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microphone (1)Hello hello everybody this is Alexandra Meadors of Galacticconnection.com and today is March 10th 2015.

We’re getting really close to one of those major break it or make it points – we’re getting up to the March equinox. I am sure a lot of you are feeling the momentum on the planet. These are some very exciting times. I honor each and every one of you to stay strong and stand tall right now. I know it’s been pretty tough with the psychic attacks flying around but we can do this, this is why we came here.

So as I want to bring in my guest again, this is series no. 2 and I’m sure there will be many more, I would like to invite everybody to listen to Jay Essex again.

You can call up his website at jayessex.com or spiritualsymposiums.com and just cruise through and see all the cool stuff that he is doing.

He makes these really cool spheres because he can tap into the frequencies of the stones and the crystals and literally personalizes them like I do with the alchemy; he does with the crystals and the stones. It’s such a cool idea, I love it. So he’s going to talk to us a little about that a little later on.

He’s an awakener, an enhancer and a creation’s historian – so does this sound familiar? There’s not that many of these guys walking the planet right now, he happens to be one of them. And he has so much information to share.

Again I ask all of you – just stay neutral! This is information – you take what you like and you leave the rest behind. But I think you’ll be very, very, interested to hear his perspective. They’re assisting me in many ways. And besides that, he’s hilarious – so if you want to get a really good laugh, listen to this interview. (both laugh)

So anyway, hey Jay, thanks for coming on again.

J. Hey sweetie, we having fun yet? (both laugh again)

A. We are, we’re already having fun, as you guys can tell we’ve already been laughing. I mean I can hardly even keep a straight face in order to start this interview.

So anyway Jay, in the last interview in which you dropped a bit of a bomb was the way in which you said that if people only realized, it’s all being controlled and manipulated on the other side. (J. yes) Can you expand on that?

J. Boy can I ever. The spirit inside me, it’s really strong, its just whatever came into the body when I was a kid and it’s Source energy. That’s why I can put energy in people’s heads and literally evolve brain and everything else and I get yelled at because they have to get new hats. (J laughs) I’m thinking of putting a disclaimer saying I’m not responsible for buying new hats, your head gets bigger, it’s a good thing, don’t get my butty up.

A. He actually builds people’s heads.

J. Yeah, you know it evolves the brain, people start waking up, they get stronger, and it’s a proven fact.

The FBI, homeland security knocking on my door and they say ‘We’d like to talk a little bit’ I’m like yeah, let’s go outside. (laughs)

A. Yeah no kidding. That was a smart move.

J. Yeah, they’re cool, they’re nice guys. I had about laughing. The FBI guy when he left, he was laughing he was saying ‘This guys a carnival act, he’s fruit loops.’ I told him a few things about himself and he said, ‘He’s a fruit loop, he’s got to be, a carnival because how’d he know that?’ Then the guy from homeland security was saying in his head, ‘I don’t know why this guy is supposed to be such a threat, he’s actually a nice guy’. (Laughs) I told them what they did for work, what their responsibilities were, what their personalities were and blah blah blah – a lot of other stuff and they just kind of figured it out.

You know this is one thing I ask people to understand – until you get to the top ends of these government agencies, we have good people in there – regular people in there who are doing what they know in their own mind what they think is the right thing to help everyone – they don’t really understand what’s going on.

To answer your question – back to what we were supposed to be talking about – sorry about that (both laugh hard) –

A. Gee I forgot, what was that? (Both laugh)

J. No, its how things are run on the other side, they really are. It’s not like everyone are puppets but when it’s time for you to do something that they want done, Source energy on the other side, they will run you.

Something stronger can do that – our human essence is very strong energy, fae essence – those are the first types of spirit energy that were created and they literally are very powerful and they can get in your conscious mind and start messing with you. They can actually run the body a little bit.

I think I might have told you that one time that the original female first being (before she was destroyed) ran my buddy Steve, just took him over and made him beat his head into the side of the wall when he kinda gave me a hard time about something. (A. that’s so crazy) Yeah, it was such an immediate takeover of energy that my friend Amy who was there – the original female first being that took Steve over, and he just went zombie and Amy could feel the change of energy, she looked at him and said, What the heck? and then he went over, got in the corner of the wall and beat his head really hard and BAM, he’s kind of knocked himself kind of one side of his knee. And he’s, Whoa! Why did I do that?

And Amy goes, ‘S t e v e’!

I said what’s the last thing you were thinking before that happened?

He was just taken over. He usually has a whole lot of negative stuff to say about me, he’s a spiritual traveller; he has a higher code that he’s supposed to be working with.

A. Well so, what exactly do you feel the other side consists of?

J. Oh boy, okay, that’s a big ’un! (Both laugh)

A. I know. (laughs)

J. Right now, most all of it, the vast majority of what was over there, especially Source energy has been deleted, cleaned, stored – there’s almost none of it left now.

A. Right on. (J. sorry?) I said right on.

J. Yeah, yeah they’ve been messing with stuff. The original first being – the way it was made, there was the 1st dimension, it’s beautiful, its kinda like a pinkish looking cloud with some big black spots and stuff and all these energy fields just kind of moving in and out of each other. It’s weird and four huge energy fields – they were moving in and out of each other like normal but they started staying together. Then all of a sudden here comes the electricity and the electricity come into it and then it starts evolving and then becoming sentient. And then some heavy particulate matter that was floating around got involved, they had a little chemical reaction and Poof! – The very first being that was created was created.

Now there was also something else going on. Before the heavy matter got in there, another part of this energy field broke away and there’s actually a second creation going on.

It’s really just another type of energy field – it’s kind of like ascension energy, but it’s more than that.

I call them dimensional dudes, they have an actual name but I’ll give that away in my book.

A. You’re so funny. So, one of the biggest questions (and you and I talked about this off air) out there is, how does one know who they are invoking is of the light and benevolent and supporting them and there’s been kind of like blanket statements made that all the ascended masters are of the false hierarchy and all the Angels are of the false hierarchy. Can you clarify with everyone what that’s really all about?

J. Yeah, you see the most powerful tool anybody has is the heart. Okay? Now we all have a core energy that goes up and down the body. One day I’ll make a video of it or something before I go. But they call it a kundalini with two different energies in there. The one is the personal visiting spirit which more than half of it and the other part is actually sentient energy from the planet, of Gaia – a piece of her that goes in the body and the energy just keeps going straight up and down. There are different core orientations when your power – when your energy field – that’s the strongest is the heart then you’re heart orientated, when it is solar plexus then you’re solar plexus orientated – it’s gut feeling and the head is usually like pineal. When people are solar- plexus orientated, when they see things like energy coming through the crown, it’s just like seeing and knowing.  And they also use the scanner here- that’s actually remote viewing, that’s where it comes from.

Then the pineal field behind the eye comes from the pineal gland or the 3rd eye as they call it – that’s just literally seeing energy as energy with a little bit of image in it – to project but its pretty much like pineal to pineal talk but its pretty much just 2nd dimension whereas scanner pulls 2nd to 3rd and it also stays a lot in 3rd – sorry need to get my hand away from that monitor, I’m starting to mess with it….

A. That’s too late Jay! Your energy field has already distorted your face. (laughs) By the way everybody, if you see Jay’s or mine and its warping and it’s kind of cloudy, it’s because the energy field is so high that it will mess with the video. Anyway go ahead Jay.

J. Yeah, before the energy creeped up, I used to have a ponytail. I used to have a lot of hair. (Both laugh)

A. You’re such a nut. So seriously – You’re talking about the scanning area, pineal gland and the crown but how do people determine when they are invoking certain beings that they are definitely invoking someone of the light?

J. There can be very high vibration and still something that is doing the wrong thing with bad intention so the main thing is the heart. The heart does grab basic, the major data from the brain. Its data, its knowledge – the numerology for that is number 8. Then the heart pulls that down, the heart takes the major emotions out of the base chakra where the spine meets the pelvic bone and pulls that up and creates a feeling. And a form of a magnetic pulse sends it out and brings it back. The heart is doing that all the time, like I say when someone sometimes feels the need to pray they really don’t need to because the heart is already talking anyway. That’s why when someone is telepathic like you, you would swear sometimes you’re reading someone’s mind, you’re reading their heart, guess what’s in the heart? – Their major data that they’re trying to put out. So you’re reading a piece of their thoughts (A. interesting) that’s what feeling is. Matter of fact that feeling is then also put back up in the brain rehashed with data one more time then back to the heart as understanding- it happens in the hypothalamus in the brain, and it gets thrown out too, it’s a constant changing cycle, that’s why feeling and understanding are so close.

I see this, when I walk through a room talking about the different things that are hanging around, I can see their energy, different spheres, I know what they need, I can see through knowing just right through the crown. I also see remote viewing through the scanner remote viewing, my pineal is incredibly strong. Those are the different….and my heart is really strong.

A. So what you’re saying is so long as the person is coming from a very pure essence and they are coming strictly from their heart energy or solar plexus energy, that’s half the battle right? That’s the determining actor

J. The thing is that as people become more aware, they wake up and start feeling stuff, the first thing you do when something approaches you – okay the first thing you do is you extend yourself out. Something comes to you and it goes blah blah blah and you use your pineal to try see what it is. In the crown you’re going to get a gut feeling about this thing but your heart is already reaching out to this thing. It doesn’t matter if its physical or metaphysical, its all going, its spirit, its energy. Your heart goes out to it so I say to people the first thing you do is say to it is this male or female spirit? That’s the very first thing you do and as you do that, you automatically start focusing on it so you’re getting information but also starting to focus your abilities on it. You might feel its female but feel a softer male to the side, that’s because there is a female right there. You might feel female and male – well that’s an Angel. That’s an Angel. They don’t talk. Different if they are in a body, they won’t shut up – half the time but…..

