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microphone (1)Alexandra Good afternoon every one. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galacticconnection.com and today is January 14th, 2014 and today on my BBS Radio Show I am introducing Jerry Yusko. Jerry Yusko is a personal friend of mine and also part of our Galactic Round Table and he’s also a very special healer but he communicates on a regular basis with the Planetary Council and has some incredibly special gifts. He was born with empathic abilities and from the time he can remember it has always guided him to assist other people in a very special way. He has very special experiences which we will get into with the angelic realm as well as the extra terrestrial realm and he tries to teach other practitioners, healers and people about their own gifts, about their own value this is something that I found very refreshing about Jerry, he’s really trying to help the healers really be complete in their, their own gifts and so as well as mending the physical elements he also assists in being the conduit of the metaphysical and the scientific research of extra terrestrial life. So we are going to get into a little bit of that as well. He looks into your mind and he sees auras and elements of past lives and the negative energies and present blockages that are preventing you from being all that you can be and he can then move them whilst he is doing these incredible healings that he provides as a service. He does use imagery such as symbols, and entities, angelic beings. He even works and interprets those images through the third eye and he assists most importantly in helping you receive your spiritual gifts. So with no more time to spend on bios because everyone knows I don’t like to spend too much time on bios, Jerry welcome and thank you so much for coming onto this radio show.
Jerry Good afternoon Alexandra how are you doing today?
Alexandra Very good. How about you?
Jerry I’m doing fantastic.
Alexandra Good. Why are you doing so fantastically today?
Jerry Because I’m learning how to resolve my problems in life.
Alexandra Well tell us a little bit about that, I mean everybody needs to know how to resolve problems in life easier and more expeditiously.
Jerry For me I learned that when I can’t handle something I turn it over to Source and from Source my problems seem to be manifested away. I’m just doing very, very well.
Alexandra Good, good for you. I’m glad to hear it. Well I thought we could start out Jerry with a little bit. A basic history on you and your gifts when you were a young boy. Tell us a little bit about what it was like to be born with the empathic abilities that you have.
Jerry Wow! Hard question. When I was very young I lived in Cuba and that’s when one of my first experiences began with extra terrestrials. At birth my experiences began with angelics. So I guess I view it like this. The angelic beings came to save me because I was born with deficiencies
Alexandra Mmmm, ok.
Jerry So further help and the doctors they saved my life. I was considered a miracle baby according to my Mum back for that time and then when I was around five years old, when I was around four or five years old my father was in the service, the navy and we were stationed over in Cuba and that was when my first remembrances of my extra terrestrial experiences began.
Alexandra Wow, you know I didn’t even know this. You know, I’ve known you now for what about a year and I never even heard the story. So what happened I mean when you first had this extra terrestrial experience? Was it really scary or did you just have a knowing that they were going to assist you?
Jerry The first encounter was my dad took me on patrol because he was an MP (Military Policeman?). He would make the round of the bases and then one night when I was with him we came to a four way stop and while he was waiting to go outside of our windshield up side to my right, I saw what to me was a witch because that was the way my mind perceived it.
Jerry And it was there long enough for my Dad to recognize it and when it finally disappeared I asked him what it was. He didn’t know he was just scared and nervous and then as he started making his rounds I fell asleep and then when I finally did wake up we were at the base and I asked him how we got there and he told me that we drove. I don’t even know if he remembered and then from that point on for the next year I remember going to sleep and having visitations in my room so I would either see skeletons, witches, owls. I’d see different energies that my mind would recognize because I didn’t know what the Greys were. It wasn’t until later life that I realized that what I was visualizing were the Greys. 6:00 min
Alexandra Interesting. Now isn’t it true Jerry that, isn’t it true that a lot of the children on military basis have this experience.
Jerry I have ran across another person in my life time that was stationed there at the same time where my Dad was and he was also a military ‘brat’ as they called us.
Alexandra Yes (laughter).
