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microphone (1)Jim Nichols and Alexandra Meadors, August 26, 2014

Alexandra: Hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of the Galactic Connection.com and today is August 26th, 2014. You can reach this radio show program at the BBS Radio Station 2 just in case you want to go back and check out the archives, and this will be viewing live from 3:00 to 4:55 pm Tuesday. And if you can’t find it after that – sometimes there’s a little bit of a gap – so we put it up in the Vimeo section on the BBS Radio page, just in case you guys are trying to find it. So I have a really interesting guest today. People probably are saying yeah, you say that all the time.

But seriously, I know everybody is very well aware of Jim Nichols and he’s a very prominent UFO researcher and artist. And I think you will find the conversation today is very timely. It was very synchronistic when he and I connected on the phone. He has a very interesting background and I was going to ask you about this Jim. I noticed that you were kind of saved by not having to be in the Vietnam War for too terribly long. I was looking at the your bio. But anyway he was born in Ohio and he basically, decided that he had a lot of good abilities in commercial art and he decided to pursue that. He ended up going into investigations with UFO illustrations, publishing in international magazines and articles, books, and the internet. He also created not only art but books with a lot of art in them, which I really would like to see Jim.

He has become a prolific writer, he’s posted 21 blog essays. And of course you can reach his website at Jim Nichols UFO.net. He examines exopolitics and this is the part that I find you do so such a good job of really summarizing what is going on from a political and social perspective regarding the extraterrestrial realities of our society. And that is what we are going to dive into today. And you will find a lot of his illustrations as well as his stories and visions and research etc. up on the UFOTV YouTube Links. He’s got quite a few – I think you’ve got fourteen up there, right?

Jim: No, there are seven.

Alexandra: Oh there are seven?

Jim: We pared it down to seven.

Alexandra: Okay. And for those of you that haven’t seen his paintings – man, really good, beautiful paintings of Southwestern landscapes. I’m most impressed with that. So a lot of interesting stuff. People know that I typically don’t go into a huge bio background. You can read a lot of the details on the site, but for now let’s get started and Welcome, Jim. Thank you for coming on.

Jim: Hi, Alexandra. Thanks for having me. This is delightful. I’m really looking forward to this.

Alexandra: I am too. Your site is fairly big and I sat there and kind of scratched my head as to where you want to begin. And I think that what is kind of near and dear to your heart is the Aeon of Horus, right?

Jim: Well, my newest blog is always the one that is dearest to my heart. But actually, they all are. This blog has been spread – I have to admit it but – for 44 years of UFO research. I have been chipping away at this mystery for 44 years.

A: Hey, there’s something special about that number, you know.

J: Forty-four is a magical number. Anyway, since 1980 I really got seriously involved with UFO research primarily due to an association that I made that year with Wendelle Stevens.

A: Mmmm, yes. J: You know Wendelle Stevens.

A: The Lieutenant Colonel, right?

J: The Lieutenant Colonel former Air Force military pilot.

A: I can relate with that.

J: I bet you can. That was taking the red pill and the matrix and I’ve been going down the rabbit hole ever since.

A: Well, that’s kind of what happens when you’re affiliated with the Air Force, doesn’t it? In any shape or form.

J: And Wendelle warned me right from the get-go. He said, if you’re interested in this field, it can radically change your life. And I said, Oh come on Wendelle, that’s a little bit dramatic. But in hindsight he was absolutely right.

A: I think so too. I just have to tell the audience, they know that I’ve been very dedicated to diving into a lot of details with The Lie NASA Told video. And I want everybody to know that Jim has done the same. So this is very interesting that’s he’s going to be able to bring some more pearls of wisdom to add to this whole unfolding of information, especially in relation to NASA and Aleister Crowley. And I would really like to start there. You talk about him being a self-proclaimed Satanist and that NASA had actually gotten it’s start very much involved with him and the whole occult practioners. Can you talk a little bit about that, as far as you’ve found?

J: Well, hmm golly, that’s a huge – that’s two hours of it right there.

A: Well, it’s such a big deal right now. Everybody’s really got their eyes on NASA right now.

J: NASA. Well, let me see. I starts with a guy name Jack Parsons. So it’s starts with Jet Propulsion Laboratory back just before World War II when a gang of Cal Tech researchers were playing around in the Arroyo Seco there next to Pasadena trying to develop solid fuel rockets. And they called these guys the ‘suicide squad’ because they kept blowing themselves up.

A: Oh that is too funny. Which they typically are. They are a breed to themselves, aren’t they?

J: They were crazy guys but they were very successful in developing some very sophisticated solid fuel rockets which were eventually incorporated into the military, thanks to World War II. So it’s really World War II and the scientific expertise of Jack Parsons that put the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the map and of course then over the years, after the war, JPL was instrumental in working with NASA and developing the Mars Probe launches and, of course, the Apollo launches.

A: So where did the ritual sex magic come in?

J: I guess we’re just going to jump right into it, are we? (Laughter) Okay. Well, aside from the brilliant rocket designer and scientist Jack Parsons also had a flair for the occult. And he was a great devotee of the beast himself, Aleister Crowley, okay. And so much so, that he and Aleister Crowley developed an association where Aleister Crowley established one of his Ordo Templi Orientis Lodges in Pasadena. Of course, Aleister Crowley was from Great Britain and he had been involved in contacting extraterrestrials or extradimensionals as far back as 1904. (Wow) Anyway, Jack Parsons was so enamored of Aleister Crowley that he referred to Crowley as ‘his beloved father.’

A: That’s kind of scary.

J: Actually, Jack Parsons became the high priest of the Ordo Templi Orientis in Pasadena.

A: Now Jim. I’ve got to ask you this. J: Okay.

A: Why do they call him the Great Beast?

J: That’s what he called himself. Aleister Crowley from an early age he was very intellectual, very rebellious, and he totally rejected the conventional Christianity of Victorian England, the era in which he was born. And he wanted to be the Great Satan. He wanted to be 666. His ambition was to be in league with Satan, right from the get-go. And so later on, in later life, he joined the Order of the Golden Dawn. And he became a 33rd degree Freemason and he was determined to break down the barriers as he perceived it of established Christianity in the Victorian era.

A: Wow. Now what is the significance of the Thelema? He called the sex magic ritual Thelema.

J: Well, I need to back up a little bit. In 1904, Aleister Crowley got married – her name was Rose – in 1904. And on their honeymoon they went to Cairo, Egypt. And within the Great Pyramid, he and his newly-married wife, Rose Edith Kelly, they conducted a magical sex ritual within the Great Pyramid. Okay. They went back to the hotel, and the next morning his wife Rose was acting very strange. She was like in a semi-trance and she kept saying to Aleister, she says, they are waiting for you. They are waiting for you. And Aleister said, who is waiting for him? He’s like, what is she talking about? Rose was not into the occult, she was not into ancient Egyptian mythology whatsoever.

So to try to figure out what was going on with Rose, he took her to the Cairo museum. And she got kind of frantic. She was going from display case to display case throughout the museum and she finally stopped at one display case. A glass display case which happened to be number 666. (Wow) And within the display case there was an effigy or a sculpture or whatever of the god Horus. And she says, That’s him. That’s who is trying to contact you. So Aleister Crowley went back to the hotel and Rose also mysterously proclaimed to Aleister Crowley that the Equinox of the Gods has come. So from that point, Aleister Crowley for the next three days in early of the afternoon was contacted by an extradimensional/extraterrestrial entity called Aiwass, which with just the merest synchronistically looked just like a Grey.

A: I was just going to ask you that.

J: Yeah. And this guy says, I am the God of war and vengeance. Then he dictated to Crowley a work called The Book of the Law which prophecized wars and revolutions leading to the collapse of Christian civilizations and the dawn of the Aeon of Horus. So, within The Book of the Law it was proclaimed the Law of Thelema. Which is usually summed up with three mantra-like verses which are “Do what that wilt shall be the whole of the law,” “Love is the law, love under will,” and “Every man and every woman is a star.” So this kicked off an extraordinary age of occult mysticism that eventually worked its way into the Jet Propulsion Lab and eventually worked profoundly into the NASA Apollo projects.

A: That’s just amazing. They don’t pick names like Thelema by accident. Do you know what the history of the –

J: Thelema is a Greek word that means ‘will’ or ‘intention.’ (Okay) And apparently Crowley was – ‘Do what that wilt shall be the whole Law,’ which means follow your own will or intention.

A: Well, that’s not bad.

J: It’s not bad but if everybody is doing that, it’s usually total chaos.

