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Alexandramicrophone (1) Good afternoon every one. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galacticconnection.com and today is January 21st, 2014. Thank you so much for visiting my BBS Radio Show and today I am going to bring Jerry Yusko back in to kind of take on from where we left off regarding the gap so to speak between the spiritual higher pristine energies and the lower density body energies and how to align those two.  And if you would like to read more about Jerry’s Bio please just go ahead and visit the website because we do have a lot to go through and we want to take advantage of every moment we have. So thank you Jerry for coming back on the Radio Program. I appreciate it.
Jerry Thank you for inviting me on your show.
Alexandra Well you’re welcome. Now as we left off last time we were really getting into some super juicy stuff. And before we jump into the Christ Bloodline and the implications of that I just kind of want to tie up a few loose ends on how does one align those very high pristine higher energies and the lower density energies of the body. How are you going about doing that? What kind of advice can you give to people about that?
Jerry Well for one thing I teach a course whereby you learn to come back into the Temple as they used to say: ‘it’s not the body that’s truly the Temple, it’s the body that becomes the Temple and as I said last week it’s like filtering out all the negative, all the things that do not serve the higher purpose of being a high spiritual being. So the more negativeness you get out of your life the more clarity that comes in. The more you’re able to connect with Source. You start changing the density of your physical body to be able to create and manifest more energy. With me when I help people bring in what they need from their spirit I work with my hands a lot so I can move energy through the fibers of your cells, the muscle that bring in energy to have them start realigning or acclimating to the gift that their spirits that they needed and like I said this started through the base root chakra all the way up to the crown and it goes around the spinal chord.
Alexandra Wow! Is this something that you’ve self-taught?
Jerry Yes and No. Remember that I told you that I’ve always been taught spiritually as well. The difference between my encounters with Extra Terrestrials and Angelics were when my angelic teachers came to me they always externally talk to me like I’m talking to you right now and they would show me beautiful things or they would tell me stuff that if I had wrote down by now I would probably be famous.  My encounters with Extra Terrestrial have been different ways, has been either through dreams, lucid dreaming, mental telepathy, astral projection and sometimes even physical but after a while you get to know the difference because like I’ve said before they both have their own energy signatures.  What I’ve learned to do was, I learned to come into faith. I used to have conviction but when I started realizing who I was and started remembering all the different things I was doing because I looked at my life and said am I just making this up or is it truly real? And once I took ownership that it was really real I became a part of it and I became empowered by it. Does that make sense to you?
Alexandra Yes, absolutely.
Jerry Because my spirit started, the soul and the spirit started coming together and I was able to bring a lot more of my higher spirit into my physical body. So my soul and spirit could become blended as one through unification within this body.
Alexandra Wow, that’s the name of your website, the blending, right?
Jerry Yes, I didn’t get that through the, I had the blending because there are so many people with different abilities, that I wanted people to have the chance to converse with not only metaphysical people but angels and extra terrestrials and people who have different modalities, healings and teachings and that’s where ‘the blending’ came in.
Alexandra Very beautiful. Yeah something that’s always just been a real refreshing difference with you, and that is you are so on fire to acknowledge each of the healers gifts and even assist thoseHealers in magnifying and becoming all encompassing in the way in which they do their work.  It is just a beautiful attribute to you Jerry seriously.
Jerry Thank you. But I’ve also been blessed because I’ve been able to walk among different races I have also learned about the cultures, their mannerisms per se. And it’s also given me the chance to learn about our history by working with different angelic beings that other people work with. For most healers, if you notice when they are working they call on angelic beings. They call on Michael or they’ll call on, Gabriel, they’ll call on Raphael, they’ll call on Jesus to come and help them. Some people say Sunanda which is Jesus, but I rarely see any healers say I’m manifesting the Greys to come and help me now, or I’m calling on a Nordic to come and heal.
Alexandra Correct, correct
Jerry And that again is, if you look at it that way that’s why we also have, we intuitively know there is a separation between Extra Terrestrials and Angelics.
Alexandra Good point. I’ve never even thought of it that way.  That’s a really good point. Now tell people a little bit about your background with the Extra Terrestrials. I think one of the most fascinating stories was when you had your experience with The Praying mantis and you ran away. Tell everybody that story. That was hilarious.
