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Laura Walker and Alexandra Meadors, May 27, 2014
microphone (1)Alexandra: Good afternoon everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is May 27, 2014. Now this is a very special day, folks. I have pre-recorded a show of none other than Laura Walker of the Oracle Report. Many of you are familiar of her. She’s is a counseling astrologer and she’s also the author of The Black Moon: Guide to Healing the Shadow Side, and another one that is called Eris: Archetype of Shadows, Crisis, and Awakening at the Completion of the Mayan Calendar. That looks juicy. Laura is the only astrologer to research the themes of the newly-discovered planet Eris, beginning at the observatory where the planet was first sighted. Both of her books are available for free download at her site, which is the Oracle Report.com. A lot of you should be familiar with that because I blog her stuff all the time.
The Oracle Report is an ongoing daily analysis. It’s also a guide to navigating the energies of this time in history. The daily reports are couched in the Gnostic knowledge of Gaia-Sophia, the divine being embodied as the Earth.
Laura holds a Master’s degree in Education and worked for more than fifteen years as a trauma counselor and a leading advocate for victims of sex trafficking. That’s fantastic, Laura. Her work now focuses on bringing to light and recovering the lost power trapped in our personal and collective shadow sides, thus freeing us to express our fullest potential. Now how cool is that everybody? And she’s going to help us today to come to terms with our shadow side. (laughter)
So please as you listen to this radio show, go to her website which is Oracle Report.com and you can access her free downloads of the The Black Moon: Guide to Healing the Shadow Side, and Eris: Archetype of Shadows, Crisis, and Awakening at the Completion of the Mayan Calendar. How cool is that? Welcome Laura!
Laura: Thank you so much, Alexandra. It’s so nice to be with you.
Alexandra: Me too. We’ve tried to do this for quite a while, haven’t we?
Laura: We really have. But you know, all things in divine time.
Alexandra: This is true. And I would love to start this out with, tell everybody how magical it is that we happen to have pre-recorded – I never pre-record on a Saturday, she and I have had such conflicting schedules – tell everyone why this is such a significant day for us.
Laura: Well, you know, sometimes I’m constantly amazed even still about how the timing aligns with things and how the things are supposed to proceed. All month long we’ve been in an energy that has been nexusing people together and bringing people together who are soul families, who have missions, things to do together. Alexandra is very special, we all know that, but her chart certainly reflects that. She has aspects on her chart with the Galactic Center and I have that also. And this is related to the Black Moon and shadow work and bringing in that spirituality and Galactic connections. And Mercury today is in the sky aspecting all of that – Mercury the planet of communicaton. So this has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?
A: How many times have we done this before, I wonder. (laughter)
L: Yes.
A: So I love your stuff. I love your stuff from the standpoint that you always proceed with this perspective of the macrocosm. You really get into the patterns of humanity and, you know, I think your most unique quality, well, you have many, one of your most unique qualities is that you have that knowledge of what many would term ‘conspiracy.’ And I love that because you can really incorporate those that have the awareness of what’s really going on behind the curtain and incorporating that within the daily activity and operation. Could you talk to us a little bit about how did you even get there in the first place? You actually started as a trauma counselor.
L: Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you. Well, I would say that when I started noticing the interplay of energies was probably four or five years after I began studying astrology. But when I initially began studying the Mayan Calendar and the Tzolkin, the sacred calendar within the Mayan Calendar, I was taught the sacred calendar by a day keeper, a shaman day keeper, and he had a book of all the 260 days of the sacred calendar and what those energies were and he had been tracking world events that had been going on. You know, he had gone back quite a few years and he shared that information with me. I ended up publishing a book, it’s called Cosmic Jaguar’s Soul Kin Journal. You know, the Mayan Calendar has ended now but I started noticing the patterns within the patterns. And then, I was living in Austin, Texas, at that time which is one of the greatest places ever. And I was called to go out to the McDonald Observatory in Western Texas, which is a journey I did all on my own, looking back at it, I don’t know what I was really thinking – going out in to the desert like that. But I just started, I was called to go out there to try to understand the archetypical energy of that planet which rules the New World Order. And so that was my awakening, you know, if you go to Austin, Texas, you are going to wake up pretty fast.
And it just kind of started from there. I had been writing daily reports for many years in different forms and at this point, I was seeing how it was all coming together at the individual and the macro-level and try to interrelate the two. So I’ve been working at it for many years now, to really, not just look at the macro-level and the micro-level, but further, and further than that is my mission of let’s fall back in love with life. (Hmm) So that we can continue the mission here, (Nice) and know that the Universe and know ourselves. But let’s turn back to the planet, let’s fall back into love because so many of us are so detached from that. And that’s where sanity lies, within all the chaos and strife that the Cabal, the Illuminati, the New World Order, are creating.
A: Yeah, no kidding. And tell me a little bit, you mentioned, Austin, Texas and how moving there would accelerate your spiritual growth. I think that there are many areas around the world – doesn’t that have something to do with topography?
L: Yes, the ley-lines that go through there, just the energy, the Masons understood this, the Freemasons understood all of this very well. And Austin is laid out perfectly along Masonic teachings. It’s steeped in magic. The University of Texas at Austin, their slogan is ‘What starts there changes the world.’ Well, it doesn’t start at the University of Texas, whatever starts at Austin and Austin, Texas changes the world. And that’s what I noticed when I lived there. I don’t live there anymore, unfortunately. It’s just a very beautiful place and it is unlike any other place in Texas. It’s like an oasis in the desert. And it’s so accepting of people. And it has enabled me to really open up myself because I live on the East Coast outside of Washington DC and it’s not a very accepting place. But, you know, the stargate here is pretty much controlled and some of us are here to park outside, watching, as you would say,
A: Holding the space.
L: Yeah, so not only the truth movement there is strong and many of the people are awake, but the creativity that it has inspired from the location – I wrote both of my books while I was living at Austin. There’s just something about that energy – people that are called to go there go and pick up that energy, just for a visit, for a weekend, you’ll fall in love.
A: Yeah, I’ve actually been there. We were researching a property about 45 minutes north of that for the project that I’ve talked to you just a smidge about. And we went into Austin and it was really cool. It’s kind of artsy, and –
L: It’s extremely artsy, it’s very eccentric actually, it’s not what people think of for Texas. The secret’s kind of out now because they’ve had a population explosion, especially from people from California. But you know, it’s a special, special place and when you go you definitely pick up something within the energy. I think, you know, we are called to travel to different places to pick up different signatures within the ley-lines.
A: Well very cool. I think this is so fascinating that you were able to take this background and it sounds like you had a great mentor because you met a lot of very, different levels of perspective on astrology.
L: Well, I’ve been steeped in the metaphysical all of my life. I was lucky enough to be born into a family – my grandmother and my mother were, well, my grandmother was one of the founding participants of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce foundation in Virgina Beach. And my mother was an astrologer – that was a side interest. She started studying astrology when she was pregnant with me actually. So I was steeped in that all the time, and different metaphysical thoughts and different religious thoughts. And then I stumbled upon my astrology teacher and I learned astrology basically in the old style of apprentice kind of mode which was fabulous.
A: My God, how nice is that?
L: Yeah, I was lucky.
A: That’s fantastic. Well, getting into the meat and potatoes of the actual Oracle Report, the Oracle Report, tell everybody a little bit about your mission, I think it’s pretty fascinating, what you really are attempting to do to get up and blog this report every morning for the public.
L: Yes. Yeah, it’s a practice for me, it’s a discipline. I usually try to have them up by 8:30 Eastern Time. And basically I look at the astrology chart for the day, the energetics that are in place with the various planets. Because each planet out there in our solar system is emitting frequencies for that day that interact with other planets and angles that form and all kinds of things that happen electromagnetically. Well, there’s a code to that, it happens based on a systematical format and when you know the code, you can see the potential of things to happen. And so this is what I basically talk about everyday. I’m kind of, this is what the energy is about, this is the negative polarity, this is the polarity that’s going to be pushed by the New World Order. This code is getting imprinted deeper and deeper as time goes on, because the energies and the specific signatures repeat. Now they have different varieties because the planets are interacting with each other at different times as time goes on, but they have these core frameworks, celestial mechanics if you will, so they do operate according to a system. And so when you study that and discover it over and over and over again, it’s not that hard to do. I’m not that special. Anyone can do this.
But you know, I bring a lot of other knowledge with it. So my goal with the Oracle Report first and foremost is to bring to light the story of the Planet, the story that was recovered by the Nag Hammadi texts that were discovered and really that was re-interpreted or even initially interpreted by John Lamb Lash. So this is the story of the Planet, the Fallen Goddess from the Galactic Center, a Divine being embodied as our Planet, Mother Earth. The indigenous people have been aware of this. Shamans and initiates have been interacting with her for a very long time. So it’s time now that this story – we’ve become aware of what is really going on. The story of the Archons, the story of the negative polarity is all in the Nag Hammadi texts, the Reptilians, the Grays, it’s all there. It addresses all of it. But that isn’t really the focus for me.
