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microphone (1)Alexandra: Hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com. Today I have with me two very special guests that are very dear to my heart, Ari Kopel and Serena, and they are representing the 2012 Emergence.com website. I also have with me my lovely support team right-hand woman, Julie Haskins, and I don’t know how I could ever do without her.

Julie: Thank you.

Alexandra: So before I dive into what we’ll be speaking about today–because I consider both of these women to be just very, very powerful light warriors and they have a phenomenal message to share with the planet–I feel it is very important to share some really good news with everyone. I just looked at my stats for the month of June and I just jumped up to 6.95 million hits for the month of June. Can you guys believe that?

Serena: That is amazing!

Ari: Oh yeah!

Serena: That is amazing!


Alexandra: And in May it was 5.549, so that’s how much it changed.

Serena: That’s great!

Ari: Wow!

Alexandra: I know, I’m just reeling from that.

Serena: Yay! Good for you!

Alexandra: Well, thank you.


Message for humanity,  main focuses of Ari and Serena’s work


Alexandra: So enough about me. I do want to introduce Ari and Serena. Ari, can you tell everybody a little bit about who you are and what is your motivating factor to be stepping out on a platform and talk about the archonic energies, and things like that. What is your ultimate message for humanity?


Ari: Well, the ultimate message is, well first of all, I’d like to thank you very much for having us on your show today. It’s truly an honor. The ultimate message, Alexandra, is that we as a species here on this planet, I really feel in the heart of my heart, that we are our own liberators–we have to come to our own rescue by stepping up or to rise to the occasion and there are a lot of forces that don’t want that to happen. And when I became totally aware of that–it’s usually Serena who made me very, very aware of it–we took it upon ourselves to hit to the radio, that is something that is totally out of our comfort zone–


Alexandra: (laughing) I’m sorry, I’m laughing because I can so relate because I really got kicked in the butt to do this as well. Did I want to come out to the world saying Hey! It’s me!

Ari: Yeah, really, exactly, exactly. 


Ari: And I run, with Serena­–Serena and I both run the 2012 Emergence.com site. And that was put up originally as a response to the whole 2012 hype. And my whole aim with that was to bring up all the possible scenarios that could happen in 2012, with the purpose of inoculating people so that people would not be in fear mode. So what’s happening now with humanity is, that these forces are so amazingly­–we could say that they’re dire if you want to look at it that way, I mean, if you really want to look at it with all the different things that are happening, people don’t really know what’s happening behind the scenes–you put all of them in front of you and you say, my goodness, this is just so much that we might as well just hang the white flag now.


So again, our purpose is to inoculate people, let them know that, look at this, look at this, look at that, that’s building our strength, we’re building our muscles, so if, so that’s if we’re hit with this, I hope it doesn’t–I’m hoping we’re all strong enough with our light that we’re able to overcome this. But I’m basically trying to help people exercise that muscle. So, yeah, that’s what we’re doing–hitting the radio waves and doing whatever we can to alert people about this.

Alexandra: Well, I love the way that you pose that. How about you, Serena?


Serena: Oh, boy. I am nearly half as articulate and as professional sounding as Ari.

Ari: I have to differ with you by the way.

Alexandra: So do I. So do I. And this is not a competition.


Serena: No, I know. I just feel like I’m in a rather mooshy place today. I have some information that I need to put together in my being and I’m still kind of reeling with it so I’m not entirely in my left brain where I need to be right now but, I believe your question was about the main message to humanity?

Alexandra: Yeah. Yeah.


Serena: Wow. (voices and laughter) OK, world! That’s me speaking now–

             listen to what I have to say now!

Alexandra: I just fly out of the gate. (laughter)


Serena:  I . . . I have just learned recently about the aspects of life that I didn’t want to think about or believe, unfortunately. And learned the reality in the hardest way–first through denial, and then with the holy 2×4, right. So, now I’m seeing things rather a little bit better, I don’t have the whole picture, not by far. But I think that most of humanity needs to wake up to it because they don’t understand the forces that are working against them.


And my message at this point is, to make the most people aware of those things. There is a variety of those things. And I want them to be aware of it so they understand that there’s stuck places in life, or there are stuck places in spirituality or in our societal and cultural places where we are not moving forward as a species, and having clean energies and peaceful societies and community. There is a reason why this is not happening. It’s because it’s been stunted, it has literally been halted by another force. It’s not because they aren’t trying, it’s because it has been stunted by this other force. So my message is, at this point of my life, at this point of time, is to make as many people aware of those forces as possible.


