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James Gilliland and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for January 28, 2014

Alexandra: Good afternoon everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection.com and today is January 28, OMG where has the time gone – 2014. And this my regular scheduled radio show on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. on Station 2 BBS Radio. And I have decided to invite back one of my favorite speakers and that is James Gilliland. I feel it is very appropriate to have him back on to discuss some of the current things that are going on. I really don’t want to spend too much time on his bio, you can always get a lot of that information on the landing page at Galactic Connection.com up on the BBS Radio tab. For a little recap, James is a minister, and a counsellor, and he is also a very well-known lecturer. He even had also has a couple of books, not just a few, a lot of books, and he’s very, very well-known for his ECETI Ranch. If anybody has not been up there, I highly advise that you check into it, it is an amazing experience. I keep hearing it from everyone else and it’s my intention to get myself up there soon.
So anyway James, I just wanted to welcome you again. I thank you so much for coming onto today, I really appreciate it.

James: I’m happy to be on your show again.

Alexandra: So I understand that you’re in Hawaii right now.

James: Yeah, I’m over in Maui. I just finished a lecture at the Temple of Peace and it was kind of nice because we had only three days notice and the room was packed. It was standing-room only with people sitting on the floor and you know, lines of people standing. It was quite amazing, the response that we got.

Alexandra: Nice. You see, it shows that your reputation precedes you.

James: Yeah. It also it really shows that people are really hungry for this information and they’re ready to step up to the plate and you know, get things done.

Alexandra: And for those of you that are just getting on this radio show for the first time to hear James, he is very well-known for being a total, just absolutely committed Light Warrior. People are so amazed by his commitment to getting the truth out and really firing people up to make them more empowered. So James, that’s really where I want you to begin with you. I understand you were down in Mexico and you had mentioned on your newsletter that you ran into some pretty intense energies down there. I am hearing this from across the board from a lot of emails I’m getting. And I want to know what you are feeling about why there’s such an intensity now.

James: Yes, it seems to be happening everywhere. And people are meeting their greatest challenges. I think there’s a combination of things. One is, the earth is evolving and she’s moving to the next level in her ascension process so everything is coming up everywhere. And there is a lot more energy coming in from the Galactic Plane and from a lot of other places in the Universe. And we’ve got these huge pulses coming in from Lyra and all these other systems that we keep getting these huge gamma-ray bursts. And that is changing things. Our fields are down and more cosmic energy is coming in, and the sun has been doing it’s thing. So it’s a combination of things that are happening.

And what I’m seeing right now is that the dark hearts and even the unseen energies that they work with, the Unseen Negative Energies, are really kicking up and it’s getting really crazy, because they are scrambling to hold on to their network. And their network – their old grid you might say, or the archon network, everybody has a name for it – is just being torn asundered and it’s falling apart, and they’re doing everything to retain their power and wealth. But the problem is, they gained it at the expense of others. So it’s just by Universal Law they’re not going to be able to maintain these kingdoms.

Alexandra: That’s true, because they’re being pummeled on every corner of this planet. You know, every day I’m just getting that more excited because you really see the cracks, they’re much more evident. What is your feeling about this whole thing with HSBC today? Did you hear about that?

James: No, because I’m kind of out of the loop here. But no, what’s the deal?

Alexandra: Well, basically what hit – and this was on a legitimate news article – and that was that HSBC is now really not making available funds to specific amounts of money to specific clientele in specific locations. And then on top of that, what hit was that the Bank of China is no longer making certain cash amounts available either.

James: Wow, yeah, I did hear that even on a smaller level they said that there were people trying to pull their money out for certain things and getting large amounts of cash and they were interrogated, and some of them couldn’t get it.

Alexandra: Yeah, what I think really hit me, me being an economic major, was I watched a video that was all in Chinese, OK. It’s from a mainstream media and one of the comments that was made that was translated into English, said something about the – how did they say it – the retraction of the money supply. And I immediately got a red flag because people don’t realize that the reason why we experienced 1929 when 1/3 of the population basically starved to death, because they pulled the supply of money back, and that’s what they basically were saying on this program. Now I’m not saying that 1/3 of the population is going to die, please people, don’t misunderstand me. But what I am noticing is, that something really major has changed within the banking community.

James: Well, definitely. I don’t know what the end result of all of that, but the banking community is not a sustainable program. That whole community – with the massive bailouts, and the extreme dispersal of wealth that’s going on right now. I was listening to this one guy talking, and he said ‘that’s the most insane and sick practice you can ever imagine, somebody trying to get a trillion dollars. (Yeah) What do you need trillions of dollars for? Or even billions of dollars. You know, that establishes your character right there. If you’re not using those funds and that money to help humanity and the earth and with the ascension process, that right there establishes your character and what you’re all about, and people need to take a hard look at that.
And also, looking behind the lame-stream media, they’re saying all the entrepreneurs are doing this – like Gates is doing this, and Gates is doing that – I see all of these things and I look at what he’s doing and it’s just the opposite of what they’re saying. So, yeah, he’s saving children with all these immunizations and then you look at the statistics and you find out that – like in the case of polio, there’s 12 cases of polio, you know – and then the first thing you find out there’s 45,000 people either crippled or dead from polio after the immunizations went out. (Yes) Things of that nature and you just look at this and this is about as sick as it gets. You know, we really have to look at these people and their agenda.
I know out in Hawaii, they’re having a big battle. I had Margaret Willie – who was great, she wrote the bill against the GMOs, to ban the GMOs – and I had her on the show and they’re waffling on whether the mayor is going to sign it. And I said, OK everybody – I put it on both of my shows – ‘you’ve got to get up and call the mayor and get out there’ – and she spoke about it on some other shows too. And it put enough pressure on the mayor and he did sign it.