Jerry And he told me he had basically the same experience where he’d be waking up and seeing like skeletons and beings in his room as well and our stories were very similar and how they took place.
Alexandra Yes because they use the children of the military especially if you are working with the Greys. They use the military children a great deal according to a lot of reports out there. So did you, I mean at this point once you became you know used to them visiting you what happened to you? I mean were you able to surpass any kind of fear?
Jerry Yes but the fear didn’t go away until I got up into my, like 10 or 12 years old because I can still remember them coming looking for me and everything else.  I used hide or to try to hide from them which you can’t do, but you know you put the covers over your head or you go high underneath the bushes or whatever. They could find you.
Alexandra That’s terrible. Now do you feel that you were actually abducted?
Jerry Maybe at that time, that was would be the word that I would use but not now.
Jerry Because when I became a teenager because I was spiritually guided as well I learned to have an association with the Greys. I know my mentor and stuff and I used to get to the point that I could travel to their ships.
Jerry I thought I used to walk inside their ships because they didn’t look at me as being a threat. One of the main things that the Greys used to do and I think they do this to a lot of people. They test you to see what your threshold for killing something is.
Alexandra Wow!  And why is that?
Jerry For me it was to find out if I was aggressive or not. What would I be willing to do? If I was a warrior type of person or more of a spiritual.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry And I was more of a spiritual, which worked to my best interests because down the road I got to fly their ships and stuff like that.
Alexandra Oh how cool!
Jerry I could be trusted.
Alexandra So how cool is that. So it was almost like it was a scanning process huh? I mean you were able to convert this very scary experience into bridging an understanding with them. Right?
Jerry Ummm yes but things change as you get older with the Greys I find out. The more I came into my own power and my own recognition of who I was; they are not always what they seem I found out. And what I mean by that is they can give you false memories.  They can give you altered perception. Ummm, they do care I believe about us because they do, I know you’ve heard about hybrids and stuff like that and I think what they do is look for certain people with certain types of geno traits that they can implement into their cloning process and for me they wanted a, put it this way, a higher vibrational spirit for my energy in my genes that, that when they cloned, had a hybrid child by me it would have certain traits and attributes that they themselves do not possess.
Alexandra So are you a hybrid?
Jerry No, I’m a human being.
Alexandra (Laughter). So if somebody else were to say that they thought that they were a hybrid how would you define that? How would you see that on the etheric realm?
Jerry Because of my abilities I can look at it two ways and I have done this.  One, I can see their DNA pattern and I have actually seen people with different DNA structures than what I would consider a regular human.
Alexandra Ah ha.
Jerry And the second one is I’ve actually seen extra terrestrials in a persons etheric field of energy or within their minds.
Alexandra Interesting, so lets talk a little about that. You know a lot of people say that they are a Pelaedian or they are an Arcturian or they’re .. you will rarely hear anybody say they are a Grey. So what is the difference between being that versus seeing that in their field?
Jerry They might see that in their field and it normally means they’ve had an encounter. Ok and people don’t realize that when you’ve had an encounter it’s a two way street. They’re mentally communicating with you and you’re doing things it’s like you’re Greys or Pleiadians or whatever you’re doing you should be able to take that knowledge back with you and implement it into your physical reality instead of always being an etheric, or a dimensional reality.
Alexandra Good point. So how. Do you teach people how to do that?
Jerry I empower people through the spirit so they can learn how to manifest what they already have. The reason why we can do that is because we already have these abilities it’s just a matter of bringing it back in.
Alexandra Very good.
Jerry The other way, they claim they are a Pleiadian or whatever. The easiest way for me to do it is to see what their DNA looks like and when I do my healings and stuff I do a reading and a healing and normally I ask people what they want and then I find out what they actually need because the spirit tells me what they need.