Definition of a Light Warrior


Alexandra: You know, I want to let everybody know how I met you guys. Do you guys recall that? I came to you because I went through a very painful situation where I was lured into exposing myself by a phenomenally brutal archonic attack.

Serena: That’s right. That’s right.


Alexandra: And I really thought I had done my protection, and had pulled down my pillar of light and all of that, and I still was just brought to my knees. And I remember, I was seeking you guys out because synchronistically I had received an email from both of you, and I thought, oh my gosh,  I’ve got to meet these women. And so, to make the long story short, everybody, they have a great message.


And their message, from my estimation, from what I’m seeing what you’re sharing with humanity is, that we need to step into our own authority. We need to really reflect on what’s the difference between a light worker and a light warrior. And possibly even etymologically break down what “warrior” means. Because people seem to think that being a “warrior” means that you’re making war.  Or that we want to “battle,” or we want to combat, that we want to kill. And in reality, we are in a time when it’s essential for us to put on our armor–to be prepared for potential, very cunningly presented potential attacks. Do you agree with that, Ari?

Ari: I agree. Yes, 100%, you are absolutely right.


Ari: And Serena–you probably have a really good definition of what a light warrior is, right?

Serena: I think that my definition goes back and forth with, um, with light worker and light warrior, this was one of the points that Alexandra wanted to make. A light worker, I believe, is any person who upholds the goodness and the positive aspects and light-making aspects of the Divine Blueprint, OK. They’re kind, they do work for love, they help and do no harm, they help others, and in myriad ways in which a person can be a light worker.


A light warrior, on the other hand, is somebody who intentionally confronts the dark forces who are working against us, and we tackle them and we deal with them. And it’s a battle, it’s a spiritual battle, so it’s more of a spiritual warrior. We confront these beings, we acknowledge them, acknowledge that they are there, we see them, and we engage with them, and we dismiss them and send them to other places, and all kinds of things like that. And usually, the darkest and the heaviest and the worst most kind of energy to meet.


And a light worker can sit around doing meditations, and they can focus on love, meditate on the feeling and vibrations of higher frequencies, and other species of higher energies, and they can elevate their own frequency, and that is nice. They’re holding their own personal frequency. And then there are others that are deliberately being attacked, because they have made a statement or made a dent into the massive, hypnotic ignorance that they prefer people to remain in and we’re exposing that. When we’re exposing it we become the frontline people and are attacked. Instead of the others who are sitting around meditating and singing Kumbayah–one of my favorites growing-up songs.


Old patterns need to be discarded including among the spiritual community; time for action; time to unite


Alexandra: Well, you brought up a good point. This is the month–July 2013–this is the month of expecting the unexpected, because of the astrological layout right now. And also, taking action, and kind of breaking down all of those systems, belief patterns, that weren’t really supporting you anyway. And I really believe, we aren’t immune to that folks. I mean, the spiritual community has just as many paradigms to break down as the rest of the categories out there, such as the financial, the political, and so forth. So you know, we’re really ultimately, learning how to free ourselves from suffering. And I’d like to hear what you guys think about that.


Ari: Well, first of all,–this Ari if you didn’t realize that, (laughter) well, here’s my opinion on that. I really feel that people need to realize what is happening. You have to come from a willingness to see the ugly stuff. And, I’m speaking mostly to those light workers/light warriors,–not so much light warriors because they already know what they need to do, pretty much. You know what, we all are here on the planet at this particular junction of time for a reason. And yes, you know, our functions might be different, but they really are not.


 My analogy to this is “being in the trenches,” you’re in a battle, you have your infantry that goes out and has to, unfortunately, do the dirty work, of picking up a gun and you are surrounded by these enemy forces and, at some point, the medic who’s there to help people, sometimes has to point the gun and get into the battle too or everyone perishes. So it’s the same idea, OK. So we’re all in this together in this planet, and unfortunately, there are things that are happening on the planet right now that are not exactly in Divine Order, OK. Not part of the Divine Blueprint, or the original intention of Prime Creator.


 And my point is, is to take a look at any headline, I don’t mean CNN, because I don’t even turn that on anymore. Maybe obviously you can’t believe that. But even if you go to alternative media and you just take a look at that, if what you’re into, you’ll see what the headlines are like. And if you had any kind of honesty with yourself, with any integrity within yourself, you have to come to a point where you have to say, you know what, something is really wrong here. Because this is not the way it was originally meant to be.


