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microphone (1)Do you Feel Equal to Benevolent Extraterrestrials?

Alexandra: Hi everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com. And, for all of you that never heard of us before, imagine that! Please check us out! We have so many things at the website. You can check out our daily blog, we run 365 days a year. You can also check out all the cool options we have for you. Everything from the Implant Removal Series, to a new product we are going to talk about today. A new service, I should call it, which is the Spiritual Past Life Clearing. We have, of course my Violet Ray Essences, and we are going to talk a little bit about that.

This is an educational type interview today, because there’s just been way too many questions from so many of you around the world. And on top of that we have a whole bunch of other stuff to bring forth. We are going to talk about the temple and some cool announcements that we have. Just a whole bunch of cool stuff!

Now, I have Jerry Yusko with me. Jerry, I think your video is frozen. But that’s okay, as long as I can hear you. Are you there?

Jerry: I’m here.

Alexandra: Okay, cool. As long as everyone can see your face. (laugh) Even if it’s frozen. Now, today I want to start off by saying, I really, really, really, want to honor all you guys, for everything we have been going through. The latest news is that something popped open and there were a slew of demonic spirits that covered the whole planet, in the last 7 days. That’s kinda been a little bit of intel that I have been getting lately, and I kinda to want to talk to Jerry about that. We’ve got just so many things that we want to cover. And I do want to bring Jerry forth, cause he has got just such a wealth of knowledge about what he is running into and what he is seeing, the patterns with people these days. What we are all going through, what we are experiencing, where are we stuck, where are we not stuck. So these are the things, oh there you go. You’re here. These are the things will be really assisting all of us with the questions we have all the time, going through our heads. Like me! So everybody should know Jerry Yusko! He is basically like my brother. Totally! Huh Jerry?

Jerry: Yes

Alexandra: He puts up with me. Anyway we were talking we had, gosh, what? Like a 12 hour conversation the other day…

Jerry: At least that long

Alexandra: Yeah. We had a business meeting and it kinda went from one thing to another. And I said, gosh, we really should have an interview for this. So I want to start out right now by addressing a lot of the questions that people have, Jerry. And the first thing I think we should start off with is the basics, and that is, the Implant Removal Series. Like, why do you recommend that everyone do all 3? And you shared some really cool stuff with me, that I didn’t even know about. In fact everybody, just so you know, Reverend Pam Plauché is the one who originally initiated this series, this was completely brought forth to her magically and divinely. And Jerry was just saying to me, “Gosh, I kinda wish people could just come in and do it the other way around…” But it just doesn’t work that way. Because we are in the 3rd dimensional reality. We need to take care of our physical implant situation right away. Now Jerry, can you talk to us, a little bit, about how the 3 series, why they are so important, what parts of the body they are hitting and effecting?

Jerry: Okay, I have been doing this for a while for you now, and over time I have realized a pattern coming up between the IRP, Soul Alignment, and the DNA Activation. What I learned is the IRP is basically the implants of the 3D and etheric body. When I go in I go in and remove them all or deactivate them. And when I can’t change something… because I’m telling you, people hold on to things, what we decide on doing is energetically changing, I guess that would be, the component of what they were created from. And having something that is non-benevolent that was hurting you, against something benevolent would help you. If I find that the military has put something inside your brain, and normally from the testing I’ve done, most people have or at least 90% of the people I’ve done, anyway, always have implants on the side of their heads, the front, or the back of their heads along the neck area, the brain stem. Those can be deactivated. Most of the implants are on the meridian lines of the body. Some are used for tracking. Some are used for control. These are all basically implants you have had through contact. So if you have ever had contact you have been implanted. So sometimes you wake up and notice that you have somewhere on your body, 3 little dots, or 5 little dots, that you did have before that night…

Alexandra: Jerry, Tell everybody, I thought this was a trip, about the implants and the differences of the implants between star systems.

Jerry: Okay, What I found also is, during the first IRP, that they can also put implants in your astral body. If you astral project at night or you go somewhere, they don’t always need to tag your physical body, they can put implants in you when you are in an etheric state of energy. Or even inside your Avatar. And you will bring them back. Because you have to physically align to your physical body when you come back in your spirit form or your astral projection form. So you actually carry them over. That’s why when you wake up you will find out sometimes that you have a bloody nose or that you have marks on body or a bump or something. I found out implants are more than just one location. They can be physical, they can be etheric and then the one place I didn’t think they could ever do it but I found out, is in your essence.

Alexandra: Geez

Jerry: There is a back door that they went through. I’ve closed mine, because I was attacked one time through the essence which is the highest form of your being, highest form of energy. So now when I start doing the IRP, I do clean the body of any physical implants and if I cannot remove them I deactivate them, by either shattering them with a frequency or you can also turn them to a different component. From being a non-benevolent component that will hurt you to a benevolent component. But your spirit and I have to work together to get the body to agree with what you want inside you.

Alexandra: Interesting

Jerry: And basically they start dissolving at this point.

Alexandra: Wow. Do you find most of these implants very resistant to leave their host?

Jerry: Uh, some of them yes I have, I really have. On the aspect of whether you believe they are good for you, what race they’re coming from and how long you have had them in you. Because some people that have had these since childhood or teenagers, it’s a part of their cellular memory.

Alexandra: We were talking about, how long implants have been around. Can you talk a little bit about that? I thought it was pretty mind blowing. Your screen is frozen again.

Jerry: Okay.

Alexandra: Please bear with us everybody. If the screen is frozen you know why. We are already having internet issues.

Jerry: Okay. As far as I know about the implants they have been around since the Anunnaki came. But they were put in before actual physical implants, they were put in through the DNA. So basically they have also been controlling us through our DNA since each incarnation, because it’s inherent in the human physical body. That’s why I was telling you I think we should start with DNA first, and get rid of that, and then the Soul Alignment and then the IRP.

Alexandra: Interesting. Because so many people are so, almost impatient, anxious to get the implants removed, that, it’s not a very patient process for a lot of people.

Jerry: Okay. So even though I do the implant removal, with sound, with crystals with pyramids, with energetic energy, working on them myself, some people are going to find that, when I do that they might have residual effects. Which means that, it’s not supposed to be this way! Remember I told you, if you hold on to something for a long time, it’s like a person has their arm cut off, they feel like they have a phantom arm. Okay people are going to feel that. It depends whether it’s in their physical body, or their astral body. And you have to do both to clear them. So you have to look at both places.

Alexandra: What you’re saying is, even after the removal they are going to still feel that there because it’s been there for so long and it’s almost like getting a leg chopped off. You still feel the energetic imprint of it being there all along.

Jerry: Yes

Alexandra: Okay.

Jerry: And I’ll go back and I’ll rescan them and I don’t feel it. I don’t see it.

Alexandra: Interesting. That’s really interesting. So,

Jerry: But now remember, that’s why the Soul Alignment and the DNA are so important, because what I have discovered about the DNA is, the 2 DNA the original DNAs, if they are actual etheric… depending if it’s military, or what race it is, all the races put their implants upon the meridian lines, basically. Okay?

Alexandra: And tell them about that. Tell them about the difference star systems and their implants.

Jerry: Okay What I found out is, when the government is working with the military greys, they are the most lowest in form. They are the most biggest and not the easiest to find. But they do basically work at a higher frequency than most of the others. Like, if the military puts one in you can only find it in some kind of main valve of the meridian lines. Okay? meridian, sorry about that. If a Pleiadean puts an implant in you, they more or less do it in the etheric. Some of your tall white Zetas or greys or benevolent greys, may put them in your physical as well. It’s way of tracking you, it’s a way of identifying you. It’s a way of knowing where you’re at. Like if you had a GPS location on you. But there are some good things and bad things with implants.

Alexandra: Okay

Jerry: Sometimes they can remote control your actions by having through your avatar, if you wish to look at it that way. What all the problem is, this is where I was talking to you about… The more become underneath technological control, sometimes the more you get away from your spiritual growth of which you can do.

Alexandra: That makes sense.

Jerry: That’s why I basically have told you, that I keep myself pure. Because I want my natural talents as a human being to come through. Not being artificially induced by the aid of a mechanical machine.

Alexandra: Now talk to the audience about what you’ve seen with people that are holding for example the positive implants from their star families. Like, what your view is on that.

