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Alexandra Good afternoon everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and today is October 8th, 2013. Man do I have a special guest with me today, filmmaker Craig Campobasso.  In 1980 he was actually working behind the scenes for four years on Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ movie I am sure you guys are all aware of that.  He has one of the most amazing backgrounds.  He’s been involved in casting and producing, well, have you been a producer too Craig?
Craig Just starting, yes.
Alexandra Ok, and a filmmaker.  Well I was kind of floored because you are a casting director, a producer, a director, a writer, an actor and a coaching director.
Craig Yes, and an acting coach.
Alexandra Amazing and you’ve been involved in all sorts of movies, like ‘Amazing Stories’, ‘Prancer’,  ‘Picket Fences’, ‘Tremors 3’,  ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’.  I love that movie.
Craig Thank you.
Alexandra ‘Total Recall’ that’s one of my faves and ‘Conan The Destroyer’.  I mean, I can go on and on but I am absolutely amazed Craig by your background and one of the things that I was really interested in talking with you is, the fact that you want to provoke the reader to think and raise their consciousness.  So I welcome you to the show today and I would love for you to share with us a little bit of how you even got that idea to begin with.  Was it something that you were born to do to get in the movies?
Craig You know I always wanted to be in the movies ever since I can remember and when I was coming up I always told my Mum that I wanted to be an actor and when I was just a pre-teen and then a teenager.  She would always say to me from the time you were in my stomach I would always hear that you came here to be a writer.
Alexandra Wow!
Craig You know she would always tell me that, but whatever I wanted to do she helped me get in to it.  So you know I went and started acting when I think I was 15, little bit parts in commercials and things like that.
Alexandra Wow, that early on huh?
Craig That early on yeah and then I started and right out of high school I went to work on ‘Dune’ for four years, learned all about film making there and we also made ‘Conan the Destroyer’ at the same time so.
Alexandra Oh.
Craig So we were at Universal Studios, but we were actually shooting this down at a studio in Churubusco in Mexico City both, both movies at the same time simultaneously, and, yeah it was an amazing time. I learned an awful lot about film making and then, when the four years of ‘Dune’ was up and Conan was done, our producer Raffaella De Laurentiis who is Dino’s daughter and if you watch ‘The Food Network’ Giada De Laurentiis is her name niece of Raffaella).  I have known Giada since she was ten years old.  She’s so adorable I can’t even stand it.
Alexandra Yeah, yeah, yeah
Craig So Raffaella asked me ‘what department did you like during this long experience?’ and I said ‘you know, I think I like casting’.  So she put me on her next big movie ‘Tai Pan’ as her casting assistant to start learning and when I was finished there I got a gig on ‘Amazing Stories’ for a season and a half and then, I went back to the Dino Sanchez, family casting movies for them and that was 30 years ago.
Alexandra Oh my gosh.  so it’s true, its like you were born with this hunger to get involved in film and that sort of thing.  So when did you dive into your spiritual walk?
Craig Well, the spiritual walk came, I was twenty-six years old, I had just finished ‘Amazing Stories’.  I had my own amazing story occur where I woke up in to not only spirituality but universal spirituality.  I was being visited in the dream state by Master Teachers and they were feeding me energy modules of information that would go into my cells and all of these ideas and awakenings in me.  My first awakening actually happened when they fed me gold light and I literally and I’m not kidding, I was casting, I had an office on Sunset Boulevard in a beautiful office overlooking the entire city and I would have actors come in my office and I would see somebody I recognize and I would recognize the beauty of who they are on the inside and what their path was.
Alexandra Right.
Craig And I would start to weep.  Everything I saw the beauty behind the creation of it.  I cried for eight months straight, anywhere from 8 to 12 times a day and they were not cries, they were sobs.  They were such deep sobs that it was, it was like a purification of the sole almost is how we look at it and when that was ready I sat down and started writing and I wrote a 400-page book about all of these experiences that I was going through.  I went to Mount Shasta after that and I was able to stay in this beautiful log cabin all by myself on someone’s property.  They were in the main house and they said ‘you get the cabin’ and I was like really?
Alexandra (laughter)
Craig (laughter)  And it had a view of the mountains and..
Alexandra And I was going to say, Craig did you think that somebody wanted you to write?  (laughter)
Craig I kind of think so.  I interestingly enough that night had a major experience with the ‘I Am That I Am’ which is too long to go into right now but I came home with all of those encodings.  When  I came home one of my Master Teachers actually said to me in a meditation ‘what would you say if we told you, you just wrote that first book for yourself?’ and I went ‘wow!’.  I really learnt a lot about myself, like putting it on paper and examining it and all of that.  Then he said ‘now its time to sit down and write the real book’ and that’s when the other biography of ‘Terrestrial Saga: I Am Thyron’ began.
