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microphone (1)Carl Calleman and Alexandra Meadors: The Global Mind – July 22, 2014

Hello, hello everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and today is July 22, 2014. I have quite a few announcements to make before I jump into the interview. It won’t take but a few minutes. I just want to make everyone aware that, yes, we are on schedule with the shipments for the implant removals and the SA and DNA Activations. So if you ordered last week we filled it and shipped it this week, to make a clarification. Also, if you have any questions on the website or anything, as far as submitting posts you can drop me an email at admin@galacticconnection.com. Okay, that was quick.

So now what I’d like to do now is introduce a very esteemed guest, somebody that I’ve wanted to meet for a very long time, which is Carl Johan Calleman. And as many of you know, his reputation precedes him. But I’m going to go ahead and give you a little bit of a bio background. We can always jump up on the BBS Radio page to get a much more thorough background “check” on Carl. But Carl studied toxicology at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, and he has had no professional training at that point in archaeology or the study of the ancient Maya. He first encountered the Mayan Calendar on a visit to Mexico and Guatemala back in 1979 and became so fascinated with the concept of the calendar and the fact that it had an end date, which influenced him in the work as he moved forward. In 1986 he took a post at the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Washington in Seattle, as a cancer researcher. (That’s interesting.) And as a result of work done in that post and in China, he was appointed as an expert for the World Health Organization on cancer.

In 1993 he returned to Sweden and devoted himself full time to researching and writing about the calendar itself. He published a short book in Swedish on the subject, Maya- hypotesen [The Maya Hypothesis], and then he was invited to be a main speaker. And of course, he’s been on the circuit for quite some time, really getting the word out as to the time, the fact that it was ending on October 28, 2011. And he received a lot of criticism for that. We are going to talk to him a little bit about why he stands strong in the findings that he made. And today in particular we are going to be reviewing his latest book, which is called The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. It is fascinating. I highly recommend that you pick a copy of this up. It’s going to be Volume 1 of a series of three. And it really gets into the details about the global mind, mass consciousness, and our brains and minds themselves. So with that said, let’s get started.

Alexandra: Hello Carl. How are you today?

Carl: Oh hello Alexandra. I’m very well. I live in Santa Fe, I might tell you, here in New Mexico, and it’s a sunny day and I’m happy to be in this interview.

Alexandra: Well great. Santa Fe is near and dear to my heart, I love that town. I shouldn’t call it a town, it’s a city.

Carl: Yes it is.

A: The reason that I felt this was very timely was because of the realizations that are coming forward amongst the spiritual community in particular about what is exactly is ‘mind’ because there’s been so much emphasis on mind control. And I noticed that the one thing you first began your book with was trying to tackle the difference between the human mind and the global mind. So maybe you can fill us in on that.

Carl: Well yes. I think that the Global Mind the way I present it is actually like a new concept. And the whole book is really about demonstrating that we as individuals, we have access to this Global Mind and our minds are basically created through our resonance with the Global Mind, or you might say through the ‘downloading’ that we make of the particular Global Mind. The whole Earth has a kind of a mind. All evolution of human civilization, human thinking, human creativity and all these things are actually because we are tapping into this global mind that undergoes change according to certain rules.

And usually when there is a significant change, a significant shift, what happens is that human beings who are in resonance with the global mind start thinking differently, see the world differently, and that’s when we have what is usually referred to as a paradigm shift.

And at this point in time, I think we are at a very significant paradigm shift, especially when it comes to this thing about the relationship between mind and brain. It’s been thought for some time now in mainstream neurology, psychiatry, etc, etc, that the mind is a creation of the brain. And I think my book really debunks that notion completely and proves that it’s not at all the product of the brain. Rather the brain is like an antenna that is in resonance with the global mind. For one thing, I think this is the reason that after all, very often it’s possible for us to understand other people, even if there are sometimes difficulties. But if each one of us would have a brain that would create a mind of its own, I bet you we wouldn’t understand anything what is happening in the minds of other people. They certainly would not experience all of these synchronicities and all of these seemingly mysterious things that show that our lives are interconnected and we are part of some commonly evolving consciousness that many of us experience.

A: Interesting. So now, I know you have talked a great deal about the Ninth Wave continuing on after the October 28th, 2011, supposed end of the Mayan Calendar, can you fill us in on where you think we are right now, because you have been very strong in stating that it’s just going to keep going. So I’m curious where do you think that we stand right now.

C: Well, I think that the shift point, the actual shift point, which wasn’t an end point but actually a shift point in the waves of the Mayan Calendar, was then October 28th, 2011. And the result of that shift, I must say, has been much more complicated than anyone had expected. And one of the most important things of this shift is that the highest of the Nine Waves – in other words – the Mayan Calendar system is primarily built up like a pyramid of nine levels of consciousness. And each of these levels of consciousness is created by a wave of the divine origin, I would say.

And in the beginning of 2011 we reached the time when the highest of these waves, the Ninth Wave, would be activated. And this particular wave brings another kind of the mind than the lower levels. It brings a mind that is not dualistic. It brings a mind that does not create separation. And it brings that on top of the other levels, which also continue to work their path as wave movements.

But the real novelty that happened with this shift was this introduction of the new kind of a mind or a re-introduction, you might say, after thousands of years of a mind that holds a completely different potential. And I would say, that it really is the ‘crown’ you might say, of Creation, this particular wave, that it creates a possibility for us not to look upon the world and look upon others in a separating way.

But with all of these waves, we have a choice about them. If our brains are antennas for these waves of the global mind it means that we have to play a role in, what should I say, what’s the word in English, to be antennas to receive the right kind of frame of mind, you might say. To receive that particular wave. That will never happen automatically as far as I understand it. It will come to us to do so.

A: Well, do you feel that we are directing the wave now in a much more accelerated fashion before the Ninth Wave took place?

C: No, I would say that each of these waves has a certain frequency, or you might say, they have a certain wave curvature. And the wave with the highest frequency was this very Ninth Wave. And what that means is that up until that point throughout the entire evolution of the Universe preceding it, we could experience a sort of an acceleration of time. Because each higher wave was carrying the higher frequency of evolution.

But I think at that point when the Ninth Wave was activated then we have actually reached the highest frequency of the Universe. And it won’t accelerate further as far as I can tell. Yet it was a significant acceleration, the activation, especially that of the Eighth and the Ninth Wave, changing things very, very quickly, including in the world of fibre technology and smart technology and all these kinds of things that are carried by these higher waves.