 So if it wasn’t meant to be this way then something is working against it. And if it is, then what is my–where do I fit in with the whole scheme of things. Am I going to say, oh well, it’s so overwhelming, I can’t do anything, let me just sit under the tree and meditate. Or are we all going to do something to stand together and say–we are facing some very grave situations on the planet, it’s time to pool in our resources, our energies, our divine power, and step into our authority and let’s turn this around.              

Alex: Take action.


Ari: We are too individualized, we have start sticking together on the same page. Many of us are coming from different perspectives and different opinions and different belief systems and we really have to come to realize that, you know what, we have to look at this dirty, ugly stuff because, otherwise, it’s going to bite us in the you know where.


Alexandra: Yeah, yeah, and also to be tolerant of the fact that everybody has a different perception, you know.

Ari: Yeah. 

Alexandra: That goes without saying, but unfortunately, you see a lot of the drama and stirring going on within our community, we have to unite and at least have the understanding that all have one thing in mind and that is to assist humanity through this process. And hopefully, create heaven on earth soon, sooner rather than later.

Ari: Yeah, and that should be our main purpose/focus right now.


Alexandra: And which way that Ari goes there, or that Serena goes there, or that Julie goes there, or that I go there–it should matter more that WE, ultimately band together. Because it’s the smallest percentage of us on the planet that are going to make the difference.

Serena: Yes.


Alexandra: You know, it’s the small number of the people, like you and me and Julie and everyone else who’s out there, who are doing their best to put out the message of hope and light and love and also, you know, empowerment, and protection, and things like that.  These are all important, all of them play an important piece of it, it’s a mosaic you know.


The archons are working hard to weaken the light community


Alexandra: I’ve heard you say, Ari, many times you talk about the archons and I know that when I first met you we had a great discussion about it. Do you feel that they are actually at this so-called possible final hour–are they really doing a mind f___ on us at this time?

Ari: Are you asking me?


Alexandra: Yeah, or either Serena.

Ari: Yeah that is my opinion, yes. And Serena has more information or intel on that. There is no question, there is no question, that as to how they are operating with us. They are doing the major mind f___ with us, on us, and to the point that–how clever these guys are, these things are–that they have already put some people in creative videos, or what-nots, to, of course, our light workers/light warriors community and they’re saying that the light workers are being compromised and being taken in to all these milabs and what-not, and that’s saying that those who are connected with the light are not connected either, so it’s totally, you know, mind f___ right now, so to get us to think that even our own thoughts–whether you think they are from the Divine, they’re not yours either, they’re putting them in there. So, now you are questioning whether you even are connectng with Source or even the right information. It’s like–at some point we have to shut off that noise.


Alexandra: Yes. And I’m so glad if you brought that up Ari. Because, I don’t know where I saw this or heard it or read it whatever, you were mentioning how you were sitting on your couch and you’re having a great day and all of a sudden this big wave of rage or anger came by and you were thinking where did that come from? And this is where we really need to be super-vigilant in our thought processes, and how we react or respond. Because if we react with something with a trigger-type response mechanism you can bet that it’s coming from your emotional body.

Ari: Yeah.


Alexandra: And if we cannot get ourselves to be in a place where–and I’m guilty too, I’m human–but I really try to work on that everyday to stay in the neutral position of authority where I can see–oh wow, this person is saying that, and this person is claiming that, and you can actually see some of the individuals, Ari, that you are referring to that have been compromised.

Ari: Yes.


Alexandra: By some of the things they are saying behind people’s backs. It’s unfortunate.

Ari: Yes, absolutely.


People who are personally sovereign and who are governed by their own personal inner light can transcend planetary alignments and know how to stay grounded within themselves


Alexandra: Serena did you have something you’d like to add to that?

Serena: Well, could you be more specific about what you mean?


Alexandra: Well, OK, let me ask you a specific question. This month is all about expansion. Now we have been expanding at this point astronomically, but this month particularly–because of Pluto and the other situations, it’s really going to cause us to either become more ungrounded than we ever have been. What is your perspective on that and how being ungrounded fits in with attacks. 


Serena: Totally. It fits perfectly hand in glove. OK, my personal belief feeling about astrological events are that I have chosen personally to transcend them. This is my decision, because I have not desire to be at the whim of Mercury going retrograde any more. (laughter)

Alexandra: I love it.