The focus for me is to let’s direct ourselves back out of the matrix back into the Earth and begin our constructions and co-creating with her because we’re draining our experience with her. (Yeah) And so, although I talk about the negative pitfalls that may be accompanying the day’s energy in the daily Report, I also talk about how are we going to deal with that and how do we stay above that. And I call the readers of the Oracle Report who are – some are kind of addicted – in a wonderful way because I’m going to give you a tool, something that you can do to override all those energies and maintain your center and your groundedness and therefore your sanity with the Earth. So it’s not just a daily report of – you know, the daily horoscope kind of thing. It’s an actual practice and the people that work with it keep coming back begin to see the main changes in their lives, because things shift.
A: You brought up a really good point. I remember meeting someone once who said, ‘I refuse to accept that I will be manipulated by these energies of the planets. For example, when you are supposed to have your Saturn Return, that’s supposed to be pretty upheaving, devastating, identification loss, all that stuff. And she was talking to me about how she has made a decision that she will not be a puppet for the astrological energies, such as Mars, with the warlike, aggressive nature and that kind of thing. What would you say to that?
L: I would say ‘more power to her’ because that’s exactly what we should be doing. And this is why a little bit of knowledge about what that is about so you know what to expect – that makes it all the much easier to try to deal with it. If you know what you’re dealing with then you can handle it better.
A: Yes. Because to me it’s all part of the matrix. Now people don’t recognize that the matrix also indicates that we are in a realm of zeroes and ones. We literally are in a technological artificial intelligence matrix.
L: Yeah, absolutely. And you know, the Gnostics texts tell us and the teachings that have been revealed, tell us, that when the human genome was seeded out into the arms of the Galaxy, the intention by those Divine beings from the Galactic Center that basically engineered that energy – our genome – the intention was never for us to exist and incarnate and live in a ten planet and multiple moon system. The intention was to have a planet, a sun and a moon. So we have all of these other planets in system that were created by the Archons using celestial mechanics and real principles of spirituality and physical mechanics of the Universe, but they put them in place in orbit in a certain way to basically disseminate those signatures of that kind of energy at certain times. (RIght)
So what happened – this isn’t a sad story, there’s a beautiful ending to the story. And that is, when we are here on Earth, when we incarnate as Star Beings, as Star Souls, come to Earth, what happens is it becomes more multi-faceted because you are being played upon, you know, the beautiful gemstone Soul that you are, is being hammered around by all these other energetic influences that you might not get in another place at the same time. But even further than that, the more of the reason why Star Beings and people come to incarnate here is because you don’t get this kind of experience, this is an anamoly. This Planet is a Divine Being Creatrix. She is a creator of life itself. She creates things that create planets later, or things that become planets. So a Divine Being of this power you could say, or imagination would maybe be a better way I would term it – this level of an artist enables us to experience something that you just can’t experience, you know, all the time. Her mind and her imagination is manifested in the trees and the birds and the sunsets, every piece of it. We are just immersed, we’re swimming around in her mind currents. Who wouldn’t want to do that?
A: Yeah, God, that’s beautiful the way that you said that. I love it. And in fact, it’s almost as if we are being called to do this to introduce ourselves as her children, our connection, our heart connection with her. I mean, we have lost that connection so significantly.
L: We really have. And the good thing about that is, it’s a pretty easy fix. You just go outside, you unplug, you get away from the email and from the internet. And if you’re really lucky you can get out a little more rural at times and get away from the wi-fi. And if you’re lucky on a specific day when the blue sky isn’t just completely covered over with gloomy chemtrails, then you’re really talking!
A: Yeah, no kidding. Well, tell me a little bit about the dark side of the Moon.
L: Yeah. The Black Moon, the shadow side. Well, there are a lot of things that are called the Black Moon. There’s an asteroid called the Black Moon, and sometimes it’s called the Black Moon Lilith. There’s a lot of confusion, I would say, around the astrological Black Moon. And that’s on purpose. As we know, as most things are in the matrix, right?
A: Right.
L: Well, it is an actual point of space. The Theosophists were aware of it, it was sometimes called the Black Sun which, you know, a lot of things are called the Black Sun now. Now we’ve got a lot of shrouded information around all of this, which is perfectly fine, because we take it all in. But there was a planet in space where today 9 degrees Leo 2 minutes is located in the sky because that is where the Black Moon is today and that planet was destroyed and the remnants are the Asteroid Belt. So the planet was called Tiamat and it was basically feminine energy, the archetypical energy – because the planets have archetypical energy, you know. When people say, like when you were talking about Mars and people having their Saturn Return, these are not divine beings, okay, they are artificial constructs that disseminate codes of energy – electromagnetic energy basically. There is no god in Neptune, there is an archetypical energy in Neptune. We sometimes think of that as a god, and I write about it in that way. But what we aren’t talking about Divine Beings, in a sense.
So this planet was destroyed and it was destroyed on purpose because that is where that shadow side energy that plays upon us is located. That’s where it is in place. So where there is no planet there anymore, you really don’t look at the Black Moon. You know you’ve a lot of asteroids that you can look at but what is actually there, the energy of that still exists, right? That energy is never destroyed. And it moves, and it moves in a deliberate way. And it takes almost nine years for it to orbit the Sun. That’s about how fast it moves. What it is basically is our shadow side. And in the astrological chart, a person’s natal chart, you can look at that and then begin to integrate that shadow side of yourself. You can see where your core fear in life is, how you project your shadow, how you judge yourself and even how you know to love because the shadow energy is two sides. It’s the darkness that is integrated with light, it’s the part of us that’s unconscious.
Incidentally I believe that it’s one of the final stages in the ascension process, because you have to integrate that energy back together. It’s part of the common whole and unified. Most of us, people who are awake have a general idea of what trips them up in life – what their downfall is. But maybe not specifically about how you are relating it into your life. And it takes a brave spiritual warrior to begin to work with the Black Moon because it’s not for sissies.
A: No it is not. And I think that we complicate things too. We tend to make it a lot larger issue than it actually is, meaning, whatever our belief construct is, we can create a mountain out of mole hill. If you look at yourself and you recognize that you yourself are within a polarity realm and you recognize that you are of this realm, it’s just as simple as making the decision that if there’s something about yourself that you don’t like, you have complete authority, complete power, to make the decision. Now more than ever. The energies are supporting us and really stepping into our authority.
L: It really is. It’s about making friends and about re-empowering ourselves. My work with the Oracle Report and my work, you know, in my day life has always been about empowering people. And when you begin to integrate that shadow side of yourself and you will just look at yourself, they are all basically the same thing. It’s just that that separation from spirit that we feel because the wool has been pulled over our eyes and we have been separated from our Planet basically. Because we’ve been disentangled with nature. It isn’t this big deal, it’s just our feeling of separation and we all have it. And that’s what we heal.
A: Yeah, and we all have the same garbage.
L: It comes from that, yeah.
A: We all have it. We all have the feeling that we are not good enough or we aren’t producing enough or we aren’t pretty enough or we aren’t handsome enough, or we aren’t this enough. It’s all about being enough. So what do you think about that with regard to the Black Moon?
L: Yeah, it is that over all. But then the beauty of this, and this is what my book about the Black Moon is about is, it specifically will pinpoint where your weakness point is. It’s kind of hidden from you. And so, you can work with it – it’s so much a part of you that it’s not separate anymore. And if you really are interested in doing this, two times a month, every month, each of us has a chance to work through that and make friends with that side of yourselves. Because when the Moon goes into the sign that the Black Moon is or the opposite sign. For example, the Black Moon is in Leo right now, so every month when the Moon goes into Leo, or the opposite of Leo, Aquarius, we have a couple days there where our personal issues our main little issue that keeps us feeling separate, will come into play in our lives. And we think, oh, I’m having a bad day, or you just get really upset, things happen. No, again, this is going back to knowing in advance that you are not nilly-willy a pawn of the energy. You are working with it to regain your power from it.
Once you find out, when you read what the Black Moon is, because in the Appendix of my book just find your birthdate within the little listing and it will tell you what sign it’s in, turn to the chapter and read the Black Moon in your sign, and generally people are kind of shocked by how accurate it is. And then how accurate the transits of it are. If it’s transiting in your chart and aspecting something, well, for one month I can tell you the day that it will start and the day it will end, these are the things that you will feel. And basically, what it is, is the cycle of death and rebirth. It’s just little deaths and little births that happen all the time to us as the process of rejuvenation.
A: Yeah, and of course, it’s much more challenging right now because we are going through such a massive global death of the old way of being and incorporating that with the individual deaths that we are going through. I wanted to interject something. Back in 2001 I had this terrific accident and I was in bed basically for three years. It was a time of really facing my shadow side. And what I mean by that is, just really getting a real clear grip on what makes me be me. You know. What causes me to be vital, to be alive, to be able to participate because here I was in bed, feeling like I was just kind of this blob taking up space. You know what I mean? I was in too much pain to even write. I was in too much pain to walk. It really brought everything down to such a laser beam clarity. And what I recognized at that point was that with that much time on my hands to think and ponder and reflect and also to connect, was all of these things that we think that our weaknesses are so often being used of some of the greatest stories for our awakening, our ability to heal the planet and for our ability to pursue our heart’s desire.