Jerry And then I can bring in that energy but while I’m doing that I can see different aspects of a human being and sometimes I’m seeing that their DNA, the reason why they can’t manifest is their body and their spirits is because the DNA will either get entangled or it’s been miss-aligning. In the sequence of coils it’s almost like the two strands can’t talk to each other and I notice right now is that a lot of people are going through a lot of DNA changes. The highest I’ve seen on any one individual I think is like sixteen strands. Most strands are four and eight
Alexandra Interesting. Wow! So talk, talk to me a little bit about the DNA. How do you actually read people’s DNA?
Jerry When I’m working with a person it is not reading its actually seeing it.
Jerry Ok and it’s almost like DNA has a sequence of information through each strand of its…, I guess it would be called its cells. And when I am working with someone I always work with the Root Chakra and just like a Kundolini experience what will happen is I’ll take the DNA, see it, ??serprient14.40? the spirit of energy back into them from Source and their Higher Self and then this starts a chain process where I’m actually seeing two DNA strands actually start multiplying as I’m running energy into Core.
Alexandra Wow! Fascinating.
Jerry And then you can start running it up to their back and most of the time a person can feel it.  Now here’s the problem, as I run this up through their blocks, people have blocks in their Heart Chakra or their Throat Chakra or their not fulfilling their whole destiny and they don’t feel worthy. So lets say you get it all the way up to basically the Crown and it stops because they don’t know who they are or their mission, the whole sequence can go away and I have to keep restarting.
Jerry Most people don’t have belief in their self or they don’t have the ability of truly understanding what we are evolving into, and that’s the whole thing at this point the human race is going through a convergence of either evolving which is just gaining more knowledge and belief in their self or ascending where they have already been Master Teachers or becoming Masters and becoming a higher vibrational energy which means that their bodies are loosing less density mass.
Alexandra Correct, or becoming more silica.
Jerry Yeah, yeah so we will eventually be able to start manifesting, like water into wine and stuff. I know that sounds crazy but…
Alexandra No it doesn’t sound crazy to me.
Jerry We can basically do it.
Alexandra Bring it on! (Laughter).
Jerry And you can. As you know I’ve worked with you a few weeks ago.
Alexandra Yes, yes. Tell people what you did to me. (Laughter).
Jerry (Laughter). Right, yeah what I did to you. I basically helped you acclimate your higher energy into your physical body.
Alexandra Right, I want everyone to know this that apparently something that Jerry has found is an issue because there’s such a gap right now between the higher energies and the pristine essence of spirit and the density of the body. So can you tell everybody a little bit about that process?
Jerry Imagine a cup has dirt in it. Ok, the bodies the same way. We have bacteria and viruses that are good and some are bad and we don’t need them. We have negative energy; we have other influences within our physical structure.  What I basically do is I help and teach a module for people to do this. To release all that negative energy so you can bring down the higher continuity of your self.   So basically what I’m doing is for the sake of argument lets say the soul is in the body and the spirit is out I try to merge the spirit and the soul to be in the same unification of the physical body. So we become completely as one.
Alexandra Awesome!  I mean basically that’s, that’s our sovereign right isn’t it?
Jerry I believe it is.
Jerry It also teaches you how to become equal among all other living things because there is no more fear.
Alexandra That’s beautiful Jerry. That’s outstanding. I think you and I in one of the places that we talk of often about is just assisting people in just stepping into their mastery and this is truly a gift that you have that you can bring forward to others and I highly recommend that if you haven’t experienced one of Jerry’s healings you can visit his website at www.theblending.net and get a bit of his background. But anyway Jerry getting back to that, talk a little bit about you know why the higher energies are having such a difficult time acclimating with the lower density body. You would think that in these times that the bridging of the two would be automatic.
Jerry Good point. And this is where you’re going to have to explain something.
Alexandra Laughter). Uh oh! (Laughter).
Jerry (Laughter). One of the things that you did for me was, you have found out and through your oils and treatment and stuff that we have a parasites that’s basically in the back of our neck and we need to get rid of them. So if you would like to talk more about that. Do you know what I’m talking about?