Serena: Mercury has to be evicted from the friggin cosmos for all time he’s going backwards and the nonsense that he creates by our computers and communications. He’s got to go. Now he has to go . . . Mars needs to go–excuse me–the god of War?! (He’s got to go. (Yeah) The rings of Saturn the rings of paths (especially) that needs to go. And you know what–you can take all these planets that are dead and they’re nothing but huge cosmic sentinals  holding this planet earth on bondage. That’s all they are. They need to go. That’s what astrology is. And I personally choose to transcend it and not be at the whim of everything that is going on–and Pluto has been described as, you know, of having to go through the eye of the needle.

Whenever you’re dealing with the Plutonian energy you are being squeezed into the eye of the needle where nothing can get through but an absolutely essence of whatever it is that the energy is going on. OK, so I’m done with all of that. I don’t want to be a party to any more astrology and that goes for the chakras, as well. That’s a cosmic manipulation control center and for the individual it’s the chakra center and I’m over with those control devices as well, personally.

Serena: But how we handle to get grounded is, we have to individually–this is going to have to take us into a individual place, you have to find your sovereignty and I’m starting to see that we use the words a lot, we use them a lot, but I’m starting to see that people don’t even possess it. Because they have believed all of their lives through generation and generation, their parents, their ancestors, have all had some governing factor–some government, some religion, something that told them how to behave and what to believe. These people are going to have a hard time being grounded.

People who are personally sovereign and who go by their own personal inner light, and the information that’s within their inner light within them, they don’t need any government, they don’t need any religions, they don’t need any Pluto, any Mercury going straight, or anything like that because they are self-governing beings. They are governed by the light, by integrity, and they know how to stay grounded within themselves. And that’s my opinion about that.


To be solidly grounded in our personal sovereignty have courage to let go of old beliefs


Alexandra: Well, I’m so glad that you have such a difficult time expressing your opinion. (laughter) I’m just kidding. But you know, grounding for me too, is having the cojones to be able to say what you perceive to be your truth. And we–and it’s going back to what you said, Serena–that our personal sovereignty is almost linked to what our attachments are.

Serena: Yes.


Alexandra: And that’s why there’s been so much stress placed on letting go of all emotional, mental, physical attachments. Yeah, you can have it, you can like it, you can love it, you can embrace it, but don’t make that attachment be you, don’t make it cause you to be worthy. The same goes with where the whole spiritual community is going with this ascension process that we’re in. We’re all having–I really believe that people are getting to the point where their belief systems have been completely annihilated–even us, right. I don’t know how many–my husband and I joke about this all the time, like how many days of the week do we get up and say Wow, I’ve got to incorporate that into my foundational belief system. (laughter) It’s like OK, because we’re open to that, right. We’re open to all of the information that is coming in. You know, we’re not so rooted into believing a certain way–unless of course, it’s our core connection with truth or Source, or whatever, don’t you think?

Ari: Yeah, I do.


We’ve become more aware of how manipulated we are in the matrix


Alexandra: So going back to you, I know you guys have just amazing things to discuss regarding the archonic energies on the planet. What about all this obsessive thinking and micro-managing of our experience and things not happening fast enough and, you know, we have to have a schedule, we have to have a plan. What is your belief system about that? .  .  .  And I say ‘belief system’ because guess what, we still have a brain. (laughter) So we really can’t get away from, we really are an amalgamation of beliefs.

Ari: Yeah.

Alexandra: You know.


Ari: Yeah. Well, I personally, I feel that is a part of the matrix. You know, because that is, if you want to call it, the little cage, the system they put us into the Truman Show, shall we say. It’s part of the–you know, Alexandra–it’s basically, all a stage. I personally can see it. I can open my door and see it. Sometimes the lighting is off and I tell them, I say it to them, you guys, you really do a terrible job of the spotlights today. (laughter) Because it really stinks today. I can tell it’s off. And I have family members that are not in-the-know about these things and I’ll say, do you notice some sort of weirdness, like you’re walking onto a stage, you know, like it doesn’t really look real? And they’ll say, you know, matter of fact, I’ve been noticing that more and more. And these are people who are not in-the-know. There’s just something very strange, and it’s not just the manipulation of the weather, and the frequencies they’re putting on us–it’s the combination of everything.  It’s almost as if we’re in an experiment, in a petrie dish,

Alexandra: Oh yeah.