A: I was going to say unless you’re not thinking of other people.

J: Exactly. Anyway, Aiwass went on to tell Crowley that actually that Crowley was initiating a New Era, an New Age. That we had gone through the Age of Isis, which was more of a maternal authoritarian rule and was then followed by an Aeon of Osiris which was patriarchical. And the child of Isis and Osiris is Horus. So now we are in the Age of Horus. And if you look at how NASA is influenced by Crowley, how Crowley has totally influenced the music industry. He’s had a profound influence on people like Ian Fleming, writers like Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury, the influence of Crowley on our contemporary society is extraordinary.

A: That’s amazing. So I noticed as I was reading through your site that he was very involved in portal activations. (Yes) And I was trippin’ out on that. (Right)

A: Wow! Talk a little bit about how he supposedly widened this portal.

J: Okay. Now when I tell you this, I want you to think about the original movie ‘Ghostbusters.’ (Okay) In March 1918 Aleister Crowley went to New York City. And in a Central Park apartment he conducted another sex magic ritual called the ‘Amalantrah Workings.’ And this time he connected with an entity called ‘Lam.’ So like – Central Park West – that’s exactly what you see in ‘Ghostbusters.’ A portal is opened in a Central Park West apartment that just happens to contact hyper-dimensional beings. Well, that’s exactly precisely what Aleister Crowley was doing.

A: And I suppose that’s not too far away from the Twin Towers, right?

J: Well, it’s not too far. He also went to Montauk, Long Island, and conducted ceremonies out there. And of course, you know how notorious Montauk is with very bizarre top-secret experiments and so forth there. So I’m sure that there’s a dimensional portal connection with Montauk as well.

A: God, so we really don’t know if that portal was actually created by Crowley himself before Montauk was even launched.

J: Right. Right.

A: Wow. That’s something that I did now know. I did not know about that. That’s very interesting.

J: So the powers-that-be, were they aware that there was a portal opened at Montauk so they just said, well, let’s put a top secret facility out there and just keep working with it.

A: Unbelievable.

J: That’s just speculation on my part.

A: Now you also talked Jim, about – I have to tell you – probably the most creeped-out movie that I’ve ever seen in my entire life was Rosemary’s Baby. (Umhmm) That movie left such an impression on me when I was young. (Right) And when I saw that that was directly related with Crowley I was curious, has there been any kind of confirmation that he truly was trying to create some demon-seed child. Is that true?

J: I’m not sure that was not Crowley’s intention. That was Jack Parsons’ intention and that happened later in the forties, the mid-forties. But getting back to Aleister Crowley and New York, Crowley stated, he says ‘my view of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human. They are not necessarily based on the cerebral and the nervous structures that we know and the one and only chance of mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such beings.’ So that was what he was trying to do with his Amalantrah Workings in New York. He was trying to make telepathic contact with super intelligent hyper-dimensional beings. And apparently he was very successful in doing that. But it was Jack Parsons later on that really tried to create the Rosemary’s Baby kind of thing.

A: Good God. Is there more than that regarding Parsons? (J chuckles)

J: Parsons is quite a story. Okay. Well, anyway, apparently Crowley did open a rift between the spaces between the stars in New York in 1918, okay. (Okay) So we already had that portal opened and I keep thinking about, you know, the book of Revelations talks about opening the seals, it’s always talking about opening the seals, and I just wonder if the seals were in reference to these portals where astral beings had been sealed so that they couldn’t access our reality and now he pops a hole in our reality to just let them come flooding in.

A: That makes a lot of sense, because some of the other texts that I’ve read, it is directly correlated with the Stargates. J: Right.

A: Which had been deliberately shut down to prevent some of the nasties from totally taking over our planet. It’s not just sort of taking over the planet.

J: You know, if you really look into the history of Babylonian ritual magic and mysticism it’s like that was the whole purpose of that, to open up our reality to virtually unlimited access by demonic beings. A: Good God.

J: So anyway, let’s get back to Jack Parsons, okay.

A: That’s a nice positive thought, huh Jim. Anyway, go ahead.

J: Yeah, something to feel cozy about going to bed at night. (No kidding) In 1945 Jack Parsons was the high priest of Crowley’s Agape Lodge in Pasadena where he was joined by another mysterious practitioner who went by the name of Frater H, the secret name was Frater H. And together Frater H and Jack Parsons went to work on the Babalon Working ritual sex magick attempt to open up another portal and to create a demonic Rosemary’s Baby kind of entity. And even Crowley himself was concerned that Jack Parsons may have gotten into something that he really wasn’t skillful enough to deal with. And as it turns out the mysterious Frater H was none other than H. Ron Hubbard. (Wow) It just gets better and better, I tell you. Anyway, they were joined by another mysterious lady by the name of Marjorie Cameron. She was a striking blue-eyed red head who had been a cartographer working for the Department of Defense in Washington.

A: There’s another connection with the DoD.

J: Right. Funny thing. So she and Jack Parsons become involved sexually and she volunteered to be the vehicle for Parsons to create his moon child, which would have been essentially, Rosemary’s Baby. And according to Marjorie Cameron, she was impregnated in one of these rituals by Jack Parsons. And here is where it gets really interesting. Really interesting. Now the rest of the story is that before the child was born she was taken to, I think, Los Alamos, (Omg) where the fetus was removed by the people that were working on the atomic bomb project. (Oh sweet)

J: And what they wanted to do was to create a creature that was like half human and half demonic. (Wow) that could possibly, and this is just high-octane speculation in my part, this could have been an entity that was used to create artificial little Greys.

A: I was going to say – what else popped into my head was – the Anti-Christ.

J: Well, essentially it would be. It’s not like, I suspect, but there’s no evidence of a single Anti-Christ entity or personality that came from this ritual.

A: Okay, interesting.

J: As far as we know. As far as Marjorie Cameron was concerned, they came and took this fetus and the Manhattan Project scientists took the fetus and exactly what they did with it, remains to be a mystery.

A: Wow. J: Okay.

A: That’s what I was going to ask you. Nothing has been written or speculated about where this so-called fetus ended up.

J: Well, if you want to have some more high-octane speculation, let’s go to – have you watched the interview with Kerry Cassidy and Steven Greer?

A: I have. It’s been a while.

J: Okay. It was 2009. Go back and listen the first 15 minutes of that interview. Because Steven Greer let’s the cat out of the bag – I’m shocked that Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan didn’t jump all over it. Because Steven Greer stated that he knows people who have worked in facilities in Dulce, NM, and in Pine Gap in Australia, and other places, where they’ve been actually growing the Grey and the Reptilian species that people think are ETs.

A: Interesting.

J: He says they’re absolutely what is called ‘nano-bio-machines.’ They are programmed life-forms. And there’s no question that that is going on. And he went on further and stated, that we have some at Lockheed and another program which he couldn’t say where it was, but he stated that it was in the South in an underground facility, and the chief scientist is somebody he knew personally very well. He then went on to say they have developed electromagnetic systems where they can put someone in a state – they can go into – get this – and this goes into cosmologically complex discussions but a lower astral or denser astral field which some would call demonic and they can actually see beings and creatures there and bring them into our 3-dimensional reality and materialize them in the flesh and blood.

A: You know what pops into my head Jim, I interviewed Karen Hudes, I don’t know if you are familiar with her. (Yeah) She made one statement that really stuck in my mind, and many of her contacts are with the military. (Yeah) And she stated that, I think she said, a two-star told her that there was no such things as actual UFOs, but that they were basically projections of our minds. J: Okay.

A: And she stated that it was all, I forgot the exact words, but it basically insinuated that all of these aliens that we see are projected in our minds to scare the bejesus out of us. Like when it comes to abductions and things like this. (Right) Which does not eliminate the person that’s been abducted of their feeling like an incredible real experience. J: Absolutely, right.

A: You know. I don’t want to go on record for saying that, but – (Sure) I’m wondering if this is one and the same. Are they actually literally pulling a matter, the form, their organic form or are they actually just creating the artificial intelligence? Through a digital means.

J: Well, this gets into the discussion of ‘what is the real real?’ A: That’s true.

J: What is the real real. And what we think of as real is a projection at the back of our brains that where our physical senses are recording codes. It’s like in The Matrix where all we see is codes. But those codes go into the back of our brain where it re-translates them into the visual world that we think we see and we think is real. Okay. And what it is interesting, there’s a Dr Rick Strassman, that has been speculating that Near-Death Experience and also the ET abduction experience comes from the release of DMT inside our own brains.

