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microphone (1)June 20, 2014 Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors

Good afternoon. Hello everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com. And I am speaking to you today from BBS Radio Station 2, in case you want to go back and review the Archives. I have pulled in my favorite guy, Kevin Annett, who is just doing some phenomenal work around the world to bring forth the truth regarding the true core network of diabolical slave trafficking, child trafficking, satanic rituals, events that are going on around the world with the Vatican, with the Jesuits, with the Catholic Churches. And he has quite a bit of information to release today. Things are moving so rapidly that we probably want to be talking more and more with Kevin as the days go forth. And I wanted to get this information out there right today before he takes off for Europe. Which is – I think everyone in the planet has their eyes opened, waiting what will occur when he lands across the pond. So today is June 18, 2014, just in case. I like to give the date, so it’s easier for people to find these in the Archives. And I want to welcome Kevin. Thank you, Kevin, for coming on. Especially, this is kind of a last minute, impromptu interview. But I always enjoy speaking to you every time we do have an interview.

Kevin: That’s okay. It’s really good to speak with you again, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Yeah, thank you. I have so many things that I want to ask you. But I want to start out with just tying up some of the loose ends regarding what’s been currently going on in Tuan, Ireland, with 800 babies that were found in the cistern where you were commenting about before. Is there any new updates regarding that?

Kevin: There is, as a matter of fact. You know, if you follow the so-called mainstream you don’t get any of this. Because the Catholic Church and the Irish Government stepped in and did what they do in many countries, and that is, the perpetrators announce that they are going to investigate themselves. And they don’t declare it as a crime scene even though there are 800 little bodies there, they simply say we’re going to take care of it. And the media pretty much are supposed to put a blackout on it. What we found out through our network and including people in the Garda, which is the Irish Police, one of our sources there did tell us that they have gone in already, they’ve already done forensic examination of these 800 babies. And he said there is definite evidence of ritual killings, the way the bodies have been dismembered, the decapitations. These are newborns, these are not like little children. These are all babies, newborns, found in the cistern at the St Mary’s Home for Unwed Mothers.

Alexandra: Gee. What an atrocity. I’m sure many people are wondering where are these babies coming from, and I wanted to ask you how much information is coming forth on the fact that a lot of the nunneries are actually being raped and then forced to have these babies just for the sake of sacrifice.

Kevin: Well, what I put together is the fact that the story of pregnant nuns is partly their cover story. It does happen definitely, women are definitely abused in that system all the time. So I don’t want to belittle that. But the fact is, that the volume of deaths, the fact that according to the records and they have already published this in the Irish newspapers and some of the names of the missing. The records clearly show that these children were dying at the rate of 2 or 3 a day. Now you cannot account for that with young girls that are pregnant and then they are just aborting or something. Clearly, this is part of the whole child trafficking and baby trafficking network that is rampant throughout the Catholic Church. All over the world young girls who get pregnant are then convinced to give up the baby and then that baby goes missing. And they’re not only just trafficking for a lot of money from the orphanages and the foster homes all over the world, they are also used in these Satanic rituals and in whatever way that people use children can get them easily from the Catholic Church. So it really is a huge industry actually.

A: I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t already have their own so-called adoption agency, you know.

K: They do.

A: Okay. Do they really? That’s scary.

K: Well, I’ll give you an example. There’s a woman right here in Vancouver, Hannah Anderson. She came to me three years ago. She is in her thirties now. But when she was 16 she got pregnant, her Catholic mother brought her in to the priest, and the priest put her in a Home, right in Vancouver, run by the Catholic Church. It’s still in existence. And at the Home she was brainwashed basically, to be convinced that she would never be a good mother, she had to hand over her baby. She signed away the paper when the baby was still in here, she signed away the rights to that child. It’s called an BFA Protocol in the hospitals here, a baby for adoption protocol. The mother is given lactation suppressors, she’s never allowed to touch the baby and then it vanishes and she never sees it again. So it’s baby trafficking and it’s massive. It’s all through the Catholic Church all over the world.

A: Good God. I mean, it’s just so difficult to wrap your head around this kind of stuff. The fact that it even happens and it’s like it’s a daily event, an hourly event, I should say, you know.

K: It’s horrible. It’s horrible now that you mention it. And I often say to people, well of course, the Catholic Church is officially against abortion, because that would cut into their profit margin. They want these babies born so they can be trafficked. And this has been done for centuries, it didn’t just start yesterday.

A: That was going to be one of my next questions but I thank you for answering that. The other thing that I wanted to ask you about was, what is the current status on Jorge Bergoglio? What was going on with him? I know that you had already presented the information in the Common Law Court and –

K: Well, so-called Pope Francis, he’s becoming quite desperate. He is making these increasingly erratic public speeches about how everybody has to join the Catholic Church or they are going to hell. Well, initially he came across as the spin doctor, he tried to make the Catholic Church look like the good guy now, you know, that he’s into liberal reforming(?), and all of that. Now he’s falling back on the old Vatican line that there’s no salvation except from them. How can people expect that there’s salvation for a child murdering institution is beyond me, but anyway, that’s their line now. He’s also, as people know, facing these charges in the Common Law Court case going on right now in Brussels, of complicity in child trafficking that we’ve been talking about. When he was a bishop in Argentina he helped traffick the children of political prisoners. All of that’s been documented including with some insiders that have come forward to give their testimony in Brussels. He knows that. The head of the Jesuits has also is being named, Adolfo Pachon, he knows, as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago he announced his resignation even though he had just been appointed head of the Jesuits, he’s going to resign in the next Congress of the Jesuits. (I saw that, yeah.) So I mean, these people all are responding to the fact that they know they are being exposed. And it’s only a matter of time, I think, before Jorge Bergoglio himself steps down.

A: I’m glad you brought this up because so many people in the spiritual community tend to look at Bergoglio as maybe a potential walk-in, someone who is actually doing some light work through a very dark position within the Vatican. And I know that he has been quoted as saying turning his back on the people through one of the most brutal dictatorships down in South America during the time of Buenos Aries. And I was wondering how is that playing out so far within the South American, I guess I should say, how are they responding to him. Are they just buying all of his stuff hook line and sinker.

K: Yeah.

A: I was wondering, because –

K: Oh yeah, they have trillions of dollars at their disposal. They can buy any media coverage that they want. They got Time Magazine to name him the Man of the Year. When you’ve got that kind of money and influence you make anything seem like anything. And the reality is, on the ground, people who have known Bergoglio for many years – people aren’t fooled in Argentina. They know what his track record is. And for people, nowadays to think he represents some kind of change in the Vatican it’s a completely uninformed, naive opinion, because when you look at what they are doing – the simple fact is, you do not rise up through the Catholic hierarchy unless you are actively enforcing their policy of protecting child rapists, the policy called crimensolicitationas. You don’t get to be a bishop, never mind a cardinal or pope unless you are actively supporting that network of protected criminals and child rapists. You know, they weed out the humanitarians at an early stage. You find this out in any hierarchical institution. So it’s just wishful thinking to think that of Bergoglio.

A: And I wanted to have your opinion on this. Many articles talk about how he was a railroad worker who immigrated from Italy to Argentina and that he was the first pope in the Americas and also the first Jesuit. What is your comment on that?

K: Well, just you know that it’s part of the spin that they put out very quickly trying to make him look like the man of the people and that sort of thing. That’s to be expected, all of that propaganda. But the fact that he’s the first Jesuit says a lot. If people know anything about the history of the Jesuits – they were created in the mid 15 hundreds to, not just counter the Reformation and kind of the rise of world opinion in Europe as people were breaking away from Rome, but their whole strategy of the Jesuits was one of deception from the very beginning. When you read the Jesuit Oath, it says, they swear to be humanitarians to the humanitarians, to be Protestants to the Protestants, to fool and deceive in order to infiltrate and destroy all those who are enemies of the Pope. So you have to understand that this one of the oldest psy-operations in Europe and in the world. So, I mean, I don’t know, if people know anything about their history the answer is kind of obvious, I think.

A: Yeah, it repeats itself, does it not? Now you did mention the part about how the Vatican takes a stand against abortion. Why are they against gay adoptions, like of children?

K: Well, I mean, they lose monopoly. It’s all about- it’s like how they used to burn people if they tried to translate the Bible in a language of the people so they could read it for themselves. The Catholic Church can never lose monopoly of an issue that they profit from. They benefit directly from child trafficking in a big way. To do that you need people to be submissive, you need them to not be practicing the other life styles, it is just cutting into the hegemony. That’s the general answer. You know, it’s the oldest mind control institution in our history, really.

