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microphone (1)James Gilliland and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for January 6, 2015

The Planet’s Turning Around!

Alexandra: Hello, hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors from GalacticConnections.com and we have a really special radio program today.  First of all, this is my first video recording – because so many people have been asking me to do this – as well as James here and we are breaking into the big 21st Century ha James.  So this is going to be a recording for the BBS radio show on Tuesdays from 3.00 p.m. to 4.55 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Station 2, and the reason James and I were just kind of shooting the you know what and talking about how to kick off the New Year and a lot of the information that’s coming through December was really hefty – I think James agrees – and we wanted everyone to just get some clarity on combining the physical aspects of, you know, the 3D world and the financial system and what’s really happening with that, and also all the really cool stuff that’s going on in the etheric and astral plane.  There is some really exciting stuff and they are merging, they are really merging and marrying and bringing to fruition a new society that we have all been waiting for.

So I wanted everyone to remember that we are going into the Year of the Sheep, by the way, on February 19th, that’s the Chinese New Year.  James is going to give us some information on that whole thing and how that fits in, but just a key ingredient here, it says “the Year of the Sheep is a highly creative period where people may express their artistic natures and find great pleasure in simply following their hearts’ desires” – isn’t that cool? – “while allowing others the freedom to do the same.”  I mean how much more appropriate can you get?  So it says, “the leading characteristics of this is the spirit of helpfulness and sheep are never happier than when they are making others happy.”  I just thought that this was so appropriate….

James: That’s perfect…

Alexandra: I couldn’t believe it…

James: I am happy when I see other people healing and get clearing and get their own personal creator connection going.

Alexandra: Ya, I thought that was really cool.  So I wanted to kind of start off with…we first began this whole thing because you had come into some really cool information about the RV and the financial system – and I know there are some things that you can share and that you can’t share – so whatever you feel comfortable with, but I’d like to start off with that, you know that supposedly was the Big Day of December 12th.  Can you share any information on that?

James: Well, I tell you what my understanding is, I’ve been talking to some people that are on the highest levels and, you know, even the one they call Grandfather and I guess it’s out, they call him Huan, but you know I got a phone call from there just out of the blue, I didn’t expect it at all, you know, and other than in meditation I was told that I would get a call from the East, and after that phone call I just felt some amazing energy coming from these people, very high energy, you know, kind of like 5th dimensional Christ consciousness, that type of energy…

Alexandra: Nice…

James: And I go, ah, these guys are on the right track here and then I started listening to what their program is and how they are doing things. And they are doing things very smart, you know, a lot of people want everything to be done like tomorrow, they want their check in the mail, they want to go out and buy their new condo, a new beach house, or whatever.  It isn’t gonna work that way, so it’s really important to realize, and there is a lot of evidence that some of the money has already been moved, but just the interest alone on some of these accounts has been moved to take care of this system we have over here, our own financial system, so it doesn’t collapse because the Petro Dollar is basically toilet paper right now, you know, with the BRICS and everything else going on.  Unfortunately we have let people be in charge of our economic system that have no loyalty to the people whatsoever, their loyalty is to the Banksters and they have just been printing money like crazy, with no backing…

Alexandra: What is your view on the plummeting of the oil prices, because there is two schools of thought?  One is that it is just kind of setting us up for a global financial collapse but on the other hand, if you look at it, some of the most major profits of the Saudi Arabians is hugely based solely on oil and it kind of felt like a strategic move. So I wanted to know what you thought about that.

James: Ya, it’s interesting because I’ve heard two different stories on that.  One, I heard that we were doing it to collapse the Rouble, the Russian economy and things like that, and then I heard another story that when this goes down, you know, now they are not being able to frack anymore because it’s not economically feasible to do all the fracking and to do all the Tarzan things and things of that nature because the prices are so low. So, I mean, I’ve heard like ten different stories and that end of it I’m not really clear on, you know.  So, but it’s not going to work, whatever they are doing. We are just all getting a lot of cheap gas out of it.

Alexandra: I love it, I love it. I know, I haven’t seen gas prices like this since what? The ‘80s? I mean this is $2…..

James: I’m on Maui right now.  The gas prices are going down but they are pretty high here on the island, so ….

Alexandra: It’s $2.35 in my neighbourhood.

James: Wow…

Alexandra: I mean, it’s unheard of, I haven’t seen prices like that and so low…

James: Get on quick and fill up my cars….

Alexandra: Come on over here, James.  So an interesting thing before you and I had this recording, I was checking on some of the Dragon Society stuff that’s out there and the Ambassador that speaks to Ron.  Interestingly enough they had a sign supposedly over the sky in Beijing and it was a Phoenix coming before a Dragon.  What do you think?  What’s your perspective on that?  I mean, basically he said “this is something they have been waiting for, it was supposed to represent the new start as an official beginning, like it has begun.” And everyone is feeling it.

James: I think they are, too, waiting for the New Year, the Chinese New Year to really announce a lot of this stuff, but I think the sign probably inspired them to bring some things out a little earlier because they feel better and better now that they are going to put an end to this Cabal situation and, you know, the war and disease profiteers and the people that have just been ruining the planet and most of the peoples’ lives as well. So I think they feel really good about that.  My information is that, you know a long time ago the Global reset/revaluation, whatever you want to call it, has already been done quite a while ago and we are starting to see the effects of it.  A lot of the other things have been moved, money has been moved here and there, wherever it needs to be to prop up the system right now and then they are going to start vetting out some of the people that have done some pretty heinous things.  It will be like a Truth and Reconciliation program going on.  

A lot of people called me, and I understand, “what these guys are getting all this money, these are the same criminals that screwed us up before” and I said, well they just got enough to prop them up, to keep it going so there can be this vetting out system, that’s my interpretation of it.  And they have a choice.  They either turn, they shift and get back in alignment with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth ascension process or they are out.  And a lot of them are.  So these structures are already in place and they are using some of these structures to turn the planet around.  Some of the people I talked to are people that actually, you know, have their fingers on the accounts, that are actually moving the money and working on it.  So, they are giving me updates.  Some of the things I probably shouldn’t talk about, and I don’t want to overstep my bounds, because I know in talking with the Ambassador is a short conversation, I’m sorry not the Ambassador but the Grandfather, but there is more information about that.  A lot of people are just talking about the Grandfather but there is a lot more to it than the Grandfather, there’s other people involved, too.

Alexandra: Oh, I would imagine so.  

James: There’s Grandmothers… you know.  Well, I don’t want to get onto that. But, there is just a lot more to the story what people are hearing and I kinda want to give people the heads up and warn people.  There is a lot of people saying “oh, we are getting a bazillion dollars, there is nothing to worry about, we are gonna fund everything.” But if you haven’t been doing humanitarian work already and if your projects aren’t in alignment with the awakening and healing process, with taking care of the needy and feeding the hungry and taking care of disease, whatever. If you are not part of the awakening and healing process, whatever that is, if you haven’t been and you are gonna jump right in and say “oh, I’m gonna get a billion dollars now because all of a sudden I’m a healer, it doesn’t work that way.”

Alexandra: I want to add something to that.  Some of the messages that have been coming in for me for literally since 1997 in regards to that have been when you receive a great deal of money there is no. 1 a responsibility and no. 2 it’s like a thought process that you really are not thinking individualistically and what I mean by that is “hey, you can have a really nice house, there is abundance on this planet.  There should be no judgment as to what people do to live in beauty and harmony and whatever makes their boat float.  But that is not the core of why you want to use that money for other causes, you know, it’s not all about YOU.  So if you have not shown that on a consistent basis as well as you know, what’s the old adage that the majority of the people that win the lottery they’re broke within five years, they want to see people that really have the staying power to take that all the way to the end, that have the consciousness to be able to handle it.  Because it’s a whole other platform, James, of handling different kinds of attack, different kinds of intensity, you know…

James: Oh, yeah. I thought about it myself when I was talking to Grandfather and some of the other people involved in everything, and I said “boy, I would love to really give ECETI a shot in the arm – I’ve been financing this thing for 30 years, just living on a shoestring basically.  It would be great but there is another part of me that’s going, well, there’s a lot of other people that aren’t eating right now, that don’t have a roof over their heads, there is a lot of other things and there is an abundance of wealth to take care of that and to help ECETI. We are very focused on the awakening and healing part, empowering the individual, make their own personal connection with Creator, the emotional process oriented therapies and some other healing technologies, you know, with the super oxygenated water and some other technologies I won’t even talk about right now we are ready to bring in.

