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microphone (1)James Gilliland and Alexandra Meadors, October 28, 2014

Alexandra: Hello everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today Is October 28th, 2014. And I decided to pull on somebody that is near and dear to my heart that I haven’t talked with for quite some time and that is James Gilliland. And I guess I will give you a quick biography even though it doesn’t need to be said. But for those of you that may not know James, he is a minister, a counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author of several books such as Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. He has appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, omg, I’m not even going to keep going. And he oversees the ECETI Ranch. Many of you know that, know of it. There is an incredible amount of paranormal activity up there. We are going to talk a little bit about that today. He’s also the facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, he’s a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth, and teaches higher dimensional realities of experience. So we have many things to cover just to give you guys a little bit of an update of how we perceive what’s going on the other side of the veil.

So Hello James. Thanks for coming on my show today.

James: Oh thanks for having me on the show.

Alexandra: Well, you’re welcome. So it’s been awhile since we’ve talked. Tell me a little bit about what is the latest and greatest up on the ECETI Ranch.

James: Well, you know, we’ve gone through a lot of challenges here just to keep the doors open. And the powers-that-were did everything they could to shut the doors. So we’re pretty much out of the woods on that and still continuing, and actually doing some major clean-up and remodeling and really getting the place ready for next Spring. We will be closed down sometime after Thanksgiving if the snow starts flying up here. I think everything, even the challenges came, it’s going to bust out even greater. And we’ve met some wonderful people in the processes and just created a greater network, even a bigger network and a stronger network so I feel really good about the future here in ECETI. And I’ve become privy of some information and of some things happening that I think are just amazing. We are not going to be without challenges in the days to come, but the good news is that from the top down things are getting totally re-organized.

A: So talk a little bit about that. When you say ‘from the top down’ can you be a little more specific?

J: Well, one thing is that – I don’t want people to think that they can just sit on their haunches and wait and everything is going to be done for them. It doesn’t work that way. We are the ETs and the ones that we have been waiting for.

A: Right.

S: So it’s up to us to awaken and stop from participating in the actions that are harmful to humanity and the Earth and the profit at any expense. We have to get away from the program. I just wrote an article recently and I just talked about almost all of our agencies are in direct opposition to what they were created to do. There’s like a swinging door – they go out of the EPA, or they go out of the FDA and into Monsanto or somewhere else. So it’s sad, because most of the agencies, like the Department of Defense is really the Department of Offense. They are there to insure that the resources keep flowing and they’re the corporate brute squad to go off to other countries and secure resources and they are waking up. They are starting to figure this out. And the arms industries are actually creating these wars. Like Al Queda, I call Al CIAda.

A: I love it!

J: Things like that. It’s like why are we selling these people arms when they are supposed to be our enemies. It’s all coming up to the surface. I’m not the only one talking about this. But I like to focus on the higher note. But we just have to realize that we need to just stop being willing participants in what I call social-consciousness, or in this unsustainable program that we’ve been hypnotized into believing that is functional, when it’s about as dysfunctional program that I’ve ever seen on every level. The religions, the governments, the corporations, everything, it’s is just totally unsustainable and they are very dysfunctional. And now they are having deadly repurcussions, you know, if we don’t wake up and smell the coffee because if you really look at what is going on with all the fracking, the food additives, the GMO crops, I can go on and on. It’s all extremely detrimental to our survival, our continuance as a civilization.

So anyway, people are really waking up to that. But what I really like to focus on more is the higher aspect of what is going on. I’m having beings that actually are appearing to me that are 9th on up dimensional beings. And some beings that are coming in that are the benevolent Annunaki that are coming in to kind of straighten out – you know, they have a part in our past. The Fallen Annunaki which have really created a mess down here with their own turf wars and problems since – that has been going on for 400,000 years, you know.

A: For a long time.

J: Yeah. You know, the images of gods that we have. We have the Christian God, the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Gods – all of these gods were all related to these Annunaki. Different ones that had different programs. You know, they had different ways of dealing with things. But a lot of cleaning up is going on, especially, that the Marduk clan is being cleaned up. That’s like the Bush clan, they call themselves the sons of Marduk.

A: Yeah.

J: You know, things like that. Well, Marduk is one of the major Fallen Annunaki that wanted total power. He wanted to govern Earth completely and he even attacked his own people. And created alliances with Reptilian energies and Greys – negative Greys. So all of that is in the process of a massive clean-up right now. The benevolent Annunaki have returned and there’s a huge recall going on with their people that were left behind and it’s having some dire consequences for those who fell from Universal Law and started becoming just total psychopaths – I don’t know how to put it.

A: No, you’re right on the money. I was going to ask you, some people say that it’s not as effective energetically to put as much emphasis on protesting, striking, rioting in the 3D world to make some of these changes come about because you’re actually participating in the already existant 3D matrix. What is your take on that?

J: Well, I feel the same way. People keep talking about – ‘we’re going to vote for this guy,’ or ‘we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that.’ I said, ‘well, has there ever been any change?’ We keep doing the same things expecting a different result. That’s a form of insanity. But this whole system that we have, the institutions here on the planet have been totally corrupted, and on every level, and we all are willing participants in these programs and we just need to step back and say, ‘wait a second, I don’t think I want to participate to any of this anymore.’ It’s unsustainable, it’s broken, it has no use at all and it’s actually very detrimental to the waking and healing of humanity and the Earth and Unity consciousness, which is the Ninth Wave, which is just hammering at us right now. It’s actually taking down everything that is not in alignment with Universal Law and all the ill-gotten gain, you know, the ill is coming back to those that gained by it.

A: Very true.

J: Whatever you want to call it – karma, action/reaction – that’s all being accelerated and exposed. So everything, even Jesus said, ‘no rock should be left unturned. And all the inquities will be shouted from the rooftops.’ Well, we are in that process. And all of these people are just – right now it’s like the rats are jumping ship and a lot of the whistleblowers and the people on the inside and everything are realizing that they’ve aligned themselves with a situation that is no longer going to be in their highest and best good that is collapsing and rather than going down with it they are realizing that they’d better get on the right side of the fence. So they are coming out.

A: I think too, James, that they are beginning to realize that they are no longer on the winning team.

J: Exactly. Yeah, they’re going, well, I’d better change teams here. Or do something. And a lot of them are having huge awakenings and they are just realizing ‘what have I done?’ You know, I think there is a combination of things going on. There are people that know the reaction to their actions are coming and they’re jumping off of buildings and supposedly shooting their themselves with nail guns.

A: I know, I saw that. What do you think is the truth in the Federal Reserve being audited?

J: Well, basically, the Federal Reserve is totally in default right now. I can’t really go into that. I can’t talk too much about that but there’s something that’s going to be coming down the pike here and they’re already gone. A lot of this has already been handled on other levels.

A: Right. What you are saying – it hasn’t manifested yet in the 3D plane?

J: Exactly. Well, it has manifested in the 3D, we just haven’t heard about it in the social consciousness, or the Lame Stream Media. (Okay) We haven’t heard about it. But it pretty much has on the upper levels it has already manifested. So now it has to be totally reorganized and things are going back to what they should be.

A: So when you say clean-up, and you’re talking on the higher planes, are you referring to additional Galactic War victories? What exactly are you suggesting?

J: Well, what’s happening is, the bigger picture is that Source itself has said ‘Enough, it’s finished.’ And there’s just massive waves of energy coming in. And we’re moving into a highly energized place in space where we have to rise to the occasion and Galactic Core is just slamming us with gamma ray bursts, X-ray bursts, and things like that. The sun is reacting to that. And now the sun has been throwing out massive CMEs and X-class solar flares and things of that nature and that’s going to continue. And our whole Solar System, it seems like the whole Universe itself, especially this galaxy is going through intense changes. We are moving into the next level and it’s coming from the galactic core. And the scientists are even aware of this. They are seeing massive gamma ray bursts coming from galactic core that are moving out throughout the galaxy. So there’s cosmic rays, x-rays, and all the other rays that are creating an intense flux of energy and consciousness. Which is, we have to rise to occasion. We have to match it.

So if we can’t become frequency specific to where the Earth is going we just basically won’t be here. And this is happening exponentially. These waves are getting stronger and stronger. There’s more and more energy coming in. We have been monitoring it, but the Pleiadians will tell us the next wave is coming on this date. So they give us the date and this is the peak and we watch about – as it builds up to that peak time. And a lot of times at that peak, you can actually monitor it by watching the sun because the sun will throw out all these X-class flares at the peak of these events. So the sun is reacting to this as well. And you can watch humanity down here react and you can watch the weather react, everything, and earthquakes – an increase of earthquake and volcano activity. So all of that is going on.


A: I was going to say, I was talking to someone the other day about how we were almost relieved that we were a bit ahead of the curve in the amount of work that we had done because these waves of energy are so intense that, if you’ve done your work, it can be quite ecstatic. And very blissful. I’m looking around at the masses that are just spinning out. (Right) Really spinning out. And this is what they have been talking about as far as moving into that very chaotic period. But I want to remind people that this is part of the transition. It’s like, it’s like part of it. You can’t go from one world age to the other without this time period.

J: No. It’s just like cymatics. Whenever you increase the energy the old form, the old pattern, will fall apart and then a new pattern will take its place. And the new pattern is a much higher frequency, or it’s a better world, a better pattern. So as these waves come through, we’re going to be up and down, up and down. We’re going to have chaos. We’ll have everything falling apart in the old programs, the old system that doesn’t work anymore and then something new taking it’s place. And it’s a series of events. A lot of people say that they are waiting for a big event. Well, we’re in the middle of those events, but it’s a series of events building up to a big event. And they just keep coming in over and over again. And that’s why people are so – I mean, everything is chaotic, you know, going through change. And that’s natural. Relationships are going through changes, jobs – the economy is going through changes, the weather is definitely going through changes.

