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 Galactic Connection.com Radio Show on BBS
David Gibson and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for February 11, 2014
Sound and Consciousness Institute  http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/
Globe Institute in San Francisco, CA
microphone (1)Alexandra: Good afternoon everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors from Galactic Connection. Com and today is February 11, 2014. And I thought today would be a really special day to focus on LOVE. Obviously, we have Valentine’s Day right around the corner on Friday and I have brought forth the special guest, David Gibson. For those of you who have not heard about him, he is a leading scholar in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy and the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute out of San Francisco, California, by the way. He also has a book called The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, it’s a top seller in it’s field. And he is just incredible as far as discussing all the usages of sound, whether it be physical healing, brain entrainment, releasing stuck emotions, opening the heart and connecting to the Spirit. I could just go on and on, he has oodles and oodles of CDs and all sorts of sound healing treatments. And he has even gone so far as, I want to ask you about this David, with producing nine sound healing concerts which were full 3D projections with 3D glasses for everyone in the audience. How cool is that?
David: A lot of fun.
Alexandra:  I know. So welcome, David. Thank you so much for coming on the air with me today.
David: Thank you. Thank you so for having me, I’m really excited.
AM: So yeah. So I think where we should start for those that are relatively new to sound healing and the whole concept of your Institute, where did all of this begin?
David: Well actually, I started out as a recording engineer and one day I started seeing this magic, well, actually, it was many days, I would see magic coming across some of the different musicians and I would get goose bumps and chills of course, and some days the room would turn purple, right?
AM: Yeah, right. [Laughs] That’s my favorite color.
David: Yeah, oh that’s great! And I thought, what is going on, you know? I mean how can we repeat this and what exactly is going on so that it can be repeated all the time. So I started checking around the Bay Area, I was doing recording classes – I had the whole recording school for years. And then I checked around and there were a lot of people doing sound healing in the Bay Area. It’s like the center of sound healing. So I got them started teaching in the recording school and in ten years ago I added on the associate degree and certificate program in Sound Healing. I also was working on an virtual reality mixing system where each sound in the mix is represented by a bubble or sphere graphically. And you could actually reach up with a data-glove and grab those images and move them around and control the mix (Wow) and in surround sound they float around the room in 3D and you could grab them and throw them and bounce them off the walls.
And one day, I thought let’s put them inside the body so you could have a VR helmet and you could look down and you see a graphic of inside your body, you could choose what part of the body you want to work on and then you could take a geometric structure – which would be like sacred geometry that has it’s own healing capacity – and then put it in your heart, for example, and it would move the sound up and down inside on the sound table that you’re lying on – the sound table has speakers on it. So you’re feeling it in your heart, you’re seeing it in 3D visually and with a graphic of a heart, and I thought, if I’m going to be doing this I should learn about it in detail so I don’t explode organs.
Alexandra: Wow!
David: So that’s the other way I got into it as well.
Alexandra: How cool is that? Now how many people out there who are familiar with this virtual reality system? For example, have you penetrated the Hollywood sector?
David: Well, we’re just getting funded, actually. The funds will probably be here in just a couple more weeks here to get under-way with it.
Alexandra: Fantastic, David!
David: We’re actually using the virtual reality system in a couple of – in the same concept. I’ve actually incorporated it in a couple of movie concepts and to a major Cirque du Soleil-style play that we are working on as well.
Alexandra: Wow! How creative! Keep me posted on that. I will definitely put the information out there for you. So then, how long has it been since you’ve actually have had the Institute going on?
David: Well you know, we started the audio recording part over twenty years ago. And then ten years ago we added the sound healing part. Now it is really shifting. We still do audio recording, we teach people how to run Pro Tools and other programs and run it in a way that affects people in a really deep way now. But also, you know, it’s also like the sound healing part is really the most exciting because it’s really about helping people – healing people, raising consciousness, and really just transforming the planet, you know, the transforming people on the planet and bring them into a higher state of consciousness using tools that are a blast!
Alexandra: Yeah. Yeah. So you’re really motivating them to raise their consciousness.
David: Yeah. It’s really cool to have a tool that is so much fun.
Alexandra: That is so great. Well, clarify for the audience what is the difference between sound healing versus vibrational medicine for example.
