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microphone (1)Jim Nichols and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for September 2, 2014

Hello hello everyone! – this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is September 2nd 2014 and I’m going to tell you a little secret here – we’re actually pre recording here on labour day September 1st with none other than the infamous returning guest Jim Nichols otherwise known as Jim! We had such a good response from last week’s show and I want to thank everybody that wrote in and said that they really enjoyed it. There were some things that were shared between Jim and I that really triggered a lot of people and that is exactly what we want to do here. Definitely.

And before I bring Jim fully on board here I do want everyone to know that today is a topic that is so near and dear to my heart. Jim and I were talking about it yesterday and I just want to read this quotation before we dive in and this was apparently given directly to (I think Jim said) Billy Meier from Semjase who states – quote – ‘The ultimate tyranny in a society is not controlled by marshal law, it is the control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize there is something outside of where they exist.’

So I want to kind of kick it off with that, this is the topic we are going to be talking about today and I know so many of you out there uh -we all love this topic.

So just to give everybody a little bit heads up on Jim again I’m going to tell you a little bit of different information on him today.
Jim was born a post war baby boomer in 1948 in the flatlands of north western Ohio – and I was going to say I thought they were all flat Jim –Anyway, by the time he’d reached his senior year of high school Jim’s restless creativity fueled him in an abiding ambition to become an artist and even while serving two years of army service he managed to complete a correspondence course in commercial art. Following his discharge Jim resettled in Tucson Arizona in 1972.

For a time cactus, paint brush, mountains and skies dominated his artistry and he made something of a name for himself as a painter of southwest landscapes. By the late 70’s he discovered he could not be content to limit his art to just desert scenes and popular films such as Star Wars and Close Encounters rekindled a love of science fiction that he knew as a youngster. Soon alien landscapes and space ships captured his creativity and beginning in 1980 throughout the following decade Jim painted numerous UFO illustrations that have been published internationally. His notoriety in the field of UFO research has earned him a co-host seat on a weekly public access tv program in Tucson and this popular award winning program ran from 1991 through 1997 called UFO AZ Tox. Currently after many years of painting in fine arts and illustrations Jim has expanded his creative talents to include sculpting – wow! -and bringing an added dimension to his legacy of artistic skills.

So we all want to give Jim Nichols a big welcome today. Thank you for doing this especially on your holiday Jim.

J. O k a y, every day is a holiday when you’re retired, every day’s a holiday, they all blend together.

A. I was kind of opening you up for that one.

J. Yeah, yeah so –

A. And just so everyone knows Jim lives in the lovely cool crisp town of Tucson, Arizona and I was just asking today how nice and cool it is! – and you said….

J. I said, we’re having a cool spell, it’s only 101 today and yesterday it was 103 – get out your snuggies.

A. Imagine that! 101 folks, crazy, crazy.
I didn’t remember to ask you last time – You served 2 years in the army, did you actually see war time over in Vietnam or did you manage to escape that?

J. No, I managed to escape that, I was very lucky. I was trained for office clerical duty in the army and I got assigned to a finance office for 16 months on Okinawa, so I was very lucky, very lucky. I would probably have lasted a day or two in combat. (Laughs)

A. No kidding. I actually met, one marine one out of all those I’ve met – of course my Dad was a fighter pilot so I was surrounded by military constantly – and that one guy actually did a tour of 18 months and he never saw any action and he was in Vietnam. He said all they did all day was just walk around in rice paddies.

J. Sure, it depends on where you were. I had a buddy that was – I think he was assigned to some supply depot over there and once in a while they’d have to do a rotation where they’d have to guard the perimeter at night, and he said well once in a while the Viet Cong would come in and take potshots at them. But he didn’t seem all that too concerned about the combat over there. In fact, I don’t know if he re-up’d up for a second term of duty over there or not.

A. Oh God – (laughing)

J: It just terrified me. He got drafted just before I did and just the idea of going over there was just terrifying (A. I’ll bet) and when he came back from his leave, he said – you know what? It’s just like a job. This is the job that we do. Like it’s no big deal.

A: You know what? I beg to differ. I know way too many that served their time and would never have described it as that, never.

J. It depends on you know, your good fortune whether you get stuck in the middle of fire fight or not.

A. Absolutely. And I honour you for admitting that you were terrified, I thank you for showing that you are human. You know, instead of let’s just do this stiff upper lip thing saying we all want to go to war in the 1942 movies.

J. Let’s just go to some quaint foreign country where they have a different culture, and speak a different language and just kill them all.

A. Only to find out later we were supporting the drug trade!

J. Of course! absolutely, yes.

A. Crazy. So you also started sculpting, are you fully involved in that?

J. Yeah, we need to delete that out of my bio, (Alexandra laughs) because I did enjoy doing that for about 2 or 3 years but I’m so totally involved now in video production and writing blogs that that has really gone by the boards.

A. At least you know how right?

J. My number one creative focus right now as presenter is doing video productions.

A. Awesome. And you’re doing a great job at that. So I really want to commend you again.

J. Thank you! Tell everybody you can access my videos from my website.

A. Yes, So please go to Jim Nichols UFO.net.

J. Yes, and click on UFOTV Youtube links and you’ll have many hours of really entertaining and informative viewing.

A. Well speaking of which Jim, can you clarify for us – did you get started in the illustrations with the UFOs with Semjase and Billy Meier directly through Billy Meier or directly through Wendelle Stevens?

J. Directly through Wendelle Stevens, indirectly through Billy Meier. I did some preliminary illustrations for Wendelle and Wendelle would then take them and share those with Billy and then Billy would scratch out little corrections (Laughs) (A. Awesome) on the snapshots that Wendelle would share with him and so I would go back and redo the image based on Billy’s corrections.

A. He truly did have a photographic memory didn’t he?

J. Yeah, oh yeah, he knew exactly what he wanted.

A. I have to say your illustrations are so well-known and people don’t even know that they’re looking at your stuff sometimes but all of Semjase material – you know, your illustrations kind of accompanied that. Are you the primary illustrator to depict that whole story? Was that kind of something that was decided between you and Wendelle Stevens?

J. No, I just did that on my own. (A. Ah well that was smart! Good move) Well, this is where it gets interesting. I felt profoundly guided to do that.

A. And that’s what opened up your communications with the Pleiadians also, correct?

J. Hmm interesting. If you go to my blog page and if you scroll down to
The Message, my blog entitled ‘The Message’ then slide on down there is
a picture there – in fact, this is the first painting I did based on the Billy Meier
contact where it shows the beamship on the ground. They’re in Switzerland and Billy Meier is on the left hand side on the foreground and the Semjase, the Pleiadian cosmonaut, standing in front of her beamship. That was the first painting I did in back 1980.

A. Wow, so it goes all the way back to 1980 which was like 5 years after all this went down with him, right?

J. Can you see that on your computer screen?

A. I’m looking and I’m trying to find it, I can see Billy Meier, I can see Yoda. Oh there she is! Okay got her. That’s such a famous picture. It’s all over the place.

J. Yeah. Well, This painting – I stepped over a line with this. When I did that painting I could see in retrospect that I had made some sort of personal commitment to this contact. It wasn’t a contract with Billy Meier so much as it was a direct contact or a direct connection to the Pleiadians themselves.

A. Did you have any contact with Semjase in particular?

J. No. After I did that painting, I had a very strange dream where I felt like I was being contacted telepathically by the Pleiadians and I say that in plural because didn’t see anyone individual, but I seemed to be in tune with the collective, a specific consciousness that thanked me – they thanked me profusely for doing this painting.

In the dream I was flattered, I was deeply flattered in the dream. And I am thinking in the dream, Oh, These Pleiadians are so spiritually lofty and to think that they would condescend to thank me for doing this is just so wonderful. And I was thinking that thought, in the dream, I was scolded. I was scolded very gently but very firmly that ‘Don’t think we are more special than you are, there’s no difference – we are equals here.’
They weren’t actually saying this, but this was the gist of the emotional feeling I was getting from this contact.

A. That’s outstanding and this is a true depiction of connecting with a being of light. (J. exactly) A lot of people really get concerned about ‘Oh did they connect with somebody that was truly of the light or was it somebody that was of the demiurge.’ I’m sure that you have read about that. This is a prime example of that. Now what exactly is she wearing around her ……

J. Let me get back to the story, there’s more to this to this story. (A. okay) So anyway, they scolded me and they assured me that we were equals. I was no less special than they were. And we should respect each other as that. And that never left me. And that has established a very profound attitude within myself on how to approach this material. That the E.T’s may fly in fancy ships and whatever but we are all expressions of the same divine stuff.