Jerry That was when my whole life changed.  That was when I became in true self-acknowledgement of spirit. Not only in understanding it but in learning how to connect with it. The Praying Mantis are very benevolent beings and basically what happened to me long story short was I learned a long time ago that the Greys are basically dying and I’ve seen them die and I asked them if I could go to their home planet. And so after a little bit of negotiation they did take me to their home planet I remember it and I remember it is a darker atmosphere.
Alexandra Really?
Jerry It’s almost like twilight most of the time. It’s really strange but their buildings and stuff are, everything is designed to take advantage of its natural environment.
Alexandra So are the buildings built out of the mountains, and that sort of thing?
Jerry No they are actually built out of the best materials that can harness energy and it’s like we have solar panels. They learnt to take crystals and learn how to harness energy out of them. So they might have buildings that are made out of crystal or they might have buildings made out of metals that we don’t have on earth that can convert their sunlight of what they do get Into energy.
Alexandra Very Cool.
Jerry The main thing was we went to their hospital. The Greys do have feelings and stuff. They do maker connections to their loved ones, if you call it that. I’ve seen a Grey, my mentor in fact I actually hold the hand of a dying Grey and help it through the dying process I guess would be the best way to describe it from life in the spirit.
Alexandra Wow, you know that’s quite an interesting comment because the Greys are perceived to be so feeling less.
Jerry But they are not. It’s more of a way of, I think because of the way that human beings fear. If you ask most people.  If they are being examined they’re in fear, or they’re in pain they will come over and they will assist you. And they will bring you out of the pain or they’ll do what is necessary. They don’t show the same human traits because they haven’t evolved beyond human emotions it just doesn’t serve what they do. They work for the betterment of their species
Alexandra The only thing I don’t understand about what you’re saying is, if they see you’re in pain and they will come and assist you why are there all these horrific stories about people getting abducted and their experiences are very painful.
Jerry Because you also have military Greys.
Alexandra That’s what I was wondering. So can you talk a little bit about the difference between the two?
Jerry There are different Greys and there are also different colors of Greys and when I had my first experience even though it was on the military base they were benevolent. They were actually here to watch over us to make sure we probably didn’t kill our selves. And then there are Greys that work with our military. We signed a treaty supposedly with them back in the ….50s?
Alexandra 19, yeah late 40s early 50s.
Jerry Late 40s yeah.
Jerry I forget the actual date right now but I think it was Eisenhower that signed it and for the most part that I’ve been taught anyway is they are not allowed to act upon their own. For the most part they do have to have some kind of military personnel with them when they abduct you. Because there are still planetary laws that govern their actions.
Jerry And our government is not allowed to sign authority over to another species regardless of what the contract might say. It would be like me trying to sign your soul over to the dark side. Do I have authority to do that because I’m human?
Jerry No I don’t and neither does anything else living in the universe.
Jerry And so our government does not have the right to make a contract with an Extra Terrestrial race that says you can come down here and do whatever you please to people by your own free will or accord.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry They, human beings can do what they wish to human beings although that is going to be changed individually. So most of your military Greys work with military personnel when they do horrific things. I don’t, I don’t really…. ok, excuse me one moment.  (whisper….) ok sorry I blanked out, I had to confirm information..
Alexandra Ok, that’s ok (laughter).
Jerry From what I understand is, if you have a rogue species or Extra Terrestrial you can go and have not retribution but arbitration against them.
Alexandra Yeah, talk a little about that. I’m familiar with that. Talk a little bit about that for those that have had the experience and need help.
Jerry Ok. This has even happened to me and it happened even with the Greys that I’ve been with in a situation. If you are in a position whereby you believe you were violated by any Extra Terrestrial race you can seek arbitration and basically ask for I guess it would be ….
Alexandra Consolation?
Jerry … consolation or something given back to you.
Jerry And the reason why is because when people understand that if something interferes with your paradigm to the connection of Source whereby you become so afraid or you become so upset that you can no longer believe in God…
Jerry Or your higher divinity, this is a rip in the fabric of spirit and it needs to be amended and so this is what’s taken care of.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry So you do have the right to ask for arbitration to come back into for blessing of connection in the spirit again.