Alexandra: Good! That’s fantastic!

James: So that’s a little victory there. But they went further, and in Maui here they’re having meetings – actually, I think today and tomorrow – on that about the GMOs and trying to stop then here in Maui. So, it’s quite interesting. But they’re scrambling, you know, everyone is trying to find out who they are, what they’re doing and growing, and they’re pretty ticked off about it, especially the locals here. So I think we’re in the middle of a, you know – I think America is going to have it’s own American Spring. And whether this revolution is peaceful or otherwise, I really hope it’s going to be a peaceful revolution, but it’s a necessary entity that’s going to happen and I hope it can be peaceful.

Alexandra: It’s a cleansing of that old program, oh you know, the government is my mommy. (laughter) Seriously.

James: When you have a dysfunctional mommy you’ve got to . . .

Alexandra: Yeah! Like come on! I remember having conversations with my parents a long time ago, saying I just don’t understand you guys. You keep talking about how the government is here to support you when you get older and they’ve got all these programs, but don’t you get it that – don’t you wonder why – it’s not like the government does anything for you without an agenda. (Laughs)

James: Yeah. What about the people – where did the money go from the people that never collected their Social Security? The people who died or the people who just didn’t need it. You don’t hear about those figures. So all of these programs are just syphoned off.

Alexandra: Oh yeah. They’re syphoned off into the war and the drug smuggling.

James: Yeah, all of that stuff. It’s all syphoned off and people have to realize that. I listened to – Oh boy – I just heard an interview with John Lash and another guy, an Irish guy, I can’t remember his name, *

Alexandra: He’s good, I like John Lash.

James: But they were together and it was amazing what they said. They just nailed it. They said we have some pathological predators, you know, at the top of this hierarchical ladder. When you climb the ladder of power and wealth and when you get to the top, these people are just pathological predators. And we have to treat them as such and deal with them on that level. It’s quite an interesting interview. It’s pretty intense, but I didn’t finish it, I have to listen to the second part of it. It’s pretty amazing, and people have to rise up and take a hard look at what’s going on.

As you’ve said on the other shows, people say, ‘Oh you’re saying porn fear, being negative, or whatever else,’ and I say, ‘No, I love humanity and the earth, and because of that I’m pointing out some things that are going on and we have to take a good hard look at with all honesty. And we can’t just sit on a rock and eat goji berries and do yoga and think everything is going to be OK. It doesn’t work that way.’

Alexandra: Not only that, the intensity of the surfacing of the secrets, and the mystery, and the subterfuge – it’s going become more and more intense until such time people take action, period.

James: Yeah, it’s that simple.

Alexandra: It’s very simple.

James: I think even the good old Jesus said that words without deeds are dead. It’s the same thing. Thoughts without actions are the same thing. It’s all the same process. We have to work the body, mind and spirit. And our physical bodies are being assaulted on a huge scale by the Chemtrails, by the GMOs, by the Gulf Oil Spill, the Corexit, now Fukushima. All of these things are orchestrated, they’re not accidents. Now people have to realize that who’s behind all of this stuff and the agenda and all of these things fit right into the Illuminati – or New World Order, or whatever call these people, the Controllers – and they fit right into their agenda, then they see the big picture and follow the ladder up. As you go up the ladder of power and wealth you’ve got some very sick, pathological predators, and those people are being ruled by Unseen Forces that do not like humans, they’d like to see most of humanity gone.

Alexandra: And the majority of them are Off-World.

James: Exactly. People have a hard time with that. I just heard a great interview with Michael Salla and I think it was Jerome Corsi – but he has a little bit of a religious spin on it – and they’re spot on when they were talking about how we have been hijacked by this Nazi unregenerate ET regime. And they are spot on. People have trouble understanding that, but if they look at the history of the earth and what really happened. When we went over and supposedly won the war with Germany, we took their best of the best and all their people and brought them over and set them up in NASA and we also set them up – we programmed our NSA exactly the some way they did in their own program. (Exactly) So these alphabet organizations, and a lot of them have been infiltrated by these some groups because they were so good at what they did. And unfortunately, they moved into positions that they shouldn’t have been in. So we have to take a good hard look at that. At the same time, the same unseen energies that Hitler was involved with are still at play now – you know, the archons.

Alexandra: The only thing that I would not agree with is, it’s not necessarily infiltrating, but the entire Nazi Movement literally just took over the military.

James: Oh yeah.

Alexandra: They literally took over the research and development. That is where you get the Rand Corporation, the Tavistock Institute, all of that stuff. They didn’t go down to South America like a lot of people think and just kind of did their thing down there. No, no, they literally made an alliance with the American government . . .

James: Two were heads of the CIA, two of the key people, I’ve forgotten their names, I think it’s the Dulles brothers. (Yeah) There were some other people involved, but they took all of Hitler’s massive amount of wealth he had amassed with the wars and invested that in the stock market and other things, and basically took over a huge portion of our own stock market and other industries and things like that, and continued to run that Empire right here.