Anyway, there was something aside from that, something really, really important that they wanted to tell me. I saw this image of a book with the pages open and there was this line of text in the book that they wanted me to read and remember. So I read the text and I said, Oh okay, I got it, yeah, thanks. They said, No, you haven’t got it, read it again. And I’d say, Okay, I’ve got it, and this happened several times until I felt like they were getting kind of exasperated with me. They said you’re not remembering this, you have to remember this.

So instead of seeing the text running across the page, These words popped out at an diagonal across the page and it said, ‘That which you want, you are.’ That time it locked in.

And I said, Oh my god, yes, okay, well, this is just a very simple, very profound and still a very enigmatic message. ‘That which you want you are’ and that was it.
I can’t say that I have consciously or in a dream state contacted by these entities ever sense but whatever it was that they wanted to impart, it locked in and I’ve never forgotten it since.

A. Nice. So how do you feel that that’s affected your illustrations?

J. Well I went on to do several more Billy Meier paintings and its interesting, because I know that Billy Meier had an enlargement of this specific painting on his wall in his office or in his study there in Switzerland but I never got a thank you, I never got any acknowledgement in any way shape or form from Billy Meier or the FIGU to this day and I’m thinking well, that’s fine, that’s fine, because it’s not between me and Billy Meier, its between me and the Pleiadians. And that makes it cool.

So yeah, I went on to do lots of other illustrations and so forth depicting other cases that Wendellee was working on but none of them to this day have ever had the emotional content for me personally as the Billy Meier story.

A. That’s fantastic. Now to get back to my original question – what exactly is she wearing around her waist? Were you able to figure that one out?

J. Yeah. Wendelle had a very detailed description from Billy what her outfit was. It was kind of like a light grey – he said, it almost had the texture of elephant skin, it was a jumpsuit (A. interesting) and around her middle is like these kind of pockets of the jumpsuit that had different kinds of equipment. (A. like lasers or something uh?) Well it was, you know, a series of pockets that had different instruments in it that she used for whatever purposes.

A. Now the actual UFO that you drew in this picture, does it remind you of any particular UFO’s that were created by the Germans in World War 2?

J. Yes

A. Which one?

J. It does. It very possibly could be a modern variation of the old Haunebu II.

A. Very cool. How fast does that fly?

J. As fast as it wants to. (Alexandra laughs) It’s not about fast, it’s about creating an electromagnetic field that pops out of this time space dimension. (A. awesome) So it’s a machine that simply transcends linear time and linear speed.

A. So I would imagine since you’ve made this connection you probably have quite a bit of CE5 experience, no?

J. No not really, not that can lay heavy claim to.

A. Do you lie outside at night in your Tucson, Arizona dark dark skies and …

J. No, absolutely not, just the opposite, I avoid that.

A. Really? (J. absolutely) Why?

J. Why? (Laughs) because I think (A. laughs in anticipation) there’s (J laughs as if wondering how to explain) the entities that are very prevalent in our time/space dimension right now are very negative and people who go out to call in the space brothers, I think that is extremely dangerous.

A. You know, I’m really glad you brought that up because we really don’t hear that side, that perspective all that often, seriously Jim and I could feel your hesitation because you don’t want to get beat up. But the fact of the matter, that is a very very important consideration. That’s why when you do this you really need to make sure that you’re coming from a heart space (J. sure) that is going to align itself frequentially with higher dimensional beings.

J. Especially – when you go back and read my latest log which is the Aeon of Horus which reveals the dimensional portals that were opened up by Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley just after World War 2, God knows what kind of junk is flying around in our skies now and I think you need to exercise extreme caution, extreme caution.

A. That’s so great and especially with the amount of light that’s pummelling the planet and compressing the darkness. It’s so close and in our back yards now that we need to be even more cognizant of it.

J. Absolutely, absolutely. And the fact that the general population is so painfully ignorant about the occult and they think that any happy happy little light in the sky must be an Angel or must be Jesus. Well guess what? -it probably isn’t and just because of your stupid ignorance, you’re allowing yourself to be duped by anything and anyone of a less than savoury nature that might be buzzing around in our time/space continuum here. You wouldn’t (Laughs) go wandering in the streets of New York City after dark alone and undefended and say oh isn’t this an interesting place to visit? You’d want to exercise some kind of caution and that is exactly the same kind of caution you want to have in mind just being alive in this time/space continuum right now.

A. I agree and also I was going to add that if you’re going to – you know there are people out there that really desire to have some sort of physical validity to the galactic brothers and sisters in their presence but long and the short of it is the majority of them are relatively never going to show themselves physically. The fact that they did this with Billy Meier was an incredible rarity and if you read about Billy Meier he lived with, and still lives, with an tremendous amount of intrusion because of having this experience. So it’s like be careful what you ask for because you are creators and if you are calling these unknown beings into your field, you’re actually giving them permission.

J. Exactly. Great point, great point. It’s like unless you’re cognizant enough to decide, define what kind of entities you want to interact with, the level of light that you want to deal with, and if you’re unaware of that, and this is an important component, you could be making contact with really nasty stuff.

A: Right! And so this is not about creating fear, this not about saying that it is not a legitimate thing that you would desire to make contact, it’s more about – c’mon you know- you don’t get in a car without knowing how to drive it. The same applies to if you’re going to make contact; you really need to be serious about the way in which you pull down that connection. (J. Sure, sure) and that goes with being in your own bedroom for God’s sake.

J. And never go for a ride with strangers (A. laughing I love that) Even in the Billy Meier case it wasn’t – Oh there’s an interesting farmer down there, lets go visit him. No it didn’t work that way. This man was prepared from his childhood for this contact experience. He had been singled out and prepared for his entire life to have this contact experience. So it wasn’t – Oh let’s just go and have some fun. No it wasn’t that way at all.

A. You know I’m glad you brought that up because I was doing a little digging on Billy Meier who is “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier by the way and he claimed his first extraterrestrial contact in 1942 at the age of 5 – I was not aware of that – and apparently the elderly man’s name was Sfath (J. Sfath, yes) and he had these connections until 1953 until Sfath passed away and from 53-64 he had continued connection with a woman named Asket then he had an eleven year break and then Semjase came in and I was not aware of that – that he had perpetual connections.

J. As a child he was having strange experiences which he would confide to the parish priest and the parish priest seemed to be a very astute metaphysician because he explained to Billy that yes there are beings from other worlds and blah blah blah and he was kind of an intermediary to help condition Billy to accept this without fear.

A. Yeah, and he’s done a phenomenal job considering how much incredible impediments have been built up for him to prevent… OMG what that man has gone through is amazing. (J. yeah, yeah)
So tell us a little bit about ‘The Message’ because I know this is something that’s really kind of reeled and rocked your world with the communications you’ve started to experience through the Pleiadian contact but also just by delving into becoming an illustrator with Wendelle Stevens and therefore getting involved in the Billy Meier case, what do you feel is the significance of ‘the message’ from the Pleiadians?

J. That’s a big question.

A. (laughing in fun) – it was deliberately posed that way.

J. I was getting more into my own UFO illustration art in parallel with Wendelle who was getting more and more into Billy Meier investigation. And Wendelle lived here in Tucson also so I had fairly good access to Wendelle. So I was doing my thing and Wendelle was doing his thing and I was kind of monitoring how the world was responding to his Billy Meier story. And when I first sat down with Wendelle and he shared his story and I bought his big picture book that came out in 1980, I was totally enthralled with that and I read the material and I had access to a lot of Wendelle’s investigation notes and so forth. I thought, Wow this is going to blow the lid off! This is absolute proof that yes, we are being visited by advanced human beings or advanced aliens from other planets. This is proof that this is for real and I expected the whole world would welcome this. (A. huh-oh)

Boy was I wrong. (A. and this was back in the 1980’s?) Yes, in the 80’s and Wendelle stood up a hornet’s nest of resistance and people claiming that Billy Meier’s a fraud and this and that and it created a firestorm of resistance to everything that Wendelle and Billy were trying to achieve here. (A. whispers wow) And innocent little me was thinking Oh isn’t this wonderful, we’re going to tell the whole world about extraterrestrials. The whole world was not the least bit interested in knowing about extra terrestrials in 1980, just the contrary, they wanted to debunk Billy and Wendelle and make the whole darned thing go away.