A: Interesting.

J: The DMT is the spirit molecule that activates your pineal gland and people who have had DMT experiences clinically claim that they have seen realms of extraterrestrials and aliens and Greys and Reptilians and flying saucers and all of the archetypical things that people describe in the UFO abduction or UFO sighting cases can all be all triggered by the release of DMT in your brain. Now he argues that it’s kind of like an LSD hallucination. The flip-side to that is that, no, the DMT actually allows your consciousness to enter hyper-dimensional realms of reality. That we co-exist even in here as we speak with multi-dimensional or hyper-dimensional realties. And that this Universe that we think is all there is, is just one little, teeny, tiny fragment of multiverses that exist in the hyper-dimensional field. Is that totally confusing?

A: No, it actually does make sense.

J: You are following me with this. (Yes) So what is the ‘real’ real? If I look at the sky and I think I see a UFO but even the sky that I am looking at is nothing more than signals being interpreted in the back of my brain.

A: And I’m also thinking about what you said, if they delved into the second dimension and that probably was because they created a portal into the second dimension.

J: Exactly. A: Yeah. J: Yeah. Yeah. A: I’m trying to picture that.

J: So the whole UFO field is very misleading because it makes you focus on extraterrestrials on other planets and flying machines from other planets and you have the illusion that this is coming from some place very far away.

A: I agree.

J: No it ain’t coming from far away, it’s right in your own living room. It’s as close as your breathing. We are in this hyper-dimensional soup so it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere.

A: When I went to a Contact Conference where we were just doing CE-5 training and one of the big ‘aha’s for me was recognizing the fact that everything that we were seeing in the skies, whether it was flashing lights or actual UFOs or maybe there was some signaling going on, maybe some red flashes and things like that, I began to realize that all of that was directly associated with the feelings that I was emoting and the love that I was projecting from my heart.

J: Right. Right.

A: And to me it was a very major moment. And that really hit home as to the fact that we see the UFOs, we see the so-called aliens, which I don’t like to call them that, but extraterrestrials, or Galactic brothers and sisters, we see them outside of ourselves when if fact it is really a connection in our own – as you say – multidimensional soup.

J: Sure, sure.

A: A totally different way of seeing things. Anyway, where did we leave off?

J: Or where are we going from here?

A: So we were talking about Parsons and Rosemary’s Baby and the Manhattan Project.

J: Yeah. So actually, I have to go back to that video that you mentioned, The Lie NASA Told. A: Yeah.

J: And a friend of mine sent a link of that when it first came out, and she said, ‘you’ve got to see this. You’ve got to see this.’ So I watched it. And I don’t know if how familiar your audience is with it, but I didn’t know what to make of it. It was so far out. And some of the research that I have done I could follow along with a lot of the things that she was saying about the ancient Babylon mystery schools and she seemed to be really on target with that.

A: Definitely. How about the planets on the poles?

J: I still can’t get a handle on that one. But anyway, but the thing that she was saying about NASA, put on this trail of what is going on with NASA? What is so strange about NASA? So I started doing some research and I went back and looked at the book that Mike Bara and Richard Hoagland published, Dark Mission, and so I said, ‘Okay, now I get it. I’m getting a handle on this, this whole Jack Parsons and NASA and the JPL mystery.’ And how it relates to all of this. But what I found really interesting was that within the hierarchy of NASA there are three powerful occult groups. And there is, of course, Werner von Braun and the Nazis, and then there is a powerful Freemason group at the very top of NASA, and then, of course, there’s Jack Parsons and the Aleister Crowley magicians that are also highly-placed within NASA. And one of the things that the extraterrestrials kind of alluded to with Aleister Crowley back in 1918, I think it was, it suggested that there were artifacts to be found on both the Moon and Mars. A: Right. Right.

J: So the obsession with a secret Mars mission for one, or a secret Moon mission, apart from what has been shown to the public with the Apollo landings suddenly made perfect sense.

A: It did. It did fill in some holes for me. And the other thing that I was going to mention, I noticed that you talked about how Crowley died from heroin addiction and Parsons died of, I think it was, some kind of explosion.

J: Yeah, he blew himself up.

A: He blew himself up. And Hubbard died from a stroke. (Yes) Now did Crowley even have any kind of heroin addiction to begin with? Is there any kind of testimony to state that he had?

J: Yes, he did. He was destitute and he was a heroin addict. He had some kind of physical disorder that the only way that he could get relief from it was from heroin. (Mmm) And it was interesting, there is testimony, there’s a little documentary that you can find online about the life of Aleister Crowley and there’s this lady that is his companion at the time of his death. And she said that when he died there was this huge thunderclap and this huge powerful wind came blowing through the window. Now that’s interesting. And then Jack Parsons died in an explosion in his home in Pasadena in June of 1952, and one month later there was that massive UFO sighting over Washington DC.

A: Yeah, that was interesting. Before you go to that, I thought the fact that the Navy supposedly had told – to jump ahead – the Navy had told Parsons, hadn’t he, to break up the black magic cult?

J: Well, allegedly L. Ron Hubbard was sent by the Navy, by Naval Intelligence, to break up the Parsons cult activities. Actually, Parsons, JPL bought him out in 1944 because of his craziness was getting to be a liability to JPL. (I was wondering.) So by 1945, Parsons and Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron were kind of on their own.

A: They were becoming too much of a liability for them.

J: Yes. Yeah, they were just getting too weird.

A: Well, what is your feeling about this Book of the Law? Is there a comparison between that and The Law of One, the Ra Material? Is there any comparison at all?

J: I’m not going to go into that because I haven’t really read the whole book, the Book of the Law. All I would say is, well, one of the cryptic things that Crowley said was, that after I die you’re going to realize that I created the Twentieth Century. A: Woh!

J: And he said when you look back on how much occult influence had spread throughout our mainstream cultures since then, it’s like Wow. He was really right on target. Most of your big name rock musicians, the Beatles, Jim Morrison, the Rolling Stones, were heavily influenced by Aleister Crowley. Madonna, Britney Spears, Katie Perry, Katie Perry is a self-styled Satanist herself. (Yes) You know that. She admitted that at the age of fifteen that she sold herself to the devil.

A: Jim, it’s everywhere that I’m going right now, they are giving her tickets away. When you make a purchase at a store. (Umhmm) Come on folks, You’ve got to think twice about that. (Right) It’s like giving away free tickets for a concert, you know.

J: I don’t know if you’ve seen her rock video, oh what’s the name of it?

A: It’s got all of the ancient Egyptian –

J: Yes, the Egyptian one. And she is standing on top of an obelisk and she is the goddess Isis herself. (Yes) That’s about as subtle as a cockroach crossing a white rug.

A: Subtlety? No. That’s not in their vocabulary.

J: Right. You just get hammered over the head with it now. And then you can’t have the Super Bowl anymore without them having a Babylon sex ritual half-time, you know, with Madonna. It’s everywhere, Alexandra, it is everywhere.

A: And ‘I created the Twentieth Century.’

J: And so much of the MK-Ultra Mind Control projects are Crowley based. MI-6 and MI-5 in Britain are heavily influenced by Crowley and his stuff. It’s like damn, of course, he was involved with the Secret Service within the War.

A: So do you think that’s where he really started getting his infomation? I mean, was this guy clairvoyant from an early age? (Yeah) Did he have a lot of gifts?

J: Yeah. Yeah. And he did a lot of nasty stuff. He even had a home on the banks of Loch Ness, in Scotland.

A: Oh, interesting. Don’t tell me that he created the Loch Ness monster?

J: Well, use your imagination. Right?

A: I was going to say!

J: Use your imagination. He was a busy boy in his life. I have to give him that.

A: Well, you did ask the question on your site. I thought it was a very poignant one and it says, ‘Explain the driving motivation behind the relentless perpetuation of the secret societies.’ (Yeah) What really is the ultimate driving motivation? Is it truly to come up with the three scenarios where they are going to put humanity in the time of an ultimate so-called alien invasion or cataclysm of the planet, or is it actually just to continue to control us and keeping us dumbed down?

J: Well, let me refer you back to another one of my blogs which is Secret Societies and Flying Saucers. Okay. And I have to take my hat off to Joseph P. Farrell on this one. Joseph Farrell, you can go to his website, which is GizaDeathStar.com. He has done a body of research that is just extraordinary. But his main thesis is that what we see in contemporary Western civilization is a deliberate attempt to re-create the ancient alchemical magical civilization of Babylon. Ritual, magic, occult magick, and everywhere you turn and it all relates back to the high civilization, the spiritual technology, alchemical spiritual technology of ancient Babylon.