But, you know, all of that… we are creating a template where people can come and go “hey, here’s where people live a very spiritual life in harmony with nature and service to the Creator and all Creation and they are really doing something.  And then other people can come and see that and re-create the same templates, this is how we can live, you know, a very abundant, spiritual life in harmony with nature and at the same time be of service.  Because, you know, we don’t have many templates out there.

Alexandra: No, we don’t.  Ya, I mean the Venus Project is about the only major, on a “grounder” scale of what’s out there.  And that’s kind of what I’m working on, stuff like that.  

James: I knew myself, when I look at that it’s going to be very hard for me to accept any major funding, if I know people – because I do a lot of travelling to Mexico and there is villages that don’t even have water, they don’t have a bathroom and things like that.  But you know they said, it’s not a problem, all that can be taken care of, which is great.

Alexandra: Well, I think, too, it’s very important that the infra-structure gets set up in place so that we can get all these people fed and clothed and fresh water and that kind of thing.  I think that’s so important right now to get these free energy devices and the free energy supply set up and that takes infra-structure.  Here is the other thing.  People are going to be able to take jobs – JOBs – where they are really fulfilled and they are excited and they know that they are actually helping the planet.  And they are not struggling for survival.  So that’s what I’ve been focusing on, ok, I’ll be able to assist people that are really struggling to put food on their table right now.

James: I think that is so important. Also, we have very large gardens there, we are putting in some bigger gardens right now, we are going to be using the latest organic methods as well as working with other nature intelligence and energies as well, you know, in the garden.  So it’s going to be a real hands-on, get your feet dirty project with aquaponics, everything.  We are going to be showing all the different modalities, and hopefully we’ll have…I have connections right now where we’ll have the fuel-less energy technologies that we can employ to show people that, you know, not only can you run your house efficiently, you have a vehicle that may not even need tires.  No, it doesn’t need fuel and it doesn’t need tires either.

Alexandra: That would be wonderful.

James: Ya, the technology is here now, it’s on the planet right now.  It’s just a matter of getting it out there.

Alexandra: Isn’t there a technology that extracts water from the atmosphere? For those that live in a dry area?

James:  Yes, and sea water is not a problem, you know, and desalinization projects with that because the energy is there now to do that.  There are so many different projects and I know people that have devices that are just amazing, that they could actually run a city, you know, off of these devices and at the same time they would clean the water and produce purified super oxygenated water, at the same time generate a massive amount of electricity.  So, it’s a one-stop container.  You could go into a village and just drop this thing off and purify even sewer water.  It uses a plasma technology to burn whatever is in the water that doesn’t need to be there anymore.  And out of it comes healing water and at the same time you generate an amazing amount of electricity.  These technologies are here now, it’s just a matter of getting the right people behind it and getting them out.

Alexandra:  I think I just read an article the other day that they’ve come up with a new technique of taking plastics that are all over the place, all over in the dumps and that kind of thing and they were able to melt them down. Have you heard about this?

James: Ya, and turn them into fuel.

Alexandra: And turn them into fuel, ya. I thought that was really sweet.

James:  Ya, they can turn it into kerosene or diesel or gasoline, all three and they also have a device that, it’s actually a plastic magnet.  They can put it into water and mine those places that are as big as Texas out there where all this plastic is gathered together.

Alexandra:  Woww.  Let me ask you something.  This has come up a lot for Steve and I in the last, many years. I read somewhere that the Elders took the sign of seeing the 555 and how it was overtaking the 666. I wanted to see what your feedback was on that.

James:  Ya, they are looking at that and I think put a lot of stock in that, I’m not a major numerologist, so I am not exactly sure how all that works.  I’ve had my numbers done but ….

Alexandra:  We see 555s all the time, we’ve been seeing them for years.  So I was just…

James:  I always see the 11:11 constantly and 12:12 constantly and I am sure I’ll start seeing 14:14 pretty soon…

Alexandra: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. We need to keep you here. Ok.  We need you. So what do you feel about the vibrations that have just entered this realm in the last couple of month on the planet?

James: Oh, some amazing things are happening.  I just found out that there is four major portals that opened up, or Star Gates, you might say.  I know there is one that opened up over in Egypt.  There is one that opened up here on Maui and we watched Maui go through this transition and on Haleakala – these massive clouds, multi-layered clouds – they looked like big saucer clouds – appeared there just a couple of days ago.  And then we had this storm come through, it was just insane, you know, 65 mile an hour winds, I was watching trees bending down to the ground here, it was just like a little hurricane situation happened, which often happens when these energies are being activated.  So that was quite interesting – monsoon rain.  They had both, some of the strongest winds and also the coldest temperatures than they’ve ever had and the highest rain fall.  So, it’s like they are breaking all kinds of records here.  So there is major change happening, nature is responding to the other energies. I am not sure where the other two are, I can guess but I don’t want to. I haven’t had a chance to look into it, I could find out where the other two portals were but last time I asked the question they said “you shouldn’t put that out there right now because they are new and they could be tempered with.”  So, they could be used in HAARP to blast them so it’s better not to let these things out.  But the other ones are stabilized so ….

Alexandra:  Well, I was gonna add to that. I work with another person on the inner plane and just gets an incredible amount of confirmation with what I have experienced and, as you know, coming back from South Africa so much more information has come forth as to what really went down in the two portals that I opened up there. And apparently they needed to be opened first in order for the others to follow suit.  It was like the Halls of Amenti situation, with the whole interlocking of the gateways and he picked up on Hawaii and there is definitely one in Russia, I think a lot of people are getting that news already, and then there is another one.  But the last one is a secret, they are not letting anyone know where it is, which I think is smart, and I’m glad to see that.  But the thing I thought was interesting is, he is hearing that all of these portals will be fully up and running, ready to blow, by January 8th. So… and you normally don’t get a date like that but this came in loud and clear.  

And I wanted to share with everybody because this is really exciting, it says “these portals are receivers of light transporting the occupation of the heart space of Mother Earth.  They will create change, they have harmonics that can realize the change that is necessary, they are one octave higher than what we are used to.  They are really gonna up the ante for all of us.  They will create dynamics to getting more into our own heart space, they exist with no separation between us and our fullness. They will be harmonized and not resistant to change.  They are about changing the octaves here, they are vibrationally inert, they are super causal.  Know that they harmonize with you and your being for the realization of your absolute harmonic heart.”  How cool is that?  And when I read this I was tripping out because one of one of the other missions that we did it basically came through that it was the heart.  You know the whole area in Botswana and there were six tributaries down into the Okavango Delta and they get clogged up and they dry up and they were telling me that on an energetic basis we were basically giving a kind of chelation therapy, energetically.  That really fits in with my messages.

James:  You know the heart is the key.  For years I have been telling people, your heart is your connector, your soul sits right here and your soul is connected to the Source. A lot of people get very upset with me and I said, you know a lot of your religions were created by the ancient Anunnaki and a lot of them are fallen Anunnaki and they are very mental.  They are mental based and there is no love in some of them, and if there is no love in them, even Paul said “when you are walking in love, you are walking with God”. So, even he figured it out.  So, we know the basics, we know what universal law is, it’s basically focused on universal peace, brotherly and sisterly love, in the individual freedom and prosperity for everyone, you know, equality, unity consciousness, whatever.  

It’s very simple but it’s written in the heart of hearts of all of us and it’s very easy to operate under that universal law and when we do that, then we are in alignment with Creator and also the Earth’s ascension process, because that’s where she is going as well.  So that’s where we need to get back to and this whole Archon grid, the draconian programs that are running things right now are completely imploding, there is no support for them anymore and the people that are having trouble, that are participating in this network need to really step out of it and get back into the heart.  That’s there only – you might say – salvation.  It’s the only way they can get through these shifts.  