A. That’s very interesting that you say that, I’ve noticed that – the Angels don’t telepathically speak, you just feel what they want you to feel.

J. Exactly. They do to you what they’re going to do, that’s because they’ve always been servants for the original first being that made itself male and female.

It’s like people wonder where male and female came from. That first being, all those energy fields as they became sentient it got stronger and started moving around 1st dimension, it went out, it got stronger it got bigger said ‘I Am’ and it said, hell I’m alone so it literally pulled itself into two different pieces so it would have company – not cut in half, but actually separate a lot of its frequencies so it would have company. And it also formatted this energy that it would never go back together again and the only exception for this is Angel energy. (A. interesting!)

Yeah and there’s other stuff going on too though – from Arae and Lilly when they release some of their energy – they’re clean Source, the heart energy from clean Source, they’re incredibly powerful. Lilly was Marilyn Monroe in her last life. (A. yeah you were saying) Yeah.

A. So you were saying you really had to help her.

J. Yes, she’s healing right now. She’s in that dimension in the middle of my head. It’s like doors, different dimensions. But it’s a different dimension, it’s like a universe, the thing’s so full, then it just actually starts getting big.

A friend of mine, Kat Hooper, she’s a very a very strong seer, a very strong pineal, a very strong medical intuitive.

My head was getting hot, having a bit of a headache, it felt like it was going to explode and Kat said ‘you’d better open up that dimension you’ve got in your head because know what? There’s stuff coming out your ears and your head and everything’ (A. laughs) so I fell asleep that night and when I woke up I’d already fixed it inside.

So back to the thing about how do people know?

After they feel male or female and they start to lock on it, then feel the heart energy and see what the heart is telling you. You can feel into them and you can feel good intention or bad intention. Okay? Now they can talk to you and tell you something – man there’s so many lies going on over there,

If you know for a fact, if you get so good at this that you know when you’re talking to animal essence, they will never lie. If you ask them what’s going to happen on this day? They will tell you the truth of what is supposed to happen on that day and they will tell you. However they, like myself don’t like doing that because the future is always in flux. It’s always changing and right now there’s no-one over that side running stuff, it’s crazy, that’s why I gotta hurry up and get out of this body. The body’s gotta die and Arae’s got to come out and we got to go to work. So it’s kinda neat, I’m really excited,  I’m kinda tired of being in this body.

A. Tired of wearing overalls damn it! (laughs)

J. Yeah! (Laughs) You’ll see me – I’ll be about 27, 30 years old but I’ll have my overalls on. (Laughing)

Over there right now there’s just some very small pieces of arrogant Source energy. It’s like what’s the source of people’s problems? Source! It started with the very first being. Because of all the heavy matter that was involved in the creation of that first being, it’s the heavy matter that slows down the frequencies. And when you slow down the frequencies and it stretches out, that goes more toward the negative. It’s a very simple fact.

I have it because I see it, I know it, I can look at it in different ways, I can feel it, taste it, it’s weird. It’s just what I am inside. I’m the shoe on top of the big foot that’s all and I tell people if the shoe kicks you remember I’m just a shoe okay? (Laughs)

A. So we talked about this too and I know people would really like to hear your view. I invoke or have invoked Mother Father God and I asked you point blank, Who am I calling in when I call that in? – Because I know that who is responding to me is a benevolent loving source …of something.

J. Yes, you know how you know that honey? Because you feel it in your heart.

A. Yeah and I know that to be true.

J. Yeah you know it in your heart, and your heart is your strong orientation. Everything else is kicking but the heart is strong.

A. How do people know that? That’s my whole point.

J. You could be talking to spirit guides.  Lilly and Arae got together and they released some of their energy together and they are very light, clean Source energy and sometimes you do talk with them because they hang around you. They are high vibration, they are thought vibration but they’re very clean, and they’re very strong, and you can feel the heart, they come from the heart. Lilly and Arae came from the heart – two large pieces of clean Source energy – male and female. When you feel that, that’s wonderful but then again we all have to watch what’s going on because our Angels, – Angels are slick, they were made to control the bodies okay? They control the body so they control the spirit when it is in the body. There’s two basic types of Angels – there’s the first ones then there’s the new ones released by Lilly and Arae at the same time, their kids were released, so to speak.

Angels will literally – it’s like they take the wing tips – if you want to imagine something, put it in your crown – then they run you, they make you feel happy, they run your conscious mind. Also they go into you, like if you go to talk to someone; they throw energy inside your body like a cloud around you to make you feel happy. It’s like when two people meet and they fall in love and they have two kids and then they can’t stand each other and they say, ‘What the hell did I see in this guy?’  Well each of their Angels take energy into the spine at the pelvic bone with Angel energy and run it up the spine and then the person’s endorphins kicked up in the spine. It’s strong energy.

A. Jay, do they feel…..Are those Angels feeling as frustrated as much as we are? …they want to escape this matrix?

J. No, no, after I got rid of the original first male and female (clears throat) notice my voice is messing up? – My family members on the other side don’t want this to get out. May of 2013 was the second major attack, that’s when I finished getting rid of the original first male and female, and then the first Angels, they were real pissed. They were servants, it’s all they knew and I got them together. I said, Look, this servitude stuff for you is over, it’s new Angels, when I get out of this body, if you want to serve, you can, if you want to have lives you can, if you want to have lives, you can, if you want to do nothing, you can, you’ve been doing nothing but serving and that’s wrong. Now you have your freedom and individuality.

It’s been a format of abuse for since the very beginning. (A. yes) The new format is compassion, honour, equality and then there’s going to be a whole lot of protection in there. I said just go along with the format, that’s all you have to do.

They went nuts. There’s about 15% of the Angels over there and the rest of them went nuts.

85% of the original first Angels that were out of body, are dead, gone. (A. Wow)

If you go into one, Arae is so strong he can actually go in and destroy the energy that’s within it.

I have about 7 of them in my head. Its like you try and walk and they are running your body and I’m like damn it, that’s enough (A. jeez)

I can talk back and forth with them and they will. What they are inside is Source. It’s Father, they have to. They say Father, blah blah blah blah – don’t worry about it then turn around and walk into a wall. Walk right into a brick wall and disappear. One of my buddies Miguel goes ‘Ah, First Angel’ and I go yeah and he says looks like it.

They don’t do it around people; they’re not trying to show off. But sometimes they need to give me a message.

A. When did this batch of angels – the 85% you are referring to – when did they get removed?

J. It was an ongoing thing. Actually it still is, (A. Okay) but the 85% that’s been like that for months now.

A. That’s what I thought too (J. 8 month’s maybe?) 8 months? The reason I ask is because – I think it’s really fascinating that so many of us have this huge awareness about Archons and negative ET’s and things like that, but this is happening, the cleaning of house is happening in all these different realms, right? Basically every single one of them is getting cleaned out.

J. If you are going to fix a company, the first thing you gotta do is go to the CEO’s and the board (A. top down) so the first thing I did pretty much was to blow up the top levels. Boom! (A. Good point) Like ‘See ya’!

When I first started coming awake, really strong – that was on my birthday 2008, on 7/27, I saw the original first being female – she had my energy like lower down in my ankles and then she just released the energy where it came up to about my thighs, about that area and then Poof! That’s when the NSA picked me off their satellites. Because the NSA – this is something people will like to know too. The NSA and the groups like that – the NSA is like the FBI, the Annunaki that run the planet. And then Homeland Security is like their ground force, police or something. It’s like FEMA camps when you go down there – because they’re part of it. People say about FEMA camps ‘oh these people are so nice, they help you when there is a hurricane or something. I’m like ‘What’?! You look at the FEMA camp and there’s concertina wire all the way around it and they’re running about with guns and you’re like ’what are they protecting? – The food? (laughs)

A. You know what – when I was living with Steve in Michigan, we ran into the so-called detention centers. We were looking at them and they were basically presenting themselves to the outside world in right stark reality, anybody could see them because that’s their favourite modus operandi right? (J. Yeah)

They were saying they were protection agencies and everything but what we cracked up about was the top of the fencing was in (J. yeah) it curved in and rolls of concertina wire, so basically so whoever was in there was not allowed to get out. (Laughs) (J. Exactly)

It’s like open your eyes folks! But anyway…

J. Yeah, that’s the way its set up but on the other side, there is a cleansing.

And almost everything is gone.

I’m saying me but it wasn’t me, it was this body with Arae inside of it – it’s the last life of Arae, literally attacking this stuff – you take out a huge piece, it’s like taking out a cloud – that’s wonderful, you clean it but then there’s all these little raindrops. That’s the problem – they’re all over the place – when we’re stuck in the body we are not ourselves. It’s like a lot of people say How come I don’t know this in this body? I know I’m smarter outside of the body. I say almost none of you can even fit your energy inside the state of Texas – everyone’s huge. That’s why you’re crammed in a body. You have so much intelligence and energy. Trying to pour that into your brain is like pouring a swimming pool into a water balloon, good luck – it ain’t gonna happen. (A. that’s a good point) You can’t access it. It’s like you’re wrapped in duct tape around your mouth with a hole poked in it, then they wrap chains around you and they throw you overboard and say swim!. (both laugh big)

A. You know I have – I gotta ask – this is a great question – I think this is a question everybody would want to ask. I have banterings back and forth with Steve about this.

Okay – We’re multidimensional beings but we’re in this reality supposedly kind of stuck in this matrix, in this body, does that mean basically mean that we are not free?

