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ALEXANDRA:  Good afternoon everybody!  This is Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection.com and today is November 26, 2013. And I have a very nice, exciting guest with me today that many people know about. It’s James Gilliland. James is a minister, a counselor, a well-known lecturer. He has several books such as A Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. Many of you know James because of his ECETI Ranch, up in, gosh, is that in Oregon, James, or is it in Northern California?
JAMES: It’s in Washington State.
ALEXANDRA: Washington. I was way off. OK. So anyway, welcome, welcome, welcome. I’ve wanted to connect with you for so long. It’s been a very synchronistic connection—everybody—because he kept popping in my head and I met him through a very old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for about seven years and that was at the Star Knowledge Conference? Right?
JAMES: Yeah, it was.
ALEXANDRA:  And so it was meant to be, because he mentioned to Joseph, that he wanted to meet me as well. So Welcome James. How are you doing up in the beautiful state of Washington?
JAMES: I’m doing great. I mean, it’s a beautiful, sunny day, if it weren’t for all the chemtrails that are bombing us with, like crazy up here. Other than that, it’s a beautiful sanctuary where we live and a lot of activity here, seen and unseen, 
ALEXANDRA: 3:16  I can’t wait to get up there. It’s high on my plan of things to do and not to cause you to eat your heart out, but there’s something really major going on with the light workers on down here on San Diego because our skies have been so miraculously clear, more than not, for about a month or so.
JAMES: Yeah. I think I get my special batch here (laughter).ALEXANDRA: I think you do too.

JAMES:  Yeah. It seems . . . I actually heard a guy at the air base bragging about how he had to spray the UFO ranch on a regular basis, so . . .

ALEXANDRA:   I think you’d be the only place up in that area, correct?

JAMES: Yeah. I don’t know any other UFO ranches around here,  and good for him—he’s really honoring his oath, and he’s a brave soul up there there spreading toxics—you know—on children.


ALEXANDRA: Don’t you just get blown away by the fact that they don’t even think about how this is affecting them?

JAMES:  Well, exactly.  It’s almost like they’re hypnotized or brain washed, which we can talk about that, but it’s the network—they’ve signed up for the archonic network, and it’s very hard to break out of that, and while you’re in that network, it seems like they’re void of any critical thinking.


ALEXANDRA: 4:37  I agree. I agree. Well, that’s part of it and I’d like to talk about that too, because really major things are going on at my end, regarding that exact topic. But before we get into that—just for the people that somehow don’t know about James. Can you just tell us a little about your ranch and what you do and what you offer to the public.

JAMES: Oh boy, that’s a long one. The ranch is a retreat center. It started as a spiritual retreat center where we are doing a lot of meditation techniques, process-oriented techniques. We are having teachers and speakers from all over the world coming here, healers from all walks of life. It’s a very eclectic group where people can come and share and it’s on a vortex, so . . . the awakening and healing process gets accelerated. A lot of people come and say, God, it’s like home, I love it here, and in about three days all their stuff comes up, you know, (laughs).

It’s really a good energy here. If you resonate with it and if you rise to the occasion, and if you don’t heal, it’ll spit you out pretty quick.

ALEXANDRA:   You know you say that because with we threw a very small UFO Contact conference right after Contact in the Desert at Joshua Tree and apparently, you know that facility has 17 vortices on the property, (JAMES: Oh wow!), and this was in the middle of the Grand Cross (JAMES: Uh hum).

ALEXANDRA: You can imagine, man, everything that could go wrong, did. (laughter) It was absolutely crazy.


ALEXANDRA: 6:15  But anyway, what I really want to talk with you about today, and I think it just something everybody really wants to hear, and that is, where do you feel where we are right now in the ascension process. And where do you feel the wheat is being separating from the chaff, so to speak.

JAMES: Yeah. We’re right in the middle of that one, big time. Yeah. What I’ve seen is that a huge lifting going on, massive waves of energy coming through—going through the planet—one right after Thanksgiving, and another one is right after Christmas. And these energies are—it’s like God-force energies—they are very intense energies. And they are really bringing things up, the stuff we missed, didn’t heal, (A: Yeah), the old wounds, and traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, even pastlife issues, all that stuff, is going to be accelerated and amplified. And the good news is that when this energy comes in those who are holding on to the past—that can’t really release the past—and those focusing on tyranny and slaving others and disempowering other people—they’re going to have the worst time with these energies, because they’re going to—they’re basically imploding their energies, their karma is going to get accelerated and their consciousness is just not—they’re not in the right spot, they’re not specifically where the earth is going. These are the foundation of the end of tyranny.


ALEXANDRA: 7:52  Well, now you brought up karma. Do you agree or disagree that we are now in a place where there is no more karma?

JAMES: Well, I think we’re in action/reaction and the reaction/action is going to be greatly accerated so, um, there’s getting around it, the energies are just grand accelerators and they accelerate everything. There’s an old passage and they say, they talk about God being like the sun. It shines on everything and everyone equally, doesn’t judge. Well, these energies that are coming in are just going to amplify everything, and so, there always is, you know, there’s a spiral of devolution and a up spiral of evolution, and the people who are on the downward spiral that are focused on the negativity and the separation game, and the greed, and power over others, and all that stuff, the controllers, they’re going to be accelerated on the downward spiral and the people going for ascension, you know, that want be kind to each other and the planet are going on the other spiral.


