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microphone (1)An URGENT Call to All Who Serve The Light! Let’s Bring Down Their Grid!

Hello, hello everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is June 2, 2015. We have officially reached the middle of the year mark. Woo-hoo! For those of you that are new to Galactic Connection please check out our Daily Blog. We do run it 365 days a year and we do provide you a huge selection of interviews, articles, education, you-name-it, everything from spirituality, to conspiracy, to quantum physics, and more. So check it out. And we also have a huge array of interviews. Check out our own Galactic Connection Youtube Channel. And we’re also really extending our social media network. If there’s a network that you feel that we need to add to our list, please do so. I would really appreciate it. And as always, check out our Galactic Essences, our Implant Removal Series, which has become world renowned. And we also have a new service called the Spiritual Past Life Clearings, and it’s major. So check that out too.

So I’m going ahead and dive right in. We don’t have a whole lot of time today. I have an On The Fly interview again, with Kevin Annett. And this time, we’re going to change things up a bit because we were talking over the weekend and we both realized that this is pretty urgent to get this information out. So we are both asking you to spread this interview far and wide. And there’s a reason for it.

Alexandra: Hey, Kevin, How’re you doin’ ?

Kevin: Hi Alexandra. I’m fine.

Alexandra: And how’s the weather treating you? Over here in Southern California it is very overcast…

Kevin: Well, I don’t want to say where I am, but it’s nice weather.

A: Well, hey, that’s good – if it’s in the right direction! Well, let’s go ahead and kind of preface this, why we’re doing this interview Now, the way we are. This is going to be different, folks, because normally, Kevin is really hammering – to open people’s eyes about the dirtiest secret in the closet of humanity, which is satanic ritual and child sacrificing…and, actually, cannibalistically, eating the flesh and blood of humans. But, this goes a little bit deeper, and I was so intrigued that I would really like you to start out with one of your main concerns about what’s planned for September.

K: The basic concern is that Jorge Bergoglio, commonly known as “Pope Francis”, is scheduled to come to America in September. He’s been invited by both the Democrats and the Republicans to address a joint session of the Congress on September 24th, which, first of all, raises a “flag”, right there. The 23rd and 24th days of the month are always ritual sacrifice days. A good example of that was last year in the basement of the Jesuit Church of San Lorenzo in Rome a child was sacrificed in the presence of senior cardinals and a Canadian Cabinet Minister called Denis Lebel. We had a posting about that at ITCCS.org.

The fact that Pope Francis is coming to the United States for the very first time to, not only address a joint session of Congress, but, just prior to that, he’s scheduled to address the U N General Assembly. We have concern on a number of levels: the first, of course, being is that he’s a convicted felon; he’s deeply involved in human trafficking, as he was as Archbishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina. From his own priests’ testimonies we know that. We have a civil servant, who sat in on meetings, where he helped to plan the trafficking of children of political prisoners, along with Jorge Videla, the dictator of Argentina, during “the Dirty Wars”. We, also, know that he’s a participant in the 9th Circle of Sacrificial Killings in Holland and Belgium – again, from two eye-witnesses, who were present.

But on an even deeper level, we’re aware of the fact that there seems to be some kind of energy shift occurring. Like we know that, between Rome, London and D. C., there’s kind of an energetic triangle that’s gone on, historically. And the fact that Obama, and other members of the U.S. Government, and different politicians of all sorts, are kissing this guy’s butt, wanting him over (here) indicates something very serious. We believe that, on that evening, September 24th, there will be a sacrificial ritual in Washington DC, involving him and other members of the government. And so that’s part of the concern that we wanted to raise today. We’re asking Light Workers to get on board to STOP his visit, to keep this man out of America.

A: And I, actually, would add something to that, and that is – that, if anybody’s that’s listening to this could go ahead and start working on this, NOW; if we can STOP THIS… NOW, go ahead and start the energetic wave – You guys know we are powerful enough when we are United to STOP any kind of situation like this. We just haven’t been UNITED enough to do it. But, NOW that the LIGHT has penetrated the planet in such a way, we have So much protection, we have so much support, and we, also, have the resources, now to really make some of these changes occur. I think this is a great opportunity, Kevin, for the Light-worker Community, and the Guardians, themselves, to really prove to themselves how much power they do have, now.

I really want to put a call out there….There’s a lot of stuff, some really meaty stuff, when Kevin and I started talking about this before, that I wanna throw out there. And the first thing is – everybody knows that there are 3 corporations that are, basically, ruling the planet: the City of London, Washington, D. C. and the Vatican. Hearing of this planned visit, the first thing I thought was, Why Washington, D. C.? Why are they focusing on that now? And when I started digging a little bit I was really, really surprised to find out that Pope Francis rarely travels. I mean rarely. I don’t think he traveled at all in the year 2013. And in fact, they said that the prior Pope traveled, constantly, that he must’ve traveled all over the world…there was a map that I saw showing that he was very, very busy going all over the place.

And the message came as I was speaking with Kevin was that, Ah, so they’re actually going to be etherically rebuilding, re-solidifying, whatever this new grid is that they’re trying to put back in place – if it has been destroyed, at all. What do you think about that, Kevin?