Alexandra: Exactly.

James: Grandpapa Bush was heavily involved in that and he was brought in front of Congress and was told the same thing, that he had to get rid of some of his assets and things, so it was quite interesting. But the history, if you just look at the history, everything got moved. It didn’t get destroyed, it didn’t get – nothing ended, it just moved.

Alexandra: Yeah, it was a lateral chess move. A lot of people say, ‘oh that’s a conspiracy theory,’ but that drives me nuts, because No. 1, if you define ‘conspiracy,’ it’s two or more people speaking about something in a back room and planning to do something behind closed doors, which is the definition of the government, OK. And as for ‘theory,’ there’s nothing theoretical about it because there’s a ton of evidence to show that it’s not theoretical anymore. It’s evidential.

James: No, this is history. It’s actually factual. The evidence is overwhelming and most of it goes back to the big coup with Kennedy. That was a coup and when they took over, you know, Kennedy stood up to them and when they took over there and assassinated Kennedy, from then on that same group just got in charge of everything and we just went downhill ever since then.

Alexandra: And you brought up the Chemtrails, you and I talked off air regarding that, what do you feel is the reason why there’s been such – from my estimation – there’s been such a radical increase in the Chemtrailing in that last seven days in particular. I’ve heard it from all over the world but in particular, here in Southern California. We went from kind of respite period, for a while we were thinking, ‘Wow! There’s blue skies, we can actually see the stars you know.’ And now they gotten kind of tricky, they do a lot of stuff at night, but they are just literally blazing the skies with as in the old Bush days.

James: Yeah. I think they are giving it their last shot. They’re way behind there on their program and they haven’t been able to make everybody into neutered, zombie robots yet. I think that is their goal. So they’re really kicking it on full speed ahead. And that’s what it looks like and people have to pay attention to that. I’ve gotten into discussions, and I’m actually hanging out with Michael Murphy here on the islands, so –

Alexandra: Good!

James: Yeah. I’ve been talking to him a lot about it. I told him, we talked about it, ‘You know, we just have to get back to basics. It’s very simple – Barium: BAD, aluminum: BAD,

Alexandra: No kidding.

James: Strontium: BAD. You know.

Alexandra: Exactly.

James: It’s not that complicated. And all these little biologics and everything else that are coming down are not good, they’re not in our interests and best good. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. I think a lot of people’s intellects are running amuck and there’s a lot of disinformation. They’re trying to steer it off saying, ‘Oh, they’re trying to block Russia from hitting us with their HAARP technologies, you know, and so we’re saving the people.’ So actually you’re going to kill off the people, eventually put them on timers and completely collapse their immune systems, and save them from some Russian device, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Nobody is actually paying attention. They say, ‘Oh it’s global warming, weve got to stop global warming,’ the problem with that is that’s earth is cooling down.

Alexandra: Exactly.

James: So some people say we’re moving into a Mini-Ice Age. And I know over here in Hawaii it’s really cold. It’s colder than it’s been for a long time and right now it’s just been pouring rain. It’s just terrible rain storms going on. So the weather here is just not picking it up. It’s not global warming here.

Alexandra: Do you think that – going back to what you said about the Chemtrails and blasting our immune systems and that kind of thing – I was having a conversation yesterday about this and I had to laugh because as hard as they are working that they’re trying to take us out in any way, shape, or form that they can, biologically, I’m saying, there is something to be said, especially from my perspective as a practitioner working with homeopathy and essences and alchemy, I definitely see our bodies just becoming stronger and stronger. It gets to a point, James, where the body is so brilliant, that it will build the immune system to counteract that which it’s being blasted with. (Umhmm) And I understand that there is a lot of garbage out there, like morgellons and things like that, which I do want to talk with you about. But there’s also the flip side of it, which is the miracle to all of this is, that the more that they are doing this, it’s almost as if the bodies on the planet are becoming more and more armored.

James: And you know too, it’s like you guys, I guess you can talk about the implant removal that you guys are doing, and the oils and other things you are doing – I can’t wait to check that one out –

Alexandra: Yeah, I can’t wait for you to get your package.

James: and experience that for myself. But there’s also other things that are happening where new healing technologies are coming out at the same time. (Yes) And the people that are paying attention, that are awakening, are having access to these new technologies. And it seems like the people that are not, are just going to be – there’s being a [separation of] the wheat from the chaff. (Yes) Everybody is just going to stay stupid and not align themselves with this Higher Consciousness and Energy and not wake up, and unfortunately, are just going to be weeded out. But that’s not a natural process, unfortunately, the people who are doing the weeding, they’re not – they’re not human, let’s say. They are definitely not working in our highest and best good. Although some of them might think so, but they’ve been duped to believe that. But the bottom line, the morgellons thing is – they’ve tried everything to cure morgellons and it’s just not working, and everybody is coming up with these new cures and that cure. And I experienced that myself, I had (morgellons?) (both talking)

Alexandra: Really!

James: Yeah, and they looked at my blood and they said, ‘Oh man, you’ve got – they were telling me that I’ve been hit by everything. And I’ve had radionic treatments and things like that, and they just said, ‘you’ve been hit by every chemical, every nerve agent, every ELF wave,’

Alexandra: Oh my god!