Alexandra:  Thank you for bringing that up because that was a message that I was supposed to share today on this show with us. That is to remind everyone that the Congo portal in Africa, it was shut down, and I was there and I saw and I know.  And one of the things that was also stopped was the pumping in of the Archons into this realm.  That was shut down.  And the other thing that I was given and this is not just me, this is people writing in to me after I returned and saying “Oh my God, I got these messages, I got to share them with you”, they were in complete alignment with what I was receiving.  And that is that they will no longer allow this to take place.  We are in a different paradigm right now. These nasty beings are not going to be allowed to come into this realm and continue to intrude upon our free will and space.  But, it’s an internal job now.  So, things have shifted, James, from we had all this constant barrage and that has really subsided.  It’s now more of “ya, you might have your own cling-ons”, right.  You may have somebody driving, riding your spaceship so to speak, your Merkabah may not be fully mastered by you yet, but that’s internal work.  So I’m really wanting to remind everybody that’s what we are at now.  We can’t just keep walking around going “oh, it’s the Archons”.  Really what we are down to, from what I have been told, is the 12% who are the Heads of State and above.  

James: Ya. Well, you know, if you are going up against the Archons, you don’t do it externally.  People are so programmed that everything is external.  Your love, your joy, your happiness all comes from external means.  And also this battle is an external battle. You know we are going in there with Star weapons, the real war is happening in consciousness and the real players in this are coming from the level of cause or consciousness and working down to the light and energy and mass because that’s how creation works.  So it’s as if the highest level, the ones operating on cause, have said “it’s finished, you are done, we are moving to the next level, we are ascending” and that’s coming down through the light, the energy and then the physical mass.  People don’t realize that we have Star Nation beings that are physical, some are less dense physical than we are, some are just pure energy beings and they have energy ships and some are light beings and they have light ships and some are just pure Merkabah consciousness, they travel around in their own Merkabahs.

So there are all different types of ships and civilizations involved in this process and the higher civilizations, the higher beings are all pressing in on the Earth and are getting rid of this old grid, the old Draconian program and the people on Earth are being activated, the Star Seeds, whatever you call them, the Light Warriors – everybody has a name for them – people that actually incarnated from these higher civilizations here on Earth that may be asleep are all being activated.  You know, I was told something a long time ago, I said “how is this going to play out, this is so dense and so ugly, how is this going to turn around?” and I was told by this one channel, he said “God has given His best to the Earth for these times and His best will awaken.”

Alexandra: Oh, beautiful. Love it.

James: Ya, and so that is what I see happening.  They are here now, the Creator’s best are here on the planet right now, a lot of them are wakening right now to who they are, they are part of things, throwing off the old program and the old shackles and they are getting ready to rise up and just call things as they are.  And that’s happening everywhere, especially with the children now.

Alexandra: Ya, in fact you and I spoke the other day and we both received this message, in separate circumstances, but you were agreeing with me that Father God has given the degree that enough is enough, it is done, we are moving on.  And you would agree with that, right?

James: Yes, definitely.  And that is just like the gold reserves, everything, all of that stuff has happened on a very high level and it’s coming down, down through the continuum to manifest and so it’s happening on the highest level of the economic system and then it’s going to come down to the people.  It’s going to …I hate to use the trickle down thing, it’s an old Reaganomics thing ….

Alexandra: But that’s a very good parallel, I hadn’t really thought of it that way on a financial level.  Most of us think of it so base line, so dense and 3D…

James: The people in charge of those bonds, that’s why they gave me a call because they said that I was the first person they’ve heard that actually understands the players, the multidimensional players involved in this situation and so for some reason they wanted me to get involved.  I don’t even know what my involvement is yet, I haven’t heard, so I’m not going to like toot my horn and say “ya, me and the Grandfather we’re buddies” and stuff like that. I experienced him, I know who he is energetically and I know there are others involved, too, and things are getting done on a very high level and we are going to see, you know it’s a planetary liberation, an economic liberation that’s happening and we are right in the middle of this process.  

Alexandra: And just the fact that you have been contacted is also a confirmation of information that I have received. So it just goes to show you that we truly are moving forward, progressing, we are not just talking about it, it’s not just stuff that’s going on in the background mysteriously, it’s really starting to take root. And I think people are going to start seeing that and it’s gonna create a lot of excitement for everyone. Because even if some of the major players receive funding or whatever they want to call it, you know, because you’ve got prosperity packages, you got humanitarian funding, you’ve got the Chinese bonds and all sorts of things that are floating around out there, it doesn’t really matter because those that will be presented with this type of funding, it’s gonna be able to pretty much put a lot of people to work, but it won’t be work. It will be like total joy and excitement, you know.

James:  You’ll be aligned with your own unique purpose and you can do what brings you joy versus something you don’t like to do.  I mean, I love digging ditches.  At the Ranch there are people walking around looking for James, you know, they see this guy with dirt all over him down in the ditch putting a line or something like that.  Someone will come up to me, is he ever coming out, do you ever see him and I joke around “he just gives us orders”, then they see me later and they go “oh, you are him”. So, that’s kind of funny.  But I like working with the land, I really like it.  I feel good after a hard day’s work.  I feel like I really accomplished something.

Alexandra:  A good sweat…

James: Ya.  And I don’t see it as work.  They get all upset because they don’t have a work ethic and I said, well, the thing is it’s all in your mind.  It’s like I don’t even know why you call it work, to me I’m creating. I am manifesting, I am creating, I’m doing what needs to be done on the physical for this creation to happen and as long as I’m moving forward doing all I can on this level, the miracles are going to happen.  That’s how the whole Ranch got together, the whole ECETI Ranch came together by not waiting for somebody else to do it, just doing it and then waiting for those others to come on that understand what’s going on. It’s a thirty year process, so you got to have a little patience.

Alexandra:  I had a Master teacher tell me once and it has stuck with me ever since and he said “Source or Supreme Being or whatever you want to call it, Creator God loves courage and heroes”, and I just remembered that. He said that he loves to see those that take risks because it shows this unspoken faith that somebody has got their back.

James: Ya. And to me it’s like there’s times I tried to walk away from this and I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t reassemble right back into the mainstream, it just didn’t work for me.  But I’m just doing my soul purpose, I follow my own unique purpose and that’s where your real power comes from and your joy and your happiness and everything else and people go “why do you do this?” and I said I don’t know what else to do.  It’s who I am, I just follow my own inner guidance.  There isn’t a question, I don’t question it.  I just do it and operate from that level.

Alexandra:  That’s perfect. Well now, tell me a little bit about your whole perspective on the 1871 Act and the United States of America being a corporation and how supposedly that is no longer going on.  What have you heard as to where we are at with that whole thing?

James:  Well I’ve heard from behind the scenes and from some judges actually that they are being sequestered and they are being told that they have get back aligned with Common Law and this Maritime Law is gonna be going out of the door and some are very hesitant with it and some don’t want to give up their corporations.  People don’t realize that our whole legal system, the vast majority of it is a “for profit” corporation which is a conflict of interest right in the beginning.

Alexandra: Absolutely.  

James:   And a lot of things that they are trying to nail you with – statutes and things like that – aren’t really law ….

Alexandra:  They are policies …

James: Ya, they are just policies but people are so afraid they broke the law. No, you might have stepped on a statute here and there but it’s not law and if you didn’t injure anybody then there’s no harm done.  But, you know, you have got to have an injured party.  There is a lot of things in there that people don’t realize we need to … I think one of the key things in here is all these things are happening on these higher levels and everything but who is going to enforce it?  And that’s the big key.  You know all the Bushes, all those guys have been on trial for war crimes, all these other things, all these things have happened, even Germany now is putting up Cheney and the group on war crimes and…

Alexandra: I know, it’s amazing…

James: Ya, countries, so that’s a really good sign.  

Alexandra:  That’s a really good sign.

James:  If you go back to who is going to enforce it, well when we get these Common Law courts going and we get the judges back on track again, the ethical ones and weed out the other ones, then we can start straightening this mess out.  But all of this whole thing I don’t even think…. it’s functioning, the United States corporation is barely functioning right now but a lot of people say it’s off the books, it’s even been taken off the books because people don’t want to be legally responsible for everything that corporation has done.  So actually have taken it off the books.  I have heard a lot of different stories and I’ve gotten emails on that I couldn’t verify it. But you know, eventually what I see is, some of the things I see happening have already been done and some of the things haven’t been done yet but will be done.  

