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microphone (1)Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors July 3, 2014

Hello everybody. Today is July 3rd, 2014 and this is Alexandra Meadors of Galacticconnection.com and I happen to have Kevin Annett on the phone with me today.   And he is traveling overseas throughout various countries, throughout Europe and I believe, up in Ireland. We will be talking to him today about some of those details.

 And if anybody has not read up on Kevin’s background, please check his site at ITCCS.org. He is a community minister, a human rights consultant, and a field secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

And as many of you know he is an absolute Light Warrior for bringing forth the atrocities of the Vatican and Catholic Church and what they are doing with child sacrifice and Satanic ritual.

So, Kevin, how are you doing? How are you doing over there?

K: Just fine Alexandra. I am doing really fine, thank you.


K: I do want to say I don’t want to say the details of my travel right now but I do want to talk very much about the things that have been happening right now.

A:Sounds good. Well, the first thing I wanted to ask you before you jump into anything is how is the whole trial of Pope Francis going on?

K: Its…There’s very good and very bad developments, to be honest. The good aspect is that the amount of evidence pouring in now is too much. You know, it’s *met the original (1:36) indictment which had to do with child trafficking per say by the Catholic Church, it’s blossomed into a much bigger issue. And at the forefront of that is all of the evidence, the new evidence about the sacrificial cult, the child sacrificial networks that operate in Europe. It’s also in America and other countries, it’s really global.

(1:51)And we now have a very important witness who is a former judge in Belgium.


K:Inside information on the criminal syndicate that provides these children and how it operates. It’s tied to one of the biggest mafia organizations in the world. It operates out of Italy. It’s kind of took over from the old, you know, Sicilian Cosanostra(?). They are much more multi-national sophisticate. Now they are heavily tied to the Vatican network and basically, they provide these children to political groups all over the world to use for blackmail purposes.

(2:28) Now, part of that is provided for these sacrificial rituals and we are getting this from a different angle we didn’t expect altogether from somebody, who actually was married to somebody who, in this criminal networks. So we have had to be really careful how, you know, not bringing that person any danger or public exposure or anything. But this is more and more what the court is focused on. The downside to all of this is that (2:53)the people who are trying to do this are overwhelmed.They haven’t been able to conduct, you know, the protocol that normally a court would operate because their main concern is to protect the witnesses and themselves. They have very limited resources. And so they have been operating, basically, in fits and starts.


K: And that is very frustrating in terms of when people say well, can we see the evidence? What’s going on? It’s been, really, an underground operation and that makes it hard, you know, especially when media start sniffing around and say, Well, where’s proof? Can we see evidence of this court? No! You can’t! Because if it did, we saw what   (3:34) happened with the Belgium politician, Laurel Louis (?) .


K: A member of Parliament who came out. He’s now not only not an MP anymore, they made sure he wasn’t reelected.They are bringing in a whole lawsuit against the Belgium government, to show, you know, voter fraud in the last election.


K:(3:54) But, they’ve also, he is facing 18 months in jail because he named members of the government including the prime minister in Holland, Marc Rut, who was also named by this woman in Belgium, the retired judge. And these people, these high level people involved in these child sacrificial rituals. So, it shows you what happens when somebody in the system comes forward. They get targeted right away and that’s why (4:22) the court’s had to be especially careful, you know, in the way they operate. So it’s been frustrating. We haven’t been able to get as far as was hoped and yet the amount in our hands now is incredible, just in terms of just the raw evidence.

A: (4:30)You know, Kevin, I would think that this is actually par for the course in the building of this network and the fact that you are learning, kind of, through trial and error what types of things you are going to be up against. In fact, this being one of them, that so much evidence is going to be pouring in. How do you support that with the infrastructure of the group of people that are working it?

K: Well, you know that is exactly the issue and after a while I stopped worrying about the infrastructure because… For example, we now have well over 350 people around the world who are asking to receive training in, as common law sheriffs trying to set up courts. They have a lot of enthusiasm, but very little, you know, experience. They tend as many people do, coming out of this system , they are always looking to somebody (5:22)else to take the lead.

A: (10:00) Yeah, no kidding. Well, and there was a lot of other news that hit this last week or so about quite a few large, large lawsuits hitting Catholic Churches throughout the, at least in particular, the United States and I was wondering if you knew anything about that. Where I’ve had a couple people write in and ask where that they can track down the activity of the lawsuits that are being brought forth on sexual abuse against the Catholic churches. 

K: Well, the thing to remember first of all is that the whole litigation route is designed to protect the perpetrator. So, one of the deals that I’ve personally experienced up in Canada is that when we tried to go that route with the Indian torturers and in the residential schools here. People found out right away that the lawyers on both sides get together very quickly and they do whatever’s necessary to indemnify the church and government. Right, to make sure that they’re not going to lose their shirt. After that the churches agree, they have an information meeting, discovery meeting…

A: Interesting.

K: …and they say ok,  here’s what we want. The church says how much they’re willing to give. The lawyers horse trade and everything and then it’s all arranged beforehand. The same thing went on in America. The perfect example of this is the case of William Lind in Philadelphia. This monsignor who was the first catholic prelate ever to go to trial for covering up child trafficking in Philadelphia. But a quarter of all priests in Philadelphia were named as being child-  active child traffickers, not just you know, rapists of children, passing kids around an underground network. 

A: Right.