Ari: under a microscope, and they’re watching this thing, OK, watching us unfold and develop and they put this little–maybe, an iodine drop here and they put that other ingredient there and they’re thinking I wonder if I put this here–it’s totally manipulated. So we know it’s not from the Divine. Because if people have to suffer–we have so much suffering–and some ideologies are put in place, in purpose–you know, they say it’s a lesson for you, it’s a good thing, you probably contracted that, it’s a lesson, there’s some ultimately good in there. You know, I bought that for many years.


Alexandra: Oh my god,  I am so at the same page with you about that, Ari.

Ari: I bought it for many years. (laughter and both voices) I know. And it’s B.S. Yes, right.


Ari: Because it takes a–because you have to be willing to look at it and say this thing doesn’t jive, because if we have a loving God, because that’s what we’re saying we worship or adore or that we go to when we pray, what loving God would do that? That’s insane. It’s insanity. And when you look at it from that perspective, and you have to really want to go there, look at from the higher perspective and be totally objective, you have to say, really there’s something else here. There is something else at play here that is not of the light that I thought there was. It’s directly against the light and that’s when you come to the place, hmmm, I’m going to explore this further. And you really have there with a lot of courage and what you find is not really nice at all. So you know that– 


Alexandra: That’s when you’re getting back to being ready to be completely sovereign.

Ari: You’ve got to be ready to be sovereign.


Alexandra: Which is what we are all screaming we want, but do we really?

Ari: But it comes at a price. It comes with responsibility.


Alexandra: And maturity, (Ari: Yup.) and courageousness, you know, and the willingness to embrace that other side of yourself that you typically don’t like to look at. (Ari: Yup.) But basically everybody’s got it. We are all in this together. We can’t forget this because we tend to isolate ourselves. And we realize that we are all in this together. We’re just a phone call away from each other.


Alexandra: You know, going back to what you said, that just resonates with me so much. It all started when I saw the 1947 interview with Airl in the Roswell crash.1 I don’t know if you guys ever saw that. It all started with that for me regarding the reincarnation process.

Serena: Yeah. Big time.


Alexandra: And at that moment, I had that big Aha when I realized, OK, Wow, here we are, we’re poking holes in all of this stuff, the political systems, the financial systems, the fact that the Federal Reserve is a foreign corporation, that the United States of America is a corporation, you know, we’re looking at all of this stuff, and yet we’re not even questioning that which we came from.

Ari: Exactly.


Alexandra: It’s all part of the matrix.

Ari: Yup.

Alexandra: You can’t be partially in the matrix. We’re in it. Start from finish. I mean, from Start to Finish.


Alexandra: So what is your feeling about that Serena, as far as how we’re–I was reading, I forget his name, oh my, he’s great, anyway, he was talking about how we’re birth bumped.2 Do you guys know who I’m talking about.

Serena: Cameron Day.

Alexandra: Cameron Day. Thank you. I like that guy. Anyway, and he was talking about being birth bumped and I felt a woosh going through my body. Oh my God, it struck me by the core. What do you thing about that?


Waking up is to realize that the matrix has been telling us that we contracted these sufferings


Serena: That’s exactly one of the things that we are waking up to. This is the process of waking up is waking up to realize that the matrix has been telling us that we contracted these horrific things to take place not just hundreds of times or thousands of times, but billions of times if you take into all of history. It makes no sense, unless it’s absolute–unless you define it as insanity, or psychopathy? and that’s the only thing that would explain that. So it’s not divine. And people have to face the fact that there are things taking place here that are not of the divine.


But as being birth bumped, absolutely. The other side of this reality, this 3D life as we call it, the other side of the veil has also been hijacked. They’ve got everything covered. And this is my own perception–I don’t get anything that I’m talking about from any books or people or anything, I just listen with people who believe what I’m talking about and see what they are saying and what they have come up with.


But this is my observation–that people are deliberately put in the same families who are dysfunctional, not because they have to learn lessons, but because they are being distracted and derailed from their divine purpose. This makes more sense, because one thing the matrix wants to do is to keep itself going and keeps itself alive. So it has to compromise everybody that is in it.


Alexandra: Yeah. And also, now I’m looking at the soul families.

Serena: Umhum.

Alexandra: You guys are more of my soul family than what I was born into.

Ari:  Absolutely.

Alexandra: We are re-uniting with our soul families. Our true families.


How does Ari gain her power? We are fractals of the Divine, so tap into it


Alexandra: So, Ari, this brings us to how do you gain your power?

