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microphone (1)Laura Walker and Alexandra Meadors, September 30, 2014

Alexandra: Hello, everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of the Galactic Connection.com and today is September 30th, oh my god, I can’t believe it’s already September 30th. And this is my regular scheduled radio program on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:55 pm PDT. I am airing live from South Africa with my dear friend Laura Walker. And once again we had another very spontaneous and very divinely-guided communication today which basically screamed to both of us that we need to review what has just gone down here in South Africa from her perspective which is just so fascinating. And we are going to jump into that a little bit more and go into a lot of the details. In the meantime, if you would like to check out the Daily Blog, it’s Galactic Connection.com/Daily-Blog. And you can see the daily updates; we give you a summary of just a smattering of all the things that are going on across the planet from the perspective of what’s happening showing the destruction and the dismantling of the matrix. So with that said, I want to go ahead and bring Laura Walker on. And for those of you who are not familiar with her, she’s a very dear friend of mine and you can always go to her website at Oracle Report.com to get fully educated on Laura’s background. She’s an amazing woman and I highly recommend that you check out her readings, which are phenomenal. She can really give you some insight on your own Galactic journey. And I think that is something that we are all really looking for today. So welcome, Laura, thank you so much for coming on.

Laura: Thanks Alexandra, hi everybody. I should say, I am not in South Africa unfortunately. I’m here in Washington DC. But in case anyone was thinking I was out there with you, I wish I was.

Alexandra: Well, we can fake it.

Laura: Yeah, we have the internet.

Alexandra: Right. That’s right. So before we jump into what we have been talking about, to kind of drop some information in everybody’s lap, tell me a little bit about what’s going on energetically around the world, around this particular time. Because I know you’ve been alluding to many of us that this is kind of a gnarly time between September 24th and October 23rd. Why?

Laura: Yes, it is. It’s the cycle of the Libra New Moon and the energetics have been in place since the beginning of the astrological year in April, actually March 30th, to be technical. And this is showing us a great change, a great shift, and the fact that 2014 is the year of change, this is when it all starts to happen. So I have been talking about this at the Oracle Report.com for over six months now and mainly at Oracle Report the main thing that I offer there is the daily analysis. So you can go to the Report as oftentimes Alexandra and Marie post it in Galactic Connection and you can follow it daily as it unfolds. That’s the main purpose of my work at Oracle Report. And that’s free for everybody.

But back to the Libra New Moon, the cycle that we are in – just beginning actually – it feels to me like it’s been going on for while because last month, the Virgo cycle, was really the precursor for this month. We just rode onto these Libra New Moon and a lot of things happened during the Virgo cycle. Back at the Full Moon we had an X-flare, right before the Full Moon entered, and that was right on 9/11. September 11 was a massive day. And it was an archontic energetic attack unparalleled, I would say was the word. I’ve never seen anything quite like it since I’ve been watching the patterns and studying the astrology. And it wasn’t altogether unexpected, but the force of it was shocking a bit to me and so a lot of things happened energetically, inter-dimensionally, at that time and the physical events on the planet and within people’s relationships. (Wow) Yeah. 9/11 was pretty intense, right?

A: Oh, yes. As everybody knows, if you have been following our website, Rev. Pam Plauche passed away on the day, at least from a South African time frame, that was the day that she had passed. I found that very interesting, the timing, once again.

L: It was. And we had an X1.6 flare that came in, like I said, right before that and it was – the Sabian symbol of the position of the moon at that time was ‘a flock of wild geese.’ This energy, because each of the degrees of the zodiac expend or discharge certain types of energy that are described in the Sabian symbols, which is ancient mystery school wisdom, but this energy is often about attack, it’s about shooting geese, shooting birds, like the birds of prey, they are preyed upon. And it just came in and it wiped people out. It made the lunacy of the Full Moon that much higher and so many people wrote to me about how much difficulty they had with that energy. So we lead into September 24th with the New Moon of Libra and this is the month that I have been talking about that the New World Order is going to make their biggest moves.

And we saw that starting to happen right at the New Moon. Lots of things happened. Russia was flying over the US and, and what else, it seems like it was so long ago. There was activity in Ukraine, of course, the bombing of Syria, that was the other one that started. I talked about it in my recording, we were just seeing the advancement of all fronts of the New World Order, the monetary system, they would make efforts to advance that. The control of resources, particularly in Africa. Breaking borders, false flags. There’s a potential with all of these things that are on the table that could show up at any time that we have to be aware of. But it also brings a lot of opportunity, Alex, and I think this is more about what’s going on with you.

A: Well, and I also wanted to say that we are all aware that 2015 is going to really bring about the fruition of a lot of the hard work that we have done. And we just have to really hang onto that and know that this is just part of the process, you know.

L: It is part of the process and the main mission of this month for all the Guardians, all the Wise Owls, all the wisdom seekers of the world, is to respond. We’ve been holding the line for the last month and maintaining our strength and just being really solid and grounded and now’s the time to respond. And this means we respond to whatever’s happening in our individual lives because that is the macro level itself. The micro level is expanding into the macro level of everybody. So everybody is undergoing shift right now. Everybody will see shift in our lives. Probably not understanding what that’s about right now because it is a shift and we don’t understand when it’s happening, when it’s going. But that’s what we need to do.

So we don’t stop anything. Just because it is a month that we are vigilant, more vigilant, we still continue to move ahead. I was talking with someone yesterday who is asking, should I hold off on starting this website and doing these things, other than Mercury Retrograde which we are about to go into. No, the answer is no, we go forward. We work even harder now because all month long, basically, under the cycles of the Earth we have the light of the Full Moon. So we have clarity and insight and the ability to solve things. So when we respond to whatever is happening in our own lives we are reflecting everything that is going on.

A: Good point. Yeah, and I feel like many of us are discounting the gifts that we have brought forth in this lifetime. I get a ton of emails from people saying, ‘gosh, I don’t receive communication. I don’t hear any messages. I don’t talk to anyone. I wish I had that kind of connection.’ And yet what I am trying to make people aware of is that that is not the only gift. That is not the only way which they communicate. And now more than ever I received this message just so loudly yesterday, the Light has to be very cunning in the way that they communicate with us when we are doing missions for them right now. Please be aware of that. We are at the final hour and the dark is – as much as they have been very, very organized and very orchestrated in their plans. We have to understand the same thing is going on our end, you know.

L: Yes. And I think that one of the things that has been programmed out of us concertedly is that that connection is always there. And when we are talking about connecting, we are talking about connecting galactically and receiving messages like that, but there’s another piece of the equation here and that is the Earth. And we are always connected to the Earth and Galactic information, because the Galactic Center is her home, Galactic information is always funneled to us, and she – Mother Earth – funnels that back to us through the natural world. So the cure, the absolute cure for that feeling, and that despair, is to go outside. Look at a tree and listen. Talk and listen. A bird will come along. A lizard might come along, if you’re in South Africa. There is communication and it is always available. All we have to do is to open up to receive it and ask for it.

A: And now more than ever I’m really finding that that the more that you ask, the more you will receive. If you have been frustrated in the past that you haven’t received some answers, just don’t give up now because this is a myriad of opportunities to open up to us right now. So that is why Laura and I are doing this radio show – because it’s the most intense right now. And it’s not like we haven’t been here before, right, Laura?

L: That’s right.

A: We’ve been up against the wall with this. I know many of us are very tired. But we are at the end of this journey. We are really getting close and we’ve made a lot of progress. And we, in particular, we want to share with you something that we feel has been – what would you say – accomplished, at least, through my end, my means at this end, in the last couple of days. (Yes) And through talking to Laura and a few other people it’s pretty massive. So I want to share that with all of you because I want to spread the light, I want to spread the positive and the hope and the wisdom within all of you. You’ll get some sort of hit from this, if you go within your gut, wherever that feeling is, just pay attention to it. Because now more than ever, especially the Guardian Grid, it’s very solid, it’s very connected, it’s all over the world and it can’t be brought down. So anyway, Laura, how do we want to start this? I’m curious as to where I begin? Should I begin at the very beginning?

