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microphone (1)Good afternoon everybody this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and today is Oct. 1, 2013. And my regularly scheduled guest Cobra is here with me today to review the current events of the month of September and any other good, juicy information that he may be willing to share with us. Hello Cobra, how are you?
Hello everybody.
I wanna start with Ben Fulford’s information. It’s caused quite a stir. There’s quite a few morsels of information in here that are super important. The first one I wanted to ask you about are the global collateral accounts he is now saying that this is all based on fraud.
The situation is as follows. All the gold which actually formed the basis of the collateral accounts has been removed from the surface of the planet by the resistance movement in the beginning of the last year. And this is the reason why Fulford can’t find any evidence of gold on the surface. This is number 1. The reason why the resistance movement has removed that gold is so that the Cabal could not use it to underwrite their financial system: so they’re cut off from the source of their finances. (Yeah, smart) The second part of this is the so-called gold bonds that were issued by the cabal in the last ( ? ? ? hours ? ), all those bonds are now invoked, for many reasons. One of the reasons is the cabal cannot repay those bonds. First, he doesn’t have the gold, and second the numerations of the those bonds are in astronomical sums of money and of course the cabal doesn’t have that kind of money. The real value of the, which was in the gold, has been removed from the surface of the planet until the Event. And the purpose of those bonds will be to trigger the Event and not to extract the loot from the Cabal because the Cabal does not have the riches of the planet anymore. The cabal has managed to destroy many things on the surface of the planet- has spent most of its assets to build vast systems of underground bases which have already been cleared. Have wasted their money on developing advance weapons which were annihilated. So the Cabal is almost bankrupt. So the real value on the surface of this planet will be created after the Event through new technologies and through the spiritual development of humanity. And the gold will be returned to the surface of the planet after the Event to form the basis of the new financial system. And there are many people now who are trying to cash those gold bonds, they are not successful and they cannot be. Because that gold is no longer in the holds, it’s no longer in the banks, it’s no longer in the Philippines, it’s no longer in Indonesia.  It’s no longer there.
So it was there at one time is what you’re saying.
It was there.
Ok well one of the other things that he had discussed was the 380,000 American, Russian, and Chinese troops preparing to move into Washington D.C. What is your comment on that and do you feel that the trucker strike that I’ve blogged several articles on. Who do you feel is behind that.
Okay this information this number comes from one singular source and I would not say he is correct. I cannot comment on the number of troops because that is classified information for all these reasons. The trucker strike is a very good sign of the mass awakening in the United States. I’ve been waiting for it for a very long time. And I’ve long said that the event cannot happen before the mass awakening starts in the United States. And this is the first sign, so it’s a good sign.
It is a good sign, I felt the same way. And they have a lot of clout. Because they’re moving our products and services across the world, so they got a lot of clout. Now what about the whole shooting in the Westgate mall in Kenya. I thought this was interesting when he was talking about the ownership of an Israeli citizen Frank Lowy and he said he was closely related to Larry Silversteen who was involved with the lease of the Twin Towers. What exactly are the implications of that? I mean what do you feel he is really trying to say there.
It was simply another attempt of the Cabal to create more fear. You would probably realize that there are many people that are killed daily because of violence created by the cabal. But when they create a mass event like this they do it with the purpose of creating more fear among the mass population of humanity. It is very good not to put so much attention. Of course many people have died, it would be much better for people not to focus so much on those attacks, because this is exactly what the cabal wants.
So I mean I’m actually going to be asking you about there has been rumor about the Hoover Dam. That rumor has been flying around for some time this is the first time I’ve seen it in Benjamin Fulford’s material. Do you feel that there’s any legitimacy of that and do you feel that this is what you are referring to as a distraction.
Okay I would put it this way. The cabal, 100 years ago there was certain operations of the cabal forces to put explosives into the various key infrastructure points, especially in the united states, to prevent the Event from happening. Most of those have already been removed, those explosives will never be allowed to be detonated.  
Awesome. You know who came out with that in the very beginning was David Wilcock he had quite a bit of detail about that exact plan of attack on the part of the cabal. Now what is your feeling about his reference to the pentagon will not move forward until the money is secured. Do you feel that that is accurate.
