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microphone (1)Laura Walker and Alexandra Meadors Interview, August 5, 2014

Alexandra: Hello, hello everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com. And today is August 5th, 2014. It’s Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:55 pm PDT for this Radio Show at Station 2 on BBS Radio. So if you want to tune in later you can always find it at the top of the menu at Galactic Connection.com and just click on the tab that says BBS Radio and you will find us there. In the meantime, I want to be sure that everybody knows that we are – man, are we flying on the implant removals and soul alignments and DNAs and I guess everybody’s getting back into the let’s-go-back-to-school thing. But we are going back to the point-of-the-origin thing on our end. So this is pretty exciting.

So I have someone who is very near and dear to my heart and I know she is very near and dear to your heart and she even had the audacity to ask me, are you guys ready for this, she says, don’t you think you’re a little Laura’d out? And I said, ‘Come on! Are you serious?’ It’s like, can anybody get beyond that cute, little, twang, southern-belle accent of Laura Walker from the Oracle Report? And if you don’t know about Laura, just go ahead and go to her website at Oracle Report.com. She’s an outstanding astrologer and has an extremely unique way of reviewing your astral charts through the perspective of the Galactic Center. And she looks at the Black Moon and a lot of other unique features that she’s come and brought forth to this planet. I really don’t think anybody else is doing what she does. So check her out. She deserves attention. So hey, Laura, how are you doing?

Laura: Hi Alexandra. Thanks for having me back. I’m cracking up on the other end over here. I’m trying not to sound too much like a Southerner. (laughter)

Alexandra: No, you can’t. And if you prevent us from being able to hear your cute little twang we’re all going to be disappointed, okay. So don’t go there. So everybody’s probably wondering why Laura and I felt really strongly today to bring this radio show program forth and that is that she and I were really getting into a very, intense conversation about our childhoods. And Laura and I are both Guardians and I’m sure that many of you know that. The thing was, we started talking about patterns and as you all know, we’ve done almost a thousand of these puppies, if you want to call it that, and it’s really fascinating to see some of the patterns that are presenting themselves to us as we look at the nature of the emails and the situations that you’ve all gone through, and the complaints and this, that and the other. So Laura and I were kind of talking about that and we felt really strongly that at this particular time, especially because where the astrological chart is taking us for the rest of 2014, we thought it was really important to kind of give you guys the permission to see your 3-D family of origin in a different way. So what do you think about that? Let’s just start out with that, Laura. You know, remember we were talking about this. It kind of blew our minds.

Laura: Yes, we were talking about the correlations between the work that you are doing and the people that you were working with and the people that I work with, and archontic intrusion implants. And the intrusion with that and how many similarities that go along with peoples’ lives, in the course of their lives. And we were sharing our stories, right? That’s what we were doing.

Alexandra: Yeah, we started out with that. But the thing that you’ve just got to tell them right away because I think it’s going to blow people’s minds. We’ve both discussed how we each had a very, very difficult or dark parent. And Laura looked at the astrological chart perspective for just a couple, right, you just looked at a couple of them, yourself and someone else, right? (Yes) And we were kind of tripping out everybody, because there’s more to this than meets the eye. I have felt convinced for quite a long time that those of us that were here to take the lead, you know, to kind of carry the torch and bring this transition forward, I really do believe that the impediments that has been placed in front of us have been substantial through that so-called ‘Birth Bump,’ you know, that time from which we’re born and we’re incarnated into a really wacked out family. We are not just talking dysfunctional, we’re talking like over the top. So Laura and I were talking about that how, wait a minute, you know, is there a pattern through the chart? So Laura, go ahead and tell me what you told me.

Laura: Well, there are certain things that you can look at when you compare charts. You can look at Saturn depending on if it’s the mother or the father or Saturn or the Moon and look at the Black Moon with that and sometimes with Pluto. So it does show up in the charts and there are usually some other factors involved. Usually the person has a fair bit of Chiron dominance and usually some aspect with the Galactic Center, the degree of that. So it’s a totality of things. The combination of factors that can show up with this. But certainly it has showed up with the people that – many of the people that I talked to – that I had readings with.

A: That’s where I thought it was so fascinating. Refresh everybody’s memory, how you actually attained this information.

L: About the Black Moon?

A: Yeah, the Black Moon, just the whole way in which you see the chart because it’s so unique.

L: Right. Well, really, in a nutshell, I was called out to the Observatory in the desert in West Texas to basically, understand the back story of the new planet in the Solar System, the planet Eris. And that took me on a whole journey. The planet itself rules the uncovering of the New World Order and all of the plans and all of the deception that goes along with that. But it also talks about our own personal shadow sides. So we have this global shadow and then we have our personal shadow side. So these were the things that I started investigating in a very 3-D way with Eris and then eventually, basically, channeled – I really don’t like the word, I like downloaded better, but people understand channel better, I basically channeled/downloaded the information in my book on the Black Moon about the shadow side and what we can do to embrace that side of ourselves.

But the intrusion from that negativity, I call them the archons. I use the Gnostic term because the Gnostics were talking about this thousands of years ago, exactly what we are talking about now is what they talked about that time. (Interesting) And they began talking about it – the history shows us that they saw this intrusion coming, they saw it was happening. They didn’t talk about it for a very long time but then they knew they had to go public with it and they had to come out publically and talk about it. And in my view I feel that we honor their sacrifice because they were decimated – the pagan population was genocided. And it’s an honor – some people think that we shouldn’t be talking about it – just to say the word archon is upsetting to some people and they write to me about it and tell me. But to me I don’t give that power and I believe that knowledge is the power. And I basically feel like it’s an honor and a duty to call it what it is and to call it out, because that’s the right thing to do. Millions and millions of people lost their lives in the attempts to keep the Mysteries alive.

The Mysteries are returning now. (Yes) We are all part of this, everyone listening is part of this and I just love your audience, Alexandra. I’ve gotten to talk with so many of your listeners. They are so delightful. (Good) That’s the way that I see it. So talking about it and talking about how it affects us individually in our own lives is very beneficial, I believe, because truly the way that we effect change within the collective is first within ourselves. The adage of the Mystery Schools was written over the entrance of the Mystery Schools, the phrase, ‘Know Thyself, Know the Universe.’ So talking about our family of origin and how our archontic intrusion plays out in that is a very valid discussion.

A: I do too. And here’s where I want to present to all of you that are listening, that intrusion doesn’t just start with you. And that’s kind of what Laura and I were mind melding about the other day was, let’s step back, and look at the intrusion not just in the matrix, not just in your lives, not just you yourself and your shadow side but it actually also begins within your nuclear family, the family that you were born into.

L: Well yes, it’s DNA. It goes down through the DNA, for sure.

A: Right. And I found it was very interesting –

L: By that I mean that you start thinking about it, you can follow it, – can you hear me? Are you catching me? I’m I coming in?

A: Yeah, now you are. You had a little bit of cyber space voice there, we lost a little bit of your twang, but we’ll be good. (laughter)

L: That’s the way it goes for us.

A: Yeah, no kidding. It’s like part of our lives. But I think, here’s the thing. After a gazillion emails from so many of you that have come through the implant removal process where you’re really almost to the point that of desperation, you just want to be free. You just want to be you. You just want to stand tall. You just want to feel good about yourself. And you’ve done so much work, and I just commend you guys that have come through. You blow my mind. You cause me to be humble every day of my life because by watching you, by communicating with you, it is consistently causing me to re-address who I am, and how I play out my day, you know. And one of the things that just really holds very strongly in my mind is the repetitive emails of the horrific childhood stories.

So Laura, we were talking about, yes, Guardians in particular, have extremely difficult childhoods. Usually one parent, possibly both, will be extremely challenging to live with. Either its’ complete abandonment, or it’s complete resentment. There’s really no in between, it’s one extreme or the other. And tell me what you had – you had an aha moment the other day, when we were looking at charts, and we were looking at Steve’s parents, and you were looking at my mother and father. My dad was awesome. And we were talking about your father. And I was wondering how you could elucidate us.

