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microphone (1)Louise Schoeman and Alexandra Meadors, August 12, 2014:

Let’s Get a New Perspective on The Freemasons Shall We?

Hello, hello everybody, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is August 12th, 2014, and you can find me regularly at BBS Radio Station 2, on Tuesday afternoons, from 3:00 to 4:55 pm. (PDT) With that said, I’ve had a quite an interesting day and evening getting ready for this interview. This must be a very interesting conversation today as we discuss the ins and outs of Freemasonry. This is a very spontaneous interview that was put together with Louise Schoeman. And Louise is a very lovely lady, a friend of mine that knows her personally from Haenertsburg, South Africa. She’s been researching Freemasonry over 28 years and in fact her late-father was a Freemason. And of course, as she was growing up in this kind of environment she said that she took part in the Charismatic church movement and this just got her started on a journey to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes with the Freemasons. So I think we are all very curious to hear what she has to say today and I can tell you this much, I’ve had a lot of interference to get this interview out on the airwaves. So anyway, welcome, welcome, Louise, we finally got you on the call. Hello.

Louise: Hello Alexandra, and thank you. I’m delighted to be here.

Alexandra: I’m delighted to have you. And hey, tenacity is always a good thing, isn’t it?

Louise: It absolutely, it is. And I can tell you especially that 28 years ago when you would try to find out, you had to stick to it. (A: Oh didn’t you? That is so true.) There wasn’t any internet in those days.

Alexandra: Well, thank God for that because we probably wouldn’t even know half of what we know now if we had as many internet problems today as we did back then. You know what I mean? Louise and I were just discussing how there’s got to be several cracks in the matrix because of the volatility of the internet and the lack of reliability. So anyway, with that said, so Louise, where do we begin? Tell me how you started down this walk of – did it kind of become an obsession to really get behind what the Freemasons are really about?

Louise: I wouldn’t say it was an obsession about Freemasonry. It was more a need to find the truth. Or something that resonated with my truth. That’s where it started. (A: Very cool) And this was like in 1985, 1986. And like I said, I was part of a Charismatic Church Movement and my dad dropped the bomb. He was becoming a Freemason. And nobody could really tell me what that meant other than the devil and the this and the that. So that did not make sense because my father was a beautiful human being. It just didn’t make sense. (A: Interesting) You know, people would make statements like ‘ya, they do this.’ How do you know that? We know. How? So for the enquiring mind, or somebody who doesn’t just accept silly answers, very soon I was out of alignment with the church. In fact, I had to really, really, start to protect myself against the brutal attacks and criticism and judgment. That’s where it all began.

Alexandra: We’re they really brutal against you per se because you were a child of he being in the Freemasons?

Louise: No, because I kept on saying that the answers that they gave me was not good enough. Because I would have another question. And then I would get the normal, but you just have to have faith. Then, I couldn’t just have faith. I was given a brain to explore, I’m a revisionist. I research. That’s what I do.

Alexandra: Divide the truth.

Louise: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s where the journey led me and in those days, and this as we spoke earlier about how things are changing. They are certainly changing. Because in those days there was no way you could go to a Masonic Temple or to speak to Masons to get information. It was a closed book. Especially if one were a woman. (Oh yes) But I would go to old, old bookstores and find treasures like – I have one of the most wonderful books which is The Morals and Dogmas of Scottish Freemasonry by Albert Pike. I have a 1876 copy. So I had to go and dig and find and that’s taken me a long time. Of course, the internet has just opened it up.

A: Yeah, and it – excuse the again the big word again, but there is such an obsession of learning and understanding thoroughly the whole Freemason movement, especially with it’s impact and influence on our political officials and presidents, etcetera.

L: There’s often a confusion with what people define as the Illuminati and Freemasonry. They are not the same. It’s not the same thing at all. I’m not saying that they aren’t members of those organizations that have become Freemasons. But the philosophy of Freemasonry is not what the Illuminati stand for. And this started way back with Adam Weishaupt when he established the Illuminati. And it’s a bit of a conflict because the Illuminati actually means the Illuminated Ones. And many, many hundreds of years ago there was that need that people had to find Illumination. Become Enlightened. What Adam Heishaupt established is what they know today as the Grand Orient. And the Illuminati as a body – it’s not a single body. It’s basically an umbrella for a number of organizations. But the Grand Orient today is still a Masonic body. And the philosophy behind it is the same as ancient brotherhoods from Egypt, the Mysteries of Dionysis Bacchus, Eleusinians, the Druids, the Kabbala, those are ancient mysteries. And many of these mysteries today have come through into this body we call the Freemasons.

And I have to tell you what really got me going is, if any of the major, major church movements say something is wrong then my ears go up and I say, Why? Why don’t you want people to know? (A: Very good point) Why are you ‘anti?’ Because all I have found is beauty. I’m not talking about Masonic behavior. I’m talking about the Masonic philosophy. It is beautiful.

A: That would be a definite distinction, wouldn’t it? Well, they mention that the first Grand Lodge was in 1717 but what you are alluding to is that this has been around for a very long time.

L: It’s been around – I was very, very delighted to do a talk at the Lyceum Lodge of Research in South Africa about two weeks ago. Which is also going to be indicative of the changes that are happening. And I spoke about Freemasonry being an ancient encyclopedia, or an encyclopedia of ancient wisdom and insight – that was my topic. And I could speak an hour on the ancient connections with the ancient Persians, Zoroastrianism, the mysteries of Noah, the Eastern mysteries. And they were very, very direct connections, even as far as ritual is concerned. But the fascinating thing was that this is like the number one lodge or one of the main lodges in South Africa. It can seat 180 people. They were for the first time in their recorded history 246 people. It was the first time that a woman had addressed the Masons on Masonic topics

A: I was just going to ask you that.

L: at the Lyceum Lodge.

A: Did the 246 people because you delivering it as a female?

L: Quite possibly, the interest was there but it was also the first time from feedback from the top – what would one say – the top degrees, the top office bearers. But it was the first time that a speaker got a standing ovation. I got two.

A: Wow. Fantastic! Good for you.

L: And I basically discussed the esoteric aspects of the Masonic philosophy. They

are so ready to hear this. A lot of people would say to me, yes, but the bottom levels of Masonry – those poor souls don’t know what they are getting involved in. It’s the top oaks that are manipulating. Well, I believe that, I have discovered that the top guys, yes they know more, but they know the esoteric aspects. And they are delighted to invite me into their midst and to share it, as a non-Mason.

A: Isn’t that interesting? What do you attribute that to?

L: The light is moving in, Alexandra. The Light cannot be diffused. That’s a scientific fact.

A: True.

L: And this is what is happening globally. People are wanting to know more. For the next six months, I’m busy doing talks all over South Africa.

A: That’s fantastic. So what do you feel are some of the core exposures that you’ve presented that were at least very secretive at one time and difficult to find out about that you’ve been able to unearth at this point.

L: Well, what I said is that the big thing that Freemasonry is an secret organization – that’s absolute nonsense. Freemasonry it not a secret organization, it is not an organization with secrets. You have to search and you will find, and if you knock the door will be opened. That is my experience. I am embraced by these people. They are sharing, they are opening up. They’re not giving me any information at all, they aren’t interested in that. They are allowing me to present my own truth.

A: Very interesting. Do you feel like their number one mission is to present an amalgamation of all the sacred, ancient philosophies?