ALEXANDRA: 9:03  Yes, I agree and do you also think that we are getting to a place where those dimensional realms so to speak where you kind of live your day out actively, versus, you know, Susie Jones walking down the street—do you feel that that separation has already occurred? How do you see that playing out—for those who are not really taking the ascension path?

JAMES: You know that is really interesting. People talk about—we were talking about earth changes way before the tsunamis hit and a lot of the other things and I saw the Japanese tsunami long before it hit, and we were talking about that and some other things and people were saying, well you know there are really nice people living on the coasts, why do you condemn them, and I said—I’m not condemning them,  they are really nice people—they’re just bad listeners. They’re not paying attention to the future. Their souls are yelling to them, their spirits are yelling to them, the earth is screaming at them, and they’re just not listening and they’ve separated so much from nature that . . . even the animals know, they know what is happening (Alexandra:  Big time.) and go to higher ground. So it’s just a disconnect. They became disconnected, they became part of this unconscious network that we call a civilization. So we need a real shake-up or wake-up call for those who are not getting it.


ALEXANDRA:  Yeah. As you know, I’m an alchemist and I play around a lot with formulas, alchemical formulas, and one of the things I find across the board is, these people are in shock. Like there is a lot of shock and drama—as you’ve said before, the masks are coming off.

JAMES: Yeah.


ALEXANDRA: 10:57  And people are having to assimilate that information, which causes them to completely reconfigure their belief systems. And for those of us like you and me, that’s like, happening every day of our lives. (laughter) You know what I mean—we’re so used to doing that. I remember the old days when that used be a mind-blowing experience. Now it’s just part of blazing the trail, you know.

JAMES:  I always tell people, I have to be flexible. It’s changing daily and as more information comes in—and I do the best I can to bring out the up-to-date, the clearest information I can, but you know, everything is changing, everything is in flux right now.

ALEXANDRA:   I agree. And also I think there’s a level of resistance. There’s definitely all of that we’ve all talked about exhaustively about being programmed. But there’s also, this huge amount of resistance. And I see that in my work too.

JAMES: Yeah.


ALEXANDRA:  You tell me what you think about that. Where do you see the resistance with in, say, the spiritual community, or the UFO community?

JAMES: 12:08 Oh God, that’s a book in itself. (laughter) You know I feel like we need to find a balance and we need to re-define what enlightenment means. Enlightenment means to be an acknowledgement of—of all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the past, the present, the future, everything in the eternal now. So there’s lots of people who say “be there now.” Well, if that is all you focus on “be now,” you’re not aware of the future nows. And of where the earth is going. So that could catch you. If you are not aware of your past, and the trauma you have experienced in the past, and if you’re not clearing that or healing it, that could also catch you. So in a way, with a lot of these new-age teachings there’s a form of denial that we have to really be aware of. And a lot of them were created out of think tanks you know, such as the Stanford Research [Institute]. ALEXANDRA: Rand Corporation.

JAMES: Yeah, that have created some of these things. They get us not to pay attention to what’s happened on the past and where we are future is going and things like that—so we just continue being an unconscious little consumer thinking that everything is OK. And that’s a form of denial. But you don’t have to focus on the negative either, or even judge it—it just is. It’s just happening, you just be aware of it.


ALEXANDRA: 13:34 I couldn’t agree with you more because that’s the lens I use with my site. I really try to focus on showing the people—I don’t like to use the word “lightworkers”—I so agree with Cameron Day on that—those of us who take the enlightened path—I really feel that we need to hear where the positive shifts are taking place around the world.  So I really focus on that. However, I really put a ton of information up about the realities. (laughter)

JAMES: Yeah, yeah, exactly, and I think, you know, the UFO community, that is just amazing, what is happening there. And I have been butting my head against that for probably, oh God, 30 years. But they are just now starting—even Michio Kaku is saying they are looking in the wrong direction. We should be looking in the dimensions rather than in the—the physical objects somewhere out in space.



JAMES:  14:36 The vast majority of the ETs are actually spiritual, they’re on a different level—not physical. And so their ships are inter-dimensional. So if we want to focus on what is really going on we have to get beyond the nuts and bolts, you know, and past the victim programs, and the abduction programs, and all the other stuff—although this is going on it’s such a small piece of the puzzle. But what I found in the UFO community is that they want the physical proof, of an non-physical event. They want nuts and bolts when their whole science tells them that there’s at least 11 dimensions out there, and full of life. So it’s kind of crazy the way they go about things—it’s pretty unconscious, it’s not fruitful. And so we looked at the way we did things here, and we learned how to set boundaries, healed unseen influences, and we know who is who out in the universe. But we’ve risen to the occasion and we did our intense process-oriented work and spiritual practices so we could connect with the benevolent spiritual and enlightened beings. So probably we are the most successful in the planet as far as getting incredible footage and getting actual photographs of the higher dimensional beings appearing, and all the above. We have boxes and boxes of footage and eye witnesses with multiple Ph.D engineers and skunkworks engineers. But spite of all of that, and of all the physical evidences and the witnesses and everything else, we’re still shunned by the majority of the UFO community because they want a piece of a ship—or they want nuts and bolts—metal ships. And we have, we have pictures of metal ships but we don’t have the hardware to prove that they’re there. When you have a piece of an UFO you might as well just go down to your local jail and put yourself in it. (laughter) ALEXANDRA: Yeah

JAMES: Because that’s where you’d end up.