L: Right. Yes, so as I mentioned, usually there are other elements involved. Usually the person will have Chiron very prominent in their chart. Chiron is the wounded healer. And so the person, the negative parent, the archontic parent, is often times that catalyst to the wounding for a person. And then from that, the person heals themself. Basically, this is like a wounding from early childhood or early life, and the person will heal themself from that. And from that self-healing, from that ability to do that, and from that kind of pain, they engender the certain ability to heal other people. And that’s why it is called the wounded healer, because Chiron energies always comes from that place of pain. From that place from where we hurt.

A: That’s interesting.

L: Right. So it’s these combinations of aspects that come into play and as people start talking, because I ask them some questions, because I hear similar things – there is also – I don’t think we talked about this but one other element that I’ve seen repeat, is a near-death experience or a severe illness that was a mystery before age eight. One that was life-threatening.

A: Mmm, yes. Yes.

L: This seems to come up as well. And it always makes me wonder if that is an attempt before a child reaches puberty to thwart the mission of that soul.

A: Yes. I agree. Laura, doesn’t it go where pretty much anything that occurs with the child from the age of birth to seven, isn’t that kind of the cut-off point that’s pretty much pastlife related?

L: I don’t know about that. I have only seen it up to eight and there seems to be a cluster around age five.

A: Interesting. Because I’ve read that from several other practioners that you can typically find a pattern of pastlife bleed-over with illness, injury, you know, suffering, and all of that – it’s usually from birth to seven. And since the Guardians have such a significant role to play, and obviously, we all tend to be very fearless, because of what we have gone through – we tend to be very tenacious – because of what we have gone through – and I was curious if that shows up in a lot of the charts that you have been doing.

L: It really does and it’s interesting because a lot of times people who I do readings for, that find me and then I do a reading, there’s often a lot of similarities with my chart. And I think this is just basically resonance. It’s just the principle of resonance and action – the fact that there’s something unique that I have to say about a chart, in a certain way that I look at it, that they need, because that’s where their chart looks. So it’s almost like it self-filters, it works out in that way, you know.

A: Yes, yes. Now I feel that one of the big bombs that a lot of us tend to avoid discussing is the whole concept of forgiveness, and the concept of truly walking from your 3-D family of origin. And you and I kind of got into that a little bit. You know, folks, it’s like when you get into one of these conversations and they get so profound and then Laura and I are both saying, ‘oh my god, we’ve got to have a radio show on this, this is incredible.’ But we hope that we can relay this same information that came through just the other day. And one of the things that was so important to me was to discuss the whole principle of forgiveness.

L: The principle of forgiveness is so interesting, it takes on so many levels with victimology, victim-stance versus perpetrator-stance. To me, the way that I see it, is that a person that has been controlled by negativity, is controlled archontically, is an infected person. They have an infection. It’s a mind-infection, a parasitical infection. They are sick. They are ill. And when we look at that in a different way – we don’t get upset by people because they have a mental illness, like schizophrenia. We are not upset by them about that, and we don’t have to forgive them for that, because this is a different effect here, this isn’t something that is chosen. No one has chosen to have this, well, I guess maybe some people do, because we are given choices all of the time. But those people don’t know that they are having this intrusion, this parasitic, this implant trigger that’s happening. So what we are being putting into is a stance of judgment and forgiveness, and then sometimes, you know, take on a self-righteous stance, because we have forgiven. But it’s really not what is going on.

These are people who that are dominated by parasites of the mind and if we can look at them differently – if they are dangerous people, if they are predatory, they musn’t be allowed to hurt people. This is what we understand here. But the levels of intrusion here, most of the time, take place in dysfunctional relationships. When people are archontically controlled they’re responding from the reptilian part of their brain, their instinctual level. And this is not how we are designed as humans to function. I think even more recent occurrence than we understand – certainly the Gnostics saw with the advent of patriarchical based religions that the intrusion was happening in a faster rate and is spreading with that. (Right)

I don’t think it really got out of hand until basically, the Industrial Age as we’ve become more technological. And it’s television primarily. Television is the primary outlet for it, and social engineering, in general, through culture. So I don’t think that we had as much because were being bombarded with images now. Most all of us grew up watching TV to some extent. (Yes) So it wasn’t until TV really started going that I think that’s when we really kind of lost the show with it.

However, back to my point with it, which is, it’s an infection and we have to address, but we don’t necessarily need to engage as something that we’ve caused or it was something of us that made the parent neglectful or abusive or whatever, whatever the trauma is or the pain that is experienced there. It really doesn’t have anything to do with us. So from that we can disengage from it, take a different perspective, and different stance, and when we do that, it’s different, because we come from a place of wisdom. And that means, that we are commanding power instead of demanding power. Because when we are in a victimology state, when we are feeling like a victim, and feeling about forgiveness, we are in one state of mind, one frequency of mind. But when we view this from a place of wisdom as what this is, infection, we are in a different place. Don’t you think?

A: Oh yeah. And just to add to that – if you look at the definition of ‘forgive,’ it means basically to give up resentment, or claim to requital, okay. And what I want people to just kind of step back for a minute and look at this as ‘well, what are we participating in’ as far as the requital. Is the requital coming from our end where we are the ones that have to be the forgiven? Or is it really more of us saying, ‘you know what, enough is enough.’ I no longer want to take partipate in this. I’m going to grant relief for the sake of both parties and accept the fact that all of that stuff that we’ve been fed – come on, we’ve all been fed since we were in our cribs – that blood was thicker than water. And for those that have grown up like a Guardian, you know exactly what I am talking about when you know that there are other people in your life that came through for you far more incredibly well than your own blood, you know. You and were talking about that. (Yes) And it’s okay.

I think we’re kind of like almost apprehensive to discuss this topic, but when I see the number of the people that communicate with me and they have so much soul pain and they’re in such a struggle of, oh my gosh, I really don’t have a relationship with my father, but you know, I was sexually and mentally abused my entire childhood – we need to stand back and say did that deliver what it needed to deliver and am I done with that (a) story and (b) lesson. How many more lessons do we need?

And in fact I was talking about Laura about this whole garbage of going through the incarnation process, which we all know is a part of the matrix and going into the Heaven 1, 2, or 3, depending on where you are and then you sit at the Council and the Council listens to you and you go into this whole thing about what you think you need to work on – well folks, you know, if we really got down to what we really are, we don’t have to work on anything, our Higher Self, so to speak. And if you’re in the so-called heaven plane, what are we talking about here that we are actually saying to the Council and saying, you know what, I think I’m going to go back and I’m just going to hammer this out again. It makes absolutely no logical sense to me whatsoever.

L: Well, it’s disempowering and there’s this basically what the agenda is, isn’t it?

A: Right. Right.

L: I think that we are so programmed towards duality-thinking. And it’s in everything. It’s always now – best case scenario/worst case scenario, you know, everything is going to crash or everything is going to move into 5-D. You know, we are so polarized like that. And the truth of it is, that it all melds together and coalesces in beautiful ways. And a picture that is really different than what we thought. So, we tend to think even in the relationships like with our family, it has to be all or nothing. Well, not necessarily, because you can emotionally disengage from a situation by understanding it at a higher level. Again, this is a place of wisdom. You can understand that somebody is behaving the way that they are because they have an infection, again. You can see it that way. And then you can make your choices differently. Maybe you just decide that you’ve had enough, physically, it’s too much for you to be in their space. That often happens – that you feel ill when you’re around those people. So it basically becomes an issue of survival at that point, doesn’t it? But how many of us don’t listen to that? And we continue and in situations that drain us, that are poisonous for us.

A: Yes, and this is all part of the agenda to keep those of us that are very, very powerful light beings who have exceptionally important missions – keeping us from accomplishing these missions because it’s a distraction. It’s preventing you from really – as I often say – stepping into your Mastery.

L: It absolutely does and that is the disgrace. To have that. We can’t have that. This is our purpose to express and to actualize and to fulfill our missions. So we can’t have this happening. We have to understand what this is and not play the game anymore.