A: Oh big time.

J: Yeah. I mean this is all part of this process and we need to realize it and not be a victim of it. Just realize that this is what is going on and this is what we signed up for. This is why we are here. And we need to wake up to all the inner soul purpose and be part of this process and help usher in these new frequencies and usher in this change. Because we can’t stop it. No man can stop what is happening, although there are some that are trying. But that’s going to have an extreme backlash on them as well. So it’s a no gain. I always say ‘enjoy your life review.’ I’ll be there.

A: I could not have said that better! In fact, because of the increase in energies you’ve also got a countering increase in the dark energies. And one of the things that I know you are very aware of and have some great experience in is being targeted and receiving a great amount of archontic attack. Can you share with the audience some of the things that you do to subside that and to assist yourself in not being so severely under that type of targeting.

J: You know, what I feel like? Sometimes I’m also like I’m a guinea pig with some of these things. (laughter) I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t want to sound like I’m a victim but there’s two things going on – one, as these things come at me I find new and better ways of dealing with them and new techniques of shielding and clearing and then healing up from the consequences of these actions. And also too, I notice that because of a lot of us that are doing this work we’ve become targets. According to Universal Law, sometimes the more benevolent people can’t intervene until there is an attack. If you are attacked with deadly force, then they can use deadly force. It’s kind of weird. It’s a weird Universal Law that goes on. I’m all just for protection and not having to deal with this but it just doesn’t seem to unfold that way. But in a way, I’ve gained a lot of wisdom from this. Each time something happens I understand it, I figure out what it is and I learn how to deal with this. So it’s become quite a challenge but also very empowering in the end, because the more that life rolls you boulders you just keep building stairs with it and eventually you’re at the top. (Absolutely) And all the rocks are below you.

A: Absolutely. We all need to keep doing that. Especially at this final hour. Well, so you talked about shielding. Can you give people a few tips. I would have to say that the majority of the emails I’m getting lately, people are at their wit’s end. They are being targeted. They are going through severe psychic attack. And I’m just curious what are some of the maybe different types of tips. We’ve all heard the classic things that you should do. I’m curious what you recommend.

J: Well, one thing that I do is that – and I do clearings 24/7. I’m always clearing the energy, clearing out any unseen negative influences and I don’t let them build up. I’ve noticed that if I do let them build up and don’t stay on top of the clearings I can get sick, or have a lot of accidents, or things like of that nature happening. So I do all I can to stay on top of that and those clearings are on the website and they’re also in the books Return to Source and Becoming Gods. All of those techniques are there as well as the shielding techniques. But a lot of times there’s times, like the other day I was meditating and I just got really clear. I put an rainbow around me and then I put a nice blue shield and a golden shield and then put a mirror around me, like a mirrored –

A: Facing out, right?

J: Yeah, right. Facing out. That seemed to stop a lot of it. There are some other things that are pretty advanced that I don’t want to talk about, because you have to be very clear to use them. That’s something that when you know where it’s coming from you can actually reverse things so whatever they put out they deal with.

A: Like a boomeranging back to them.

J: Exactly. A lot of it is just as simple as just putting up a reverse mirror around them. You aren’t harming them in any way. All I am doing is letting them stew in their own juices.

A: Yes. Yes. They are going to experience the repurcussions of the poor decisions they are making.

J: Exactly. Instantly. And that’s a rough one. I’ve done that with people that are attacking me and they ended up in the hospital. It wasn’t pretty. But it was at their own hand. It wasn’t me doing it to them, I just say I’m not going to participate in this anymore. You can fun with your own energies.

A: Well, you know what too, James, seriously, where you live is such a huge portal. Good God. You are just standing in a soup of these beings. So it’s like it’s a constant 24/7 vigilance, isn’t it?

J: It is. It is. And then also too, in dealing with the – we have the Inner Earth portal here at Mt Adams, which is very well known. The Native Americans know all about that one. Then we also have this stargate above us, which a totally a lot of other adepts and psychics and everything realize that it’s here – that understand what is happening with the stargate here. It’s funny because Mel Fabregas came here, from Veritas Radio, and got to see the ships, the orbs, and all of this stuff. He was blown away by it. But he met his guide. I can’t remember what her name is, I think it was Naheeya but he talks about it on his show, so I can talk about it. Naheeya came in and we did this clearing. Well, he went away to another place, I think in Sedona Conference and this woman was there. There was a spiritual group there that were also having contact and they told him, ‘your guide is here and they said, her name is Naheeya. You met her at the Eceti star gazing.’ He was blown away, you know. And I don’t know these people, they have know idea, we don’t know each other or anything. And the same exact information came through so it kind of blew his mind.

So the place is recognized as a Stargate and we do have constant contact with these higher dimensional beings which has also been well-established. And that is the information that these higher dimensional beings are giving me is that there’s a top-down, coming down through all the dimensions that all this energy coming in, consciousness and energy riding this wave and they’re working with these energies to restore humanity and the Earth back to the original cause, with the original agenda that is to become an Eden and where physicality can reach it’s highest potential. And we can walk among our creations, which is a long story in itself because we all started at the top and then came down through the dimensions. But it is hard to realize that.

A: I was going to ask you too, a lot of people are complaining about cell phones acting strange lately, cameras, electronics, it’s almost as if it’s becoming more obvious that there are glitches in the matrix. Are you feeling the same way that the actual matrix itself is being much more recognized of being dismantled?

J: Definitely. Yeah, that’s definitely going on. And what it is, if you look at the energy that’s coming in, a lot of this technology is extremely sensitive and they’re made to function on a certain frequency or a certain level. And when you start hammering them with these different energies they don’t work out too well. They start going bonkers. We have some of the energies of the ships that they come in with, I can’t think of the energy that comes in, I’ll think of it in a minute. But it’s just a certain form of energy that when they come in, it drains your batteries.

A: That’s really interesting you say that because we just went through this about a week or two ago. All of our cell phones which were fully charged were completely drained and we were on four-wheelers. We were up in the mountains and they took us over to this lake and three out of four of us stopped suddenly, when we came around this curve. And I had to look at the side of the hill because it was a very tall hill with pine trees at the top and it was this beautiful red fertile soil. And I just had to look at it. I stopped and I looked and looked and I took some pictures. James, I have to get you a copy of the picture that we captured. There is the most bizarre thing in this picture. It’s bizarre.

J: I’ll have to look at it.

A: But I received a message since that these are 11th dimensional beings that have basically, they kind of gave us a hit to stop there right then and they wanted to connect with us and now we are working with them and they left, the next couple of days, everytime I would take a picture I had faces on my pictures. I mean, I have to send you these over to you. They are just unbelievable.

J: Yeah, we get a lot of those here, the same thing. I don’t know why I can’t think of – it will pop into me – a certain energy that come from the crafts themselves that come in. But just a lot of stuff like that – we’ve had where car batteries are drained, cell batteries, camera batteries, get drained and things like that. It’s just the presence of that particular type of energy that does that.

A: You know Contact in the Desert, don’t you?

J: Oh, yeah.

A: At Joshua Tree. When I was orchestrating a CE-5 training there my battery – brand new battery – drained completely at least two times, just from being there. That property has what? 17 vortices on it.

J: Yeah, we went out to the Giant Rock and just past that there’s the Crystal Mountain. It’s all completely crystal. (Really?) Yeah, and we stood on that mountain. We did a lot of energy work on that grid and did a lot of releasing some of the Native Americans that were still hanging around there and it was amazing. We had a big Adromedan ship come right over us and we had inter-dimensional ship in front of us and we started – there’s all these shafts of energy flying around at first and we cleared that out and then the orbs came in, these purple orbs surrounding us and in the next picture there’s purple flames. And then in the 4th picture we were standing there and you could see right through us. We were all transparent.

A: Was that Joseph and Ashley?

J: Yeah.

A: That was after I met you and I was supposed to meet up with you. I could just strangle myself. Man, I wanted to be there so badly.

J: It was amazing. We were gone. We took off and were gone and then we came back. And somebody had stacked these crystals in the middle of us. Well, there wasn’t anybody there. No one could have done that and they kind of did it as a little thing like ‘ha-ha, we were here and you weren’t.’ I don’t know what that – just a little message to make it clear that we were gone and they stacked these crystals right up where we were. But yeah, it was quite interesting. But definitely that was a major reset for the grid there, for the energy of that area for the crystal grid?

A: It needed it. It definitely needed it. Now what is your take on these – we’ve been having these violet flame kind of things showing up in our pictures and quite a few different orbs, but what about the turquoise-colored ones? Are they from a specific alien, I shouldn’t say alien, I really don’t like that word.

J: Yeah, the turquoise ones. Basically, the turquoise energy, it’s like the healing energy and love and wisdom together. When that comes in, so they are very advanced beings. I’m not sure who they are. I have to look into it more. A lot of them are Ascended Masters. And I’ve seen a white eagle actually appear as a turquoise energy before.

A: Interesting. I can’t wait for you to look at my pictures because you probably can fill me in with some of the stuff. I have been getting really great stuff.

J: I can send you that picture, but I don’t know if you want to put it up on your site, of the Contact in the Desert where I was taking people through the meditation but it’s just massive orbs everywhere and there is a giant – I believe it is a turquoise one sitting right in front of me.

A: Yeah. Send it over for sure.