I would not agree completely with that. The Pentagon will move when it will receive the green light from the resistance. Both members of the ( ? ) and military are in contact with the resistance.
Okay he also made reference to you know things are moving down to a select few factions. And I really wanted to get your take- he’s basically saying Pope Francis has been named the M1 to decide how much money will be created and how much it will be distributed. How do you see this impacted the financial system.
Ok let me explain. There is a certain plan of the Jesuits to take over the financial system. And they are suggesting this move to appoint the new pope as M1. Of course after the Event happens there will be no more M1 because the whole system will be restructured. (Good point). Those various factions which are fighting over the collateral accounts are fighting over something that doesn’t exist in the way they understand it.
And basically because they’ve already taken the real deal of the world (exactly.) So they’re fighting over something that doesn’t exist.
Yeah because you see there was always talk about collateral accounts about this enormous wealth without any real proof. Of course we have seen some pictures of gold in holds in Thailand, all over the world, years ago. It was there. But it’s no longer there.
You know it’s funny Cobra, I knew a gentlemen that was involved in the Philippines and he actually showed me proof of all that, that was back in the late 90s, and I was just floored back then. And he showed me pictures of these underground vaults in the side of mountains in the Philippines where there was just people standing outside with machine guns guarding it. So what do you think about this whole thing regarding the committee of the 300 being disbanded is that true.
I would think it’s being rearranged because you know there’s all this publicity about the structure of the cabal and yes of course most of it is old information but now the cabal has decided to restructure so that the liberation will not have the current information about the structure of the cabal. So I would say the committee of 300 has restructured in a different form, the same people have rearranged their organization.
And so are we pretty much still talking about the bad apples. It’s still a very dark faction?
They simply haven’t changed. (?)
I’m sure you might’ve received some emails on this and I have definitely received some emails on this and that is the Dalai Lama, now he makes the accusation that he is definitely involved in the 13 basic groups that are running the world and he is claiming that this guy is a pretend to be holy man. What are your feelings on number one and number two.  Is he like somebody that’s taken over the Dalai Lama or what is he referring to.
I have instructions not to make any comments on this particular subject. I would just ask everybody to do a very deep and thorough research over the internet about the person named Dalai Lama and make their own conclusions based on their own inner guidance.
Got it. Okay so now, interesting- because last time you and I had talked about this he was also mentioning that the battle to replace the committee is down to the specific factions. Do you agree? He is saying the pentagon, the Vatican, the BRICS, the global warming faction, sock puppet Obama, and the war on terror faction. Are we basically down to those basic groups that are kind of warring it out so to speak.
This is how he sees it I would put it differently.  The positive military and the eastern alliance which includes the {Greece} countries is trying to liberate the planet from the negative factions. And among the negative factions there is a big deal of disagreement on how to roam around the affairs on the planet. I would say that the Nazi faction which includes the Bush’s the Kissinger’s, Cheney’s, those types of people those are the most negative factions with the most negative agenda. And at the same time the Rothschild and the Jesuits are trying to trick and negotiate their way out.
Would you say that war on terror faction isn’t that directly related with the Bush’s and Rockefellers?
So that’s not necessarily the Rothschild’s.
The Rothschild’s are not trying to expose themselves so much publicly they are working behind the scenes in their own ways to keep their hands on the financial system as long as possible and at the same time to negotiate their way out.
And how about the global warming faction who comprises that group.
You know this is all connected with the Illuminati. And of course they received support from the Rothschild’s in the past, but not anymore.
Interesting now he also made mention of those who are claiming ownership of the assets. Which would be OPPT, the Neil Keenan group and the Asian royal families do you feel that’s accurate.
Not completely they are not claiming to, they are not trying to grab the assets they are trying to liberate the planet. They all have their own version of how to do it and they’re own understanding of the financial system which is incomplete. The Keenan group tries to cash the bonds or use them to trigger the reset. The OPPT group believes in the inner value of human beings and tries to do that but that is not possible not even after the Event but only after the first contact. And the White Dragon group is working behind the scenes sometimes successful sometimes less successfully and they are especially focus on supporting the eastern alliance the BRICS group.