Alexandra And I’m here to tell you I am loving your book.
Craig Oh, I am so glad.
Alexandra Oh my gosh, I am not finished by any means but it is truly well written, it really is, it keeps your attention and I see so many interweaving with the spiritual aspects that you can kind of step back and think about in your own true self.  It’s really, really, well done, seriously.
Craig Thank you.  Yeah, and it wasn’t a book that was written over night.  It was written over an expanse of twenty-six years and by the way, the book really was nine hundred pages I kid you not.
Alexandra Wow oh my!
Craig But of course my agent at the time said ‘no one is going to read a nine hundred page book you know so you have to cut it down’.  So what I did was cut it down and did a bit of a prequel.  So I am just finishing book two now, which will probably come out next year.
Alexandra You know Craig, I was going to ask, I feel that one of the reasons that you and I ended up communicating is because one of the people in my audience asked me to interview you.  I think that’s how we got connected?
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra I think the reason I was so drawn to you is the fact that you are truly, really are bringing forth a new light to Hollywood as far as of a way to see, I like to call them ‘Off  Worlders’, instead of ‘Extra Terrestrials’.
Craig Yes.
Alexandra I wanted to know have you had any kind of resistance from that and how if and if not have people reacted to you presenting that different way of looking at things?
Craig Well I find that there are a lot of closeted people.  Like sometimes I go around and I  tell people, saying if they happened to find out, because you know the book is online and all these other projects with these other kind of base are also online of course.  I will share with them the information and a lot of them already are feeling that way but the major Hollywood, the studios are not, they are only into making money.
Craig So, what we have to do first is to get one of these giant projects out there.  Once it makes money and people see, then all of the what l I call ‘Lightworkers’ on the planet who have been getting these great spiritual stories ready over all these years, then all of those will start to come out of the woodwork.  You see it’s an amazing thing the way everything is working.  Now you can make your own movie.  You can do whatever you want.  There are red cameras out there.  There are DPs (Directors of Photography) who will work for bucks with red cameras.  You can raise money.  You can make these films and they can start to see the light of day and they can start to get more and more and more and that’s what I’m doing with ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ that we’ll talk about.
Alexandra In fact you’ve kind of beaten me to the punch because that’s one of the things that I really want to talk with you a little bit about.  Is that your first endeavor in bringing something forward that’s more of an ‘Off Worlder’ and spiritual effort?
Craig Well the book ‘I am Thyon’ is really the first thing.  I met Dr. Frank who wrote ‘Stranger in the Pentagon’ in 2001 and became really, really good friends with him.  I had lunch with him every week, talked to him on the phone almost every day and it was never my intention to write the screen play ‘The Stranger at the Pentagon’ but through a whole course of events I ended up writing it and sitting with him.  I would just say ‘well tell me a story of when you were on Victor One’ which is Valiant Thor’s flag ship which holds up to 200 people.
Alexandra Yeah, I was going to ask you, now what is the significance of Valiant Thor’s location over Lake Mead, is there any?
Craig Well, I’m sure that there is but all of the Victor class saucers are stationed around the world and all of those locations are listed in the back of ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’.
Alexandra OK.
Craig Victor One was initially stationed in Henderson, Nevada.  Then I think in the early eighties they moved it to Lake Mead.  My feeling is, to put some good energy over Las Vegas.  Maybe?  (Laughter)
Alexandra (Laughter) You think.  You think maybe that’s one of the …..
Craig You know, Sin capital of the world, I don’t know (Laughter).
Alexandra Yea Love it, I love it.
Craig So the flag ship is there and they are all numbered Victor one, Victor two, Victor three, and there’s I think two hundred and eighty seven locations where the Victor class officers are stationed in and around the earth and there’s a Star Ship which is fourteen miles long and seven miles wide which is up in the atmosphere where the saucers travel back and forth on blue beams.
Alexandra Do you think that they would have probably have increased the number of locations by now?
Craig I’m sure that they have but we’re also just talking about him.  You know if we get into the whole Galactarian alignment of space people, this planet is inundated because it’s the next planet and that’s what ‘I am Thyron’ is about.  It’s about that whole program of raising consciousness so that everyone on earth will come out of duality into being fully conscious.  Then, they can join, we can join with Universal Society and become a part of the whole alignment of space people and planets.
Alexandra And truly be taken out of quarantine.  I mean, supposedly quarantine has been brought down but we are really still so embryonic and so warlike on a mass basis.
