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microphone (1) ALEXANDRA:  Good afternoon, everybody.  This is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and I have a very special guest with me today.  And I also have Julie Haskins hanging out in the background.

Say hi, Julie.

JULIE:  Hello, hello, hello.

ALEXANDRA:  So we are here today and this is a very special kind of show today.  We are going to be working with Astrid.  She is a born psychic, guys.

She is a medium and a channeler, but what really makes her different than all the rest is she’s got this incredible analytical business side to her, just super, right on the money, and very, very grounded in financial affairs.  She’s got this great background.

She is French.  She traveled all the over the world.  She worked with a variety of companies out of France and she’s been — really, Astrid, would this be accurate in saying that because of all of the exposure to the rest of the world, you have been able to use that to expand your ability to really tap into these people that you give readings to?


ALEXANDRA:  I was going to say and she really has a very strong dedication to getting people on their path.  Let me tell you — I am speaking from experience here — Astrid really kicks you in the butt.  So if you have never called her for an incredibly brilliant reading, I would do so.

So with that said, Astrid, I have some phenomenal questions that were actually downloaded to me.  It kind of felt like somebody didn’t want us to connect today.  So I don’t know about you, but I had some technical difficulties getting on.  And I believe it’s because of the nature of the questions that came through from spirit.  It was very interesting.

But before I get into that, I kind of wanted to ask you, it looks like you have got this really interesting background.

Now, how do you pronounce the name in your bio of the first company that you worked with in France?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Which one, darling, which one?

ALEXANDRA:  I don’t want to obliterate it.  You have IBMFF and you have Hatier.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Hatier.  Hatier is a family.  It’s a family publishing company.  It’s a very old family business and they’re just really soulful and they have been publishing workbooks for students all over France for decades.

I got the chance to work for the director, the CEO at the time, and I gave her my ideas and we ran with it and changed the system, changed the computerization and the client service system, which was related to stocks and logistics.  So we had a great time together.

ALEXANDRA:  That’s great.  I was reading that it’s like the third most prolific publisher of educational materials.  So I was pretty blown away.

Now, what about the other one?  It’s a life insurance company?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Abasey (phonetic) was bought by the English just at the time when I was there transitioning.  And what happened with Abasey is that I brought in with a mentor of mine and she brought in the legal aspects to the business.  She developed a whole legal side to the business bringing in legal people to the insurance business.

What I did alongside her is I brought in all the accountants and expert accountants and financiers to the business.  And me and a team of technicians would go and, you know, show business people how life insurance would benefit their businesses.

And so we were very financially technical about this and we were able to present it to boards and to higher aspects of France’s financiers.

IBM, I was very young at that age.  IBM, I came in — I always come in low key.  Nobody knows who I am and I kind of develop these ideas and bring it up to the CEO’s and founders and whatnot because that’s who I relate to, frankly.  That’s who I can speak with ease with.  And so it’s always been low key and bringing out ideas.

And with IFS, this was the first company that actually introduced me to a new — like IBM was IBM in France.  And in France, they developed their financial systems of the financier, the insurance/financial side of IBM in France.  And I was one of the — our group was pioneer.

ALEXANDRA:  That is terrific.

Now, I thought you had told me before that you also worked in some sort of capacity with the United Nations.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Yes, United — well, when I was two, I went to UNESCO school in France, which is basically the UN.  Like UNESCO has schools around the country.  And so I went to the UNESCO school in Paris.  And later on, I was always tied to United Nations things.

I was always abroad and I always knew that I was a stranger abroad and that there were politics involved and business involved and like international politics and international geopolitics or businesses.  It was always part of my background.

So when I came to the states, serendipitously, I was invited to a United Nations association event.  And the president asked me to come onto the board of Northern California, after which he decided to back out.  And since I was at the time elected financial officer and second in command, if you will, I became president because he backed out.  And then I went on to do four more years with a two-year term before me.  So I spent six years presiding at the United Nations Association of Northern California.

ALEXANDRA:  Wow.  I’m so glad.  You have never gone into that much detail with me.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I know.  I have never gone into that much detail about my financial or business background with anyone, actually.