A: Exactly. That’s exactly it. You know, when they say ‘to forgive’ or to ‘grant relief’ from some sort of debt, well, that granting of relief we typically always look at it as, ‘well, I’m going to forgive them, I’m going to let them go and not hang on so tightly to something that they did that was a betrayal or whatever.’ But what if it is the slip-side of that. What if you’re basically relieving yourself of that entire predicament period and maybe seeing that that which you were born into is a stage performance – it’s no longer providing you any kind of lesson. If fact, it’s almost like beating a dead horse.

And to say just one more thing, I think it’s really important for us to get a great deal of clarity at this hour with ‘do we stay’ or ‘do we go.’ And this applies, as we all know, there are marriages breaking up right now, there are close friendships breaking up right now, there are partnerships, you know, business partnerships breaking up right now, and that’s because we’ve reached a fork in the road where we must be authentic. We must stand in our authenticity, and our authenticity involves anything to do with forgiveness, that authenticity starts within. It starts with you relieving yourself of anything else that is damaging you for the sake of the greater good of pursuing your own mission and your own purpose for being here – being the beautiful, incredible brilliant light that you’ve come here to be because you’re ahead of the game, you know. You are one of the chosen, I’m sorry, you are! Because we are chosen from the standpoint that we are awake. We are a very small, infinitestimal, teeny, tiny percentage of what is making up the planet.

L: Yes, and for anybody that feels like they have a soul contract with somebody, well, that contract is probably void because it probably didn’t include the third party of the archons. (laughter)

A: Oh, I love that! So doesn’t that totally change the way you see your family? If I haven’t heard it once, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received emails or phone calls or consultations with people that really are wracking their hearts – how did they stay involved with their family of nuclear origin. And what I’m putting out to you today and Laura is doing the same in her own very gentle, nice way is, is this really serving you any longer. Is this a belief construct that is fitting into the bigger scheme of things of where you need to go in this immediate future.

L: Yes, and I have been focusing on parents, but certainly this is happening for parents, for parents with their children. Young teenage children or early twenties who are so programmed by social media and the culture and all of that, and all the obsession, the death obsession and the pushing all the death imagery with that. So with that I believe, people are really drawing a lot of darkness into themselves. And parents having to deal with that, with their children, that kind of flips it around a little bit – I’m not a parent but I understand that parents feel about their children and how much this can, well, just wrench a person’s heart, (Absolutely) basically, to have to deal with these kinds of things. But we have to remember that we are sovereign and that means for everything, and that means even children, and if we are being disrespected and if somebody is harming us we have to engage our self preservation. It is a major lesson of this world. It’s one of the reasons that we have violent tendencies.

A: Yeah, I agree. This is such a heightened issue, right now, in society. We are learning for the first time in a very, long time to say in a group of people, let’s say we’ve hung out with these seven people for years and we all kind of hang out but we have accepted some of the unacceptable behaviors, you know. Maybe they’ve called you names, maybe they’ve betrayed us, maybe they’ve screwed around with your boyfriends or girlfriends, whatever, and we’ve just kind of said, well, I have to forgive. And what I’m presenting to you is to think of this in a different way. Thinking of the bigger picture, singing of where your future is, this isn’t just you getting up tomorrow and going to your job and paying your rent. We are in a completely different era now. Folks, this is it. It is up to us. It is up to us to make these changes – we are the ones that have to make them in order to assist in this process with Mother Earth. And if we don’t start strapping on our boots, if we don’t start stepping up in our strength and our fortitude and being able to say, ‘you know what? hey dude, listen, you’ve called me that name one too many times, and I know that I’m going to walk out the door and you’re all going to be talking against me, but I’m okay with that.’ Because I am being true to myself. And I am just wondering how can you affiliate that with the chart, Laura?

L: Well, for everyone actually that’s happening in a big way in 2014, as I’ve talked about before on your show. The planet Uranus was conjunct the New Moon in Aries which is basically the imprint for the entire astrological year. It plays out through each of the lunar months. The planet Uranus is the planet of changes. But it also puts us where we need to be when we can’t there by ourselves. And so when we are able to make these changes, when we understand that we are in crossroads and we have to decide and we can’t stay still any longer, that we are almost being pushed or pulled in our completely new direction, we have to follow that then we know in our heart that it’s the right thing to do, even though we are afraid of it, when we do it under the effect of Uranus, there’s a great reward and a great blessing that comes from it. It is always a gift of the Universe when we begin to make a change that is pretty much like beginning with an act of power. We are asking the Universe to consider our request for power with that – when were making a change. That’s what we are doing.

And we are making a commitment to do that. And when we can follow through and do these things for ourselves, they are a combination of many little decisions and the little things sometimes. Sometimes they are really big things – a lot of people are moving – Uranus rules relocation so a lot of people are changing jobs, changing where they live, all kinds of changes. We could go on and on with the changes that are happening within society, but when we do it, we come to a completely different place because what is happening is that Uranus wants to align with our Path, with our Soul Path, with our Destiny, what we are here to do. So when we can accept the changes that are already helping to us and make the changes that we need to make, it’s much easier. Uranus will do it for us, he will fight us and knock us around and we can choose to move with the changes. It’s up to us. But Uranus is never kind when we fight against the change.

A: I’ll bet. I’ll bet. It feels like in the year 2014, and it also started in 2013, I felt, there has been a perpetual kick in the butt to graduate. And before this time – if I go back like ten years ago – and I look at all the changes that were occurring in my life compared to today – it’s like night and day. We’re just barely sometimes able to get a breath because of the acceleration of the so-called time and also the acceleration of just even going down to the molecular level of our selves. Everything is changing and we don’t really understand what is happening to us sometimes. But with that said, it feels to me as if we wouldn’t be put in this position if we couldn’t do it. And we’re literally being kind of thrown out of the nest. You know, the baby bird that takes it’s first flight. (Yes) You know what I mean. It feels like, oh my god, the trepidation, are you crazy? it looks like 200 feet down, you know. But we have so many more tools accessible to us now.

We have had phenomenal light beings and light workers and light warriors and galactic beings and you name it, including Father God and Mother Earth have so much support right now. This is not the same as it was ten years ago when you felt that you really wanted to make a change, when you felt like you wanted to say, you know what, Mom, I feel like I’ve had it. I really don’t want to be in this dysfunctional relationship anymore. It’s not serving me, I’m beating a dead horse, I’m trying to work it out with you. I wish you well. You never want to get – you don’t want lower yourself to somebody else’s nasty level, but at the same time, you want to stand tall in your own truth. And this is an important time for us to do that if we are going to become Masters.

L: It also involves us taking responsibility for the consequences of that decision and to not again fall back into victim mode when things don’t work out the way we want. Because a lot of times we have to sacrifice things when we do that. And take a personal responsibility is a powerful thing. I think that Einstein’s quote about you can’t solve a problem with the same level of intelligence that created it.

A: I love that quote, yes –

L: I just find it to be more and more true all the time if you think about what you are talking about with the ten years – ten years ago – what’s really changed in that time – well, we’re smarter. (Umhmm) We’re more wise. We understand more. So what’s happening? What can we look at that and possibly speculate about and maybe even we’ll find the data to back it up and that could be that – just like the new Scarlett Johansson movie ‘Lucy,’ we are activating more of our brains.

A: Right, right. I also want to share something that I feel will really be beneficial for everybody, Laura. As everyone knows, I am married to my twin-flame and there’s so much hype out on the internet about twin-flames. Everybody wants to meet their twin-flame and everybody wants to be in like ga-ga in love. And let me tell you, it’s a very challenging, intense relationship if both of you are not in synch or in perfection with your growth and getting through all of your own trauma. It’s difficult. And I would venture to say that the majority – and I’ve met quite a few – the majority of the twin-flames that I know – one of them has been so severely abused that’s they’re still dealing with their stuff. And the other one is living through that kind of hell and that pain because they feel everything that their twin feels. So the reason that I’m bringing this up is, you know, we need to take the rose-colored glasses off. If you haven’t meet your twin-flame yet there’s a reason for that. You have other fish to fry, so to speak.