Craig Yeah, and they’ve done this, so many times, with so many planets.  They definitely know what they are doing and there are no timetables, there are no timeframes it happens in the moment that it’s supposed to happen.  As we know there has been much more up-lift and spiritual energy because people are really looking for their spiritual self and wanting to grow.
Alexandra I so agree. Now you mentioned that you and Dr. Frank Stranges grew very close.  What do you feel was one of the most memorable things that you learned from him?
Craig Do you know he was probably the kindest, sweetest man I think I have ever met.  All of my friends adored him by the way.  My birthday is October 5th, his October 6th.
Alexandra Wow! Another Libra.
Craig Another Libra, and so when I’d have a big birthday party I’d include him.  I’d say ok we are going to have a birthday party together.  He met all my friends and everyone just fell in love with him and I thought just being around someone like Valiant Thor and his crew and the starship because he did travel up there on several occasions as you said.  To be around people who are fully conscious, him just telling stories about when he was feeling down and how they would hold him. Or, how they would just do simple things to help alleviate what he was going through.
Alexandra So cool.
Craig And it makes me cry you know.  I’m having a hard time talking right now because to see the expression on his face.  I understand that as well because when I write, the Master Teachers and the crew members even when I was writing ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ they come and they share their feeling body with you.  So you understand who they are and as a complete being.  It’s so beautiful when they share that, that you weep.
Alexandra Yeah.
Craig You literally weep and when you get a created being or you get an angelic form doing that, my God forget it, you’re gone, you sob and sob and sob.
Alexandra What people don’t realize is that the individual things we do every day for ourselves not only raise our consciousness but the kindnesses and the considerations that we have of others they truly do affect a much larger number of people than people really realize.
Craig Yes absolutely.
Alexandra And that’s why film is such a huge conduit for raising the consciousness on this planet.
Craig That’s right.
Alexandra That’s why I just commend you for going down this path.
Craig It’s the teaching vehicle and that’s why I’ve, especially with “Stranger in the Pentagon” decided to do a short film as well.  Because when I did “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, Kerry Conran who was the Director and the Writer he made a short film and that’s how he got the film financed.  Because you know today you’ve tot to win, you take it to a studio, they like it, they don’t like it, they’d like it if you’d change this.
Alexandra Right.
Craig Well you can’t change it, it’s a story, it’s in a book.
Alexandra It’s not retaining its original purity either.
Craig Right, it has a fan base since 1967.
Alexandra You said something, I think it was in your Facebook page, you said that the behind the scenes film had been completed as of the 25th September.  Is that true?
Craig Yeah I did a little behind the scenes for all the fans who helped with the short film.  You know we did a Kickstarter and an Indiegogo and we’re in visual effects right now and I’m still trying to raise money right now to finish the film.  You know, the ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ is going for $100 to $300 dollars per book.  The original one I just looked on Amazon from 1967 and I have one copy and it’s going for $1,000 to $2,000 dollars.
Alexandra Wow!
Craig So the publisher gave me a lot of cases of books because they went out of business.
Alexandra Yeah and tell them about your perks.
Craig For like $25 bucks you get the  ‘Stranger at the Pentagon book and a Valiant Thor wrist band and a bunch of cool ‘Behind the Scenes’ and there’s also a color brochure that the publisher gave me that I in a pdf form that they get also for donating $25 bucks, with color pictures of Valiant Thor, Vice Commander Donn and Jill who is the blond in the photograph.  She is actually married to Vice Commander Zann who is the doctor on the ship not for them but for the Starseeds.
Alexandra You know what Craig, for those that are not that familiar with Dr. Frank Stranges and his experience back in the 60s, can you give everybody a bit of a background as to who Valiant Thor is?
Craig Sure.
Alexandra And one of the things I want you to do which is so important for everyone to know about this very special being that came to the planet, is his intention is to eliminate sickness and poverty.  If there is anything you know about that please share it with us.
Craig Sure, yes, absolutely and by the way if any of the listeners want they can go to the web site strangeratthepentagon.com.  On the home page I did, I think an eight minute video of the whole story.  An encapsulated version of the story, video and little short videos from the movie, little teasers. Valiant Thor came and landed in Victor One on Saturday March 16th 1957.  He came to meet Eisenhower and was greeted by two policemen who took him to the Pentagon. This was at 8.00 am in the morning by the way, so by noon he was actually meeting with Eisenhower, Nixon, some of the joint chiefs.  Remember they all had to be called in.  It was actually Pat Nixon’s birthday so Nixon was the last to arrive.  Everybody when they meet or even see Valiant Thor they just know this is a man of good and righteousness.  You just know he is some kind of angelic creature.   You just know it, you know,.
Alexandra I can only imagine.