K: Well, I think that that’s definitely on the right track, because as you’ll notice, if you look at an aerial photograph of the Vatican, right outside the Vatican building, it’s shaped (in front) with columns from the Colosseum in Rome, in kind of a circular formation, and right in the middle of it is an obelisk. You have the male and female symbol(s) altogether, but it also looks, very much, like a keyhole. And the architecture of Washington D. C., which was actually designed by a Jesuit, (and Francis, himself, is a Jesuit, the first Jesuit pope in history), also looks like a keyhole….if you look at the Washington Monument. You have the same configuration in London, …. and all of these obelisks, clearly, have a lot of significance, in terms of being part of an energetic keyhole. And so, I think that we, definitely, have to look at them in that light as well.

A: And I was, also, looking at the grids, themselves, over the week-end, and one of the things that I went back to, (because I had studied this long ago), was (from a particular website was going into great detail) that it was a pyramid within a circle within a couple of double diamonds….so, anyway I was looking at it with more of a 3 or 4 dimensional perspective than just a 2 dimensional perspective, I realized that it was an etheric set up like that of the pyramids of Giza. And it had the same angle as some of the shafts that went into the “King and Queen’s chambers” in the Great Pyramid. And I thought, “Whoa, they’re probably going to pull out some sort of major show (for lack of better terms); this would be the ideal time for them to do something” … like, O God, back up in Norway, do you remember that, when they were doing the Blue Spirals in the sky. . . . This is a perfect time, and I think, because of what you’ve done, and a lot of other people that are really stepping forward with a lot of courage to expose the things he has done and through the Catholic Church, I think they’re getting really scared. I, also, wanted to ask you, Isn’t it true that one of the reasons Pope Francis is not traveling, right now, is because of the work that you’ve done?

K: Oh, very much…..You know, (just for folks who don’t know this), in the Common Law Court of Justice we helped set up in 2012 in Brussels, there were two cases being brought before it, and five top Catholic officials have stepped down from office or announced their resignation after being publicly indicted by our Court and The Tribunal in Brussels. That’s of course, Pope Benedict, who resigned in the first two week period that our first verdict came out, involving genocide in Canada in the Indian Boarding Schools. And, also, Tarcisio Bertone, who was the Secretary of State, also named in the indictment…(he).. resigned just before Pope Francis took over. The head of the Jesuits, Adolfo Pachon, in the second case, involving global child trafficking…. after we named him, he, also, announced that he wouldn’t be head of the Jesuits after their next congress.

The Cardinal of Ireland, Sean Brady, after he was named in a radio broadcast as having been involved in the ritual killing of children in Tuam, Ireland…(remember that big cistern, where they found the severed remains of newborns?)…and he was directly involved, not only in covering that up, but he had been involved in that, according to eye-witnesses, and even members of the Guarda, the Irish Police, confirmed that to us. He stepped down. The the proof is right there. And, the fact that Ratzinger is hiding out in the Vatican, and resisting extradition,… There’s a Washington lawyer, Jonathan Levy, who’s been trying to extradite the guy….And Bergoglio, himself, has been staying out of the limelight, because he knows he’s being named publicly for having been involved in these 9th Circle Rituals.

We know that, as early as 1774, every pope was expected to take part in these 9th Circle Ritual Killings of either a newborn or a young child. And we’ve gotten that from the Secret Vatican Archives. The same fellow, actually, who released the evidence about that policy “Crimen Solicitanis”, that every priest has to cover up child rape; the same source released these Jesuit documents, showing the existence of this 9th Circle cult. And, if Bergoglio is an active member, as was Ratzinger, … you know, when he was a member of the Hitler Youth, there was this thing called “the Knights of Darkness” in the S.S. It was kind of a joint Catholic-SS Satanic Cult…. Yeah, I mean, these guys, literally, have blood on their hands, and they know it, and so, not surprisingly, he’s keeping a low profile, putting out the grandfatherly, benign image through their media, that gets everyone fooled…..that he’s some kind of force for change, when quite the opposite is the case.

A: Here’s a quote from a media article: “The other reason Pope Bergoglio sticks to Rome is because of the needed reforms within the Vatican. He knows he was elected in March of 2013 to clean up the mess, there. That’s what his mandate is about, first and foremost.” Yeah, right.

K: No, his mandate is not to “clean up”, but to cover up! And, in fact, after he came in, we found LARGE amounts of money being transferred out of the Vatican Bank into the BRICS Bank…..and that’s one of the reasons, I think, he’s being invited to Washington… and the reason Queen Elizabeth, and Obama, both went to Rome for private consultations with him; is that the Western Block is very concerned about that….and they’re trying to keep the Vatican in their geo-political block against the China-Russia Block that’s forming in the world, and or exists as kind of a counter-weight to the West, now. That’s, partly, the reason he’s coming, but, like you say, it goes deeper. It has a lot more sinister implications.

A: What is your feeling about Bergoglio’s supposed attempts to shut down the Vatican Bank?

K: Well, the Vatican Bank is insolvent, that’s the point, for several years now. We had this from sources in Rome, including politicians and reporters there….that the Vatican Bank is, basically, in a state of insolvency…..And, as long ago as 2006, the Securities and Exchange Commission in New York was warning bankers around the world not to have anything to do with the I O R (“The Institute for Religious Works”), which is for laundering mafia money, and other things….hardly “religious works”. That’s one of the reasons that they’re looking to join up with the BRICS Bank – to get themselves out of this insolvency, but, again, a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, because, as with the cases when, now and then, there’ll be a headline saying, “Bergoglio says there’s a zero tolerance policy now towards child rape within the Catholic Church”, in fact that’s all a LIE.