J: I’ve also seen some of the benevolent 9th dimensional beings, or some of the Annunaki beings are coming in in that color.

A: In the turquoise? J: Yeah. A: Interesting.

J: They are working with this – I have pictures with me actually where an orb is coming out through my chest. That is my own spirit that’s going traveling with 360 –

A: Woh!

J: They are very good at that. They can reach people and work with people and guide people as an orb but they still have their own physical body on their level. They still have their own life and their own physical body but they can actually travel like a light-sphere.

A: That is so cool.

J: And we’ve seen Bigfoot do that. It’s pretty interesting.

A: So James, I know you communicate with an awful lot of different beings, especially because of where you are located. Can you give us a lowdown on what each of them is – I know that each of them of have a specific role to play. For example, the Pleiadians. What exactly do you perceive them overseeing at this point.

J: Well, you know, a lot of people have talked about negative Pleiadians and things like that. I’ve never met one. I’ve never met a negative Pleiadian. I know there is a time when you say Pleiadians it’s good to ask ‘when?’ Because they have time travel for probably millions of years. And so when you say Pleiadians, it’s better to say ‘when?’ Is it like an older Pleiadian group, are they some of the old warriors of the past out cruising around in the galaxy.

A: I think that is an old timeline. I really do.

J: Yeah, exactly. But they have time travel, so they can pop back into this timeline.

A: That’s true.

J: Or are we talking about the ones that are 2 million years ahead of us in evolution and are just incredibly just loving and compassionate and emit the most beautiful energy you’ve ever seen. So there’s a lot of groups out there. Even the ones that I’ve met – I’ve met some old Pleiadian warriors that were benevolent, very high level of integrity and they operate in Universal Law. But they were taking care of business. They did what needed to be done which was quite interesting.

A: So what about the Andromedans?

J: The same with the Andromedans. We hear these rumors that these 9th level Andromedans are coming in and they took over the military and everything else which I think is total nonsense. The same thing with the Andromedans. It’s a big galaxy, a lot of different beings there. But the ones that I’ve seen coming here – there are different types of ones. Some are blue-skinned ones. There are some that are eight to ten feet tall, mythologically known as archangels. They have light-magnetized bodies. They have huge energy bands around them and when they come into this dimension they feather back and they look like wings. (Interesting) But they are not, they are energy bands.

A: I’ve actually seen the blue ones. I’ve seen them that have visited me, the ones that wear kind of high neck robe?

J: Umhmm. Yeah. Yeah.

A: Do you know what I am talking about?

J: Yeah, some of them really like to – they have, I’m not going to call it hierglyphics – they have symbols on them. They actually have symbols tatooed on them and things like that. Some of them are very into that. I think that’s why a lot of people are tatooing themselves today because they have memories of that in the past.

A: Oh, that’s a good perspective. I never thought of it that way. Now who is near and dear to my heart – what’s going on with the Arcturians at this point?

J: The Arcturians, we’ve seen them here. We have actually filmed their ships. They are extremely advanced. They can bio-locate their ships. One ship can become four or five ships and extremely advanced beings. And they are coming in quite a bit. And I know that they are connecting with a lot of the wisdom-keepers like Itasha and people like that. She’s a good friend of mine and they come right down on her house. It’s amazing. They are working with a lot with people on the very high levels, people that can understand who they are and know what they are about. I know that a lot of them – they’re not really contacting the masses, because there’s no reason to. Most of the masses wouldn’t even understand who they are.

A: Of course. Okay. And we both know that you are an absolute Guardian who is guarding that stargate, so what about the Lyrans. Are you still in a lot of contact with the Lion race?

J: Yeah. A lot of the Feline beings are actually coming from different levels. The ones that we’re connecting with are mainly from Sirius. But there are on Lyra as well. But it seems that they have put up a bigger camp on Sirius. And there are different ones. Because we have 5th dimensional ones that look like – I guess they call them the Pachat, more like a cat, a humanoid cat being. Very loving, very beautiful beings. Then there is another group that look more like a panther, but they’re ten to twelve tall panther-beings.

A: Very huge, yes.

J: Very big. Then the lion beings are about 17 feet tall. And the tallest ones are about 17 feet tall. One of them, Pecall, we work with quite a bit. They are the protectors of the gods. The protectors of the ancient Lyrans which I understand are the ancient Annunaki. They are the twelve, they are very tall, they can be 24 feet tall, depending where they have been because the Lyrans have gone out – a long time ago they were kind of like conquerors. I don’t want to say conquerors but they went out throughout the galaxy and they would move into other planets and then kind of absorb their culture but they would be overseers, you know, because they were so advanced. And some of them were 24 feet beings. And some were but they adjusted to the different planets that they were in. We have the giants from the past but their off-spring kept adjusting to the planet.

A: Interesting.

J: The most ancient Lyrans, from my understanding, are the ancient Annunaki which have a lot of different worlds, home worlds.

A: I have never heard that before. That is a very interesting new piece of information. Because one of my main guides is a Lion. And he’s super, super huge and super tall and he’s been with me since I was eighteen.

J: Is he really funny?

A: Yes.

J: Yes, they are hilarious. They really like to make you laugh because they are so huge that they’re kind of foreboding when you first see them so they have to kind of make you laugh. They will do little things that make you laugh and get you past your fears and things like that.

A: Well, yeah, they are always calling you on ‘why would you think of yourself inferior-ly?’ They are good at making you snapping you into shape. To say, hey, you are a master.

J: And stepping into your own power. They will not support you as a victim at all. They say, buck up. Stand in your power. They are very good at that.

A: But he is very front-up with me that he’s from the future. He specifically came in and made an agreement with me at this time, through this transition to do a lot of work together.

J: Yeah. Well, many of them, like Blaji, the Pleiadian, she is from two million years from the future to come back to help us. A: Wow!

J: So there is a lot of beings that are coming in like that that are actually coming back to assist us because this is the major epoch of time where things can either go really good or really bad and they don’t want it to go really bad because it’s going to affect them.

A: Right. Yeah. It’s a job for everybody, isn’t it? That’s for sure. How about the Vegans?

J: You know, I don’t know that much about them actually. There’s some beings that I have a lot of contact with. Like we have a lot of contact with the Pleiadians, the Orion of Council of Light, the Sirians, that’s ongoing constantly. The Arcturians we see now and then, the Vegans I’ve heard about but I haven’t had that much contact with them that I know of. I might have. I’ve been on motherships where there are so many different beings on those ships that you just can’t keep track of who’s who anymore.

A: How cool is that?

J: Yeah, you almost need to have a program, or a guide with pictures on it.

A: I know, because there are so many different ones. Now, because of the whole travesty that occurred during the conflict on Orion do you feel that they’re even more so stepping up and being much more involved because of the tremendous loss of souls at that time, life at that time?

J: Yeah, definitely. You see, the Pleiadians, the Orions, they all have their ancient roots at Lyra. That’s where the real Adam and Eve story happened a long time ago. And they went off in different adventures, and the Pleiadians actually came from Lyra. Eventually, they came and they went through this system and went to Orion and Hades and the Pleiades. Now wait, I missed one. Orion, Hades and well, the ancient Lyrans, they went to the Pleiades, Orion and Hades and then they went from there to Mars, Earth and Maldek or Malona. Some people call it Maldek and some people call it Malona which is the asteroid belt, it’s one of the planets that blew up and is now the asteroid belt.

So they’ve been out cruising around for a long time, you know, setting up colonies. That ancient Atlantis and Lemuria were actually Pleiadian colonies they started up. They had a problem. What happened was, they would start these colonies up and they’d get an influx of souls that would incarnate and there’d be negative entities that would come in and the next thing you know, they’re polarized and they would war on each other and wipe each other out and they’d have to start over again. And that was something that was happening throughout the galaxy. They’d keep running into that problem.

And then finally, they ran into the Andromedans and they saw them and they said, ‘Wow these people have magnetized light bodies, they have a holographic light world, it’s just beautiful beyond anything that we have ever seen. So they asked the Andromedan Councils if they would govern them, if they would lead them, and the Council said, ‘no.’ And they said, what do you mean by ‘no.’ And they said you need to lead yourself. And they said, well, we’ll advise but you need to make your own decisions and you need lead yourself. Which was a very wise thing to do. So anyway, they are a major advisory council that the Pleiadians, the Orion Council of Light and the others go to. Sirians, all of them, work with these other councils. There are quite a few councils out there.

A: There are a ton of them, aren’t there?

J: But the Orion people, the Orion Council of Light, they actually had to deal with a lot of that Reptilian, Grey and influx and wars and everything else, so they are much more down to business, get things done, they’re initiators, they don’t have very much tolerance at all for the parasites and the predators that are cruising around out there. And they are really good ones to align with, they have your back and they take care of things. So right now there’s a huge influx of these beings coming in to assist us on the planet. As well as the Pleiadians and the Arcturians and the Andromedans and the Sirians, I’m sure that I missed a few but there are all kinds of beings that are coming in to help right now.

A: I’d say that the Sirians are definitely the ones that I work with as well. And I enjoy them. They are the pranksters of the Universe, right?

J: Yeah. These feline beings are hilarious. I mean, some of the stuff they do and they have people rolling on the ground when they come in here in some of the workshops and some of the classes and they show themselves. They put their face in yours and all of a sudden you’re face to face with this Lion Being whose head is four or five times bigger than yours.

A: And they’re gorgeous. They’re gorgeous.

J: Yeah, they shock people sometimes and they’ll do little things to get you to laugh and get you out of your fear, you know, and to own your own power, the Lion within yourself.