L: No. The number one ambition or aim is and has been from the beginning of time – you had all those ancient mystery schools and these were for people who wanted to join and find meaning, find their path, find the ancient knowledge, sacred wisdom. And Freemasonry is just continuing to do that. What has happened is that due to the influence of what we would call Illuminati, the Grand Lodge in England in 1717 – they developed a situation where there are millions of ill-equiped Masons – most Masons do not understand the esoteric spiritual aspects of their craft. And that is sad. It’s not just for the elite. Anybody can join, who wants to know, that wants to learn and of good report. Anybody can join. There are even in Johannesburg and South Africa, there’s Ladies Mason groups. There are co-masonic groups and then of course there’s the Freemasons.

What has happened is, Freemasonry like all the other Mystery Schools were for the select few. Now, this is not dictated by the Freemasons. This is dictated by the individual’s capacity to understand higher learning.

A: And that makes a lot of sense, because that brings us back to initiations.

L: Yes. A: Yes, definitely.

L: It is an initiation science. Now prior to 1717 there weren’t formalized rituals. There were master teachers. And these master teachers taught us, or taught initiates, to be their own saviors, and not to rely on the supplication to an external deity, which quite frankly defines the world of tyranny that we live in today. And ‘knowing thyself’ and finding the divine gloriousness within yourself. A large part of their journey from the first degree right up to the 33rd would be finding out who you are. Or to find the divinity within you. And it’s a long journey.

And people would say, but why do they do this in degrees? Well, for the simple reason, if you are a grade A you can’t go to grade 12. You need to learn what is applicable to grade A, grade B, grade C. And this takes a lifetime.

A: Sure. Sure. And in fact, I remember just looking at a diagram of each of the steps of each of the degrees and how they were affiliated with a particular type of – I’m trying to think – like one would be almost looking like a pope, or one would be somebody that was a politician. And I was very intrigued by that, that they would affiliate with their ability, whatever their form of communciation was affiliated with that step. Do you agree with that? Does that kind of fit in?

L: Well, as they go from one degree to the next degree they start exploring a different level of their own consciousness. Now there are rituals involved, physically rituals, and you know what, these rituals are actually dramas. It’s a theatrical expression of what they are learning in that particular degree.

A: Really?

L: Absolutely. It’s a drama of note. I think we have a huge suppy of Oscar-nominees available among the Masons. It’s the most beautiful drama, they enact a situation from ancient history. They act it out. So that’s the ritual. Their ritual is an acting a drama. And as anybody would know, that this drama in modern Freemasonry is the building of Solomon’s Temple. (A: Yes)

L: So they enact that. That is their ritual. And what they then find out of that is the meaning of the immortality of the soul – the belief in a higher being. You may not become a Mason if you do not have the belief in a higher being. Whatever you choose to call that higher being. You may not become a Freemason.

A: So some people say that that they really do not get involved in religion per se. Do you agree with that?

L: They don’t get involved in religion, but spiritual aspects are part of their ritual. You’ll find that in every lodge, if it’s a Christian lodge the volume of sacred lore, which they call it, would be the Bible. If they are Hindu people in the lodge, if they are Muslim people in the lodge, or Hebrew, Jewish people in the lodge, then their volume of sacred lore will also be open. It’s an respect for the belief structure of the individual.

A: Now I do know, because I just spent an immense amount of research on the Knight’s Templar, I do know that a lot of the evidence does state that the Freemasons really only had an intertwining with the Knights Templar due to the building of the cathedrals such as Roslyn and places like that where apparently they pulled in some of the stonemasons, they literally had to kind of teach them some of their secrets because they wanted to pass on the sacred geometry and the symbolism and things like and be able to embed that in stone within the cathedrals. And the story goes that that is where they met and where they separated. From that point on there were offshoots from that meeting or from those projects. Now what have you found out?

L: Well, the Knight’s Templar, there are a huge amount of various Masonic Orders. Okay. And this was now way before there was a United Grand Lodge, or before there was a Grand Lodge, or before masonry became organized as a specific order. This was in the 13th hundreds. They were already searching for this ancient knowledge. For example, part of their rituals would be standing on the cross, for example, in strength. But they were burned as heretics for jumping on the cross. It was part of their ritual. It was a beautiful ritual that was misinterpreted. Do you know anything about the Chinon Parchment?

A: Very little.

L: Okay, within one year after Jacques de Molay and some of his men were burned at the stake, which was a slow burning fire, within a year a document was released by the Vatican, it’s called the Chinon Parchment.

A: Oh, yes, isn’t this where Jacques de Molay was actually printed in it, isn’t it?

L: They were exonerated of all crimes of heresy. And that document was mis-filed for 704 hundred years.

A: Yeah, I heard about that.

L: In 2008 this document was discovered and the Vatican did offer an apology but in Latin. Nobody actually could understand what they were saying. Jacques de Molay sacrificed himself. He knew what was coming. He got most of these people out. He knew what was coming. He sacrificed himself to keep this knowledge safe. And you know what is the big thing that I’ve now discovered.

A: What?

L: Part of their greatest teaching is Knowing Thyself. So taking charge of what you think, and you say, and you do. And this is an initiatory process to get people into that all members that join out of free will, who want to explore this journey, to get them to start focusing more on the divinity within. Now the chaos that we currently having at the moment, of all these people who are not initiated – and I’m not talking about initiated into Freemasonry – initiated into searching for higher knowledge. You and me and millions of us are initiated beings. We are looking for answers. We are exploring our inner journeys. But the masses out there have not taken control of the creative part of their divinity – as you speak, you create.

A: Good point. I love it.

L: So it’s time for the Freemasons, among others, to start speaking their truth so that it can become clear that we create as we speak, they create light. Light is part of their journey from the First Degree. Searching for light, searching for meaning. And that is why we’re in chaos, because of the mess, inability to understand that we are the expressions of the divine.

A: That’s beautiful. Louise, thank you for that. I guess my burning question though is, anybody who thinks of the Freemasons today, will typically immediately go to the Cabal, or the governmental political officials of some sort. So where did they take a wrong turn, or are they in fact, one and the same.

L: No, what they have created, the Cabal, they’ve created a scapegoat and they’ve called it the Freemasons. And the Freemasons, because part of the Masonic philosophy is not to be confrontational, but to walk away in peace and harmony. Beautiful. (A: Yes) And they left themselves wide open for people to use them for target practice and to use them to scapegoat them. I have been exploring, obviously, as all of us are, for many years. And I remember the other day listening to two people that I greatly admired through my journey. And the one guy was telling a story about some other general in the military that did x, y, z, in Iraq and he was going on about this. And then he said, and, his grandfather was a Freemason. And I was thinking, Oh for heaven’s sake. Come on guys. If you want to be conspiracy theorist have your facts together.

There was another thing, a friend of mine emailed me urgently, a very sad happening in the States of a school shooting, a mass killing in a school. And the headlines read, ‘And the Hiram Lodge #18 is just around the corner.’ And I’m thinking, Come on guys. You go into the actual website of this particular Lodge and they have established a fund to assist the families of those children. But nobody would bother and do that. They just say, yeah, you see, there you go, there’s a lodge behind them. They sort of take one plus two and make it ten. And most people are sheeple, they just follow it. They love the hype of the conspiracy, they love the anti-system stance, standing for something. if you do not find your own truth you are standing for other people’s truth and it means didley squat.

A: So what do you think the Cabal are practicing when they are constantly touting the Freemason degrees and initiations and lot of this very kind of diabolical ritualistic practice behind closed doors?

L: Well I have to tell you, I am in the position, I know most of the rituals, not because I’ve been there, but because I have the literature, first-hand literature, and there is nothing diabolical about it. There is a lot of stuff out of respect because it is a private and sacred institution, in my opinion, there are things I will not talk about because it’s not up to me to do that. But I can give you the assurance that there’s nothing diabolical about it. It’s like I said before, they enact various dramas and they have various passwords. And that is to identify one another as Masons, as brothers, and it’s actually probably a bit archaic in a way, but that’s what they do. And the whole objective is to take the complete man – I’ll just give you a little bit of symbolism here – to take the complete man symbolized by the right angle triangle to the perfected man, which is the equilateral triangle. All corners and all angles and all lines are equal.