J. Um, this is how that goes – As spirits – which is sentient energy – we can easily move in and out of a few dimensions at one time, however due to size, dimensional barriers and stuff like that – most people are maybe in 2 dimensions at one time but we tend to stick in one dimension.

Now when you are in a body, you are in that dimension but there’s so much of you still coming out, usually, float and glow in the other dimension. It all depends on your particular energy, the different frequencies and everything else. We are multi dimensional in the fact that we can – especially when we are not in the body – go in all kinds of dimensions. First dimension is off limits – no one is allowed in there. That’s a law; it is Arae that maintains that. That’s where everything happens. There are 4 new first beings growing there now.

We can go multidimensional; we can spread ourselves out in a few places. A lot of people like you, Izzi, Michelle’s daughter – her heart is so strong – her heart energy is love and she gets all over the place and she keeps getting hounded with people coming in, ah, what’s going on?, what’s going on? (A. Laughs loud) she’s like aaarrrggg. I met her when she was 11 or something and she was just freaking out. I said ‘Here honey, give me your hands, and I held onto them. And she was still like this, shaking. I said, wow, I had to put a lot into it and finally calm her down. Of course, she’s grown a lot now.

You see the heart is really powerful and it can go through 2 or 3 dimensions at one time while we’re in a body. But basically we’re stuck in this one dimension while we’re in a body though.

A. Thank you for that, thank you.

Okay question; there are a lot of healers in my audience that do an incredible amount of work for humanity, are so gifted and so intent to help and each one of them or myself, whatever that gift happens to be – whether its hands-on healing – for me its alchemy, (J. Yes) when I’m in that state, I feel like I’m way in a much higher dimensional realm. Is that true or can that not be the case because we’re in physical bodies?

J. Actually you’re not actually in another realm, what it is – you’re within yourself (A. Ah) and that is very freeing. I don’t like to use the words meditation but (the whole time you’re saying this, I’m watching you do it then I’m seeing what’s going on) when you relax and get to a certain frequency, you calm your mind down and then you open up – you flow. Like I tell everyone, flow within, so you can flow without. Just go. Then you literally flow around without the body because that’s the real you anyway

So everyone does it at night when they astrally project, they get free so….

A. Wait, wait, wait! You’ve just touched on something. So we fall asleep at night (J. Yes) we go into dream state, are we changing dimensions? Are we finally out of body and out of the anchoring of the physical and at that point can we go into all the other different dimensions or not?

J. No, but there’s a twist to it. (A. okay) When you’re put in a body, you’re attached to that body, you cannot leave it. Okay?

As I said before a male and a female get together and they fertilize an embryo in a woman. Both the male and the female have 2 energies – their visiting energy which is a little higher percentage than the actual energy of the planet.

Gaia gives of herself so you can have a life on a body.

Now the embryo only has the energy from the planet so when Source Mother whoever it is will literally take a wall of Source energy when its time, go up to that embryo and push the earth’s energy to the left side of the brain, leave that barrier there then put in the visiting spirit, soul, whatever, into the right side of the brain, coat everything over, coat the brain, coat the body and then you start flowing that’s how you get in there. Now you are put in that body, you have to stay in that body, you come out of that body, its game over. Okay?

The body’s just gonna die, that’s the way it’s set up. There are a few exceptions and we’ll go there later, like when negativity screws up. That’s when it’s really negative, that’s the only time it happens.

There’s not going to be anyone listening unless they happen to be with anyone else to your show because negative people don’t care about things like that (A. No) or anything like what we talk about.

Anyway, so you’re attached to this body – you have to stay in there even if 27% negative vibration or more, sometimes they’re asleep and a negative soul will float around and come by, a real negative one and says I want to go inside your body for a while. If part of your spirit says, yes go ahead, sure, then that visiting negative spirit can go inside your core energy then the spirit that was given that body to have a life, it has to float inside, it has to stay in the body. It goes under and over the skin in the aura of the body, that’s what they call ‘possession’. (A. Wow) That’s really what is going on. I’ve yanked stuff out of people and killed it in different countries and they’ve woken up screaming saying ‘What the hell’s going on’?

A. So is a possession different from a psychic attack?

J. Ah yeah, that’s totally different. That can only happen if someone has a build up of negativity that would allow them to go in. If you are only 17% negative or less, that’s not allowed to happen. It ain’t gonna happen. But you can still be attacked. But the energy has to stay in there.

When you go to astral project at night when asleep or during the day – whenever, part of you has to stay inside the body and then you go out and go run around. Literally there is like a silver cord – it’s an energy, it’s a thin piece of energy – call it the cord or whatever you want, it’s an energy that goes outward – I gotta watch or I’m gonna mess up with it ……

A. You just read my mind, you just read my mind. That’s what I was going to ask you – about the silver cord

J. Yeah, so it comes out – you go out and run around and have a little fun and then you have to come back. Sometimes people find they’re being attacked late at night or early in the morning or anytime they relax and they can’t breathe and everything – that’s because they are having a hard time getting back into their body. Sometimes they’re being harassed by their own Angels. I mean there’s all kinds of silly stuff going on. There’s so little that’s what people think it is.

A. So do you find the possessions happen when people aren’t staying in their bodies?

J. Oh no, no it can’t just sneak in there when you’re out, that’s not allowed. (A. Okay) But it does if you allow it to, then it will come in but that’s only if you’re 27% negative frequencies or more. Otherwise you have to stay in there.

An actually when you remember where you went, like astral projecting when you sleep, you know dreams and visions – when you can really remember them, then two things happen. No. 1 – when your spirit takes your personal spirit, when you grab some of the energy of the planet and take it with you, and when it comes back its got memories. (A. hhhm)

The conscious mind, it’s got more memories plus – I’m being messed with right now – some of the energy inside Lilly, I’ll kill it in a minute. (A. Laughs) The other thing going on is that when you do take off and get away, you want to break – you know you wanna be away from the body, so often times you don’t take that part of it with you.

Also when you start having your dreams late in your sleep – from ¾ the way through your sleep to 7/8 of your sleep, especially 7/8 -that’s when you start remembering dreams vividly. If not, something’s being done to you. (A. Woooowww) So all that gets regulated by your spirit guides, your Angels – it’s like Angels hey – they’ll literally mess with time and everything else to make sure a car doesn’t kill you. If it’s time for you to die, they’re going to kill you.

You can’t stay in a body forever, I understand that but they’re just soldiers, servants, they do what they’re told. That’s all.

And the original first being was 27 and a half % negative. That’s the first Source energy? That’s negative. What’s in Arae is the most negative clean Source energy there is anywhere right now and it’s 2.081% negativity (A. Wow) and the only reason it has so is because its protected, that’s its job.

A. So when you’re talking about the Angels and spirit guides and things like that – the same thing applies with them where you have to make sure that that guide that has been assigned to you (J. Yep) – right? (J. Yes) they have been assigned to you and you have to make sure they are 100% sacred light – that they really are looking after your best interests.

J. You’ll never have a spirit guide as long as you’re 17% negative or cleaner – there’s 7 then 17% then 27 – it goes onward but as long (most people are 17%) as you are 17% cleaner you’re going to wind up – you’ll always have spirit guides who are 17% or cleaner themselves so that probably won’t be an issue but they were always told a lie by the original male and female. They said you tell this person this, you tell them that – it’s like readers – Readers get their information then they go to put it out and they know they’ve got a good message and they repeat what they were told and it falls through. I don’t care if its cards, if it’s seeing, reading (A. Tea leaves, yeah) yeah it doesn’t matter what it is, I mean they control that and then the original mother says See, I gave them a good life, they’re famous then I took it away. And I wanna make sure they know I’m the boss and they praise me. They were so uppity, they were nasty.

A. Jay, basically, what you’re saying is it doesn’t matter who the being of light is; they’re all facing the same reality as us as far as the grand lie. Is that true?

J. Yeah, yeah see we’re all family. Whether we’re in a body or not. People say oh I’m going to ascend to this and that – actually ascension is when you die. I’m going to be like these beautiful beings in the 2nd dimension – yeah when you die! You just go home. I mean ‘my spirit guides – they’re so great’ but you’ve been a spirit guide too. That’s you when you’re not in the body when you want to do that for someone. I mean it’s – you take the 3rd dimension and what you have here is you just expand it and it just differs a little bit – that’s what exists everywhere, it all starts with spirit –sentient energy.

A. So a lot of times when someone says they’re talking to a spirit guide, they’re probably often talking to their higher selves?

J. Well when people say, ‘higher self’, they’re actually talking to a spirit guide.

A. Okay, interesting

J. Now, at the same time I say that, when you go to relax and go inside yourself like you do and other people do, you can feel, you can communicate with the bigger part of yourself – it’s a communication through feeling, you can’t talk.

The big part of Aramaeleous – a lot of you – we put you in the middle of the U.S, while you’re crammed in a body, your energy, your personal spirit literally is touching both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, okay it’s huge.

What’s in me, Arae, is ridiculous, in this body he’s like 3/5th away to the nearest star, like Centauri or something – who cares, whatever, its just ridiculous. Now, that strong Source energy, he’s the strongest energy there is anywhere,

I can’t talk to him, I can understand certain feelings – he does some things over there aside from me, but because we are one, we really can’t talk. I mean we can feel. You see that’s why they’re freaking out over there – when I finally get out of this body, what’s going to happen. It ain’t gonna be Jay, it’s gonna be what I am inside of Arae anyway. But I’m coming out and whatever is messed up, it’s going . . . immediately. That’s enough of this.