A: Yeah. And actually it is the mind control. It is the matrix. This is definitely the ground floor part of the matrix. (Yup) Now what is going on with the discovery of the hunting parties. I know this was very well laid out by David Icke many, many moons ago. But the fact that you are coming out and releasing current information about this is just phenomenal.

K: Yeah, well, I got contacted about three weeks ago by a woman in the Netherlands. She’s a retired lawyer and very credible. She’s been giving me lots of names and dates and information about people. And essentially, this is what she has told me. This is up at itccs.org, our site, so people can look at this for themselves. But she was married to a man who’s part of this thing called the Octopus, that’s the name for a criminal network like the Mafia in Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s part of this thing called the ‘Ndrangheta, which is an Italian word. It’s a name for the Italian Mafia now, not the old Casa Nostra, but the new Mafia organization in Italy. It’s the largest criminal body in the world. And her husband was the part of this. Now, she was a judge at one point and the way it operates is, these criminals use judges, female judges, as their cover, their ‘shields’ is the word that she used. So they have a high aura of respectibility and behind them they can do all these operations. One of the operations includes these ritual sacrifices and the killing of children. Now generally, the Mob uses this as governments do all over the world, for political blackmail purposes. You know, they film politicians with young boys, or they are involved with these ritual killings and then they can control the politicians using this information.

But what she observed on a number of occasions, this was in 2000 and in 2004, she saw these not only the killing of these children who were taken out of the juvenile detention centers. The criminal organization provides kids from the prisons, they go missing and never seen again. And she observed an actual hunting party, the people involved were people like Prince Friso, who was the younger brother of the present King of Holland, King Wilhelm. Prince Friso died last year in a hospital quite suddenly. I think they were just cleaning house and getting rid of witnesses. But Friso, King Albert of Belgium, George Soros, the multi-billionaire, they were all present, because Soros is a friend of the wife of this Prince Friso. Basically, they were hunting young boys. They shot them, they were running naked in the woods, the area was cordoned off by Belgian soldiers, to allow this hunting to go on. They hunted these kids down and killed them and then accordingly to this woman, she observed that they cut off their penises and used them a hunting trophies.

A: It is so vile. It is so vile that I just want to ask the people listening to this interview, can you for one minute think that these people, these beings, are human? They are not human.

K: No. A: Period. K: Yeah, I agree.

A: We don’t even think this way. We are not even wired this way. In fact, the other day I was doing some research and I looked up the definition of a sociopath and I was kind of going down that rabbit hole. And I found the true definition is one who is hard-wired to the Reptilian Brain. (Umhmm) Okay. There you go. There you go. So back to Friso. I noticed that you mentioned him was in a ski accident and that is such a classic way to take out heads of state and things like that. That was a big red flag. But tell me a little bit about George Soros. I can not believe – here goes a guy that everybody just reveres his financial movement of, you know, his portfolio and he’s fully involved in this as well.

K: Well, that’s right. He is friends with wife of Friso, a woman called Mabel Wisse Smit. And he was present there, he was in the hunting as well, according to this woman. Now this happened a number of occasions, it was not just one incident. It also happened at homes, these ritual killings happened in homes owned by this Mafia group in Holland. But the thing that she noticed about George Soros is that he seemed to be in a directing capacity. He was bossing people around. He wasn’t just an observer. He played a big part in these incidents.

A: That doesn’t surprise me at all, considering the amount of money that he attained. (Right) You know what I mean.

K: Yeah, and other people that were included were the present Prime Minister in Holland, a man named Mark Rutte, who as a matter of fact, there is a Belgian politician called Laurent Louis who named Mark Rutte, the Belgian Prime Minister, as being involved in the child trafficking. He lost his Parliamentary immunity, he was arrested and now he’s facing imprisonment for even talking about this stuff in the Belgian Parliament.

A: Now that’s gotten a lot of press, what is going on in the Netherlands. Is there any more update on the latest with the Royal Family and the exposure of the child trafficking with that.

K: Well, lots. This woman gave me literally pages on this information on all the details, where these things happened, who is involved. The Belgian, Dutch and British families are all interconnected. You notice Juan Carlos, who is the King of Spain, he just stepped down just a few weeks ago, from his office, he abdicated.

A: I know that blew my mind, Kevin. That was huge.

K: Yeah. So they are all connected with these networks and they know what is coming down for them. The same is true for the head of the Jesuits who resigned. Borgoglio will undoubedly announce his resignation, he doesn’t want to be arrested while in office, any more than Ratzinger wanted to. So all of these guys are toppling. But that is because it is so widespread now. Like these things are beginning to be talked about in the so-called mainstream media in Europe. And now with Laurent Louis being a Parliamentian coming forward, you know, the cat’s really out of the bag. All that they can do now is to try to intimidate people and silence them again.

A: You know, I was going to ask you about all of these resignations, okay. I would think that many of us are thinking, wow, great, that they have stepped down. But have they really? (No) It seems to me that the majority of them – I think you mentioned in a different interview – that Bergoglio and Ratzinger, I think you were talking about Ratzinger, how he just actually kind of hangs out within the Vatican because if he was caught outside of the Vatican he might actually be arrested. Right?

K: That’s right. The Italian Government is obligated to protect the Vatican. It’s called the Lateran Treaty. According to that treaty it can be revoked at any time and some of the members of the Italian Parliament have even talked about bringing forward a motion to make that happen. But the thing is that all the indicators show that Ratzinger is, in fact, probably still the Pope – Pope Benedict. Bergoglio, Pope Francis, doesn’t wear the Papal Ring, he doesn’t live in the Vatican, he walks around – and they play this up to make him look like he’s one of the people – but he walks around in Rome without any security. They would never do that if the guy is actually the Pope. 19:02 They wouldn’t allow him to do that, if he actually were the Pope, you know. The Cardinals have even disavowed some statements that he’s made about policy. He is the policy if he is the Pope. So this makes no sense at all. And it does make sense if they’re just doing a little fog and mirrors kind of game which they specialize in. And you know, it’s kind of like in the smallest sense like when I was fired from the United Church of Canada, all of the officials that were involved in my secret firing after I began to expose this stuff about the murders in the Residential School – everyone of those officials that dealt with me took early retirement. They just get them out of the scene, they get them out of the limelight. But they are still there. It’s just not in the way that they can implicate other people.

A: Incredible. Now I have noticed that you’ve really put some very adamant appeals out to the public to step forward and provide any solid evidence. Do you want to reiterate that, because I think it’s probably one of the core strongholds in proliferating this movement of getting the Common Law Court across the world. Not just in the UK, not just the US, but I mean everywhere.

K: That’s right. Well, the next step on this is realizing that ‘We the People’ – we have the right to be sovereign, the law comes from us, and especially when the laws are working against us, and danger to our children. We have to step up and take action. And we put out a call a number of months ago to have volunteers to help constitute these Common Law Courts. Not only as jury members, but actually as sheriffs and peace officers. We have had more than 300 people volunteer. Half of them are in America. And I spend a lot of my time now organizing these groups doing training with the sheriffs. We actually have five serving sheriffs in America presently working with us training people. Basically how to enforce these warrants. When we prosecute, for example, a known child raping priest, training people how to go in and make citizen arrests. How to shut down these institutions that are trafficking children. This is a whole grassroots movement developing and it’s really exciting. I mean, people are so – I would say more than I’ve seen on any issue that I’ve worked on in many years – people are really getting excited and activated about this. Because finally they get a sense of their own power. And not waiting for some politician. They are taking action in their own communities. And this is why it so exciting for what’s – that these crimes have triggered – it is the reaction that I am seeing all over the place.

A: You know, I would think that anyone, anyone who has a family member, a wife, even a husband, a brother, a sister, whatever, who has been subjected to any kind of sexual abuse of any sort would be hot to jump into something like this. Because it’s really going to make a difference. And many, many people out there – I get emails all the time – how can I make a difference, Alexandra, what can I do? How can I make a difference? And this is one of the ways you can do it.

K: That’s right. Well, first of all, people have to be educated themselves a bit. If listeners go to itccs.org, on the right side margin you’ll see a thing, The Training Manual. Just read that. It’s like 20 – 30 pages, a little manual. It gives you the background, what is Common Law, why and how we go about setting up common law courts. How do you define the issues in your community. All you have to do – you issue a thing called a notice of claim of right and it states that we want to adjudicate this matter, we want to pursue these criminals, we name who they are, and we need 12 men and women to step forward to be part of the jury. That’s how the process starts. It’s something that anybody can do and especially parents, especially people whose children are – everyone of them is endangered, you know, by these trafficking networks and these killers.

