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microphone (1)Jerry Yusko and Alexandra Meadors, July 29, 2014

Alexandra: Hello, hello everybody. Today is July 29th, 2014, and it’s Tuesday, at 3:00 pm PST on BBS Radio Show Station Number 2. And I just wanted to let everybody know there has been unbelievable interference with the website, the Paypal buttons, the Donations buttons, etc. so once again please be patient with us as we try to investigate and repair. And with no further ado I’d like to jump into my next radio show guest which is Jerry Yusko. I think he might ring a bell for some of you because I’ve had him on before. He’s a close personal friend of mine, but he’s also someone that’s near and dear to my heart who has assisted me with some of the healings that I’ve had with him over the years.

Jerry was born with empathic skills and abilities and he uses them to guide him in the treatment of individuals. Being a natural-born clairvoyant and a medical intuitive, Jerry carries many gifts and offers the community just this very special way of connecting with the spirit and utilizing the lessons that you’ve learned to further enhance your ascension process and your consciousness expansion. So as a medical intuitive, Jerry uses his knowledge to help people with the mending of their physical ailments. He reads their energy fields and he delivers pertinent information about their present moment, looks into their mind and sees the auras and the elements of pastlives, negative energies, present blockages and more. He can also remove negative energies and blockages from those that he is treating. He’s capable of seeing visual images of how the mind interprets the reality of the world around him through symbols, and entities, angelic beings, extraterrestrials, and the third eye. So anyway, if you’d like more information we’ll have his bio up on the site. So why don’t we go ahead and dive in. We’ve had incredible challenges in getting this interview off the ground today. So we know it must be important. So hello Jerry, how are you?

Jerry: Hello Alexandra. I’m doing fantastic today and you?

Alexandra: I’m doing well. And I’m curious to see what unfolds because I haven’t had this kind of interference in a while. When I say that, it’s only a day or two, but you know, because of what Pam and I have brought forward, it’s kind of an ongoing thing. But anyway, I know you were very anxious to get out to the world this new process that you’ve created and I was very intrigued by it. You call it Becoming a Master Through Living in Your Temple. And I thought if you could, start by defining for all of us what exactly do you mean by the Temple.

Jerry: The Temple is the Universal Connection back into Source. It goes beyond the don-dion(?), which is the energy from the systemic, because what you do as the Temple is that you actually clear the five states of your being. You clear the body, the mind, the sub-conscious, the soul and the spirit to have them acclimate and come back into oneness again. And what you really are doing when you make a Temple is you’re realigning all your essence back into one vibrational singularity. But you can only do that by removing the blockages, the heavy density that is in the body. The heavy density within the mind and the sub-conscious, and the soul. And then you start bringing in the higher spirit along with – like with myself, for example, I bring in all the different Masters.

So I bring in the Christ consciousness, the Buddha consciousness, the Dalai Lama consciousness, so I have wisdom, along with my own Higher Self, so that I can have recall, so that I have intuition and knowledge. The Temple is not a place. It is actually a pure essence of being back in Universal Connection of energy through every single sub-atomic particle in your whole being. So it’s a little bit hard to grasp, but once you do it, you become in such empowerment with the Earth environment and your Higher Self that you are able to create and manifest almost at will what you truly want from your life. You have no more lack(?) belief systems because you’ve removed them all from you.

Alexandra: That’s fantastic, Jerry. So when did this all come to play. I mean, is this something that you just thought of, you know, yesterday or has this been some kind of work in progress?

Jerry: It’s been a work in process, I’ve been working on it in almost three years, maybe a little bit longer. And the reason that I have created the Temple is because, as you know I go out and heal. And when I used to have the Blending events, as a vendor I would heal people and gave them readings and I would do that for eight hours a day. And after doing my 15 to 20 people in one day the next day I would feel drained and tired and run-down and I needed a way to keep the energy constantly flowing. So I asked my guardians, my Higher Self, and the powers that be, what can I do to sustain my power, sustain my stamina so I can work on as many people as I can in one day and then the next day not feel any consequences from it. How can I shield myself from them and at the same time give them unconditional energy from Source. And they told me build this Temple. This is what Christ taught to his disciples.

And there’s a long story behind it, but basically it was, what the true Christians learned before the biblical Bible came in, in order to reach their own nirvana, or their own state of pure energy. And it really does work, because now I’ve been known to go out and heal 10, 20, 30 people in a day, constantly one right after the other, and I don’t get tired and I can get up and I can do it the next day too. Because I’m not drawing from physical energy anymore. I’m actually drawing from Source Energy and people can actually feel the difference. The thing is, this is not Reiki where you learn symbols. It’s actually taking like the symbols and dissolving them into you so you don’t have to use the symbols because you are the symbol – the Master Symbol. That’s what the Temple is. You become the Master of your own divine reasoning and creation of why you came here. So basically, once you build the Temple you’re truly connected in atonement, alignment, and resonant energy and vibrational energy and like I said, the body, the mind, the sub-conscious, the soul, and the spirit. And they all agreed to this same acclimation and manifestation that which you wish to create.

A: Yeah, because don’t you think Jerry, that’s one of the core issues when you receive a healing is to make sure that all of the bodies are in alignment to accept and receive the higher vibrational light, you know, that is penetrating those particular bodies.

J: That is very true. That is why when you had a healing from me before, I asked you what do you want, or whoever had a healing from me, I always asked them what do they want. And what they want physically I find out sometimes is truly different than what they want spiritually. And because I am gifted and I can see imagery and I can talk to Spirit, when I am working on someone, I am a hands-on healer, I clear the chakras and when I’m doing that I can actually see your Higher Self come in through the root chakra bringing up what you want to manifest in your life, the energy that you need at that present moment to complete you.

A: Nice. So how long have you been doing this now for?

J: I’ve done it all of my life but this technique that I’ve been doing – two and a half years.

A: Okay, and so what are most of the people expressing, as far as the significant differences.

J: As far as my students that I am teaching this to?

A: Yes.

J: What they are really encountering once they really get it and work with it is they are learning how to empower their own self and they’re realizing who they are and what their purpose is finally instead of always having to question that, because the one thing that they are doing more than anything else is they are remembering who they are and their intuitive knowledge is coming back to them.

A: That’s outstanding because I would say amongst the majority of the people that write in to us – this is probably one of the most number one burning issues is trying to remember why they are here. What they come here to do. And anything that can assist us all to get more clarity is a good thing. Do you also feel that the energies are really impacting the success of this new technique that you have come forward with?

J: Yes, because everything that you create from this technique is divinely to you. So every person is going to be different. Although we share some commonalities, I don’t share your true personal experiences and in fact that’s what you can get rid of, you can get rid of pastlife things, you can get rid of blockages. This works really well if you believe or you have entities that attack you. If you have demons that haunt you. If you have certain things that are going on that you cannot explain. With the Temple you literally can manifest the energy to get rid of everything. Because what you start doing is bring in the higher vibration of light and energy of who and what you are so you are seeing not only the physical reality but also the spiritual continuity of your energy coming out of you, your aura, your physical essence is basically changing. You actually become a lighter being and in so doing you start manifesting the higher spiritual nature of yourself. Because that is what you really are doing. You are bringing in the Higher Spirit into you.

A: That’s outstanding.

J: It’s really working because a lot of my students report back to me that after using this technique they have more confidence, more control and less fears in their life because they learned how to release them and replace them with what they finally wanted.

A: So Jerry, is it an actual workshop, or is it a session with you?