A. Well I’m looking forward to it let me tell ya.

J. It’s gonna be fun, spirit guides won’t be allowed – see it’s not their fault – they were told ‘We tell you to lie to them, you’re gonna lie to them’ They’re like, ‘Okay.’

A. They’re just as much in this maniacal system as we have been. That’s what’s a really good thing about what you’re sharing.

Now what about ascended Masters? The reason I ask that is, Can you define what you think what an ascended master is (J. yes) number 1 and number 2, do you feel that many of us such as your Source family that you refer to – you know the 110,000 whatever souls – (J. yes) do you feel they are already ascended beings who have come here to assist in this transition?

J. Okay, first of all ascension is just when you are a slightly higher vibration than when you are in a body. The body is physical and as soon as you leave it – that higher vibration – that’s ascension. Everyone’s ascended hundred, millions, billions, trillions of times – whatever.

A. It’s such an over-used term, isn’t it?

J. Yeah, It is, but it’s a nice concept of being cleaner. And honestly when you’re in a physical body and you’re working to doing better stuff and cleaning yourself up, man I honour the hell outta that. Okay? Joy! (laughing big) Sorry, I had to get all goofy.

That’s ascension now. Ascended Masters – they call them the ascended masters; I just call them the Elders.

I’ve been a slave on every planet more than anything ever has, and when you have a master, you have a slave. Okay I can tell you about being whooped to death, I mean beaten, going from Africa, being brought over here and finally killed on Virginia beach, there wasn’t much of me left, what its like to be on one of those ships – the lower hold there, how much water, how the water build up, there was nowhere to go to the bathroom. It was horrible, disease and everything.  It’s hard to believe okay? but I had a little attitude about being a prisoner (A. Nooooo! Reeaallly!?…in a fun enchanting way) (J. laughing too) – they kept beating the crap out of me, I was a huge guy, and the guy at the auction thing said, ‘What did you do to the guy? I could have gotten good money outta him.’ Then they pulled me up to the side, hit me with an axe a couple of times, shot me a couple of times, whatever, I was dead.

I usually have tragic endings. (A. laughing in disbelief) That’s the original Mother’s……Don’t let him just die, make him die, yeah kill him, choke him! (A. You’re like the green-eyed giant right?)  When I first met the original female, the first being female, I was meditating; it was 2009, February 23rd actually. I was relaxing, meditating, and all of a sudden, I called her and I said, ‘Hey get over here’ so she starts floating in and she had this big sword and I’m like, okay, this is weird….and I’m looking right into her eyes and I can read negativity better than anything because that’s Arae’s job, is protection, – and I help people learn how to read it – I just put my energy in and it helps them learn how to do it – anyway, I’m looking at her right in the eyes but I’m watching what she’s doing and I said, ‘Ah not good’ and all of a sudden she stabs me with the sword just to the side of my heart. (A. laughs) Then all of a sudden, poof, she’s gone and I said okay, that’s what they call Mother God, okay she stabbed me, that’s not too cool. (A. no) I think there’s going to be some problems here. And her eyes, you know she’s 27 and a half percent negativity. The first thing I said was that’s going to be a problem, you know, that’s a negative being and she’s in control of running lives?

Then I started waking up stronger and stronger to the point that I found out, just woke up to what I really am inside.

They kept telling me this stuff – you know you’re this and you’re that – and they didn’t tell me right away, just little steps. I’d say yes, that’s cool, before I go to sleep and I say tell me this and tell me that late at night, I gotta go to sleep – tell me a nice little bedtime story. Tell me this again. I’d say I believe that like I believe I’m gonna have a ponytail in the morning. All of a sudden stuff starts floating around the house and I say ‘Okay, okay, you’ve got my attention, got my attention.’

A. Oh gawd. Well you didn’t finish what you were saying about ascended masters.

J. Okay. Usually they are essence. (A. Okay) Actually it’s a feeling that leads you somewhere and you use the conscious mind to try to put a label on – not a label, a category so that we can know what we’re talking about. It’s perfectly innocent; it’s intelligence, it’s just trying to find some way to put it together.

Essence was having lives before the souls were ever created.

So are they the old ones? Yes. And that’s why I like to use the word Elders because they are the old ones. (A. hhmmm)

A. Now is there a difference – and you can read my little mind right now – is there a difference between the Elders and the ancient ones?

J. Yes, because when we say ancient ones most people talk about old souls. Okay? So there have been 5 waves of souls released. Most of the 5th waves haven’t even had lives yet. I’ve actually met a few of them on the planet and they’ve had like 19 lives, 23 lives total (A. Wow) total, and most people have had at least a few hundred thousand minimum. A bare minimum. A hundred million or billion or so that’s more than average. The ones in the 1st wave, that’s an old soul.

You know sometimes you’ll meet a little girl or little boy and they’re 10 years old and the energy feeling you get is like they’re 27 and you’re like what? The energy feeling you get is 27. You know people will literally say ‘That’s old soul’ Well actually yes it is. It might be essence, it might be old soul. I have to look at it and see and honestly the stronger I get now – as you know my energy has gone crazy, it’s hard for me to see certain little things. Remember the conscious mind can only do so much and my head has just grown through the roof anyway. I’m doing everything I can but I’m losing the little stuff, I’ve lost a lot of my memories. Gaia told me the last time she went into my head, she said, Father, you’re going to lose some more memory and I said that’s fine, so long as I can walk by the mirror and I don’t attack the mirror then I’m okay. (A. laughs so much followed by Jay laughing.) Maybe I could tattoo a sign on my head saying, ‘It’s okay, this is us.’

A. (Laughing heartily) – Oh My God. You’re such a trip.

And the reason I say that is because – and you and I talked about this already – I do a lot of work with St Germain and what I’m wondering is – and I just love whoever it is I’m working with …..

J. You’re working with the first one; there’s been 3 of them. (Okay) The first one, the original one, the actual original one, he’s a family member.

A. I love him and there is no sense of subservience, no sense of ‘I’m a Master,’ there is no discussion at all, it’s just we gotta get this done.

J. Yes, Its compassion and honour plus when you’re with him there is a soft but strong feeling of protection.

A. Yes, what I was going to ask you is, am I tapping into him or am I tapping into just the lavender violet essence?

J. You’re talking to him but you’re feeling the energy. (A. Okay)

You see he’s strong. Lilly and Arae – when they released this wave – you know when we stay in the body its like having kids but when you get a 5 gallon bucket of water and you get an empty coffee cup and take out a cup of water, the bucket was never pregnant. And you see the thing is Lilly and I have had so many lives, we’re so strong – well Arae is so strong – I wasn’t a part of them then so I really can’t say that but Arae and Lilly were so powerful, being what they were to start with, and then having all those lives back to back to back and just being so strong getting bigger and bigger – the power generated, their energy level is just crazy.

Literally while I’ve been in a body, I’ve killed all this stuff on the other side. I mean just boom, boom, boom – Angels and stuff, its just nuts, it’s been a nightmare. 6 and a half years of fighting 24/7 but you know what? -that’s how strong Arae is, it ain’t Jay, its Arae. So when you take those other beings and you pull them out, it’s still that same powerful energy, it’s just a smaller piece of it (A. hm hm) so when you feel that, that’s powerful. (A. Yeah, it is)

But also, Lilly and I came from love. We came from the strongest focal points of the two big beings of clean Source energy and that happened to be love. So you can feel love. (A. Yes) You feel caring, you feel honour, you feel soft but serious protection.

A. That’s very accurate.

So now, I’m going to change the subject quite a bit here (J. cool, good) and I’m so curious what you have to say. What do you feel about us living on a flat earth? (J. well….) there’s an awful lot of stuff that…

J. Sometimes it’s like this, sometimes it’s a big hole okay, you can’t stand in a big hole, I’ve tried it. (A. laughing)

There is no – of course – flat earth.

A. Flat Earth meaning this [flat plane], but in a sphere. You know what I mean? And then you have the under world – you know you have the flat earth – because there’s a lot of information that supports that.

J. Oh okay, of course, we have the earth that is somewhat spherical. We have the 3rd dimension right here on it now. There are 8 more dimensions in lower levels going right here on this planet. There’s 3 basic dimensions, there’s origin or home – for Source. Then there’s the 2nd dimension that comes off of it that has nothing in it except spirit and energy and very small pieces of heavy particulate matter – that’s what universes are made of, there’s some of that around. Then there’s the 3rd dimension outside of that and that’s what we live in. And those are the 3 main dimensions. Now in different places, there are other dimensions built within them. (A. Okay) So that’s how the dimension thing goes. The first dimension was there, the 2nd and 3rd dimensions were built by the original first being and Arae built the rest of them. He built the rest of them.

A. Well there’s so many ancient maps and stuff that show – okay I’ll give you an example. (J. yeah, that’s a thought process they’re conveying on paper) Okay, what about the guy that’s in the submarine that decides to do all of this underwater voyaging – frankly c’mon let’s face it, how much do we really know what’s going on under the ocean?

J. That’s a whole lot of new territory – that’s also where most of the activity goes on with our family in space and the Anunnaki that are here.

A. Yeah, a lot of underwater bases, but my point is, there’s been evidence for some of these people that have taken submarines to the outer realms, okay? – of the ocean and they’re literally hitting kind of what they call a firmament, it’s bouncing off, and when they look through it they actually see a beach on the other side.