A: I agree. And in fact, you and I need to finish up what we started. That will be for a different interview, by the way. (For sure) I mean, we’ve got to get that going. Now what about this Adolfo Pachon. I was doing a little bit of searching on him. He’s supposedly the Jesuit head. He’s standing trial in absentia. Now tell me a little bit about how is that playing out. Is it the same as the others, in considering the position that he holds within Rome?

K: Well, you know, people always talk about the Black Pope, now that’s referring to the Jesuits because they always wear black robes. (Right) So the Black Pope traditionally is supposedly the one that actually rules the Vatican. But it’s not that simple. There’s different factions in the Vatican; the Jesuits definitely have a big role, financially, and politically. They have for centuries. They, in fact, set up the Illuminati in the year 1774. They are been politically behind a lot of the maneuvering in the world. So they are very important and powerful. You know, financially, they own CitiBank, and the Bank of America. They have their hands in many of those pies. So I don’t want to dismiss them for their role. But the thing to understand is that there’s a big movement in the Vatican coming out from the so-called Third World and they are in odds with the Jesuits to some degree. It’s like the old guard with the new guard is coming in. They represent the same thing but they have different tactics or how they go about doing things. And there is definitely a power-struggle going on right now within the Vatican.

But Pachon, himself, again he has the pretty dirty record when you look at his past. He is linked to a number of these dictatorships in Latin America as well. As a matter of fact, he played a role – one of the chief advisors of Borgoglio is an Honduran bishop, I’m trying to remember his name, I can find that for you. But the military overthrew the Honduran Government in the year 2006 and the Jesuits got in there and made sure that the military stayed in power. And they acted like their PR front man just as Bergoglio did in Argentina during the Dirty War. You know, when 20,000 people were killed. He was in there creating a nice public face to the junta for the world. They did the same thing in Honduras. Pachon engineered all of that. So I mean, it’s the same old, dirty tricks that they have been doing, you know.

A: Geez. And I know that probably that one of the biggest headlines that – you have reviewed this before but I wanted to ask you is, when Archbishop Robert Carlson out of Minneapolis came out and stated that he didn’t recall whether he knew doing sex with children was against the law.

K: Unbelievable.

A: I know. It was almost to me as if it was Divine Intervention. It really brought, I don’t care how asleep you are, that would be the moment that like, oh my god, are you serious?

K: I know. You’ve got to be completely dead to not look at that and have major questions. The thing that you have to understand, first of all, it’s kind of like, you could say maybe, energetically, or spiritually, we are in a time now where nothing is being hidden anymore. It’s all out there, everything is being revealed. He is honestly saying, this Bishop Carlson said, no, it’s not a crime to rape children in the Catholic Church. And they don’t think it is a crime. You’re raised in the culture and generally you don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. They say a couple of ‘Hail Marys’ and do it again. That’s the way that it works. So that bit of honesty coming out him is really an accurate description of this institution and what it represents. So he, all through the 80s and the 90s in Minneapolis, he was protecting child raping priests. That’s his obligation under Church law, to do that. And so yeah, how can anyone with a conscience in the Church and look at that and still be part of it. It’s mind boggling to me.

A: It’s repulsive. Wasn’t there also a big sting operation or a big cover-up in Boston, Massachusetts?

K: Yeah, well you see, all over America, like all over the world, we estimate up to a third or a half of all Catholic priests are actively engaged in child trafficking. Not just – the public images, yeah, they’re the bad apple priests and they raped kids and then they’re dealt with, right? A: Right.

K: Quite to contrary, it’s a whole network. The proof of that is, in the trial of William Lynn, who is a Montsignor in Philadelphia. He’s the only Catholic prelate to ever to go to trial or jail for protecting child raping priests in the Catholic Church. In the trial, in William Lynn’s trial two years ago in Philadelphia, the prosecution showed that over a third of all priests in Philadelphia, hundreds of priests, were actively passing kids around. Young boys, mostly. And this was the common practice. So when this first began to surface in Boston, like fifteen years ago now, there was a enormous spin operation that went in, and, you know, the Boston Globe and others, and again the Vatican bought media coverage, they bought reporters and made it seem like that these were random occurence and they were working with the police to get to the bottom of it. Quite the opposite. They have an obligation, if you don’t cover it up you’re excommunicated. It’s that simple. Its says that in Canon policy.

A: That’s incredible. Now, not to backtrack, but I do want to bring up the resignations again. I found this in so-called Vatican Radio, okay. It says, ‘No Pope has resigned in 600 years, but Pope Benedict’s surprise announcement is not entirely unprecendented. More than 260 men have reigned as Pope since St Peter was martyred in Rome in the third decade after the death of Christ. And at least four of them have resigned. Any comment on that?

K: Well, again. It’s their fabricated history. There’s no connection whatsoever between the Roman Catholic Church and Christ. Let alone Peter. The Roman Church is just a different beast altogether. It’s really the Roman Empire. They murdered the Christian Church and created this thing Roman Catholic Church in the the 4th century. It’s a corporation in the City of Rome. And it’s the Roman Empire with a Christian veneer on it. It’s not even Christian veneer, because when you look at the belief system in the Catholic Church, they don’t believe that Christ is the intermediary between God and humankind. It’s the Pope. And that comes not from a Christian belief at all, but a Roman belief, it was called the doctrine of dies etdominus, which means ‘master and god.’ The Emperor Aurelian was the guy just before Constantine who made the Catholic Church legal, Emperor Aurelian declared himself to be the God, Master of Heaven and Earth. And he was the intermediary between the gods and the people of Rome. He took the title pontiflex maximus, ‘the great bridge.’ That’s the official title of the pope. You see, these guys are Roman Emperors, modern day emperors, they have nothing to do with the Christian tradition.

So all you have to do is to look at that and realize that, well, they can do whatever they want, but they had to create this fiction that it’s somehow descended of Christ. There is no evidence at all that ever happened. Yet, it’s kind of like the doctrine that – it’s called the donation of Constantine – there’s supposed to be this document whereby Emperor Constantine granted to the Catholic Church all of the property and the wealth of the Roman Empire. They proved that that document was written 800 years after Constantine. That has been proven by scholars all over the world. Yet that fiction is a lie, the lie upon which the Catholic Church claims authority in the world. It’s all an enormous lie, the biggest lie in human history yet people fall for it because they have been taught that at an early age.

A: And we truly are in a time when we are questioning everything. Anybody that is on the path of seeking truth. Even that that you claim to be true within your own life is being shattered right now because of all the other things that are coming forth. So I thought it was interesting, I want to ask you, that announcement of Pope Benedict supposedly resigning came in February 11th, 2013. That same period of time, Ratzinger resigned. What went down around that time, I can’t remember the reason. What was the reason that both of them came forward and said that?

K: Well, because we were about to announce the verdict in Brussels in the Common Law Court case. (Ah) That verdict came out on February 25th. Ratzinger resigned two weeks before it came out because he knew he was going to be found guilty of these crimes. He didn’t want to be in office when the official announcement came out because at that point they could have an arrest warrant issued. We know that to be a fact because Tarcisio Bertone who was the secretary of state who kind of managed all of that, he had been named in our indictment and he also resigned after Bergoglio came in. So all of these guys have all stepped down because they know that they are guilty. That is the main proof that you have, right?

A: Interesting. And what about the resignation of the Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho of Olinda. Does that ring a bell with you?

K: I think he is the one I mentioned earlier, I might have been wrong about the Honduran, but again it’s this whole network. A: Okay.

K: I remember reading about the way that they infiltrated Ku Klux Klan and they broke it up – the FBI in the 60s, when briefly they were going after the Klan. They would find a loose cannon, the weak link in the local Klan chapter and once people knew that that guy was informing to the Feds everybody started running for the hills. It’s the same thing here. If you infiltrate a criminal body and it starts collapsing like that, everybody is worried of their own complicity and they all start resigning. That’s exactly what we are seeing these days out of Rome. So that’s the proof, you know. It’s not something they are going to admit. It’s just the proof of what they do, right?

A: Right. Well, I mean it’s what we can hang onto to see that there is some progress going on. There’s some upheaval going on within the Vatican itself. I want to go back to January. You had that big fiasco with the financial guard, do you remember, what was his name? There was a resignation of Cardinal Attilio Nicora who was the President of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority. (Right) What is going on with that now?