ALEXANDRA: 16:49  That’s really a good point. Because you’re basically showing that there’s still that position of separation. Us vs. them. And . . . (JAMES: Exactly.)

ALEXANDRA: That’s something I learned when I was doing the UFO-gazing, really, for the very first time, what I was pretty blown away with was what you’re seeing in the heavens is an example of what’s going on within you. (JAMES: Yeah, yeah.)

ALEXANDRA: Wow! I mean, you can contemplate that for days.


JAMES: 17:19 I realized, with these beings—the reason I’m interacting with all these different beings is because I’ve been them. I didn’t know that at the time and after the connections I would research them, and found out who they were, and where they came from and things of that nature, and find them in ancient history as well. It’s funny because when you connect with these beings, they come and hug you like you’re their best brother or sister, or whatever. It’s just amazing the love and the energy of that reunion—you want to connect with them. And then you realize that it’s a homecoming for them. It’s much different than—they’re not aliens. (ALEXANDRA: No)  JAMES: They’re not ET, or aliens, they’re family basically.


ALEXANDRA:  Yeah, yeah. My friend coined the expression “off-worlders.” (JAMES: Yeah.) ALEXANDRA:  and I really like that. JAMES: Yeah, I use that a lot. ALEXANDRA: Because aliens are so cold and sterile.

JAMES: Yeah, it’s like they crossed the border or something, and made it into America. ALEXANDRA: Yes. (laughter)

ALEXANDRA:  18:25  You made a really good point about aductions. Do you feel those are—No. 1— still going on, and—No. 2—do you have services for people that come up and see you that are going through that types of experiences, you know, very traumatic experiences, abduction experiences?

JAMES: Yeah. We have just had a couple of them recently. I can’t really talk much about them, as a counsellor I can’t reveal anything about it. (ALEXANDRA:  Sure, sure.)

JAMES: I can talk about the foundation of what we do a lot. A lot of what happens is—is that when this person goes through this process, or gets initiated by the higher beings, the rest of the stuff just falls away. (ALEXANDRA: Awesome!)


JAMES:  19:05  But they have to be ready for it, you know. They have to be ready to drop their victim patterns and things like that. We take them through any pastlife trauma, and from age 1 and clear their patterns out there, and then we initiate them to the contact with their own greater family of man, or their main teachers and guides. And we work with 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensional beings who are off-the-wheel, or are ascended. And when that happens, the other guys just stay away. All of a sudden, when they’re hooked-up with these higher dimensional beings, the other ones back off. And in the process, usually those cords and connections are all unhooked. Then we teach the individual, who went through the process, we teach them how to clear their own energies, how to work with the higher dimensional beings which, you know, let’s them maintain their own self-authority and if they run into negative influences they can clear them out right away and stay in their own power.


ALEXANDRA: 20:06  Wow! What a incredible tribute to you, that you’re assisting in that way. Because I do get the occasional email from people that are really traumatized from being abducted. And I will send them your way. Because that’s really great, good news.

JAMES: It’s really tough, because there’s really nothing you can do about it. I mean these beings are extremely advanced. And you’ve got to have you’re own personal connection with Source or Spirit or God or Creator, whatever you can call it. I’m lucky to have had a couple of death experiences that plugged me right into that. And so I’m just a thought away from these higher dimensional beings, and bringing them into the picture pretty much eliminates any of the mischief and other nonsense.


ALEXANDRA: 20:51  That’s fantastic. Well you know, that leads to another question. I mean, for the actual usual abductee, I have always wondered, how do they get involved in that sort of that contact. Or is this against their will? Are did they ultimately somehow gave permission? JAMES: You know there’s an old saying, and people really get upset about that, there’s an old saying that “evil is invited.” It’s always invited. But that’s one way of looking at it. Two, they may have some major victim patterns that are creating that experience, or that event. So which came first, is it the chicken or the egg? Was the trauma, the abductions, that created the victims patterns that they are continuing? But either way you look at it, however it happened, or how it came about, it can be undone. And you can reinstate back to their own authority and connect with the higher benevolent beings. But I see some people either gain emotional or financial support by being a victim.


22:01 They don’t want to let that victim go. They love going around telling their story, you know. They don’t want to create a new story, or change that story. Those people who want to do that—there’s really not much you can do about that. Because they don’t want to take responsibility or to do what’s necessary to take care of business. It’s kind of a tricky situation. I have had my run-ins with some pretty nasty beings—some Greys and Reptilians and some other Serpent beings and things—and each time I just had to learn new tools. I had to get better at standing my ground. So I’ve evolved to where I am now they really don’t bother me anymore. They do jump through others once in a while, to create division and destraction and things. But I’m aware of it now. I’m aware of when they are present, or they’re manipulating others or when they come at me or on others. You just learn from your experiences, instead of being a victim you keep evolving. So I say, OK, I have to have better tools. I have to research this out and find a different way of dealing with this.

