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Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors, The Wave is Growing! Time To Take Our Rights Back, December 9, 2014

Alexandra: Hello, hello everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of the Galactic Connection.com and we are in the lovely month of December. Don’t you guys love December? It’s when everybody is actually really, really happy. Despite the fact that they might be lacking funding. Anyway, today is December 7th and I have kind of an impromptu interview again with Kevin Annett of the ITCCS.org. And I would like everyone to hang on because he’s got some more information. Again, if you are not familiar with Kevin Annett’s work, please review it at ITCCS.org. He is an community minister, a human rights consultant, and the Field Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. That is his big claim to fame, as well as he also was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – I’m thinking Wow, how did that come about, by the way?

Kevin: Some professors in America in aborignial societies, three of them nominated me in 2013.

Alexandra: That is so cool.

Kevin: Yeah.

Alexandra: And you know what, you deserve it. I know that you are on the front line with the very nasty subject and a lot of people don’t want to face it. But you do handle it with elegance and eloquence. A lot of us out here are really rootin’ for you. But anyway, folks, we have quite a bit to cover. Kevin and I are going to be doing more regular interviews because for the fact that things are really starting to move. And if you notice in the last interview, the teeth and the power behind Common Law is really starting to present itself to the world. And today, we are going to cover a variety of topics. One being – I would like to follow-up with Kevin on any of the latest information regarding Burnaby Mountain. We also will be talking about the Republic of Kanata. We’re going to be talking about the Dutch People’s Tribunal. We’re going to be talking about the ancient Roman holidays, and just a whole bunch of other stuff. So this should really be a meaty interview. If you have any questions feel free to drop Kevin an email and Kevin, can you give us your email address again.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com.

Alexandra: Okay, cool. As always, you can always access my interviews through the BBS tab at the top of GalacticConnection.com website. And I’m on Station 2. This will go up on Tuesday, under the BBS Radio tab if you didn’t miss it today. And just to remind you that we are a free service to the public. We do all of the interviews for free. We do the website for free. We do all of the blogging for free. So if you feel compelled at this holiday season to contribute any donations, even if it is the smallest amount I would greatly appreciate it. So anyway, at this time, Kevin, I really wanted to start off with your call to action with the Republic of Kanata. I thought that was a good place to start and it apparently, seems, as if a lot of people are realizing the strength of which the common law opportunities are coming forth after the Kinder Morgan dispute.

K: Right. Well, you know, it’s almost like you’re dealing with people who are walking around with a blindfold on and they don’t realize their own nature and power until it comes up and then they go Wow, look what we can do, look what we’ve done. That definitely happened in the case of the whole Kinder Morgen dispute. It’s really the first time in the history of Canada that a major environmental-destroying company, in this case, it’s a pipeline company, was made to stand off. And the RCMP – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – and the courts stood back as well, when the only thing compelling them to do that was the issuance of the Stand Down Order. Well, there was another aspect to that which we which we can talk about, but the Stand Down Order basically said, ‘you guys, you’re serving a criminally convicted body, known as the Crown of England and you have no authority here, stand off in this dispute. You are illegally arresting people at the behest of a private corporation. Back off.’ And they did.

Now that never happened before. And a lot of people were given great strength in it. We’ve had dozens, literally, of emails writing in from people in Vancouver wanting to join up in the wake of that because they see the power that we have when we assert it. One of the other reasons that the judges in questions ordered the – when I said that the court stood off – they ordered the release of 110+ people that had been illegally detained by the RCMP and they dropped all of the charges of trespassing and all of that stuff against them. And one of the reasons was that these judges are connected to other judges that had been named as participants against the child trafficking network in Vancouver called the Twelve Mile Club. Frankly, they knew that this stuff was going to come up in court. We’re almost saying to them, That’s fine. Let’s go to court and we’re spilling all of this stuff on the public record. Go right ahead. They knew that, and they stood down. And this is part of this whole bigger drama that is unfolding.

A: That’s what I said on my blog post. It was like it was almost a checkmate situation, wasn’t it?

K: Right. We’ve got a lot of cards in our deck now and one of them being, that the Canadian government itself, a top cabinet minister to Quebec in the Harper government was seen and identified at a child sacrifice ritual in Rome on February 22nd. And that relates to these Roman sacrificial festivals that we will be talking about as well. So under that kind of political pressure, naturally, they don’t want any of our stuff on the public record, they want to avoid us like a plague now, they want this stuff to blow away. Of course, it won’t.

A: Yeah, and they are doing a lot of propaganda campaigning as well to do so. We’ll talk about that in a few minutes too. But just to stay on track with the Republic of Kanata, how has this affected the people’s stepping forward and signing up as their citizenship under the Republic of Kanata.

K: Well, I’ll give you some figures to show you. Before this thing happened with Kinder Morgan, so let’s say two to three weeks ago, the number of people who had actually signed up and done training and committed to the Republic was around a 120. Now we are actually close to the 500 mark.

A: Fantastic.

K: It’s like it tripled in the space of a few weeks. And that doesn’t include all of the other people that are interested but hadn’t signed up yet. Which probably is in the hundreds of others. And that’s just by word of mouth. Now once we get on the bigger stage and more people start finding out about this it’s going to grow exponentially. We are finding that because there’s an enormous discontent now. It’s kind of like if you scratch any aspect of the system then all of these stuff starts coming out now because people’s level of awareness.