ALEXANDRA:  I want people to get the gist that you are so rock solid in your business capacities, your ability to see the scope of a business environment.  This is a very atypical way to be when you also have the gift that you have of being an incredible psychic and channeler.

And I have to say from my experience being around you, it’s fascinating to watch you because you don’t have to prep yourself, you don’t have to breathe, you don’t have to call everybody in, you don’t have to get all like, okay, wait, guys, everybody be quiet.

I’m just curious if you could explain to everybody how do you receive your incoming information.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Well, first of all, I do think it’s a practice of being in a certain state of consciousness.  Like from the day I can remember, I have always been known to — like people, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I thought everybody was the same.  I thought everybody felt the same way that I did.  I thought everybody understood things, saw the same things that I did, until I was told differently.

And then after being told differently, I was told how weird or how inappropriate or how sensitive or how witchy I was.  It was like the whole scam of oh-you-are-different kind of thing.

ALEXANDRA:  But look at the advantage of what you have now.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Well, now I understand it, but trust me, when I was like in business, you know, and you have a certain intellect, you have a certain background in education and you don’t understand why the world operates in a certain way because you just don’t — because like in your right mind, you think there is so many other ways, better ways this can go, why do we have to have people follow such stigmas and repeat such history.

I mean sometimes I would think that people were downright stupid, but that’s also part of the spiritual awareness, is that all right, you can be aware of other beings being in the same room as you, but until you understand who you are and what this is all about, you have got to keep your mouth shut and just work it.

ALEXANDRA:  So you brought up a good point, which is this spiritual awareness.  And there is this incredible infiltration of light that is just blazing and blasting the planet.  And I am just curious from your perspective as a medium and a channeler, how are you seeing this light penetrating the planet?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Well, from my point of experience, I first felt it before I understood it mentally.  You know, like I said before, I have had like a tendency of seeing ghosts and they became more and more prominent.  They have become more and more assertive.  Their messages are much clearer.  The visions of themselves — I mean I can be on the radio talking to someone who wants to know about a past brother and that past brother would be outside my window full scale with the last clothes that he was wearing before he died kind of thing.  They’re very, very present.

And this goes for every inter-dimensional connection that we may have.  So the question between receiving that information or seeing it or feeling it or hearing it and who gets it is a question, like I said, I think, I believe, a practice of being in that, of allowing that state of awareness and living as much as possible in that state of consciousness, which isn’t an easy feat in this 3D judgmental dimension.

ALEXANDRA:  That is so accurate.

Well, how do you see this light impacting people when you are giving them readings?  How are you saying that as far as the way it’s changing people?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Now, the other aspect to what is going on is very scientific and very physical.  There are — and I’m sure you can Google it or whatever — but there are a lot of gamma rays — what are known as gamma rays infiltrating our atmosphere right now.  This has been going on for a while.  I couldn’t tell you when they started measuring this download, but basically, our whole planetary system is being rained on by this gamma ray.

Now, the gamma rays are higher wave brain waves, if you will, or again, waves within which there are states of consciousness, right?


ASTRID STROMBERG:  These rays are everywhere, like they’re coming onto our planet.  They’re penetrating matter, they’re penetrating energy, who we are, our bodies, our minds, et cetera.

So naturally speaking, everybody right now is being triggered by this what we call spiritual awareness, which is only a lighter state of consciousness, a lighter state of awareness of who we are.

And knowing that we can, and also with what everybody calls imagination, pure potentiality, et cetera, all this is being brought up to our level of possibility.

Like pure potentiality is if we were to have a quota of it, we would have like 150 more percent of it than like we had 50 years ago.  So pure potentiality in our reality is made more manifest.  We can actually feel more manifestations happening than ever before.  And this is what we are experiencing now.

And everybody is enlightened, everybody is getting it.  Everybody is seeing ghosts and hearing spirits because they’re all like becoming aware of another place of hearing, of being, of feeling.  Like imagine expanding your five senses out in the ethers.  This is what you get.  This is the kind of communications and connections that you get.