A: Yes, definitely. And do you feel that the other waves have been cancelled out? Is that actually happened yet?

C: What I think has happened is that they’ve actually gone into – you might say – they’re being deactivated, which is behind a lot of – I would say – turmoil, or complicating factors that we see in the world today. And I might add that how these waves have been playing out after the shift is not something I was able to foresee before the actual shift. And so this is something that I’ve had to think about, and study, and so forth since then.

How they envision the future is something that I’m planning to write about in the third volume of this trilogy – the Paradigm Shift trilogy. The first one is The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. But after the shift, the development of all the waves are more complicated than I would have thought or that most other people would have thought as well.

I might want to say here, that I think that were two very common ideas about what the shift would mean, regardless of what date you would place it on. One common idea was the idea that it would be an end of the world. Then there was another common idea saying that it would be the birth of a new world. And I don’t think either of those is actually the right way of understanding it.

And when we consider that there was just one ancient Mayan inscription, the so-called Tortuguero’s Monument Number 6, that had anything to say about this particular shift point. And what that inscription said was that the nine level entity – which is symbolized by the nine-terraced pyramids down in Guatemala and in Mexico in the old Mayan temple sites – then the nine level entity would then appear in its full regalia. That’s the only thing that we have from ancient times regarding this particular shift point.

And so the way I interpret that is that all the Nine Waves will then be activated, including the Ninth Wave, that was activated at that point in time. And so, that’s the full meaning of it, it’s that all the Nine Waves of Creation that the Mayan Calendar describes have been activated and are continuing. That’s how I interpret this. In other words, it wasn’t like a discontinuance point in time where either a new world would be born or a world would come to an end. Those ideas were not really to the point. What’s really important is that at this point in time all the Nine Waves will be activated and continue to create the world in eternity, as far as I can tell. Or at least for a long time.

A: Well, it’s interesting with what you are saying is, basically, they’re all thinking, they’re like thinking, right, in the same movement. And then what you show in the book, at least to me, is that we really truly are in a place where we are writing our own history for the first time, like there isn’t a particular wave that is determining – for example, you go into the day and the night and you talk about the day is creation and you talk about the night is destruction, we aren’t locked into that anymore. It is like it’s an open slate and it’s totally up to us where we take this from here, right?

C: Right. I would say so. It’s up to us what we will use our brains – as our antennas – to download, so to speak. That’s our choice.

A: That’s really exciting. That’s really exciting. Now do you equate the waves with an actual timeline. You know how people are always talking about timelines all the time. Would you say they are one and the same?

C: I’m not sure if I understand that question. The way that I look upon it is, each of these waves are connected to a timeline. And depending on which wave the timeline will start, like the bottom level, the first wave started 16 billion years ago and the Ninth Wave started – you might say a timeline – like four years ago, in 2011. Does that answer the question?

A: Yes. Yes it does. I think it’s a little bit different than what I was referring to but that is okay. So I really want you to dive into when you got involved in the Eight House Partitioning. That is really fascinating. I wanted you to clarify with the audience how the Eight-House Partitioning is the mind, the Global Mind.

C: Yeah, right. The source of this, you might say, is another Mayan inscription. And this particular inscription comes from Palenque, which in my view, might have had the most advanced calendrical thinking in the ancient times among the Maya. And it has to do with what was it that started the so-called Long Count. Which is one of these Nine Waves. If you look upon it as part of nine-storied pyramid this will be the Sixth Wave. And 5100 years ago a new such wave was activated. And archaeologists have come to know this wave as the Long Count. And if you visit the various temple sites or pyramids and so forth down in the Mayan area you will find that all of them are dated according to this particular Long Count.

What this means is that the Maya would place the erection of an altar as part of a wave. Where in this wave did this altar – was it erected. The whole system of religion you might say was related to this particular wave and certainly for the kings there who had their powers because they were seen as representations of the divine on Earth and for their particular cities. These kings, they would always want to have a connection to this particular Long Count wave. So they would – a lot of the calendrical things were about connecting their own lives and when they access to the throne and when they were born and so forth. Where was that place in the wave that had created civilization and their own particular city states.

It’s a different way of thinking from the way we look upon time. Absolutely. Because we have a calendar, the Gregorian calendar, that isn’t really related to any kind of divine creation waves. But in the Mayan view then, their calendars were served very much to connect their own lives, their own creations, their own buildings and so forth, to where it fit into these particular divine creation waves.

And then to get back to this question about the Eight-Partitioning, that’s a word that comes from this description that describes what happened 5130 years ago when the Mayan Long Count began. It’s been known for a long time that it was then that this wave or this calendar was activated. And it’s then an inscription in Palenque as I mentioned that it actually talks about what it was that happened. And that description you might say is very metaphysical connecting to a certain divine perception. And what it says is that on that particular date, 5130 years ago, it says that the First Father erected the World Tree. And the World Tree we may understand as the (?), on Earth at least, as the polar axis, so to speak, that provides a straight line here. And what became visible was the Eight Partitioning House in the North.

This concept of the Eight Partitioning in the North: if we sort of accept the idea that what that means is, that from the North Pole emanated like a compass rose creating, you might say, eight different segments of the Earth. Then we have some kind of a handle on what this meant and what this eight partitioning meant is not a physical phenomenon. The Maya would always talk about these kinds of things as metaphysical things. We may not necessarily be able to measure them but what it meant was that the sort of a grid of straight and perpendicular lines came to cover the Earth, as this event was initiated by what they called the First Father, and we would probably call the First Father and say that that’s God, basically, and it’s just another name for the Supreme Deity behind things.

And this Eight Partitioning is then something that we see in many ancient traditions, especially when we go to the very oldest ways of thinking. Clearly in the Egyptian mythology the Eight Partitioning plays a very significant role, because maybe the oldest of the cities in Egypt, called Khmun in Egyptian, meaning eight-town, and called Hermopolis in Greek, there they talked about these four couples, male and female couples, that were present as Creation emerged from the sort of the structureless, watery, primal waters that existed before Creation.

And that’s a very similar concept really. It’s how straight lines separating eight deities, separating eight spiritual qualities, is at the heart of creating structure on our planet. And we can see it in many other ways too. This is actually then something that takes place at the very time that civilization started to arrive on our planet. Civilizations that builds cities, pyramids, started to write and count and all of these kinds of things.

A: Carl, are you saying that the four couples, is that directly related to the four directions? That people so often refer to?