After he got in, he re-affirmed in a letter to Italian Bishops, that they were not to tell police, when children are harmed. In other words, he’s re-affirming the standing policy of “Crimen Solicitanis”, that you protect child rapists within the Catholic Church. So, there’s this mask he wears for the media and the public, and then, there’s the reality of what he’s doing behind the scenes. It’s to solidify their ‘power’, to close all the gaps that were so obvious under Ratzinger. Right?

A: Right. Well, and Check this out, folks: Pope John Paul the 2nd, who they refer to as “the Pilgrim Pope”, made over 104 foreign trips. 104, Kevin. They say, here, that he traveled 725,000 miles. Now, “Francis” comes in in 2013 and he’s made, maybe 8 trips. I thought that was really surprising.

K: Mm-Mm…Well, the point is that he’s got so much ‘dirty laundry’, that he’s really worried about that coming out. And the thing about John Paul the 2nd too is, don’t forget, that he was closely tied to the Reagan era of the CIA bringing down of the Eastern Block, and the Soviet Union. America didn’t diplomatically recognize the Vatican, until Ronald Reagan, in 1982.

A: Interesting !

K: And the only reason they did is because (Karol Józef Wojtyła or) Pope John Paul the 2nd, a Pole, was… one of the conditions of his coming in as Pope was he wanted the opposition movement in Poland heavily funded with Vatican money. And he was, basically, a CIA asset, providing a lot of “intelligence” for them. So, a lot of his trips were in league with the U.S. State Department, and their whole efforts to destabilize the Soviet Union and their Block. So, that’s part of the reason he was doing that so much.

A: Now, because of your knowledge of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, I wanted to run this by you – This says that Francis and Pope John the 23rd are the only popes within the past 80 years who have never traveled to the United States before being elected pope. Now, he was in power from 1958-1963, and ironically enough, “died of stomach cancer”. (Gee, I wonder why that is…) He was canonized on April 27th of last year; and it says here that his antipope is Baldassare Cossa…and it was John the 23rd (1410-1415); the Catholic Church regards him as an antipope as he opposed the pope, whom the Catholic Church now recognizes as the rightful successor of St. Peter. Can you talk to us a little bit, ’cause I don’t really fully understand the pope-antipope thing.

K: Oh, well that’s just a bit of history. John the 22nd was one of the most debauched popes in history, and he was actually excommunicated by another pope – there was kind of a period where there were 2 or 3 popes all contending for power in the 14th century. And no pope would take the name John after that….until John the 23rd. Now what’s significant about that was that John the 23rd brought in what’s called “Vatican II”, all these reforms: they got rid of the Latin Mass in many places; they kind of wanted to modernize; he put on the same kind of mask Bergoglio is doing now, where they were saying we’re going to bring the Catholic Church into the 20th century. In fact, what he did – again that was a “smoke screen”. He was the one, who re-established this policy of “Crimen Solicitanis”.

And it was Joseph Ratzinger, as a priest, in the 2nd Vatican Council in Rome, under this John the 23rd, who formulated the policy that ALL Catholic employees, (not just priests), any Catholic member, anywhere in the world, had to cover up child rape…..and if you talk about it, you’re excommunicated. In other words, you go to Hell if you try to protect children and name these priests who harmed them. Again, it’s like the reality of what these people are doing as compared to the public image. And that stomach cancer, from what I’ve read from sources again in Italy, was that he was definitely killed as well, because he was taking these reforms a bit too seriously, and the Italian Old Guard, the Curia of the Italian Bishops basically had him gotten rid of.

And who they brought in after that, Pope Paul the 6th, Montini was his name, an Italian, he was the one that set up “the Rat Lines” that got the Nazis out of Europe after the War. Remember all the Nazis that were brought to Argentina (and Jorge Bergoglio was the Argentine connection), and they were bringing a lot of the Nazis to America, and to South America, after the War through what were called these Vatican “Rat Lines” from out of Dominican Monasteries in Italy…(you know, SS, SS Doctors, all of the guys that were used in Project Paper Clip, etc. after the War). They were brought out by this Cardinal Montini, who took over after Pope John the 23rd, and negated a lot of the changes that he had made…and those made by the guy they killed in 1978 for trying to investigate the Vatican Bank.

A: That’s just SO crazy… So, basically, all of this type of cover up of the child-sacrificing was re-iterated at that time.

K: Oh, absolutely. It goes back to the time of the 1700’s….probably earlier than that. But, child sacrifice, again, it’s right, symbolically and literally, right within the Catholic Mass: “Consuming the blood of the Innocent”, whether it be Christ or a newborn child, “brings us Eternal Life”. It’s a child sacrificial cult, in essence, the Catholic Church.

A: For me, for those of us who were brought up Catholic, it just turns my stomach ! Anyway, now, do you think there’s any significance…..I thought it was interesting… this is the quote that was made when they decided to choose Francis, and apparently, this was a big shock to the world, and his comment was: “You know, that the duty of the Conclave was to give a Bishop to Rome. It seems that my Brother Cardinals went almost to the end of the world to get him, but here we are.”

K: How touching…

A: I know. I just thought, “Hmmm….What does that mean?” Now, another really interesting thing about September…’cause this is ALL starting to play out, folks…and that is all about Malachi’s predictions. And I kinda wanted to talk to you about this, Kevin. Now it says that “In the final persecution of the holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pastor his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of 7 Hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.” Now, according to a lot of stuff out there, supposedly Pope Francis is now the 112th Pope. Do you agree with that?

