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microphone (1)Hello everyone. Today is a special day. I have Kevin Annett online with me calling from the United States and very anxiously awaiting to hear his update on the current last round of common law court hearings back in April 7, which has just re-convened as of May 5th. And for those of you that are not familiar with Kevin Annett, he’s an internationally acclaimed whistleblower and a Nobel Prize nominee who also established the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. He helped has to dispose one Pope and is now threatening that of another. And has definitely brought forth the awareness to the entire world of the very, very, serious situations regarding child trafficking and pedophilia within the Catholic Church especially. And for those of you who have not listened to my radio show before, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com. You could always hear this if you didn’t catch it live, you can always catch my interviews up on the BBS Radio channel or just directly on the webpage itself. So hello Kevin. How are you?
Kevin: Hello Alexandra, It’s really good to be back with you.
Alexandra: You’re alive and well.
Kevin: Yeah, yeah, finally. That’s good.
Alexandra: Are you happy to be back?
Kevin: Oh yeah, I’m very happy to be back. I was in Europe for almost an month, doing a lot of really important work. Meeting groups in France and in Belgium, Spain, all of these groups that are working to bring cases against the Vatican for child trafficking. In fact, I met with some Belgian politicians who are actually going to be helping with us with this work. So things are working at a much higher level now. We’re actually set up a training program now for common law sheriffs in ten countries. We have over – as of today – ninety volunteers who want to do this training, to actually enforce the warrants of these common law verdicts against the Popes and various other high officials. So it’s really exciting, it’s really taking off.
A: That’s fantastic. Can you list for the audience, since I do have a very good world population that listens to my shows, can you list off the countries that have come forth, the ten countries that you have mentioned?
K: Right, it’s Canada, the United States, Ireland, England, Holland, and Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and I’m trying to remember, there’s another one –
A: Probably somewhere in South America, maybe?
K: That’s right, it’s Mexico, I’m sorry, I had forgotten Mexico.
A: God, we’re really making some progress here. I think the first question right out the gate is, I know you have just re-convened with the new set of common law court hearings. How is that going? Can you share anything with us on that?
K: Yeah, there was actually the second common law case against the present Pope Francis, Jorge Bergolio, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and the head of the Jesuits, Adolpho Pachon. That case began actually last month in Brussels and it’s had two sets of hearings. They’ve heard from eight eyewitnesses already, including people who were direct participants in this thing called the Ninth Circle, it’s an actual child sacrificial cult where apparently it’s obligatory for popes to participate in these rituals.
A: Wow.
K: This is not only from eyewitnesses, this is from actual documents that have been submitted to the court, from the Vatican archives themselves and it confirms that this cult has been operating for several centuries. And we received these testimonies. We had to do it on camera in closed sessions because of threats being made against people in court and seriously managed to disrupt the court. So what happened was, there were two of these sessions, the prosecution presented a lot of this evidence, in fact they posted it up at itccs.org, the Tribunal website, the Tribunal into Crimes against Church and State. And these were kind of summaries of what the prosecution’s case was against these individuals. And the court is actually in the process of recessing right now to allow it more time to do research and come up with more witnesses. There’s a tremendous amount of information they’ve had to deal with, and very limited resources. So you know, it’s going to take longer than we first figured. It’ll probably be many months, you know, with this trial.
 A: I bet, I bet. Because you really are climbing to the very, very top of the ladder with who is responsible for these atrocities, aren’t you?
K: Absolutely, and you know, the net keeps getting wider all the time. Let me give you an example of that. One of the names that has come up is this Judge Fulford. He’s a high court judge in England. He’s actually the Queen’s advisor on constitutional issues, he’s a judge in the international criminal court in Europe. You know that’s the UN-affiliated group. It turns out he is a participant in this cult as well. And he’s an advocate – he’s very public about his attitude that child abuse is okay. He’s part of a group called PIE, Pedophile Information Exchange, who advocate lowering of age of consent to four years old, if you can believe it.
A: Oh my god.
K: In other words, it’s legalizing child rape. And he’s an open advocate of this. He’s also being named as a participant along with royal family members at these cult activities that have occurred at places like Caernarfon Castle in Wales, the Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh and places like that, that are connected to the British royal family.
A: Good god! And I would imagine that some of these historic castles and governmental buildings, are they not attached with the same underground tunnels as the Catholic Churches?
K: Very much. As a matter of fact, these are the two main locations that eyewitnesses have been sharing in their testimonies in Brussels over the last number of weeks. Time and again, you hear different witnesses saying the same thing, that the ritual torture and raping and killing of children occurs again and again in the catacombs or the basement areas of large Catholic cathedrals. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the largest Catholic Cathedral in Montreal, Canada, called Mary Reine du le Monde, Mary Queen of the World, in the cathedral there every August 15th, there’s ritualistic slaying of children, according to a participant. So Catholic cathedrals are one of the key places. But also castles that have a history of this activity going over centuries.  
A: Oh my god. When you think you have it all figured out it just keeps getting deeper, doesn’t it?
K: It really does. I have been doing this for over twenty years and it’s blowing me away hearing some of these stories. Things I couldn’t even have imagined in my worst nightmare. One example is, a part of the ritual – and this was confirmed again by different eyewitnesses – one based in New York, Toos Nijenhuis based in Holland, all of these people as young girls were participants of it because their parents were part of this intergenerational satanic cults that are part of these networks. And what these eyewitnesses kept saying over and over again is that the requirement of the participants is that they have to nominally rape children, often newborns, but then kill them, chop them up and drink their blood or consume their flesh. And it’s a requirement. If you don’t take part in that you are killed on the spot. So you know, in hearing these people talk, they showed me pictures of these individuals, people like Cardinal Alfrink, he was a Catholic Cardinal in Holland, Prince Bernhard who helped set up the Bilderberg Group. When you look at pictures of these people, they’re like not human. There’s no way that I can describe these people as being human beings.
A: Well, I don’t think they are human either. I actually started doing a paper on the facial features of all the congressmen, also of the heads of states, all of the heads of churches, and there was no question that they all look similar. (Umhmm) It gets back to David Icke’s whole presentation that there’s another species that is running this planet. And when you look at them you can tell. You can see the hatred and the rage and the darkness in their eyes. 
K: Yeah. You know, in a lot of the work that I do I never dispute people’s different theories because there’s too much division, and divide and conquer going on. I think all of these things are possible. It’s not so much who they are as what they are doing. We know regardless of whether they are from a different planet or whether from among us, their aim is clearly  to control and subjugate the human race. And one of the main ways they do that is through traumatization at a young age. So this isn’t just random sick activity. This is aimed at a way of controlling population. There’s no easier way to do that, of course, than to have people living in a state of fear having been tortured and knowing that your children can be taken from you at any point, and tortured in this way. I often see this in the aboriginal world in the Native communities. This is how people are kept in line. A lot of the child trafficking that occurs today, based in the Native communities is organized by chiefs on government payrolls, it’s a way that they are acting at the behest of the government to keep their people in line so that the resources that they are sitting on can be gotten to more easily. This has a lot of repercussions just beyond the satanic aspect.
A: You know, it’s very clear to me that they’ve put an immense camount of strategy and time into the way in which they set up the Catholic Church and the Vatican. Because it’s absolutely brilliant. I was reading through some news articles that I would like to review with you today. And I was absolutely amazed at the brilliance in which they are campaigning themselves. It’s almost as if you can read between the lines of what they are really trying to say amongst their so-called secret councils versus the masses at large.