J. Um, I’m trying to see someone seeing that and I’m actually see it happen….(small noise and J says I’ve been waiting to do this and get rid of this piece of Lydia. (A. Okay) [A long gap]

Um (A. That was interesting) yeah, it keeps coming in my head – um I’ve got these three – they’re like energy fields and anything except me goes through there, it just melts it. I can encase something – I clean it wipe it and make it clean energy like water then put it through there but it’s encased. When the fighting is going on on the other side, it was so powerful and stuff I had things coming to me – Archangel Michael, Angel of Light Lucifer – the protector, (A. hm hm) right on this fat head. But there was a guy in the ship that saw that – there weren’t a whole lot of people on the submarine, it was small –

A. They hid this information, they didn’t let it out.

J. Yeah, but the thing is, there’s a lot of things going on in the water where they go on and off planet and stuff like that– people say is it a vortex? – no they are creating fields where they can go inter dimensional, and they happened to be in a bubble they were going into and they could actually see it. (A. waooow) But you see there’s pressure to keep you from going through it. Can they actually go through it? Yes, but they can tell that there is something there.

These whales, why do these pilot whales keep going ashore? They want to get the hell out of the water because of the vibrations going on – the frequencies going on inside the water. When ships come in – the Anunnaki, these jerks, they go inter dimensionally underneath the water, it hurts the water. They are doing so much of it now preparing for the great war coming that the animals are freaking out. (A. aw – sounding so sad) And you have all these birth defects and seals and dolphins and everything – I mean, its crazy, the abuse going on here is nuts. I see it, I feel it, I know it. (A. I’m going to make me start crying!) I know, that’s one reason I’m really anxious to get the hell out of this body. I know what I am; I know what my job is. The other day I just reached out and started feeling everything that is everywhere. I mean, I just broke out crying. I couldn’t hold it. I am hard energy, I’m very strong, I’ll stand up against any thousand men, I don’t give a damn. I am what I am and I’m here for a reason.

A. Especially the animals, they are such a gift to us. (J. Yeah) What can we do Jay to help them?

J. All you can do in a physical body – stick up for them. It’s like in my pastlife, Gandhi, what did I say? You can tell the value of a nation by how they treat their animals. You can tell the worth of a being by the way that they treat animals.

If animals are not your thing, that’s cool but don’t go hitting them, don’t hurt them. They’ve always been abused and animals you’ll see after I leave here in a few months that literally, the animals will start disappearing big time. You’ll see. I don’t mean here and there. The abused ones are going to be taken off. These new lives that are coming, these new universes are already out there. There’s over a thousand – over 1.46 thousand universes right now – it all depends on how you look at it. The new bodies, the planets are solid, the plants are solid – you can have solid structure however the bodies are all like fae bodies.

Okay, now when you have fae bodies, and you take away the physical – you know, maintain the hard physical body, nothing needs hard physical matter to live – to maintain its physical form. (A. right) So when you do that you remove 72-78% of all the negativity in that whole universe. That’s where everything is going. And the neat thing is, even something of my size – I can live easily for a month on the energy of one apple and a thimble of honey. When there’s bees and stuff floating around making honey and there’s plants and everything, not only will I not take away from the planet, I can use my energy to take care of her just like the Fae.

Wow, a totally new awakening. You know? That’s where things are gonna change. That’s one of em.

A. That is so cool. Is it true that if all of there other universes are being set up and getting ready, is it true that there are particular beings that are walking this planet that will be kind of overseeing these planets or setting them up for civilization or how does that work?

J. All that is controlled and will be done on the other side. (A. Okay) But there’s going to be other people in the body that will be involved in doing it too as far as everyone working together as a community

A. It’s a council, isn’t it? Multiple councils, like we were talking about, right?

J. Yes, this is where I’m going too on the other side – in the 2nd dimension. The way things are gonna go – Instead of having the original male and female that are abusive and hurting everything, making them bigger and stronger – when you have a life, the tif (?) of the life is once you get out of a body, your energy grows bigger and the original Mother and Father they were trying to grow everything as big as they could as quickly as they could so by 2012, they were going to take the actual souls – when the souls come out, it’s a malleable orb and then it vibrates and splits and the male and the female, they were going to put the original actual soul mates back together – not into one but like 2 hands coming as one and go to a new universe and instead of releasing a billion souls it released a trillion souls. So there would be a trillion souls and we’d all be running round saying Praise Mother Father God, Praise Mother Father God. No

They told me I was going to do the Sylvia Brown thing. Well I killed the original Mother and Father; it wasn’t much longer after that Sylvia passed. (A. Wow) She was 77 years old when she went. 77 means spiritual knowledge, spiritual strength so 77 is like the devil elders number of spiritual knowledge.

A. She definitely contributed her piece in this awakening movement for sure, (J. yeah) whether you agree with her stuff or not.

J. Yeah, she was a baby; she was from the 4th wave of souls, she was 4.37%, on the 4th wave of souls, 37% of the way through. Remember over there there’s no planets moving around, there’s no way to judge time other than some kind of event. Time exists everywhere, people say there is no time, yeah there is. It’s how you look at it, it’s how you relate to it, it’s the relativity of the events happening and the amount of time between when it happens.

A. Thank you for that, that’s a confirmation of what I’ve received.

J. Yeah, there’s 5 waves released. So how do you relate to when something happened? 2nd wave -1.8 and when I look at people’s souls, I say okay you’re for the 2nd wave, 2.18 – 18% through the wave is when you came out and started having lives, 2.38 is when you actually started getting really busy doing stuff, and maybe at 4.27 you became spiritual traveller – whatever blah blah blah – just seeing this stuff, it’s the weirdest thing in the world.

Especially all these lives I’ve had as Arae, having other people with me – my energy – I just put my energy in everything. So I meet people with their soul – 17% negative really cool, and this woman just got all of my energy and I’m looking at it like, okay, this is weird, Charlie get me the energy calculator, I can’t figure this out. By the way folks Charlie is my little joke over here in the corner, he doesn’t exist – It’s my attempt of humour.

A. So you just brought up a really good point in that time exists in all the different realities. (J. Yes) So what about the same applying to personalities, egos and negative and positive? What about them?

J. You mean just talk about ‘em….

A. Well how do they apply in the other realities? Their existence.

J. Frequencies – they all exist. Frequencies are frequencies and that’s what happens. There’s new Source energy which I just killed and put in my head, part of Lydia and part of Aramaeleous has a little bit of Arae in them. They’re incredibly clean Source energy but the only thing that ever ruined lives from the very beginning was the original male and female and it was abusive so everyone just knows that and then I got rid of them then got rid of the other two large – well the two sets of Mother Father that were clean energy too, they just were doing the abuse thing. We’re God now, we’re Gods. Even thought they’re clean and high vibration, it doesn’t matter, they were going with the wrong thought process. And that had to stop.

The Angels, the original Angels, most of all of them were very high vibration; they attacked the crap out of me. They still do because everybody that’s in a body, have Angels, 1-5 angels with them, okay. And when people dying all the time guess what that does? – releases a bunch of Angels. And then this other piece of Lydia, part of the first – one of the clean parts of female Source literally will get some of it together, put it together, and then attack me with it. I wake up in the morning and it takes me a little bit to get rid of them so I have to keep getting hold of them, cleaning them.

Plus the animal essence – I put some of this new energy that I have into them. And then there’s new animals out. I’ve got to go back and get them. I was talking to Michelle about this today. May of 2013 when I finally finished getting rid of the original first being halves – you know first male and female – there’s about a third of their energy left from the initial fight from July 10th 2012 but in May when that happened, I had to put everything I had into it, I don’t know what happened, my whole energy, everything inside me kind of twisted and my energy just changed into something else. And it just destroyed them. It’s also very transmutative.

My friend Miguel, he was King Arthur, he was sitting beside in a seat about 10 feet away from me and I almost knocked him over the side of the chair, over the arm and everything. (laughs) But it’s just a different energy and I’m giving it to the animals, like when I’ve had animals with me. And then when I get home, like Susie when she was here, she said, ‘Daddy, Daddy’ and this was about a week after she was gone and I found her real quick and said honey what’s the matter and I saw her moving like this (demonstrates on camera) and I said, Oh crap, and I went to grab her and she said no, no I’m okay. So I’m looking and watching her and she looks at me and she smiles and she goes voom, (moving quickly) gone, going so fast I couldn’t follow her. And then whoosh, she’s right back and I’m like Woh and she said this is cool.

My original black panther, I did it with him too. He keeps making different bodies, just in and out all the time. It’s like a dragon and a black panther all in one. It’s like black and silver. (A. Oh) But anyway, it’s nuts.

A. So what you’re saying then is that the negative-positive exists everywhere?

J. Yeah, frequencies are what they are.

A. Okay and the personalities – how about that? The personalities still exist?

J. Well, personality – what we are is energy, the frequencies, our experiences and everything and we hold onto that.

However, when we’re not longer attached to a body, we’re free from it – it’s like having your fingers in an electric socket, you’re buzzing real hard and when you pull your fingers out you’re no longer attached to that impulse so you’re calmer. That’s not the best analogy but when we’re in a body we have this constant barrage of input, sensory, emotions, it’s just intensive. (A. yes) And then all of a sudden we’re out of the body, we are what we are, we have memories of everything we’ve gone through. It’s helped us to develop ourselves as spirit being sentient energy, it is something – 99.9% of the time – much better and we’re stronger, that’s how we evolve spirit and that’s the reason that we have lives. But we’re not attached to that constant harassment. We still have feelings but we’re not emotional and stuff like we would normally be.

Now once we get out of a body – the way we measure time here – there’s at least minimum of a 100 year cool-off period that we need to be out of body because we need to release what I call our karmic congestion, you know – our emotions, the pent up emotions – maybe a mother lost her son, or someone lost an arm, or they were crippled, whatever. It takes a while for these emotions to kind of float away from us.

