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microphone (1)James Gilliland and Alexandra Meadors, December 16, 2014

First aired on As You Wish BBS Radio November 8, 2014

James: Greetings! This is James Gilliland As You Wish Talk Radio. We’ve got another great show. We’ve got a lot of crazy things going on. We’ve got the sun just going ballistic. And it looks like there’s a pretty big explosion close to Mars, or on Mars. There’s a lot of talk about that. I talked with Captain Kaye about that and he says, no, it wasn’t the Mars base that blew up, it was something in between the telescope and Mars. So we will get more on that and track that down. But there’s a lot of different stories about that but it looked like it was pretty close to the planet or on the planet so I wouldn’t be so surprised because they are shooting at all kinds of different people out there which is probably not a good idea. There’s a lot of other stories breaking right now but I’m going to skip some of them. We are heavily in this shift right now and there’s some major events. Maybe we can talk about them during the show.

But with further ado I want to bring on Alexandra Meadors. She’s a Certified Homeopathist, she’s an EF specialist, an achemist, an intuitive healer, and she has Galactic Connection.com and The River of Nature Essential Elements. I’ve got so many things. She does the radio show on BBS – Galactic Connection. And she’s got alchemical essences. Anyway we can give you all of the information on the side if you want to check out her Facebook and her other shows. So with further ado are you with us Alexandra?

Alexandra: I sure am. Thanks, James, for having me come on.

James: Oh yeah, it’s great to have you on the show. We are doing such similar work. We have a lot of similar things we are doing. And I think you are still in South Africa?

Alexandra: I am. I am still in South Africa.

James: And you are doing some

interesting work there.

Alexandra: Yeah. I am traveling a lot and we’ve done several missions. You know, this whole trip kind of caught me off-guard because I was so burned-out and I just needed a vacation. And the last thing that I thought I was going to be doing was working, working, working. But I think you are aware that Pam Plauche passed away on the 11th [of September] and the irony was that I was on a plane to South Africa on the day that she passed. And immediately, within 24 hours, she was already communicating with me.

James: Wow.

Alexandra: Yeah. It was like she came to me that night because I was so sad and I was crying and just really sad to lose her and she said, ‘You know what girl,’ she said, ‘do you remember when we worked on a lot of projects last year?’ She said, ‘You and I have been working on those for a long time and it’s ready to roll.’ And I was like, ‘no way.’ And she says, ‘Yeah. And it’s all about South Africa.’

James: Yeah.

A: Yeah, and the next thing that I knew – I’d never been here – I’d never really studied up on Africa that much. I’ve always wanted to come here. And the irony too is, I used to do those dream boards. Did you ever do that when you were young? You know, when you cut out little pieces out of a magazine and put your dreams down? Well, one of my dreams was to take a safari in Africa. And sure enough I ended up doing it. Little did I know. But I ended up coming here and I was staying with Sandi and Chris – she does quite a bit of volunteer work for my website and they just basically opened up the door and they said, look, we know how burned out you are and you have been working your little butt off. Just come out here and hang.

J: Yeah.

A: So I got out here and the first thing that they did was to introduce me – and you’ll appreciate this James – they introduced me to this gentleman named Louw, who ends up being a Commander. Like I am getting it right away when I met him. And when we went to his property I flipped out. It was actually a doorway to the First World Age. There was this sacred temple underneath the ground and he was telling me all these radical stories about how they are trying to take his land away. Because there is a lot of racism here, unfortunately, and it’s just a really sad situation between the farmers and the indigenous people and they wanted to oust them. Anyway, so he told me, he says one day he came out and he saw these very tall whites, you know, hanging out, all around his property. And I said, oh my god, are you serious? So I went to the back and the next thing I know, tootootootootoo, there were about eight of them surrounding me. And I felt like I was going through an orgasm because the energies were that strong. I mean, I don’t think that I’ve ever stood on a portal that was that phenomenally powerful in my lifetime – and I’ve been in quite a few.