A: I really feel that when you and I spoke last time I just blasted that on the internet. And it went flying. It was all over twitter and facebook and linked-in. It went everywhere. Because it was finally something people could say, Wow it really makes a difference. It actually, physically showed that they were backing down.

K: That’s right. Yeah. You know, we live in a critical age, which is good, I mean, people are skeptical now, more than they were 20, 30 years ago. And they need the proof and we are offering it to them. I mean, I don’t really think people have any excuse anymore not to get on board. It’s all there for them now.

A: Well, and there’s so many other things supporting your endeavors, you know, as far as the support from the Light. Everything is right now, and it’s kind of accumulating that mass movement. We are in a really good time. What a phenomenal time to watch this take off. So tell us a little bit about the slated time table for the Proclamation of the Republic of Kanata.

K: January 1st there’s going to be proclamations read to the five areas of Canada. And they will be not only proclaiming the severing of the ties of the Crown of England and the corporation known as Canada, the government of Canada, but it will assert the lawful authority by establishing a constitution which allows common law courts to operate including the High Court which is kind of the ultimate authority. We are drawing on the precedent of England when during the English Revolution where they cut-off the head of King Charles in 1649, Parliament, representing the people, established a high court which had supreme authority because it was based on common law. And it said that no one, including the king, nor the pope, are above the law. And the law can judge these people. And it did that and that’s one of the reasons that they overthrew the monarchy and established the laws which made it a crime for the monarchy to exist.

And for eleven years that was the regime in England until it was overthrown by a military coup by King Charles’ son. They call it the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. But the point is that was an illegal act. The Crown of England since 1660 has been a illegal fraudulant body because of that. The power rests in the people, ‘We the People’ as your founding fathers said, sovereign men and women, we’re simply restoring that. Reclaiming that and nullifying it, that illegal power known as the Crown of England. So that’s going to be what’s happening on January 1st. And all of that is up at KanataRepubic.ca, that’s the website. K-A-N-A-T-A.

A: Wow! I’m speechless! Now going back to King Charles, you’ve made reference to him several times. I think that it’s interesting that the fact that he was beheaded representing almost the beheading of the sovereignty and the freedom of the people. Now do you really feel that before that time, before the time of 1649, was there a little more flexibility of the law? Was common law really the law of the land at that time?

K: It was a battle, just like it is now. One of the guys that was the champion of the common law in England, his name was Edward Coke, but they pronounced it ‘Cook.’ But he went to toe to toe with King Charles and said, ‘No.’ He was put in the Tower of London for doing it, but he said basically, the common law is higher than canon law, admiralty law, the prerogative courts of the king, all of that, was subject to the common law. And that was the reason Charles was arrested and tried because he was conducting a lot of aggression against his own people. He was raising funds from Catholic countries and from the pope to overthrow Parliament and re-oppose, what really is occurring in a many places now, the police state powers on what is called ‘chamber laws’ where the king can arrest anyone, try them in secret, kill them in secret – all of that power was nullified by Parliament when they overthrew the king and there was a civil war, as people know and all of that. But they lawfully executed Charles under the same precedent that we use to put the pope and Queen Elizabeth on trial.

And that was, we gave the accused the chance to respond, they never pleaded, King Charles never gave a plea, on his own defense. In other words, he was not contesting the fact that he was a war criminal. A tyrant under the law is somebody that wages war against his own people. And that’s what Queen Elizabeth is doing now actually, by signing on to the Mastricht Treaty – she subverted the laws of England by agreeing to bring the Anglican Church back into the Catholic Church. She’s violating her Queen of oath and she should be deposed immediately. You know, all of that stuff – there’s a precedent for it and it’s called the pro confesso under the law. It means, if you don’t challenge the charge made against you, and bring your own plea, it’s automatically a verdict of guilt.

A: Okay, interesting. You’ve been studying this historical information for quite some time, huh, Kevin?

K: Many lifetimes. (laughter)

A: You figured out what I was asking, didn’t you?

K: Yes, I get it.

A: Anyway, I do want you to bring up the fact of the implications behind the proclamation and the reclaiming of the nation not being under the juridiction of the Crown, especially when you were talking about how all the bills, taxes, statutes, and laws, of former corporate entities such as Canada are no longer viable. Can you talk a little bit about how do you see that unfolding because some people might say oh my god, that’s going to create chaos.

K: Well, quite the opposite. It means people are reclaiming it from the present chaos. People get a bill from the IRS in Canada, it’s called the Canadian CRA, the Canada Revenue Agency, you’ll just send the bills back to the CRA saying they are null and void, you’re serving a criminal body. Instead people take their money and they put it into the local community. One of things that the local Republic of Kanata committees are organizing is these new community institutions to pick up the slack. So, the people put money into the local community bank in whatever form they want. They take back the wealth of the nation. They stop paying interest to these banks. They nullify their authority. They go to the police and they say, ‘You are on board with us now, you need to pay allegiance to the Republic and start serving us.’ It’s at every level of society. And it’s an enormous awakening that’s happening. It’s already started. And you can’t stop something like this once it starts, once people’s minds are freed in this way.