K: Well, that’s part of the bigger geopolitical thing going on. There’s a big shift, of course, people know, toward the direction of Russia and China. They’re forming this power bloc in the world (Yes) and the Vatican wants to cut into that. The Vatican has opened – this is very odd, this has never happened before in history – the official State Catholic Church in Peking, which was set up by the Government, has been recognized by Rome as the official Catholic Church although it is run by the Chinese Government. They’ve been transferring, according to the reporters in Rome, hundreds of millions of Euros have been transferred out of the Vatican Bank into Chinese banks and German banks. And the German connections are interesting because it is showing that Ratzinger plays a big role in this. The top advisors now are all Germans. And Germany is switching its – again this is toward Russia. A kind of shift is happening in the world. There’s going to be a whole Russian-Chinese, apparently, Vatican block vs. the West. And that’s why both Obama and Queen Elizabeth, all the Western leaders, are paying visits to Rome to try to keep the Vatican on their side. That’s part of what we are seeing.

A: In fact, you just read my mind. Because I wanted to ask you what is the significance of this big hoopla being made about the Papal trip to the Palestinian territories.

K: Well, it’s the same thing. I mean, you know, the Middle East, is pretty key geopolitically in a lot of this stuff, and he’s – it’s like what I said earlier, Bergoglio is desperate to get everybody on board with this new Alliance. He says everybody has to join the Catholic Church now. The Anglicans, he’s even talked about the Muslims being baptized. And there’s been some bizarre news report about him talking about extraterrestrials have to be baptized. Sometimes I think these guys are just all nuts.

A: That’s weird.

K: But definitely, he is desperate to get everybody involved in their little power bloc and that is partly what we are seeing, you know.

A: Yeah, I guess that the other thing that I’ve stumbled upon was, he has another visit slated for South Korea on August 14 – 18th. (Right) And I thought that was interesting, because he says he’s going to be working with 224 Korean martyrs and I’m thinking –

K: Well, you know, North Korea, and like Albania at one point, you know, are the bad boys. They’re outside the power bloc, the financial groups. (Right) He is helping them to isolate them. He’s doing what is required by this new power bloc and I think when you look at it in a geopolitical sense and not just at Vatican politics, you’ll see that. They’re one of the biggest financial powers in the world – the Vatican Bank. And when you combine them – the Catholic population with the Chinese population and you’ve got a very powerful bloc in the world, right?

A: You know it will be very interesting to see if this huge amount of money that is being transferred from the Vatican to the Chinese establishment that you are talking about, it will be very interesting to see if that by any chance ends up biting them in their you know what.

K: Yeah, well, it always does. In a matter of fact, you know, a lot of the money – we made a calculation once. And according to the Catholic Churches in their own records, in 2013 the Catholic Church of America alone brought in 170 billion dollars in revenue. A: Wow.

K: Okay, less than 1% of that went to charity. A lot of people always say, well, you know, they do such good works. No, it’s window dressing and as a matter of fact, half of that 1% is from the US Government in the form of grants. So .5% of what people put into the collection plate and that they make from their various means, it’s all going to the Vatican Bank. And to pay off these banksters into their investments in Monsanto, and the Arms industry, you know, all of the stuff that their dirty stuff that they are involved in. That’s where all of the Catholic money is going. So when we say, well, it’s time to cancel the tax exemptions of these criminal bodies. And people say, oh no, it would hurt the local orphanage. Well, wake up people, you know where it’s really going.

A: Well, and that’s why I was wondering if his trip to Palestine, and he also mentions Israel, and how he is actually going to have some kind of peace talk with both of the countries. I thought to myself, oh wow, okay, this is like a blatant presentation that they are in fact, providing the funds to keep this war going. And the atrocities

that is going on within Palestine are horrific, Kevin.

K: Exactly. The Vatican is a big war-profiteer. People have known this for a long time. I mean the biggest small arms company in the world, Beretta Limited, is 100% owned by the Vatican. It has a big interest in the Arms industry and wars like banks do all over the world. So that is part of it. But it’s kind of like Machiavelli had the old saying that, when a Prince – in his book, The Prince, he kind of gives advice to the 16th century tyrants in Italy about how to operate. And in The Prince, Machiavelli says, ‘whenever you are weak, feign strength.’ So I mean that Bergoglio is in a very weak position. He’s got to appear like the big diplomat who is mediating all of these conflicts. That’s part of the game, you know.

A: Right, right. Now what about – just following-up an old headline that we sorted of talked about, is there any feedback on your end regarding the kidnapping of the missionary priest in North Cameroon? What was that all about?

K: I didn’t follow that story actually.

A: Okay, that was something that had come up. And then I thought this was very interesting since you and I are talking today, that they came up with a headline today that there’s a report that Pope Francis is ill, saying the curtailment of the public summer schedule is common for many Popes. And they’re denying the fact that he is ill. There’s no sickness whatsoever. If there was we would be open about that and we would ask people to pray for him.

K: Well, that’s what the spin doctors always do, they put out a test story to see if people will react to it. They definitely are going to remove him. Ratzinger has been pulling the strings along I believe. Bergoglio is in there just for a little while longer and they’re testing the waters to see – putting out these stories about his resignation. He’s facing prosecution right now in Brussels. Of course, they are not going to keep him in there.

A: No, no. And what’s the latest where Francis said that he was going to meet with a group of sex abuse victims, and that was back on May 26. Any comments on that?

K: That’s chilling. That’s chilling.

A: Really?

K: Well, I mean like there was a picture of him the other day, with him sitting on his Papal so-called Throne and these 5 – 6 year old children sitting at his feet. I mean, it is their way to give the message that says, ‘We’re in charge boys, and we’re going to do whatever we want with these kids, and here’s the proof,’ you know. When they are meeting with the survivors, it’s their code word for saying, just like they did in Tuam, Ireland, right? ‘We are doing our own cover-up with this thing. If you cooperate you’ll get a bit of money.’ Just like it happened to the Indians up here in Canada. They play along. You don’t talk about murdering children and you’ll get a pat on the head and a little check and you’ll go away. This is their whole strategy when it comes to their victims.

A: God. And I mean it’s so audacious. It’s quoted here as saying that, ‘that the abuse of children by priests is such an ugly crime and a very grave problem. The betrayal of the priest’s duty to lead young people to holiness is comparable to a performance of a Black Mass.’ Now what does he mean by that?

K: I mean, that’s what I’m talking about. You see, they let out these clues. Why would he even refer to the Satanic Mass in connection with the sacrifice of children. That’s his way of saying, ‘yeah, what you’re saying is true.’ Child sacrifice is unseparable with the rape and the trafficking of children in the Roman Catholic Church. It goes on hand in glove along side it. In fact, the so-called Satanic Mass is modeled directly on the Catholic Mass, you know.

A: Wow. Now what about – tell us a little bit about the Holy See. I think that is very interesting Kevin, because it gets back to Admiralty Law, doesn’t it?

K: Yeah. Very much. These things are not accidental. A: Right.

K: The thing to understand is, the Roman Catholic Church ended in the year 1870. Giuseppe Garibaldi, he unified Italy. He was like the George Washington of Italy. And yet today in the schools he isn’t taught in Italy because the Catholic Church made sure that it never happened. But anyway he unified the country and dis-established the Vatican. The Papal States were abolished. From the 1870s to 1929 when the Dictator Mussolini established the Vatican there was not an official Catholic Church. The Pope was in prison basically. There was no Vatican. So the Vatican was created by Mussolini in the year 1929 and the Vatican Bank, and so was this thing called the Holy See. Now the Holy See is the diplomatic aspect. It’s the thing that people have diplomatic (?) relations with. You know, it’s the political front of the Vatican. But these are just words – I mean, it’s a corporate entity.

A: Right.

K: It doesn’t really exist. The Vatican doesn’t have the status of a government. That’s a fiction. (Right) But the other countries just play along with it. There’s isn’t any kind of characteristics of a nation. Yet they have to pretend that they are a nation. It’s part of the whole game that’s played. But the thing to understand is that the Vatican is the creation of Fascism. And Fascism was the first corporatist model in the world. It’s basically where you have this absolute tyranny, you know, the corporate and governmental sector unite in these monopolistic oligarchy, that controls every aspect of life. That’s what we’ve got in the world right now. We don’t have governments, we don’t have democracy, we have oligarchies, corporate oligarchies. It was modeled by the Vatican. They set up that model all over the world. So this is what we are dealing with. And It came out of Rome.