J: It’s an actual workshop. It’s three sessions in actuality. One is based in physicality, one explains the quantum physics of it, how it actually happens, what takes place between the spirit and the soul per se. So it is all on the quantum energy level. And then once that you master your Temple, the last one, is the actual practice of what you wanted. And what I do with my students in my class is, if they want to be a healer per se, I have them stand up and say, okay, read this person, and then I can feel that person that is reading and tell them what kind of energy they are doing and then I can give them suggestions on how to become stronger or if they are on the right track. So with my ability to be able to see and read it gives me insight to actually help the students on a one by one basis in a really unique way.

A: Well I wanted to know Jerry, when you are working with some of these students do you see a typical pattern from the people that come foward where their actual blockages typically reside?

J: Yes, in two aspects. A lot of it past lives and they’re still carrying that energy from whatever happened to them because they didn’t know how to grow and learn from it yet. And the other one is a lot of fear. Even when a person believes that they are truly empowered, it must be really good if they live in a fear base. And the other good thing about this too, that I’m noticing too, people come to me that are Masters in the their own way of healing and stuff, after learning my technique they’ve actually thanked me for teaching them a new technique that they can then add to their own modalities.

A: Well, that’s good because I think that the best healers out there are those that have received their own gifts, their own uniqueness, you know, their own approach in assisting the healing process rather than go to these churn-’em-out healer 101 Heal America workshops. You know what I mean? Not that that’s bad, it’s just that this is honoring that special uniqueness of the individual that’s assisting people.

J: Yeah, it goes back to this: because everything you do in the Temple is your own creation of who you truly are at the time of creation. Do you understand that?

A: I’m thinking. I’m processing that right now.

J: Okay. Basically, it was at the time of creation we were all equal and then as we went through different lives and we went through different densities and stuff somewhere along the line we have lost that connection with what we were when we were first created, the essence of what we were. The Temple re-establishes this connection because when you start releasing all that that does not serve you and you start pulling down what you want and who you are and how you wish to serve, you start remembering things. You start become more energetic. Most of the people that I’ve worked with – and one of the things that they’ve said more than everything else that really practices, is that they said you can feel the energy coming vibrating through your hands, vibrating through your bodies. They report that their metabolism going up. They say you can work through a process where it was super hot. That is just the body cleaning things. Your body is starting to acclimate to different parts of your energy that you are bringing in.

Because what you are bringing in is truly what you desire for yourself. And that is something that a healer can’t give you. A healer can relieve pain and maybe even take the disease away but in the long run you are truly responsible for your happiness, your well being and your state of mind. And the Temple always gives you the ability to be in connection to that. It’s a mantra that you have to say on a daily basis. For me this mantra took over a year to do. I didn’t get to build the Temple until at least a year – almost a year and a half – because I had so much that I needed to clear and I found out that even I had my Temple built and I teach this and am a Master I still do a mantra because every day life perfects me in a new way.

A: I agree.

J: So I just get rid of the energy that does not serve me during the day. Either that which other people wish to put upon me when I am not even aware of it or what I’ve created with them when I was in traffic or I didn’t like the way that they were driving.

A: Or just being the light that you are, you are going to draw stuff to you when you are such a bright light.

J: That is very true.

A: And you can’t help prevent that from happening. So go ahead.

J: So then this Temple gives me the ability to go back and re-change the energy and make a negative into a positive and get rid of it. And bring in the Higher Essence of what I am, the Higher Spirit. So I’m no longer divided among myself and I’m in true Oneness. That’s what I say. I’m One. I’m the me to stop at I.

A: Well, I was especially motivated to interview you today because as you know, we talked about this before, my audience tends to be a lot of healers, psychics, mediums, practitioners, shamans, etcetera, and one of my goals is to bring any type of gift forth that I think will expand their gifts, because let’s face it, when the veil is lifted the masses are going to be seeking us all out in big, big ways. It’s going to be an infiltration of ‘help me now, omg,’ you know. And I love the fact that you are talking about assisting people and becoming a true Master of Themselves. So can you talk a about being a true Master of Self.

J: Yes, I can. In fact, I had a lady ask me, well, what I was saying at the time, when I was giving my mantra. So bear with me for one moment –

A: I will.

J: Okay. To be a true Master is, to me anyway, is not being perfect. You don’t have to be perfect in order to be a True Master. But you have to be willing to understand your flaws of being human. And you can’t blame everyone for the things that happen against you. You have to understand why they do the things that they do and then you just go from there. And as long that you are fair and equal to other people in return that makes you become more enlightened and they treat you well when you have a problem. So like for me, to become a Master was – my mantra basically starts out with this (?), I ask the Divine to clear my body of the following: all diseases, all parasites, infections, germs, bacteria, fungus, viruses, allergies, impurities, chemicals, imbalances, thoughts, and negative energy, negative memories, obstacles, fears, patterns, shame, worries, guilt, doubt, drama, blockages, negative people, abuse, suffering, regret, pain, negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative feelings, negative circumstances, negative attachments, negative etheric energies, and all that is harmful to my body, my mind, my subconscious, my soul, and my spirit.

A: Wow!

J: And these are all the things that you have to clear to become a Master because when I got rid of all my blockages and everything else I could meditate and find out what I want to replace all that with.

A: That’s are a really good point. Because what’s really hot out in the internet right now is retracting contracts. But that’s not working for people. For some people it is working for but it is not a catch-all. So what do you think about that?

J: When it come to contracts at right this point because I believe there are two things that the human race should be very aware of. And I can talk to people and really explain it well, but I don’t know if I have time right now. Because we are going through a new energetic change since the Mayan Calendar and the new platonic energy from the Galactic Center and the DNA is changing in people and people are either evolving or ascending. At this point, and I was talking to someone about this, the only way that you can do that is you have to break the cycle of us all being connected together. What that means is, before, if I went off to war and killed somebody even if we claim that it was right, wrong or indifferent, it didn’t matter, that energy that I created from taking another human life would be karma built up not only in myself, but it would also rebirth in every other person. Because us as a massive collection of thoughts will inherit that act. All of that was broken – before 2012 – but definitely in 2012 – when we came into the new field of energy.

To me, in order to be able to ascend, or to be able to evolve, you have to be free from all contracts. And you have to be free of all karmic energy that you can build up. And this means, in order to be free of it, it means that you have to finally accept the responsibility what you do and you create. You and you alone are responsible for that. In other words, you have to take your own divine free will and say I choose to or to choose not to, but you can’t force me to make a decision that goes against my principles, my morals, or my beliefs. And if you say that you walk in a Christ Consciousness or a Buddha Consciousness or whatever, then there are certain things that you will not do no matter what other people try to make you do, or how they make you feel guilty.

So I believe right at this point for me, all karma debts are off and because they are, I can start clearing myself and build a true energy Temple that makes me truly connected to Source again, to the Universal energy, and because I will not bring harm into it because when I release all the negativeness that this world bestows upon ourselves and myself in time of being reincarnated, I’ve finally gotten to a point because of the Temple I can remove all that, all negativeness, all dark energy, anything, and bring in the Divine Light of which we were all created by.

A: God, that’s beautiful, Jerry. I got a big hit just listening to you just now. It’s almost as if what you are saying is for such a long time we have all been conditioned to, as they say, stuff it. Or don’t say anything if it isn’t nice. Or and I’m not saying not to, or if it’s controversial keep your mouth shut. Or things like that. And it’s almost as though you are saying is, we have all been afraid to be truly authentic in what we feel or what we really value as far as what we speak because our Higher State of Mind, and our consciousness, knows that we’ve been in this global mass consciousness, right? where we are automatically getting boomeranged karmically because we’re all in this kind of soup together. So it’s almost as if you’re saying that we’re now free, the karmic debt is off, and we’re all standing individually in our own pool of thoughts and beliefs, etcetera. And we don’t have to be in that soup anymore or be affected, or being kind of manouevered, so to speak, into the diversions or the areas that we never wanted to be there in the first place.