Alexandra Wow! When you talk that way I’m always in awe of the beauty of the Universe and how well designed it is you know. That’s incredible. Well so, well so keep going so…
Jerry What happened to me was, when I went to their home planet I came back they misaligned my frequency so my neurons and synapses didn’t line up correctly. And it’s called being out of phase in a three dimensional body. And basically what happens sometimes you become disorientated, sometimes you become extremely depressed for no reason at all, or you become like on ecstasy and everything is wonderful and happy. It’s almost like you are going through manic-depressive stages, schizophrenia and you don’t even know why. Your body chemistry changes and the reason with me, because I know myself so well, I knew when they put me back in to my body because I felt a little bump, like I fell into my body instead of eased in it. I knew that I was misaligned and it took me three weeks to finally get them to do something about it. I went to the council and said I can’t live this way. I need to be back in to my whole physical being and this is interfering with my paradigm.
Jerry So the Greys bought me to a ship with these Praying Mantis and I’ll be honest with you I was really afraid.
Alexandra I can’t even imagine, because they are how tall? How tall are they? Typically.
Jerry To me at the time they looked at least 10 to 15 feet tall they were and no offence but my perception of the Praying Mantis here on earth…
Alexandra (Laughter) It’s not the same (laughter).
Jerry No but they are insects. (Laughter). I mean…
Alexandra That’s right.
Jerry Essentially then, even thought they are benevolent they have all this wonderful energy because my physical body was afraid, I thought that, well I didn’t know what I really thought I just knew I could probably be in more harm than help but they really did help me.  What they did was they had this other being that these cups that came out of his head, which I didn’t want to go through because I didn’t understand what is happening.  And that’s the main thing, when you don’t understand something a lot of fear comes in.
Alexandra Yeah the unknown right.
Jerry Yeah the unknown.  The Grey let me go I believe and I was going to run and these Praying Mantis were really quick, they grabbed me, they held me while this other being literally put these suction cups onto my head and realigned my electrical, chemical impulses in my brain.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry But after that everything started changing because not only did I become more connected to the Praying Mantis eventually because I would start recognizing who I was. I remembered so much more. I became, they gave me certain abilities.  Like they gave me authority over the Greys let’s say, ok. So I can ask them to do certain things for me like I’ve had this before, people have said I want contact. I said ok I can arrange that for you but make sure that you really want it and I also ask other races to go with them because some people are afraid of the Greys but there’s really nothing to be afraid of because they are the benevolent ones ok.
Jerry And they’ve actually woken up next day with markings on them and they would send me pictures and stuff and through that I’ve learned how to get even higher into my own divinity, remembering who I was at the beginning of creation and also what the human race was in the beginning, of its fiscal entity.  We weren’t, I know that they say we came from Africa and we were just dumb, just evolving apes basically evolution but that’s not true
Alexandra No it’s not
Jerry Ok, we were very highly developed spiritual beings and because of this I learned how to start evolving to more of a, for a lack of word ‘a Christ like being’. That’s why I’m able to do the healings that I can because I worked with the energetic energies. I work through the energies of Source.
Alexandra How long ago did this happen to you?
Jerry Five or six years ago.
Alexandra Ok, It’s fairly recent but it totally changed the way in which you were performing your healings I would imagine.
Jerry Oh yeah and back before then I didn’t even think of myself as a healer you know. Right now if I want something I just ask.  Like I have the ability to see auras but I didn’t always have that ability I just asked for it because it was something I needed when I was helping people.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry We are capable of asking for what we want and if you have a continuity to a belief system it brings in higher energy.
Alexandra Yes, yes you talked a little bit about that last time. It’s very important to have some sort of foundation in which you stand on.
Jerry Yeah you need a cornerstone
Alexandra A cornerstone, perfect.
Jerry So your will cannot be broken.
Alexandra Right, right.
Jerry And this comes into, for me anyway the teachings that I have and I learned this from I guess the Angelics and going to Council Meetings of what Christ was all about and the bloodline and what that means to us at this point.
Alexandra Now speaking and I’m sure the teachings that you are referring to are not necessarily biblical teachings as much just the peer teachings of Christ.
Jerry Yes, ok.
Alexandra Ok. And so tell us a little bit about what you’ve learned with the Christ bloodline. Who are the humans? How do they fit into the whole scheme of things with the Christ bloodline.