David: Well, you know, I really think of vibrational medicine as a larger umbrella. So sound healing is one aspect of vibrational medicine. Under vibrational medicine I think of not only energy healing and all of the things you can do, but also sacred geometry, color and light, and then sound healing is just another one of those component of that uses vibration. Because vibration is the basis of all. And there are many ways that vibration may manifest, whether it’s electromagnetic, light or sound.
Alexandra: Fantastic. So now do you incorporate light with some of your sound therapies?
David: Oh yes we do. We have a instructor Randy Masters who is a MASTER at all the frequencies of light, and how different frequencies of sound mathematically correlate to the frequencies of light. Even though it is a different medium there is a mathematical formula. And there’s a lot of people have different kinds of systems in term of correlating different frequencies to different colors and such. So yeah, we do incorporate light, it isn’t our main focus, but it is really cool when you can visualize or use light along with the sound when it’s all in coherence.
Alexandra: Oh, my gosh. So talk to us a little bit about when you’re pre-recording music, for example, there’s so much controversy out there about the 440 or the 432. What is your perspective on that.
David: Oh my god. (laughter)
Alexandra: Did I open up a can of worms?
David: Well, there’s a lot to it actually. It’s so silly when people get so opinionated about it. Because the truth is, there are four different levels. There is frequency, and pitch, which we are talking about now – tuning the music to a certain concert pitch. Then there are sounds which are combinations of frequencies. Then there is music. And then there is energy, and running energy and using intention with music is one of the most powerful. So when you focus on just the frequency/pitch section it is very cool to actually – some people are saying, okay, we should tune to 444 hz, which is the 528 C that Len Horowitz was talking about which is supposedly the frequency of love. But God bless him, Len now even himself now admits there’s no proof nor research that’s proven that this is the frequency of love. And when anybody comes up with something that says, ‘this is it,’ my little red flags go up. Until we have a lot of people that have independent research coming up with the same thing. On the other hand, tuning to 432, there is a lot of really cool things that 432 that are very auspicious. 528 by the way, does have the auspiciousness of being numerologically – it’s in different sections in the Bible – and in all those solfeggio numbers add up to 3-6 or 9 numerologically. (Right) So that’s another whole can of worms so we’re not going into that.
I’m not throwing out any babies. I’m not a baby tosser, okay. So, you know, so you never know, that 528 could be totally cool, okay. But 432 has the aspect that – 432 and 432 adds up to speed of light. 432 was used in ancient Egypt as to the tuning system. Also as for one thing about 432 that is really cool, that I really like, the distance from the earth to the sun is 108 times the distance of the earth to the moon. So you take the distance from the earth to the moon and multiply that 108 and you exactly get the distance of the sun from the earth. (Wow) And 108, if you quadrupule it, 4×108, is 432. And that’s the same note, whenever you double something, it’s the same note – it’s an octave higher.
Alexandra: It almost reflects the fractalizing aspect of life.
David: Unhmm. That does ties in. And what is really interesting, in ancient India in Sanscrit 108 is a huge number. You know, you always have 108 mala beads, you chant something 108 times and you go into enlightenment. And there’s another thing though 432 is an average frequency that a baby cries at when they come out of the womb.
Alexandra: Wow! I did not know that.
David: And the most important of all is, 432 is the time that I was born. (laughter)
Alexandra: Well, there you have it! I just love your passion because I can just feel how much excitment in your voice with what you do. It makes it a whole different experience interviewing you today, by the way.
But getting back to the 432, now tell me a little bit about the heartbeat. Is there a particular frequency of that?
David: You know, it’s interesting. I haven’t measured what note the actual heartbeat is but there is research from Heart Math where they say that when you’re transmitting love your heart actually puts out harmonics that are in golden mean ratios.
Alexandra: Very cool.
David: And so also when you are transmitting love your brain goes into a brainwave state of 0.1 cycle per second which is basically a slow breath. It’s like in [in-breath] and out [out-breat]. That’s about 0.1 cycle per second. What I’ve noticed – this is really interesting – just recently I was on the beach and I thought, what is the rate between waves. You know, they come in groups. But when there’s a group between the waves the time is about 0.1 per second.