ALEXANDRA:  And it’s almost like we are really, truly — it puts it in a whole new realm when they say you are remembering who you are because we are finally stepping out.  It’s almost being thrust upon us that we are stepping out of that physical form.  We are going outside the physical form.  And just like you said, we are seeing, we are hearing, we are feeling how expansive we are.


ALEXANDRA:  So how do you feel like — this is a question that I just would love to ask you.  And that is that we have had these golden ages or these world changes in our timeline in the past.  We have had these ancient times where there were, unfortunately, some catastrophic changes from one world age to another.

How do you see those in comparison to this one?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  It will slow with much more ease, but you have to be careful of what you align to because your alignments will take you further down the road of where you are going now.

ALEXANDRA:  Good point.

And how do you see — like do you see any similarities in the way the people were feeling before the new age came into existence?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Well, you know, I want to go mental here.  We will never know exactly how people felt when things happened.  We can only re-edit the past, right?


ASTRID STROMBERG:  And I feel that the only thing that we do remember are the myth and the stories, and within those, the feelings that the stories bring forward.

So there was an element of fear but there was an element of grandeur and expectation.  And I think the mere fact of us finding today all of these archeological facts, all of these writings on the walls that we have been praying — like we have heard the myths and the legends and some people have defined them as stories and ridiculed them for not ever having existed.  And now, we’re finding out that they were actually not only sung and made into poetry, but they were actually written in stone.

And this is our history.  This is the story that we have built on.  And we’re again trying to put down in stone what we are living today except that now we’re going virtual, viral.

ALEXANDRA:  No kidding.

You know, this is an interesting question, too.  Do you think that — you know, supposedly we have gone through five different world ages — or four different world ages — excuse me — and I am just curious like what you’re picking up on.

When we were going through the first world age, were we aware of this ultimate fifth golden age back way back then?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I am not — I don’t study these things and I’m not aware of written stories about where we came from.  I only channel what comes to me.

ALEXANDRA:  That is all I am asking you to do, just to see what you pick up, not mental.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  In terms of worlds, what I get is there were certain souls defined to come and bring their — let’s call it like you have worlds — let’s say one dimension and another dimension, right?  Well, one dimension had souls and the other dimension didn’t yet.

So one dimension said let’s go and bring awareness to this dimension, and let’s bring in — because we’re bringing in ourselves, we’re going to bring in parts of ourselves, holographs of ourselves, inter-dimensional beings of ourselves.  Like we are going to try every which way to connect ourselves to this planetary system that we envision.

So they came in.  And that’s where you have stories of this planet blowing up another planet and beings that lived on this planet going to that other planet and fighting their way through a planet.  And then you get history re-edited, but at one point, it’s the all-seeing eye, it’s the all-seeing observer.

And at that level of observation where anything and everything is possible — right, anything and everything is possible — then it’s a question of if you want to bring it down to a 3D dimension, what holographic image would you like to bring down to this reality and connect with the reality of the observer so that both are served, both are served.

And what we have been going through — like the moon nodes have been in retrograde.  We’re in a karmic planetary cycle.  And until that cycle gets over, we’re clearing karmic energy.  We’re clearing the karmic energies of the earth, of the planetary system that we belong to.

ALEXANDRA:  When is that cycle over, Astrid?


ALEXANDRA:  When is that cycle actually over with?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I don’t remember.  Like in two or four years.

ALEXANDRA:  Three or four years.  I had read 2017, myself.  So I was just curious.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I really can’t remember.  I haven’t done my homework, but yeah, it’s between two and four years, I think.

And so what happens is that everybody right now is living not only to make a change and be part of a change but also to report back to the observer and say this is what is going on, do something about it, help.

And this is why the chain of command like to all of those outer light beings is being maintained within our reality, like they are hearing.  They have come down and they are being part of this karmic clearing so that we can move on from here.

ALEXANDRA:  That is a beautiful way to see it.

It brings up another concern of mine, which is how do you feel would be the best way for the light workers to cope with this compression of light since there is such a massive karmic release and clearing going on.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Light workers should just stick to what they know best how to do in the love and in the joy that they are doing it with.  That’s it.

They should trust.  They should trust themselves and they should trust their outcome.