Jerry: Mine is, and I will speak personally, I know that I am from Atlantis. Okay ’cause I’ve seen my past life. I have met people who have seen me there. I remember coming here, from there.

Alexandra: Right

Jerry: From Sirius. Okay, but as I reincarnated into the physical body all these times, I realized that the indigenous people species of this world were actually of a higher vibration because they were in tune to the nature of this planet, they were born from this planet. And that’s basically what we had to do to in order to be able to shift our energy to become part of this world. That’s why we live in lower density. But at the time this planet was not low density. When we first arrived here, it was actually pretty high for the indigenous species of this world, because they had no natural predators. They lived in peace with everything. They weren’t ruled by technology. They were living through the spirit of… if you want to look at it like the native Americans used to do. What I have learned to do is, I believe that, as we are evolving at this point in time. From the (?) energy I was telling you about that’s coming in. We’re individually separate from people, in the aspect that we are responsible for our own spiritual growth…

Alexandra: Yes

Jerry: And if people don’t wish to evolve, they won’t. But if you wish to evolve you have the best opportunity right now with all this new energy coming in to evolve as far as you can. Or, become ascended if that is where you’re headed to. That’s all by taking in, getting rid of that which does not serve . And to me, implants, DNA not being aligned with the mind, body, the subconscious, soul, spirit and essence, is a deterrent from you reaching your highest potential of energy and actual resonate frequencies of which you can become by using your mind, to the fullest extent of what it used to be in the beginning. People talk about rainbow bodies going back to the natural purity of light… But the only way you can do that is not by being impeded by artificial implants, or by being an Avatar. But, by always learning how to be your true confident or spiritual identity. You don’t need an avatar or an artificial implant when you really start resonating to your true light of energy, of which we were talking about, that you wish to become. Does that make sense to you?

Alexandra: Yes it does.

Jerry: Then when I work with people that’s what I try to tell their spirits. If you don’t want to get rid of these at least change the vibrational energies of their component so they can work with your body instead of defeating you. What I mean by that is you’re underneath the influence of demands of an extraterrestrial race or even human. I find it strange sometimes that we believe that we need technology. When, you know me Alexandra, I can tell you, if I see something in you, you know, they call me a medical intuitive. I really can, I can see like an MRI machine sometimes or like an x-ray machine…

Alexandra: Yeah, you can…

Jerry: I can see auras. I can see like the instruments that we produce. And that’s all through my divine spirit wanting to use my brain to its fullest extent. And everyone can do that in my opinion.

Alexandra: Well in fact, tell everybody what you told me, when I said when we work together on the IRP what is your biggest #1 desire? And what did you tell me?

Jerry: I told you so much Alexandra (much giggling)

Alexandra: You did!

Jerry: And after 12 hours of talking, (more giggling)

Alexandra: But what you said was: you wanted to be the best healer, possible, on the planet.

Jerry: What? oh… I keep saying this. A one time Healer! And people in my profession, that do metaphysical think this is arrogant. Then I told you, no what I mean by that is, it’s energy transformation. If you came to me and you had implants in you I want to remove them all at one time. As you know we starting working on people that now have cancer. They have leukemia and have true medical diseases.

Alexandra: Yes

Jerry: And when I talk to my other constituents, they tell me well, people are like onions. You have to get to the core and why they got the disease and stuff. And I was telling you, yes I understand that. But, I am not worried about the core until I until get rid of the actual disease. And then we can start peeling away the layers of the like the onion, of why they got it. But the person at the time, like through beta healing, I really have respect for beta healing, you uncover the layers of people to get to the core so they can release it.

Alexandra: Yes.

Jerry: What some people don’t understand that core and it can take them a while to do that. A true healer, like what I wish to be, I go directly after the cancer, and destroying it. Then, once I get rid of it. Then talk to the person and say, let’s look at the reason you got this. So, therefore, you should not get it anymore.

Alexandra: That is just awesome. And in fact I felt like one of the things that you shared with me was, there is a paradigm within the healing community that states, that, you know, you don’t heal people without their permission. And can you share a little bit about that as to what your response was to that?

Jerry: Yeah. My response is really simple. You do have the right heal people without their permission. That’s an old dogma that they are teaching, but the new energy that’s coming in, if we’re to evolve to this higher energy that we claim that we wish to become, we have to start healing the diseases within people without their permission. Because we cannot let their disease affect the whole population of the human race. You are not stopping the first person from holding on to their belief of getting the disease. What you’re doing is killing the disease so it doesn’t affect you or other people anymore. And you do have the right to go…I have the right to heal myself around you. Just like, we right now say… I do not wish a smoker to be around me, because I don’t smoke. So why would I want to go around a person that has a disease, that might or might not be able to affect me? Especially if I have ability to clear that disease from them.

Alexandra: It’s just a completely different perspective. And, I really feel like it’s gonna continue to evolve in the healing community. Because, we are at a place where we need to become more proactive with all the darkness that’s… you know, that accumulated. We need to become more assertive, I should say!

Jerry: Well here’s the thing. As we go up in vibration, and we truly walk in our mastery, we will gain different abilities, like I was telling you, like telekinesis, mental telepathy, the ability to transport our bodies from one place to another, we’ll be able to do all kinds of things, but it comes with a responsibility of truly walking in your identity, of not wanting to hurt or harm anyone else. And as you gain in that energy, just like Buddha’s energy could be seen from 50 miles away. Christ, the same thing… the aura, you are going to project healing as you pass through people anyway.

Alexandra: (agree)

Jerry: And people will be attracted to you. Remember your main healers, sometimes all you had to do was just touch their clothes to be healed. Now here’s the thing: people believed that they had to have faith in the person that they were working with to heal them. The great thing I’m finding out is, even if you don’t believe in me, when I talk spiritually to you, that transformation of energy is actually sent to the body with the way that I work. And in the Temple Class that I was telling you about, that’s the way that I go about it. We remove everything negative as far as the implants and stuff like that go. From your body, your mind, your subconscious, your soul, your spirit. Then we bring down the higher aspects of what you are and the higher energy that will stop that from happening again. So you basically become your own white light of protection against aliens or anything else. Now, I told you before I could only work with a person from A-Y, and then they had to become their own Z.

Alexandra; Yeah, I really liked the way you said that.

Jerry: That’s why I was talking to you about teaching people how to carry their own energy, which is really important.

Alexandra: So, the other thing is, talk a little bit about the affiliation with implants and the fall. Remember we talked about that. I thought it was very interesting.

Jerry: Are you talking about the fall of humanity?

Alexandra: Yes

Jerry: Okay. If I remember correctly, we talked about so much, so bear with me for a moment.

Alexandra: That’s Okay.

Jerry: Some people believe that our star family is going to come back and rescue us. And that’s debatable. But I look at it this way, the human race, if we actually come into our own power, we don’t need our star families to come back to save us because we’ve learned how to save ourselves. That’s what I am saying about the implants. It’s very important to get the implants removed so you learn how to become the spirit of what you came here. One of the reasons I came here, Alexandra, was not only to teach people, but to go back into the truth of the species, being human. And I will always believe and I have told you this before, I believe that humans were transparent beings that were sent from heaven to earth. And we were the best of the creations of beings at that time. And… I don’t know if I should get into this story. Didn’t I tell you, you don’t come 10,000 light years, to a new planet, just to mate with the lower primates. We had to be something more of a higher indigenous species. We were spiritual beings, and I believe that, the Anunnaki and every other race that came could realize what we were in the spirit of continuity of our creation of physical body.

Alexandra: Now that’s really key. I just want everybody to really get what he just said. Which is, why did so many different star races, attempt to come in a lower dimension to reach humanity? Okay, now basically Jerry’s saying, and I was laughing so hard, when he was saying, hey if you want to get it on, and you’re already of a higher, you know, dimensional predisposition, at the point, why are you going to go to such a low dimensional level, to do that? Right?

Jerry: Right.

Alexandra: Okay, so think about that. I just want you guys to think about that, a very interesting point. Go ahead Jerry.

Jerry: We were not low density at all. We could do a lot of what their machine were doing. And look at the human race and look at, how many people can be healers or clairvoyant or psychic or have great intuition. Or are even empathic to each other.

Alexandra: It’s true.

Jerry: The empathic people can actually feel things that other people feel. But they need to learn how to control that ability, so they can become healers, to correct or to help someone who they feel something… they’re feeling something from another person.