J: True. Very true. This would be an example. If I wished to ascend but I did thy will instead of my own, then I basically trapped myself from ascending no matter how much I wished to. Because I’m not carrying out my true divine purpose of being here.

A: Your calling, yeah. J: Calling.

A: This is so important and I really feel – I’m so grateful that you brought this topic up because I think authenticity right now and transparency are so key in how we read one another. And there tends to be a lot of, because of the proliferation of archontic activity on the planet right now, there tends to be a lot of knee-jerk, omg, you know, polarized comments. Like, he’s dark, and she’s light, and he’s grey and he’s this and she’s that. So do you feel that by going into your own Temple, is it affecting the very fact of those darknesses not even being able to find you on their radar screen?

J: Yes. You hit it perfectly. The way that I can sum this up is, one of my students has negative people around her and one of the creeds that she put into her Temple, or her mantra I should say, was she wished all negative people in her life would fall away from her because she wanted to go into a higher vibration and she couldn’t do that when she was always having dark people bringing her down, she thought. So she literally put in her mantra that any negative people that would stop her from reaching her full potential and her paradigm to the Christ Consciousness or the God Source her life would energetically remove them from her field of energy. And that’s basically what happened. They volunteered to move out in her path and her life because they could not withstand her brightness. Because every time they would come into it, they couldn’t act in a negative way toward her.

A: That is just outstanding. Now going back to a statement you made in the difference between there’s two types of people right now, the evolving and the ascending. Can you clarify for us again what exactly do you mean by that?

J: Okay. If you were to evolve right now, an evolving person to me, is a person who would be coming into his own. They see life differently. They might wake up one day and say, oh, I have abilities. Or I have this intuition that is coming to me. I have a number of things that I’ve never been taught. I just know things. Or you start feeling empathic and don’t know the reason why. These are the people who are evolving and they really do need a good teacher. They need someone who can teach them how to come into their feelings and understand what they actually are going through without judgment. And the people that are evolving are becoming more enlightened and how to remember who they are, but they don’t have the spiritual connection and the mind connection to remember everything of who they are. I don’t know if that makes sense, but basically there’s still a disconnect. But they know that they are changing.

They know that they are looking for more in life than just getting up, going through a job, feeding their kids, putting a roof on their heads and sleeping at night and doing the same routine for the rest of their lives. They are looking for a new different type of awareness and happiness. And they have questions. They have abilities that are just coming on and they are not really sure how to acclimate that energy into their body yet. And that would be the person who is evolving. That is my opinion.

A: Okay, so define what you perceive as ascending to be.

J: An ascending person is a person who has been here a long time, knows that there is more than one form of life in the Universe. And they came here to fulfill their purpose of helping those who are evolving to a new awareness of how to love their fellow man because they are always doing it themselves. And they are in service to people. And because of that service they are evolving into the light beings that they wish to create or to become. Like for me, I wish to become a rainbow of light. And when I leave this world this time I don’t know if I’m going to come back. But I know this much, if I decide to come back, because I’m evolving, I am setting up right now my paradigm through my Temple that my next body that I come into will be more of a Christlike being body. I’ll probably have the ability to know how to talk, I’ll have the ability of awareness, I won’t have any veils. I’ll have certain abilities that I really don’t have to learn through a lifetime again, because I’ll already have the transition in energy to bring them into the next development in life.

A: Right. Right.

J: That is the person who is evolving.

A: You mean that is the person who is ascending.

J: Ascending, I’m sorry about that. I got interrupted for a moment. So a person who is ascending. And if you are ascending, this is the greatest time to be of service to your fellow human beings.

A: It really is. It really is.

J: And that’s what the Temple does. It makes that transition for those who are evolving to come into power a lot more quickly, more easily, because now they can see the manifestation of who and what they truly wish to be. WIthout an outside influence or learning a modality which isn’t wrong or bad but there’s no greater gift than learning who or what you truly are.

A: Oh gosh, that’s perfectly stated. Now you have also mentioned that you were going to teach people how to use the energy from the Galactic Center. Can you clarify for all of those people out there that either have the desire to become a healer or already are doing some sort of healing capacity, what is the difference maybe between that and the light that they are drawing in already through their various techniques and how they do their healings.

J: Okay. The Galactic Center, and this has been proven, is basically, a giant black hole within the center of our Galaxy. And according to the Mayan Calendars and our estimation every 250,000 years, I guess, we go through it. 225 years we go through this point in space whereby all this energy that has been released from this black hole bombards the Earth for about a thousand year long cycle. This energy has actually been known to change the DNA in humans and the plant life in the evolution of our planet. And in fact, our own Earth is affected by it too because the Earth’s vibrational field, the resonant field, has actually gone up. I have the specs on that. I think it was 6.1 megahertz and now I think it is now up to almost 10 or 11. And as the Earth vibrates in a higher frequency, the living creatures on it and that includes us are going to go up in vibration. And it is at this time that we can take in that energy from the Galactic Center and change our perspective of what we want to be physically. Okay. So to me the Galactic Center is how we change our DNA. And I want to change my DNA back to the purity of what we were at the beginning.

A: I remember when you did a healing on me once. I think one of the first profound things that you asked me was, let’s go back to your point of origin. And I showed you like a beetle or something. And you said, no, no, no, go back to the point of origin. And I remember that you and I talked about that, and you said, that it’s very typical when you ask someone, let’s come back to the point of origin and you’ll show you a manifestation of where they ended up physically. Like how did they manifest themselves in the physical form versus you’re actually trying to bring them back to the Divine spark. Right?

J: Right. Most people that I read – they don’t see themselves as spiritual beings at this point. They see themselves as survival beings. And the real reason why they will show themselves as a beetle or a bumblebee or a wasp or a lizard or whatever is because this is how their life is at that moment in time, because they are looking at the physical being not as a spiritual being. They are looking at how to make their daily bread and survive from day to day. And that’s what insects do.

A: Good point.

J: But a spiritual being – going back to the origin essence of what you are, you are creative energy. You are a light being. You are like the angels, you know. You are energy, but very few people see themselves worthy enough to see their true reflection of who they are in their own Spirit. That’s a feeling. And it comes through in your aura. It comes through your love for service and your love through humanity. And the love of thyself is the most important when that comes through.

A: Nice. So when you talk about the Temple and you talk about the soul and I believe you said, the super-consciousness, right?

J: Okay. You have the body, the mind, the sub-conscious, the soul and the spirit. The soul to me is what’s inside. It’s the spark that gives you the electric energy to run your brain and everything about you.

A: Okay.

J: The spirit is the outside that knows and sees above and sees ahead and it’s the one that when you come to the fork in the road and you go right or left or straight, it’s the spirit that says ‘take this road and it’ll be a simpler road,’ and it loses in translation because the soul goes, ‘I’m adventurous and I want to do this,’ and then the sub-conscious – you tell the sub-conscious and the sub-conscious says, ‘I’m a pretty stressed person at this time because I’m really not happy with myself so I know if I take the left road, it’s going to be a hardship, but that’s what I think I deserve unconsciously.’ Even though your spirit might have said, ‘no, go right, do the right things. This path is where you really need to go in life at this point.’ And if you stay in the middle road you would just keep staying in whatever circumstances that you were. (Umhmm) So that’s the division.

A: And what about the mind. What is the difference between the mind and the sub-conscious?

J: In my courses I always explain this but basically –

A: Just basically.

J: The mind is the action. You need some way – for every action there’s a reaction. So think about it like this. The sub-conscious would be an action and the reaction would be the mind determining what you want to do. How do you observe life. What you deserve. In the aspect of how you are going to have your body carry it out. Because sometimes we really are in conflict with ourself. And I can prove that because if, have you ever made a decision that said, I am going to do this and at the very last moment you don’t do it?