Jerry What Christ basically did for us was, this point in time we’re going through the Galactic Centre for the next 1,000 years.
Jerry Is to start bringing in the more higher vibrational energies so the physical body can start changing.   The one thing that holds us back is the density of our physical body because of our manifestation abilities but once you start coming more into spirit and the body becomes less dense the more energetic energy you can bring in from the universe to start manifesting what you need so like if you need an apple you can bring it in because you can convert energy into matter.  Right now we take matter and convert it over into energy.
Jerry But our minds are capable of doing just the opposite but this had to be changed because according to some theories, the Annunaki came down and they changed the genetic coding of the human race.
Jerry So they could keep us slaves themselves.
Alexandra Do you agree with that?
Jerry From what I’ve seen yeah I do and the reason why is because the human race has a propensity to want to be lead instead of always leading. And what I mean by that is we set up governments to lead us and even if our leaders aren’t the most spiritual we still follow them even if we teach the practice of being spiritual. Which I don’t understand that dogma but or that concept but we don’t always do what is best in our own, we don’t always do what is best for our own best interests.
Alexandra But don’t you feel that’s because we’ve been so programmed, we’ve been so, you know they’ve been messing with our genes forever and a day. Don’t you feel that that’s part of the reason that we’re like that?
Jerry Yes, and this is where what Christ did and the other Masters before him laid down foundations that were appropriate for the time of their teachings for their people did. They gave him a different aspect of looking at how to live in harmony with each other.
Alexandra ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’?
Jerry Yes but learn also how to love each other even if someone else does not do equally onto you.
Jerry Ok and the rewards that you get out of that.  You get, in truth you honestly get a more understanding of who you are by how much you can actually forgive.
Alexandra And how much you can love.
Jerry And how much you can love, yes, exactly.
Alexandra I totally agree with that yeah.
Jerry Which brings us back to the bloodline again because it all comes down basically to a purity but we inter-breed, not inter-breed but we mix our races together, we don’t stay always with the same race. We have different bloodlines going.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry In order to correct that problem and get people back into the same DNA sequence and take all advantage of what’s happening now. When Christ’s blood spilt onto the earth from what I was told basically Mother Earth, or Guinan multiplied that blood throughout the whole entire earth and so it became a DNA sequence…
Jerry …within everything so from that point on the minerals, the water our food and everything else that we would eat would carry as far fetched as it sounds, carries the genetic energy of Christ’s blood within it because it was the only way to re-establish the DNA connection back into the planetary population because we couldn’t all be born of Mary you know what I mean?
Alexandra Right, right.
Jerry So the fastest way is to have the earth absorb and then energetically transfer that DNA sequence into her, and this is where I’m going to use the word ‘matrix’, I don’t like that word, but into her energy so that it could spring back eternal into the foods that we eat, the water that we drink. And because we all have a Christ centered brain basically it became acclimated over the years of re-incarnation.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry So it’s very profound but basically we can all start doing as our higher spirit wishes because in one way or another we have all been affected by a DNA change because of what Christ did for us because of the purity of what he did while he was on this earth.
Jerry And basically it doesn’t matter if you believe that he died or not on the cross or anything else. It was more than just dying for sin it was to help accelerate the new energy that’s coming in to be able to match our DNA frequencies to be able for this new body to change like I was saying before ..
Jerry …to higher vibrational energies because If we became as high energy as we can become this physical body would burn out.
Alexandra Yeah, it would like implode right (laughter), or something like that?
Jerry It wouldn’t implode basically what it would do it would just burn itself out like a battery going dead because it would not be able to handle the higher vibrations. It would be like walking in front of, right now we live in light but just think if we could also manifest to x-rays and gamma rays or we go into microwave so we could transmit ourselves to another part, bi-locate. This physical body, for some people they can do it because they’ve mastered it but for the most part real human beings can’t do that.
Jerry And as we assimilate in to a higher vibrational frequency body we’ll be able to do that but we needed our DNA sequence to be changed.
Alexandra Well that’s a really, that’s a very unusual way of seeing Christ’s so called mission being successful and I appreciate that, that’s awesome. So how do you feel, so how does this bloodline differentiate us from the other races out in the Galactic realm?