L: Yes, I would so agree with that. And in 2001, I’m just looking at your chart, in 2001 the Black Moon was in Aquarius and you have Chiron in Aquarius and Chiron is wounding and it is also healing. So the Black Moon conjunct that that year it was working on your Chiron energy with that wounding to bring out the healer in you.
A: Wow. And that’s very accurate.
L: Well, this is the beauty – Well, the astrology of the Black Moon is, I think, one of the most profound aspects in astrology because it is precise in how it works and for the astrologers that are listening, it’s like the transit of Black Moon is like a compact one-month-long Pluto transit. So it just pounds away at you and when I talk about faceting people like a multi-facted gem, that’s what it does. It takes you down into the underworld for a face to face encounter with yourself and your feelings of separation. Then it brings you back up and rebuilds you and that was what really happened to you, wasn’t it?
A: Oh my god. And just the strengthening of the core, which I had, but I really had to remold it into what I found to have my priorities, my intentions, my heart’s desire which is – the whole reason that I feel like I’m here, my existence here, has always been intertwined with assisting humanity. I’ve always been into that, and animals, of course. (Yes) It really promulgated my growth exponentially. And I just kind of wanted to say that to people because, let tell you, Laura, I would look at my face in the mirror because my face was so – I was not who I knew myself to be. I could not look at a mirror and literally, Laura, I could not see myself in the mirror because I didn’t look the same. I used to say to myself, my God, I look like a monster because I didn’t see me. I couldn’t find me. And throughout the whole process, instead of getting the throes of oh my god, I’m doomed, I’m gloomed, I went into the whole okay, wow, this is an opportunity. And this is what I really want to stress to anybody that is listening that is struggling right now through this process that we are going through, it’s a huge purification process. It’s an opportunity.
L: It’s really shamanic transformation.
A: Yes.
L: It’s really what it is. It’s that journey, that was a journey for you. You know, that took you. It had to happen that way so you could go on to do what you needed to do on your mission. (Right) Imagine, you know, imagine if we are twenty now and we had this information, like we had the Black Moon information. You know, when you’re young and then you knew what your downfall in life and your tendency is going to be, imagine how different it could be for us. But that’s why we are lucky now that we have this, that young people can have this and it will be easier. But everybody all goes through our own process.
A: Yeah. And we’re getting younger anyway.
L: Yeah, right.
A: I totally feel like I am getting younger, every day. So tell us a little bit about where the archontic network fits into all of this with the Black Moon. How does that fit in with things like false flags, 9/11, Ruby Ridge, some of the most recent false flaggish situations, just things like that?
L: Yeah. Well, the Black Moon is really the energy through which the Archons attempt to access us.
A: Interesting.
L: Okay. So any time the Moon goes into the sign of the Black Moon or the opposite sign, as I mentioned, that’s when the Archons act up. (Wow) And they come in through you. Because they are mind parasites, okay, in my view. Which is the Gnostic view. As I said it is all written. It’s not what I am saying, this is what they said.
A: Right.
L: And in addition to having the implants and things, all the other methods, one of the methods through the energy so it’s electromagnetically, is to come through the Black Moon. And so, that’s when I watch for the false flag potentials. Now I have to say that, as you mentioned, I’m kind of working with the macro-level global shadow, which is the New World Order, is the Archons, that’s our global shadow, and to some sense you could even make a case for perhaps that the Archons are Sophia – Gaia-Sophia’s shadow, that side. But we can look at the macro-level through the planet Eris and micro-level through the Black Moon. And then any kind of interactions between those two astrological bodies would certainly be significant. But basically, it’s the same energy, the goddess energy of death and rebirth is Kali energy, most people are familiar with the energy of Kali, the goddess.
And so, when we start to look at that there are certain degrees that kind of pop up. So I started noticing after I went out to the Observatory and started learning that, basically, and receiving instruction, as far as spiritual instruction I was taking, about this planet and the fact that she was related to the New World Order. Well, there’s an specific degree there and that is 21 degrees of Aries, so when things crop up around the 21 degrees of Aries, I started noticing that, oh, that’s when the Archons show up and this is when the New World Order, which are the dominions of the Archons because they are possessed bascially, this is when they do things. I’ve written several articles about the Boston Bombing with the astrological aspects with the Eris Point which is that 21 degrees of Aries – it just repeated over and over again. This is the energy that -what they do with it is, it is the energy to bind the feminine, to restrict the feminine energy, and that’s the way that is manipulated and comes through. And that female warrior goddess energy that’s very twisted in the matrix and separation between the nurturing kind of feminine energy and the spiritual warrior feminine energy – it is all split up.
A: Interesting. My God, that makes so much sense. So how often do you see this? I mean, is this a monthly thing, or is it more than once a month?
L: No, there’s specific energetics when it happens with planets. But, it’s usually around Mars, Mars will be utilized with the Eris point and the Black Moon primarily. And so, Mars and Eris in Greek mythology were twins and they were the god and goddess of the battlefield. But this is just the beautiful thing of all of this. I have been studying this Eris energy and Eris Point energy all these years and along comes the Aries 2014 New Moon, I think that was March 30, 2014, and so we had all of this Eris energy aspecting the Eris Point, and Mars, and we had this Grand Cross in the sky with all of these Cardinal planets and the Sabian symbol which is basically that code that I was talking about with the 360 degrees of the zodiac each having their own symbol – that symbol of that New Moon was, ‘the ruler of a nation.’ Now Aries New Moons are the beginning of the the astrological year, which is akin to the growing cycle so at the Aries New Moon when we begin again. We intend new things to happen. It’s when we magically can seed energy, plant seeds of energy into the field of consciousness, so that the Universe works with it. This is just laws of the Universe, really. It’s been occult, hidden, esoteric knowledge, and certainly the Illuminati have attempted to suppress it, but it is just the way intention works. It works on a process. So whatever is seeded, or intended, during a Aries New Moon, during the month of the Aries New Moon, all of those phases, that plays out for the whole year. The whole astrological year.
So I’d been studying and watching this for several months prior to March 30, 2014 and I thought, this is it. You know, this is the big change. Incidentally, Uranus the planet of change was conjunct the New Moon at the Sabian symbol degree of ‘A bomb which failed to explode is now safely concealed.’ That was the symbol. So Uranus is explosive anyway and it brings dramatic change. And that is why we are having so many changes this year, 2014, because we have that influence there. So it was the perfect storm of energies with the Aries New Moon, it was the perfect, perfect energetic opportunity to take over the world for world dominance, you know, on the macro-level. On the individual level or the micro-level, it’s the year for personal mastery and for commanding your destiny and yourself, for everything has changed. So I was kind of wondering, I put this out in advance, this was the Eris Point aspects that were in play and why it was just the perfect – so they could just lick their lips it was the perfect opportunity for domination, and NOTHING HAPPENED.
A: Oh my god.
L: Which was a beautiful sign to me, because it always has in the past. At any time this Eris Point has been activated as I talked about with the false flags, it showed up. And it didn’t. And that’s because it has changed. Things have changed. The planet is awake and interacting with everybody who wants to interact with her. It’s a really big deal and we talked about the shift, the change that is coming, yes, we’re in it. And it’s wonderful.
A: Yeah. Now what was the exact date of this?
L: The Aries New Moon, that was March 30, 2014. So this whole month of April was when that energy basically played out in the world, through that whole lunar cycle.
A: Interesting. Wow.
L: And so then we come to the Taurus New Moon on April 29th. And the Sabian symbol for that energy was ‘A red cross nurse.’ So what happened was, if you can think back to April 29th, about a month ago, where were you at that point, what was going on for you and your psyche? Or in your life? your feelings? Were you under duress, or stress? were you distressed? Well, we had just some sublime spiritual energies available and we still have because we are in that New Moon cycle that were available to do something really special. Not just to heal us on a deep, deep level, but the energies as a whole served to have us cross into new boundaries, into new territory this past month. Carrying a load, something carrying a load we might have been keeping from other people or just nurturing even, just some kind of concealment but carrying something heavy on our backs in some way. And then using that with a different lens of perception to answer a call to action, which is a lot to think about.
A: I can so relate to that, with this month. That’s amazing. That’s really interesting. Now I have always wanted to ask you your take, your specific way of thinking of things, Laura, with the Cardinal Grand Cross. What do you feel that we’ve taken from this beginning stage of the Grand Cross, I know that we are still in those energies, but can you give us something different than anything we’ve already heard?
L: I don’t know about that. (laughter) This is my take on that. It is a very deep imprint for humanity to unite and align as a collective to begin to re-shape our experience. Because this Grand Cross in Cardinal signs is helping to dissolve the matrix. That is the way that I understand what is happening to the matrix. It’s a dissolution. It’s just like fading out. And what’s under that, of course, is our beautiful Planet which has been here along, but all of the great things that people who have been, let’s say, blazing a trail with spiritually for years and years and years, you know, much prior to 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence. People have been on the Planet, that have incarnated on the Planet to blaze the trail for this time. So all of these things that they’ve worked upon were built upon beauty and truth and alignment with nature – what I call the Natural World Order in opposite to the New World Order.