A. My question though is was it the people that were super aggressive in debunking Wendelle or was it trolls and factions within the government that were hired to do that?

J. Well this is what I was to discover. This pushed me off into a whole other level of UFO research. I wasn’t so much interested anymore in whether IS this case for real, or is that case real or are these pictures real, or these pictures fake? I don’t give a damn. The only thing that was interesting for me was from that point on, why is there a cover up, what is the driving motivation to keep this secret? – in the face of all this evidence that showed that, yes, there’s something legitimate and highly unusual is really going on here. If you read my blogs you’ll see that my focus is more on uncovering the reasons and the motivations for the cover up.

What is the big secret that they want to keep away from everybody and why is the government on one hand saying there is no such thing as UFO’s and flying saucers and yet the mass media just overwhelms people with this information. So where is the truth in all this? Who do we believe and is there anybody out there that is even reasonably believable? (laughs)

A. Well I say to people a lot of times, yes, we are getting deluged with a lot of information and we’re getting deluged with a lot of disinformation however, what it’s doing is – and I just feel this so strongly – is at this final hour through the push from the old world age to the new, I think we’re really going through what I feel is almost an initiation or a boot camp to really hone our discernment skills. (J. Absolutely)

And not only to hone our discernment skills but to become more Galactarian – I love that word, I got that from Craig Campobasso – but to become more Galactarian where somebody can say something I may totally not agree with it but that doesn’t mean I have to rebuke them or have to tell them they’re an idiot or that I just discount the value of what they feel is truth. (J. uh huh, Alexandra your audio is breaking up a little bit) Oh sorry about that, can you hear me now? (J. yeah that’s good) what did you hear last? (J. I heard it all but it was fragmented words there) Interesting at that time. But my whole point is that we’re being nudged, very firmly nudged by spirit to step into more of a Galactarian perspective because that’s where we’re moving towards and people like Billy Meier, Wendelle and yourself contributing to this, you know, its very important.

J. Well anyway, so in the face of all this huge effort to debunk Billy Meier in the Pleiadian case, and so all the photographs were all faked and everything, it was a hoax, the grid is UFO hoax of all time, so I thought I’m going to make an end run around all that rather than try to validate the photos or the sound recordings or the metal samples and all of that stuff. Like was there anything in Semjase’s message that seemed to have a universal quality to it? – And if you could prove what her message was trying to get across then everything else is just extraneous. What was it that the Pleiadians were really trying to tell us and if there is any truth in that, that’s probably what the Pleiadians intended us to hang onto to begin with.

A. Of course, (J. Okay?) yeah, so one of the most significant ones is that we are not alone in the universe. (J. yes exactly) Now why wouldn’t the government not want us to know that?

J. Uhm… Because a powerful monolithic government doesn’t want any challenges to their monolithic power. They want to be the top dog with absolutely no competition end of story.

A. I think that’s true, I also think that it’s a squashing of our imagination (J. Right) of what it would be like to live in a free society on another planet.

J. Right, right, right. Well anyway, so this is my favourite quote from Semjase (A. cool) and so we’ll focus on this then see if there is any other philosophies along the way that resonate with that.
So Semjase stated; above everything stands one force alone we call it the creation, it regulates the laws over all, the life and death of everything in the universe because it is everything in the universe. Real spirituality comes from the understanding of the laws of nature, the natural working of cause and effect each contributing to and sharing with all. When you indulge in ritual and ceremony, real spirit pines away until it is gone. A spiritually developed being as part of creation acknowledges creation in all things even the smallest microbe and leading a creative life, causes fears and doubts to vanish like rain before the sun. Wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognizes the existence of his spirit and works with it according to the creational laws. (A. whispers slowly – God) Hey that’s great stuff (A. Absolutely) in anybody’s language those are beautiful metaphysical homilies right? (A. Absolutely)

J. So is that really evidence of extraterrestrial? I mean you could pick up these homilies just about anywhere.

A. Well I think the important thing here and what I think this interview is all about is making that connection between space brothers and sisters and/or UFO’s and making that connection that they are just not the scientific apparatus flying around in the ethers. But that they actually are coming to us with a message of spirituality. A lot of people forget what does spiritual mean? – it means of or affecting the spirit, its of or being sacred relating or joining in spirit – well of course if we are all of creation, we want to rejoin in creation. (J. Right) It’s incredible.

J. Well that’s one of the reasons Semjase got rather annoyed with Billy because all Billy wanted was more photographs of the spaceships and she said our spaceships aren’t what are important here. If all we show you our spaceships, you’re going to ignore everything we say. (A. Interesting) It was like No, we’ll give you just enough of a tease to make you curious as to what we’re all about but we’re not going to let you get hung up on beamship technology here.

So anyway around this same time, what movies were making a big splash in Hollywood those days? Well, we had Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back – (A. hhhmmm) and what were the powerful metaphysical teachings from Star Wars?

A. Well I remember the force be with you.

J. Right Obi-Wan Kenobi stated: The force is what gives the Jedi his power, it’s an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, It penetrates us and it binds the galaxy together.
Then later Yoda said: For my ally is the force and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow, its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter, you must feel the force around you, here between you and me, the tree, the rock, everywhere.

A. I have a question – Do you happen to know, have you researched if there was a direct connection between the launching of Star Wars in relation to the Billy Meier information?

J. Well that’s interesting, it all hit about 1980, (A. Yeah) 1980 was the magic year (laughing) and this is when this stuff started to come out. And it wasn’t not long afterwards another Hollywood icon came along, Shirley McLean, and she wrote her book, Out on a Limb, where she claims – well, actually she tells a story of a composite character called David. And actually Shirley went to the farm in Switzerland and met Billy Meier. (A. wow) And she also met a guy named, what’s his name – she met a Hollywood film promoter by the name of Charles Silva (A. hmm, right!) who also claimed he had met Pleiadians. (A. wow) In fact he claimed he met Pleiadians a year before Billy Meier did – down in Peru.

So anyway Shirley McLean writes her book Out on a Limb, which was her own personal excursion into self discovery, reincarnation, metaphysics and so forth. So she is also recounting her encounter with these Pleiadian philosophies and how she was reacting to that and at first she was very put off by it. She thought beings visiting from the Pleiades was just a load of poppycock. But then she got into some of the deeper metaphysical implications of all of it and she said, well, did I identify myself with what I couldn’t understand or what frightened me? Or could life actually be defined more by its possibilities than its limitations? And was I on the threshold of understanding that there might be people out there who actually lived that way with no sense of limitation? And this is the kind of stuff she was getting from the Pleiadian messages. It’s like, Wait a minute these people have atotally different mind sets than we do. They don’t define themselves by limitation.

And some of the Pleiadian messages/insights this character called David revealed as he talked of the unseen energies that the Pleiadians had learned to work with. He called it the Divine God Intelligence force and said that the energy of that force and the energy of the human soul were made up of the same characteristics. And then he went on to say, ‘technology without an understanding of God is destructive and technology with an understanding of God is virtually unlimited. And everybody – each of us – in our own hearts and our own souls knows that because our heart or soul is a reflection of God. The Divine ‘Force’ is what the soul is made of.

A. Gosh, the technology without the understanding of God is destructive, I mean is that describing Atlantis to a T?

J. That’s describing contemporary United States (A. now, yah) That’s the military industrial complex right there for you. (A. yah!)

A. Correct, correct. Isn’t that why they said one of the biggest errors within creation was beings of a higher dimensional plane presenting technology to a child- like race such as ourselves without the ability to understand and have the spiritual awareness.

J. Yeah, do you let a 5 year old play with a 57 magnum? (A. Yeah exactly) that’s kind of what we’re looking at here. (A. So true)

So anyway, I was getting other confirmation from other directions that seem just to echo the teachings that Semjase had shared.
And finally the real kicker was in the film What the Bleep Do We Know (A. Oh greeaat film) and now you have quantum physicists who are not talking to the space brother, they’re finding this out in a laboratory and one of the physicists they have in the film is Dr Alan Wolf who stated that, ‘At a fundamental level it is even difficult to observe there’s one God-self – one God-self that is ALL of us – we grew from that, the whole universe grew from it and each of the separate personalities that appeared have grown from it with the illusion that each one is a separate individual. But actually we are all from the same tree.’