C: Yes, well if you see the four couples – I would say the 8 energies, or 4 couples of energies, so to speak. But I wouldn’t see them as the four common directions emanating – if I stand at this point here down in New Mexico, I would not divide these 8 energies divided from a compass rose. But if it I stand on the North Pole, then I would divide the world like a compass rose. That’s an important thing. And then you would have exactly these eight different energies separating four male-female couples.

But this whole thing with the straight lines and the four directions, it’s something that is very strongly connected to the emergence of the human mind. Because without these lines, and without these directions, our minds would not have the kind of structure that they do.

And I think that is the reason – coming back to New Mexico here – I was visiting Chaco Canyon, which is an ancient Anasazi site, not so far away from here towards the border of Arizona, and there you see that whole complex is sort of built in relation to the four directions. And of course, the Egyptian pyramids were built in relation to the four directions and a number of the different monuments were built in that.

And that is because – what happened you might say, the First Father activated this particular grid – that these powers of the directions that are so often honored in the construction of buildings or in indigenous peoples’ ceremonies, they are real powers. These powers, at that time, they were the ones that gave people their minds. They reflect the powers of the global mind which creates this grid work of straight and perpendicular lines and to the extent that people are in resonance with that, they will download this particular mind. And that’s what I believe was behind the fact that so many of these monuments and so forth were constructed and aligned with the four directions of the planets.

A: That is absolutely fascinating. Now you are doing such a great job, especially in the book, one of the things that I saw over and over again and I felt you were very explicit with connecting the microcosm of the human, the brain, the mind, with the macrocosm. And you really clarify a lot of things. I think you really fill in a lot of holes that people have had in trying to make sense of a lot of this.

C: Thank you.

A: I really do. And one of the questions I had for you when you were talking about the Eight-Partitioning minds, where it starts at the actual North Pole axis, right? (C: Yes) Where did that begin?

C: Where? Do you mean this – well, I think that ultimately all of these grids, all of these metaphysical grids that I’m describing they may have existed also on even higher levels of the cosmos. They may have existed on the galactic level and even on the cosmic level. And our Earth’s particular grid may just be a micro reflection of the galactic grid. That’s what I suspect and guess, so to speak. But it’s much more difficult to prove that because when we study what’s happened on our planet ever since the activation of the Long Count 5130 years ago, we can actually verify, we can see how things changed after we saw the downloading of the particular perpendicular grid. And I can only suspect that’s happening also on a larger scale than the cosmos but I don’t know that.

A: Well, you know, a lot of people would say to you, hey Carl, going into the straight lines and having more compartmentalization of the Global Mind didn’t feel like such a gift per se, from the standpoint that it ended up bringing in the major dominance of the masculine energies. What would say to that?

C: Well, you know, first of all, I don’t see it as my task to say what is good or what is bad. It’s just to say that this is the way things are, this is where we’re coming from. But then we can also ask what are the options in our present time and so forth.

And from our perspective we may look back at the past and think that a lot of these very early civilizations were run by rulers and that a lot the people were slaves and certainly women in general were in an oppressed state and so forth. All that I can say is that I assume that this intelligence that we tend to call God – I prefer to say ‘the Divine’ because that’s a little bit less limited concept – but that is some kind of a plan to it. So that unless this mind of separation and this mind of duality that began to get downloaded 5000 years ago was activated, then we would still be living in caves.

And that might be . . . and basically some kind of shamanic state of unity with nature and the animals and so forth. And that may sound like a spiritually desirable state but apparently the Divine had something else in mind, which is to create civilization. There was no way that civilization could be created without a separating mind, and so I would say from our perspective, at least, things that both good and bad came with this separating mind.

A: So the hemispheres, if we look at it from the physical standpoint of the human, and we look at their right and left hemispheres, and then we look at the east and the west of the actual global map – how does that fit in with the eight partitions and the four couples of energies?

C: Yeah, I would say that’s the most basic, and the most significant separation of these eight energies. That is what we have on one level, you might say, separating the Western and the Eastern hemispheres or on another level, on the level of our brain and antennas, you could say, it’s a separation by the left and the right brain halves. That’s the first partitioning, so to speak.

Then if you look at the brain then the second partitioning would be between our frontal lobes and the parietal lobes, and then there would be even two more partitionings that would generate the brain, but if you looked upon it from the top it is separated into eight different compartments, each of which is somehow ruled by one of these particular deities, or you might say, symbolised by one of these particular spiritual qualities.

So what we call the mind which is this eight-partitioning that we download, that is really what creates the separation between the left and right brain halves. If you just looked at the brain material in the left and the right brain half, there’s no really difference. But because we have downloaded a line, a partitioning, that separates us into two distinct compartments, the left and right brain halves – it’s because of this downloading that we get the difference in the functions and the waves of thinking of the two brain halves.

A: That’s really interesting. I was wondering too if we have supposedly 7 continents and there’s all of this seismic activity and tectonic plate movements, and supposedly the continents are shifting and there’s suggestions that some of them will move closer towards one another and if you look at the original maps, it looks like it was basically one mass of land that broke into seven continents. Is this kind of reflecting the eight partitions?

C: Yes, I would say so. But it’s at a very deep level. Because this is almost prior to the existence of humans and prior to the existence of the human mind. But one of the things that I talk about is how the inner core of the Earth was discovered quite, quite recently. It is actually different on the western and the eastern hemisphere. And it’s not completely centered in the center of the Earth. And so what that means is that all kinds of – it’s the hottest part of the Earth’s system – is the inner core. It’s about the same temperature as it is on the Sun. But what that means is that from the inner core it’s created convection streams of heated material of magma and so forth.

And for the very reason that the inner core is not the same in the west and the east hemisphere, that means that these convection streams will be a little bit asymmetrical as well. And for that reason they will sort of start to create an Earth whose continents are somewhat aligned with or adapted to this partitioning between the west and the east hemisphere of the inner core of the Earth. (A: Wow) That’s where it seems like the intelligence is emanating in many different ways.

A: That is FASCINATING. I think I’ve said it three times now. Well, clarify something for me. I’ve been always fascinated by this Benben, the primordial mound, and I had just finished reading a book from the Knights Templar where they had supposedly been excavating for 9 years through the King Herod’s Temple as well as the Temple of Solomon and it made reference to this primordial mound. And I was wondering, what is the affiliation with that and the pyramids, number one, and how is that showing us how the Earth was created, number two.

