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The Core Joyful News from Cobra on February 4th 2014
KingCobraThe Great Joy of Reporting that we are Fast Approaching Total Victory of the Light
There is not one single negative thing to report every single piece of information shows very clearly how things are speeding up now in favour of the Light Victory on this planet. At the end of this interview Alexandra reminded everyone to stay out of fear, we have no time now for fear now, what we need to have is unity we need to unite and cooperate to win, the quicker we all get on the same page the quicker the results. The cabal were able to control us for so long precisely because they knew that they had to cooperate {and they had great hatred of one another within their groups}, as Cobra said they learned that they needed to cooperate to survive. And we ARE cooperating and there is so much evidence for this now worldwide. Later today or tomorrow I will be posting information about an absolutely amazing new earth project.
§ Cobra’s Trip Beyond the Veil
After many decades of hard work Cobra had this very liberating experience of going beyond the veil, {see last post}. This experience has shown Cobra in a very practical sense the truth of all the information that the Resistance Movement has been providing him with, about what’s going on there. This trip happened about one week ago, and I must have been with him in Spirit as I posted his 18 month old article at that time {Jan 28th} about the Love beyond the veil. Cobra’s last comment on this experience was “And yes – we are going to be free”. He says that after the Event all this will, become possible more and more because everyone deserves to travel free not just to near space but beyond, every citizen of this planet needs to become accustomed to this. This is a very important aspect of dissolving the quarantine status of this planet. Remember his suggestion with the stratospheric balloons – which is not that difficult ore expensive in the waiting time before the Event.§ Source – Mother Father One – The One
Alexandra asked for clarification re the One Creator and information on so called 7 sub universes. Cobra said, “There is just one universe and just one Creator with many aspects and it is not even called Creator – it is The One.” He does not agree with the whole idea of Prime Creator. He says “The Universe was manifested as a result of an expansion between 2 very strong opposing Forces – it is not actually a conscious act of creation but a dynamic interaction between 2 Forces. In a way ‘big bang’ is a simplified description of one phase of that process.”
Seat of the Soul
The idea that the seat of the soul is situated in the solar plexus area comes from the old Chinese Spiritual tradition. Cobra explains that this is a certain phase that people go through and then they progress to the heart and then the next phase is connecting all of the chakras.
§ Information re Hollow Earth – Polar Opening – videos etc. is disinformation.
§ Amnesty after Event
Regarding amnesty later on to those in cabal families etc. who are not involved in crimes against humanity Cobra say’s; “a combination of Light Forces and humanity will agree as to whether people should or not have amnesty – these people will never again have roles to play in the future of this planet”. As Alexandra said if people go into revenge mode that will not solve a thing we do not have to lower ourselves to that vibratory level.
§ Recent Suicides in Banking World
“These people wanted to reveal the truth about the manipulation of the gold price and they were silenced”.
§ We should not be concerned about false flag operations at major events like the Super Bowl and Olympics etc. as nothing rarely happens as the security has generally improved and so these things are unlikely,
§ The rise in the numbers of so called ‘special operations’ by the cabal worldwide implies that the situation is accelerating and more activity by them.
§ The Secret Behind Cobra’s recent post ‘Eostres Gift’= 3 Pictures
“Delving deeper into this message will prepare you at a deeper level for the coming events which these pictures symbolize.” Later he said regarding the G2 Cloud and an eventual core star explosion and its harm to humanity – “You do not need to be worried but the cabal do!”
§ Internet and Browsers
The Internet is not a very stable infrastructure and this weakness is in fact is something that the Light Forces will utilise at the time of The Event and this will have great impact – to ease up the process. Also regarding Alexandra’s Q re peoples voices being able to be heard by those who so desire when people use the Chrome Web browser he said “Do not use the Chrome if you are concerned with safest browsing the Firefox is the safest browser”. TZ “Boy is Firefox going to notice things happening here when this gets around”.
