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microphone (1)Is Your Natural Supplement Company Designed to Help You?

Alexandra Meadors: Good afternoon everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and you are tuning in to our weekly radio show, which is every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:55 PM Pacific Standard time and that is station 2 on BBS radio. So, way, way too much to even list off of all the things that are going on in this world, huh? Ahh, first I just wanna start off by saying bear with me – you know the weeks in preparation for going up to ECETI and then being gone and then coming back has just been absolutely crazy on my schedule and so I just wanna ask you guys all ahead of time to be patient with me (1:25) and Galactic Connection and the team itself ’cause we’re all really trying our best to get caught up (which we don’t know if that’ll ever happen – (laughter)

As you know we have a world renown implant removal process (1:38) and we also have just added the Search of Past-Life Clearing & that’s doing really, really well and of course the blog and the radio shows and all my galactic essence formulas keeps me quite busy – but guess what folks? On top of that I am – suddenly – moving! – Can you believe that? On top of everything else. But it’s something that I really wanted, and I wanted to pass on a message to everyone.

I was told a long time ago that I would get the….911 call so to speak, when the time was right, and they told me that when I got the message to move – it would be the time – the time when everything started really changing (2:20) so if that’s any kind of indication to you, I don’t know what it. Anyway – so I’m in the midst, and I’m happy, happy, happy, happy about the new place I’m moving to. In the meantime, I decided today things are so hot and heavy with the ahh – doctors that have disappeared or that have been killed – throughout the United States actually – in particular Florida that I thought that we would kinda tie some things in with Matthew Hurtado today.

But before I dive into that I just want to remind those of you who are not familiar with Galactic Connection (2:55) that we’ve been around since – ahhh, February of 2012 and we do commit to a 365 day a year blog – it is gratis so if you feel compelled to provide some donations we would appreciate it – a lot of money goes into keeping this server alive – we have over 23,000 (twenty-three thousand) posts – it’s a great research avenue for all of you folks out there who want to hunker down and do specific topics, so please check it out and as always, we are here to support you and provide you assistance in healing in a myriad of different ways.

Now I do wanna remind everybody that you’ve probably seen Matthew Hurtado on the right column of my web-site – he’s hanging out with me today – a lot of people really connected with him – you can feel the genuine care and concern of heart, and I immediately clicked with him when I met him. He is the CEO of Network Holdings and he’s been involved in fitness and health supplements since he was (15) fifteen years old and here’s the deal – he started with issues of eating disorders – Lyme disease and chronic fatigue as well as post-traumatic stress (4:10) and it’s so similar to my story that’s what really kicked him into trying to figure out how can I fix myself, & my body.

And he was very successful in a lot of different ventures and he ran in many operations of different companies – millions of dollars in sales – obviously very successful, but he noticed that he didn’t like the supplement industry – there were things about it that just not really – I don’t know – in integrity I think he’s gonna say – so it says that one of the common denominators and things that kept showing up was (4:44) most health supplement companies source inferior ingredients – they contained toxins and they sell products for thousands of times the actual costs of producing them so he decided (4:56) to take it upon himself and to really hunker down and figure out what was the best way to help the body –

Especially on a physical level, but when we both met – we both realized that we are alchemists at heart and we’ve had clearly many lifetimes together – doing this sort of work together, and this is why I was drawn to him because he really addresses some very physical types of issues with the body with his product line. Today he would like to talk with me about the current goings on with the healthcare industry – we’re really gonna blow this wide open as far as kind of working in the information of all the doctors that have been found dead, and let’s see what Matthew has to say with a lot of his background he’s very, very familiar with this sorta stuff – how’re you doing Matthew?

Matthew Hurtado: (5:47) I’m doing great Alexandra – I appreciate that bio – that’s incredible and I obviously admire you and your work and when you say physical, I’m working to get to the level you’re at, so I gotta start somewhere –

AM: Ha, ha –

MH: I’m just getting into that –

AM: no,no,no,no, you’re already there Matthew, you’re well, well there – so you know, I thought that it was such a perfect time for us to incorporate the way our products work super-well together, and by the way folks, just in-case we haven’t made that clear, you know – my galactic essences – they really work a lot on past life clearing and emotional and mental and spiritual body issues because I’m very, very much of a top-down approach practitioner.