Interesting now you said the OPPT inner value would not really be recognized until after first contact can you expand on that.
 It is because it can only be recognized when there is an official first contact made and there is technology and spiritual understanding to support that inner value. Because the masses of humanity need to be ready for this. Your average person will not even understand what they are talking about.
So basically it’s really more about us reaching our mastery.
The OPPT group is trying to awaken people to certain inner principles which can be reached by this way or the other. So my perspective, they have no real power to transform the current financial system.
I definitely think one of the greatest things that came out of that was people recognizing their own true value. (Yes, yes.) Instead of equating it to (?). You know that’s been the hugest gift that OPPT has given us.
I agree with that.
So what do you think about the whole thing with the Pentagon, supposedly trillions of dollars have not been moved on part of the Pentagon freezing those assets when the Cabal wanted to gain access to those assets for a WWIII scenario.
I would not say three years ago, this is a exaggeration, there were certain funds that were frozen but they were more in the billion dollar range.
So Cobra I am using Ben’s material because number 1 he just does such a phenomenal  job with the details. But number 2 this just seems this last month to be so much more clear cut on who the players are. He’s really very much clarified that. One of the things I wanted to ask you was, it seems like the Pentagon has thoroughly kind of come on board as the good guys.
I would say last month, last month’s interview. The positive military will make themselves a little bit more public in their statements on their opinions. And this is exactly what has happened. But in a (positive?) way. They have to do it very, in a balanced way.
Very cool. Do you also feel, he’s alluded to the NSA being attacked by the Zionist press. And when I saw that, I was wondering do you feel that the NSA has been infiltrated more so by the light these days?
There are good guys and the bad guys in the NSA. And I would not agree with his evaluation the NSA has been attacked because of the good guys. It is simply that Snowden has exposed NSA because the organization itself is still under the control of Cabal. It’s actually a Jesuit creation to be true. There are very good people inside the NSA working for the light and the bad guys will not (?).
So now what about Pope Francis. They’re now talking about presenting him as doing this mass campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction according to his words. Do you agree with that?
No I would say he is actually working for the Jesuits putting on a friendly face. And he’s managed to convince many many influential world leaders for their own agenda. This will not succeed.
I noticed that when they had the summit regarding the Syrian conflict they played a very large role in that meeting and that was a question I was going to ask you. That was China, Russia, the EU, BRICS and the Pope. And he seemed to play a positive role from that circumstance because they all basically agreed you cannot invade Syria unless you have UN Security Council clearance.
Yes. The practice of the Jesuit is usually, the same of the Muslim Brotherhood. They put on a friendly face, they support the poor. It is the same in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood people went to villages and gave denominations to people trying to improve their life standard a little bit and it was a Trojan Horse because later they showed their true face and we all know what happened in Egypt under their rule. And it is the same here.
Interesting. He also made mention of not having a whole lot of obstacles appear to exist in the cashing of trillions of dollars worth of bonds. So he brought up this, bank of international settlements, Federal Reserve board and committee of 300. Are those three groups are they still pretty much dark, you know they are pretty resistant to having any negotiation tools with us.
Yes of course they’re under the control of the cabal. They actually form the backbone of the cabal’s financial system. Those bonds will not be able to cashed. Because when even a small fraction of those bonds is cashed the whole financial structure goes bankrupt, the fed goes bankrupt, the bank of international settlements goes bankrupt, the[world?] bankrupt bankrupt this is exactly what will happen on the Event.
Wow. So let me get this straight at the time of the Event it’s going to be directly correlated with when the bonds get cashed.
Several of the bonds they will be triggered to be cashed and this will bankrupt the financial system of the cabal.
Wow interesting. Wow so this is an interesting place for us to watch is the movement of the bonds. Okay everybody, you guys heard that one.
Now I also, gosh Cobra I’m not sure if you knew this but I just got blasted with this bot virus on the server for my website and he made a comment about how they really reasserted the cabal reasserted their control over public opinion by silencing influential bloggers. So do you feel that that was something that was on a peak level the last couple weeks?