Alexandra:  Woh!
David: So the ocean is entraining us into love.
Alexandra: Wow, so that’s why we feel so blissful when we’re sitting by the beach.
David: That’s one of the real reasons.
Alexandra: Wow, that is so cool. How did you come up with the heart chakra being the key of F. Tell me a little bit about that.
David: I didn’t, that’s ancient Sanskrit.
Alexandra: And how did they determine that?
David: You know, I don’t know. I really don’t know, and I don’t know if anybody really knows. You know, it’s interesting because if you look at the chakras from the different cultures, ‘F’ in the Chinese culture, it’s the root chakra. In Tibet ‘A’ was the root chakra, which would make ‘D’ the heart. And around here in the Institute, we believe everybody has their own root chakra, which is their soul note. And so, but as far as the note of love for a pitch – [his phone rings] it’s God calling, okay – the note of love – when we do an actual test, when I ask people to feel love in their heart and then go and simply make the sound that corresponds to that note what happens is, people come up with D more than any other notes. Not much more, it’s generally all over the place. I’m starting to think that that note, or frequency of love, is different for different people. One of my students in the second semester, we have to do a research project, and they actually had people go into a state of love – on the web there were four meditations – and then he gave them a tone generator and he had them figure out what frequencies seemed to match with the feeling of love they were in. And again it was all over the place although it was mostly around 300 – 400 hz, there was a tiny bell curve around there.
When I was in Egypt we were toning the resonant tone in the different chambers. In the Temple of the Hathors, and in another temple as well, after about 45 minutes the ceiling opened up and love and light just poured into our hearts. We were in tears, all right. And the frequency I heard was [he tones] but I’m not going to say that was the frequency of love of everybody. Now another thing that is really interesting about the frequency of love when it comes to the voice, the research that we test, they actually are hearing the frequency first, and then they are making it with their voice. But if you just ask people to make the sound of love what they’ll do is, they’ll go to the key that they speak in.
Alexandra: Wow!
David: Everybody sings, everybody sings when they speak. I sing in the key of G when I speak. And when I speak of ‘love’ I always go – everybody does – always when they are really feeling it and really bringing it sincerely into their voice, they go to the home note of the key that they speak in. For example, ‘I really love my kitty.’ [in a rather low tone] That last word, ‘love my kitty,’ is sincere, right. I don’t go, ‘I really love my kitty.’ [in a higher fake-sounding tone]
Alexandra: That’s true.
David: So most people, not everybody, but most people do go to the home note to express love, of the home note of their voice to express love. And that’s different than just feeling it into your body and feeling the energy of it and people come up with a different note. Now the bell curve for people’s voices is deep. More people are around D in their voice than any other note. If you want a choir to sing you have them sing in the key of D because that’s where the most people can sing there. So there’s a little bell curve there. With the voice you could say that love is the key of D because most people go to the home note D with their voice when they’re really expressing love.
Alexandra: Wow. That’s fascinating. So obviously you have an ear. Can you just hear me when you’re talking to me right here can you already tell what – really, you can?
David: [sings a note] That’s your note. Now I’ve got a little keyboard here [indicates note] that’s your note, you speak in this note – B flat. You speak in B flat. Now the key I speak in – I can hear it [makes a pitch] that’s when I speak. But when I’m in love, I drop down really goes, [makes a low sound] (laughter)
Alexandra: You get into your love state.
David: It’s really just an octave lower, anyway.
Alexandra: That is really fascinating. So, okay, question, question. Now when you mentioned that – I was reading in your website – which is just gigantic by the way everyone, I was amiss in not telling everybody that you should check out David’s website, it’s Sound Healing Center.com  http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/, right?
David: Yes, that’s right.
Alexandra: Okay, it’s incredible. It has so much information if you really want to get well-versed on sound healing. One of the questions I have for you, I notice that most of the people who come up with a range of 200-450.
David: Something like that, yes.
Alexandra: So do you just get that by listening to them talk or do you actually bring them into a state of meditation when they feel or vision/visualize or how do you figure that out?
