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microphone (1)July 1, 2014, Laura Walker and Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra: Hello, hello everybody! This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.Com and today is July 1st, 2014 – oh my god, I can’t believe that it is already July. Hey! This is a very important radio show today. I feel it in my bones, folks. And one of the reasons that I feel that so strongly is because I got a lot of guidance about this today, it’s very, very special, and I decided and was guided to pull back in Laura Walker of the Oracle Report. So we have a very interesting presentation on the changes going on within ourselves and on the planet through her eyes and my eyes. So it ought to be very, very interesting to combine the two.

For those of you who do not know Laura, she’s is a counseling astrologer and the author of The Black Moon: Guide to Healing the Shadow Side, and Eris: Archetype of Shadows, Crisis, and Awakening at the Completion of the Mayan Calendar. Very, very interesting reads. Laura is the only astrologer to research the themes of the newly-discovered planet Eris, beginning at the observatory where the planet was actually first sighted. Both of her books are available for free download at her site, which is Oracle Report.com. This is an ongoing daily analysis site. It will give you a lot of navigational guidance of the energies of this time in history. It is based on a lot of the Gnostic knowledge of the Gaia-Sophia information, and the Divine being embodied as Earth, as we call it.

She holds a Master’s degree in Education and Laura worked for more than fifteen years as a trauma counselor – her heart goes out to her – and a leading advocate for victims of sex trafficking. She is now focusing a lot of her work on her very special ability to see through of these astral charts that each of us has, in a way that nobody else that I know of does. She can really look at the collective shadow sides of what is really going on. It really puts some meat behind it, rather than just saying, ‘okay, you’ve got this in your Second House and this is where you’re going to move into a more prosperity plane of time.’ She can really get into the meat and potatoes of what’s causing you to not have that prosperity and really pull in these archetypical energies that most astrologers even do not even consider. So with that said, I want to invite Laura on. Hello, Laura Walker, thank you for coming on again today.

Laura: Hi Alexandra! Thank you so much for having me. My goodness. I’ll never live up to all of that. (laughter)

Alexandra: Oh yes you will. And everyone loves you very dearly. So I would like to first start out with telling everybody that Laura and I both got pretty much the same message, so no surprise there. That today’s key factor was looking at what’s going down on the planet, all the changes that occurring within and without, and that we need to stay on our game. Right, Laura?

Laura: Well, yes we do. Particularly this month, because the energy for this month is ‘game birds feathering their nests.’ So yes, we have to be on our game. (Yeah) Because we are game birds and we are the target, basically, and you know, there’s a shift in the game, this month, big time.

A: Yeah, and I wanted to start out with just how absolutely unique it is, for me anyway, to see so many synchronicities that have come into play after listening to your last interview. And I thought I first thing to point out, and I just wanted to see what your perspective was through the astrological side of things – and that is, why the month of July, why is the month of July such a huge month for this year.

Laura: Well, there are several reasons. First of all, it’s a pivot point. The New Moon is in Cancer for basically the month of July and that’s that 90 degree angle from where we started with the New Moon in Aries, back on March 30th, which was basically, the Month of April. So in the cycle of life and then the codes of the planet, which is basically, you can think of astrology in a lot of ways, but one of the things that it is, is a code of the matrix. And that would be, and by saying matrix, and as we all say ‘the matrix,’ we’re generally talking about the negative matrix, this enslavement that is the illusory picture that we are fed and collectively plugged into – but that’s basically dreaming and there is that other whole dream that’s going on, and has been going on alongside of that, and that’s the collective consciousness of the grid which has been put in place, and reinforced since Harmonic Convergence, most definitely, but much longer than that, and that’s the Grid. We call that the Grid. But both is a matrix really, because they are both dreaming. They are a dream-time. And so there are principles and electromagnetics that go along with the dreaming that produce certain effects. And one of those things that describe this, basically, this code, or this programming you could say, is astrology.

And each of the degrees in the zodiac, each of the 360 degrees operates with a certain frequency. So when you have combinations of frequencies, you look at those to see the possible outcomes. And you can look with some degree of certainty when you can see the cycles repeat and objectively look at data and things that happen when those certain energetics are in place, because they do repeat. And so it is a code, it’s a mathematical code to read this. Well, in July a lot of things come together that make it a shift point. Like I mentioned, we’ve moved 90 degrees from that New Moon of Aries which sets the tone for the whole year. The whole year is about change because Uranus was conjunct that New Moon in Aries. And I always talk about this when I go back to this because it is absolutely essential that we become comfortable with change this year because that is what is going to happen.

A: I agree.

L: Like what we said, regardless, right, one way or another.

A: True. True.

L: So these themes keep playing out as the year develops in the cycle of life continues, you know, you can think of it as a wheel, the Wheel of Life, the Medicine Wheel. So now we come to this Cardinal shift again, at these points, and this is when the matrix, you know, the archonically-controlled matrix is finding opportunity to make change. In astrology these are the squares and they provide change and there’s a lot of power in some of the astrological aspects that enables us to really influence the dreaming, the matrix, either way positively or negatively. Well these are opportunities make the New World Order, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Archons, salivate, because they are so prime in their ability to transform and shift.

A: In their way.

L: Yeah, right. Yeah. Basically, at a higher level it’s a clash going on here because their matrix is that wave of energy, basically, that produces that matrix is deteriorating, and the Grid that, you know, collectively, that is aligned with the Natural World Order and all of the good things about life that so many people have been working to strengthen all of these years, that is stronger. The wave of that is stronger. Well, astrologically this month we have the Planet Eris and the Eris Point, basically, the degree in the sky where the Planet Eris was discovered, we have that aspecting with Mars. And the aspects between Planet Mars and the Eris Point are the times when the energetics are primed for a shift – either to dominate or to free. So for years and years, centuries, this energy has been manipulated behind the scenes to imprint the matrix of all of the doom and gloom and destruction and the anti-life that it really is. But at the same time, that energy of rebirth is there to take over and liberate at the same time. So we have these two dualities here that are basically, clashing. And they have certain days when the energetics are in place for those changes to hit in a much more strong way and therefore change reality and imprint reality in a different way. So you can see it as the matrix being kind of in flux there when something else is trying to take over. Something stronger than it is fighting against. The days are, basically, starting July 1st all the way until about July 16th. And there are a few days in there that are highlighted to be – they have a lot more charge with them, a lot more energy for the change.

A: Yeah.

L: We’re going to have the Sun moving into opposition to Pluto over the same days that Mars is going to oppose Eris and the Eris Point. That’s like July 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. All of that energetic is going on. So that is aggression, there’s a lot of conflicts that comes about with that. They’re are basically the god and goddess of the battlefield – Aries and Eris, they are twins. So changes and all kinds of things, in the chaotic chessboard that is going on right now – this is the prime time to mold that in a certain way. And there is precedent for this, you know. I talk about this – the Eris Point energy, that degree of 21 Aries. It’s present on 9/11 at the time between the two towers – the Eris Point was on the descendant over New York at that time. And Sandy Hook, Mars was squaring Eris, Jupiter was also conjunct the Black Moon.

A: We are just setting up for the very major false flag event. And I wanted to point something else out to you, Laura, I think was just fascinating. When you look up the word July and you actually try to look into the definition of it, what you typically get over and over and over again is Julius Caesar.

L: Hmhmm.

A: Okay. And one of the things that – Spirit never has coincidences. They are just synchronicities. You know, that’s the way I feel. And with that, when you look up Julius Caesar you’re basically looking at emperors, you’re looking at the autocrats, dictators, and here’s the key, temporal ruler, okay. And I thought it was really interesting – why July? And I know that July is a powerful month because we’re like half way point of the Gregorian calendar. I know it’s the first wave after the actual beginning of the year since that most of us regard as the Spring equinox, correct? (Right) So this is a big month from a lot of standpoints. And one of them, especially people in the United States to pay attention to, is that this is the month that we all consider to be the month of paying attention of freedom. You know, we have the 4th of July, the Independence Day. And I was just floored when I started to dive into this and you look at the number 7. Seven was actually, you get the seven hills of the Vatican, right, of Rome.

L: Yes.