Ari: A very good question, Alexandra. (laughter) How much time do we have now? OK. Wow. I can only answer that personally, you know. I’m sure that a lot of people gain their power in their own way. Wow. But, I definitely connect with Source and what does that look like. OK, here we go. This problem is, I’ve been doing this ever since I was young.

Alexandra: That’s a benefit.


Ari: It is, but it makes it hard for me to explain it, I guess.

Alexandra: Put it this way, Ari. When people hear you, and they hear the power in your voice, like I told you when I first met you, and they’re basically feeling why don’t I have what she has. I don’t mean they have to be like you, but they want that power. They want that centered authority, if that helps.


Ari: Sure, sure, OK. And it comes, if you’ve read anything–of course, you have, you read what I write, or what I say on the radio, you understand what my posture is on things.

Alexandra: Yes.

Ari: And I’m very strong. And I believe me–It’s a passion, and I have a desire to help people, shake them into–shake off all the old belief systems. My posture is very simple. We don’t need anything outside of ourselves. OK.  For our good, for our liberation, for our ascension, for information, for anything. OK. We have everything we need. We are divine. We are basically a fractal of the Divine 36:01 of the supreme Creator–if you do believe in fractals, you know, as above so below, as within so without, you know, if you go to ocean you take a thimble-full, it’s all the essence of the ocean is in there, we are the same, we are essence of the divine Creator, all right. So it’s just a matter of recognizing that, No. 1, we have to recognize that is what are are.

And once you understand that, that all the attributes of the prime Creator are within you, that in itself, that cognition, that recognition, will turn on that power. It’s almost like the current is within you all the time, like within the wall in your home, and until you turn on that switch you won’t see the manifestation of light. You got to recognize that that current is there, that’s what the current is for. So you’ve got to recognize that, No. 1. And then you’ve got to tap into it.

Ari:  As opposed to saying, Gee you know what, I’m going to this particular teacher today to get some wonderful information, because that teacher’s got the answers. So I’m going in there and spend $500 on the workshop, spend $1000 on the workshop, on the weekend, go to the tour in Egypt so I can have all the benefits of the portals and the vortexes, you know, the grid and the teacher, and everything is externalized. Everything is about information from the outside of yourself. Getting the information from a DVD, wherever it is, where people normally get their information from.

 It’s a great thing to do that at the beginning, because if you’re new at this, you’ve got a beginning point to steer you in this direction of–but there’s got to be a point in time that whatever you’ve learned from that point on, whatever direction you steer yourself, go there directly. You no longer need the crutches or the little training wheels. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there, that still want to keep you in training wheels, because, unfortunately, Alexandra, it’s become a business.

Alexandra: Yeah.


Ari: And people have to be discerning about this, have to understand that. Because really, all you really have to understand is that everything you know, is within you. Everything. And you know what, here’s the thing, it’s not corrupted.

Alexandra: Yeah. (chuckles)


Ari: It hasn’t been hijacked, by who, who would hijack this information, give this misinformation–who would do that? Do you think maybe the powers that be may think we might be asleep–would they do that? Do you think maybe they are giving information that maybe is compromised so you would think ‘it’s this way.’ ‘it’s this way,’ when it really isn’t, all along it’s not that way. It’s this way. The truth, you know, stands by itself. And sometimes it’s not flowery, it’s not sugary, but it’s the truth. And we don’t go to it, don’t gravitate to it, because we’ve been trained to accept the sugar because it feels so much better.

Alexandra: Right.


Ari: The flowery stuff, the good stuff. And sometimes, what I do, of course, when I get information directly, I get it–it’s not that a being will come and talk to you and say, Ari, this is the truth. This is the way it is. Please sit down and look to this information. No, it’s not that way at all, it doesn’t happen like that. What happens is, that I get this ‘download,’ almost like, um, a information packet, and if–like it happened this morning to Serena. She had a download while she was talking to me on the phone and she was trying to verbalize it, and to put it into words, and she couldn’t and that’s how I knew it was a download, because it’s happened to me so many times, that what happens is, it comes in as a construct, as a gestalt of information, a packet of information, usually as a pictogram. And then it starts to unfold and then you can start putting it into words so you can express it. But usually it doesn’t happen right away. And that is your direct connection to Source, it does come in that format.