David: Well, you know, it’s not perfectly scientific. We get them into a zone as the best we can. Some people just know how to go to love. And we say, if you know how to go to love just simply bring Universal love into your heart. But the main way – we could do it here. Actually, should we do a little test? Okay, cool. And everyone listening can do this as well. Okay.
Alexandra: Okay, cool.
David: Very cool. So simply bring love into your heart now. Feel this love, completely. [pause] Okay, let it go through all of your body, with this feeling of love, through every cell, it’s easy because the truth is you are love. Go through your auras, surround you like a bubble, feel it completely. It’s really cool because when you do this with a group of people listening, everybody is listening and doing it, we’re creating a whole resonant field. And in basic physics, a strong resonant field, it will tranform anything around it including through the quantum field. So feel this love. And now if it had a frequency listen for it. It’s just a game. It’s it high? Low? Just listen and see if you can hear what note it might be. Just play with it – in your head. It’s tricky for some people. But now make that note out loud. [Alexandra sounds a note]
Alexandra: That’s what came out.
David: [Sounds that note] You went to B.
Alexandra: B?
David: Yeah. Yeah.
Alexandra: So what does that mean? That I went from B-flat, my signature note, to B?
David: Yeah, I don’t know that it means much because I see this as two different things, which is the key of your voice and because you didn’t just make the sound for love that your voice wanted to make. You heard it first in your head, so that’s a little bit different. So it’s not based on the physical contraption of the size of your body and your throat and your vocal cords, which totally changes the pitch. So I think it’s just a different essence. So, you know, there’d might be and I wouldn’t doubt it, that there is a cosmic frequency of love, but specifically in our Universe and very likely and even more so – as different people talk about Alice Bailey and such – in our Solar System. And you know, it could be a note, but it’s weird to make it a certain note because you can bring love to any sound or any note.
Let me give you an example. I’ll do love at two different, unusual frequencies. Here’s love on a really low note. [sounds a low note] Right, I’m running the energy of love when I do that. Now let me run the energy of love for an unusual sound. [sounds a shrill sound] Tricky to do that, actually. I was bringing love in with that. Whether it’s high or low, any note, you can bring love to it. So it’s an energy and there might be a cosmic note of love up there that’s really high but we can octavize it down. But what we seem to be finding with all the research is, everybody’s got their own note that they resonate with love. And I think that’s more important. And there might be little bell curves here and there, but you know, the truth is, what matters is where you’re at. And when you become intuitive enough and still enough to really hear that frequency for you, that’s the key.
Instead of following anybody that says, ‘Oh this is it,’ until maybe one day we will have tons and tons of research that proves something. But for the most part, in sound healing for most people the most frequencies are different for what people need or resonates in them. I think that there are some frequencies that are the same, in the body or such from person to person, a lot of it is different from person to person.
Alexandra: You know David, this makes sense because no two fingerprint is the same. (Right) No voice is the same. (Yeah) So why would our vibration to love be the same. I really was really thinking about when I was listening to you, you read all of these teachings of the Ascended Masters and possibly the High Councils or some of the very nice channelings that are out there, and they’re always talking about Be Love. Be Love. And I think people tend to think that that’s something I have to do. You know, you have to love someone. Or I have to be good to someone, whatever. When in actuality you just hit it right on the head with – we are creating a resonant field, (Right) like in a symphony of notes playing in resonance.
David: That’s it. There are two different dynamics. It’s so funny because I did a whole show with a few years ago when I got home from Egypt. And I did this whole thing of bringing love into your heart and this one psychic told me a long time ago that love comes in through the thymus and then down into your heart. And that’s what I thought when I was in Egypt. And actually even before Egypt I started visualizing love coming in that way and vibrating my thymus and I was able to run Universal love that way. So I was doing a radio show and Doug, after the show he says, ‘Dave, you don’t have to bring in love, we ARE love, we can just be love.’ And I started thinking about it, that’s absolutely true. We ARE love, every cell of our bodies are love. So you can resonate love, we can BECOME love, just like feel it, and be love –
Here’s another little thing. This will be cool, for everybody too, because it’s one of my favorites. Okay, so everybody, including you, just be and resonate love now. Completely. [pause] It’s so cool, you can feel the energy of everybody even though you’re on your own. (Yeah) NOW, let’s do something different. Send love to everybody listening and to us and we’ll send love to everybody listening. Everybody send love to everybody else. And don’t forget to receive it. [Some time sending love]
Alexandra: Woh! [David laughs] Alexandra: Wow!