ALEXANDRA: 23:15  So it’s like full-blown etheric warfare. Right?

JAMES: It really is, pretty much.

ALEXANDRA:  Yeah. Are you basically finding yourself—you’re saying you have to find additional new tools—are you having to do something kind of out of yourself, or is it more just remembering some of the core things like bringing down your pillar of light, or maybe making a cloak of invisibility, or things like that?

JAMES: It’s a lot of that. Also what I found out, it’s the connections. One thing was I was dealing with the Greys and Reptilians and discarnate spirits and stuff, and I got on top of that. It was a very empowering experience having to deal with that. Then I ran into these beings—these Serpent beings—and they are just nasty. I mean, they are powerful and very nasty. They are the height of the negative, you might say. So I had to learn to deal with them. They were very good at jumping into others, you know, through mates, through friends and things like that. And they could make your life hell. And I couldn’t get rid of them. I could push them back but they kept coming back again. And the other person wasn’t doing their work . . . so it just became a real mess. So I had a lot of lessons around that arena. Then I connected with these 9th dimensional beings and some of these 7th dimensional Lion beings—the protectors of the gods—and when I made that connection and started invoking them and bringing them into my experience, it ended. That was the end of that nonsense. That’s why I’m saying that each time when I would run into bigger, badder nasties, I would just have to make higher connections and to learn some more tools.

ALEXANDRA: 25:11  Now with the abductions you’re mentioning, the Greys and the Reptilians and the Serpent beings, are those the most common beings that do these sort of things to us?

JAMES: Yeah, yes. The Greys and the Reptilians are the ones doing most of the abductions. That’s where that’s coming from. And they’re in cahoots with our military.

ALEXANDRA:   I was just wondering about that. Aren’t they typically very involved with our government?

JAMES: Yeah, yeah, they’re very much involved.


ALEXANDRA: 25:36  Now, the Serpent beings, describe them to me—do they look like a full-blown snake and actually have a body or . . . ?

JAMES:  I only see them as a black energy. I have never seen them take form. But I have seen people that—when they are on them—their aura turns dark. They usually have a black ball energy around their heart or they’re moving around and then they’re corded—they’re really corded—  usually with the sexual centers—the first three centers which are survival, sex and power—they’re corded into another dimension. Or they’re at the astral dimension, that’s where they are. And so, and I see the effects of them when somebody gets taken over or hooked up by those energies. And it’s usually because of a choice they’ve made. (ALEXANDRA: Yes)

JAMES: They—I’ve unhooked people from all this stuff and then they come back. Then they’re back into it because to them it is security. They’re used to having that power and that hook-up—that connection. And they get something out of it. So sometimes they’ll go back. I help them out as long as they are moving forward and want to help. But once they go back, they usually don’t come back.  (ALEXANDRA:   Wow!)

JAMES: So . . .


ALEXANDRA:  26:58  Well, you know, I was noticing that just with the implant removals that we’re doing right now, we’ve really stumbled across some very major, not so great, discoveries. JAMES:  Yeah.

ALEXANDRA:  And at the same time, and man, is the dark acting very cunningly and using at what it appears to be very bright and light and supportive services, etc., only to cord those individuals because they are coming in to a position of connection on such a grand scale and as you said, they can just, you know, spread this like wildfire.

JAMES: I call it “deadly charisma.” There’s a lot of very charismatic people are out there. You know they make all kinds of promises and they give you a good-feeling message and ‘I’ll take care of you, don’t worry about it, that’s all that’s going on.’ And it’s very disempowering and eventually those people get totally corded into those organizations or that person or whatever, and the beings that person are working with. There are some safeguards that we always need to address and use. The main one is, “Are they empowering you to make your own personal connection with God, Creator or Source or Spirit or whatever—or are they setting-up a go-between or a worship connection that is very disempowering. And what is their message?—Is it all about love and joy and bliss? And also too, are they giving you the whole truth, not a half-truth? And that’s what I see a lot of—people are giving the half-truth and the feel-good message  and ‘you don’t have to do anything, you know, you max out your credit cards—just come with us—the ships will be here soon.’ (laughter)

ALEXANDRA:  So true.

JAMES:  28:58  And you know, they have programs that people buy into and ‘I don’t have to take responsibility and I don’t have to clean up my own mess.’ ‘Or pay my own debts’ and these other things. ‘I can just drop everything, change my name and hop on a ship and then infect another planet.’ (laughter)

ALEXANDRA:  Right. Well really isn’t it all about balance? “Balance” applies to the light as much as it does to the dark.

JAMES: Exactly.