I would say it’s an ongoing operation that has been going on the last few years.
Okay because he made it sound like a couple people have started disappearing and all sorts of stuff and it aligned with what I just went through so of course I was curious.
Yes. Yes of course informational bloggers went through various kinds of attacks in the last few years and also some of them have been through this in the last few months and weeks.
Yes it’s been really severe. Well just so you know my hosting company said they had never seen such a bad bot virus than had just come out and it was targeted towards all wordpress bloggers. So just an FYI for everybody out there.
Okay so what is the significance of closing the Suez Canal? I know it has to do with oil but I want to hear what you thought about it and who’s behind it what would be the advantage to the cabal to do that.
That would create a shortage which would increase the oil prices. And that would be a, I would say, short term accomplishment for the cabal.  
Okay. And this is another thing you mentioned so many times about Egypt and how that was like the crucial turning point for the light. That was a big change for us. And he’s mentioning that there was actually a fall of the Muslim brotherhood government. Do you believe that there’s actually a fall of the Muslim government?
You do? So that’s something we can actually hang our hats on that’s been accomplished.
Ohmigosh that’s great news.  Okay now what do you feel about the significance of Cameron he’s been voted down, you know about this guy right the UK prime minister (Yes). That is pretty big news and apparently this hasn’t happened according to Ben since 1782. So what do you feel is the play behind that- The fact that he’s actually being ousted of office by December?
I would say that positive templars are finally making their move in England. They’re actually working together with the Eastern Alliance. And this was part of the coordinated air force connected with preventing the war in Syria and also weakening the position of the cabal in England because the cabal is pretty strong there still.
Wow. Thankyou Positive Templars. Awesome. It’s just so exciting Cobra to hear this stuff to see it to understand it and connect the dots I mean really. Okay so what do you feel is going on with the Saudi government. They’ve been in the U.S. back pocket for a long time. And I was wondering, he makes mention of the fact that because there is some semblance of obviousness to their affiliation with terrorist-type activity that this allows Russia the opportunity under international law to attack them. Do you feel that something like that has to come about in order to get these guys to crack down.
No. It doesn’t have to be like that. Most likely the Saudi fraction of the cabal will be injured at the Event.  [? It is interesting to know that the famous Arab prince which is the heart of the black mercenary army is hiding in the Cabal and in the Inuits right now. ?]
Interesting. And that’s all dominated by the cabal is it not.
Yes. Again there is a connection with the Jesuits. And again this will all be cleared at the Event.
Ok. And this kind of broke my heart and I wanted to see what you thought. He’s also claiming that the radioactivity reported out of Fukushima is from dumping nuclear industrial waste.
Yes exactly.
Oh god. And this is on the part of the cabal. (Yes) And the Illuminati (Yes).
(Sigh) ok.  Well let’s move onto – there were a couple of good morsels before I dive into the headlines from Sheldan Nidle.  And one of them was- we are here to complete what the ancient Lumerians nearly accomplished. What do you feel that he’s referring to.
There was a very old, I would not say prophesy but a project by the light forces in the galaxy to create a parallel society on the planet. This parallel society was created at one time in Lumeria and also at a certain time in Atlantis but the problem is we’re not conscious now. And now we are moving to make a new paradise conscious for the first time in the history of this planet.
Do you think Cobra, that that has something to do with everything that’d I’ve read with the Lumerians they equated them to like a 14 year old. Are they referring to that as far as like their maturity?
Yes you could compare them to a 14-year old child.
Ok cool and Sheldan also makes reference to the Agarthans a great deal I’m sure you know of that and it says they will be logically the first ones to show you the verge of the galactic society. Now that was a little bit in conflict with what we’ve heard from you about the Pleiadians because they look so much like us. Who is going to be the primary race that visits us for the first time?
Okay the Agarthans are no longer the way they were decades ago. They have merged with the resistance movement and they have merged with some other races which came underground. So it is now a very complex society and parts of that society will appear shortly after the event. The resistance movement has not decided yet at what extent it will be at after the Event. This has yet to be decided.
Ok well you know what else is flying around and this is kind of in my back door here and that is that really bad 9.7 earthquake is being projected in the state of California. Any feedback on that?