David: It’s interesting. This is a little different dynamic. And then this is what’s really cool. You resonate love and then take that frequency of love and send to people with the sound like this – [sends sounds]. You know what is really interesting? It just occurred to me when I was doing that. I’ve talked about this a lot. If you play a frequency of love or a note of love with a voice or a crystal bowl or Tibetan bowl, whatever, and it is tuned to that frequency of F or D or whatever you feel it is, most people won’t get it unless you tell them that that’s what it is. (Interesting) But there are certain musical intervals that are totally – have been associated with love and are used as love songs. And one is the musical third [he tones 1, 3] and the other is really interesting – the minor sixth which is the golden ratio – almost.
Alexandra: Wow!
David: So those intervals when we really want to express love people get it. When we did that toning with the intervals. [David tones]
Alexandra: You can feel where it -what’s the word- where hits the particular area of your body – where it travels. That’s very cool.
David: Yeah. Of course, the most powerful aspect of all is simply adding that intention or energy like what we just did before. You could do no frequency with it at all. Although technically, if your doing intention or a certain state of consciousness of love you are doing a frequency. There’s one other thing that is really interesting that ties into this that I haven’t quite resolved yet, which is really cool. You know, let’s do the whole thing on the frequency of Oneness in the Universe.
Alexandra: Oo, I like it.
David: And what I’ve determined is Oneness – when people – everybody says when they are in One with the Universe, they are no frequency, they are all frequency – actually, all the frequencies in the Universe. (Woh) So Oneness or God, so to speak, or Source Energy, is all frequencies.
Alexandra: That makes so much sense.
David: And what’s really understanding, you know, nearly everybody who had a near-death experience – I mean, if you go on Youtube, 95% of them say, ‘Oh yeah, I went into this Oneness when I was One with everything with the light and everything and there was this indescribable love there too. So it’s interesting, I find it really interesting, that when you are One with the Universe where you are all frequencies, the love is there. So it’s, you know, okay, so is love all frequencies? Or – I always thought that love is one color of the rainbow from Source. There’s wisdom, there’s other different energies that come out of Source, and love is one of them. So I feel it’s not just Source energy although who really knows for sure, you know. They haven’t given us the manual yet . . . .
Alexandra: And the other thing is how do you define Source. How do you define – whether you want to call it – Prime Creator or the All That There Is, is that you, me, us, or something outside of us. Or all of that.
David: I’ve started calling it ‘All Frequencies.’ But then it’s interesting, you have the frequency of the Soul. Because your soul – let me backtrack a second – this is really interesting. I was a physics major in UC Berkeley to start with and basically the most basic law of physics is everything is vibrating and the main thing that makes something what it is, is the rate of vibration that it vibrates at. There’s also harmonics on top that gives it with a little more detail, but the main thing is that root home note of what it is vibrating at. That is what something makes what it is. Well, if that’s the case then our soul has to be a frequency because everything is vibrating, so we are a certain soul frequency as Alice Bailey said, as we go from one lifetime to lifetime. And that makes sense, because if it changed we would be a different soul. If a cell changes it’s frequency it’s a different cell. Even David Wilcock points that out, you know. So then we are a frequency, that is part of all frequencies that is Source, so that is an essence of soul, it is a frequency connected to the whole Universe.
Alexandra: Wow! Well you know, I was going to ask you, can you give us your take on how frequency unravels the DNA.
David: Well you know, that was Len Horowitz who came up with that and now he’s admitted on a YouTube video that there’s no research proving that.
Alexandra: Okay. That too. (Laughs)
David: Okay, that was the main part. There is no actual scientific evidence. And there’s so much woo-woo and misinformation about the solfeggio frequences that he has talked about that it’s crazy. They are actually only 15 years old.
Alexandra: Naw!
David: Totally. Randy Masters knows the guy Joseph Puleo, the guy who discovered the Solfeggio frequences. He did numerology of passages on the Bible and the same numbers kept coming up over and over and over. This is where the confusion happened. And I know this for a pure fact, this is the real information on all of this. The term, solfeggi, comes from a Father Guido who invented it in 1000 A.D. and all that is, are the different vowels of do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do which are mostly based on the names of the –
Alexandra: On the scale, right?