Craig I know, I know.
Alexandra Especially back in that era, that was such a paranoia enriched time period you know.
Craig Right.
Alexandra With the nukes and everything else and the fact that he chose to land on a Saturday.  The fact that these two cops, they didn’t even handcuff him or anything, they just bought him in there
Craig Yeah they had their weapons drawn and then when he walked out they saw him.  They just lowered them and then they just stopped and they said ok and waved overhead and took him in.
Alexandra Don’t you think it kind of caught them off guard?
Craig Well yeah, I mean, I’m sure anybody would be terrified not knowing what’s going to walk out, but he landed out in an agricultural field where there wasn’t a lot of high traffic or anything like that.  It’s not like he went and landed on the White House lawn. (Laughter).
Alexandra Right.
Craig So, anyway he came with a divine design to eliminate sickness, disease, poverty and to prolong life.  He asked Eisenhower if he would implement it throughout the United States and once they saw that it worked then throughout the world. He immediately put him on VIP status for 3 years.  Valiant Thor lived at the Pentagon.  So he lived in, I guess there’s apartments and different stuff when you go way down below.
Alexandra Now that’s what I was going to ask you.  I was not aware of that and I was wondering why was he basically homed or housed within the Pentagon for 3 years?
Craig Within the Pentagon because that’s where they housed him.  Well, actually I don’t know why they have them there but they couldn’t have them in the White House.  But anyway I had met many retired Generals with Dr. Frank and had conversations about those living quarters and the train that goes from the Pentagon to the White House I believe, underground and how he was brought back and forth to the President and Vice President etc. and all of the retired Generals also confirmed that as well.  Dr. Frank in December 1959 was doing a two-week lecture in Washington and one of the secretaries that Valiant Thor had befriended, whose name in the book is Nancy Warren, he sent her to fetch Dr. Frank and bring him to him because Dr. Frank knew UFOs and the bible.  He would do talks about Ezekiel and he would talk about proof that there was life elsewhere.
Alexandra So wouldn’t that be that they chose to contact Dr. Frank?
Craig Exactly.  They chose to contact him because he was open to the methods.  So long story short, he went and had a half hour or more meeting with Valiant Thor who told him a few things about himself as well which he did not know which he confirmed with his parents.  One being a brother before him passed away at birth and that Dr. Frank was actually going the same way but he was helped along a little bit.
Alexandra A little bit, yeah right, a little bit (laughter).
Craig So any way that’s how that went.  Dr. Frank he had that initial meeting and then Valiant Thor left on March 16th 1960.  He came back a year later on March 16th 1961 he visited Dr. Frank right away.  He has been here, his whole presence has been here the entire time and they oversee and they report back to the alignment of space peoples and planets, the goings on and the different things.  And there are certain things they are allowed to interact in and some things not.
Alexandra Did Dr. Frank ever tell you the significance of the date March 16th?
Craig No he didn’t, but somebody else recently told me who was into Star Seed Astrology that it is a really profound date, I think of Mary the Virgin Mary or something.
Alexandra Interesting.  I’ll have to dig into that.
Craig You’ll have to try it out and see I think.  What they have said was that it was a date of energies of Christ and Mary.
Alexandra Mmmmmmm.
Craig Not Mary Magdalene but Mary the Mother.
Alexandra Right, interesting.
Craig Yeah and I went ‘wow that’s interesting’.
Alexandra You have to know, these guys don’t do anything happenstance.  I mean, you know everything they do seems to have some sort of purpose.  Did Dr. Frank Strangers did he actually share with you any of the stories, the frustrations or anything that were felt by Valiant Thor when he was working with our Government for three years?
Craig Well there were many, many frustrations.  And I know that when they turned the proposal down that they were all extremely saddened because that was the mission in coming here to get that going and by the way he said that Eisenhower and Nixon were for it.  It was the joint Chief and the other powers that were not for it because it would eliminate hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies and put all of those people out of business.
Alexandra Of course and of course it would eliminate their power structure you know.
Craig Exactly, and the thing is he said that they all actually shed tears but Teel who is also one of the Vice Commanders for five Commanders under Vice Commanders Donn, Teel, Thon and Vann and they were all really disappointed and very sad as well.  There is also another created being onboard Victor One like Valiant Thor and created humans to me are like angels as a human form and his name is Uniah and he is actually from Melchizedek.
Alexandra Ah.
Craig So he is quite high up and his associates name is pronounced Yo but its Yeo, like Yee ow they pronounce.
Alexandra I also noticed in the book that he seems legitimately saddened.  I guess Frank was sitting with him at the time President Kennedy was assassinated.
Craig Yes.