Did you ever read about an earthquake prediction that came true, ever?
Good point. I’m not in fear, I’m way past that but it’s just I’ve gotten several people that have written in.
Those predictions, they never come true.
Okay. And do you agree with Sheldan he describes the dark powers as being an old toothless dog that wishes to bark ferociously to guard its territory but can only whimper and cough. Are they that powerless?
Not yet, but in a way, yes. They’re losing territory every day.
Okay and you and I have talked about the RV. The global reevaluation of the national currencies. That also, as well, is not going to happen until after the event right?
It will happen at the event. Or I would say, the first few weeks after the event.
Okay. When the Event occurs and when we have this pulsation of light, this very loving energy that hits the galaxies and universes and the planets, etc. Is that when we completely come out of our state of amnesia?
This is when we begin to come out of our state of amnesia because we have been suppressed so literally. And it will be the beginning of a real awakening.
So basically it will be gradual then.
Yeah. We will continue through a gradual process.
Ok. And Cobra, there’s been a lot of articles flying around that have alluded to the new banking system, the new current fiat system, whatever you want to call it. They’re starting to say that this new credit based monetary system is starting to replace the old system. And they keep using the word starting to instead of it will so what is your comments on that?
These situations are not based on truth. We still have the same financial system and the new financial system will only be activated at the time of the Event.
And I know you’ve been super consistent on that but I’d thought I’d ask you again (okay.) Okay so gosh I thought I’d read this to you and get your take on it. It says this guy Richard, of deputy director the Pentagon’s defense security cooperation agency said he hopes the Obama administration reaches the decision soon on whether to continue a 1.23 billion in U.S. military assistance to Egypt he says “We’re kind of antsy about that. There’s a whole bunch of contracts out there, the bills keep coming in and we’ve got to be able to pay them somehow otherwise we’ll go into default.” What is your feeling about that? Any comments?
I would say that everybody’s short on money right now because the cabal has ?. For the military to assist them you need a certain amount of money every day. And that money is not available, the system begins to collapse.
Do you feel that they have exhausted their ability to steal funds from around the world. (Almost) Because I remember blogging an article, I was very sad, for all these people have all these pension funds. They were talking about how all the pensions are starting to disappear and this and that and I immediately thought oh here they go again. Cause they’re so desperate-
 That’s why I’m saying to get your money out of banks because at some point they will just steal that money also.
Okay everybody, get your money out of the banks.
 Now you also mentioned Qatar, it came up, I thought this was huge I really wanted you to talk a little about it. It said: such a small little nation but they’ve spent a ton of money supporting the rebels in Syria. Can you clarify for us who is who as far as the rebels go in Syria? I mean the Syria rebels are the representing the government who is representing the Cabal or are they representing the positive light forces?
Okay I will explain. The government of Syria was not part of the Rothschild cabal but their own dictatorship. And there was a revolutionary movement a few years ago and they tried to overthrow the government. And then the Rothschild misused and manipulated that revolutionary movement to infiltrate the so-called rebels from other countries to destabilize the country to create a war and to take over the financial situation in Syria. That’s the short story.
Okay and so does part of this also have to do with the natural gas pipeline.
A little bit yes, but this is not the main story, the main story is about the banking system.
Okay so really the core is the banking. I’ve also read some articles in the past that had a lot to do with water.
At this stage the cabal can only survive if they continue the banking system as long as possible. They’re doing what ever they can to keep this running.
I’m thinking how much longer can this go.
Not much longer. Aren’t the galactic artificially keeping it up in certain areas to prevent a massive hurt to a lot of people?
I would say they are creating a balance, to decrease the suffering as much as possible because if the Event happens to soon… you know about the influence of the Archons on humanity. Influencing behavior, the whole thing could turn into a disaster.
You just answered somebody’s question. If we prematurely move to soon we still have too much archonic activity that affects human behavior and the inability to maintain neutrality, working together, cooperation especially during the time of a chaotic-
I have seen so many instances of people going absolutely crazy under the influence of the archons. And it’s simply not safe to let that happen at the time of the event because at that point it could have drastic consequences. Imagine for example the chief officer in a nuclear power plant going bananas at that point.