David: the planets, right?
Alexandra: Oh, okay.
David: So what’s happened, because we are using those vowels for these frequencies that were discovered only 15 years ago now people have become confused and feel that these frequencies actually came from ancient Gregorian chant. Well actually, Randy is a master on music theory and it really would be practically impossible for a person to sing the exact frequencies of the Solfeggio. Especially because they are extremely out of tune and dissonant from what we normally would sing. If you put all the solfeggio frequencies together it is a complete dissonance which could be really cool for breaking up stuck energy. So what people are now doing with the solfeggio frequencies is, not playing a whole song with all of the frequencies, because that’s crazy. A couple of them sound good together but if you put them all together the chords are horrible. What they’re doing is tuning to one of the solfeggio frequencies. So they’ll tune their whole song to the one frequency of the solfeggio, and that’s like concert pitch 432 like we were talking about earlier.
So then there’s the meaning of the solfeggio, which is also not ancient. You know, the whole thing of love, and releasing fear and all the different aspects of the solfeggio, that isn’t ancient either. So there’s this confusion and so, now again, I don’t want to throw it out – it is very amazing that these frequencies are actually everyone of them adds up to 3, 6, or 9. So 528 – 5 and 2 is 7, 7 plus 8 is 15, and then 1 plus 5 equals 6. And apparently, according to one of our instructors now, that pattern that is found in these 3-6-9 numbers, numerologically, is also found in the DNA. So it is a pattern apparently, I haven’t seen the pure science of it. But apparently, there is a resonating pattern in the DNA. I’m still a little sceptical about it until I see more information, but what they say kind of makes sense. So there could be something very cool there. But as far as ancient Gregorian chant, that’s just not true.
Alexandra: Wow. Well also to realize that what is new today could possibly be ancient in another day and vice versa. And just because it is new doesn’t mean it doesn’t yield phenomenal benefits, right, you know what I mean. Everything is a part of the truth.
David: We’ve got frequencies in our classes – I pass out 4,000 frequencies and most of them we don’t know where they came from. I have some CDs that researched by the Germans that are really good research, and then the other good research is radionics. That was good research too. But 90% of them are not well researched, I mean they are from psychics and such, but I’m not going to throw them out. If I’ve got a kidney problem – in fact, I have actually used frequencies from all the different charts we have, even though we don’t really know where they came from, because they could be very cool.
Now in order to pin this all down, we have set up the Sound Healing Research Foundation. And it’s an open resource research project so everybody can send research and it will be shared with everybody. And if you go to Gene Om.com [http://www.geneom.com/] you’ll find it. And the idea is, everybody has to tell us where their research came from. Was it clinical research, was it a psychic, was it muscle testing, what was it. We’ll include it all but we’re going to categorize it as to exactly how to define it, if it’s a psychic or repeatable research. And then we’ll start mapping it all out. But those frequencies in the body are going to be a bit different from person to person for some things.
So what we’re looking at and this is really interesting is the relationship between the frequencies. I figured that the relationship of the over-all frequency of my heart to the frequency of my liver is a musical interval is the same in you if you’re healthy – if we’re both healthy. So we can ultimately find the relationship of all the frequencies between all the 210 types of cells and therefore find the template of musical interval of perfection for every human. And then take that template and use frequency markers based on -well, maybe your soul frequency or maybe your actual heart, or just in various markers in your body and tune that over-all template to you specifically. And then we put it on a wi-fi or i-pod or a mp3 player and we resonate you into bliss.
Alexandra: Oh my god. This awesome, David.
David: I think it really can be done. So one said something really, really cool, somebody said, ‘Let’s actually figure out that core cell when you’re a baby and figure out a way to figure what that frequency is before it gets adulterated by society, although it’s already adulterated by pastlives, you know, but then we get it in more pure state and then you find your template of perfection from that. The only tricky part is how you moderate it without hurting it, you know.
Alexandra: God, that would really be interesting if you get to the point of separation from Source itself.
David: Oh my god!