ALEXANDRA:  This is where what we’re referring to as the new age messaging—it’s really gotten screwy, because yes, it’s great to be in a state of conscious peace—inner peace, that’s one thing, but to see the world in a fashion where—oh I don’t want to look at that because I’ll give energy to it. (JAMES: Yeah)

ALEXANDRA:   When in fact we did give energy to it by ignoring it. (JAMES: Yeah)  ALEXANDRA:  All of us did.

JAMES: We gave full range to it by ignoring it. (ALEXANDRA:  Right)


JAMES: 30:02  It goes back to—being enlightened is having the full knowledge of the dark and the light and the between, you know, the grey areas as well. And learning to maintain your own self authority in that process. So that’s what I see a lot, is that the people who rise to the top are the ones who really give that good-feeling message—’don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of you’ . . .  It’s sad because it’s a very disempowering message.


ALEXANDRA: 30:35  And you hit on something right on the head, and that is, I am so motivated right now James, to just try to be the torch to really allow people, or provide that space that they step into their authority and their mastery. And get rid of any kind of overlying enslavement or intentions, or, you know, unconscious behaviors. Because we all have them. (JAMES: Oh, yeah.)

ALEXANDRA:  And that’s the most important thing I feel right now, really stepping up in our power. Because frankly, if all of us who are enlightened, which aren’t really that many people on the planet, if we really got our act together in our full blown truth and authority, we could stop these buffoons in the blink of an eye.

JAMES: Oh yeah, yes we definitely could.

ALEXANDRA:  We could stop the cabal in the blink of an eye. Because they’re more afraid of us, realistically, then we are of them.


JAMES: 31:40 Well, even these ETs who are snagging people in abductions, you know—we have the genes of the gods in us. We have Annunaki genes and they want them. And they know how to activate them even though a lot of them aren’t active within us, but they know how to activate them. So why are they coming for us? Why are they after our genes if they’re so advanced?

ALEXANDRA:   Why are they so obsessed with us? Obviously—why are they so obsessed with this planet?

JAMES:  32:10  Well, we’re the forgotten gods. And the genetically material here on this planet comes from 12 major different star nations and more have added to it since then. But the genetics on this planet are surpassed. It’s just an amazing place to be and should be protected and taken care for. But there are certain factions here that would like to—it’s almost like the peak of creation around the multi-verse for all of these amazing beings that have participated in it, so the lower beings are—it’s a threat to them. They just want to destroy it. They don’t want it to reflect from where they’re at. Unfortunately, when you move up the ladder of success these major institutions especially the business, political and religious institutions, it just gets darker and darker until these people have totally turned themselves over to this archon matrix.

ALEXANDRA:   Very true. You know, the lower beings—you mentioned the lower beings, like the Reptilians, they love the fact that the sun has been blocked out. (JAMES: Oh, yeah)  ALEXANDRA:   They thrive on that.

JAMES: They thrive on pollution, the Fukushimas and all of that. They love the pain and the suffering, the stench, basically . . .

ALEXANDRA:   We can’t look at them as—”Oh, why are they doing this?”—because then we are looking at them through the eyes of someone who thinks the way we do. (laughs)


JAMES: 33:43  Yeah. The way—exactly—what I say to people about this, “What is a human? What is humanity?” You really have to think about that. Is it human to go and destroy a whole city and level it with women, and children and babies and everything, and a civilization? Is that a human act? It’s not, it’s very inhumane. It’s about as inhumane as you can get. Is it human to spread these toxic heavy metals and biologics and morgellons in the air knowing it’s going to kill a lot of children, and a lot of the elderly, and whatever else, and completely compromise their immune systems, which are going to be hit with these little viruses you’ve caught. But, think about that, is that a human thing to do? No it’s not, it’s totally not human. Is ignoring Fukushima and what happened there and had even been warned, warned over and again by the higher dimensional beings and the ETs to stop the nuclear proliferations, both from reactors and the war industry. And they just kept doing it—to drop a atomic bomb on a whole civilization is beyond inhuman, you know. You look at these people and you see—as they move up in the network at the higher levels, these people are not human.

ALEXANDRA:  They’re not.


JAMES:  35:20   They’re not human, and their souls are gone. They’ve given up their souls. Their souls are as far back in the distance or are somewhere else and now they’re operated by this archonic network. And that’s the only thing that makes sense.  How could you create vaccines that take babies and make them autistic? How could you put all the additives in the water like flouride, and aspartame in the food, all these things they’re doing? You know, Monsanto is creating these terminator genes that are terminating humans. You look at all these things—I’m not trying to paint a bleak picture—I’m just taking a grounded reality check— that we are governed by psychopaths and inhuman beings. And until we address that, and realize that, and pull out of it, and stop participating in this network, it’s going to flourish and it’s going to continue. Which goes back to why has it gotten as bad as it is—because we’ve all become so inhuman and we’ve forgotten what it means to be a human being, and to cooperate work together in harmony with each other and the planet. And we haven’t set boundaries. I say right now, it’s so important to be kind and loving and set boundaries for those who are not.