And I do see us returning back to the original Constitution, returning back to Common Law. And a lot of these corporations like they are profiting at the expense of humanity are going to be taken out, they are going to be held accountable for what they have done.  So there will be a Truth & Reconciliation program going on with these.  Ok, if you turn and get with us and be part of this system, fine.  We are going to move in this direction.  And if you defy us, then you are not going to be so fine, it’s not going to work out too well. So the people behind this are very forgiving, very enlightened, but they are not going to play around anymore. They are saying “this is where we are going”.

Alexandra:  That’s the feeling I’ve got.  In my opinion that’s the biggest news of all, that we are moving forward.  There is no “let’s see if they’ll change, let’s see if they become a different turncoat, so to speak, they are not doing that anymore.  They are ready to move forward and the decree has been given.  So that, in my opinion, is the most exciting news of all that we are truly moving forward in 2015; and it feels like this is the year that’s been slated for setting the foundation for the new society.  Everybody getting ready and setting up the funding for the core projects and that kind of thing.  Getting people out there and out of survival mode and into creativity mode.  

James:  Ya.  And there is all kinds of programs out there, these WeShare programs and things like that help people fund their dream and they are amazing like “and what is your dream?”, we are gonna pay it forward.  I was saying at the New Year’s why not pray it forward, rather than just thinking about yourself say a prayer for your closest friends and family and your external circle as well. Start creating, start creating the world you want to see happen and whatever you can, do your part to  make that happen and walk away from the actions that are asked of you that are not in harmony with humanity and the Earth. It’s time for us, and I also see that the next two years are going to be the years of personal responsibility and accountability and the karmic backlash is fast approaching.  A lot of the Elite and the spiritual New Age people say “well Karma doesn’t exist because there is no judgement or things like that”.  Well, it does exist because you carry it on a Soul level.  It’s written within your own Soul, your own Soul has taken notes. So although you can intellectually say it doesn’t exist, that’s not going to stop the reaction unless you go into total forgiveness and release that situation and heal it because there will be reaction.

Alexandra:  That’s exactly why there is Soul fragmentation.  Think about it, you know.  That’s why we fragment our Souls is from the karmic implications and repercussions we think we should have done and we think we didn’t do that wasn’t sufficient, or enough or proper or whatever because of our own virtues.  And we are still carrying that, that’s still in our memory.

James:  I love what Mohamed said that “there is no perfect man, only perfect intentions” and you know, as long as we are involved with other humans and that fickle program going on, all we can do is our best. And that’s what I always operated from “look, I’m doing my best, I’m trying to do what highest and best for everyone” and sometimes that might be telling some people “look you are creating just too much disharmony here, you are creating too much of a problem here, you need to go and work that out somewhere else.” So I always tell people Christ doesn’t mean being a doormat.

Alexandra:  Good point, good point. And the other thing I wanted to do was, I pulled up a couple of key things that have been going on in the internet to see what your take is on them.  I’m not expecting you to be some whizz kid financial guru but … Did you hear about Gordon Duff’s speech, I mean that flew all over the internet?  This was the first time in history numerous acts of terrorism from around the world were identified and ascribed to a large organised crime syndicate.  Did you hear about this?  Duff explained that what is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is NOT terrorism, it is simply organised crime.  And apparently just a boat load of higher military officials showed up to this and it was a really big deal because he basically called them on the worldwide crime and apparently there is pro-action going on with that now.  So, again, in some of your most nefarious factions on the planet you are really starting to see the light crack in those areas.

James: You know those criminal organisations go right to the highest levels in our own political system as well.  We called our CIA the …you know…and that pretty much explains it. There is a lot of drugs involved, you know, heroine and things like that in the whole situation.  But that’s all being exposed right now for what it is and it needs to end.  We don’t have to go and hang everybody who is involved in this but say, ok, that was then and this is now and we are not going to do that anymore. So now it’s time to direct your energies in something that’s going to be helping humanity and the Earth versus turning them all into addicts.  Especially with all the psychotropics and everything and the other thing turning people into mass murderers, that’s all orchestrated, the whole thing.

Alexandra:  Everything is orchestrated. We have thousands and thousands of programs running in this Matrix, if people only realised.  There was also a call for the surrender of the Committee of 300, do you know about that?

James: Yeah.

Alexandra:  I thought that was very cool.  And the World Bank, there’s been a call and protesters demanding that they step forward and relinquish their power positions.  I mean, that’s huge.  Anyway, getting back to the Federal Reserve, this is a really interesting topic because you can see this in so many different ways. Now we hear that China has taken over the Federal Reserve.  Right? How do you see that? Why do you think that happened? And where do you think that’s going to assist, like the United States in particular?

James:  Ya. Well, the problem with the Federal Reserve is, it’s totally insolvent.  And they have just been printing money like crazy and there is no backing to it, and they are actually in extreme debt because they are supposed to be paying insurance on that money and backed by a certain amount of gold and things like that which they were so far behind and they were  basically foreclosed on.  So it’s like the people that got behind that went crazy.  They just got power hungry, money hungry and they just went nuts, very irresponsible how things were done. Well, their only way out is a major bailout and to bring some legitimate value back to that system, and that’s what the Families are doing.  They are bringing legitimate value back to the system.  But the debt that we have been enslaved by, this massive, massive debt is just numbers, it’s just digital numbers and …

Alexandra:   It’s just digital?

James: Ya. And that’s going to go out of the door, too. So there are a lot of things that are going to happen with this change and with this shift.  And there is such a massive amount of wealth and gold behind this shift, a lot of these things aren’t a problem, they are kind of minor problems, really, as far as turning things around, compared to the big picture.  But I just see basically they may just have the Federal Reserve, just a very minor role, the money is going to go back being printed by the Treasury, there will be Treasury notes and a lot of them will go to the ATM and get Treasury notes instead of Petro Dollars/Federal Reserve notes. And they are hoping this transition will be smooth, we just don’t know.  The Illuminati are psychopaths, I mean, they’ve lost but who knows what there are going to do on the way out.  

Alexandra:  In regards to that Laura Walker from the Oracle Report, she sent me a message the other day and she said basically there is no more time for these guys.  She said that this weekend, this last weekend was absolutely key, it says that the rest of the month is the last prime opportunity for the collapsing of the power structures.  Now this is according to the astral charts and the way in which she looks at everything. It says it will have to stem its own falling.  After this there will be no more chances according to her, just according to the astrology part of it, there will be no more chances to become the rulers of the World.  So through the month of January, that’s it.  As far as she is concerned.

James:  It’s feels like it’s all coming down.  And it is kind of the announcement, most of it is going to be in place around the Chinese New Year. So it might be announced quicker because of the sign that they are being given, with the Phoenix.

Alexandra:  Ya, February 19th is the New Year but I have a feeling it’s going to happen, the dates are anywhere from the 8th to the 19th, according to a lot of different people that I have kind of canvassed.  And the other thing, getting back to the Federal Reserve, I know that you are right.  If you look at the bigger picture, it’s just a minute piece of it.  However, it’s still that connection to the IRS.  For those that are not aware, the Federal Reserve had its own Trust No. 62 out of Puerto Rico and that was the IRS.  So, what’s your vibe on that? How do you think that’s going to unfold?

James: A lot of these agencies that are actually funded through Government and the Federal Reserve are not going to be very functional for a while and only on a limited level they are going to be functioning.  And that whole thing being terrorised through taxes is also not frequency specific to where the Earth is going, it’s going to change, it has to change.  We all know, if we really look at the legal things, even Senators have said taxes are voluntary, you know, we have to get our act together because people stop paying taxes.  Voluntary! Senators have actually said that; and, you know, a lot of this financial stuff that’s going on is not really my expertise and to focus on that, it’s probably the last thing I want to focus on but for some reason it’s been brought to my attention and the information has been given to me, but I see all of these agencies – if they don’t get back into alignment with Universal Law and Basic Common Law and start serving the people – that they will be done away with.  They are going to implode, they are going to lose their funding, they are just not going to be around. They are not going to be able to function anymore.  