And so, all of these things that’ve been building all of these years and, really, think about it, I think, everyone that you know that have been a part of this you should congratulate yourself because it has not been easy. You know, it’s been to maintain that ground, and to build that over the years has taken a tremendous toll, financially, emotionally, physically, health-wise on all of us. That’s fine, you know, as you said, all of that is repairing (Yes) and re-vitalizing. But that’s what this is. All that is still standing will remain after that dissolution is all of this beautiful stuff that we’ve created all these years in preparation for this – all of the truth, all the new healing modalities, all of the spiritual schools of thought, all of the influence from the Galactic, you know, all of that was in preparation.
A: Wow. That is incredible. Laura, thank you so much for that explanation. I really appreciate that.
L: Well, that’s my take.
A: It really fits into so much stuff that I have read. And in fact, I wanted to say, I was just appalled, two days ago, I’m looking at the blogging that I’ve been doing and I’m sitting there, my hands are on my head and I’m saying, God, I just wish that the masses could see things the way I see do, right? Because I’m looking at all these financial articles that are coming – all these alerts and this, that, and the other – there were probably seven or eight articles that day on all of the major banks that were getting sued, that were being busted for insider trading, that were being just dissolved, they have realized that they had to chalk in certain divisions, there were a lot of people getting out of their jobs because of this, and there’s just no way that you could not see this as the dismantling of the financial system. How does that fit with all of this?
L: Yeah, absolutely. The way that I see that fitting in, in fact, over the next month, because we have the Gemini New Moon on May 28th, 2014, and the degree of that New Moon is called ‘Aroused strikers around a factory.’
A: Woh.
L: So it’s Gemini energy which is all about communication. So people – the awakening will continue to spread, but people are going to be standing up for themselves again. And at the macro-level, the New World Order is just not going to be able to push what they’ve been trying to push. And I believe that they understand this. (Yes) But on the micro-level, we are going to be standing up for ourselves, in our own individual lives and situations that we need to.
A: So now on a macro-level, does that reflect through the astrology what would be their Plan B?
L: Well, I have a feeling about that, because you know, we’ve kind of been I guess conditioned to be waiting for the Event, you know, however that could be termed, banking, a false flag, terror, whatever. That’s not so easy for them to do anymore. (Umhmm) So, again it’s gone into the shadow, you know, the adverse. So really where the archontic attacks is coming from right now, because the jig is up, basically, you know, about terror and false flags, because so many people are awake now. Where the attack is really coming in from now is the environment. And so with the disease, and infectious disease, and everything that is being sprayed, and basically to decimate our immune systems because it’s pretty effective and pretty fast. And you know, it’s slow kill. And you aren’t really seeing it.
A: Yeah, that’s a good point. Also, getting back to the Event. I actually feel that the Event has already occurred. I think we are in the unfolding of it.
L: Yes.
A: And part of it was, I don’t know if you saw that movie The Lie NASA Told.
L: Yes.
A: And there was a piece in there, we are actually investigating all of that right now. We have so much information to take the physical events within this matrix and line them up with that video. It’s blowing our minds. And one of things that we’ve found that that Gamma Burst that was supposed to happen on March 4 – I’ve always been wanting to ask you, I know there are other people listening right now that would love to hear your perspective of the huge Gamma Burst that supposedly – it was on March 4, and it was to erase all fear and the inability to be aware to make the choice, to make the decision. And sure enough, we started digging into a lot of the space articles and sure enough there are a lot of indications to prove that that has already occurred, which is very directly associated with the description of the so-called Event.
L: Yeah, there really is, isn’t it?
A: Yeah. It’s fascinating.
L: The Gnostics talked about the Sun, they gave him a name, Sabaoth was the name given to the being that was the Sun and what I’ve noticed, well, what the Gnostics say, that basically, our Planet and the Sun are allied, they are allies, the Sun has become the ally of the Earth against the Archons. I mean the Gnostic texts state this. And so of course, there’s warfare there, you know, there are attempts to manipulate with that. What I see, time and time again, is when there is activity from the Sun, solar flares and the timing of them, because again you can use the code of astrology to understand the energetics. And what is disseminating from that, and each flare, it reinforces some particular element within the energy. I think I’d like to go back to that day and look at the astrology. I haven’t had time to do that, but I’d like to do that and see what was in play that day.
A: I have all kinds of good stuff to share with you. I think it would awesome for us to align our research. I know you can bring something that is just fascinating to the table on all of this.
L: Well, you know, I think this way why again, this month that we’ve been in, is all about nexusing with people and information together and unifying a lot of information. Now because it’s kind of a big thing that I’ve been talking about in the Oracle Report lately is this tactic, that archontic tactic, you know, number one is divide and conquer. So when we come together on our commonalities and compare different paradigms and information and knowledge, we all benefit from that.
A: I agree. Now can you give us a general kind of rule of thumb as to what to look for, say, because a lot of people look at astrology and because they don’t have that much knowledge or education and the planetary systems and the way in which it works and the houses and all of that, is there a general rule of thumb as to how to look at each month that you are walking the planet, which days to avoid or not to avoid, as a rule?
L: Well, it’s combinations of energies for different days, yeah. So that’s what I try to write about, and just kind of make people aware of, so that you have some knowledge. So you can go in with something other than just wandering around. So I try to keep the astrology to a minimum with it, but yeah, definitely.
A: Okay. Do you agree that our ancestors were walking with that knowledge?
L: Oh yes. Absolutely. Well it’s recovered knowledge, you know. Everything, really it’s a great adventure. We want to explore space, but don’t we want to explore out timeline too, what’s in our past because we don’t know anything hardly about it. It has been just a complete wipe. What more beautiful thing than to really try to discover and uncover what the really story is?
A: You know, it’s interesting. I was just read something yesterday and it really stuck in my mind. And it’s talking about how, yeah, it’s great for us to say that it’s all Oneness when we are in the past, the present, and the future, and that we are phasing out of time. But they said that the warning was that if we get too much focused into that perspective we lose the gift of what the past brings forth. And you are just talking about it just now.
L: Yeah, and the past is constantly remade isn’t it? Because it’s perception. Because we are living in a painting that is alive. You know, it’s an oil painting that the colors are mixing all of the time. And so in that way it’s a creation. Time is a creation. Time is archontic, really there is no time. Time is ruled by the planet Saturn which is the home of the Archons. And so, this idea of really returning back to this love of life and immersing yourself into the present moment and in alignment with the natural world around you, and that doesn’t mean you just sit outside all of the time. You just carry that mindspace with you the whole day long and you reconnect with it all of the time. You know, looking out the window and see what you see if you have to be inside in your office or whatever. It’s just a mindset that you maintain and carry with you through the day. That’s what I try to do with the Oracle Report. Really, I think that the best way to use it is to read it in the morning and kind of get your bearing, and then do you and do your day. Nobody needs – hey, the most important thing in the world to me is freedom. The most important thing, right? So do your day and your beautiful creation that you want to do and then come back and read it again at night and see if you don’t have some more wisdom from the journey throughout the day. And then okay, how am I going to do it tomorrow. So it becomes more of a kind of dance to me.
A: That is beautiful, Laura. Oh I just love it. So one of the things that you’re also really big about is the archetypes. Can you kind of go over a little bit about the primary archetypes that are influencing us right now through this huge transition of (garbled) mastery.
L: Yes, well, I could talk in a few different ways about that. But I think probably mainly and especially in keeping with our conversation today, the Eris archetype, this is the archetypal energy through history of Isis, the Egyptian goddess, Lilith, in the Babylonian and Hebrew, and Xena warrior princess in the modern day, you know –
A: I like her. I like her.
L: Yes, it’s all the same energy – Kali, the goddess Kali, from the Hindu. And so, there are two sides to the goddess. The dark side and basically the light side. And they are united but the Archons have effectively split that archetype. You know, it relates to our split with the Planet, with Mother Earth. It’s just the same thing that’s just repeated in different ways. And this archetype has really been manipulated and really pushed into the forefront since this planet was named. Now you have to remember also, that you know, the astronomical unit is in charge of when information is released about the planet. They decide the name of the planet, and therefore the archetypical energy. So, it’s controlled basically. But what we’ve seen is just this absolute division between the feminine as far as the dark magical part of it that’s really kind of pushed in with just the motifs of the occult, with Katy Perry in the Grammys, with all the occultism that comes in that way. That’s kind of pushed in popular culture like that, so she’s seductive, temptress, destroyer that, you know, cares about no one but herself, okay, that’s really the program that is played out. And then that’s that side, which totally divides that where we have on the other side, that nurturing healing aspect that is caring and wants to promote life and help grow young life. And those two things have been separated. When you start to look you can see how that one image, that one side of that energy is continually pressed into the mainstream through the media and popular culture.
A: Big time. It’s all over the place.
L: It is. It is easy for people to be mislead with that because it’s really the archetype itself that rules magic – Isis was the goddess of magic. And occultism and magic. And it’s been turned into something very wicked and evil and all of this. But what it really is, is really just about love of life.
A: And we are being prompted to re-engage. I like that word. We are being prompted to re-engage not only with the ground that we walk on. Not only the birds that are singing everyday. Even when we get into the car and we turn the key to turn it on, it’s like do you ever say, ‘wow, I just love my car. And I thank you so much for being there because everything that is on the planet is manifested through consciousness.