A: That is very interesting point. J: Yeah.

A: A totally different way of looking at it.

J: Yeah, but you see at the end of the day, it all flows together. It all ends at the same place because what they are trying to do, and this relates to ancient Babylon magic, it relates to ancient Jewish magic, it specifically relates to the Kabbalah. The secret magic of the Kabbalah which is essentially to have the magical ability to manipulate physical reality. To manipulate the fabric of physical reality. And that’s what magic is, right?

A: That’s correct.

J: Right. So it’s not mystical mumble-jumble. This was a specific technology that we perceive of as, well, as magic. But you use number codes, you use chants, you use music, you use incense, all the occult accoutrements that go on with magical alchemy are, essentially, a technology. And it’s preservered technology from ancient, ancient civilizations. So then you have to ask yourself, okay, then why are these three occult groups that have gain control of NASA, why were they so obsessed with getting to the Moon at a specific day at a specific time to be in alignment with the Star Sirius, the constellation Osiris and to be at the 33rd parallel on the Moon.

A: And what is the answer?

J: Well, we’re still working on that one. But it has something of powerful occult significance. And then you have to ask yourself, and the gentleman, who better to organize the landing schedule for the Apollo Moon landings than an Egyptian. 48:08

A: I know, I saw that.

J: Dr Farouk El-Baz

A: That was very coincidental. It’s all just so coincidental.

J: You couldn’t make this stuff up. A: No.

J: Dr Farouk El-Baz was born in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo means Mars in Egyptian, actually. He was educated in the United States as a geologist, he studied in Germany and the United States before he got involved with NASA’s Space program in 1967. And actually, he applied for an position at Bellcom which was the corporation that handled NASA’s communication systems for the Apollo program. Well, he suddenly went from a communications to being the single soul proprietor for selecting the actual landing sites for the Apollo program.

A: And did he determine the grids, I thought.

J: Absolutely. A: Okay.

J: He primed the grids and everything. Because he was solely responsible. They said he had the most important job in NASA for the Apollo project.

A: Okay, hold on for a second. Now this goes back to The Lie NASA Told. She talks about the so-called grid around the planet that is actually real. We think that it is not, but it’s actually real and lot of people, including myself, have delved into that

little piece and have found out that those grids are like electromagnetic highways. J: Right.

A: Do you think the same applies for Mars?

J: It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

A: And do you think that this is what he’s tapped into?

J: It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

A: Yeah. That’s what I was thinking.

J: Okay. Well, now it just so happens that El-Baz’s father was an expert in the ancient Egyptian stellar religions of Isis and Osiris. So essentially you have the son of an expert on the Osiris Cults picking the landing sites or all the occult stellar alignments that took place on the Moon. So my question is this, what is the magic, what is the occult magic in the constellation Orion, the occult magic of the star Sirius, that is this still to this day going back all the way to ancient Egypt, why is this still so powerfully viable in our modern high-tech civilization? What is this secret magic to all of this?

A: I really think though that the purity of the teachings stems from the science of the sun. (Okay) That’s what I think it comes from.

J: Well, that’s where we need to talk to the lady who introduced The Lies NASA Told, because I’m sure she could tell us this very quickly.

A: That has crossed my mind too after I watched it.

J: Why? You know, we are educated to believe that all of these ancient Egyptian religions and so forth were just quaint mythologies and nobody today takes them seriously. Well, guess what. Somebody in NASA takes them with dead seriousness.

A: Okay, now I’m just going to throw this out there and see what you think. Now you’ve seen some of the ancient pictures of the high priests and high priestesses of the Egyptians.

J: Sure, of course.

A: And they kind of have this humongous thing hanging over their side. It covers their foreheads and then it comes down to almost shoulder level. And it’s like a piece of cloth.

J: Well, it’s a headdress, yeah.

A: Right, but haven’t you ever wondered to yourself why is it so full and why is it so thick and why it sticks out so far from the head.

J: Well, it’s because the sun is so bright in Egypt and you need the shade. (Laughter) I’m being a smart-ass but I see people out here working on the streets and highways in Tucson and they wear shades very similar to that. Now I’m going to ask you a question and throw it back to you. On the headdress of the pharaohs and the queens why does it always show a vulture and a serpent.

A: Because I believe those represent, I think everything always comes back to the trinity, of the Father, Mother and the Child and there are all of these metaphysical issues between each party. So the Son, I mean Horus, which kind of represents us and we are pretty much pissed off, because we were created in a combination of the so-called maybe serpent/reptilian and the human, which is the mother, which could represent the Sophia, that is the way that I take it. But what I was going to tell you regarding the headdress is, there is no accident that dog is the – what you call that – anagram of God. It’s like the unconditionally love. No matter what you do with a dog it always comes back to you and they love you unconditionally. And of course, the Dog-star is what?

J: Sirius.

A: Of course. So there’s something about Sirius and the fact that we have so much connection – and in fact, I believe, what did somebody just tell me the other day – that in the outskirts of Sirius, one of the major planetary races comes from – I was very surprised to hear it. So I think that is our direct link that’s what I am thinking. That’s why – they probably know all the astrological background of it. Don’t forget that the original zodiac was based on twelve animals. (Right) Which I would like to delve into more deeply myself because I don’t know enough about it.

J: Well, I know that Sirius represents Isis.

A: Correct, yeah.

J: And Orion represents Osiris. And as you see them go by the night sky they are always together. They are always together. And you see the representation with the three pyramids in Egypt, of the belt stars, in the constellation of Orion. And they said that the River Nile flowing alongside the pyramids is analogous to the Milky Way which flows alongside Orion.

A: Interesting. Then think about the Galactic history of Orion. The fact that it got blasted to smithereens. So what does that represent metaphysically?

J: Well, it’s the destruction of Osiris, where Isis had to put him back together again.

A: Yeah, maybe.

J: And that Horus is actually the re-incarnation of Osiris via the Immaculate Conception of Isis.

A: Woo. Did you just come up with that or have you already read about this?

J: No, that is the mythology.

A: I’m giving you a hard time.

J: And I could tell you more, but . . . there was one part of Osiris that was missing. I’m sure that you are aware of that.

A: I don’t know where you are going with this. Are you setting me up for something?

J: Well, I’m setting you up but I’m also serious about it too. The phallus that is standing inside the Vatican in Rome is an Egyptian obelisk that represents the phallus of Osiris.

A: I thought that’s where you were going with that. So not to totally change gears but one of the topics that you just kind of touched upon very briefly in one of your blogposts was the Knight’s Templars. J: Yes.

A: And I just really want you to open this subject up. You said something about how they had gone into the secret chambers under Solomon’s Temple and they found a bunch of information there but one of the things that you said that they found was the secret that physical matter can be transformed molecule by molecule by the use of incantations of ancient Hebrew letters and numbers and the nature of reality is really an illusion. Do you know anymore about it than that?

J: Well, you would have to become a student of the Kabbalah. It is the Kabbalah. Somehow the Kingdom of France found out about this ancient Jewish mystical, magical rituals and texts and so just by the merest coincidence these nine knights go down to spend the night in Solomon’s Temple, right? And these nine glorious knights are supposed to guard the Pilgrim’s Trail to the Holy Land. Well, I don’t see how nine poor knights could possibly maintain security on a trail that is that long. So I strongly suspect that there was something else that they were looking for. And apparently, it was the Kabbalah that they had learned about – this Hebrew magic – which was actually ancient Babylonian magic that they desperately wanted to get their hands on. And so apparently, they did.

A: I was wondering if you knew about the fact that they actually started an archeological excavation at the Mount Moriah which led them to the Temple of King Herod which then led them to Solomon’s Temple.

J: Well, essentially Herod had rebuilt Solomon’s Temple.

A: But supposedly it took them like nine years. J: Oh yeah.

A: To find this amazing information. And the story goes that whatever they found it took them more than a year to travel to the Vatican and back. I mean, the Knights Templar were supposedly known as the ‘other’ Vatican. (Absolutely) They were never subservient to the Vatican. (Absolutely) They had an incredible amount of power. (Absolutely) They were supernatural(?) beings, high priests and priestesses. I thought that was very interesting.