A: Yeah, I think everybody does that.

J: That is basically because you either didn’t have an intuition or you just don’t trust yourself. It’s really a conflict. And that balance where you truly deserve. In a class I go through all of this in great detail.

A: Interesting. So let’s say that is an example because everybody can relate with that. So let’s say that, you know, I really wanted to take action in some thing say in June, and I actually did, but then I was kind of talked out of it, let’s say. What is involved there? Is that your spirit kind of not in alignment with your sub-conscious?

J: That’s one of the things that is involved. But it also has to do with where you’re physically at in life. See, to take risks you have to be comfortable in life. Let’s say you were living in a mansion and you had servants and like that, your perspective would be different than that person who would be living in the the street. Although spiritually neither one of you is better in God’s eyes, okay. But in your case, if you can be talked out of something it’s because you didn’t have true confidence in yourself. Because you let your sub-conscious intermingle with the person that was trying to influence you.

A: Okay, so let’s take it a step further, which is the sub-conscious. Is this the core area where the negativity or our archontic influence comes through?

J: Yeah. It deceives you. And the great thing about becoming a Master from the Temple is that eventually you no longer have a sub-conscious. Because you don’t work against the best interests because you are are always manifesting what you want out of life and when you actually see the results what you are manifesting because you have created it through the energy of the Universe, there is no conflict in which to desire anymore. So therefore, the sub-conscious basically, becomes null and void.

A: Do you feel that that’s directly correlated with Jesus’ teachings about the Temple that the sub-conscious really is not a necessary player in our evolutionary process? Do you think it comes to a point of time where it’s no longer needed?

J: Yes, I believe those that truly are ascending you won’t need a sub-conscious anymore because you won’t have doubt. You’ll already have your intuition and knowing. And even if you don’t know you’ll be so clear in your perceptions and being able to read other people because you are not reading them as judgment, you are reading them as what’s in their heart whether it is in your best interest or not. And that is not judgment. So you would know whether you should listen to them or not. And you’ll know by your own intuition what you have already been creating through your Temple whether it vibrationally feels in synch to what you want to create. And if it doesn’t, that’s telling you don’t do it.

A: You know, I’m really glad that you brought this up too, because I had a very profound conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about the word ‘ascension.’ And she had done a phenomenal amount of reading and I had shared with her the reading that I had, and Steve and I have said this many times that we felt that it wasn’t really an ascension as much as a ‘descension,’ where everything is coming in alignment and you’re coming to a point of pure, total holistic – alignment is so over used but I guess I will use that – with the actual body. And, it’s like we keep looking to the stars, and we keep to getting out of here, but in fact the feeling is that we’re becoming more in Oneness with Mother Earth and ourselves, knowing fully well that several of our own chakras reside within Her. So what would you say to that?

J: In a quantum state of energy you are correct, because I see that you are going back to where we originally were created, as I was saying in the beginning. We are transcendent beings, in my opinion, where we can ascend heaven and earth with our own thoughts. Okay, so actually instead of evolving, it would be an ascension back to the original creation. (Umhmm) But the mind isn’t necessarily looking at it in that way because we’re looking at it as it is something new. And what I’m actually teaching in the Temple is thousands of years old. It’s not new, it’s only new in the memories maybe, but not new in the concept, it’s been taught thousands and thousands of years. So basically, what you just said, it’s the ‘descension’ of re-connection to where we primarily always were or are.

A: Now, in doing this, what role do the – and I don’t like to call them aliens or even extraterrestrials – but what role do the star families play in this whole thing?

J: Well, since they do have the DNA connection with us, since they do live here amongst us, in my opinion, to me it comes back into how much will they be able to influence us. Like to me, I walk equally among all the star beings, okay. It doesn’t matter – there are a few of them that I don’t like because I don’t like what they do to the human race, which is the archonians, but beside that, – I’m not sure I said the name correctly – the archons, I mean,

A: right, the archons,

J: I don’t like the way that they treat the humans and I don’t like the way that they treat the spiritual beings of Creation, okay. (Yes) which are like the Pleiadians and some other ones, okay. Anyway, as far as that goes, my personal opinion is, I take them out of the equation right at this point. I came here to be human. I came here to teach humans what it was meant to be truly human and why we were such a great Creation of God. And you can’t do that if you have extraterrestrial DNA property in you, it doesn’t vibrate in the same original pattern of Creation of what it meant to be human. Although they are great and I’ve learned a lot from them, I’ve also taught them a lot. I taught them from being human, what it means to be human and why I chose to come back at this time and live my purpose and bring people back into their full potential by resonating and vibrating back into the original template of our Creation of physical essence. Does that make sense to you?

A: Yeah, wow, it really resonates with me, especially because of the fact that again we are moving back to recognizing our own divinity which we hear all the time, but with that said, our own unique, beautiful qualities, our value, our worthy, what we are bringing forth for all, all beings, all races, whether they are on another planet, or whether they are here, or whether they are amongst us, because we tend to put them on a pedestal.

J: Yes. And we shouldn’t be doing that. We should look to find out why we are equal to them.

A: Very good point.

J: Yeah. And that’s why also why building the Temple does. Once you get re-united with your spirit and your singularity of Oneness again you truly are a Master. And the thing that you have to do then is to take responsibility of what you create from that Mastery of them.

A: Now getting back to that, you and I many moons ago had such a profound discussion about the human race. So again, do us a favor, Jerry, because I know that it was information that you received from the Divine. It was very, very profound. Explain to us how you see the human different from all the other species.

J: I remember that conversation.

A: Yeah. It was very heavy.

J: You probably remember that better than I do.

A: I know, but I could never say it the way that you did.

J: I will try my best. Okay?

A: Okay.

J: When I found out about the human races, we were the last of God’s greatest creation, and it wasn’t that we were separated within the divinity of that creation, it was we were physically empowered to represent the best of what God could create. Because the other races had been created before us and they created war and they created devastation. Not all of them but enough to lose grace, while the human race was a new, pure divine creation, I think what God wanted in the original creations to be. So those who descended to the Earth and could vibrate between Heaven and Earth at will, that was their true gift, to help others races remember the divinity of what they came from as well.

But because of jealousy, because of our planet and everything else, we were victims of our own deceit and basically that’s how our DNA got manipulated. But you have to remember that the races are willing to procreate something that’s totally out of their own species. You have to be a great creation, you have to be able to vibrate, to be able to hold that type of resonant frequency of their DNA as well and even though they said that we were manipulated and everything else I really don’t think it was that complicated. I think that we were in such an energetic state of energy that we humans were basically the Guardians and the teachers for the other human races. I don’t think they could stand that because of their own –

A: warlike ways, right?

J: Yeah. And because of that they wanted to show God that we were not as great as He created us to truly to be.

A: So what you are saying too we’re now at this place where we truly are receiving the window of opportunity to finally be free to really get who we really are.

J: The best way of putting it is we are finally at the point where we’re free of the archons influence over us in the DNA aspect. The Reptilian part of our brain is basically fading. It’s not fight or flight, it’s ‘we choose to stand back in the energy of what we are so that nothing can bring harm to us anymore.’ And when you understand that true Divinity and if you wish to call it unconditional love or the perception of Ultimate Source being back within every aspect of our physical, spiritual, mental, emotional nature again, so we can also put thoughts into that which tries to harm us, thoughts of love and not control, but of release. Because we are Masters and we know that they can no longer influence or bring us harm. That to me, is the true sign of evolving. When you no longer live your life in fear, but you learn to step in the Divinity of the true Creation and that you are.

A: Wow. And that’s clearly showing up in the planet just recently, Jerry. There were massive protests all over the world against this old war with Israel and Palestine and the ridiculous warlike aggression that is going on in the Palestinian area. It’s probably one of the greatest shows of unity amongst all individuals on this planet that I’ve seen for a long time.