And I’m all good for a Defence System and we do need Intelligence but not at the expense of all of the ideals that we hold sacred.  And personally I like my privacy, I don’t like people in my face all the time and looking through my cameras and going into my iPhones.  I know what I’m doing, I’m working for the next generations, I’m working for the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth, I don’t need all that interference and the psychotronics and the chemtrails and all of the other stuff that they are experimenting on people with, it’s like we don’t need that when we need to hold the people that are doing this accountable.  And I think that is going to come, it’s going to come in the very near future.  The people that have gone against Universal Law and that have gone against our basic rights, our Bill of Rights, you might say or whatever, are going to be held accountable and we are going back to basics, back to what works.  

Alexandra:  You made a really good point about vibrationally aligning.  Number 1, just to respond to what you’ve said.  First of all the reason why this is coming into your field, James, is because that is the focal point right now that represents the radical change in the physical.  Ok, it’s like the core thing that everybody is looking for as a sign. So that’s number one.  Number 2, there is rarely anybody out there that can include and combine and entwine the spiritual aspects of the whole system as well as just look at the physical aspects of the financial system.  And you are a perfect person to do that.  So I think that’s one of the reasons.  But I also think you had a good point, it’s coming through the various realms into this reality and it can no longer function because the vibration has gotten so high with first of all the portals that we have all opened up.  It cannot exist anymore, that was another message that came through.  And that’s why I called you originally, I had such a strong vision and I got such a hit that I was supposed to call you and then, what did you tell me?

James: Those portals are being infused with what they are calling “smart light” you might say.  And this light is a cleansing light, it knows where to go, it knows what to do and it’s just a mass injection of this consciousness and energy that is cleaning things up and so, as they said again, on the level of light, that’s going on.  And things happen on every level though, right down to the physical.  There is just a massive clean-up.

Alexandra:  And people tend to think, when you talk about light, people tend to think “oh God, I’m purging, I’m cleansing, I’m getting rid of stuff, oh God I have to go through all of that again, at a higher octave.” But what I think this is what’s been told to me, the specific focus and function of this new, I should say, injection of light, it’s taken down all of the malevolent technologies that are being used against us right now, that’s what I was told.

James:  Yes, there will come a time when all that is shut off. It’s going to be non-functional anymore and also it’s going to be like people opening up, it’s going to be like the big AHA, what happened? Where did that suppressive energy go?  And it’s going to be very easy for people to just pop open and awaken.  It’s already happening, people are popping up all over and people I thought were never gonna get it, I’m not going to say never, but people that I was surprised there were such Redneck conservatives and now they are going “wow, this is…. And part of this is good because they are good old boys and they have the basics down, they are the ones that are gonna go “ok, this is nonsense”, they are going to have the courage to step forward and straighten things out.  

Alexandra:  Like the country of Texas?

James:  Ya, ya. You know Texas had UFOs fly over Texas and they did a poll on Texas “Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life and UFOs?”  Basically 99% said “Yes”.

Alexandra:  Woww, I would never have expected that! I can’t even believe that. That’s amazing.

James:  I actually screen captured that one, I got to use this one.  So I mean the cover-up is over and these beings…now I want to talk a little bit about the benevolent Anunnaki that are coming right now.

Alexandra:  Ya, please do.

James: If you stand in front of one of them your life is going to change.  They carry this beautiful…, you know, there is a female that I have connected with twice, where she has appeared to me and I actually had a drawing done, but they are so exquisitely beautiful and loving.  They are 8’3”, this one is 8’3” tall.  They are just pure Goddess energy and just this divine love coming from them.  You are in total awe when you see these beings and they are stepping back in and doing a major recall of the Fallen Ones.  And the Fallen Ones actually opened the door for the Reptilians and Greys and the Archon network and things like that you get involved.  And so they are recalling that and, like I said before, it’s like the Benevolent Ones that do operate under Universal Law, that never failed, have returned and they are working in conjunction with the Pleiadeans, the Orion Council of Light, the Andromedans, Arcturians, all those groups.  The Sirians, I’m sure I missed a few, are all working hand in hand right now using their very spiritual and technological advanced beings and they are just coming in to do a major clean up to help us getting back to Eden.  There is a huge reset going to happen.

Alexandra:  Woww.  It’s so exciting! So exciting!  And on the world front there are so many things showing that these beings have arrived. Just from the standpoint that we are having miracle after miracle after miracle occur.  Like Russia just passed a thing where they have made it illegal for all GMOs.  That just happened.

James:  You know 160 countries have banned GMOs, and that’s a subject that is very dear to my heart because I have been working with the Chaka movement here in Hawaii and getting them on the radios and networking again this information out through a massive email list and getting support for them.  And they won, not just the label GMO, banning GMOs off the island, the people rose up on Maui here and said “no, we are done, no more GMOs”. But now they are trying to tie it up in Federal Court and they are totally dishonouring the wishes of the people which is going to blow up in their face because that’s basically a breach of trust.  It might even fall under treason for any judge to rule on that, you know it went through the political process, the people have spoken and they have to honour that, it’s that simple.  

Alexandra:  What is your feeling about taking this into a regular court system versus, you know how some people believe that if you are going to do a Common Law Court it should be completely unaffiliated with the existing Admiralty Law system.  What do you think about that?

James:  Well, first of all I’m not a lawyer so I can’t really give any legal advice. But personally I had to go through the Court system, ten times actually, where they tried to take ECETI and shut us down. It was quite an experience but I operated under more of a sovereign position and there were three judges that recused themselves and stepped down and it just kept going over and over and finally they just dropped it.  But I told them, I am not here, I am not under your jurisdiction, I am not here as the “all CAPS” James Gilliland, I am here as a beneficiary, I’m holding the highest position in this case. So, they didn’t know what to do with it first and it got pretty hairy, I even got handcuffed one time.

Alexandra:  My God, I didn’t know that James.  Seriously…

James:  Ya, it was interesting but, you know, I stood my ground because what they were doing was wrong, it was dead wrong.  I mean they came up with all these violations and violation on things that they knew I had permits on and permits were on the wall, right there, signed off, everything. They wrote me tickets and charged me and they tried to charge me for a felony, for a code violations which is illegal anyway because it’s a misdemeanour not a felony.  They just kept making stuff up and my heart goes out to people that are dealing with this corrupt system, that are under the gun because I know what it’s like.  But what we all need is to get educated and stand up and say “no, this is wrong, I’m not going to deal with this extortion, I’m not going to set it right”, and we even paid for all our permits and they refused to give them to us and then wrote us tickets and then tried to throw me in jail for not paying it. So it’s all pure corruption, it was just pure evil dealing with this system.

Alexandra: Now when did that stop happening, when did they drop the whole thing?

James:  About a year ago, over a year ago it’s just been dropped, it’s done. They haven’t moved on or anything.  We basically have set up a counsellor, you know, we patent the land, we are out of the system, we are not even in the system anymore, so there is no jurisdiction.

Alexandra:  Right on.

James:   It’s something we have to learn to do or re-do the whole system because the whole system is based on extortion, it’s very corrupt.

Alexandra: I see everybody that they think they own their house or their car or anything – because they don’t – that’s going to be a huge wave of education that’s required by everyone to take back whatever it is they want to hold, to hang on to.

James:  Ya, your Deed is just saying that you are basically renting from the State. And so people don’t realise “how can they come on my property” because it’s not your property.  Your Title does not give you the real Title that you need to maintain the gates.

Alexandra:  There are so many cool things going on. Throughout the year of 2014 one of the things I really started noticing was the orchestrated and really well planned out, enormous world protests.

James:  Ya, they were great.

Alexandra: And they really made some effects on the planet and, you were talking about GMOs, one of the things I’m really big about is fracking.  And when I started doing some research I had no idea how many states, counties and countries have already ruled that they will not allow fracking.  It was something like 160 the other day that I had not even been aware of.  

James:  They are totally destroying their aquifers, you know, without water you don’t have a city you don’t have a town.  You destroy the aquifer, what are you going to do?  Just keep buying bottles of water from 711 or something?

Alexandra:  With petroleum in it? In a plastic bottle?