C: Well, I think it’s sort of a symbolism that you have in many waves. I think the Kaaba Stone in Mecca that is the center of all the pilgrimage of Muslims which is sort of a cubic stone, as I understand it, is another sort of world mountain or primordial mound. As well as that you mention in the Temple of Jerusalem and the Egyptians quite explicitly saw the creation of their pyramids as some kind of a way of manifesting this original primordial mound. What is noteworthy then of the Egyptian pyramids is that at least the Great Pyramid of Giza which is I would say the most significant of all their symbols, it is eight-partitioned – it’s got four walls that we usually think but actually it’s eight-walled – even though the indentations are quite small and can only be seen on certain, particular days.

But it’s interesting then that here we have the commonality, for instance, between these symbols at the Temple in Jerusalem and the Kaaba Stone in Mecca and the pyramid in Egypt, that this primordial mound actually seems to be something that is generating straight lines – the Egyptian pyramids are older than the other two and they are about 5000 years, from the time when according to the Maya, the eight- partitioning came to dominate the world, straight lines came to dominate the world.

If we then accept the idea that I presented just recently here, that it’s the inner core of the Earth which is really the primordial mound – and that’s really sounds fairly reasonable whether the ancients would actually know it or not – then, you know, if it’s true, and this has been recently proven that there are straight lines in the inner core of the Earth that separate the different segments, like the western and the eastern hemispheres, well, then you would actually have a situation when the inner core is generating straight lines and generating separations. So then, it certainly makes sense that if the ancient people would try to create symbols of their primordial mound, they would do it in the form of constructions that had straight and perpendicular lines, because those kinds of lines are emanating from the inner core of the Earth.

A: Wow! Gosh, this is amazing! Were you already picking up on a lot of these realizations early on or did just come forth in the last couple of years?

C: I would say that a lot of this has just been in the last couple of years. And I write about this in the foreward of the book where I sort of talk about this little bit of what the situation was when I was starting to write and so forth. And I can recap a little bit of that. After October 28, 2011, I had thought that maybe something more dramatic would have happened or these kind of things, so I started to think about writing a new book that would be essentially about how I perceived the future according to the Mayan Calendar, after this particular shift. So I started writing that, and then I had also to make a review again of human history, the past 5000 years of the Long Count, basically. And then in trying to write about some angles that I hadn’t covered in the earlier books.

And then when I came to the Egyptian pyramids which is at the beginning of this Long Count, it just dawned upon me that it was really a manifestation of the human mind – cut in stones, so to speak. It was actually a manifestation of the Global Mind cut in stone. And that they who lived so close to the initial activation of this eight-partitioning, they must have just been thrown into this fantastic idea of building a pyramid that reflects this new straight lines and that’s really what the global mind that governs all of your thinking on the planet and certainly the rise of civilization.

And so, as often happens when you are writing books like I do, you get some kind of key insight and once you get that insight and you feel that you are on firm ground then a lot of things will just flow from that particular thing. The way I write books – it’s more like the book is telling me what it wants to have in it, so to speak, and I just sort of research it and then check if what the book is saying is correct.

A: So are you thinking, Carl, that the proliferation of pyramids that are popping up everywhere – they seem to be finding pyramids all over the place these days, is this representative of that particular location on the planet finally really connecting with the global mind?

C: Yeah, if we limit ourselves and as you’re saying there’s a tremendous amount of pyramids that are being discovered – some of them I would say are questionable, but on the other hand there are others that might have been suppressed earlier – but if we limit ourselves to those pyramids that have been verified by the professional archaeologists, then you might say that the pyramids are coming only after this 5130 years ago activation of the gridline of the planet creating the four directions and the straight and perpendicular lines. And from that time, talking about 5000 years ago, there are then pyramids not only in Egypt and Sumeria, but also in the so distant places like Peru and Mongolia that are verified and are considered authentic by professional archaeologists.

And the fact that people in such long distances from different continents at the same time started to build these similar constructions, just to me means that what must have happened is that a mind that was activated that encompassed the entire planet influenced people wherever they were. And those places where there were enough people and enough agriculture to sustain them they would feel inspired by these activations of this new grid to go ahead and build pyramids, and from that perspective a widespread occurrence and building of pyramids would have been exactly what you would expect.

A: Hmmm, well, you had a really good picture in your book that very clearly shows the eight points of the pyramid and that was an eye-opener to me, that’s for sure. Now how do the platonic solids fit into this equation, or do they?

C: Not that I know of. But the fact that I haven’t researched it and I don’t know it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a concept. But I think I want to emphasize something here that we have come to think about sacred geometry as something that has gained a lot of attention in past few decades. But mostly the attention has gone to fairly complex structures like the flower of life, or the platonic bodies that you are talking about, or the golden mean, and so forth. And this is very valid, I’m not questioning it. But what I am saying is that sacred geometry would be anything that is a reflection of some kind of the metaphysical geometric structure. And even the very simplest forms of geometric structures, like the straight line, or the perpendicular line, these are actually symbols of sacred geometry. And maybe because of their simplicity, straight lines seem very, very simple but it isn’t, there’s really a mystery that there are straight lines to begin with. And so for that reason, I’m saying that even a straight line is sacred geometry, and one that we may learn a lot about the lives of the earlier civilizations from.

A: That’s a very good point. And I was also going to say, when you were talking about the Tower of Babel, and the diversification of language that came through, most of the time when you read about that event there’s a feeling where you walk away from it and feel a lack of unity. You feel like a hammer has come down on a piece of crystal and it’s broken into a gazillion pieces. But the way in which you present it, you actually see the positive effects of it by bringing forth to us through the global mind the myriad of different approaches and perspectives that come through the eight-partitions.

C: Yes.

A: I think that is fascinating. Can you talk a little bit about that?

C: Well, I want to come back to the question that you raised earlier. What do I have to say of the fact that this new mind that is trained to create a patriarchal society and these kinds of things. And when you look at some Biblical myths about the downloading of the mind, one of which is then the destruction of the Tower of Babel, and another would be the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, they have a fairly negative viewpoint, you might say, of what happened. And people are entitled to have those viewpoints, of course. But what I wanted to add is that apparently the Divine had some other plan in mind and that you might also turn the coin so to speak, and look upon the positive sides that the variation that was created and the fact that the individuality you might say, that also was created through these different partitionings of the mind. You know, a question I’m raising for people is, just imagine living in the world where everybody was exactly like you are, how fun would that be?

A: Not a whole lot, that’s for sure.

C: Not a whole lot. Because you would think what difference does this make if I disappear. That’s what you would think. Because all the others are you like me anyway. And they are here, so I can go. But now we don’t feel that way. We think, okay, I’m like me, you’re like you, and because of our individuality we also have something special that we may contribute, and that kind of separation and compartmentalization, that’s also a product of this eight-partitioning that we all in a sense get an individual mind.