Alexandra You’re talking about the implants
Jerry The implants, exactly. Once you start believing that, once you get that out of your system the acclamations is a lot easier.
Alexandra Yes. We’ve found that too.
Jerry So if you’d like to talk about that for a moment?
Alexandra Ok cause that fits in with what you do. Is that what you’re saying?
Jerry Yeah, it really does.
Alexandra Yeah well basically as people know we’ve stumbled upon this. This was not even something we were looking for but what we have found is that most people have three of these and they are etherically based. They are not a physical implant that you go in to the body and actually extract and do surgery on and what we have found is that they are very parasitic. They have lived off of our energy fields and our emotional bodies and our mental bodies since the beginning, since we were incarnated. And we also have found that we have oftentimes that we can carry the signature of those implants from lifetime to lifetime. So we have had people that have had up to ten of these Jerry in their body. It’s unreal and they are typically located in three core areas and then kind of scattered about throughout the body and when Pam extracts those one thing that she has said is once the last one is you know eradicated and maybe sent back to the light the entire body literally lights up. So I don’t know does that help?
Jerry It really does because hear again I deal with third body. I’ve seen extra terrestrials, I’ve seen angels in it, I’ve seen past life experiences all kinds of stuff. I think the beauty of what I am able to do is I get to witness different parts of your creation.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry So if you’re a roman soldier or something I actually get to see that time period through your spirit and what you were just talking about I find out even when I try to help to people unless that block is removed it’s like there’s always a disconnect it is always going to be a short.
Alexandra Hmmm interesting.
Jerry So I think what you do is tremendous work and very beneficial.
Alexandra Well thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that.
Jerry And I’m not trying to plug you or anything.
Jerry I’m just saying I can see.
Alexandra We don’t plan anything.
Jerry ..certain things.
Alexandra Yeah, yeah because you worked on Steve and me that night and that was a very profound healing and it’s kind of what motivated me guys all of you people listening its what motivated me to pull him onto the radio show because I felt like the type of work that he does is so pristine and so unique.  And you know what Jerry with that said lets get a little bit into how you discuss with people whether they are more leaning towards an extra terrestrial sort of affinity versus an angelic affinity. Why do you do that and what is the advantage of it?
Jerry At one time I use to ask people what there was to evolve in knowledge, extra terrestrial their star family or the angelic and I found out through working with a lot of people and plus my own self that the energy signatures, there is a difference between extra terrestrials and angelic and they both have their own work that they do.  And the main difference between the two is, whenever I worked with extra terrestrials I found out that they have a density of a body. Whereas the angelics they have the density of a body but it’s more of an energy body. The one thing that I do, if I find out that a person has an extra terrestrial star family in them right now I literally will cast them out of that persons body and I’ll turn off implants if it is necessary. Sometimes I will leave them on depending on where they are at or what they’re doing but right now since we are evolving we need to evolve into our own identity of spirit without extra terrestrial influence.
Alexandra So you’re helping people stand really strong in their own independence.
Jerry In their own light.
Alexandra Yeah, in their own light, good point.
Jerry Yeah, you can’t ascend if you’re still attached to other vibrational entities that do not belong to you.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry You can’t become your own master. You become a master by understanding the different energies because you understand your own identity of energy. You understand where you are in Source at the time of creation again.
Alexandra Wow! I think I’m speechless for a moment. (Laughter). One of the things that I thought was really profound when you were working on me was you kept asking me to go back to my original point of creation and I kept showing you like Askera? 27,08? Talk a little bit about that. Is that a fairly normal thing that we get lost and we forget where our original point of creation is?
Jerry I think that’s a false illusion I think we always know but we are so conditioned in this world to live by certain creeds of ethics either they are not always true onto our own self belief and what I mean by that is we can see injustice but we don’t always prevent it from happening.