Jerry It doesn’t differentiate us, it doesn’t make us different, what it does is it puts us back into alignment to live among them without fear because we will have the same abilities.
Jerry To walk in ??? 31.16 ??   among them.
Alexandra Very interesting.
Jerry Ok, the only thing that separates beings from one another is what we physically look like not what we spiritually are.
Alexandra Very good point
Jerry And the other thing is, on the bloodline again, what Christ taught, it was handed down for over 300 years before it became distorted was how to implement the Christ abilities. I mean did you know it took the Romans over 300 years they were killing Christians? How do you do that if something isn’t a true belief? Or if you’re not getting something out of it.
Alexandra Right, right.
Jerry And just through the faith of what other people would see what these Christians would go through it would convert them even if they never saw or understood what Christ did because they could feel the energy coming from that person.
Alexandra Good point. And it wasn’t a blind faith?
Alexandra Yeah, I want to clarify that.
Jerry And if you…. Go ahead
Alexandra I was going to say that it’s just another derailing mechanism on the part of a lot of religions right. Go ahead.
Jerry It wasn’t blind because that’s what we are evolving into. When I help acclimate people or bring them what they need they can feel the changes one of the things that I can sometimes do is just like what that fiend did to me where they changed my electrical chemical impulse to make me align again. Because I can see the brain sometimes I can help a person that’s out of balance, rebalance their self in their electrical, chemical structure to be what we would consider basically normal or have abilities.
Jerry One of the things I’m really hoping for one day is to be able to, not only receive but also transmit what I’m receiving back into the mind of the person I’m working on.
Alexandra Ewww, I love it.
Jerry Oh yeah!
Alexandra It’s almost like a three way conversation then.
Jerry Yeah. If you could actually see what you are showing me. That would be fantastic.
Alexandra Well It would be a growth experience for all parties I believe.
Jerry Yeah, and I really don’t know what to say but that is the beauty of what we are manifesting and ascending to for those that have been teachers and Masters and even if you’re not, even if you are a student at this point you can still become all you have to do is give up the fear and have faith in your spirit, have faith in Source. You know when I, when I teach people I don’t say that they need to use Christ as their foundation. I say what you believe to be your foundation use that at this point and if that changes over time, grow with it, mature in your spiritual acknowledgement, as you become more of an Ascended Master.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm. And do you feel that all of us or some of us are truly the up and coming Ascended Masters.
Jerry I truly do.
Alexandra So do I.
Jerry You know, I really find it, because I was going through this conversation last night with my Angels and stuff like that, some of the Extra Terrestrials I deal with and we were talking about things that we found coincidental if you wish to put it that way is, our Government, and I think it was George Bush who said this basically is, we would find our enemy even if it meant having a thousand year war.
Alexandra (Laughter).
Jerry Do you remember him saying that?
Jerry Which is very coincidental because that thousand year war happens to coincide with the fact that we are going through a transition right now from the Galactic center which is also 1000 years.
Alexandra Yeah! And there is no such thing as a coincidence with the Government.
Jerry Nope but…
Alexandra (Laughter).
Jerry It’s amazing how we came into 9/11 just at the beginning of our ascension.
Jerry And it divides the population. And this is where I tell people at this point it doesn’t matter because at one time we took the dogma, to me at this point, not back then. But we had Karma and we had contracts but the beauty is because of the bloodline of Christ and all of that, that’s been removed because you cannot ascend if you’re still being held to an energetic tie with someone else.
Alexandra Very good point. God I’m so glad you bought that up.  When do you feel that that begins to take place?
Jerry I think the action, the releasing of Karmic energy began back in 2009.
Jerry And is still going to this day. But the thing that people have to realize now if we trespass against each other it’s on our own responsibility of doing so, not because we are commanded to do so.
Alexandra Turned off because we are going to a higher level, we are going to reincarnate and have to experience that in some other way?
Alexandra Repercussions of our actions.
Jerry Yep, well the great thing about non retaliation if someone does something to you is the reward because if you take away one thing you get something else and the reward is the higher connection to Source to become more of a manifestation of true spiritual being. What does it mean to become a true spiritual being? It means to live without fear in a 3 dimensional reality, no matter what species you are.