A: Yeah, and it’s tentacles go far and wide. In fact, I remind people all of the time about the 501 C3s. (Umhmm) Basically, people are saying, oh, I just want a tax donation receipt, you know, from tithing to the church. Well, that wouldn’t even exist without the 501 C3 classification through the IRS.

K: Right, this kind of brings us back again at the thing of common law and the need to reclaim our countries. (Yeah) We are living under de facto corporate oligarchies. The governments, the courts themselves. In Canada they have removed all of the Maple Leaf flags from the courts. It’s just a symbol of the City of London up there now. These are just private corporate courts so with the common law we are not doing anything radical or it’s not even simple civil disobedience. We are re-establishing the rule of law – under the US Constitution every citizen in the 6th and 7th Amendments of the Constitution. People should read it because you are guaranteed a jury trial under common law and no court can subvert that. That’s your Constitutional right and any court that tries to subvert that is an illegitimate court, right?

A: Right.

K: So this is what we are doing, we are just trying to re-establish lawful authority, that we don’t have at the right moment.

A: It’s very exciting. We truly are in a grassroots position right now. And now all of those that really want to take action, they’re perfectly capable of doing so because there’s enough of us now that are banding together to get this off the ground. And again, I thank you Kevin, for all of your hard work that you’ve done, and the passion you’ve displayed to all of us – it’s contagious. It’s fired all of us up to take a more active role. So I commend you. Now I want to ask you, can you tell us a little bit about who is behind the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatments?

K: Who is behind it? You mean who authored it?

A: Yeah, who authored it and who is in it and who is actually terming ‘what’s degrading and inhumane?’

K: Well, the thing about the United Nations, it’s the creation of the International Monetary Fund. People like George Soros, the billionaire, child-killer. He in fact, founded the Human Rights Watch which is seen as the big Human Right group around the world, next to Amnesty International. Both of them were set up by Soros’ money. You see, these things are put in place to divert genuine attempts of justice. We found that out right away – and the truth of it is when we first began fifteen years ago when I first began to bring forward evidence about the genocide in Canada against the native people we took it to the United Nations. It was never picked up by anybody there. And I’ve seen it up close on how this operates. It’s shifted around from individual to individual but it’s never taken into any arena where anyone can do anything about it. They have what is called rapporteurs from the UN and the countries to do investigations but, fine, but then they file reports about it but nothing ever happens. It’s designed to just side-track any effective action. And to also in the process, identify people involved in trying to make change and isolate them and eliminate them. This is what a lot of the so-called human rights groups do – they monitor, just like the police do, they monitor who is doing what and they know who to isolate and who to discredit.

A: It’s amazing. So really, what it’s showing is that we need to start from a completely fresh, clean slate and make our own grassroot groups. I had a couple of questions for that. Number one, how are you screening people that are coming in to volunteer their time and effort with you?

K: Well, we let them screen themselves in the sense that small groups, this is just beginning. And the FBI developed this, and spy agencies refined it into a fine art. The method of Divide and Conquer, you destroy a small group by planting some suspicion and doubt about each other. So you get somebody to say – I don’t know about him – he’s kind of funny, we need to find out what the police say about him. You never find out who the spies are. They’re there. That’s fine, you educate them, you get them on board, you get them to work for you. You’ve got to admit that you just accept that’s going to happen. What you do to counter that is to stay public. You stay on top of the issue. You keep on the high road. If people call me names I don’t call them names back. I keep the high road and ignore them. A: Yes.

K: If you’re concerned about this issue work with us. These differences can be worked out in practice, let’s stay on the issue. That’s how you can measure if somebody is legitimate or not. And by keeping them on the high ground I find that these tactics seem to fall away after awhile. And we’ve seen how to counter that is to appeal to the hearts and minds, even of the people in the system. Like I said, we have sheriffs on board with us now. We have people in the system realizing how corrupted and dirty it is and needed to help us. We maneuver around that and the important thing is to always stay public and be in a way that when you can help people directly. We have people right now who are suffering from being persecuted for some of this stuff. We had this soldier in England, Vivian Cummingham, was put in a mental hospital, right? He’s out now in fact. I just got an email about him.

A: Terrific.

K: We created an enormous stink and we had people picking in front of the mental hospital and everything. He’s out now. They can’t stand that kind of public exposure, you know. (Right) It’s an all powerful system. They hate it when people start doing that. So we go to bat for people and before that started to happen to Vivian, only a couple of dozen of people working in the Coventry Common Law group that’s associated with us. They’ve got 200 people now signed up in their June 21st Conference they’re having on the Common Law in Coventry. So the oppression can help us. As long as you stay public about it.

A: Right on! I feel as if I had a little piece of that, because I really tried to fire people up to make some phone calls and appearances to those who were in the United Kingdom. I thank you again for taking action. We are so appreciative of that. Now what other groups Kevin, out there, that are springing up that are actually working along side of you that are not necessarily part of the so-called itccs.org.

K: Well, there are groups all over. One of the big groups in America that people should know about, it’s called the National Liberation Alliance. You can look that up – the NLA. I don’t completely agree with their approach. You know, we all have differences about how you should approach this. They try to work within the system. For example, they set up common law courts but when the matter is adjudicated they take the verdict back into the de facto courts –

A: Oh my god.

K: The ones that already exist right now for the final judgment. Well, the minute that you step onto their jurisdiction you have relinquished your own authority and you have to depend on them for the final judgment, you’re kind of handing the power back to them. So I say to the NLA people, look, there’s no need to do that because in the Constitution we have the right to establish these common law courts and defend them. So there’s no need to do that. So I mean, we have are differences like that. But the NLA is active in every state. They are setting up common law, you know, courts, and we are working alongside of them. People that often work with the NLA are also working with us. So I don’t believe in causing division and I say – you know, we can admit of our differences but continue to work together (Sure) on all of this stuff.

A: Sure. Because it’s all eventually going to work cohesively together in an illuminated way, period, you know. However people end up finding the truth, at least it’s a beginning. (Right) Well, you did mention that there was a group in France, I think it was LaGuarde or –

K: Well, oh yeah, there’s groups all over the world. We’ve got over fifty groups affiliated with us now. (Wow!) In 21 countries.

A: Now where is that information to be found? K: Pardon me?

A: Where is that information on your site so people can –

K: Oh right there at itccs.org. You see, there’s been a lot of caution on the part of some of these groups in Europe coming forward too quickly. You see what happened to Laurent Louis, the Belgian member of Parliament. This has happened to other people that have come forward too quickly. So a lot of these groups are not public yet. They are working – which I agree with – first you build a whole base and then you go public rather than doing it the other way around and then get knocked out. But I’ll give you a few examples. There’s a group that has been found now in Tuam in Ireland that are doing their own inquiry. They set up the Irish Common Law Court. There’s the ‘Debout Les Belge’ which means ‘Arise Belgians.’ This is a group that was set up by Laurent Louis and others that are going to take our model and we have been working with Laurent Louis in about ten days in Brussels. A: Great.

K: And we will be launching this thing – it’s kind of a ? citizen’s movement to bring the common law into their situation. There’s groups in Australia, New Zealand, I mean, I’m constantly flooded every day with people wanting to not just affliliate with us but set up their own movements. There’s actually too many to describe.

A: Yeah, but that’s good news and the fact that we are finally going back to unifying from the core of humanity, rather than looking to someone who we perceive to be our superior to call us the shots and we are giving away our authority every time we do that. The only way that we are going to take down this matrix is if we start empowering and taking back our own authority.

K: And this is the whole point of this. A: Yes.

K: The whole point of this is to recognize that we are – like John Adams said this – one of the Founding Fathers in America, he said, America is unique in history, it’s never happened before. Every man and woman is a sovereign. There is no authority above them. They are their own authority and they covenant together to establish a community based on that. And from that arises government. But when governments subvert that there is no more government. It could be overthrown justly and lawfully. And that’s the state that we are in now. It’s come full circle, we are in a tyranny like our ancestors were and we’ve got to take back that power. It starts within. As you and I have talked about, it’s a spiritual process, but it begins within us. We are reclaiming our minds and hearts and souls. And from that it’s obvious. It’s clear. People often say to me, well, what do I do next? And I often say to them, ask your conscience what you do next. (Yeah) That’s your best teacher, not me. I can give you some tips and experience but it’s your conscience that is guiding this.

A: Yeah, it’s really one of the precursors to fully becoming awakening to who you really are. People have heard especially from the spiritual side of things, people are constantly hearing about, you know, ask your guidance. And many people come back to me and say, well, gosh, I don’t really have a guide, or I don’t really talk to anyone. And I say, yes you do. But what we are being pushed and nudged by the energies, by the movement of the changes going on within this matrix, what we are being pushed to do right now is to stand in our own truth. Period. Okay. (Yes) Instead of being ‘sheeple,’ which we were created into being because what we represent, generally speaking, across the planet is not who we really are.