K: That’s right. You see, in their language and in their body motions and everything they are saying one thing to the people at large and another to their own group, that’s very right. There’s a picture of Jorge Bergoglio the other day and he’s sitting on his papal so-called throne and there were standing in front him a group of four- and five-year old children, they were just grouped around in front of him, kind of beneath him and there’s a very strong signal there, you know. He, like all the other popes, took part in Ninth Circle killings.  And it’s their way of saying, we are in charge here, we can do whatever we want with these children. That’s one example. Another is in the language it itself. The word apology has two meanings in the English language. An apology can be regretting something you have done. But it also is a defense of your own actions. You know, like an apologetic means ‘I’m justifying what I did.’ So when they say ‘apology,’ they are saying ‘it’s been hurting one way by people’ because we want to hear it, we want to believe that the people that did these crimes are really seriously repenting and will be better now. They know that we need to hear that so they speak that to us. But in fact, what they are saying at the same time, we are not liable for any of these crimes, we can kill with impunity and we will never be charged of anything. That’s what they mean by an apology. You know, when governments and churches issue an apology it’s their way of saying we’re indemnifying ourselves, we are setting ourselves apart from any possible prosecution.
A: Its such pomposity. Getting back to Judge Fulford, can you tell us a little bit about what have been the repercussions of that coming forward, the fact that he is participating in the Pedophile Information Exchange? 
K: Well, I can tell you exactly a repercussion. It’s a case happening in Stafford, England. It was posted, a link is posted at itccs.org.
A: Yes.
K: It’s a soldier Vivian Cunningham and he was a man in the Irish Guards. He’s a black man from Jamaica who joined the British Army years ago. He is in the Irish Guards and he saw the notice on the internet of the criminal conviction of Elizabeth of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth, in our first court case, where she abducted ten children from a Catholic Indian School in Canada and these kids were never seen again. And you know, and also as head of Church and State in Canada she’s liable for all of these crimes. And so she was convicted. Vivian Cunningham read this, he read about the arrest warrants being issued by the common law court against her and he simply reported that to his Captain, a Captain Murrell. Captain Murrell responded to him by saying I don’t doubt the evidence but we need, we wonder if you will come to the hospital for an examination. And due to the chain of command he did what his captain told him to do and they committed him – under a British law which says that it is a crime to accuse a member of the royal family or others of a crime. And he’s being held for six months under severe medication. They’re giving him anti-psychotic drugs. They won’t let anyone call him – they have him locked away in St George Hospital in – I believe it’s in Stafford, England, it’s all up on that posting at itccs.org.
Now that’s not accidental. They’ve done that several times to our group in Coventry, England, which is very active in doing common law activity and in posting up our material all over England. The very week that this information comes out about Judge Fulford they attack, there’s obviously a standing order to members of the British Army and others that anyone who raises this stuff needs to be put away and incarcinated and drugged up so they won’t ever say it again. This is in direct response to how successful we are being with this work.
A: Definitely. This is such a modus operandi with even the stifling of free energy. From what I’ve heard this is a very standard operating procedure for anybody who is about to expose something on a grand scale that will effect the major network.
K: That’s right. In fact, one of the people that I met in Brussels, her name is Melanie and she works with a network in Europe that protects targeted individuals. She was trying to get into the European Parliament a motion about directed energy weaponry and they targeted her. They put her in an mental hospital for several weeks, they drugged her up, and she got out after a big hue and cry was raised. But this is the same kind of thing that they do to people all over the world in these issues.
A: Well Kevin, what do you suggest that we do? I actually took the time to get St George’s Hospital phone number. (ph: 44 178 525 7888) That’s three eights and they are on Corporation Street in Stafford.
K: Right. Well definitely. Have people call them up and demand that Vivian Cunningham be released. The ITCCS office in Brussels has already named Vivian Cunningham as a prisoner of conscience. He’s being targeted for, not even for his beliefs, but having simply raised with his commanding officer the fact that Elizabeth of Windsor is a convicted felon. And that under international law, British soldiers have an obligation not to obey the orders of a convicted criminal. (Wow) So their whole oath of allegiance is null and void. That’s the point that we have been making for months now. So we urge people to contact the hospital, demand Vivian Cunningham’s release and say, ‘Look, you guys are in violation of the law, British law and International law for holding him like that.
A: I think that is a great idea and I challenge everybody that is listening to this interview to please do so. They also have a facebook page, but I didn’t find any kind of website, Kevin. Is that correct?
K: Yeah, I’ve been told that as well. We do have Captain Murrell’s phone number too. It’s 44. 44 is England country code: (44 777 080 2720). And that’s Captain Murrell’s phone number. He’s the one who basically ordered the incarceration of Vivian Cunningham. And we need to know from this Captain Murrell – Was he following orders? Was he instructed to do that? Why did he lock away one of his soldiers simply for bringing to his attention this fact of Elizabeth Windsor’s guilt and conviction?
A: I think that’s a great idea. And the other thing I was going to mention to everyone is, we can all see that through Kevin’s work things are really starting to unravel, it’s definitely really shaking some cages. So if you are going to go out there and take action, use your head, okay. You are dealing with a very sinister force that has been in control for a long time. The whole reason that he got into the situation he was in, is because Captain Murrell actually said – this is what your post says, ‘Yes, I believe the evidence that you’ve shown me, but is it okay if you attend a medical assessment to make sure that you are okay?’ Wrong! You can not trust these people.
K: Yeah. And the fact is, they all know what is going on, that’s the point. They know these crimes are going on. But you know, it’s interesting that – we found that the more that we press on this stuff, the less powerful they actually are in practice. Because one of other members in Coventry, England, David Compan, a couple of months ago was thrown in a mental hospital for doing exactly the same thing. He was posting the notices around Coventry about Elizabeth Windsor’s conviction. They tried to section him under the British laws which allow, well I won’t call them laws, I’ll say they’re statutes, they’re orders brought in by Executive Order in England, not even by a vote of Parliament, that say basically, ‘You’re mentally unstable if you accuse a member of the government or the royal family of crimes.’ We got him out within three days, just by calling up the hospital. We had people out in front picketing – they made a big stink over it. They know – they don’t want this kind of exposure when they are doing these things. So it’s very effective to challenge them publically in this way.
A: Outstanding. So all of you people over in Stafford, United Kingdom, please keep us posted and somebody take action and show them that We the People Have the Power and we no longer want to put up with this. I mean, it’s not just a singular case, it’s going on all over the world. And if we continue to do this, we set a precedent, isn’t that right, Kevin?
K: Well, absolutely. That’s kind of leading in to the whole issue of the common law training that we are doing now. We put out an appeal – less than a week ago – for volunteers to come forward and we’ve got almost 100 volunteers now in these ten countries. We’re organizing training workshops where people learn how to be common law peace officers. These are people who would perform citizen arrests of known criminals, they would issue the warrants, bring people into court, enforce the verdicts of the court. These are all very important roles to do. That’s how we go from simply a conviction to the actual enforcement. And so that’s a very important step that we are taking. We’ve got so much enthusiasm. I have people writing to me everyday and calling me up and wanting to be involved in this. So that’s something people can do in your local community. Form a committee, or a common law movement and start forming your own common law juries on any issue that needs to be addressed.
A: I think this is so fabulous. And a lot of people have written in to me and said, ‘well you know, how much meat can the common law court, so to speak, hold when it’s not the law of the land?’ And I’d like you comment on that again.
K: Well, the fact is, it is the law of the land. And people don’t realize this because we’re not being educated. We’ve been deliberately dumbed-down and brainwashed to think that government statutes constitute the law and they don’t. A statute is a rule that the government brings in for it’s own adminstrative purposes or to raise money. Like any of what they call laws, they’re not laws, they’re rules, or statutes, which can be revoked or repealed at any time. Now one of the basic principles in the common law, and this goes back over 400 years, there are legal experts for centuries have been saying this time and again, judges and others, they say a statute only has binding authority if you give consent to it. (Wow) Okay. So a cop stops you and says you’ve broken a speed limit, okay. That’s a statute he’s enforcing. He’s there to collect revenue, that’s his job. Issue a ticket to make money for the government. That’s all.