K: Hundreds of priests, okay, and he was covering that up. The prosecution initially brought in a charge of criminal conspiracy against the guy because he knew full well that this William Lind was simply enacting policy which is, he would cover it up, tell the cops. He was going to name the Vatican as a codefendant in this. Because that’s where the buck stops, with the pope, it’s an order, Crimen Solicitanus. It’s been church policy since 1929. You cover it up. And they dropped that. The prosecution dropped the criminal conspiracy charge. And as a result, William Lind got (12:13) , I think he got 3 to 6 years. I think he was let out a few months ago. So they do this deal where they make it look like they’re going after the church.  They get a bit of money from them. They are indemnified, nobody goes to jail really, except an odd fish they throw in. And then the system carries on like before so when people say following the litigation route is a way to not get anything, to maybe get a bit of money but it doesn’t stop any of this crime from happening. 

A: You know, I think it’s interesting at least from the standpoint that it brings awareness to the public (12:52). You know, through the media and I guess,  I guess your bottom line and what you’re saying is that’s pretty much all that’s really going to come out of it. 

K: Well, it also gets people to wake up to what the system is all about. And then they say what do we do? And we say, well, that’s the whole reason for the common-law court. Because obviously, the system is colluding with the criminals. And we need to enact our God-given right to establish protection for our communities through common (13:25) law courts which can be convened by any 12 group of people. Right?


K: And so, we’ve talked about some of the details of that but that is beginning to kick into gear with more people, they are beginning to respond to that. Look at the material, get together. It’s a long process but at least it gives us a chance not just a legal system that is not going to be bought and controlled but it also puts the other side in a much more defensive posture. Because they know we’re not working through their, we’re not jumping through their hoops.


K: We’re not turning authority over to them and that gets them very nervous when you do that.

A: Well, and the bottom line is it’s not rotten to the core.


A: You know, the core of the apple. Well, hey, any word on Ernst Von Freeburg? I read that he will be ousted from his position soon and for anybody that doesn’t know who that is, that’s the supposed director of the Vatican bank, right? Is he the president of the Institute for Religious Works, right? Something like that.

K:(15:32) Yeah, that’s the official title, um, funny title when you think of it.

A:Yeah, very.

K:Yeah, I , the only thing I’ve got recently about the Vatican bank stuff is some of the people in Italy say that the normal sources they go to for information about that have all been shut off. So, whatever is going on, they are doing it very secretly and they don’t want anybody to know about it.

A: (15:00)Yeah, maybe just maybe they are possibly feeling a pinch, huh?

K: Oh, I think they definitely are. I mean, how can they not?

A: Yeah, no kidding. And, I mean, I was just blown away, there’s so much going on. Now, what about any word now with this St. Louis Arch Bishop Robert Carlson who supposedly testified saying that he didn’t know that it was illegal for priests to have sex with children. Any word on that being of assistance in your trial?

K: Well, that’s definitely been cited. What’s interesting with Carlson is there hasn’t been anything recently in the news about that. That was a statement made to lawyers for the other side when he was called to a case in Minneapolis a couple of years ago. He was archbishop of Minneapolis St. Paul. and again, like William Lind did in Philadelphia, he (15:48) systematically covered up child rape and their whole child trafficking network. And what he said there was quite honest. In their whole mindset, it isn’t a crime at all. It’s not a crime, and you know, what that indicates is that whole hideous aspect is coming out more and more and they’re almost proud of it. I mean, there’s people in England like this high court judge Fulford who openly gets on media and says he believes in lowering the age of consent to four years old.

A:Oh my God.

K: You know, this Pedophile Information Exchange, it’s brazen, it’s out publicly, it’s insane …one of their, Peter Cashin, who is a politician there, an open advocate of child sex says we have to accept the fact that there’s nothing wrong necessarily with sex with a child . They’re openly saying that and being quoted by that in the media. So the mask is, they’re coming out openly and exposing who and what they are. At that point people have to make a choice. If you really want to be a part of that system then you gotta go along with what they are doing because the line is obviously being drawn and people have to break completely with any association of that kind of crime.

A: You know, Kevin, I think the other reason this is such an uphill battle is that the people that you are actually attempting to rally, you know, behind you, how many, what percentage of the population out there are victims of sexual abuse within their own families?

K: (17:14) That’s true and that’s what we find time and again. that’s one of the reasons, just at a very human level, people always pull back mentally from this . This is why you are only dealing with a small percentage of the population that’s able to respond. It’s like dealing with…I found in the Aboriginal world, you’ll be lucky if you get one percent come forward and talk about what happened. And that’s the same in the general population because it isn’t just sexual abuse, and I don’t mean *just* because it’s a horrible thing but.


K:Any kind of trauma at a young age tends to have an effect psychologically within the person where they have a mechanism, an internal mechanism where they automatically defer to authority because it’s literally, you don’t want to get hit again, right?

A: Right.

K: And that is an extremely hard thing to overcome in people. You have to do a lot of, not just personal work, but you’ve got to have an understanding of what you’re in, (18:04) the nature of the society you’re in and the level of ignorance and denial is incredible. So, I mean it’s, yeah, it’s a hard thing, we have to work from the outside in, kind of around the edges but despite all that there is real movement that’s been happening on this whole thing.

A: Well, I think there’s another supposed upheaval going on in St. Paul, Minneapolis which I hear is where you are going to be setting up an office and that was with Archbishop John *Minstead*. Did you hear anything about him?

K:(18:36) No, I haven’t.