And I hate to use the world “should” because there are no “shoulds” — do what you want — but for light workers, they are so compressed that their light is very, very powerful right now.  They have all had messages to go back within themselves, to find their own strength, to find their own voices, to find their own vision and then to start building from the inside out.

I mean this is like — you know, I’m certainly not the first one to say this.


ASTRID STROMBERG:  And I hope it’s being done by now.  Like everybody should be in their own power by now.

And like, again, I said earlier — I can’t remember where — but especially for those looking for a new job and not finding one, like things are in their way or they’re having bad luck or whatever, it’s ultimately because you are not in tune, you are not vibrating to your true self.

And the first way to get in tune with your true self is to release, let go, enjoy yourself.  It doesn’t matter.  Like go play tennis, go on the golf course, go have a beer with a friend.  Anything that will lead you to enjoying yourself as you are in the environment that you enjoy will lead you to connect and attract those vibrations that will get you to your next life, your next — definitely.

ALEXANDRA:  So we’re really being met a lot more quickly, frequently.  It’s all encompassing because there is so much light entering our realm.  Don’t you think?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  The light will always seep in.  It will never hurt us.

People get like oh, no, this is impossible, this is too much, this is, you know, like I can’t even see the picture, it’s so bright, you know, kind of thing, but that’s the worst it gets.  You can’t see in front of you.  So what.  Just like go and enjoy yourself in the moment.  That’s like — what is it — zone zero, field zero contact.

ALEXANDRA:  Ground zero.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Ground zero, ground zero.

ALEXANDRA:  That’s what you were trying to say.

So there has been a lot of talk about timelines.  Do you see timelines when you channel, and if so, what are they looking like?  What are you perceiving?  Where are we at on the timeline thing?  Supposedly, there is multiple timelines still going on.


So there is this debate — or there are these people who say we split timelines and now they are going zigzag, and one minute we are in this timeline and the next minute we’re in that timeline.

And I’m going like well, what are we talking about logically speaking.  We’re talking about wave lengths, wave lengths.  So there are waves.  They’re waves.  They are not just one thread.  They are a bunch of threads vibrating, like a drop into the ocean and then it makes ripples.

So all of these ripples are like the timelines built into one another.  And the thing is, we have grown up into the knowingness, the understanding and the experience of oppositions, of two timelines going parallel or criss-crossing one another.

Well, now, our experience, our true experience, is to understand what balance is within those timelines, to understand that, you know, if you go to one extreme, then you will have a harder time getting to the other.  And we’re kind of balancing ourselves into these — it doesn’t become parallels anywhere.  It becomes like beams of energy where you have one end on one side of the tunnel and the other end on the other side of the tunnel.  And we are just being rushed through the middle kind of thing.

And sometimes we are being so rushed and so want to go one way that we kind of bump ourselves on one edge — you know, we got to do things this way and no, it’s not going to be done that way.  And I got to yell to make things happen and da, da, da.  And the next minute, you know, we are being bumped from the opposite side where oh, my god, just let it go, just be free, just meditate, just zone out.

So we are going back and forth, back and forth, but the reality is that we’re being rushed forward.  And all we need to do is relax and be smart, be smart with ourselves and like gain momentum, understand the vision, understand the flow and just go with it and just go with it and we will be driven forward with that like force of creation that we’re in.

And that’s the timeline that we’re ultimately wanting thing now.

The problem with that is that because there are these — there is basically no time, right.  In like the observer point of view that I mentioned earlier, there is like time is — you turn your eye one way, it will be 9:30; you turn your eye another way, it will be 12:40.  You turn your eye and you focus on whatever you want.  And the ultimate beingness and the ultimate eye, you can define whatever time you want to be in or see or experience.  That’s the ultimate beingness, right.


ASTRID STROMBERG:  We are gaining knowledge of that by starting to experience these moments within ourselves in our reality.  Like one moment we think of something and the next minute, bang, it happens.  Where before, we had to have it explained, well, it’s going to come out in the news and someone is going to debate about it and my parent is going to come home and tell us about what they heard on the news and all of these in-betweens before we get the information.