Alexandra Hmmm. Good point.
Jerry Ok, or at least not the vast majority.
Jerry Ok. And when I asked you to go back to your origination point, ninety, I’ll say ninety to one hundred percent of the time, or ninety percent of the time when I read people most people identify themselves with lower life forms.
Jerry They will see themselves as insects or some kind of bird but rarely do they see their self as a true spiritual guardian or a true angel of light. They won’t even recognize themselves as their true own star family because they are caught up in the main gain world of existence that we look at things as survival and what I’m seeing in them is our bodies are acting in a survival mode just like an insect would or bird would or something but we don’t see ourselves as the true energies or benevolent beings that we can be and what I help do is when I say go back to your point of origin is bring that back in so you can start manifesting a higher vibrational energy for your physical being, learn to become one again so you can manifest what you need and want out of life.
Alexandra Wow, Jerry that’s beautiful.
Jerry Well thank you. It’s where we’re headed. I truly believe that the human race is headed to become more Christ like beings.
Alexandra Yes, yes.
Jerry But we need, but also like, ….right now I’m preparing my body to become lighter in density so my next incarnation I won’t have to go through the same learning process that I did now. I already step into a mastery because the body will be able to handle the energy that I’m able to create.
Alexandra Very good point. And so that’s like something we really need to be focusing is bridging the gap between the higher energies of the spiritual body and the lower densities of the physical body because I guess that gap is becoming more pronounced because of the blanketing of light.Would you agree with that?
Jerry I would agree with that.
Jerry You know look at the world right now it’s amazing. Here we are we are going through a time of ascension and yet at the same time we’ve had a war going on for, what, almost eleven, twelve years.
Alexandra Yeah. Well when have we not had a war going on in some part of the globe?
Jerry That’s true. But shouldn’t we at this time be creating peace around the world? Instead of ….
Jerry So everyone has the chance of being on the same equal footing and page of ascension.
Alexandra Yeah, yes I agree.
Jerry I don’t know if you realize this, do you know how many military personnel commit suicide?
Alexandra Yeah, unfortunately you know I have you know heard about that. I’m not aware of the statistics
Jerry Yeah and they don’t even come back. Luckily we are starting to take care of our vets but even they are going through an ascension process and the thing is, is when the spirit is starting to evolve, we start questioning what we believe to be right and wrong.
Alexandra Correct and you have to be open and willing to allow those new opportunities and beliefs to dismantle the old belief foundations.
Jerry Very true and that’s why I’ve found out that one of the hardest things for people to accept even though they are changing slowly is the new paradigms shift. There are a lot of old paradigms that have been taught that no longer will serve what we are becoming.
Alexandra Yes. Boy I agree. Especially I do a lot of that kind of work as well that myself. I see it a lot. Even with the implant removal we are providing them a clean slate and unless they really mentally and emotionally get that they can’t fully take advantage of that, they won’t I should say, they can but they don’t fully take advantage of the gift that they’ve been given.
Jerry And that’s the beauty of what I do is I help them reconnect back into their Spirit and connection back to Source.
Alexandra Yes and so you know another reason folks that I’ve bought him forward is because Jerry and I are going to do whatever we can and work together to provide you any other solutions that are needed at the time. Whether you get your implants out or not. But we are learning a lot about the bodies since this is such a new thing having people have their implants removed. It’s a very new concept. Now Jerry tell us a bit about the way that the dark is trying to keep us stepping into our light.
Jerry One is through economics. At this time if you wish to keep a person from evolving you try to keep them in fear. And if you can’t control them through fear you control them through as I call it giving them 30 pieces of silver a week.
Jerry And basically people are very, for the most part, people are very loving. They really do care but because we need to survive because we have a 3D body and we haven’t learnt to learn to manifest what we can truly create. We still live in a paradigm of giving up our control for the belief that someone else can protect us. And that’s an old thing that’s been going since the beginning of time. It’s real simple, as long as you have a roof over your head, enough money to survive and can pay for your daily bread most people are content.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry But the problem is its not truly fulfilling within the spirit
Alexandra No.