A: There’s a big investigation going on about sexual misconduct, which, of course he’s denying – that it’s entirely false. So that just reared it’s ugly head on July 1st and you know, I looked at some of the Catholic news headlines going on and it’s on and on and on. Here’s another one, have you ever heard of this term: *laisse cessation*?

K: No, oh, *ley of cessation*, yeah.

A: The removal of a bishop, priest or deacon from the status of being a member of clergy. Now, is that a big deal?

K:(19:07) Oh yeah, in their minds that is huge. But, don’t forget they are doing all this stuff to distract from the nature of their whole entity . They’re saying, it’s like saying, we’re going to inquire about the mafia in New York and all these bodies keep appearing in the East river. And we’re going to prosecute whoever did that but we’re going to leave the mafia as a whole untouched. I mean, you have to understand where this stuff is coming from. And you know within the Catholic system, they’ve got a law in place as we know that says it’s ok to rape children, The problem is to talk about it.

A: Yeah.

K: And, you know, was long as you have that mindset and that insitution, the reality is it’s a criminal body. It’s been convicted under international law. It should not be given any tax concessions. People put money in the collection plate they’re committing a crime (20)those priests are all involved in a criminal conspiracy and they all know it. That’s why we say the system needs to be disestablished not tinkered with. You tinker with it and five years later, it happens again or five weeks later.

A: I agree with you. I think at the same time its very interesting to see the reactions, even offensively, from the Vatican through their news of course we all know they’re allowing … And this, to me, totally it just spoke volumes. They have Archbishop Joseph *Weizalowski* who it says “it’s a sign of seriousness and the Vatican’s response to sexual abuse and Archbishop Solvani Tomasi told the Italian reporters”. Ok, so of course it came from the very institution you are basically exposing but I thought it was very interesting they threw out the Ley Cessation. Right? Is that how you say it?

K: Ley of Cessation It’s also another way They say, ooh, we’ve won. Well, in one sense. The other reality is when they step down, it’s a way to protect them. They put them on early retirement. They pension them off. They protect them that way. They are not in the public limelight, they are less vulnerable.So simply removing the officials themselves in itself is one of the ways they maintain their, they protect their institution, right?

A: Yeah, I agree.

K:(21:28) So it’s gotta be continually looked at in the bigger context of what exactly they’re doing. Has anything really changed? Not really. you know, it’s to put it frankly, to kill a monster, you don’t sit down and negotiate with it. It’s that simple and the way we kill it is not through the obvious methods but it’s a spiritual battle, very much. And I very much think that it’s tilting in our favor.

A: Well, and we, this is good that we are talking about this because it really does bring clarity as to how they manipulate the information that’s out there for those that are looking through alternative media. You know, to try to find any morsel of movement in the state of progress. You know for example, they made a comment today, it says former sex slaves – I just about threw up – Former sex slaves take part in a South Korea mass with the Pope. Like that’s supposed – and that’s back from World War II – Did you hear about this? t

K:Yeah, I did.

A: It feels like an advertising ploy.

K: Yeah, it’s kind of titillating for people too. I mean, it the whole corporate media (22:43) approach to things. You get sexy stories and that’s what sells. It’s partly that. But you know, it’s also a way for these people in high office to flaunt themselves and say look, you can’t really touch us. We do whatever we like. Here’s proof, right?

A: It’s amazing. You know, I had a thought, I was talking to Steve about this. You know how in the Roman Catholic Church its against the Catholic…I dunno, policy, creed that you are to cremate someone who passes away. Is that true?

K: There’s a lot of variation on that. People come down on both sides on that even in the Catholic Church. You know, I don’t know, I think these are issues put out to distract people. It’s like the Anglican Church up here in Canada right at the very point at which we were exposing their involvement in the murder of children and their committal of Indian kids to these special hospitals where they were sterilized. And we had eyewitnesses The week that broke in the press, they start this big campaign about the differences in the Anglican Church over the ordination of homosexuals. It’s like, what does that have to do with anything? Right?

A: Right.

K: It’s a story you put out to distract. Ok, and they control the media. I mean, a perfect example is in Italy – Prime Minister Berlusconi who’s deeply into the Vatican criminal network. He’s mob, you know. He owns, literally, every media outlet in Italy. And, you magnify that and the Vatican has trillions of dollars at it’s disposal. It buys media everywhere and it’s rarely even in the alternative media – people operate under a lot of misconceptions about what they are dealing with when they say the Vatican, right?

A:(24:30) Right, right. Well, enough about the current events. Tell us some juicy stuff about what going on so far since you hit the other side of the pond.

K: Well, you know a big, besides the Belgian situation with this judge and the whole network there. The child ritual sacrifice network. The big story even in the corporate media released this had to do with the 800 babies that were found in the cistern in Tuam, Ireland. Which is in the West Coast near *Gaul way* . The cover story is oh, the Catholic Church is sorry about this, they are going to erect a monument. Um, we don’t know how those babies got there, right? They ended up in a cistern! They are basically saying that oh, we’ll have to look in to this. It was at an unwed mother’s home. These are all newborn babies. These aren’t little kids. 800 newborn babies. One of the people who came forward and put out an offer, well, two months ago. It was an amnesty offer it said anyone in the police or inside of the Churches or government who have information will not be prosecuted if they come forward. Well, in response to that a couple of people came forward including someone in the *Guarda* which is the Irish police force. (25:55) He told us that in fact they had already gone in and done forensic analysis of those remains of babies. Which is what you do; it’s a c rime scene, you go and investigate. The government is lying about that and is saying there hasn’t been investigation and just roped off the area but they are lying because the Guarda guy said no, our forensic people say that those remains were chopped up, decapitated and dismembered, which is classic symptoms of some kind of ritual sacrifice or odd behavior, put it that way, right? So, on the basis of that we realize there’s probably a link there because there have been Irish people named as being involved in this Ninth Circle ritual including Cardinal Shaun Brady who runs the Catholic Church in Ireland and so there a group setting up their own common law inquiry into that mass grave, it’s really in a big cistern in Tuam. Spelled T-U-A-M, Ireland, pronounced “Choam” in Gaelic. But there’s a lot of people coming forward now in Ireland wanting to be involved in that but again, they’ve got all these illusions about well, maybe, you know, we can work with well-intentioned people in the church. It’s the old illusion that you are dealing with a religious body and you’re not. [You’re] dealing with a corporate, criminal institution.