A: I think just the excitment alone of seeing the masses stand in unison and say, ‘I will no longer pay taxes on something that was illegally conceived of to begin with. (Right) That’s a game-changer right there.

K: It is, and in America, even if this wasn’t the case, about proclaiming the republic, and there’s a movement in America, of course, to reclaim the republic, which is simply trying to get rid of the de facto courts and re-establish de jure courts, which are guaranteed in the Constitution, a common law jury trial in the Sixth and Seventh Amendments in the Constitution. If anybody tries to deny you a common law jury trial they are in violation of the Constitution and can and should go to jail.

So anyway, even if that wasn’t the case in America, if you didn’t have that, under international law a government that is engaging in wars of aggression, like the US is in Afghanistan, you are attacking a non-belligerent nation – they didn’t do anything to you but you are waging war on them – that’s a War Crime and you are obligated under the Nurenburg statute, they’re called the Nuremburg Statutes of 1950 under international law. It says, you have an obligation not to pay taxes for that war-making nation. And if you do, you’re an accomplice to a crime, if you pay those taxes. So, I mean, there’s a lot of foundation to stand on, and say, No, we are taking the money back folks.

A: It is so exciting. You know, one of the things I distinctly noticed when Obama came on board as our President was all of the Bush Administration years prior to that every single comment was about War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on this, War on Terrorism. Everything was positioned and discussed as a ‘war on’ and that gave them the ability on Admiralty Law, correct, Kevin? to be able to pursue this on a war effort standpoint.

K: That’s the operative word – war – because of course, we have the one billion-a-day economy, a war economy. Three quarters of your national budget goes into the military. It’s where it is sustaining the bubble, the economic bubble that America is in right now. But of course, it is going down in this new Cold War in the East. There’s two new laws that Congress just passed this last week that basically mobilized the US military for war with Russia. They are moving NATO troops into Belarus, into the Ukraine, into Lithuania, they are surrounding Russia from the West with armoured divisions from NATO. And of course, naturally, we’ve got to get everybody together against this evil man Vladimir Putin. It’s all the new bi-polar Cold War between the Eastern Bloc, the BRICS nations, and the West. And of course, the Vatican is trying to be the mediator and play both sides and they always do, what the Jesuits do. The Jesuit pope is doing exactly that right now.

A: Well, and they make money off of it. They make money off of the bloodshed no matter who wins or loses. And they actually prefer it that way.

K: Yeah, definitely.

A: But the other thing that I want going to ask you, getting back to not paying taxes or bills – there have been some question about those that signed-up for the Republic of Kanata. Do they have to reside within the so-called boundaries of Canada.

K: No, that’s the point. What we are dealing with here is not just simply an idea but a reality that boundaries are fictions, that nation states are designed, like religion, to divide and set people at each other’s throats. You know, it’s like when I was adopted into the Anishinabe or the Ojibwe people in Central Canada back into 2007, I was given the name Eagle Strong Voice, Anishinabe, Anishinaabeg, means ‘The Right People,’ the right kind of people, the ones that are on the right road. They mean True Man and Woman. And Anishinaabeg can be anybody. It’s not – you’ve got to be an Ojibwe and have a certain skin color, no, it’s not that at all. It’s the True Human Being.

And that’s really the same philosophy behind Kanata. It’s from where the word Canada comes from. It’s a Six Nations word, an Haudenosaunee word from eastern Canada meaning ‘Our Village,’ or ‘our community of equals,’ is really what it means. And that’s how these Six Nations were, they sat around the longhouse at council fires as equals. And that’s where the notion of democracy came from in America, from the Six Nations Confederacy, as the Thomas Jefferson admitted. (A: Yes) So that nation of equals is what we are talking about spans the globe. It is manifesting right now in Canada, in the so-called Canada, but that’s part of the whole debate that we are having to educate about that.

A: So it’s really important that everybody understands that you can sign up or – I don’t even know if you call it signing up – right Kevin? Basically what you are doing is you are taking this oath that you will no longer support the allegiance to the Queen, (Yes) the Crown, the corporation of Canada. So this is something that everybody across the planet should do, especially because of the precedents that is involved, the message that is going to be sent, and the energetic union and unison experienced that will be had because of this.

K: Yes, exactly. And don’t forget, when you are talking about the Crown of England you are talking about the corporate entity behind it which has a spiritual dimension but in this 3 dimensions it’s expressed as the Church of Rome, the first corporation on the planet that gave rise to the Crown of England, the Church of England, that is the entity that we are talking about, the corporate body that is disestablished as well.

A: And there’s not a country out there – well there might be two countries, maybe left – that does not have British tentacles wrapped around all of their commerce, their corporations, etc, so this affects everybody on the planet. So again, my whole point and Kevin’s whole point is, Please, go back up and check on the KanataRepublic.ca. And go up there and check it out because it really is where we want to take the entire world. It’s a great first step. And again I thank all of the people – how many people are involved in putting this whole thing together at this first stage.

K: In the boundaries of quote Canada there’s a sworn close to five-hundred, probably ten-fold beyond that of adherents, supporters, people looking at the stuff, helping, for example, of the common law movement, things like that.