Alexandra: Right.

Jerry: You know, so we had great gifts at the time, too. As I was telling you, I go back to the beginning of time when I start working with people. Before the creation of life. Then I find I’m right at moment of that split second of life when life came into existence, and believe it or not the one thing I find out more than anything else at that very moment, we’re all created equal. There is no discernment of our energy within universal source. The only thing that changed, was the vibrational energy of what we became in order to live within in a 3D reality. That changed according to the type of planet that was evolving, and the density we needed to live on that planet with. What kind of physical structure. That’s why you will have insectoid looking beings. Or you’ll you have humanoid looking beings. Or you’ll have different reptilian types of beings. Because it all had to do with the environment, where the sun was located, and what kind of planet they were living on. But the quest of knowledge and the spiritual connection was always the same.

Alexandra: Now you said something to me about how there were 3 particular races that you just didn’t mess around with. They had proven to you over and over and over again that they were just totally, absolutely of the dark. And that were not supporting humanity in any way and they were not capable of embracing the light or changing their ways. Which 3 did you feel that about?

Jerry: The non-benevolent greys, which are basically military. Because to me, not all greys are bad.

Alexandra: I agree

Jerry: Ah reptilians, which are basically a controlling, dominating, self serving race, in my opinion. Not that they are all bad, but the ones that work against your higher development of becoming spiritual … anything that stops you from becoming the true enlightenment of what you are, to me is wrong. The other one is the Anunnaki . And then are some fallen angels that are also bad.

Alexandra: Now aren’t there some good Anunnaki too?

Jerry: There are some good. There is good and bad in everything.

Alexandra: That’s what I thought.

Jerry: Okay, here’s the thing, you have to use discernment. And it’s not just how you vibrate with them. It’s 3 things that you have to learn. One is the vibration. How can you get close? Can you be in each other’s field of energy? How do you resonate with them? How comfortable do you feel? How do you feel spiritually? You know how we sum people up really quickly? Like first impressions?

Alexandra: Right or how much do you feel that you can relax and let your hair down, and be trusting, in their company?

.Jerry: Right. And then the other thing that people don’t talk about is, how do you harmonize with them? How do they flow with your thoughts or mind set? Do they go along with your morality, your belief systems, your spiritual growth?

Alexandra: hmm..

Jerry: And in the beginning they might do that, if they start changing and bringing in ideas that you do not believe in, like power or domination over other people and stuff. That’s the time to start questioning who and what they truly are.

Alexandra: True.

Jerry: You have to take the responsibility of always being in your own power by knowing who you are spiritually. And don’t look at yourself as a physical component to their present position. If you ever wish to be equal to anything in this universe, remember what you are spiritually to them, and then that connection to God of what we are created from, and you’ll always be equal to them in spirit.

Alexandra: Well, and we’re really going through another transformation within the spiritual community, from the standpoint that, there was a period of time, it was very important to seek out master teachers for example. And have them assist you. And you know what, frankly we’re all teachers to one another.

Jerry: True.

Alexandra: Everyone is teaching everyone. And we’re now at a place where we really are being hailed to step in to our own authority.

Jerry: And this is why the Soul Alignment is so important. Because when you get the Soul Alignment I match it up with your spiritual. Your spirit, your soul, your subconscious, you mind and your body. So they all resonate the same vibrational energy. So they are in temporal harmony as well, okay. So you don’t have a conflict any more within you. One of the biggest things that we’re talking about is, why we go up and down on the roller coaster sometimes. It’s because when you don’t have harmony within yourself, your subconscious can play games upon you. And you don’t always choose which is the best action for yourself.

Alexandra: Very true! And then if you’re implanted then you have a double entendre, because the implants, as Jerry has confirmed, they really, truly are sending out a looping thought pattern. Like there is a program that the implant is looping. We see a lot of this through the emails before they have the implants out. One of the things that many people hear .. over and over again, we hear people say that there is literally an audible voice saying that’s telling them that they should commit suicide. Okay, that’s one. The second one is, we hear people that say you don’t matter, you have no value, you don’t mean anything. You hear that program. What’s another one that’s really big? Those are the two I run into a lot.

Jerry: Self worth

Alexandra: Yes!

Jerry: Identity…

Alexandra: Yes Identity, that’s the third one. It’s basically, literally obliterating your identity.

Jerry: Oh, and making you believe you have no purpose.

Alexandra: And no purpose. So think about it, that is what we are doing right now. We all have been implanted. Whether we ask for it or not. And we are kind of dealing with realigning ourselves so that we can step back into who we really are. We hear that all the time, Oh God! Everybody tells me, I need to remember who I really am. What would you say to them? It’s so overused.

Jerry: It is, the thing is once you take your responsibilities for your actions, and you stand within your moment of being present right now, and you look at yourself and you say to yourself, I am a fourteen year old learning spirit. I had to learn something. Start showing me what I have learned. This goes back to teaching the temple again. It’s removing the old energy patterns that you had and start bringing in the higher energy of what you are. And what I found out when I work with people, especially on the Soul Alignment and the DNA, the more that we remove from them, the more we release that which does not serve and bring in their higher self, they will actually feel more in tune to remembering who they are. Because, one thing that people should start realizing is intuition will start going up. Knowing stuff that you have never been taught will start just coming into your mind. Because truth is universal. It stands the test of time. And the one thing we have to realize is, we’re all going have underlying the same truth, but we the words we use to convey it, is ’cause not all people are on the same level of hearing the vibrational energy of what way we project it. So you and I could be saying in a classroom the same identical things, Alexander, but you will use different words maybe than I do..

Alexandra: I am giggling Jerry, cause you always call me Alexander. I am sure that the audience catches that. (More giggles)

Jerry: I do and I am sorry!

Alexandra: I think it must be a past life thing. And we will get into that in minute, guys. Because that’ll be an interesting story. I don’t mean to interrupt just keep going where you were going.

Jerry: Alexandra! Okay? Once you stand in your own power and you start aligning yourself to your truths, you will start realizing that, like with me I believe, cause I know I am, equal to a lot of the extraterrestrials out there.

Alexandra: Good point!

Jerry: Because I have worked with them and I have been taught by them but now, I’m teaching them. I’m teaching them what it is to be human. Because I have lived so many lifetimes of being human.

Alexandra: That’s really cool.

Jerry: And the same thing with you once you start taking the responsibility of what you truly wish to be, and your identity. Your identity comes in from your spirit. Your spirit knows who you are Alexandra. It’s just a matter of trusting your intuition when you bring it down within you by releasing the old programming. And claiming what you want and then seeing the manifestation of what you have proclaimed come to pass.

Alexandra: Right

Jerry: That’s when you know you are on the right track. And that’s what’s been happening to me.

Alexandra: Also don’t you think the other part of that – it’s not easy for people is they’ve been so wounded, they’ve been so let down, they’ve been so disappointed, they’ve been abused, they’ve been humiliated, I mean there’s just so much scar tissue so to speak, that just allowing their spirit to come through them and manifest is challenging. What would you say to them regarding that?

Jerry: Well there’s where we go back to the spirit, and the DNA and stuff, ’cause what I was telling you yesterday in fact, the thing about DNA is you can manipulate it, control it and put in programming that will basically make it so that you can’t arise to your fullest potential. You have to override that programming. Some people call it coding, okay, I call it the restructure of your full potential to become back into the light of a physical being or human being at that point. So, this is really strange, remember I was telling you yesterday that, when I look at people’s DNA, they always will have 2 strands. They also more gaining more strands right now. It’s not that the two are actually being repaired. They are to some degree because of new energy. But it was easier for us to come into new higher vibrational energy by bringing in new strands of DNA that will overwrite the old programming.

Alexandra: You also talked about how because the original strands of DNA had been tweaked so much and had been contaminated so much it was just easier to start anew.

Jerry: Yes and it is. And what I found out about that is – I know that a lot of people want to have a lot of high DNA, I have 32 strands or I have 72 strands. From everything I’ve seen very few people have that. Because energetically they’re not going to be able to use them to their potential. Because our physical bodies and density will prevent us from doing that. It’s just common physics at that point. You can’t run a 1000 watt light bulb if you are only pushing 100 watts of energy into it.

Alexandra: Good point.