A: Right. Well, that brings me to something that I feel is just beaten to death out there in the spiritual community, and that is, how do people know if they are calling in a legitimately light, positive source of information. And I noticed when you put together this Galactic Exchange University Document one of the things that I was so impressed with was, when you were talking about do they inspire your own God connection. Do they inspire universal peace, or brotherly/sisterly love, or individual freedom. Talk to the audience a little bit more about that because, James, I feel that some of the information that’s come out has been a disservice to us as a whole because it’s made people very paranoid, very afraid of those particular types of connections that they already had, that were very positive and were getting positive information and now it’s almost as though, oh, you’re an ascended master, oh god, that’s part of the demiurge, it’s part of holographic b.s., I’m just curious what you have to say about that.

J: It sounds to me that you’ve got a pretty good handle on it. It is a lot of b.s. and people working out their own fears and their own victim patterns and things like that. But basically, this discernment is necessary. We need to discern and we need open up our own inner sensitivities so we can feel. I call it a b.s. meter. You’ve got to have a really good b.s. meter where on a soul level you go – ah, that doesn’t ring true. That doesn’t sound right. And always use the tools, you know, for discernment. And as you were saying, is this empowering me to make my personal God connection? Does this respect my divine right to freewill and self-determination? Is this inspiring Universal Law? Is this serving Creation? Use those things. Does this fit within Unity Consciousness or am I special? Everybody’s special. That’s the big one.

We have a lot of people that show up here. We have about eight people that were dead sure they were Jesus show up at the ranch. We’ve had several Kuan-yins, and I don’t know how many Marys that say they are Mary, they are the direct reincarnation of Mary and things like that. Their ego gets attached to that and they get fixated on the personality saying they are the personality of this person, and I say, well, why not be the God-self of that being and go into the universal aspects. If you understand that the more Eastern thought, the One Consciousness that encompasses All-Consciousness and all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse is within us. And we can merge with that. And it’s a giant network. It’s giant universal phonebook, you might say. When you lose your indentity you can become any of these beings and gain wisdom from all of these beings and source their knowledge and things like that. Like the Buddha said, the whole Universe is within you, but we get caught up on trying to be somebody or be special, but you know,

A: Be acknowledged.

J: Exactly. Gain acceptance and approval outside of yourself or within social consciousness. And all of those things need to come from within. So it’s a trap that people get caught into. I always say if Buddha or Jesus appears to you say, ‘hey, what’s up?’ (Laughter) Don’t fall on your knees and start bawling.

A: Offer them a cup of coffee, for God’s sake, you know.

J: or run from fear. Yeah, yeah. Just give a high five-um. Say, what’s up?

A: That is so true. Because that’s truly what they ultimately want. I appreciate what you just said. I really think it was something important for everybody to hear, especially, we are each one of them has an amazing special, unique gift. However, once we receive guidance where we are being really fed, like our egos are really being fed, that’s where you kind of go, uh-oh. Or you hear that, oh, you are the only person in the planet that has this, you know. I can guarantee all of you out there that Spirit does not work that way. There’s always Plan B to Z and then some because they’ve got to get the job done, you know.

J: Exactly. I used to put this whole burden on my own shoulders, I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do this, and then I started letting go of that. Then I go, wow, that information is coming out all over the place and it’s not just me and I can kind of relax a little bit now because the snowballs rolling, it’s massive and you can’t stop it. And it’s like, I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately that say I really need to kind of chill out and take care of myself. And just work on own polarity, my own evolution.

A: I’m giggling because that’s why I am in South Africa because I totally kind of burned myself out. J: Yeah, yeah.

A: And you know what?

J: You never know.

A: Yeah. And you made a really good point too, because I think Spirit just fascinates me. I’ll give you an example. When I came here I was told there was something really major that they needed me to do. So my friends, Chris and Sandi and myself were basically called to go up to the Zimbabwe ruins. We were told that we were going to be opening up a Cosmic Gateway portal of energies that have not arrived here yet. And that it was a very, very key place. I then had another friend of mine working from Arizona kind of tying them up in the higher dimensional areas who then wrote back to me and said you’re just not going to believe this. He was up on the web and he found out that on the exact day at the exact time there were four other independent groups, I think one was in Laos even, that had been working on opening up this portal, independently. Did any of us know about each other? No. But we were all working together to get the job done. (Yeah) And it just goes to show you the brilliance of the Divine Plan. They are going to have each of us, you know, as you probably agree, sometimes you are just on a need-to-know basis. (Oh yeah) You know, they can’t tell you everything because the dark owns the airwaves.

J: Yeah. Exactly.

A: Yeah. But hey, tell me how you define the anomaly of the Universe – the Fall. I’d love to hear your take on that.

J: Okay, the Fall of Consciousness?

A: Of Mother Earth and the supposed anomaly of the virus that we’ve all been dealing with – the so-called archontic network.

J: Oh yeah, the archontic network and all of that stuff.

A: Tell me your take on that.

J: Well, I never really looked into the origin of the archons. Which is quite interesting. Where did these guys come from? I know that in Earth’s history what has happened in the beginning of time, there’s the Big Bang that we all talk about which really wasn’t. It was much more than that – the first Big Bang was the Source turning inward and a tremendous explosion of light beings going out from Source and they were endowed with all of the abilities of the Creator and created out of Source, whatever they were creating. Creating whole planets, worlds, universes, and things like that. And so the first sons were the ones – or the first daughters, I don’t even think there was a polarity at that level – but there was that group and they started creating all these different levels, the different kingdoms. They had the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and all of these things.

But when the Fall happened was when these beautiful light beings said, hey, I want to walk among my creations. I want to experience what this is all about and I can’t do it as a light being. I just go right through everything. I can’t really feel or experience it so I need a vehicle with the five senses and to be able to touch, see, smell, hear, taste and all above that I have created. So they did and so in creating that vehicle in their creation they had to balance out their creation. So they had the plants that overcame everything and pretty soon choking everything up so they needed to create the herbivores to take care of the plants to balance them out. Then they said, wait a second, the herbivores are taking over everything, we need to create some carnivores to take care of the herbivores to balance that out. So they were always working to create a balance in their programs.

And the problem came when they created a vehicle to walk among their programs, because they forgot about the carnivores. That was the first Fall because when you are in a light body nothing can harm you. Nothing will bother you, you know, it’s a learning experience. When you take on a body all of sudden, you find out, wow, one of these carnivores hit you and that hurt. I just got torn to pieces, you know. You experience pain, you know. And then you experience fear, of being eaten again and all of those things that happen to you that come with a body. You learn hot and cold, you freeze yourself to death, you burn, all of these things. You drown, all of these things. So each one of these little experiences actually lowers your frequency and it doesn’t allow you to come back to where you came from.

So all of these other dimensions were created so people could have places to go to where they could heal from their pasts, or release their pasts and get back to their original cause or the original Creation from which they came. So that’s kind of where these levels came from, in all of these experiences. So that’s the big picture on the Fall, you know. Not so much that we sinned, ‘sin’ is just an archery term. We just manifested a lot of things and created a lot of things, walked among our creations and got caught up into the creation and didn’t know how to get back.

A: And don’t you feel that that is the whole purpose of being here, is to create? It’s just unfortunate that because we are creators we have not been aware that we are creating that which has been deliberately manipulated and guided to create that which the New World Order or the Cabal wants us create rather that which is intrinsic within our own divine spark.

J: Exactly. And the cabal are based basically on lack and greed and all of these base emotions and they think that power comes from controlling others or overpowering others. That is not power at all. Actually, love is the ultimate power in the Universe. It is the manifesting force behind Creation and what sets things in motion. They’ve settled for a much lesser program. And when you really think about it, they are still running on the ego, which is very base form, a very low level of consciousness. If they were actually in the higher consciousness they wouldn’t behave so. They are very clever in a way that they control and dominate and manipulate, but they are also clever in putting themselves in a position that is very low on the level of evolution. They’ve actually outwitted themselves, on a way. And they need to drop those programs, and they will find out. Because every thing has a reaction, every action has a reaction. When they cross over are they are going to go the lesser planes and dimensions and they’ll be hanging out with a lot of people just like themselves. Which is hell, basically.

So that’s where these a lot of these influences are coming from. They came from disincarnate spirits and beings from other dimensions that are just manipulating and very malevolent, self-serving individuals. That’s kind of the archon networks, that’s where it’s origin came from. But these beings seem to keep infiltrating other systems, other planets, and things like that. Like the Pleiadian colonies, they started out great. They rose to a very high level of evolution and their architecture, everything, was phenomenal. Then they got an influx with these lower beings. I know Thoth talks a lot about that, or Taugh, everybody calls it differently. He talks a lot about what happened. This is what he said, you know. They had a beautiful civilization and then this influx of beings came in and started incarnating and just creating a mess of everything and then the separation and competition and the wars started happening and the whole place just fell. A: Yeah.

And conflict and they went into conflict. They had technologies like beam weapons and things like that that were just incredibly severe. They weren’t like the Lemurians – that got wiped out basically by the Atlanteans – brought a meteor in and smacked the Atlanteans with it. So they still had space faring technology back then. So anyway, it’s a long story. It’s that same old program that we just keep allowing these negative influences, these negative thoughts, these negative programs to influence to the level to our own demise. And lot of that is being cleaned up right now so we don’t have that much external nonsense manipulating us and so we can get on with our individual programs and learning experiences. There’s been a big boost there that a lot of those negative influences are being cleaned up which includes some of the Reptilian and the negative Greys and things like that.

A: So how far down the dimensional chain do you think we are at this point as far as the clearing out of these negative entities?

J: I just asked them about the Reptilian energy and they said that they’ve gotten about 92% of it.