A: I think you’ve also hit on something here as far as – this is almost like a presentation of a manual of what happens when a planet begins. When the life forms begin. You know what I’m saying? It’s almost like you kind of get a feeling like “Ok, is this happening on every new planet out there?”

C: Yeah. Well, I suspect a lot of planets out there have a similar kind of history, you might say. That’s assuming – I think the consensus among astrobiologists today is that there are quite a few planets that are potential harbourers of life. But in order to explain the diversity of life that any living planet would have – I mean, just imagine if there was just one kind of plant on the whole planet or just one kind of animal on the whole planet, that would equally be very boring. But the diversity I think it comes from or even an identical process of compartmentalizations and partitionings that may also happen in many other planets outside our world.

A: Yeah, and I know that the Earth is supposedly with the reputation of being highly biodiversified. You know, apparently, we attract a lot of external light beings or beings that are interested in us because there is so much diversity here; so basically, what you are proposing is that this eight-partitioning has a great deal to do with that biodiversification.

I was wondering, could you go over a little bit about the four pairs of the deities – the four couples of energies.

C: Yeah, yeah. Well, that is something that comes back in several different ancient traditions, ancient civilizations. And especially those where you can track it back about 4 – 5000 years, to the beginning of the Long Count, to the first activation of the eight- partitioning. And it seems to be that the Egyptians, as already mentioned, they had these four couples – they are known as Ogdoad, the group of eight deities. I can’t remember, one of the energies – was the female that was symbolized by frogs or it was the males was symbolized by frogs and the others were serpents. Anyway, they are four couples that are in a sense four polarized couples.

The same thing goes back if you see the ancient maps that the Aztecs or the Maya would have made, except it seems to me that they are twins rather than male – female couples. But they are twins like the yin-yang twins, you might say. The Maya had this typical twin pair of Hunahpú and Xbalanqúe which was light and dark, you might say. So there we have them.

Then we have them in the book of Genesis in Noah and the survivors of the creation of the flood, where there were actually four couples. They were all related to Noah according to the book of Genesis, but they were also four female-male couples that survived the flood and after that the new creation began. And they went out to procreate and create the different kind of races and so forth.

And something I don’t mention in the book about these eight different energies is the Chinese symbols. Well, I did mention it, but not in the context of the rise of civilization in China. Because one of the hallmarks of civilization is the ability to write, the emergence of a system of writing. And according to the Chinese tradition, there was a legendary king and I’m not sure of his name, Fu-Xi maybe, who was the one that introduced writing in China.

And he was also, and this is very noteworthy, he was also the person who introduced the eight different basic energies of the I-Ching. If you have three lines and they can be broken or non-broken, you get eight such different combinations. And this is the I-Ching system and what they are saying by making these kinds of connections, by their legendary king, is that the emergence of civilization comes again out of eight different energies. That is a different way of symbolizing it – the I-Ching symbols rather than the female-male couples or twins as in the Western hemisphere among the Native Americans.

A: Well, Carl, I thought it was interesting, just tell me if I’m off-base here, but it seemed to me, that you had Naunet and Nu, you had Amaunet and Amun, you had Kauket and Kuk, and Hauhet and Huh. And I then thought to myself, well, you had the four core races of humanity which are the lion, the bird, the bull and the man. Is this fitting into that as well?

C: I would say that all kinds of separations actually go back to this primordial separation. And it is a funny thing that I also don’t mention in the book is the whole idea of alchemy. Alchemy, the word ‘alchemy,’ which today is mostly a spiritual practice among people, but it’s also the birth of chemistry as a science. And both of those things you might say go back to alchemy. Now alchemy actually goes back to … the word ‘alchemy’ which comes from the Egyptian word Khmun, which means Eight-Town, so it goes back to this place where people originally worshipped the eight energies, the four couples that you just mentioned. So it all goes back to that.

And literally speaking, if you trace the words, and if you start to look at ‘alchemy’ then you have also one aspect of alchemy is a separation into the four elements. And some would say the separation into the four races. I guess there are many aspects of alchemy that I’m not familiar with. But the point I’m making is that the very word ‘alchemy’ goes back to the very town where the eight-partitioning was first worshipped or recognized among the ancient Egyptians.

A: Fascinating. This is near and dear to my heart because I’m an alchemist and practice it daily. So my favorite number is 888 and I never knew why! I just knew that was my favorite number.

C: That’s the favorite number of an alchemist. (laughter)

A: And this is before I knew what I was doing, right?

But anyway, tell me a little bit about how so many people talk about the serpents and there’s a lot of negative connotations to it but I thought it was so – again – you really connected the dots on how the serpent actually represents the sine wave and the creative process. Can you talk a little bit about that?

C: Yeah. Well, what you are saying is, again the Biblical tradition is very negative to the serpent and many others. Many people are afraid of serpents and some of us have reasons to be afraid of serpents as well. But in the Biblical creation story God will curse the serpent, the wave you might say, as the one that brought an the end to the unity of the Garden of Eden. And you might see if you look upon the serpent as a symbol of this wave movement of Creation that the Mayan Calendar described – yes – you might say it did indeed, this particular wave movement starting 5130 years ago, it did break up the unity of the Garden of Eden, which is a metaphor for the kind of consciousness that people was in before this happened.

But from the Mayan Calendar perspective it’s not something wrong that happened. It’s just that creation goes on. And according to a preset time plan and at that point the serpent which is really then, as you’re saying, and I think I make clear in the book, is really a symbol of these Divine Wave Movements – the sine wave, in other words.

So that’s the reason that to the Maya and to the people of Mexico in ancient times, the serpent was a positive symbol – you can choose it again and we’re coming back to this whole thing again. Was it good or was it bad that the unity was broken up? But to the Maya, the plumed serpent, which like a etheric wave going through all of the planets was what created civilization. So they revered this, they honoured this bringer, this wave that brought the creation. It’s a matter of taste.

A: Yeah! No kidding. Well, can you clarify a little bit more for me and the audience the significance of all of these monuments that are around the world, very revered such as Stonehenge. Why do you feel they were built and how do they fit into this whole perspective that you have?