A: Obviously, yeah. 
K: He’s not there to protect your rights or anything. He’s their revenue collector of the government. And he says you’ve broken the law.  And I said, ‘well show me the law, that I’ve broken.’ And most of the time he can’t even quote it, they’re pretty ignorant of these things. But you can then come back and say, ‘if I didn’t endanger anybody, then I’ve broken no law. And I have a magna carta guaranteed right of free public movement on the highways. So that’s what I was doing,’ and you can then drive away. You see, if you enter in a contract by signing the ticket, that’s what you’ve done, you’ve signed, entered into a contract with him and that you have to pay him this money. If you don’t sign the contract there’s no authority there. It’s like walking into a court room, if you don’t walk into their jurisdiction then they have no authority over you. And they know it. So they have to brainwash everybody to step into their jurisdiction by thinking that these statutes have some kind of authority over you.  If you don’t consent there is no authority over you, that’s the point.
A: I’m so glad that you brought the signature thing up, because people don’t realize how much power is behind the moment that they sign something. 
A: Yeah.  K: Or give a name. A: Yeah.
K: That’s the other thing. They’ll always ask you, ‘is your name this ___?’ You don’t say anything. Because the minute that you’ve given the name that you were – you were created with a – people who are listening probably already know this, but the ‘Capital- letters Corporation’ created in your name at birth when you were registered, that isn’t you at all, that’s the corporate fiction. And they say, ‘are you that corporate fiction’ and you say ‘yes,’ well, boom, they’ve got you. But if you say simply, let’s say you’re stopped and they ask ‘are you Kevin Annett?’ I say, ‘my name is Kevin,’ right? Or you can just say, ‘no.’ But don’t ever say ‘yes’ in that situation because then you entered into their agreement. It’s funny that the word ‘name’ in the Bible, and a lot of this is biblical, that’s the thing to understand. The word ‘name’ comes from a Hebrew word meaning it’s the plaque you hang on a slave to identify them.
A: Interesting.
K: Yes, that’s what a ‘name’ is.
A: Very interesting.
K: So a name is the way you are identified as a slave in the system. If you have no name – it’s interesting, in the Bible God says, ‘I Am, I Am who I Am.’ I exist. I’m a freeborn soul and I have no name, I just am. And as long as you do that, they have no authority over you.
A: Oh, that’s beautiful. You know one of the things that we were just discussing the other day was, the absolute signficance of language and how we have been dumbed-down across the world as to how important it it to know the language that you are using or that you signing off on. And we are oblivious to much of what is being presented to us, you know, deliberately, so . . .
K: Right, we have to educate ourselves and that is the point. And unfortunately, people live in a quick-fix culture when they start getting into this they say, ‘okay, explain everything in three minutes and tell me what to do.’ Well, that’s part of the slave conditioning. We are not here to tell you what to do. We are trying to enwaken your minds and you will learn what to do yourself. And these are kind of guidelines along the road. It’s almost as though we are addressing the minority of us who have awoken already to some degree, and realize that we’ve got to take action for ourselves. It’s not going to be done for us by anybody.
A: Yeah, yeah. Well, I wanted to also bring up the delegation regarding your trip to Rome and London, and I thought it was really interesting that you mentioned that there will be a jubilee week set of actions from June 30th to July 6th. Can you talk a little bit more about that, and also the fact that you have put the message out to everyone, that you are recognizing that your life is in far more danger than maybe even before you thought. How are you addressing that right now?
K: Well, I have an example of this. When I was in Ireland a few days ago, there was an attempt to gangst on me and swarm me, people were waiting outside the hotel for me when I arrived. And nobody knew about that hotel reservation. I did it over a computer, so obviously, somebody read my computer. And the only people who can do that is, you know, corporate entities, or government or church. And there was a gang waiting for me in Ireland. That’s one example of the kinds of the attack that are coming down now. Fortunately, we had other arrangements in place and other people there to help us, so we were able to avoid that. But that’s only because we have a network going. The thing that you mentioned in the first week in July: The various Belgian politicians who are working with us now have said they are going to come over with me to England. We are going to come in together as a group. And we’re going to have video recording, and a media group there with us. We are going to walk right through the door and challenge them to try to stop us. Because what we plan to do is to go directly to Buckingham Palace and these churches and other locations and enforce the stand down orders.
Now these stand down orders are important because the – the Crown of England and the Vatican can be convicted as criminal bodies. It means that all of their agents and officers have to stand down from their oaths of allegiance, whether it be to the Queen or to the Pope or anybody. In effect we are kind of dismantling the system and we’re saying, look, you guys have no legitimate authority anymore. And we are going to enforce that. But we called it a jubilee, because the whole jubilee tradition says that every forty-nine years the society is to rest, the way the earth rests – to recover. And we are saying that’s it’s time for these corrupt institutions stand down now, so people can rebuild and do it in a fair and just way. That’s going to be a great public event. There’s going to be actions happening at the same time, attempted citizen arrests of these convicted parties and that kind of thing. So that’s what we are working on. We figured that bold approach was the only way to go with this because the more public that we are, the more they tend to shrink into the dark. Because, you know, they operate through lies and fear, those are they’re only two weapons. 
A: Now I found the dates that you chose to be very, very interesting, especially from predictions and astrological standpoints. Is there a reason you chose those dates?
K: Those dates were actually arrived at by the governing body of the tribunal and I ‘m not sure what their rationale was. But do you have more information about what those dates represent, because I was curious myself?
A: Yeah, because basically once June 21st on arrives, it’s pretty much all bets are off. And I really do believe that the summertime, from the summer solstice on, is really a very empowering time for humanity, if they continue to stand up and stand in their truth. We are at a point of accountability where we’re having to make decisions and choices. Do we want to stay in the comfort zone, which isn’t necessarily really resonating that well with us, you know what I mean? Like with our higher conscience, or are we willing to really become courageous and stand tall and in our truth. And this is very much supported from the summer solstice on.
K: No, I think that is all very true and it’s definitely a power time, for sure. Now I think the simplest way for people to do that is to realize that these authorities live through illusion and they get us all to believe that they have an authority that they do not actually have. The moment that we begin taking back our authority – and that means not even in an obvious way – like not paying your taxes, but simply an inner recognition that they have no power and that we are the ones, the source is within ourselves and when we reclaim that their authority starts to collapse, and I’ve seen that all over, in a lot of the journeying that I’ve been doing, a lot of the travels, I see that all over.
And the biggest problem now is ourselves. We’ve been conditioned to defer back all of the time. Well, ‘they could arrest us,’ or all of this nonsense. The point is, in the situation where they are confronting us, every time that we have evoked the stand down orders, they’ve backed down. (Wow) Yeah. We’ve done church occupations in Canada for a number of years now, where we say that to the police when they show up, we say, ‘you are supporting a criminal body when you try to defend this churches. We have every right to be here in these tax-payer-funded churches.’ And every time the police back off, they do not try to evict us from the church or anything. So they know that we are right. And that’s an example of when you push the issue, you win. And people have to wake up to that fact and not be afraid.  
A: You know, this is a perfect example of how everything is intertwining because I’m not sure if you are familiar with Veronica Keen, but she has been working very diligently on a Ley Line Project. And although it’s not on a so-called 3D physical level with common law, it’s etherically uniting a network of people together to send light and love and protection through these ley lines to cast out the darkness. And the fact that that’s going on at the same time that you are doing this, it just feels – it’s very, very exciting, it feels as if you are coming to a place Kevin, at the end of June where you’re going to have a huge breakthrough by doing this.
K: Yes, and I have felt that for a while and I know now that it’s already begun.(Yeah) So it’s happening as we speak.