So essentially quantum physics is going back and restating in different words what Semjase was saying in at the beginning that – above everything stands One Force alone, we call it creation, it regulates the laws over all, the life and death of everything in the universe because it is everything in the universe. Well that’s the quantum field right there.

A. Yeah, that truly was probably was one the most landmark
documentaries/movies to come out to be able to connect science with spirituality. (J. Exactly right) it really did. Far better I think even than The Secret which I’d say the majority of my audience felt that a little more rudimentary even thought it had its place and it was very empowering for you know, all of us (J. Right, right) but it didn’t delve deeply like What the Bleep Do We Know. (J. Exactly)

A. Back to what you were saying as far as Semjase’s message. Do you feel that other than the fact she was saying we are not alone in the universe, that we need to recognise that they’re human too – I know that was in one of your films – what do you feel was the ultimate thing to walk away with?

J. Just that we are all one. Just as I got in my dream – that we are all one, we’re not better than you are and you’re no better than we are and that sense of oneness and kind of a confirmation of universal consciousness. That’s what really resonated with me.

A. I also think, the biggest thing of all because the words she shared with Billy Meier are so beautiful was waking up to your own spirituality. And I hope someday and I know you kind of wanted to get into this – and I hope someday that those that are very dedicated to their own religion are able to step out of that religious box and attempt to look at it through more of a spirituality than a religion and I wanted to ask your opinion on that.

J. Well yes, that’s a toughie. This is the other thing that happened. When I was involved with Wendelle Stevens I was married to a Seventh Day Adventist. (A. Oh wow) You know I told her I was meeting a UFO investigator and I was trying to share with her the Billy Meier Pleiadian case and she just kind of backed off and said ‘I know UFO’s are real, they’re all from the devil. (A. hhmm) and that was end of story, that’s as far as it went.

And Wendelle cautioned me, when I first met him. He said when you get into this stuff, it can really change your life. Well by 1981 I was divorced and in a relationship with a totally different woman who is totally open to this Billy Meier Pleiadian stuff. Wendelle knew what he was talking about. He said you get involved with this stuff it will take you down a different path.

So anyway, I was taking care of my mother and she was a radical fundamentalist Pentecostal. (A. oh wow) And she and my dad were giving away half their retirement income to these TV evangelists and you couldn’t even begin to reason with these people. So I thought okay I’ll just become very private and pursue my interest in this field of endeavour on my own. And I said maybe they are right, maybe this all is of the devil but I’m going to have to find out by myself and I’m not going to assume that just because you tell me that’s true. I will follow my investigations wherever they take me and I will not be locked into any preconceived notion of what I think it should be. It was like the truth will out and at the end of the day if it turns out that yeah, it is all of the devil than that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you.

A. Right, right. Well, I think from my standpoint I grew up in a family where there was a holy war. I had half of my family Catholic and half of my family fundamental Christian (J. oh joy) and they would literally go at it, I mean just go at it and I made the decision at that moment watching them that, my God, neutrality is the way to go here and observing and seeing the truth on both of their perspectives and why did that so mean much to them and why did they have to try to convince someone else to be or feel or see or do what they do. (J. right, right)

And that is really the ultimate thing I’m talking about regarding religion because there is a great deal of phenomenal people that are very religious, but what I’ve also found on my own walk is that when you really lock into a particular religion – for me I started out as a Catholic – if you do not abide the by the so called policies and decrees that apparently were put down by God, then you’re walking around your whole life beating yourself up because you think you are a sinner, you think you are unworthy, you think you have less value and that is not the God that I believe in, that I believe exists.

J. Well that’s interesting. See, well, that’s where my attitude came from when I had that dream where the Pleiadians were thanking me. And this comes from our Judeo Christian background and it was like I’m unworthy, I’m a sinner and Oh thank you for condescending to contact me. And then they turn around and scold me for that. (A. uh huh) See how little you think of yourself? (A. Exactly) See how little you think of yourself? Get up off your knees and be like an expression of God like the rest of us are.

A. You just made a really good point. And that is, what is affiliated with every single religion on this planet and that all of them ultimately you’re supposed to be down on your knees at one point or another. I know in the catholic faith its like sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel, stand (J. yep, I know, I know) and you do it because it’s in the missile for the day, (J. yep,) you don’t wanna do it necessarily.

J. It’s in the script, okay kneel, okay get up, cross yourself right. Oh wait a minute. You know I don’t believe God lives in a box. (A. no) To me a church is a box and I don’t believe God lives in a box. I go outside; the sun is still shining right? And the sun shines on the Catholic church and the Methodist church and the synagogue you know? And it seems to me that god’s bigger than all that nonsense but then that’s just me.

The other problem and you’ll know what I’m talking about is that if you walk into a religion you don’t think, you just react. It’s like you have your little narrow perimeters of black and white, good and bad and anything outside these perimeters you don’t intellectualize it, you don’t approach it intellectually. You don’t rationalize; well maybe this is true or maybe it isn’t true, it’s either/or.

A. Or what you’re also saying is; you’ve been told X is truth and therefore you run into Y and you immediately discount it because X told you it’s not the truth. And that is what I used to run into all the time, when I was younger. I was so confused
because of the way I was brought up and the belief system I was brought up in.

J. Yeah, I’ve talked to fundamentalists about these things and you can approach them in a rational thoughtful way and you can see their little minds clicking and they say what you say makes sense but I’m not told that same thing by my church so therefore I can’t accept with what you’re saying. (A. yeah) It’s like okay, whatever. I’m not out to proselytize anyone about my beliefs. My beliefs are what I believe based on what I’ve experienced.

I have come across especially this research about the Greys and the occult and the possible demonic origin of the Greys and their abductions and so forth and I’ve come across this experience where an abductee will be in an abduction encounter experience which is very terrifying and they will call on the name of Jesus and bingo! the abduction will stop. And I think that is very significant, that is very powerful and what exactly is going on here and what is it in the power of calling on Jesus that will have that kind of powerful effect that it will actually terminate an abduction experience.

A. Well a couple of things come to mind. Number one is they believe that to be the case. (J. sure) Number two, going back to what you said about the Greys, you know if you think about say a fundamentalist Christian who believes that UFO’s are of the devil, they actually in some ways have some partial truth to that only from the stand point that they’re looking at the lower dimensional levels where most of the UFO’s, as you just said earlier, are from the military, black ops, that kind of thing. Or they’re from the Greys and apparently the Zetas who at one point if – maybe not now, were nefarious. You know what I’m saying? So it’s like a partial truth? But the bottom line is it’s still polarized thinking. (J. right) that’s the key, it’s still separating the male and the female, the right and left hemisphere, its keeping us at odds from uniting that which is from within.

J. Well the other thing that I see – I’ll explain this a little bit more as we go along here – but I had a good friend who was a regular attendee of my Meet-Ups here in Tucson and she used to be editor for UFO magazine in Los Angeles and she was herself an excellent researcher. And she also was an abductee (A. very cool) and very bright lady, very personable, I really enjoyed her company. I really enjoyed having her attend my Meet-Ups and I miss her very much because she was such an asset to my meetings and she had this experience where she was in an abduction situation and she called on Jesus and the abductions stopped. (A.hhmmm interesting) So that had such a profound effect on her that she went out and joined the Catholic church (A. aaahhh interesting) and she won’t have anything to do with our Meet-Ups or the UFO stuff anymore.

Something doesn’t jive here; she alone in this experience called on Jesus and the experience stopped – well the pope didn’t come in and stop the experience, (A. hm hm) the catholic bishops didn’t come in and stop the experience; this is something between her, Jesus, and her abductors. (A. that’s a good point)
It is also to do with her intention that she had enough presence of mind within her abduction experience to call upon a different intention in that – I’m going to intend not to be in this abduction.

A. Well tell you what Jim, you remember we talked about The Lies NASA Told? (J. yeah) That film alone really brought forth for me just the questioning of these names that have been rattled off for thousands of years that we just assume that represent someone of the light versus someone of the dark and Jesus is one of those names, you know, rather than maybe Yeshua or something like that.