K: Well, no…, because when you look at Vatican records they’ve left out several people. So, the figure of 112 isn’t accurate. The best example is Pope Joan, the Englishwoman, who was a Cardinal, who actually was Pope for about a year back in the 9th century. She was killed when they found out that she was a woman, and her record was erased from the Vatican Archives, utterly. Also, as I mentioned about the 14th century, at one point there were 2-3 different popes, contending for power. They weren’t included either, so the figure of 112 is very dubious, because it’s based on (like with a lot of things) the “official” record, rather than actually what happened. So, you have to be a bit careful, you got to ask well where are the sources, with a lot of these things.

A: Right. Well, and one article’s saying that Pope Francis cannot be a true pope, because he is teaching false, non-Catholic doctrine. It’s very interesting, they were going into this whole thing about how he has NO right or authority to be an infallible authority, (which, you know, is such a joke, anyway), to teach the Catholic doctrines, because of the fact that he has become heretical, and he is now taking a different position on the Jews and the face of Judaism. He has made some statements that there are many saints and martyrs that are Not Catholic. He’s made comments that the Jews hold a valid covenant with God. ……that the Muslims are admirable.

K: Yeah….well, what he’s doing with all this… It’s part of the globalist agenda….you know: One World Religion, One World Government, One World Bank, he’s definitely in that kind of thinking. The funny thing about people talking about Catholic Doctrine is that it just changes from moment to moment. Even the notion of infallibility – it was brought in at the First Vatican Council in 1870. When Garibaldi had just deposed a pope….you know, Garibaldi was the George Washington of Italy. He united the country, deposed the papal states, and until Mussolini established them again, there was no pope, there was no Vatican. And so, in response to Garibaldi’s unseating him, Pope Pius the 9th said, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m Infallible!” There wasn’t even a majority of cardinals, who voted for that. He just declared it! So, I mean…. these doctrines….. It’s ALL politics, posing as some kind of heavenly order.

A: Yeah, it’s a joke ! Well, and what do think is their slant on this….one article was talking about they were interviewing Pope Francis and they were talking about this Malachi prediction, and he said something like, If it’s God’s Will for him to be assassinated, he just asks one favor: “Please let it not hurt”.

K: HO, HO ! It’s just ‘plucking at the heart strings’, you know…. He’s an actor, OK….He’s a Jesuit. Their whole role for 450 years has been to confuse and dissimulate the truth. And he’s very good at that….like any spin doctor. So, I mean, it’s not even so much his actions and statements, as what’s going on behind the scenes. The Vatican is in a real financial crisis…. They are trying to choose sides, politically, in this whole, new, kind of bi-polar power struggle going on in the world, between East and West. You’ve got to look at all that, and as with anything, “Follow the Money.” Right?

A: Right. Right. Well, apparently, he’s doing a lot of focus on spending time with Palestine and the Jews. There’s one article that says that he went and honored the Jews that had been killed in the Holocaust, and kissed the hands of their survivors. And this was just a SHOCK to many of the Catholics.

K: Well.., as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he was a good buddy with Jorge Videla, who hated Jews, and in fact made a point of finding all the Jews he could and imprisoning and killing them, during “the Dirty Wars.” And there’s this famous picture of Jorge Videla with Jorge Bergoglio arm and arm, smiling, walking down the hall of the presidential palace, as his own priests were being tortured and killed in the slums of Buenos Aires…., so, I mean, it’s the same old acting, going on. Right?

A: God, it’s so disgusting. So, now, supposedly he’s addressing the joint session of Congress on September 24th, and this is the first time that the head of the Roman Catholic Church will be addressing a political body such as that. And I got to thinking….you sent me the most amazing grid, one day. I hope that we can drum that up again…. and it showed a very different configuration. Do you remember which one I’m talking about?

K: No, you’d better remind me.

A: Uhhh….. It was focused in Europe, and it went all the way to London….and, I said to you, “My God, I’ve never seen one like this…” But what I was talking about was there’s all these underground tunnels….

K: yeah

A: and there’s SO much more going on underground than above ground. And there’ve been comments made that there’s definitely an underground tunnel between the Vatican and DC ok? Like, you know, there are all KINDS of stuff going on that we are not aware of… So, do you believe, that one of the other reasons that they are choosing this time is because of maybe the Earth Changes….Is it because they’re getting really scared? It almost feels like they’ve upped their schedule, Kevin. And I’m just curious what you think….

K: They’re under a lot of pressure… It’s hard in terms of knowing all the details, and I don’t want to speculate too much about that. When it comes to these characters, I’m open to any possibility, since I know on the ground what their crimes look like, and how generations of child torture and sacrifice and murder, and child trafficking, which the Catholic Church is SO actively involved in. I mean, they’re capable of anything, but they are definitely in a very defensive stance. That’s why…. you know, in Sun Tzu – In The Art of War, he said, when an enemy commander continues to offer reassurances to his own people, it means he is losing…he is losing power. And that’s why Bergoglio’s going all over the planet, trying to look like the nice guy. He needs allies, right now. And, he knows the Arab world is key, as kind of a broker between the two East-West power blocks going on, but in a more basic sense this man is a known criminal.

And for the U.S. government to invite him to come and speak is not only a violation of International Law, but the U.S. Constitution, that says: They shall not favor any particular denomination….That’s right in The First Amendment. Well, are they inviting the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem? Or the head of the World Council of Churches? or the Dalai Lama to speak to the Congress? Why Bergoglio, right now? They really haven’t explained that at all.