A: I agree. Now tell us a little bit about, now something went down on May 1st. You actually enforced an annulment order against the Church of Rome. Can you talk to us about that? 
K: Yeah, it started in Europe on Easter, which was on April 20, 2014, Easter Sunday. One of the powerful places in Europe is Maastricht, which is a community in Holland. It’s the place that they chose to sign the European Union treaty back in 1990, the Maastricht Treaty. And it’s not accidental, because that was the location of the very first Catholic/Roman Church was built outside of Italy in the 4th century. And we chose that place because it’s a source of a lot of this power. Now what I did was we issued this thing called the Maastricht Proclamation which basically said that legally the Catholic Church is already disestablished, it’s a criminal body, it trafficks human beings, it’s committed murder, it launders money for criminal bodies, therefore it is a criminal organization. It has lost any kind of lawful authority. But spiritually now as well. Well, as a matter of fact, I completed the cycle of exorcisms that began in 2009 in Rome and basically said, spiritually, it’s disestablished. It has no authority. It claims in its own doctrine that it was given to the authority on earth by St Peter. That of course, is not valid. There is no historical evidence of that at all. But you notice on the symbol of the Vatican, they have these two keys which is supposed to be representing the key to heaven and the key to earth. Well, basically, what we said is, that is nullified. That entire notion is out the window now. They have no authority either on heaven or on earth.
And what that did is opened it up to now saying to people all over the world, ‘you don’t have to have any kind of association with this institution anymore. You can leave.’ It’s kind of like the counterpart to what we say ‘you can form these common law courts.’ Spiritually, people are not bound to these religious institutions at all anymore. And we are beginning to see it unravel. It is interesting that after we did that, I began to get calls for the first time from people like, for example, in Catholic Churches in Ireland wanting – these were die-hard Catholics who were beginning to say, ‘well, is this true?’ Before they would just condemn us. Now they are saying, ‘send me more information.’ I am even getting that from Catholic priests. Now that shows you that there’s definitely something stirring.
A: That’s huge! That’s rocking their whole foundation. 
K: It is. 
A: You probably haven’t seen this video, but there’s a video entitled, ‘The Lies NASA Told.’ And what I find absolutely fascinating with what you have just brought up regarding the papal keys is, they do a dissertation on what they perceive to be the papal keys and how they represent the East and the West gate and they are basically escape routes from the matrix and this was just officially according to this video, the West gate, which was the gate of the dark, was basically blown up, it was shut down. And she was insinuating that the dark are trapped, they really have no escape plan at this point. I find it very interesting that you are on a completely different layer of justice here and it’s all at the same time.
K: Yeah, it is. It’s that convergence that’s going on. You see it everywhere. That’s why the key now is to start thinking in a new way and living in a new way in light of this new world that we have been given. So that is the challenge to all of us now.
A: I totally agree. Now talk to us a little bit about the seizure of the property and the assets of the churches. How do you see that playing out with these people? I know you mentioned this before in the last interview. But are people really taking that seriously in various countries?
K: Oh, I’ll give you one example. In Coventry they have been doing that. They have been going in to Catholic Churches and inviting – for example, there’s the main cathedral in Coventry, a woman called Rianne and her group have been going in there with single moms and their kids and are just occupying it. They’ve been using it as their own daycare center. At first, they tried to call the cops on them, and they said, ‘go ahead, this a public space.’ So they have been occupying that space. It’s a matter of organization. Because for example, one of the jobs of the common law sheriffs that we are training as we speak, is they are going to be authorized to go in and seize those assets and property. Because don’t forget, this is a criminal organization. The money that goes in that collection plate is being handed over to the Mafia. It’s being used to launder criminal money to invest in criminal organizations all over the planet. The arms industry, Monsanto, the list goes on and on. So the citizens have the right to take back money that would be used for criminal purposes. This is the bigger framework that we are putting of all of this in. You have to understand what the beast is. And so at that point, people are completely authorized lawfully to go in and do that.
A: That is amazing. Now do you have any reports of that sort of thing going on in the United States?
K: Umm, we haven’t had, for example, a specific story where I did this in this church on this date. On other issues it has happened, for example, when I was working for years on the genocide of the native people we had, for example, native folks in the Lakota region, in South Dakota from the Pine Ridge Reserve, they seized actually local Catholic churches and told the priest to get out and he did. They reclaimed those churches. They did the same thing in the Six Nations territory in Ontario.
A: Right on!
K: They’ve had church seizures,  yes, definitely native people have done that. But again, it’s the whole kind of myth that we don’t have the right to do that. When if fact, it’s the other way around. They’re the criminals, we have every right to take back – every church in North America is supported by tax payers. But on the condition that they operate as charitable societies. But as soon as they stop doing that and engage in criminal activities, all bets are off. So this is the point that we keep trying to make with people.
A: Interesting. Now you brought up the Vatican Bank at one point and I just have to tell you this. I found a website, I thought this was really interesting, I was doing some searching on the Vatican Bank, just to see, what’s been going on with them. Now get this, okay. One year ago, they announced that Germany’s Ernst von Freyberg was named the new head of the Vatican Bank. Are you familiar with him? (Yeah, umhmm)  Okay, that was twelve months. At ten months beforehand Pope Francis sets up a commission to review the activities of the Vatican Bank because an investigation began, okay. Then another ten months the investigation goes even deeper, they start beginning to follow money smuggling and scandal involving the monsignor. And then six months ago, another Vatican investigation takes place regarding laws that make public financing fully transparent to become more open. Now one month ago, Pope Francis approved, I just have to ask you about this, continued existence of the Vatican Bank, a new plan, and rules to be presented to the Council of Cardinals. I can’t help but feel that your work is really affecting and putting the squeeze on them, along with a lot of other things that are going on in the planet. But what I wanted to ask you was, what exactly is he alluding to as far as the new plans for the existence of the Vatican Bank?
K: Well, all of that talk, don’t forget what you hear in the media is what they put out for public consumption. It’s usually 180 degrees different from what they are actually doing. It’s like any politician, or any spin campaign, designed to distract while you’re looking over there and you’re not seeing what they’re doing over here.
A: Correct.
K: In fact, what has been going on, and we know this from a number of insiders within the Vatican. In fact, one of the people who gave us those Jesuit documents about the Ninth Circle confirms this. They are doing a kind of a smoke and mirrors campaign right now to keep people unaware of the fact that they are transferring major amounts of money out of the Vatican Bank into German and Chinese banks. And one of the reasons that we know Ratzinger is still in charge and not – Pope Francis is a figure head caretaker showman. He’s not actually the Pope according to these people in Rome. He doesn’t wear the papal ring, he doesn’t live in the Vatican, he makes statements like he doesn’t see anything wrong with homosexual priests for example, and then the other Cardinals will come out and say he doesn’t represent Church policy. Well, how can he if he was the Pope, right?
A: Correct.
K: So, in other words he’s not really the pope. He’s in there to distract – Ratzinger is clearly in charge, hence all of the Germans appointed to run things. It’s really part of a – on one level this new alliance forming in the world between Russian and China geopolitically and the Vatican is lining up with them. I think that’s why Obama went over there with Queen Elizabeth to kind of plead for the Vatican to get back in their camp. I don’t think that’s either here or there. The point is, this is all an indication of an institution in real crisis. And in another example, in terms of the horrible hypocrisy going on with Jorge Bergoglio, the so-called Pope Francis comes out and says, oh no, we have a new policy of not allowing child rape in the Catholic Church, he says that over and over.
A: Right.     
K: And then the other day, he came out – the Italian bishops came out and said, we will not report child rape to the police. They said that. That is to confirm the policy of crimen solicitationasthat says that priests or bishops will not report child rape when it happens. They will break the law, in other words, and endanger children. The pope came out and agreed with them. So he says one thing to the press and within the Church he turns around and continues to play games. That’s an indication that things do not really change in Rome. They are just masters of – especially the Jesuits – are masters of deception, and that is what is going on.