So basically I saw it. They showed me – there was a waterfall and a lake and a temple and there were pillars and all this stuff underneath his property. And he ended up telling me that they have this spring that pumps 13,000 gallons per minute. You’re lucky in California if you get like 300. (Yeah) So I was just going, omg, this is clearly a really sacred place. So that was the very first experience and he was talking about Africa. He was very knowledgeable about the Bible, which I’m not. And he said, one of the first things that has always stuck in his mind is that they have assured that the people will start below the rivers of South Africa. Like basically, that’s where the – what do you call it – the new world will come from – is below in South Africa. And I was wow, that’s really interesting. And then of course, then you’ve got Michael Tellinger, who I’m about to interview this weekend at his property. He blew it wide open as far as letting the whole world know that this is a Cradle of Humanity. (Umhmm)

So I was kind of putting all of these pieces together and the next thing that I know – they took me to a couple of ancient sites and one of them was – I hope I don’t destroy this name – it was Magoebaskloof. And we ended up kind of going – it was a secret spot. Like hardly anybody knows about it. And we ended up going out and through the bush and up and out – we had to drive through this very gnarly four-wheel drive, dirt and rocks, and through streams and it was crazy and when we got there we climbed up on these huge boulders and rocks and up to this very tip top. And he showed us some ancient, ancient stones that actually were calendars, you know, and they were

basically etching, showing the story boards, so to speak, of that timeframe.

Well, the next thing that I know, James, I see the whole civilization. I look out and they were long black hair, light brown skin, very, very pretty people. They spoke telepathically. They had like the kind of protruding frontal lobe of the forehead. And no chin and kind of a long slender neck. And they were basically showing me that this whole valley that we were standing in was the inside of an old, old ancient volcano. And they were saying how that it’s an amplification center and all of this stuff. This just kept happening over and over no matter where I went.

Well, little did I know, you know, I’m thinking I’m here for a vacation. And I came back and I started receiving all of these messages that I was here to open up a cosmic – they call it the stellar highway was what they kept calling it. And the next thing that I knew, we ended up being told that we needed to get up to Enki’s Temple, which is actually the Zimbabwe Ruins. Now for anybody who does not know about Zimbabwe let me just tell you it’s a quick snippet here. South Africa is below of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has really gotten crazy about ousting all of the whites and farmers out of the country. And it’s to the point now where the president of Zimbabwe, I think his name is Mugabe, he just made a blanket statement – now get this James – it says here, he says he just feels that all the whites should be shot. He says he doesn’t want to be exploited again. And basically he put up an edict that it was kosher to shoot all white people. Okay. So we are going into this country with this going on. Right? I mean, it was insane.

So what happend was – and I’m sure you can relate to this – it’s a lot like piecing puzzle pieces together, right? When you get a calling they’ll give you a little bits and pieces of where they would like you to go and what they would like you to do. Louw Venter, the gentleman I told you about that was the Commander, he was just a key person in putting so much of this together. And what happened was, I kept getting a vision of a box within a box, with an X. Now that would be like the vision you would look at if you looked at a temple, or I should say a pyramid from a bird’s eye view. (Umhmm)

And I’m like, okay, what does this mean? What does this mean? And I know that I had seen it before but it was driving me nuts. And he was a very well-read man and he said, ‘Oh, you know what that is?’ He said, ‘that’s the insignia that was on Christ’s cross.’ And I go, ‘Really?’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah, it was right below’ – I think it was right above – ‘the IRNI.’ And I said, ‘Well what do you think they are trying to tell me?’ And he said, ‘Well, if you look at it from the side, it’s actually a representation of a space craft.’ So we both determined that it was relating back to the merkaba, of mankind. And then the other thing that came through was, you know how they said that if and when Christ was crucified they always show this picture of the three crosses on the top of the hill, at Golgotha. And he made a comment about that never would have happened. They would have always done it down in the valley because they wanted everyone to see it, they wanted everyone to be reminded that if you stepped out of line this is what was going to happen to you.

And so the next thing that I knew, I was being told that I would be shown through that message where to go when we got to the ruins. And then, a bunch more messages started coming in where they were telling me that this was like a cosmic gateway, that was an interlock of each of the dimensions and they were showing me that each of the dimensional levels, races, or civilizations were wanting to be able to blow this open so they could bring in these new cosmic energies that had never been on the planet before. And they were showing me kind of like an interlocking system and our responsibility was just to ground those energies and hold it open and be able to blow the whole portal open. So, basically, a couple of days before we took off really weird stuff started going down. One night, at 3:33 in the morning the tempered glass over the stove just completely shattered into a gazillion pieces.

J: Wow, wow.

A: It was just like, okay, what are you trying to tell us. And they said that basically, they are going to be shattering the reflection of the illusion. That’s what kept coming through. We are going to assist in destroying the programs that the matrix had created. And I was like, ‘Right on! Let’s do this.’ Then the other thing that I was doing was – before that I left – you know, James, before I left I was like, ‘I just wish that you guys would let me be like James. Let me just see an UFO.’ I just want to see one once and a while. Not that I haven’t. But seeing it as the real deal. And one of the one or two nights before we left, sure enough, I had a nice low horizon, slow enough for me to see, UFO flying by. So that was just like a confirmation.