Alexandra Now Jerry that’s a really good point because basically anybody who is listening to this show is, chances are a Star Seed. And the one thing that we all definitely have in common is we’ve never really felt like this was our home. We’ve never really felt comfortable or part of, you know, the ‘norm’, the group, the clan. You know we’re always the fringe dwellers, kind of standing on the outside looking in. And what you said is a perfect example of why we are where we are because we have had to learn to not retaliate. You know what I’m saying? With all of the, with the number of people that have come through, that have come through for the implant removal process those that have shared their stories with me of their life. I mean, some of the most brutal childhoods I’ve ever read. And I know yours was not very easy either and we have been presented that, as almost like a triggering mechanism or a reminding us of the true very pristine high spiritual beings that we are.
Jerry How very profound, I couldn’t have said I better myself.
Alexandra Yes. Yeah, well so getting back to what you were saying can you talk a little about the human beings compared to the rest of the other races? You’d started to talk a little bit about we’re very feeling kind of people, we feel on an array of ranges. So how do they see us when it comes to our emotion?
Jerry It depend on the race, but most of them are quite intrigued some are even envious of our abilities because we can still be connected to Source and get away with so much.
Jerry And what I mean by that is, we party, we drink, we can have great times and experience things that they might consider off limits to them. Like, I don’t think anyone has ever reported seeing a drunk alien.
Alexandra (Laughter). That’s a good point.
Jerry (Laughter).  You know
Alexandra So how do we get away with it?
Jerry Because we are one of the last creations there might be more but from what I was told we are one of the last creations of God. And we are one of the ones that.., the other races have lived for thousands of years. You start breathing out what made life content because the more you learn about how the universe works and everything else sometimes you loose your emotional connection to physical being.
Alexandra As a lot of people would say you loose that ability to just be that inner child, to be that pure essence of a child like approach to life.
Jerry Yes, yeah that’s a great way of putting it.  There’s where the beauty of love comes in we can do so many different things and as long as we respect each other while we are doing them we can still hold on to our spiritual aspects of respect for each other.
Jerry So I mean (Laughter) in some ways I guess other races look at it that we get away with murder (laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter). That’s really interesting. So when a human actually interacts at a council meeting per say are they appearing human or are they are appearing, see that’s one of the questions a lot of us always had. We talk about the Pleiadians and the Arcturian, the Andromeda’s and the Vegans and whoever.  Are they viewing us as human? Are we considered to be a human civilization or are we just an amalgamation of all of them, here?
Jerry No, the human body is of a different origin of energy. When I go to the Council I might be seen as a Syrian…
Jerry …not a warrior  but I come from I’m Atlantian and I’m, my identity looks like a humanoid but I represent the human race. That’s why when people ask me what I am I say: ‘I am human’. I stand by the creation of what we are. I protect our sovereignties under Galactic Federation law and Planetary laws and I represent the human race to the best of what we are as, not only a collective but individuals of what makes us in my opinion a species worth saving.
Alexandra Oh thank you for that. That’s beautiful. Can you tell us Jerry a little bit about what it’s like to participate in some of these Galactic Council meetings?
Jerry Well lately, it’s been a lot of headache, it’s been changing but the last ones that I’ve been on there’s been so much argument and different time line shifts and I don’t know if you’ve felt time line shifts but I’ve actually seen them occur because the outcome of the human race has not been settled but they don’t have the right because here again because of what Christ did…
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry ..to just come down and wipe us out. We have the right to become into our own powers spiritual beings and that’s why the Teachers and the Masters need to be here to keep this information going so we can start learning new paradigms. And you learn new paradigms like the old Christians did learning how you come in and start manifesting your own energy. That was the true secret. It wasn’t hey this great person called Christ came and he died for us and we’re all saved and we all went: ‘Oh yay!’. It was when we became connected we saw what we were able to manifest by spirit by bringing forth the words and that’s what I also help people do. It’s amazing what we can do. Just like you now, I think when I first met you I worked on you and I said now go heal.
Alexandra Yes, yes.
Jerry And now after that last Saturday that we, I worked on you and I said remember who your original origin was.
Jerry So you can go beyond that point so you can start saying I want to remember my experiences.