A: Good point. Now, what is your take on the fact that there are 2 popes, living, at the same time? What do you feel is the undercurrent behind that?

K: Well, there’s a strong belief in political circles in Italy that Ratzinger still is the pope, that he still holds the power. Examples they put forward about that: there’s a Milan reporter who I spoke to who said, “Well, look, Bergoglio doesn’t even wear the papal ring, he doesn’t live in the Vatican….he lives with a bunch of nuns”, which I found interesting, “down the road from the Vatican.” He wanders around the streets of Rome, by himself. Now, no actual pope would be allowed to do that.

A: No.

K: And he makes all these statements about Vatican policy that the cardinals, then, disavow. That’s not how popes have ever behaved. So I think there’s some credence to the idea that, legally, Ratzinger may still be the pope, and Francis is just the front guy, you know, the actor, the distractor, if you like.

A: So, basically, this is just, really, a stage production…for our sake…

K: Have you seen the movie “WAG THE DOG” ?

A: I haven’t seen that.

K: Oh ! You’ve gotta see it, because it’s basically – the president of the United States being caught with an under-age girl, so all his PR spin doctors create a war to distract the American public from the scandal, so he can get re-elected, and sure enough, they do it. And this is exactly what goes on at these levels of power. It’s ALL spin-doctoring to make everybody like the Vatican, again, after its whole public image was so thoroughly trashed by Ratzinger. So, it’s no surprise at all, any of this stuff.

A: And I noticed that they were really surprised that he took the name “Francis”, after St. Francis of Assisi…

K: Yeah….It’s part of the whole image.

A: Now, what are your takes on his main presentations on what is correct and moral action within the Catholic Community. For example, he talks about abortion; he says, “the pope must take up the mantle of defending the culture of life, a defense that the early church held against the Pagans of Rome.”

K: O my God! Here we are – when the Vatican is the chief share-holder in Beretta, which is the largest small arms manufacturer in the world. They have major shareholdings in the arms industry, and they’re talking about pro-Life ?!! This is hilarious ! He’s saying what people need to hear. It really doesn’t matter what he says; people, now, want…especially when many Catholics, 90% of whom now support birth control, they need to see a progressive, liberal pope, right now….so he’s what’s required to keep the flock in line. And everything that he says has to be seen in that light.

A: Interesting. Now, you did say that, because this is such a stage production, that the whole thing about the money being diverted into another country, I thought it was surprising that he’s become so strong in his conviction of criticizing of the IMF. So, have you heard anything else as far as where the money has landed ? And do you think that they’ll get to a point where they’ll say, “Oh, you know what, this was just so corrupt, we’re going to go ahead and close the Vatican Bank”…even though it’s still, probably, going to operate, right?

K: A few months ago, there was a thing, and it’s not really prominent in the media anymore, but Vladimir Putin and the Chinese Premier and, some people from India having a big press conference in Malaysia. And they announced the…kind of the…Eastern version of the IMF, the Inter-Asian Investment Bank…and it’s kind of the counter-weight to the IMF, so naturally, for Bergoglio to criticize the IMF that’s an indication of where he’s leaning in the world; and they’re not so much funding BRICS as they’re hoping BRICS will bail them out !

But, Bergoglio, like any good Jesuit, is playing both sides. In any war, in any revolution, the Jesuits have always done that, and they’re adept at doing that, diplomatically…. so, he’s just doing what they’ve always done, just..kind of…on a bigger stage, now.

A: That’s really interesting… I have to read this to you, Kevin, though I know this is going to disgust you. It says, “On a similar note, the cardinal has addressed sex-trafficking, a grave crime that, normally targets the young and vulnerable: ‘In our city there are people committing human sacrifice, killing the dignity of these men and women, these girls and boys that are submitted to this treatment…to slavery. We cannot remain calm. The cardinal urged his fellow citizens to report breeding grounds for submission for slavery, altars where human sacrifices are offered, and which break the will of the people, asking that everyone do what they can, but without washing their hands of it, because otherwise we are complicit in this slavery.”

K: Well, they are complicit. They do it all the time. Um…When was that quote? the date of that quote ?

A: Let me see…. It does not say that.

K: It was, probably, this year….recently, because…

A: It’s referring to 2007, actually…

K: OK, but Alexandra, here’s the thing: no one in the Vatican has made reference, up until now, of child sacrifices. Bergoglio, himself, in reference to child abuse, referred to it as being like satanic rituals… That’s new – and that’s in response to the fact that we’ve exposed all these things….and they have to get out in front of the issue like any spin doctor, and make it seem like they’re actually opposed to this stuff, when they’re a chief actor in it. Like I said, the Church of San Lorenzo, literally a half a mile from the Vatican, the main Jesuit Church in Rome, is where these rituals go on – on a routine basis, at certain times of the year. And, it’s just so gross; hypocrisy is not a strong enough word for it.

A: Yeah… well, the reason I read that is because I really believe that these are the quotations that are going to totally bite them in the butt. They going to really have to “eat crow”…you know?

K: Well, if they’re forced to. I guess the question is: Who’s going to force them? And even though they’re the richest institution on the planet, they’re extremely vulnerable, which is why they’re doing this thing. We find that in the work we do, that all we have to do is stand outside a Catholic Church and start handing this stuff out to people, and the priests and local bishops start freaking.

A: Yeah.

K: And they start issuing statements to the media. They are so easy to provoke, and that’s why these kinds of grass-roots actions, even by a handful of people, get these kinds of reactions from the Vatican.