J: So it wasn’t so much the Ark of the Covenant that you saw in Indiana Jones that they were looking for, it was these magical texts. Because with this magical texts they could create anything. They could turn lead into gold. They could exert power over princes and popes and this really was like – the Holy Grail really was that magic technology that they were looking for. And as the story goes they did find it and it made it’s way back into Europe where it was translated into Latin. And just for the strangest coincidence all your most powerful magical incantations these days are all spoken in Latin.

A: Interesting –

J: So this secret magic wormed its way into the highest levels of the Vatican. So every pope, every king, every principality in Europe wanted to get their hands into this stuff just simply because they wanted it for their own greedy power.

A: Which then led to the demise of the Knights Templar.

J: Sure. Well, okay, there’s more to it than that. The King of France – the Knights Templar were the bank for the King of France. (Yes) And the King of France had to go begging to the Knights Templar for his financing. And then the king had this brilliant idea. He said, wow, if they will initiate me into the Knights Templar Order then I will have access into my money. And the Knights Templar said ‘no.’ (Right) I love it. And they said, King, no, you can’t be one of our group. Well, that pissed of the king big time and the king go in with cahoots with the pope and between the two of them they did away with the Knights Templar. Or they thought they did.

A: You know, it is interesting. It states that a lot of the years that they were in existence they were on very good terms with the Vatican and the popes (Yes) and in fact, the story goes that the information was leaked by the pope that they were going to arrest all of the Knights Templar. So about a month before that they saved (Right) thousands of them.

J: Yes. Yes. Plus a lot of them just went to Germany and Britain, because the Brits and the Germans, you know, they weren’t really interested in executing the Templars. For God’s sake, these guys are the bankers of Europe. They are not going to upset the apple cart here. So just the Templars just broke into other secret societies and especially the Freemasons. Most of the Freemasonry reflects back to the Templars.

A: Well, what do you feel as far as when they supposedly escaped? Do you feel that they took these very magical text and so on and so forth and the Ark of the Covenant as well? Do you think that they took them up to Scotland and Ireland and England?

J: Mmm, I think a lot of it was actually hidden in France also. I think what they took with them was the occult teachings. The occult knowledge. More than artifacts. (Okay) I think it would be interesting to have access to some of the libraries in the various Freemasonic lodges around the country. Especially, in Washington DC.

A: I bet.

J: Because I’m sure that you would discover a completely different history of the world in those archives than what is generally accepted in the general public.

A: Well, yeah, because history has been totally re-written by – I usually say by the losers. But they make themselves out as the winners.

J: Exactly. Freemason General Albert Pike from the Civil War era, a 33rd degree Freemason that said, “Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it. The Truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason.” So hmm, that’s what we got. So what is the ‘real’ real? What are the real secrets? What is the real history of the world that we’ve never been allowed to know?

A: Well, and that leads me to the question about the Arctic and the Antarctic and I did not know that 150 bombers were basically obliterated with this really advanced technology by the Germans and they just disappeared.

J: What is your source of that?

A: When I was reading your story as they got closer to the end of the war and supposedly they were using some advanced German – the Germans had access to this advanced weaponry and supposedly UFO type ships (Right) and I thought that I read that like 150 of the Allies Forces, the pilots, literally, disappeared. They could shoot of the range of their plane and they would just obliterate the plane.

J: Oh, no, that was during World War II, it was the Schweinfurt raid, the ball-bearing plant raid.

A: It was amazing.

J: Yeah. This is fairly-well known. What they would do, they could create an aerosol with coal dust, a combination of coal dust and a highly inflammable gasoline gel, it’s not a gel, but it’s more like an aerosol. So when a bomber would fly into it it’s own ignition would ignite with this cloud of aerosol and you could obliterate dozens of planes in one blast. Because the bombers were flying in such close formation. Yeah, the Germans had worked on all kinds of anti-bomber technologies. But what was alleged with this aerosol was released in the skies ahead of the bombers by the Nazis saucers. But that was in Germany, not in the Antarctic.

A: Oh no. I didn’t say it was. I was saying – that’s okay. What I was saying was I was so shocked that they had that technological capability and then afterwards Germany supposedly quote/unquote ‘lost the war.’ And they ended up moving camp. The story is that they moved – and I thought your report said – that they moved to the Antarctic.

J: Yeah. Well, supposedly some of them did, yes. But the Germans, as early as 1938 the Germans had invited Admiral Richard E. Byrd to join them in their original expedition to the Antarctic which they called Neuschwabenland. And of course, and this is very interesting because Admiral Richard E. Byrd was a 33rd degree Freemason.

A: Just imagine that.

J: Funny thing. And just prior to that Byrd had flown expeditions to the North and the South Pole both where he and his pilot had dropped Masonic flags. So they were claiming the North and the South Poles not for America but for the Freemasons.

A: I saw that. It was kind of sickened.

J: Yeah. I mean, for crying out, that’s what Louis and Clark, a couple of Freemasons – they were scouting out North America, not for the pioneers, or for the colonists, they were scouting out the resources North America had for the Freemasons. These guys are a private club. And the rest of us are little kids looking in the candy store window.

A: Yeah, we are watching the movie.

J: That’s right. That’s right.

A: Hey Jim, is there a correlation between – you said there was a 250 foot diameter Haneubu III dreadnought (Yeah) and I saw that in April, 1945. Now remember at the Olympics in Russia this year they supposedly came up with a dreadnought, is there a correlation between those two – some sort of message?

J: I don’t know, I didn’t see that. What were they doing in the Olympics?

A: Supposedly they say, it was an Arcturian ship but it was called a dreadnought.

J: No kidding?

A: So when I saw this, when I was looking at your information I thought, oh, that is interesting.

J: Well, you never know.

A: Yeah, I’ll dig into that one.

J: Some more dots to connect.

A: I know. So tell me what you know about Neuschwabenland. What is currently is being discussed about it now. Do we have any information about it now?

J: Well, whatever happened to Neuschwabenland, as of today, the Antarctic has been divided up by countries from all around the world. And the Neuschwabenland area, that was claimed by Germany during the War has reverted back to Norway. Now, I’m sure this is only the surface of the Antarctic that we are referring to. What is going on underneath the Antarctic may be an altogether story. It has been alleged that the Germans created New Berlin in a vast cavern underneath the Antarctic. And this is of course, pure speculation these days. But –

A: But I like speculation.

J: It was common knowledge, it was even published in German magazines and newspapers as early as 1943, yeah, it had to be at least at 1943, that the Third Reich had great intentions, deliberate intentions of colonizing the South Pole. And the German U-Boat Commander claimed that, yes, we have created a great citadel for the Fuhrer at the South Pole. And there’s stories about a manifest of a hundred Nazi U-Boats that were never accounted for at the end of the war. And as earliest as 1943 they were shipping armaments, they were shipping scientists, physicists, technicians, laborers, down to the Antarctic. And what has become of them since then is anybody’s guess. There are some interesting Russian speculation on some different websites that said that actually, the New Berlin has a discreet embassy in Washington DC.

A: Wo-ow.

J: And it is very discreetly hidden in some building there where only the insiders know how to access that embassy. But apparently somebody somewhere is exercising significant political clout on the planet that doesn’t seem to have an identity.

A: That’s amazing. And I’m still pondering the aspect that they were able to wipe out 150 bombers, they had the technology that could have been a slam-dunk end to the war and yet they chose not to. I’m wondering what is that all about?

J: Well, the other thing about it is, the Antarctic is believed to be Atlantis.

A: Okay. I’ve heard that before.

J: And there was a race between German secret societies and American secret societies to be the first ones to get to Atlantis. And it may well be that the Germans were the ones to do it.

A: Interesting. It looks like it.

J: It’s almost as if, at least by late 1943 to 1944 the Third Reich knew that the war in Europe was a lost cause. And so, they dragged on that war just as a diversion for what was really going on the Antarctic.

A: When you say it was ‘a lost cause,’ a lost cause as in –

J: Well, in a lot of ways. Because Germany could never really create the independent state that they wanted being surrounded by the Russians and the Brits and the French. Hitler’s ideal was to have a continent all themselves. Hitler was envious of the United States because we were an independent continent surrounded by oceans on each side where we could be a single people. This was Hitler’s obsession. This is what he wanted to create. This was his dream. And I think that he realized that we would always be over-run by the Russians, or the French, or the Czechoslavakians, or the Poles. We’ll never be an independent German-speaking people the way that he wanted it to be. I suspect that this was even more Heinrich Himmler’s dream, Himmler being the head of the SS, even more than Hitler’s. And it would have been Heinrich Himmler that would have had the man power and the scientific expertise to make this dream a reality in the Antarctic.