J: Me too.

A: It’s just incredible, it just gives me goosebumps it’s so exciting. And, you know, with that said, now do you feel that with all of the so-called alien DNA, or extraterrestrial DNA, you made a really good point for us to be carrying that, that we would have to be able to withstand or sustain that higher frequency. What is your opinion of the different strains of extraterrestrial information or DNA strain or whatever, what do you feel that we are carrying? Do you feel that it’s a combination of hundreds if not thousands, or do you feel that it’s only 22, I’m just curious.

J: I feel that it is more than one strand of alien DNA within the human genome. Thousands, I don’t think so, but I think hundreds. (Umhmm) I think that there were planetary laws put against different races in what they could do and we had to go in protection. And the story of Christ and how he did that, the underlying story, that is really fantastic. Some day I’ll tell you that story of why we are underneath his protection. And what the planetary laws changed because of that.

A: Well, go ahead, we have an hour.

J: Oh, okay. The story I got was they said that Christ died for our sins but he actually died for more than that, in my opinion. Sins are kind of a loose term. But because we had extraterrestrial DNA influence and we didn’t have anyone that would represent us per se because we’re kind of like contaminated goods, our DNA was contaminated, we couldn’t carry the same vibrational energy to be able to – it’s not that we can’t speak to God directly – it’s to be in true harmony with each other within God directly. Do you know what I mean by that?

A: Very interesting.

J: Well, we became separated with each other. Before we could hold the heart and the space of God, within Universal Source, and with each other. But once we became contaminated we became self realization of the me and the Self. And basically, it is where if I need to survive because we were – let’s say we had archonian DNA in us –

we wouldn’t think twice of me stealing your plate of food when I was hungry instead of sharing it. A: Right.

J: And so, we needed a way of stopping from being so barbaric to each other. And we did have teachers and then there were a lot of teachers around the world, there were a lot of great Masters. But I think that Christ unified it, according to the story I was told, he taught different people – the disciples basically were more than twelve – but he taught how to unify and come back into oneness without always squabbling and being so argumentative to each other and to find the Divine truth. And there’s where Christ came in and he saved us from anymore DNA – what do you call it? – DNA influence. They couldn’t just come down here and mate with us, they couldn’t just start using us like cattle. You know, it does seem like that. Believe me, if he weren’t here, it could be a lot worse. Okay. A: Right.

J: His blood also reset the genetic DNA coding for us to go back into this particular point of being becoming truly human again. The vibrational energy of it. And he did this through the spilling of his blood. That was the main reason why he was put upon the cross.3:07 It was for the blood to be sanctioned by all that witnessed it, including the extraterrestrials, that he took on the responsibility and showed that he would die for protecting the human race so it could come back into its true alignment of Oneness with Source again. And when he was poked in the side by the spear I was told that that blood that came out basically saturated the Earth.

A: Yeah, I’ve read that myself.

J: And it was supposed to permeate the earth and over time it re-changed the energetic energy for those who are evolving as well as ascending back into the purity and the paradigm? of our true DNA form. And it’s very necessary – I found out for that to happen because we are part of the Earth and as Earth evolves we need – we also evolve along a higher vibrational energy to be able to take care of her. Or at least that’s the way it was the supposed to be. And it all goes back through being able to be connected back to the root Source of Earth. And from that, and that’s for the body, because our body lives and die but the soul and the spirit always goes on. And what Christ’s blood did was every time that we would be reincarnated, it was supposed to evolve our DNA if we so desired, to come back into more of alignment of our true spiritual essence of what we were created as. Which was basically to be a transcendent being that can ascend heaven and earth, as above so shall it be below.

And the only way you can do that, you have to take out the contaminated DNA strings that permeate our growth rate at this point. And that’s what he did. He stopped the contamination and he re-imposed or imprinted the original DNA pattern back into the living essence of what we are. And that’s why when you look at the children that coming in right now, that seem to be very gifted, they seem very bright. They seem to have a knowing, a knowing of things you just wouldn’t expect them to know.

A: Yeah, they do. They definitely do. And I kind of a little bit of add-on theory to this which is, so many of those that are, I guess I should say ascending, there’s many that have gone through some pretty horrific accidents, illnesses, and a lot of trauma, a lot, lot of trauma. And I have a theory that I almost believe it’s very similar to the spilling of the blood of Christ, I’m not saying it’s equal to it. But each one of those that have carried that burden, where it has just really, literally turned every aspect of their life upside down and they’ve clearly gone into what they call the dark night of the soul. They’ve really reached into that shadow within themselves and they’ve seen all those aspects of themselves and seen the connection to humanity. I feel that those are also the other basic kind of Christ avatars walking the planet that the moment

that they heal that – I have actually seen this in my own meditations where there’s like pockets of energy that ‘pop’ on the higher planes that are clearing because the individuals that did that area or arena have not really reached that effective level to being able to do that themselves.

J: Wow. I like it.

A: Yeah. It comes to me when I’m making the remedies for people and I see the incredible trauma that they’ve gone through. But the thing that is so amazing is that moment, that actual moment that they choose to know that it’s all okay, that there is this direct link, there is this profound purpose of to why, whether it’s shedding a lot of tears, a great deal of sorrow, I mean massive betrayal, maybe being gang-raped or whatever, all of those experiences – because I’m seeing so much of a pattern across the board of people that come in through the implant removal process. And I’ve had to look at that and say, hey, there is something to this. And I really do believe that that’s part of it.

J: I do too. In fact, it’s amazing that you just said that because your remedies and the removal process basically go hand and hand with the Temple. Because once you remove all those blocks the Temple can also help you so that you never get attacked again. Because you’ve energetically changed everything about you.

A: Yeah, big time. And it’s a profound process and depending on how much work you’ve done, depending on how many blockages that you already have, will determine what you feel and what you go through afterwards, you know. So I’d like to bring up something to you, especially in the profound healer that you are. So as you are working with people’s Temples, one of the 64 million dollar sort of secret, I’m only using that lightly, is we all talk about those that seek out assistance, seek out help, and they don’t think a thing has happened to them. You know, they go to this healer, she does this profound service and process on them and they don’t feel a thing. What can you say what you see for that particular experience. Because I’m sure you’ve had the same thing. It’s something all the healers and practitioners, I don’t care who you are out there, you see it a lot and it’s almost like a wound, it’s almost as a wound to our hearts because we know what we’ve given and we know what we’ve done and we’ve seen it accepted but yet it doesn’t register with the individual. Can you talk about that a little bit?

J: I’ve really experienced what you’ve talked about and I can think of one case right now. The person was in the military and they can’t feel. And I can work with him for eight hours and they still can’t feel and I found out that part of them basically has just died. And that’s the only way that I can put it. The energetic part of them is so closed off to his psyche that they don’t know how to feel anymore. It doesn’t matter whether – I can go ‘bingo’ yeah, and I don’t feel the pain anymore and but I don’t feel anything. And until they are willing to look deep into themselves and truly want to help in the aspect of – not just mind, but having faith that what we are truly doing – and this is where it comes into – I use the word faith because what I am doing is truly Divine work and God heals those who truly –

A: heal themselves.

J: heal themselves. I’m just trying to re-connect and some people just don’t know how to feel, but it is emotionally. Now I’ve worked with people that have actually had, let’s say, cancer. A friend of mine actually worked with a person, and I was working with them before, and we actually got them so energized that that night they passed a tumor through the body showing that they were healing but because the belief system – and they kept repeating their belief system that they were told by a medicine man, a bad person, that they were making a curse and they were going to die and they couldn’t get that out their mind. If I had shown her the Temple at that time, I probably could have done a lot more with them because their own belief would have cleared it from them because they could get all the energetic energy from it but they – they wanted to heal physically – but they couldn’t do it spiritually. And you need to bring the two together so you are in harmony so you don’t resist your own self. And that’s where the sub-conscious comes in. Their own belief system basically, killed them.