James: ‘Everything -‘

Alexandra: You must be doing something right, James! (laugher)

James: Yeah, yeah. ‘I’m surprised that you’re still walking.’ And I do take a hit from my body right now and I’m recuperating from that somewhat from some of the hits I’ve been taking. They’re coming out now with some new things now with morgellons in which they ping it with an EMP pulse. (Yeah) and that’s the only thing that’s taking it out – by building these EMP pulse generators. If you go to http://www.morgellonscure.com/ and check that out and they actually give you the plans. And I think everybody should have one of these things in their basement and subject all your friends with this and build them everywhere. Because we really need to get these things out of us, because it’s making us into an antenna as this stuff takes over. You know, the scientists I know that looked at this object, they said ‘This is Satan’s dream.’ That’s what they called it.

Alexandra: Yeah, yeah.

James: This is the most hideous thing. I have to ask, first of all, who would even create such a thing? And second of all, who would implement it?

Alexandra: Yeah, okay.

James: And we have to look at that about what’s going on. Who’s creating these things first off, and then who implemented them. And when you find out that – how many scientists, I guess they’re bioengineers, that are working with the government that’ve been knocked off lately, because they know what’s been created and what’s going on?

Alexandra: Well, god, didn’t they knock off 22 of them like three months ago or four months ago?

James: Yeah, yeah. The numbers are just going up like crazy. You look at these people’s history and they all work for the government and they work in the Bio-Warfare departments and things like that.

Alexandra: You know, this is really interesting that you bring this up, I have to bring this story up. I hope she doesn’t mind. There is an individual that works for one of the governmental-oriented labs, let’s just say that, and she contacted me about something bizarre thing that happened to her. And when I scanned her and I checked in with myself with the information I had been given, it became totally apparent to me that all of these employees who work at this laboratory are actual guinea pigs themselves and they don’t even know it.

James: Look at that batman thing that happened, with the murder there. He came straight out of those labs. [James Holmes (Batman massacre)]

Alexandra: Yeah!

James: He was definitely part of that mind control program. He was there working with them, studying it, doing it, and he became a victim of it himself. If you look at the guy’s eyes – his eyes – he’s just pure crazy. If you look at his eyes you think, what on earth did they do to this guy. He’s just –

Alexandra: They so mutated his DNA he can’t be human, but I was also going to say my husband and I are working on the very same thing that you brought up, by the way. Since about ’97 he and I have been putting together an Alternative Quantum
Field Health Care System. And we’re tweeking it and it has everything you can imagine – your orgone, your scalar waves, your zero point, your tachyon, your you-name-it, it’s an encompassing thing. So when you look at it through that perspective, there truly is nothing that we cannot cure.

James: I agree.

Alexandra: Seriously, I’m not saying that from the standpoint of – I’m not going to go out on a limb where, you know, the FDA are going to say, ‘Oh you’re going to cure something.’ What I’m trying to say is that the body is SO BRIlLIANT. It is so incredibly brilliant. And if we are able to really get the way that quantum physics works with the body, it’s just a no-brainer, James.

James: Oh yeah. I work with people that are actually working in the quantum field –

Alexandra: Totally.

James: and it’s amazing what they have come up with. They’ve come up with this nano- platinum and gold and things of that nature. And they use that to actually create an antenna for the Higher Consciousness and Energy of the quantum field. And I’ve watched people with certain diseases just heal up in two days, which is unheard of. For these things, you would have had to have major surgeries for these things to be cured. And they have these other little devices that they strap on to the person right on that area. So there’s a lot of things coming out. But a lot of these guys are on the run. They can’t set up shop, they can’t even be in the United States.

Alexandra: Yeah. It’s unfortunate. But you know what, it’s starting to diminish. And the reason that I say that is, with looking back say, even ten years ago. Something as harmless as Hulda Clark – remember her?

James: Oh yeah.

Alexandra: And harmless not because she wasn’t just an absolute, amazing contributor to alternative health, and being able to document everything, you know, chemically. But, you know, she was not, like, getting out there ragging on the government or anything like that and they made her life absolute hell. They chased her into Mexico, they shut her down a couple of times. Guess what, people are still taking her products.

James: Oh yeah. I have some of her products. I have the zappers and the latest one, I have a lot of things like that.

Alexandra: Right. And isn’t it true James, and it’s very much based on basic.

James: Oh yeah. It’s pretty basic. A lot of the Rife technology and the other things that others are expanding it now, there’s no reason. We have everything we need to conquer disease, you know, even poverty. We could have totally fuelless energy right now. I know people who have devices that they could shut down these nuclear reactors right tomorrow, but put these devices in there to run the dynamos and they would run them forever, no fuel, nothing.

Alexandra: Right on.

James: So we have that technology right now. We could shut this down, and we really have to because those are all ticking time bombs. People really have to look into this but the bottom line, if the grid goes down all these nuclear reactors become nuclear bombs. And massive nuclear bombs, as we’ve seen at Fukushima. And if the grid goes down they’ve only got about a week’s worth of diesel there to run the generators – if the generators survive whatever brings the grid down. But if that’s the case, let’s say that the grid does go down, you’re not going to be pumping gas, all the highways are going to be gridlocks and how are they going to get the diesel over to these reactors to keep them running, to get the water pumping to keep them cooling down. It’s just insane. The safeguards are not there to have another Fukushima and each of these reactors is a ticking time bomb.