A. Okay, lets say that you have a Zeta Reticuli. (J. you mean about a being) Yeah, and lets say they finally pass out of their physical incarnation whatever that happens to be.

J. Are you talking about your life when you one of those? (Alexandra laughs with fun) You were!

A: No I’m not!

J. No, you had a life as one. They’re kind of weird looking. If you take a Grey and made it a little bigger but you had a more normal looking head and they’re kind of yellowish/gold looking in colour, kinda weird – a dark deep yellowish – yellow tan kind of thing (A. and they have really big eyes right) Yeah, they call themselves something else but as soon as you start thinking it – I had to go into your head, look at the way you’re thinking and trace it back to who’s coming up with that stuff, ‘that’s what she’s talking about’ – yeah they’re pretty serious guys.

A. Well that’s my whole point so let’s say they’re not as of an emotional body like humans are, so does the same thing apply to them after they pass?

J. Yes, it just doesn’t take as long. Their heart isn’t as big so there’s not as much processing of emotions and stuff. Remember the heart processes thought and emotion and everything. (A. Right) Greys – they have love, compassion and honour, a lot of them do but you look at them, they don’t have a lot of physical heart, it’s not very big and strong so for them it’s easier to get through it quicker.

A. Interesting. Okay, so tell me this. Why is there such a fixation – according to you – on the human race, why are so many getting abducted whether it’s benevolent or malevolent – what is it that they are so perplexed and obsessed about in response to analyzing the emotions of the humans?

J. Three letters – DNA. The Earth a young planet. We’ve always had beings here from the very beginning.  Before there was an actual format of beings growing here on the planet, we had all kinds of visitors coming in and actually starting their own colonies. So guys’ bodies that were produced from this planet have had so many other different alien forms of DNA and stuff brought in and so much messing around that these bodies literally are incredibly adapt at bonding their DNA, bonding with other species. So that brings in everybody over here ‘We’re going to build one of these’ it’s like a catalyst for DNA bonding but also there’s good parts of it, that’s why a lot of us are abducted. Now that started in the very beginning in Lemuria about 11 million years ago. (A. Wow) By the way Hawaii was – still is the Capital of Lemuria – Mu. (A. Thank you for meeting that question!) and New Zealand is the southern most tip, its actually south west – now these islands, different planets would go to this one island and start putting in their own beings with DNA, trying to get beings that could live with that manipulation on that particular island. You have all those islands with all these different beings – I think they did some writings about that somewhere – well yeah they came from different planets but bonding with different DNA here.

Another thing about Lemuria that’s hidden – the scanner, the scanners on these people, their forehead was huge. Why? Because they all spoke crazy different languages, they had to communicate, they did have some form of different communication things but they would want to reach out to each other to talk – they were all colonists, explorers, very few of them were butt heads; you know they were cool people. And there was this peaceful, let’s work together and see if we can live and I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s cool, I want to learn about it. You know, lets trade this kind of stuff. That’s why Lemuria was so peaceful and Atlantis was, that is my gig, Red Adam, I brought that gggggrrrrrrr going around killing each other and everything. ‘We’re gonna take over the world,’ ooops sorry about that guys. I am the original redneck.

A. So is it true that the Lemurians were typically like 14 years old – what did they say – developed mentally – you know not spiritually, they were very advanced spiritually, but supposedly on a psychology basis?

J. uhmmmm – (A. That’s what they say about the Lemurians) Yeah, that is completely incorrect. (A. ah ha) The thing is when you have all these different species, making bodies to work on a planet, when they communicate with each other its going to be basic, they might seem like they’re young kids or something. That’s the only way I can flow into that concept whatsoever.

That’s why their scanners got so big (A. That is so cool) because they literally started communicating with each other.

A. That is so cool. So do you agree that the ring of fire which I’m sure you’re familiar with, does that have something to do with bringing the continent of Lemuria back up.

J. Right now the ring of fire – as soon as you say that I’m seeing something that’s in the Pacific Ocean that I’ve actually been very busy with. It’s actually where Lemuria is going to be raised up but it’s not a ring though. (A. Right)

For years I was going into Atlantis, I was changing the currents and the US governments over there with their submarines trying to get a hold of some artefacts. They got hold of one that had to be removed. That’s actually dangerous. They talk about the different things that happen there, yeah, there are some serious crystals and stuff down there plus other folks go in and out there. They go interdimensional – in shifts that go in and out. There is some beaming going on in the Eastern coast too – where they beam out, they go to the moon and some other stuff.

A. Is it true Jay that a lot of us that are doing spiritual missions like planetary missions, is it true that a lot of us are actually either removing or replacing or hiding – I don’t know what the words is – but moving some of these crystals and artefacts out of the way to some other dimensional level so it can’t get into the wrong hands?

J. No but more and more of us are connecting with the energy and feelings of it. There are some important crystals here on this planet that are protected – the 12 – the 12 crystal skulls are one of them – the 13th they’ll never find it until it’s made.

There’s a form of chaos right here now. Earth 2012 has been a legend for over a billion years okay? (A. Woooowww) We have our armadas of ships out in space – for a little more than 1.1 million years this planet has been protected by satellites. If you don’t have the code, you don’t have air, boom, you’re dead. Yes, its wild. The……I’m being messed with again; I’ve got Lydia right here in my head. It’s hard enough to keep conscious thought going – here’s an Angel right here. They’re so stupid. (A. I could see your face, your head moving towards it) Yeah, I just thrown the hash, told them to move away…….and I just clean em, it’s clean energy like water and I just put them through one of those little openings. Where was I? People say I’m full of it. They’ve no idea how right they are. (A. laughing)

A. I totally forgot what I said!!!! – Boy they must really not want us to talk about that.

J. Yes, you see these little pieces of Source energy over there, they’re so stupid. They’ve never had a life either. All they know is the old way of the abusive first being. It’s just beat him up and he’s going to go ahead and fold. This is the year, this is the life……I say year sometimes, I really mean life. …when I’m done.

A. Okay I remember Jay! (J. okay good) Okay. You said there are satellites out in space that have been there a billion years to protect earth (J. Little over a million years) million years okay.

J. Yeah and you see that keeps the other folks out of here. So you know if they’re gonna come in they’ve go to go through that.

This is a little off beat. I’m supposed to do a video, I’m a little late doing it. Literally I attacked a ship that attacked one of my family members. The number 4 ranking officer in his federation, his fleet is a family member and I was doing – lets see, somewhere I’ve got it on paper. I can’t remember stuff so I have to write it down some major events over there – it was January 24th of his year. 3:30 pm. I just finished doing a council, cranking a guy up and as usual I was late on time, I like to talk, and the thing was to do a service. All of a sudden I just got a flash and I said I gotta go and I shut the computer and I looked, I had to take a step back in time. It was this huge ship, it just came out of nowhere, it was very deep blue and black and it immediately attacked this other huge ship – my family members are on this ship – it’s a federation ship (A. Right) and the beings on this other ship – they had Drac DNA on them which is the original first race, Lilly and I or Lilly and Arae or whatever, were the original Adam and Eve of all creation of first lives and that was on Gaerra, the energy that is in essenite and star essenite. So anyway, they were young kids, 250 to 387 years old. For these reptilians that’s like 27 or something for us, maybe younger.

So there was the Drac, and I had this other reptilian that was very smart, very intelligent but they were trying to make a point. So they came out of nowhere and attacked us so I saw that – I stepped back in time, I got there right after they shot the ship.

I got real pissed but Arae inside me, he’s a freak. I made an energy sphere (demonstrates ‘like this’) I was getting on the ship and thought what am I gonna do? And all of a sudden out of nowhere the energy just leaves me and just compressed that ship into a little tiny bit of particulate matter. People, everything, just compressed it and then there was this yellow gold energy field, it was like little sparkles everywhere around the ship. And then another ship came in and I asked Michelle to look at it so she could see it before I said anything to her. And she said, ‘Jay, I’m seeing this ship. ‘Who came in to help rescue the ship? And she said I’m seeing one big ship come in and some small ones but that big ship I swear I’ve seen it on Star Trek. It was like the next generation, it looked exactly like that. I looked at this thing again and they were beaming in and out and my family member is fine. He said, don’t talk about it too much, he kind of feels bad about it. Because they were caught off guard but there was nothing he could have done.

So after that happened – then the next day, Sunday January 25th 2:30 pm, Herky started getting all excited – my dog – and I already saw stuff coming in, there was a bunch of beings that were coming in metaphysically, you know, astral projecting or whatever, and I just put some calm around Herky and then I fired up a little bit. Then there’s 7 clans, the 7 main Anunnuki clans are represented and then to the left hand side there’s 6 groups in a line off to the side, they are like worker groups, they’re prisoners, they’re workers, they’re stuck here. And the 7 clans, the 7 different royal houses, but its really just the 5 major ones – the other two aren’t heavy hitters anymore but still it’s the 7 clans. And about 4 days before that I started looking at – something started happening to me. I was actually seeing – first two then three then four different events happening fluidly, not jumping all around, just fluidly at the same time. I was actually communicating with 4 at the same time. And I was thinking this is weird. And the next thing that I know, this happened –

I had 7 clans talking at me – one guy was real big, real strong and he said, ‘I’ll kill you.’ I get a little pissed when that happens.

One of the guys said he was from Arizona and he said we are going to formally offer you a 7th of the planet. Boy that pissed me off.