ALEXANDRA: 36:44 Yeah, you wrote that it one of your recent blurbs I was reading. And I thought, that would really be a good thing to go over, because we’ve all heard that. Many of us have been to counselling, like myself. We’ve been told that until you’re blue in your face that you have to set boundaries. But this is a different kind of set of boundaries I’d like you to talk about that a little bit. Because we don’t take it seriously that this is our home and it is an Eden and just like James said, the genetics have been brought to this planet not just to the human race, you know, they’re within plants, the animals, the insects, this like a garden of every type of species of the Universe practically. And I know the beings, from what I have read and heard, they love to come here because of that, that bio-availability.

JAMES: Exactly. If I could I’d like to make a little better understanding of this so people can understand about the history of earth. And this is a very, short sypnosis. In the ancient times when the Annunaki came here, there was a Council of Twelve, six men and six women. They were highly evolved and they lived under Universal Law. And they did some genetic tampering because their planet was dying and they said, we’re going to make a trade, we’re going to jump up the genetics, this Knuckle-dragger, the Neanderthal man, and in turn it’s going to help us get the gold they needed for the aerosol to keep their planet alive. It’s a win-win situation, because the Neanderthals got a huge big jump in evolution and consciousness and in turn they did a trade that went on.  People try to take that for a victim program. That original program wasn’t a victim program. It was two civilizations coming together and working together for a common good.


But what happened is, when they left they left 200-300 people behind and those are the fallen ones that fell. And they got into all these turf wars and power struggles and things like that. It’s like the original Hatfields and the McCoys. They had two major players here. Enki was the creator god that was creating all of these different upgrades with humanity and wanted to see humanity to continue and to evolve and to live in Eden.



JAMES: 39:29  And you had Enlil, who was the detroyer god, who was a warrior, and he wanted to end creation—end this creation and start with a clean slate. And then you have their siblings that also had been given territory, fighting with each other—to the level of atomic weapons—fighting with each. So that is our ancient history. So we are coming out of that program of, we have this one group that’s really into preservation and creation and evolving to their highest potential and you have the other group who just want to destroy 80% of humanity and just totally completely clean out the planet, they don’t care if they destroy all lifeforms or anything else here—that’s where they’re going. They’re very self-serving. That’s where this all came from, where this behavior originated from . . . from the gods.


Then one of the gods, Marduk, one of the sons actually, wanted power over the entire earth. So he aligned himself with all these Reptilians and he brought them in. So that created an even bigger mess. Right now we’re in the process of all that is being worked out now and huge clean-up going on.


If we understand that, we can transcend the gods. We don’t have to behave like that. We don’t have to get into turf wars and power struggles over resources like that. We can cooperate and live in peace and harmony and work with each other and we don’t have to deal with the Reptilian energy, or the degenerate energy either. We can stand up.


And the good news is that the benevolent Annunaki are back. They are coming back. And they are extremely benevolent and very powerful. And they’re aligned with the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans. And a recall is going on. They’re calling their people and saying to them, “What have you done?”


JAMES: They are calling from the Council. ALEXANDRA: That’s cool!


JAMES: 41:46  So you’re going to see, from the top down being stripped from power. And you’ll see—it goes to the archonic matrix and some of the old Annunaki—it’s being dealt with and taken out. And it’s leaving the the puppets of these groups and they’re floundering right now because they’re getting disconnected and are not knowing what to do, how to operate anymore. So they’re losing their minds, losing their consciousnesses. They’re having heart attacks since their hearts aren’t open. They’re having all kinds of problems. They’re imploding, their kingdoms are imploding. And what’s really nice is that the old grid—the old archonic network—should only to be there to just disempower people, to keeping people looking outside of yourselves for everything—your love, your acceptance, your approval—all that is gained from acquisitions and power over others. That program is being taken down from the grid. And a new grid, a 5D grid, an over-lay is coming in and all these other beings are involved with this.


So basically, when you understand the dynamics and know what’s going on, you can make wise choices, and you can say, I’m going to choose the 5D grid. I’m going to choose the world where people live in harmony with each other and the planet. And I’m going to be of service. Because that grid is going to maintain—the old 3D grid that was here, with the controllers and the unbridled greed and dysfunctional, that’s imploding in itself. So we have a choice right now. We can all make that choice now. We can walk away from the old grid and the old archonic network and start creating a different world and live in peace and harmony with each other in service.


ALEXANDRA: 43:45  You brought up a couple of things. The first one was, we’re so accustomed to everything we read, everything we discuss, is about the light vs. the dark, and even some of the stuff that you read, you’re realizing that even those of the light have been fighting this game for the light, you assume, and have lost touch with their light. Because they have been so caught up in this battle between the light and the dark. That’s the first thing I wanted to say, and the second thing is, the unplugging of the matrix is really incredible because that’s the core purpose of the blog I put together. We stumbled onto these implant removals and they have completely transformed my life and my husband’s life and to many of those people writing in. What I’m saying is, there’s such a legitimacy in getting out of the matrix and really not being controlled by their technology and whatever, internally. It’s not like we have a super-humongous amount of control at this stage of the game, with the HAARP, and EMFs, with so and so forth. And we do have full authority of our own bodies especially when we have the implants removed. There a significant difference that you feel.