Alexandra: Yes it is. And the other thing that I think we need to remember is, that we wouldn’t be so far along today, if we didn’t have intervention from our Star Families and our Galactic Assistance. There’s no question about it.

James: I have evidence from NASA that shows ships parked right in front of the sun and when the sun throws out a kill shot, a huge massive flare, they actually extended their field and blocked it.`

Alexandra: Wow!

James: And these are NASA photos. And so a lot of people are like, ‘what are the ETs doing for me?’ and I say, ‘well, you’d probably be in the dark ages right now if they weren’t assisting us (Totally) and helping us to make these shifts and changes.

Alexandra: Oh my god! Can you send me that link? I’d love to put that up on my site for a while.

James: If you go to ECETI and at any of my talks, my recent talks, they actually show those photographs and talk about -you know – any of talks I’ve done at the conferences that we have there, it’s in there. And there’s a lot of other amazing speakers too that have talked about similar things. All those DVDs are there. I could probably shoot you a couple of pictures.

Alexandra: That would be great. I’d love to put that up there. Then I could reference it to your website. Hey, James, tell me what’s your feeling that the sun and the fact that it’s supposedly already flipped, or is in the process of flipping?

James: Well, the north pole flipped already, but the south pole is just hanging on, for some reason. It didn’t flip, which should have sent a huge kill shot toward us as it does every eleven years, and we should have another Carrington Effect or something similar. But it didn’t happen. And there were other things involved. I don’t know if you heard about it but it’s another conspiracy, (chuckles) where there were some nukes that disappeared, and the nukes that disappeared, and the collars for those nukes were set up to be EMP Blasts that were designed to bring down the grid, and there was a plan to actually blow those off and knock the grid down at this same as this pulse came in, to take us out. But that was the same group, the same Illuminati, New World Order group.

Alexandra: Right.

James: People ask, they can’t wrap their minds around why they would do that, why would they take down the very people that they have dominated or controlled or things like that, and there’s two reasons for that. One – they’re totally set up, they don’t care, they’re all ready to go. Two – when the people wake up to who these people are and what they have done, they’re the enemy, you know, they ARE the enemy. They are so afraid of us waking up at mass and and figuring out who they are and what they have done, that to them now, we aren’t a commodity, we aren’t cattle anymore, we’re the enemy, and they’re very afraid of us now that we’re waking up.

Alexandra: Yeah. I was going to say, look at the Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Egypt, and Greece! You know, people are just not taking it anymore. It’s gotten to the point that they’ve so destroyed the country of Greece it’s just repulsive to –

James: Look at what they did to Libya. They completely demonized Gaddafi but when you look at the research, you know, a guy – everybody there had a home, he had an education, if he had a kid he was given $5- or 7,000 or something like that, he had a vehicle, they had an extremely high standard of living there. He was doing all those massive water projects and everything, you know, to help out the people and his country. He went over the edge there and he said we’re going to go on the gold standard and I’m going to unite Africa and we’re going to have our own monetary system going and kick out the International Banksters, and that’s the whole reason why we went into Libya.

Alexandra: Interesting.

James: The “Al-CIAda,” Al Qaeda, was there to do that. And I don’t understand why people can’t put two and two together. If Al Qaeda supposedly took down the Trade Center they are the enemy. So why are they working for us and why are we’re sending them arms? If they’re supposedly the enemy, and if you really do your research they weren’t the ones who took down the Trade Center, they’re Egyptian.

Alexandra: Exactly.

James: It just goes on and on. Everything we’re shown and told is just a big story, it’s a big lie and when you pull the curtain back, and you look behind the curtain, you’ll see a whole different entity standing there at the controls and it’s not who you think it is. And as I’ve said before, we do have just several families who own all the corporations and the banks and everything else, and then above them you have some Unseen Energies that they’ve sold their souls to. And these Beings do not care whether we live or die, they like to see all of us in pain and suffering, they feed on that. (Exactly) And that is the answer, that’s the 3rd answer as why someone would do something like this. When you really think about it, I always say to people, ‘Is it a human act to just level a whole city and kill all the men and women and children like in Fallujah or some of these other places, to indiscrimately, totally level a whole city? When you give orders to do things like that and kill over a million people, like over in Iraq, and things like that – or I think it’s more than that, I don’t know how many people they’ve killed –

Alexandra: It’s like a gazillion and if you think of how they’re approaching it – through the drones, so that the individual that actually might have a conscience, can’t see what they’re really doing, and the children and the families that are being taken out by the hundreds. So many complaints in Pakistan and –

James: They’re doing double taps. People don’t realize that. They’ll hit – if there’s a wedding and there might be one so-called person that doesn’t agree with their system or against the government, right, and they’ll take out a whole family, and not just a family, but all their ancestors and everything all together. They’ll take a whole family, they’ll take out the whole group, just to get one person that might or may not be there. And then after they do that and all the women and children and everybody are lying out and dismembered and torn to bits and half-alive, when the First Responders show up and the ambulances come, they do it again. They do a double tap. That is beyond sick. That is not human.

Alexandra: Well the other thing is, James, not only is it not human but we have to understand that as a Planetary Unification perspective it is really the Soul-less Ones, the Heart-less Ones. Why do you think they are called the Blue Blood? Why do you think they are called Reptilian?