A: They are masters. Now it’s interesting. I was going to ask you, you did the April 7th court of law, that’s when it started, right?
K: Yes.
A: Okay. On April 4th it says this is one of the headlines. It says, ‘no mandatory reporting of Italian norms for handling abuse allegations. The Italian Bishops’ Conference encouraged its members to cooperate with civil authorities in cases of clerical sexual abuse but said, the bishops have no legal obligation to report abuse allegations to the police or other civil authorities.’ It’s right there in black and white, right there.
K: They’re saying that they are above the law. They don’t have to obey the law. Now that’s an honest statement of what Canon law is. The church considers itself the only authority on earth. It says that all other laws and governments are null and void and the Canon law is the only functional law. That’s how they view it.
A: Wow. Unbelievable.
K: That’s why they know that they can kill and rape children with impunity because they’re self-governing. So as long as governments allow them to do that and people allow them to do that, it’s going to continue.
A: But I have to say Kevin, the amount of press and publications that are coming out in order to kind of do the offensive campaign about of all this trafficking is amazing. I was doing a little digging. April 10th, okay, this is only a couple days later. Pope praises the police church network to stop trafficking and meets with the victims. I just wanted to ask you about this. Do you know anything about this?
K: Well, you know, when they say victims those are the officially approved people. Like we’ve found, having worked with survivor groups, survivors of church rape for many years, in every country what they tend to do is find those survivors who are willing to play along, (Right) for example, not sue the church. They say, ‘oh, we want to help, and heal, and recover, and forgive, and blah blah blah ad nauseum.’ Those people will get funded and recognition and all the media attention. Whereas the other groups are saying, ‘well, children were killed and we want the bodies returned, we want to prosecute these people,’ they are blacked out, they’re not funded, they’re attacked, the media never reports them. So there’s really two groups that you are talking about. So yeah, all of it is again the same old show making people think that change is happening, meanwhile working to make sure that it doesn’t, in the background.
A: Now do you have any information, it says here the Vatican was not ordered to appear before the UN committee. There has been an awful lot of articles about their meeting with the United Nations and their adherence to their anti-torture treaties and all of that. Do you have any kind of lowdown on that?
K: Yeah. Well, I did a statement in New York a few months ago, it’s up at itccs.org about all of this. In effect, you see, there was a series of UN meetings that the Vatican was ordered to report to and they were supposed to address things like give them guarantees to the UN that they would start reporting child rape, that they would give the names of priests who have hurt children, etcetera. The Vatican basically didn’t comply. They said, no, we don’t have to expose any of that to you. And in return, the UN said ‘well, then that’s not good of you. You know, we condemn you for that.’ But there’s no enforcement at all, because they don’t have – the UN could have done things like expel the Vatican from UN committees, they could have called on their affiliated countries to end the tax exemptions from the Catholic Church, all of this stuff, weapons they could be using against a child-raping organization. There are official policies to protect child rapists. Now none of that happened, and one of the reasons is the Vatican is a heavy funder in the UN, just like the IMF is –
A: Interesting. 
K: So it’s a hand puppet show.
A: Well, okay, this is a question I had for you. So the latest was Cardinal O’Malley, are you familiar with this case? He was supposedly accused of clerical sexual abuse and they are saying they recommend stricter standards and all of this stuff. And I was wondering what happens to those that make out as their poster board saying, ‘oh you don’t want to be like this priest,’ or ‘you don’t want to like this person?’ What actually happens to that individual? I mean, are they excommunicated from the church?
K: No, they’re never excommunicated, no, no  –
A:  from the files?
K: No, they’re put on a pension, and retired, and put out of sight. They’re not reprimanded in any way. You see, what they’ve done is not wrong, in church canon law. (Aha) It’s not a crime to rape a child under canon law. It’s a sin. Sins can be forgiven. What the crime is is to report it. It’s like in the Mafia, they have their law of silence, omerta, because the Mafia and the Catholic Church are the same organization when you look at who is really running it. It has for centuries. Their law is – the big crime is to talk about it, not to do it. So the attitude is, ‘okay, well, society is upset that we’ve hurt children, we’ll take this guy in and put him out of sight for a while.’ That’s their reprimand of their own. And I know this is true, not just in the Catholic Church, all of the churches tend to do this. That they know that they are above the law. And they can do whatever they like.
A: It’s just disgusting. My god. (Yeah) I mean –
K: It’s abominable.What I don’t get is, right at a human level when you’re talking to people in the churches about this, I was just talking to a woman in Nova Scotia who is doing work with us. She said I went down to the local Anglican Church and I tried to talk to them about these facts that you have proven about the crimes of these churches. The people were not horrified that tens of thousands of children had died. They were immediately picking holes, ‘oh, where did you get your information, oh we can’t stop giving money to the church, oh, blah blah blah.’ There was no emotional reaction, no horror and outrage. (Wow) And so you know, as long as you’ve got that, yeah, these crimes are going to carry on.
A: Well, I mean, I know that from one level you’re going after the exposure and empowering people with the common law but do you feel that the Vatican Bank has – that’s the other part, is the financial arm that keeps this going – do you feel that they are experiencing a pinch in their funds?
K: Not really. There’s a lot of theory, you know, going on – they rob from each other all the time. And that’s why they’re feeling a pinch, not because the quote ‘faithful’ are stopping their funding. They pull in over 50 billion a year just off the collection plate. In over 100 countries they get tax payer’s money handed to them by these financial concordats. Tax payers don’t even know that they are funding this criminal body. So it’s not that, so much as that they’re robbing from each other. In the classic case of the Vatican Bank, the pope who was murdered in 1978 for basically, the story was, a Banco Ambrosiano -which is where he was from – he was from Milan, was getting ripped off by a another section of the Vatican Bank and he began to investigate that on behalf of his benefactors from Milan and they killed him for it. He was killed by what’s called the Holy Alliance which is the Jesuits spy and assassination agency. They’re also the ones that are trying to shut down our court in Brussels which is why we are operating under tighter security now. But the point is that thieves fall out among themselves and this is the main source of their crisis right now, not because there is some kind of outrage happening from within the Catholic Church. Although like we said, there is beginning to have stirrings of that.
A: Incredible. And you mentioned that this is historical, right? that Pope Benedict [Francis?] who is the so-called acting as the acting Pope but he really is not – is this historical for this to happen?
K: Oh well, they’ve done this before. They’ve had two or three popes serving at the same time in history. They have this two – I know in Vancouver one of the archbishops had a nervous breakdown, probably because we were occupying his church all the time and talking about this stuff. But anyway he went into a hospital somewhere and they brought in another archbishop to – it’s called a coadjutor – they can rule alongside the other archbishop. So if they can do that, popes can do that, right? You notice they made this big thing the other day of beautifying two popes. I thought it was quite hilarious – they turned John XXIII into a saint.
A: I saw that.
K: He was the one who brought in – he exanded this policy crimen solicitationas that orders priests to cover-up child rape. He expanded that back in 1962 at the Vatican Council there. He extended that policy to cover all orders within the Catholic Church, like the Franciscans, the Dominicans, everybody. So I guess you’ve got to be a big crook to get turned into a saint. That is his claim to fame.
A: So Kevin, you know about these policies and you know that they were passed and implemented in 1962. How can we get that more publicized? How can we get our hands on that information, is it possible?