C: Well, Stonehenge and some of the other megalithic monuments on the British Isles – very famous is Newgrange, which is almost perfectly round structure in Ireland. And another one is Avebury, which is not perfectly round maybe but it’s a clear round structure with a lot of big stones and sort of partitioned – like a sun cross you might say, it’s a cross through it all. And the dating of these monuments has been increased. They used to say that this was maybe a 1000 years before Christ or something like that, but now the archaeologists have been finding these wooden poles – the remains of them anyway and originally they’re at Stonehenge and they’ve dated those and have come to the conclusion that they are contemporary with the beginning of the Mayan Long Count. That’s not what they say. They say they were starting to erect these 3100 BC. And if you know the Mayan Calendar you know this is the beginning of the Long Count.

And you know that this is the same time of the erection of the Egyptian pyramids and pyramids in many other places in the world as well. So I would say that this is just another way of symbolizing as people felt called. This real mind, the global mind that was downloaded then, it must have been experienced by them as some kind of Divine Calling. They saw these things in a way we cannot do at this point – maybe we will in the future, but at this point we don’t see these metaphysical grids and lines and so forth. A lot of people are exploring it today, but before 5100 years ago these kinds of metaphysical grids did not exist, I believe, and so once they just emerged, people might have started to realize, to think in completely different ways and they probably wanted to symbolize these things, and to erect monuments in the honor of this new mind that completely changed their lives.

And I do think, as we have talked about, from the modern perspective, we may not always see the good sides or we only see the partially good sides of the rise of civilization. But to the ancients they seem, as far as I can tell, most of them have been quite enthusiastic of this kind of change that happened and really, they actually have gained complete new capabilities, the whole capabilities of building these kinds of monuments, as Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids is really incredible.

A: I know the more we delve into this, the more you can actually see the Divine plan behind it, and I think that’s the part that just so fascinating.

Now when you were speaking about the Great Pyramid before, I think one of the things you mentioned in your book that it was directed toward the True North and not an electromagnetic north. Can you explain why that is?

C: Well, I believe it has to do with what the Maya talked about the North Pole, so to speak, or the Tree of Life. They say World Tree, but that’s the same thing, being the polar axis. And the polar axis goes from the True North Pole to the True South Pole which is distinct from the electromagnetic pole that moves around over time. This is I believe coming of something important, namely, that the grid system that was activated by the eight-partitioning, it’s not electromagnetic in nature. If it were, then they would have been centered around the electromagnetic poles. And it’s not. And instead the Egyptian pyramid, the Great Pyramid especially, is, with astounding precision directed to the North Pole in the sense of the Tree of Life, the rotational axis of the planet. And that tells us I believe, that the grid system is organized around this particular straight line, this polar axis, this tree of life that generates these grids on our planet.

A: This is so interesting. Now, this you feel is also giving the planet – the individuals walking the planet – the direct connection to Heaven, right? This is what that they felt throughout history.

C: Yes. I would say so. It creates the invisible archetypes in their mind –

A: Because I think you said at one point that even the Great Pyramid was built to reproduce cosmic order.

C: Yeah, maybe I did. (laughter) I wouldn’t argue against it. That’s fine. Yeah. That is really what’s so amazing, when we look upon the Great Pyramid, which is almost 5000 years old, it’s ordered, it’s structured. And before that time you hardly have any structure. And it’s a particular structure – the structure of the eight-partitioning and that seems to be an important part of the cosmic order.

A: So I would imagine some people are sitting listening to this and thinking, okay, because there’s so much awareness now, of the so-called New World Order, which a lot of people call – the Old World Order, or the Order That Was. And I’m sure people are thinking, well, how were they able to tap into these four pairs of deities. Do you have any ideas on that?

C: Well, when we you say ‘they’ were able to tap into, who are ‘they?’

A: Meaning those that of the monotheistic, they started out – those that had the power over the people.

C: Yeah, okay. Well, the way that I look upon it is, the mind that was downloaded 5000 years ago, or a little bit more than that, it is a dualistic mind. And it’s a yin-yang mind. It’s a mind that is dominated by a polarity between light and darkness, basically. And when people download that kind of mind, not only did they get the ability to separate and create pyramids and so forth, they also start to look at the external reality as polarized. And so, and this mind that is downloaded, after some time anyway, it becomes like what the water is to the fish, it’s something you are swimming in, a duality that you might say that you are swimming in all the time. Now if you’re swimming in the mind of duality all of the time it means that you will tend to recreate the world outside of yourself that is based on the same kind of duality.

So you look at the world and say that, oh, it’s natural that some people are the powerful – the pharaohs, priest-kings, and so forth – and you think it’s natural because of the duality of your mind, you will say it’s natural that there are other people that are slaves and are much less worthy and so forth. People, as a general rule, I would say, it’s As Within, So Without. People create societies outside of themselves that are reflections of the kinds of polarity of the mind that dominate them. And we come back to the whole question, you know, is it good or is it bad. And I essentially see it as my task to just say, this is the way things are.

But it does explain then why societies at that point changed from having been more matriarchal, from having been more egalitarian like tribal organizations, to monarchies and the societies that are stratified into the rulers and the ruled, and the rich and the poor and so forth, because of the very mind they had downloaded. Because of the duality of the very mind that had downloaded. And you might say that this is a New Order that was created at that point in time and it was a New World Order that created differences in power and riches and so forth. And I don’t really think that it’s all that necessary to imply secret societies or something like that because it’s just obvious in the way that – even on the surface that these societies had been developing – for more or less 5000 years, or at least until the mid-1700s. People felt it was just natural that some people were the powerful and the rich and others were not. Because that is how they perceived the reality of the filter of their mind.

A: Interesting. Oh my gosh. So now you did say that the mind actually began 5130 years ago, right? So would this be around the time that humanity began to experience themselves with a soul?

C: Experience themselves ‘what?’

A: With a soul.

C: Oh, as a soul. No, I don’t think so. I think the soul is much older. It goes back to a wave that started 100,000 years ago. And the reason I have drawn that conclusion is that it’s about – it’s the Fifth Wave of the Mayan Calendar system or the nine-storied pyramid, so to speak, which started 100,000 years ago. And what we know happened at that particular time is that people started to bury their dead, meaning that presumably they had the sense there was some kind of a soul as distinct from the body and honored that particular soul.

And another sign that we have 100,000 years ago is that people for the first time started to use dyes, dyes in coloring things. That connection is maybe not so clear to the soul but I think that’s what I think – that 100,000 years ago, the soul was downloaded in the more or less animal-like hominoids that existed and 5,000 years ago the mind comes in. And they are two distinct phenomena, these two.

A: Wow! Okay, so you did make reference also to the lobes of the brain. Can you talk a little bit about that – how that fits in with all of this?