J. Uh huh, uh huh. There’s this other guy Joe Jordan who has created a CE4 research group and he was also an UFO investigator and he claims he had a very similar story of an encounter with a young man who had just become a fundamentalist Christian and he did the same thing where he called upon the name of Jesus and the abduction experience stopped. Just flat out stopped. I’m thinking okay, okay what?

Then consequently Joe Jordan has become a fundamental Christian himself so he infuses all of this research with fundamental Christianity. And that’s fine, that’s his choice to do that, but I think do we have to take on all this additional religious baggage to make this technique work? Uhm….

A. Well you have to kind of wonder why that particular name would work over anything else if it’s beyond just their belief, you know their very strong faith. Is it just a program?

J. Well this is where you have to start digging in a little bit deeper into the history of the occult. Who exactly is Jesus, who is Jesus? Who are they really calling on? And is this a representative of the Baptist church? Or the Catholic church? Or is this and Aeon, is this an entity, you know one of these super Angelic entities that these demons are genuinely terrified of?
(A. hhhmm) So this is like it’s okay what are we really invoking here? What is the dynamic that is happening here? And that – as a researcher, that’s what I want to get to the bottom of. (A. very interesting)

J. Being raised catholic, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an exorcism but I just recently saw a video recording of a catholic priest in Italy who conducting an exorcism of a young girl and the devil or demon or whatever entity it was inside of this girl was definitely afraid of the invocation of Jesus. You could see this demon was terrified of Jesus. (A. wow) End of the story.
These guys are invoking an specific kind of occult technology magic that really works. (A. wow) So it’s like okay, what are we really talking about here? (A. whispers wow) and that’s what I’d really like to get to the bottom of. (A. woww)

Now let me tell you one other story. And this has happened to me personally.
My second wife and I spent 13 years in the new age movement. My wife kind of went from one Guru to another and I just tagged along just for fun because I love my wife. And at about the mid to late 80’s we were having meditation sessions with an Indian Shaman, Native American Shaman. Following those meditations I started to have really strange psychic phenomena happening with me that was actually making me feel ill. And I felt like I was accessing memories of something that I had never experienced. It was almost like I was interfacing with another consciousness and I was picking up their memories as flashes of my own memories and they were all interwoven and I thought wait a minute, I didn’t have this experience, why would I be remembering this?

And eventually these spells would come over me where I would be so ill that I couldn’t go to work. (A. my gosh. How long ago was this?) It was late 80’s. And it lasted for several months. Finally a friend called one night and she lived back East somewhere, Minnesota or somewhere, and she was very metaphysical and she asked me how I was doing and I said fine. Then I said you know, I’m really not doing fine. Then I said, well, no, I’m really not doing fine. I said, you know, I’m having these strange experiences and I can’t account for it and what do you think is going on with me? She said, ‘Do you do your protection work?’ I said no. She said maybe you should do some psychic protection of yourself and see if that won’t help. So I did. I did this little mantra that night before I went to bed and I’ve never had this experience since.

A. Will you share it with what you do?

J. Sure. Be glad to. It’s a mantra. I say it 3 times, each verse is –
The light of God never fails
I live this day in God light
The harmony of my true being is my ultimate protection

A. ooooo I like that.

J. I do these mantras 3 times. And that’s what I did. I did that mantra that night and bingo it was done. But I did it with great intention, I did it with great emotional power – get the hell away from me and stay the hell away from me. And it worked. I did not invoke the name of Jesus; but I invoked a powerful intention to be left alone.

A. And that is such a crucial point. In fact we talk about that a lot on my radio show that at this point in time what we are being called to do more than anything else is up our protection. (J. exactly) that’s so important.
Would you be willing to type that up and send it over to me so that I could put it on my – I have a blog page that’s just for tools and protection tools (J. I can do that) that would be awesome so everyone can have a Jim Nichols…..

J. Now, this is just really interesting, I think we’re kind of in a synchronicity here because just last week, I got an email from a gentleman who I had met in 2010 who is a medical doctor who is also a professional hypnotherapist and he specializes in psychic demonic alien attachment removal and met him at a UFO conference in Laughlin in 2010 and I shared with him this mantra. (A. interesting) And a week ago he sent me this letter saying do you remember this mantra you gave me in 2010? I share this with all of my patients. I’ve been sharing it for the last four years and it works.

A. Well good! We’ll definitely do that because the one we share with our implant removal people – it’s extremely powerful, it goes a little bit further beyond what a lot of them do because it will close all windows, portals and doorways. People don’t realize that these are being constantly opened and closed all the time depending on your thoughts, depending on who you’re connecting with – it’s kinda like the guy who is naively walking outside looking up to the heavens saying I really wish I could talk to you and the next thing you know BAM! He’s starting to have demonic experiences. (J. right)

So this proclamation, I will send this over to you because it rocks. (J. All right) Yeah it rocks. It’s really really good for people who are being attacked. Thank you for that.

J. My pleasure. We seem to be in a bit of a flow here.

A. Imagine that! So getting back to Semjase’s message (J. yeah) Tell me a little bit about how she saw evolution.

J. Hmmmmm. Offhand I can’t think of a specific statement she said about evolution, you know, we’re all experiencing creation experiencing itself. It’s kind of open-ended because it is an activity of self discovery.

A. That’s what I’m getting to. One of the cool things that Jerry does, he invokes the Christ consciousness constantly in everything he does and he and I were having a conversation the other day – he’s basically my brother of the times of Jesus and Mary (J. oh okay) believe it or not. We are super tight and one of the things that we talked about was ascension versus descension versus evolving and he basically said that as he looks at people’s particle cells, DNA etc there are people that are evolving and then there are people that are ascending. I thought this was really interesting.

Those that are evolving are those that have kind of reached a state of spiritual enlightenment let’s say, but they are now evolving to a higher state of consciousness. And then there’s those that are ascending which is actually going – its almost like a death to life experience or being shut off to turning the light back on experience. So if you look at it from that stand point, it’s happening every day of our lives. You know, people’s lights are turning on and they go wow! They are becoming aware that this is a matrix.

I just thought when I was listening to what she was saying; she made a comment that humans can be delivered from all their ignorance if they have the will to speak the truth.

J. Exactly, right, right. Well that’s – that’s a profoundly important aspect of our consciousness that in our modern culture we are distracted from. (A. yeah, totally) they don’t want us to know we have this kind of power.
I’m gotta turn you on to a really powerful book in case you haven’t heard of it. It’s called Not in His Image by John Lash?

A. Yes, he’s outstanding, I’ve considered interviewing him.

J. Have you read the book?

A. I have not read the book

J. You must read the book.

A. I haven’t read any books in the last year because I’ve been so busy, but –

J. I see. Well anyway, he really defines the ancient Gnostic understanding of this so-called reality that we’re living in which is a virtual reality that is created by the Archons. We live in an artificial virtual reality which mimics another higher reality that is totally spiritual, totally enlightened. And they don’t want us to know it. But we still within ourselves retain the dynamic of that higher reality, they don’t. (A.yes) We do and that’s their whole game plan within this virtual reality is to keep us trapped here and to convince us we don’t have any higher spiritual capabilities when in fact we do.
And that’s what kind of bleeds through in these abductee experiences where the abductee is centered enough to identify his own personal power and act on that. It’s saying, no, you’re not going to do this to me, I’m in charge here, I am my own God and you have no right to do this to me. And that sends the demons scurrying.

A. You wrote in one of your blogs about the ancient alien invaders. (J. the Archons) Yes, you talked about them in South America, Africa and the Middle East I think. Well, I was just going to ask you, I thought I read somewhere that they said that you could just tell that the heads of state or something like that were of a different race. (J. right) I can’t remember where I read that on your blog.

J. And within John Lash’s book he says the key thing that humans must learn to discern, just because people look human, doesn’t mean that they are human. (A. hhhmmm)
And you judge people by their behaviour and you look at the behaviours of the people that run this world, our leaders, they are total sociopaths. And we have to learn who the sociopaths are. Because these sociopaths are essentially – they the Archons, or they are proxies for the Archons. The Archons are working directly through them to maintain control over the mass population who hold the lifeforce that the Archons don’t possess but have to feed off parasitically to empower themselves.

A. You know Jim, when we remove these bio-etherical implants, those are not the normal implants which are a lot easier to remove, and these are real bad boys. When we remove them we clearly are seeing that they are directly – how do I say this – they are directly affiliated with an Archon. (J. exactly) and so the Archon is literally driving the ship of that individual and they drive the ship of that individual through various means within the body. (J. right, right, right) It is really crazy(?).