Jerry Its just survival.
Jerry And what I’ve looked and seen there are more and more people coming together because the Government took away our survival for a while and the funny thing is that when they crashed the banks and stuff they came to us the American taxpayers to bail them out instead of living up to their own belief system that said if a corporation fails then let it go down.
Alexandra (Laughter). Yeah, that doesn’t apply to these Governmental agencies.
Jerry But it wasn’t even the Government it was the Federal Banks that went down because they misappropriated their money and we ended up paying the cost for it.
Alexandra Well, that’s a whole different discussion.
Jerry That’s true but that’s manipulation. And that is why, you asked about the dark that’s how they control.   You set up things slowly and see what works and doesn’t work and people are very easy to manipulate. I hate to say that but when people don’t believe they have their own power and I mean spiritual power. It’s easier to be, it’s easier to follow than it is to lead.
Alexandra   Hmmm, hmmm. Absolutely.
Jerry But when you come into your own power doing what you’re doing, doing what I’m doing     and other healers are doing and you say enough is enough its amazing what our minds can do when we get together.
Alexandra Very true, very true. And we would love for every person on this planet to have that experience.
Jerry Oh, yeah!
Alexandra I mean it’s my dream, you know to see people realize their full worthiness.
Jerry Well I look at it this way; the human race has to change if we wish to walk among our star families or even the angelics. We need to change our perception not only of how we see each other but how we truly manifest in our love for each other so we can love our star family without fear because we learn to become evil to each other.
Alexandra Well I agree and not to digress but one of the reasons I asked you that question is the other day you mentioned to me something about sonar attacks. Can you tell the audience heads up a little about that and how to protect yourself from it?
Jerry Yeah. I think you were with me at the time we were having dinner.
Jerry Or lunch or just something. And as you know I sometimes just blank out.
Alexandra (Laughter). And boy does he ever!  He basically will be sitting there talking to me and then he looks up to his right. He doesn’t hear anything I’m saying, and he has literally teleported in to another galaxy at a galactic meeting (Laughter). That’s pretty much right on isn’t it Jerry?
Alexandra (Laughter)
Jerry And it doesn’t just happen with you it happens with other people too.
Alexandra It’s his reputation. (Laughter).
Alexandra (Laughter)
Jerry But because of who I am I call on certain things.
Jerry One of the things that they’re doing now is they are going to start using sonic weaponry to start influencing people, change their brain chemistry, cause them disorientation, keeping us off balance they can throw off the equilibrium in the air and stuff like that.
Alexandra Now Jerry how is this different from HAARP for example?
Jerry Because now they can do it in a couple of ways. They can actually make sonic guns.
Jerry So could you imagine a military weapon where by you can have like a drone for example fly over and beam down a frequency and it doesn’t have to disturb the whole population you could just hit certain areas of it.    Or you have sonic weaponry whereby you go in and take out people because you can hit them with a sound wave that basically shatters their eardrums.
Alexandra Jesus!  So what not to, you know everybody knows I’m real big on not instilling fear.  We’re powerful enough to overcome this are we not? What’s a good way to do so?
Jerry Right now… oh and there is one other thing I also heard that with the new chemtrails…
Jerry …they are using lasers to reflect down sound as well. Now I’m not sure how true that information is but I’ve heard something like that too.
Alexandra Well they’ve really upped the chemtrails. I mean, just as I interviewed Cobra last week our skies are literally blanketed now. I almost wish I hadn’t said anything now because I know in other parts of the world they are still getting that. But it was fairly nice and clean here for a couple of days. You and I even mentioned that four or five days. Yep.
Jerry As far as the sonic weapons, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but I used to get two different pitches in my ears, one was a high pitch and some people would call that angels and some with a vibrational pitch in and some people could call that, that there was an extra terrestrial ship around somewhere which makes communication.