L: I think maybe I’d like to preface it, if that is ok, with talking about how, you know, we have been building the new world. We have bridging into the new world concertedly since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. And now we are at the point where we are beginning to move into that. And you can think of it in a couple of ways. You can think that you’re moving into that bridge that’s holding that space. You can think of that as the world as the matrix is dissolving and what remains is everything that we’ve been working to maintain and to build. And because this is the time, 2014 is the year – one of the reasons was that the Grand Cardinal Cross that marked this point in time – the Grand Cardinal Cross is going to be re-activating to a certain degree during this month, especially in the Full Moon on October 8th. (Wow) Yeah, what it is doing is, it’s calling up everybody, okay. Everybody has been feeling their call. We know that it’s time. This is something that’s happening here. So we have to respond to that, like what I was talking about. Responding all month.

But one of the beautiful things that you start to notice as more of your psyche, more of your consciousness, comes into that idea of yes, the old is really falling away. Things are easier. Connections are facilitated. It’s a magical way to live because it’s an all encompassing oneness, the present moment, and we don’t have to push as hard. So all of the things that we have been building to put into place and everybody has been struggling to maintain, you know, over the years to keep all of these beautiful things in place – all of the efforts, all the bookstores, all the music, all of the writing and the books, everything to bridge us into the world – everything is now happening. So just as Alex and I are talking about things that are opening up and opportunities for us, this is happening for everybody. So that’s maybe what I wanted to say.

A: Yeah, I agree. And the messages are really flowing. I mean they’re very anxious to make communication with us if we’re willing – now here’s the key – if we’re willing to change our way of thinking about ourselves. And that’s the most important key. If you’ve been shut down, if you feel that you’re not receiving any communications, be open to throw that out the window, literally. And starting anew.

L: Yeah, I think that being open to reversing, or inversing, just about everything that we believe about ourselves would be helpful. (laughter) Because that’s an archontic screen. We just have to do the reverse.

A: No kidding. Everything is an inversion process, isn’t it.

L: Yes.

A: It’s so crazy. Well, you know, it’s really interesting. Laura and I just happened to be on Skype today because I was trying to reach her and I’ve really been out of pocket. And we were just kind of talking about what’s going on and what we are feeling and what are the energies like right now. And they have been very intense. Trust me, when I say that everyone of us is being challenged with whatever we don’t have done. Right, Laura? I mean –

L: Yes. Wherever we haven’t managed to get ourselves to, we’re being put there.

A: Yeah. Yeah. And in some ways it’s really cool. I had no idea I was going to end up in South Africa. As many of you know, I’ve been very – almost to the point of desperation – needing a vacation – and the last thing that I expected was to be kind of positioned and ending up here. But you know what’s funny to go back to being in the car with Steve, and this was literally – I’m not kidding – this couldn’t have been more than a couple more weeks before I left, and Steven read something and he says, ‘I just want to command that I’m ready to receive the call for my next mission and I want that put out to the Universe NOW.’ And I looked at him and went, Okay, I’ll say the same thing, you know. And I command and I’m ready for the next Call and BAM, omg, I start getting messages like, ‘you need to go to South Africa.’ I was told, ‘you need to be hyper-vigilant’ even. Something that I can be, but when I’m in the moment I just like to be very spontaneous. So this is a little bit different trip for me. I’ve been hyper-observant about everything around me. And the folks that I’m staying with, they kind of giggle because, because I trip out with the snakes out here. We’re talking some serious snakes, you know. They’ve got the blue mombas and the puff adders. And they’ve got these spitting snakes. These snakes literally stand up three feet tall and they will look in your face.

L: Oh god, stop. I can’t take it.

A: I’m not kidding, you know. And they have this respect for the snakes and it doesn’t even phase them. It’s pitch black dark and if you step on one – basically, these are lethal, okay, Laura, you’re dead in minutes. (Yeah) They’re nothing like, you know, some of the snakes that we’ve run into in the States. Anyway, so I got here and I’m thinking, why am I here? I mean, I heard a couple of messages, but it wasn’t until that I got here that everything started flooding in. Right before I left, I received a phone call from Chris and Sandi and they said, listen they’ve got this really big hit that we need to take you to the Zimbabwe ruins. And I said, ‘Oh wow, that sounds really interesting. Tell me a little bit more.’ And they said, ‘well, you know, here’s the thing. If we do this, it’s major. We have to go up, we have to go through the border crossing into Zimbabwe. It’s not a real stable country right now, unfortunately.’ Within the last ten to fourteen years it’s really become debilitated because of the change of government and the guy that’s in there now, he could care less about the people. It’s really corrupt. Really, really corrupt. And so I said, ‘I’m game. Tell me more.’

So basically, I hung up from Skype when I was done talking with them and I got some information and messages. And I was told I definitely needed to go there. So I called them back and I said, ‘well, I’ve been given the thumbs up. I need to go.’ And in that process, Laura, that’s when I received the pretty hysterical conversation from my husband saying, ‘you’d better not go, you know. You just do not go. I never received such a lucid dream in my life. It was just terrible.’ And he saw my death and he told me all these stories. It really freaked me out. I felt like I was just zombied after I heard this message.

L: Yeah. It hits you kind of like a bombshell and you go numb when things like that happen.

A: Yeah. Big time. And so I didn’t really put it all together because I hadn’t correlated this whole thing to be reflecting the importance of going to this location, and at the time, you know, I basically pulled everybody in and I called a few friends and I said, okay, I’m going to need some super, major help on the inner plane, to make sure that my plane lands safely and I get there okay. And sure enough everything went really smoothly, got here on time, got here safely, everything is cool. They live nestled up in the mountains of northern South Africa in the farmland region. And it’s just breath-taking. We’re talking – there’s so much life here. You might hear in the background, some birds doing some funky calls in a few minutes, by the way. But they are always calling, it’s just constant movement of nature and birds. I was greeted by a whole family of monkeys when we drove in. And then there were these things called the guinea fowl and they’re really beautiful, just gorgeous colors, and they were running –

L: Oh yes, they are beautiful, aren’t they?

A: Oh my god, they are just scattering across the – I’m just like a kid in the candy shop – I’m going, oh my god, this is like a different planet. L: Right.

A: And when I landed here, there was there was this sense of coming home, you know. And this sense of wow! it’s so deep. It’s so rooted in the core of my being. And I still hadn’t really – everything was in such a whirlwind, when I was trying to prepare for this that I hadn’t even taken time to really be with this information. So once we got there, then the messages started coming in. And basically I was told that what we were going to do was go up into the Great Zimbabwe ruins, which is also the Temple of Enki. And we were going to go up there and apparently we had had this plan for lifetimes ago, something like that, and we were going to go up there and we were responsible for opening up some sort of cosmic stellar gateway, is what I received. And they showed me a picture of each of the dimensional levels that would literally kind of have a elevator access, to be able to take their ships in and out of this portal. And they were just basically saying that these cosmic energies have not been on this planet yet, they had not arrived, these particular type of energies. I wasn’t clear what they were, but this is what I was told.

And that when we opened this up it was just going blow open a whole new range of frequencies. So I was really excited. I was like omg, sign me up, let’s go. Well, I don’t know much about what is going on over here but Chris was a little bit stressed, to say the least. And they had to go through unbelievable jumping-through-the-hoops just to get the right stickers on their car. And they had to get the permits, and they had to get paperwork, and they had to file this, that and the other. I mean, it was ridiculous. Then they had to pay fees for tax access, and bridge access. Believe me or not, Laura, they had to pay basically the equivalent of $50 to just drive over the bridge.