K: Oh, it’s all printed. It’s everywhere. All you have to do is to type into a Google search crimen and it will come up. It was leaked – the document was leaked by the London Observer ten years ago. We’re printed the whole document and people can go to hiddennolonger.com and you go to Appendix No. 9 and it’s all right there. Just give people the link. It’s not so much, not being able to give this to people, it’s the mental resistance you get from people. ‘Oh, that can’t be true. Or what can I do about it?’ That attitude. But we need to get that into libraries and in schools, just out in the general public and we are. I mean, there are thousands of people now who are aware of this that weren’t before, I would say even millions, when you look at the kinds of the responses that we are getting now.
A: I think that this is such a great idea. So let’s do this again. So you want them to go to hiddennolonger.com, right? (Yup) Appendix 9, right? (Yup) And that actually has all of the legal language of what was passed in 1962 that basically makes child rape okay and lawful within the Vatican.
K: Yeah. It’s called crimen solicitationas. It’s actually been around since 1929 when the modern Vatican was created by the Italian dictator Mussolini by the Lateran Treaty. They created the Vatican Bank and this policy of crimen solicitationas at the same time. And it basically said, I think in Article 8 or 11, I can’t remember which, it refers to a pontifical secret which means the pope orders everybody to be quiet about this. And so it’s coming right from the top of their organization and it says that the police are not to be informed and the victim is to be silenced. It says that in black and white, that it’s to be kept within the church. So I mean if any organization did that, told it’s members to protect child rapists, just imagine what would happen! But when you’ve got trillions of dollars at your disposal you can buy justice.
A: Well imagine what could be done if a network of people across the world unified their actions and plastered those all over the place. Because it’s kind of like that saying where you know, when you first put out the information they go into shock,  and then they go into anger, and then after awhile, it’s like oh yeah, I know that’s true.
K: Well, that’s exactly what we need to do. In fact, Alexandra, we have leaflets that pass out at Catholic churches all the time saying, ‘Be careful this is a dangerous place if you have a child, and if you know children, if they are raped here it’s going to be covered-up. Every priest is involved in a criminal conspiracy to protect child rapists. So do not give money to this church, do not bring your child in here, it’s dangerous.’ We hand that out, we make reference, give them the websites, to the crimens document. That’s an important thing that people can be doing. Just reaching people at the grassroots like that really has an affect. So I would urge people, they can write to me at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com and we could send you copies of these leaflets.
A: Fantastic. Oh that’s great. So I wanted to find out what has been the response after your final exorcism. What are feeling as far as an energetic level and on a physical level with the changes from that?
K: It’s funny, when I was in Europe after it, I was around in situations that were fairly dangerous, yet I felt very empowered and in light a lot of the time, just a lot of good openings happening. And I think that things change from the inside out. And I feel that these institutions are crumbling from the inside out. We may not see it right away, but we sure feel it. And you can go by these Catholic cathedrals, there will be ten or twenty people in there on a Sunday. People see through this now. I remember, I was with a group of people the day we did the Maastricht Proclamation at that church, and then we went down to another church down the road and we began to hand this stuff out to the people going in and they weren’t hostile, they were just amazed, they had never heard about any of this stuff. And that’s why there’s a tremendous opportunity to educate people. But you’ve got to reach them at the grassroots and not ever try to go through the institution or anything. Just reach people one on one and start educating them. That’s what really changes things.
A: A really good point. And we don’t want people to put themselves in jeopardy and at the same time if we all do this together, it really would be a moot point, wouldn’t it, Kevin?
K: Yeah. That’s why we are setting up these common law groups to educate the community but also to set up courts to say ‘you have the power now to do these things. You don’t have to wait for politicians,’ who are often funded by these criminals, cops, and others. We are the law ourselves, especially when it has to do with the protection of children anywhere. That’s our absolute bottom line.
A: So you are so astute in the history of the Vatican and the Catholic Church and I thought what I would ask you to do today is to review with us, how did this institution gain so much power. Now I know on the one hand we relinquished our power, our authority to them, but I thought it would be really interesting to go over some of the key historical things that went down, such as the Inquisition and things like that. And I know that you know so much about it. Would you be willing to do that?
K: Yeah, well, to really understand the Catholic Church you’ve got to understand it’s really the Roman Empire. And all of the symbols, the terms, the popes, the title that he has for himself, pontifex maximus, ‘great bridge,’ all of those were terms the Roman Emperor used. What the Catholic Church really is, it isn’t a Christian faith at all, because it doesn’t believe that Christ is the mediator between humanity and God, they believe the pope is.
A: True.
K: And that is not a Christian idea. That came from what was called the cult of Sol invictus which means ‘the sun triumphant’ – the sun in the sky. It was created by this Roman Emperor Aurelian in around 280 AD and it said, the emperor in Rome is both deus et dominus, which means ‘god and master.’ It means that the Roman Emperor is the master of everybody in heaven and on earth. And Constantine adopted that title and so has every pope since then, because the popes are really a new name for the emperors. So you know the Christian rhetoric fools people a lot of the time. You have to realize you are dealing with the oldest empire on the planet, that’s where a lot of the power comes from. So yeah, when you look at the history of the church, it enforced its power constantly through the sword. It repudiated the most basic teachings of Jesus about non-violence. It’s all there, if you just read the history. But the problem is we’ve had this brainwashing going on, where we think a cross, for example, represents Christ when it doesn’t, it really represents an energy grid. You see, the early symbol, the only symbol that the Christian Church had for 300 years was the fish, which was really an infinity symbol, if you look at it. An open ended infinity symbol.
A: Good point.
 K: That was replaced by the cross which was really a grid pattern. You have a grid system of streets in cities in the world because of the Roman Army. When they came into an area they would set up an Roman army camp, the grid network and out of that towns evolved. But when you look at that energy, it’s entrapment. It’s like the symbol of the cross, you’ve got a man here impaled on a cross, his hands and feet, and those are the most sacred parts when you think about it – our feet attach us to Mother Earth, our hands are means of healing and touching, they are being nailed bodily to this piece of wood. It’s like pinning us into this grid and it’s channeling the energies, the innate godness within us. It’s trapped it. So they had to murder Christ, which they did, and then took that energy and entrapped it into the church which is like a substitute. And spiritually that has been going on from the beginning of the Catholic Church and it makes perfect sense when you look at it, the way it operates. So the power is derived from that – talking to Catholics, the fear that operates in them, when you start saying, ‘well, the pope’s a criminal,’ they say, ‘well, he can’t be, basically he’s God.’ Well open your Bibles it says, ‘Call no one on earth Father because you have one Father in heaven.’  It goes on and on.
A: Right. 3:49
K: And the Bible refutes the Catholic Church at every point which is one of the reasons that they used to burn anyone who would try printing a Bible in their own language. It’s all of these things when you look at the history, but it’s our own mental conditioning that we have to overcome to look clearly at that stuff.
A: Kevin, what do you think is the true underlying significance of Henry VIII and his divorcing of so many queens, regarding the Vatican?
K: Well, the very fact that a king said to Rome, ‘well no, I’m the head of the church, you are not,’ that sent a shock wave especially when it was happening right at the time of the Reformation, when Luther and Calvin and others were saying, ‘you don’t need a mediator of the church. Everyone can have that faith relationship with God directly, you don’t need the church.’ That send out real warning bells and that’s actually why the Jesuits were created during the Counter-Reformation in the 1500s to stamp that out. And one of the main tools they used was through propaganda and education. The Jesuits’ whole strategy was to set up universities all over Europe to counter the Protestant Reformation and free thinking and humanism and all of that. All of that is kind of the plan to keep their control over people’s minds. And that’s really what it comes down to.
A: And therefore, all the immense amount of funding and work with the mind control.
K: Yeah. When you trace all of that stuff, all of that mind control research originally came out of Nazi Germany, but when you trace it back even further, close Vatican ties, the Vatican funded all of that stuff. Even today, you can look at the Knights of Malta, you know, this Catholic organization, every head of the CIA, all of these doctors who work with MK Ultra program, presidents, even Nelson Mandela, they’re all Knights of Malta. It doesn’t take too much research to find that out.