Jerry But now there’s another pitch that comes in. That almost seems external and it’s a mid range pitch or kind of like a lower pitch and it literally feels like its going through my head. And what I do is I ask Source to take away anything that is harmful to my physical body. To remove the sounds that would be causing thisTemple harm to his creation.
Jerry So I basically ask for that sound to be removed and if that sound is causing me any physical harm to me and it is.
Jerry So the sound would just disappear.
Alexandra Good. So you see folks that is how simple it is. I mean instead of reacting to the information out there observe it you know.  Observing is adjusting in a neutral position and once you know Jerry, its just like you’re saying, once we recognize the power within which for millennium we’ve been programmed not to but once we step into that none of this stuff is ever going to affect us again.
Jerry Oh very true and that’s the beauty of us becoming evolved in our knowledge. And basically the difference between an evolved spirit and an ascended spirit to me is, people right now who are waking up and going wow there’s more to life than just making my daily living going to work and coming home I want to learn the spirit of what I can actually create and do, what’s out there? Can I become a healer? Can I become…? What type of metaphysical person can I become? Because some people are just waking up and they find out that they have newfound abilities. That’s evolving to me.
Alexandra Yes. Very….
Jerry Ok. The other part is, the teachers that have been teaching for a lot of lifetimes they are actually ascending which means that the physical body is becoming more of a Temple and I look at it like for myself I’m becoming more of a Light Being because that is which I wish to become.
Jerry So I’ve become what some people would call a Rainbow of Light. If you do understand light then you do understand the Creation of the Universe.
Alexandra Wow! So now when you talk about Light and understanding it what exactly is it that you feel we need to understand.
Jerry As you know, life has different spectrums. If you put it into a prism you can break down the different colors of it.
Jerry and each of those colors has different coding in it. Different information.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry …to be able to create the manifestation of this world. I guess we call it the matrix. I don’t look at the universe as being a matrix but understanding how the building blocks of the universe are put together comes from the creation of light at my beginning in my, the way I think anyway. In my beginning but I believe I came from white and that’s what I will go back to.
Alexandra That’s beautiful Jerry.  Now you know speaking of light, talk to us a little bit about how is the human is different than the other species out there for example we had a conversation one day and you blew my mind and you were talking about how we have these multidimensional feelings that are very unique to other races and civilizations. Can you talk a little bit about that for a few minutes?
Jerry What separates us from most of the races are human beings have the complexity of being angry and sad at the same time. We have to learn love but we have an instant understanding of hate even if we don’t act upon it. It’s very easy to say I hate you it’s a little bit harder to say I love you.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry And for a race that’s evolved for millions of years when they say they love you that’s it, point blank. But if we say we love someone we could mean it in different ways. I mean I can say I love you Alexandra, ok.
Alexandra Hmmm hmmm.
Jerry But I don’t love you in the same way that I would love someone else.
Alexandra Right, ok.
Jerry And that’s very complex to some of the races out there.
Alexandra Interesting, because it’s like a spectrum, like light.
Jerry Yes but that’s the beauty of being human. And that’s what I’m saying, if we could start remembering our origins, the things that we could do are incredible.
Alexandra I didn’t mean to cut you off you said something about the other races are very interested in this, the other races.
Jerry Yes because look at where we’re at right now. We have two ways of developing supposedly. One is we can go into a more grey continuity whereby we let our technology and everything take over our emotional being, by becoming integrated into our technology.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry Or we can go to a more higher spiritual nature and become more benevolent. To me I wish to become more benevolent. I’m not a ….I’d rather be able to use my mind to calm a barking dog
Alexandra Yeah. (Laughter).
Jerry Than pull out a gun in fear and shoot it.
Jerry And the more fear you have I think sometimes the more you are prone to act in a self-preservation mode.