A: It’s SO awesome. Now, to go back a little bit, Kevin,…let’s go back to the three cities: The City of London, the District of Columbia, and the Vatican, itself…. I wanna remind people that they control the politicians – just these 3 cities, folks, – they control the politicians, the courts, the educational systems, the food supply, the natural resources, the foreign policies, the economies, the media, and the money flow. They OWN 80% of the world’s wealth. That’s why this is a BIG DEAL. We can stop this…. OK….’cause their aim is to control us; their aim is to prevent us from going through our birthright of ascending and evolving our souls to a higher state of consciousness …and they’re doing that, whether we like it or not….through the food, and the water, and the air that we breathe!

Kevin, you brought up a very interesting point, which was the keyhole in the Vatican. And, I found something about the obelisks. Now the London obelisk is also known as Cleopatra’s needle. And did you see this part – it says the obelisk originally stood in the Egyptian city of An or Heliopolis. And it says the Knights Templars’ land extended to this area, where they had their own docks. Each side of the obelisk is surrounded by a sphinx, more symbolism dating back to the ancient world. Then, you have an obelisk as the Washington Monument, dedicated, of course, to George Washington & the Secret Brotherhood of the Freemasons.

There is an underlying pattern here, is my whole point, of something that is afoot, regarding this, and I’m just curious did you have any other ideas? I know when we were talking on the phone we both kinda got a hit … I really do believe what they’re doing is they’re going to uh..number one, I think there will be a new sort of mind-control program over the politicians. I don’t fully understand their technology…and I’m sure you don’t either?

K: yeah…. When we were talking, we made reference to the fact that America is where a lot of this change is occurring, and they wanna get a clamp on that….like in England. And so, I think that that’s one of the reasons.

My father was quoting the latest TIME Magazine coverage of Bergoglio’s visit to America, and it’s nauseating ! Every politician’s lining up, praising this guy… including progressives like Bernie Sanders, who’s very critical of multi-national corporate funding of the government !! There he is, praising Bergoglio !!! I mean, it’s like you say, they’re ALL on the payroll !

I know that from Italy – Every political party is funded out of the Vatican Bank, and it’s the same in America….you know; seven of the nine justices on the supreme court are Catholic !! Um…How did that happen ?

Yeah, so there’s an intent to put a new lid on what’s really developing in America… because, because don’t forget that America was the first country in the world ever to say that men and women are sovereign, self-governing beings….not under a pope, not under a king, only under God. We are equal sovereigns ! That’s how John Adams put it. John Adams also said: The biggest threats to America are the Freemasons and the Jesuits. And here it is, a Jesuit pope coming to address Congress, you know…. you know, it’s that simple, really.

A: Wow….yeah, and I just remember Simon Parkes saying to me in an interview, a while ago… he says: Everybody’s eyes are on the United States. Everyone is watching – What is going to occur within the United States. And many refer to it as “The New Jerusalem”, you know, what will unfold here.

K: Mmm-mmm…. I believe that, and now it’s time, as we mentioned earlier on in the show, for Light-workers, and the people in our movement, we all have to join hands now, to STOP this visit, to STOP this influence from spreading over America, and our people.

A: I AGREE…and I, for one folks, you know me, I am not super big on a mass meditation, because I’ve just been convinced by many how they use that energy; it’s unfortunate that do end up harvesting that energy for not such good causes, and in many cases they divert the energies that we’re putting out into wars and other frictions on the planet. So, I highly, highly recommend that each and every one of us does whatever we can do…and we can do it on the inner plane. We can just put out the INTENTION that we work together on the Inner Plane to make this happen. I really believe that this is very, very important. So the dates are – Kevin – what September 23rd through the 26th ?

K: He’s coming to the UN, he hasn’t given an exact date, but it will be a few days before the 24th, I believe that’s a Thursday. September 24th is when he’s speaking to Congress. Before that, he’ll be in New York at the U.N. So, again, we’re going to have a presence there, publicly, but … it’s kinda like when I first did that exorcism in Rome, they are really an illusion. When I was standing there, outside the Vatican, I had a sense, an inner sense, that there was nothing there…. that literally it’s some kind of holographic projection. It doesn’t have substance. It just operates through this kind of mind control and smoke & mirrors … so, I think the best weapon we have against this is just to stand outside of its illusion and tell it to GO AWAY ! Because literally that seems to have an impact.

A: Yes….yes.

K: It’s a Thursday, Thursday September 24th of this year.

A. September 24th . Ok and the United Nations visit is the day before, which is the 23rd.

K. Either the day or two days before – something in that period.

A. I haven’t been able to find anything super specific but I know they deliberately do that, right?

K: Yeah, and, again, September, the 23rd and 24th is a prime day of the month when people are killed or ritually sacrificed. I can give you a list of 10 or 12 people, who were killed on those days, including people here in Canada…and that’s one other thing that I did want to mention before we end the interview…the whole situation recently in Canada, when we have a moment.

A: We’ll get there in just a few seconds. The only other thing that I really wanted to run by you and maybe you can expound upon is the whole thing about “Peter, the Rock”, because that ties in with a lot of the press coverage that Pope Francis is getting. Can you talk a little bit about it, you know, where it says: “You are Peter, and on this Rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against you…”

K: Right… Well, it’s interesting, because that one word is what really exposes things. In the original Greek, it says “This is the rock upon which I will build my ecclesia”, which means congregation. It doesn’t mean ‘church’; it means, like, an assembly of gathered disciples. It doesn’t mean ‘church’ as an institution, and in fact, when William Tyndale translated the Geneva Bible, he translated it to say ‘congregation’, not ‘church’, and that’s what got him burned at the stake !! Because here is no basis for the Church as an institution; it’s simply people gathered in memory of Christ and his spirit. That’s a very different notion. That whole church-created legend that Peter was somehow made the first pope. It’s nonsense ! There’s no basis for any of that, including in the Bible, starting in the Bible.