Well, that’s no longer it.  We can get the information as soon as it pops up into our scope of pure potentiality and our window of reality.  And the only things that separates us like having a bad moment instead of having a good moment is exactly that, the alignments and the momentum we have in that alignment, like the experience we choose to have, bang, in that moment, because minute by minute, second to second, things are starting to manifest on their own.

ALEXANDRA:  True.  And that really helped me when I talked you to that one time about choosing which timeline you want to reside in.  It was very helpful.  Do you want to be on the 5D timeline or do you want to be on the 3D timeline?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Right.  And there is the dimensional timeline, exactly, where you are actually talking about a grid — you were talking to me earlier saying people, when they look up in the sky these days, some people can see the grid, the matrix.  So some people can see those.  And at that moment, they can see it.  At that moment and at that state of consciousness and at that level of vibration, bang, they hit it.

Now, imagine if you were to sustain that level of what we call the timeline or the frequency.  If you were to sustain it, imagine how your life would be.

ALEXANDRA:  My gosh.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Oh, my god, you are right.

ALEXANDRA:  Can you imagine, Julie?  That would be incredible.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I understand this is all way out there for a lot of people, but to bring it back to a 3D perspective, like ask yourself am I doing what I want in the moment, am I doing right now what I would like to be doing, am I happy with what I am doing right now.

If you are happy with yourself in the moment, you are on the right track.  You can say yeah, Astrid, you are on the right track — you know what, I am on the right track, because when I am happy, I can attract happy moments.  And the more I attract happy moments, the happier I will get.

Now, if you are not happy in the moment, then you have to reevaluate and you have to immediately say I want to be happy in the moment, what would make me happy right now, what would I like to be doing right now.  And if you are not doing something that you would like to be doing right now and if you think it’s something that you can’t be doing because X, Y, Z, like I don’t have enough money or I am not in the right situation or I didn’t have the right parents or whatever, forget all of these obstacles.  Imagine that they are just like pebbles on a street, walk over them, and say I am going to be happy, I am going to find a way to be happy in the moment, and you go and do something happy right now.

And if you still can’t find the action to it, stop dead in your tracks and look around you.  Look at what is happy outside.  Like plants are happy.  They’re just being there.  They’re happy.  They’re not crying or anything.  They’re happy.  They’re just there.

So look at a rose, look at a flower, look at a painting, look at your kids in a picture smiling at you, pick up a Tarot card, do whatever, just find a happy moment.  And bang, the minute you have a happy moment, anchor it.  Put it like in physicality.  Attach it to your body.  Pinpoint in your body where does that make me happy right now.  And put your finger or your hand or two fingers or your palm to exactly that spot in your body which anchors it.

And that does what?  Physically, scientifically, it hard wires — it wires together a thought and a chemical reaction.  Like, for example, I feel happy in my chest.  Boom, I hit my chest.  What does it do?  I think happy and I hit my chest.  It has a direct connection.  And now I have a language between my thoughts and my body.

When you are unhappy, ask your body where are you unhappy, what is hurting you, where exactly is it hurting you, and pinpoint it.  Pinpoint it and focus on that and alleviate that.  Release that part of your body.

ALEXANDRA:  So what you are also saying here is, first of all, we’re increasing more communication with our body.  And also, it just feels like we’re more of a magnet than we ever have been.

Is that what you see on the inner plane when you are giving people readings?  It feels like the magnet — I don’t know — the magnetism is so strong now, if you put out something, it’s just going to boomerang right back to you.


And look at how many in the — going back to archaeology and those crop circles, where they are, et cetera, it’s all about magnetism.  It’s all about magnetic locations on the earth.  Those are really coming out.

ALEXANDRA:  That is a good point.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  And then all of those light workers moving and wanting to be more in magnetic areas, they don’t know where the hell they are going, but when they turn around and look, they find out that it’s in a triangle, it’s in a magnetic area, it’s got, you know, something.


Now, have you actually seen the old grid around the planet versus the so-called new one that has been created?  Have you seen each of them in your mind’s eye?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Like I said, I don’t know what the old grid or the new grid is.  I just look up at the sky and I see geometrical formations.  So I don’t know if it’s new or old.