And that is their strive. You know their strive is also to find the light, the hidden inner light which is an ancient Egyptian philosophy. In every man, however unpromising but to find that light. It’s all about light. From the first degree right to the end. It is all about light.

A: Interesting. So, is there like a screeing process? Or is it just strictly that if you have the desire to learn and seek out your own spiritual journey that you’re welcomed with opened arms?

L: You have to be 21 and have no criminal record.

A: And that’s pretty much it? And you’re saying now that you can be a female and join the Freemasons.

L: Well, they are not called Freemasons, they are called Lady Masons.

A: Lady Masons. And when did that begin?

L: Well I know that in South Africa it been on for a couple of years already. I would say about 6 or 7 years, I might be wrong. And in my talk I discuss this particular thing as well because a lot of women will say, Why can’t we be Freemasons? Well, for the simple reason, and this is my opinion, if we are activating membership to become a Freemason, if we are doing this from a platform of equal rights and activism we are not in alignment with searching for a higher consciousness. That’s not in alignment. Because they are equal and parallel alternatives. Freemasonry celebrates the masculine divine. There are many, many organizations that celebrate the feminine divine. And when the divine masculine and the feminine divine meet and come together on a level they will have equilibrium and harmony. It’s not about activism and equality. We don’t have to fight for it. In fact, the feminine divine is already encapsulated in a lot of the Masonic ritual which comes from the higher degrees for those who know how to recognize the divine feminine or the balance in all things.

A: Yes, and of course, at this point in the process of the shift that we are going through that is one of the ultimate goals for each of us is to be able to intertwine the divine masculine and feminine and be in equilibrium with both.

L: And that is what most definitely is happening, especially in the Masonic Lodges where I’ve been talking. I’ve had one talk to what you would call the Master Masons and above. All of my other talks have been open to the public and the wives.

A: Now are you finding the rest of the Masons that are participating in this, are they welcoming this move to have the women?

L: Yes. I have to tell you a very, very funny story. After I had done my last talk I had two of my lady friends from Haenertsburg come with me. And as I started talking they were telling me the story that right next to them were these three gentlemen that faced with very strong frowns straight ahead with their arms folded and they were watching these guys as the arms started dropping and as they started leading forward and when I finished they jumped up and clapped their hands. So this is what is happening. They have welcomed me with absolute open arms.

A: Well, that’s good. Well, of course, you are speaking very positively about them as well. So I would imagine that they’re appreciative of this.

L: Well, don’t think that I’ve just been speaking about the niceties. I have also pointed out to them that in many, many lodges, and at many, many Masons they have basically become a glorified boy’s club with amateur theatricals and copious amounts of beer and wine. And they took that. They took that. They came to me and I said to them, It’s about high time that you stop this and return to your true charter, which is to elucidate, to teach. And I tell you what, they took it, they came, they said to me, “it’s about time we needed to hear this. Thank you.”

A: That’s awesome. Well, way to go, Louise.

L: In fact, my partner Gary, when I left he said, “Now sweetheart, now don’t go and shout at them.” But they are open to criticism, they are wanting to know, they want to learn. And all that I talk about is the philosophy and the esoteric aspects. Because every step that an office bearer from any cardinal point – that is, at every point of time in the ritual – has significant esoteric implications. It’s a magnificent spiritual drama. Having said this, 80% of Masons do not know this.

A: Wow! Why would that be?

L: Because the emphasis hasn’t been on the esoteric. Now I have to tell you of the most senior members of the Grand Lodge of England have indicated that this central core of Freemasonry should be esoteric. The most senior members.

A: So can you give us some ideas of how you start out, you start with Step One, can you give us an idea of what that indicates, what is involved?

L: In terms of the masonic part?

A: Yes, yes.

L: Well, the first step is basically the initiate, or what you would call Entered Apprentice. And it pretty much focuses on the mind, the physical body, the mind. And the process of using the mind because as you think, so you become.

A: Oh, that is so true. Yes, yes.

L: The second phase is what they would call the Fellow Craft Mason. The Fellow Craft is almost like a bridge. It’s a passing over. It’s more of a spiritual ritual that unfolds. The third thing is what you call the Master Mason and these are the first degrees of the Craft, or the Craft degrees. Now the Master Mason deals with the mortal man and the immortal man, the death, the dying. The whole eternal soul, the eternal spirit, the standing with integrity. It’s all about that. It’s basically, – you’ve heard of the square and the compasses, everybody has seen the square and the compasses.

A: Yeah, the square, the compass and the rule.

L: Well the square basically is about the integrity. You stand on the square in all your dealings with all of mankind. That’s what that symbolizes. The compass is the celestial, the spirit, the soul coming together. Now look at the symbolism. It’s beautiful.

A: Yes. Yes it is.

L: But in the past when you see that you go, ugh. But that basically is what it means. And those three degrees of the Craft. From there on you start exploring the higher degrees. You go to the Royal Arch, the Rose Croix, the Knights Templar, and, and, and. And those explore the resurrections of soul, the ascension of soul – can you believe it? – they teach the ascension of soul.

A: That’s fantastic. So you are saying that this was basically kind of like an acquired – it’s almost like a compilation of all the ancient teachings that they put together. It’s not one particular religion as you said, but it’s opening up the initiate to finding their true soul connection.

L: Absolutely. Now many people did not focus, until now, because now it the time, you know, in this Age of Aquarius. In the past they were taught the ritual. And the ritual was lost in meaning. It’s just a bunch of guys that got together, did this thing that felt good, it’s a mystery, it’s mysterious, it’s a secret. There’s a lot of ego involved.

A: Very much so.

L: But as our time is unfolding, our time/space is opening out the true knowledge, the true messages that have spoken to us. Now this knowledge, this ancient knowledge has stood the test of time for thousands of years. And it is still around. It must stand for something.

A: Well, yeah, there has been some controversy about how many presidents were Freemasons. And supposedly, a lot less than people think. So what is your perspective on that? They’ve actually said that out of the 56 figures of that signed the Declaration of Independence there were only nine that were confirmed to be Masons.

L: Well I would have thought that there were more because yes, the Founding Fathers of America were Freemasons. It was those Founding Fathers that were against the banking structures that we have today. They actually fought against it. They had been kicked out of the country. The British-American War, the cause of that, to force these presidents into submission. Yes, they saw the dangers. So yes, they were, most of them were Founding Fathers. The same in South Africa, they were Freemasons. Yes.

A: And how about in England?

L: I would think that the Royalty basically sort of really got involved here after the 17- because in 1717 the Grand Lodge was found, but there were huge amounts of disputes in terms of ancient masonry and modern and operative freemasonry and speculatory freemasonry. It was only in the late 1776 that the United Lodge came together which basically represented the English lodges. In South Africa you have a different lodge. It’s the Grand Lodge of South Africa which is not an English lodge, it’s an Afrikaans lodge. Also obviously, it is open to English speaking people. So you have various, various, various lodges. And there are many Orders that would like to link themselves to freemasonry but they are not part of freemasonry.

A: Such as who?

L: In the past like the Golden Dawn, hermetic groups essentially, that doesn’t make them bad, but they are not part of freemasonry. And a lot of people would like to take all of these things and chuck them all into one pot. You can’t do that. And a lot of people – what they don’t understand, they chuck into the devil’s pot which makes it even worse.