So, for them to even invoke that, it’s like when they invoke what’s called the “donation of Constantine”, where they say, “Well, Constantine wrote this document before he died…the Emperor Constantine…bequeathed all of the property and authority of the Roman Empire to the Catholic Church.” Well, it turns out that even Vatican scholars admit that this document was actually written 700 years after Constantine by Vatican lawyers to legitimate the fact that they owned the world, and could give it to anybody…. you know, they gave North America to Spain, and Asia to Portugal… All this nonsense…from fraudulent documents! And this stuff about Peter being the Rock is really part of that same whole way to re-invent history to legitimate their ‘authority’. So I think it’s all more of that same stuff.

A: They must’ve really gone out of their way, Kevin, to try to find somebody, that could play this role, because it talks about how his original name was Pietro Periland, and he was from Italy. And so it’s almost as if they had to find someone to fit that role, you know ’cause they’d already put that out there.

K. Right, well they’ve got thousands of years of experience…. They’re the biggest criminal syndicate on the planet! When I was in Rome in 2009, for the first time, we gave a presentation about the Canadian genocide to a group of Italian politicians, including the senior senator in the Democratic Alliance, one of the parties there. And he took me aside and said: What you have to understand is that the Vatican and the government and the mafia are all the same people. They wear different hats, and they have one concern, their money. And that’s a senior politician telling me that!

A: No kidding! Well, and the other thing that I want the Light workers to really focus on is this nasty grid. Now a lot of you know that there are a lot of different shapes and sizes of grids that they’ve created, but I found an interesting article about the way the grid works, and it was talking about how it was made of hyper-dimensional black holes, wormholes…that it contains a lot of amoeba-like entities, and that these entities are sent in through the grid, technologically.

Now, we don’t really have the capacity to fully understand this kind of technology, ‘cause it’s off-world, but it is being used against the light beings…and it’s also being used against everybody on the planet as far as being able to manipulate the way they think, the way that they react, the emotions that they’re going to feel.

So, I really feel strongly, I’ve been called today, as has Kevin, to remind all of us that this grid needs to come down, and we can do it, we can focus on it. They say that it’s a very advanced technology that uses strong electro-magnetic fields; and it supposedly distorts the space-time structure; they’re saying that it works within a program of an etheric, mainframe computer system and directs the flow of energies worldwide that controls all of us.

Now why do I say this? Because I really do believe that this visit to the United States is something where they’re energetically going to kick this up a notch, because they are getting desperate, as Kevin said. And they’re needing to either recalibrate, maybe reprogram, or what-have-you. We can prevent this from happening. I feel that this is really one of the final things that needs to go down, in order for us to, finally, feel our own freedoms ! Huh, Kevin? So, I call ALL of you, today, to just start working on this now. Let’s not wait till September! Let’s just start doing it NOW. If you get a hit throughout the week that you can energetically start working on this, please do. I also ask all of you to please send me in any emails regarding whatever you’re getting intuitively, clairvoyantly, any messages, so I can pass them on and share them with the world. Because I think this is without a doubt one of the most important projects we can be doing right now.

So is there anything else Kevin regarding that? If not, we’ll move on to what you wanted to talk about.

K: No, I think you summed it up brilliantly and I just really hope that people will get on board with us for the next number of months to stop this visit from happening.

A: Yeah, you know, grids – Kevin – grids are kind of a nebulous type of thing with people. They don’t fully understand them. It’s very important for all of us to recognize that every city around the world has a grid. And these grid structures are formed by the etheric of all our souls kind of interlocking; and the grids form around the combined energies of that city, and they also form around the way a city is set up, – and here’s the biggie, guys – and the karma of the collective of all the souls within a city. So, remember how much bloodshed has gone down around Washington, DC OK? Remember how much war and bloodshed has occurred, and of course, the dark love to use that in their ceremonies and in their way to entrench and also anchor their own grids. So, if we can do any clearing of that, and the collective karma of the people in that area, PLEASE do! If you live in that area, I ask you to take some time to go through that area very, very thoroughly and clear as much as you can. You don’t have to physically do it, but I’ve done that and it’s very, very powerful. So go ahead Kevin and share with us what’s happening in Canada because I know there’s a lot of new things going on !

K: Well, yeah, and I just want to add a P.S. to what you just said right then. Another way to describe – you know, traditionally, people talked about angels. And if you look later in the New Testament when Paul was writing to the different early churches in Asia Minor, he doesn’t write to the people in the churches, he writes “to the angel of the church of Cappadocia…..the angel of the church” of whatever. right? So he’s addressing what you’re talking about, this Higher Soul of every town or every community of people, and he’s addressing it. That’s what we have to do, we have to address that higher – whatever we want to call it – grid, angel, higher mind, because when we did that in Rome it definitely had an effect.