K: No. A: Okay. K: Exactly.

A: And if you go back to – I’ve got to bring this up with you in a few seconds – but if you go back to the origin, the true origins of each and every nation you will get chills, if you go back to the indigenous people. Because they had the right agenda, so to speak, they had the right concept of what life was all about. And it goes back to what you were talking about with the common law versus statutory law or admiralty law, it was like, who is your Creator? Who is your Authority? Is it some pope that’s screwing children and then chopping off people’s penises? Is that you’re authority? Okay. Or is your authority your own connection with your – whatever you want to call it – God, or superior higher level higher Self.

K: Exactly. Yeah, I mean, the interesting thing now is, Alexandra, that the shift, everybody is talking about the shift, even some of my more obtuse relatives are coming forward and saying, you know things are really shaking up now. Even the dullest person realizes that now. Information has more power to it now. It means it can become acted upon. The problem with the whole internet generation is we feel learning stuff – that information equates action. It doesn’t. It’s what we then do with it. It’s how it transforms us and how we change the world around us.

A: Yes. And I would challenge the people saying, why are you not taking action, you know. Why are you not taking action? Is this because somebody told you that you were whatever? Well, are they your authority? This is where we are right now in society is like, who really is our authority to dictate and determine who we really are. Because we are beautiful Divine sparks of Light and Love. (Exactly) We need to go back to that.

K: The interesting thing too, Alexandra, when you look at the roots of words, every word in the English language having to do with authority comes from the Latin, the Latin language, came from Rome.

A: That’s interesting.

K: All the indigenous roots, the Celtic, the Teutonic people in Europe, you know, the tribal peoples of Europe, they had no word for authority. In their languages, they talk about Creation, they talk about Mother Earth, they talk about all these words like compassion, family and love come out of those languages, the tribal languages. Everything from Rome is about authority and rule and control, right?

A: Wow. Thank you for that! I’m going to have to delve a little deeper. Now not to backtrack, but I’m doing that again, tell me a little bit about what is the actual ulterior motive behind the Vatican pursuing the Anglicans and the Catholics and uniting them?

K: Well, they have been trying to do that for centuries. They really are the same corporation- The City of London, The City of Rome, they are already one corporation.

A: Okay.

K: The royalty of England have been the legal vassals of Rome since 1213 when King John, just before the Magna Carta, he became a vassal of Rome, for financial reasons. That was never revoked. And the proof of that was when I was ordained in the United Church of Canada, which was a Protestant Church, officially, set up by an act of Parliament. So it was set up by the Crown of England. On my ordination certificate it says, it is a part of the Catholic Church. I remember getting very upset about that. I said, what is this all about? They said, no, it just means universal. I said, we are not a part of a universal church. It was a Reformed Free Church tradition and has nothing to do with Rome. The reason that it says that it is a part of the Catholic Church is because it is. It was created by an act of Parliament, which is the Crown of England, which is the Roman Church. There’s the proof of it right there. You see that in baptismal certificates, everything, that term. That’s the way to flag to people, yeah, it all comes out of Rome.

Now what they are doing now by formally bringing the Anglican Church back, they want the money. It’s that plain and simple. They want that revenue. Pope Benedict went up to Edinborough in 2010 and he got Queen Elizabeth’s agreement to bring the Anglican Church clergy back into the Roman Catholic Church and one of the conditions that had to agree to adopt this policy of supporting child rapists called crimen solicitationas. She agreed to that. So now every Anglican priest in England or Canada or anywhere has to protect child rapists as well. They are under that same policy. So it shows that the re-unification is happening as we speak. And it’s always been there in kind of, in fact, but now they are making a big thing about it. It’s part of that whole geopolitical thing that they’ve got to be, you know, monopolizing it all, because they are in trouble.

A: Incredible. Has there been any word about any kind of citizen arrests against the Queen?

K: There have been attempts actually.

A: That’s what I thought. That’s what I thought.

K: There have been attempts. People have gone to Buckingham Palace, they tried in various royal processions to do it. They were arrested and detained and then released. She’s nervous though. She doesn’t appear much in public. They know the power of citizen arrests. There are citizen arrests laws in every – look in any criminal code in America or Canada you have that power to detain – especially to a convicted criminal, like Elizabeth of Windsor, Joseph Ratzinger, or any of them.

A: This is truly a representative of the sleeping giant is awakening. And it’s just so exciting. I was going to ask you, what is your idea about – I stumbled upon an article that was talking about the filing of bankruptcy for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. This back a while ago. But I got to thinking, is this kind of standard operation if he gets too hot for the diocese? They’ll just file bankruptcy which probably, the chances are, that that money is just recouped and then moved on to another diocese?

K: Yeah, that is exactly what – they hide the assets. When the churches first started to get sued here in Canada for the murder of the Indian children in their so-called schools, they all declared bankruptcy. You saw them close their national offices and move into smaller facilities – they were hiding their assets and protecting them. They moved them out of the country. It’s part of their whole game, in fact.

A: Interesting. It’s okay for them to have their assets offshore, right?

K: Oh yeah, it’s okay for them to murder children and get away with it.

A: Right. It’s not okay for the rest of the world, you know. Or at least not in the United States to have offshore assets. So one of the things that is very near and dear to my heart and you and I have never talked about this is, going back to the indigenous people and one of the comments that you made was the – pronounced Kanata?

K: It’s called Kanata, yeah.

A: And I almost started crying because apparently they are drafting a new Declaration of Independence and so and so forth and the Constitutional Convention and you said something about that coming up in September 1st. And one of the things that really got me was when I was sent to do a major mission across the United States last summer what I’ve been realizing is that I was literally sent by Spirit to very specific locations and just now having the time to be able to delve into why did I end up

there and what was the significance of that area. And one of the things that I landed in was the location of the person that created the actual language behind the Cherokee and the Iroquis and it related back to the Five Nations, the core five nations. And I had ended up in Oklahoma which where they were, unfortunately, transferred to in a horrific way, I might add. So when I was listening to you I realized, isn’t this really what came down from the – I don’t know if you want to call it the Jesuits, the Catholic Church, the Vatican, or whomever is behind that. Some say it is the Annunaki, the Velon, we could go on and on. Ultimately, there was a so-called agenda or a list of tasks to be performed to slaughter all indigenous races.

K: Yeah, very much.

A: So is that the case?

K: I believe so. And it was all over. It was the same thing out here. I had a really amazing revelation about that when I was a clergyman in Port Alberni which is the very west coast of Canada in Vancouver Island. And Nelson Kietler(?) the elder that was the first native that I got to come to church and I encouraged him to get up and speak from the pulpit and that, he shared with us that long before the Whites ever came, before Captain Cook showed up the coast, the Pacific coast, they had a tradition that said that Jesus had come among them as a woman and had warned them about the coming pale imposters, which was the way she put it. They spoke in her name but they didn’t have her Spirit. That was the white missionaries, the Catholic and other missionaries who were coming. And she said welcome these people and show them the true teachings and the traditions of equality and brother and sisterhood.

And as part of that it became really clear to me that the way that the natives were targeted, in this murderous manner, really a cultic manner, the way that they grabbed the children and tortured them and killed, it’s exactly what they did to any quote heretic. They used the same laws that they used in Europe to wipe out any so-called heresy. Every power or belief that challenged the power of Rome or Catholicism, like the Cathars, the Albigensians, the Church of Mary Magdalene, the Gnostics, all of them were wiped out in exactly the same way that the natives were. They were targeted in that way because they are another – if you want to call it – another Christian belief or a different way of looking at Christ that didn’t conform with Rome. So they had to be targeted. So it’s really a religious war. The Jesuits led it, because they always led the religious wars in Europe. The Jesuits set up the Indian Boarding Schools, they set them up the model for extermination. So, you know, this is all connected.

A: Wow. You know, Kevin, this experience for me last summer, it was life changing. And especially because I was receiving visions on a continual basis as we drove through certain parts of the United States. And I was seeing the slaughter, I was seeing the desecration and the horrific atrocities that are being performed against the indigenous people. And we are talking – Steve and I – assisted well over twenty different tribes to return home. And that’s another whole story. But it has left as impact on my heart that we really are at a crossroads to the return back to the teachings of the indigenous people because they weren’t related to any one specific sect, cult, religion, because we really have to be careful about religion. You know. Religions were created to cause dissension and cause separation.