J. And you know, well meaning people can allow themselves to become vehicles for that. And it’s so tragic. Take a person like Robin Williams who we all dearly loved (A. slowly and sad – yeaaaahhh) at some point in his career he made a choice to allow himself to be a vehicle for that.
And unfortunately in our society, one of the things they hook you into is fame and success and money. That’s one of the big hooks and that’s why you see so much of this activity, so much of this influence in Hollywood.

A. And the occult, that’s their primary game is through the Hollywood scene, isn’t it?

J. Exactly. You take an extraordinary performer like Katy Perry, she’s a beautiful young woman but at an adolescent age at 15 she decided she decided I’m not going to be an Amy Grant, so if I’m going to be famous and successful I’ll make a deal with the devil. Well the devil doesn’t give a damn that you’re only 15 years old, he says, I got ya!

A. Did she actually say she did say that?

J. Yes. I’ve seen the video where she admits that. It’s on camera. (A. Oh okay) She admits that. And you look at her skyrocketing music career, and you say okay, well she’s just one of a whole legion of performers in Hollywood who follow the same path.

A. You know I have to tell you a story – when you were talking about the way people look (J. hm hm) the heads of state, the way people look and the fact that they’re ultimately probably a different race. Years ago I got a bee in my bonnet and I decided that I was going to research all the heads of state, all congressmen and I was going to take their picture and put it on a spreadsheet and put their name and figure out which secret societies did they involve themselves with etc and I looking at everyone, you know, and what I wanted to see was, did they look like a reptilian? And as I got deeper and deeper and deeper I was so floored by what I was finding and even though some were heavier than others, maybe their eyes were a little bit further apart or whatever, I started seeing a kind of a bio metric similarity and it completely locked up my computer and I was never able to restore the document. (J. funny thing)

Yes, so I knew at that point – do me a favour, anybody who is listening, do yourself a favour and check out just the core congress. Just those folks alone. Look at their eyes, the shape of their nose, the small tiny mouth and the shape of their face and it will blow your mind.
If you just kind of take their weight off and look at the approximate length between the eyes, and that kind of thing, Jim, it blew my mind. It blew my mind. (J. right) They were clearly not of the same species. It was that obvious to me.

J. Yes. Ah well that’s exactly what John Lash talks about. The general public say well they look human but you have to discern them not so much also by how they look but how they behave. (A. very good) How they behave.
Actually there’s a whole book about this, it’s called Ponerology (A, really?) – Its the inability of the mass population to identify their leaders as psychopaths. (A. woowww) This in itself is psychopathic.

A. I want to look that up, Ponerology. Okay.
I have a quote from John Lash here, it says: Gnostics detected the humanised face of the Archons in all authoritarian structures and systems that deny authenticity and self determination to the individual.

J. Right. That’s why they call them Archons because Archon is a Greek word meaning magistrates or rulers. So we’re in a virtual reality that is ruled by the archons so that we can serve the Archons.
What’s the difference between an Aeon and an Archon? (A. I don’t know –what?) An aeon is – I just finished this article called the Aeon of Horus – thinking that an aeon is the same eon and it’s not.

A. That’s the first thing that popped into my head.

J. An Aeon is actually the description of the highest level of spiritual development. So Jesus in that context would actually be an Aeon.

A. Interesting. And there’s no mistake there is there Jim?

J. The members of the highest level of spiritual hierarchy. But there is also a demonic hierarchy.
So when I talk about the Aeon of Horus and I think that’s a misnomer on Aleister Crowley’s part that Isis, Osiris and Horus are not Aeons, but actually they are demons, they are from the demonic hierarchy. He mistakenly or deliberately mistakenly calls them Aeons.

Sophia was the Aeon that created Planet Earth. (A. hhmmm) And this was all in John Lash’s book – this whole Gnostic cosmology that there was an aberration, there was a problem that happened when Earth was created and mistakenly these demiurge, these Archonic entities came into being. So they are a mistake.
John Lash says the ultimate goal of the human race is fulfilling the intention of Sophia was to recognize this Archontic influence and to rise above it. Then at that point we will fulfil the dream or the intention that the Aeon Sophia had originally envisioned for the human race. (A. wow) And that we will be unlimited co-creators with her.

A. Well that pretty much sums up where we are right now.

J. How does that grab ya?

A. Oh my gosh! And I loved the way in which you were discussing corporations and you were equating them with giant vampires. (J. yeah) Because it just shows that that which is in matter is representing that which is in the etheric and that which is outside of us is representing that which is inside of us you know? That was such a great analogy.

J. The structure goes all the way back to the ancient Egypt and the pyramid structure with all the powers at the top and its like that is in of itself indicative of the Archontic power structure over this planet. So you have a hierarchy where the people only at the tippy top know what’s going on and then they control everybody below them. Even our politicians would be fairly far down on the pyramid scale. They may work for the Archons but there’s a hierarchy above them still.

A. I totally agree with that and if you sit and talk to many of them, you’ll figure that out.

J. Oh right. George W. Bush – I can just see him sitting in the oval office just waiting for the Archons telling him what to do. (A. laughing) It’s like Okay, okay man.

A. So how do you see the Annunaki fitting in with the Archons?

J. I think the Annunaki are the Archons.

A. And how do you see them fitting in with the Vatican and the Jesuits?

J. Aarrrrr – the same hierarchy. Same structure, it’s the same structure, you know, it’s a pyramid structure whether it is a Vatican whether it’s Exxon, whether it’s the C.I.A, you see the same structure repeated over and over and over – where you have tremendous power concentrated within the hands of a very few people at the top. And that’s how you maintain control over vast numbers of population. And that’s why like a concentration like in Hollywood where you have an industry that has tremendous influence over millions of people, that’s where you’re going to see a concentration of Archontic power.

A. Yes, that makes sense because it can heavily manipulate the way in which we think and live our lives. (J. hm hm, hm hm) So what about artificial intelligence?

J. Wherever we have a situation we have the potential to influence vast numbers of population, that’s really going to see profound Archon interests and influence.

A. That’s a very good point. And so Aleister Crowley wasn’t he very much involved with the Hollywood set too?

J. Ah, they have incorporated so much of his teachings and philosophy and so for forth into their occult machinations. Aleister Crowley gave them the formula on how to become incredibly successful and become very rich and become very powerful but at the same time you’re destroying your own soul and so it’s like what’s the trade off? I think I’ll keep my soul thanks.

A. And this is why you have so many suicides in Hollywood, you know, because they’re not being true to themselves.

J. Listen – when you make that contract, it’s a binding contract and sooner or later the devil gets his due. So that’s what you see in people like Robin Williams – its like okay, tap on the shoulder, game over, you’ve had your fun, now its my turn.

A. Well that just sums it right up, doesn’t it?

J. You see this over and over and over, same with Jim Morrison, the Doors, same thing, same thing, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was a devotee of Aleister Crowley. He knew all about that stuff and said yep, that was the deal I made! He was reasonably fatalistic about it and said, well I had my success but game over.

And who is on the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band? You see a little picture of Aleister Crowley smiling up off the album cover. So the Beatles were into this too, look how successful the Beatles were! It was phenomenal. And they weren’t that good – well they were good but – in the 60’s these guys were gods. They were popular in a way that was totally beyond their musical skills. It’s like something’s going on here and its not just like a good promoter, or Columbia Records paid a pile of money just to get them promoted.
They were on the Ed Sullivan show and he said there is something deeper, darker and more powerful that is generating their success.

A. Wow, wow. So how does all of this fit with artificial intelligence? That’s one of the things I was going to ask you about. How does the whole alien agenda, the government – how does it all fit in with artificial intelligence? Why is it leading us down that path?

J. It’s another Archon trick. Okay, we already live in an artificial reality – An artificial reality within an artificial reality. Remember Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey? (A. I do!) Remember the robot …named Hal? (A. Absolutely!) You know what H.A.L means in Coptic?

A. I forgot, I read that a long time ago, what does it mean?

J. It means simulation ……and what was Hal? – He was a simulated human intelligence right? – So that in and of itself is totally Archonic. Once you start to recognize this stuff for what it is – the whole trans-human agenda—my God its artificial Archon intelligence just creating another level of artificial intelligence. So it’s like…. it’s bizarre. It’s an artificial reality inside another artificial reality, see what I’m saying?