A: That’s fantastic. Now the other thing that was just talking to somebody the other day is, it is so difficult to get people together on the same page. This is a very good place for us to start. I really don’t care what our passions are. I mean, one person might really want to be working on eco-villages, another person might want to be working on free energy. This is a very core foundation that I really feel we should all jump in and support. The other thing that I wanted to comment on, Kevin, was the part about reclaiming the land, you know, wiping clean the corruption, proclaiming peace and liberty. Tell me a little bit about – what say that this finally occurs, I know they are convening from January 1st until the 4th and then they come to a decision on the Proclamation and the Constitution etc, the actual reclaiming of the Nation which is supposedly happening on the 15th, how do you see that unfolding?

K: Well, it comes down to a simple question of land reclamation. And the people taking back what is given by the Creator of all of us. And that’s the land and its wealth and we are like indigenous people always tell us, We are the ancestors in Europe used to teach us before they were wiped out, almost, is that the Earth is given to no one, it is given to all of us to take care of Creation and all of its creatures. And anything that violates that is a violation of the laws of God and nature. And has no authority. So whether that’s the corporation destroying the environment, whether it’s the governmental allowing it or the police arresting people that are protesting it, it’s all against our common law rights, God-given rights.

So, what the January 15th reclamation is going to begin is, it won’t just accomplish it, it’s a long term process, people will simply be reclaiming the land. It will be going on – we have have projects started where the actual land that’s already being held in common – that’s where these new projects are going to begin. As concrete example of how people can live together and share the land in a viable and protective manner. So they’re going to have these land projects starting – we’ll be going into public buildings and reclaiming them, there’s all of that starting – we found that for example of when we were occupying the Catholic churches and the response that it had.

One act has a great ripple effect beyond anything we can ever see because it carries great moral with it. We occupied one cathedral in Vancouver and within a couple of weeks the government began issuing apologies to the residential schools in genocide. We struck at the right moment, it’s like Sun Tzu says in the Book of War, you find the convergence or the right moment and it doesn’t matter how big you are it’s the fact of acting, even if you are just one person, that sets up that ripple effect like a tsunami.

So we have a lot those happening and you’re going to see results, but of course, it won’t be acknowledged if your eyes are focused on the corporate media or the so-called realities – you know, the bubble world that most people live in – they won’t see it. You’ve got to get out of that and that’s the whole spiritual, personal component that we all need to free and reclaim our own minds first otherwise we won’t see any of this stuff.

A: You know, I was going to make a couple of comments. First of all, we talked about how it makes a ripple effect, does someone does something that especially in the name of justice, freedom, love, divinity. These things will carry a ripple effect that increases in it’s magnificence. It’s referred to as thalmaturgy. So that if you go to a park and you see a piece of trash and you choose at that second to pick up that piece of trash, there’s an energetic pathway that’s created by that choice that you made, and others even without consciously knowing, they will follow suite. (Yeah) Okay. So the same applies with this. The other thing I was going to say, Kevin, is just absolutely fascinating to me because I didn’t even know until yesterday afternoon that you and I were going to have this interview today is – I received several messages when I was in South Africa that I was to make a very specific essence right around the holidays. And what came through was – guess what it is called? The Renaissance.

K: Hah.

A: And it’s all based on – it’s absolutely beautiful but it’s all based on helping each of us to re-condition the enslavement thought process that each of us has, you, me, included. Even though we are enlightened. We’re still in this for so long that we can’t help it almost, you know. And it’s all about rebirthing, rejuvenating, vitalizing our human spirit, taking the courage to step forth and take back our land, our freedom, our sovereignity, and our divinity. So I’m like Wow! Here I’m interviewing you about the same thing today. No, spirit is always amazing.

K: It is.

A: Well, do you have any other final comments that you want to make about the Republic of Kanata.

K: Well, I just everyone to stay posted with Kanata Republic and please write to me too and we’ll get you on our mailing list and you can active wherever you are. We actually have a lot of people that write from the States wanting to help us saying do you having anything like this down here. I plug them in and again we’ve got hundreds of folks in America working on the common law court and reclaiming their Republic. So again, please contact us and it’s going to be updated regularly, all that news.

A: Okay cool. Now another thing that I’ve already received several emails on, is this big, big propaganda campaign that was put forth on – I believe it was the second of December – supposedly Pope Francis and many other leaders – and they claim that they were of Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths gathered together at the Vatican to claim that they were calling an end to slavery by 2020. And it just reeked of diversion tactics. A lot of people want to hear what your take is on this.

K: Okay, well, don’t forget, when people do things like that they are saying the opposite. They are – well people say, well, the nature of the darkness is to speak in opposite language. You know, in the Bible Jesus said, ‘He’s the father of lies,’ – this other spirit says one thing and he means exactly the diametric opposite. They are trying to enslave the human race. And, and another example of that is – remember when that sacrifice happened with that young boy in the 22nd in Rome at the San Lorenzo Church where this government cabinet minister from Canada was present.

The next week Interpol holds a conference a block away about the need to stop human trafficking. It’s like they have to put their own spin on it right away to distract from the fact that – you know, we know who you are now and they put in the opposites. Really, in the big scheme of things it’s their way – it is simply a distraction – it’s to create an opposite image. They think, oh good, now the Pope is going to end slavery when in fact, when you look at the interests involved, the financial and corporate interests behind the Vatican they are deeply involved human trafficking and human slavery.