A: And then you go back and you really research Isis and Lilith and Innana and all of those folks, which goes all the way back. She was the head of the Luciferian Council of Seven. And I know that Isis is something that you mentioned in your last interview where they were basically taking the initials of the ISIS and saying, gosh, what a shame, that they’re taking something so beautiful and kind of bastarding it. But what I’d also like to present is that another flipside of that, and this is what I think the July is about, it’s just like you said, you thought the twins of Aries and Eris – you’ve got that duality stuff going on. You talked a lot about working with the duality and the ‘game birds’ are targeted but they also are capable of recognizing that and making sure that the nest are comfortable, you know. And I started thinking about this whole Isis hype, right? And you know, that’s the way that they work, they create this big hyped-up event so everyone put all their eyes upon it. They know, folks, how you’re going to react. They spend trillions and trillions of dollars to know how the human psyche works, right? So I got to thinking about it. What if – the whole Isis thing is really in fact, they’re just rubbing it into our faces. Because if you go all the way back, because they’re really – there’s so much stuff going on about Isis, Laura. They want to build Isis Temples all over the world and first of all, why do we have to purchase and build a temple for anybody.

L: Yeah. Well, it is the same energy. Isis/Eris is the same energy. And the feminine split into the many different names. (Right) What it really is, the way as I see it is, one of the objectives with it is to parallel Al Queda with Isis, okay. So one day, Al Queda will produce the same image or feelings as Isis. That name that would – now I don’t think this is what is going to happen. But this is their intention.

A: Right.

L: And when you go further with that, that has kind of blocks off any discussion there. It kind of shuts it down because if you remember when Al Queda was first talked about after 9-11, you know, it was a taboo word, right? It was ooo. So now it is common. So what it does by putting that negative connotation there, it does a lot of things to try to morph and twist the feminine into something that it isn’t. But it is also stops the process for a lot of people. Because the way that it works in the Awakening is, people start to learn about all the occultism with Isis stuff and then they go beyond that and they find the Gnostic story of Gaia-Sophia. And you can’t get to the story of the Gnostic-Gaia-Sophia and miss the story of the Archons. The story of Gaia-Sophia is the taboo subject, not because of that, they don’t want us to align with the planet, but also because they don’t want us to know of who it is exactly in control of this.

A: Thank you. Thank you. That’s what I was hoping you would say. That’s exactly what I was hoping you would go into – is the Gnostics. Because the Gnostic texts and that sort of thing, because we are putting so much of this on Isis and I love the fact that you were saying you have to almost go through the researching, finding, seeking, yearning to get that kind of information and really get to the root of who rules the world.

L: Yeah, exactly. And so one of the things that’s happening with this is, this is a story of Gaia-Sophia, the Gnostic story of the Archons that, you know, they identified who the parasite was that we were dealing with long ago, and the Roman Empire, you know basically, as we are talking about it, they were the insertion of the matrix of the Archons, that’s what happened. They destroyed the pagan Mystery Schools. They dessimated them. We have very little of that information left. But it’s been maintained and it’s what we call the Grid.

A: Yes.

L: It operates parallel, side by side, with that. One of the things that is happening is – so if you picture, we go down the rabbit hole when we awaken and then you kind of get to the end of the rabbit hole, because I believe the end of the rabbit hole is the Archons. And then you punch out of that because of all the people piling in behind you because that is what’s happening with the Awakening. (Right) So many people are like now, funneling through there, now we punch out beyond that. That’s where we go now. And this is what I call the Second Renaissance. And I think Steve was talking in your conversation, the recording the last time, [June 10] all of these scientific principles that he’s talking about and all of that juggling of all these presumptions and notions, this is a renaissance. That is what the Renaissance was before.

A: Yeah.

L: So we have to open up to everything and that brings it back to the Change and why this month is such a prominent part of that.

A: Yes.

L: And in order to navigate and maintain and stay grounded and anchored with it, we have to be open to Change.

A: I’m so glad that this is happening today, because I really feel even the most enlightened person on the planet right now can definitely be feeling a little bit of confusion, wouldn’t you say. You know. Everything that you thought that you had figured out or wired in your kind of core foundational belief system has been rocked. And, you know, it is important for us to go into that which we know that we can count on. And that which we know we count on is ourselves. And we have been so programmed not to do this. We have been so programmed to depend on our Mother Government, really if you think about it, and our Mother Jobs and our Mother Health Care Systems, and so on and so forth, that we have forgotten how powerful we ourselves we truly are. This is the reason why everybody has been fighting over us, abducting us, begging to hope that they can mirror our DNA, which won’t happen in a zagillion years, by the way. This is why.

L: Yeah. Because that’s good stuff. We are Creators. We are Co-Creators and we dream and we dream up what we want to experience. And so while this month with all of these themes of Liberty and Liberation, we have coming into play a Revolution, a Renaissance. There’s a lots of – the astrology in place repeats for the entire month. The theme of revolution. We are really setting ourselves up for this for the month of June. This is what was gathering some strength and now we had strong energy coming into play at the end of June. With Mars and Uranus in opposition creating a lot of anxiety and charged things up. Uranus rules electricity so everything was amped up. Now, this moving into this month we feel something palpable. Pretty much everyone can feel that there is a shift going on, that something is happening but not everyone can really define that. So what we do with this is we understand there is an energetics in place that could try to knock us off of our game and into fear. And that’s what we do not react to. It’s almost like we’re kind of expecting that, in a way. So we are maintaining our composure as we go through that because, remember, the Sabian symbol tells us, ‘game birds feathering their nests.’ Well, we know we are game birds but we continue to feather our nests – the Grid. We will continue and reinforce that even as the energetics that are in play being amplified and exaggerated by negative forces to promote fear and promote your fear of change even while that is going on this is what we maintain because we understand what is happening.

A: Yeah, yeah. We are going on as if that didn’t exist. Which exactly what they do not want. So I kind of want to give everybody a pat on your back because Laura, I really felt, June was one of the toughest months for a lot of people out there. It was a very intense month. I’d maybe like to go over that a little bit.

L: Yeah, it was really very intense. The whole month was a month of struggle. And the reason for that – it’s kind of like this every year as we follow these cycles. We begin with the New Moon and that’s a whole month, it was two months this year, April and May, that were like preparing the New. Then when we came to June we had to kind of struggle with that, because the Universe asked us if we’re serious about what we had in mind. And if we’re going to give up. So the Archons, the negative forces – to just put them all together like that – they were on the attack, trying to make us give up in the things that we had put in place. And all of this work, right? Because it’s natural, because we were struggling anyway because it’s the nature of the energy.

A: I’m sorry, I’m laughing because I think we talked about this about a week ago. I am going to just go on record because people have heard me this before. This has been without doubt, one of the worst months ever for electronics for Galactic Connection. I am telling you what guys, people would not believe the stories. And it’s anybody – it’s Pam, Okalani, Steve, myself, possibly Pablo who is also helping us. It’s very interesting how we can be typing an email, it disappears. We can send an email, it never arrives. People can call email us five to ten times, we never get it. Are you ready for this? I had to shared with you Laura, because you will get a kick out of this. We transferred our server, we upgraded our server again because of the amount of the traffic, right? Something just told me I needed to go in and check on some things at the back end. When I went in, it was under the name of v-a-m-p-i-r-i-s-i. Okay.

L: Unhuh.

A: Okay, I’m looking at that and I’m going ‘what?’ It didn’t say Galactic Connection. So the long and the short of it is, they were actually hooked up to our back end and they were hooked up to our back end. But after awhile, I was having tears coming down my face because I couldn’t get anything fixed, I had to laugh at it because, boy, these Archons really have a sense of humor. Here they are vampirisi. So when you go to that website, it’s a guy who writes about vampires. And in the first line it says, ‘for the websites that are neglected and are going to die,’ or something like that. And I was like, oh my god.

L: That’s what it said? ‘The websites that are the neglected,’

A: I swear to God. The neglected – something about the neglected website and I just said to myself, okay. Obviously I have to be laughing about this because I was getting so uptight. People were getting frustrated, they couldn’t reach us, we have that archontic interference on a ongoing basis because what we brought forth, right?

L: I gotcha.

A: But the month of June was unbelievable. So could you tell me this – is the Uranus ruling over electricity going to be going to lighten up any time soon?