What I have been noticing is more and more natural vortices being — like when you go into a forest — maybe I just didn’t see them before, but now, I am seeing vortices through the branches, through the trees, as if, you know, like I can see scenery through the vortices that I am showing through the trees.

ALEXANDRA:  That is interesting.  I feel like when I am looking at the trees and things now, I feel like they’re communicating with me a lot more, like I can hear what they are saying almost.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Yeah, spirit — I mean spirits are insane these days.  Some of them — like you know those what people call orbs, you know.


ASTRID STROMBERG:  Those are — not all of them because certain orbs are different, but most of the orbs that are out there are little energetic particles.  They’re energy balls, if you will.

Now, those energy balls serve souls that wish to communicate, which I call spirit, and these souls can be in present life, in past lives, in other dimensions.  It just depends on the ray of energy that is connecting, energy, holding data, information, but anyway, these spirits use these energy balls to communicate.  Like they will — and this I believe has already been actually videotaped — but you will have an orb landing on a person, videotape, and that person is seeing something through kind of his third eye, seeing an image and reporting that image back, whereas, you wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, that sort of thing.


ASTRID STROMBERG:  These energetic orbs serve as conduits to data, to information given through driven energy frequencies.

ALEXANDRA:  That’s interesting, almost like a two-way radio.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Yes, yes, exactly, like an antenna.

ALEXANDRA:  You brought up nature and animals.  And I was wondering how are you seeing them affected by this incoming light energy and what do you feel that we can do to assist the animal kingdom more so than we have in the past?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I know they are in trouble.  I have recently seen a ton of animal spirits that I believe were held in the dimension of like the ghosts, you know, the animals that had maybe crossed over or hadn’t quite crossed over.  They are kind of in between.  They still want to come down.  They still want to be part of your environment, to tell you that everything is okay.  Or they’re lost and stuck kind of feeling, just like human spirits would be, but there is like this — I see it like a thickness — it’s like a radio wave of a certain dimension and they are pushing through to their maximum these days.  They are like hurdling us with their energies these days.

I haven’t heard many reports of the consequence of this yet, but yeah, this summer, we’re definitely going to see the animal kingdom come back.

On the other side, I have been hearing news of monster animals coming to play in areas which we had kind of forgotten about.  Like in Russia, in the steppes of Russia, these huge mammoths have all of a sudden come back to life.

ALEXANDRA:  Yeah, they just captured I mean a bizarro — what do you call those things that are really deep in the ocean?  This thing was massive.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Right.  Like the Loch Ness monster kind of thing.

Well, first of all, the bees, the bees from — they say they came from South Africa.  I don’t believe they came from South Africa but — I mean South America, but these massive, massive bees are coming in.  And then in Florida, these massive snails from Africa.

ALEXANDRA:  I saw that, too.

What do you think is the reason for the size, the increased size?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  It’s just what we have been doing to nature.  You have to watch it with that because there are also areas in the world that hold specific research centers which manipulate animals.

ALEXANDRA:  Correct.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Maybe humans — I don’t know — but anyway, animals for sure, animals and birds.  And they have had escapees.  They have — I can’t remember the name of the bat figure that goes around South America, but that is said to have a high probability of being tied with a specific center in South America that went underground and biologically manipulated genetics of little chimpanzees, little monkeys and bats.

ALEXANDRA:  And whether they reported it as an escape or not, they wouldn’t even be doing this unless they had the purpose of eventually releasing them out into the world to begin with.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Well, the thing is, I believe that the human race is one of the assays of a whole bunch of genetic manipulations.

ALEXANDRA:  Absolutely.

What do you see in that?  Tell me what you are seeing in that.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  What do you mean?  I just don’t believe that we became humans through the process of starting off as an ape without being genetically manipulated.

ALEXANDRA:  And look at the difference between the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon.  Look at the difference between us and they.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I see it from a soul perspective.  It’s like it takes a soul to go through what we are going through, what we have been going through.  I mean we have really wanted to go to the depths of our insane abilities in all ways and forms, because to be this disconnected with our understanding of ourselves, it takes genetic manipulation.


ASTRID STROMBERG:  You talk to a dog, the dog understands what it is and what it’s here for.