The best example of that is the Ndrangheta, the Mafia network in Europe, that runs all the drug and human trafficking there and in large parts of the world – it’s totally tied into the Vatican and the Catholic Orphanages and the places where they get the children from. So what it really is, it’s kind of a way of saying, ‘Well, this is what the agenda is, people, you can’t really do anything about it. We are in charge now, just

step back.’ And I think that that’s definitely a big part of what was going on. On another level it’s also their need to cover themselves. That’s why Bergoglio is in there in the first place, to put that window dressing on the whole situation.

A: Well, I was going to ask you about that, because he hasn’t really been seen a lot. And all of a sudden he made a public presence at this so-called – ceremony – is what they called it which I had to laugh. What did you feel about the people that actually participated. It said here, ‘they are: the head of the Anglican communion, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,

K: Well, he’s the confirmed criminal.

A: The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Egypt’s Al-Azhar Mosque, Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed elTayeb.

K: Right. Well, the so-called ecumenicalism means that ‘all religions in one corporate head – Rome’ – It’s re-establishing the imperial power of Rome again. But no, this is what I am talking about. Justin Welby, seen by eyewitnesses at Ninth Circles sacrificial rituals named in the document, convicted by the common law court – that verdict came out some months ago, this convicted felon shows up in Rome posing as the friend of people enslaved – it’s like saying – this is what I am talking about.

A: It is laughable, Kevin. It says here, here’s a quote: ‘Modern slavery fails to respect the fundamental distinction that all people are equal and have the same freedom and dignity.’

K: Well, that’s like the Anglican Church saying we’re against war but they were exposed two years ago as one of their biggest corporate investments was the landmine companies.

A: God.

K: The Anglican Church, the Catholic Church, they are heavily involved in the armaments industry. Some of the biggest investments are – the big small-arms manufacturer in the world Beretta is 100% owned by the Vatican. So if these guys are against war and slavery, how about divesting their own fund. They aren’t going to. They just keep doing public relations gimmicks. Again, it’s another example of what’s really going on in Rome – the other day Bergoglio, he’s not the Pope, but anyway, ‘Pope Francis’ fired the head of the Swiss Guards. This German guy who is head of this private security unit, he’s worried about getting wacked by the German faction around Ratzinger. So he didn’t want anymore Germans. He replaced all the Germans that are around the papal reform commissions and the Vatican Bank and all of that. You can see that there were a lot of resignations. The guy is worried about whether he’s going to be in there very long because of the factional fight going on. Ratzinger still holds the power in Rome. Bergoglio is the figurehead, the puppet doing the dance to distract the people. That’s what Jesuits do, historically.

A: Right.

K: Deceive and dissimulate. But no, there’s also things going on behind a smoke screen.

A: Well, you know, there’s two things I’ve found to be very much laughable, what I was saying before. One of them was, they had a call to end slavery by 2020. Well, why do we have to wait six years? That’s number one. And number two, why are we as a people on this planet looking to them to do this for us? This is exactly what Kevin and I are talking about – that we step back into our own authority. We definitely don’t need institutions to tell us what is right and what is wrong.

K: Exactly. A: You know. It’s very important that we see through these articles but come out saying, oh they want to play nice and –

K: Especially institutions that have blood on their hands. They’re not the ones to look to for moral leadership.

A: Yeah. And the fact that you’re proving that it just happened again.

K: Yup.

A: You know, this child sacrificing and ritual sacrificing is still going on all the time. What is your take on India’s – I hope I can pronounce her name right – Mata Amaritanandamayi. Are you familiar with her? She’s known as Amma.

K: No I’m sorry, I am not.

A: Okay. Because somebody made a comment to me that if she’s involved then, they were suspicious. Supposedly, she’s of the Hindu religion and she’s working in cooperation with Pope Francis to end the human trafficking. That’s the part that blew my mind. It actually say, human trafficking.

K: Well, they have to. They’re the biggest practioners of human trafficking – with Ndrangheta – the Vatican and Ndrangheta – they run a lot of the human trafficking world – they’ve got to do this spin that, no, they’re against it. I mean, any criminal does that. That’s why there’s an official governmental commission into child trafficking in England right now run by the British government just as 20 members in Parliament cabinet ministers exposed as child rapists. You get to the criminal to do the inquiry into itself and you know what the outcome is going to be, right.

A: You know what it really feels like to me is that they’re setting themselves up for a big fall, by doing this final big campaign.

K: They’re desperate. For sure. It’s done in desperation.

A: Now you just completed a really good interview regarding the Roman festivals and holidays. And I kind of wanted for us to dive into that, because that is affliated with the Dutch People’s Tribunal which we’ll talk about in a minute as well. But you were mentioning how because of these Burnaby Mountain degree that you basically ordered all of the Peace Officers to stand down as well as the Supreme Court, and were successful in doing so. Tell me a little bit about how did that affect any of the information that is now coming into your office. Are people even a little bit more willing to step forward because of that?

K: Absolutely. Including very important insiders. I got a communication – I won’t say from what country – but he’s a twenty-six year veteran in a crime unit, he’s a detective with a police force. And he said he’s had many, many take downs of criminals that use occult and child sacrifices as part of their corrupt operations. He wants to share all of the details with me. This is going to go into the evidence in the Dutch People’s Tribunal which is looking into the connection between child sacrifice and trafficking and the transhuman agenda of robotizing the human race. We’re making that connection in the Dutch People’s Tribunal which is opening in April in Brussels. It shows you that this kind of insiders are coming forward because of this success that were having. I get calls like that from Mounties, you know, government sources, all the time. I mean, fairly regularly. Even retired people come forward with pieces of information and that’s definitely increasing now.