A: Kick out!

J: Yeah. And I was just blown away with that. But there’s still a strong 8% that is manipulating some of the people in some of the highest levels, that they are working with and they have to be kind of careful how they do that because these people can make decisions that affect billions and millions of people.

A: And not just on this planet, either.

J: Yeah, so they are working on that. They said that a large proportion of that is out of here, you know, it’s been cleaned up. So they are still working on that.

A: That’s amazing.

J: Yeah, and we have to clean up our own consciousness down here and start doing the right thinking and right action, you know, everything, right eating, right living, whatever you want to call it. Start focusing on the basics.

A: So well, James, tell me do you feel – now I read this that it’s pretty wild to even think of it this way – do you feel that the ego exists in the higher dimensions and if so how far?

J: Identity does. Identity exists on the higher dimensions in a much lesser form, becomes less and less important. These hierarchal programs don’t exist on the higher levels and the only reason that they’re on the higher levels is because they become one with the One Consciousness that encompasses all Consciousness and all planes and dimensions, you know, throughout the multiverse. So there’s no separation or division on the higher levels. So people think they are moving up this hierarchical order of power but they are not. If you are moving up the hierarchical level you realize the Creator is omnipresent in All Creation and if you are One with the Creator then you are One with All Creation so it’s actually a lesser – identity becomes less important. Even the genders become less important as you move up the dimensions.

A: So how do you see the Great Experiment? They talk all the time about this is the great experiment and part of it being that we will be able to experience physicality but actually have a more silicon-based body and be more of light. What is your perception on that? What is this different than any other shift in the world age?

J: Well, my feeling on this level is that the great experiment has been a total failure. (Laughter) And without some gardeners, without some major gardening – we’ve got a lot of weeding that needs to be done to get it back on track. That’s just my own personal opinion. But when we look at the bigger picture, was it a failure? We’ve gained a lot of wisdom through experience. We’ve learned a lot of things. You don’t realize what you don’t want unless you experience a lot of little – I’m saying you don’t know what you do want unless you experience a lot of little of what you don’t want. That’s how you evolve. One of the teachers said that I’ve never made a mistake, I’ve manifested a lot of things and I’ve gained a lot of wisdom, you know, so – So if you don’t gain the wisdom from these experiences and these creations then, yeah, that to me if you want to use the word ‘sin’ or error, that would be an error. To keep doing the same thing over and over again and this kind of what we are doing in our political system.

A: Yeah, definitely.

J: But I think that is all coming to an end too, that whole program is just – this external authority and external, you know, joy through external things. Happiness comes through your car, and your house, your others. All of this external program is coming to a close. It’s imploding and we need to go back to internal. Where we’re just happy for no reason. We totally accept ourselves, love and approve of ourselves. We’re not seeking that outside of ourselves. Even more we don’t need the bling and fancy car and the clothes, drink the right beer and all of the other programs that we have been jammed into our heads constantly. People are turning away from that and going more internal.

A: That is such a good point, and it’s about time. Now it is biblical to state that at that point of the so-called second coming the heavens will be peeled away, would roll away. What do you perceive that being? How do you see that happening?

J: You will be seeing a lot of ship s when that happens. (Laughter)

A: But do you see a completely different space, a different schematics of star systems and planets, et cetera?

J: Oh definitely. This kind of matrix that we are in right now is going to fall apart. I mean, it already has fallen apart right now and the archontic network, this whole program, is just falling apart and it has too. And it needs to. It needs to fall apart so the new paradigm can come in. So the grid or whatever you call the archon grid that’s actually supporting all of this old miscreation down here is totally being torn down and it’s being replaced with the higher dimensional grid and a higher beings coming in to assist in this process. So we are undergoing that right now and that’s why we are seeing so much – a lot of wars because people are just saying they won’t do this old program anymore. I’m not going to give my power away to some fanatical leader. I’m not going to do a lot of things. And we also have a lot of the wars being perpetuated by the war industry and by the Illuminati and the people who want their resources and things like that.

There’s an old saying that there’s never been a Holy War, there’s only been one king wanting what another king or leader has. And if you look at it that way, you’ll see that all of these wars are really about power and control and dominance and gain. It has nothing to do with Creator or anything else. Who does Creator side with? You know, one guy is praying, oh God save me, vanquish my enemies. The other guy is praying the same thing. What does God do? Oh, I think I’ll step over here and decide to wipe out my kids on this over side. It just doesn’t work that way. So we’ve have had of all these programs that we’ve been having pressed upon us about the nature of God. God isn’t a male or a female. It doesn’t even have a body. You know, when you get up in the higher dimensions it’s more of a consciousness and an energy. And beyond that there is the void. So it’s like if we want to create God in our own image that’s exactly what people are doing.

A: Right. And you know what? Isn’t that okay? And how do you define the difference between God and Source? Because to me they are different.

J: Yeah. Definitely. Well, there are the gods, you know. And the gods are what a lot of our religious books are created from and there are different types of gods. Some of them have benevolent and some have been malevolent. Some of them were self-serving and some were highly evolved and they are not the Big God, the big G, they are demi-gods. They are beings that were very evolved, or very powerful and some were technological tyrants. And some were spiritually evolved servants. It’s really interesting that we have to understand this mess that we went through, to really realize how we got there.

So I always tell people, well look at the Old Testament. You’ve got this totally jealous, wrathful god that nobody can appease, that was a genocidal maniac. He just slayed village after village, peaceful people. It was a land of milk and honey and he went in there, and this is an ancient Lemurian left-over colony basically that – these people had no hierarchy. They had no leadership. They saw the Creator in All of Creation. Everybody flourished. They didn’t have any poverty. They didn’t have any poor, It just didn’t exist there because of their mind set. So this god of the Old Testament goes in there and slays all of them – bashed their kids’ brains out on rocks and salts their fields, just destroys everything. And people want to worship this guy. I say, this guy is a psychopath. Then you have Jesus coming in with the New Covenant and the new image of God, and says God is all loving and all-forgiving. So how do you wrap your head around that when you read a Bible that has two totally opposite images –

A: Absolutely.

J: Of God. Until you realize there’s just talking about two different beings that have been passing themselves off as God. To be honest with you, one of the gods came down in a shiny disk with bronze feet like calves and fire and brimstone coming out underneath it. When it landed it sounded like a thousand rushing rivers. And then this so-called god stepped out along with the cherubim which were wheels within wheels with flashing lights all around them. Then he ordered six of his men with their shattering weapons to destroy all the men, women and children of Israel. Because they fell out of favor with him or something. So then after that he ordered that some men in white linen – this is a Biblical account to reach in the bowels of the cherubim and spread hot coals around the city henceforth everybody’s hair and fingernails would fall out and they would die a hideous death and become food for the ravens and the beasts. So you look at that in our context of now that we are evolved, some of us, and you think that was really a bad encounter. That was an encounter with Enlil who was one of the Annunaki gods who was a warring god.

A: Yes.

J: And he did not like humanity. He thought we were miscreations. He wanted to get rid of everything, just destroy everything. So we have to understand our real roots, what really happened in the past to let go of that fear, and those programs so we can connect with the Source. And the true Source doesn’t have an ego, can’t judge, is beyond that. He’s like the Sun, it’s just pure love and joy and bliss. And he shines evenly on everybody and we choose how much that we want you to acknowledge or accept in our daily lives or that is channeled through us. And that is the image that we need to get to and release the past and these old programs and let go of them. That’s been a lot of my mission – is to get people to realize what really happened in the past so we can burn those old images and reconnect with the true Source and get rid of all of this separation game – the wars and the competition and the greed and all of that stuff, because they have nothing to do with the Source.

A: Well, and the other thing that I’d like to remind people is, that this is pretty exciting to be in an opportunity where we are completely re-writing this manual. We are starting over and we can create exactly what we want – that heaven on Earth that we all crave, that we all desire.

J: I love of people ask me why do I talk about – why don’t I give specific names like Enlil, and Enki and all that, and I have in the past. But it is a series of steps. You can’t take people from A to Z, they’d go crazy. They would go nuts. Their whole foundation would be pulled out beneath them so you have to go from the beginning and say, well, look at this possibility and could this possibly explain why we have some people whose god tells them that they are the chosen ones and they can just totally destroy anybody they choose and take their land and their resources and everything else. What kind of god are they following or are they following the other god which is all loving and all forgiving and is service-oriented and loves All of Creation. You do not have wars when you are following the benevolent god. They do not exist. Or the image, the benevolent image.

I’ve always said that you want to turn this planet around just get yourself a grandmother and put her in charge. A grandmother just loves her nieces and nephews and loves her family and her children and really understands what it is to lose one and one whose been living on a farm or whatever and knows how to work with nature. Something like that. If we had somebody like that running the show all the nonsense would end.

A: You are so funny. You are so funny. You’re right! You’re right! Well, okay. Here’s another question for you. What percentage of the population do you think are cloned?

J: Up here we get some really crazy stuff happening up here but we get a lot of people that are searching and are awake and they are connecting with their souls and things like that. But I swear sometimes when I go into the city I look at people and I go Woh! like there is nobody home at all.

A: It’s funny that you say that because I have a girlfriend that is clairvoyant and I saw her one day and she said, omg, you can’t believe what happened to me. She was all freaked out because it just started happening. It wasn’t something – it was a sudden realization was, she would be walking down the street and she would kind of look and glance at the person walking by her and all of a sudden she noticed that some of the people – they had no faces. They had absolutely no faces. And she would walk by others and they would be perfectly normal and physical. And she basically said that after getting some of her own guidance they were showing her who were cloned. I know, it is really heavy.