C: Well, I think that I covered it. One thing I might want to add to it is, presumably the Universe is like fractal holographic Universe where structures on the macrocosmic level is being reflected in levels of microscopic attractor so it works according to the principle of As Above, So Below. So whether you are looking at the entire Universe, or at a Galaxy, or at a Solar System, there will be polarities, like hemispheric polarities. But ones that we can actually study the best, I would say, is the levels of the human mind and the level of the global mind. And there I make the pattern of, I create the parallel or I have done that already in previous books, as to the parallel between the human brain and the global brain – or the Earth, in practice.

And for instance, if we look upon the left brain half, that would be the correspondence of the Western hemispheres of our planet. And the left brain half we know is the analytical brain half. It is the brain half that sort of picks things apart, compartmentalize them, and so forth, isolate singular phenomena in order to understand how they connect to other things. But that would then be a parallel I think, to some extent, that the Western hemisphere has traditionally been very much associated with individualism. There’s always been this emphasis on the individual rights and so forth. So that would mean that the left brain half is actually like a microcosm of the Western hemisphere. And you might say then that the Eastern hemisphere is then the hemisphere that historically speaking, has a lot of collective character and that would then match to the more holistic way of thinking of the right brain half. So there we would have a kind of parallel As Above, So Below. As in the hemispheres of the Earth, so in the hemispheres of the brain.

This I think is a crucial basis for the kind of resonance that we have with the global mind – we as individuals have the global mind. So there are parallels between the different parts of the brain and the different compartments of the Earth’s systems.

A: Now what I was wondering, Carl, I remember, I made a little note here where you mentioned that the frontal lobe was were all the ideas of God were created and I was wondering where did you get that from? I have never heard that before. That is fascinating.

C: Okay. Yes it is. And it’s funny how you find one of the weak points in my references.

A: (laughs) Well, I don’t think so.

C: Okay. A weak point in that – yes, I do have a reference there to the very book where I found it. But I don’t know the page. It’s an author we should actually mention him. What happened is that I lost that particular book so I just referenced the whole book, meaning that the person who was interested in that particular phenomenon would have to read the whole book to find that sentence.

A: Well it’s really interesting, I’m just wondered where it came from.

C: It’s there, I don’t have my book in front of me, but it’s certainly referenced. And I think that is very much true because how we perceive the world, our ability to receive divine light, if you like, would depend on what kind of filters we have on the frontal side of ourselves where we perceive reality. Essentially, we don’t perceive reality in our necks. We perceive it through the eyes. So if there are no filters on our front side, on the frontal lobes, then we will, as I understand it, be a developed state of unity with the Divine. So this finding that was based on some kind of brain research and sort of corroborates that general idea that the filters of the mind are often what separates us from the Divine, primarily, but also from nature and from each other.

A: And of course, there’s the tie in there with the third eye. (C: Yes) That would be another connection. And the other thing that I thought was fascinating was when you were talking about the ‘caged-in mind’ and how we cage in animals and then you brought up agriculture and I was like OMG, yes, we actually create a box to grow our food.

C: Yeah, yeah.

A: On a piece of land. It’s right in front of us. So tell us a little bit about the orbs. I know people will be really interested in that – the orbs and the winged disks.

C: Right. Well, it’s a little bit speculative, you might say, but when archaeologists are studying ancient cultures from many parts of the world, especially from the Middle East, but the same thing goes apparently also for some Native American cultures that are very ancient. They would find these so-called ‘winged disks’ and it’s been a mystery for a long time. Some people of course say that they are UFOs and something like that, but what it looks like is a ring which has wings. And wings are sort of flying energies – coming from the heavens, I would say. Usually in these rings are different kinds of symbols. I have found a couple of symbols that are eight-partitioning in some particular winged disks, but sometimes you see the picture of a god coming in these winged disks. And these winged disks – I don’t remember exactly when, but maybe 2 or 3000 years ago they disappear from the ancient monuments.

And the way that I understand that is that no longer did people actually experience these kinds of holographic minds, as I would put it. And what I see in them is that they just reflect how people are downloading these particular minds, including whether it’s eight-partitioning or downloading some god or something like that. So anyway, they are quite prevalent in ancient times from the Middle East but then they disappear and they really never come back.

Except for when people are starting to use digital cameras which is not so long ago, maybe twenty years or something like that, and people are starting on the photographs to discover rings, the wings are not necessarily there but certainly rings or spheres. And these spheres in some of the pictures will seem to have some figures in the center and some people even see – I’ve heard about from India – they will have a picture of Hanuman or Ganesh or something like that, like these deities.

So what I see in those orbs that have been prevalent is that they are actually the same thing, you might say, metaphysical holographic mind spheres that are now being downloaded. Because it’s been very noticed by people that have taken these kinds of photographs that the orbs usually appear when people are gathering for some spiritual event or high states of consciousness is attained or something like that. So it seems to have something to do with spiritual events. I think that’s quite clear – that’s when these orbs will appear on the photographs.

And the way that I look upon it is more or less that at this point in time we are downloading some of the higher waves, the consciousness of some of the higher waves in the Mayan Calendar system. And because of the digital technology now we are beginning to verify that they are real and I’ve heard also about people who see that with the naked eye, I don’t know, but that’s possible too.

A: Oh yeah, definitely. It’s almost like what you’re saying is the orbs are like a transmission of the global mind. Like a transmission message. Very interesting.

C: That’s absolutely what I would say. Yeah.

A: So tell us also about the pine cone of the Vatican. There’s so much written on that. I loved your take on that.

C: Okay. Well, the Vatican has a lot of symbolism which I associate with its actual location. I mentioned earlier that the inner core of the Earth is divided into two hemispheres that have different kinds of surface structures. Which means that the inner core of the Earth is sort of separated by a line. And this particular line goes through Rome, not only Rome, but also Berlin and Tripoli and Cape Town if you go downwards. But it’s notable that it goes through Rome. And that raises a couple of interesting questions when it comes to the symbolism that the Vatican has created.

We’ll come back to the pine cone, but for one thing, Peter’s Square in Rome is eight-partitioned geometry, if you look upon aerial photographs of St Peter’s Square, it is eight-partitioned. So that Square you might say is really a symbol of the global mind.