A: (27:16) Right, oh my god. Well, now, what is the uh, what’s going on as far as anything that you found out regarding Octopus? The control drug trade, you know that came forth through this whole entire Ninth Circle exposure of the Irish babies. What’s going on with that? Do you have more information?

K: The Octopus is kind of a colloquial term for this criminal syndicate that I mentioned earlier that’s providing the children. It’s actually called Ndragah.

A: Really, wait, wait wait. Spell that, spell that.

K: I’ve got to look that up. I’ll look it up and it’s N-D-R-A-G-H-something. Anyways, it’s basically the Italian mafia, you can read about them. They’re actually up on Wikipedia you can read about them. They claim on Wikipedia to be the largest criminal syndicate in the world with annual revenue from drugs alone in the hundreds of billions of dollars. And according to this judge in Belgium, they basically own every cop and politician in the Netherlands, in Holland and Belgium because that’s where a lot of this, historically these networks are based, for some reason, among the European royalty. You’ll notice the Spanish king just stepped down. I mean, all these, yeah, King Juan Carlos announced his abdication. This stuff is all connected you know it’s just like when you look into how these networks operate, they are implicated. And, this Ndgragah (28:49) group, you know, it’s amazing reading the testimony this Belgium woman, the details she has of how this group operates. It shows you that there’s a lot of money behind this. You know, it isn’t simply the Satanic aspect. It’s a very lucrative whole industry, human trafficking.

A: (29:15) And I was actually really surprised that it’s gone so far as to remove children from detention centers. You know?

K: That’s what the woman said, in terms of the… Now, there’s two aspects, the ritual killing which are usually done in buildings owned by this Ndragah criminal syndicate. And it’s often filmed, it’s used in a snuff film, they make a lot of money off of snuff films and things like that. But there’s also the child hunting, they have human hunting parties. The incident described by this woman that she observed. Because her husband took her there. She said that these criminal elements in Ndragah, they marry female judges and female politicians to give themselves institutional respectability so they can operate in the public and kind of live off the credibilty of their spouse. But that’s just the cover and they are brought to these places to be able to blackmail them so once you witness this stuff, you can be implicated and you don’t talk. It’s that simple, so..   Then she said at this human hunting party ritual, she saw Prince*Frescia* whose brother of the present king of Holland. Freezio died suddenly in the hospital last year after a so-called skiing accident. They knocked him off according to the judge because he was starting to talk about the stuff. George Soros, the billionaire, he was there. He’s friends with ..* wife. She’s a member of his institute, the whole thing. The various former kings of Belgium were there, politicians..The whole area was cordoned off by the Belgian army. And they brought in three young teenagers, she said they were probably 12 or 13 years old, maybe a bit older and were made to run naked through the woods and they hunted them naked through the woods with rifles and she said what she saw is after one of the boys had been shot in the back and killed, they cut off his penis and held it up as a hunting trophy. And they are all cheering and everything.

A: That’s just so over the top, it’s just beyond, it’s so beyond measure of anything I can even relate to. And in fact, this really gives even more validity and support and validation to Cathy O’Brian – and you’re familiar with her, right?

K: Yes, yes she sent me an autographed copy of her book…

A: Oh, did she really? Anybody who doesn’t know about Cathy O’Brian, she has a book written called Tranceformation and it is her personal story of being a white sex slave who was sent into various political locations and events to do the bidding of the actual heads of state and nations, who was then once she was kind of losing it because she had been mind controlled since birth, I believe, they basically put them out to pasture at approximately the age of 30, they have no more use for them. So what they do is they send them out into shooting parties just like what Kevin is describing. They are hunting parties and they have people pay a big bunch of money and whoever gets to have the prize of who ends up shooting this individual down, they win whatever. I don’t remember what it was. If you are going to buy this book, I am going to prepare you ahead time, it is not an easy read. It’s extremely graphic. If you want to know more (32:53) about how they really operate, and exactly what Kevin is alluding to, that would be a good book to read. Kevin, did you actually read it?

K: I did, yeah. Tranceformation of America spelled “trance” Well, you know, she was used as a courier, you know, and one of the agendas behind all of the massive institutional abuse and rape is that it will tends to create one of those symptoms of abuse at that age especially if it is under the age of 2 and 3, is it creates multiple personalities within the human and then they are predisposed to be use experimentally. Though, so they will take these MDP kids and put them in labs where they are conditioned so one of their personalities is conditioned to be a courier or an assassin and um, so she was used in that way. So she was used in that way. One of her personalities carried top secret information that could not be accessed even under hypnosis if she was captured, right?