Alexandra It seemed like he was also trying to prevent that from happening.
Craig Well, that’s an interesting story that Frank tells.  He was living in an apartment in Panorama City in California.  He got a phone call from Bobby Kennedy, or one of the advisors, I can’t remember and they said ‘are you going to be around’.  He said yes.  Bobby Kennedy flew down with a couple of secret service men to his apartment.  He demanded to know if Valiant Thor was real.  He said ‘yes’.  He wanted him to get Valiant Thor and he wanted to meet him right away and Dr. Frank said well you have to write a letter.  That’s what everybody has to do and you can give me the letter and I will give it to him and I guess Bobby Kennedy got irritated at that.
Alexandra Of course.
Craig They went to Dr. Franks office and typed up a letter and he gave it to Dr. Frank and Dr. Frank then at some point gave it to Valiant and then we flash forward to 1968 where Bobby Kennedy was killed in the Ambassador Hotel.  A few days prior Valiant had invited Frank for the first time to come and visit Victor One and told him to come to him to meet us and that they would meet him there and they would take him to meet the ship.  And actually, this time the ship was stationed out over the ocean so they took him in a boat, the thing comes down and they just drove the boat up into the craft and he met all the Vice Commanders pretty much for the first time and they brought him into Valiant’s office and they were watching it on their holographic television and he said one of the questions that he asked me is should he run for president and I told him to wait for a year.
Alexandra I saw that, that was profound.
Craig Yeah and then they’re watching it and they’re telling him they are watching this in real time.  Then on the television it shows them shooting him and him dying and Val was crying and Teel was crying and Val says ‘he didn’t listen to me’.
Alexandra Wow!
Craig So yeah that was a pretty profound moment you know.
Alexandra Now didn’t Frank also discuss the fact that when he came up on the boat, the boat went into the ship and then didn’t this ship go into like a bigger mother ship or something?
Craig Yeah it probably, went, it could’ve gone into the Star Ship, which is 14 mile long, 7 mile wide.  Its gigantic, its just gigantic, you know.
Alexandra I thought it was especially fascinating when he was talking about, that he went in there and he had to go into some sort of, quote, unquote shower to be, so called purified.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra Did he talk to you a little bit about that?  Like exactly what, what was happening because they weren’t using water?  What were they using?
Craig No.  You would take off all your clothes and then you had to leave them in that room and then you would stand and this purification, water or mist would come down, cleanse the body and you would get a uniform like they wore and you would put one on and then you were allowed to come into the ship.  So no contaminates whatsoever from the outside world.  You have to realize when you’re inside Victor One and all these craft it is pure 100% God energy.  It is like, like Dr. Frank would say even to me an interesting thing that I always found fascinating is that if your wore glasses you did not have to wear glasses, if you walked with a limp your limp was gone.  You were back to fully being one hundred percent in your perfection, right.
Craig But once Dr. Frank when he had told me he had gone to the ship this was in the early stages when I was writing the script.  He called me from the ship.
Alexandra Wow!
Craig And I said ‘oh, where are you, are you at the hotel?’  He said ‘no, I’m on the ship’.  I said ‘you sound so different’ and he goes ‘I do?’ and then I realized he sounded like a young man when he was talking, because he was on the ship.
Alexandra Interesting. You know they say that when your loved ones re-appear, they appear to you
Craig Yeah, absolutely.  Yeah they do absolutely.  My mother passed away in ‘98 and she actually came to me in 2010 and appeared in a full apparition in her thirty year old body.
Alexandra Awesome!
Craig Looking gorgeous.  Just letting me know she was around.  The photo is stunning yeah.  The photo is beyond anything.  People, I mean our family members when they saw it just went and burst into tears.
Alexandra Couldn’t believe it.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra Well, if your Mum has visited you, have you had that same experience with Valiant Thor visiting you?
Craig I had the experience of him visiting me on the very first day that I started writing the script.
Alexandra Wow!
  He came to me in the dream state and showed me the whole path of the movie and everything before it and that he was the one who was guiding it and I’ve never had to worry about anything.  Its like magic appearing you know, it’s incredible.
Alexandra They call it a download, but its just, it just flows.  I’ve had the same thing.  I like to write lots.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra You get into that mode..
Craig Oh yeah.
Alexandra And you can’t stop.
Craig I know and you’re like wow this is so great and then you walk out into the 3D world into a Mall and go wow (laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter)  Where did it come from?