And at the center of this global mind is an old obelisk which is from the 5th dynasty and then it’s very old in Egypt. And so, that is really then, the obelisks to the Egyptians were the symbols – another kind of a symbol to the primordial mound, to the Benben, because it defines the four directions. So here you have when it comes to the Vatican you have that primordial mound from which eight directions emanate . . . it’s located straight above the inner court’s division between the western and the eastern of the hemispheres so whether they consciously knew that, I don’t think that they did consciously know it, but subconsciously they knew that it is the location on the planet where the global mind is most separating in terms of the West and the East.

We talked about then that our brains are like antennas for the global mind and so in the other courtyard they also have two also interesting symbols. One is the fairly recently added sculpture that is called Globe Within Globe, which really points directly to the inner core of the Earth which is a globe within the globe, I would say. Then also then the pine cone which is a several meters high statue in this particular courtyard. Then you make the connection then and see that well, this is a symbol of the center of the global brain, in the same sense that the pineal gland is the center of our brains. So it’s just an amazing constellation of symbols that has been placed at this location that we now know is the location, the line that separates the Western and the Eastern hemispheres of our planet.

And in a sense, it makes perfect sense to symbolize this. Anyone who would like to say that this is the primary place where the global mind is downloaded and from which it all emanates then this would be a very good way of symbolizing that.

A: Thank you for that explanation. That’s awesome.

So I thought the other thing that was really, really interesting was – you were talking about the shells of the Earth and how that relates to the global mind. Can you talk about that? I think that is just something else the audience really wants to hear about.

C: Yeah, it is a very important thing because that’s really where it comes to hard evidence that the mind is not created by the brain. That the mind is rather a resonance phenomenon with a global system. And it really goes back to the observation that some people did a number of years ago that the so-called Schumann Resonance, which is a standing wave, an electromagnetic wave on the surface of the Earth, has a frequency and a constant frequency which is 7.5 Hertz which is the same frequency as our brains will have when it’s in the lower range of the Alpha waves. In other words, when we are in a semi-relaxed state then our brains are vibrating, or the electromagnetic charges of the brain will be vibrating with the same kind of frequencies as on the surface of the Earth. And that makes sense, of course, because this is where we feel at home on the surface of the Earth as our brains vibrate at that kind of frequency, well, then we will also be in a relaxed state.

And I should say there’s been these rumours out there that there’s been an increase in frequency, but that’s not true, it’s a constant frequency. It doesn’t change. Then in the same way as you can assign a certain frequency to the surface of the Earth, you can assign frequencies to the different systems of the different inner globes, if you like, of the Earth and including the outer spheres of the atmospheric system. And when you look at these different frequencies you will see that they define ranges that coincide with the main types of brain waves, like Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. And so what this is telling us is that – and these different ranges of brain waves are associated with different mental states, whether it’s sleeping, or whether it’s highly mentally active and so forth.

So this would tell us that we obtain the different mental states that we may be in by creating a resonance with different parts of the Earth’s geological atmospheric system. And basically, this system is the most structured – the closest to the center of the Earth you are – or the less structured when you come into the atmospheric regions. So this would explain not only why the mind would come in from the very structured crystalline inner core but it would also explain that when we are in a dream state, when we are dreaming, then our brains are actually in resonance with some atmospheric structures that have very little structure, you might say – the atmospheric levels have little structure that sort of allows for all these kinds of strange events from the normal mental state – looked upon anyway – that we experience when we are in dreams.

What this tells us definitely I think once and for all, because of the corroborations are so strong, is that our minds are not confined to the brains, they’re not created by the brains. Our states of consciousness, our mental capacities, etc., are always created as a resonance phenomenon with the Earth and the Earth’s overall particular system.

And this comes from Chapter 5 of this book and it’s really where things hits home, I think, because it allows us to understand that the whole idea that the mind comes from the brain is just a flawed idea and there’s very hard evidence, not just philosophy and speculation, but actually hard evidence to point to that. Our mental states, our states of consciousness are generated as part of a much larger system.

A: Well, I totally agree with you and if nothing else this book really, clearly reveals that everything that we see, everything that we think, everything that we live – even that which we are, it’s all interconnected. It really does show the tapestry and I think you’ve done such a phenomenal job, especially for someone like me, who loves to see the connection of the dots. I also feel – we’re getting to the bottom of the hour and we’re going to have to tie this up – but I really wanted to say to you, the greatest message in his book, I feel, is that we are no longer blocked to attain Unity Consciousness and if you could just really quickly, you really clarified what Unity Consciousness is, and I think it is totally different than that which is perceived out there by people. Could you just quickly talk about that and then we’ll give your website and where they can purchase your book.

C: Well, I would say that the important thing is really that Unity Consciousness is not a mental concept. We don’t obtain it by thinking differently, which would be a mental change. Rather it is about de-coupling the mind, I would say. De-coupling – we talked about the negative effects that the dualistic mind had over the 5000 years. And today, I think the task for attaining Unity Consciousness is really to find the ways of un-coupling the mind, being present to the totality and this is something we can intentionally do, sometimes we may be helped by different kinds of spiritual practices. But I do want to say it’s not just sort of a mental thing, not just a matter of thinking differently. What it is, it is to relate quite differently to the mind that we have. And allow for a mind that is non-dualistic to see our reality through that kind of a state.

A: Excellent. Excellent. And I love the fact that in your description of Unity Consciousness which is kind of unfolding throughout all of your chapters, you were really holding onto the fact that we still are individuals.

C: Yes.

A: This is what we have done is we have acquired such a massive amount of diversification we really don’t want to lose that by becoming whole. We actually want – as you said – to be present to the totality – which is to be accepting, allowing, comfortable with all that is, not thinking that we have to be alike, we all have to – you know what I’m saying? There is such a misunderstanding about Unity Consciousness.

C: Yes.

A: Okay, Carl’s website, for everybody that would like to check out this book, it’s outstanding, is www.calleman.com. And Carl if they wanted to contact you how would they reach you?

C: It’s on my website, a little envelope where they can write, and you can also sign up for – I wouldn’t say a newsletter – but with some regularity I would send out new articles and so forth and you can enlist for those.

A: That’s fantastic! And will you come back for Part 2, because I can’t wait to read Part 2 and Part 3.

C: Yes, I will. Thank you very much. It’s been a wonderful interview.

A: You are welcome. You are welcome. Thank you for all the work that you do for all of us. And I just want to send to everyone out there lots of love. Please once again, check out his book, it’s called The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization and it says, A Novel Theory of Our Origins. And seriously, I don’t think you will be able to put it down. So thank you so much Carl. We love you for all you do for us and all of you guys out there, thanks for being who you are. I couldn’t be here without you being there. So love to all of you. And take care.

C: Take care.


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