L: Absolutely. And you know, the simplicity of things is something that I try to write about very often. I really try to – I say the same things a lot. Find beauty, find joy, seek the beauty of life because the saddest thing for me to hear is when somebody just wants to get off of the planet. They just want to get away and be released. I get that, I’ve been there myself. But there is way more of the story here. We all chose to come here for a reason and we’re finally beginning to understand what that is. And as far as just the interacting and walking around on the ground and all. When we began to shift our attention and we begin to notice, oh, there’s a wasp flying around over there. Oh there’s a butterfly, or oh, an egret just flew by. Well, you know, we just haven’t paid attention to these things. The Native peoples always have.
And if I can just add something, one of the antidotes for the archontic intrusion, one of the antidotes, is Earth Magic, it’s the shamanism, it’s what the indigenous peoples have always have been doing. Its praying to the four directions to make your space sacred and yourself sovereign. It’s engaging with the planet to know that, oh, if ground hog crosses your path that day, you know, there might be a little more to that because that is archetypical energy and this is how our painting, right, our individual canvas, our oil painting, our world around us, this beauty of the Goddess that is the Planet interacts with us. So you’ve got to have a copy of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews if you’re going to follow the Oracle Report.
A: I was going to say I love that book. I carry it with me all the time. It’s fascinating that the way in which the nature kingdom is constantly trying to communicate. And spirit will use any means it can to get a message to you. So it’s beautiful to be able to incorporate that. It makes the day so much more magical anyway, doesn’t it?
L: Yeah, it really does. And you know that that message will keep coming to you until you get it. Don’t worry, they send it and it stays out there until you pick it up.
A: True. True. So now how do you feel about, a lot of astrologers out there are talking about how April was just like going through a compression of no tomorrow. It was just a fairly (unclear) process for many. And how May is a little bit of easing up and kind of relaxing and breaking away. What is your view on that? How do you feel that May and June are going to be for us as far as globally?
L: Well, yeah, with that month of April, that was intense. I said the Sabian symbol was ‘the ruler of the nation’ we didn’t see any big terrorist attack or anything like that. But the Archons were certainly coming at in different ways for people during that month. Then for May we’ve had some healing with that, we had ‘a red cross nurse’ basically, that energy to kind of heal us from that, because it was really traumatic. Because in April that New Moon was conjunct Uranus. And Uranus as I said, is abrupt swift changes and it feels like lightening in the body. It produces anxiety, it just makes us want to run and jump out of our skin and it was very taxing to the body. But what it did, it just amped up the energy fields. I mean there was just so much reformation happening within the energy fields of our body during that month. And then so for May, we kind of had to adjust. You know, it was like the after-trauma, basically, you know, after the fact.
And now, with the Gemini New Moon coming up that’s basically the whole month of June. It’s Crescent Moon Phase energy and by that I mean if you divide up the year into the eight Moon Phases, this month we’re going into is like a Crescent Phase, and Cresent Phase energy is the time when you generally struggle. Okay, this is why knowing this in advance you can work to not struggle for the next month. But, so we tend to kind of struggle because we pour out our energy in all these things happen in our world to start a new, with the new astrological year and we put it out there to the Universe, this is what I’ve been talking about in the Oracle Report, we put it out there what we want to see. The change that we want to manifest in the world. And what our lives are to be like. As a goal. Well, we had all of these great ideas and then the next month of June, basically, it’s like it says, are you serious? Are you going to give it up? With some of the challenges that come your way with whatever you’re trying to do in your life, are you just going to quit now? Because that is what can happen during the Crescent Phase energy, the Crescent Moon Phase energy. So our task is to not give up, and is to not quit. And so we will have to be diligent about maintaining that idea that, hey, it’s just one month in the process here, we have a whole system, a whole cycle of energies happening, so we can ride that out.
Now the other aspects that are in play other than just that Sabian symbol of the New Moon of ‘aroused strikers around the factory’ – and I see the factory in the sense of the machine, the matrix, that’s kind of closing in on them, isn’t it? Like closing in around the factory, so we’re going to be standing up more. There’s going to be more restrictions being put in place. They’re trying to bind us into reality – the matrix form of reality – so that’s going to create circumstances in our lives that have us questioning how safe we feel, and how secure. And not just that, what our needs are.
You know, what we need to have happen the world needs to have happen and not being stuck or limited in by anything, because remember – I don’t really like to think about it as a war between light and dark, you know, but I guess on a basic level you can see it as that. And for us, you know, the light side here is trying to align with goodness. More restrictions are going to come into place. More superficiality. More mimicking of this unnatural matrix that’s been created. And in many ways we are going to feel like situations that have been really difficult are – we’ve kind of come through that, it’s like we’ve gone through a difficult strait, or the calm after the storm, in some ways, we have a little bit of relief with things because again we’re not having that energy that we had during April that was just so intense with us. So a lot of things are happening but the goal of it is to empower us. It’s about strength, isn’t it? It’s about rising up within ourselves as to what we need to do. And that’s about taking back our power.
A: And it sounds too, like we’re going to be in a position where there’s more scrutiny, there’s more awareness, there’s more realizations, and the call not only to be stronger but the call to action. Which has been subtlely there all along, but I think, I was curious what you thought about the Summer Solstice that is coming up which is an extremely powerful time. How does that fit into what you are talking about, the Summer Solstice itself?
L: Yeah. That you know is such a magical time and so many things happen between the veils at that time. What I’m really looking at is October.
A: Ahh.
L: And the reason for that is there was a little thing, or not so little actually, an element in place at the Aries New Moon again, that’s what sets the tone for the whole year – that energy is disseminating the whole year long. And there was a mystic rectangle in place during that New Moon. And mystical rectangles, if you think about it, if you want to picture it, it’s two triangles with their points together. This is basically a wormhole. Okay. So the energetic portal wormhole gate in time exists between the month of April 2014 and the month of October 2014. And this is like a corridor. And so things – they basically function as the same thing, they have equal power. So anything that was even intended back during April can really manifest in a big way in October, but things that we want to initiate but we haven’t done so yet, can still be done, just like it’s as if it was a new time of the year because of that bridge. So does that make sense – where it’s the same kind of energy?
A: Yeah, that’s interesting, so basically, are you also saying that between April and October we’re at that kind of zero point spot, that field, where that which we have already put in place can really start to come into manifestation?
L: Oh yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that would be the positive side of that, but as far as what you have to watch out for, where the little trickier times of things, the potential for, you know, the Archons to act up, with high jinx things, and terror, false flag, (?) banking, kinds of events, something like that, the potential for that are the highest in October. As far as the energetics that I’ve always followed, you know, working with the Eris Point energy. That’s really when that time – in my mind, by October we’re really going to see where they stand, where the New World Order stands with how they’re going to be able to move forward, if at all. Because they have been disempowered. (Yeah) The bottom line of this is, it is already over, we’re just playing it out – our roles.
A: I’m so glad that you said that because I really do feel that, if you don’t have the eyes to see that this dismantling process is truly a gift. It’s kind of like the reward.
L: It is. It definitely is that. And it’s kind of hard to believe, isn’t it? I mean, all of these years that we’ve been doing this, you know. Talking about how it was going to happen, it really is happening.
A: And historically, this just never has happened. And for it to be happening, for us to be watching it and to be still standing strong. I have told many, many friends of mine who have been in very financial straights, very difficult straights, financially with mortgages, okay. I’ve told them how many other periods of history have the human race been able to still stay in their homes even though they have been served with papers by the bank for not paying their mortgage, or whatever. And I know people that have been arguing the case of the illegalities and they’ve managed to stay in their homes for 18 months or even more.
L: Yeah.
A: This is unprecedented. My whole point is not to get into the good, bad, or whatever. My point is, if we are starting to look at the signs of we really truly are chipping away, every single person that makes a stand against the matrix, even in a little way. Even if it’s like you go to the library and they want to charge you for a late fee for a book, and you say, hey, what do you mean? And you challenge that, dududududa. Everything that we do, sets a precedent for the next person that walks into the door.
L: Yes, it does. And that’s that building process that’s under way. One of the things that is so nice about the energy that is in play for this year, when Uranus was conjunct with the New Moon in Aries – Uranus brings shifts and changes dramatically and unexpected things, you have to expect the unexpected with Uranus. So that means that kind of year long through May of 2015, we have to expect the unexpected. But one of the gifts that it brings, because they all bring both, you know, they bring the two sides of things, Uranus saves us by our rejections. And we’re always put where we need to be, particularly so if we haven’t been able to do that for ourselves. And so when things first happen, and at first glance, like a car accident, let’s say, and no one gets hurt, let’s say, or maybe like for you, you were hurt, you know, right? Well, there was a blessing in that because it put you where you needed to be, because you couldn’t do it for yourself. Or things weren’t in place for it happen. So we have that help.
A: Right.
L: It helps us. That’s one of the things that we just can guarantee with this energy is that it’s going to put you where you need to be. If you fight it it’s going to be hard on you and if you go with the flow more, it’s going to be a lot easier. And maybe you might enjoy life a little bit more.