Craig That’s right, that’s right, but I did, I did have that experience.  Yeah definitely with him there and then on the last day of writing the script actually I called Dr. Frank to ask him a few questions and he had his voice on that was like someone else was in the room, ‘oh sure, I’ll ask him, ok’ like that.  Anyway all of a sudden I heard a man start speaking in the background and giving the answers and then Dr. Frank burst out laughing and he goes ‘well he’s actually sitting right here’.
Alexandra Oh my.
Craig So, so he gave me the answer.  I could hear the answer being given and Dr. Frank would repeat them.  And then I went, ‘ok, great well thanks’ and I hung up the phone and I went and I didn’t think to say put him on the phone.
Alexandra Oh (laughter).
Craig I didn’t.  You know, it was like one of those Jedi mind flights. (Laughter)
Alexandra One of those opportune moments that will never be repeated again. (Laughter)
Craig I know but I’m such a firm believer that if something’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  So it was cool.
Alexandra Tell everybody a little bit about Franks near death experiences.  He, from the moment that Valiant came into his life   It seems like he was immediately a target by   the men in black and I was very interested in that, you know.  Are you incorporating that into your movie I assume?
Craig No because you just have a short period in time to tell a story and I had a conversation with Dr. Frank in the beginning and I said I can either make this your story or I can make this Valiant Thor’s story.  I said, I think the audience is going to want to know about Valiant Thor’s story.
Alexandra Good point.
Craig So you would be the secondary character if that comes in.  If its your story that’s everything that happens to you.
Alexandra Good point.
Craig So we both decided it, to make it Valiant Thor’s story because that’s what people on earth would want to know most about.
Alexandra Right.
Craig So Dr. Frank comes in, so we see the things that happen to him and how when the proposal and all of that is turned down.  How Dr. Frank actually becomes the grass root deliverer of the message to keep it alive and keep it out there.
Alexandra And boy did he do a good job.
Craig He did a great job.
Alexandra You know.
Craig He went on tours with some of the biggest people on the planet, he was with Eva Van Braun who were all saying all of this technology and all of this stuff is true and all of that..
Alexandra Well, if your saying that this is about Valiant Thor’s story tell me a little bit more about Valiant Thor as far as I remember reading that he just couldn’t wait to be a commander and did Frank go over the way he was selected for this Commission?
Craig He knew he was getting the Commission but he didn’t know when and evidently it was a long, long expanse of time and he was getting very ‘ancy’ you know.  So when the Commission finally came for him to come here he was so ready and so ripe and so excited to come here and I think a big part of this World that’s different and unique from others is that, it’s the place where Christ came.  It’s the place where the rebels were put under the earth.  Its the place where there’s so much Universal history goes on here on top of all of the different Nationalities, religions and belief systems and religions and all of that.  You don’t find that on other dualistic worlds throughout the universe.  You might find dualistic worlds, but they’re, whatever their race is.  Here it’s a hodge-podge.  It’s a very unique place to be and exciting at the same time.
Alexandra So this was quite a mission to receive then and probably quite challenging.
Craig Yeah, it was a huge mission and of course they wanted his technology .  They wanted all of that stuff which he was not allowed to give them or would he.  But I think, you know, from once he arrived and was dealing with people who are dualistic in nature and are aggressive ,you know, it.  I’m sure it was a different unique experience for him.
Alexandra Oh I can’t even imagine.  You know its got to be they say one of the main reasons for example that the descendant masters do not appear in 3D physical form.  It’s because its such a massive, and its very challenging to their own field to give up that connection and come into such a dense environment.  And I would imagine the same thing applies to Valiant Thor.
Craig Absolutely, absolutely and all of them because they are all here living but they are in their protective bubble in their ships and the energy from home for them keeps them there.  But when they are out of that environment and they’re here the experience I’m sure is completely different for them because they’re doing that.  I mean there’s lots of them that are living on earth that aren’t Starseeds that are from out there, that are actually working and living and doing jobs.  I can’t imagine what that must be like for them.
  Oh yeah. Who have integrated.
Alexandra There are many of us that are Starseeds.  Craig I’m sure you are one of them so.   (Laughter)
  Yeah I don’t know.
Alexandra So now I have a question for you.  I got a little bit confused about this.  He made reference to Don and Thon and what was the females name?
Craig Teel
Alexandra Teel as his family.  Were they truly his family?  How does that work?
  No.  They’re his family in the way that your Mums best friend becomes your Aunt.
Alexandra Ok, ok.
Craig In that sense no, because Valiant Thor is not born from man and woman.  He is born,  the whole angelic kingdom is born from the cosmic womb as we call it.  So they’re born from the pure thought and then come into being.  And so that’s why they don’t have belly buttons because they’re not from that.  Now Donn, Teel, Thon and Zann all have belly buttons..
Alexandra Oh they do?