A: Right.

K:(33:56) And she used the courier information that way agents are used, sleeper agents, you know, are …they trigger them with a word, like Manchurian candidate. You are triggered with a word or an image and then you kill somebody and then you don’t remember it because the other personality did it. It’s been really well documented.

A: Right. Can you believe it? The sirens are going off in the background while you are talking about this – how appropriate is that, right? Well, Kevin, tell us a little bit about, it sounds like the number of volunteers has jumped another 50 people since we last spoke so that’s really good news, huh?

K:Well, I can’t even keep track of it anymore. The people in Brussels are really managing a lot of that although people write to me a lot because I am one of the public figureheads on this. And It’s really spread all over the place and people are, like I say, people really hold back a lot and wait for leadership rather than finding that in themselves and so we are trying to cultivate that more. There’s two main areas that people seem to be wanting to take action on. One has to do with child trafficking. We often get emails from moms who have lost their kids and things like that and they want to take on the system to, you know, because they have woken up to what they are part of. Another one has to do with a lot of the mortgage fraud, like, in Canada, there’s people taking on – it’s the equivalent of the IRS, it’s called CRA, Canadian Revenue Association— Agency. And they are openly frauding people out of their homes and money all the time. And people have been proving that. So that’s one of the other issues so it’s good that people are bringing out issues, not simply the criminal issues but things that are affecting them in their own community. And that’s what we are hoping for. This is one of the ways it gets more of, it becomes more a part of the community, not just a few people working on it.

A: Well, that’s fantastic news and I think it’s just going to continue to spread because (36:00)there’s so many of us that are affected or indirectly affected by child trafficking and rape and sexual abuse. It’s just so rampant, it’s all over the world. So, eventually, I think when people get out of that place that this is just too uncomfortable, I don’t want to deal with it, I think as people start recognizing how common it really is. I am speaking from experience because my husband was the subject of very severe sexual abuse. And through his whole healing process he started recognizing that there were a lot of people who had gone through this, not just him. They just don’t talk about it. But they were willing to open up once they had found out that he had gone through this. It’s like the best kept secret kind of thing.

K: Well, and it’s the way that the population is programmed, one of the major ways.

A: Unfortunately. Well, now you also, one of the big reasons you are over there right now is to launch this takedown unit campaign and to actually show up to some of these basic locations such as these Cathedrals where you know that they are going to be doing Satanic ritual. Is there anything you can report on that?

K:(37:22) As a matter of fact, I should have mentioned that earlier in the interview because that’s one of the biggest items recently been in the news.  They are called direct action units, they’re trained..the court authorized this a couple of months ago.  They said “look, we don’t want that people feel that they have to go through massive training. We want citizens mobilized in communities to stop these crimes.” And especially now that locations of these Ninth Circle rituals have been named.    Marie Rein de Monde Cathedral, that means Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal Canada August 15th there is a Ninth Circle ritual being conducted. Now,  there’s also other ones in ** Cathedral in Dublin. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, all these Cathedrals have been named by insiders places as places where regularly at new moons, at certain dates of the year have Satanic significance. Children are being sacrificed. And so these direct Action units have targeted this place. They’re bringing in-We’ve got several professionally trained people who are going to be bringing in their own personnel to basically be shutting down these ceremonies and arresting those responsible and put them on trial in the Common Law court system. So, that’s the plan, now obviously, they know about this now. Obviously, they are going to shift location or bring in a lot of you know, support to prevent it from being shut down. It doesn’t matter, the point is once it’s out here being talked about publicly, they will start running and it will probably save lives. It means they are going to watch themselves a lot more. And that’s one of the indirect purposes of this. It’s to let them know we know and we are watching them.

A:(39:00) Well, good for you, Kevin, to even be launching this. I think people are always just amazed by your courageousness  and your fearlessness. And keeping your eye on that which is right. Righteous and just and the freedom for these people that are being imprisoned, literally imprisoned. because if you read up on a lot of the sexual abuse rings that are going on, the conditions in which these children are kept is horrific. And sometimes, in many cases they are kept in cages.

K: That’s right. In fact, quoted in one of our sources who was raised in America in a Satanic family. She said that not only keeping kids in cages – there’s homes all over America …these criminal kind of well, criminal organizations that provide the children. They kept them out of foster homes, they kept them out of juvenile (40:00) detention centers like in Belgium and Holland and then they are kept in these special homes, literally in prison. And then sold. It’s like slavery its a human slavery network. She named the locations of these homes. She has a total list of how they operate and she says they’ve got a lot of police protection. As soon as anyone starts getting alerted to this, cops and others step into divert them.

You know, eventually kill them if they get too close but divert people, distract them, you know. Reporters, occasionally people show up that start pursuing this stuff they’re diverted very quickly onto false issues or whatever. And that’s how the system maintains itself, one of the ways.

A: (40:42) You know, Kevin, I am surprised that there’s not some sort of independent militia group that is not stepping forward to assist you with this entire network that is actually broken free from the corruption of the judicial system.

I have had many friends that are cops and if I haven’t heard it once I have heard it a million times that they are out there and they are trying to bring forth justice, only to see that once it hits the courts, they just go free. So there’s a lot of frustration not only in the military but amongst the police forces and the sheriff’s departments so are you having more success in aligning forces.

K: Well, some people have come forward, like they say very accurately, you control the judges and you control the whole system. That’s why we are creating a parallel, we are getting around that roadblock by creating a parallel legal system (42:00), especially since the present one is so corrupt and controlled, right?