Jerry I have the right as a spiritual being to be in my paradigm of self continuity of remembrance that all that effects me and because it affects me I wish to remember so I do not loose perspective of who and what I am by means of a veil or a screen memory, I am truly me, myself and I, an identity. I am spirit, I am love.
Alexandra You know Jerry every time I listen to you I really realize that one of the reasons I’m so attracted to the way in which you heal, is, you really are married to bringing forth the end of this rule independently. There are many healers out there that you know they align with Arch Angel Michael, or Christ or Mary Magdalene or what have you and there just never seems to be that feeling of independence it’s almost as if you still have to request their assistance and I’m not saying that you don’t ok but what I am saying is that I love the fact that you are kind of guiding people down a completely different way of seeing the process of healing yourself because the ultimate purpose is to become fully independent and fully capable of using the gifts that you have been given you’ve just forgotten what they are.  Does that make sense?
Jerry It makes perfect sense.
Jerry One of the things I teach is healer heal thy self. And a while ago I broke my foot, ok and although I repaired it through energetic means, but I still wouldn’t stop someone else from going to see a doctor. Even Christ when sick went to see a physician because I’m not capable of repairing a broken bone instantaneously at this point. Although that is what I want to achieve and become. My physical body is still in too much of a lower density and I can feel it but I can raise above that eventually.
Jerry And when I’m healing, the great part of what I do when I’m healing I become immersed in that higher energy that you were just talking about and pure spirit takes over and the lack of ego doesn’t exist anymore. I am for that person, I am for the spiritual needs of what that person is asking me to do, to give them basically.
Alexandra Right, right, wow how profound. Believe it or not we have a couple more minutes and with that said I’d like to know how people can get in touch with you and any last remarks that you’d like to kind of get people to think about the journey they are on.
Jerry Well first I would like to thank you for this opportunity.
Alexandra You’re very welcome.
Jerry Thank you so much.  I think what I’d like to say is that for anyone out there that, there is always hope. There is always someone there to help you, to guide you. And remember sometimes either when you, you believe you that cannot be guided just if someone comes into your presence that wishes to help you, you might be guiding them because energy, God works in mysterious ways. And never give up, never stop believing in yourself of what you can accomplish and become. We are physically changing in DNA structure. We are physically changing in our vibrational energy within the physical body. And we are capable of so much right now. Believe in a cornerstone of connection to Source to become the higher spirit of continuity that you truly are. I remember the things that I do because I am life. I have the right to remember and recall the experiences that I go through, through Divine divinity of being spirit.
Jerry And you do too.
Jerry So just ask and it shall be given.
Alexandra I tell people that a lot, it’s like: ‘did you ask?’, ‘Well, no.’  ‘Why not? Ask!’. Ask and you shall receive. And make sure you know what you really want because if you ask we are in incredible times where things manifest very quickly if you allow it to be. If you ask and you’re open it’s amazing what’s going to come into your life.
Jerry Yeah.  And don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore.
Alexandra I agree.
Jerry The only thing that we have to be afraid of, is sometimes each other. (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter). I was going to say of ourselves. (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter). In our own belief systems. Those are the things we need to be afraid of. Lets get rid of them you know.
Jerry Yeah. But we can, we’re changing all that. There’s so many different groups out there that want to help each other and you’re one of the most fantastic groups, persons that I know that truly puts their heart and their soul into helping people and I really appreciate you for doing that.
Alexandra Thank you Jerry, well you too. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much.
Jerry You’re welcome. And if people want to get hold of me they can contact me at Jfox1at@gmail.com or they can also go to my outdated web site at theblending.net
Alexandra Well at least it gives you a little bit of background on Jerry. Well, it’s been lovely talking to you and you know you bring so much light to the world Jerry and we really appreciate your assistance with the planetary situation that’s going on as well, as well as teleporting in and out your, you know Galactic Council meetings, but anyway… (laughter).
Jerry (Laughter). Yeah I had a moment there and I hope you didn’t pick that up. I talk in another language sometimes because I have to communicate really quick.
Alexandra That’s ok, that’s ok.
Alexandra Well everybody I hope you enjoyed this series with Jerry Yusko. Again his website is theblending.net and I just want to wish you all a wonderful week, take care and we will talk to you soon. Thank you.
Jerry Thank you bye, bye.
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 Email Jfox1at@gmail.com
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