J: Yeah.

A: And just letting us know. And then we just kept seeing the praying mantis, right? We kept getting messages from them. And it just went on and on and on. And they kept saying that this was really an important mission because we would be just destroying so much of the programming that has been holding us shackled. I mean, it’s something like 19 hundred programs that were going to get wiped out from these energies coming into the planet. So I was obviously very fired up to do this.

And the drive up there was brutal. We left at like 3 o’clock in the morning. It took us hours to get through the border because it’s so corrupt. And when we ended up going through probably, as many as ten different people just to get a couple of pieces of paper. And everytime you went to another window they were bribing you or they were asking you for money. And this was just to let us drive across the border. And that wasn’t even – like trying to get up to the ruins where you were stopped about every – I’d say every ten miles. Then you had traffic police who were stopping you and saying, ‘oh, you know what? I need to see your papers and I need to see your identification.’ I mean I felt like I was in World War II. It was really that bad.

So anyway, we finally got through all of that – a hundred something dollars later just to cross the border. And we ended up driving up right before the ruins and I just tripped out because I looked at these HUGE humongous boulders and I realized that one of them was a sphinx. But they had split it in half, like they had taken the road through it. So I thought, wow, this must be a really sacred, special place. And then they started showing me pictures of – this was all fitting in with the Guardians and the Light-Grids. They were talking about – you might know more about this than me – they were talking about how Enki – you know Enki and Enlil were the brothers and one – I think Enki was in charge of the underworld and Enlil was in charge of the heavens. And what they were focusing on the middle third of the Earth, because this was the core area where all the Guardians and those people that carried the codes would actually be able to activate the frequencies and – get this – you would activate certain frequencies based on where your original place of birth was in the very first incarnation.

J: Hmmm.

A: I thought that was really interesting. And they were just showing me how we would basically be standing on the nodes and this would be part of the – bringing all of this to a fruition process. So that was pretty cool. And we even, because it was such a corrupt and dangerous place we had to bring in a native Zimbabwean with us.

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: And I mean, it was mind-blowing, James, because you pulled into this country and you look to the side and there were goats and donkeys and an occasional horse and an occasional dog – we didn’t see those very often. And cattle. And there were like dead animals on the side of the road because there were so many of them walking on the street. And they were emaciated, you know. (Geez) It was really sad. So anyway, we ended up getting into the actual ruins and I was just constantly in communication. They led me right to what is called The Great Enclosure. And what is ironically about that is the only part of the Zimababwe Ruins that has been really highly hyped-up in the world is the Hill Enclosure, which is basically is where Enki hung out and that’s where they did a lot of their spiritual stuff.

But basically, they were telling me that the very important portal location was in The Great Enclosure which is where the queen – they are actually speculating that it was the Queen of Sheba – who had a relationship with King Solomon and they actually had a son, okay. So this was all connected. So we went in there and we were interrupted. There were a lot of intrusions but we got it done and we got the ceremony done and we were pretty much relieved just to get out of there because everything was so stressful. But the irony of it was, there were three conical towers inside this Great Enclosure and they were solid. We looked at them and we said what are these? Now what do you think what they were for? I mean what is your hit on it?

J: Well, it sounds like an energy generator –

A: Yup.

J: In order to focus energies into the ground and into the land.

A: That’s exactly what we got. Yeah, we were told they were like a battery and a way of which to extract the energy and hold it. So that was one of the reasons that we were told to go in there. But then, when we looked behind us and we saw this mound. Now get this. And it had a thatched roof over it. It had a fence around it and they were giving a talk about how it was an initiation for the bride and the groom and sexuality and all that. Well, what I saw, I saw sacrifices on that thing. It’s probably like multiple timelines that were playing out but was what was originally shown. So anyway, we did our thing and we cleared it up and I ended up seeing – it was an interesting vision.

I ended up seeing the cross – the Celtic cross – the perfect – not like the cross that Christ was on – the perfect even cross. Then I saw the eight-sided star and then I saw the lotus blown wide open. And we were told that we were successful. Apparently we had four others groups throughout the world that had been called to do energy work that we didn’t even know about who were supporting us energetically on this mission. So I thought that was really cool. That came back to me later. Then we had another friend that was doing a lot of the higher dimensional work with this to make sure that we blew it all the way through the higher, higher dimensions.

J: Umhmm.

A: So that was successful. And I actually saw the light that spread all over the planet. That was the coolest experience to see that happen. And we weren’t really messed with. We had the Ancient Ones with us and there were a lot of ships and stuff, so we were very protected. But that was the first one. Okay.