A: Well now you have brought up the devil part and the fact that you had some people basically protest and say, oh, that’s part of the devil. Tell me a little bit about that. Why has it been construed that it’s so involving the Devil itself.

L: Okay. Well, it’s because it’s a very, very interesting topic and a research project of mine, which is not necessarily linked to Freemasonry, but obviously the origin of the Devil. You know the ancient masters of Freemasonry taught, like I said before, to ‘Know Thyself.’ To stand in the divinity of the Self. So there is no devil. The devil is a scapegoat. It’s somebody that ‘the devil made me do.’ Or the devil came to me, or this or that or the next thing. Absolute nonsense. We have this incredibly, powerful divinity within us that as we speak, so we create, so we cannot, we cannot accept the gifts of divinity and blame somebody else because of what we created. Or something else for that matter. So in my opinion, the Devil has no place in my life, in my expression, and in what I’ve experienced in terms of my research into Freemasonry.

A: Interesting. So it’s just representing the archetype, the shadow, the shadow side.

L: Ab-so-lute-ly. And it’s like the conundrum of the word ‘Illuminati’ being the Illuminated ones. The enlightened ones. That title no longer fits with what they are linked to today. So that’s something that we need to explore. Why is that? It’s the same with the name ‘Lucifer.’ It means ‘light.’ How do we get the Devil and the Light in the same pot. I need still find my own truth in this regard.

A: Well, in my opinion, that’s classic dark manipulation to take the exact opposite of what they mean. L: Yes.

A: I mean they do it with everything. So this is no different. But I think what everybody who is listening to the show right now they’re still scratching their heads as if to say, well, wait a minute, all we ever do, every article practically, on the internet that is conspiratorially related, they’re constantly bringing up the Freemasons and what’s going on above the 33rd degree, what would you say to that?

L: I would say that say to them, you can go to any Lodge, you can ask to speak to the master and you can ask the questions. They’re even doing tours to the mother Lodge, the Grand Lodge of England. Go and speak to the people, not about them. Find out for yourself. Go read the books by Laurence Gardner, and please do me a favor, read books by Masons, they know what they are talking about. And they are not shy. This stuff that we are talking about now, I’ve got ancient books, well, 18th century, even 17th century books, and things have changed very little in 300 years.

A: Interesting. That’s awesome to have – talk about a find, a book from 17th century.

L: They are available. It’s available. You can even go to the Masonic libraries. Go in, go read. It’s on the internet. It’s open. What I find that is very interesting. The majority of people – and I’m sure you will find that as well Alexandra, that a lot of people have become spiritual parasites. A: Yes.

L: They sort of latch onto you and they want all of your stuff so they can just spew it forth in another space. Okay. The whole idea of Enlightenment and this journey is to get off of your back side and you start searching for your own truth. Go into the libraries. Go and read. Go and speak to the people. Go and meet these people.

A: It’s interesting that you are saying that because I’m kind of a broken record. I often say, listen, my truth is not going to be the same as your truth. (L: Yes) And we need to learn to agree to disagree, and also repsect everybody else’s perspectives as long as it’s not infringing up on the free will of an individual or as long as it’s not in disrespect or are creating disharmony.

L: Absolutely.

A: This is where we get stuck from the old Christian perspective of truth. What is truth? So what would you say to people if they said to you, hey, Louise, how do you define truth, what would you say?

L: I find truth as a spiritual experience. It’s an intuitive knowing within me, that this is good. A: Yes.

L: It resonates with the basic aspects of who I am. And that in that moment at time, is my truth. You know, another beautiful thing about Freemasonry, we have a little town here in South Africa called Jagersfontein. Now in the Anglo-Boer War there were Afrikaans Freemasons and there were English Freemasons. This lot would get together for a lodge meeting in the same building, have the meeting as brethern, and then go back and fight the war. They didn’t want to fight the war, they were being held ransom. They were brothers. And unfortunately, not the brothers of the same arms. Now can you imagine if some of our higher leading politicians would embrace that kind of understanding where various leaders from various ideologies can go together in the same place on an equal footing and resolve issues. Because that is what Masonry is. All men are equal. They come together in the lodge and they are brethern. Can you imagine an environment where people can resolve issues in that environment?

A: Well, I can only because one of my favorite documents is the Declaration of Independence. (L: Yes) Far more than the Constitution, any day. It’s a superb piece of penmanship. (L: Absolutely) It gives me goosebumps when I read it. So I think the other thing about truth is, when you know that you have stumbled upon truth you know that you have found an aspect of yourself.

L: Absolutely.

A: And you have re-initiated, you have re-sparked, that excitement, that knowing within yourself.

L: That’s ab-so-lute-ly.

A: And this is why they are all different. That’s why everyone’s truth is different. So once again, we tend to take the definition of a certain word and attach a lot of garbage to it, not looking at just the true identity of the word itself. But I’m getting off on a tangent, so forgive me for that.

L: Well, I love doing that.

A: Tell me a little bit about the Freemasons versus the stone masons. What was their relationship together?

L: Okay. Well, the stone masons were very much, according to the physical aspects, or the mental aspects of Freemasonry. You had a worker who was taught to cut stones in specific ways, straight, square, and they had to use the various tools which are like the plumb rule, the square, the skillet, whatever tool they used. The second degree, which we know as today as Fellow Craft, but in those days they were the supervisors for the lack of a better word. And then you have the masters, and the masters were the architects.

A: Okay.

L: And the stone masons, if you go into a lot of the most magnificent cathedrals they built according to specific sacred geometric proportion. A lot of the golden mean one would find, the Fibonacci, one would find in the buildings. It’s such a big field I couldn’t even begin to – if you walk into these cathedrals you almost have an experience of elevation, okay. And you find that when you walk into a pyramid.

A: Yes. And so, so what you are saying is that the Fibonaccis are actually designed in to the flooring or the walls or the archways or what-have-you?

L: Absolutely. Now in the Masonic Lodges, when you go into your Apprentice, or your Fellow Craft, or your Masters or whatever, certain words were spoken. These words are spoken from the ancient knowledge of creating a vibration. Which is beautiful. Some people would look at it as magic. Magic wasn’t what we would think of today as of, you know, parables or magical stories. It was considered a science. If you look at the beginning of ‘God said, Let there be light,’ for most of our lives we have looked at this as, ugh, this is a bit of myth. But today we know it is a science. It’s sonoluminescence, it’s ultrasound technology. As you put certain frequencies through a liquid the bubbles will implode and create light. So a lot of what we thought were miracles and magics were pure scientific knowledge that was available to the ancients at the time. Isaac Newton, those people, were all connected with Freemasonry.

A: Interesting.

L: And Robert Boyle –

A: And I would imagine Da Vinci.

L: Absolutely, most definitely. You know, Dan Brown did a marvelous job. I often say that his marketing campaign was given to him on a tablet because the Roman Catholic Church did a marvelous job of marketing his thinking.

A: Well, that brings to me a question. Don’t the Catholics and the Vatican, they don’t think very highly of the Freemasons, I thought? I thought they denied them and downgraded them. I was curious if you think you agree with that.

L: Thousands and thousands of Masons were hunted down. The witch hunts was also against Masons. Jacques de Molay and them were burned at the stake. Hitler banned them. Because Hitler – we know today – the connection between Hitler and the Vatican, okay.

A: So you are using the Freemasons and the Knights Templars interchangeably.

L: Well, yeah, because they were different periods of time. The Knights Templar re-established themselves in Scotland. And much of the Rosicrucianism is linked to that. Or of what we know today as of Rosicrucianism. So they had to re-establish themselves. But they were all inter-connected. The Freemasons, the Vatican and all of the churches, even the Protestant churches, were very, very anti-Freemasonry. My father was in a position where he had a minister that didn’t judge him. He just adored my father for the human being that he was. My father was not allowed to sit on a church council because he was a Freemason. But there’s a lot of speculation, there’s a lot of things that people don’t know. You know, they would mouth off stuff like the bloodline of Cain. Well, if you do your research you will see that Naamah, the sister of Tubal-cain from that bloodline was Noah’s partner.