§ Negative Factions Finance
There are negative and positive financial factions globally. Regarding the ‘special drawing rights’ drawn by the IMS the positive factions will use these instruments to support the reset. The cabal wants a global financial system that is hidden and without gold, the Resistance wants a transparent gold backed system. In both systems there are core currencies that would be expanded upon which now include US dollar, British Pound, Euro and Japanese Yen and some other currencies will need to be included in that. When the real thing comes {at The Event} it will be completely transparent {sorry here this is TZ “how many times do we need to hear this information exactly – I’m getting tired writing this month after month after month – sorry!”} and it will be completely gold backed {because we have all the gold safe and sound waiting for this below surface}, and everyone will be able to understand the working of it. {TZ -This is the last time [I think] that I will write this.}
NB: Cobra explained that “we need to include all the major currencies and there will be new exchange rates determined by the productivity of the nations and there will also be re-evaluation and it will not have drastic effects like the speculation re Iraqi Dinar proposes because the productivity if Iraq is not high enough to support that.
Regarding banks generally speaking he said that many of the National Banks like the German Bundesbank are permeated by the Light Forces and are often {not always} more open to the Light than private banks – again not always. People everywhere will be activated by the Light at the time of the Event. There are amazing light individuals working worldwide within the banking system – holding the Light for us all {and I say God love them and I mean it}. These people will be able to ease the entire process the time of the Event.
Re; Bit-coin; the reason that people within the bit-coin arena were arrested was because they are a threat to the cabal. Bit-coin will not be part of the backbone to the new Financial System BUT it’s existence will give more power to the Light at the time of transition.
§ Davos Switzerland Meeting to ‘reshape the world’
There are 25000 people meeting there basically to fashion the remaking of the cabals version of the bank reset. They are working there on a strategic plane how to implement it. Davos is a consequence of very intense lobbying by the Jesuits in the last few months to convince the cabal of their version of the financial reset, so that they will be at the top of this like they are in the old one.
{But they won’t be!}
§ Worldwide Clean-Up On-Going
Here are the three stages of the clean-up process. 1) The Light Infiltration {from Source}. 2) The Preparation of the Light Forces. 3) Action taken to see a shift. Cobra explains that we are about to see more drastic moves inside many countries now. One example of this is China cracking down on corruption – re Alexandra’s Q. he said that a clean-up process is taking place there among the mid-level cabal members some of whom have been arrested and some have escaped. Also as we have heard labour camps have been shut down now months ago. Re China generally he said there are two factions there with cabal agents, {A mentioned the opening of 3-5 private banks} fighting to gain control there. China like every other country will have a rightful role to play after the Event but it will NOT be a superpower to rule the rest of the world – no more super powers. Re the White Dragon society yes it is of the Light, but things are not all black or white, it is not 100% Light.
Remember the information war is reaching a peak and this will continue in the next few weeks.
NB: “On January 21st a pre-phase operation was completed by the Light Forces and a switch went on. Progress will be more positive from now on. Other signs of this have been e.g. the arrests of local police in Mexico involved in the drug trade. The drug trade is weakening worldwide. The prevalence of paedophilia is being reduced because the culprits are afraid of being caught and exposed as with the Jimmy Saville scandal at the BBC. I saw an article and video exposing one of the top Dutch/European Politicians involved in a paedophile scandal at high level.
Re info from Alexandra about a Scotland Yard report favouring the people Cobra said that the Light Forces are now everywhere to be found.
We need not worry about the Positive Military as they have a very strong plan to cope with the cabal.
§ Who is this Putin?
Cobra’s words; “Putin is a human being with his flaws – I do not agree with everything that he does – but he is supporting the agenda of the Light Forces right now.”
§ Middle East
There is a huge restructuring taking place of the Middle East and this will eventually lead to peace and stability in this region, the cabal will have to be forcefully removed and there are many surprising events coming up in this area as we approach The Event.
§ Vatican
A Monseigneur was arrested for money laundering. “But this is merely a smoke screen. This is just part of the Vatican strategy to try to become ‘the good guy’ – it won’t work”.
A Wyoming city is now no longer officially part of the USA Cobra’s comment was that this is part of the movement towards our Sovereignty, {TZ here; which is growing at an enormous rate and which you will have amazing evidence for in my next posting here on FaceBook}.
Why is Obama taking troops home from Afghanistan? There is not enough money left. Light is cutting off the possibility of the continuation of drug smuggling which is coming to an end.
Is the US Government supporting Syria? Recently they have supported the forces behind the rebels in Syria which was actually supporting the cabal agenda.