L: Just to cross the bridge. Wow, highway robbery.

A: I mean it is so corrupt, it’s just incredible. And then when we got to the border – we got up at 2:15 in the morning and he says, listen, we have to leave super early in the morning because it’s going to take a long time up there and I’m not staying there overnight. I mean he was adamant about it. We tried to talk him out of it. He was like ‘no way, we’re not staying there overnight, we’re getting back to South Africa come hell and high water.’ And I’m like, okay.

And when we left, we left at around about 3:11 in the morning, that’s right. And the day before we were already, each of us was getting messages. And I had gotten up at 3:11 the day before. Now check this out. We walked into the kitchen and there was a – it was a temper-proof glass surface that was over her stove so she could place things on it without it toppling over because it was a glass stove. And she had it there for like forever. She would remove it when she would cook and that kind of thing. She woke up at 3:11 (am) also and it was shattered. We have no idea why it was shattered so I then asked, ‘hey, what is the deal it that?’ and they said you are going to be shattering the illusion. You will be shattering the reflection, that’s what they were telling me. And I’m like ‘Wow, Really?’ And they said, ‘yeah, it is all about these cosmic energies that you are going to be opening up, you know, this portal.’ And I said ‘that sounds cool.’

So these messages kept trickling in, one by one. It was amazing all week, just constant. And the night before I kind of went over things with them, you know, where we were going to go, what we were going to do, and da-da-da and all that, and I looked up at the sky and right behind them was a very low, low flying UFO. And I just looked up and I was ‘Wow, there’s an UFO.’ It was just so close and so clear and it was not really high in the heavens, you know. And they told me that they were to show me some sort of physical presence. So I thought, ‘okay, there’s the thumbs up, right there.’

Well, in the meantime, we started getting some other messages from a guy that’s a tour guide. And he is amazing. He has an incredible amount of knowledge, almost like a Michael Tellinger in a way. He basically cruises into all these sacred sites in Africa. He takes people on these very sacred journeys that people don’t even know anything about, Laura. I mean, it’s just so cool. So Chris and Sandi introduced him to me, and he says to me, ‘well listen, if you guys are going out there I just want you to know that I know a shaman that went up there and it took him over two to three months to remove this really nasty being that attached itself to him. And I’m like Woh. And so I then started reading up about where in the hell were we going, you know, because I’m thinking – okay, if it that’s what happens to a shaman, what’s going with us?

Then in the meantime, they have a friend who lives about twenty minutes away and they mentioned that he keeps seeing these ancient ones, they keep calling themselves ‘ancient ones,’ and they’re on his property. I said I need to go down there. And I didn’t even know why I did. I just was following my guidance. So we go down there and sure enough I see this massive, I mean massive, gateway to – I kept getting ‘the first world Age.’ I kept getting it over and over again. And I saw this temple below his farm. The energies were so powerful, literally, like the hair on my head, the back of my neck, were standing straight up, it was so strong and so powerful. Beautiful energy, Laura, just beautiful energy. And I kept thinking, okay, why was I drawn to come here. And the ancient ones came in. So basically we made an agreement and they were going to come with us on this journey. So that’s when I knew, Oh wow, we need the big guns for this. (Yeah) So that was that.

Then a couple of days later we got ready and we got into the car. Everything went well. We took a native Zimbabwean with us to make sure that we could get through the border without a lot of harrassment and of course we did have a lot of harrassment. There were quite a few delays. Like they open up the trunk of your car, they open up the front hood of your car. And they complain about the engine. Anything where they can possibly make a bribe, or something like that. It was just wild. I’ve never been through it in my life. So it was incredible. And so, anyway, I think the whole process of getting through both borders – South Africa and Zimbabwe – it took, I think, a couple of hours, Laura.

L: Look at all that trouble you had to cross borders. Crossing boundaries. Blazing through for something new.

A: That is such a good point. And then once we did get into Zimbabwe, there were a couple of things that really hit me. The first one was, there were traffic police. What they have done is, because there are so many depressed areas where there’s so little employment, they have created jobs just for the sake of creating jobs. You know, so some people can make a living. So about every – oh it felt like every thirty miles maybe – there were traffic police. And it would just be at their whim whether they would pull you over. And they would ask you the same thing. I need to see your driver’s license, I need to see all of your registration, I need to see your paper work. Why are you here? I think you were going too fast. It was just incredible. And at one point, we had to pay them $20 because they said we were going faster than the speed limit, which by the way, there was no speed limits posted. (Yeah) You know, it was one of those things.

So it was a very – I think we all realized that it was a very stressful, like were they going to get there, kind of trip. And we knew a lot went into this. And I had been told many, many times that everything had been set up and that one of the most important things that we needed to do was to be completely confident, be completely in trust that our back were watched by the Light. So that this whole thing would fall into place. And I just kept on saying that to myself over and over again. It’s all good, it’s going to be fine. So it took quite a while to get up there.

And as we were driving up you would look to the left or the right there were donkeys everywhere. There were cattle everywhere, just along the sides of the road. The occasional stray dog and there were, because there was a two-lane highway, and it was like one of the only main roads in the country. You know, there were dead animals sprinkled throughout. It was just very depressing. The guy that took us on the tour said, you know, these people are really starving. There’s just not enough food and yet what he was saying was that this was the land of the diamonds. And that there were portions of this country and in several others that, literally, you could just walk down the street and kind of shuffle your foot from side to side and you would see diamonds lying on the ground.

L: Surreal.

A: I mean, unbelievable. And I said, well, what did they do? And he said, well they put up a whole government military outpost. And it’s like you would be shot if they catch you picking up a diamond off the ground. Even though they are making so much money – it’s like where is all the money going? Why isn’t it going to the people?

L: Yes. It’s amazing how you are right there at the heights of corruption and the depths of death right alongside the fact of the joy of being at the heart of the planet. Africa is said to be that. Both realities collide right there.

A: Very true. And I was reminded by the tour guide, his name is Rupert, who, I’m really going to interview him because he is so fascinating. His information is incredible. But he was saying that this really, truly is the cradle of humanity. And people tend to forget about that. Africa tends to be forgotten. And I said, well gee, that’s not deliberate, is it, you know. Then we just kept traveling up there and considering everything, I really felt, Laura, that just incredibly protected. I mean, incredibly protected. And as we were driving through I saw some of the most spectacular rock formations and I can guarantee that they were the profile of some of the gods. They were literally laid out in such a way that were very specifically – you could see the head, and the nose, and the mouth, and you could see hands, actually crossing over their chests. Absolutely breath-taking. I will definitely share the photos so everybody can see them.

L: That will be wonderful.

A: It was just so pretty. What a beautiful country. And apparently the story goes that there were many, many farms but many of the farm owners were kicked out during the transitional period from the old political regime to the new regime. They were kicked out and basically the whole entire economy just went down into the toilet. So they have been struggling ever since.

L: Yes. The destabilization and the militarization of Africa has been a main component of the New World Order’s agenda. The Navy has been staging all over Djubuti over several years. It about the control of the resources at the monetary level but at the spiritual level it’s about decimating beautiful souls that come there because of the joy that is inherent. Everybody talks about the children, we were talking about that earlier. (Yes) It’s all just been a target. It’s always been THE place.

A: And I’m so glad you brought that up. Because I have to tell you, the essence of these children – now they’re in very poverty-stricken locations and yet they don’t even know it. These people are so happy. You drive by them. All the kids are waving, with passion, ‘Hi,’ and they really don’t know a lot of English but they know enough to say hi, hello, and that kind of thing. And they are just beautiful souls. They make you laugh, there’s such a purity of spirit. There isn’t like there’s an attitude. There’s isn’t a, ‘hey you, alas,’ there isn’t a ‘we’re so screwed over.’ It’s just this incredible joy when you are with them. So all that I really felt and that’s kind of what I was tapping into the whole trip was all of that joy amongst the people. The Zimbabweans are absolutely beautiful. Very, very friendly, very, very lovely people.