A: So really, what most of us are up against, and I mean individually up against, not just the healers and shamans and the practioners of the world, is the willingness to have that door opened to have their belief system – which is it’s own matrix – it is it’s own grid system around the body – trust me, I see it when I make the remedies – and to be open to allow that grid system to fall away. Because in my definition too as one ascends or descends, whatever you want to call it, you must have that willingness to – not have the expectations – that’s number one, because if you have expectation then you are controlling the outcome. In most cases, if you expect something you are going to prevent what is supposed to come forth, or you will thwart it altogether. You know, you won’t receive the Divine benefit of what occurred.

But the other thing that is so important is that willingness, which is not comfortable, and for those out there that have had significant illnesses, injuries, trauma, abuse, horrific childhoods, and things like that, we all know that the way in which to let go of those imprints is, you’ve just got to be a totally open book to allowing that belief system to fall apart. It’s not a fun thing to do but the moment that you make that decision that you are okay with that – which gets back to, Jerry, fear.

J: Yes.

A: And it also gets back to what you said, which is really to truly make a decision and you just do it. You are a Master because you know that if you have made that decision then you know that is what you are to do. You know, there is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You’re totally in confidence and empowerment. So I kind of want to talk a little bit about that. If you talk about belief systems how is that integrating with all of this? Does the belief systems sit in the mind or does it sit in the sub-conscious according to your research.

J: They sit in both.

A: Okay.

J: Then they also bring cellular memory into the body. And because of that, if a person does not release the cellular memory as well, you don’t always have change because you don’t believe that it can happen to you like you are saying.

A: Yes.

J: This is the great thing about the Temple. You create your own mantra of what you want for your self. And because it works with direct Universal Energy and God can’t lie to us and you are going directly to Source you can feel the changes happening within you. The great thing about the Temple is that you start losing fear of the ‘why’ and start understanding the acceptance of ‘I see why it is.’ Because there is no more doubt and blame in what you are talking about. Once you have your own faith then you have the energetic ability to manifest that which you have truly been creating, you truly become One back into Source. And your body become less dense. And if the body becomes less dense then you’re able to create more energy which in turn makes it easier to manifest your purpose of which you truly are here for. And when I truly learned about this, the main purpose that most of us are here for is for the love of themselves. Self-identity. To be able – not in service to each other – but the love of the Creator of the fact that we are Creations. Your method of what you do I really appreciate, I feel it is strong and powerful.

A: Well thank you.

J: Well, it is.

A: I think it is too.

J: I have seen it change peoples’ lives.

A: Yes, as have I. Many, many.

J: And what I like about the Temple where I’ve seen that it changes lives too, is people start getting their ‘whys’ in life. You know, like ‘why is this happening? Why is that happening?’ Because as they release all that no longer serves them and brings in what will serve them you become free within spirit. And that is becoming a Master.

A: Very good. Beautiful. And in fact, I want to kind of throw out to you – you brought up service to others versus service to self. And I feel even that has been misconstrued from the standpoint that because of the belief construct that we have survived in within the matrix, which is another construct – it’s like one construct on top of another on top of another on top of another – we perceive service to self as being very, very kind of deadly and bad and not okay. And in the way which they are using it to express the two I get it. But what I am also maybe wanting to put out there is that when one of the reasons that we’re in the position that we are in is because we were so naive, we were so willing to give up anything that of ourselves for the sake of everyone else that it is time to serve the Self. And I felt that maybe you can talk a little bit about that if that resonates with you with regard to the Temple.

J: It does. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that it is not wrong to serve thy Self, right?

A: Correct.

J: And I agree with you. Because if you don’t serve yourself to the point of being able to take care of yourself, or love yourself, you truly are not of use to anyone else because you have no energetic energy to yourself to give other people anymore. Because you become a shell. You have to understand your identity. You have to understand why you do the things that you do and tell people the things they need to tell even if it hurts you more than them because you’re taking the risk of losing their friendship or losing their love. But you need to be able to do it because it’s really – it’s not self-serving, it’s self empowering.

A: Yeah.

J: Sometimes I give way too much some people say. Because that is just who I am. I don’t look at it like you always need to serve thyself, but you do. And you need to honor yourself. A good example of that would be Christ told his disciples what they were going to do before they did it. And he said, I don’t have to do this. I don’t have to be sacrificed. I don’t have to have Peter deny three times. I don’t have to have Judas betray me. But he was in the service of two things. One, he knew his purpose, which was in service of Self, and it was for the greater good of all instead for one. So he served, in my opinion, he didn’t betray himself and he served the greater good of who and why he came here to do. So he had to be in power, he had to be able to go – because my heart would have been broken. If someone was going to betray me that I thought was my friend, I don’t know if I could carry out what else I was supposed to do because I would be so heart-broken. A: Right.

J: That’s true empowerment. That is being a Master, saying I see the weakness but I love the man enough to know that they are forgiven for their acts. But it doesn’t diminish you because you know that your empowerment of their weakness, but your strength is your ability to stand up for your own constitutions and belief. (Exactly) That is true service for oneself. And you have the right to do that. If you are a healer, and I get this, well, you should do your work for free and stuff. And I look at it and, no, energetically I’m giving you something and if you went to the store you would not expect the merchant to give you the food or the clothing for free.

A: Right.

J: You would honor him by trading him something or give him what we consider the material value of that in giving money.

A: Right.

J: We are no less than that.

A: Absolutely. I couldn’t agree with you any more and in fact I think we’ve done a real disservice to the healing community by having this – it’s almost like a mantra – that flies all around the internet, ‘oh, well, you should be ashamed of yourself for charging for this. Everybody on the planet should have this.’ Everyone is talking about money and the fact that we don’t need a monetary system. Hey, I get that but until we get there we still need money to pay our bills, pay our rent, to put gas in our tanks, I don’t know a gas station out there that takes anything other than dollar bills, at least in this country, okay. So there has to be a level of reality here. And it’s not about greed or anything else, it’s literally about honoring. If you stop looking at the dollar as something that’s been taken or that’s been hoarded or that’s been prevented from being brought to you, you will never see this this way again. You’ll never see, omg, I’m not going to pay them, they don’t deserve that, you know. Because it’s not about that. It just a form of exchange. Period.

J: This is the good thing about that other side of the coin. As long as you do what you do in just righteousness and in which you truly believe there’s nothing wrong with being self serving, okay.

A: Yes. Yes.

J: Now where people try to get you is on the monetary value of that other coin where they say, aren’t you supposed to be in service of others. And if your service is this, you should do this, this, and this even if they themselves wouldn’t do it. When you are in the service of others you are coming to you, or they heard about you, because they want a particular modality, service, or a healing, that you have to offer. This is what you have to offer them. So they shouldn’t be expecting you just to take it freely because you are in the service to others. I mean, I love my fellow human beings and I do a lot of things for them, okay.

A: I agree.

J: I cannot afford, and I have learned this the hard way to give everything that I am to those that have the hands out because I end out with nothing and I am not longer in service to them. Because I’ve given everything that I had trying to be in service and they gave nothing back. It’s not a fair trade. If I went to a doctor and said heal my bone because I broke it, I can’t expect him to do it for free. He went to school for that, he learned his trade. And that is to me an honorably thing to do. I think I was in service with what I did and my arm repaired, let’s say. I would not expect not to pay him. The same thing being in service to others means you have a gift, you have a modality that people are searching for. And they are seeking you to help them with that. And that is the fair exchange of you giving on to them with what they needed in service and then they returned by giving you back an equal exchange change for whatever you find fair in that.