Craig Yep, because they are born of man and woman.  Now Uniah who is from Melchizedek, the Universe of Melchizedek he does not have a belly button as well.
Alexandra Now which one, wasn’t there one that was a Cyclops on board?
Craig Yes that’s Yeo.  That’s Yeo.  He’s Uniah’s associate.
Alexandra Ok.
Craig Dr. Frank said that on the opposite side of the Universe of us there are planets that are numbered and that Uniahs from planet seven seven seven and Yeo is actually from planet five five five.
Alexandra Interesting.
Craig So, yeah, they’re sort of a team, you know they’re a team and they joined Victor One. As you connect and you get through ‘I am Thyron’ you’ll understand the coalition of both these projects because they really do coincide.
Alexandra Yeah.
Craig You’ll understand because Thyron is a college professor who teaches mighty messengers who are coming in as Starseeds into earth on how to transverse from Mortal to Christ to raise the consciousness up.  Then there is all of the other class of messengers that are coming in.  All of this comes out of the Universe of Melchizedek, which is an out of space city of 490 worlds.
Alexandra Wow!
Craig And you can see  them from one end to the other.
Alexandra Wow.
Craig It’s quite spectacular.
Alexandra Wow.
Craig So Uniah is is also from there.  Thyron is also from there.  At some point too, when, you know these are already going and movies have been done I am going merge both the stories.
Alexandra I think it will be a great idea.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra Bring in the old with the new.
Craig Yeah amen.
Alexandra So I was also going to say basically isn’t this representing the Galactic Federation of Planets and a lot of people call it the Confederation.
Craig Yeah, yeah.  We call it the Galactarian Alignment of Space Peoples and Planets, which is the same thing if you want to call it the Federation.  That’s more of a Star Treck term.
Alexandra And your planning on a Trilogy aren’t you?
Craig I am yeah, but two will be out next year and that will be fully illustrated as well.  Then Book three after that, and we’ll have the short film done by probably next February or March and people can get a copy by, making a donation as well so that we can finish it and also get it in film festivals. That’s going to accompany our big giant package that goes out to all investors so that we can go and make the correct spiritual film.  Then we can go and sell it to distributors because we’ve made the film the way that we want and nobody told us how to make it.
Alexandra Right on, right on.  So your goal is to finish this by March of 2014?
Craig Yes, yes, because the visual effects that we have just in the short film alone.  We have over 68 visual effects.
Alexandra Wow!
Craig Yes so we are we are going on board a giant mother ship.  We are not going on the     star ship yet.  I’m saving the Star Ship for the big movie, but we are going on the Giant mother ship and the landing bay in other quarters there.  We are going on board Victor One.  We are seeing Victor One.  They are actually building Victor One now.
Alexandra How involved are you in this?  I know that you are a casting director, a producer.  Are you on the set the whole time?
Craig Yeah well, for Stranger at the Pentagon I am the writer, producer, director, art director.  I mean I oversee it everyday on a daily basis until its done.  It will be the same when we do the big feature film as well.
Alexandra You’re burning serious midnight oil huh?
Craig Well the thing is I know the way its supposed to be done yeah.  Master teachers come to you and give you beautiful information for you to hand it off to somebody else?
Alexandra This is true.
Craig They’re showing you.  They were showing me the way that it digitally looks.  Because when people see it they remember it.  I have probably got in the last couple of months about 50 emails from Starseeds who have said they have never in their life been taken out, out into the Universe and been activated as they have reading ‘I am Thyron’.
Alexandra Oh I know, I am just telling you I just love your book.
Craig Yeah I know.
Alexandra Everybody check out Craig’s book ‘I am Thyron’ .  It even has a Forward by Sylvia Browne.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra It is, it is without a doubt, its almost as if it’s triggering your memories.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra Its triggering timelines and that kind of thing.
Craig Yeah can I give out the website as well?
Alexandra Please, please do.
Craig So of course, if anything, if anyone wants to make a donation to ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ or check out stuff ‘thestrangeratthepentagon.com’ and there’s also the book out tomorrow that Valiant Thor was an advisor on and which nobody can get anymore as well and posters of all this stuff as well.  Victor One and the blueprints and all that kind of stuff and then ‘I am Thyron’ the website a biography of an ET.com or if you just type in ‘I am Thyron’ at the Google level it will usually come up, its just the sub-title
Alexandra We did Craig, we did put your mounds and I might say mounds of Facebook, Twitter, I am dab, your websites.  I mean there are so many websites.
Craig I know (laughter).
Alexandra But it’s all available when the newsletter went out today.
Craig Beautiful.