A: Right.

K: You have to start from scratch and that’s the whole philosophy of what we’re doing. Now, there have only so far been a handful of people come forward because for a number of reasons. First of all, they don’t know about us. We’re too forced off the main screen for anyone to even know about us. You have to search through the internet through all sorts of means before you even find a reference to me because I’ve been very effectively censored out of the mainstream media and look at what happened with Russia TV.


K:…described. There was a plan right from the beginning, as far back as 1998 to take me out so that the media would never talk to me and it’s basically succeeded. So, you know, we’ll occasionally get a journalist who is turned on to me.  The minute he reads any of the stuff on the internet about me that’s put out the whole factory churns up this stop Kevin Annett nonsense then, you know, don’t trust this man. They get turned off very quickly. Very few people get through that barrage they’ve created, right? And unfortunately, that’s what we are dealing with. We are very marginalized. And most people find, stumble across us accidentally and  then even when they do get on board, they are immediately subjected to major attack. It’s often been like you are a little guerilla group in a war. And your expectations in one sense have to be very limited and yet, not at the same time if you know what I mean.

A: Yes

K: Like you have to have a very realistic sense of what you are up against but also realize how vulnerable they are. That’s why they are going to this extent of repression and censorship. So, you know, it’s a constant struggle and the short answer is no. There hasn’t been any major group approaching us because even if they did approach, we find organizations are taken down very easily. We’ve worked with individuals, you know, kind of in a cell group structure.

A: Yeah, That’s a good point.

K: As you would under any police state, right? That’s how you operate.

A: It goes back to the days of the underground and you know, I think that kind of resonates with all of us to the core doesn’t it?

K: (44:13) Very much, it’s not, you can’t have…You know, we are rasied to think you get thousands of people and big organizations. That kind of the Hollywood view of how things happen but no, the reality is that the victories are small and yet they are very fundamental. And they reverberate everywhere.  Carolyn and I were often  talking about this. It’s like in Canada, the government, within a month or two of me exposing everything. The government and the troops of the media would respond and they would put their own spinn on it but they would never refer to me or the work I did. You know, so indirectly, I have caused this whole situation in Canada, the apologies and everything but no one will ever acknowledge that, right?

A: Right.

K: It’s the same with any of our work. We have amazing impact but it’s never officially acknowledged and never will be. That isn’t where we look. We’ve got to (45:00) keep our eyes off them and look at what’s real all the time, right?

A: Well, I personally feel..I see it that way because I am constantly saying on the website, we’ve got to look for the little victories each day to know that little by little we are chipping away at this monstrosity of an institution that runs this planet that is not here for our benefit. So, whatever we can do, it’s not a hopeless cause as more and more and more of us jump on the train and are committed to exposing anything – it could be anything and it will assist your cause, my cause, anyone else’s cause. So, well, what about, you had mentioned something about you were going to have a tv crew that would be working with you in England. Has that been changed or are you still moving forward on that?

K: Well, there was a person who was connected to the David Icke tv network called People’s Voice TV.

A: Yes.

K:One of the people that was really on board and then she’s totally disappeared, I haven’t heard from her in over a month. They were going to plan that tv coverage. Not only haven’t we heard from her, but within the David Icke network there has been a big factional struggle. One of the factions don’t want to print any of our stuff on their site and others do. Who knows what is going on. The point is that it’s like with Laura Louie, it’s been taken down. Because they know that – and here it goes back to your question about have any larger groups been involved with us. The minute they do, they’re taken out.  I mean, you are vulnerable when you are big…

A:( 46:53) Right.

K: And so they are an easy target whereas people like me and others who work on the ground with me are a harder target because we are not, we don’t represent a (47:00) big organizational structure that they can take down and that shows the success of our strategy because its like you gotta be the mole underground, right?

A: Right.

K: And now, that’s where a lot of the work happens, at the roots.

A: You know, Kevin, it also brings up just the frustration amongst many of us that are constantly searching for the truth or at least trying to read so that we can get an inkling within our own knowingness.   Because that’s really where it’s getting to is that conscience within us.  There is a very reputable website out there and now there’s are many others out there that are popping up there doing the same sort of thing and they’re proving through biometrics that many of these key people that have been spoon-feeding the ufology community, the conspiracy community, the spiritual community. They’re now blowing it wide open that many of them are actors.

K: (48:02) Right.

A: So, guess who falls into that category, David Icke.

K: He’s definitely a show man.

A: Yeah, at the same time, look at the information he’s brought forth. You know, you continue to step back and say “Who is behind the curtain here?”

K: Yeah.

A: Why are they exposing this information and at the same time, he’s supposed to be an actor!

K: Well, don’t forget that, the elites have always operated this way, right? That they have to control all the information so putting out bits of the truth actually helps them because for one thing they can pose as  – you know, I get this all the time, people …When you look at our information.  The elites, when we started publishing this about the massive death rates at the Indian Schools, the government began producing books that agreed that 30-50% of the kids had died. Now, that fact alone would say, whoa!  That’s genocide, this government better be prosecuted, in fact the spin it and people say “oh, it’s good they are coming forward and acknowledge it, things are getting better.”

A: (49:32) Right.

K: You know, So,we are trained that way from infancy. We want our ruler to be nice. We don’t want no rulers. We don’t want to rule ourselves. We want a ruler that’s nice to us. That’s the agenda of 99% of the people when they get involved with the site. So, the elites play on that all the time. Yeah, we’re on your side and they keep people mentally shackled that way. That’s what we’re waking up to. Like you said, we’re stepping away from the whole psychopathic system globally, right?