And so anyway, we finally arrived there. Of course, we got lost, you know, gee, surprise, surprise. We ended up there and as soon that I drove onto the complex – and just so everybody knows – this is called the Great Zimbabwe ruins which has three portions to it. And the two that we were looking into was the Hilltop Complex and the Valley Complex which had the Great Enclosure. And I had already received a message that I was not going to the Hilltop Complex I was actually going to the Great Enclosure Valley Complex. That’s where we were going to be doing our work. Now for some of you that aren’t aware that Zimbabwe is actually translated as the Big Houses of Stone and apparently the legend goes that this was once the playgrounds of the Giants. And they really think that the ruins were attributed to King Solomon. I thought that was really interesting.

L: It is interesting.

A: I know. They said that they felt that they were replicated from those sorts of temples and the Greek mythology and that kind of thing. And there’s quite a bit of controversary about these ruins, because Rhodes came in, Cecil Rhodes, and he acted like, oh, the Africans would not be capable of building this amazing structure. Because it is incredible how well-preserved it is, and how well built it is with no mortar. It’s still standing. The existing walls are really tall. I mean amazingly tall.

L: And supposedly, there’s lots and lots of other places that are like that undiscovered, right?

A: Oh yeah. Yeah, there’s something like over two hundred sites alone. Just in the area. And this one I think it’s 1,970 something acres. So it’s big. This was basically a full-blown city. It was divided into three main architectural zones. The Hill Complex was considered the royal site, and the Valley ruins were considered the living spaces. And from what I read before, the living space that we went into was supposedly where the first Queen of the Great King lived, okay? Now keep that in mind. And he had over than 200 queens, 200 wives. Now this guy was busy. (laughter)

L: I’d like to look at his chart.

A: No kidding. I’m very close to clairaudient, this message, go to the right, go to the right, go to the right, because I didn’t have a clue. Honest to God, I never looked at a diagram. I deliberately do this. So that I know that when I come away and then I get the information I get all the confirmations of what happens. And I hadn’t seen a map, I hadn’t seen anything, I just walked right through there. And Chris and Sandi said, just go for it. Go to where you think you need to be. So I was just following my guidance and I went up and I climbed up into the Grand Enclosure which was in the Valley section and it was amazing. These rounded building structure and it had individual walls inside of it and there were three conical towers. I wanted to ask you about that, three conical towers. Do you know that it is a mystery quote/unquote today as to what was the purpose of those were. And what I found interesting is that we ended up doing our ceremony right at the base at one of those towers. What I kept receiving was – it acted a little as a – it was collecting energy. (Umhmm) And what Chris got was that it was acting like a battery.

L: Well, anytime three pillars, cones, statues, any objects, three of them put together it makes a completion, a triune. So it produces energy. Yeah, I would agree with that.

A: Very interesting. And of course, there were three of us, you know, the triad with the three of us, which was very interesting.

L: Right.

A: So it just kept getting better. They said that there were almost 20,000 people living in this metropolis. I mean in it’s heydey it was major. It was also a gold mining location. It was also a very religious – I mean it had a very religious/spiritual premise behind it. They would go in to the Hill Temple and they would do their spiritual dedication and work up there. But I was never called to go up there. That was very interesting. I was only told to go in to the Great Enclosure, which most ignore, in some of the history books. They don’t really focus so much on the Valley Complex. They only focus on the Hill Complex. So I thought that was kind of interesting.

L: Yeah, it is always the things that they don’t draw attention to that are the most powerful.

A: Yeah! And many say that this was a royal palace for the Shona. It was an ancient Shona city. And there’s saying that it’s over 1000 years ago but we were being told that this went way, way back. If it involves Enki then obviously, it goes way further back. But anyway, it’s just fascinating to me that the Great Enclosure did not attract hardly any global recognition and still doesn’t today. It’s very interesting.

L: But it was cordoned off, right?

A: Yeah. Yeah. So that is the part that just blew my mind. So I kind of laser-beamed to the spot where I was supposed to go.

And I kind of looked around and I saw two huge old, old trees, just magnificent trees. And in between those two trees directly south of the conical tower was this mound. And it was fenced off and it had a thatched-like roof. And it was basically just compressed dirt. And the soil here is very much like the soil in Sedona, if you have ever been there. Its very red, and very fertile. It’s beautiful soil, a beautiful color, like a nice pinkish-red color. And I just sat there and thought this is really weird.

And just as we were about to do our thing, a tour guide walked in and I thought, ‘Oh my god, they’re going to think that we’re doing some witchcraft or something.’ And I was just feeling it. He looked down and he saw that we had placed a grid of crystals and things and I said, ‘Oh, we’re just taking pictures’ and he said, ‘okay,’ and he just went on. And Chris asked him about the mound and he said it was a place of honoring the females when they came into their first menstrual cycle and to acknowledge the whole point of Creation. And I thought, Wow! Can you believe this? Here I’m led to this place that’s just literally, right next to it. Then when I received some messages later, unfortunately, the same exact same location where they were really honoring the sacred feminine and the point of Creation and the mixture of the blood and the water, and the mixture of the Father and the Mother, I was also told that mound was also used for human sacrifice.

L: And this is the way that these ancient sites were taken over, weren’t they, from the archontic patriarchy overruling that and taking the power that had been infused in that area for so long and co-opting it. This is what has happened all over the world.

A: Yeah. At one point I just kept saying I don’t feel anything but peace here. But I have to say that from the moment that we got out of the car and we started walking into the complex, it was almost as though we were walking with this moving pillar of light. There were like eight ancient ones that stepped forward and I saw them, and they were with us. And I thought, wow, we must be doing some pretty heavy lifting, having eight of them showing up for this ceremony. The site itself is very fascinating. We’ll definitely put the pictures up on the web and let you guys can take a look at it. These were perfectly rectangular granite stones. I think you’re going to get a kick out of this. They claim that they were actually built by the women.

L: Interesting.

A: Yeah. There’s just some information that I read is – they said the men were off busy doing business and the women actually built the structures, they’re claiming. So I thought that was interesting. And the structure itself was abandoned around the year 1450. I thought that was interesting because it’s prior to – right around the Renaissance period and that’s exactly what we’re going back into – is into the Renassance.

L: Well, you know, we were talking about that earlier, the Second Renaissance, and all of that. And the name of it and all of that. A: Yeah. L: That’s interesting.

A: It’s just one kind of confirmation of another. And the part that I still just really want to re-iterate is, I mean we are talking about some seriously high – it says here, the stone walls were up to six meters thick and twelve meters high. They were built with granite blocks that were made without mortar. Two high walls from the narrow parallel passage were 60 meters long that allowed direct access to the columnar towers. And this was definitely directly related to gold mining as well. So there’s still all of these question marks around this sacred site. A lot of people don’t really have a lot of details on it. Now when you look it up through the point of Sitchen and some others, like Sasha Lessen, they claim that this is the actual site where the human was created.

L: Yes, that was where Ninhursag and Enki manipulated the genome.

A: Right. This is where they say that it was and I have a feeling that may be another thing that the conical towers played a part in. (Hmm) The other thing that was fascinating was on the way up, they really don’t have hawks per se here but they do have eagles. Which is interesting. (Oh!) Yeah. And they hardly saw any eagles on the whole way up but we started seeing them as we got closer and I thought, oh, that’s interesting. And when we got there, there was a small museum and it turned out that most of the sculptures that they’ve found in soapstone, they were carved out birds like eagles. Isn’t that interesting?

L: It is.