So come on, there were many, many people came from that bloodline. So people now are forced, and they don’t really know what they are saying. They are speaking other people’s truth. You know, my father was a Mason. My partner’s father was non-Mason. But they both walked the path of initiation to Knowing Thyself. Both of their lives came to full circle, one structured, one less so.

A: So what does one normally spend, as far as the amount of time in each step, on an average?

L: It used to be seven years.

A: Wow!

L: Yes, in the ancient days it used to be seven years if you look at the –

A: We must have lived a lot longer, huh, Louise? (laughs)

L: I took a lifetime. It was a quest for knowledge.

A: I was going to say.

L: These days it’s much, much quicker, I would say possibly, 18 months to 2 years per degree. And the people are encouraged now, and a lot more so lately, to go and study more. To find more answers. And like I said, this information is available on the internet. In some of the initial degrees the candidate would step down on the left foot and bring the right foot in the hollow of the left. Now initially the physical explanation of that is to stay square, to stay within integrity. But when you look at it as esoteric beings, I looked at this and I said, no, no, no, no. That means to step down in the mind and bring consciousness in the hollow thereof. And there’s two aspects to everything. And it’s beautiful. A: Very good.

L: And it’s two positive aspects. It’s two interpretations, equal and parallel and beautiful.

A: So when you talk about the ritualism, can you talk a little bit about the significance of why so much emphasis is being placed on that? What is it doing? What are they gaining from that? What are the advantages of that?

L: Sometimes I think it’s just activating this inherent theatrical aspects of who all of us are. It’s a drama, like I said before. They are actually participating in this so they really are part of it. They are internalizing this information at a much deeper level. Like I said, by certain words that are spoken the vibratory level of the lodge is increased toward growth and enlightenment. So it’s very much so, if somebody asked you, what does Italy look like? Most people would say, a shoe. Because it’s a visual experience that stays in your mind. But if you’d ask me what Romania looks like, I’m going to go, um, ah, there’s no association. And as one internalizes, you are acting this out, you are understanding it, you are speaking the words, you’re greeting with the grips, you are experiencing it at all five senses and it’s very much the material, the spiritual, the intuitional, the mental, all the planes, the five-fold being, essentially. We are experiencing what is happening here in this mystery at every level.

And a lot of people would say, Why strive? Why strive towards enlightenment? Because they would say that to find your enlightenment in Jesus, or you’ll find your enlightenment in God or whatever. No, no, no, no, no. The Bible clearly says, “Be ye perfect as your father is in heaven.” And that means that we have the capacity to do that. We have the internal capacity to be perfect. And this is what the Masons strive towards. So in the first degree and the second degree, in the first degree they are sort of experiencing the mental aspects, the walking around the perambulation, the thinking about it. The second degree they are getting up a little bit higher. They are experiencing waters, cleansing waters. They are experiencing food for soul, and those Masons that are listening know exactly what I am talking about. And they are then led into the third degree where this drama unfolds, where this architect would not give away the secrets that we spoke about earlier. Because the secrets of building are also the secrets of the spiritual. They did not only build the temple.

In fact, it is my interpretation that they didn’t actually build the temple. The Temple of Solomon is the spiritual temple of man. And that you design a plan for your life. You have a plan for your life. That’s the architect within you. You can work on your life, you stand with integrity, you square your stones. You check your behavior. You be careful what you speak. So that is the whole preparation towards creating the perfect man.

A: Nice. So it’s just an exterior representation of that which is within. L: Absolutely.

A: That’s beautiful. So what would you say were the distinct differences, you mentioned before the Rosicrusians which is one that I like a lot, your Rosicrusians, your Knights Templar, your Freemasons, your hermetics, what would you say is the primary differences, or are they all really after the same thing?

L: They are primarily after the same thing, they just have different expressions.

A: Right. Okay.

L: I often bring Thoth, the writings of Thoth into my presentations. I bring the writings of the Essenes into my presentations. We are all saying the same thing. We just have the different ways of expressing it.

A: Nice. So tell us a little bit about the Essenes and how they fit in with the Freemasons. They’re near and dear to my heart.

L: Basically, you would find certain aspects. They paid a lot of emphasis on Knowing Thyself. Knowing that you have the power to split asunder the mighty tree. Be careful with your thoughts. That’s the aspect that I primarily use with the Essenes. The ability to know the divinity within you.

A: Beautiful.

L: And if I look at the ancient – if I look at the Druids, the Druids talk about a point within a circle. Because the point is the center from which man cannot err and the circle has no ending. That was symbolic and the Freemasons utilized that symbol as well. It’s also the ancient symbol for the alchemy of gold. The transmutation of spirit. And that is a very powerful symbol in Masonic circles, a point within a circle. But it’s also present in the Druids.

A: Hmm, interesting. That goes back to the Coptic records, doesn’t it?

L: Absolutely.

A: Very interesting.

L: And also in ancient alchemy.

A: Yes. Yes. Which is near and dear to my heart. Now when you were researching this how far back were they referencing Freemasonry to.

L: There are many, many writers and that’s marvelous. There are those writers that take it back to the building of Solomon’s Temple. A: Okay.

L: There are many, many Masonic writers like Wilmshurst, wonderful books to read. C.W. Leadbeater. Many, many, many authors that go right back to the Atlantean times. A: Nice.

L: Rev. G. Oliver, these are books that were written in the 18th century and the late 17th century. They were not scared to understand in those days to talk about Atlantis, to talk about our sun being the center of our Universe, not us. They were not scared to talk about these things. Because they knew. They knew the alchemy of anti-gravity. They knew that because they speak, for example, I’ve got a booklet that is written in the 18th century that speaks about the powder of gold, which we suddenly with David Hudson went, oh, wow! Guys, they’ve known about this for years. It’s actually the point within the circle. It’s the lights.

A: Interesting. And how about the stones. The stones that were actually turned to gold.

L: The philosopher’s stone. That’s part of the ancient Masonic teaching.

A: So really, all of this is overlapping.

L: Absolutely.

A: When the Freemason Grand Lodge was begun – who was the first one to create the Grand Lodge for the Freemasonry?

L: I would say that the Grand Lodge was in England. They were trying to standardize and bring things together. The Grand mother Lodge in England in Queen Street was brought together for this. When you actually go into that building, I haven’t been in, I’ve just looked at footage and I just get the feel. It’s absolutely magnificent. And there is this beautiful, honorable role for all the Masons that died in all the wars, but also, like I said before, we speak about the witch hunts, when more than a half million women and children were killed. The Masons lost hundreds of thousands of people through just being a Freemason, you could lose your life.

A: And therefore, that was when the secret societies began.

L: That’s when they started saying, ‘no, no more,’ and this secret societies, they were not developed to hide ignorance. They were there to protect wisdom. (A: Um-hmm) So there was so much bigotry and so much horrible, horrible stuff that went down. Because they were in opposition to what the Church said. The Church said, you will pay your dues. You will be on your knees. And you will come through me to the Father, type of thing. The Masons knew that the ancient knowledge rested upon knowing the divinity within you. So it’s diametrically opposed to the Church. They were taken out by the thousands.