I didn’t think of it that way until this moment. Okay now what do you feel is going on with the NSA. They’re getting nailed left right and center. There’s all these documents showing they completely overstepped their authority. They’re getting into people’s private data. You’re also seeing countries at each other’s throats because they claim that they’ve been manipulated, surveillanced. Is there more to this than meets the eye?
It’s just an exposure process. (okay)I don’t see or hear anything about the classified documents about UFO intervention about the contacts between the US government and extraterrestrials. There are no leaked documents about Operation Golden Lily. Those are the things that would need to get out.
So if there’s a light faction influence behind Wiki leaks for example then is there also not that same faction or individual behind the curtain preventing that stuff being leaked because they think maybe we’re not ready to hear it.
I would say to leak something like this is not that simple. Because it’s surveillance is almost expertly complete.  To leak a sensitive material it takes a big risk of the individual and the group. So it’s not just about the right moment it’s about the safety of everybody involved.
Ok now let’s jump over to global warming. It’s been beaten to death. And now all of this evidence is coming forward to explain how the arctic ice has increased by 60% in just one year. Can you give me a little bit of information on that. Is that intervention from divine?
Ok I will explain. The whole global warming story is a fraud created by the cabal. The reality is that we are getting closer to the mini Ice Age. As you probably noticed the solar activity is very minimal considering that we are at the peak of a solar cycle. (Yes) The same exact thing happened a few hundred years ago during the so-called ? which was the mini ice age in Europe which I think it was the 17th century. So we are getting to that stage again. This is not a slow process this process happens in a few years time. (Oh my god.)
It’s almost like nature’s way of trying to balance things out. I know we weren’t truly in a global warming, but at the same time they’ve been messing with out weather.
Yes well it’s a natural process connected with the activity of the galactic central sun. And so many times before depending on the cosmic cycles, the 25,000 year cycle. And right now you’re in the middle of the galactic central sun’s pulse. And this of course triggers our ? concern and of course that influences the weather patterns on this planet. ? ?
Wow that’s fascinating. I’m going to hop around a little bit here. Let’s talk about the navy yard shooter. There’s been so much conflicting information on that. And the fact that Aaron Alexis was under the influence of Trazodone. Do you feel that the whole point to this from maybe a light perspective was to bring that to the forefront, the impact of the pharmaceuticals on us.
Well you can think of it this way if you wish.
Well it seems to me there always seems to be a link. They always seem to be under MK Ultra orders or they’re under severe medication.
That’s the basic combination usually. Usually the MK Ultra victims are also on medications.
Would you venture to say that the majority of these shootings, these radical shootings, it is almost to our benefit to step back and say ok chances are that’s not normal human behavior and they are probably under MK ultra and pharmaceutical drugs.
? To awaken the mass population to the reality of the MK Ultra program.
Ah-ha. Ok that’s what I was getting to. Ok Now what about this whole thing with Syria agreeing to the whole Nuclear weapons and yes they’re willing to have them taken (Chemical weapons) Chemical weapons yes excuse me. What is really behind that whole thing, because it just feels like there is more to this than meets the eye from the standpoint of the BRICS nations.
Well it is part of the campaign to eradicate chemical weapons from the planet. So they start with Syria and they are planning to expand to this to other countries. More and more companies to surrender their  chemical weapons as well.
But why is Syria so willing to do this.
Because Syria does not want to have international invasion.
OK so that’s their number one reason.
Yes. And that’s enough.
You’re right ok so now what is your feeling about the whole rejection of our products. Alfalfa, corn you name it there are countries popping up all over the world rejecting our vegetables and things like that because of GMO is that something that is going to become more common?
And is that because of the influence of the BRICS nations?
Awesome. So see we are really making progress. I know it’s kind of slow to people.
It’s slow but sure.
Exactly. Okay so now what is your opinion on the new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.  
As you can see they all were the same results. This connection and this beginning of communication with the United States, they were the same.
Ok. Good. I’m sure you’ve read about the Polish activist and they really took him to heart and are complaining about this mining of gold and they wanted to go in and take over jurisdiction where all these people lived. Did you read about this (Yes.) So a lot of them have banded together and they are really petitioning this do you see that as something that the resistance is behind?