Now the second one is even more mind-blowing. We ended up – on the way back we met this military guy and he was like ‘really undercover’ and he was talking all about what’s going on with the political situation in South Africa. Because things – South Africa is really in a place of – let’s just say it is this way – a lot of change is going on and lots of unhappiness, okay. And he was saying that they were doing a counter assassination gathering because people were coming down through Botswana and they were taking people out. So I thought that’s really strange that I would meet this guy. You know, that that he would tell me all this information. I thought it was really strange.

J: Yeah.

A: So I put it in the back of my head and thought, whatever. So then, a couple of days later Pam came in and I was talking to her about the mission and I said, ‘I just want to check in with you and see what’s going on,’ and that was kind of interesting because she said she had made a very conscious decision to move to the other side because she could do far more work and be a better protector of me and of Steve and everything. Because of the kinds of the missions that she knew that we would be going on. Anyway, we talked back and forth. And Sandi and Chris and I – that was quite an interesting, you know, like when you know when you do these kind of things and we do ceremonial work you kind of have to process it for a couple of days.

J: Yeah. Yeah.

A: You never know what kind of energies are going to be coming up. And of course, it’s very consciousness-affecting, I should say.

J: There can be a backlash.

A: Yeah, exactly. There can definitely be a backlash. So we came home. We were really fried. And we got everything cool and everything situated. So about a week went by. And this is when everything just started changing. We were on four-wheelers up in the very high mountains because they live up in the mountains and we were driving around in this god beautiful unbelievable country. The soil here is like this deep, deep, deep sienna red. And the trees are healthy. And it is clean and clear. It is so pretty here. And all of the three of us got this hit we had to stop at this location.

We came around a corner and the soil was raw. Do you know what I mean? It was like it was opened up and it was probably a good 8, 10, 12 feet high or something.

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: And we all stopped because we felt like we had to and take pictures. Well, little did we know, when we got them home – and I’ve got to get these pictures over to you, James, because I’ve just got to have your opinion about them. But there were some really trippy stuff in these pictures. First of all, the whole entire side of the cliff was made of faces.

J: Wow.

A: But there was also – first it was this turquoise orb, then inside that orb it was almost looking like a brain or like a beetle, or something. I don’t know. And then there was a kind of like a fairy elemental-looking being with red hair. I mean, it was a total trip. So they were obviously trying to communicate with us, right?

J: Umhmm.

A: So the next thing I went out and for whatever reason I started taking pictures of the sun. And I was doing it through the trees and everything else and I looked down and the pictures had faces inside the purple rays. I mean, just clear as you can be, you’ve got to see them to believe them. So I thought, okay, well, this is really cool. They’re obviously talking to us. I went inside and I started getting major messages. So I went to a map and I was shown exactly where we needed to go and it was Maun, Botswana. Have you ever heard of that place?

J: No. I haven’t.

A: Okay. This is a very famous, apparently, location in Botswana because it’s right at the south side of the Okavango River. Now the reason that that’s a big deal is because they have yearly flooding. And it takes months and months and months for the flood waters to arrive there. It’s one of the oldest salt pans in the world, now note that. Salt pans, right? Where everything is retained there.

J: Yeah.

A: And I didn’t know squat. I didn’t even know what Maun was. I didn’t know about the Okavango River. I didn’t know anything. I was just following guidance. Anyway, so a couple of days later, UFO clouds ships started showing up. And this is the part that was really unique, probably totally normal for you. (Chuckles) But when we were outside sitting in the patio and I was just – I thought, you know what, we started to see these clouds, you know, and I thought, these look like UFOs. And I was kind of thinking, well, if you’re an UFO show me that you can disappear. And it did. Okay. So I thought, you guys are really playing with us. So I said I’m going to ask you some questions and if it’s a yes, give me some sort of a sign. Well, the skies were clear. It was dark. There was no rain. There was no thunder, no clouds, nothing. It was a very clear night. So I started out asking questions about this information that they were providing for me. And James, for over an hour they were responding almost like Morse Code. So if I’d ask a ‘yes,’ they would flash and it would go all the way across the horizon.

J: Wow.

A: And if it was ‘no,’ they wouldn’t do anything at all. And you know, at first, we all three were like, ‘Did you guys see that?’ because I did. And then we realized, My god, there’s actually a pattern to this. They really are responding. And then, basically, once I started asking too many questions about the so-called ascension process they stopped. But towards the end I said, Just give me a confirmation. Can you just an asteroid or a meteor or a ship or something and I look up and this thing just flies over immediately. It was like orange and yellow and green and flashing. It really was pretty. So clearly we were on the right track, right? Because I was asking all of these questions about the next place that they wanted us to go. So then we were led to more information and one of the situations was that the Commander that I originally met – he calls us up and says, ‘By the way, I just had a spontaneous combustion of my tree right next to where I told them where the gateway was.