A: Well, and you hit the nail right on the head, which is, seeing that life is here to support you. I know that it feels like it has not. There are so many that you are speaking to right now who are truly, Laura, I can’t say this enough times, I have a phenomenal audience, and these are truly so dedicated to really step up into their spiritual warrior roles. And really, and work on themselves so that they can be in a place of ‘servitude’ – I’m going to put quotes around that, but to serve and assist humanity. So you are talking to, in my opinion, some of the best of the best, you know. These are the people who have really worked very hard on themselves and continue to do so. But through that lens of humility.
L: Oh yes. I know that it is the case. As far as having so much support available, it’s really very true and it’s on a bigger scale than we can even fathom. Because really, what 2014 in the biggest picture symbolizes is the full awakening of the planet. The Planet, based on how she emerged and all of this, was traumatized, and awake, so to speak. But she is not anymore. She is fully engaged. I talk about this a lot. So the game has changed, and we are all invited onto the playing field which is a playground, in my view. And we have so much assistance, one of the ways we have assistance by the Planet directly is through her Emissaries and I talk about this some on my site. The Planet, basically, if we tried to interface with her directly and it blows us out. The energies are just too hard on our bodies. We can do it for a little bit of time, but we have a consequence. (Interesting) As far as having the direct encounter unless you are under the influence of ayahuasa or something and you’re out of your physical body, your bodies going to be blown out. But, there’s a solution for that.
She’s, of course, built in place, so she’s stepped down her own personality into ten persona, a group of ten persona, and each one works with us at a different month of the year. So this month, for the month of May, we’ve had two of these Wisdom Goddesses, because this is what they have been designated as, in history, and they are Bhuvaneshvari and the goddess Tara. Bhuvaneshvari is the world nurse, that’s what her archetypical MO is, that’s what her signature is. Tara is the rescuer, the compassionate goddess, they have a lot of different names and different things that they do. But how beautiful was that? We have the Sabian symbol of the New Moon ‘a red cross nurse’ and here we have on duty the world nurse. So this month, and readers of the Oracle Report have written to me in droves talking about how – I had a conversation, you know, I just basically said, hey, this is what I need and within days things begin to change and shift for them because the Planet is really interacting with us. This isn’t just some kind of fluffy words. It’s real.
A: I’m so glad that you said that. Thank you for reiterating that. That is so important. All of us need to hear that. We need to be reassured that we will make it through this. It’s such a brutal bootcamp for many.
L: Yes, it is. It really is. Especially if you are a Chiron-dominated person and you’re a Wounded Healer. Well, like I’m Chiron-dominated. Well, we go through the process. We have to experience the pain before we can help others with that. It’s very experiential for us, which is very hard. You know, like I said, we aren’t supposed to be in a system here with these extra ten planets and moons affecting us. We have a lot to deal with. But we are fully capable of that.
A: We are very capable of that, and especially now than ever, because we are gathering. And like you said, we are uniting, we are starting to create our groups again, we are starting to re-unite with our soul families again, and we actually have support that we never had available to us before now.
L: And that’s makes for a totally different experience of life.
A: Right. Right.
L: And that’s what the real shft is, when you get down to it.
A: I so agree. Now tell me, I notice that the next Solar Eclipse and the next Lunar Eclipse aren’t until October.
L: Yeah.
A: So I wanted to get your perspective on we’ve had a ton of eclipses, Blue Moons, all that, what do you feel that that has ultimately done for us?
L: That has – the eclipses, for me, I don’t pay too much attention, or too much time with them, because they are shadow things and I spend a lot of time working with the shadows anyway. But, you know, they are energetic effects that take place for six months. And depending on what degree of the zodiac that they are located at, that flavors the energy, And they kind of unfold over that period of time. I think we have a lot of work to do to re-imprint our feelings about eclipses. I think that there is a general – over history – they were kind of feared. I don’t fear them. I just tend to not focus on them, because I focus on the shadow material so much. But for each of us, there’s effects. If you are having the eclipses aspecting in your chart, that’s when you really have to pay attention to that. Because it’s going to have a direct affect on your life for the next six months.
A: Interesting. Interesting. So the propensity of Blue Moons, Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses, and then the Grand Cross and all of this other stuff that has unfolded, do you feel that it’s just magnified us being pushed and nudged in a direction to, hey, get off the pot. It’s time to focus the shadow side and to get comfortable with it because you have to step into your power or you’ve got this opportunity, you’ve got this window, it’s now time.
L: Yeah. They are certainly contributing to that, because that is the energy that is in play for the whole year. So they will facilitate that and they can push you forward. And every month now, when we have – like today – as we are recording, the Moon is conjunct Uranus, so that Cardinal Cross energy is activated once again and that Uranus energy is activating once again. And so as different planets hit these difference degrees we have that reinforcing going on. And that’s why, you know, when I say things are changing in time, that’s why.
A: Wow. So you also talked to me a little bit before about your term of ‘descension,’ because it’s a hot topic right now is ‘ascension’ and I’d love to talk a little bit more in depth about that because it’s something that is near and dear to all of our hearts.
L: Yeah. So as it’s been revealed to me, in my instruction, because that’s really what we are all engaged in the process of instruction with the Planet. Whether we are aware of it at that level or not. And that is not to negate the other influences too, right? Starry influences. Of guides and masters, let say. But my take is a little bit different from what has been revealed to me about that process of descension. And it really isn’t that much different, it’s kind of a different way to approach it really. And that is that, ascension is really more of a process of descension, because ascension takes place through the Earth, through the core of the Earth and then if you like to continue in with this kind of experience with the Earth you can continue in, and if you don’t, if you want to go someplace else you go to the Sun and then you eject to wherever you want to go, energetically speaking, right?
A: Right.
L: So everyone has to follow their own resonance with what ascension is, but, okay, let’s just say, and just remember this, that you’ve heard all these years ago, maybe. You find yourself, you know, you are in the afterlife, okay, you died. And you might have called up all the things that you learned and all that, by maybe you are panicked, okay, and you don’t know what you are doing. You can easily default to the
Planet and engage with the conversation with Sophia at that point. You are not in a body anymore, you can directly engage. You know, you’re going to have that conversation – what do you want to do? Do you want to continue in with this? And really, this is a process of knowing that you can do this, right? She doesn’t find us like that, we come to her, okay. So you decide what you want to do. And if you want to go off somewhere else you can do that. Or you can stay here and do it again. It’s your choice. This is the thing, okay. We have to remember our power here, it’s all within our own choice what we want to do.
A: Good point. Good point. And I’m cracking up because we have actually come up with the same terminology, my husband and I. L: Yes?
A: Because people keep perceiving that ascension is you kind of leaping out of your own body and your own field and you’re moving up into the heavens. And what I’m always reminding, you know, when I’m sitting and chatting with people, well, wait, this is the time when heaven is on Earth. L: Yeah.
A: And we are, in my opinion, we are the conduit to that.
L: Yeah. You know, it seems like it’s such a radical thing nowadays, which is sad to think that, no, you are aligned with the Planet, you think that is the most natural thing. But it has become very separated, hasn’t it, to even think that way. And also to think that things are so – how do I say it – just so complicated.
A: Yes. Yes. Here’s the other thing. If we haven’t learned anything, we have learned that all of that that we have been taught, or all that we have become comfortable with and believed to be true, even that is crumbling before our eyes -everything around us, you know, there’s lies everywhere. This is a time that we are going into a space of discernment extraordinaire. L: Yes. Oh yeah. (laughs)
A: And because of that, I always question because of the immense amount of work that was been done by The Powers That Were to infiltrate this incredibly beautiful, powerful time with all of their slogans and terminologies and this and that and the other and well, descension is one of them. (Umhmm) And it tends to create the individual to not be okay to be here.
L: Yeah. You know, there is a lot with that. And a lot with the judgment that comes along with that. And you know, I think that there is room within the collective of humanity for everything. (Yes) And you know, it’s a painting, as I said, as I keep saying. And everybody can have their own painting, it’s fine that way, it’s okay.
A: Yes.
L: And if you want it to be a certain way – I mean, if you want to do something ritualistically that involves 40 or 50 steps, that’s wonderful. And that doesn’t mean yours is any more valid or less valid than anyone else’s. Because it’s a personal individual thing and we truly – I’m an astrologer, I give astrological readings. Nobody really needs that from me. Everybody knows that for themselves in their heart, but there are so many filters and screens and our archontic programming in place that we are so separated from that we haven’t – if we recognized it within ourselves, it’s probably been shut down by them in some way – or they intended to.
A: Well, and you are being used as a facilitator to get them to a place where they are fully engaged with who they really are. (Yeah) I am, like everyone else is, I really feel that who created the rule book of ascension? Seriously. You know, it’s okay if you talk to Joe down the street and his definition of ascension is completely different from yours.
L: Yes. Absolutely. I love that. Who wrote the rule book. Because the number one tactic is what? Divide and Conquer. A: Right.
L: And it works every single time. And as I write about it all the time, we are not each others enemies. The Archons are our enemies, if we even want to call it that. They’ve already been defeated. (Right) It’s just a matter of it playing it out in time. The Gnostic texts – Sophia is quoted as telling the chief Archon – you’ve already been defeated because mankind, humanity, defeats you. We know the outcome of this.