JAMES:  45:13  And it’s true that some of the stuff is habitual. We’ve been doing it so long that we don’t know how to do anything else. So there is some retraining we’re going to have to do. We’ll have to constantly having to observe ourselves and monitor ourselves, monitor our emotions, and know when negative emotions are coming to us or through us—it’s a little bit tricky—but that’s what it’s about—about self mastery and self-empowerment. And getting through with what’s been disempowering you and get the wisdom you’ve learned from that experience.

ALEXANDRA:   And becoming who we really are.  JAMES: Exactly.


ALEXANDRA: 45:52  Can you imagine the fact that we are alive at this time, where we can see it all unfold. And we’re at the forefront walking in to this golden age with a lot of wisdom and  a lot of insight. We’re getting more communications than ever. And the history of our planet. We’re being innunded by the magnificent light by our Central Sun. The support is immense. And I’ve been saying to everybody all the time, “Do you really think, now with all the cycles and the astrological line-ups, and all the immensive support we’re getting—I know I can tell you this right now—technologically—you’ll relate with this—I know much, much higher than myself is keeping my website afloat. (laughter) It needs—it wants to be kept afloat.  Not just by my intention or desire, but I’m saying to all the people is—we’re in very good hands, in capable hands. But we have to meet them halfway and really finally step up to the plate.


JAMES: 47:14   Exactly. We need to rise to the occasion and do our part. And that’s part of being part of being the ground crew here. And a lot of us incarnated for this but just haven’t waken up to that yet. And that’s what we do—we tap into that so people can get started with their missions and their purpose.

ALEXANDRA:   I agree. And do you agree—I want to hear your opinion—do you agree that even though we’re transitioning into the fifth dimensional realm, which has yet to be seen—when, or how that looks like—do you believe and agree that is still duality even in the fifth dimensional realm?


JAMES:  47:53 Well, there is duality, but it’s conscious. From my understand is, well, there’s male and female duality, there’s those sorts of dualities, but the consciousness there is not something that would harm to humanity and the earth. They’ve evolved past—they see the creator in all creation or they wouldn’t be in the fifth dimension. Now at the astral levels, yeah, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on there. At the lower astral levels you’ve got all kinds of disincarnate spirits and ­­­­_____. And at the middle astral level you’ve got the everyday Joe who just crossed over that’s going to reincarnate because he didn’t really have much spiritual understanding. And then at the high levels you have teachers and guides, but they’re still stuck in the astral level because they have some kind of cultural or religious boundary that has kept them there that doesn’t allow them to go to unity consciousness and see the Creator in all of creation. But when you get out of the 4D and you’re through that psychic barrier and you’re into 5D, then that’s gone and you’re more in line with unity consciousness. That’s my understanding. There’s some people say that negativity goes all the way to 9D but I haven’t seen it.


ALEXANDRA:  49:13  That’s interesting. I was just curious what you thought about that. Tell us a little bit about the ninth wave of the Mayans and how you see that applying to what is going on within all of us today.

JAMES: Yeah. I see the ninth wave of the Mayans as basically unity consciousness and it’s a wave of energy of just pure love, joy and bliss. And as that energy comes in it’s like a God-force energy and it’s going to push up everything that isn’t vibrating at the highest level. So if you’re holding on to thoughts of fear, guilt, and unworthiness and anger and wounds and traumas from the past, those are all have very low vibrations to them, so they’re going to be pushed right up to the top out and over. We can—the Pleiadians said that the main reason they’re here is to help us heal the past. So that’s where that’s all coming from. So I see that wave exponentially, it keeps growing, it keeps stronger and stronger. There’s multiple waves within the big wave and I think there’s going to be some really big waves coming through at the end of—rather after Thanksgiving—I’m already feeling it already—I feel it already. ALEXANDRA:  Yeah.


JAMES: 50:29  And then Christmas is another, another big wave is coming through. And it’s going to give us all a chance to totally reevaluate ourselves, our lives, our relationships, everything and let go of the things that do no longer serve us.

ALEXANDRA:   Yeah. And don’t you also think we’ve got the force of Uranus/Pluto Grand Square so we’re at the peak of that really major shaking loose of all that has been entrenched. JAMES: Yeah, yeah. I think everything is going to be shaken loose. ALEXANDER Big time. JAMES: Nothing’s hidden. (Lots of laughter)

JAMES: Like Jesus said, no rock shall be left unturned. And your knee-knickers’ll be showing to the rooftops. And that’s where we’re in. We’re in that phase right now.

ALEXANDRA:  That’s so funny.


ALEXANDRA: 51:20  You said the Pleiadians are here to help us release the past. Can you expound upon that a little more and also, what other light beings have you’ve been working with recently.