What I love about Matthew’s thoughts which are extremely rare in my opinion for the physical type – hands-on stuff that we really need to deal with daily, ’cause our bodies are taking a major, major hit right now, huh Matthew? – Is that he, has incorporated a lot of my approaches – the alchemy way of seeing things, and so we immediately latched onto that commonality and the way that we address the body and try to assist each person out there. And before we dive into that Matthew, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about this whole latest headline drama that’s going on –

You know they’ve found now over ten doctors – ten – and what I found interesting – just to recap in case some of you have not heard about this – Dr. Baron Holt was a doctor of Chiropractics (7:27) and for those of you out there – a doctor of Chiropractics – they have even more hours supposedly in studying the body than even an MD – I’m not “ragging” on the MD’s folks – I’m just saying that DC’s – and I have many friends that are DC’s – they really know the physical body – they really do a lot of work in that area – uhh, he was only thirty three years old – he was found dead in Florida – ahh – very fit supposedly – and that was on the twenty first of June – then Dr. Bruce Hedendal he was also a Dr. of Chiropractic’s and he was found slumped over in his car – go figure that!

On the twenty first we also had Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – he supposedly died of a heart attack – he was a pioneer in holistic cancer therapies – isn’t that interesting? – a very hot topic right now and a very dangerous one at that when you’re going up such a massive industry such as the pharmaceutical companies – and he helped thousands of people supposedly overcome cancer and he suddenly just collapsed and they think his heart gave out – now many of you know that they have that death-ray gun that they can shoot at you and give you an instantaneous heart attack – we’ve read about that a million times – who knows? Maybe that’s involved.

You also had Dr. Bradstreet who was an MD – he was found – this is very sad – he was found in the North Carolina river with a gunshot to his chest. And umm it says here they raided his clinic – they stopped all clients from being assisted and they confiscated all of his products and the product that he was very well-known for was the GCMAF – we’ll get into that in a minute – and Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick – excuse me – Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick MD – interesting name (short laugh) – he was traveling from North Dakota to Montana to visit his son with a trailer and a truck – disappeared – (Alexandra does a tongue-click) – like that!

Ahh let me see – Dr. Theresa Sievers – she was an MD – she was murdered in her home in Florida and there was no home invasion – Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, MD, he was a pulmonologist specializing in lung cancer – vanished while on vacation with his family – that was on the 29th of June, and let me see, on the 1st you had Dr. Lisa Riley, and she was shot in the head at her home (10:08) so a lot of people are feeling a lot of these people are still missing, but a lot of people are feeling that they’re all related – somehow, someway to some of the latest legislation that was passed – in California in particular that stated that we were not allowed to have the right to kind of opt out in these vaccinations for our children.

And so this has created a HUGE amount of controversy, because there’s many, many states that still honor that (10:30) and we’ll go over that in a few minutes too – but I kinda wanted to hear – specially from your incredibly – very wide scoped background in supplements in the health industry – you know sooo many things about this kind of stuff – that I really wanna know – what do you think? What do you think’s really going on? (10:50)

MH: I think it’s mind-blowing actually, I think that…. Obviously I don’t know what happened to the doctors, I, I know there’s a lot of information out there – my YouTube has had multiple people posting you know like GCMAF so there’s all kinds of stories out there – I don’t obviously know the story – the real story but I think it’s interesting – the vaccines coming to this position where you know they wanna make it forced and mandatory, and then – you know – these doctors were obviously known for speaking in direct opposition in some cases – to that – so…it’s anybody’s guess right now but it’s obviously something that is not being reported –

It’s not coming on main-stream TV which is interesting – you’d think that if there was a – a series of mechanics that were being killed across the country they would say “oh, you know news 15” or whatever “the mechanics are missing” – ah so you gotta do your own due diligence – you gotta do your own research and figure out what’s going on. In my opinion – I’m glad I don’t live in California – because I’m not keen on having my children being vaccinated with all these umteen dozens of new vaccines they’ve got now that – I just – I’m not a not an advocate for it so – I guess that’s where I stand you know?

AM: Well you and I talked “off-air” about some of the intricacies of working with the government and the agencies and there are a copious number of impediments involved for anyone in healthcare – period!

MH: mmm hmm

AM: But in particular in Holistic healthcare – anyone whose going against the grain of – just assuming that the individual’s gotta take a pill – you know, to mask the symptoms and not really address the root of the cause and that kind of thing, so what are your – what are your comments on that?

MH: Well, when I think about everything that’s going on, you know in every industry there’s good and bad people, and for instance if I had – if I had a migraine that was really bad I may take an Ibuprofen or an aspirin but I don’t live on drugs and I don’t rely on synthetic forms of you know – natural nutrients that have been engineered synthetically to alter things that should happen naturally.