Alexandra: Can you imagine? Wow, that is just amazing! I’m speechless. Well, I want to hear your take on how you feel sound increases consciousness. Let me rephrase that. You know the book Power vs. Force, don’t you?
David: Yeah.
Alexandra: Okay. So how would you see sound playing a part in increasing someone’s consciousness and by how much do you think it would typically play it’s part.
David: Well, it could go off the scale.
Alexandra: Okay, I agree.
David: There’s actually four different levels. And this is really cool. First of all physically, higher consciousness is about getting every cell in the body to resonate or vibrate at the frequency that it’s meant to be vibrating at. No higher and no lower. Now mentally, the trick is getting your brainwaves to vibrate at the rate that is consistent, not jumping around and scattered, and also so your thoughts don’t get stuck in a dead-end, which would give you all the craziness and the psychoses that people get into. But also to have brainwaves that are really vibrating in the frequency that they’re supposed to be vibrating at. So again, it’s not higher and not lower. Although when you’re in a high state of meditation you do go to a very fast brainwave rate – of gamma – and a really slow brainwave rate that is sub-delta at the same time, They’ve monitored the Lama-trained meditators and they found this out. So with it going both directions which is similar to the Oneness idea when you get all frequencies, right?
Okay, so then at the emotional state, this is really huge. Probably the number one thing that keeps people from going into a higher state of consciousness is stuck emotions and negative beliefs. (Absolutely) And can use sound to break them up. We’ve got an instructor named Emmanuel – Emmanuel has worked with seventy people and now 65 of the people that he’s worked with with cancer, say that the cancer has completely gone. Four of them have actually gone to the hospital and gotten proof.
Alexandra: That’s fantastic, David. In fact, I just want to say something. I had a really bad car accident in 2001 and one of the most effective healing modalities I used was sound, sound healing. And I can testify to the fact that it works. And a lot of people think, because they can’t feel it, they can’t hold a tangible device in their hand they don’t see the legitimacy of it, the mainstream I should say.
David: And what Emmanuel is doing is – I said, ‘are you breaking down the cancer cells?’ and he says, ‘no I’m breaking up the emotional blockage that is holding the cancer and when that breaks up it goes away.’ But then, the ultimate end after the stuff clears out and things get in the vibration they’re supposed to be, is resonating more frequencies of compassion, gratitude, love and joy. And also resonating more with the frequency of your soul where you’re connected to all where you get the information about your soul purpose and then ultimately resonating more the energy of being One with everything in the Universe – that true state of where we really are. Because this illusion of separation that we live in is just ridiculous – it’s silly. 
Alexandra: But you know, it’s profound and it’s redundantly across all cases, like I’m a practitioner and I see that. If you take a client all the way back to the beginning, the ultimate pain or the ultimate issue gets back to separation from Source. 
David: Yes, it is. That’s it.
Alexandra: And that sensation of feeling that you’re all alone or that you’re not in Oneness with the Universe. That just resonates to my core when I hear you say that.
David: It’s so cool. There are SO many ways to use sound and music and energy to get to Source energy, you know, to really resonate it, and that’s really the ultimate – but there’s one more thing. I was working with this brainwave guy that is heavily into different states of consciousness and using EEG with 24 different electrodes in the brain to see the brain. And I said, ‘That’s the ultimate. When you’re One with the Universe.’ And he said, ‘No, and we can see it on the EEG, there’s one better.’ And I’m like ‘what’s better than that?’ and he said, ‘when you’re One with the Universe and also present with your frequency with your soul at the same time.’
Alexandra: Woh. Can I be there? Sign me up right now. [David makes a tone.] Come on David, bring it on. (lot of laughter) Oh my god, that’s incredible.
David: It IS interesting. When I’m One with the Universe I don’t really have much consciousness on my Soul frequency, so I’m just waiting to go to that higher level where I can really perceive both at the same time. Because the truth is we are just a point of awareness when we’re One, we’re nothing, we disappear when we when we’re One with the Universe.
Alexandra: We’re nothing but then we’re everything.
David: Yes, that’s right.
Alexandra: So you look at our fields, right?
David: Exactly.