ASTRID STROMBERG:  You talk to a human, it does not.

ALEXANDRA:  And that is pretty much it in a nutshell, isn’t it?  That’s pretty scary.

How do you see the body reacting to all of these changes?  A lot of people are — I definitely know I felt the last incoming CME.  You know, that solar flare was brutal on some of my prior injuries from an accident I had and I was curious what you were seeing on that.  You probably hear about that a lot.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I think that is the one — it’s one of the biggest challenges we have, is allowing ourselves to shape shift and transform.

And part of us is on this artificial superficial mission to see how we can robotize ourselves, which is fine, but there is a whole other side of us that is on a mission to reconnect with our more divine gifts of shape shifting and allowing form to be much more malleable and transformative at will.

“At will” is the key.  And it doesn’t matter what the rules and regulations of the so-called three dimensions are because we have already proven that if you are crippled, we can make you whole again.  And it doesn’t take manipulation at the superficial level.  It just takes will and trust in who you are, in your powers, in your ultimate reason to be.

ALEXANDRA:  I think some of the most advanced spiritually gifted people I know — I think that’s the number one thing we all want to see, is physical manifestation, no matter what it is, whether it’s to see an ascended master standing before them or to generate a dollar bill in their hand or to what have you.

I can’t even imagine like — well, I can imagine but it would be an incredibly awesome experience.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Manifesting like — I don’t know — if people have a tendency of running after money to manifesting, but spirit says what is it that you really want.  If you want a carpet, ask for a carpet.  If you want shelter, ask for shelter.  If you want, ask for what it is that you truly want.  If you want cash, ask for cash.

And feel free to say I want cash and I want to use it in whatever way I can figure out how to use it once I get it, but that’s what I want right now, I want cash.  So vocalize.

With steps to manifest, you need to be precise and honest with the energy that you put out there.  You want to attract money, fine.  You want to attract shelter, make it about the shelter and make it about what is over your roof.  Make it about where it is, who you are with, that kind of thing.  Like go into details about what you wish to manifest.  It will manifest much faster because people have a tendency of wanting money, wanting money, wanting money, but it’s money for lots of different things that they could have sooner than later.

ALEXANDRA:  And, of course, that is responding to the magnetism that we’re going through right now, as well.  So the clearer we are, the faster we can manifest, correct?


ALEXANDRA:  Well, shifting gears a little bit, Astrid, do you see a lot of future visions of where we’re going?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Sometimes, sometimes.

ALEXANDRA:  Have you seen anything regarding the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria?  Do you see them actually rising?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  They have risen.

ALEXANDRA:  So at an etheric level, you are saying, right?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  On a dimensional level.

ALEXANDRA:  On a dimensional level, interesting.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Remember, this is about the state of experience.  Like we can stay 3D and live the 3D experience, but you and your listeners have risen already, have risen their states of consciousness to where certain aspects of the 3D will no longer be experienced.  It’s done.  It’s done.  You have gone through your hardships.  You have gone through your training.  You have accessed your understanding of who you are.

Now, you are on a mission to do what it is that you are about and to get it done and to spread the word kind of thing, right?


ASTRID STROMBERG:  So you have already risen to that state of consciousness.

Now, to those who haven’t, yeah, Lemuria and Atlantis, they are probably just as mythological as they were to us a hundred years ago.

ALEXANDRA:  Interesting, that is interesting.

So how do you see — like how do you see the financial system going right now, especially with your background in finance?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I know.  I haven’t really caught up.  I am not very — I didn’t do my homework or anything about financial system, but I do channel a lot about finances these days.

And I am really excited to see virtual finance come — like yeah, there is a whole side that is my god, we’re all going to be tattooed and like our wrists are going to be our next credit card kind of thing, whatever.

ALEXANDRA:  I don’t believe that.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Well, they tried that ten to twelve years ago in India.  They did that.  They put chips inside people’s wrists and they scanned them and ID’d them and what have you and then tried it out.  And, obviously, they found flaws in it because it didn’t go any further.

So now, they found tattoos.  They found like chips that you can tattoo on, like temporary tattoos, and you can use them the same way like on your wrist, on your hand, whatever.  And it’s like your kind of temporary credit card, but god knows how long that is going to last before it’s being hacked.