A: Yes, And I feel like your direct action units are a key ingredient in having more success in the future so are you feeling good and confident in the movement of creating and instructing people on how to set up these DA units?

K:(50:16) Well, to a certain extent yeah, it’s gratifying to know you are on the right track. And it’s better to be on the right track and not there than in the fog and not know where you are going. Right?


K: And the limitation of course, is that realistically, who you are up against, they are professionals and you face the question how do you actually take these people down? If you go to fight on their terms then you’ve got to be equally as well-armed and equally as ruthless, otherwise you might as well not even try it. And that’s the line most people will not cross right? So, it’s a good question, ultimately, how else are you going to take them down?  I like the image of the grass coming up through the pavement. We have to nourish that growth because that’s ultimately what’s going to decay them.

A: Yes, yes.

K: Taking back our energy from them. It may not provide the short term solution people want. You know, arrest them all and shut them down. I don’t think that happens most of the time. I think most of the time, it is more indirect than that but that’s kind of what I’ve learned over the years.

A: (51:34) So, tell us in your own words right here today, July 3rd 2014, what do you feel have been the greatest successes for this movement right now? Just to make it really clear for everybody so they can walk away from this recognizing that all of the hard work that’s been done with you and many others that are assisting you is paying off.

K: Well, I can point to two things, the fact that the whole Vatican system is in disarray now because of what we’ve been doing. We’ve compelled a resignation of one and probably now two popes. And for example in Canada, we’ve forced the entire government church system to acknowledge that yes, in fact, massive death rates occurred and that genocide occurred. People, you know, they should take heart from that. One or a few people working year after year can do that. That should give people great hope to say yes, you can get a result. Unfortunately, most people don’t do that. They don’t look at an example like mine and take hope from it. They go, “yeah, look at all this other stuff we’re up against.” You know, we…there has to be kind of a shift in what we realize is a lesson here.


K: For me, the lesson is they are a lot more vulnerable than people think.



A:Yeah. And again, I cannot commend you enough for your tireless pursuit of justice, and I think it’s starting to catch on.  More and more people are following your work. I am getting more and more emails that are just wanting to know how to get in touch with you and things like that. So, keep up the good work. We all are rooting behind you. I know it can get a bit intense on your end because you are traveling a lot more these days. Right? So tell me, Kevin, what’s the up shot on the Republic of Kanata at this point? Is there any news on that front?

K: Well, they found the convention’s going to be in Winnepeg, October 27-31st and what this is for folks who don’t know is (**) disestablishing the power from the Crown of England there’s no lawful authority in Canada or any commonwealth country like England, Australia, anywhere, under the so-called Crown. People need to not only establish a lawful authority but the Common Law courts in places like Canada need a constitutional basis for them. They can’t just operate on their own. Like in America, you already have that in the 6th and 7th amendments of the Constitution. Every American is guaranteed a right to a public jury trial. And any court that tries to stop that is being unconstitutional. We don’t have that in Canada. We need to establish that. We need a whole, kind of, new republic if you like.And that’s the idea behind the Republic of Kanata. Or Kanata – it’s actually a Mohawk Indian word, Kanata, it means “our village”. And that’s where the word Canada comes from. Now, there’s a lot of people responding to this, literally, in every province. We have aboriginal people involved as well. And they’re going to be coming together, basically, issuing a declaration of independence from the Crown. It means the, every cop, every politician, every judge in Canada is has no authority anymore. They have to step down from their office, take a new oath of allegiance to the Republic. That’s the whole idea.

A: Fantastic.

K: (55:05) IT provides an amazing basis for all the Common Law court work because they are extensions of that, of the Republic. They are not just operating on their own. And, it’s really thrown down the gauntlet and said to people you’ve got to choose now. You can be with the criminals or you can be with our new efforts. So it’s just kind of inevitable that people would take that kind of step.

A: That is fabulous and I also want to say, you know, there’s so much ancient text and a lot of articles and people writing that are getting messages over and over again that supposedly this movement will really get the support and momentum behind it through the North American continent.You know, through the Americas. And so, this is really showing me that this now in fact is happening, it’s escalating now up in Canada. So, you mention in your last interview that this common law movement is actually starting to move to more of the European sector and I wanted you to tell us a little bit about that. I think that is pretty cool.

K:(56:16) Yeah, well most of the volunteers are in countries that have common law tradition like  they’re in England, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, right? But places like France, Belgium, Italy, –In Vienna, Austria. there’s a common law group that’s formed that I work with, it’s about ten people. And they are, what’s really interesting about the way they are doing it is they are saying, “well, common law is older than just Magna Carta in England. it’s the law of nature.

A: Yeah.

K: And so, we are really recovering that sense of who are we? what is the law? It’s not to harm anybody. It’s not to an authority over us. It’s to be our expression for peace and justice and equality in our communities. Right? And that’s really triggering people to reclaim something. You know, regardless of where we live So it’s, to me it’s definitely part of a bigger kind of spiritual reawakening that’s going on.

A: It’s huge – no- I didn’t mean to cut you off – but it’s huge! And the fact that we are in fact being pulled by our own spirits to reunite with earth.


A: And this is such a piece of it – that was beautifully said. I love the way you said that. Thank you for that.