A: Thank you for that! Thank you for that. Because basically these grids, and as Kevin is saying, the angels, from their terminology – don’t misunderstand me folks, – they act as a veil. ‘Cause if they get very really mucked up with a lot of sadness and sorrow and decimation of spirit, which of course, there’s so much of that around the world, you can see how that’s going to greatly impact all of those that live in that area as well as the world itself. So, it’s very important for us at this time: any clearing that we can do, and anything we can do to block their perpetuation of additional grids, additional programming. We gotta do this, folks ! Anyway, Kevin’s got some exciting news about what’s happening …

K: For people in Canada, listening to this….This next week there’s a major spin coming out of the government, where this thing called “The Truth & Reconciliation Commission”, which was set up by the government and the churches to hide their genocide of the Indian Children in these residential schools -they’re coming out with their “final report.” And in the news the other day, the head of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice in Canada, Beverley McLachlin said: “Yes, cultural genocide did occur in Canada”. Adding the adjective “cultural” is a way to dilute the reality of what they’re saying; and, in fact, she’s lying, because it wasn’t just cultural genocide; it was mass murder, as we documented right at ITCCS.org.

But the fact that they would go that far to say that, is more of what we’ve been talking about in that the system here in Canada is especially vulnerable, because they’re at the point, now, where they have to admit their crime, but they don’t really see that there’s a consequence that comes out of that, in that, when a government admits to a crime, and under international law states – there’s the thing called the International Convention on Genocide that Canada ratified, the US has never ratified it, of course, but Canada ratified in 1952 and they are obligated under International Law – to “prosecute and punish genocide”. Well here, no one’s ever been punished or prosecuted in Canada for genocide, and yet they’re acknowledging that it happened.

What they’re opening themselves up to, now, is their complete collapse, because when a regime is that murderous, and they’re admitting it, and yet they’re not doing anything about it, the citizens are freed from any allegiance to them. Under International Law it says, if you’re a member of that kind of country, you cannot pay taxes, you cannot support the regime. You can put them on trial, and that’s, in fact, what we’ve been doing.

People know about the Republic of Kanata that was declared last January. In London, Ontario, one of our groups is actually performing citizen arrests on some of the Anglican Bishops, who have been covering up these crimes. We had a lot of this talked about on our show, Radio Free Kanata, which is every Sunday at 3 pm, Pacific . And I just wanted to tell people that, in the weeks ahead, there are going to be a lot of these actions by members of the Republic, to actually STOP these criminals. We know that in the Harper Government in Canada, one of his own cabinet members, Denis Lebel is a member of the 9th Circle Killing. We talked about this earlier when he was present in Rome on February 24th – the 24th of the month is when they sacrifice a child.

So, I just urge everyone to follow all of these developments at our weekly radio program Radio Free Kanata which is every Sunday at 3 pm, Pacific Time (6 pm, Eastern) on bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata and our website is KanataRepublic.ca

A: Perfect. It’s funny, Kevin, because when you and I did that last interview, I really didn’t wan to do that from the standpoint of just having to look at such tragedy, reading the testimonials, and it was very upsetting. And, most people, today, are basically saying, listen, I don’t want to focus on any of the conspiratorial stuff anymore – I want to focus on my present and my future, what I can do to create the New Earth. Right? And so, I had some misgivings, but I was told to do it. I followed my guidance, and look what came out of it !

K: Well, right. And don’t forget, it’s like light and shadow they’re all part of the same thing, and that it’s looking at these things which allows us to take the next step; and very much a lot of my working on my own energy is going towards creating these alternatives, creating our own Common Law Courts, taking back the country, taking back these systems, and making them ones that serve the Light, and serve the People. So, we’re definitely on the same track here, we just can’t at the same time ignore the fact that these crimes are still going on, and historically, have come out of Rome…originally.

A: Yes, yes. And, now, is the Republic of Kanata progressing well ?

K: It is ! We have more people….now, over 2500 people, who’ve taken the Oath of Allegiance. There are some folks in Central Canada, and Ontario and Quebec that are getting on board with this. There’s a whole French language section that’s starting up. And again, at KanataRepublic.ca people can follow the basic work, there, and on our radio show. I think it’s important that what we’re learning is, it’s the power people have when they take local action and not wait for some organization or some other source to come in to show them how to do it. People are learning how to just from their own experience. And that’s so valuable.

A: I just want to thank the Canadians – Right On – that they’ve started this movement, and it’s literally spreading across the world, and they’re showing us and being a representation what we’re going to be doing in the future. The main thing that we should all be waking up in the morning with is that we’re just another day closer to really, truly, experiencing freedom for the very first time in this reality. It’s getting closer and closer because of ALL of you…and the work that you’ve done, and I honor ALL of you for hunkering down and going through the difficulties.

I get enough emails to know, and I know what I go through, so I just wanna thank all of you for the work that you’re doing. And Kevin, of course, you as well…just the immense amount of energy and dedication that you have shown. We would not have the response that we’re having, NOW, with your having put yourself on the line. I know SO many people, really, appreciate what you’re doing.

K: Thank you. Well, then we’ll carry it on…Thanks, Alexandra.

A: If you can continue to support Kevin with his work, please visit his website at ITCCS.org and, of course, you can always visit me at GalacticConnection.com/daily-blog.

And we will see you next week, same time, same channel, same zone, whatever that zone is, right Kevin? It’s the Galactic zone. Anyway, take care Kevin. Thanks for everything. Thanks for all that you’re doing and the information you’re bringing forward. If there’s any other hot intel, let me know.

K: I sure will, Alexandra.

A: Thanks everyone for listening. We will talk to you next week. Take care everyone. Lots of love. Bye.

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