.
Ari Exactly.
Alexandra That’s when the miracles occur.
Ari Yep.
Alexandra And the communications and the Omens.
Ari Yep.
Alexandra And the aha’s and the realization’s
Ari Totally.
Alexandra As always Ari I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing you today and I just wanted to reiterate. So if you guys can hang tight I’m going to try to put this together tomorrow. Ari let’s go over what are the key steps that they do every morning when they get up or anytime when they feel a sense of fear or discomfort. What are the key things for them to do each day to up their protection?
Ari Well what you just said is really important because when you get up each day in the morning if you’re in fear or you go into a situation that is unsure, something that puts you out of your court, I always do the ‘Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth’ and I’ll just say it over and over again either while I’m driving or to that location or situation that you’re going into because it just changes it, it changes the vibration and it puts it into a higher vibration to begin with and nothing with a lower vibration can exist in that same space. So you just start off with that. If you need to know how to say it, Alexandra you’ll have it up on your website yeah?
Alexandra Yeah, certainly.
Ari I’ll let you know what it is and how to pronounce it and all and people can do that but that is number one that I would use and I use that in my arsenal every single day to protect myself, protect my loved ones, protect my pets, protect my home, any type of weather, things like that. It creates a shield nothing can touch you. On top of that, then you can use the ‘Electronic Circle to the Mighty I am Presence’ surround yourself with or pretend you are in a circle or bubble that is golden in color and it’s so powerful, it’s a force field nothing can penetrate it, nothing and then I totally coat it with mirrors facing outward so that anything that comes to you that is not in alignment to your highest good or to the divine goes back to its source multiplied and the cloak of invisibility, don’t forget to put that over you, where you are actually going to put that cloak and make believe that it’s a huge cloak, where you are going to cover this whole huge electronic circle and it’s just going to completely make that disappear with you in it and you’re complete. I mean seriously you’ve got to know it in your heart that is done, because if you don’t understand that and know that and embrace that to be true it’s not going to work, nothing is going to work. So you’ve got to let go of the disbelief and start acting like you are actually divine because you are. You’ve got to start acting that way and to take back your power, that’s the way you do that.
Alexandra Ok, we will also put up the information on the violet flame, the proclamation and operating on a new operating software, ok.
Ari Oh yes, definitely.
Alexandra  New operating software. So with that said, every body I just once again want to thank all of you. You can always visit Ari’s site at 2012emergence.com and of course please continue to support glacticconnection.com. And I love you all and we have Cobra next week, he couldn’t make this week but this is going to be a really good interview next week. So take care, every one hang in there and have a wonderful New Year.
Ari Have a great New Year.
Alexandra Thank you Ari.
Ari Thank you. Bye bye.
Alexandra Talk to you soon.
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