A. Yes I do. I do. (J. it’s creepy) And actually think about it’s like Metatron’s Cube because the artificial reality, don’t you actually go into another one when you go into a corporate job? (J. uh huh) You know what I mean- you’re in that artificial reality and then you walk into another one when you walk into your department level/area with however people and that becomes an artificial reality (J. uh huh, uh huh) and you walk in and out of all of them.

J. Did you ever hear of something called the Golem of Prague?

A. I have heard of that.

J. Well it’s also an artificial reality or artificial intelligence that is also very occult and this comes from the Jewish Kabbalah and there is a tradition that in Prague, Germany back uh…maybe in the 1700’s in the Jewish ghetto of Prague, Germany was a Rabbi who knew the secrets of the Kabbalah and knew how to create a Golem. (A. hhmm!) A golem which is like an artificial human and the golem – he wanted to create the golem to protect their Jewish community. They suffered from pogroms and were harassed by the gentiles and so forth so to protect their little community in Prague, this rabbi created an entity which they call a golem, which is an artificial intelligence, an artificial human being. And if you stop and think about it, it sounds like the old novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – somehow she got a hold of this story and wrote a variation on this theme – Dr Frankenstein creates the monster, right? Well the monster in Dr Frankenstein sounds very much like a golem (A. hmmm) and when you stop and think about it, our modern technology with artificial intelligence is creating a golem – and artificial half-way living entity.

But this goes all the way back – this is traditional Kabbalistic occult magic and today we call it science. But it’s very very reminiscent of that ancient old tale of the golem of Prague. You can look it up online. I think they made a movie about it back in the 30’s or the 20’s called the Golem of Prague. But this is actually based on Kabbalistic occult magic, dark magic.

A. Interesting. So obviously this was something you ran across when you were researching Ali? [Aleister Crowley] (J. laughing, yeah)

J. Yes, yes, yes, yes, because okay – Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard in 1946 were engaged in Babalon Working in a occult sex ritual out in the Californian desert trying to create another golem – a Rosemary’s baby. Rosemary’s baby is a golem. (A. woooooooow) We’ve always been told that all this is a lot of medieval nonsense, there’s nothing to any of this. I suspect that’s not quite true.

A. I told somebody the other day, I said, you know the thing I really like about Jim is he really took all the pertinent stories over the last 40, 50, 60 years and he showed the inner connecting with each of them.

You brought up artificial intelligence and you brought up something called nanobots. (J. oh God yes) and that really got my attention because we have been running into this more and more and more with people who are coming through the implant removal process is we are finding nanobots in their blood stream (J. yes) and they have no idea, like if we talk to them about, they have no idea where the hell it came from. And you mentioned that it could be incorporated in the chemtrails (J. yes) so that’s definitely one area (J. right) but I know some people that have been under heavy heavy targeting. Like they were so targeted by the government that they were literally not able to walk down the road without having some black helicopter flying above them and emitting some really high-pierced frequency (J. right) that almost felt like it would shatter their eardrums and they were filled with nanobots – the body completely full of them. Do you have any information on that in your research that you’ve done? Anything that you’ve stumbled across?

J. Well if you really look at it, and I don’t know if you’re familiar with who Dr Ray Kurzweil is. He’s a leading trans-humanist and his game plan is to infuse everything, everyone, into nano particles so we can all be assimilated into the collective human machine intelligence. (A. ooooooh that’s so scary) Does that sound like more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Okay!

A. That’s really scary, who is this guy really?

J. Well do some research on Dr Ray Kurzweil, he’s a leading transhumanist, he’s a real piece of work I’ll tell ya. But he’s like a real live Dr Frankenstein and he sees the human experience as something he can tinker with – with respect to artificial intelligence. He refers to humans as being suboptimal, that the human physical machine is suboptimal and if we can infuse it with nano-technology we can turn ourselves into supermen. Right? Well at the same time what they don’t tell you in the fine print is that this would be like the end game to destroy your true spirituality. You’d simply be a mindless machine absorbed into a huge collective artificial intelligence.

A. Okay, now this really brings up an interesting point, I’m glad we kind of stumbled onto this one. I remember long ago when I did a heavy amount of research and I dabbled into Tavistock and Rand Corporation and all those (J. yep) and I remember them saying that unbeknownst to a lot of these people, a lot of your very high positioned employees of the Fortune 500’s, they have no idea they are being inculcated. They basically go to these 4 or 5 day weekend seminars where they think they are being trained on how to bring their company into the forefront and how to have the best strategies (J. right) for optimal profitability and all that stuff and I’m looking at Ray, I just pulled him up – and first of all he was born 1948 – so post-World War 2 which is interesting, right? (J. laughs) Secondly he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology so there we go, there’s another connection. And here’s another one – he is an inventor, he’s an inventor (J. yes) and guess who his employer is? …Google! (J. yes, uh huh) and he actually is Director of Engineering. Now this is according to wikipedia (J. right) and I don’t know if it’s outdated or not.

J. Google co-sponsors, I think with NASA, the Singularity University out in California – oh, it’s in the Bay Area I believe. (A. So he’s just being used) You have to be the best of the best of the best just to get into that university. There’s a waiting list to get into the Singularity University up there. Because these people are state of the art, they’re cutting-edge artificial intelligence designers. (A. God) And Google is right in on this.

A. That’s really scary and here we are using them as a search engine.

J. Yeah, if you go to my blog called the Transhumanism: The Rise of the Cyborgs, it will tell you all about Ray Kurzweil and his plans for the rest of us.

A. Well it even says here he wrote a book called The Age of Spiritual Machines. (J. yes) Oh my God, this guy is scary.

J. He sees our whole biosphere as dead, as just a dead lump of clay for him to tinker with. There is no life in it so you can tinker with it, and redesign it any way you want. He has no perception whatsoever of innate spirituality or the life force or anything like that.

A. wooooow. I find it very interesting when you start looking at these peoples’ background, their age, where they went to school, what their occupation is and who they are employed by. Just a little FYI for those who are listening, always good to go there.

J. There’s a little bio DVD video called The Transcendent Man which you really kind of examine his whole philosophy and his background and everything. He’s (laughing) a really disarming Woody Allen kind of character. The whole thing that drives him is that he loved his father very dearly. His father was a musician who died when Ray was just in his adolescence and he misses his father desperately. And he wants to create a technology whereby he can recreate his father (A. hhmmm) – he can take all the DNA, all the nanobots and everything and completely recreate his father it’s like well he may be a genius but he’s driven by something that seems just a little bit psychotic. (A. whispers, woooow)

A. It’s a trip. You know what else? I’m looking at his logo, are you ready for this? (J. hm hm) It’s Kurzweil Technologies. If you go back to The Lie NASA Told they talk about the sigil. (J. yes) That’s in all of the space. (J. yes, okay) Well his is also in his ‘K’. (J. The sigil is there too isn’t it?) Yes, it’s already in there.

J. Oh we could talk about sigils too.

A. There’s so much we could talk about.

J. Okay, this is my favourite Ray Kurzweil quote and this comes from his film The Transcendent Man, Prepare to Evolve. (A. okay) He says, ‘Nanobots will infuse ALL the matter around us with information – rocks, trees, everything will become these intelligence computers. At that point we can expand out into the rest of the universe. We will be sending basically nanotechnology infused with artificial intelligence; swarms of those will go out into the universe and basically find other matter and energy that we can then harness to expand the overall intelligence of our human machine civilisation.
The universe will wake up, it will become intelligent and that will multiply our intelligence trillions and trillions of fold. We can’t really contemplate. That’s really the main reason this is called the ‘Singularity’. But regardless what you call it, it will be the universe waking up. So does God exist? Well I would say not yet.
(A. woooooowwww)

J. What more can I say?

A. The part about harnessing it to expand the overall intelligence – what was it – the human machine civilisation? (J. yes) Just the visualization of that alone is scary.

J. Its very reminiscent of the Borg in Star Trek. (A, yes big time) Yes, yes resistance is futile; we will absorb you into our collective.

A. Well think about it that is still another representation again of our society because of the hive mind thinking apparatus.

J. It is the hive mind mentality of the Archons. That is strictly a hive mind Archon mentality attitude. (A. yeah totally) The Singularity: Will we survive our Technology?