A: You know, Jerry, I really think that this is a core conflict within a lot of the people that typically offer a service, such as energetically readings, healings, medical intuitiveness, etcetera, and it is very unfortunate because they are all very brilliant and offer – you know, I’ve said many times, I had a slew of healers assist me to get me where I am today – and honestly there’s not one that didn’t somehow, someway help me to get where I am today. I saw each and everyone of them and their gifts and I don’t regret one of them, even the most expensive because I didn’t see it as – what I’m trying to say is – I didn’t see it as, oh, he’s $500 so he’s better than Jerry who only charges two cents. You know what I mean?

J: I do.

A: It’s almost like, okay, well, he’s wearing a suit and so I’m paying this because that’s – you know what I mean? We’ve read so much into like $300 is more valuable or something.

J: But that’s because people evaluate advertisement to metaphysics. They’re two different things. Advertisers have made people believe that if we pay exorbitant amounts of money for something is better that if you pay $2 for it even if it’s the same product.

A: Right.

J: You can’t do that with metaphysics. And I’ll give you an example. I know people that are going and they’re taking Reiki and they don’t pay top dollar for the Masters, okay. And they’ll think nothing of it because that’s what to want to do. And they learn this energy and all of that. But does that give me the right to say, ‘well, you just spent x amount of money to learn this craft, now I want you to do what you just learned free on to me.’ That’s not of service. A: Right.

J: That’s trying to take advantage them. A: Right. J: And I’ve learned the hard way. I don’t do that anymore.

A: Well, and I want to bring it back to this is part of service to self, folks. For all of you out there, and I’ve had many people write in to me about this – there’s people that have wanted to start their own reading companies, services, everything from reading to angel cards to palmistry to energetic healing on the way up – crystal readings. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, it’s standing firm knowing that you have this precious gift that’s been given to you divinely and you’re offering it to whomever vibrates and resonates with what you have to offer, period. And if we all stop getting so hung up on this stuff, it really would fall away. And everybody would be happy because if everybody in the healing community would be fairly receiving money to survive right now.

J: True, and just as you know, as far as I know, even back in the times of Buddha, Christ, and all of those times, they gave tribute to their teachers. They gave tribute to their healers. And I think even the Buddha set up a little food for them and all of that as offerings, you know. I’ve been to places where the Buddhas and you’ll see all these little accompaniments, trays and stuff around them.

A: Right.

J: So it’s to honor what he has brought to them.

A: Exactly.

J: Are we any different than that? No. We should also be honored for what we help a person overcome. To be honest with you, people might say that we don’t do a service, but if you knew, if they knew that they could come to you and you could cure them from their cancer that quickly just by the spoken word, they would give you any price if they had it for you to do that unto them. Because what people say and what they truly do are two different things. And when people are sick what is the first thing that they do? Like when they have a terrible disease, like cancer, or something. They go to the doctor and the doctor says I need to pollute your body with radiation. Most of them would say, okay, go ahead and do it. I’ll take the consequences of the side effects so I can still live another 15, 20 years.

A: Which even that is very questionable. It’s typically only five.

J: Right.

A: To do that to your body.

J: But here’s the thing. When people get in desperation, they are willing to trade whatever they have in order to survive. (Umhmm) If you can go to a healer and they truly do as they claim what is the value of their worth? To me, there’s no money or monetary value that can truly put upon it, if it truly cured you. What was the affliction? (Absolutely) And that goes back to earlier also. If they don’t believe that you are doing what you claim, because they don’t have faith on their ownself, because they have taken it on the energy that they don’t deserve, it doesn’t matter who they go to sometimes. They won’t be healed.

A: That’s a really good point because, again, it’s a blockage, and again, it is a part of the belief system that, oh, you are screwing me, or you’re out to take advantage of me. I mean, think about it, if we didn’t have that believe system, would we be thinking this way about money? Granted, I mean, I’m fully on board that we will be in a place one day where there will not be the necessity for money to own each of us in the fact that we have to pay for gas, and we have to pay for water, and electricity and clothing, and food and shelter and health care and all of that stuff. I get that. But if we didn’t really have the belief system or the imprint from all the trauma that the human race experienced about the fact that we’ve been taken advantage of, if that was erased this conversation wouldn’t be happening.

J: I am just hoping that is changing, that people will realize that as they start evolving they are going to have to start thinking of help, if they truly want the true understanding of what they are going through from those that have gone through this experience. (Yeah) Like yourself, for example, you know. You make a great teacher and that wisdom should be honored not taken advantage.

A: Yeah, I agree. We all need to support one another and I know everybody has heard me say this many times. I’m very protective of this healing community because I know how hard all of us work and I know the depth of the concern and the care and the love and the intense passion, the desire to really make a difference and to assist people. And I just hope that this conversation gets everyone to think in terms of their own value and serving themselves. So with that said,

J: I want to make one more quick comment about that. (Okay) And that goes for what I teach ‘Becoming a Master.’ I need to work with people individually so they can understand the mantra that they need to create to become the best and divine of who they are again. That takes time, okay. And it’s not a lot of money for the class but the wisdom that you take from it, from my students that have taken it, they have told me that there is no monetary value that – it is truly the worth that I wish to put upon it because what they truly learned from it is how to re-connect to who they truly are. And become empowered because they have learned to dissolve and to release all the baggage from their past instead of having someone else doing it for you, they’ve learned how to become empowered to do it for thyself. (Umhmm) And I don’t know how much it is worth, but just the fact that you can change the world through it because as you change one person’s higher vibration and energy it does affect an other person.

A: Yes it does. And not just affecting the other person, like I said, we are literally affecting pockets of the population because of the quantum field, because of the proliferation of light that is hitting the planet, because of the fact that we are eliminating karma – you know there are so many variables, because of all of that, just that one event is affecting countless other events, circumstances, people, thoughts, it’s very, very empowering to think that way. So all of us that have chosen to be in the healing arts, you know, it’s a great deal of responsibility. And because of the great repsonsibility we should be honored accordingly. And so, anyway, enough of that. But I did want to ask you another question, Jerry.

J: Go ahead.

A: One of the most mind-blowing things that has come through in the implant removal processes – we’ve brought forward the second and third process which is the Soul Alignment, which the Phase 2, and what has kind of blown our mind about that is the realization, and I say this because I received many confirmations from the Universe regarding it, and that is that after so many hundreds of thousands of years of the body reincarnating and living in various timelines and acclimating itself to these foreign devices, you know, the implants, the Soul had no other choice than to become either numbed-out and kind of check-out etherically or we’ve literally seen it physically leave the body and just kind of hang on through other means. And I was wondering if you’ve actually experienced that when you’ve worked on people, you’ve seen a number of us where you have seen Souls that are like disconnected, not disconnected like – they’re still connected – but they’re not in alignment.

J: Yes I have. And I am very blessed because one of the things I am capable of doing is that I talk with Spirit, so when I am doing my work I ask people what do you want and then I ask what your Spirit needs. But sometimes I look at the mind and, you’re right, there’s a disassociation of the physical balance and the Soul balance within the human beings. There is a desire of Self – I don’t know how to put this – of Self divinity isn’t there anymore. In fact I have seen people where they’ve almost felt like their Spirit, or I should say Soul, is in a state of limbo. And they’re just letting their bodies going through the motions of life. I call it existing instead of actually living. They don’t take the full advantage of becoming empowered, they became disassociated, like you’re saying, and just did whatever it took to survive. And sometimes they were not even doing that, because there were so many things that happened to them that could be walk-ins, not even walk-ins but fall-ins, walk-ins which are demonic beings sometimes, different things that happen to them and they don’t even understand why things were happening to them.

A: It’s like they’re not the pilot of their ship.