A: Yes. Yes. And we have so much support and help as a younger race of civilization, etcetera. We have so much support to help us through this process. We are in an incredibly great position.
L: We are, and we have gifts and that’s what it’s really about. That’s the reason for the creation of the strain of humanity that we are. It was endowed with very special gifts and it was those gifts and the actualization of those gifts was what caused the Divine Goddess Sophia to be pulled out of the Galactic Center in the first place.
A: Yes.
L: Can you imagine how awesome a genetic code of an energetic structure which you had to be for this Creatrix of life to become so mesmerized by what it could do that it pulled her out. A: Yes.
L: And can we own that?
A: That’s really good. And the fact that we talk so much about the abductions and the aliens and the genetic manipulation and the DNA tweaking and all of this stuff and we forget to step back and say, wow, we must be pretty special to have been that targeted (garbled). Each and every person that is listening to this interview, you know, don’t forget that. That you carry this magnificent gift. It’s time for us to step into our royalty. Just step into our mastery.
L: Yes. We can all walk this path together, don’t we? A: Yes. L: You know, it’s all the cars in a caravan. (laughter)
L: Shall I share that? A: Please do.
L: So in Alexandra’s chart, the Sabian symbol for the degree of her Sun sign is basically ‘a lead car of a caravan of cars on a path, some spiritual path.’ And I think that so encapsulates what she is doing. And what we all are doing. We are all a part of that.
A: Yes, definitely. Hey, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you. Trust me, I went kicking and screaming when I started the interviews. (laughter)
L: Well, I’m the reluctant oracle reporter. I’m not the Oracle, I’m the reporter. But I’m the reluctant reporter. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to take this mission on, you know.
A: I know! Isn’t that true? It’s so true. So tell me Laura, for the people out there that are going to be through – it sounds like this ‘ll be a bit challenging in the month of June – tell us what should we look for within the planets. What is a better way for us to get more oriented, more comfortable as we look up into the skies.
L: Hmm. I think for the month ahead you can contemplate the fact that Mercury at the New Moon is opposing the Galactic Center, it is approaching that right now as we’re talking. And how that is so beautiful an aspect with the two together.
A: Whooh.
L: And Mercury is going to go retrograde this month guys on June 7th and it’s going to be retrograding until July 2. And also Neptune is going to station and start to retrograde on June 9. So when we have retrograde situations those are opportunities to re-work things, okay. It’s kind of like we hit the pause button, and then you go behind the scenes and you fix things and then you make things better and you see how they are going to go. You don’t necessarily implement that yet, but you are analyzing this. So don’t be discouraged if you start to struggle or have challenges during the month of June, because remember that Crescent type of energy that does it anyway, that creates a little bit of struggle so we just move pass this. That’s what we do, keep going. We don’t let us stop us. Life doesn’t end at a Mercury retrograde. You maybe don’t want to buy a car.
A: Well, that’s what I was going to ask you. Do you really feel that with all of the changes that are going on, are we still confined within that construct that retrogrades are to be heeded as, ‘oh, well, I’ve got to stop this and review, and re-do, re-vamp.
L: No, it’s mainly about that if that starts happening for you. Because it’s going to depend on if it’s aspecting in your chart. (Hmm) That’s who it will affect the most. The people that have like well, actually you and me, Alexandra.
A: You mean you are talking about us! (laughter)
L: All it really means is for us, remember it’s opposing the Galactic Center, so it’s really going to dump more in, it’s going to dump more information, it’s going to add to the field, because it’s growing. We grow – the cycle of life is astrology. You start with the Aries New Moon and you plant the seed. And then the seed tries to pop out in the Crescent Moon phase if you’re in this analogy and then we actually step out, when we get to the First Quarter phase, so the energy works and builds on itself. So this idea of stop and start, yeah, that’s dissolving for sure.
A: Good.
L: But as far as can we override this? No. To a certain, we can work within it, but if it’s aspecting your chart, you’re going to deal with it. It’s a physical process that is in play. But it doesn’t have to dominate your life. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It just means to be smart about it. Don’t publish your website during Mercury retrograde. It’s just not going to be as effective for you.
A: There’s just going to be more obstacles.
L: Yeah, it will take more work. You can still do it, it’s just will be harder. And there’s no really good reason for that. Because you’re working against the energy at that point. Why do that?
A: What if you are in a position where you have to?
L: Yeah, go ahead and do it, but recognize that it’s probably going to be a little more challenging.
A: Interesting.
L: And don’t be upset when things aren’t working out as smoothly with it because that’s the energy that it was seeded under, right? So we don’t stop, we just outsmart it. We know, okay, so the server’s gone down, or whatever. We don’t get tripped up and we don’t stop. That’s the main thing, just don’t let it stop you.
A: Oh, Laura, if I could count the number of the times that my website has been brought down (laughter) it almost never stops.
L: Yeah. Yeah. I hear you. The emails, there’s so much interference. I’m out there, I talk about, I bet you on the days that I talk about the Archons on the Oracle Report I will face it, sometime during that day, they will try to get me.
A: Oh yeah. Yeah, I hear you. And I can think of one day that very specifically that I looked at an article that someone had asked me to post and I knew that hardly anybody else on the web had posted it because it was so controversial, right? (Umhmm) And I looked at that article and I went, well, it’s going to be another one of those days. And I put it up there and sure enough, BAM, the site came down, you know.
L: And I guess people might say that’s fulfilling a prophecy there, a self-prophecy with that, but it isn’t that, because when you start watching it in cycles, you can predict it even. So how can that be, you know, ‘we’re just manifesting that.’ No, we need to remember that we are working against the odds here with all of these other planets. And we are doing a good job. We’ve integrated this stuff really well. And one of the things that we are doing, you know, with the shift – and we’re doing it whether we know it or not – is re-imprinting the energies so that the past Mercury retrogrades, the way that they have been, once we start within Mercury retrogrades in that way, by over-riding it, and knowing what’s it’s about, and not being dominated by it, it doesn’t have as much as affect that way. This is the way the energy builds. Like this imprinting that I was talking about with the Grand Cross, it makes a deep imprint in a certain way. And so when we as a collective continue to move forward and move, so that these energies are not in control of us, we work within free-will, we do change the nature of them. That’s what we are directly working with on The Oracle Report. Readers there – I give very specific and key words, just little brief phrases that you try to keep in mind all day, its a tool, right? I’m a counselor, that’s my job, to give people tools. (Yeah) And so, okay, remember what is your skill for today. Oh, I’m a wise owl, I’m supposed to be like in the tree and watching what is going on.
A: A very good point.
L: And this is information that’s here to help us to do it.
A: It also brought to mind the fact that what you are talking about is very paralleled with the projects with the ley-lines. Because what we are doing again with that is we are re-imprinting (garbled) a whole new energy.
L: Well, my gosh, yes. Yes, I’m so glad you brought that up. The ley-line, the Arcadian Ley-line was activated with the Aries New Moon. And the Arcadian Ley-line – there isn’t a lot of information about it out there but Boston, New York is on it, Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, that line there, there’s been so much trauma, pushed, pumped into that ley-line.
A: Yes.
L: And that is changing as the awareness of all of that comes and I am so thrilled about that for you. That’s going to be a huge, huge impact.
A: And on top of that, look at the San Andreas fault. L: Yeah.
A: I really want to remind everybody, it is a rare year that we didn’t have earthquakes, or at least rumblings, and there are so many Emissaries of Light out there that have done work, including myself, on the San Andreas fault. Look at Southern California at this point. To get through some of the most intense Earth changes and to be in a place where we are at this point unscathed. We should be giving ourselves a pat on the back because of that. Because we have so re-programmed it, we’ve re-imprinted it with a Divine Christ Consciousness love and light.
L: Yes, and re-empowered it and us.
A: Right. Right. So you are talking about the same thing about these new events. It’s really interesting – it’s like it’s our assignment that now when we hear about these retrogrades, it’s almost like we’ve been called to action to send a different consciousness out there in reaction to that. So instead of, oh God, it’s Mercury retrograde, you know.
L: Yeah. And you know, it’s really for the hard-core, I call them the Parliament of Owls, the readers of the The Oracle Report, it’s a daily thing. We do it every day.
A: Yes. Well, you’re always doing your bit, Laura. I mean. So tell me, over all, there is a speculation that there is a window open for this descension process all the way up through through 2017. What do you think about that? Especially from an astrological point of view?
L: I think that that has a lot to do with how the Planet is handling the Archon issue. Because, in that window – archontic energies have become so physical and so powerful in the 3-D realm, you know, in the matrix, are dying off, and will continue to die off. And this isn’t just the big heads of state kind of things. This is also, it is individually in your lives. Because as some of us have put in very close proximity to some of the powerful entities that basically have taken over people. Let’s just say it what it is.
A: Yes.