K: The word ‘religio’ means to rebind, or to tie up. Reglio means ‘to tie things.’ It means you’re bound up. You’re tied into something.

A: Oh my god. And you know that saying, like all the religion pathways lead to one. Well, I’m questioning all of that because there’s clearly a lot of manipulation even within the spiritual community through the Rand Corporation and things like that. Basically trying to get us to be passive, when we are one of the hugest groups across the world to blaze the trail for truth.

K: Exactly, and that’s the corporatist model – there’s two momentums in the world today. The corporatist model means it’s e pluribus unum ‘from the many one.’ All the different elements go into one corporate body. That’s the corporation. The other tendency is in the other direction – from one many, ‘from one source infinite variety, infinite liberty, and the difference.’ That’s our model. That is the indigenous way because in indigenous communities, whether it’s here or back in Europe, all of our ancestors practiced the same thing. If you are a lawyer and you didn’t want to go to war you didn’t go. If you were a member of the tribe and you didn’t want to do something, you didn’t do it, there was no authority commanding you to do it. That authority model came out of Rome. And that’s the two choices that are facing us, right?

A: That’s amazing. And that once again, it reiterates the need to re-capture and solidify you’re own internal authority. This is what we are called to do. This is the job that we’re supposed to be doing right now. It’s regaining our – it’s not regaining

because it’s been here all along. But maybe acknowledging the fact that we have authority. And we don’t need to look at any institution to give it to us.

K: Well, Jesus said that, he said the kingdom is within you. He didn’t say that it’s in the Church.

A: That’s a good point. So one of the things that’s really confusing for a lot of people is just a whole lot of hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Could you clarify how it basically presents itself? Like you are talking about, Pachon is at the top, right?

K: Well, there’s the public image, and then there’s what goes on. The public image is that the Pope is the top guy. He interprets policy, he’s God’s representive on Earth and all that nonsense. (Right) In reality, he’s the figurehead. The body that runs things is called the Curia, which is the College of Cardinals in Rome, and their financial backers. It’s the money men and the Cardinals that really run everything.

A: Okay, so is Adolfo Pachon, is he supposedly above Jorge Bergoglio.

K: No, they’re both figureheads. The Jesuits and the Catholic Church are one and the same but they put forward these figureheads to make it seem like – it’s like a corporation. Okay, you’ve got this CEO, okay. Is he ultimately in charge? Who is in charge? Corporations are set up so they can’t have any ultimate liability or responsibility.

A: True, It’s like there’s a Board. It’s like there’s a Board of Directors.

K: It’s a collective mind. It’s a hive, right? I think you could say spirituality there’s an over-mind, there’s an entity behind it all. That’s the one that we are aiming at. That’s the target in this, if you would like. Aiming at the entity behind it all. And it’s interesting because that in the Bible when Paul was writing to the various, small little churches he never writes to the people of the church. He addresses them to the Angel of the church of Smyrna or whatever. He is addressing the entity behind it, right? Just like the entity here that runs the collective hive known as the Catholic Church – think of it as corporation – because it’s the oldest corporation on the planet. They modeled the corporate system. There isn’t any one person in charge because that way the system could be brought down. The responsibility shifts around, you can never understand – the Vatican Bank, it can never be audited because no one even knows who the directors are. Right. Nothing can be traced.

A: Incredible. So basically what you are saying then is Jorge represents the Vatican; Adolfo represents the Jesuits. And Justin Welby represents the Queen of England, so to speak.

K: Pretty much, but it’s all the same entity. It’s just different masks, you know.

A: Very good. I’m so glad that you clarified that. Now I wanted to throw something out to you. I went up and did a googling of anything to do with news from the Vatican and one of the news stations came up with quote service for this domain has been disconnected. So I just wondered – I thought I would throw that out there. But anyway, let’s get back to this really cool proclamation that you made that there are rewards of up to 10,000 Euros for information that are providing if people have information of the top Vatican and governmental officials. Can you talk a little more about that? Has there been anything new that has come forth in that arena?

K: Well, that was made by the Prosecutor’s Office during this case because of the evidence about the Ninth Circle, this is the sacrifical cult that operates within the Catholic Church. Apparently every Pope has to be a part of. It involves the ritual slaying of children at different times of the year. The Prosecutor’s Office made this offer that any employee of the Vatican and the Crown of England or any institution that comes forward with knowledge that could lead to prosecution of the people of the Ninth Circle would be spared; they would be granted immunity from prosecution. That’s a very important thing to do legally because it gives people protection. It helps the insiders, the whistle-blowers to come forward. He also offered rewards of 10,000 Euros – up to 10,000 Euros – for people that have information. Since then, that’s when we heard from this woman. A: Wow.

K: In Belgium. She came forward the week after that. There have been other people of a lesser kind – The Garda, the Police of Ireland told us about the Tuam babies and the evidence of the ritual sacrifice, he came forward as well in response to that. So it’s beginning to happen and that’s what they are worried about. That the insiders are coming forward. So it is definitely reaping results.

A: That’s fantastic! And do you feel that that being offered across the board with the other cases, or was that just for this specific case when somebody stepped forward and offered that?

K: Well, it’s just for this case right now. But it could be applied on a common law trial. That’s one of the important things that the prosecution does – witness protection and also granting immunity to people that have provided evidence that leads to prosecuting – the higher ups.

A: Wow, that’s great. Now tell us a little bit about your up and coming trip. I know that you are taking off tomorrow, I think, and you’re going to be traveling all around Europe for quite a period of time, correct?

K: Well, Europe initially, during July but on the way back, an equally important trip I’m going all across America. Because we have groups in 31 states now. Especially in the Mid-West and there’s a growing number of them in the West Coast as well. People who want to have these common law courts. I’ll be doing a lot of work throughout the summer in America. Also in Canada we’re setting up, of course, as you mentioned earlier, the Republic of Kanata, which is actually an established Republic, saying that the Crown of England is a criminal body, we are separated from it and from the Vatican. We are setting up this new Republic in Canada. So all of that is all linked in and I will be working through all the summer and the fall and hopefully get out to the West Coast up to see you eventually.

A: Yeah, you’re a busy, busy guy, huh?

K: Always.

A: Now you mentioned last time that we talked, that you are having to incorporate more security around yourself when you travel. Are you actually going to be traveling with a group of people this time around?

K: For most of the time, yeah. There will be people escorting me, we’re hoping to get a delegation to go into England and down to Rome, so yeah, we’ve got it better organized now than we did before. I’ve always relied on the spiritual protection that’s clearly around me and I trust that every day, primarily.

A: Yeah, you have a lot of us behind you as well. So you have a lot of protection behind you Kevin. Now you also are going to Europe, what is your main goal in going to Europe. I actually thought you were going to do some stand down orders.

K: Well, yes. We’re going to enforce these. Those stand down orders have been issued to the cops, the judges, the politicians, who protect these criminals – the Church of England and in Rome and England and elsewhere. We’re going to actively enforce those stand down orders and it’s beginning to happen already. In Coventry the folks have gone out and said to the police, you know, we’re going to be occupying these Catholic Churches, and arresting these priests, you’re to stand down and they haven’t had any opposition, and I find that interesting.They know, the cops know that it’s lawful orders and they’re implicated. So it’s really interesting that the debate beginning to go on now among the police. Because I found the same thing in Canada when we told people that the police, that they are protecting churches that have actively trafficked children, they never intervene to stop us when we did those occupations. They stood and watched, but they didn’t actually arrest anybody. I think that it’s that standing down that is our greatest weapon and even deputizing these cops eventually to work with the common law courts. That’s our ultimate goal as well with this.

A: So hopefully, people’s consciences are finally getting to them when they are in positions of power, such as the police and the sheriffs and that sort of thing. So that’s great news.

K: It’s like what happens in a civil war. People have to choose sides and you’ve got to either be with people and what is just or with the criminals.

A: And we want that now. You mentioned that you have at least five existing sheriffs that have stepped up to the plate to assist you. Are you getting more than that, and if so how is that going?

K: They are setting up educational programs for their deputies in three states. I won’t say in which states yet. (Yes) But they are actually bringing in their deputies, teaching them common law, getting them to actually serve as the enforcement arm of our courts, which is an amazing step forward. It means we can actually then make arrests for these people. Once that starts happening this whole deck of cards is going to start collapsing. Because they know that this isn’t just talk, there’s power behind this, right?