A: So anyway, it was a very, very interesting stepping back into a very old time and you could feel that it was way past – they think it is like only 1000 years old. Now seriously, come on.

L: Yeah. Alex, did you ever feel when you were there, did you ever feel yourself shift out of time and into the past, or catch glimpses, or did you ever feel that you had been there before?

A: I did. I did. And one thing that I did feel was that there was this incredible peace. And just this feeling – I was trying to think of what it was when I talked to you before. It was a feeling of camraderie and community. Like there was just nothing fazing anyone. It was kind of a very ebb and flow-like style. So I think I was tapping into one of the very beginning structures or societies. But I didn’t feel any harmful stuff. I felt so protected while I was there. And I knew that I needed in stay at that place, where I didn’t go into fear or I didn’t worry about whether my back was covered and that kind of thing. I also – I forgot to tell you this – they felt also that the ruins were fabled as the capital of the Queen of Sheba.

L: Really?

A: That isn’t that interesting.

L: That’s cool.

A: Yeah. So there was that kind of connection. There was a lot of little odds and ends. But Zimbabwe actually means ‘ritual seat of the king or the sacred house.’ So I got thinking about that, and I was thinking well, who is my king. My king is God, right. And I just went into a whole place of really wanting to serve Africa. I really wanted to help Africa and dissipate the shackles that have been on this continent for so long from the cabal.

So we got interrupted and we had this tour guide that with us, the Zimbabwean native, we actually asked him to stand guard outside the Great Enclosure to let us know if there was anybody coming our way. And we were interrupted twice. So there was still some frustrations and things, but over all, what I saw was, I saw a configuration of ships. I did not see the actual schematic of how they positioned themselves but apparently, this set of ships were sharing light beams amongst themselves which then were sent to a mothership and I saw a light from the mothership basically meeting a powerful beam of light coming from the bowels of Mother Earth. And once that occurred, once they met, which was basically like Heaven and Earth. It was totally a trip. Like Father, Son and Mother Earth meeting in an union which was another message that came into me. Basically, once I saw that I just saw this huge explosion. And then I heard that it is done.

So I received confirmation that the Cosmic Gateway had been successfully opened and it was multi-dimensional. And it was operaing like an elevator so that depending on what the dimensional race you were, you could pop into this gateway and now the Light had full accessibility into our realm in this location. So I’m really looking forward to see some major acts of the Light, being able to really penetrate the African continent. And I prompt all of you, all of you Guardians and Lightworkers out there to send your light into this particular Stellar Gateway because it is pure.

L: Yeah, we need some cheering music or something right now. I’m grinning from ear to ear and I know that everyone else is too. YAY! We did it! I mean that’s what it is. And it’s massive. One of the things that is so great is that, as it was going along and as you’d been there we haven’t been able to talk. And I knew that everything was going on even though I didn’t know exactly what was going on. And that is what I am talking about – the ease of understanding things, and the beauty. Look what’s happened now. Look what she did!

A: Yeah, and I had no idea, seriously, folks, I had no idea that this is what – I came to South Africa because I need some down time, period.

L: There’s no down time, Alex. Get over that.

A: I knew you were going to say that.

L: You know, when you’re trying to take a break things still happen anyway. But you know, it should be called the ritual seat of the King and the Queen, in that case. (Yeah, yeah) And perhaps even the Eagle Gate.

A: Especially since there’s two hundred of them. You know what I mean?

L: Yeah, yeah. And do you want me to go into the chart of the Gate now, what the energetics of it are?

A: I’d love this and before that you go there, I just want to fill one other little piece of it that I thought was fascinating. There was this pattern on the side of the walls and – what did they refer to it as? – a chevron pattern.

L: Oh yeah. A: Isn’t that interesting?

L: Nice. It is, right? Let’s talk about the chevrons.

A: Yes, please do.

L: Chevron one: position of the sun, and if you guys haven’t watched Stargate, that’s what that’s all about. But I know that everyone has watched that, anyone listening has watched that.

A: But no, go ahead. Fill everybody in. Seriously, for all of those who aren’t the hard-core Star Trekkers and SG-1.

L: Yeah, right? Yes so, what we did, since Alex had the exact time, we had the right time based on a picture, because it was time-stamped, so what we do to understand anything that’s been born or birthed or re-birthed, possibly in this case, is we look at the charts, at the astrological chart, the natal chart of the Gate. So Alex didn’t know what time exactly that this would all come about. I certainly did know that would be, the day, but the date is September 25th and here are the Sabian symbols for all the positions of the major planets.

A: I can’t wait to hear this.

L: You’re going to love this. The position of the Sun, ‘the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.’

A: Wow! L: I know. A: My God!

L: The position of the Moon, ‘after a storm a boat lands standing in needing of reconstruction.’

A: Wow.

L: Okay. Mercury: ‘Mankind’s vast enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation.’

A: Oh my god, I’m getting goosebumps.

L: Unhuh. Venus: ‘A flag at half-mast in front of a public building.’ That symbolizes the end of the New World Order. And here’s my favorite. Mars: ‘Cupid knocking at the door of a human heart.’

A: Oh my god!

L: And here you are – Jupiter: ‘a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that close the entrance to a sacred pathway.’

A: Wow! L: Yeah, isn’t it beautiful?

A: Oh my god, what a gift!

L: And you didn’t know. You couldn’t have known those were in place. But the Divine Plan knew.

A: Oh my god.

L: So what is available now? So now we have this pure Gate, right? And everybody can send their energy there because we can work from that gate because it bridges into the New World, basically. So if you’re a journey person, if you’re a dreamer then you want to explore outside of the atmosphere and in your dream-time, you’ve got a clear gate in from which to go in and out of and you aren’t going to be bothered.

A: Awesome. Yeah, it’s so wide open. I saw a bunch of them applauding at the end. They were so genuinely pleased that this had been done.

L: It would take the ancient ones to orchestrate something like this.

A: Yeah. Yeah.

L: These Sabian symbols – this just doesn’t happen every day.

A: Really? Well I don’t know that much about it because you’re the guru on that.

L: Oh no. It’s a very – the odds of it all coming together like that are uncalculable.

A: Well, and the fact of – you have to understand too, that the date was kind of – we were kind of going back and forth bantering, what is the best time? We had to get the Zimbabwean guide to make sure that he was available. He didn’t have wheels and he had to get all the way down here. He lives really far away. Everything had to be orchestrated and set up and we had to get up super early and so much planning and I remember them turning to me and saying, ‘Okay Alexandra, which day are you getting that we need to be there?’ and I heard this, you know, ’25th, it’s got to be the 25th.’ And Sandi came up to me later and she said, ‘do you realize that we did this on the day right after the New Moon?’ I was going to ask you about that, like what is the ramifications of that?

L: Well, it’s huge. It was the 25th your time, yeah, it was one day after. The first thing that I want to say about all of that is, there is wisdom in the story there, for all of us. And like I was saying, the way we operate in the next dimension, basically, the Second Renaissance, the Return of Wisdom, and that is we just trust. It’s truly about ‘a leap of faith’ and understanding that, oh yeah, all these things, maybe hiccups, and problems and obstacles that crop up but it doesn’t matter. We just maneuver around these flowing freely and we don’t even get upset about because we know we are divinely guided. That’s the way that the energy will begin to work now. This is one of the main reasons that 2014 is so different. It is the big shift, and it’s why everything is starting to come to a head.

The New Moon in Libra, the Sabian symbol for the New Moon exactly is 2 degrees of Libra and that symbol is ‘the light of the sixth race transmuted into the seventh.’ (Wow!) Yeah. So all month long that’s the energetic imprint that is in place and it’s about the old falling away and the implementation of new order. That’s why the New World Order is trying to take over. They’re creating chaos out of which they will try to create a solution, order out of chaos. Problem/Reaction/Solution. That’s why everything is chaotic. But what is really becoming of it is, the new way.