A: That’s fantastic. Do you feel that part of this is they’re less afraid to step forward. Or do you feel it’s because they have a bigger weight on their conscience?

K: I think conscience is one part of it but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the dominant one. People know it’s safer now. And they know that when the boat goes down they’re getting off of it. It’s the rats leaving the ships and they – the thing about hierarchies like this is – because of the criminal nature – when it starts toppling at the top everybody’s starts to desert it because they are worrying about their own skin. They had a mutual pact not to talk but when that pact starts falling apart the first thing they think is, ‘Well, if they’re going to talk I’m going to be named, I’d better make my name clear and get on the winning side.’ And you see that happening more.

A: That’s fantastic. We’ve talked quite some time Kevin, over the year or two, and it’s just really feeling like things are taking off for you and all of us, you know. Now tell us a little bit more – I know you’ve got some really cutting edge information about the Dutch People’s Tribunal re-opening the Marc Dutroux case. So what is going on with that at this stage.

K: Okay. Well, Marc Dutroux was a serial child killer. He was finally brought to trial in a very staged, controlled court room in Holland. Marc Dutroux – there were two transcripts. There was the official transcript where he named members of the Dutch and Belgian royal families as being present at child killing rituals. The kinds of things that Toos Nijenhuis and Anne-Marie van Blijenburgh confirm. People can see those at ITCCS.org – and basically Dutroux – the transcript where he named this thing – it was taken out of court record. Lafont Louis is a member – or was a Belgian member of the Parliament got up and demanded that the Dutroux case be re-opened because he named members of the government that were involved in the same child killing cult – he basically was thrown out of Parliament, they ignored his Parliamentary immunity, he’s now facing jail terms – he’s part of the Dutch People’s Tribunal and it involves the occult rituals including the ones we mentioned coming out of Rome. So that’s really the significance of this whole – this thing is being exposed.

A: Amazing. Now I felt that one of the most important things that you touched upon is transhumanism. And I kind of wanted to talk a little bit about – how do see the role that you play in uncovering all of this child sacrifice – how do you see that having a correlation with transhumanism?

K: Well, part of the whole thing of transhumansim is to – you’ve got to obliterate the normal critical consciousness of the human race before you can manipulate them. And the best way to do that is to traumatize them at a young age. A lot of these child abuse things like we recovered like in the Indian boarding schools – one tip of the much larger icebergs having to do with the whole governmental agenda – of how to terminate the human race by controlling kids at a young age – turning into robots so that they – one of the practical uses of it is sleeper assassins, which there are hundreds of them, thousands, all over the world just ready to be triggered. That was the purpose of raping children at an early age making multi-personality types that then you can control. That was one kind of example of the correlation between child abuse, child trafficking and this, you know, this transhuman agenda.

But it goes into the bigger scale of involving HAARP technology, directed energy weapons, people are being victims of these things – they are going to be part of this tribunal and there’s going to be two aspects of it – the first part of the court case will be led by a prosecution team that’s led by me where we’re going to be looking into the child trafficking end of it. And then others in Belgium and Holland will be doing the second part of the prosecution which is looking specifically into the transhuman technology. And then we are bringing it all together to show the big picture to people, how this is an attack aimed on our minds and our children right now. And everybody is affected and everybody is targeted.

A: God. Kevin, this is fantastic that you are opening this up. And correlating it with the child sacrifice. Because it really is involving in the same thing. They all involve mind control, they all involve shock and trauma, and they all also often the nano-technology. (Right) Now, I get quite a few emails from people that are either targeted or they are suffering from HAARP, and as you know, because of the implant removal process we hear a lot of stories of what is being done to people because they are perceived as a threat. So you did mention that one of the things that I think that was going to be cool was the Lafont Louis was going to review how they used these manipulations and these techniques of targeting to dissuade the people from paying attention from what is really going, right? I mean this is just a kind of a normal way in which to avoid the dirty laundry.

K: Right. Well, it’s really keeping people in a state of fear. You know, it’s a principle of philosophy called Occam’s Razor. And it’s basically that the simplest explanation is always most likely to be the true one. So when you hear about the governments’ having the technology to control minds en masse, the first question is how come aren’t they doing it more effectively. Like, when there’s a protest, how come all the protesters don’t get mind-blanked and go home. They don’t do it because they don’t have that level of technology, but they need to create the impression that they do. So that is a far more effective way to control people by keeping everybody in such a state of fear that they won’t even go to a protest anymore or look at this stuff in case their minds get zapped. That’s what they need to create – that image of us.

And so, yeah, they do selective things, like they will target an individual and make an example of it. That’s why they haven’t come after me because after a while if you do that, and the person gets enough exposure, that backfires on them. (Umhmm) So they need to do it selectively, but they do it definitely according it to a occult ritual. For example, this thing that happened in Rome, February 22nd, it’s directly between these two Roman festivals Feralia on the 21st and Terminalia on the 23rd. And that was for a reason. Because in the Festival of Terminalia is like a thing the Romans did to honor their ancestors, they would do sacrifices. Originally, they did it with animals and eventually children.