L: When Mercury goes direct today, is when this will air. That will help. That will definitely help. But that is – you have to laugh, yeah. They do have a sense of humor. Because what was happening, because I had the same problems. I had lots and lots of problems with people’s emails getting to me and sending things and interestingly just the more traffic, the more that the people were reading, the less people were donating. And that hasn’t happened. So I asked them, the Mahavidyas – who are the Wisdom Goddesses with whom I work and the answer to that question and why is that, is that, basically, there’s a screen in place. The Archons screen reality and they can implant thoughts that basically, it isn’t so much that they implant a thought, they make you overlook things. This is a dilemma because if – The Oracle Report is sustained only by the generosity of people that think it is valuable and want to see it to continue.

A: RIght.

L: That is an experiment in that way because if it isn’t maintained and found valuable it won’t continue. I won’t be able to continue it. And so the many people find you it’s important and valuable and a way to organize ourselves within all of this. I remember Steve mentioning that you were mentioning that the other side seems so well-organized and we are scattered.

A: Yes.

L: Well, we really are not. First of all, on the soul level we aren’t at all and at even this level there are places that are organized to maintain that touch. Your site is one and mine is one. And I work directly with trying to influence the imprint on the Grid everyday. It’s got specifically negative imprint/positive imprint right there. If you’re just trying to work the postive imprint you’re affecting all of it.

A: Right.

L: You know what you mean. There are efforts in place and the stronger things become as a counter attack to what they do, the more targeting that they become. And we see it over and over again, don’t we?

A: Yes, yes we do. And I ditto what you say, because sites like yours and mine, we operate off of donations. And we put a ton of work on what we do just trying to assist the Ground Crew. So please folks, if you don’t hear from us, or things go awry, don’t ever, ever, ever, assume that we are just ignoring you. (Yeah) Because the interruptions and the interference are always there. For me anyway. Well so, Laura, tell us know a little bit more about – do you feel like that the month of June according to the astral chart for that month, are you feeling like there were certain specific houses that were getting hit the hardest to prep us not to give up?

L: To prep us to not give up? Where they were focusing on, you mean?

A: Right, right.

L: Well, yeah. That’s anyone that tries to come forward with something. Especially if they had a voice about something. But for everyone. In general, it was about finding some inner strength and actually reaching a point to where it just wasn’t acceptable anymore. So this is with a lot of things. You know, relationships, job, living in certain places. People found their limit; we came to a crossroad by the end of June. You know, with the New Moon in Cancer on June 27th. So we were brought to a place where if we were still keeping our dream alive, basically, if we still have our vision with what we were trying to do and where we are going, if we didn’t give up with that, in June it is empowered now. And all of the things that were limiting that and any of the destruction and interference that were in place of that are now sweeping off. They’re shifting as we shift this whole month now that we are in and change everything. And it’s really a winnowing process. It’s about the things that aren’t in alignment with us as we move off and the things that are in alignment and in resonance for our highest and best coming into play. And coming into our field. So it’s a growth time.

Change is growth. Growth is change. You know, it has to be that way. And it doesn’t have to be chaotic and traumatic. The Archons will, you know, they use it to control minds, they insert trauma. Because this is the most effective way to control – is to introduce trauma. And so what we are doing now is we are just prepared for that. We’re just kind of continuing on enjoying, life realizing that we’ve come a long way already and we’ve endured for the worst of it. I mean, energetically the rest of this year we won’t have that kind of energy anymore. That strugglish energy.

A: Oh my god. That’s like music to my ears.

L: Yeah, yeah, that only happens at the beginning at the astrological year, anyway, that’s the way that that happens. And now it just continues to build. It’s so critical because if we give up in that month the whole process just stops right there and we can try to get it back on board but it takes a lot of effort. So just getting through and continuing on now is really a relief and a breathe of fresh air.

A: You know, I’m glad that we are talking about the fear thing, okay. The fear of change. I feel that under all of this – everything that is happening around us, whether it’s the financial system going down, or the ISIS scandal, or the Russian new financial system popping up, with the Ukraine War going on and that kind of things, if you look at everything going on around us, the one thing that we should be seeing is where do we fear change in our lives. And I was wondering if you could talk to people about how do they find that within their astral chart. What do they need to look for within their astrological implications –

L: Well, yeah. The place to look for fears in the astrological chart is the Black Moon and interestingly, this year through September 26th the Black Moon is transiting the sign of Leo. And the Black Moon in Leo involves the fear of change. A: Wow!

L: Yes. So basically the whole calendar year of 2014 we are dealing with fears about change. And that means the fear also of the position and status and order of things and where our position and order and status and where we fit in. And it’s uncomfortable when these things shift. This is one of the other reasons why this year is such a pivotal year because there are so many energetics that are in play for change. Like the Uranus effect that I mentioned. But this Black Moon in Leo deals with that core fear of change. And the Black Moon in all the signs deals with the fear basically, they all stem from the fear of separation from Our Source, it’s the by-product of feeling that way. And of course we understand that that is never impossible. That we are always connected. But a part of us, because we are physically manifested, we experience it that way.

A: Right.

L: And that core fear will show up for each person in their own way depending on where the Black Moon was when they were born. So my book on the Black Moon details this and you don’t have to be an astrologer to pick it up and look at it because there is an appendix at the back and you just find your birthday within the range – it will tell you what sign the Black Moon is in and then you can just turn to the Chapter Two and look at what that means, where your Black Moon is. And so, it’s sometimes not conscious to us, sometimes we don’t register it. But again, it’s like a screen is in place. But sometimes it takes a couple of tries to look at that and see the truth of it. (Yeah) Because it isn’t conscious, you know, it is our shadow side. It’s where the fears reside. And then every month those things are triggers.

So one of the things that I talk about with the Oracle Report – I talk about where the Moon is for that day. And when the Moon goes into Leo right now since the Black Moon is in Leo, the Moon goes into Leo, or it’s opposite, Aquarius, our shadow sides are triggered – more than normal. So it is a day when we’re dealing with things – fears about change – and then wherever our personal Black Moon is, that comes up at the same time and so it’s those two times every month that we can even expect to work with these issues which usually give us the knowledge to integrate that, you know. It’s little edges of our personalities that we don’t really need to have anymore that are in the shadow to us so those can be worked off and then integrated during those times that the Moon operates like that. You know, I’m an astrologer and that’s where I frame from, but it is math. It’s energetics, it’s a code of something to read and work with to develop and to – not just that – to stay sane and navigate all of this energy.

A: You know, Laura, we do reside in a negative polarity space. And we are striving to prepare ourselves for the New World Earth. Right? So we are going to be experiencing – we hope -in our very soon future – not so much negative polarity space but a positive polarity space or wanting one that is completely balanced. And of course, that starts within ourselves. And please folks, check out her book because there are so many of you that write in and say what can I do. How can I make a difference? And this is what makes the difference. This is what makes the world perpetually move in a much more accerlerated rate if those of us that are doing this sort of work.

And here’s the key. If you have a fear of change and you know what it is, especially if you have the assistance of her book – you really can nail it. You can go right in to where it is in your astral chart, then with some awareness – that’s half the battle, you know. And then you are able to work on it. So we have kind of – responsibility is kind of a heavy word -but it is very important for those of us on this call that we are trailblazers. We are the leaders of this so-called movement toward this transition. And it is our responsibility – we have hang-ups of failure or oh-my-god it could get worse, or oh-god what am I thinking, how can I even do that? Then we need to figure out how to blow through that and I mean NOW. Because we need you guys on board NOW. Right, Laura?

L: Yes, it is. This is the time that everyone is needed. And that just in our individual daily lives to hold the mindset of what is really happening and not buying into the illusion. That is the most important thing – to maintain that integrity of the Grid that is the strength of that wave. It’s under attack now. That is what is happening. It’s about timelines trying to be manipulated. It’s complicated. There’s a lot going on with it. But everyday every individual participates with our consciousness. We are taught that it’s a minimal thing, and it isn’t, you know. Just being aware of the potential for things to happen based on precedent but yet to walk through your day, and not only that you can really do it to find some happiness and some joy to actually enjoy it – life – because that is what they would really like to do, rob us of that experience.