JAMES: There are different groups within the Pleiadian system. And some are just Christ-like Masters, they are beautiful, and the women—you just want to fall in love with them instantly. And some of them are like 4-500 years old and they look like they’re 20. Just beautiful, both in genetically and in spirit and energy. And their energy is very strong right now. They’re coming in big time. They have a lot of genetic stock here on the earth. They have the most here—they’re kind of in charge. There are other councils they go to, like the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, there are other councils that are at play here. A lot of Andromedan energy is at play here on earth and Pleiadian and Arcturian. And the biggest energy I’m seeing coming in is from Sirius. That’s the feline beings that are coming in and they’re powerful. They’re here to clean out the really heavy stuff. The really dark stuff. They’re the heavenly protectors. And I have found that their energy coming in is very strong right now. Then there’s the Orion Council of Light that also is monitoring all of this. They’re in charge of the dispensions of energies keeping the earth somewhat in balance as we go through this transition, so it doesn’t get too much out of balance. When this energies hit there’re going to create chaos. (A: Definitely.) And chaos is good. Some chaos is good, but too much chaos can create major destruction. We don’t want that but we want enough chaos that things get healed and gets us moving forward. So that’s what they’re involved with. They’re the great initiators too. I was initiated by them. And after that initiation I fully remembered all my pastlives and even off-world lives.


ALEXANDRA: 53:34  How cool is that! How did that come about?

JAMES: It came about in a bathtub, actually. (laughter) I was meditating in the bathtub and I just told them I just wanted to know who I am, why am I here, and why are these ships flying around my house constantly. And the next thing I know, this gold beam came through the wall and hit me on the chest. They actually left a circular burn mark in the middle of my chest. And three gold balls came in and hit me on my chest and they pulled me up onto the ship. And I had a talk with Melia, who is part of the Orion Council of Light. And then she said I had to go back after the talk because I couldn’t stay—I’d have trouble hanging out on earth if I stayed much longer. When they returned me I got out of the bathtub I had a big—it looked like a burn mark, but it was painless, on my chest. It morphed into a triangle and then into a heart and it just went away and left a kind of gold film. (ALEXANDRA: Cool!)

JAMES: It was really interesting.


ALEXANDRA: 54:34  How did you get drawn to the location of Eceti Ranch in the first place?

JAMES: By dreams and visions. ALEXANDRA:  OK.

JAMES: I had all kinds of dreams and visions and I just followed them. I got a map of the United States and used divination methods to find it.


ALEXANDRA:   Interesting. Is there a particular race that you particularly have an affinity of, that you feel is your closest, last incarnation?

JAMES: Probably I would say, the Orion Council of Light and the Pleiadians. I’ve really connected in there. But when you get into those lives it’s almost an timeless—when you’re in a 5th, 6th or 7th, time is not the same. So the latest life—well, I could jump all over the place when you’re in those higher dimensions and go up and down the timelines, so it gets kind of complicated. (Laughter)

ALEXANDRA:  Yes, I would say so. Considering how many different types of civilizations there are out there that want to connect with us right now. JAMES: Yeah.


ALEXANDRA: 55:39  Is there anything you’d like to make an announcement about before we’re about wrapping this up. Can you believe that it’s almost an hour. It just blew by.

JAMES: I think the main thing now is, I’m going to do a little R&R. I going to take a little vacation down in Mexico. But to leave people with a note—the bottom line is just being kind and loving with everybody and the planet. You know what kind and loving is, and you know what it is and is not. It might be time to set some boundaries for those who aren’t being kind and loving. And to stand up for your own rights and the rights of the humans around you and of all life on the planet. And it is time to stand tall and stay in your own divinity and to lead by yourselves and with your own heart and soul.


ALEXANDRA:  56:23  That’s such a good point too. We are truly re-learning to be in our own strength and power. And people automatically associate that particular way of being, as Oh, I’m going to offend somebody, or I’m going to hurt somebody, but again as you really dig deeply and you look at that, it’s just all enslavement philosophies.

JAMES: Then you’re in that need for the acceptance and approval of others.

ALEXANDRA:   And you don’t have to be a jerk about it. And if you stay in your own truth, and people see that’s what you’re saying, and it’s all good.

JAMES: You can say I’m through with this, have fun with that, and walk away.

ALEXANDRA:   Exactly.

JAMES: You don’t have to attack them or anything else. Say, sorry, that doesn’t work for me.


ALEXANDRA:   No kidding. Well, James, it’s been a delight. I really appreciate this. This is so cool. Spirit brought us finally together. And James and I are talking about doing another one. We might do a series of hot topics that are out there today. If you’d like to go visit his site, it’s at http://www.eceti.org/. And he also has a very cool radio show. When do you air your radio show?

JAMES: The show is on BBS every Saturday night at 8:00 pm PT. http://bbsradio.com/asyouwish/, and on World Puja, on Tuesday evening http://www.worldpuja.org/shows/contact-has-begun/

ALEXANDRA:   That’s cool. That’s right after mine.

JAMES: There you go.


ALEXANDRA:   Well, thank you everyone. Thanks for listening in. We have Cobra’s update next week. That really be interesting. We’ll do a recap of November’s experiences around the world. Don’t forget that if you have any questions for Cobra send them in. Stay tuned until next week, same time, same place, Tuesday, BBS Radio at 4:00 pm, Pacific. Thanks guys. I love you guys. You’re an awesome audience. As I always say, thank you for all of your support. We love you. We couldn’t do it without ya. Have a good one. Goodbye James!

JAMES: Bye, Thanks

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