A: Right. Right. Now you mentioned something about the grid pattern. Are you familiar with Michael Tellinger?
K: Yeah.
A: I went to one of his lectures here in my area and I was just absolutely blown away. I just wanted to share this with the audience if you haven’t heard this. But basically, this grid is so much more than what we perceive it to be, I mean like the grid around the planet or these ancient gridlines, ley lines, basically what they have done, they’ve set up every major city with – if you were to pull away from the planet and look down upon the way that they structured these streets and the major buildings and any location where there was a very large amalgamation of people, they’ve basically set it up like a circuit board.
K: Yeah. Exactly, yeah.
A: It just blew my mind!
K: Right. The whole thing, the whole evolution has been, well, I wouldn’t say evolution, it hasn’t been natural, it’s been directed, but the whole movement has been towards making people part of the machine. Components in a machine. You know. So it’s funny, the Corporation of the United States, not the United States of America, but the United States Corporation – it’s motto is e pluribus unum which means ‘From Many One,’ turning the diversity of nature into one thing, the machine. That’s the corporate thinking. The opposite of that is From One Many. From One Source there’s infinite diversity in nature. And that’s what the common law believes as opposed to the whole corporate thinking. So it’s really two totally different energy patterns on the planet. Yes, and the Vatican kind of pioneered all that thousands of years ago.
A: I know, You just have to take your hat off to them because they’re absolutely brilliant. The way that they put this whole thing together. Now what is your feeling about the obelisks? Are they really empowering the Catholic Church? 
K: Oh, well, it’s interesting that you mention the obelisks because when I was in Paris two weeks ago we were standing right in the Place de la Concorde. It’s kind of in the center of Paris and there’s this huge obelisk and they’ve got gold-plate – now gold is a high conductor of electricity (Yes) and along with water. There’s a gold cap, right at the cap of the pyramids it’s gold and there’s water in the space. And when you look at the lines, at one end you have the Parliament, the National Assembly, and at the other end you have a church at the other end of the line opposite the Place de la Concorde, you’ve got this old Catholic Church. In the other direction you have the Opera House, everything is lined up on this grid pattern and in every corner. And I said to the people that I was with, this is amazing, at every point there is a little, some kind of gold worked into the structure. So around the circle and through the lines there is gold at every point. So what is this – conducting electricity, right?
A: Exactly. Exactly.
K: You see exactly the same thing in Vatican Square in Rome.
A: And what people really are not getting is, let’s say, you have a congregation of people that come in on a Sunday, somebody has just been buried, there’s a funeral there the day before, there’s been tons of people sobbing and sad and sorrowful and hysterical (umhmm) and that energy is still there and they’re using that, folks.
K: Yeah, they feed of that. That’s what we what understand now. They’re feeding off fear and grief. And everytime a Catholic looks up and sees a man impaled on a piece of wood, it feeds that fear. (Yes) And that shame. And it’s interesting when you do more research into the original Hebrew of the Old Testament. The translation of the so-called fall of man is very different than what’s in the English translation. It basically talks about an ancient race called the Alahim [Elohim] who destroyed the earth. It is not creating, it’s destroying the earth. And out of that they created a slave race called man and then the serpent which was the symbol of wisdom and beauty in the ancient Near East, the serpent comes and liberates mankind and gives them knowledge of who they are, right? But the Church interprets that as a bad thing, you aren’t supposed to become self-aware, right.
A: How do you decipher, because I know that you’re a big proponent of the Bible, do you agree that much of the Bible has been re-written and re-configured?
K: Totally. A: Okay.
 K: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. A lot of it is designed – you know when you look at the origin of it – the Bible was completely a political document. Created originally – what’s called the vulgate, which is the Latin translation from the Hebrew and the Greek, the officially approved Catholic Bible in the 4th century, the 4th and 5th century. They edited out all of the existing gospels, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gnostics, Thomas, (Yes), all of that edited right out. In one of my congregations I used to bring in the Gospel of Mary and I would read it and it talks about wisdom and the secret teachings of Jesus and the gnosis, the secret knowledge, and it blew people away. They said is that in the Bible? I said, well it was part of the teachings, it was just censored out. And when you go back you see a totally different story, when you kind broaden your view beyond just what people consider normally the Bible.
A: Do you agree that there has been a lot of scuttlebutt lately as to the fact that Christ, his death was possibly around that year? of 400? Have you heard anything about that?
K: No, no, I hadn’t heard about that.
A: That’s kind of rotating around in the internet. I haven’t done a lot digging to see what’s behind that whole thing. But I wanted to ask you what is your opinion about the seal of the Catholic Church. Like how does the Catholic Church – there’s a lot of discussion right now about how we get sealed by the religions, okay. And of course, and I think it’s in prophecy, right? within the New Testament.
K: Well, it’s within that, it’s like anthropology when you study different religions and making people sick through magic can only happen when the person believes in the magic in the first place. Similarly, you find with this whole thing with the Catholic religion is, they fervently have to believe, first of all, that the pope has something to do with God. And there’s all that whole fear created around it, but at kind of a legal level, the argument has been made that when somebody is baptized, it’s part of the Incorporation. It’s like when you register your child at birth. And part of the argument is that the Vatican actually ends up owning all of those baptisms, as legal documents. So it’s kind of like the counterpart of, in the law, when this corporate entity is created in your name, right? that the government can now make money off. Similarly the way the church uses it, they’re making spiritual capital off every baptism. So that’s why they freaked out when other churches baptize because they’re cutting into their franchise, right? (Wow) That’s how they literally believe that they control people’s souls. They think they are God. And because they are God they can kill children, they commit any kind of atrocity and they’re not accountable.
A: My god.
K: Yes. It’s the most evil thing that has ever existed on our planet.
A: I agree with you.
K: Now how does the black sun fit into the whole scheme?
K: You mean the black pope?
A: There’s apparently a lot of reference to the black sun with the Illuminati, right. And I’m wondering is there some sort of bridge between that and what the Vatican is following?
K: I’m trying to read more about that. There are different interpretations of that. But we know the Illuminati were set up by the Jesuits because, in fact, when they did the song and dance with the Vatican they were actually banned for a number of years, and during that period of time in 1774 or 1773 the Illuminati were created. And the symbol of the Illuminati is the same as the symbol of the Jesuits, the IHS, and the sun. Part of it was, it was right in that period of time when the French Revolution and the American Revolution were breaking the monopoly on Catholic control of people’s minds. And they needed – that was the whole Jesuit thing, they were the bulldog, the Pope’s private army to wipe out any opposition. I think the whole Illuminati thing and everything is connected to that. And it’s interesting that when we’re tracing this child sacrifice network, the Ninth Circle and that, again and again there’s evidence linking it to the Jesuits sources, that it was in fact started by the Jesuits believing that you capture the spiritual power of people through these rituals, right? And the sacrifice and the killing of the newborn and this belief gives them spiritual power.
A: And so all these people that are starting to show up and are starting to give you evidence are you finding more and more people becoming bolder and more courageous in finally coming forward with these atrocities?
K: Yeah. Definitely. If you stay at anything long enough you create an environment where people feel, you know, that it’s more legitimate to talk about it. Like in Canada now the corporate media even are talking about children dying in the Residential Schools. They came out the other day and admitted tens of thousands of children died, which I’ve been saying since 1998 from records. So it shows you they eventually admit the truth of something, but they spin it in their own way, to make it look like,
‘yeah, we are releasing this and we are on top of it, we’re doing this right.’ That’s the downside. The upside is it then gives people the sense, okay, it’s legitimate to talk about this and more eyewitnesses come forward. And we’re finding the same thing is happening with all of this exposure about child rape and everything in the Catholic Church, yes, there’s insiders that are coming forward now.