A: Well, okay. That brings me to another question. Now from what I read, when the Knights Templar were excavating and they went into the Mount Moriah which then turned into the Temple of King Herod, which then turned into the Temple of Solomon and after 9 years they discovered something so mind-blowing, so incredible, that once they filed paper work with the Vatican they were considered to be the ‘other’ Vatican. They were never subservient. They never were in a position, at least at that point, until the King of France got really heavy-handed with trying to seize their property and their money. But before that time they were very sovereign. So I was wondering, what do you feel that they found? Was it the primordial mounds?

L: I believe that they found ancient writings, they found the knowledge of sound, of frequency, of vibration. They found the ancient, or very, very old sacred writings. We don’t have that. We can’t prove that, but they certainly found – a lot of people look at King Solomon and just look at him as though in the Bible he had many, many wives and he was known for wisdom. He’s known for a lot more than that. He was a very, very highly evolved being. And a lot of that ancient knowledge, which today people look at as alchemy and magic and all kinds of things, or the occult – oh, they love that word. (A: Yes, that’s true) A lot of that information that I believe that they did find and they were in there. And they were becoming very, very, – they were applying these ancient methods of manifestation. And it had begun very powerful. And then France wanted money from them, some of their gold from the King of France, and they just got to a point where they said, No. And he got together with the pope, I think it was Clement V if I remember. And then that is where Friday the 13th comes from. (A: Yes) So on Thursday they were all preparing together, Jacques de Molay and the Vatican and the King, and the next day they were brutally attacked. However, Jacques de Molay knew that this was coming. A: Yes.

L: Eighteen of his ships or whatever, some to Spain and some to Scotland, mostly to Scotland and he basically sacrificed himself. If you go into the Egyptian history there seems to be a role that plays out. There was the Pharaoh Sekwenare who held these ancient mysteries. And then there was the Shepard King Apophis who wanted this information. And he killed him and still didn’t get the information. Now the story in Masonry is that the architect of Solomon’s Temple had this knowledge. And they confronted him, some people, and they wanted this knowledge and he wouldn’t give it to them and he was killed. Now Jacques de Molay did exactly the same thing. It’s the thing of staying to your truth, not being scared to face death because you know yourself as mortal and immortal. And it’s very much that feeling that this a drama that has played out for hundreds of years.

A: So how much do you know about Jacques de Molay?

L: I suppose about as much as anyone can read in terms of the literature that is available.

A: And I know that, as you said, I have read that there was a leak that these arrests were going down and these executions were going to go down and so they were able to get over 3000 Knights Templar out. (L: Yes)

A: What exactly do you think that they were taking with them?

L: I think and I can laugh at my partner because if he were sitting right here he would be rolling his eyes and saying, ‘Woo woo.’ I mean that’s a delightful relationship with a marvelous dear person and we get along as a house in fire. But I think what happened was that a lot of that information is available somewhere near around or beneath Rosslyn.

A: Interesting. L: Woo woo, woo woo.

A: Well, there is a lot of talk right now – I can personally attest to it myself that there is definitely a lot of movement from some that are being drawn to return back to Ireland and Scotland.

L: I love it! I just love it! I read a book the other day called, Ireland, the Land of the Pharoahs. A: Oooh. (They laugh)

L: It’s a marvelous book.

A: Ireland, the Land of the Pharoahs, I’ve got to write that one down.

How much do you know about the Island of Man?

L: Not too much. Not too much.

A: Because you brought up the document that was available in 2008 and was re-instated by the Vatican. But the other thing that I read was that in 2013 they had actually prophesized that the re-union of the Knights Templar would occur in 2013.

L: I would not be surprised. I don’t know, I do think there is at the moment a unification process of Light and very much for people that stand in their truth and moving towards this Light. I see it even in the Masonic circles, very, very much so. Very much so. Two years ago I was invited to do a talk in a little town called Zamin. Oh, I must tell you another bit of woo woo.

A: Please do. Please do.

L: I have to share this woo woo. My dad came to saw me last year in August. He’s been gone since 2006. And he was in this – or he took me to a place. And he was in this most incredible, beautiful place. And they were draping him. They were draping him in robes of white and gold. And it were as though I was invited for this occasion. And as I walked up to say goodbye to him, I thought, Oh no, I can’t get near him now, he’s a holy man. But he stepped forward and embraced me. And I knew that I had been in what the Mason’s call the Grand Lodge Above. Okay. So this happened in August. And it had such a profound effect on my life.

And in December I decided to take time out because I had been doing lectures every Tuesday evening at my house, presentations, on anything for 3 1/2 years. So in December I said, it’s time out. Somebody else will take over, I’m just not doing this anymore. I need a break. And for three months I didn’t read. I didn’t read. Then I got invited to Gary’s, my partner’s, uncle, who is also a Mason to their 50th wedding anniversary. And I got there and there were these Masons. And I came alive. I just came alive.

The next day I got a request from a lodge, a beautiful lodge. It’s called the Pyramid Lodge. And they do once a year, at working out in nature under the starscape which is absolutely beautiful. Anyway, I got invited to give a talk there. Within two months I was doing a 150 celebration talk at a lodge in Bloemfontein, and a month after that I was at the top Number 1 lodge in South Africa. Absolute, the doors are flying open, the energies are connecting us from Grand Lodges Above, whatever you want to call it.

A: Hmmm. And you know, another thing that I found really intriguing by what you suggested earlier was, anyone can go in and access these libraries of theirs?

L: Yes you can. I go into Masonic Library.com.

A: Write that down everybody, Masonic Library.com.

L: And they are there. These books, these papers, there’s everything you want to know. A: Nice.

L: And that it why it is so beautiful to actually go and look. And you know, it also depends as we spoke about earlier, that the Divine Principle Within Us dictates how we see things. And how these things manifest. Because I tell you what. Some people can take these books and go and say, hmm, you see, aha, um-hmm, the intent in which you read that book will enhance your experience either for the negative or the positive. I choose to see the simplicity and the beauty of the ancient mysteries in Freemasonry.

A: Gosh, that is so true. So I’m thinking, right of the bat, some of the things people equate with Freemasonry. What about the checkerboard floors, what do those mean?

L: They’re basically to mean that you’re on the platform of choice, the dark and the light. And you choose.

A: Okay. Interesting. What about the pillars, left and right?

L: The pillars are ancient pillars that come from the time of ancient Egypt. And if you go and look at the ancient buildings of Egypt, Sumeria, India, Greece, Rome, even the Mayans, you’ll find pillars. A: Yes.

L: And it’s a very interesting concept.

A: And I love them.

L: And they basically mean ‘in strength’ is the one pillar and ‘to establish’ is the other. ‘So, in strength to establish Light.

A: Nice. Nice. Now there’s been a lot of controversy about their actual logo, or icon; it has a G in the center. What do you think that G stands for?

L: Well, you can call it ‘God’ or you can call it ‘the Great Architect of the Universe.’ Because the Freemasons have known for thousands of years that there’s more to this Universe than our little planetary existence.

A: Interesting. And when you said that a lot of things ended up in Rosslyn Chapel, for example. Do you feel that the Ark of the Covenant . . . I lost you there for a second. Go ahead.

L: I’m not [unclear]. I think that the Ark of the Covenant – I haven’t done enough research to find my entries with this one. But I do think that’s it’s connected to Ethopia. A: Okay.

L: Hello? A: I can hear you.

L: Okay. That’s what I think, but I haven’t done enough research in that regard. The Ark of the Covenant also plays a critical part in the symbology of Freemasonry.

A: Why so?

L: You will find in the Grand Lodge of England, you look at the crest, you’ll find the Ark of the Covenant. It represented a spiritual temple. It’s all about the temple. And the Temple of Solomon was really designed by Moses. It just a thread running through. The Freemasons look at this as a spiritual experience of growth. So the Ark of the Covenant is embraced in the Coat of Arms.