Jerry: You know…

Alexandra: Distinguish what you mean by having 72 strands of DNA.

Jerry: Okay. I met people that claim that they have – and they’ll call them different things – have an extraterrestrial, or have a spiritual or have chakra colored DNA. Or I have different strands of DNA from different races within me. And people just give them strange names, okay. Vibrational temporal energy DNA, so I can transport myself from one planet to another and stuff. When I really look into a person you don’t need that many strands. What you really need is the vibrational energy to go through the strands, to be able to encompass and literally go through the subatomic particles of the body. So they become vibrationally in harmony, in resonant frequency with the energy that is actually coming through you, through those strands. So, if you have 2 strands of DNA of human, and then you have 2 more, okay so, so now you have 4 strands total. With those other two, if you start to use this energy coming in from the galactic center, I’ve been talking about, if you train yourself while you meditate, you can start developing intuitive ability. You can truly start becoming and people have done this, the ability to start being more physic or being a healer. And it seems like it’s a transformation overnight. But it’s how you harness that actual energy. And that’s why I say, I want to be a one time healer, of the disease that you have. It doesn’t mean that I can cure your whole life, it means I can go after exactly what I am looking for within your body and change the resonant frequency of it, or create of pattern of energy that will destroy it.

Alexandra: Right on.

Jerry: Okay. And that is what you actually do but you have to train your DNA, your new DNA to be able to work with it. The more spirit you bring into yourself, the more you bring your body from density to lightened energy. And this is what some people call the rainbow body. I just call it the new transformation of your awakening to your true identity.

Alexandra: So there’s like an overkill, within the DNA hub out there. A lot of people out there are doing a lot of DNA clearing and that sort of thing. So what you’re saying is, just because of the physical state that we live in, at this moment, you know, once you pass a certain number of strands you’re really, not at this point, capable of using those?

Jerry: Are you going to know how to use them?

Alexandra: Okay.

Jerry: If you are asking, if I have 72 strands which I don’t, but let’s say I claim that, okay, I should be transformed from that energy, that DNA information and coding, I should probably have all the answers to the universe. Don’t you think? (giggles)

Jerry: I mean I should not have any physical problems. And I should have no limitations on what I can accomplish and do, because that DNA basically resonates with my mind to basically charge it to at least – if I’m not using 100% of it, I would say more than 50% of it. Because what’s the use of having DNA strands if you are not going use the incorporation of the information within them?

Alexandra: I do know a couple of people right off that bat, that claim to have very high numbers of DNA strands activated and they are capable of seeing everything. That their clairvoyance is 100%, basically.

Jerry: I am glad you brought that up because you can do that. Okay there are two ways you can do that that I know of. One, because you can be born empathic anyway and that can truly help you more, or you can be born with intuition and have that ability naturally and that just keeps amplifying it. And two, remember I told you it depends on how much you walk in the power of your identity? And how spiritual you are? Spirituality does not mean perfection. To me it does not mean perfection. It means you take responsibility for the actions that you create against other people without blaming them for the actions that you created. Did you get that?

Alexandra: Yes. And think that, that’s just a huge sentence for all of us to meditate on.

Jerry: Okay when I work with people I take the responsibility. That doesn’t mean I don’t call in masters when I need them or the archangels when I need them and stuff. But I take the responsibility of learning from them to be able to (use?) my own higher vibrational energy as well to do what they already know how to do. So they have taught me how to do something that I had to request. Because if I always call on my teachers to help me am I truly learning how to stand on my own?

Alexandra: Good point.

Jerry: No I’m not. There has to be I point where I say, I take the responsibility to heal this human through this form of energy. And this is what I was telling you about earlier. I claim myself as a follower of the energy of what Christ was teaching. But it doesn’t mean I am a Biblical person, it means I looked at the energy that he was using to be able to do as he claimed, and showing people that he could do. And that’s my energy source. But that can go to anyone, I could that with Buddha or any source I tap into. That is the thing you don’t imitate the person, who had an ability. You learn how to utilize the energy of what they tapped into through universal source, to become that energy.

Alexandra: Very good

Jerry: So when you need it, and become equal to all living creation.

Alexandra: Wow, I just went into another universe folks.. Sorry about that. Well,

Jerry: That’s why it’s so important to get the DNA done first because once you get the clearing of the DNA, you get rid of the Anunnaki influence. You get rid of – as you used to call it – the Medusa tentacles, okay. At the back of the brain, the brain stem. You get rid of so much negative polluting energy that’s been throughout your reincarnations in time.

Alexandra: I would have to say, since I have undergone the entire series, there is just no question how radical my life has changed. Everything from empowerment, to manifestation, to my ability to connect with a blade of grass. The impediments are not felt. The constant talk within my head of, oh wow, why should I even bother doing that…you fixed your camera… Or I’ve done that 50 times and it never worked before, so why even bother. It really has given me a much bigger zest for moving forward. And I imagine you hear that from a lot of people.

Jerry: Yes. And I’m very grateful. Remember all the people that we work with, Alexandra, the only the healing that I’m truly doing is the healing that they allow me to do with them. Because truly are healing themselves. All I do is help guide them to the healing that they need by having the energy and holding that space of energy for them.

Alexandra: Right, right and everybody we talked about this because we are a two part partnership here, we work together. He does the actual extractions and healings, I do the alchemy and support. I work on such a similar type of process and operation as Jerry does and we never even talked about it. Right Jerry? We’d just done our own thing and then we finally actually compared it very detailed yesterday. And I was just blown away. That we did so many of the same types of things, and I say to people all the time, when I am doing the alchemy work they are present. Their higher self is there. It is contributing, it is motivating the session. It is requesting. It is dictating sometimes. You’re there. I am always call in your guides and teachers that are currently working with you, just so that everyone is there to support you, and we’re in a very loving and comfortable environment. So you are getting everything covered. Because even on that level once Jerry is finished with the extraction, what’s the first thing, Jerry, that you feel people need to remember once they’re had this finished? Once the implants are pulled out. Let’s just talk about the implant removal. What’s the very first thing that you wish people would remember?

Jerry: That they are going to go through a new energy shift. That it’s time – they should look at what they want to replace that energy that was just removed. Any time you remove something you should always replace it with something else. That’s what I help them do. Then they should sit down because they have cellular memory spots in their body. Replace it with love, meditate for 5 minutes with your own self, and say I feel empowered. I am one with my own identity and so I remember who I am. And literally give them permission and honor their physical creation for this time. So they can’t be implanted anymore. They have start bringing up their own physical vibration. Remember I told you I can go from A to Y? After that implant, remember we were talking, it’s so important that they understand now it’s up to them what they want from life. What they wish to do. Because once you are no longer under control, you’re free.

Alexandra: Yes

Jerry: Okay, and then that means they need to learn about the different species, or they need to learn about how to stay empowered. Then there’s where we should either offer them classes or they should go and learn. Because they are not going to be the same people. And some people will feel that change and they won’t know how to understand their new identity.

Alexandra: Yes, And that’s where the essences and oils come in, it’s such a huge ingredient in assisting you. Number one, a lot of times people don’t realize that on the inner plane what I’m really doing is, I am challenging you, I am asking you to get clarity with what you want to do with your life. I am also initiating you, I am anointing you, and I am preparing you. So it is just a myriad of different things, depending on which process we are working with. But I’m also preparing you so that as you walk away from this process you are doing exactly what Jerry says, you’re starting to get some inkling, some clarity, some shifting, some Ah-Has, some hunches, some feelings where ‘Oh, that would be really cool for me to go ahead and do’. You know and even just that small little change right there is huge! That’s where the door starts cracking open.

Jerry: Speaking of what you do, you made me product and I took it on Friday. I have to admit, whatever you did, it vibrates with me really well. I could feel it from the first moment I took it, and I have been taking it…

Alexandra: Awesome

Jerry: I don’t know if you made it directly custom for me? I think you did.

Alexandra: I did, it’s personalized for you.

Jerry: I could actually feel the effects of it right away. I mean as soon as it started going into my metabolism and blood stream. I could feel my frontal lobe pulse vibrating, I could feel the back of my head being stimulated. I could almost feel like I was flowing with the energy of it.

Alexandra: Fantastic! Love to hear that!

Jerry: Thank you for making that.

Alexandra: You are welcome!