A: And it does state that Hitler himself actually did have ET contact, right?

J: Well, Hitler claimed he had contact with the Anti-Christ.

A: Okay. Yes. I’ve heard that. I was wondering if he had regular, you know, conversations with – I’m not going to say Semjase because he certainly wasn’t of the positive nature – but did he have regular contact with a particular race? Was there anything documented about that?

J: I don’t know that he did. I know that he had some hallucinatory experiences when – I think some of his handlers gave him something equivalent to LSD or something. No, it was the Vril Society that made the direct contact with the extraterrestrials.

A: Yeah. Now tell me a little bit more about the Vril Society because I think that is a fascinating story.

J: This is interesting. Okay, when Aleister Crowley was working on the Amalantrah rituals in New York, Maria Orsic and the ladies of the Vril Society in 1919, claimed they had made telepathic contact with an off-world civilization from the Alderban star system which is the constellation Taurus, and that these Alderbans gave the Vril Society the technology to make flying saucers.

A: I thought that was very cool when I saw that. Now of course, they didn’t want that to get into the wrong hands.

J: Of course not.

A: And were they successful in keeping it out of the wrong hands? I don’t think so.

J: Well, that’s a good question. That’s a very good question because then you get into the grey area – after World War II with Operation Paperclip when we have all of these high-ranking Nazi technicians and rocket designers just suddenly showing up in the United States, working for Harry Truman.

A: And this is on the heels of a whole ton of them moving supposedly to the Antarctic.

J: Right.

A: That’s the part that really got me today when I was reading through your stuff.

J: Okay. So did the flying disk technologies disappear in the Antarctic while the rocket technologies re-appeared in the United States. And/or and this is one of the things that Wendelle Stevens was fairly adamant about in his researches. He says, no, they didn’t just get rocket technology, we got the flying disk technology too, but nobody dares to talk about it.

A: Interesting.

J: So he says, yeah, a lot of the so-called flying saucer crashes in the Southwest right after World War II, he says, they were not extraterrestrials, they were the Nazi technologies that we were trying to develop for ourselves.

A: What do you think was the pivotal year that all of this got started?

J: That’s a good question.

A: Because I mean the forties were so laden with one experience after another that –

J: Well, actually, if you had asked me that a month ago I would probably have said the extraterrestrial contact with the Vril Society. But now in retrospect, in considering the portal that Aleister Crowley opened in 1904, I’m wondering if maybe that was the pivotal – maybe it’s exactly what Aleister Crowley said it was. That in 1904 it was the beginning of the Age of Horus. And that’s what we are seeing. That all of that flying saucer technology and this obsession with the occult and the Kabbalah within our contemporary society – it looks like he was right. He said that in 1904 it really did open the Aeon of Horus and we’re smack into the middle of it right now.

A: Is there a suggestion as to how long this Age is going to last?

J: I’m not sure. I think a long time. Crowley said in the earlier years of the Aeon of Horus there would be a lot of war, a lot of conflict because Horus is young and immature. But as Horus gets older and more mature our society would become more peaceful and harmonious.

A: Interesting. J: I thought, well, we ain’t there yet.

A: So once again we’re getting to the metaphysical, spiritual behavior of humanity as a whole.

J: Exactly, yeah.

A: That’s so interesting. Now you did talk about Admiral Byrd (Right) and aborting his mission. Now did he abort the mission because he actually encountered the Germans and the Nazis? That’s a big question out there; a lot of people have talked about that. What is your opinion about that?

J: I have a lot of questions about that myself. And I think we are only getting a part of the picture about the Operation High Jump that went to the South Pole. Because all of the newsreels footage and all the footage that I’ve ever seen of that expedition, I’ve never seen one military combat aircraft involved in that. And they said, well, Admiral Byrd sent a whole military taskforce down there. Well, what is the use of a military taskforce if all you are taking is the reconnaissance planes? You can’t fight a combat operation with just reconnaisance planes. You would have to have combat aircraft.

Now according to the Russian documentary about the South Pole and Admiral Byrd according to one eyewitness none of this has been able to be verified. He claimed that yes, there were Navy combat corsairs that were involved in dogfights with flying saucers at the South Pole. So I’ve never come across any verification that the aircraft carrier down there was actually carrying combat aircraft along with the reconnaissance aircraft, but there is newsreel footage of taking off from the carrier’s flight deck. So obviously the aircraft carrier could have had a full contingent of combat planes beneath the decks. But I’ve never seen any confirmation of that. How do you have a military combat taskforce without combat planes?

A: That’s a really good point. Interesting. And there too –

J: If any of your listeners have information regarding the possibility that, yeah, Admiral Byrd’s taskforce did have combat airplanes and there’s some way to verify that – the Navy can doctor all of it’s records as it sees fit – but if anybody can verify that, yes, that Operation High Jump did have combat aircraft I’d like to confirm that.

A: Yes, I would like to too. Now what did you think about the obsession with the Aryan race, you know? Did that go back to the Nordics and Venusians and that sort of thing? Or do you think there was more to it with Hitler’s obsession about him wanting to have a pure Aryan race.

J: I think that was Hitler’s PR scam to gain control of the German people. I can’t understand, was there at least one person in Germany who would look at Adolf Hitler and say, Well, excuse me sir, but you are not Aryan.

A: That’s exactly right.

J: You are not a blue-eyed blond. Who in the hell do you think that you are for the rest of us should do that when you aren’t that yourself?

A: I remember in high school and they were talking about this and I asked that same question. I said where is this guys blue eyes and blond hair.

J: Come on, he was a mutt.

A: He was a mutt.

J: He was brown-eyed mutt. Who was allegedly the bastard son of one of the Rothchilds. So come on guys. Boy, he sold the German people a bill of goods on that one. But that was not his sole invention. That was Madame Blavatsky, the Theosophist lady who claimed to be in contact with the Ascended Masters or whatever in Tibet that told her that the supremacy of the Aryan race.

A: Yeah, she’s amazing. I’ve read some of her material.

J: Now think about this one. I’m going to throw a curve ball now. (Uh-oh) The word Aryan and how similar it is to Orion and in metaphysical circles it’s not important how a word is spelled as much as how it is sounds. (That’s right) And I’m thinking, gee, Aryan sounds an awful lot like Orion. Or-i-on. And eventually, you can link German secret societies and the occult belief systems and eventually that goes all the way back to Babylon and Egypt as well. So are the Aryans also from Orion which they say the Reptilians are from Orion, so is there a connection with all of this?

A: Very interesting. Good point. Good point. Now I’m going to jump a little bit towards General Douglas MacArthur. Honestly, when I was in high school I just really revered that man. (Sure) I just loved his speech. And the fact that he was fired and he walked away. One of the things that I was not aware of was that he had is own Inter-planetary Phenomenon Unit. Can you tell us a little bit more about that. Did he collect so much data that was almost a threat to the military that were trying to suppress all of this information?

J: Well, I got that information from Bill Cooper’s book, Behold a Pale Horse. And he claimed this was information that he saw when he read the Naval Intelligence Briefing Paper when he was in Vietnam. Maybe your dad saw a Briefing Paper too. But anyway, yeah, there was a lot of activity in the Pacific allegedly that MacArthur was kee ping an eye on. And MacArthur’s problem was that he was pretty much his own man. (Yes) And I don’t think he had any regard for Harry Truman whatsoever.

A: I don’t think so either. But at the same time, in some ways you can’t blame him because that was around the time of the United Nations and the fact that he’d have to tell them ahead of time where he was going to be strategically placing his men and then he’d get there and the enemy would already be waiting for him. (Right, right) So you can’t blame him for the fact that there was such a scam to begin with.

J: Yeah. He and General Patton ran into the same problems, I think. Patton realized very late in the war about the United Nations scam and giving America’s power away to the United Nations. And I know that Patton was not happy with that and certainly General MacArthur, he was virtually the Emperor of Japan after World War II. So it’s like, what do I need Harry Truman for? oh, yeah, okay. The problem I think with MacArthur was that he was too outspoken and that he was not about what to be told what to do by Harry Truman or the CIA. (Oh yes) So if he talked publically about flying saucers he would. And understand, it was at the same time that they created MJ-12 and MJ-12 was trying to keep a lid on all the UFO stuff. So, well, it probably wouldn’t be seemly to kill General MacArthur but we will fire him and make sure that he stays quiet.

A: Well, he didn’t.

J: Well, he didn’t. And he talked about the nations of the world have to unite because the next war will be an inter-planetary war. You have to ask yourself what did he know that the rest of us didn’t know that would make him make a statement like that.