And it’s important to be grateful for where you are and what you have chosen, or what has been given and what’s presented itself in your path and understand the bigger scope of things that this hour, the most important thing for you to do is to strive to become a stronger, more fearless, more independent person. Now does that mean, no, you’re not going to cooperate, or does that mean you’re not going to try to be a unified composure when you want to sit down on a project for the planet? No, but that’s what makes it a unique time of humanity. It’s that we are never going to lose our individuality. And I think people misconstrue what Unity Consciousness means, Laura.

L: Twin flames is, oh, it’s a difficult road and it’s also targeted – the archons target those relationships.

A: Believe me!

L: When that kind of energy matches up like that, it’s powerful, formidable and it is a threat, so the issues of the person are triggered basically by the mind – what’s happening in the mind, and implants and everything else. And so it’s hard because the energy matches up so well that it does turn into – it can turn into – this one consciousness entity and then that is dangerous because then the growth of the individual suffers which just wrecks everything and kind of turns everything into reverse. So it’s very difficult to hold that level of power in balance. And I believe that what helps that or conquers it, really, I think, is the spiritual connection. If both people have a spiritual connection in some way, if they have a root with Spirit, then you have a place of commonality that you can come from because that’s truly what overcomes all of this. Really, it’s the cure.

A: You know, thank you, you brought me back to the main thing that I wanted to share with people, and that is what’s got me through nineteen years of marriage with Steven and going through all of the ups and downs that we’ve been through and the agony that this guy has experienced in his heart because of what was done to him as a child, and period, it was done to him, okay. We tend as practioners and healers and spiritual people, we tend to say, ‘oh, well, we chose this experience because . . . ‘ and I’m sorry. I don’t buy for a minute that I was standing at the Council’s Table and said, ‘you know what, hey, can you get me the worst family out there so I can incarnate and go through this experience over and over and over again.’

I see the way in which cellular memory has been used and manipulated within the body and the DNA so that we do hold these painful memories, so we do hold this painful feeling that we carry from the time that we have been in utero, etcetera. These are all things, I really do agree with Ari on this, that we are in a diabolical matrix and we need to stop making excuses for that. We truly are in a very messed up matrix. Now, yeah, there might have been an original said ‘let’s go on inside there and play.’ But all bets are off now. Look at what is going on with Palestine. How do you even describe what is going on there. It is indescribably diabolical.

L: Right. So we have to be careful that we don’t get into the trap.

A: True. So I have found and this was a great learning lesson for me, I have found that that when I look at my spouse through the eyes of a 5th dimension or even higher, and believe it or not, when I communicate with him when I go to bed at night, when I close my eyes, when I meditate, or wherever, I do a lot more communication with him on that plane and it’s very fulfilling. So I really want to put that out there. Somebody gave me that suggestion and it changed my life forever. For those of you that are feeling really targeted, and of course, Laura, you and I tend to work with those of us that are targeted. It’s important to try to remember that spiritual aspect. That is our saving grace. That is what that defines us and differentiates us at this point.

L: Well, yes. And maybe I’ll just go trip everybody out here with this thought – (Uh-oh) but maybe the trap really isn’t for us. Maybe sometimes we are the trap for the archons. Because the way that it happened for me is that I was more of the trap for the archon – it wasn’t that I drew the archon to me. It was that I knew in advance coming in where that archon would be and that’s where I went. And part of that was to dispatch that energy upon the death of that person – that human person – and what happened with that was that the Earth opened and that energy was placed inside the opening of the Earth. The Earth is re-absorbing that energy so the ones that are so deep in 3-D here and are so possessed in people, possessed of people, humans, when that human dies they’ve got a chance. If they can’t jump somewhere else, and if there are Guardians around, they’re going to be dispatched. So we might not be the victims at all. We may be of fact the bait. (Very good point) I haven’t really talked about this publically but I believe it is entirely possible for other people. It seems to be the case for me.

A: Yeah. Yeah. Me too. I agree with that. And for those of you that are still just about to tear your hair out because you feel so wooped, you’re just exhausted emotionally, and feeling very targeted, do realize that it is a process – don’t you think, Laura, there comes a time where you do shift the way in which you see all of that happening. And if you don’t stop, that’s the key, if you don’t stop asking for help, if you don’t stop seeking out solutions, you know, ‘ask and you shall receive’ is so classic. This is the perfect scenario where you ‘Don’t Give Up.’

L: Perseverance is definitely the answer in dealing with this. You can’t give up.

A: Big time.

L: That’s the only way that we win. Is because we are relentless. You know, we are smarter. We are more creative. And we overcome. So basically this is our vibrating the situation. And we are getting smarter than the situation. That’s what is happening. That’s what is happening with the solar flare activity we had earlier in the year. And then the sun was quiet, and then over the weekend another flare and it’s coming at specific times to enhance the energies that are present every month. I’m tracking that at the Oracle Report, so check it out over there when flares happen. I look at the degree of the Moon when the flare happens, when it ejected.

A: Interesting. Is each CME kind of a different essence, so to speak, or –

L: Absolutely, yes. Each degree of the zodiac is a different energy so when the Moon moves to a different degree – now if they were set off successively that just amplifies that one energy because it’s all at the same time. But yes, that’s the most accurate way to determine it. You look at the over-all energetics of the day and depending on the degrees of each of the planets for that day, because basically it’s a symphony. Each one of the planets is playing its tune and all together it’s a composition. But, when we look at the time when the CME was ejected, where the degree of the Moon was and look at the Sabian symbol for that energy that’s the code – that’s how we read the 3-D effects in astrology it tells us what the energy is. And the one that was released – I think it was Friday – (Yeah, it was recently) Yeah, that was about revitalization. And that was the energetic for the whole day. This month we are being revitalized at the heart level, the cellular and the heart level.

A: Well, that’s outstanding. I really feel like we need it. Everybody kind of went through another severe bootcamp in June.

L: Well, last month during the entire New Moon of Cancer was when we had all the big push for control. War breaking out and the border coming down – all of that happened on that energy that we talked about when Mars and Eris were coming into aspect. There’s just no question about it now. There’s no way to refute the data with this, that the Illuminati use this degree. Other things that are happening – all of the outer planets are retrograde right now so this means that we’re having an expanding and energizing, very deep and meaningful changes, corrections, rectifications, things that are healing us, transforming us, and liberating us. That is what is happening on a major scale.

A: Very cool. God, that really segues into something I was burning in my heart the other day, and that is, in order to become a leader, and I know that I have talked about this to people before, the leader in some circles within the spiritual community is a bad word. But if you look at the definition of a leader, it’s just to lead or guide people. The word itself really doesn’t have all this negative attachment to it that we put onto it, you know.

L: Yeah, we’re not so much into hierarchy, aren’t we?

A: Right. Exactly.

L: A wonderful gentlemen I was talking with last week prefers to call it the facilitator.

A: Yeah, good, facilitator, okay. So it’s important for us to understand that because the position that we are in, if you’re listening to this interview, then you are in a position where you are being presented a – I’m going to put quotations around – ‘a responsibility’ you are being presented an opportunity and it’s a phenomenal one, I might add. It’s almost like when they say, ‘Get in at the ground floor,’ well, that’s where we are. And this is why I say, leader, because we truly are blazing trails and there is such a thing called thaumaturgy where they’ve proven that if you walk down a path and you do a specific thing like pick up a piece of trash, or you turn and you say something nice to the old lady that’s sitting on the park bench, then there is a high percentage chance that energetically that will be repeated by those that follow you. So how cool is that?

L: Yeah. Yes, it is. And you know it happens. It happens just basically by proximity or an osmosis kind of effect. The frequency that you radiate, that you emit, is picked up over distance. And so, we are always – wherever we are radiating with our frequency is where we are rippling out. And so it happens even when we don’t know we are doing it.