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: It mean it was incredible. It was just one thing after another. So I just want everybody to know that this location at Maun is unbelievable because it travels something like 500 miles through two different countries to arrive at this location. And it’s such a big deal that all the locals literally have a chain phone call type set-up where, you know, one town calls the next and calls the next just to let them know that the flood waters are finally coming. And they say that is goes way back in their history that this is when they celebrate because the waters finally arrived. Because without the water, James, it’s totally a dust bowl. It’s super hot. It’s super dusty. It would be the last place you’d want to live.

And the other thing that’s kind of sad is the wildlife, the rhinos, and the elephants, and the giraffes, and the lions, you name it, they all trek towards this water every year. Because it’s such a huge source of water. But what happens is that by October, which is ironically when we were up there, it’s known as Suicide Month because it’s so dried up there’s no water left and for the animals that made it all the way to the location and might find that there’s no water left a lot of them die of dehydration. And it’s really, really sad.

So I started getting the hit that if you look at the Okavango River it looks kind of like a heart. And it actually has this main aorta of water feeding into it that they are always complaining about because it gets stopped up with papyrus. And I thought, this is a trip – it’s like clogging your arteries, right? I started seeing all the parallelisms. And so the next thing that I thought, well okay, they are taking me to a salt pan area which was an ancient, ancient lake bed and the guy Loew had told me that this had been a very ancient city at one time. So I kept thinking, okay, how is this related to the Zimbabwe Ruins. I knew they were related but I wasn’t sure how.

So the next thing that I know, more messages come in. And the Galactics were actually asking us to pool, like hold the pool of light, and they set themselves up at a very specific strategic pattern. And they warned us, you know, that you don’t pull this light through your body – it could burn your circuits. The only thing that we need of you to do is to just to direct it north. And the trip was, when I looked at the map, they said it’s going to be somewhere between Lusambo and the Luluabourg which is now Kananga of the portal, I’m sorry, of the Congo. It is the capital, I believe, of the Congo. [a provincial capital]

Well, if you know about the Lulu, right?, that is the race that Enki created. So there is the connection, finally. I thought, okay. So we are dealing with that. Well, I also remembered back in the day when I was interviewing Cobra he was really hot about closing down the portal in the Congo. And he used to talk about how it’s such a detrimental portal to the world and it really got me fired up and I had done some work on it. So the next thing that I know I was given information – they showed me that Atlantis is like still – it’s still existent. Now get this – under Africa in a different dimension connected through a wormhole. And I’m like not believing this, right? I’m going ‘go on.’ This is not possible. And I ran it by all the people here in Africa. And they said, oh yeah, that’s one of the – I didn’t know anything of this – yeah, that is one of the theories. And I’m like, you’ve got to be kidding me. Well, what’s interesting is, there are three major fault lines that go down in this area. The Gumare, the Kunyere, and the Thamalakane faults and supposedly the major disaster of Atlantis caused these fault lines. So it’s all tying together, right?

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: Wow, I’m thinking, this is fascinating. So we were told that they had genetically created more of the archons through this wormhole and they were literally pumping them into this reality. And that this is the way they were entering – this is one of the ways, I’m going to say, they were entering this dimension. So I was told that the directive was given to stop the deluge and that we were here to fill up that hole. So when we left for Botswana to do this mission we knew that this was really big and we were like, okay, you guys are going to provide this protection, right? (Chuckles) Because this was pretty major here. And sure enough an eagle flew right over our window just kind of showing us that we are here. Everything is cool. And we saw a couple of kind of cylindrical shaped ships of the Arcturians.

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: Then there were a couple of things, like an ostrich came and stood in the road. I love to look at Animal Speaks, I don’t know about you. That was one of the main things that we saw and when I looked it up it said, ‘dont push yourself in any kind of vulnerable position.’ And just remember that you are assimilating knowledge and that this is your heads up. So I thought, okay, this is all really cool. We kept driving up. We actually ended up getting a speeding ticket. It was a big drama scene. And it was obviously not a big deal but it felt like it because of the cost involved. But I kept being told that they would prefer this to happen on the 18th of October. And I thought, well, you know, that makes a lot of sense because it’s a 9 and it’s also a 10, which is a 1, like new beginnings and all of that stuff. If you just look at the date. 10-18. Well, we drove up there and they said you’re on a need-to-know basis. I’ll give you further information as we get closer. And I’m like okay.