J: You know, I would not be surprised because there seems to be – a lot of people are talking about this soulless generation that seemed to aspire to the highest levels of government and the corporate world and the reason that they get there is because they have no compassion, they have no empathy. They’ll do whatever is necessary to generate profits and move themselves up the ladder. And unfortunately that does seem to be the case that these people are totally disconnected.

I also found out about a lot of ritual and things like that. When they get to the highest level of these institutions they do a lot of rituals where they actually sell their souls, you might say. Or there is a wedge that is put between them and their soul and now their bodies are the archons. Owned by the archons, or these degenerate beings. And with that they get fame and wealth and all the other material goods that they think they need to be happy, and power and the things that come with this network. I’ve noticed that these people now their hosts are being removed. And they are walking around like zombies and they are blowing it. They are giving away everything that they are doing and they are totally screwing up.

A: Yes, yes.

J: So they are not, they are becoming extremely dysfunctional and everything. Their hosts are becoming totally disrupted or they are leaving all together. They have been taken out. So I am seeing a lot of that happening. And that’s why you are just seeing all this total chaos in the higher levels of the infra-structure here of this hierarchical program or this archon grid that is manifesting itself down here. You’ll see more of that where this whole thing is just going to collapse. And the people that are part of that system, that are having awakenings or becoming whistle-blowers that are going, wow, this is a mess. They are actually coming out and talking about it.

A: And that part of it is the most exciting to me is that people are really having the courage and the stamina to step forward, finally, finally, to step forward. I mean, all of these scientists and people in the military, and in the medical field that are very aware of what is going on with the vaccinations and the chemtrails and the GMOs. Finally, stepping forward to relay this information to the world. It’s about time!

J: Oh yeah. I agree. I’m really surprised it’s still going on, with this chemtrail thing. We are just being hammered right now by them. We had the most heaviest chemtrail along with Haarp or some other technologies hitting us. For a couple of days there I was having trouble finishing sentences.

A: Oh my god! J: Yeah. A: That’s terrible.

J: And you get these brain farts where you think, what was I doing? And we’re in the middle of a total major remodel and clean up and getting things ready for winter and you’re trying to cut a board and you cut it an inch short and you wonder how did that happen?

A: Yeah. And you don’t even remember where you left off?

J: Yeah, and you’re talking and in your sentences become – you’ll be half way through a sentence and you’ll be talking about something else and you didn’t finish the last sentence. And most people don’t even know that they’re doing it, but if your somewhat aware you go, wow – did I just do that? I didn’t finish the last sentence and I jumped to another whole subject.

A: I was going to say, James, don’t you feel though that the intensity of chemtrailing has subsided somewhat?

J: Well, there for a while there, yes, but recently just this past two weeks we are just getting slammed. And I think that they are doing their last hurrah.

A: I was going to say.

J: Their last big shot at it.

A: Well, this is their big month, you know. October is always one of the last stands for the year.

J: Yeah. And I think they are really doing all that they can to knock this all down. And they are really hitting the vortexes. They are hitting Shasta and this area. They are hitting all of the major vortexes and where people are awakening. Especially the West coast. They are really hitting them hard because people there seem to be much more awake on the West coast. Not to bash the East coast but it just seems like a lot of the New Thought and programs and everything, a lot of that comes out of the West coast.

A: Well, not only that, but the West coast has the largest percentage of Lightworkers living there, (Exactly) than anywhere else in the United States and, in fact, I think, in much of the world. So we really are holding the space and as a consequence you’re getting a lot more targeting in that area. So hey, here’s a question. Do you think about the role that the Chinese play in this unfolding?

J: Well, you know, I feel really good about this BRICS thing that’s coming down. You know, it’s Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. They are all coming together and creating a new monetary system. And it’s a much more fair system. And we have to get rid of this cabal, the banksters, they’re enslaving us. If we get rid of the Federal Reserve too and stop creating debt and print our own money without the debt that’s going to be huge. And that’s eventually going to come about. Unfortunately, a lot of people that tried to do that, like Lincoln and Kennedy and all of these other people, they met with some extreme resistance. Deadly resistance.

A: I was going to say.

J: Yeah. But this time it is going to come about. Eventually, that is going to come about. The old system is pretty much kaput, you know. It’s out of there. It’s in default. It can’t continue. And what we need to do is to replace it hopefully without a lot of incidents, without a lot of negativity, with a new system that is much more fair. Now I’d hate to see all the banks collapse and fold and everybody lose their money and the Federal Reserve notes become exactly what it is – toilet paper.

But I’d like to have something to replace that with – a transitional thing so people aren’t hurt and people can continue. But eventually, we need to evolve to a system that doesn’t even need money. We don’t need money. We’ve never needed money and money creates competition. It creates a lot of ‘against us’ and just problems. We live in an abundant planet and an abundant universe. We don’t need money. We’ve just been so programmed. Most of the higher civilizations don’t use money and they select their leadership according to their spiritual evolvement and their track record of service to their civilizations. We do exactly the opposite. We let the most greedy corporate people on the planet that have made their money and gained power with ill-gotten gain and things like that. We actually put them in as leadership and we wonder why the planet is in the condition that it is, well, we need a total complete re-vamp of our leadership and even our spiritual leadership too. The religions have failed us miserably to bring peace and well-being.

A: Now you are mentioning the countries and the religions and that kind of thing. From your etheric perspective, since you are so psychic, are you in agreement that each continent is being so-called guided and run by a specific extraterrestrial race?

J: Hmm, interesting. I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say by a race. I think there’s a multitude of factors going on. Some are more infiltrated than others by some of the more negative, or archon energy and things like that, like Reptilians and Greys. And some are more natural, that are more aligned with nature and things like. So it’s hard – I don’t think there’s – there might be one group that is a little more dominant than others in certain areas, but it’s hard to say. But I know that whatever groups that they are, which ever ones that are the most negative, or the most heavy-handed or the most self-serving, those groups are getting hammered the most right now.

A: Yes, that is very true.

J: Yes. So that’s the way I look at it. The heavier or the darker that you are the more the hammer is coming down.

A: Well, I had read somewhere, and this was a big hit that the Elders are actually behind some of the major factions in China. And when you look at some of the radical shifts that are going down, you know, like closing some of those child-labor camps – hundreds of thousands of people, that’s happened in the last year. Actually, some of the banking scenarios have been shut down. It just seems to me that they are really moving in the right direction.

J: Yeah, it does. It definitely does. And some of these really old civilizations, especially like India, they haven’t totally loss their connection to the Masters and the higher dimensions and they have a different mind-set. So they are going to be operating differently. (Yeah) So it would make sense that some of the older civilizations are going to be re-instating their ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge and will go in that direction. What I’m more focused on is – that I know through other people I have heard a lot about the total re-valuation of everything. There’s a big re-set of the economy and all of those things. And all of those things are happening. They are even happening locally here in America and people are just not hearing about it. They are not hearing what is being done behind the scenes.

But that hasn’t really been my focus so much. There are other people who are much more into that area. I’ve been more focused on being more of an ambassador and an anchor for the other higher dimensional beings that come in and assist and help out. I really think that, from my own opinion, not that we should totally be dependent on that but a lot of the inspiration for the clean fuelless energy technologies, the healing technologies, all of these things are coming from these advanced civilizations (Yes) and they are being created in garages and workshops and labs around the world. And I think that’s where we’re going to get the most help from the people that have already had to deal with these issues and have transcended them and evolved beyond war and disease and poverty and all of those other things.

I tell you, if you go back to Star Trek and we have this technology – we have teleportation, we have anti-gravity, we have counter-gravity which is even more powerful than anti-gravity. We have all the fuelless technologies. We already have that here on the planet. We even have replicators now. (Yeah) And so, if you really think about it, like how freeing it would be if you didn’t have to pay for fuel for your car, for your utilities, and everything else. What kind of a boost of income that would be for every family here on the Earth. And you can actually bring these technologies to other countries and help them and assist them that are Earth-friendly technologies. I think about it. There’s a device I can tell you about. It’s a device that actually, what it does, it actually takes water and it purifies the water. It burns off the dross on a plasma generator, burns off anything that is not supposed to be there and what comes out of this thing that uses part of the water for the generation and it generates an enormous of electricity, plus, it puts out super-oxygenated water.

A: Fantastic.

J: So now you’ve got your – oxygen is the highest systemic antibiotic that you can get. So you start drinking this oxygen – even cancer is anaerobic – it needs oxygen. So now you are drinking this super oxygenated water, you’ve got all your power needs, taken care of. And the polluted water is being cleaned up. It’s being cleaned up and regenerated and this other water, even when it goes through your system it continues to clean the environment, you know, as it goes through you and out into the environment. So we have this technology right now and there’s no reason why that people should go without power or water, and especially healing water, which is even better.

A: Now James, wasn’t there a guy several years ago who came out, I think he hit up Drunvalo, I blogged it months ago, and he claimed he was able to put a couple of drops of something through a oxygenation process and claimed that he could clear up lakes and rivers in like a couple of minutes. And then all of a sudden he disappeared and a lot of people were like oh, he was a crook, and this, that, and the other, and I thought to myself, if you come out with this kind of technology, the chances are very high they are going to try to shut you down. So where is that technology at this point? Is it just being cautiously perfected and shelved until an appropriate time?