A: This is so exciting. In fact, everybody, Kevin and I discussed doing follow-ups on these enforcements of stand down orders as he travels throughout Europe, so stayed tuned because Kevin and I are going to give you hopefully a play-by-play offering of the progress and of course, the victories that are occurring across the planet. Now Kevin, what is your take on this whole thing with the latest with the Vatican coming out with the alien God? And they’re actually looking for an alien God, so to speak.

K: I think it is nonsense. It like it’s more distraction. I think it’s smoke and mirrors, I think. And the fact that it – normally I would say it’s fine and kind of interesting and all that, but the point is, with it coming right now, it’s like when the Tet Offensive in Vietnam happened, a few months before the so-called Moon Landing, okay. Now, if you wanted to distract people from the fact that America had just their ass kicked and is losing the Vietnam War, what do you do? Well, you shift everyone’s attention to the Moon Landing, which pumped up the American reputation over the world – Oh, they landed somebody on the Moon. That was not accidental, it came right after the Tet Offensive. The same thing here. You’ve got to shift the attention away from the enormous corruption and murder, Satanic rituals being performed by popes and cardinals, I mean eye-witnesses of this coming forward, yeah, they’ve got to distract people. It’s just that big distraction and the smoke and mirrors game again.

A: It’s interesting to, did you see the headline on May 13th from the Harvard University Cultural Studies Club?

K: No.

A: This was a really big deal. It says, they dropped their sponsorship of the controversial Black Satanic Mass that was supposed to take place Monday evening. And it said, it was flagrantly disrespectful and inflammatory, said the president. They collaborated with the Satanic Temples and a local restaurant and night club owner and basically it goes on to say that they are distancing themselves. It’s a declaration of personal independence from what some seeas counter-productive cultural programming. And this is from Harvard University.

K: Well, it’s like when Bergoglio connects child rape with Satanic Masses. They are all admitting it now. That’s what is amazing. We know that on August 15th there’s going to be another convening of the Ninth Circle at the – it’s called the Marie-Reine-du-Monde which means Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Right in the sub-basement there we have inside sources that say there’s going to be sacrificing children. We’ve got citizen sheriffs going down there to shut down that ceremony, right? (Wow) This is what we are going to do now. We are going to save those children’s lives. And if the cops aren’t going to do it, we’ll do it.

A: How cool is that? Now how are you able to determine if they were not just going to change the location?

K: They might. But they might save lives in the process. It might put them on the run. It gets them off balance. This is what you have to do. When children’s lives are at stake there’s no time for equivocation anymore.

A: Well on top of that what this is showing also is that there’s an absolute great need to create a network of information that is fed back to Kevin. So that we can save lives, you know.

K: That helps, and also to spread it widely so that if one of us is taken out then the information keeps going. So yeah, it’s exactly what we need – and my information comes from the insiders, that’s where it is coming from so far.

A: That’s fantastic. Now is this also in relation to the fact that they made that statement about the Satanic Black Mass. I mean talk about really admitting, basically showing your guilt by making a comment just like this, I would imagine the official –

K: It’s typical damage control. You address an issue to take the fire away from the issue in a way so that your opposition can’t exploit it. It’s kind of like, for example, if a corporate executive got caught having sex with his secretary he jokes about it, oh yeah, yeah, we do that all the time – you diffuse the issue. Well, by acknowledging it, that’s what they are doing. They are addressing the issue in order to diffuse it. So when somebody mentions a Satanic Mass, it’s kind of a – you know what I mean – it’s like in that controlled manner already. They do the same thing to you when, you notice, here’s a classic example, there’s this movie out there, kind of a dumb comedy called The Ratrace and in it – it’s supposedly a comedy but all of these people are running to get all of this money and they’re in this competition to do it, but in the course of that comedy they mention human-trafficking, child-rape, organ trafficking, murder, all of that is talked about but always in a ha-ha humorous context. This is how they do it. They surround it their own veneer and then they believe that’s how to diffuse the issue.

A: Wow, and that’s such a classic modus operandi even by – when you review all of their articles like in the Vatican News and things like that. It’s very interesting to see the response of the article to what you are doing. So for example, if it gets really hot regarding child-trafficking and all of sudden the Pope will come out and do an entire Mass on how terrible child-trafficking is, you know.

K: Well, at the same time, he said to the Italian bishops, it is fine to not report child rape to the police which he said just last month. So he says one thing in the Church, yes, cover up child rape and then to the public he says, no, no, we’re against child rape. It’s a two-face lie going on.

A: Very interesting. And one last thing, and I know we are getting close to the end of the time here but, I thought this was interesting. This comes from the book, The Zohar, are you familiar with that text?

K: It strikes a bell.

A: It says, it’s a time to lead to the destruction of Rome, the emergence of the Messiah will appear on the world. And what I find interesting is that the Messiah can also be defined as the Liberator.

K: Well, the thing to understand about these references is, they are not talking about individuals. Like the Anti-Christ isn’t an individual. It’s a place called Rome according to the book of Revelation. It’s like the Messiah isn’t one person, it’s a Spirit. We are the Messiah, that is the Spirit that arises within us. That’s what they are referring to, I believe.

A: Very good. And think of that, that can be interpreted multiple ways because the ‘liberator’ is once again, are we liberating ourselves to be who we really are? Or are we liberating the planet so that it can be living amongst multi-races, creeds, etcetera, where we all live in a peaceful harmonic way.

K: All of the above.

A: Yeah, exactly. Or is it liberating from this manaical, diabolical, reptilian-ordinated blood sacrificial faction that has infiltrated in every sector of the world. We need to wake up and realize that they are pervasive and they are all over the place.

K: That’s right.

A: Well, okay, to tie things up give us your information for contacting you.

K: Yeah, the main website is itccs.org. That’s the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. You can contact me at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com. Especially in America, I will be coming back in late July, and all of August and September I’ll be all over America. So please write to me if want me to come to your community and help with the common law and any of these issues. And I would just say to everybody what you just said, it’s within us and our responsiblility lies with each of us.

A: Big time. And we really are called by Spirit to be accountable. And that’s not accountable for the atrocities that they’re doing. It’s being accountable for the fact that we now know they are going on. (Right) So what little piece of effort you can make to make a difference. And then you feel fulfilled and you are accountable. So –

K: And also recognize that our priorities in life are going to change to the kind of 9 to 5 to take care of myself attitude to now we have responsibility to all of us, our planet, our children, every child living and it’s a permanent job. It’s our real life purpose when we discover this. That’s so liberating, and fun about it. It’s like wow, it’s why I am here.

A: Yeah, yes. In fact, we’ve just been talking about this yesterday about the whole thing. You read within the spiritual community that we are all One. Are we really? Yes, we are all one when it comes to the Divine Spark, which there is a percentage of the population that is not of the Divine Spark, period.

K: Yeah, that is true.

A: We’ve got to accept that.

K: That is true. And in fact we are not even talking to the majority. All that you need is a certain creative active minority and this thing will shift. It’s never about numbers, its about content and spirit.

A: Yeah. So of all of you out there that really want to make a difference just within your own lives, hey, start setting up your own small groups if want face to face, or you want Meet-Ups, or you want e-mail or forums or what have you, if you really want to make a difference and start reaching out to people that at the same wave-length as you. This is a big thing Kevin, that is those of us that know what we know, it’s very difficult for us to be able to walk and survive literally and function within the actual society that we walk on and it’s very challenging for people.

K: Nor should we. We shouldn’t have to worry, we should let the old fall and die and create the new. And even if that means writing – a massive network of people all over the world who are onboard with us, so just contact me and we will connect you up, just as we are with the common law advocates all over America now.

A: I also want to make one more last comment. And that is, I received a message from someone the other day and they said, ‘gosh, you know, all this news is so depressing. I’m so sad.’ And I wrote back and I said, ‘Why? Because what it is showing is that not only is everybody jumping from the ships, but they are also fighting amongst themselves.’ Well there’s very indication that things are really heating up and it’s because of all of us opening our eyes (Right) and refusing to take this anymore. We are making an energetic stance. (RIght) So keep up the good work everybody. And Kevin, as usual, I just love you. I thank you. You are like a brother to me. And I can’t wait to support you in your journey through Europe. It’s going to be really exciting.

K: I look forward to talk to you again, probably July first or so, so we’ll talk to you from, mostly in Ireland, and we’ll give you reports along the way as well. And we’ll hope to see you real soon.

A: It sounds good. And thanks everybody for listening. I think that we got a lot of good information today, as always. And you take care and we’ll talk to you next week, on the other side. Take care. Bye.

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