A: Well, and the fact that he was fired. You know it had to go a lot deeper than that.

J: Sure, sure.

A: And they didn’t take him out. So you have to figure – he must have had something on them.

J: If you go back a couple of years earlier when former Defense of Secretary James Forrestal was in Bethesda Naval Hospital because he wanted to talk. He wanted to spill the beans. He didn’t feel that these were secrets that should be kept from the American people. And of course, he allegedly falls from the 16th floor from his hospital room in Bethesda Naval Hospital and of course they said it was suicide. So yeah, it’s –

A: It’s like the bankers these days. They kill themselves by jumping off a 28th floor building, you know. I think you could think of a better way to kill yourself, frankly.

J: Well, unless you had help being thrown out the window.

A: Yeah. Exactly. Speaking of MJ-12, when I interviewed Ron Garner he made the statement that – the name escapes me – he said that his close personal friend had made it very clear that the MJ-12 wants disclosure. I said, What? He said, oh yes. They want disclosure. They want to start bringing this information out. What is your take on that?

J: Okay. We could go a couple of different directions on this one. I remember talking with Bob Dean about this. You know Bob Dean.

A: Oh, I love Bob Dean.

J: Bob Dean said within MJ-12 or within the CIA there are two factions. One faction that wants to release this all to the public. And then there’s the other faction that would rather see all of us dead than to ever release this information. So you have that dichotomy where okay, some do and some don’t. And over the years it seems like that the ones that don’t have always prevailed.

A: Interesting.

J: On a certain level. But on another level, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the alleged Ronald Reagan Briefing Document where he was briefed right after he took office, in the early 80s by CIA Director, William Casey. All about the flying saucer issue. And what Reagan was told was that rather than making an official government statement about extraterrestrials he says, ‘we filter this information through the entertainment media.’ So at one hand you have the government is denying the existence of this reality while on the other hand, the entertainment media is just flooding movies, TV, magazines, everything, about flying saucers and extraterrestrials. So it’s like it’s a back door program to educate the population about extraterrestrials.

A: It’s like soft disclosure.

J: Soft disclosure. But also it’s disclosure where you can put your own special spin on it that you can use later on if you need to create a false alien invasion you can do that, right?

A: Absolutely. And of course, you can keep the fear porn going.

J: Bingo. Right, right. So the military-industrial complex requires huge monolithic enemies to justify it’s existence. So in this day and age what would be the most beneficial monolithic enemy to threaten the planet but extraterrestrials. (Definitely) And according to Steven Greer they are manufacturing the extraterrestrials themselves so we have an army to fight.

A: Yeah. It’s just to keep the whole conflict going.

J: Yes, just to keep the mix stirred up.

A: Going back the MJ-12 – the fact that Vannevar Bush and the fact that all of the Bushes are still a major player in this – now of course, senior Bush apparently just died. Which, did he or did he really?

J: I haven’t gotten confirmation of that yet.

A: Yeah. That’s always a big question mark considering –

J: Well, Bush Junior, his mother is the daughter of Aleister Crowley.

A: Woh! Barbara Bush?

J: Barbara Bush. Yup. And I dare you to go find a picture of Aleister Crowley in his later years and match it up with Barbara Bush and they are a dead-ringer for each other.

A: Oh my god.

J: And Marvin Bush looks exactly like Aleister Crowley too.

A: So therefore the magician/Freemason/

J: /Skull and Bones/

A: Yeah, and the dots continue to connect.

J: Exactly.

A: That’s crazy. Another burning question I have for you is, this whole thing with the Roswell crash of 1947, do you really, truly believe that it really took the presidency off guard? Do you really think that they were, omg, we are in total confusion, this really could be the end of the human race, etcetera?

J: I’m not sure. This goes back to this whole issue of the Aeon of Horus. What did the government know and when did they know it and how much did the OSS, which became the CIA, how much did they much know about Aleister Crowley’s sex magic rituals and opening up portals and contacting extraterrestrials? It’s like how much did they know about to begin with?

A: That’s what I’m saying.

J: Does all of this get structured to flow right along with Aleister Crowley’s dark magic to begin with? Listen, I have been chipping away at this for forty-four years, like I said, and within the last two months, with all of this research that I have done about Crowley and Parsons and NASA and all of this, it’s throwing all the old stuff into a cocked hat. And you have to go back and re-figure the whole thing all over again from scratch. Because there is a huge chunk of information that the UFO community was never told. (Yes) And I thought, well, figure this in and everything else you have learned. I don’t know what to think now.

A: I think, Jim, you have done such an outstanding job presenting the core key events that connected them together. That’s the part that you I love about your website. By the way, everybody, make sure that you visit Jim’s website. It is Jim Nichols UFO.net.

J: Yes, that is my website. And if you want to read a great blog go to Dan Willis’ blog, The Web Matrix.net. He’s one of the original speakers at The Disclosure Conference when they had the first Conference. [The Disclosure Project Press Conference, May 9th, 2001] And he was with Naval Intelligence and so forth. So he has a lot of really wonderful, incredible information to share as well.

A: Well, now back to Roswell. One of the most – kind of like The Lies NASA Told which it took me about 48-72 hours to process the information in that movie – the audio of the recording of the interview with the actual alien from the crash from Roswell. They refer to ‘her’ – I’m going to put that in quotes – as Airl. Did you hear that one?

J: No I haven’t heard that one.

A: You’ve got to hear that one. It’s about 4 1/2 hours and it’s kind of hard to find sometimes. They take it down and then somebody else tries to find it and put it back up. But I remember two things in particular that she stated. One was that, yes, I understand that you all read history but if you understood that the true reason why history repeats itself – and that goes back to what Yellow Rose for Texas says – which is, it was a total confirmation basically is, that they use the ankh, they put them to asleep, they take the names and give them different names and it’s all the same people. That’s one of them. That was pretty prolific when I first heard that.

J: Oh, the other thing that also relates to what we were talking about – the planets on what did she call it?

A: Poles. J: Poles. A: Yeah.

J: Seven planets, right?

A: Yeah. You’ve got the seven candlesticks in the Vatican.

J: Bingo. Yeah, in the Kabbalah also. In the Jewish ritual there are seven candles. So, there is something important about all of this also.

A: Well, I think the other thing of that video that was really good to see was the whole different perspective on seeing a solar flare. (Right)

A: A completely different scenario when you see that the sun is erupting. And the fact that as one of my friends told me, the solar flares greatly impact the Divine Masculine on the planet. Everytime we have a solar flare it’s affecting the Masculine within all of us. To become more balanced. Believe it or not. (Okay)

A: And the Full Moons, of course, are affecting the Divine Feminine.

J: Ouch.

A: And that is of everybody, of course.

J: I hurt. When we have these Super Moons I just ache like a toothache.

A: Well, hey, it’s all that good cellular memory stuff that you’ve carried from one timeline to another.

J: I feel like somebody is hitting me with a hammer.

A: I think everybody is going through that. We’re all purging a ton right now.

J: Also, getting back to the candlesticks. In the Kabbalah, according to the Kabbalah ritual, whatever, there are only seven planets. There were only seven planets.

A: Well, she agrees with that. And the other thing that is interesting is that it opens up the whole discussion about, well, what are the planets? If the planets have consciousness, if they are beings, then the planets really represent the gods that actually came here in a physical form at one time.

J: Right. And of course, the planets each gives off their own special music. Each planet gives their own sound, vibrational signature and according to Haarp – Haarp was designed to interfere so that the sound frequency doesn’t reach the Earth.

A: Now what is your take on Haarp? Do you think that it is still going on full steam ahead? There’ve been all these rumors of taking down the Alaskan –

J: I don’t know. I’m sorry. I still see the chemtrails up there today. So it’s like hmm, you can say that they’re taking it down but I ain’t convinced yet.

A: I have to say though, Jim, have you noticed that we’ve had a lot of clear skies. Now the last two days have been really bad. Really bad chemtrails today and yesterday.

J: Yes, this is the first day that I’ve seen chemtrails for probably a month.

A: It’s been really clean and clear, so we are making progress in the chemtrail area.

J: I should hope so.

A: And if you look carefully at the chemtrails and what appears around them, you can see the Galactics disseminating them.

J: Good. Good, good.

A: Yeah, that’s really interesting. When you really look at it and see the different cloud formations that get involved afterwards. But anyway, so back to – this was something I wanted to ask you about – this was Colonel Philip Corso.

J: Yes.