James:  And then blow your house up, it’s like … the stuff they put in there – they said it’s a proprietary secret – they are not even going to tell you what they are putting in those wells.  And these barrels, you see them with stickers on “toxic”, “radiation”, whatever, they have those extreme toxic symbols on these barrels – that can’t be good.  How can you dump that into the Mother, the very platform for life you depend on for sustenance, it’s just insanity.

Alexandra:  Wasn’t there a really famous case with American Indian jurisdiction about that?  Right?

James:  Oh ya, I can’t remember which nation, it might have been the Lakota.

Alexandra:  That sounds right.

James:  I’m not sure.  It just said “no fracking” – period. No fracking on our land.

Alexandra:  Because people got really sick, right?  Something about he stumbled upon these barrels in a part of the land that nobody ever went to but he knew it was military related and then he got really sick, a whole bunch of other people did, too.  But he said the best thing about it was that it brought a lot of awareness to the American Indians that lived on that reservation, you know, which I think spread.  We have to always look at …

James:  It’s pretty crazy, it’s funny even though we are like Scotch Irish Cherokee, my great-grandmother was Cherokee, and I have gone through the process to re-establish that and a lot of people look at me, “you are not Native American” and I said “there is a little war going on between the Scotch/Irish and the Indian, we are both trouble makers, I guess”.  So I’m standing firm on what’s right, so it’s kind of funny so I have both sides of that in my blood that are people who know what’s right and that always stood in the wrong divinity and saying “hey, this is wrong – period.”

Alexandra:  The spiritual warrior in you.

James:  Ya, you know it’s like, I’m not here to harm anybody or warn anybody, I’m just here to say “hey, you are ruining your children’s future, it’s like you are harming yourself, the Karma you are creating around this, it’s going to come back at you whatever short term gain you are making, you are going to lose it.  That’s just Universal Law, so I wouldn’t say I warn people, I’m just here to remind them that they are hurting themselves and the next generations.

Alexandra:  So what would you say to the people that come to you now versus, say, a year ago who were saying “you know what, James, I just want to feel like I have gifts.  I just want to feel like I am making a connection.”  What would you say?

James:  Well, the funny thing about it is no matter how hard you try you can’t separate yourself from omni-presence.  So, but you can hold the beliefs that you are separate and you create that reality.  But the big cosmic joke is that the Creator is omni-present within all creation.  So you never were separate, but we have made a lot of choices and decisions and gain a lot of wisdom from those choices and decisions and we are learning what works and what doesn’t work.  But you are never separate from that and the Source just said “as you wish, go for it” but you are going to have a reaction to that, you know. We’ll see what you are creating.  Is it good?  I love the Cherokee’s nation, they have a saying like “if it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.”  And it’s really that simple.  You know, if it isn’t good for Mother Earth, it isn’t good; if it isn’t good for your neighbour, it isn’t good.  It’s very simple. And too bad we can’t implement that in the highest levels of our leadership, just say “hey, you may get this big bonus check, it might be good for you but you are selling the people out in the process.  

Alexandra:  What do you feel is the best way for people to start taking action?  What do you think is the most effective way for them to take action?

James:  I think just stop participating in anything that’s harmful to humanity and the Earth.  There’s a thing called impeccable integrity and, you know, we intellectually will explain away and do things we know are not in the highest and best good for humanity “I need a job, I need to do this, I need to do that”.  Well, it doesn’t matter if you are tied to the beast, when the beast falls you are going to fall with the beast.  And it is gonna fall.  It’s in all the Prophesies; it’s not sustainable.  So it’s so important right now to shift gears and get out of that program, get out of anything that’s not in the highest and best good for humanity and the Earth, don’t bog yourself in it anymore.      

Alexandra:  And yourself because you are a temple of God. So, what is your feeling about the fall of the actual Matrix?  Do you actually believe that we have at least two weeks or two months of just, you know …we are not going to have access to money, food, gasoline, what is your thought on that?

James:   Well that would only be if the Cabal tried some major shenanigan – which they still could – but that’s going to backfire on them so fast.  They are going to be exposed exactly for who they are, what they have done, why they are doing it, so people are pretty smart right now.  I don’t foresee that happening but I have an old saying “praise all an old tiger camel“. So it’s probably good to have a little reserve, have a little extra food around, Nature can come by and shut things down.  I’m here in Hawaii and we just had almost like a mini hurricane come through here, all the power went down.  Some people were out of power for a couple of days or a day and a half, and we just got everything back up, the power and the internet and everything else.  But it was pretty intense and I woke up in the morning, I wanted to go down to my favourite little breakfast place called Colleens here in Haiku and I get up and go “ah I’m gonna go down and have breakfast and meet a bunch of friends” and sure enough I go down there and it’s dark.  Whoops, I guess they don’t have power either. So it was a pretty major event but you have a choice, you either go hungry or you have some eggs at home.  

Alexandra:  So what you are saying is just be smart and be prepared.  But, you know, even those little situations like that, can’t you see that it’s a little bit of a way of the light creating community?  

James:  Exactly. What’s so hard about going down and getting a 25 pound bag of rice and beans and you can add other stuff to that.  If you are out in the country, why don’t you build yourself a little chicken coop?  That’s what we have, we have chickens, we have yaks, we have a big herd of yaks, we have vast gardens. We have a big herd of yaks, which is really cool. I love them. We have this massive bull, you can go out there and pet him.  I can, but if you don’t know him, I wouldn’t advise it to go out there unless you know the herd and has accepted you because they can get nasty.  But I just see that there is no reason why people can’t just cover their basics.  It doesn’t cost much, just buy a few cans.  

One time I was up at the Ranch and we had a massive storm come through, it was a Tropical Express, Hawaiian Pineapple Express they call them. There was probably about 4 feet of snow on the ground and this warm, warm water came in and rain and just dumped heavy on top of that, well, the water went over the snow.  So you only had 4 feet of snow and the water going over the top of it and it just made a mess of everything and it actually took the highway out.  There was no way in or out to get to Trout Lake for about a couple of weeks and I thought about no power, no nothing.  Well, I was set up, I had propane, I could take a hot bath or shower, I could cook my food, I stored a few cans, I had a bunch of cans and beans and soups and stuff like that to use.  I had, you know, a pretty good little stockpile.  I had wood for heat, and I just lit a candle here and there and it was great, it was so quiet.  You know, there is no power, there is no internet, no Wi-Fi, there is nothing.  

Alexandra:  It must have been cool.

James:  Ya, even the cell phone tower wasn’t working. So, it was pretty nice.  It was really interesting, I used that time to just really tap in and increase my own intuitive abilities and telepathic abilities ….

Alexandra:  That would be great.  Do you think those will be on the uprise as the energies get more fine, more, more …you know what I’m trying to say?

James:  I do.  I think our present grid is going to have a really hard time maintaining itself. Just because it’s archaic. We have other technologies that aren’t even affected by solar flares and corona mass ejections and things like that could be put in place and have on hand ready to go.

Alexandra:  So it’s almost like, that’s probably the ultimate goal right now of the Galactics working with us to get that structure ready so that it can be a completely seamless transition, that’s just what I feel very strongly.

James:   Ya, I agree and, you know, as we raise in frequencies a lot of the technologies aren’t going to work because the energy is going to be so strong, it’s going to short things out. If we go through a magnetic pole shift, that’s another thing, that’s definitely on the books coming up.  That would create a real mess of technologies.  There are so many different ways that could… you know, if the grid went down, your ATMs don’t work, your plastic cards don’t work, the pumps aren’t pumping the sewage or the water, your house turns into a smelly death trap basically, eventually if you have not set it up.  But, you know, we are in a good space, water is gravity fed, we have septic tanks, there is not a problem with us.  But people in the city they are going to have a real problem because everything is pumped. If you don’t have a full tank of gas you are not going to be able to get out of the city either and the problem is a lot of people running out of gas without being able to get gas on the highways and gridlocks.  I’m really hoping it doesn’t come to that but can you imagine something happening like that and everybody just chilled for …. You know, I got food, I got a way to cook it, hey knock on your neighbour’s door yeah, I got a propane stove, you know, let’s pool our stuff together and I think it would be awesome for people to get into a more communal type situation.

Alexandra:  It allows for the human spirit to reach out and so many people that are on the wheel, all they are doing is going to work, paying the bills, feeding their kids, not getting enough sleep.  I mean that’s another thing, have you noticed how much sleep you are requiring lately?