J: Yes. I’ve seen that.

A: And this is where we have to look at how do we bring forth that which we want. What is going to be the most non-convoluted way to get from point A to point B. And I’ve thought about the body and the mind and the sub-conscious and the cellular memory – these are all major ingredients of bringing forth true healing.

J: Well, what you and I work on is vibrationally the same energetic energy. It’s just that you are doing it directly through removal and keeping it energized through your remedies that you make for people. And you are make them personally for them, which is fantastic. When I am doing is one step – let’s say they do that – I give the clarity of saying – so you can make a better body for yourself so this never happens to you again. I told you I am creating a new template for my next physical body when I reincarnate again. If I decide to come back here. The Temple gives the ability so you walk in power, so you never forget who and what you are. Now it doesn’t mean that you will have the recognition that you, oh Joe, in the last life I tortured you and I feel so bad. And that’s what they call karma, at this point. But it means that you will never create that again. So you will remember each other of being brothers and sisters or unity of love or universal love with each other, but because you have built your Temple you built a foundation of a new time paradox basically, because your paradigm to Source can never be broken again.

A: Hmmm. Wow. And I would also add that if we wash away the cellular memory, or the karma itself, it’s also very important to remember that the karma is exactly that remorse, guilt, shame, feeling worthless, feeling down-trodden, and that kind of thing, that too, in my opinion, is actually living all of this karma that as Jerry is discussing, it is no longer necessary for us to do so. In fact, a fantastic article put out just a couple of days ago by Sandra Walker and I’m sure many of you have heard of her. And it was talking about this very thing that the conspiracy theorists she was suggesting that because we are still hanging on to the severity of what happened before, she is saying, she was insinuating I should say, and it was delaying this unfolding process. You see what I mean?

J: Yes, I do. And here again, if you become a Master, and this is why I believe that at least 300 hundred years after the teachings of Christ people were still willing to be killed for their belief system because it was like the Romans and the Jews said, okay, Christ is dead, no one more is going to believe in him. His membership actually started increasing. The disciples went all around and they taught. And for the people to change, you have to give them something that is tangible so they can truly believe in what you are teaching them. And that’s what the Temple gives. It gives you the empowerment of seeing your own Divinity in action by manifestation of your own creation in energy. (Hmmm) And this is why I think that when that was taught the Romans – Constantine realized that if you can’t beat them, why not join them. And then break up, break your traditions from within.

A: Wow. Well, I guess I should ask you one more thing, how are you going about this? Is this a physical workshop, are you doing this online as a (?) conference?

J: I do it in the physical right now. I just have places I rent out, or I go to the Multidimensional School or the Temple of Light or the Learning Light.

A: Do you need to touch people when you are doing this, are you actually giving demonstrations?

J: I can do this also online, but I don’t have to touch people.

A: That’s what I was wondering.

J: Okay. The first two times I don’t have to touch people. When we get to the third, which is really advanced, then I need to then, because I can actually see your energy, I see what you are capable of doing. And then helping you to amplify that which you already do. (Right) That is my gift.

A: I want to ask you something else, because this comes up a lot. There’s a lot of us that are very apprehensive to allow just anyone into our own energetic field for, rightfully so, but I almost think that we’ve gone a little bit paranoid in that area too. And I wondered what you think about that. I guess what my point is when you become a Master and someone offers to do a healing on you or offers to give something like that energetically, if you’re in that position or space of Mastery do you really have anything to worry about with that person passing on something to you, for example?

J: If you are a true Master, no.

A: Okay.

J: First of all, they can’t even touch your vibrational energy. So they never get through your etheric field, let alone your aura field, okay. So they’re not going to do anything to you anyway. At that point it’s just a belief if they did. It would be like a person trying to heal Christ. A: Yeah. (laughter)

J: You’d have to be very powerful to do that. A: Yeah.

J: Okay. So if you are a true Master you don’t even have to worry about that. I’ve had people work on me that have lower energy than I do, and I couldn’t really feel anything but I didn’t want to hurt them but I knew because I could see their energy I said, this is what you are doing. And say so thank you. There are two things I don’t allow anymore. I don’t let people give me their energy when I am working on them, and that’s why I push energy through the Temple. Because I am pushing out through 360 degrees of energy so that blocks anything that can come into me.

And two, I am always bringing new energy in through to replace everything that I just gave that person. And that’s why I can go from one person to another without being drained.

A: But you still, I know you have your select few that you go to for your own healings.

J: Yes, I do.

A: So talk to us a little bit about that. Just to give people a perspective.

J: There are people that I do trust because they heal differently than I do. And that’s the beauty of different healers.

A: There you go, bingo.

J: You know, and I know when I need a certain thing. I can’t heal all. So I go to them and say can you see, or can you remove this from me, okay. And they do. I can feel their work. I mean, you have even helped me out before. (Umhmm) You made remedies for me when I needed confidence, because I’m still human. (Yes) I’m not perfect. And even when you can create the Temple it doesn’t make you perfect. It just makes you become more in synch to your divinity and being in constant connection to Source.

A: Well, and top of that, it’s like you’re basically bringing in all the commanders of the ship and they’re all working at the same pace. They’re all working and they’re all in track.

J: Yes. (You know) Yeah, even Christ said when you’re sick you need a physician sometimes, you know. And that’s what I do. And I even tell people sometimes, ‘you need to go to a chiropractor,’ or ‘you might need see a doctor,’ ‘you might need to take a vitamin.’ (laughter)

A: Well, okay, Jerry, we’re getting down to the – can you believe it- it’s almost been two hours. So do me a favor –

J: Can I just mention something quick?

A: Yeah, go ahead, sure.

J: There are two things that I’m really excited about. I have another technique and it literally takes people off the grid. It’s a very powerful technique. (Right on!) What it does is, if you have two people and you both have, let’s say, ten percent mind power, you can actually double it not 20% but 200% mind power. So exponentially it goes like this. If you had five people and let’s say you’re supposed to get 50% out of it – mind power – and you start at 10, then it goes to 100, then it goes to 1000, and so on and exponentiates itself.

A: Very cool.

J: So that technique is really powerful. I’d like to see you and I think that I showed you the technique one time but just in case, I’d like to use it because it really does take people off the grid.

A: That’s fantastic. I think I know what you are talking about. Well, so why don’t you tell everybody how to reach you.

J: Okay. If you’d like to be in contact with me, you can go to imtouch7@gmail.com and you can also go to my Jerry Yusko facebook. Or you can just go to jerryyusko@yahoo.com.

A: And I will be putting this up on the page anyway. Okay. And how much do you charge for your services, Jerry? For the temple?

J: Including the materials it’s about $100. It’s a long class though.

A: That’s a great deal.

J: But we’re talking about a four hour class.

A: Sign me up! I haven’t seen you for awhile anyway.

J: Yeah. You would really love the Temple. Believe me. If you really want change in your life because you are the Divine Creator of that change. No one can teach you what you already know. I can only guide you to what you wish to become.

A: Well, and I like all the empowerment, manifestation and just creating at will thing.

J: And it works!

A: I think that’s the most exciting part of it. So everybody thank you again for listening to Jerry Yusko and I today. And again you can reach him at imtouch7@gmail.com. Of course, if you have any questions for me regarding the Implant Removal, the Soul Alignment, and the DNA Process, they are a three-step series. The second two are not the same without the first ones. You’ve got to get your implants removed first. Please drop me a line at healing@GalacticConnection.com. And I send all of you lots and lots of love. Take care and have a wonderful day. And thanks again, Jerry.

J: And thank you so much for this time, Alexandra. You are a blessing.

A: Aw, you are too. I love you.

J: Same here.

A: Okay. Take care everybody.

J: Take care, bye, bye.

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