Then all of a sudden that’s when that big guy, the biggest one there said, (growling) ‘I’m gonna kill you’ and Herky just freaked out and jumped. Sorry, protection mode. I went nuts. My energy went crazy with it. Next thing you know, heads were popping. About 50 of them from Arizona had blood coming out of the ears a little bit, about 14 died instantly and the other clans that were there I was told 21 died immediately. Two more died later. That thing on Saturn – that’s when I went crazy a long time ago. (A. Right) So when that happened then everybody just kind of started faded away. I’m like whatever.

When I first started waking up in like 2009, I just became a lot stronger meditating and all of a sudden a whole group of beings came to me saying ‘We see you, when are you going to free us.’ And I didn’t know the hell was going on. It was the Anunnaki. They were saying, ‘We see you. We know who you are. Please help us.’ And I started tearing up. (A. Awww) I said, ‘Man I love you, I’m trying so hard. If you will show me the button to press to make me wake up. I’ll press that thing. I’ll take it with a hammer, man. I’ll never turn it off. I’m doing everything that I can. I’m fighting like a son-in-a-bitch.’ So going back to it, everything faded away. Let’s see, that was 2:30 pm. The whole thing didn’t even take 5 minutes.

Then Sunday the same day at 3.30 pm I talking with Michelle. I was sitting back and all of a sudden coming and astrally projecting into the room about 8 feet away was the Anunnaki ambassador’s aide. I said Michelle I gotta go sweetie, somebody is here. So I looked at him, he was looking at me, and in his head he’s saying, I wonder if he sees me. So I fired up and said, ‘Man, how’s it going?’ He said, ‘Okay, good,’ then he walks around the corner – as energy – and he walks around the corner and goes into the kitchen and then he starts to come back out. And I’m laughing and I say, ‘Dude what do you want, a sandwich? you’re not even in a body! (A. laughing)

Whatever, I love everybody anyway, it’s when people get aggressive and hurt others, that’s when the asshole in me comes out, that’s who I am and I love it. So he comes back out and I was a little confused as to what was happening and then he turns his head to the side and then here comes the ambassador. Now the aide, his actual size is about 9 feet tall, he’s slender but very strong – his energy also. I morphed this guy when he was here man, he’s incredible now. I didn’t touch the ambassador other than just feeling his energy. He was shorter, heavier-set, plumper I guess.

Soon as he came in, you could feel his heart. All his compassion – he was so worried. He just stood there in front of me and I was waiting to hear something. I said, ‘Hello it’s nice to see you again. And then he’s just feeling this heart energy and I said ‘How can I help you?’ I said, ‘What’s the matter? but I already knew but was just trying to be nice. And he said it’s the people; he’s worried about retribution because of what I just did. You see what people don’t know there are over 38,500 Annunaki on this planet, over 23,000 of them are in prison. (A. Wow) They are wonderful beautiful people. (A. exasperated and compassionately says Woooooow) Yeah they’re in prison, they’re forced labour to make stuff and do stuff. So they are the ones who came to me before en masse saying, We see you, we know who you are, and I’m still trying to figure out who the hell I was and how to wake up.

A. so what did you say to him when he said he’s worried about retribution?

J. I told him, Look I’m doing everything I can, its not going to happen the way you think, I’m fighting on the other side, the 2nd dimension. I said, you were not aware of this stuff. I gave him the heart download of the basis of what was doing. And when he saw that he was like, ‘Damn’ It’s like damn and sadness all in one.

A. He now knew how many were in the prison is what you’re saying?

J. Well yes he saw what was going on in the 2nd dimension. All these other beings everywhere, they don’t know the truth of the other side. This is being recorded. Somewhere around Jupiter there’s a big space station where lots of people live. A lot of them are Anunnaki. They came here a few days ago and I actually pop one of the kids on the head and sent them home because when I’m fighting and stuff I don’t need them around, I won’t hurt them, I’ll make sure they don’t get hurt but they have to get the hell out.  I put that video out on Youtube, stay away from me, don’t astral project near me when I’m fighting. It’s not a good thing to do. I’ll do everything I can to protect everything. That’s why I exist. At the same time, you don’t walk into a battlefield, it’s crazy. (A. yeah)

So anyway I talked to the Ambassador and I didn’t know what to tell him. Look, I said, I know you don’t understand. I still am not myself, okay, but let me tell you something – I know that what I am will take care of this properly and almost no one is going to die. And I give you that. I swear, that is what is going to happen. Please try to hang in there, things are going to change in a big way.

I’ll be out of this body soon, I said, and don’t worry, that’s when the big stuff happens. When I’m free of this damn body, I’m me, that’s when things just take off.

So the two of them just kind of left.

The Ambassador left first then his Aide left, I talked to the Aide real quick and cranked him up and he’s got all kinds of silver energy going through him now so he’s kind of happy.

So when they went back to the ship, I was still watching them and all of a sudden here comes this Serpolian Ambassador – this is out in space and this ship pulls up next to him and this Ambassador is a friend of my family member – the guy who got hurt? And he was talking with him, they talked a little bit. They get in the chairs and communicate, in the trip chairs. And this Serpolian was telling him, he goes, Look I have it on pretty good authority that Jay, he’s going to take care of this. Okay? We’re fine, this is a horrible thing, it’s a bad situation but what’s in that body, is ridiculous. It will come down right, but it’s up in the air. Just try to let it happen. Try to remain calm. Then they all left.

When the Anunnaki Ambassador comes over, that’s the second time that I’ve seen him, when they come over, their ship is so strong that literally the first time he came over here, – a year or two, I’ve no idea, I’d need to go back and look – the whole house literally was shaking. The windows, yeah, but I’m talking about the walls. The whole house was shaking. This thing – it was floating between 150 – 250 feet above the roof, above my house. And Herky came running upstairs. Now Herky is pit bull and Corgi and he’s so cool, he’s really strong though you know? And he jumped at me as if, ‘I don’t know what’s going on Dad, but I’ve got this’ and he’s a little bit nervous. I said, Come here buddy.  But I stayed with them for a while. I’d gotten into a fight and my physical brain was a little damaged and they were literally reading it with sensors and stuff to make sure it was okay. (A. Wow) and then eventually he went somewhere towards Seattle. In San Francisco they have an incredible Annunaki resistance. They are Annunaki and they are here to help us. I talk with them all the time.

A. You know it’s funny, that’s confirmation of something I’ve been told also – so it’s nice to do that.

J. Yeah, confirmations are really important. Get a load of this – talking about the resistance force, the next morning I’m walking downstairs, I’m waking up in the morning, I’m trying to kill of the stuff hanging on to me, I’m trying to get my coffee, Fertie, Herky, and the animals, and all of a sudden he comes to me and I saw they were Anunnaki, and he said, ‘Why did you let them leave?’ And I’m like, okay, let’s see, they’re Anunnaki. Is he in the body, out of the body, what’s going on? It’s all cloudy. I haven’t cleaned myself yet. And by the time I got downstairs and stood there for a second I realized that he’s in San Francisco, he’s the resistance. And he was saying, why don’t I not just kill all of them? And I said, Look, please try to trust me, I said, okay, what’s in me, what I am inside I know what I’m doing, I can’t tell you everything. I don’t have access to that and honestly it’s best if I don’t. So just try not to worry about it, its gonna happen so that was the end of that.

A. Let me interject, you brought up the ships and things like that. Do you agree that there are all of these planetary systems who have literally send in beings into Earth at this time? Do you believe we are all basically representing certain planets to assist in this process?

J. You mean we as people? (A. Yes) Let’s put it this way – All of us because of what I was talking about – DNA – is so incredibly efficient at splicing other DNA because that’s the way we were raised – we’re all like mutts, Heinz, 57 varieties. So because of that, there’s a lot of them over the years have their own bodies, they live on ships then they come and live with us.

I’ve got four friends, one of them is my Serpolian family member, I haven’t met him physically but I will before I die, but the other three I know physically. So I talk with one of them telepathically from time to time. Mostly everyone stays away from me because my energy output is stupid, you know it’s silly. (A. very powerful, very powerful) Yeah, so in a way we are ambassadors of a lot of countries. Now on the ships, out in space, they have people who spend almost half the time there that are down here. They’ve been living and dying with us for 10 million years, 11 million years.

A. Thank you for that, thank you for that, we are totally working together.

J. Well we’re family, we have to come together. War has to stop on this planet. I was supposed to do some ridiculously amazing things but do you know what? I can go into the brain and evolve the brain, the body; I do some incredible stuff but I can’t even levitate a pencil. Okay? There is a lot of stuff that was supposed to happen and I was supposed to be doing to get start it, then these other people that are here that are really powerful, they have Source energy in them – and others – it’s not just Source, Source is no better than anything else, its just a lot more powerful that’s all.

So there are a lot of us who are supposed to be showing people, teaching them, ‘Hey look, this stuff is real, metaphysical is real, but people have to see it physically to know. But because of all the fighting that is going on – as soon as I get out of this body, you know 5 minutes after this body is dead, I finish killing everything that needs to go on the other side and then we start the new format and start moving forward and we do it as family with compassion and honour.

Now that’s when more stuff is going to start going on. Our friends in space will be coming down here and they will be visiting, okay?

There’s Anunnaki that are here on the planet that will be staying. And once people get used to the fact that we have family in space, it won’t be too much longer after that and they’ll be getting introduced to the Fae beings that are right here on the planet – they’ll be making physical bodies, they’re already doing it. (A. Very cool)

Yes, as family, we’re going to start coming together but it has to be finished first in the 2nd dimension in the beginning where it starts with the Source wars being done.

A. Now when you say Source wars, there are people that I’ve spoken to in private who refer to this up and coming really bad war that’s going to go down within 10 years. Is maybe that timing just off of it? Is that already under going?