A: Wow. Now he was talking about being really careful because the agreement that Truman had made with the so-called Zetas, the Zeta Reticuli, that they were very unfriendly and that they were actually genetically altered automatons. (Yes) Wow. So can you talk a little bit about what exactly did he mean by cloned biological entities.

J: He meant just that. We interviewed him about that and we asked him. I said to him, what do you mean they look like clones. And he said, they didn’t look clones, they were clones. He said, they were made by some other intelligence. And he was very cagey about how he phrased it, he said, by ‘some other intelligence’ and he didn’t say, ‘extraterrestrial intelligence.’ He just said they were cloned by some other intelligence. So I was we-e-ell, if you stop and think about that, that could go in all other different directions. (Sure) It could have been that ‘some other intelligence’ could have been Dr Joseph Mendele, for God’s sake.

These could be creatures that were part of genetic experiments in Germany in World War II. Everybody always talks about the flying disks technologies, and all that stuff and how that relates to the UFOs, but nobody talks about how the eugenic experiments were also possibly relating to the alleged extraterrestrials that we were seeing. So it’s another whole chunk of information that needs to be looked into here. Actually, in Joseph Farrell’s book, Roswell and the Reich he does broach the possibility that, yeah, the so-called little Grey aliens were in fact modified human fetuses that were modified in some kind of genetic experiment. And even Dr Karla Turner made the same observation just before they killed her.

A: Yeah. I remember that woman. Well, two things. When they were interviewing the nurse in the Airl interview, Airl actually stated that the vessel that she was in was some sort of cloning vehicle that was holding the consciousness of some other intelligence. And she mentioned how that was how she was representing the UFO itself. That flew, that intelligence actually flew the UFO that crashed.

J: Oh, that their consciousness was directly connected to the UFO.

A: Right. J: Yeah. A: I thought that was really cool.

J: Umhmm. I’ve heard David Wilcock speak about that also.

A: But you were talking about the modified human fetuses. When you look at the Grey, that was always something that I wondered about, good god, they were created in a laboratory (Exactly) and if it was, what the hell were they thinkin’.

J: Even the alien in the alleged autopsy film – I’ve looked at that and well, it doesn’t look that much unhuman. It looks human but it looks like a deformed human. But it doesn’t look that much like something you would call alien. I’ve seen deformed people, you know, on this planet that look more alien than that creature in the autopsy film.

A: Well, so this brings up the very hot topic, which is how do you think those relate to the archons?

J: They are vehicles for the archons.

A: Yes, okay. So you agree, that they are?

J: Yes. One of the main goals of the archons is just to have – they are hyper-dimensional – they want vehicles that they can use to operate in this dimension. And that would perfectly suit that.

A: And tell us a little bit – you talked briefly in one of your blogs about Lash. And he was talking about that Sophia was so anxious to take a physical form that – just talk a little bit about that. I thought that was really cool.

J: John Lash. (Yeah) That’s in my Archons: Invaders from Space, right?

A: RIght.

J: Archons. That’s a great book. John Lash has written a terrific book ‘Not In His Image,’ which really explores the history of Gnosticism and it’s really the Nag Hammadi scrolls that were found in Egypt in 1945 that tell the story of the Archons. This is largely, of course, dismissed Christian academics as being science fiction. But it’s the Gnostics that were able to access hyper-dimensional realms and they came to understand what the archons were and what the agenda was here. And the archons are hyper-dimensional parasitical entities that feed off the human energy. And at the end of the day, I still agree with John Lash that planet Earth and the human experiment here is nothing more than somebody’s cattle farm where we are being harvested for our psychic or lifeforce energy.

A: I so agree. Or our ectoplasm, right?

J: Yeah. Yeah. Our ether.

A: Isn’t that special?

J: His argument is that through the hierarchy of secret societies and the people in the highest levels of government, corporate, entertainment, industries, are actually nothing more than proxies or cut-outs to serve the agenda of the archons. That’s why we see the endless wars, the degradation of the planet, riots in Missouri and all of this stuff, this is all part of the ongoing archon agenda to feed off the negative energies of the human population. We are a food source for somebody else.

A: And this is why it is so great that all the bloggers out there are doing their bit to expose these false flags and these actors that are playing out these fear porn roles. Right on. Right on. Right on. I commend all of them out there. I think the part that really hit me, omg, did this hit me, when you talked about the Inquisition. (Hmm, yes) And the core reason behind the Inquisition was the fact that the Gnostics had knowledge of this archontic realm (Right) and they wanted to nip that in the bud. (Sure) That’s how important it was.

J: It was so important to keep the human population as ignorant of this as possible. The more ignorant that the population is, the easier it is for them to manage their cattle farm here. The more people that understand and know that, the more difficult it is to manage the farm. This is the ultimate challenge for the human race is to discover this and rise above it. (Yes) We’re saying we are sovereign entities and I’m sorry, but you don’t have the right to feed on my energies.

A: This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart because we do an awful lot of bio-etheric removals and implant removals –

J: Sure. So you know firsthand what it involves.

A: Oh my god. Absolutely. The stuff that we see and hear and the stuff I hear from the healers that are doing it, it’s amazing. There’s no turning back for me. Let’s just put it that way. The other part that I was amazed about was Jesus, you said, ‘Jesus, a mortal at all, had been a prophet of Amor, the principle of Love. And Amor, when inverted or perverted into power, became Roma or Rome.’ My God. And then you talk about Rex Mundi.

J: Rex Mundi, yes. The Gnostics saw the Vatican as being the living embodiment of Rex Mundi, Rex Mundi being the Lord of the material world. That’s the whole essence is to keep being locked and dazzled by materialism and so they never stop to ask, ‘what about my spirituality?’ Well, that isn’t important. There’s no money in your spirituality, you know. So it’s a great distraction. And this is one of the great tricks they use to keep the human race distracted and ignorant and being easy prey.

A: You know, I think it has backfired somewhat because so many people on the planet are now in a state of financial crisis. (Yeah) They finally have been forced.

J: They are disaffected by material things.

A: Exactly. They’ve come to the place where it’s more than a pain in the butt to have credit cards and have a big house and the big TV, all the toys. I just want to put that out there that it’s been a vehicle in order for us to regain our spirituality again.

J: Exactly. Right, right. Well John Lash says, this is the game that’s being played right now. And this is where we have to honor Sophia, we have to honor Sophia’s original intention for us because by overcoming this archonic influence, or these archonic parasites we will fulfill her original intention for the human race.

A: Oh wow. How exciting is that?

J: But I’m sorry to say, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. But I mean we’ve all got to do it together.

A: Yes we do.

J: I think of the Harry Potter movie, The Order of the Phoenix. Where they realize that they are being overwhelmed by the Dark Lord and his minions. And it’s like, well Harry, it’s up to you. You’re the only one who can teach us how protect ourselves now. So it’s like we’ve got to get together and become Dumbledore’s army here.

A: No kidding. And it is happening.

J: That’s exactly the position that we are in right now.

A: It’s really exciting to be alive at this time. And I do want to let you know, we are getting up to the top of the hour and I just want to give you a last shot of whatever you want to leave us with.

J: Ah, a last shot. Well getting back to NASA and the Aeon of Horus for one little bit. There’s one piece here where NASA just kind of lets it all hang it out here. Their next big program, their space program which is landing a robot on an asteroid in 2016, and the name of the mission is Osiris Rex. (Incredible) They’re just letting all hanging out. This is who we are. We are a Secret Society obsessed with Osiris occultism so our next mission is Osiris Rex. King Orion.

A: Wow. Amazing. Well I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you tonight, Jim. I would hope to be able to pull you back on because there is so much more information that we could be going over.

J: Oh for sure, yeah.

A: And let’s stay in touch. And for all of you out there listening, please support Jim in anyway that you can. Visit his site. Go ahead Jim and tell them your sites again.

J: Well, it’s Jim Nichols UFO.net. And be sure to go to my UFO TV YouTube Links. And I’ve got seven really entertaining and informative videos that you can watch at YouTube and I highly recommend them. And I think you will get a lot of information and a lot of entertainment from those.

A: Well, thank you for all the research that you’ve done because it has enlightened us and we appreciate all that you do.

J: It’s my pleasure. My pleasure.

A: Thank you for doing that. Thanks everybody for listening. I love all of you. You’re an awesome audience. I know that you get tired of hearing that but it is true. I can’t deny it. And we will see you next Tuesday same time, same place. Take care and have an awesome rest of your day. Take care. Thanks Jim. Bye.

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