K: Well, you know, it’s ok because it’s something I had to awaken to because a long time you can be involved in various “issues” and you don’t realize that there is kind of a hidden agenda behind it all in your own life and it’s really meant to be doing something else but it leads you to it. And I found that in the work I am doing it’s not about the law or crime that’s part of it. It’s really about that reclamation,spiritual reclamation and once we do that, their whole system falls. And we are just trying to get a critical mass of people to get to that point.

A:(58:08) I agree and you’re a perfect example I just want to point this out to the audience that Kevin was within their own system and you had the Jesuit training, did you not?

K: No, I wasn’t a Jesuit, No, I wasn’t a Catholic.

A: Ok.

K: I was a Protestant clergyman. As a matter of fact, this is one of the smears they throw at me now. “Oh he wears black he must be Jesuit.” Our family has been fighting the Catholic Church for 4oo years. I come from that radical, free tradition.

A: I didn’t know that.

K: My family were Hugenots in France – that’s where the name Annett comes from. We were driven out of there in the 1500’s after the St. Bartholomew massacre. One night they killed like 20 thousand Protestants, French Protestants and a lot of us fled to England and Anglicized our name.

You get a lot of Hugenot family in America like Paul Revere was one, right but yeah, no, we have been fighting the Catholic Church for 400 years and the main enemy of the Jesuits is the very kind of Puritan tradition that founded America because it said you don’t need any authority over you. You can have a direct relationship with God personally. And that’s the way its meant to be, that is what it says in the Gospel. It’s, it’s like my training was in that free Protestant tradition where your relationship with Creator is personal and it’s not mediated through a Pope or a bishop or anybody. And that was really the idea that gave birth to America when you think about it, that everybody is a sovereign.

A: Yes.

K: You know.

A: In fact, you know what you’ve motivated me to do – I am going to post the Declaration of Independence on my site again today and I prompt everyone to reread that document. Because it is truly one of the most beautifully written documents, I think, on the planet.

K:  And, you know, it came out of a certain tradition that people have lost in this very secularized age. They don’t realize that the Founding Fathers of America had this strong covenant, it’s really what is called covenanted theology where you say we have an agreement with the Creator and we are to live just, lawful lives and we are not to have tyranny. John Adams had this saying, “resistance to tyranny is the will of God, is obedience to the will of God”. And that’s what America came from, that Covenanted Theology idea which came out of the Puritans in England in the 1600’s, that’s why they chopped off King Charles’ head. They said no king, no bishops. We are free people. And, actually one of the work, things I do in America now, I work with some covenanted communities. One in South Dakota, one in Minneapolis. They are trying to revive this, they are trying to give this spiritual basis to a lot of the Common Law work. They are involved with groups called the Restore the Republic movement where they are trying to reestablish the authority of the Constitution rather than the de facto government. There’s hundred of these guys in Minneapolis, Minnesota alone. I mean, it’s a real, kind of movement among people. A lot of these people are farmers. They are very simple people who have a very clear notion of what America should be and it’s very nourishing to be among these folks. They have a moral clarity you don’t find in a lot of circles.

A:(1:01:36) Yes, That core foundation of what really is value to you. You know, what is just and right for you. Yeah, I agree.

K: Well, I was just going to say, this is, to me where I get my enthusiasm these days is from that. It’s from understanding the spiritual basis of what we are doing. Everything has a spiritual foundation. If we are not in touch with that, we tend to go off-kilter. We tend to get subverted easily. We gotta have that spiritual root in everything we do.

A: I cannot agree with you more and in fact, Kevin, you just continue to bring us back on track when we forget that, when we are listening to you. So, do you have any last announcements for everyone? I know that, just for everyone to know I am going to be trying to stay in touch with Kevin as he travels through Europe and the other nations that he may be visiting and in the meantime, if you have any questions you would like me to ask him, feel free to drop me an email and I will ask him in the next on-the-fly interview. But until that time, Kevin, is there anything you want to let everybody know?

K: (1:02:54) Yes, I will just leave the websites and contact information. Main website for the tribunal is ITTCS.org, that’s where we post all of our updates. ITCCS.org. Any information you want on things I have mentioned, like the Republic movement of Canada, which is now catching on in England and in other places, you can just write to me: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com and that covenanted community that is operating in the Midwest now, they have their own website and I kind of urge people to go it. It’s covenantedcommunity.org, and I am going to be doing, when I come back from Europe, I am going to be spending a lot of time in America especially in the Midwest where we have over half our common law volunteers, coming down the West Coast in the fall so, we’ll finally get to meet, Alexandra.

A: Yes! Finally, we’ll be able to get a good conference off the ground.

K: We’ll do that! We have now over 20 volunteers in California. There’s a few clusters in the Bay Area. Some down near LA. We’ll definitely pull something together in fall when I come.

A: Well, and I do want to put it out there to anybody that’s living in the state of California to feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in assisting me in helping Kevin with this conference which we are thinking could be anywhere like, what, September, October, November, somewhere around there.

K: Yeah, the fall is a safe bet. When the fall comes, I will be back in the U.S. permanently, the US and Canada, so it will be a good time to plan stuff.

A: Cool, cool. Well, I look forward to it Kevin and as always thanks so much for your fighting spirit and your tenacity to keep you know, chasing this down so it becomes a nonexistent memory.

K: Well, we’ll get there, we just have to wake up enough. Thank you, Alexandra.

A: Oh, thank you so much. And lots of love and I will talk to you soon, ok?

K: Yep

A: Ok, take care.


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