A: Right. And I got thinking about the horrific war that is going on between Israel and Palestine and I started thinking to myself, okay, for those that don’t have any – like for the soldiers – that’s not going to solve the problem and I signed a couple of petitions and things like that, but I was really thinking what can we do energetically, other than the obvious, of sending waves of peace and love to that section of the world. I mean, if each of us just focused on that alone we could really make a difference. But I feel that because everything is above, so below, everything that’s within is without, it’s so imperative for us to understand the responsibility that we have of standing in power. In power. So that if we stand in our power, if we break free of something that’s really been shackling us, and in many cases I hear it’s typically our parents. And I am talking about people who are in the 50s and their 60s, folks. We all have it. To finally break free from something that really is not providing us a benefit any longer. If we break free from that what are we energetically sending out to the world?

L: Well, it isn’t just that, it’s that it can actually starting to affect us and taking a toll, because that energy holds, okay. Our energetic and emotional involvement with it feeds it. (Umhmm) And sometimes if you’re dealing with a particular nefarious entity there, person there, you really have to actually disengage yourself, you have to remove yourself from the situation, or the person, not even be around the person anymore. You’re doing that because you finally put together what the toll is, what it takes out of you to do it. They really need to be quarantined.

A: Yes. And in that void, in the space of quarantine which I have gone through, it was one of the greatest things that I’ve ever done. It was a life-changer. It was a game changer, it was a destiny changer. It allowed me to fully have the space and the expansion to step into my own shoes.

L: Yes, it is empowering, isn’t it, to put it together. Again, it’s the wisdom of it. It’s the seeing it for what it is. When you come at that perspective everything shifts and changes. The whole world does, your whole life. (Yes) So it’s okay. We can free ourselves. We don’t have to engage it and continue into it. We can do the right thing, whatever we need to do but again, this is about personal responsibility, everybody’s, that person’s as well.

A: Correct. And there’s really no more time to try to fix them, okay. I think we have done the whole ‘I’ve fixed myself to death,’ Laura. I really feel that this is a time where, yes, we need to face our shadows, but we also need to be kind to ourselves. I feel as if we have all gone through that phase of ‘we just can’t clean our closets fast enough’ and we can’t come to terms with certain things about own ourselves that we are not proud of. And the matter of the fact is, maybe that very thing that you’re not proud of is going to be used as a vehicle for you to become one of the most outstanding, you know, sea captains, or archaeologists, or scientist ever on the face of the Earth. And it would take that specific quirk or personality trait to get there.

L: Yes, absolutely. But yes, and actually asking the question, are you really in battle with yourself? I suspect not. It’s probably again mind intrusion in your thinking. And if you look at it in that way and decide what you think it is, regardless, if you think it is you in battle with yourself, or if it isn’t you, you’re battling something outside of yourself that’s internal now, then what happens to self-judgment. (Good point) Because ultimately, what our downfall is. Because we’re engaged with something that is directly at war with us trying to sabotage us that has tricked us into thinking that it’s us, ourselves.

A: That’s exactly where I was going with this. Thank you. Bingo! That’s is exactly where I was going. Are we truly seeing the whole picture if, ultimately, the conclusion seems to always get back to, okay, well, what am doing to fix myself?

L: Yes. And can we maybe give ourselves a break. And I’m not condoning any type of behavior that is harmful to anybody. It’s not a free-for-all at that point. But again, it’s personal responsibility. So maybe though we need to look at the equation and recognize that there are other factors involved. And so when we do that, what would happen, we would tap into our power. What would we do with all the power that we have no idea of?

A: Wow. Can you imagine?

L: Yeah. We can’t even conceive of that. And so, part of really dealing with this whole issue and changing the world – the issue – is really starting to look at this for what it is. And I’m certainly not advocating people take on behavior of anarchy or anything like that, because that’s kind of where people take that. (Right) But we also don’t need to be tracked into the stories that the archons throw in front of us – Israel/Palestine – you know, people are dying there, yes, but there are many, many places where many, many more people are dying. Why are we looking at that? Because they’re dangling some sort of shiny stuff over there for us to look at that. (Yes) That is not the problem. Human beings are not the problem. Us fighting other human beings isn’t the way that it is supposed to be. (Right) There aren’t supposed to be fighting any other human beings. We have an enemy, yes, a common enemy that we all are becoming to understand who that is, and what that is. (Yes) And a year from now, it will be amazing how many more people understand, even just at a peripheral way. Because everybody get’s it in some way now. People knows there is a danger, and we know we are under threat. (Yes) Everyone feels it. (Definitely) Now we can name it and understand what we are dealing with.

A: And now we can see the benefits of cooperation.

L: Yes. And not only that, the value of differences because this stuff that is happening now in the name of diversity and inclusion and multi-culturalism does nothing but destroy culture. (Yes) Let’s keep intact what we have of our cultural differences because it is interesting. I do not want everyone to be homogenized, it’s boring. Please do we need to have more targets?

A: I know. I so agree with that. I remember when I was a little girl and we used to travel through the South, it was fun to go to all the little dinky towns and they all had their own personality. And now, you go to all these major cities and it’s become so, you know, you’ve got your MacDonalds and your Burger Kings, and Wells Fargo Banks, and your Walmarts, which is once again, taking away from that individual spirit of creativity.

L: Right. And which finds outlet in other ways, doesn’t it? So we dig deeper and we do find that, yeah. But it becomes boring to look at that and it’s ugly.

A: I agree.

L: It really is.

A: Well, so hopefully, all you guys are bearing with us because for whatever reason we just felt super-strongly that we needed to share this with everybody today. So not to segue completely because I wanted you also to just talk a little bit about – we were looking at the charts and you were mentioning that you’re beginning to see a specific pattern of those that have been targeted, like really abused. You were talking a little bit about that and she is keeping this data. Laura is actually tracking this. So those of you that are interested, I think that this is so huge. Because it just shows you that this is part of an already on-going piece of the agenda, the archontic agenda. And I think that was one of the things that was so mind-boggling when I was talking to you the last time.

L: Right, about how you can see it in the chart?

A: Yes!

L: Yes, because so many of the people that we are talking with do have that healer element to them. They are healers of the planet. The healers of the human mind. And that goes hand and hand with trauma, and the trauma that is perpetuated based on the archontic intrusion because that certainly is trauma, trauma to the body even.

A: Now didn’t you say something about the Twelfth House. Does that involve in this?

L: Sometimes it is. It just depends on the planets. Usually, we are looking at Saturn. Saturn is the home of the archons, so if Saturn has a significant placement there, there are patterns that indicate somebody would be more suceptible to archontic intrusion. And by that, that would be because the way that their chart is set up – they would be more externally focused and so maybe their sense of self is more externally focused and therefore more suceptible. But if somebody, let’s say, they have a mission or a destiny or purpose to undertake, actually leading or speaking out of something, or something they would need to have that sort of external focus – to have that awareness of what that is, it could be stacked up to have that heavily – which would mean they’re going to face a lot of interference because they would have a lot of power to actually manifest that, that destiny. So that would be something that would attract a lot of negative influence.

And a lot of the times also, Alexandra, it’s the people who have the most powerful charts. I don’t mean that there’s one chart that’s more powerful than another. But sometimes some people are carrying a collection of codes, of astrological aspects, that makes them heavily empowered to do a specific thing. And then, if it get’s derailed by whatever, relationships, or things that happen to them growing up, they’re basically just taken out of commission. And then they’re engaged with this war within themselves because they’ve been taught or believe at some point in, maybe karma, which I don’t believe in by the way, I believe in cause and effect. I certainly believe in that. But the idea of karma, I have serious problems with personally. But that can really trap somebody into that feeling. And when you’re a sensitive person anyway, like most of the people listening, right, everyone listening, it’s hard anyway. Because life is just harder because you feel more. Because you are aware of more. Your emotional intelligence is higher and everything that goes along with that.

A: Right. Right.

L: So, yes, there are other factors here and we just totally bought into, ‘it’s all our fault.’