Well, we get into the car and they said okay, you turn left out of the dirt road and just go down about 20 kilometers and that will be your first sign post. Sure enough right at 20 kilometers there was a roadwork and one of these circular turnarounds in the middle of nowhere. And then they said, okay, there will 12 kilometers and you’re going to hit the spot. Well, the next thing that I know, I’m supposed to find a place to pull off between these two little towns Komana and Tikaseoulo. And I knew that I had so many miles between these two towns and I knew it had to be between these two towns because that was the information that was coming in.

So the next thing that I know we ended up pulling off. We ended up under a tree, James, and it was an acacia tree with thorns, which is the same tree that they used in the Ark of the Covenant. I don’t know if you have ever heard about the acacia, but it’s a trippy tree.(Yeah, yeah) So this ceremony was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was so mind-blowing for all three of us. We will permanently be changed forever. But in a nutshell, we basically did as they asked. We pulled the light, we diverted it, and when I actually came back home later I basically looked at the degrees, the location where we were was exactly the same degrees as the location where the military base was and the Congo Portal was. So it was pretty brilliant. Like instead of sending you in there physically where you never would have made it anyway, right? Nobody goes in there because it’s so damned dangerous.

So anyway, we went through this whole thing, the whole ceremony. It was quite a long ceremony and we went through a whole bunch of stuff. It was so intense. The Light infiltrated the wormhole, or whatever you want to call it, and I started seeing like each of the countries and locations around the globe lighting up. And once that the whole globe had – you could see the outline of the countries starting to come to the Light. And as soon as they finished with all of a sudden it just extracted everything. It pulled it out, it sealed up the hole, pulled back and it went straight up. We all saw the whole thing. In fact, I saw Mother Earth – I heard her cry out. It was like I saw her lift. And it was just one of the profound experiences of my life. I was sobbing.

So anyway they said that the underworld clearing was 100% successful. And the thing that I just wanted to share with everybody was that they said the extraction of the archon population was 88% successful on the surface of the planet. And I said, well, what does that mean? And they said, well basically, they can travel multi-dimensionally. They can cloak themselves. They can hide themselves well. You are talking some of the major politicians and world leaders, etcetera. And they said that what this is going to do is, trust us. We are strategically getting ready for battle. Which is interesting that you brought up Mars today, by the way.

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: So I said, okay, wow. And they said, well, it’s all good. We are really happy. And I ended up seeing all three of us receive a crown, James. It was so cool. Now the reason that that is really special to the three of us is because the day before we left for Botswana we were driving up the street and there was a spider web. And it was partially missing. And Sandi stopped and we took a picture of it. And what do you think that it was shaped like? It was shaped just like a crown. We actually have pictures where we stood under it giggling not knowing that it would be associated with this. So there were constant confirmations of all this stuff. There was also a section where Chris and Sandi are twin flames and so Chris was representing the Divine Masculine and sending out the love across the planet and Sandi was representing the surrogate for the receiver of that love as if to represent all the shame and the unworthiness. You know how people don’t feel that they are loved – she was basically representing that side of it. So that was super profound. And it was just mind-blowing.

So then, we got that done, as if that wasn’t enough, we get up the next day and I decided to take a video of this river at night because of the amazing sounds of the birds and the frogs and all of this stuff. And I ended up catching a small – and I wanted to know what you thought of this – it actually looks like three individual cylindrical rotating circles in greens and pinks. And it shot up right in the front of the video screen so that I would see it. And it hovered there and when we slowed it down we actually found one or two other small space ships in it. I mean it was just mind-blowing.

J: I’d like to see it.

A: Oh I know, I want to show you all of this. Because they really did go out of their way to show us like some physical stuff. And then on our way home we had – you know those dirt devils – like whirlwinds in the dirt?

J: Oh yeah.

A: We actually drove into like 13 of those. So I thought that was really weird. The trip back was really interesting. We caught the Orionid showers. I’m not sure if you caught that. And then on the way back there was this place called Solomon’s Wall. I’ve just got to tell you about this really fast. This is an ancient river bed where – this is called Solomon’s Wall which is basically an ancient dike had broken through. Well, there isn’t any water, okay, so we were walking across to see this wall and we look down and there’s just a little bit of water left that dips down towards the wall. And it’s this beautiful lime-green. And I’m standing there with Sandi, and I’m like, wow, it’s so pretty and everything. She says, ‘isn’t it?’