I don’t rely on those to survive, and in my opinion I think that a lot of the dark negativity that has just been coming to a head like a – you think of our chemicalization process – when things get really dark before the new dawn, I think that we’re definitely at that stage where the banking industry, the healthcare industry, every industry – even some of the supplement industry, which is what I like to talk about – you know when they get a lot of those inferior products, those are also chemical toxins. So….you know – where do we begin? Is what I…

AM: I know, it’s such a huge topic – well let’s start with the supplementation because it’s kind of a, obviously it’s a, a offshoot of this – you know, how long ago do you begin in the supplementation industry? I mean how long ago did you get involved in that?

MH: I started when I was thirteen years old – I was wanting to be a body-builder, and I told my Grandpa – I said take me to that nutrition store in the mall – I said I’m going to buy some stuff to make my muscles bigger, and – so he took me to the GNC at the mall, and we bought some amino acids and they tasted horrible

AM: hahahahaha

MH: worst stuff in the world but I suffered through it, and then I started using supplements, you know – intermittently throughout my teenage years but I always had a passion for it – by the time I was in my early twenties – I was full-swing you know, buying products at wholesale, selling them at retail to everybody throughout the gyms – dealing them outa my care basically, ’cause I didn’t have a store and I was a personal trainer so that was kinda how I worked it in and over time, I just noticed that there’s so many middle men in this industry – there’s gotta be some serious money that’s tied up in the middle and I thought, well what does it actually cost to make some of this stuff, and why is it sold for waaay more than it costs to make?

And so that’s what really got me curious and that’s when I started doing a lot of the due diligence but it wasn’t until I actually got sick and I lost my health that it really mattered to me and that’s when, you know – I had to get rid of all the pharmaceuticals that they wanted to give me – I got rid of the fake health supplements because none of those things were helping me. So in my case, that’s when I started to really find out what actually works in the body and most importantly to meet the people that knew how to formulate the right products that could actually produce these kind of results you know helping the body heal and get well.

AM: Well that sounds good – hey, by the way, your video was bouncing up and down so just be careful

MH: OK, I move my arms and I move the table…

AM: Is that some kind of Italian thing?

MH: Yeah – I gotta talk with my hands

AM: hahahaha – so you – you said that you got really ill and you decided to hunker in on due diligence so how did that begin?, I mean – did you start really with – did you have meetings with, you know, management from some of these manufacturers – had you already gotten to a place where you had already purchased your own stores?

MH: Not yet, what had happened was a – I mentioned this in our last interview with Raymond Francis the author of “Never Be Sick Again – he was an MIT trained bio-chemist – he had multiple auto-immune diseases – he should have died at age 48 and he went back to his understanding of biology and how the body works and he saved his own life with a few grams of vitamin C – when he had some drugs that were destroying one of his organs, and so what he did is he did a lot of the research and so I started with his research and then I carried it forward into some of the stuff that we may share tonight with some of the suppliers that we have now but what it all condensed down to – is it – you know a synthetic toxin, or is it a nutrient? Toxins produce more disease and they cause deficiencies, whereas actual nutrients actually nourish the cells and then the immune system kicks in and the body knows what to do with those

AM: OK, define – OK, everybody hears the word toxic or toxin –- define exactly what is a toxin to the body? (17:51)

MH: Well a toxin would be most every – probably 90 some percent of supplements on the market are made from synthetic fillers, binders, artificial…uhh, just… there in a…ingredients are in a form to make it simple, that your body doesn’t understand – it doesn’t occur naturally in nature. So, it’s not what you would get from the soil originally, and so the body takes it in and then the body can actually attack it – it can actually become something that makes you sicker and sicker & I mean it’s just not natural.

AM: right, right, so the body’s interpreting it as a parasite.

MH: yes exactly – it’s a poison, to make a long story short.

AM: that’s crazy, so what are some typical toxins that you suggest that the public avoid at all costs?

MH: well here’s an easy one, let’s say you want an energy – you need energy so you go get your typical energy drink or your little shot of energy, and it has a lot of B vitamins in it and at 12,000 % or 1,200 and it’s cyanocobalamin – that’s what the form of B12 – well cyanocobalamin turns into cyanide as it processes through the body – it’s a toxin.

AM: wow

MH: it can – you can get an artificial B vitamin buzz, but using that for a long period of time can actually create a B-vitamin deficiency because your body is actually recognizing that as a toxin – and that’s what happened to me is I developed a B vitamin deficiency but I was taking a lot of B-vitamins so it didn’t make any sense, but the form I was getting them in was causing my body to attack it and my body was recognizing it as a poison.