ALEXANDRA:  Well, I was going to say, they don’t even have to go to a tattoo anymore.  They just put out an article today about the smallest chip possible.  And it’s literally so small that it’s almost invisible to the eye.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  It is.  They had that article in — I don’t know if it was “Newsweek” or something like that like last year.  Early last year, they had this Japanese guy that had been producing these chips that were so tiny, you couldn’t — I mean they were like a thousand chips to the breath kind of thing and you could implant tracking devices on it and you could implant whatever you wanted in them and nobody knew they were in the air.  You would just swallow them and that’s it, you are done.

ALEXANDRA:  Right.  That’s getting a lot of publicity now.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I think using that for things like that for those — what do you call it — in those warehouses where they don’t want any strangers in, they have been having those things float around.  And the minute they peg you onto your sleeve and you go outside the perimeter with it, then it causes like a warning signal or an alert or alarm or some tracking device and they would know that you were inside the warehouse when you weren’t supposed to be.

ALEXANDRA:  I used to be in that industry, believe it or not.  It’s really hard for me to believe I used to be in the security industry and selling major access control, time and attendance systems.


ALEXANDRA:  And Steve was the project manager installing these multi-million-dollar systems.  It’s just amazing with what I stand for and I look back at what I was doing.

But anyway, I think we’re going to be tieing this up pretty soon but I wanted to know what you would recommend as some of your final words of encouragement for the audience today regarding the future of our world.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  My god, be excited, be excited.  If you have an idea, please, at least write it down and see how it connects and just go with it.  You know, trust, trust that your ideas and your excitement and your like triggers of joy are actually antennas to a greater experience of your own light, because those are your tentacles.  Those are like the attraction points to outside people, outside events, outside anything that connects with you in those vibes.

And so Jerry and Ester Hicks I think said it beautifully, watch your emotional like temperature gauge.  If you are excited, if you are happy, go with it.  Just get that — because scientifically speaking, the brain waves measured in the 3D are lesser powered than the ones of your heart, like if you feel, you have more 3D vibrational energy drive than you do if you just think.  So use your thoughts to vision, to see outside, to see the horizon, to see the future.  And engage your emotions to experience it.  That would be it.

ALEXANDRA:  Yeah, correct.

Well, and anybody who wants to contact Astrid, her name is Astrid Stromberg.  You can go to her website at www.BrilliantEssence.com.  And for more information on the incredible readings that she gives — she just so like cuts to the chase, folks.  I mean if you need a kick in the butt — I am talking from experience — she will really get the vision and the dream that you have on track and moving.

I have to tell you your momentum is probably one of the most incredible things, really.

So did you have any other final thing you wanted to say before I let you go?

ASTRID STROMBERG:  I think this is a time for everyone to get their butts off their ass and just get doing something, anything.

ALEXANDRA:  See what I mean.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Don’t come to me if you are not expecting homework because I will find you homework to do.

ALEXANDRA:  I know you will.  We definitely know that about you, Astrid.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  But next time, you guys should call into the service.  Alexandra is open.  She is a good channeler, too, and she will definitely have some insights for you.  So grab some paper and call in.  I think you can call in.  This is the number that I have, 530.413.9537.  Call into the next show and start asking your questions.  We’re interested in knowing what you have to say about all of this, too.

ALEXANDRA:  And also, Astrid, we should have you on again where we are just doing an open-mike type of hour.

ASTRID STROMBERG:  Absolutely, love.

ALEXANDRA:  So we will put that out there to the audience.  And maybe what we can do is accumulate a bunch of questions if there aren’t that many callers and just ask you, put you to task.


ALEXANDRA:  Thanks for your time, Astrid.  We really appreciate your profound — your capability just to see things on such a multi-dimensional level.  I mean I just love it.  I really appreciate it and I love you and I thank you for coming on today.  And I wish you all the best and we will talk to you soon again.

Everybody, if you want to reach Astrid, you will go to www,BrilliantEssence.com.  And you guys, everybody, have a great day and we will talk to you soon.

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