James:  I know how much I’m not getting lately.

Alexandra:  That, too.

James:   During clearings, clearing energy and moving things, and so on.  So, ya, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, especially the Full Moon right now, we have a Full Moon coming up,  which is a really excellent time to do your affirmations and get clear on what you want for the New Year and release the past, you know, go forward.

Alexandra:  Was it a Full Moon last night?

James:  It’s coming up tonight. I think it is 6 o’clock, I’m not sure.

Alexandra:  What do you think about all the sink holes?

James:  The Earth is expanding, she is expanding, she is moving and waterways are changing and things like that.  And stuff is just falling in and disappearing.  

Alexandra:  I never thought of it that way.  That’s very interesting.  So, tell us a little bit about the latest that’s going on with ECETI Ranch.  Have you had more people visiting you lately?

James:  Well, right now I’m in Maui, so it’s pretty much closed.  But the interest is exponential, you know we had to kind of shutdown while we’ve gone through the Court stuff but we are getting ready to take off again.  And we are looking forward to an awesome New Year with the conferences.  I know you are going to be at the Conference, the 4th of July Conference, and so it’s going to be amazing.  So we are looking forward to just really jumpstarting.  Now we have the energy behind us and this other opposing energy, which has just basically been kicking my bud on every level, is now diminishing and so now we can really get going.  But everybody thinks, ya, you just sit up on the mountain and meditate.  No, we’ve been going to war, I hate to tell you this, but there is this spiritual war going on, there are a lot of people working on other people’s behalf that don’t even know what’s going on, have no idea what’s happening and other whole civilizations are stepping in and helping us with this.  

Alexandra: Well, James, tell people a little bit about that.  

James:  Well, it’s like we’ve had regenerate ETs or degenerate ETs, whatever word you want to use, involved here on the planet for some time, we’ve had the fallen Anunnaki, we’ve got Greys, Reptilians, a whole host of Serpent beings, all kinds of different beings that have just been wreaking havoc on the planet and that’s that Archon network, that grid.  It’s a grid that was set into place and that’s been taken out, that’s been cleaned up.  So there is a lot of us who have been extremely involved in that and it’s the old saying “pioneers take the most arrows.”  It’s like …

Alexandra:  Big time.

James:  Ya, I’m actually kind of recuperating from that right now.

Alexandra:  Me, too.

James:  I’m trying to get my health back together after all that but I feel really good about it, it’s shifting, it’s going forward and that whole network that’s been working against humanity, enslaving humanity is just coming down.  It’s been taken out and so all these things, the Chaka movement we are doing here is probably going to be the shock heard around the world because we didn’t just get labelling, we are stopping the GMOs altogether.  You know, with all the other countries waking up, too, they are saying “no, we don’t want your GMO corn or rice or anything else.”

Alexandra:  I have noticed that.  They’ve rejected a lot of the protos.   

James: So, even the farmers are taking a big hit, they are going “what? Wait a second, you said that we are going to do ok.  Now we can’t even sell our food, our crops,” and they are waking up realising that they were set up and screwed big time.  So, it’s all going to come back, I mean, whoever is putting this energy out, what they have been up to with MonSatan, it’s all gonna come back home to roost.  They can’t function, they are not sustainable energetically or frequency specific to the Earth’s evolution.  I always just tell people to keep the pressure on, eventually no one will want their food. They don’t want any of their products.  And they are going to find out how harmful and debilitating some of their products are, like the phosphate Phosatan, and Roundup all these things that they are using, they are just extremely toxic and are creating severe health hazards.

Alexandra:  Isn’t Roundup the same thing as Agent Orange?

James:  Ya, they are even adding Agent Orange to it to boost it. But it’s similar. It creates all kinds of havoc on the body and they have tested it, labs have tested it, the real science have tested all of this and know what it does, creates kidney failure, your whole system gets shut down, liver failure, you know, brain problems and … Around some of the other islands here, on Malakai and some of the other islands, they are having severe problems with drifting.  They are using up to 150 combinations of pesticides and herbicides, it’s unbelievable.  And they don’t even know what they are going to do, what effects they are going to have on all the people down wind.  These islands get winds and these winds blow and they blow everywhere and they are finding out all the fallout, even from all the sugar cane they are burning, all that stuff is going up into the atmosphere and coming down.  And people are getting really sick.  One time they were spraying them with DDT and then they are burning it.  Well, what has that done over the years to people’s health?  So a lot of people are coming down with all these cancers and organ failures and things like that are a direct result of the misuse of these toxins and these chemicals.

Alexandra:  A lot of people ask me what can we do about the Chemtrails and when I spoke to Joseph I thought he really did have a good point when it gets to something where it’s this mysterious, off-world kind of place where they are getting this stuff, even though they are using Air Force planes, it’s a big mystery sometimes.  Where are they getting this stuff from? And he just said that we just need to realise that we are Creator Gods and to convert it. Every time we go out we bless it, we just perceive that it’s raining on us with health, wealth, happiness, joy instead of getting angry.

James:  I see both sides of that but I also see that there are a lot of people that have no idea what’s being done to them and I don’t really believe in victims, they need to get educated about what’s happening and take a stand on it.  

Alexandra:  Absolutely.  

James:  Wake up!   But, there are little kids, they don’t know what’s been put on and they are reacting to the chemicals, all the heavy metals and so it’s like, no matter how you look at it, it isn’t right, what they are doing is extremely toxic, it’s debilitating, it’s causing severe asthma, autism, all these things.  If the inoculations weren’t enough creating all the autism, the Chemtrails are doing the same thing.  Alzheimer’s, everything, is coming from these things.  These Barium Salts, Aluminium Oxide and Strontium and stuff in these Chemtrails are all extremely toxic and what goes up comes down, really simple. Do we want that in our water, do we want it in our food, do we want to be inhaling this on a regular basis and what is it doing to us?  And it’s pretty obvious what it is doing to us, it’s dumbing people down, making people sick, making people ill, you know, the Fluoride in the water, all these things that they are doing.  It seems like our Government has been run by a bunch of psychopaths that are genocidal maniacs.

Alexandra: Absolutely.  And I think the thing that really needs to sink in is that they are not human.  Because if they were human they would not do what they do.  

James:  Exactly.  These are very inhumane acts.  So the beings, they are puppets doing their work but the real power that is doing all that nonsense isn’t human.  They are very sick psychopaths, psychopathic entities that care nothing for human life or Earth life as well.  

Alexandra:  I was going to ask you, you said you were primarily working with these new benevolent Anunnaki.  Are there any other particular groups that you are working with?  Galactic groups?

James:   Ya, with the benevolent Anunnaki come the Sirian Lion Beings, they are 17 foot tall, 7th dimensional beings that are the benevolent protectors and they are coming in as well some 5th and 6th dimensional Feline Beings that we work with quite a bit.  And mainly Pleiadean, a lot of Pleiadean energy coming in and then the basic Masters are also putting their two cents in, you know and helping out as well. So I work a lot with Babaji and some of the other Masters that come here on a regular basis and Blaji is one of the Pleiadean Master Teachers that comes in.  Ya, I could go on and on, there are so many names, I don’t even know where to start.

Alexandra:   So have you had any really cool UFO sightings lately?

James:  We are on Maui and we were having barbecue and there is a group of people that are not even into this at all and a nice gold ship flew over us.  Ya, so it made a believer out of quite a few people that ordinarily…  And one kept saying “oh, that’s a satellite” and I go “you see how low that is, that’s not a satellite”, then they go “it’s a plane” and I say “but there is no running lights, there is no strobe, there is no running lights, just one bright gold light cruising across.  And he goes “ah, I don’t know what it is” and it just vanished while he was looking. It just went pop and he says “where did it go, where did it go” and I said, it was a plane with a morphine device on it.  I made a joke about it “well, actually that was Wonder Woman, she decided to flip the switch.  I said, sometimes it’s just the obvious, when you see something like that it’s the obvious, you know, it’s not our technology, although we do have them, we have our own UFOs out there.

Alexandra:  And do you feel that they are actually going to step on Ground Zero this year?