James: Exactly.

Alexandra: They do not have red warm blood coursing through their veins. They don’t.

James: Yeah. It’s very obvious right now – and that’s what I’m telling people now and they say, ‘Oh you really put me in a downer.’ And I say, ‘Go watch that movie V.’

Alexandra: I really like that movie.

James: Yeah, yeah. They really spell it all out, exactly what’s going down. They don’t really go far enough with it. They don’t tell you who’s the force behind all of this stuff. But it let’s you see the psychopaths that are running the country and their mind-set and things like that – that’s covered very well in that movie.

Alexandra: Well the thing is though, this should not be depressing people. This should be catalyzing people to get off of their couches. This should be empowering people to start seeing all the incredible changes that already starting to happen. For example, OK, this is small but it’s big. There are quite a few countries now that are rejecting all GMO products that come from the United States.

James: Exactly.

Alexandra: That’s HUGE.

James: And when you think about it, it’s all of these alternative talk shows out there that are covering this, that believe-it-or-not that all of these people are listening to, are the ones that really nailed this down, to bring this information into the light. (Yes) The real information – the lamestream media – didn’t do it. (No) And so basically, it’s that and it’s the network, the human network of the people who do really care about humanity and the earth that is rising up to make these things happen. And that’s what needs to happen – we need to rise up – and take a good long hard look at our leadership and every institution, and look at what they’re doing, look at the history and what they have done, and just make a decision that I’m not going to participate anymore at this. I’m not going to involve myself. In fact, I’m going to stand tall and stand in my Own Divinity and start saying it like it is, and tell everybody around me what’s really going on. That’s what needs to happen right now.

Alexandra: I think that people are still comparing us to the days like, you know, the eighties where, oh god, if you had a phone conversation about this stuff – because I relate, I remember back then – I was threatened and everything else – and it was a scary time, James. But I don’t feel that same intensity now. There’s a lot more light on the planet, there’s far more protection on the planet, you know, there’s far more compression of light on the planet, which is compressing the darkness as well. So they’re having to cope with their own crap, as we are. You know, this isn’t just surfacing – we don’t have to deal with our shadows and surfacing and all that garbage we haven’t coped with – more than they do.

James: Well, with the Universal Law, these people think they are beyond that. They think they are beyond karma. They think they’re beyond action-reaction. And the problem is that their attitudes and emotions and their actions are all in their fields, they’re holding onto this energy and that puts them in a very dense frequency, and that frequency is not frequency-specific to where the planet is going. So they cannot continue. (No) Their reality, their kingdoms, even their physical bodies, can not continue with where the Universe is going. So it’s a no-win situation. It doesn’t matter whether I am here or not, or whether you’re here or not, it’s going to happen. But we all need to do our part to help as many people as we can to get through this shift.

You know, people say ‘Why do you hate these people? Why do you have so much hate in your heart about these people?’ I don’t. And I don’t fear them either. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for them because they have painted themselves into a corner, and the only way out is to wholly shift – to shift their energies and their resources and everything and enter the awakening process. And this is their only way out. And these other beings that are not going to shift in that direction are going to be taken out.

And they are in the process of being taken out, which is quite interesting. Because we brought in one of these beings, and we were talking to one of the original Annunaki, the ones who still operates with Universal Law, and they have the Council of Twelve, where they have six men and six women, well, they’ve returned. And they are calling forward the Fallen Ones, the Fallen Annunaki who had been left behind that got into turf wars and created all the religions and that’s where we got the image of Bearded God, from these guys. And they also made alliances with – Marduk made alliances with the Reptilians and some of the unregenerate ETs and now they’re putting an end to that, along with the Star Nations that are getting involved, which are our Ancient Ancestors, they are the Temple Builders.

So they all are returning now and they’re doing a huge clean-up process. They told me they have about 70% of the recall finished and they have about 80% of the really nasty, unregenerate ETs taken care of. And it’s just going to continue. I don’t think they have much longer to continue here. As well as the dark hearts, they are not going to be able to function here either.

Alexandra: Well, I really was surprised that you hear from people that they think you’re so full of hatred from these guys – I don’t pick up that at all from you. What I do pick up on is the fact that you are just trying to really point out to people the reality of the situation and recognize that we are in the Driver’s Seat. (Exactly) We have more power now than we’ve ever had before. We just have to recognize it – number 1. Number 2 – and one thing I’d like to bring up to remind people, that Cobra mentioned the last time I interviewed him James, that the major archon of the Vatican was going to finally be brought down.

James: Hmhmm.

Alexandra: That was pretty huge. For him to come out and say that. Something really major must have gone down with the Light Forces, and some sort of negotations or whatever. I don’t know what that requires because they don’t talk about it. There are too many lives on the line. To hear that, and to hear some of the ramifications of the financial system – instead of looking at everything going, ‘OMG, the sky is falling,’ just look at it and realize that this is exactly what we really DO want. You know, it’s NOT OUR SYSTEM. It’s not the system that we would ever have built. We would never have built this system where the people are dying from starvation and there’s territorial wars and people being blown up by drones, that’s not us. Why would you want that? We don’t want it, we want it to die.