A: Yes. Yesterday was the first day that I have ever taken off the entire day and night from the internet, from my computer, from emails, okay. And I had a very heavy day. And I would admit to everybody, I was in a real, deep space of somber, melancholy, I felt the sorrow on the planet. I mean I felt it to the core of my being. And I often say to myself when I get into any kind of place like that, which isn’t that often, but when I do, I often say to myself that I know that whatever I decide to do, whatever charge I make, whatever move, or motivation that I make to move away from sorrow and sadness and depression and things that are really thwarting me from being all that I can be, I know that is affecting the world. I really do, I feel that, and it’s the same for each and everyone of you.

I have said to people many, many times, if you don’t know what you want to do, and that’s another things that Laura’s astral charts service can significantly help you with, by the way. But if you are not quite sure how to break out of the matrix, how to stop receiving a paycheck and going into what you really want truly are passionate about doing, take what has happened in your life that has been such a dramatic experience. Because guess what? You know it in and out. And take that and bring that forth to the rest of the world. And I guarantee you, that if you have a six year old son who fell and he hit his head and ended up having epileptic seizures and you’ve done everything that you can to try to heal him alternatively, I can guarantee you there’s a lot of other people out there that could use that kind of information from you. You can take your traumas, Laura, and create them into an opportunity.

L: Yes, it is. It is a work of art to be able to do that truly. And it is so healing for people. This is really what we are talking about – this is the month where we are going to see if we can maintain the strength to keep things in place while the matrix dissolves and those forces are overpowered. Can we do that? It’s up to all of us and we can. All we do is we continue to look at the big picture and where all of this going. Because I say it all the time, this is already in place, what happened has already happened. We have already won with this and that is the way that it shows out and the dream that we make of it, the dream with it, that is the true story. There is no more waiting at all. It’s the doing now and the becoming and just being a part of it. And taking your place and not succumbing to hopelessness, because that is the challenge. That’s the challenge that everyone has to meet now. This month.

A: I know and it’s got to be done, like now! I know people are saying, oh gosh, she’s putting pressure on me. But seriously, we need everybody standing tall in who that they are now. And really recognizing what is going on within your head, within your emotions, within your heart that causes you to feel shackled or stuck or trapped because I can guarantee you that if you feel shackled, stuck or trapped that is not of the light. The light does not want you to feel shackled, trapped or stuck. And it’s really important to let go of that, whatever way that you can. And if that means seek out assistance for any of us, so be it. Do it. Because the more of us that step forward and it’s just like what Laura said, our consciousness is growing to the point where they can’t mess around with us anymore. We aren’t just mambling mumbling going, ‘okay, they’re going to do a 9-11 and we haven’t hope, we can’t do anything to counter that.’ Well, guess what, we are countering that. That’s why we are Victorious.

L: That’s right. And that’s why we didn’t have any kind of major calamity, major false flag during April, when we were in one of those windows of time once again. And that reason is exactly what you are saying – this is a stronger wave. When the Renaissance shifted us out of the feudal times and the enslavement of that – and that is what this is – I’m sure that as things were changing at the time people were afraid because it’s their world view was changing and things were opening up. But look at how wonderful that was. All of the art that was created, all of the consciousness that evolved. That is what is happening now. So there’s no reason to fear that.

A: No. No. And in fact, if there is a fear of that, changes are, if you delve a little bit deeper you’re going to realize you’re not really fearing that, it’s just some other very core fear that hasn’t been cleared. Like within your childhood or within your timeline from a pastlife, or what have you.

L: Yes, and the fact that there’s a lot of manipulation going on with that and the trauma that’s been triggered. So it’s helpful to know that this is the time when things were to be coming to the forefront to challenge us for that, to keep going. We went through a lot of it last month now it’s just about holding it in place as we shift. We have to make changes within ourselves. It’s being pointed out to each of us what we need to do. (Yes) For anything. Any kind of change that we need to make we know what we have to do. And that’s what we going to be doing this month as things turn and holding it in place and grounding ourselves. And I always say, go outside. Engage the planet. Turn away and turn to the trees and you’re going to find your answers. They’re coming to you as you observe.

A: Yeah, because we have a lot more support now than ever before. Because it is reaching us, you know. L: Yes.

A: The light beings, the allied forces, whatever you want to call it, Source, whatever, they are right at our backyards now, guys. And they are here to support us fully. And I feel that the month of July is, in my opinion, Laura, I’m basing that on what happened to me last year when I got the clarion call and I went on a mission with Steve and we received that clarion call on July 4th. And we then found out later that the mission that was very much tied in with our descendants and the Native Americans and I just about flipped out when I heard you say that September 21st of this year coming up ‘an Indian Chief claimed power from the assembled tribe’ I almost felt freaked. Because I really do believe that the sign, the signal, from last year when we were doing that mission was, we were bringing everything, we were creating and assisting and feeding the Grid so that we could return back to that zero point at which we were before.

L: I love that. It’s beyond words to even conceptualize what all of that is. And, yeah, that is where this all is going when we go into that Capricorn cycle there with the Solstice. ‘The Indian Chief claims power from the assembled tribe.’ We started out with ‘the ruler of a nation.’ So something is trying to claim power this year. That is what the Sabian symbols tell us. And that will happen. And it’s an Indian Chief that does that and I was saying, yeah, I’ll take that! And really, and we can jump even further ahead and just time travel because basically that is all that it is. When we come again into the New Year again, the new astrological year next April 18th, it will be the New Moon in Aries, the Sabian symbol for that year is ‘the music of the spheres.’

A: Wo-oh.

L: Yes. And that’s going to be the re-creation of things. That’s when the music of the spheres will restructure, re-form, dream it again. So this is where we are going. There’s nothing to fear within any of that.

A: Wow, that’s like stepping back into the days of Michelangelo, you know.

L: Yeah. And we’ve got to get through this Full Moon cycle of July about to about the 16th the only window of time that I’m really looking at is that Libra cycle that begins on September 24th. So during that month. That’s going to be again, we’ll hit that pivot point, that Cardinal point again, like we are doing now. So there’ll be another big shift, that’s all about ascension. The ascension of consciousness. The Sabian symbol for that is ‘the light of the sixth ray is being transmited to the seventh’ so this is very, powerful stuff. I’m really at a loss of ever being able to describe the enormity of it and just the scale of things is beyond me, I’m not up to that task. But the Sabians definitely tell us. They do a much better job.

A: It’s so profound. Now tell us a little bit more about how does the Sun opposing Pluto, how does that bring into play this kind of kick-off, because everybody is feeling it. We all feel like we are standing at the gate, you know, and the whistle is about to blow and we blow through the gate and we are running the race type of thing.

L: Well, yeah, it’s exactly like that. The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon for this cycle is the ‘relay race.’ That’s where we are headed into the Full Moon.

A: I just want everybody to know that, no, we never talked ahead about this.

L: Right, we didn’t.

A: This is amazing.

L: So that’s we’re starting out in the New Moon with ‘game birds feathering their nests’ and this is about laying the groundwork and we we’re enforcing the structure and there’s a lot of revolutionary energy as it builds, and we come to the Full Moon phase and ‘a relay race’ we’re lining up for things, okay. You know, things need to be lined up in a lot of ways. Things lined up, things taken out, there’s a lot of feminine energy that is what all of the energy is building toward – is that feminine energy, that Eris Point energy activating with Mars. So the way that it has happened is that at the end of June we had Mars and Uranus in opposition that’s what is creating all that conflict, the aggression of Mars and the very unexpected events of Uranus together, that electricity that charged just like a powder keg. So we move off from that and Mercury goes direct now and that’s going alleviate a lot of the conflicts and communication and all the difficulties. That’s going to spring out of that.

And then we come to this Sun opposing Pluto right before we come to Mars opposing the Eris Point. The Sun opposing Pluto – that’s a transforming energy. It can take us down though. It can take us into the underworld to purge out and take a look at things. It’s more of the somber, inner time so over July 3rd to the 6th, you may not feel so jubilant with liberty and the spirit of freedom and all of that, because this a heavy toll. Depending on if that aspect is in your chart of that Sun-Pluto. But what it’s ultimately about is transforming us. So we might feel a little bit down or taken down a little bit by that energy, it transforms us and we come out of that in a new place. The Mars opposing the Eris Point – that is that’s the one where we get more of the time of action. The potential of something to happen. So –

A: And that’s July 12th, right?