A: That’s it. I guess that’s what really motivated us to do this today was, we want you all to consider stepping out of that paradigm that we’ve been so practiced in which is, ‘oh, well, the reason that that happened is because I attracted it into my life.’ Or, ‘oh, the reason that that happened to me is because I still have issues left over from such and such.’ I’m not saying that that doesn’t apply in certain cases. But if you’ve done the work, you know, then you need to kind of segue into the next perspective of things. And see what else is involved. And really see the way in which the network really operates. It truly has penetrated itself into every aspect of our lives. So therefore can we not also question that even that which the spiritual community has bought into is not also a bunch of lies?

L: Yeah. We have to question everything, but one way that we could be guided through that – to navigate through that, is by listening to our heart. This month especially, our heart is activated. We are called up to heroism, there’s a calling coming out that our heart wants to answer if we will listen. That’s always going to guide us, and always going to steer us in the right direction. And sometimes it’s kind of scary when you think about – these are kind of radical thoughts. Some of the things that we are talking about. And so, you always know that your heart is always going to guide you. Your inner wisdom is always there for you.

A: But at the same time there is an undercurrent amongst those that are really stepping into their power. You know, they’ve gotten into a place where enough is enough, I’m ready to move forward. And because of that undercurrent, if it continues to avalanche, we have a phenomenal amount of power to bring forth something completely even different than we have all talked about.

L: I don’t think we have been able to envision it yet.

A: Right.

L: We are working towards the solution, there’s no question about that. The correction is happening. Everything is getting rectified. A new, natural order is emerging as the other dissolves, as the old one based on hierarchy is dissolved. So yes, but, we bridge it, right? We are bridging into that and that’s what’s hopeful and exciting. Isn’t it kind of nice that we don’t know the way it’s going to look like? Isn’t it kind of fun to see something brand new?

A: Oh, it is really exciting. And I wanted to bring forth a piece of information that came to me over the weekend. And this woman said, well of course you are very passionate with what you want to bring forth, Alexandra, because you are traveling from the future. And you’ve already seen the Earth ascend and you’ve also seen the Earth be destroyed. And you’ve come here because you want to make sure that that never happens again. Now I’m just one of a gazillion of us that are carrying that passion. But if we all were 100% in that passion, if we were all in that 100% in our destiny, allowing that space to unfold, this game would be over, right?

L: Yes.

A: You know what I am trying to say? So, I have been thinking, well, what’s preventing people from stepping into their passion? What is it that is preventing people from really getting their own internal guidance system. And I had a conversation with a friend the other day and she was feeling really down and the issues were coming up and I said, I don’t know if this helps but I’ve pretty much gone the gamut. I’ve done every possible type of healing almost, you know, out there to get myself back together again and one of the most profound things that I realized was, in one session I did with myofascial work, I went into this severe plummet of – I just wanted to commit suicide. And that was so unlike me. This was a couple of years ago. And I sat with it and I was very uncomfortable. I was very sad, I was depressed, and I kept saying, where did this come from? This is from left field, you know, I don’t understand? And I recognized within 24 hours, it wasn’t my stuff. It was cellular memory that I had held during the time in utero of the conditions and experiences my mother was holding.

L: Right. And, you know, we could probably even track that by looking at your chart at that time and see what the influences were. Because this is the way that it works. It doesn’t just happen at random. It is triggered energetically. That’s the way trauma works – something triggers it and it brings it back to us. We think it is happening all over again. So, you were re-living that trauma in the moment. That’s how it works.

Trauma memories are stored very deeply in the brain and they are accessed by the senses, by the five senses. And the extra ones too. So we can look at – you were probably having a certain transit that triggered that. And that’s another way that knowledge is power because we always think, oh, what’s going on, I’m upset now. But we don’t really understand – people don’t understand – that yes, astrology tells us, it shows us, why there a proclivity at times of these things to happen. And then when we know what these are about, if we know about it in advance, we can see it coming and then we can work with in a little bit different way and it’s very empowering. Because some people will just think, ‘it’s me again,’ and going back to ‘I suck,’ or something about me that I’m not doing right, I’m not fulfilling my mission or whatever. (Correct) And this is not that. There is a reason for it, I can guarantee you.

A: And we’re walking around in one big cesspool of impediments and it’s not an easy, it’s not easy right now. I know for a lot of people that are really trying to make their way to a freer, lighter sense of reality – it’s very challenging. And yet at the same time what I am saying is, just what if, what if you got up tomorrow and you truly were willing to just trash every believe system that you have and be open to a whole new set of them. What would happen?

L: When we clear out space amazing things happen. This month is very important in that it strengthens us and it prompts us to take a leap of faith, instead of standing still, to move forward. This is what we want, this is growth, this is evolution, this is ascension, movement. And any little one thing that we can do to shift that perspective is a beginning of a whole ripple. So don’t be overwhelmed, it may be just one little change that you make, a very simple one, a way that you choose to begin considering something in a different light. And maybe not so much punishment of ourselves with it.

A: Yes. Yes.

L: In fact, just think about the change that that could make, just by starting by recognizing there’s a third factor involved here. (Right) We’ve got Spirit, right? And everything that goes along with that, guides, everything, us, and then we have the archons.

A: Yeah, and the more that we are realistic about it and not going into, ‘oh, god, it’s so polarized.’ Well, guess what. We are in a negative polarity matrix, period. We are functioning, we are surviving, we are living in a negatively-polarity matrix.

L: At the same time, we are living in a beautiful matrix also. Right alongside of it.

A: Correct.

L: Yeah.

A: But the polarity is there.

L: No doubt about it.

A: That is why we are here. So this is what I’m trying to say is – that’s another sentence that you hear a lot, like in spiritual groups – ‘oh, that’s such polarized thinking.’ Well, yeah, because it does exist. Now does that mean you hang onto the negative, no. But you are just aware of it. You are vigilant. You’re conscientious to give all space, and all time, recognition, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

L: Yeah. And holding both of them. We are really holding the matrix in place so it doesn’t really just spin out into total chaos. Because we are doing that, we are still grounding with in that too some degree (Right) as it dissolves. And then as a new picture emerges. You know one thing that I don’t ever want anyone to mistake and think that archons are more powerful or be fearful about this. This is not the case.

A: Yes, thank you for saying that.

L: Yes. And I’m sure all of your listeners and readers of the site know, there are definite things you can do. Just putting a field of protection around yourself works wonders. There are many different ways that you can do that. I prefer using the Medicine Wheel for protection which is listed on my site. It’s a method of basically engaging and connecting with the Earth, with the sky, and forming a sphere around yourself and you can do it anytime. It takes about 20 seconds and its highly, highly effective. So that’s what I do. Everyone has their own thing that they do but this is so powerful. The things that we do for ourselves to counter this, this is just not more powerful than us. It isn’t at all. We are so much more powerful than this force. The only reason that it looks like this, is because of the deception and illusion. And as that cracks, it’s all over with.

A: Well, you know what, the numbers speak for themselves. They’ve just put an article out a couple of days ago that there were 800 billion archons compared to 8 billion people.

L: Oh, right, yes. Swarms.

A: And I thought, okay, well, what is that showing me? (Yeah) That’s showing me that they have to have a lot more of them to bring us down and they haven’t. They have not succeeded. In fact, we are gaining, we are re-gaining our ground.

L: And this is why we are seeing everything unraveling. And as they go for broke with everything because that’s what they have to do now. That’s where we are at. And so, okay, this is the way that it is and then it will be better. And so yes, it is hard right now, that’s why we will undergo change. And by the way, yes, beginning September 24th we are going to have another month that we had in July.

A: Oh boy.

L: So there is so much positive in place. Next month during the month of September, the Sabian symbol is ‘two guardian angels bringing protection.’

A: Woo, I like that.

L: Yes. And then when we get to the Libran cycle, on September 24th, the Sabian symbol is ‘the light of the sixth race transmuted into the seventh.’

A: Wow!

L: So what we began in Aries, in the New Moon in Aries, with ‘the ruler of a nation,’ and now we see all of the factions of the cabal vying for power as the ruler, not of a nation, but of the globe, going for broke, and what do you we find now as we come to the mid-point is that, not only humanity, but the benefactors and the friends of humanity are on the rise. A totally different game now.