A: Right. And we literally are creating it every minute. It’s not like – there’s no guidebook. You know what I mean. We are literally creating the new history, the new reality, everything that we are doing, every minute of the day.

L: Yeah, and really, the only guidebooks are our inner guidebook. Because you were just following your inner heart guidance, where your heart was leading you. That’s what we all have to become much better at it if we are not very good at it now. And that’s also why as I’ve been talking about all month, this lunar month on the Oracle Report, it’s a mystery. It’s a beautiful adventure unfolding and everyday, and pretty much every hour you can tap into it anytime with the crumb tracks on the trail. But it’s a fabulous way to live and it is the way that people – native Africans live, isn’t it? They are in the moment, connected with planet.

A: They really are. They really are.

L: So it stands to reason that that’s where this gate would come into place, wouldn’t it.

A: Yeah. And the fact that Tellinger is so adamant that this is such an ignored continent. And deliberately so. When you drive through here. I just completed several days in the Kruger National Park. This is where you drive through the park and you see all the wildlife. I mean I’ve seen elephants, I’ve seen zebras, giraffes, elands, you name it. The only thing that I didn’t get to see, I didn’t see the cheetah or the lion because they are really rare, unfortunately. But this continent needs so much healing and it’s where it all began. So it’s really logical that this would be the place where we need to begin, right? To prepare that sound foundation.

L: For the Renaissance, yes, to rebuild it.

A: Yeah. Yes.

L: I found it very interesting all the Greek elements that you were talking about too.

A: I know. It just blew my mind. I’ve been to quite a few sites and I’ve never seen anything so properly and well-constructed and still standing. That’s the thing that blows my mind.

L: Yeah. The Black Moon is positioned at that time was ‘a bareback rider displays her dangerous skill on a circus.’ So it is all about being pulled and radical, defying the odds and having courage to step off, to branch out. And this is what I am talking about where we are all being called up with the Grand Cardinal Cross earlier this year activating us all. Well, we need to be bold. We have to be willing to make major changes. And if something is stalking you in your life that is trying to get you to change, take a leap of faith and follow, because Uranus is driving all of this energy this year and like I said, Uranus puts us where we need to be, no matter what. So you yourself listening might have some kind of Uranus transit that is prompting change. But everybody does to a certain way. And so when we take the leap of faith and we follow where are being guided, beautiful things, massive healing things can happen.

A: Very much so. And you know, it’s an adventure and it’s a lot of fun and absolutely, don’t misunderstand me, I have received quite a few messages that my life was in danger, that it was a dangerous journey. Going into Zimbabwe is a challenge. But when you just know, when you just know, that you are protected, when you walk in your life like that you will see a massive change, massive. Because you’re letting go all of the fear.

L: It is that. It is exactly that – letting go of the fear.

A: It’s so important right now. We are really being called to re-consider the way of which we handle conflict, adversity, and shock and trauma. No more are the days when you are just sitting around licking your wounds. No more of the days where you go into fear because you’re so friggin’ powerful. You just have to make the decision to recognize it.

L: Yes, it is about reversing all of the thought, because we’ve been mired in victimology. We have all been felt like victims, and this is just not how it is anymore.

A: Big time. And for all of you that again – I still get a lot of emails of people saying, well, I just don’t have these gifts, I just am not getting this, and I’m not getting that – the thing is that if you have the expectation that it has to be a certain way then you are dictating it to Spirit how Spirit is to communicate with you. And then you’re missing out on all the other opportunities of how Spirit is trying to communicate with you.

L: Yes. And it’s a lot more fun to realize that we are not in control. A: Right.

L: And giving over the story and let this story live through us. I always talk about when I am talking to people when I am doing readings, your energetic frequency is your frequency and it’s emitting that frequency with all of your beautiful light codes no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. But if you focus it, imagine what you can do. It might be as simple as planting or burying something in your backyard. These little ways that we are all doing these things, and all these little connections. There’s a lot to be hopeful about and this is why things look so bleak right now. It’s always the opposite. This is truly – like the Sabian symbol ‘the dawn of a new day’ – why did the Illuminati always try to co-opt that imagery of the rising sun? Jordan Maxwell talks a lot about this.

A: Good point. Good point.

L: But we own that. We are taking back all of the symbols. And we are taking back all of the sites. Because humanity is freeing itself.

A: Very good point. And I would really coax all of you out there who just want to start somewhere, you just want to figure out why am I here? what am I here to do? where’s my calling? If you feel you haven’t received a calling it’s because you’re expecting it to come to you in a certain way. Seriously. And if you really have an urge to do this same sort of thing, trust me when I say, there are so many special places all over the world that could use your special ceremony, your special light, your special thoughts and approach and attentions to send light across the planet. So we need that.

L: And it joins with other intentions of the same mindset. A: Yes!

L: So nobody is ever alone. We all have the same goal in mind here. We come from a different perspective and we walk a different path but it is a link-up. It really is a matter of understanding that or recognizing it because we all planned this already. We planned when we would come in, we knew when space-time was going to open to this and that was the reason. So everybody is needed.

A: I think so too. I say this all the time, and I know things are very intense right now. I mean, Laura, I have been feeling the intensity just through the intensity of the emails that I am receiving. I can get a pulse from what’s going on out there just by reading people’s emails and feeling what they are feeling. It’s almost feels chaotic right now.

L: It is chaotic. That’s exactly what it is. Because the New World Order is making it chaotic. But they have to now, because they knew this was the time when it was all going to start happening too. The archons, they understand these principles. But it’s so wonderful to finally see and it’s almost like it’s too good to be true, but it is true. And it is all a collaboration and it’s all a matter of following where your heart is leading you. We are all destined to change. Beginning on October 8th with the Full Moon of this cycle, the Libra cycle, Uranus is in opposition to the Sun at that time at the destiny point on the North node. There’s a trine going on in fire, it’s fiery, a lot of things could combust at that time. A lot of chemical kinds of concoctions and energetic concoctions. So we can expect that to intensify but we know that is knowledge and we know that, that it’s going to be this way. I follow it every day on the Oracle Report, you can go there. And then you stayed grounded while it’s all happening. Because remember, the thing is, we continue, we persevere and we don’t stop no matter what happens. We don’t stop our forward momentum and our progress. We just get up and keep going.

A: I agree. Now you know, another really good message for myself and everyone listening is not to give up and to understand that there’s help a long the way if you just make that commitment. I’m telling you right now if you just make the commitment to serve the Light in a big way you will be blown away by the doors that open up for you. So if you’re really wanting to contribute, you’ve got to start somewhere. I really agree with Laura. We’ve got to take action. This is the time when – we’re getting really close to 2015, Laura, and it feels to me like this is the time when the master-planners of the New World Order false flags and all the hoopla that is being created around Syria and Ukraine, etc., it’s all distractions from us recognizing that we are still ultimately, more powerful. We have to remember who has been running the planet is the Reptilians. They do not have the gifts of the human race, right?

L: Yes. In 2015 the Sabian symbol for that whole year, from the position of the New Moon in Aries is ‘the music of the spheres,’ okay. This all changes. We are talking about an entirely new way of being. And so that is what is coming, and that’s the way that’s it’s going to go, you know. I’m pretty convinced that the end of the story is that humanity prevails. Some people don’t believe that, but look around. It looks like it is falling apart, but it’s really not. You can see actually, in our inner world I should say, because people are struggling, no doubt about it. We can see the strife and everything. But at the same time there is a change that is happening. It’s a shift. It’s a shift that sends us into a higher frequency of being. It’s talked about all of the time but it is really true. And it can be astrological documented in this way and that is through math.