L: Umhmm. It starts basically on the 6th and goes into 12th. And the Full Moon phase is really what we are looking at for the totality. So it’s just kind of like – these energies are waves, you know. They come in and they wane and what not. So you know, yes, we can pinpoint on the days, but the overall window of July 1st to the 16th is kind of like – that’s when you have to be aware that the potential is heightened for things to become very crazy and very aggressive and people’s shadow sides tend to come out and show themselves. So remember when we are dealing with our own shadow sides everybody else’s shadow side is dealing with theirs too. And we tend to project our shadow when it’s unconscious. We tend to put it out on other people and it causes us a lot of conflict.

A: Oh my gosh. So what I have been hearing from people that are in a little bit more in the 3-D matrix is, people are snapping at work.

L: Yes. Yes. This is the position of Uranus it is at 17th degree of Aries and that is the energy that break things up and cracks things up and loosens things up. So people crack up and the break up and the loosening up.

A: Oh God.

L: And so, in their own way. Maybe everybody in a little bit way. We need to open up a little bit here. You know. To accept what is happening.

A: So Laura for all of those that are listening that feel that have really done a lot of inner work, maybe they have gotten through the majority of their shadow side work and underworld undertaking, I should say, what is this month going to feel like to them. Maybe it is a little bit different for –

L: No, it’s the same for everybody.

A: Okay.

L: And the answer to that question is to be liberated. That’s what it’s designed to do. It’s designed to liberate us in some way, you know. Liberate some of our energy if we’ve been held back from ourselves. Liberate our voice. Liberate our minds with the decision about something. Just be freed from something. That’s where it all goes to. But you know, I always try to, you know, remind or just kind of keep it out there in the forefront that just because you have archontic interference, it doesn’t mean you haven’t done your work. It doesn’t mean that you have a shadow side that hasn’t been integrated with something. Maybe you are doing something really important that they don’t want you to do.

A: Oh hear hear!

L: But don’t take it on board and personalize it, it’s interference, it’s parasitic, it’s not natural to us.

A: Yes. I second that. And I think that more and more people as they are really coming more masterful in their walk and are shining their light so much brighter you’re going to be – just be prepared this is a time to be vigilant and be prepared for any kind of heavy-duty possible psychic attack. Not to be paranoid. It’s not to get scared or fearful. It’s just part of life right now.

L: Yes, and it’s a part that when you can understand it and you can release yourself of that burden of responsibility for thinking that why are you so malfunctioned that you can’t get that done. Well, look at little deeper with that, because probably most likely, there is a lot of intrusion and a lot of obstacle coming into play to prevent that. And all that means then is that you approach it in a different way. Just see it that way takes the power out of it and enables us to move beyond it. You know, the judgment is part of all of this freedom energy – it’s Aries energy at heart,

A: I agree.

L: and this liberation idea and along with that is judgment. This is the really nefarious root of all of this – this judgment that we undertake with each other and of ourselves. If somebody gets sick it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not working with their spiritual work. It isn’t this. We need to go beyond that.

A: I so agree with you. You’ve almost become too polarized in the way that we see that sort of thing coming into our lives.

L: Yes, and it’s just the same thing that it’s under the metaphysical concept. It’s still that diversion and division of people. It is all about separate and divide and conquer. That’s what works the best.

A: Ari and I used talk about this until like the wee hours of the morning about this so-called matrix that we live in and this spiritual community has really bought into – okay – what did I do to create that? Well, I’m to here to tell you, we didn’t create the Archons, okay. We didn’t create it but we are subject to it. So the difference is, don’t go into victimhood and don’t sabotage or blaming yourself. Just stand tall in who you are. Damn-it you guys, you are Creator Gods, we are in the Image of God. You are in His Image, the sons and daughters. You are the most precious beings. Why are so many eyes upon us? If this was easy, trust me, everybody and his brother would be here, right? (laughs)

L: Yes, absolutely.

A: But, you know, that’s what I always think when things get really crazy wack, I always focus on remembering what I’m going to see and feel and experience in the future.

L: Yes. That is really the thing to focus on. And holding that vision, you know, a lot of people that have come before us and so much sacrifice, personal sacrifice of people’s time and energy and support of a vision of something different. That never went away. None of that work was ever a waste. All it did was just to fire that Grid because it was all based on love. We are intensely loved beings.

A: Very much so. No matter what we do and no matter what are. I mean, okay, if you have an addiction, you are still loved beyond measure, right?

L: Yes. And there is healing within that, because it is our stories. (Yes) You know, it’s our sharing of our stories. All of this is should just be stories. War should not be an actual event, it should be a story. Of the hero. And what happened.

A: And we are all heroes. That’s my opinion.

L: Yes. Absolutely. Everyone here is playing a role and something to do and we are heeding in the inner voice, heeding that call that we have. That’s what we are doing and that’s what keeps us on track and that’s what we will do all month long under all of these energies.

A: And how cool is that, Laura, if you look at there’s seven point two something billion people on the planet and we would venture to say that there’s probably maybe if we’re lucky about least 300,000 people, right? that are within the spiritual community. I think that is the kind of a number that is thrown around amongst ourselves. And look at the percentage of that, folks. Look at the percentage, that’s what? less than half a percent?

L: Yeah.

A: We are truly blazing the trail. This is an honor. It’s an honor. And the fact that you are here and you are listening to this interview and the others that have to do with this, shows that you’re ready. You are ready to step up and take action. Become the leader that you are. Grow the passion that is already within you. Find it. Create it. Build it. Blow through, the energies are supporting us so much that I know that it gets heavy and very deep and bring us into a place where very, very deep somber place but if we just kind of wait it out and let it be, well, I’m somber today, you know. Okay, I’ll just kind of roll. Maybe I’ll take a nap or I’ll just be with Earth and stand in her grass, look at a butterfly –

L: Yes. Just the being. It isn’t about maintaining positive attitudes all the time. It is honoring where your voice and your feelings take you but understanding that the reference to all of that in the bigger picture of things.

A: God, that is so true too. We put so much pressure on ourselves.

L: Yeah. Because it takes us out of the fun, in the moment. Pressure is the worst thing – pressure and routine. That’s like the soul killers, you know. So yeah. There’s a tremendous amount of creativity that is coming along with all of this as well. Change makes opportunities open up. So everyone should be listening to whatever is being brought up with inside – within them. Something is trying to emerge. It was trying to come for the whole month of June. Now it wants to come from the light of day. We are following that. And in a wonderful way it’s just kind of spreading so, so quickly. So take heart with that. Yeah, the energies are going to change, they will change again.

A: Yes. Well, now, not to seque away from this, because we could go on with this topic forever and ever and we’ll probably come back to it in a few minutes. But I really want your take on the three triple whammy solar flares that went down.

L: Yes.

A: I know that it’s a deep conversation but I’ve really wanted to ask you about it for a long time.

L: Yeah. Well, I have studied the Sun for many years. And I am open to the notion that perhaps there is technology or something in place that is influencing the Sun, right? I am open to that, I get that idea. Just like here, like here on Earth as well. And what is all of that? I’m open to my understanding of this things morphing. With that said, those flares were right before we had the Uranus-Mars energy influx. So what it did was, it prepped us, it gave us an upgrade – the influx of energy if we look solely on the Sabian symbol from the energy of the time of the flares then we see that what was happening with this flurry, a flood of particles, plasma, that comes in play and it upgrades all of the energetic systems in our bodies and that’s what we are really working off of. We are reeling from all of that and trying to adjust to it because the Sun has been very, very quiet since then. It does show signs that it might be getting more activity in the next coming week or so. But what that was the tremendous upgrade to the field, the collective consciousness and unto us. So this again, is about answering that call about the changes that are happening within us because that was just like a bombardment. Everyone felt that too.

A: Yes. Yes. Actually the message that I got was that it was the masculine and the feminine becoming unified. It’s almost as though both hemispheres are getting zapped, getting awakened, and then the third one came along the next day and it kind of softened it. Like surrounded it with some kind of supportive, loving, very omniscient energies.

L: Yes. The third one was definitely different from that, wasn’t it?

A: Yeah, it was.

L: You know, and I think what we are watching as all of this happens, you know, I call it the Second Renaissance, basically, is the masculine, yes, the empowerment of the masculine and empowerment of the feminine in a Divine way and how the masculine is finding it’s way and it’s role. That’s a big theme with the undercurrent of what is happening. Because the rise of that isn’t happening and doesn’t happen in any way that we recognize, because it is new.