A: That’s fantastic. I’m wondering going back to the Illuminati, I have heard that there is an Illuminati faction that is very much of the light. Do you agree with that? Have you run into that?
K: I’ve run into some people who – well, I guess it depends on how you view it. I would say, yeah, they operate in the institution and they believe that they can change it. And I don’t agree with them. I think you have to get right out and just get back in a direct relationship with what’s good – you don’t need this institution at all. (Correct) But I have met people like that for sure including in Rome. They’ve been useful in terms of providing information. How valid their information is, you have to use other sources, to confirm it. I see that happening. Like any elite they have to create the impression that they’re monolithic and all powerful, when in fact, they are not. They have factions, they have differences, they’re at each others throats all the time. They just hide that from us. And this is beginning – when the crisis starts in the system you get palace coups happening. That’s one of the reasons why Ratzinger had to step down for a while. But it’s really not so much the individuals, it’s the beast itself that we are talking about when we say, ‘these institutions.’
A: Well, the only reason that I say that is, I remember, gosh this goes back years ago, I saw a bootlegged video from a friend of mine and it was filmed in Italy and the individual you could not see his face or anything like that, but he was basically coming out and saying look, there is this other Illuminati faction that wants to bring forth the truth. And he basically at that point said, ‘just watch us because it’s going to start happening.’ And I kind of thought to myself, well, everybody sooner or later with the amount of light coming onto the planet, you have to make a choice. Are you going to stay with this rotten core institution, I agree with you, it’s got to be brought down, decimated, boom done, you know. (hmhmm) But it seems to me like they would be a positive vehicle for some of the inside information, if they truly are desiring to be from the inside out.
K: Well, for sure, and we have been able to use people like that in the court cases. People give us documents, the guy who linked the crimen policy to the London newpaper and all that. That was in Latin buried in the secret archives of the Vatican then somebody decided to leak it to the London Observer. There’s always many agendas going on, that’s the thing. It’s like Sun Tzu says in ‘The Art of War.’ It’s about maneuver.
A: Isn’t it true, Kevin, that’s a good point. There are so many maneuvers going on. I love that because things are very murky for everybody right now. Because everything is coming to the surface, every opinion, every perception, every piece of truth, and we are really being faced with an overwhelming need to not only discern, but to choose. Okay, does that resonate, do I believe that, do I feel that that resonates to my core? This is a very challenging time for all of us.
K: It really is. It’s like a birth process, you know, it can be violent and bloody, it’s a time of disorientation, an enormous of cynicism and unwillingness to believe that something good can really exist. I find that’s part of the difficulty in the work I do. You’re immediately disbelieved.
A: Yeah, yeah.
K: About everything. Even when you’ve got hard evidence, even when you’ve got your own life experience to put forward. Something I get all the time – well, how can he still be alive? Like why haven’t they not knocked him by now. And the first thing I say to people is, well they have. They tried to kill me in many ways. They did everything possible short of a bullet. And when you persist through all of that they realize that, ‘okay, killing this guy now is going to be too obvious, let’s us just let him operate, keep monitoring what he does, try to discredit the hell out of him so nobody will listen to him’ and that’s still what they are doing with me. But my problem isn’t the opposition, the problem I have is with a lot of the people around us who can’t make the step from even saying, ‘okay yeah, it’s true what you’re saying’ to actually doing something concrete about it. It’s like people have lost the ability to act on what they know is true. (Yeah) I don’t know whether you could say it’s something they’re doing to our minds to do that, or whatever, but it’s really noticable. Now when I first got involved in activism, in the 70s, people were very different then. You’d call a meeting and two hundred people would show up. Now you’d be lucky to get ten, you know, (Yeah) with a lot of these issues.
A: Yeah, well, you know, not to make an excuse for humanity but we have definitely been deluged with every step of the way, a poison, a contaminant, a toxin, (yeah) an ELF, a HAARP wave, you name it, and they definitely have succeeded in quelling the beast, so to speak, the monster. Once people start getting beyond this, and it is happening, I really truly believe it’s happening, but once we start all really stepping into our power and remembering who we really are, we are unstoppable. We are actually at that point. We really truly are at that point. We just don’t realize it yet.
K: Yeah, I think so too. I agree. We are at that crossroads.
A: We really have reached that. I want to say one more thing to you. That is, I had a luncheon with someone yesterday and I wanted to pass this on to you, I thought it was very interesting. And she has the ability, she’s very clairvoyant. And she has the ability to see things that most people can’t, and she said that it’s becoming more and more common for her to walk around and when she sees people and they’re not paying attention to her seeing them, she sees no faces. And I said ‘well, wow, what are you insinuating?’ Well they talk about the soulless ones (Yes) walking the planet and there are a great deal of them. She said, ‘now I’m starting to see it.’ And I said, ‘well how many are you actually seeing?’ They’re all over the place. And the minute that they think that she sees them they put their face on. (Right) So this is definitely a time of really having to discern who is real and who is not. Who is coming from an position of sincere and integrity. I thank you for all that you do, Kevin. I really can’t say that enough. Now I know that you need to get going here so I wanted to ask you if there is any other announcement you’d like to make, or to let everybody before we let you go.
K: Well, starting in late June like I said, we’re going to be ramping up the work again and for people to follow itccs.org. And we are doing a community training now for the common law sheriffs and the positions in the courts. So if you want to be part of that write to me at hiddennolonger1@gmail.com. And like you just said, we have to recognize that this is a spiritual battle ultimately, and if we don’t have our integrity and our own soul then none of this work is going to be possible. So that’s where we start. We always have to start within in recovering ourselves. And resisting to this continual force that is pushing us to – I don’t know of any better word but the assimilation into the machine, (Yeah) that soulless machine that they want us to be part of. My best remedy for that is to get out from the matrix completely, turn off your machines, get out in Mother Earth, and just sit there, in barefeet on the earth and you’ll have a calmness and clarity that the Creator gives us. (Yes) And only then can we know what to do. So we have to keep that contact with the earth above of all else, and with each other, and with our children. Keep what’s normal and human, keep that front center and that’s how we’re going to be empowered to do this work. I guess it’s pretty obvious.
A: Thank you for that. You just are reminding me I need to do that today.
K: Good.
A: It’s a beautiful day here.
K: Yeah, it’s nice here too. I’m in Florida right now, it’s hot and clear. And I’m going to do that too.
A: Yeah, now where are you going next? What are your travel plans next?
K: Up through the mid-west. I’m working with some farmers in South Dakota who are trying to set up some common law courts. Going through Canada. And then I’m taking a little bit of time off. And in late June back over to Europe and start that whole cycle again.
A: And are you still coming down to my neck of the woods?
K: Yes. Yes I am. Down the West coast. It will either be before or after that. It’ll be sometime in the summer but I’ll certainly let you know.
A: Cool. Cool. Because a whole bunch of us are looking forward to doing a workshop with you.
K: Good. I look forward to that too.
A: Yeah. Well thank you, thank you, thank you. I just want you to know to keep me posted anytime if you feel that you need some spiritual warriorship and support on an etheric level, because I really do feel that we were successful in sending a huge wave of support to you.
K: I really felt it. And I know it works. I have constant proof of that in my life and I just want to thank everybody who is so steadfast in sending that kind of love and spiritual protection around me and the people that I work with. So I thank you all and I hope to see you all soon.
A: Yeah. Well, thank you Kevin. We love you and thanks everybody again for tuning in to Galactic Connection. I’m just going ahead and put this interview directly up on the web, by the way, Kevin. I’m not going to wait for the BBS Radio show. You’ll have this being aired today.
K: Thank you Alexandra. I’ll talk to you really soon.
A: You too, I’ll look forward to it. Take care.
K: Okay.
A: Bye, bye.
K: Goodbye.
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