So there’s every reason to see if you’re willing to look, and if you’re willing to leave the past behind, if you’re willing to let go of some things that have been pulling at you and I can guarantee you that those are archontic tricks of the mind. And probably whatever you think the opposite is true about yourself with them. (Yes) If you are willing to let go of that and to embrace another way and to risk, because it really requires that opening of your heart and being receptive and of following things that might not make a lot of sense, especially the people who aren’t awake. We just have to respond, we have to follow our hearts and we have to look and not just see all the chaos and the darkness because we know what is coming from it.

A: Well that brings me to another question for you which is, are you feeling that at this time there’s a bit uncertainty like a limbo-land.

L: It is, because when we have a shift, and this is a Libra cycle, it’s a Cardinal cycle, so we always have shifts in consciousness that come during Cardinal cycles. And anytime we are shifting into a new place we go into that transitory blah-realm, you know, that land that’s unknown, because we are shifting. Yeah, it feels unknown.

A: Okay. So that’s just standard operating procedure until – you’re saying October 8th.

L: Well, it will be the whole month, so it will be until the Scorpio New Moon and that is on October 23rd. And that Sabian symbol for that is ‘a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists’ and that’s when we’re going to have to get used to some new territory. So what kind of territory we find ourselves during this month, the Libra cycle, we will get used to that beginning on October 23rd for the Scorpio cycle. So yeah, you’re picking up on the fact that we’re going into a new zone, basically. I mean, area.

A: Because I think a lot of people are feeling that. It’s not a very comfortable time.

L: I know it isn’t, not at all. It’s because of all the change.

A: All of the old structures are falling apart, you know. Everything is breaking down, even things that we really depended on and that we were counting on, kind of blowing up, you know.

L: Yeah. And then the archontic interference that has been so, so strong, we expected it in Libra, but we didn’t expect it to come so soon last month in the Virgo cycle but that was because they were just trying to prevent so many things from happening, so many opportunities that are opening up. The Virgo cycle, what was happening during the month of August basically, was we were being led on a better trajectory, each one of us, on a path that is better for our souls’ development, not necessarily from what is comfortable for our human self, which generally it isn’t. But it was directing us, we were getting back on course to where we need to be and what is in line for our soul’s purpose. What is manifesting for our highest and best interests. That’s where we have been leading. And now that we are there and we’ve been put on this trajectory of new things that are opening up and new opportunities all month long that served as a part of the shift, to get us into a new place. So when we arrive at that, it’s Scorpio, on October 23rd, of that month, that will be – Scorpio energy is ruled by Pluto, it’s intense, and it can be really heavy.

And also the whole month is like a long Full Moon, just like this current month is, so we’re having a second opportunity, a second cycle of receiving clarity. And understanding. So if you don’t really understand what your personal call-up is, whatever the Universe is asking of you, you’re probably going to have a much better answer by the end of that Scorpio cycle which will end on November 21st.

A: Wow! Wow! I mean we are just literally, going to just have a constant purification process this year.

L: It really has been and it’s been an amazing year with so much happening. We’ve had so much protection in place. The Sabian symbol of that Virgo cycle was ‘two guardian angels bring protection.’ So when I was recording at that time I was thinking, well, that begs the question, what are needing protection from. Well we saw it, it was an archontic attack big time. And that means – you don’t have that personally that your experience within yourself but other people are and people that we have to interact with and to inter-relate with, they have this infection and when you have energetics like we have now, with so many things in place, and so much uncertainty, it’s a prime opportunity for archontic acting out. Okay, for the negative entities to act out with people. And they find perfect times, you know, opportune times within astrology on someone’s chart. They are tuned to this. They’re AI, basically, and they are tuned to cycles of energies.

A: So they are looking for those weaknesses within ourselves.

L: Oh yes. A: Okay.

L: When the Moon hits something, a weak point in your chart and they want to get at you, somebody will be activated. Mr Smith will pop into them and they will show up for you. So we have to keep that in mind, that we are still dealing with that kind of issue.

A: So how do you feel about that and 2015. When do you think the whole archontic thing is going to lighten up?

L: Well, as human hosts are dying, because people are crossing over, the parasite or the conglomeration of parasites that forms one entity is being dispatched. What’s been shown to me is that the planet is re-absorbing that energy, so there are people in place that have come in to families where they are some really dark beings, some dark archons present in that family – and we have talked about this before – (Yes) well, we’ve kind of come in and target those people so that when the host, the human part of that person that crossed over, when they died, that archon can be dealt with so that it doesn’t continue on into the family line, because it follows in the DNA.

A: Outstanding.

L: So we just dispatch that energy off of them and it is re-absorbed by the planet. That’s one way that it is happening.

A: And of course, the implant removals help.

L: Oh yeah, absolutely, and everything that we do for ourselves that way. But it’s going to take some time. I don’t think it’s so long as I used to think it’s going to take. Because technologies are available. More and more people are understanding these. And just the meme, the theme of it, is being discussed and that’s growing. I think that by five years from now we will see ourselves in a very different position with the archons.

A: Well, and five years is not that far.

L: No it isn’t.

A: It really isn’t that far. And so many people with messages and communication, they keep getting there’s a really major shift around the Spring of next year. Can you talk a little bit about why Spring of next year?

L: Well, that would be when we have the New Moon in Aries. That’s the astrological New Year. So the New Moon in Aries comes in April 18th. And like I said, that’s ‘the music of the spheres.’ So ‘the music of the spheres’ is when, well, it’s everything. That describes everything. So what it is about is just the changing of everything. So 2014 is the shifting year, it is the change. Then 2015 is actually the Renaissance, the Second Renaissance, as I call it. I like to call it that. It’s a return to the wisdom. It’s a return of sanity of humanity. We were not always like this. (No, no) It isn’t natural to be this way. We are not ugly to each other. That’s not who we are. We can be competitive and aggresive but we aren’t cruel at heart.

A: I agree. I really do. I just want to back track for a minute, because I forgot to tell you about this. One of the messages, there was a picture that I was shown, I wanted to see your take on this. I was shown a picture of a cross, the equal four-legged cross, not the Christian cross.

L: Okay. Right. The equilateral one.

A: The equilateral one that represents space and time. I was shown that, then I was the eight-pointed star which is on the papyrus of – that goes back to the Sumerian times. And I think that is related to the ancestrals, the four couples, supposedly, of Creation. And then I was shown the lotus blossom blowing open. And that’s what I was shown.

L: It tells me it is the Gate. That’s what I would say.

A: Okay, that is what I was shown. I thought that was really cool.

L: We talked earlier about what comes through gates is timelines. They are generators of timelines. And so, now if anyone who’s – I guess, that is consciousness-coded to be able to access that Gate, if there’s an intention that you have, or something that you want to put into place for the future send it through this Gate that Alex opened it. Alex and company.

A: Yeah. Sandi and Chris Wilkins.

L: That’s the timeline we can work from because it’s a pure timeline. And look, it operates in a different space and time. You felt that.

A: Yes, definitely.

L: I just want to mention here. I just discovered this book. I have been telling everybody about it because I am so thrilled about it and I want to share it with everybody.

A: Cool! Please do.

L: It’s called Snooze: A Story of Awakening. It’s by Sol Luckman who is a Guardian and a Wise Owl and it is exactly what we are talking about but it’s in the form of fiction. It’s all about bridging into that other world and bringing that into this one. It’s a delightful read and I guarantee that you will love it, if you get it.

A: Nice. Nice. Okay, do you just go up on Amazon?

L: Yeah, go to Amazon and get it. It’s the best read. We don’t get to read fiction, it’s all about the stuff that we are all into, and it’s a beautiful treat. He’s given us such a great gift. There’s a lot more to Mr. Luckman as well, so check out his other books.

A: Well, nice. That’s really nice. And hey, how about all the progress that’s being made on the Kevin Annett front. L: Yeah.