A: Gosh, Laura, that is such a good point. I have to tell you that you are sure that you have male clients also. I am so impressed with the males that are stepping out of that archetypical role that they were bombarded with and really showing us, showing the world, showing women how to be a different kind of woman, even.

L: Oh yes, it such a welcome thing. It’s so joyful to see that. Because the feminine energies have been carrying this for a long time. And it’s so wonderful to share the field of consciousness and experience it that way because you know the masculine has been subordinate. It’s been taken over by this shrill morphing of the feminine into this beast that it has become. (Yes) And there’s been an emasculation. That is what it has done. So I think we are all very patient and welcoming of the sacred masculine returning and finding out how it wants to show itself. Yes, absolutely with male clients, they are figuring this out and this one of the big thing wild cards that is in play to affect the whole thing go in our favor, so to speak. We should have a lot more discussion about that. And men need to be leading that, they need to be the ones that are leading that.

A: Yeah, I agree. I think it is so cool. And I was talking to Steve the other day, I must have seen four or five sets of fathers carrying their babies, you know, with those little backpacks down the road and I thought, this is such a cool transfer of energies today versus when I was growing up, you know.

L: Yeah, it really is. Those roles and ideas are totally being blown out and just that equality that is coming in between gender and role and beyond that. Beyond the definitions of that. And this is why we need to be open to change, because that’s what comes from that. Yes, it is a change, but we can watch that and enjoy that as it happens. One of the things that I try to say is just don’t forget about life here. Let’s fall back in love with life and remember what the real story, what we are all here for, why we are here. Let’s not overlook that while we are doing all this other stuff.

A: Yeah, good point. Or you might miss your opportunity coming along, huh?

L: Yes, definitely. Because the natural world speaks to us.

A: It reminds me of the tarot card of the Four of Cups.

L: Yes. I love that one.

A: So, hey. I had a question for you. Have you compiled a list of the potential false flag dates through your eyes?

L: Yeah.

A: Ah. And are they available, or are they in your book?

L: No, because when I wrote that book nobody had any idea about any of this stuff, because it takes a while for people to think I’m not out in the ether. Or to discover that they are out there too. But basically, for this year, it is again, it’s July, primarily July 3rd to the 6th, the 10th through the 12th, and then the entire month it’s basically from September 24th through to the next New Moon, that would be the 23rd of October. From September 24th through October 23rd. Those are the windows.

A: Okay. So folks, anyone that wants to take that home and run and really follow up on that between those three periods, do it. For the sake of all of us, that don’t have time to do it. I think that would be awesome. So you mentioned several times that the game is over. Can you talk a little bit more about why you feel so confident of that when you look at the astral configurations.

L: Yes, primarily because it’s been instructed to me that way. That’s the way the story goes and the way that it actually looks just depending on what we do with it, because the story is up. You can see the spread. No matter what year that you awakened, you’ve seen that awakening advance exponentially. It just gets faster and faster all the time. And in just the last year this spread of just the word ‘Archon.’ Most people in the alternative and awake field, they know what that is, have the general sense of that.

A: Yes. L: And so, that’s a big victory. A lot of people think that it is by saying that word it empowers them. Well, we have to have that language and we have to know what they are talking about with each other. That’s what all the people worldwide, the religion of the Mystery School gave their lives because they believed that way. And so, when I talk about the game is really over it is that way. That they understand that humanity overrule this and it’s written in the Gnostic codices this way – that Sophia says to the Archons, that no, they do not win this, the Children of Humanity, humanity itself, overrides and will win, basically. And this means that we are, it implies to us that we have freedom, we will take this up again and reform it in a new way based on the beautiful principles. I loved your book when you talk about the Constitution and it was based on the framework of the Iroquois. Not many people talk about that. I wrote about that in my book but that information is going to come back into light. Because that is the way that it was and that’s something that is important to look at it, don’t you agree?

A: I totally agree. I was so floored. Because when it first happened Laura, until I got home and had time to research it, I really wasn’t that clear. First of all, we were on a schedule. And secondly, I was very much guided to stay off the internet, to not go into the research, just be in the flow, you know what I mean? Just be.

L: Yeah.

A: That’s why it was such a magical trip. But when I delved into the whole Iroquois thing, I realized that he was truly trying to create a universal language amongst all of the Indians, it was not just for the Cherokee, which it ended up being was used by the Cherokee. (Right) Here we are again because that was associated with freedom and the mission and it was associated with the month of July and here we go again coming back full circle for the month of July again. It just feels like this could be a very major positive turning point month.

L: Yes. It is. And as we do talk about it as change being difficult, that’s where we tend to focus to try to get through that but, yes, because again we are heading toward ‘the Indian Chief taking leadership of the assembled tribe.’ And ‘the music of the spheres’ entering.

A: Oh, I just love that.

L: That’s the way that it morphs. So yes, what we can do every single day as an active practice is to strengthen that, to just send Love, just feel Love, and give Love, it’s very simple.

A: Yes. Yes. And we all have our own gifts. We all have our own gifts and that’s the most exciting part as to why we coming into a Second Renaissance. If you read up on the Renaissance that are so we are familiar with, everybody was being paid attention to for their wares, whether it was carving up the wood, or painting a picture, or sculpting, it was like everybody was in fire once again to come through with their own creativity. It was actually respected and admired and paid attention to.

L: Yes, that’s so true. And this comes back into the shift of value – a turning away from the things that people no longer find value, it’s happening, the mainstream media is dying. You know that no one watches that.

A: I’m so glad.

L: Thankfully yes. Absolutely. And we talked last week about another message that was in all of this is to embrace low tech – low technology. Turning back to forms of low tech with things that are rather important.

A: Yes. Yes. Gosh, thank you for bringing that up. So I wanted to share that with people. There is a new and this is basically high tech, but what I really think that we all need to do is to band together and come up with solutions for not being as preyed upon, not being as surveillanced, not being as watched, okay, and apparently there’s just a ton of stuff out there about alternative browsers. There’s a new software feature that you can actually download and upload files without them going into the actual watched grid. So these are really important things. Anybody that wants to contact me about this and we can compile this information, I will either assist you or get that information out to all of us so we can participate. Because that’s our way, as Laura was saying, we need to take action, guys. We’ve got to take action.

L: Yes, this is just as people have shifted toward the organic and to local, it’s the same thing that follows with all of that. With the tech. In fact, in my next book I’m thinking about writing by hand.

A: Very cool.

L: Because then it won’t even have the keyboard involved with it to that degree. So much is can be conveyed through that. Through the personal, the human part of it. This is what we want to do, embrace our humanity. And embrace our creative abilities because this is the purpose for us. That’s what we are here, is to do that.

A: That’s awesome. Now I had a question and somebody had brought this up to me. If in fact, just about everything that we have been taught is a lie, and if in fact, we’ve got these planets standing on poles, and if in fact we have this astrology system that is based on that system, how do you feel that – are each of these houses then are kind of looked upon by the dark as a way to enslave us? And if so, what would you say to the person that asked that question to you?

L: It has enslaved us.

A: Okay.

L: It is a part of the process of enslaving us. But it can also be used to free us.

A: Perfect, okay.

L: You know, it’s just which angle that it is worked from.

A: I had one girlfriend that just says, I’m not going to let anything astrological influence me. But the thing is, it’s out in the mass conciousness.

L: Well, and again, it’s almost like as though it’s something too that you can become super human with. First of all, there’s no reason to do that. Because it’s not going to turn you into anything. It isn’t like that. It’s only a tool. It’s only a code to read certain things. Yes, and most people who aren’t working from a higher level are going to be susceptible to that lower octave of things. And I talk about that every day in the Oracle Report, because we kind of know what to expect just in general. But I get that. I believe we all are free, sovereign individuals so I don’t like the idea that anything trying to change that or influence or program me in a certain way. My view of that is, let’s look at what it is doing and let’s work with that. Because it’s knowledge. We can get some knowledge of how to do it and that can help us.

A: Right. And we also need to not forget that we are within their matrix.

L: Right. Their matrix is in control. Yeah, that’s the way that I would say it. Yeah. But it’s falling.