Jerry: I don’t normally endorse anything, but I hope you keep that line up because sometimes I find out when I am working with people, I should recommend some of the products you make because they really do need this to vibrate with their physical body at that moment. I think it would help them even if didn’t ask questions. Just like with me, what you gave me actually stimulated my mind.

Alexandra: Fantastic (clapping) I am so glad!

Jerry: That new product line or whatever it is you gave me, that customized anointment or remedy or what ever you want to call it…

Alexandra: Yeah I made you a customized oil blend as well, and I put my alchemy into that.

Jerry: That was powerful…

Alexandra: (Laughter)

Jerry: I wanted to thank you for that, I didn’t get a chance because I just started taking it.

Alexandra: Good

Jerry: Even from yesterday to today I could feel it.

Alexandra: Fantastic and that’s only the first day.

Jerry: But it resonates with me. And I hope people don’t mind if I feel like they need something like that I would like start recommending that they do take customized products from you. Because, I have taken stuff from other people but, that blend I could feel it right away and if you noticed for a moment I kinda drifted out of there.

Alexandra: (more giggles) He did you guys, he literally was talking to me and he stopped mid sentence and went (imitating Jerry’s vacant expression) (waving hand) I say Jerry (waving hand) you there? (more giggles) But I am glad to hear that. You know I am so honored to do be really stepping into my gifts. And I gotta tell ya, Jerry you have been such a motivator as well as a friend in the fact that you motivated me to say I want to the best alchemist on the planet! You know, and that’s what I love to do, I love what I do. So yeah that’s my personalized line. That’s basically, where if people want an essence made very specifically for their energetic blue print. But I also have a whole line of products for other stuff.

Jerry: Okay but that particular one, I have been affected by yours before but this one seemed like it went straight to the cellular level for some reason.

Alexandra: It does, that’s where I go.

Jerry: Okay,

Alexandra: Thank you that’s such a compliment that you noticed that. And in such a short period of time, too!

Jerry: I’m sensitive (laugh). But I was also, when you told me all the different things you do without knowing how balanced we are with our energy with what we do for the people we help. It’s amazing it’s almost like we work in tandem in terms of each other is doing…

Alexandra: Exactly! I am not kidding guys, we never talked about this I have never shared the details of what I did because as Jerry said, it is a very intimate moment. I know that all the healers that are listening to this can totally relate. That when you are working with someone it’s almost like being in the bedroom without your clothes on. Except you’re with spirit ’cause your heart is so wide open and you really want to bring in that light and bring in the ability assist the person to release what’s holding them back.

Jerry: There was something else that we were talking about, well two things, we discussed this before. Classes for people, things that they can learn to keep going, but once you gone through the 3 processes and now we have added a fourth, the Spiritual Past Life Clearing.

Alexandra: I really want you to talk to everybody about this, before you dive in, I just want everyone to know, I kind of hid the new widget up on my column in the website. I just kinda slid it up there I didn’t even make a statement, I didn’t promote it or anything and we got a handful of orders. And I hadn’t even experienced it yet with Jerry. We had just talked about it and Jerry received a very strong calling and wanted to get this going right away, so I went into my alchemy workshop and came up with feed back, and that is the same as the implant removal, by the way. It is so massive as to how it literally kick starts a whole new part of your life, that those have to be personalized on my end. Jerry please tell them a little bit about how the spiritual past life clearing came about.

Jerry: Well this is different from the IRP, the Soul Alignment or DNA. This is personal unto you. Not only is it karma clearing but it is understanding your identity by going back through different past lives in which you were, who you were, and some of your past lives. I hope I said that correctly. Because I was thinking about… ’cause I remember seeing yours today, you just flashed like you were … it looked like the 10th century. But anyway, I don’t know why that came up. But what we do in the Spiritual Past Life Clearing is I go on a journey with you and find out why you are having trauma, why you are having the set backs you are doing today? What can be changed, what is holding you back? What were your fears? And literally removing blocks or areas, or changing energetic energy within your past. A lot of people do this but, when you’re connected you can also walk with me if you’re in tune and actually see your past life.

Alexandra: Very cool

Jerry: And, the other thing is, we call you up and I talk to you and I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening and we will go through and we will spend time clearing those patterns right there on the phone with you. Helping you right at this moment, clearing also what is blocking you now from what was blocking you from the past. And find out what kind of pattern is holding you back. The great thing about it is, you help create the essence for them and if you do the one that you did for me for them, they would definitely being going through a mind trip at that point.

Alexandra: ( much laughter) Wow! It’s like LSD in a bottle.

Jerry: It was like spiritual growth in a bottle. I just know that it had an effect on me, because I felt it right away. I didn’t have to take it for 3 or 4 days to feel the effect. I felt it immediately.

Alexandra: That’s what I am striving to do. I’m much like you in the fact that, I want the essences I put out there to be an immediate effect. Even if the individual doesn’t necessarily feel it.

Jerry: The other thing, just like with you, how you were telling me that you put people – their bottles inside crystals put their bottles underneath certain energies and stuff? The same thing before I work with a person I do a printout of every single person that I do, and I anoint them, I put them underneath a pyramid grid. I put them underneath clearing rods. I put them underneath sound tones – 528 is the loving DNA repairing. There are different tones I work with. Remember I was telling you about the guy who does the sound frequencies? I work with him and I can set up my room to play all these different sounds for healing. And since I have your picture out especially with the Spiritual Past Life Clearing I use different sounds to start helping you vibrate into your calmest state of being long before I ever start working on you. So if your appointment is on Friday, sometimes I’ll start either on Tuesday or Wednesday and already get your picture and have everything done, start working with you right then and there with energetic energy, transformation, confirming things. Sometimes I find out that people need a lot of healing. And that’s where the Spiritual Past Life Clearing comes in. It’s doing all that healing that they truly need.

Alexandra: I’ve got to tell you, by the way your camera is frozen again, I really felt such an amazing presence and warmth, I mean I felt the whole experience it was beautiful. But the main thing, I have to say folks is, the information afterwards, he told me over 50 lives that I have had. And he was able to look at the pattern. And I know this is going to surprise a lot of you, that I was a male in quite a few of my lifetimes. Right? And he was able to explain to me when I stepped fully into my feminine. What century that was. What was the one thing that really derailed me, Atlantis, by the way. And what was I on fire to do now. Where do I go from here, what exactly is my ultimate thing that I need to accomplish. That you cannot even put a price tag on. I mean seriously, I am still reeling over some of the information you gave me.

Jerry: Thank You

Alexandra: It’s really, really, really good and I already have my essences and oils made for me. So I am ready to go. It’s going to be quite an interesting experience. We do recommend you check it out. We have a widget on the left column of the website. There there is a page up there where you can read up on it. I have to say of all the people who have done it thus far everyone has had a radical shift in one way, shape or form. And it is one of those things, if you really want to clean out your closet, this is the way to do it. Huh, Jerry?

Jerry: Yes it is, and then if you wish to keep it clean by bringing in what you truly want, and we talked about this – offering classes to our clients that will actually keep them empowered. Because you won’t have fear. Because fear will be eliminated from their psyche.

Alexandra: Yes. So that’s the next thing we want to talk to you guys about . I’ve always had a huge desire when I started Galactic Connection to be a one-stop shop. To be a hub that provides a multitude of different types of things that we’re really are all needing. We all know that, Jerry and I do a lot of work with the healer community. We want to be there to provide that safe and secure and … and you know just try to be experts in our field, you know, so to speak, because we need to be that to support all of you. I take that very seriously. So with all the emails that have come in we really want to address the ongoing daily activity of, just simply having to walk through this matrix. Having to cope with the dissonance when you get to such a high frequency. So we are going to start throwing some classes. Jerry do you want to talk to them a little bit about that. It is broken down into 3 parts, right?

Jerry: It is, that would be becoming a master through living through your temple and that is basically learning how to become what you truly are by getting rid of that that does not serve, from your Z point of being. You can literally create anything you want. But in order to do that, I’ve seen the manifestation in me actually happen, with other students as well, once you stop believing that the outside world controls you, and the only thing that limits you is your belief internally, you can change the whole world around! In fact that is why I keep saying I wish to be and AM a one time healer of the particular disease that you have.