So symbolically they would take the head of a fish and they would impale it with a bronze needle and then they would roast it on the fire. Well, guess what they do with child sacrifice rituals, quite often, they’re impaling the bolts and needles to the heads of newborn babies and that is part of the ritual. That’s one of the testimonies that we uncovered at the Indian Boarding Schools where we had eyewitnesses who had seen that happen.

The famous serial killer in Canada Clifford Olson used to do that to his victims – impale them to the head with these things and it’s coming from the same source – it’s coming out of Rome. That’s what they did on February 22nd, 2014, for a young boy in the Jesuit church, a block from the Vatican. They know that it has power. They talk about soul-snatching, they talk about all of these means that energetically they’re able to take people’s essence – I think there is great weight behind that. They know it even if people deny it.

A: Actually, Kevin, there’s quite a bit of information in the spiritual community about that. (Yeah) And one of the concerns that I’ve had is, some the larger massive meditations, you know, where they have a worldwide meditations, depending on the intent and who’s involved that amazing amount of energy that everyone is placing into that meditation can be harvested.

K: Right.

A: You know, and it’s similar with people’s souls. I’ve actually read that because these beings that are running the planet are not human – that’s what they live off of is the essence of people’s souls. They literally will try to extract that from these victims. It’s disgusting.

K: I think that is present. But the thing though, we are beings of choice, ultimately. And the victim has to willingly give some part of themselves, initially, to that, for it to work. Now that’s why they target people like drug addicts, child rape victims, people who have already been so hammered that they don’t have that capacity, that will, their own spiritual autonomy anymore and are willing to surrender like that. But we always have the choice to say ‘no’ and that’s the power of what we are doing. If you create enough of a critical mass of people saying ‘no’ and they have no power anymore, it collapses. And that’s what we are seeing.

And that’s why they are doing this public relations gimmicks in Rome because they know that their inner spiritual power has collapsed. The first time that I was in Rome doing that exorcism in October 2009, I expected to feel overwhelmed inside being there, of the enormity of this depravity and the violence in this place in Rome. You know what? I felt nothing. I was standing there, it was like standing in a big vacuum. A big hole. There’s nothing there.

A: Woh.

K: Like a big illusion.

A: Woh. That’s crazy!

K: Yup.

A: Wow. Well, I did send over to Kevin something that I found about ancient holidays and festivals and I was just curious, there are a couple things in here that I thought were applicable to all of these child sacrifices. But most importantly, because we are talking about this season, they were talking about Agonalia and this goes up to January 9th, it’s the festival to Janus, god of the gates and doorways. Did you see this part? It says, ‘Janus was very important in Rome because the weakest point in any building or municipality is its doorway. Anything from human enemies to evil spirits could enter via this route. So strong was this feeling that Romans carried their corpses out of the building feet first so that the departed spirits would be less likely to find their way back in.’

K: Yeah.

A: Now this is the Roman holiday and why people don’t see that these are still rooted belief systems that the entire institution is based on.

K: Well, in the Gregorian calendar, why did they make January the first month? Because it is from Ianuarius, the first month, or Janus, it’s the doorway to the year, right? As long as we operate on that calendar it’s part of the control that you are talking about. They impose their grid on us, their mental spiritual grid, energetic grid. That’s what the cross is, okay. The cross is not Christian, it’s Roman. The Christian symbol, of course, the open infinity symbol or what they call the fish, the people around Jesus had that, and it was replaced by a cross which is really a grid. If you draw a box on a cross you get a grid. That was the Roman army camp, that’s why we have grid systems on modern cities. The army camps would establish a grid and set itself up when they conquered a territory, put in a grid and it would impose its energy on its territory. Claim that territory for the gods of Rome. That’s what the cross is. It’s imposing the energy of Rome on the world. It has nothing to do with Christ.

A: Thank you for bringing that up because the other thing that was such an ‘aha’ to me is that if you take a cross and you divide it into separate boxes, okay, you know the cross is longitude in the vertical part of it, if you actually fold that up it will fold up into a perfect box which is directly affiliated with Saturn which is directly affiliated the occult sacrifice of Saturnalia.

K: Right. We are all being put in the box to be sacrificed. That’s what Christiandom does. That’s what Rome does. And it keeps people tied into emotionally by saying, ‘oh this is Christ.’ Is this that occult figure that we’ve invented that really has nothing to do the person of Jesus or his teaching.

A: Exactly. And don’t forget, folks, the first day of the year is in March, or April 1st. March 23rd.

K: Well, in different traditions, my people in Ireland said, Samhaim, October 31st was the first of the year.

A: Interesting.

K: Each part of the Earth has it’s own power grid, it’s own gods, it’s own energy, it’s own language. You know, it’s the opposite of E Pluribus Unum, which means – it’s the corporate idea of ‘from the many – one.’ Everything goes into one corporation. It’s the other way around. From one is the many. It’s ultimate diversity and variety in creation and in all of us.

A: Well, I want to thank you to bringing up the Roman festival holidays because I’m going to publish the link of this document I sent over to you. It’s a real eye-opener. The reason that I am saying that, people are going to really start seeing some comparisons between who they call ‘the gods’ which is Mercury and Jupiter and Mars and the same video that was put out by the Yellow Rose for Texas where she talks about how each of the planets and how they represent beings, etheric energetic beings that – it’s just like you were telling about, the grid where its exuding certain frequencies, certain energetic frequencies, onto the people.