J: I can tell you what I understood, and this is my understanding about that. I actually got some of that water, supposedly. Now, I don’t know if this was the original water. And I got this water and I took it and I put it in some water and oil in it and I tried to take through the paces and everything else, and it didn’t work. It didn’t do any of the things. And they are selling this stuff for vial, for like $70 or something for a little vial of it. One drop will treat a gallon and that gallon will treat a river and all of these stories were coming out about this whole thing, this program. Well, I tested the water and we tried to do all the things that it said that it did. And I think too if you get this water and you totally believe in it you could actually create that reality. And that’s another story. Because a lot of the ceremonies, even in ancient Native American ceremonies involve water. You take the water in a sweat lodge, you bless it, you put your intention in it. If somebody who needs healing you do a ceremony around it, they drink the water and the person gets healed. So it’s like who’s to say, but I actually did test the water that was given to me that I bought and paid a significant amount of money for. It didn’t do any of the things that they said that it would.

A: Bummer.

J: I don’t know if there was a natural water and that got corrupted and I don’t know the whole story behind that. I only know that the water that I had, that I got, didn’t do any of those things. But I know there’s a new technology that works because you can actually drink this water and put an oximeter on your finger and when you drink the water you can watch your blood oxygen just go up immediately.

A: Wow! I am seriously interested.

J: Yeah. This is just one of the technologies that are out. There are other technologies that – this thing would run a city almost, this one program. You could install these, they have other devices now that you can totally get rid of the nukes completely. Nuclear generated power plants. And you can run these dynamos with these other devices that are totally fuelless that will run forever. They are amazing. And those have been built. I can’t even talk about that. I shouldn’t be talking about it. But those have already been built. And they could replace these nuclear time-bombs, you know, that are just waiting for a solar flare or a flood or something that’s going to make them into another Fukushima. So we could do all of these things. We have all of the technology to change all this and it is being lined up to come out.

A: Right.

J: And there is resistance to it coming out. And that’s the whole thing. It’s that there are these plans and all these things are ready to come out, it’s just how much resistance is there going to be and how much support there’s going to be. Are the people going to wake up and demand it and saying is enough is enough or are we just going to keep following the darkhearts and implode? And end up with a toxic wasteland, you know. And I don’t see that happening. I don’t see us going in that direction. But I’m just totally amazed at how there’s a lot of people that don’t think anything is wrong and want to continue in the way that things are. And they have no idea of where things are headed.

A: I think this has been a really big aha for me in the last year – there’s only a certain percentage of us that are fully awake. And even then, you and I can sit here and talk about that we’re awake and there’s still a ton of lies and deception that are rearing it’s head every single day and you’re kind of going, omg, another lie? You thought you had it figured out, you thought you knew, and then more stuff comes out. My whole point is there is that very small percentage of the population that is basically interested in listeing to this interview, for example. It is really up to us, it’s not up to the rest of the world. Because we have the knowledge and the knowledge is power. And so it’s up to us, especially because we have the strength of our spirituality. We have the strength of our connection to know who we are, to step fully into our power and make it happen. And if we do that, it’s like, I think it’s called thalmaturgy that if one person walks a path then there’s like an equation that an x-number of others will walk that same path and do the same thing that you did. J: Umhmm.

A: Without realizing that you did that.

J: Oh yeah. They found out that one person of higher consciousness and energy that is holding space, or holding that consciousness and energy affected the whole grid and they are affecting millions of other people unaware, they are not aware that they are doing it.

A: Right, right.

J: So it’s up to us to hold that space and hold that frequency and knowledge and learn to speak out when it is necessary and say what needs to be said.

A: Yeah, how good that is to stand up and stand out. Because we all have been in hiding for so long because we have been targeted for so long, you know. We are all like, ‘is it okay to come out now?’

J: Yeah, I have a long history of telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. It hasn’t been a fun ticket, but lately it’s starting to really come back in a very postive way. And people are going, wow! You know, you are right. And they’re coming back and probably alienated them at the beginning. But I never really cared about other people’s acceptance and approval. I always just told them what needed to be said. It just comes through me. I don’t do it on purpose. (Right) I don’t really know what I’ve said half the time.

A: Well, we still love you anyway. It’s okay. (Laughter)

J: They either love me or hate me. But the hate doesn’t last very long, because eventually they found out that what they hated was themselves. Their own – what they were afraid to do. They didn’t want to look at themselves. I did an interview with one of the whistleblowers, Captain Kaye, and I love what he had to say. He said that one of the reasons that we have these people that are naysayers, that don’t want to look at any of this stuff or anything, he said, because it means they have to change. And he said, so when you are talking to these people they go, ‘I don’t believe in UFOs, I don’t believe in any of this stuff, I don’t believe in higher consciousness and energy or masters or anything. And you just ask them, ‘well if that were true, what would you have to change in life, if this did exist? If there were higher dimensions and higher levels, and if they were here trying to help us out, and if you did realize that maybe you were working for pharmaceutical companies or maybe you work for the war industry, maybe you somehow are not in alignment with Universal Law and that these beings actually bring this law in, what would that mean to you?’ And it really makes people start thinking going, wow, wait a second, if this is true then I would have to totally change my life. I would have to quit my job. I’d have to quit everything that I do, all the things that I buy, everything. I would have to re-do everything. So that’s basically what it’s all about. That people resist change and the fear the unknown.

A: You know what James, though. It’s not even just fearing the unknown. They have a higher knowing that if they accept that change they actually have to accept the dismantling and the discomfort of what that knowledge brings. (Yeah) It’s like there’s a lot of people right now that are switching, you know, they’ve really gone down the rabbit hole. They are starting to find out all the truth, they’re diving into their spiritual selves, they really are getting a little clearer and cleaner about their passion and what they want to do for a j-o-b, and then they go into a new j-o-b and they realize, it’s just not doing it for them anymore. And that messes up their whole life. They can’t even make sense of their life anymore because they are still living within the old paradigm, even though they are already – it’s like that once you’ve received that information you can not go back. (Yeah) People are still trying to do that. It’s very difficult to have both feet in the sandbox, so you speak.

J: Yeah, there’s two worlds. A: Right, right.

J: The other world hasn’t fully manifested and the old world is collapsing and people are right in the middle. A lot of people in the middle are straddling both ends and they’re in base survival.

A: Yes, total challenging.

J: When they say something that is going to challenge somebody’s survival, they become unglued and go ballistic on you sometimes.

A: That is so true.

J: Yeah. It bothered me though.

A: Well, you are the Light Warrior always at heart.

J: I think it is kind of funny. It’s like, you tell somebody, you know, ‘hey, there’s a cliff right over there and they go, ‘Why are you bothering me. Stop bothering me.” And I say, ‘hey, hey, it’s closer. There is a big cliff right there, right around the corner.’ And they go, ‘yeah, that’s just your belief system. I’m creating a different reality, and everything . . .’ And then they fall off of the cliff. (Right) And they come back and say, ‘Why didn’t you tell me.’

A: ‘I tried, I tried.’

J: And that happens so many times and I just go, ‘well, I guess you needed the experience. You needed to gain the wisdom of experience.’ And that is what has happened to a lot of people right now, they have to have the experience because they are not listening to the people that are trying to help them and assist them and things like that. They are going to have to learn through physicality the hard way and those people are going to have the worst time getting through the changes.

A: Well, and still looped through that program, unfortunately. But hey, I read on your website that you had two landings of off-world crafts. Tell me about that.

J: Oh, in the beginning we had some landings. Definitely, yeah. Now we haven’t had landings since – actually, we’ve had things like a foot off the ground here that people have seen. They just came down just a foot above the ground. But in the beginning we had some very face to face one on one things happening, which were very cool. But then they said they can’t do this anymore, because they will come down on you, so we have to back off while you go public. (RIght) But now we’re getting to a point now where it’s getting very close where we’re going to have some more face to face things. I mean, right now, all I have to do, because what has happened to me in the death experiences and all the spiritual work that I’ve done, I don’t need a landing. I can just close my eyes and focus on them and their faces right in front of me (RIght, right) And just be there. I could be wherever I put my consciousness. So it’s not really necessary, although validation is always awesome on the physical, to have a ship come down and walk in and shake your hand and things like that. I mean, that is awesome. But we have to rise to the occasion for that to happen.

A: Yes, that is so true. Now what would you say to the individual that feels that they just – they’ve done the things right. They’re meditating, they’ve raised their consciousness, they’ve tried to live and walk their talk and basically, live in integrity but they just still feel like that they are not making a connection.

J: Yeah, that’s happening quite a bit.

A: A lot of people are complaining about this.

J: Yeah. There are several reasons for that. One, you know, there’s still some program that they haven’t dealt with, in some past live program or something that they are not aware of that’s blocking them. And we are doing a lot of that kind of clearing. But the other thing is that there’s also some extreme technology being used and being hammered to bring people down (Yes) and people who reach a certain level of consciousness that are being hammered back down with this other technologies. So when that comes to an end, and it is coming to an end rather quickly, there’s going to be a just massive awakening. Because when that suppressive energy is removed you’re going to see people popping up everywhere.

A: I know, it’s going to be so exciting. And you also mentioned that they are much more willing these days for photographs to be taken, and videotaping to be done. What is the reason behind that?

J: Well, it’s coming into that time – just two days ago – it really rained last night so I didn’t go out. But the night before ships came in, and it was really funny, because the Space Station came over and people were going, ‘ooh, aah, ooh, aah’ and I said, well, that’s actually the Space Station, but I said, those other two objects that just crossed in front of it are not.’

A: Right.