Alexandra: And not only that Jerry, we are at a time right now, where we really need to clean up everything that has occurred on this planet. Nobody is going to do that for us. You know we do have support from our galactic brothers and sisters but, we still have to be the ones to jump out of our youth and then become fully into our adulthood. With that adulthood we really do step into becoming mastered, meaning, mastered in what our special gift is, because every one of us has an incredible, beautiful gift to bring forth, we all have such a uniqueness and an individuality. And you should never, never, never lose that. What I like about these classes is, he’s describing how to align the body, soul, spirit, the subconscious, ego, and the daily goings on of just being this very high vibrational spirit but having to step into this low vibrational environment.

Jerry: True. Well, I am teaching classes right now, and like I told the students we don’t live in a world that you can go to a monastery for 20 years to become clear. What the temple does, it took me a year and a half to get to where I wanted to be, but now that I am there, you have seen the changes in me, I have said on this date things will start happening and they do. I have taken ownership of who I am. I have no doubt of my purpose, my identity, or who I am anymore. I live it. And that’s the thing once you start doing that, you actually walk your walk.

Alexandra: Yes

Jerry: You are going to be able to tell the difference. A student comes to learn from a teacher and the difference between them is the student will learn the information but talk some of it and probably live none of it, or very little of it. The teacher will talk it a lot more but walk only a certain percentage of it. That’s how you can tell the difference between them because of how they react to the world around them. But a master gets to the point, where not only do they teach the information, they are walking what they proclaim to be true unto them.

Alexandra: They are walking in impeccability

Jerry: Yes, and you can see that. They don’t even have to tell you who they are. Because you can feel their energy resonating from them.

Alexandra: And, I just feel like it’s screaming at me, that we all need this kind of support. Because we are going through radical changes. I mean within our bodies you know, within our thought patterns. Even if you are not doing anything, right? Jerry, it’s like there is so much changing, that we are just trying to cope with that alone.

Jerry: And that’s true. One more things I teach people is, and this is an old paradigm, stop depending upon the white light coming around you. Or having other people bring white light to you.

Alexandra: Please talk about…

Jerry: Be your own white light!

Alexandra: Are you there Jerry?

Jerry: Can you hear me?

Alexandra: Yeah I can hear you but, talk about why you tell people, your screen is frozen again, tell everybody why you tell people not to pull in their white light.

Jerry: Because, when we are in a group of people, we all have different vibrations, we all harmonize at different resonant frequencies, okay? And I don’t who you are bringing in or what you’re bringing in. Even though I know it’s supposed to be benevolent. But even the higher entities, like at one time Lucifer was of the white light and he still believes he is. He has a different preconception of what God’s plans were for creation than his own.

Alexandra: Okay.

Jerry: So Lucifer could come easily into white light even if you are saying no non-benevolent beings. Because if you don’t look at yourself that way you’re going to just follow the energy. Because it is vibrational, it’s not the name. That’s what I’m saying. You have to learn to change your perception of understanding what energy is. We talk about vibration all the time, but do you really understand what vibration truly is? And you have to understand that entities they can think of themselves as being of light because they think that they’re vibrating in that vibration. And I know people say no they are dark, they’re this and that. To us they are because we would not do the same impulsive things that they would do. We are not as immoral, or we are not as corrupt and stuff like that as they are. But if you are in that paradigm of thinking, you’re thinking you’re doing the right thing. That’s way there are so many different forms of government, so many different forms of religion. Because they think what they are doing is right for them at the time. You can’t tell a Muslim that their faith is any less valuable than a Christian. Because it’s a mind set.

Alexandra: Right, right…

Jerry: But they can both say, they of the light, can’t they?

Alexandra: Correct. Absolutely

Jerry: That is why I am saying, don’t bring in the light, learn how to become the light of your divine own creation. That’s what becoming a master teaching is all about.

Alexandra: Okay now, with that said, I was in a very large mediation one day with a large group of people. You know, one of the people said, ‘Oh well you know if we all have good intentions and we just come a position of love, that we don’t have worry about any kind of darkness. We don’t have to worry about any psychic attack or anything like that’. What would be your response to that?

Jerry: I would basically say, it might be true unto you, but for who I am and what I know, that doesn’t work for me. Will you take responsibility of anything happening to me if your light contaminates where I’m at energetically? Because what happens if I am on a lower vibration than you? Or, if I am on a higher vibration than you. And you can’t handle the frequency or the energy that I’m bringing in?

Alexandra: Okay. And another thing is if somebody is not on the same, you don’t even have to use high and low, let’s just say they’re not on the same vibration frequency radio station as me, okay, so they may not be privy, or focused, or what am I trying to say? Predisposed to assuring that their field is very anchored, for a lack of better terms, to prevent a dark being from coming through my light.

Jerry: Very true.

Alexandra: Okay. So this is where I have issues in the spiritual community, where we could have great intentions, yeah, we could all come from a position of love, ’cause I really don’t doubt this with anyone. But what it really gets down to it’s not a criticism it’s more we just have more work to do, folks. We are just starting all of this out if you think about it.

Jerry: True. And who better than you to know, how you resonate and vibrate with your own divinity of self .

Alexandra: Yes, you know and I have said this to people before that is why I am a really huge proponent, I am curious to hear what you have to say about that, I am not a huge proponent, at this stage, of these big massive meditations. They are doing right now. Because it has absolutely been proven that the darker factions on the planet, they know a lot. They know how to finagle and manipulate these energies. Think about it folks, they have had a long time to analyze us and to figure us out. Far more than we have. Because we have been under a veil. So they know how to extort those frequencies for their own benefit.

Jerry: True. And you are saying the darkness rarely works against its own best interest?

Alexandra: Correct.

Jerry: It is the perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Alexandra: Right.

Jerry: That’s why it comes down for you being responsible for truly understanding who you are. So you cannot be taken in by a falsehood belief of someone else being able to give you what you already have unto yourself, your own light.

Alexandra: And that’s huge! That statement, right there is just massive! If each and everyone of us worked on just that alone, we don’t necessarily have to be in group meditations to get that folks. We are, each and every one of us, individually, extremely powerful souls. What I usually recommend to people, Jerry, is to tap into the guardian grid. Send in your frequency, your energy, your transmission, whatever your messages, send it into the grid. It doesn’t mean necessarily that we have to, all on the planet, get together. We do need unification, but, I guess my question to you is, what do think is the most effective way to unify?

Jerry: By not fearing each other in our own individuality of where we stand within our complacency of what we bring forth to each other.

Alexandra: Wow

Jerry: What I mean by that is: and it goes back to this recent thing, how do I vibrate with you? How do I resonate with you? And how is our harmony in the same identity of what we wish to create for humanity? So, even if you came to me, if even you were wearing sheep’s clothing and you were a wolf, because I stand strong in my identity I would be able to know that and you would fall from me.

Alexandra: Vibrationally?

Jerry: Right vibrationally, because you would not be able to mask the other 2 criteria, okay, and the unity comes in from serving the best interest in my opinion, of all of humanity, regardless of our belief systems so we can unite within what we’re trying to all gain, which is a higher vibration of enlightenment to become one back into source in the aspect of how live in harmony upon this whole planet in unity. So we don’t have these conflicts of war, of poverty, of one person believing that they’re better than another person because of the physical location of birth. Or identity which we bestow upon each another because of the wording of a name, like you are an ambassador or you are this or you are that. Okay? When we see each other equally, as spirits and what we have achieved in our growth, in unification of how we are connected to source to become the best of creation again,

Alexandra: Right, and also just to respect one another for the gifts and the power that they carry. How cool would it be if all of us were totally in our power. There would be no necessity for competition. There would be necessity to feel intimidated. There would be no necessity to feel like you have to sabotage or to feel insecure or to feel unworthy. All of that would go out the window if we all fully acknowledged our own power. And it’s not like what you are saying Jerry, it’s not power coming from your ego, it’s power coming from your heart. And from your spirit. A very different way of feeling powerful.

Jerry: Yes.