So when you’re open to the fact that, you are Divine, that you are going to be getting information from Source, that’s how it comes in. And it doesn’t come in with little words in your head, because then, you kind of wonder, hmmm, what is putting that into my head, it not words, not actually words is my point. I guess, I’m letting you in to what it isn’t like. It isn’t words, it isn’t voices, hmmm, it is not channeled material, it’s basically, information that comes in and then becomes part of you as a knowing. And what does that knowing feel like? It’s a certainty. It’s a certainty that what information you have is as absolutely certain as your heart is beating is certain, just like how the blood pumping in your veins is certain. That is what I’m talking about–that knowing. It’s absolute truth. So, I’m . . . It’s unequivocal.


Alexandra: Ari, it’s funny that you bring this up, because one of the things we, my husband and I, have talked about since the beginning, since we’ve been together 18 years, is, the reality is not the truth. Imagination is.

Ari: Hmm.

Alexandra: And if you really think about your imagination, and you really think about your gifts, outside of the five senses, how close that is to imagination.

Ari: Yeah.


Alexandra:  You know. And I was going to say also, to those who are not standing as confidently as Ari and Serena are, who are just at the beginning of their path, who are looking for the answers, you know, I remember being there, and it is important to search, it is important to weed through, and read, and listen, and hear, and maybe go to some of the seminars if you need that experience. The main thing is, and I think you are agreeing with this Ari, is when you go, that is not the be-all end-all, (Exactly) it’s not your savior, it not necessarily your truth. Typically a lot of things will come to you in this download formats by just hearing one sentence.

Ari: Sure.

Alexandra: Or sometimes from another member. Or waking up and having a memory–all of a sudden–will come to you.  And literally, this is what happened with Serena and I. Serena and I have been speaking on the phone and, you know, and just by her saying something or shared something Bam! I had a memory come in and it expanded my consciousness. So how cool is that, right? That we all are able to do that.

Serena: Umhum.


Serena’s souces of power; I decided to make the decisions of what would happen in my life.


Alexandra: You know,  I was wondering Serena, if you could answer the same question. Where do you gain your power from?

Serena: My power? Wow.

Alexandra: Yes, baby.

Serena: Which one?

Alexandra: Well, which one do you want to share with us today? (laughter)


Serena: Well, hmmm, my power. Let me see. We’re probably are talking about the one that is our self-authorizing.

Alexandra: Right.


Serena: First I would like to say everything that Ari said. OK. And on top of that, I would say that I have decided that I wanted to make the decisions that’s what would happen in my life.

Alexandra: Oh, Bravo! I was hoping somebody was going to say that. 

Serena: It’s really that simple. It is that deep, you know.

Alexandra: That decision.

Serena: Of what happens in my life. I want to be the boss of my life. And if something or someone else who comes to say I can’t do this or say that or whatever, or I can’t travel there, you need to do this, you need to .  .  . then I start to see the walls, I see the prison walls and the bars that somebody has put up. And I don’t like that. Because I’m an independent free spirit and as soon as I come across restriction then I know I have come against the matrix and I don’t like it.


Alexandra: You know Serena,

Serena: Yes, Alexandra?

Alexandra: Bottom line–are we not ultimately being called in every facet of our lives, in our relationships, our feelings, our emotions, the way we think, the way we speak, seriously, we are on stage as Ari says. And are we not, being called, to make a decision to stand in our own authority and break away from that master-slave mentality.  I mean, to finally be free because–there are outside forces definitely Ari–but ultimately the prison that we live in is what we are chosing day to day.

Ari: Absolutely.


We are the masters of our own ship but we have to decide that we have the power

Alexandra: OK, we are the masters of our own ship, no one else is. But we have to decide that we have the power. We have the power, we have the authority, that we are Creator Gods, we have to decide that we can make a difference, it’s . . . god, you nailed it. Thank you for that.


Serena:  You should see me when I am with some people and they’ve seen there are restrictions that they have normally lived with throughout their lives and I come across them and I’m saying, What the heck is that all about? And they look at me as if, Well this what you have to do, that’s what you’ve got to sign up, and I say, No, I don’t. Who are you? I don’t know, who are you?  Why are you signing up? Why are you jumping through hoops to do this, you should be just walking through. Why are you questioning me? (laughter)


Alexandra:  Well, seriously, we really are, even those of us that consider ourselves to be perpetual students, day in and day out, we really are being challenged at this time in any construct that we use in our life. We are really being challenged to look at and say, where are the limitations in that? And being open to the Divine just unfolding in our lives.  Because, you know, miracles are just starting to happen. I don’t know about you guys, but things are really unfolding in my life. And I just kept that intention that I was passionate enough to get Galactic Connection.com up, that I was really envisioning all the little faces that get online in the morning–I really see that when I am up there blogging. It keeps me going. Because as you know, you guys, blogging is not very . . . well . . . let me see, financially (laughter)lucrative…

Ari and/or Serena: Unhmm, rewarding . . .