J: So two ships crossed right in front of the Space Station and then right after that

two massive ships just powered up in the northeast and sat there. And they sat there for a quite a while and everybody here got to see it. And they were just blown away by it. So we are getting some pretty incredible displays, landing on the mountain, morphing from one to three and four and back to one again. Of which these so-called debunkers, when these things happen and I put these out into the net, they have some NASA guy saying that’s the Space Shuttle, you just misinterpreted it. Well, the problem is that the Space Shuttle is grounded. And there is no landing pad on Mt Adams so you’re going to have to try something else. And they actually say that. They are looking at a clip of a ship landing on the mountain and morphing from one to three and back to one again and they actually say well, they just mistook this for the Space Shuttle.

And because he is an authority figure, people go, ‘okay, yeah, that’s okay.’ And I’m ‘well, where’s your own investigation? Now get out of the arm chair, don’t be an arm chair investigator. Be out and do your own investigation and use basic commonsense.’ If the thing is landing on the mountain and is morphing into four it’s obviously not the Space Shuttle because there’s no NASA landing base on the mountain and there’s no flat land up there that could land on and also too, who’s ever heard of a Space Shuttle morph into four ships. And if they can do that, great. Who knows what the hidden technology can do, (laughter) but it’s definitely not the Space Shuttle. But why do people believe this and why don’t they hammer on the news people putting this information out and say, ‘what is wrong with you?’ Why are you asking the question of how can a Space Shuttle when it’s landing on the mountain. It’s on the ground. I see this over and over again. I go, my God, this is like –

A: It’s a program. They are totally programmed. They’re like zombied.

J: And all that they have to do is to come up with an answer, no matter how bad it is and how unrealistic it is. They just come up with an answer to deny it and the people go, ooh, ooh, yeah, that’s NASA so we’re going to believe it. He’s an authority. That’s the problem, we’re so programmed to believe on these so-called authorities that are coming on to maintain the status quo and we just basically need to turn throw out TVs out and forget about it. We aren’t going to get anything from the lame stream news about what is going on.

A: I was just going to mention I’m going to tell you a situation that occurred with an individual in the medical field. Now she was very ill. We were running her on some very cutting-edge technology that analyzes the DNA so it can’t be more accurate and we were able to determine that there were two systems within her body that needed significant assistance. But she did not have cancer. Then she was basically taken into a hospital and the first thing, what do you think that they told her was wrong with her? That she has cancer.

J: Yeah.

A: And I watched the whole thing. Now this was, I’ve heard about this, I’ve read about it, but to be actually first hand and involved where I had the reports of what was really going on with her DNA and then to see the way in which the hospital worked around their own diagnostic system. So basically they created the diagnosis to support the regurgitation of, ‘oh, I’m sorry, you have cancer. You have seven months to live’ or whatever they decide to tell you. So here is a perfect point of, ‘oh wow, it’s a doctor. Oh, I’m going to esteem them because they went through college.’ Hey, I’m not putting down doctors because there are some really awesome ones out there. But the point is, like, where do we get to the point where we say to ourselves, you know what? I’m perfectly capable of doing my own investigation and really dig deeply to see how all of this works and recognizing that, like what you said, there’s so much technology and wisdom from higher dimensional beings and higher technological means that are bringing far, far better results than just, you know, basically just saying, ‘oh okay, you’re NASA, you know everything.’

J: Yeah. Yeah. Well basically if we don’t figure it out we’re going to be removed from the gene pool (Yeah) and so, unfortunately, that’s what is happening. On my other show, on As You Wish Radio I was on there with Captain Kaye and we were talking about other technologies and I know about these technologies that they have. They have these regeneration chambers and things like that where you can actually grow a limb or re-grow an organ and everything. (Ligaments -) We don’t need the pharmaceutical companies anymore. We don’t need these expensive diagnostic stuff anymore. We can actually put people into these chambers and these things will scan and see exactly what is wrong and bring everything into balance and regenerate whatever needs to be regenerated including arms and legs and things like that. And it’s within the super soldier program. These guys are fully privy to it because they are blown to bits and put back together. All that they need is a blood sample.

A: Wow! Seriously? I’ve never heard about that.

J: Yeah. Yeah. So we have this kind of technology within the black projects. Why is this not available? And when you talk about cancer – these children are being tortured in these cancer wards and they are finding out that the radiation treatments and the chemotherapy and everything else by the own American Cancer Society’s records, they said that people have a 400% chance, a better chance, of not using those therapies of living than they do with them.

A: I totally agree. Totally.

J: And that’s by their own numbers and so basically, why do you radiate somebody, totally collapse your immune system and fill them up with these toxic soups and everything else trying to heal them. Even a tumor – a tumor is you’re best friend because a tumor is capturing something.

A: I can’t believe that you are saying this. I just had a conversation with somebody about this.

J: Yeah. Yeah, it is grabbing something, you know. So what do you do, you go and cut it out. No you don’t cut it out. You make it’s job not necessary anymore. You find out what it’s having to deal with. And you eliminate that and then the tumor is no longer necessary, and then it just melts out of your body and reabsorbs it. They’ve done that. They’ve done it through oxygen therapies and a lot of other therapies and things like that. So rather than cutting this out and then eliminating your own body’s process of gathering these toxins, the toxins are now free to just to go throughout your body and you end up broken down the road.

There’s a lot of examples I can use that are like that. There’s ways of healing and we are not even addressing the toxic environment that we live in and the people creating the carcinogens that are in our food, in our water, and in all of these new GMO terminator seeds that are actually terminating people, on the long run. So it’s like all this stuff. We need to focus on the cause of the cancer, the cause of the illness, the disease, (Absolutely) and forget about this symptomatic relief on trying to fix it, and being a mechanic versus going to the cause and stopping the cause.

A: Well, and what I would say, because I have three different incidents of all within in a matter of two or three months and that is, number one, the hospitals have really become not a friendly environment at all. (Oh yeah) And people are going to really have to wake up to this because they have upped the ante, James. If you go in there because you have a tumor or you think that you’ve got some sort of – you might make a reference to an epileptic seizure – the next thing that you know you are pegged as an epileptic and you can lose your license, which is to lose your opportunity to go and come to work now, just because you made that statement as you walked into the hospital. They are even getting so aggressive that once you sign any kind of documentation you are locked in to a cancer regime and if you don’t follow it, especially if it’s children, they will threaten to have child protection services come and take your child away. This is happening, like, all the time. So we really need to wake up – it all gets down to when are you going to make a decision that you do have a brain and you do have the capacity to make some educated decisions once you do your own investigations.

There is so much information available for us now. And there are technologies available now to us that really are non-invasive and aren’t putting the body through these terrific surgeries that people do not realize, yeah, you can physically heal from a surgery but I’m speaking from personal testimony, you have to do a lot of healing on your etheric level, your meridian level, and even the shock and trauma to the body when it’s cut open level – (Yeah) so many other levels to the body that need to be cleared if you’ve had a significant amount of trauma as I have. It’s very important to remember that. But anyway, we are getting to the end of interview. And every time I talk to you I could just talk for hours and I so thoroughly enjoy it. We have to make this a little more often than – when was the last time that we talked? Last year?

J: Probably.

A: But is there anything that you want to end on as far as a message that you’d like to have people think about?

J: Well, you know, the main thing is that there are a lot of people on the cutting-edge that are trying to inform people and lead people and create Heaven on Earth. But basically we all need to get behind this and do our own work with impeccable integrity and stop doing anything that it harmful to humanity and the earth and that doesn’t empower each individual to make their personal God-connection and stop all of this external nonsense of needing love, acceptance, and approval out of yourself. And even the internal – start going internal and getting out of this old archon trap, this network that we’re stuck in. But the main thing is that we’ve got to do it. We’ve got to stand up and learn to lead ourselves and become informed as to what is going on and start demanding the alternate choices out there that are beneficial and then things are going to happen really fast. And the more that people get behind everything and get educated the faster these things are going to happen.

A: I agree and I would also add to that is, don’t make a decision based on something that occurred to you even a year ago. Because I think people are going to find that they make a more assertive decision on the way which they interface and interact with their spiritual guidance, they are going to start getting a little more – how should I say this – it’s going to become more evident that they are going to get some responses back because the light has just been pummeling the planet and it’s making it easier to them to get that message across to you.

J: Exactly. I mean there’s always options and there are always higher options and don’t go with what the so-called authorities – what I call the ‘official dumb.’ Start doing your own research and let the other options. Because I had that in my own life. I threw my back out and they told me that I wouldn’t walk again. They said you’d either have to have this extreme surgery or you’re going to be a cripple for the rest of your life. And I said what are the odds of that working and they said you have a 50/50 chance of walking again. And I said, well, screw it. Then why have the surgery with a 50/50 chance. And I said I’m not going through that and I actually healed it myself. And with some help with massage and chiropractic and just changes in the diet and going back and healing up the old victim modes and past-life stuff and things, and I healed it myself. I still have a little residual, but I went from wheel-chair to cutting my own firewood and working sun-up to sun-down on the farm and things like that.

A: That’s fantastic.

J: Yeah. So really, it’s all about personal responsibility. That’s the bottom line.

A: Yeah, and gosh, we have so much more in common than I realized. But, anyway, we are running out of time here. Thanks again James, if you would like to access James website you can go to Eceti.org. And check out his site there. He’s got some awesome videos up there and some great pictures of the orbs and beings that have visited him on a regular basis. So James, thanks again. Take care and everyone, I love you all lots. Thank you for all of your support. Please continue to support Galactic Connection.org/daily-blog and if you feel compelled to donate we do have a donation button at the upper right hand column. We do provide you with blogging and these interviews without any fee. So if you feel compelled to support us, please do. Anyway, take care. James, thank you so much for all that you do and we love you.

J: I love you too. Thanks for having me on the show.

A: Okay, you take care. Bye everyone.

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