A: Nice. I love the way that you see that in the chart. Now do you feel that between September and December is this kind of all bets are off to get prepared for the radical jump in consciousness in 2015?

L: Hmm. I think there will be radical jumps in consciousness, yes. I think that it’s really good to get ready for a lot of things. I think that that month, basically, September 24th until the next New Moon comes in on October 23rd, that’s the big month that I’m really watching. And then starting on December 21st, the month after that, which is the Capricorn cycle. Those are the two months where the biggest change is going to come in, just like we saw this past month. And I want to encourage everybody to get healthy and get your immunity up. I think we really are going to need it.

A: Very, very true. Very, very true. Yes, and again, it get’s back to we have the awareness to see what’s ahead of us. And it’s important that we understand the incredible positions that we have been placed in, you know, with that awareness I do feel that there is a responsibility. If you feel that you are a part of this mass consciousness.

L: Yes. And part of the creation – I call it the Second Renaissance. It’s truly the way that I see it, it’s the way that it’s been explained to me. It is a dark time, there’s no question about it. It’s called the Kali Yuga for a reason. You know, the End Times, it’s certainly that. And it’s insanity. Up is down. Everything is backwards. But that is not the end of the story. We are not at zero point option again, you know, like best case/worst case scenario. Yeah, it will be difficult. It’s a birthing process. But it doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be only the negative stuff. It isn’t that at all.

A: Well, aren’t we already really going through that?

L: I think so, yeah.

A: Yeah. I think that if you look at the prices of food, the lay-off of jobs, the incredible – it’s very sad to see the atrocities around the world. And I think more so now than ever before because we are all becoming so much more connected. And we are feeling so much more – I’m not going to say helpless – but we’re just feeling like, gosh, I know I’m a powerful energetic being, but why does this not stop.

L: Yes. Well, that’s a process and it’s going to take some time to rectify. But we have so much help.

A: Yes, we do, we do. Definitely.

L: This isn’t certainly just us alone, at all. And we’re aligned with the planet and when we are aligned that way, we’re invincible already, any other help is truly wonderful.

A: Now Laura, you were saying that September 24th is kind of the beginning of the month that that you’re really keeping your eyes on – now how does the fall time frame differ from January through August.

L: Right. Well, this is basically, if you think of a month that was like a month-long Full Moon. That’s what that month is like. Okay. So we start off in astrology, with the New Moon is in Aries, that’s the New Year, the New Moon in Aries, and that’s like – that whole month is like a New Moon. And it’s like a whole New Moon – one long month New Moon. Well, now we come to the half-way point, to the New; Moon in Libra. And that is to come to the Full Moon phase of the year, the fullest expression of everything. So everything that was seeded, intended, put into place, planned, in the New Moon of Aries, which was March 30, it was basically the month of April and also the month of May, because we had two of those. We had two months that were basically like long New Moons – the time when we seeded the intentions. And this is what they called it. They know this. They know how the Earth Magic works. And so they had plans.

And then they began implementing them, and that’s the Cancer cycle because that’s 90 degree turn, when we get there. And then when we get to the Libra cycle we turn 90 degrees again, which means were at 180 degrees from where we started. So it’s Full. It’s like a Full phase, it is opposition, a Full Moon. And so, one of the things that was in place in that New Moon of Aries was what we called a Mystical Triangle in astrology. The way that I have been instructed about Mystical Triangles is that that’s basically a wormhole in time and you can go back and forth, so basically, the archons have been seeding that time during April planning for October, but they can travel back and forth in time to manipulate things and change the chessboard, so to speak.

A: Wow! That is interesting.

L: Yes. So that Libra cycle – we know we have the October Surprise, right.

A: Right.

L: Some of them are bigger than others but that’s why they do that on October. There were a lot of there’s a lot of esoteric magic and occultism in place during October with different things anyway, with the Knights of Templars on Friday the 13th, and all of that energy, and the Halloween energy and all that goes with it. And what it was originally intended to be – in pagan days is totally different from now – but it’s that time of the year when it’s the fullest amount of power. It’s the brightest light and therefore shines the most light on the darkness. So that’s why it’s the most active.

A: Wow. Wow. So basically from September 24th to October 23rd that would be prime time, for example, the stock market to crash.

L: Yes, it could be the stock market crash, the implementation of SDR for currency change with that. It could really just be anything, but certainly financial stuff has been the favorite thing in October historically. And it gets imprinted – you see, this energy imprints and every year it’s the same thing over and over again.

A: Good point. Well, and of course, this could be flipped around where it’s the new financial system maybe springboarding.

L: Right, because the Sabian symbol is ‘the light of the sixth ray transmuted to the seventh.’ So that’s about carrying something forward, right? Maybe an agenda or an allegiance or an idea even. Or a soul. Anything like that. And so yeah, it could go either way. That’s the thing about the symbols, and then about astrology and energy in general. It has the positive and the negative and the neutral.

A: God, this is a fascinating time to be alive. It blows my mind. So what about the month of August? Is it just a month of revitalization? Are we getting a time of second wind, so to speak?

L: It is. It’s revaluation and rejuvenation and it’s also a time of coming together. The Sabian symbol is ‘rock formations tower over a deep canyon.’ But the other energetics with the other planets and the degrees that they are at make it more like ‘a ring of singing stones bridging across a gap of chaos.’ So it’s very much about being very solid and grounded with the earth and with the bedrock of the earth, being very, very rooted and in place. But the imagery of it also talks about being able to bridge the gap, to take a leap in faith. So we are being put in a position to where we can move forward with something.

You know, I talked about how in the Libra New Moon is like a month-long Full Moon phase. Well, right now we are in a month-long First Quarter Moon phase, and during First Quarter Moon phases the energy is to step out and take action. And this follows the cycle of life – the Moon phases are a description of a cycle of life. And so, in the First Quarter we step out and we take action and we go out on branches do dances, and we do different things. That’s where we are being led. Stopping mid-form is not good, standing still to regenerate yourself and revitalize yourself is excellent. But if you’re standing still when something’s trying to push you somewhere else, that’s not going to be good because that’s just going to kind of tend to crack the rock. It would reverberate.

A: Yeah, it’s like you’re not going in the direction that you’re kind of nudged to go into.

L: Yes, right, so the force of that would just shatter. So this is why we have to move. We have to change. I’ve said it so many times since before we started this astrological year – we much change. We much learn how to shift, it’s the process of life. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad. Change does not mean bad. And we say it all the time too. This is the situation where we win. We have already won. We just have to know that.

A: It’s like it’s in our knowing, like in our gut.

L: Yeah.

A: You know.

L: Right. So we have ‘two guardians angels bringing protection’ next month.

A: Very cool.

L: This is where this drives and we follow this and this keeps us sane and stable. It works.

A: Very cool. Yeah, because there is such an accelerated amount of change that we are not obviously accustomed to this, that there is just a tremendous amount of assimilation going on. It’s like the moment you think that you’re getting a break, more comes in.

L: Right, right. I think that’s the stellar activation of the brain. More and more of the brain is being activated.

A: Yeah, I agree. But I also think that – you’re saying that the First Quarter Moon is the time of action. So it there such a time as when it’s a Half Moon?

L: Between the First Quarter phase and the Full phase is the Gibbous phase. And that’s what we will have during most of September. From August 25th and lasting until September 23rd. That the Gibbous – that’s a whole month-long Gibbous phase. The Gibbous phase is magical. People who are born on the Gibbous phase of the Moon can just manifest things with very little effort. Magical things happen for them. I wish I had been born during that phase. But it’s very much about trust. And having faith in the Higher Plan in the Universe, it’s something higher than ourselves. But we attach to the magical ideas in our imagination and possibility during that month, during the Virgo New Moon, beginning August 25th. So when we have ‘two guardian angels bringing protection’ and it’s coming in a Gibbous cycle which is all magical anyway and you know the veils between the worlds are thinner anyway during that time, we’re going to have an influx. It’s really going to be beautiful.