L: And when those people are passing that energy is being reabsorbed into the planet. She opens up and that energy just goes in there. So it’s her energy in the first place and she is just re-absorbing it. That’s the solution here, it’s her, you know. It’s much bigger than us, were in collaboration. That’s what is happening with that – that window of time. And that’s another reason they understand this. They know that this is happening. And it’s scary. And the fact that they haven’t been able to act out of their fear and create even more chaos than we kind of already have. In my mind it’s more proof of the support and the actual events going on.
A: Do you feel that if we make more of an individual concerted effort, for example, each and every day to really push our power of ‘this must be stopped.’ Just bring it to a Ground Zero, so to speak. Do you feel that’s something that could happen in spite of the fact there’s these patterns and cycles and planetary alignments and all of this?
L: Yes, absolutely. Because it’s consciousness at the core level. It’s just about whatever frequency is stronger. So the negative polarity of the different energies of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, the negative polarities is what has been pushed over time. So that’s the signature that is stronger. But, you know, it can easily be overridden over time, you know, it’s just a matter of the signals entrained to a stronger signal. Well, you don’t even need that very many people participating, it’s the strength of the signal. It’s what you are actually transmitting and receiving. One person, as you we know, can make a dramatic difference. And then with all of us in our own ways and in our individual lives, if we stand up for ourselves, right. The macrocosm and the microcosm – it is the same. When we do this in our own lives, like we really do in June, then we change things, because the cycle is imprinted in a different way.
A: I’m really glad you brought that up because Stewart Swerdlow, are you familiar with him? (Umhmm.) Okay. He spoke a while back about group meditations and how the dark have perfectly tweaked and expertly harvested those energies from that meditation group. And they have been very successful in being able to divert that energy. That individual that has participated has no awareness of that, right.
L: Yeah.
A: And they have the ability to harvest that energy and divert it into something that is not supporting Unity and Christ Consciousness and that sort of things. So I really feel like that, yes, we get the whole Oneness thing, but at the same time, what I want to ask you was, it seems to me like it’s a very important time for us to stand tall in our own individuality, meaning we don’t have to be part of a meditation group to really make a difference. Because the support is already there. I wanted to know what you thought about that.
L: I think that that is so astute. And I think that anytime that the power aggregates the potential for the abuse or misuse of it can occur. We have seen that, we know that it happens. So that is why I believe that in meditations they should be very personalized, okay. You are not following necessarily ten, twenty steps that some other person has given you. You have a general time that you want to meet up. Again, I don’t do group meditations very often but when I do it’s at specific astrological times. And I’ll say, this is our time, but you don’t have to do it at that time. You might be at work and can’t do it, that energy is in place, you can tag onto that energy anytime later. The group intentions that were done two years ago or longer, at anytime, it still can be added onto because that energy still continues. So to me, the way that we counter that potential or that danger that the harvesting of that to be diverted. And I believe that happens.
A: Oh, it happens all the time, Laura. And one thing I just wanted to put a call out to all of the Light Warriors out there, anytime that you read about a mass meditation of any sort, I don’t care who it is, across the planet, please put out a call out to fellow Light Workers, Light Warriors, Indigos, whatever and put a call out to make sure there are those that are holding the space who can divert that energy back to where it’s supposed to go. To make sure that it goes back to, you know, the grace and the beauty of Mother Earth, the Christ Consciousness, and the benefit of all of humanity.
L: Yes. And I would add further that during the participation of that put out for yourself that my participation in this would not be used for anything that is not aligned with the Natural World Order. (Thank you) Look, we don’t have to be afraid of any of this. We can control this ourselves.
A: Absolutely. I have goosebumps right now. Because I’m so glad that this came up. And it very naturally came up. But it’s something that really needs to be brought to the forward, so people are more aware of this.
L: Yes. And I think, do it the way – define the group meditations very specifically. Do it your own way. But your protection in place, hey, we all know how to do it. We’ve all learned how to do this. Surround yourself. Do it the way it works for you. There is no one perfect way.
A: Yes.
L: We all have our own way.
A: Correct. L: And so many people want to have that rule book. And we have been conditioned that that’s what we need to have.
A: Thank you. Oh thank you. Thank you for saying that. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. Each and every individual out there, they have their own system or protocol or regimen, whatever you want to call it and it works for them.
L: Absolutely. Yes, yes. And your intention and your energy in that, follow your heart. Trust your heart, that’s where you go with everything. And know that you are sovereign.
A: Yeah.
L: If we are aware and we put it into place so it won’t be twisted and merged and you know, the first person that was talking about having the meditation, are they talking about that. That’s important to look at.
A: Yes. And now more than ever it’s a real kick in the pants for us to use our discernment at all costs. And if you feel confused about who you are trying to discern than go back within and just go and count on yourself. Rely on yourself.
L: Yes, we are all leaders, we are our own leader.
A: Exactly. Oh, that’s beautiful. Thank you so much bringing that up. I’m so excited. I was trying to think on my next interview, I really want to be sure to bring this out there, it’s like an APB out to the Emissaries of Light. ‘Please remember that this is happening.’
L: Well, isn’t it true that the wiser that we come the more that we realize what we don’t know. (laughter) I get that. I’m fully aware of that.
A: That is so true. And now more than ever, you know. Have you ever seen that interview by Airl, the 1947 Roswell crash interview. Have you ever seen that one?
L: I don’t recall that.
A: Oh my gosh, I will send it over to you. That’s another game changer, kind of like The Lie NASA Told. And one of the things that she eloquently, very casually comments on was our history. And how our history has been basically created to tell this story. That it isn’t necessarily true, it’s just a part of the whole story.
L: Yeah, isn’t it been pretty much like that every day now. ‘Yeah, it wasn’t like that.’ Really, we should just skip to the last chapter and nothing was ever the way we thought that it was. (laughter)
A: I’m seriously, we have to try to not get so serious and just kind of have fun with it.
L: And create what we want to with it. That’s the thing. And we have everything, the tools, everything. Let’s take advantage of our time here and grow and create beauty.
A: I agree. Well, is there anything else that you would really like to share with us that is burning in your heart at this point.
L: I feel like I have been talking forever. I think that we stay open to the wonders of life and we remember that it’s magical. And we endeavor to have fun because we’ve forgotten about that. And the Goddess Sophia is playful and when we access that part of ourselves our world shifts. I guess that is really all.
A: I guess that’s really all. Now how do I follow that. (laughter)
L: Well, you know what. I have a little bit of an answer to that. Remember what you used to like to do as a child. What you wanted to do that you couldn’t. That’s the perfect place to start.
A: Ooh, I like that. Okay, everyone this is everybody’s assignment for today. Let’s figure out what we wanted to do as a child and you couldn’t.
L: Yes, let’s play.
A: Let’s go play. Let’s have fun.
L: It doesn’t all have to be drudgery to fight the Archons.
A: I know that this is going to surprise a lot of people but used to have a T-shirt when I was in college and it said, ‘I just want to have fun.’
L: Yeah. Nobody said this has to be not fun.
A: Yeah, exactly. Well, you’ve just been so, oh gosh, it’s just been so enjoyable, Laura. And for us to finally re-connect and re-connect on this specifically Galactic Center point it’s just been amazing. It just goes to show you Spirit is always with us.
L: Oh this has been so fun for me, too, Alexandra. And I thanks everyone out there listening.
A: Yeah, and now listen. Here’s the thing guys. All of you guys all need to know the deal on Laura. She does these astrological readings and they are really cool. They are based on healing and insight and the thing I like about it is, she’s really focusing on the Soul’s Codes to reflect the Black Moon, the reflection of the shadow and the unconscious side. So this is something that she very uniquely offers to the public and I highly recommend that you go to her website Oracle Report.com and get a reading. She’s just so, Laura, you just have such a magical perspective.
L: Well, the readings are the only thing that I charge for. Everything else is free, the Daily Reports, all of my books, I’m on a mission.
A: Yeah. And her prices are really reasonable. She says it takes one to two hours and the fee is only $135. Come on, that’s like awesome. So I think that is something that we all really need to hone in on, is our shadow side right now, as I say take the lemons and make them into lemonade. Is that right? Be the powerful leaders that we all are. So I’m excited. Yay!
L: Thank you Alexandra.
A: You are so welcome. And thank you again. I hope that we can do this again in the future.
L: I would love that.
A: Yeah. I really enjoyed it and I hope you have a wonderful day, it’s her wedding today.
L: Thank you, not my wedding. I’m going to a wedding. (laughter) Everybody will be emailing me.
A: Okay, Laura is going to somebody else’s wedding today. So anyway, take care everyone. I just want to give you lots of love and encouragement and hoping this gives you some new perspectives on the up and coming wave of energy that’s coming through in June. We can all do this. We’ve gone through the most difficult period, haven’t we Laura?
L: Oh yeah.
A: Yeah, we’ve gone through the worst of it. So it’s just going to get better from here on and we all have to just keep our focus on the end goal which is stepping into your mastery. So with that, love you all, stay tuned and if you have any questions on the Implant Removal Process just drop me an email at admin@galacticconnection.com. And you can also reach Laura, correct, Laura?
L: Yes. You can go to my website at Oracle Report.com and there’s a Contact form or directly at OracleReportmail@gmail.com.
A: Perfect. So check her out and we will talk to you in about a week. Take care everyone. We love you. Namaste.
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