I would say that Poland already had a crucial role once in 1989 at the fall of the cold communist regimes. I would say there are certain groups working underground that can trigger certain things in the future.  
Cool. And okay Cobra do you feel that some of our biggest banks, the big fives, are they really getting to a place where they’re in really serious serious trouble.
They have been in really serious serious trouble for years now.
I mean is there anything that is going make it different this month vs all the other months. I just read that Citi Group just got slammed for a 395 million dollar lawsuit for mortgage fraud.
It is possible but not true. Because the real changes will happen only at the reset. Or very shortly before the reset. Because the cabal wants to keep the original financial system functioning.
We really are truly just talking about the major leaders within the financial system and within the government now aren’t we (yes) and maybe top corporate positions maybe. (Pardon?) I’m just thinking in terms of the cabal if we were to define them, are we pretty much getting down, because the minions have supposedly the majority of them have been taken off world-
I would not say so.
No really? So we still have the minions, the heads of-
They are not obeying as they were before because there’s a lot less pressure from the ethereal plane. And ??? it is now getting pretty much clear who the winner will be.
Are you familiar with Andrew Bartzis (Yes.) He’s a galactic historian. So one of the things that he said is he says everybody is tired. They just want to stop this game this stage projection and move on. Do you agree with that.
Yes I agree.
Really, ok. It just seems like, we’re all done (laughs).
Next question for you, the Benghazi Libya thing. They ripped off a whole bunch of armored vehicles and glock pistols and rifles and night vision goggles do you know what I’m talking about. (Mhmh) Is that something that is just going to go into the hands of the dark or is that something that is positive because it took it out of the hands of the dark.
I would say that there is a very well known transportation channel for weapons through Benghazi. And basically this channel was used by the cabal to arm the rebels in Syria for example. To rebel various groups including the former black ? mercenaries that were stationed in the middle east.
Oh wow so this possible rip-off could have been a positive because it might have taken those weapons and equipment out of the hand of the Syria conflict. (Yes.) Ok now Cobra there’s a lot of talk about Oct. 1. And as many of you now Sep 30 is the last day of the government’s fiscal year. And there’s all this drama about the republicans and democrats fighting over the Obamacare. And the fact that there may not be any funds left to keep the government open. Is all of this factual or is this another stage performance.
My prediction is that nothing will happen on Oct. 1. Certain things will be delayed, certain things will be ? and there will be some magical solution that will create a little bit of money out of thin air just enough to continue work.
Ok what is really going on with Netanyahu and Israel. I mean they must be livid there’s  a lot of articles out there stating that he is totally angry because he hasn’t been able to launch the Syrian war effectively. Do you agree with that. Are there any other steps that need to be taken to eliminate him out of the ball game altogether.
Well number one he needs to face the reality.  He cannot run the show anymore. And number 2.  I was saying before about the eastern alliance and next time it is Israel, Israel will be asked to remove their chemical weapons and bring evidence about nuclear weapons as well.
Wow that is awesome I see it moving towards that that’ll be a historical day.
Yes there are certain obstacles but most likely that plan will succeed.
Ok about Detroit, MI. They’ve been bankrupt. A court hearing a gentleman stepped up and said that due to the chair of Saint Peter all global debt had been forgiven.
Yes there was a certain article circulating about that in July this year. And it was just an attempt accelerate the process of financial transformation the real debt forgiveness will happen at the time of the event. Until then the cabal still maintain the debt in their computer screen. So on one the debts are already forgiven on another level the cabal maintains the reality of those debts just because the humanity of the collective gives power to the current banking system.
From a law standpoint this is correct.
I’m sure you’ve heard about the Red Rain phenomenon.
Do you agree that it is some sort of colored particles with E.T. cells?
Then why do you feel it is red.
Well this is earth’s biological material that gets cycled through the atmosphere.
Well since we’re talking about mother earth what is the deal of the high number of fire bolts that have been spotted across the united states in particular. Fireballs, or what they call very bright meteors in the hundreds.