Alexandra: Wow! So, tell us a little bit about the temple classes. Just give a little low down on that. Just so everybody knows we are both preparing to up to ECETI ranch. I will be a speaker at ECETI ranch. James Gilliland’s conference that he does every year around July 4th and I am honored to be up there to speak, I cannot wait. So I invite all of you to come and have a lot of fun and play. I already found out I will be speaking Thursday morning. So please come and see us. The tickets are really reasonable for the whole weekend. There’s going to be some really interesting stuff there. As everybody knows this is an area that has a gazillion portals. And a lot of UFO activity, and quite a bit of contact activity. Which we are planning to hope to do ourselves. So while we are preparing for that I may or may not get these classes going before we leave. I don’t know Jerry, I don’t know how busy you are and how busy I am. But this is our plan this will be going up shortly. We are going to start to present them through a teleconference kind of layout where you’ll have his handouts on the actual screen as you listen to him talk and then he goes through some experiential stuff, right? That’s in the second one.

Jerry: Yes. The first class I broke down into 3 parts. Because the first class is the over all information. The second class is fine tuning what you learn and seeing how your mantras and everything are working for you. And then fine tuning them. And the third is whether you see the results of what you are trying to manifest and if not why.

Alexandra: Perfect. So getting the feedback making sure you are actually implementing, it’s kinda like when you go to a seminar, Jerry, where they get you all motivated. I used to be in sales management, sales and marketing, I remember going to these awesome weekend seminars and would come home and I would be all fired up and man, I was just on fire. But that would kind of peter within about 5 days. So how are you overcoming that.

Jerry: Because what I am doing is in the first initial class I do give you information, I give you the booklet and we go over that and I have you fill out a questionnaire before we even start to do certain things. I make it really simple, so that you work on one thing instead of a whole bunch of things.

Alexandra: right.

Jerry: And then to see if you can see the transformation of that energy coming in. Okay? Then when we come back to the second class, we talk about, because I don’t know what you wrote down, was it applicable, let’s just say I want a million dollars that’s too big for the universe. So we redefine things for you we help you really with what you need at this moment.

Alexandra: Jerry, not to interrupt you, I wouldn’t say it’s too big for the universe, it’s more like it’s too big for the belief systems of the individual.

Jerry: Well It depends on how you go about trying to get the million dollars. Remember anything that you do takes work. You have to put energy into it. I will give you an example. One of the things I wanted to manifest this year was, that I wanted to travel. Before the third month into this year, I had an opportunity to go to Egypt. Expenses paid and everything. But I didn’t have my passport, so how badly did I really want to go to Egypt?

Alexandra: uh hm

Jerry: Because I didn’t set the ground work to actually accomplish what I wanted. I told the universe this is what I want, they said okay, here’s an opportunity.

Alexandra: That makes a lot of sense. That happened to me last year when I to Africa. I didn’t even have a passport. (giggles) I was deliberately not having a passport for a while.

Jerry: So when you ask for something you have to be reasonable in your request when you try to manifest it.

Alexandra: Good point.

Jerry: And that is what I will help show you.

Alexandra: Cool!

Jerry: Because you do have to put the energy in to it to get it to come back to you.

Alexandra: Sounds good. So, what do you recommend, that people have the Past Life Clearing, after they have the IRP, Soul Alignment, and DNA Activation. I know have had a conversation about that.

Jerry: It would help. Because it would things come to you a lot easier. Because you would have a lot less clearing to do. But if you want to take a year and a half or whatever it’s going to take you to clear what’s of your Y right now, because that is what you are going to be working on. A lot of the Z. If you want to take on the Y and the Z at the same time you can. It just depends on how long it will take you, and the temple will actually help get rid of your implants. It would if once you vibrate with enough energy to understand. Luckily for me, I work with a lot of different extraterrestrial races, I work with tall white zetas, I work with benevolent greys. I work with praying mantis. I work with the Pleiadeans, the Nomins, I’ve seen different races some of them I don’t even have names for. Mainly, ’cause I’m bad at names but I have worked with them.

Alexandra: And definitely he is bad at names. He can’t even remember my name.

Jerry: I know ….. One of the things I do is, I command them to leave your energetic energy field. So you find out what it really means to be human. So you have the opportunity to come back into the full essential essence of what we were at the beginning of creation. And like I told you yesterday, one of the things I am doing now, is I’m creating my new temporal body for my next incarnation, if I plan to come back here. I don’t want to have all the limitations that this physical body had. I want to have a higher energy in my next body where it has such a high frequency, that I don’t have to worry about diseases. I don’t have to worry about a long life span. I don’t have to worry about contamination, of my physical body because I can get rid of it. I will be more in tune to remembering the knowledge through all my past lives instead of wondering who and what I am. I will walk into my life knowing the purpose of why I am here in my next body.

Alexandra: Fantastic! And definitely what the processes we are providing people are putting them on the same track now.

Jerry: Exactly..

Alexandra: The Spiritual Life Clearing is the biggie, for that.

Jerry: Right, that’s a biggie..

Alexandra: Right Okay…

Jerry: With the more you understand about yourself the easier it is to also have unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself.

Alexandra: Which is one of the number one issues I see so much in my work anyway. Is a lack of forgiving ourselves. Now, talk a little bit about animals. Because I just thought it was so cool when you were talking to me about happens to the animals when we decide to bless them with these processes.

Jerry: Well the greatest thing that happens is …

Alexandra: (happy giggles) a dog is barking, there are barks in the background. Did you guys hear that?

Jerry: Sorry about that, that means somebody is coming home. One of the things I found out, when we do animals, we remove the implants, even though it might not be activated, you can deactivate them and stop them from coming into their next life. Okay. But it is really through the DNA that you do that. All things I have seen on this planet, because of the contamination of DNA and things that we have done through gene manipulation, and everything else back in the past and we’re doing that now too, it almost seems like there is no pure DNA upon the planet anymore including myself and the people that I work with.

Alexandra: And the animals…

Jerry: And animals

Alexandra: They have taken a heavy hit as well.

Jerry: Right because they need to have that continuing from incarnation to incarnation to incarnation and that’s how you can keep the coding going with everything. Okay? And that’s from the DNA it doesn’t mean you can’t have implants removed from an animal . Okay so let’s say an extraterrestrial being physically showed up at your door. And came in. Most animals will start barking or sometimes even attack the extraterrestrial . Because if they are non-benevolent they don’t normally have feelings, you know what I mean, and how do most people communicate with their animals?

Alexandra: Very lovingly

Jerry: Right, so a dog could sense the danger or the presence of something that shouldn’t be coming in just like when the dogs started barking and but then they recognized the owner or whatever and stopped. But if they were a complete stranger they would probably still be barking now.

Alexandra: True. So you implant animals but you really can’t manipulate an animal, You know what I mean. There is no advantage in it.

Alexandra: Right

Jerry: So what you do is if you’re there if you want to paralyze the dog or make him sleep is either just to activate a device within them, whether it be through the DNA – most likely it is – or an actual physical implant. But most of them are not activated, because there is no need for it. But the whole thing is when I work on an animal, I dissolve, remember I told you I go through and if I can’t deactivate them, then I can remove them by changing the molecular structure to accommodate within your body so they’re benevolent instead of controlling – a non-benevolent object. In so that way it’s also a great idea for them to get the DNA process so they don’t carry it with them to their next life and they basically come in pure.

Alexandra: That’s the part I was so excited about. So you were mentioning to me, this was months ago, you were saying just in doing this for our pets, we are receiving blessings.

Jerry: And you are. Because look what you have done for an animal cannot protect its own self from being implanted. Look how high you are raising the vibrational energy so that the next being when it comes in and it chooses to be human doesn’t have that contamination because the filters that caused that have all been cleared from that person so now they can truly walk in as a remembering being like an Indigo or something. And not have the trauma or anything else and by that look at the reward you give unto yourself through the spiritual connection of raising the vibrational energy of the whole planet. But that is also purity of heart at that point, because you are not only thinking about yourself, but another truly living spirit.

Alexandra: Yeah

Jerry: That is a great gift. I believe you are rewarded from that. I deal with spirit guides and the universe sees you doing that and some ways you will be blessed.

Alexandra: That is just so cool and aren’t you also literally assisting the animal in evolving to another, you know, a higher state of consciousness, where they take their leap maybe out of the animal species and they might possibly go to something else?

Jerry: Spiritually they can do that, but what you really have done, is – you know how they say that dogs have an intelligence of, you’re basically helping them bring up their own intelligence by removing blocks and barriers just like you do within yourself.

Alexandra: Oh…

Jerry: Because there is no impedance.