James: Even within our military, people that were duped to believe that they were serving God and Country when actually they were serving the corporations in their quest to control and steal all of the natural resources even of sovereign countries, (Yes) are waking up and realizing that they’ve been injected, they’ve been experimented with, they’ve been injected with everything under the sun, some of them have been put on timers, you know, and then they have their benefits taken away after they’ve been set up, and been exposed to the Gulf War and the Depleted Uranium, and all of the other things that have been done to the troops. And they are all starting to figure things out too, thank God. So yeah, so that needs to happen as well. They need to wake up and get back aligned with their Oath – as well as everyone who’s been sworn-in to serve the country, whatever agency you’re involved with, because we have to get back and realize, we all took an Oath to serve the people and the Constitution, not the corporations. And when we do that we leave this tyranny, you know, and this Gestapo Program that’s being put into place. We just need to pull the plug on it, because all of these things have been financed, you know, by us. (laughs)

Alexandra: Yes.

James: So we’re participating in our own demise, and we have to put some heavy pressure on there, saying we’re not going to support this anymore, and any leadership that does support this – you’re out.

Alexandra: You know James, tell people what is the best solution for them to feel they are taking some action even if they perceive it to be something really small and minute.

James: You know, there are so many things that we can do. One – we need to educate ourselves, because Consciousness is Cause. And at the level of Consciousness we really need to get our Higher Self, our main Master and Guides, and make our Own God Connection, whatever that may be to you. There are many ways of doing that – there’s meditation, there’s getting out into nature, getting away from things, just sit down and shut up – it’s very simple. That’s one of the best ways of doing it. Or there are some teachers who can transfer that energy to others and help them do that, but I’m very wary there, because if it is not empowering you to make your Own God Connection then you are giving your power to them –

Alexandra: I agree.

James: and there’s a lot of that going out there. I’m just blown away by seeing a lot of these gurus and they put on a robe and wrap a towel around their head and they spew out this same old nonsense which is part of the Program which keeps them enslaved and disempowered. And everyone is worshipping these people rather than going – they’re being external again and putting all their energy outside of themselves or waiting for these guy to tell him what to think, how to behave, what to do and they’re not going within and connecting with their Own Unique Soul Purpose, and figuring out who they are, why they’re here and getting clarity on what’s happening all around them. That’s really important right now.

You know, there’s so many things to do. You can learn how to heal Unseen Negative Influences, if we did that in mass that would be great. We can call on these Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters, the Higher Dimensional Beings, the Ultra-Dimensionals, we can call on all these Beings for help which I think is so important right now, because we can not – I hate to say it but this has gotten so bad that I don’t think this is possible to fix this on this level. We need some extreme help, some extreme technology, to turn this thing around, to turn this planet around. They are waiting –

Alexandra: Yes, they’re waiting.

James: Just waiting, waiting for the call, they’re saying, Make the call, you know. Set the Intention. Re-write your contract, your agreement. Be very clear Who you are, What you want and Ask for help and Start going forward in that direction. That is so important right now because they have the technology, and once we gain the wisdom and enough of us wake up, you know, that Critical Mass or the Hundredth Monkey, this is going to shift and that’s the process that we’re in right now.

And on the physical level, we really need to start seeking out all of these alternative healing methods, as well as get very close to the ground with everything you do. Take your shoes off. Walk on the ground. Do your practices, whether it be Yoga, or Qigong or something, that’s part of this. It’s all part of this. And when we eat, eat close to the ground. Eat organic, stay away from all the processed foods. And your water is really important. There’s some healing waters out there, like one of the guys I work with that created this crystalized oxygen water and he actually crystalized oxygen and stabilized it and he puts it in a microhydrant, that’s Langenburg Water if you want to check that out.

Alexandra: I just bought the most kick-butt water system and it works through scalar wave and it has a specific ray of light going through it. It’s incredible.

James: I just heard about that.

Alexandra: Yeah, it’s the most cutting-edge thing and we’re really happy with it. We love it.

James: Yeah, I’ll have to look into that more. I just heard about that today and I was going to look into it. But this other water has a whole array of technology that created this oxygen water. It’s very complex, and it’s out of this world. You know, oxygen is the highest systemic antibiotic that you can give.

Alexandra: Yes, it is.

James: It increases your blood oxygen, and raises your PH, and you know cancer is anaerobic, it’ll back right out of your system; and all these little viruses and bacterias will explode on contact with this crystalized oxygenated water. I really suggest that, and there are other technologies I need to look into, like the one you’re talking about. I’m sure there’s a myriad of ways to clean up our water. There’s some new technologies now and I can’t go into detail, but we have technologies now which take polluted water and run through the system and come out as healing water and at the other end of it, it takes the pollutants out and it actually burns them and generate electricity in a plasma generator. And it generates an enormous amount of electricity. It runs itself and it also cleans up the water so –

Alexandra: Right on, right on! That’s awesome, James.

James: – so that’s the situation, I know that’s coming out right now. There’s a lot of other technologies that are coming in right now to clean all these things up. And some of these guys know how to negate radiation. We’ve known how to get rid of radiation from waste for a long time but the problem with that is, the people who actually make the waste are being paid billions of dollars to clean up the waste and store the waste and everything else, so they don’t want solutions they want the cash. So again, that’s the problem, we really need to get educated and look at these things and how corrupted they are and say, ‘you know what? This is going to kill the planet if we let this greed and this unbridled – these people, their lust for power and wealth is just insatiable. It’s unbridled, and we have to take a good look at these people and who they are, what they’re doing, and how it’s affecting the earth and humanity and hold them accountable.’