Alexandra Yeah, very good point. And then therefore you’re going towards survival instincts instead of working off of your spiritual bodies.
Jerry  Correct, which is basically the reptilian part of us, which is why I see in most people the lower forms of energy of what people believe that they are. Like I said, I see people, and I see like a bee in someone in their energetic field. It means that they are really busy. They go out and they have to harvest and they bring back and they nest but they are never part of anything whole.
Jerry They just believe they have to, that’s the way that they survive at that point. And can that change? Yes. Like when I worked on you I kept telling you to go back to your origin because you were stuck in a belief system of survival.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry And when you become spirit you let things go and they just take care of their self.
Alexandra Yes, yes. Yeah that was beautiful. And we are getting to the top of the hour Jerry so I want to make sure we introduce how people can reach you. Can you go ahead and give them your email address?
Jerry Jfox1at@gmail.comJfox1at@gmail.com
Alexandra And your website again is?
Jerry  theblending.net
Alexandra Perfect and so Jerry would be more than happy to assist anybody out there that’s feeling that they want to bridge this gap between really starting to experience this evolutionary process really opening up so the alighted illuminated spiritual part of you and being able to align that with your physical body. In fact Jerry, just really quickly, isn’t this one of the things that was an issue for Christ when he was born supposedly why the three Magi came and offered him gold, frankincense and myrrh because his spirit was so massive that it had a very difficult time incarnating into a physical form?
Jerry Yeah, we need to get into another subject, which goes into the bloodline.
Jerry Which by the way we have inherited.
Jerry And that’s why we didn’t get into it but at this point in time there is no karma. There are no contracts because of our ascension process cannot be held to a continuity of energy between each other if we are on a spiritual path to Source.
Jerry It’s also the reason why we can walk equally among the different races without fear. And I can’t believe how fast this hour went because there’s so much more to talk about.
Alexandra You know what we’ll do is why don’t we share with the audience, maybe we’ll just do it next week the Christ bloodline. And what does that really imply to each of us individually. Are you game for that?
Jerry Oh yeah! And then I could talk about and this is going to go against modern concept but when you really become into the Spirit there’s another way of baptizing.
Alexandra Wow!
Jerry Which is through the energy, or which is through the Light of Christ and you bring it up through Mother Gainan?52.38?
Alexandra Oh my gosh!
Jerry Because you always hear people say imagine light you know going down to the earth, to the center of the Core or like and some people use Light but at the same time you can bring in the Light of Christ  to be able to filter it through the whole physical body and I’ve done that with some people when I’ve found out that they’ve had when they don’t understand what they’re doing and they play in the darkness and they get demonic possessions in them.
Alexandra Hmmm, hmmm.
Jerry So there’s so much I mean, well even the adventure of wanting to make contactors coming here.
Alexandra Yeah, yeah. Well I’ll tell you what folks we’ll go ahead and have Jerry on again for next week I’m always loving it to just be in the flow and do spontaneous things. (Laughter).So Jerry I’ll tell you what I’m so grateful to have you not only as a friend and fellow mentor. You are a phenomenal healer and I just wanted to introduce you to the World. I thank you for what you have done for me and I thank you ahead of time for what you can do for the others that reach out to you.
Jerry Thank you so much Alexandra. It was a pleasure being able to do this and thank you for the opportunity.
Alexandra Your welcome, your welcome. And thanks everybody for listening as usual. I love you all. You are an awesome audience as I tell you all the time. I love your emails. Thank you for all of your support and you know just giving me the impetus to keep going with my crazy, crazy workload. But we’ll go ahead and have Jerry on next week and lets get into the Christ Bloodline and what that means to each of us. So thank you and have a wonderful afternoon and the rest of the week and we’ll talk to you soon.
Jerry Good bye.
Alexandra Bye Jerry take care.
Website www.theblending.net
 Email Jfox1at@gmail.com
FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/jerry.yusko.7?fref=ts
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