A: Hey, I’m all there with you. I’m just saying, this is not what we would all define as ‘heaven.’

L: As life even.

A: It’s life as we think it. Like I’ve said many times the things that are going on on this planet are just not human. They’re not human. (Yes) And we really have to think about that.

A: So I have another really cool question for you. So many people that listen to you and to my program, they are such enlightened souls. And I was wondering if you can talk a little bit about what are some of the things that you see within those that are here that really are stepping in, stepping up, and really compassionate for humanity, they want to make a difference, can you share a little bit what you see as maybe a common pattern of amongst let say the Ground Crew, or –

L: Yeah. Oh gosh. I love that topic. We can talk about that a lot. Because it’s such a privilege to talk with the people that I get to talk to. They’re the most interesting, amazing people and I would say that the commonality of it is that they don’t see that.

A: Ahh.

L: They don’t see how truly, wonderful they are and believe that they have any kind of power, or not necessarily of them not having any kind of power, but that their role is important, and it is. And again, it is. And it’s about being. It’s about being that energy incarnate on the planet. Just being here breathing and operating is important. And that should never be underestimated what that really is. We don’t really, truly see what that really is. We are looking it from this limited kind of perspective. It’s so much bigger than us. But yes, the commonality is the healing abilities, the level of trauma that people have been through and their pain, and what they’ve come through, and then who they are from that.

A: Interesting. Interesting.

L: Yes, so much of that. People who have their whole lives felt that they had something that they were doing and it was a secretive wish, maybe, just to dream and then all of a sudden somebody tells them, oh, you’ve got some math in your chart here I can look at the circle with all these funky shapes on it and it tells me something about yourself. And it always serves to empower because it’s about the reconnecting those parts of ourselves. But the healing abilities and the creativity – my goodness – I’m so lucky that I get to read the charts of a lot artists, I’m lucky that way. And I’m so supportive of art because I think that it is art – art and music – I define them all in the same group there – but it’s the most important that we do. And it’s the reason again for our existence is to create. And just recapturing that is the part of what we all are trying to do. Because that has been robbed from us. We have lost that childlike part of ourselves that attaches and has fun.

A: Yeah. No kidding.

L: It gets way too heavy, you know. Ugh, the matrix, and this. Yes, step away. See it in a different way.

A: That’s really cool. In fact, so are you finding that a lot of these people they really have tenacity or resiliance as a common thread?

L: I would definitely say that. Yup. I definitely would. That perserverence. And the endurance. And it is all in the service for releasing pain, transmuting that, and becoming something greater and having that attached to something greater than themselves. That’s definitely a common denominator. People are usually – I don’t usually see people for readings that aren’t well on their way with whatever they are doing. I think that I am pretty lucky in that, that I talk to people that are that way.

A: That’s so interesting. So now are you finding any specific patterns, in terms of people that are coming to you now with what they are associated with? For example, particularly maybe planetary affiliations or particular things that they are on fire with. I was just wondering if there’s a propensity of a certain type of individual that comes to you now because of the fact that we are just about to burst free.

L: Yes. Yes. Definitely. And I would say in the last month there was just an influx, a flurry, of people that actually do work with the Grid, they consciously are either out there putting crystals in the Grid, or they are firing it with meditation or whatever way, but yes. That really lit up quite significantly in June. A: Fantastic.

L: Yeah. That’s because all of that links up. Everybody’s worked together. We are working on the same thing even though everybody feels like they are working alone and in many times the people that I talk to are very isolated. By their own choice, because that’s the way that they do their work. And so, in that way, we are all connecting up with the Grid. The meditations that I talk about in The Oracle Report – we don’t do them very often, but when we do they are all about the Grid. A: Right.

L: That’s what we are doing. And like I said at the beginning, it is a different matrix. It is our matrix.

A: Yeah, it’s interesting that you say that. Because we work with the Guardian Grid, and the same kind of thing. We are feeding and empowering and growing that, so that the transitional state of the world can remain a little bit more grounded and stable.

L: Yes. Absolutely. I think that is the most important thing that we are doing this month. So that’s the target.

A: And you also mention that a lot of people are isolated. I feel that so much from the people that write in to me and one of things that I want to reassure everybody of is we are going to be re-uniting soon, you know. Just hang onto that. And really delve deeply within yourselves as to how you can maybe be involved in a Meet-Up group locally in your area or a forum, gosh, there are countless forums out there, just to maybe edge yourself out of that isolation mode. Because most of us tend to, don’t you think, Laura, most of us tend to really isolate ourselves because we do so much deep, inner work.

L: Yes. And just working with high level frequency when you’re out into the main stream of people that pulls the signal, that signal is going to entrain to the strongest signal when you’re carrying it around and you’re carrying a pretty high signal and the signals around you are lower it’s going to be by resonance it will drop down because it’s being pulled down from the stronger multitude of signals there. So it’s hard for us to manage that. And so, my answer for everything is you go outside.

A: Yeah.

L: That’s the go to. That’s the all-cure, the fixitive. And it’s in the snap minute what you need to do is to go outside and ground yourself with the planet, because that’s the Grid and that’s where you maintain your sanity is by connecting with Nature, yeah, you keep your feet on the ground and you look skyward.

A: Good point. And also not forget to ask whomever, whether it’s Source, or Mother Mary, or an ascended master or whatever to ask, ask, ask, ask for someone if you want, someone whom you communicate with, that’s on the same page of you, ask, and just make sure what you are asking for.

L: Yeah, that’s so true. I think that people are finding that when they do that now, some kind of information comes to them rather quickly to help them get back on track with things. I think that is a bit of a change. I don’t think that has been true until rather recently. You can get some kind of return pretty quickly right now.

A: I know. I do feel like as we go into some of these really deep kind of woes and feelings – many of the times, Laura, at least for me, it feels like I am feeling the planet. I’m just feeling the upsurge of that which is surfacing, pain, anguish. Because we are going through such a purity cleansing stage so we need to not forget that, that we are Her and as she purifies so do we, right? And vice versus.

L: Yes. And again, we do not be super human with anything. Our humanity is our strength, and that just means that we aren’t perfect. And so we do allow for that intervention there with help, with assistance. And when we do that it’s just strengthening everything because it’s too much to carry alone for anybody. I live in a strange little land, you know, I sell(?) you the planets to a great degree and when you are having a transit – a major transit astrologically, it’s okay, it doesn’t mean you slip back in an old pattern or anything like that, necessarily. It means that you are evolving and you’re growing as spiritual being. So really again, nobody has to be perfect here.

A: Yes. That’s a good point. Thank you for that. So how do you feel at this point, with the new energies that are coming in July, what area of people’s lives are going to shift to make it easier, rather than this deep, heavy-duty, you said that there’s still a lot of maybe shadow stuff still going on. Is there anything else in the astral realm that is easing things up, so to speak. Like is this a time where prosperity is going to be opening for the planet?

L: Prosperity? I believe that. I think that is where we are headed with ‘the music of the spheres.’ So yeah, I would definitely say it’s prosperity. Communications are going to get better and quickly, because we’re coming out of an awful Mercury retrograde, like you mentioned. That will take a lot of the pressure off of that. But the truth of things tends to come out when we have Eris Point energy activation as we do. That’s always the beautiful thing. You can’t get enough of that really.

A: Yes.

L: We want as much of that as we can have. So just taking up that data and all that light. The winnowing – so much of this that is happening without us really having to do anything – this winnowing of this separation by vibrations – things not within our vibe or our resonance, and what is good for us, that kind of falling away. That’s an assistance, that’s quite a blessing. Because it doesn’t take as much energy.

A: Good point.

L: We also come out of the shadow of Mars retrograde, Mars has been retrograde this year, and it came out its shadow of retrograde, it’s right now, but it’s going to be coming out of that place where it was kind of in the shadows. So this means that more of our energy is going to come back with us in a new way. I’ll certainly take that. Just some refreshment from that will be nice. And all of us this depends on how strongly we can keep the Grid in place, you know, how it goes and how desperate the New World Order gets to try to [some words got missed] (A: Uh-oh) they do, they might not. This doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen.

A: Interesting.

L: Are you still there?

A: Yeah, I am. I think that it is interesting that we’ve had a very clear connection until you said ‘unless the New World Order’ and then you just kind of blanked out.