We are taking pictures and she says, ‘Well, I think there’s a crocodile in there.’ And I said, ‘Are you serious?’ Now I am from southern California, you know. They think like it’s no big deal. I cruised on and she had to go back to the car so here I am in the middle of this ancient river bed. I was collecting these phenomenal geodes and polished jasper rocks and rocks that were broken open and they were filled with crystals. And they are all over the place, James. They are in bright purples and pinks and yellows and greens and oranges. I mean, they’re just spectacular. And I look up and in the distant there’s this huge elephant eating a tree. I mean it was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I mean, talk about experiencing the wild.

J: Yeah.

A: So I go back to get my hat so I can put all of the rocks in the hat and sure enough the crocodile was starting to walk out of the water. And I’m, okay, okay. I’m out of here. (Laughter) But I’ve never in a million years that I would be that close to a crocodile and just be so nonchalant about it. So, anyway, the long and the short of it is, it was very, very successful. I’ve done of a lot of other stuff, but those two really from what I’m being told, they were a catalyst that – they told me over and over again that the curse has been lifted. And the chaos has begun on the Galactic realm in a big way. They said this was another trigger of a chain reaction. So, in fact, we just heard from somebody that between January [2014] and the date of the actual mission on the 18th [October] there were something like ten class flares and then the following nine days after we went and did that there were six.

J: Yeah, yeah.

A: Then there’s been none lately. So, you know, another alignment in timing. But that was it.

J: I’m finding out some pretty interesting things because I – some things I can’t even talk about right now because I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but . . .

A: Oh, me too. But it’s exciting.

J: There are major events that are happening and that you’re never going to hear them in the mainstream news. Before people would be talking about these things, I’d go, oh okay, where is your evidence? How can you prove this, and things like that. But now, the evidence is all there. Everything is there and we’re going to go through all whole different regime change and a whole different banking change and everything.

A: Big time.

J: Yeah, and it’s already been done basically. It’s already been set up. It’s on the books. It can’t be stopped. And the families that are behind it are benevolent. They want us to see the Earth get cleaned up. And the people living in prosperity and things like that. So it’s amazing watching. And now I’m seeing the whole cabal thing is completely imploding. And some of the things, that I can talk about, because it is public knowledge is that they did go over to the World Court and they tried to file bankruptcy and leave us hanging with all the debt and let everything collapse and the World Court said ‘nope, sorry. We aren’t going to grant it and either you take care of your debts or go to jail, basically.’ So –

A: Yes, I agree.

J: Yeah. So there are some other things too that I have looked up and verified. I think that there’s a short amount of time before this whole debt situation that everybody’s been enslaved by and the people that were involved in it and everything are going to be totally removed. It’s already set up. It’s already – the paper work is already in and the defaults been done. All of these things have been done.

A: I really agree with that James. And I do feel that just my little piece of contributing to the planet here is – I feel very strongly that this was a checkmate strategically.

J: Umhmm.

A: It’s definitely a checkmate. And I have been getting messages constantly to that exact expression from them.

J: Yeah, I know the same thing with my travels like going back to Mexico and going to – I mean, Mexico was a battle. The last time that I was out there, I was just like omg. This is like archon central. And the Reptilians and everything going on and I couldn’t believe it. I got pretty beat up on that one.

A: Yes, you did. I remember that.

J: Yeah. So anyway, and the Hawaii one is interesting too. I mean a lot of crazy stuff happened there. But we got things done that we needed to do there. But, yeah, but I think we are all doing amazing work, especially with what you are doing. And also too, I think you need to go back to where it all started and that’s basically where everything gets started.

A: And that’s the thing. That what what they’ve told me, they said they wanted it to get cleaned up first. To go to the primordial mound and the First World Age and the Cradle of Humanity. I’ve learned a ton and I love it here. Oh my god, I love it here. And to just travel to all the various locations and it’s like perfectly normal to see an elephant, you know. It’s pretty mind-blowing. But anyway, I just want everybody to know – I can only speak for myself and I know that there’s a lot of other people doing a lot of work out there, that we are so, so close.

J: Yeah.

A: We are so close.

J: There’s so many levels to what is going on. And I’ve had been people come to me and say what do UFOs have to do with spirituality or religion or anything else. And they’re into meditation and yoga and things like that. And I just said, have you read your books, have you read the Vedas? the Scriptures? All of those people that you are praying to and singing praises to, had ships, you know. (laughter)

A: Absolutely, absolutely.

J: And they are still here, helping out. A lot of them are helping out and some of them are causing problems.