A. Well hey, I know we’ve been kind of hopping all over the place, but one thing I did want to do is – I took the time and I’m going to attach that to our interview on Galactic Connection so everybody can watch it over again but I want everyone to watch Semjase’s message again because without a doubt absolutely stellar.

J. Yeah, The Message is for sure one of my YouTube presentations on UFOTV …is it? Oh wait a minute, damn, maybe that’s one they took off, fiddle sticks. (A. I have one here) Ah okay, that was one of my favourite videos and….(A. they took it down?) Oh, funny thing. Youtube took that down. Anyway, you can read the blog.

A. And I also found the UFO Notes or the Cosmic Notes from Billy Meier so people that can look at that because a lot of that is regarding Semjase. But I wanted to – since we’re almost getting close, we’ve got about ten more minutes – I wanted to clarify a couple of things that she said that just really stuck within me. One of them was, ‘Darkness is the lack of information.’ (J. sure) I love that quote and that ‘All of us have come here as ambassadors to merge reality informing all of ourselves, and to inform them, to release fear and become uninhibited.’ This is our job folks – all of you that are the volunteers, this is what we are here to do. So if you think you’re not really doing anything, you are – just by being in your presence, and awakening and increasing your consciousness you are then sending that frequency out to others, especially getting others to talk with you about that.

And I loved that part about – that we were a computer that can house the information – and she was talking about the physical body, not the actual literal part of the ‘I am’ and that the firing of the coding and the realization of our identity is due to the evolution of our DNA and that it was beginning to plug in to the 12 chakras, the vortex centres and loading the information so that we could translate and become – here we go – The Super Beings of whatever reality we choose to enter.

J. Well you know a lot of that information is echoed also by Barbara
Marciniak in her book Bringing of the Dawn (A. yes) which is also an allegedly Pleiadian channelling. (A. yeah great book) and that’s all about waking up to our true potential here which is what Sophia, the living consciousness of the planet itself, had originally intended for us.

A. How can we bring a radical increase in consciousness – bam!- in the blink of an eye?

J. Well, intend it. (A. there you go) make that your intention. Your intention is powerful. And call on the Christ consciousness or the highest aeons that you can imagine. They are waiting they are waiting – if someone would just ask they can’t impose this on you, you have to make the contract with the higher consciousness to make this happen.

A.I think that’s a great idea. I think that if we actually intended that a massive increase in consciousness swept across the planet, making that the intention to happen right now, and we all did it in our own time, we don’t have to get together in a specific time to do it because there is no time space element if you think about it. We could make this happen. (J. exactly) Right on!

J. Come on. How do you think the dark side, the freemasons and all that – the Iluminati – are so successful in doing what they are doing? – Because they have a focused intent. (A. true) They have focused intent and they act on that intent. And the masses, do they have a focused intent? Nooooo. It’s just like me – did I have a focused intent to protect myself from that spiritual attack?- noooooo. And it didn’t stop until I made that intention and that was a powerful lesson for me, that intention is important and they tell you that in the Secret –what is your intention? Do you have a powerful intention? You can visualize a new car or whatever it is that you want in your life but if you don’t have a powerful intention connected with that visualization then nothing ain’t going to happen.

A. So good to finalize our show today with that and the other thing that I kind of stumbled upon is a meditation that Billy Meier does on a regular basis given to him by Semjase and it goes like this;
Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona
I probably totally destroyed that (laughing with Jim) because it is in Indian but I’ll put that up on the website too just for anybody that wants to do that. He did this for 10 minutes every day. He recommends repeat it for 5 or 10 minutes each day.

J. Is this a East Indian mantra?

A. It is and it means – I love this- Peace and wisdom to the people on Earth and all creatures of the creation.

J. Well it works just as well in English. (both laugh)

A. yes! Laughing- yeah! This is true. Of course there’s something to do with the sound right? (J. absolutely, the sound is important, absolutely) I know I use that when making my own remedies.
So what would you like to tie this up with before we let you go?

J. Well we never did talk about the black sun.

A. We didn’t! And that was our intention the whole time! We have about 5 or 6 minutes.

J. It’s that video that we saw – The Lie NASA Told which the Yellow Rose for Texas describes a totally different perception of the sun than we have. And that the sun we think we see is not quite what we think it is. (A. no) And that behind it there is a black sun.

A. And so what do you think of the black sun?

J. Well I talked about that with Bob Dean and he always said that they figured that the amount of energy our sun is putting out, there’s not enough volume to the sun in its present form to put out that much energy for this many years. So its like it has to be getting its energy from some place else – as if like its just a conduit for a black hole? (A. that’s what I think) so its pulling its energy from another dimension.

A. That’s exactly what I think.

J. Right and that’s kin of what that video implies – The Lie NASA Told – suggests that there is another source of energy behind the sun.

A. Well you saw that recent one that she put out called Ed is Dead.

J. Ed is Dead ya – I haven’t watched that.

A. Okay. Did you see that one? There’s no sound to it but it shows another supposed galactic war and it is eating up and chewing up a lot of the sun and what NASA describes it as holes, (J. holes?) holes in the sun (J. yeah, okay, okay) or sun spots. Um…
J. Well it’s also interesting that that the ancient Babylonians also worshipped the black sun and the iron cross that you see in the German war planes and so forth – not the swastika – but the black iron cross (A. hm hm) – the knight’s cross was also a symbol derived from ancient Babylonian symbols of the black sun. And there used to be a black sun secret society in Germany which as of this day, it is against the law to even show symbols of the black sun in Germany.

A. ooooooohhh that’s something we’re all going to want to dig. Dig that out.

J. The occult secret societies have a totally different understanding of what the black sun is. That’s something to look into.

A. Have you ever hear of Anna Hayes? (J. who?) Anna Hayes? (J. no) She’s also known as Ashayana Deane (J. oh Ashayana, sure) so she’s written the Voyager Series along with a couple of other things. One of the things she shows – the cross is a representation of the plane where there is no space and time continuum (J. right) so that’s another representation I think of the black hole.

J. Exactly. It’s very suspicious isn’t it?

A. Yeah, it seems to all be going to that.
Then she talked about – what’s the name of the really kind of cantankerous guy that they interviewed about the sun?

J. Oh I know who you mean, I don’t remember.

A. What’s his name – he’s so funny (J. he’s interesting yes) Very interesting and one of the things he says is ‘It’s just a transformer’! (laughing)

J. Exactly. I tend to agree with that – I think that’s exactly what it is, it’s transforming energies from some place from some where some time else.

A. And it’s hollow and it’s a portal. It’s a portal that people fly in and out of to get to this……

J. And also this relates back to John Lash’s book, Not In His Image, where he’s talking about this reality is a virtual reality. It’s a hologram that’s modelled after another reality that’s the real reality and it’s like this is a stepped-down artificial version of something else that is real. And we live in this time space continuum now is not real, it’s an artificial holographic creation.

A. That’s an interesting perspective.

J. And with that concept in mind that also relates back to a lot of the stuff that The Yellow Rose for Texas talks about in The Lies NASA Told.

A. Yeah.

J. So little by little, I’m picking up little fragments here and there of stuff that tends to validate some of the stuff she’s talking about.

A. I agree, we’ve been getting some stuff. In fact a lot of the dates of her original footage, it blew our minds that there were definitely space events on those particular days. (J. okay) And there’s one in particular that I always will remember and that’s Jupiter where somebody had caught Jupiter and it was a very bizarre contortion of Jupiter’s mass and it was like wobbling (J. hm hm) and it was right around the same date that she stated that Jupiter had been blasted. (J. right) So it was very interesting.
But anyway, well I gotta let you go because we’re getting really close to the bottom of the hour but I just want to thank you so much again, I really enjoy chatting with you.
And for all of you out there please do us a favour and visit his site at, one again, jimnicholsufo.net and check out his Youtube videos because they are really outstanding and he does a lot of good work and he does a lot of work for the light! – to bring forth the connection between the extraterrestrials and spirituality which is really important for all of us to be bringing forth.

So thanks everybody for listening, thank you Jim.
I hope everybody has an awesome Labour Day weekend and we’ll talk to you next week!

J. Okay, thank you. As always it’s delightful. Good-bye.

A. It was fun! Talk to you soon, Love to everybody, Bye

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