Alexandra: That’s so cool…Unless it’s Harley who is so intelligent. He’s scary. He is just scary (giggling) Your screen is frozen again. Thank you everybody for being patient with our video problems today. Go figure.

Jerry: Okay I hope that fixed it

Alexandra: Yeah, (laughter) so is there anything else you would like to review before we tie things up here?

Jerry: The only other thing, and we will talk about this later, maybe I know it’s important and we’ve had a long interview, remember I told you that at one time there was nanotechnology and it was really easy to see…

Alexandra: Yes, and I do want you to talk about that and thank you for reminding me. Yes explain to everyone, I was not that familiar with the nanoites or whatever..

Jerry: the nanotechnology

Alexandra: …until Pam started telling me about it. When she was doing all the implant removals, and she is telling me about it and I am like, oh, my God! Explain to them the difference, and what nanotechnology is and what you are finding now.

Jerry: Okay, to me, nano was more technical based, it was mechanical.

Alexandra: Okay. Like miniature robots

Jerry: Right. Miniature tiny little robots, okay. But you could see them, you could actually see the outline of them. You could trace them back and you could basically wipe them out through overriding their circuitry by sending a high voltage charge through the body.

Alexandra: Interesting

Jerry: But now they have a new technology that’s coming into people that is biotech. The first time I saw it I didn’t understand what it was. Remember that when I read people, like when I had you put your hand over my hand I had to go really deep inside to understand this new form of technology. Because it mimicked almost like living tissue in the body. But it moves, that was the craziest thing – it moves. It can move because it’s biological. It almost fools the white cells into believing that it’s part of your blood system, or your liver, or your kidneys, or your lungs.

Alexandra: So it’s organic plus it’s technological.

Jerry: Right . But the mechanical part is in the center of an organic film of almost like living tissue. So it’s harder to detect. The only reason why I probably go to see it is because I can go in and I can almost act like an MRI machine .

Alexandra: Cause you are so empathically intuitive.

Jerry: Yeah and I know I am correct because I talked to someone, I told them what I’ve seen in the blood and they have actually told me what I was seeing. And when I see little white sparks go around the blood. They telling me that was the white blood cells actually attacking the disease with the blood system.

Alexandra: That’s fascinating. It’s almost like an electrical response then?

Jerry: Yes, or when I see yellow or green around the blood cells they were telling me what that meant. Or sometimes I will see blood all clumped up, then I will see energy around the whole clumping. They have shown this, he does blood testing or whatever it is called with this really great microscope. And the blood forms different energy patterns when it is under attack or has disease in it, has fatigue or anything else. And there’s where I need to learn to go a little bit more in depth and go in and check where I see it, certain blood types or whatever, what does that mean?

Alexandra: Right.

Jerry: But this new form of biological implanting as far as ah, how it goes into the system like I said it’s really, really small but because it acts or mimics the part of the body that it is attacking or connects to, you can get rid of it but you almost have to trace down the central location of its brain. Because the one thing that I thought about it was it still doesn’t act independent of each other. Although I think that’s what they’re trying to do – get it so it becomes a single cell of survival. Instead of mechanical that needs a central location source within the body.

Alexandra: So it’s not operating like a group mind like the nanotechnology is?

Jerry: No I didn’t get that picture. Although because it does have a center nanobyte in it, it still needs a central control.

Alexandra: And who do you think is initiating this type of technology? Is it military?

Jerry: Without getting shot?

Alexandra: Well ya know I just had to ask. Your screen is frozen again.

Jerry: I told something like that would probably happen.

Alexandra: Wow. That is so disgusting you know, and tell everybody when you started noticing this by the way.

Jerry: Um.. Last year. Probably about February of last year maybe January.

Alexandra: Okay

Jerry: I wasn’t looking for it. ‘Cause when I scan people I always say “show me your truth, show me what’s happening to you” and when I was doing that with this one person, they showed me these little things, they’re brownish in color. And they have little tentacles so that can move along the body . Or it’s like they can almost swim through the blood stream and get to where they need to go.

Alexandra: God… Well keep us posted on that. And just so everybody is aware, the other thing that I have been working on is I finally got my system which is a radionics based system this is just to assist me with more extremely detailed diagnosis and it works with homeopathy, which many of you know I am really into that. So I am very excited, that’s what I am in the process of implementing as well so you will be hearing about that shortly, too. We have so many new things going on huh Jerry?

Jerry: Yes we do

Alexandra: I mean a ton of stuff is going on, so we’re very very excited. And the main thing I want to stress to everyone is, to everyone who is listening to this interview, is we are dedicating not only to helping us to really take back our own particular gifts, but we really dedicated to all of you first and foremost, as well as the planet. But you, because you are ones that are going to lead the pace, you’re going to lead the trail, you’re going to determine how this all unfolds with this new world that we are walking into. I mean we are it. You know, we are on stage it’s ready. The curtain has already been pulled up. So we are doing everything in our power to try to create an entire system that covers anything that you may need. That’s basically what Jerry and Steve and Romeo who is my assistant and I have another new Blogger named Madeleine and Jerry and myself. Just so you guys know we are really working hard behind the scenes to get this whole thing going.

Jerry: Yep, one quick thing, I know that we’re going up to ECETI and I know that there’s a lot of people working on disclosure but I truly believe that it will be people like you and I and Steve and James Gilliland that will make disclosure truly happen. I don’t count on this government for anything.

Alexandra: Ooh good point! That’s a really good point! Yeah it’s kinda like do we really trust them? (laughter) Because even if they say they want disclosure, which they are doing little by little. They’re doing soft disclosure right now for sure. I’m always looking at them, going ‘what is their alternative motive?’ Are they really completely, utterly in pure unadulterated desire to serve all of us? That just doesn’t go in the same sentence with government.

Jerry: I agree with you there. It comes back to as we become higher in vibrational energy, and we create a safe haven not only for ourselves but our star family as well, they will able to show themselves because there won’t be fear or red flags going up because we will be able to calm the people or the masses through our knowledge and teachings,

Alexandra: Exactly

Jerry: and how aware they are of their own identity

Alexandra: Correct. And remember folks, that’s really what we’re doing, we are getting ourselves pristinely prepared to be the new walking ascended masters on planet earth. We really are that’s what we are working towards.

Jerry: Amen to that I agree!

Alexandra: You know, I really believe that in my heart. But Jerry thank you for all the work you do. I mean I know that you are just so dedicated you just fire me up every time I talk to you and I’m sure many people that watch you they don’t really get an opportunity to see you on video which now everybody you can see why… (laughter) It only stopped working like 9 times… But anyway, thank you for coming on today and we will try to do these more often. We are talking about how we can start regularly keeping you guys up to date on what’s going on and the intel. We would also like to start pooling our resources with all of you out there throughout the world and what you are seeing. So there are so many exciting things coming on board for Galactic Connection. We do appreciate your support big, big, big time. Please continue to check our blog, if you feel compelled to donate, please do it does cost a lot of money to keep this service free. And just continue to send us good thoughts and good vibrations cause we are doing the best we can. So sending you all love and light. Please check out GalacticConnection.com and if you have any question you know how to reach me. There is a contact us tab at the top of the menu. And Jerry, thank you so much!

Jerry: Well thank you!

Alexandra: Also, you can reach Jerry through what’s the name of your site? You a have a little site that you put together. He doesn’t have hardly any time to build a web site.

Jerry: The easiest way to get me is imtouch7@gmail.com or they can go to your web site.

Alexandra: Yeah, or you can send it our web site because there is only one of him, quite frankly he is not of this world. (mucho laughter) so…

Jerry: I have an idea from now on…

Alexandra: He does more phone than email anything to do with typing or writing he is really not into it, by the way. But anyway thank you Jerry.

Jerry: The next time we have those 12 hour conversations let’s record them.

Alexandra: I know! That was crazy. We were just mind melting guys it was just so much stuff comes in you know how that is when you connect with somebody really on a soul level.

Jerry: True

Alexandra: Anyway lots of love Jerry love you and thank you for everything you do. And I love all you guys you guys are awesome. I hear this all the time from the people that I interview where you end up purchasing their services, their products or you contact them or whatever. So thank you for supporting me, thank you for supporting Jerry and all the wonderful people thatI bring on to Galactic Connection. Lots of love!!! You guys have an awesome week and we will talk to you next week.

Jerry: Take care good bye everyone.

Alexandra: Bye


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