Alexandra: rewarding . . .


Ari: You mean to say, you are not becoming rich doing this?

Alexandra: I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. But I’m putting a lot of hours in. But anyway, but we do it because we love the fact of the fulfillment, knowing that–even one person writes me an email makes my day. Serena and I were just talking about that. And with that we can work another 10,000 hours. (laughter)


Means of protection


Alexandra: Well listen, we are almost closing here. I want to tie it up with–what is your final suggestion to those who are having some of the challenges with attacks, you know, psychic attacks of some sort. What is your ultimate suggestion on what to do to beef up their protection. You guys were vital in an important, particular crossroads in my life and I would like you to share it with them.


Ari: Well, I personally, protect myself by shielding myself. I do envision a electronic circle or force field around myself that is impenetrable. So I do that very much. If I don’t do it, I’m going to I’ll tell you what happens–all hell breaks loose. (laughter) I’m telling you . . . the truth. I am telling you, like, like the sun comes up every day. . . OK, (lots of laughter) when I get lazy and I forget to do that, all hell breaks loose. OK. I’m telling you that.


Ari: So, from being attacked while sitting down on my sofa and having my solar plexus getting the feeling I got, I know when I haven’t done it. And I do that and when I perceive that I’m being, you know, these little creatures, archons, entities, whatever, want to compromise me in any way, when I actually perceive them I pretty much tell them to f-off.

Alexandra: Yes.

Ari: And in a very, very strong, impassionate voice that comes out of, you know, authority.  You can imagine Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings–if you think of Gandalf and he talks to that dragon and he puts his staff down and says, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” in that type of authority, OK, I just use the f__ word. (laughter)


Alexandra: Well, it is a vibration. It’s a vibration that says I will not take this anymore.

Ari: And of course, they do understand that language, unfortunately. But I do use that.


Alexandra: Yeah. How about you Serena?

Serena: I’m working on this shield, myself. But until I get that one up and running strong, I use smudging with sage, and taking a sea salt shower–a quick 2-minute sea salt shower and the combination really gets everything and anything that’s around you that doesn’t belong. So, those are very simple and easy things to do. Unfortunately, I have to keep doing them. But if it works, hey, I’ll keep doing it. And the other thing is monitoring my thoughts, knowing that something is coming into my mind that doesn’t belong, and I also know where to go. In no certain terms, and also in colorful language and I watch them around me, the invisible energies. I watch them, and I send them away. And then I continue to do what I have to do. This takes courage, because I know I am going to get attacked, it will happen. And I will be in pain. Sometime they do get through. But I continue and I work even harder.


Alexandra: Wow! How do I follow that? (laughs) Well, ladies, I am honored that you have come onto my show today. I am really grateful and I’m sure Julie is too.

Julie: Yes. Thank you.


Alexandra: Please do me a favor and pay a visit to their site at http://12-21-2012.ning.com/.

Ari: It’s just 2012 Emergence.com. http://www.2012emergence.com/

Julie: This link [for the show] will be in the archives. So you’ll never be lost.

Alexandra: They are really good if you ever get under attack. They have some phenomenal support and information. So please, check them out.


Alexandra: We will have to do this again. And we’ll talk to you guys soon. Thank you so much for coming today. I really appreciate it.

Ari and Serena: Thank you. Thank you for having us.


Alexandra: You’re welcome. You have a rockin’ day. Don’t forget to check the Planetary Healer’s Network.com http://planetaryhealersnetwork.com/ That’s one of the new websites that we’ve launched for preparation of a new “heaven on earth.” Yay! So we will talk to you soon. Take care, have a wonderful day! And I love that “No fear!” Yay.


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Note 1: Airl – the ET who survived the Roswell crash and communicated telepathically with the nurse Mrs. MacElroy according to the Spencer manuscript. In Airl’s information the reincarnation process is not a “free” process…it is STILL part of the matrix…and they specifically guide your incarnation to a more destructive family – not you.

Roswell full Interview 1947




Note 2: The Birth Bump – Being Born in the Wrong Family, Cameron Day, May 22, 2013 http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/05/22/the-birth-bump-being-born-in-the-wrong-family/

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