K: Well, that’s what it is about that ultimately.

A: Yeah. So anyway, and the one that I also wanted to point out to you was Liberalia, March 17, celebration of freedom from evil, burdens, care and folly, a continuation of the celebration of Mars on this month. Now get this, ‘this was the day for boys who still wore the toga to assume the manly gown and declare their adulthood pending the permission of the pater familias, of course, meaning their family, usually the occurance falling nearest to their 16th birthday.’ K: Hmmh.

A: So even that is referring to their coming of age and probably getting into that same sacrifice.

K: Well, don’t forget, from Roman law, which is admiralty law, canon law, all the oppressive laws in the world come from Roman law, it’s really property law, that says there’s the owned and the owners. And most of us are owned under their system whether it’s spiritually, literally, or whatever and then along came this idea of common law, which came out of tribal conditions, it’s really Anglo-Saxon law in northern Europe and it said, no, there’s no such thing as ownership, we are equal in the eyes of God, we are inherently free and nobody can own us. This is two totally different clashes of systems and that’s why common law is liberating people from all of this.

A: I agree. And just one more comment about the festivals. Now are you in agreement, Kevin, that they are basically still operating under these holidays but that probably renamed them.

K: Yeah. Oh, very much. For an example in Rome, the sacrifice on the 22nd of February is an example of that. It’s kind of like the Catholic Church is – I don’t want to call it that – I’ve got to stop using these terms. Catholic means universal. It’s part of the mind control, the brain washing. I prefer to use it as Papism, or Romanism, but that religious cult that came out from Roman – you know it’s all based on the simple idea that they know what’s best for us but they have to update that all the time. So they modernize the language all the time. They need a Bergoglio every now and then to make people think, Oh look, the church of Rome, they really are with it. They are updating it so we can trust them again. Because they know that it’s bred into us is the infantile need to believe in the power of our parents. And they are parental figures – popes, presidents, everything.

A: Very good point.

K: We are brain-washed to think that they’ve got to treat us nice – as long as they are treating us nice the system is fine. That’s how a slave or a child thinks.

A: That is such a good point. Well, I also think the fact within each of us is the Divine Spark. And the Divine Spark is the pure light and love. We just want to love and be loved.

K: And it doesn’t require approval, it doesn’t require anybody above us, it doesn’t require the Divine condescension, we get that all the time – God kind of stoops down and helps its little minions down here. No, that’s not the natural order, but that’s what’s hard-wired into us. It’s all about hierarchy and the way that we are taught to think.

A: I think that is such a great point. Again, folks, I’m telling you go through this and I will put a link with Kevin’s and my interview. It’s going to blow your mind, because basically Kevin, everything about these holidays has to do with decapitating animals, spilling the blood, people sacrificing, asking for forgiveness of past lives, and the success – now get this – the success of new deceits. Okay, what divine, pure institutions are going ask you to have success in new deceits.

K: Well, there’s a really good book called The Chalice and the Blade. I don’t know if you have ever read it.

A: You mentioned that to me before. I’ve got to pick that up.

K: Riane Eisler, she’s an anthropologist writing in the 70s. She understood very well that in what they call the Old European cultures which were goddess-based, which understood the divine as the feminine power of creation – it was overthrown in the period of 1500 years by what she calls the Kurgins(?) of Central Asia. Which was the patriarchical god of thunder in the mountain. Jehovah. The patriarchical god which was derived to the Christian, well, now Christianity but Romanism, Islam, Judaism all of them come out of that seeing God as a sword, as a conqueror. That’s what ‘domine’ means. It means ‘god’ and it also means ‘conquest’ in Latin. You know, it’s wired right in. Violence means God’s will, power over others. And creation of course, is the Mother. The great sacred circle of life and re-creation. And that’s really what we are recovering in all of us, as you talk about.

A: Very true. Because we’re moving more and more going within and realizing that our universe is within us. It’s not outside of us. (Umhmm) In many ways.

K: When you know that, all of the institutions will start falling. And that’s what we want.

A: So all of us that are listening to this interview, we are the ones that are ‘on task’ at the moment. It is up to us to take the torch and lead the rest of humanity down the path to sovereignty and freedom. We can do this. We have enough information now and enough of acceleration and energies that are supporting us to really get this to happen. Sooner than we expect, I really believe. So 2015 looks like a fantastic year. What a great way to kick it off with the Republic of Kanata. That’s very exciting. Do you have any other news or information that you’d like to share with us today?

K: No, there will be stuff coming out in the next week or two of even more significance. I’m waiting for that from Europe and other places. We can definitely talk about it then. But ITCCS.org, KanataRepublic.ca and carry on folks.

A: Yeah. Keep on doing what you’re doing everybody, you’re awesome, you’re an awesome audience. I love you with all of my heart and soul and Kevin and I both thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You guys, have a wonderful rest of the week and KEEP THE LIGHT SHINING! Take care. I love you. And as always, you can always check out the blog, GalacticConnection.com and we are running seven days a week for 365 days a year. Talk to you guys soon. Love you. Bye.

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