J. That’s not going to be allowed to happen. (A. That’s what I felt too) Yeah, there’s going to be some issues. They’ve already tried to do it a bunch of times, they keep getting stopped. What they are talking about was what was supposed to happen, (A. To happen, okay) – but with the event of the original first male/female being killed, destroyed and completely removed – that ended that. (A. Excellent) Because even the other Source energy that was on the other side – of course, almost all of that’s now dead anyway – but even the stuff that was over there, they were about a whole lot less abusive than the original first Source being was because they were clean energy, they still wanted to have stuff like that going but then again that’s energy, that’s spirit, sentient energy, that had never had a life. And you have to have lives in order to understand it. (A. Yeah)

If you have two brothers – one is a mechanic, one is a baker, and then the baker has his own bakery and he dies and then the brother tries to run the bakery, it’s not going to do too well right away unless he gets some really good help. So it’s going to take time. What’s in me? – Arae – is going to be running lives, we’re going to put up a new format, get it straight and this is the coolest thing – this is where we’re going as a family which is creation. When Angels – every form of energy, every field of energy whether it is the different fields of essence, human soul, the new angels, the old angels, Source spirit, everything is going to have their own representation and two beings – male and female – with Angels, they are both  male and female, they always stay like that. So with the new Angels it will be two of both, the old Angels, two of both and then they all have like a voting power – its not a government (A. Right) – its councils working together and then the two that are there, there will be a group of 100 underneath that and a group of 1000 underneath that, and then that’s enough. That’s basic numbers but that puts the thought process in the head for the correct information that we need to deal with.

You all going to be running yourselves and then Lilly and I – and it will be me – will be going to be floating around, she is the perfect loving mother, she’ll be taking care of stuff, helping smooth stuff out,  I’ll be protecting, fixing things when they’re broken. When everyone gets to an end pass or creation stuff starts heading the wrong way, she or I or both of us will just come in and say this is going like this and this is why.

There’s no more, (in a lower gruff voice) ‘It’s about us, praise us.’ No, it’s about family. It’s like I said in my last life as Gandhi – stand up, your religion is fine, just put your books down for a minute, stand up shoulder to shoulder, look each other in the eye and the first thing you’re going to realize is you’re standing heart to heart. Be you, let yourself out, be the change you want to be in the world by letting your heart go, let if flow and then – because the heart is always talking anyway, but when you realize what is going on, your energy, your heart will just kick up so hard, so strong. Do not pick up a stick or a stone or a gun or something stupid.

You know, just stand up and say no. What’s here is going to be brought down.

Animal abusers, I’m going to destroy them. I mean viciously. There is something inside of me that is not nice. When it comes to protecting – my ex girlfriend Debbie used to say, ‘Jay you are 98% teddy bear and 2% Godzilla.’ Nobody’s happy when he comes out. (both laugh – A. Godzilla, oh I love it) I don’t care about me, it ain’t about me, it never has been.

A. You know what, when you’re a protector – I can relate to that, you’re orientated to be very protective of those around you, it’s just that thing within you that –

J. Yes, it’s normal. I tell you what, and some people worry about ‘Oh I’m 17% negative, that’s horrible – horrible’ but after these frequencies its perfect. It’s light and it’s strong. It goes by sevens: 7, 17, 27, 37 all the way up to 97. When you have a Mother that’s only 7% negativity when her child is in danger and she wants to protect, she’ll throw out in an energy field around her that’s like clear black looking and she’ll crank up 87% negativity in order to handle the situation and when it’s handled, she will slowly release it back to normal energy. She just uses that little bit to feed on for protection to take care of things.

A. I wanna say, I’ve talked to some people in the past about the guardians and one of their very incredible abilities is to be able to transmute the particles of their body and their frequency whenever they feel they have to protect and serve. And their mere presence when walking into a room they are already dissipating that negativity, they’re catalyzing and transmuting that change –

J. There are so many people that are so strong and you look at them, I see them with a clear heart, and they put out this strong yellow energy then this beautiful light green energy, it’s like a lime green energy. And when you get about 3 of these people in a room, like in a restaurant, almost everyone in that restaurant that’s not mean and nasty is going to have a real good night. They go home without even knowing why, its like, ‘We gotta go to that place again.’ They’re not even aware. You see that’s the big thing, its getting people to understand what’s real. Everyone’s doing the best they can with what we can figure out and pick off. Everyone in the research on the internet, there’s so much junk on there. I realize I’m all over too like with my website and stuff. There’s good information there, but there’s some serious disinformation. Most of it is disinformation, okay? – 97% of it. But the thing is because I’m actually there looking at it, I can tell you what’s there.

And then, it’s like this book, the book I’m putting out – when you read it and it explains how things started, what’s going on, then your thoughts and questions will start falling into place. Then when I go to people and crank them up – we’re going to do that with you in a minute, (A. Really?) go to people and crank them up then they get stronger then it helps them to see better on the other side and they see what’s going on and they’ll say I’ll be damned – that goofy old fart in overalls is right! (both laugh)

You’ll be sitting watching TV getting something to eat and you’ll go like this, to push your hand away, get away from my popcorn, and you’ll turn around and no one’s there. It’s a little ground elf(?). But they can feel the energy of the ground elf(?) trying to put his hand in the energy of the popcorn. Or when they go running across the house like this – sometimes a couple’d say, ‘Did you see?’ I’d say, ‘Yeah, I saw it little guy.’ Dammit, rewind.

A. Hey Jay, just so you know, we have about five minutes. Really quickly – There’s been one theory that everybody is talking about that supposedly 13 beings started this maniacally matrix in which we live in, any truth to that?

No, okay. I know you haven’t ever agreed with that but just thought I’d ask.

J. Actually, that was some very, very arrogant human essence that called themselves the council of 12, the council of 13. And all of this other stuff. The whole idea of it was a council of 12 and the original first being was considered was the 13th. The female. Everything that people call Father God was actually the female, the first being, she ran lives. And they were kind of nasty about stuff.

A. And another quickie – you talk about ‘the Federation.’ Are you talking about ‘the Federation of Light,’ is that the primary……..

J. No, no, the Federation is actually a group of planets with sentient beings on it that that have gotten to the point of working together – it’s mostly the ancients ones as far as the physical realm is concerned, the 3rd dimension. (A. got it) So it’s universal, it’s not galactic – they do have quadrants and stuff like that but it’s basically universal.

A. Okay cool. And then lastly – so all those different factions like the IAFW, the Command, the Federation of Light – these are all supposedly, flotillas of ships that work together to support the spreading of light, do you agree with that?

J. These names came out of nowhere. People came up with the names. They’re not going to give you names. I know, I talk with them, I talk with them in person, they’re not going there. They have laws against anyone from the Federation getting involved or talking to anyone. They know what I am, so it’s different, but other than that. They come at me like, ‘You’re supposed to be doing all this crazy stuff.’ and I’m like, ‘Hey man, you’ve no idea what I’m doing.’

A. Well thank you for that because that’s another confirmation, because the beings I talk to, they are very tight-lipped about what they call themselves.

J. Yeah, they’ll give you a little bit. They want you to know they are there, (A. Right) but it’s very soft and very like – you know – there are laws against that. And you know what? It’s not like being shot or cut or something (A. laughs) but I guess you get a big spatula on the ass, I don’t know. (laughs)

A. They are always saying you’re on a need-to-know basis. (J. yeah yeah) It’s like whatever I need to know to get the mission done or get the project done.

J. They’re waiting, they’re waiting. You wait til 2020 a ship will fly by and you’re like, hmm, I wonder if it’s these guys or those guys. It’ll start getting better. (A. Exactly)

A. I can’t wait. I keep seeing a lot of ships.

J. It’s time, it’s time. There are a lot of them coming en masse. They are waiting for things to happen. (They’re really pretty) When that attack happened January 24th – when that attack happened on the ship, that did a whole lot of stuff. That started some stuff that this Federation were pissed about, but that was also Arae showing himself. A huge star ship does not get compressed into a tiny piece of heavy matter that’s a hundredth of the size of a marble without Source energy. Besides remember, they have instruments, they can read it. And whoever put that huge sphere over the ship that was wounded, it was blown open! (A. Wow) And the energy sphere goes over there and ships are going in and out and they’re pulling people out and everyone’s breathing and its like, Okay this is some weird stuff.

A. That’s fantastic. Well everybody I just want to thank you again for staying tuned to Part 2 of the Jay Essex series. He and I have talked about a couple of different things that we are thinking about launching just because he has so much knowledge and I really feel that for some of you out there, you’re going to resonate with it – it does with me anyway. (J. And cranking up people’s stones?) Yeah! And he’s really good at cranking up people’s crystals and stones. He’s got just an amazing ability. I had a session with him last summer which was very mind blowing I might add. But the whole reason I called him in the first place was for a lot of other different reasons.

So don’t ever underestimate your hunch. Don’t ever question your hunch. When you want to go do something, go do it and be really clear on what is trying to distract you from getting it done. That’s the most important thing.

But anyway, please check out Jay’s website. It’s jayessex.com or he also has another one called spiritualsymposiums.com which has all that cool stuff with stones. He creates these spheres – gotta check it out and we promise to have another – there’s just so much to cover, we could go on and on and on.

So if you have any questions that you would like me to field with Jay, please send me an email and you can send that to admin@galacticconnection.com

So thanks again you guys, we love you with all our hearts, souls, minds and spirits including his dog. (laughs) (J. Yeah, sorry he’s shaking)

And stay tuned for next week, we have Barbara Lamb coming up.

So take care and have a great rest of your day. Talk to you soon.

Lots of love. Bye Jay

J. Yeah, see ya.

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