A: Very interesting. I didn’t pay attention to that before. Thank you for that.

L: Yeah. A: Now why did they come up with the word ‘Lodge’? Because I know that there is reasoning for everything.

L: I actually don’t know.

A: Isn’t it kind of strange? a lodge? I always just wondered why they referred to it as a lodge.

L: Well, they also call it a Temple. They also call it a temple, but I think the lodge and all the area and all of its buildings is a lodge. I wouldn’t know a specific meaning attached to that. I haven’t actually questioned that. I’ll go do that this afternoon. (laughter)

A: Well so basically, these guys were total experts in how to build a sacred temple physically in the physical matter in order to assist you in reaching your highest connection, right?

L: I could not have said it better.

A: Okay. So they incorporated everything. They incorporated color, the golden mean, and the Fibonacci, and the shape of the circles and the squares and things like that. Is there anything else that you can come up with that was fairly unique in the way that they built the structures?

L: They have several in what they call Liberal Arts and Sciences. And that is like grammar, rhetoric, rhetoric being the way which you express, because if you can’t express yourself, probably you can’t teach. So it’s grammar, rhetoric, logic, astronomy, geometry, mathematics, and did I say music?

A: No, not yet.

L: Seven of them. It’s almost a connection to the chakras. A: Wow.

L: These are the seven Liberal Arts and Sciences and when they come together, when they align with the five-fold being of Man, when all these things come together you have an absolute enlightened state of being. And if we can have that all over the planet, you know, they have what they call The Four Cardinal Virtues and Three Theological Virtues. And the Cardinal Virtues include prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude.

A: Nice.

L: And the Theological is faith, hope and charity. And as I was working through this, something that just manifested in me and that is, if you understand prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance it becomes a dance. It manifests in faith, hope and charity. And if you have a combination of all these things, these seven values, you will find love, what we call God. Or what we call love. So it’s the expression of the word. And that is part of Masonic philosophy. In fact, it is part of the lectures. It’s part of the learning.

A: Wow. That’s lovely. Okay, so how far have you gone to this process?

L: I will never become a Mason. A: Why not?

L: I don’t have to.

A: Okay. I’m just curious because you are so passionate about it and you are so well-versed in it.

L: I’m passionate about the philosophy of beauty. The philosophy of common sense. The philosophy of the divine proportion. I’m passionate about that. I feel that in my truth I don’t have to become a Mason. They don’t have to become anything. I just have to expose my truth. And it is interesting that of all the things in this planet that I could have done it was Freemasonry. I have really been led up with a very, very strange path. I have to tell you. Or it was my soul agreement, I can accept that.

A: That is so funny. And so when your dad became a Mason did you just know, right then and there, that this was going to be something that you would really research a great deal and continue to dig deeply and buy phenomenally cool books and build a library?

L: No, no, no, no, no. You see, the beauty of our path as we walk this, being involved with the Church for a significant period of time I knew my Bible. And I still do. And that alignment with Masonic knowledge, with the knowledge of the occult, it all makes a beautiful big picture. And it just really comes together. No. I didn’t know. But I did know that what I heard, like for example, in the first degree, the candidate is asked, What does he want from this? And he is prompted to say, Light. Now when he enters the temple he is blindfolded. Because it is this marvelous drama as I told you about. So as the light is being over the hoodwink thing is then removed he then has Light. It’s just this beautiful symbolic experience.

And what the first thing that I was told was, Oh my Lord, Jesus says, I am the Truth, the Light, and the Way. What do these Masons think they are, to give it to you. Well, I sort of battled with that for a while, then I realized that no, no, no, no. If we want to quote, then we need to quote that even the Lord said you can do all of these things and more, because that Light is within us. And that’s where my journey started. My opposing to what they were telling me. And initially, it was to really, really save my father. And to showing him what a terrible thing he has done. And as I started trying to prove that, I found the beauty. You know, it’s like walking in a garden desperately looking for a weed and I found only roses.

A: That’s so funny.

L: It was really, really not my plan – to become a pro-Freemason. (A laughs) That was not a part of my plan. But obviously, it was a soul contract, and I feel very, very in alignment with that. And wherever this may lead that is fine.

A: Yeah. Good. And I just had an aha because I know back in the days of the Renaissance and before that they used drama, they used stage performances a great deal to present ideas that were considered heretical and pass on that knowledge but doing it secretly, right?

L: Yes. A: So this was one of the reasons that they did that this way?

L: I believe that is why, because like as I said, they said that this wisdom was covered, not in ignorance but to protect this wisdom. So that’s why they did it. And it’s two-fold. They did it that way, but also when you are part of a drama, when you go into the theatre you know your lines, you know what it feels like, you know where you stand, it becomes part of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience. It’s not a just a blah, blah, blah, blah.

A: A very good point.

L: It’s not just people talking to one another. They actually are experiencing it. So there’s a number of reasons why this happened. But it is my opinion, the sacred and ancient, a sacred and private ritual that should be respected as such. A: Right.

L: If you want to know more go and ask them. And I promise you the Masons will answer you. They want to talk to you.

A: That’s interesting. So let’s say that you decided to go down this road. When you started out are you assigned a mentor? Are you given a teacher? How does that work?

L: There are seven office bearers when you start and you can basically discuss anything with them that you want to. And they will all assist and help you. You are actually encouraged to research and study for your own. I mean one of the things that come at the second degree is study nature and the sciences. So you are encouraged to be your own mentor. To become your own mentor.

A: That’s awesome. Now how many degrees are there really? Because there’s been some speculation about that.

L: Potentially there are 32 degrees which – most of them are side degrees. Your Craft degrees were your first three. The 33rd degree is an honorary degree. It’s like a professorship.

A: Okay. For all of those that have a great deal of knowledge in the conspiratorial realm, how do you deny all of the information that’s come forth about that? The 33rd degree Masons and all the atrocities they have been involved in.

L: Like I said before, if one discusses the human element in anything, you can say to yourself, Well I’m for anything. Negative, positive, whatever, because there is the human element. I’m going to ask these people to look at the philosophy. To look at what is really, really behind Freemasonry. I’m going to ask those people to really search for answers because for the more that we buy into destruction and negativity, the more we will manifest that.

A: That’s a good point.

L: Find the beauty. Those people that are out of align are not of align because they are Freemasons. They are out of align because they have a negative, destructive, reptilian, evil agenda.

A: Yeah, definitely.

L: But it’s not because they are Freemasons.

A: So what basically you are alluding to as well is, they have used the Freemason institution, if you want to call it that, or the fellowship, they have used that as a way to promote their own nefarious acts under the guise of something that they really are not

L: Absolutely. You know, it’s their policy to distract them, keeping them distracted while we are busy with other stuff. Why all these conspiracy theorists are looking at Freemasonry and all this stuff and the statues of Levi with the horns and all kinds of things, why are they keeping busy with that stuff? They don’t see what we really are up to. And they don’t really care if you are associating them with Freemasonry. They really don’t care. Because they have no commitment to the esoteric values, the philosophy, the beauty of the craft. They really don’t care what happens to it.

A: Yeah, they’re definitely not all about the beauty, are they? That’s an understatement.

L: They are present and they are there. The Freemasonry has fit beautifully into the box of scapegoat. Not only for real things, like real conspiracies, real people that are doing noo noos that are attaching this to Freemasonry, but all sorts of those that have no understanding. It’s all chucked into this little devil’s pot.

A: So in order to get through each one of these steps is it more about reading and research or do you have to write papers, or do you have do a mission? What does it actually entail in each of these?