A: Yeah, I agree. In fact, four of the little white Greys, I hate to call them Greys, but the 3-feet tall, supposedly they are 11 dimensional beings.

J: Umhmm.

A: They are very, very white.

J: Yeah.

A: Well, they showed up at a portal right on the property that I’m on. You know, just as if to say, you know, more support. And just to say it’s all good. But I really want people to know that – I know things are really chaotic, I know they’re very, kind of confusing, I know it’s hard for people to know who and what to trust right now, you just need to hunker down within yourself. This is really a time of listening to your own inner guidance system. And really trusting in it. It’s such an important time to do that.

J: Its is, definitely. And I always tell people that the No. 1 priority is making your own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection, whatever you want to call it. That’s the first priority and everything else comes with that.

A: Yeah.

J: But a lot of people do everything else then make that the last priority.

A: I agree. Well, before we tie up, tell me what you heard about Mars.

J: Well, I’ll tell you, I talked to Captain Kaye, Randy Cramer, and he sent me a pretty long email and he said that that’s a bunch of nonsense basically, that the base wasn’t blown up and this and this and all this other stuff. And I looked at it over and over and over again and he said that it happened above the surface. And I said, ‘Well, can you verify that? Are you just saying that from you are observing?’ And I said, ‘Is there anyway to verify that?’ and he said, ‘I’ll get back to you.’ He’s going to talk to his superiors or whatever and see what did happen there and what that event was about.

But I know, from me, I’m kind of like in the middle – I know that they have this space fleet. But he was saying that the way – they kind of come at everybody and then sort it out later. Whatever shows up, they show up and chase them off. And that might be good if any negative entities come in the ships, but it also too, could become very serious when you’re dealing with a very advanced race that has extreme technology too. You could have a, you know, you could go, what do you mean I can’t fly through here, through this area. You’re saying that you can’t go and then Boom! Okay, well, we’ll take your base away.

A: Yeah. No kidding.

J: Yeah. So there’s a lot of different things that could be happening there. So I’m going to see whatever else information I can get and then talk to my guys too about it and we’ll see what they have to say.

A: Well, I’d love to hear. Please keep me posted on that, okay?

J: All right.

A: I appreciate it.

J: Yeah. I mean, even though we do have technology, borrowed technology, and we need some sort of defense system. I do agree about that. But that’s why I asked him, ‘Well, is there a place where the benevolents can meet, where we can have correspondence or meetings with these other beings coming in. I mean there’s 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, dimensional beings coming in that can help us out. I said I hope they aren’t chasing them away. And he says, ‘Oh no, there’s a Galactic Command Center where people are having meetings and they have their meetings there.

A: Awesome.

J: Yeah. So that’s interesting.

A: I agree. I know something really major went down after the 18th [October]. I saw it.

J: Yeah.

A: I’ve been getting a lot of information on it.

J: I’m seeing it being filtered through on every level too. And I’m seeing all this information is coming out now about everything, from the judicial system, how that is so corrupt and that’s unraveling. There’s some things I would just love to talk about now but I can’t, but there’s some things and it’s on the legal side, and there’s some things that have been done that’s not woo-woo, it’s not channeled – I’m not putting that down – I’m just saying that this is fact. It’s on paper and it’s been done.

A: Absolutely. Sure I agree.

J: And the old system is out. Especially the Federal Reserve. That one is done. I’m sorry, but it’s basically done.

A: Yeah. Right now they’re scrambling because they know that this is their final hour, you know. They definitely know it now.

J: Yeah, they’re done. The tyranny and the enslavement and the dependency, all that stuff is coming to an end and their whole world isn’t frequency specific to where the Earth and the people are going and it’s imploding – as it should.

A: Yeah. It’s going to be an interesting time, huh, James?

J: Yeah, it is. Hey, we’re getting to the end of the hour here. So what’s the best way for people to get contact with you, for people who need to reach you and partake of some of your services?

A: Okay. Well, go to Galactic Connection.com. You can also drop an email to admin@galacticconnection.com. And feel free to visit my blog page. It’s up there every day and it provides the information on what’s going right and what’s happening to dismantle the matrix.

J: Yeah. And you’ve got your BBS Radio Show as well.

A: Yeah, I have my BBS Radio Show on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:55 pm Pacific.

J: Great. Hey, I can’t thank you enough for coming on my show and thanks for the update and thanks for the work that you are doing too. I definitely need to hear more about that.

A: Yeah. Thank you James. Thanks for all that you do. We all love you.

J: Okay. Keep up the great work. This is James Gilliland on BBS Radio signing off. Have a great evening.

A: Bye.

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