A: He’s been doing some kickbutt work, huh?

L: Yes. We are responding, aren’t we?

A: Yes, we are.

L: Everybody is responding. We are just following what we need to do and we just go on undeterred. We don’t give up when we have email problems and we just don’t stop.

A: Yeah! And when your hard drive crashes or when you don’t receive your emails or get your emails or you don’t get their emails, you just keep on goin’.

L: Because we know that is the interference that is happening, so you have to want it enough to keep going.

A: No kidding. No kidding. Well, so what’s on the forefront regarding the political regime in the next – the reason I ask you that is because I know that at the end of the governmental cycle is September 30th. What are you reading in for that?

L: Yeah. It’s going to be really interesting because we just had Holder out the door now. And I hope he won’t be back in any other form, but you never know.

A: There’s a question right there.

L: They tend to come back, don’t they? It will be interesting because, as I said, everything is destined to change and that’s where we are moving towards. We are in a really precarious position there with the end of that fiscal year for them and on October is the general time for a October Surprise. There’s no way to pinpoint any of them because it’s Uranus, and it can’t be predicted. It’s all of them. We have to be on watch for all of the changes and all of these things.

A: Hmm. Interesting. So what are you seeing on an emotional, general level of humanity period – just emotionally.

L: Well, I think as my judge of it, and the mail that I get and watching the matrix I think that people – that there’s a lot of fear. A lot of fear being pumped into the collective and a lot of uncertainty and I think that almost everyone senses with their sixth sense that something is changing, there is something different happening. And that creates an opportunity. It creates an opportunity for control and it creates an opportunity for more freedom. And those things are clashing. And it’s becoming harder and harder for people who are in the different worlds. Maybe there’s one person in a relationship that are more into the matrix, one person that is really far from that. It’s getting harder and harder to meld these worlds like that.

A: Oh yeah.

L: And that just kind of the process of that. It’s never fully hatched out like that, that’s not the way that I see that happening. But it is definitely for trailblazers now to continue going because this is what we are working up for. So if even people that are lost or are mired in darkness and fear, we are holding the way open and they will come. Eventually.

A: That’s fantastic. Well, and I’d like to put a request out to those of you that do want to do some targeted and focused lightwork through this gateway. Please remember that there is a great amount of famine, there’s a lot of people struggling to just feed themselves, let alone their livestock, okay. Livestock that were walking up and down the streets looked pretty thin. And the other thing that I really want to put out there, which is also just going down in South Africa – now here’s an interesting story. Now they have just a gazillion national parks here, Laura, there’s just a ton of them. And it’s very cool. You can drive through unless you don’t get out of your car. Because there are so many wild animals.

L: Because you would be eaten.

A: And so it’s really cool because they protect and they give them free range so they can walk around and do there thing and not be bothered by civilization. However, some of the rangers that work within these parks – they are paid off to poach these animals. It’s just terrible.

L: They’re the ugliest of everything.

A: It breaks my heart. And the rhino is in such endangered state right now. It is a really, really bad situation. I mean they are being hunted intensely. I’m not saying that there aren’t people trying to change that but if you really want to do some focused work, focus on the lions, all the cats that have been huge targets, and the rhino. And really try to spend some light onto the consciousness of these people because what is causing it is, it’s because they are hungry, right? (Yeah) This is the only way of making some money. And they still have these really disgusting gaming hunting parties, like in the old days, like in the twenties. (Right) That crap is still going on out here. Where you pay thousands of dollars to some organization and then they bring them into the camp and they actually bring these animals in so they can be hunted. And of course, it is not a hunting.

L: Not at all.

A: They use like big, bright spotlights in the middle of the night. I mean, they don’t even have a prayer.

L: That has to stop.

A: Yes. I’m not bringing it up to bum you guys out because we are changing things. I’m bringing that up so that we can focus our intention and our energies to that and the people. And the other thing that I want to bring up is the absolute intensity of corruption within these governments. They are just ridiculous.

L: Yes, this is the cabal’s fault, all of this, and all of this suffering. And I think this is the end of that. I really do.

A: Yeah. Yeah. So I’m hoping that we were able to provide a little peace to open that up and bring that beautiful light into our lovely Cradle of Humanity – Africa.

L: And Alex, thank you. Thank you for your journey. And thank Chris and Sandi for everything there and we all thank you.

A: Oh, you know what, it is genuinely my pleasure. I’m so on fire to do this kind of work. I’m supposed to take a trip up to Ireland – I’m not sure when that is going to be, with Kevin, because there is a mission being called for up there. And there are a few others down in this area that apparently need to be done before I take off. So again, with that said, because I’m going to be doing some more of this stuff, please, if you can, please go to Galactic Connection.com and if you have an opportunity to donate some money I really appreciate it. It’s up in the upper right corner, the donation button. In the meantime, please also support Laura and her work. I think it is invaluable. I know that I hear from many of the people that visit Galactic Connection. They literally, Laura, every day they go to Oracle Report.

L: Oh, I love that. That’s my work there in the trenches. That’s my daily work.

A: You can always read it at Galactic Connection.com because we support Laura’s work always. So is there anything else that you think we need to share with the folks.

L: I can’t think of anything. I think we are just going to keep a close eye on all of this and we’ll come back if we need to, right?

A: Yeah, yeah. And again, we love you, we love all of you, and we are so impressed with all of you. Laura and I talk about that occasionally where we are so blown away by your commitment to just keep on keeping on. I know it’s been a rough road throughout this journey that we call life but we are starting to get answers. We are starting to receive more clarity. We are starting definitely to receive a lot more support from the Light – it’s not so much more support from the Light, it that it is reaching us now.

L: Yes, and that can override the darker forces.

A: So when things get really tough and you just want to go in and roll inside your bed and put the covers over your head, just go to bed remembering that, that the Light is finally penetrating the planet at an all time high and the dark can’t stop it. It’s game over, folks. So –

L: Yeah.

A: And actually the fact that we succeeded in doing this is a perfect example of that.

L: I think so too. There are just multiple examples that are happening for us if we’re willing to look at them.

A: Yes. So keep positive. We need that vibration, okay. You really need to understand that you’re sending out that frequency to us who are leading the way. We are leading the way. We are the Masters that will be called upon. Who was it that was talking to me the other day, Laura, that said it is projected that this planet needs about a billion healers.

L: Oh yes, I saw that. So get ready.

A: Yeah, get ready because we’re going to need you. We need you guys to step up. Step up into your power. Recognize that you are Masters too. And one of the greatest things that you can do to support that is to get your implants out. So check out our implant removal process. It’s awesome. Laura has experienced it. I’ve experienced it. It definitely changed my life.

L: Yeah. It’s life-changing for sure.

A: Big time. So let’s honor Reverend Pam Plauche because she’s the one who brought this forth. She claims that that she is with me now more than ever. That’s what I have heard from her.

L: Well, I think that is probably true.

A: It’s really new and kind of –

L: Yeah, it think it was just kind of shocking for all of us.

A: It was. Big time. I did find out that apparently she had been with some issues since 2008. But she hadn’t talked about it, because she was so private.

L: Yes, and all the work that she did continue all of that time. We owe so much.

A: I know, what a trooper, huh?

L: Yes. Such a beautiful job she did.

A: What such a strong woman. I love her. I love her.

L: We love you Pam!

A: We love you Pam. And I love you Laura. Thank you for all that you do. I just want to thank everybody for listening today at Galactic Connection.com. If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email. You can send it to admin@GalacticConnection.com. So take care everyone. Have a wonderful evening and remember that you are loved beyond measure no matter what you think, cause that’s just your ego talking. The Light is always going to be there with you, always. And so are we. So take care. God Bless. And lots of love you too, Laura.

L: Bye everybody. We love you all.

A: Bye.

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