These will increase. I answered this question already a few months ago. There is much more awareness of this phenomenon. Number 2 this activity will increase to a certain degree because of the changes in the solar system which are a result of the increased activity of the galactic central sun.
So we’re going to continue to see these anomalies.
They are not anomalies they are natural event that have always been occurring but now people are more aware of it and they are occurring more because of the end of cycle.
They are reporting lately that there are more and more black whirlpools throughout the ocean. Why is that happening?
The direction between the earth’s atmosphere and the water. And the earth’s atmosphere is creating many vortexes as a result of plasma discharges and those discharges can also create a water whirlpool.
Is this going to continue and escalate?
It will continue. [?]
What about these three brand new islands after the earthquake in Pakistan.
This is just a natural process from a Earthquake. Shifting of tectonic plates in the area sometimes a new island can arise. This can also happen when there’s an increased volcanic activity for example in Iceland you have new islands a few decades ago.  
Do you think this is the process that will be involved in bringing forth a physical Atlantis or is the new Atlantis more of a spiritual awakening Atlantis?
The new Atlantis is a new society that will be formed after the event.
Ok. Will it be physical?
Yes physical society but there will be no new island popping up in Atlantis.
Hot news just happened 24-48 hours ago. Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian center-right leader he was pulled out of the cabinet. He’s been basically taken out and they’re forming a new cabinet.
Yeah but he keeps turning back. He was taken out of power many years ago then just came back.
Causing a great deal of chaos. The far right golden dawn party leader also arrested because he caused the killing of an anti-fascist rapper.
Yes. There is a purification process taking place in Greece right now.
Is this an indication that the arrests are beginning?
Not globally just individual cases at the moment.
Ok and do you feel that the federal govt is just going to keep moving on.
In which way.
They’re not going to shut down because of the funding and all that.
Likely they will find a solution and just keep going.
About the Tibetan monks. They set themselves on fire to protest against the Chinese rule.
Yes this is happening all the time in Tibet and this is the reason why China has stopped allowing ? in Tibet two years ago.
What can be done for this sector of the world. 14 monks, nuns, set themselves on fire throughout the past years in opposition of the central govt control.
Is it simply for people to be more aware of the situation and awareness will be a solution. If there is enough awareness then the light forces can do more to soothe those people before the event. After the event, the situation will be resolved.
What do you feel that the fall equinox is going to bring energetically for us to move forward. What is it going to be doing to assist us in this transformation?
It is creating a new balance between male and female energies and the new balance will allow us to grow more harmonious towards the event.
So again that’s also affecting the right/left hemispheres male/female.
Earth has its own black holes, swirling masses of water in the region are the same as cosmic singularities. Findings are more than a mere curiosity. Could be helping to slow climate change. Invisible to the naked eye, astronomers are convinced they exist. Tears in the fabric of space-time that pulls in everything that comes close to them. Everything sucked in can never escape. Scientists  now believe they have found features of these phenomenon in the southern Atlantic ocean. And they now believe these ocean eddies could moderate the negative impact of melting sea ice in the other warming climates.
This is scientifically speaking nonsense because the black holes do not have direct correlation with global warming or cooling.
So it’s propaganda.
Great… The pyramids. They just had these gigantic underwater pyramids surface near the Azores islands. They say they are associated with Atlantis there seems to be a ton of them.
Unconfirmed report of one pyramid which is not gigantic. I cannot confirm if it’s real or not.
Ok I can finish now. I have tons more always but that’s my questions for the month of Sep. Do you have anything else that you want to surmise about what has happened and where we’re going from here.
Yes actually we’re going to enter a new window of opportunity in the second part of October and then things have a potential to get more interesting.
And when you say more interesting you say closer to the event.
Yes a potential.
Thank you so much for my patience with my website. I’ve upgraded my server to handle the traffic. Thank you for supporting me through that phase. Send support and love our way to successfully get prepareforchange off the ground because there’s a lot of work behind the scenes. Cobra thank you as always, this helps us out a great deal.
Yes thank you all of you for your attention and I hope we get liberation soon.
I agree everybody have a great afternoon we will talk to you soon. Bye.
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