Alexandra: It’s so cool to get into this stuff. Well I was saying also we still have to contend with our physical densities which is exactly what you’re talking about, when you have to break up these emotional stuck patterns and belief constructs because they really are geometrical, kind of shaped – objects? – I’m trying to think of what word.
David: In sound you can think of them in two different ways. You can look at them as distorted sounds like this [rough sound] which is different than the vowels, if I make the sound of love, every single person always make a vowel sound. No one does ever ‘eeennngh’ but fear would be like ‘aannngh’ and anxiety would be ‘iiienngh.’ So for a sound perspective these lower emotions so to speak are distortions not consistent tones, like the vowels of love, joy, and even your soul.
On the other hand, you could look at it like a musical perspective as music that is not flowing. So the stuck emotions are like ‘they’re–like, they’re–lk, they’re–lk, they’re–lk’ – in fact they often get stuck and keep repeating and they also do that for a entire lifetime.
Alexandra: Yeah, it’s terrible. Yeah, I know. That’s when you get into the binaural beat therapy, right?
David: Binaural beat, yes, because you know, they found – with posttraumatic stress you can see it as a theta loop looping over and over and over. And you can use brainwave entrainment or even white noise, to break up that loop. That’s another reason why the ocean is so cool because it’s white noise. And noise, is technically, no frequency – it’s pieces of frequencies, based on physics. So the ocean is not a frequency, it’s actually noise, which is like rivers and streams. Those break up these stuck frequencies that are actually going on and on in your brain.
Alexandra: Nice. Well you know what, I was thinking that before we could wrap this up I was going to play my favorite tune of yours. And I just love it – I shouldn’t call it a tune – it’s so beautiful.
David: Let me tell you about it. Do I have time?
Alexandra: Yeah, please do. You’ve got the time.
David: This is amazing. Unconditional love – I used to play it on the guitar years ago when – I used to have panic attacks twenty years ago and I’d play it on the guitar and I’d start crying and and then the panic attack would go away completely.
Alexandra: That’s incredible.
David: And then a few years ago this company Nutri-Energetics they actually send some electronic signals through the body and ping different organs and they give you a 30 page medical read-out and they actually hired me to do two CDs based on the frequencies of the certain intentions that they found using these $15,000 electronic device. Right? So one of them was ‘Unconditional Love.’ So I made this song using those frequencies and embedded them in the background. Then, I did all of this research with Parkinson’s patients. We did research on a dozen Parkinson’s patients – we have sound chairs and tables and we put them in the sound chair and their tremors would go away completely. And we’re still working with some of these people – they have been really helpful.
So then, this Parkinson’s patient came in and she couldn’t even get up the stairs and so I helped her up and she got on the chair. She couldn’t lie still enough to be on the chair. So I said, ‘just listen on the headphones,’ Oh, this is what she said, she said, ‘Parkinson’s is like having a panic attack all the time.
Alexandra: Woo, that’s terrible.
David: And I thought, Oh, ‘Unconditional Love,’ she probably knows the song. So I used ‘Unconditional Love’ and I played it in the headphones and in five minutes her tremors stopped completely.
Alexandra: My gosh! Well, listen. I don’t know how many of you out there listening to this but I will be shocked if a whole bunch of you don’t HAVE to have this piece of music. I mean, seriously. David, you outdid yourself.
David: When I did this, I held the intention of unconditional love 100% consistently. I thought if I’m doing unconditional love I’ll need to really be in the zone. And then when the cello player came in I said, ‘you’ve got to get in the zone before you play.’ So it’s embedded with a huge amount of intention, which has proven to come through the music to the person.
Alexandra: Awesome. Well, David, we’re going to end with your music and I just want to remind everybody to please visit David’s website at Sound Healing Center.com http://www.soundhealingcenter.com/  and you can scope out a little more about David Gibson and his background there. You can also buy some really cool products for sound healing. And maybe we can do another show David, when we can go into more detail on that as well.
David: Well, thank you so much.
Alexandra: Oh thank YOU. I’m going to start this up and you guys all have a great day. Thanks for coming today David. I appreciate it.
David: Thank you.
Alexandra: Everybody have an awesome LOVE day on Friday.
David: [love tone]
Alexandra: Bye.
David: Bye. 
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