§ Etheric Negative Scalar Technology
Cobra explained in answer to a question that this etheric scalar ultra sound technology which has been countering the human vibration is now mostly gone and the rest will be gone quite soon. He also gave a short explanation of the terms Scalar, Orgon, Zero Point and Tachyon which can be found at the 41-42 minute part of the interview for those who would like to listen to this.
§ The Ison Comet
The problem here says Cobra is that his perspective on this comet is not the same as Tolec’s and this has caused all kind of interpretations regarding magnetic fields etc. C says they can interpret it any way they like but what he is saying is that Ison is just another regular comet. It is not a spaceship nor is there a spaceship in orbit anywhere near it. There are spaceships all over the place in all kinds of orbits in the solar system and they are not limited to a comets orbit. It has been an almost impossibility to awaken the masses to the existence of space beyond this planet.
§ Also it is not yet the time for the Blue Star to appear as in the Hopi prophecy.
§ Were there merely 70 souls who succeeded in Ascending earlier?
Because of the Lords of Karma a mere 450-500 people have been earlier able to escape the Matrix and the quarantine and to go beyond this reality. They managed to get out before the 1996 Congo invasion {see the Event 2 page on my website – a Short Planetary History}. After this invasion only 5-6 individuals have managed to escape. TZ Here; if you would like to understand this subject more then
I suggest that you read the article by Cameron Day that Cobra gave a link to at the very bottom of his post which carried the picture of the Italian Pentagon House.
§ How have the archons continued to rule? They have continued to reincarnate into the major bloodline families who were in a position of power. Everyone has a contract that we chose said C Day? Cobra said “it is a tricky situation at some point you have to make a decision to get involved in the process to come here but from that moment on you were mainly forced to sign contracts. We have to cancel out all of the contracts including the original decision to get involved in the whole process.
§ Grammy Award Ceremonies etc.
1} These types of ceremonies are large scale rituals to give them more energy. They use these symbols to reinforce a deeper mind programming of their mind programmed people – to reinforce control over the system. 2} they also use those symbols to influence the subconscious of the masses to program them in a way that they will obey the orders of the cabal. A mentioned the Wizard of Oz and C said that yes it is one example of this.§ Benjamin Fulford’s reports re following subjects;
Re the agreement between Pope Francis and Obama to end poverty with gold from M— Cobra said that this was merely a ‘trickle’ of gold.
There is big work taking place to expose the Royal Family and cabal members in the British Government and regarding Fulford’s ideas about the legalisation of marijuana Cobra agrees completely with him. If Saudi Arabia is going to survive at all they must now cut their ties with Bush and the Illuminati and connect with the Eastern Alliance.
Regarding the liquidation of JP Morgan; seemingly big things ‘can’ be triggered within the Financial Planetary system in the timeframe of 7-11 of February as there is a time window of opportunity then. So things may happen that catch the masses attention at this time {not Event}.
Re Angela Merkel’s skiing accident Cobra has heard rumours that she has been threatened – seemingly she has strong cabal ties.
The arrest of top Zionist Government leaders will take place at the time of the Event.
Benjamin has seemingly written a piece about {TZ; have not had the time to see this} plans for changing the USA and asked C if he agreed with this. Cobra replied that Fulford was describing plans for pre/after the Event. He also said that he has communicated with B J a few times – they are not very actively connected and that B has many intelligence information sources.
§ Must all addictions, meat eating, healing needs etc., be corrected before one can Ascend?
The transformation is a transformation of consciousness not an external transformation – it happens within but can be supported from without. It is a consequence of Spiritual Transformation. The world was simply not ready to ascend on Dec 21st 2012.
§ Swissindo and ‘signing on the dot’ question
Alexandra questioned a report about people having to sign papers within the Swissindo project and was this just another way of hijacking people’s sovereignty? Cobra said that “To know what we can trust or not we must use discernment. You do not need to sign anything.”
§ Regarding a planet called the White Planet heading towards us by a university student video claim, Cobra said “there is no planet heading towards us”.
This should be 99% of the interview covered here for the last time I might add I will explain another day. T.Z.S.

Finally things are going to accelerate in March so it’s going to be ‘cool’. Alexandra reminded us to “stay out of fear – we have no time for fear – we need to unite and cooperate to win.” The cabal learned that they needed to cooperate to survive said Cobra and so let’s do this now let’s unite in the joy that we are so very close now so much closer than we could even imagine last year – hang on in there and enjoy the end ride.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 05/02/2014