A: Wow. It sounds like an awesome time. So the manifestation time period – so right now it’s time for action and get your ducks in a row, right?

L: Yes. And then we go back into passive because it flips between passive and aggressive, or open and engaged. So action, yes. This month is action and then when we go into the next month that’s more passive when we let the Universe kind of take over more and re-arrange things and just trust that what is happening is putting us in a better place because that’s what the energy is designed to do. It’s designed to bring us to Full phase, to full expression. So it supports us as we move towards that. (Wooh) So it’s really important during the Gibbous cycle, during the Virgo New Moon month, that we kind of let go. And allow other things to come into play. And not have to control at all. It is a month that – it always revitalizes us, in a way.

A: Very cool.

L: Yeah, I love the Mahavidya, the wisdom goddess that comes on duty during Virgo is Shodashi. And she’s a powerhouse and she drums things into action. So we can kind of step back and let the Galactic and the heavens kind of handle some of the things. That doesn’t mean that we all continue to move forward and take action like that. But it isn’t like the big times that we step out. It’s more receptive.

A: Okay, so you have the First Quarter Moon that takes action, you have the Gibbous Moon that’s like a period that kind of steps back and let the Universe do it’s thing, and then you go into the Full Moon.

L: Umhmm.

A: And at that point what happens?

L: Well this year we’re going to have two Full Moon cycles – we have two months that are Full Moon cycles. But it’s the Libran one that I’m most concerned about because it’s on a Cardinal point. It’s a Cardinal sign. That’s when the New World Order makes it’s moves – at the Cardinal points.

A: Are there particular dates on that?

L: I haven’t looked at the individual dates for it yet, but it’s in place all month. I haven’t looked if there’s any more specific, but I will. Everyone will know in advance.

A: I was going to say just check Oracle Report.com. Laura always has her pulse on the New World Order’s issues or I should say the Old World Order’s issues. And be in readiness to take action to create their false flags and whatever else that they feel they need to do. And anyway –

L: That’s right. I know their moves. I know what they do. Over and over. But so the Scorpio cycle begins October 23rd. The Sabian symbol for that month is ‘a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists’ and that’s a lot of activity with that energy, that symbol, so a lot will go on during that time. For Full Moon phases brings things to it’s fullest light. It’s kind of like the Full Moon fever that comes along with that and the lunacy that things can really get out of control during that cycle, during that Libran month.

A: So you are saying basically that everything is just magnified because everything is unveiled.

L: Yes, it has all that energy but it’s really the fullest expression of everything that was put in place in the Aries cycle. At the Aries New Moon, that’s when everything really is basically seeded in the field of consciousness and magicians, Illuminati, and people like us that have intentions with things that we want to accomplish too in a good way. When we know how to work the cycle of life through the phases and the cycles, it’s much more effective. We know when to do things and when not to. They follow this order. They know when it’s the proper time to do things that follows with a natural order of energy. They don’t go against that, they know those laws. The archons taught them this, I should say.

Yes, so we have two Full phases and then we come to the Disseminating phase and that cycle begins November 22nd. Disseminating cycles, those months are about sharing and communicating. So the month of December, it’s about sharing your ideas and getting feedback from other people and what they think and then take some of that feedback on board or getting rid of it. Whatever you choose to do. But it’s always when, basically, we take what we have been working on and then we share it with other people and they put their spin on it or their ideas and make it better.

A: It’s got this ultimate purpose.

L: Absolutely, absolutely. Every day on the Oracle Report I post what phase we are in and when the phase changes. And I always put the basic directive is for the energy.

A: Very cool. You are so good at what you do. And it’s so refreshing to talk to you. You always have such an interesting take on what’s unfolding around us and I think we all appreciate you greatly.

L: Well, thanks. It’s all moving towards the music of the spheres. That’s what 2015 is about. So I’m digging that.

A: I know. I can’t believe that we are almost there too.

L: I know.

A: So do you agree then that the real heavy lifting has been 2012, 2013, and 2014?

L: Yes. It’s been the major attack, it certainly has. 2014 is the year. What they get done this year is what they are going to work from. As far as they can push the agenda. I think that the virus situation, the Ebola, I think I talked about this on our first show about how I believe that it’s going to be the viruses and the bacteria, the plagues, that’s really what the false flag is.

A: And listen, it is a false flag because the Ebola can be wiped out with MMS, colloidal silver and there’s a couple of other things. So it’s all fear porn to get people in a state. Where I get frustrated is how many times do we have to go down this street before people start catching that this is a pattern that they do over and over and over again?

L: Yeah, well, people do pick up the patterns eventually. The patterns are there until people pick it up. But I’m not even so concerned about it being spread person to person or anything, Ebola or anything. I think it’s being sprayed.

A: Yes. Through chemtrails.

L: Yeah. I think last winter was basically a test because I think they released things – lung infections that people got, me included.

A: I did too.

L: And they just watched how it spread. And how fast that it spread. How long people were down, which was months. How many people died which was epidemic and no one really knew. I’m sure everyone listening here knows I’m not coming from a place of fear with this. We are empowered with this and we can do things to make sure that we are in as good shape as we can be. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, everything, we all know. We have so many lovely people out there that tell us what we need to do. Their mission is to inform us so that we can stay healthy.

A: Well, I want to say one more thing as we get to the top of the hour. It’s so important for you to see your own body as a self-healing mechanism. It is very important to understand that it was designed that way. It just needs a little coaxing and some re-aligning and maybe a couple of tweakings depending on what kinds of therapies. When I look at where I was and where I am now – most people would say it’s a miracle. But it’s only because I really, truly got it that the body is self-healing.

L: Oh, our brains are miraculous.

A: Yeah. The body is miraculous. I’ve always been fascinated with the way that the body functions. So I’ll tell you a quick story and then I’ll let you go. I started out as pre-med and I really thought that I wanted to be a surgeon. So one day, my anatomy and physiology class in high school had a trip over to the medical center and we were going to look at cadavars. And I didn’t know, I kind of bolted into the room because I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to see the inside of a body. So I just blew off all the instructions, you know, they were standing around these people and he had a mask on his face and all of this stuff. And I said, forget that, man, I wanted to go see the bodies. So I’m in there. I didn’t have gloves on or anything. I’m like picking the organs up out of the body and I’m going, ‘wow, look at it, look at how it feels, and look how’s it shaped,’ and I was kind of tripping out on the whole beauty of the way that the body is made. And the guy comes running in, ‘no, no, no, you’re supposed to be wearing gloves and da-da-da-da-da and this, that and the other. And I turned to my left and there’s a guy, he just went phoom, bam, totally passed out. (laughter)

L: I’m glad that there are people like you out there.

A: But, you know, gosh, when you see the body like that – and that’s only on the 3-D level. That’s not even etherically, oh my god. Anyway, Laura, I just can’t thank you enough for being willing to do this spontaneous recording with me today.

L: Absolutely. I love being on your show and chat with you. Thank you for having me.

A: I felt like it was such an important message. All of you that are listening please forgive me of I got a little bit too passionate, but I really want to see everybody out of their pain. Especially, when it’s related to feeling like you have to hang in there with some sort of family of origin or even a circle of friends of origin that are just no longer providing you with the sustenance that you need to fully step into your own power. And we need you. Laura needs you. I need you. Everybody needs you to be fully in your power. You have to understand that it’s not just affecting you. It’s affecting all of us that are on the front lines here that really want to make a difference and help humanity. So I want to leave you guys with that.

As always Laura, thank you. Please visit her website. Again, it’s Oracle Report.com. I think she’s just brilliant. And she does phenomenal readings. Drop her an email. Give her a try. She’s fantastic. And always thank you all again from the top of my heart, I should say, instead of the bottom, for your dedication and your willingness to really do what it takes to bring this shift forward through the implant removal, the soul alignment, and the DNA activation. I thank you, thank you, thank you for what you are doing. And I love you all. Have a great night. And we will talk to you all soon. Thanks, Laura.

L: Thanks everyone.

A: Have a great night. Take care.


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