L: So okay, unless they are going to full force with these opportunities that they tend to like to take advantage of, unless that is just disempowered because we are really seeing what kind of power that they have left to do what they want because this is the time for them to go forward with things. Their forward moment all speed ahead so we’re getting to see exactly how much they are going to able to get done.

A: Well, and going back to what you said about the game birds, you know, the game birds –

L: ‘feathering their nests’

A: ‘feathering their nests,’ it also brought to light to me that we’re going back to that which know what we can do, after such a heavy-duty time.

L: Yes, yes, and it’s natural for us, isn’t it, feathering our nests is natural.

A: It’s very natural for us so, now we’re at this place where we kind of went through a period of fear-porn and this hype and all of these false flag stuff and we’re now seeing that anybody that we thought was really on our good side, we are finding out that they are actors, we’re finding out that people that were major orators and speakers out in the community, we’re finding out they might not necessarily happen have the best interests for all of us. And we’re questioning everything around us, right? It’s like there’s nothing that we have not – it’s almost at the point when I get emails from people they just want to throw they arms up in the air, like good God, I don’t know if I can trust anyone anymore.

L: Yeah. We do get to that point, don’t we? We all do. Smoke and mirrors just aren’t going to work this month, as far as trying to hide things and to trick. So we are able to see through all of that. And when we get to September when we come to the Libra cycle, that’s the Full phase of the year, basically, that whole month is like a Full Moon phase. We see everything like the light of the Full Moons. So remember the progression of this. We have this shift right now, we have a pivot and the next one comes with the Libra cycle on September 24th. And the final one of them is December 21st, with the Winter Solstice. That’s the way it will pivot out for this year. So knowing that, you can keep in mind, okay, that this is when I’m really going to be pushing out. Things are happening, basically. And I kind of have to deal with. Then after this month, we have a little bit of rest from that. And so on until the end of September.

A: So do you feel like this is truly the month of Renaissance, or do you feel that it’s not going to quite start until next year, or do you feel that we are already in it?

L: What I believe is that this year, 2014, the astrological year is the shift. The change. It is that’s how it is happening. As far to the rebirth of it all, that comes in 2015, the way that I see it. But we are in it, we are in the shift of Renaissance. It isn’t in a month, it’s happening over time, and we’ve been in it. I would say that we’ve been heavily in it since November 2011.

A: Interesting. Interesting.

L: That’s when I target a real wake-up of things, and a real engagement with the planet. This is the year everything changes. That’s why we have to get good at it.

A: Laura, what is your perception of December 21, 2012. What did you feel that that kicked-off ultimately.

L: That kicked-off the party.

A: The party, that’s interesting.

L: That’s what I called it. I did a recording at that time. I think it was my first recording actually. And I was really the one that said, hey, it’s playtime, it’s the party, we’re all invited, and yeah, and everyone, no it wasn’t really perceived by that way, but it is that. And it still is that. And that’s what it’s been. It’s just that everybody is now at the party and the playground and everybody knows what’s up and what we’re doing.

A: You now part of the lack of reception to that was, I personally feel that we made a choice on a mass consciousness level to stick around a little longer to right to get as many as people on the train and get through this transition. We were just hoping to assist more souls and we made that decision on a group consciousness level. I don’t think a lot of people were really happy about it. But at the same time I think that our higher selves couldn’t make any other choice but that.

L: Well, I think that the hardest part is over.

A: Yeah, me too.

L: I think we have come through that hardest part. We’ve totally engaged forces with us now.

A: I agree.

L: We’ve co-created with this, it’s totally different and before we were much more like operating in the dark and it just isn’t that way anymore.

A: Do you feel that there’s a connection also with the fact that we are going into the Leo New Moon that you brought up and the fact that gets back to the Lions, the Lyra, the Lion Race, etcetera, and also the Sphinx and Egypt. What is your opinion on that?

L: Yeah, yeah, there is so much symbolism involved with all of that. You know, I think that one of the main things that happens in August is what Jim McCanney, the physicist, talks about, the Electric Universe theory, that’s when that August return current from the Sun, the Sun being a capacitor, we say, and it sends us, it discharges at the beginning of that cycle and that energy flows out through the Solar System and returns back to the Sun so it throws out that energy and all of this experience happens and it picks up all the frequency and then it comes back, so really I think a

lot energetically what happens beginning in August is we get the return on everything that’s been put out there thus far, like that year cycle.

A: Interesting. Wow.

L: Yeah. His work is fascinating if you aren’t familiar with it.

A: No, Jim McCanney, huh?

L: JMcCanney Science is his site.

A: I’ll have to check him out.

L: He records every week. But he’s a teacher, basically. He’s a physics teacher, that’s really what he is at heart. And he’s got the theory, he’s got it down and lots of books to prove it.

A: Well, I am very appreciative of your ability to intertwine all of these different types of theories and scientific perspectives into your own work. That’s one of the things that I really admire about you is, you kind of grow with a lot of the radical stuff that’s come out.

L: Well, we continue to learn, don’t we. New things come to light and we have to put that into our sphere and look at that. That’s the process, that’s the beauty and the mystery of the journey with it. It’s the journey of discovery and so, other than the fact that I’m one with the planet Gaia-Sophia, from there everything else, I’m open to it. Because again, it’s what Edgar Poe said, ‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream,’ and there’s room for everybody’s dream, really.

A: Yes. Oh, I love that. As we get close to the end of this interview I was going to quote you on this, I thought it was beautifully done. It says, “The field of consciousness aligned with the natural world order is under heavy attack through the Full Moon phase of this lunar month. By focusing on the ‘Postive Imprint’ listed you are actively participating in the maintenance of the field of consciousness that the indigenous people have held while the Archons have dominated. Endeavoring to harmonize and radiate the positive imprint each day is the most important thing that we do no matter what transpires in our individual lives.” And I want to thank you for saying that because if there is nothing else that any of us do every day it’s just to think some positive thoughts and send them love to the Grid, the mass consciousness of the people, to your own situation, because we all have these layers upon layers upon layers of grids and, you know, it’s complicated, it’s going to make a difference.

L: Yeah. Remember who you are.

A: Yeah, remember who you are. So, okay. We’re coming to the top of the hour. It’s 1:44, that’s interesting. So Laura, go ahead and tell them again about your books and where they can reach you and order those books.

L: Okay. My site is Oracle Report.com and the daily energetic analysis is posted there every day. Sometimes on the weekend I combine them. And my books are available to download for free, also on the books tab there. And that’s the book on Eris, and the book about the Black Moon. And the Black Moon book is the one that you can look up your shadow side and read up on that. And in addition, I don’t just talk about the shadow side, I talk a lot about how to integrate that as well with some practical applications because if there’s anything I try to endeavor to be is practical.

A: This is true.

L: So join me over there. We are re-imprinting the matrix into the way that we want it to be. That’s what we do at the Oracle Report. And everyone is invited.

A: Hey, hey, I love it. You’re all invited, everybody! We’re invited to Laura’s party.

L: Laura’s party, that’s exactly what it is.

A: Oh, that’s too funny. Well, as always I thank you for coming on air and we really truly wanted to have this recording for all of you today so that you know that the toughest part – we’ve come through it. As Laura says, we’ve gotten through the hardest part. It’s game over, it’s time to take action, it’s time to kick butt, right.

L: That’s right, absolutely.

A: Yeah, so do me a favor everybody and please support Laura because she really does an amazing gift that she is giving us every day. I read her reports on a regular basis and they are uplifting and they give you such a concise, it’s very practical and concise and also very profound in the way that she sees the day and how it’s going to unfold and it really will assist you in daily walk. So consider donating to her website at Oracle Report.com as well as mine because mine also is based on donations. That’s Galactic Connection.com can use all the support that I can get considering that our costs are going up, up, up, up. So we love you all and we will talk to you again soon. I think Laura and I have been guided that were are going to be talking about certain basic topics on a possible frequent basis, and if so feel free to drop us a line and give us your feedback. Let us know what you would like us to talk about and we will do it.

L: Yeah, thanks everybody. Thank you, Alexandra, it’s been wonderful.

A: Thank you, Laura, and I so much appreciate you and your time. And love to all of you. You’re an awesome audience, I always say, and I’ll just keep on saying it. Okay, take care. Have a great Tuesday afternoon. Love you all.

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