James:  I think they are already, in a lot of places.  A lot of people have been seeing them, there are a lot of contacts happening, especially in countries that don’t shoot at them, where people are seeing them on the ground and doing things that they need to do. I just think it all depends on the consciousness that’s there to greet them as to how close they are going to get.  

Alexandra:  And have there been any actual landings of ships that have been reported because I know as soon as that happens the military is all over it?

James: Ya, ya.  And they have some kind of reciprocal agreements with other countries, too, so it doesn’t matter where they land sometimes they are all over it.  But you know, Peru has taken an active role in creating a liaison situation and I suppose the United Nations has their group.  You know, there are all kinds of things being done.  In the very beginning at ECETI we have had some landings, we’ve had full blown landings and we’ve had face-to-face contact but after they did that they said that I need to develop my telepathic abilities, that they can’t do that anymore because it’s not so much dangerous to them, they just don’t want conflict, they don’t want to deal with the aggression and it’s more dangerous to the people on the ground.

Alexandra:   It’s more dangerous for people like you who receive that visitation.

James:  Ya, ya, you are going to pay for it. And I am, I’ve had so many attempts on my life, I don’t even want to go into that, but they tried everything to shut me up.

Alexandra:  Ya, ya, but you are still here.  

James:  Ya, somebody is looking after me.

Alexandra:  Ya, you are definitely protected. So how do you see 2015 unfolding?  Tell us your whole perspective of how you see us going from this point forward.

James:  I just think it’s a year of personal responsibility and accountability, that we are in the Apocalypse which means everything is being uncovered, everything is being see for what it is, the hidden stuff just isn’t hidden anymore and the reaction time to these actions is extremely accelerated.  So it’s things, you could do stuff and get away with it for five or six years and then it would come up and they would divert people’s attention with some of their false flag fingers; now, it doesn’t work, it’s instant, people pull something and they get called on it almost instantly and it’s all over the internet.  I feel really good about it, it’s gonna be … it will take a little time to get implemented, but I think it’s going to be a real year of prosperity and a real year of extreme assistance in turning the planet around and you know, the Star Nations are waiting for us to get our act together so they can step in and help clean up the planet.

Alexandra:  In fact, I think I read somewhere that 2014 had the highest number of false flags ever, so that’s a great sign, the awareness is there and we are not co-creating that reality with the Cabal, which is great.  And the other thing I really feel is that last year, 2014, it was all about shredding our densities, purging all the old stuff that wasn’t working with us.  This is a whole new ballgame this year, I just feel it going to be an easier year from that standpoint.  

James:  I agree. Otherwise, so many people even relationships break up that were dysfunctional, they couldn’t maintain them anymore, nobody was happy.  I saw all kinds of turmoil and chaos and people losing their jobs and houses and everything, which was perpetuated by the Banksters.  But I think we are going into the opposite direction, people are making connections with people that resonate with them, that are on the same page, and people are becoming more abundant.  I just see it in a really good way, we are moving into the right direction now.

Alexandra:  Ya, it’s very exciting.  Well, with that said, is there any other important message you would like to leave us with and fill us in on?  I know you are in Maui and you are doing a lot of work as always, you know, is there anything else you want to leave us with today?

James:  It’s really just have faith, I don’t want to say hope because hope is a different word.  You know, have faith, trust in the Universe that things are falling in a really good way, be patient with the transition as things do transcend and do everything on your part to raise your own frequency and be in alignment with the higher consciousness and energy which is coming in to assist the planet.  And maybe, don’t greet your Star Nation friends with shotguns and aggression and fear and they don’t want to be worshipped either, they are our elder brothers and sisters and they are coming to help us out.  And so some of them are karmically tied to the Earth and what happens here, and so they are coming here to rectify that.

Alexandra:  That’s a good point. And they are here to remind us also of what we already know.  They are here to advise us and they don’t treat you like you are beneath them.  If they do, then that’s a red flag about what kind of guidance you are getting.  They really are here to empower you.

James:  They’ll tell you “you are the chosen one.”  The chosen ones are the ones we chose.  And we are all chosen by the Source, we are all loved unconditionally by the Source, we are all chosen on that level. So it’s a matter of what are you going to do, what are you going to do with the information, what are you going to do with the energy?    

Alexandra:  And what are you going to do to make this planet a different place for the All, for all of us to live harmoniously, not just for some.  

James:  Exactly.  I think this is so important right now is that lip service is over, it’s time to act.  It’s good to talk about things and support people in their awakening process and things like that but it’s time to really act on it and make things happen.  

Alexandra:  Good point, good point. Well, James, as always you are just such a beam of light for the community and I know you have taken a lot of darts and arrows for the Cause, I know that’s been going on lately and that’s something I also want to bring up before we tie this up and that is people, please, stop participating in the dissension, it is totally a distraction; it is not about the messenger, it is about the message.

James:  Exactly, because you are playing right into their hands.

Alexandra:  You really are.  And if people researched and saw how many people have been targeted, I’ve been watching it like June/July, it has really escalated. Because they are getting more desperate.

James:  Ya, and I had all kinds of things sent to me, opportunities where I could have participated in something or not and I chose not to.  

Alexandra:  Me, too.

James:  Because I could see, I had the foresight to see that this is a huge drama that I don’t want to get involved in. So my little spidey-senses said, “right turn Clyde, don’t go there.” So I did.  

Alexandra:  It’s a time waster, it’s a distraction and it’s completely deliberate to “divide and conquer” our community when we all should be working together.  And instead of shredding the character of all the people that have really tried to have an intention let’s just focus on the goal at hand.  

James:  Ya, the stuff that has been thrown at me, people say “you know he is on drugs, he does this and that” and I say “I’ll pee in a cup any time” and they go “it’s all made up, all the photos were rigged” of the Masters appearing here.  Those photos were taken by guests, by other people, I had nothing to do with them.  All this stuff, the cameras and the videos don’t lie and you got the witnesses as well and so all this character assassination stuff to me is just ridiculous.  

Alexandra:  It’s so over the top right now.

James:  But it’s important, too, to realise that I don’t need any acceptance and approval outside of myself. And I’m always going to do the highest and best and focus on that for all concerned.  I’m the first to say I’m not infallible, especially when you are dealing with humans and their fickle nature.  You don’t know, even the Masters don’t know what we are going to do; we all are doing the best we can to help people evolve and heal and sometimes it doesn’t always go into the direction we would like it to but that’s free will and human choice which we have to honour.  

Alexandra:  Ya, thank you for that.  It’s time for us to band together and not allow that dissension to be … I feel like 2015 needs to be the year where we break out of that same old way of responding to trolling.  Frankly there are some people I know right now that have tracked down a lot of the stuff that’s been started and there is a lot of trolling.  You think it’s coming from somewhere, you think you got information that was such and such and if you really have the technological capability to track it down, a lot of times you will find out that you were played yourself.  So we all have to be very, very careful of the information we are receiving and stay in an observatorial position.

James:  Ya.  And don’t wait for some external force to come and save you, we need to save ourselves and get busy and get on with it.  And then whatever you need will come. But if we are sitting around waiting for the package or the other stuff or things like that it’s like you are not doing your work.  It’s just the way it is. Like we need to get off our butts and move forward and get busy and start bringing this shift about on a personal level.

Alexandra: Right on. Well, I love you and I just want to thank you. I know you had to cut your fun at the sun and the waves today to do this and I appreciate it.  I know everybody that’s listening appreciates it, too.

James:  Oh, I got to swim with the turtles this morning – it made my day.  So I’m in a good space.

Alexandra:  Are you talking the big ones?  

James:  Ya, ya, the big turtles. So, thanks for having me on this show and I love to come on any time, you are a great host and keep up the good work.

Alexandra:  Thank you so much, James, I appreciate all you do.  And everybody, if you have any questions you know how to reach me.  Just go ahead and go to galacticconnections.com/daily-blog and you can go ahead and see our blog, it’s available 365 days a year 24/7 as well as our BBS Radio Shows.  We do this as a free service, if you feel compelled to support us with donations, we do appreciate it.  And with that said we send you a great Happy New Year from the Gregorian Calendar, right?  The biggie is March 21st, but until then stay tuned and we talk to you later.  Thanks a lot and lots of love.  Bye!

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