L: Basically you are required to go and study to find out exactly what you were taught in the first part. For example, in the first part you are exposed to certain tools. For example, one of the pillars of the pillars that we spoke about, the left side pillar, so it’s up to the candidate to go and find out, what does this pillar mean? Where does is come from? Why is it named like this? Or what does it symbolize? Or what does it mean to me? What truth can I take from it? It’s up to the candidate to do that. And then when the candidate has been duly checked and questioned, he will then only after a period of time be admitted to the next level. But only if and when he understands the aspects of the first degree.

Now unfortunately, in the recent past, in the last 300 years they haven’t put a lot of emphasis on the esoteric value which is busy happening right now. People are wanting to know why do they walk here? Why does this office bearer go there? Why does the Master sit in the east? Because the Master represents the Light. Just a representation of the Light. It’s all about Light. It’s all about knowledge. It’s all about aspiring to a level of perfection.

A: And it’s the As above, So below, As within, So without.

L: Absolutely.

A: Very much so, isn’t it? That is just so interesting. I find that we really, truly are entering a new renaissance because I had just done all this research on the Knights Templar and they are having a resurgence, by the way, of people joining them now. Going back to the old philosophies and it’s very similar to this.

L: Absolutely. A: Very similar.

L: Yes. And I get very excited about this because what we are saying is, what we are saying is that the Light is coming in, whether you oaks want it or not it’s just too bad. And all the chaos that is going on in the Middle East, all that chaos, you know, when you take a piece of meat out of the freezer, initially, it actually gets colder. It’s the resistance to change. That’s all that’s happening out there. Now, my personal interpretation of that is we can not pity the people that all of this stuff is happening to. Why? Because it was their soul contract. To pity them is to negate the soul contract, they have no right to do that. But we can send them love. And we can bless them. And we can send them gratitude. And as we do this, this light that we are talking about is infiltrating. It cannot be stopped. It is happening. It’s happening at every level. From the time of the ancients to now. It is manifesting. Finally.

A: Yeah, it is. You made a good point too, because I oftentimes run into various articles because I have a blog, as you know, and one of the things that I have to make a decision on is, when this article flies around the internet is it going to increase the vibrational level.

L: Yes! A: Okay. L: That’s marvelous Alexandra.

A: Yeah, I can’t help it, I’m an alchemist. L: I love it!

A: I think of everything in terms of vibration. Now there is history that can be very dark and gloomy but it’s still in my opinion it’s somewhat necessary to know that to have that point of reference. However, it’s also just as important to take the atrocities that are going on in the world and remember that it’s the rest of the world that can raise them up just through our mere vibrational perspective.

L: Absolutely. A: So that’s very important, I think.

L: And knowing is very important. Yes. Having the knowledge of all the ancient atrocities, having the knowledge of what is going on there. But like Viktor Frankl in his wonderful book, you can choose your attitude regardless of circumstance.

A: Mmm, yes.

L: So we look at this, we do not bind with the fear, we don’t bind with the negativitiy, we bind to the faith, and the hope and the charity which appears on the Masonic ladder.

A: Ooh I love it.

L: That’s what we bind to. That’s what we choose. Because by doing that we are raising the planetary vibration.

A: I also wanted to add to that that I was sharing something on my call this Saturday. A gentleman was remote-viewing and looking at various timelines and he told me flat-out, he says, There is nothing, you can see nothing past the year 2017.

L: I’m not surprised.

A: And I said, What do you think about that? I had my own idea but he says, Well, apparently, all the timelines will have converged together by then. And I said, Yes, and by that time we will truly become the creators of our own reality.

L: Now the interesting thing is, the Grand United Lodge was formed in 1717.

A: Mmmm. Very good.

L: 300 years later they are busy preparing for wonderful celebrations already. 2017 and 1717. A: Wow.

L: 300 years. A very powerful number.

A: That is so cool. Well, and think about it. Can you believe that we are almost there? And time is just flying by, you know. Once we get through this year. Last year

was a really doozie, this year was pretty rough, once we get through this year I think we’ve gotten through some of the toughest stuff.

L: I think so. I can feel that there was a huge lift for me this year. A: Yes. Yes.

L: There is a huge lift. You know, I find that I’m happy where I am within myself. I have very little of need. I have very little need for accolades and for, Wow, but she’s smart, I’ve got no need for that. It’s like I’m moving into this ‘Just is’ space. And I think that this whole year I ‘just am.’ And very much that powerful vibration of Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh ‘that I Am that which I Am.’ It is becoming such a powerful manifestation for me and I talk a lot about it, obviously, in my presentations and I noticed that with a lot of people around me. People’s lives are falling into place.

A: Yes.

L: They are purposefully manifesting, their dreams are coming together, and it’s the most incredible place to be, right now.

A: It is. L: And we chose to be here.

A: Yes. It’s an exciting time. Even though it is challenging. But hey, we are literally making history, right now.

L: Absolutely. And every moment of every day we are claiming that divinity that we can only express in limited ways in the 3-dimensional world. But man, I can tell you, it is the most – just after my dad passed I was driving down the road and I was saying, You know, Dad, what if all this stuff that I’ve been talking about is just a bunch of hocus-pocus. What if none of this is real? What did it feel like? Well, I have to tell you. Suddenly, I found myself on the inside of an acacia seed. You know those pods that just jump up and release the seed. It was a split-second – I was driving my car and I went, Woh! and I’ve got this incredible knowing, that’s what it feels like.

A: Oh, wow. Oh wow!

L: It’s just exploding and becoming one with everything. Knowing all of this stuff is what is really making us so excited.

A: You are right! You are right. And being to be able to really experience it and understand it at the same time. It’s so important. Well, oh my gosh, Louise, thank you so much. I can’t believe that we finally managed to pull this out. It took me over an hour folks, just to get on the internet today. It was ridiculous. So I appreciate all of your patient and once again, please feel free to drop Louise a line. Her email address is kyra@simplyup.co.za. And tell them about your book. Your ‘Simply Up’ book.

L: I certainly will. Oh, I was 40 when I went to the university the first time and I did a B.A. and a Masters and published a book in 7 years. And it’s about owning up. It’s about walking away from destructive relationships.

A: Excellent. Excellent. Well I hope that you have – well this is probably quite a different avenue than speaking within a Masonic temple, huh?

L: Man, has this path changed directions! I can tell you what, you need a compass here, a new direction, but something is happening. (A lot of laughter)

A: No kidding. But anyway, thank you so much again. It’s really been refreshing listening to this. And please continue to keep us posted with any new discoveries you make. We are all kind on the edge of our chairs to hear all about the new inventions, specially with this type of metaphysical knowledge. My audience just eats this up as well as myself. So we thank you for doing all your research.

L: I just had one. A: What? Tell us.

L: One minute. 50 seconds. My son comes down the other day and he says to me, Mom, why is the acacia tree so important to Freemasons? Why isn’t it a pine tree? Or a cedar tree? Why is it an acacia tree? And I said, I have no idea but that’s a good question. He said, I’ll tell you why. Because the Acacia nilotica has some of the purest DMT – Dimethyltryptamine – that activates the pineal gland. A: WO-OHh.

L: It’s not Masonically factual – it is merely my opinion.

A: No, there can’t be, that’s, Wow!

L: And the pineal gland is a Masonic symbol. The all-seeing eye. So all of this came together, this DMT is in the most sacred tree. And it comes from ancient Egypt.

A: That’s brilliant. That’s brilliant.

L: If you care to share that with you.

A: Well thank you very much. We appreciate that Louise. And we really appreciate your time today. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for humanity sharing this information.

L: Thank you Alexandra, and Love and Light to everybody.

A: Thank you. We love you too. Thanks to everyone listening and we will talk to you soon on the other side. Take care. Lots of love.

L: Good-bye

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