Alexandra Now quick question.  I did notice in the book that Frank talked a lot about how Valiant shared hollow earth, and black hole theories, and Bermuda triangle.  Do you have any cool stories about that before I let you go?
Craig I do of the hollow earth.  Dr. Frank said that there are just these incredible civilizations. I myself I think Dr. Frank said there are four advanced races and three negative.  One of the negatives is the Greys, the bad Greys in there.  But interestingly enough when you ask for something for a very long time, I’ve been asking to see the beautiful inner Earth, and they actually showed it to me.  They woke me up one night and then showed it to me like a projector in my eyelids.
Alexandra Really Cool.
Craig And it was so breathtaking, and they only gave me like 3 seconds of it but I remember it profoundly.  They only give you a little like that because it’s more of an imprint on your memory.
Alexandra Yes.
Craig If it goes on too long then you start to get lost.
Alexandra I can relate.
Craig Yeah, it was just so, so beautiful and he said that Valiant goes down there and visits with them on occasion and they go and they visit a lot of different places as well throughout the Universe.  Sometimes one of the Vice Commanders might be gone for a couple of months because a separate mission takes them away.
Alexandra How cool, doesn’t that sound so exciting. (Laughter)
Craig It is really and truly and I will say there have been many people who have emailed me and I have met several people who have met Valiant Thor who were old you know, went way back into the sixties and had met him back then.  Several people had emailed me saying they were people in the know and that the story is true, but I can’t prove any of that but just saying that the filmmaker sometimes just send me little things.   Information, you know, that they might have but I find it all fascinating and exciting as well.
Alexandra I know, yes It is, it is.  Now the University of Melchizedek were you informed about that through Frank or was that on your own?
Craig That’s also another long story but before I knew Dr. Frank I was actually working with Thyron and with Uniah.
Alexandra Ahhh.
Craig But that’s another long story.
Alexandra A ha.  We’ll just have to have another interview again.
Craig You will.  I would love to (laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter) Yeah I love this.  Everybody check this out, theautobiographyofanet.com that’s where you can access his book the  ‘I am Thyron’ and I just love the Galactarian Alignment of Space Peoples and Planets Program to raise consciousness on earth is underway to ready the populous for Universal society.  Now who in our group whether you’re into UFOs or spirituality or even conspiracy theory who would not be interested in reading about that?
Craig Yeah, exactly.
Alexandra Seriously, this is exactly where we are all chomping it to bits trying to find out any information that’s going on behind the scenes with what’s really going on
Craig Oh I’m telling you.
Alexandra With the shutdown of the Government and everything right now.  So this is just perfect for everybody so please support Craig.  He is doing really good work for our planet through the film industry.  Craig I just really want to thank you for taking the time to chat.
Craig Oh I had so much and I can’t believe it, it went by that fast.
Alexandra I know, I know an hour just flies.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra Just flies but also before I let you go I was really impressed when I read about your private coaching.
Craig Yes.
Alexandra And if you wanted to put in a little plug in about that.  It is really interesting that you actually work with people that can provide you a drama or a comedy.
Craig Yes.
Alexandra Can you tell us a little bit about that?
Craig Sure, well because I have been a casting director cause that’s what I do I work with actors all day long and, and, you know, and I’ve learned how to get them from A to Zee over all these 30 years in a short period of time so, so I actually do private coaching with actors or people who are wanting to get into acting.  You know, I can do it over Skype as well and I can provide them comedy or drama scenes, or,  anything that they would like to explore or if its commercials or hosting,  or hosting your own TV show or things of that nature.
Alexandra Very cool.
Craig And you can check that out at my website which is craigcampobasso.com and that has all of the casting projects on it as well.
Alexandra Very cool.  Well everybody the other website again is strangeratthepentagon.com and just keep looking for his release of his new film.  And he’s a busy guy.
Craig Yeah.
Alexandra But thanks again Craig you really are an inspiration to many of us because truly we all, especially those that live in California we know how influential the film industry is big time.
Craig Yes.
Alexandra This is really such an important area for us to what’s the word not invade but penetrate you know with the white.
Craig Right.  That’s right and the more that everybody has thoughts of light with themselves just brings the planet that much closer to Universal society and the world of love and peace.
Alexandra Big time.  I couldn’t have said it better.
Craig Yeah
Alexandra Ok everybody thanks for tuning in to the Galactic Connection radio show and please if you have a chance, please donate to my site.  It is a free site.  I am doing everything in my power not to put in all of the funky garbage ads to keep a free public service.  So again I love you all thank you, you guys rock as far an audience, take care and have a wonderful day.  Thanks again Craig.
Craig Your welcome, blessings to everyone.
Alexandra Bye everyone.
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