Alexandra: I really agree. I also think this is a fascinating time to look at, for example, all the people who came through on the implant removals. One of the core things that I bring forth in the essences is to assist them in stepping in to their mission, OK. So what I’m seeing, across the board all over the world, is this actual grid that’s getting lit up over here, over there, down here, and people are starting to – it’s literally more of waking up to realize that something that you thought that was really not a big deal, which wasn’t really contributing that much, is really a pretty big deal, because you are going to create a new way of dealing with that issue or problem.

I’ll give you an example. I got a call from a guy one day, he had monstrous issues with an ex. She was very psychotic, and his heart was broken because he didn’t have access to his child, and she was playing this game of holding the child back from him. And he says, ‘You know, I want to start a blog.’ I said, ‘Do you understand that when you heal yourself through this experience you are healing countless others, because it’s vibrational. You’re going to be attracting other people that are vibratorially going through that same experience.’ So we all need to understand that it’s doesn’t matter where you’re at, it doesn’t matter how psychic you are, it’s wherever you are that you feel so much passion to try either to fix the problem, or bring a resolution to it or have a different perspective, by bringing that forward, you are healing a ton of people!

James: Oh yeah. You know, I’ve got a few people that I’d like to have in line for that one. (laughter)

Alexandra: Yeah!

James: I’ve got a couple of exes that could very much be of assistance – in that program. It’s sad, because in my field, and all of us have experienced that, there is a lot of – like Manchurian Candidates or Monarchs or things like that out there – and things are happening that people don’t know about, like the Unseen Negative Influences, that will jump into those closest to you, or like your family, and they will do everything they can to turn your life upside down (Yes) and divert you from your Soul Purpose and your Path and just make your life a living hell. But a lot of them, you know, I’m not saying this to create more divisions or separation, I’m saying that we have to identify this as a problem. In each case, even some that I knew were sent to me to create this situation, I still held the space of being loving and supporting, and assisting them in their healing, and processed it in the best way that I could. Some just couldn’t break away and some made choices, you know, to go back into that system because it was all that they knew and it took care of them, the old archonic network, so –

Alexandra: You know James, I’ve got to interject a second. This is something that I was taught by a mentor and it changed my life. Quote: There is a difference between being part of your family or part of a structure of relatives. There’s a real difference. Most of the people that are listening to this interview their families are probably pretty much dysfunctional. I should say their relatives. Their true family is not typically who you grew up with. It’s not normal.

James: Yeah. Yogananda covered that. He said you have your biological family and you have your spiritual family. And he said, you have to accept your biological family, if your brother is a thief you have to accept that, and do what you can to try to divert him, or maybe even separate yourself from that and let them finish any karma they’ve got. But he said, you hang out with your spiritual family because they’re the ones who feed you and assist you in your evolutionary process.

Alexandra: And build you and help you become all you can be to your full potential. And that’s what James and I want for everyone that is listening to this interview. Hey James, we’re getting up to the top of the hour and so I want to tie it up with – do you have any last words of wisdom for what is coming around the corner in February.

James: Boy, I’ve been seeing, you know, from February on, especially March, a lot of things are unfolding and all way into July actually. It’s a huge push, a lot of movement for people to wake up and stand up and getting in touch with their Own Divinity. And that’s happening very fast. And I’m seeing a lot of these Programs that just aren’t aligned with the new energies coming in just being shaken to their core. This old grid is just being torn apart and those who work within it, and there’s a whole new grid that’s pushed in, pressing in very hard by these Higher Dimensional Beings and the whole Universe is participating in this. The 5D grid is pressing in very hard. So the more that you can just surrender to this Higher Consciousness and Energy and release the past and call out for help, you know, focus on love, joy and bliss.

I always tell people – Make Love your Practice in everything you do – Love and Kindness. And also set boundaries with everyone who is not practicing love and kindness – we need to do that just as well. And love ourselves at the same time and love ourselves enough to set these boundaries and take care of ourselves because some of us are so extended-out. We’re like batteries that are leaking, and we’re looking for love and acceptance and approval outside of ourselves and we’re looking for all these other groups to be taking care of us. It doesn’t work that way. We need to pull that energy back in because then we won’t be these leaking batteries anymore. We’ll be charged up and we can be empowered to fulfill our Own Unique Soul Purpose.

Alexandra: That’s why they tell you when you get on a plane you have to put your oxygen bag first and your child’s next.

James: Exactly.

Alexandra: And Stay Strong. So thank you James for all you do. I just so honor your passion and the fact that your never stop. It just blows my mind – it’s like the Eveready Bunny. But a lot of us really esteem you, and from the standpoint of how much you’ve gone through to continue doing what you do. And I really honor you for that.

And I just want to thank everybody for listening tonight. If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email. And also visit James’ website at World Puja.net, right?

James: No, Eceti.org is the best one. http://www.eceti.org/ Then you can check-in in the radio shows at World Puja and BBS Radio and the all other things we have going on.

Alexandra: OK cool. Well so you got it everybody. You have a great night and you all take care and Stand Strong and be the Masters That You Are.

James: Aloha!

Alexandra: OK, we’ll talk to you guys later. Bye.

* James may be thinking of John Lash and Thomas Sheridan, Handling Psychopath Human Predators.

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