AM: interesting…and isn’t there a difference between supplements where the body can readily break them down vs other types of supplements and they just sit in the stomach and they really don’t get broken down, right?

MH: Yes, absolutely and a lot of the times that has to do with the size and the structure that it’s in uhh we’ll listen to some – I have a 6 minute clip where one of the formulators of our product explains it very well – but like OK, we use angstrom-size particles in our minerals, and angstroms are so small that they can pass into the cell and – you get a 98% absorption on those, whereas if you use you know the regular size, you know – molecules they just don’t – they have to go through the digestive track – they get umm, for instance – you take a tablet – it’s known in the “Physician’s Desk Reference Manual” that pills and tablets you get up to a 20% absorption on those – for most, most of them – there’s a few exceptions but most of them – 17% absorption – somewhere in there, so if you’re taking your, your pills and tablets but it’s going right through the body, and they call them dead-pan bullets for a reason –

So you – what are you actually getting out of that? And then you know that 90% of it is toxic anyway – you know imagine you got a good deal and you spent $25 on a product and you thought you were gonna get all your vitamins and cover your bases – but – 90% of it is garbage and then 80% of it doesn’t absorb anyway – you just threw away $25. And that’s what I ran into when I was sick I was spending upwards of $800 a month trying to recover and I thought I was getting all this healthy stuff but it was all garbage – all I was doing was sending $800 away, and I wasn’t getting any better, month after month, none of it was working

AM: Crazy, and how long were you in – you told me you were in bed – you barely could make it – make yourself get outa bed ’cause you were feeling so fatigued – right?

MH: yeah, almost 2 years (21:45)

AM: so, very similar story guys – you know I was almost in bed for 3 (years) and umm so we really related what happens to you when you’re in bed that long a period of time, and you were used to being an active person – right, and you liked athletics – that was a real tough shift for me.

MH: yeah, I was an athlete since the age of 3 years old – I played hockey – I played for 20 years

AM: wow

MH: and I immediately went into body-building so I knew how to be athletic and I loved it, and I lived it and then I went from that to barely being able to stand up – I could hardly walk around the block – if I did it would hurt for hours – like just ridiculous, I didn’t even know how I got through that time but fortunately you know we find our miracles and we get through sometimes

AM: that’s great, so basically your line of products was created as the perfect line to address all the needs of the body, as, as far as like physical – the typical physical things that you were seeing over and over again when you were running your supplement store, right?

MH: exactly, and I was really inspired, as I said by Raymond Francis’s work, because he talked about, there’s only 6 pathways to disease and there’s only 2 causes – deficiencies & toxicities and there’s only one disease – a malfunctioning cell so it all has to do with correcting deficiencies, and toxicities and so once I under stood that from the level of the physical body – I incorporated it with the level of the mind – the EFT, the TFT – the Time Line Therapy – I was trained in all those so I had a lot of time to study – I invested over $100,000 and bankrupted my family in order to get well, but that was my education into this process.

AM: yeah, I know it’s like I think it takes, sometime it just takes just a really tragic experience like you & I had to – get us on our true path! You know, and when you’re in the middle of it – you’re going – you’re trying not to say why me? – and you’re trying to understand how did this happen? But we’re two on the other side and you’re so well-versed in (24:00) this sorta stuff – you know some people, when they walk into a natural supplementation store of any sort – you’re so overwhelmed umm – you know, when you were working in that type of environment – what did you typically hear were like the top 5 things that were going on with people? ’cause there must have been – there must have been a pattern.

MH: OK, I tell you the secret there, OK, there’s two types of store owner – there’s the one who’s trained in the corporate environment – to make the corporation the most money, and there’s the person who does it because they love people and they wanna help people get well, and so I’ll tell you a quick story between both OK – when I had a nutrition franchise store – they trained me in the “sell our brand” because it makes the most money and that was the train of thought, and then – what happened was, I started to get wise because I kept hearing about this other store owner that was doing so well and the reason why is because he was helping people get well.

And what he would always do is he would pull out this little book that he had and he’d say “what pharmaceutical drugs are you on?” And they would tell him and he would pull it out and it would show – what deficiencies those drugs created – so, what he would do is he would look at where they were depleting themselves – let’s say for instance you just took some amoxicillin or penicillin or something, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but let’s say it depleted your potassium – something like that and you say “gosh, I feel so terrible” and you find that out, while you’re maybe deficient in potassium so he would put them on – the right – usually it’s minerals and he’d put them on those products, like magnesium, and he would get them feeling better almost right away, and then, from there – once a person starts to feel better – then you can really build on that – you can get strong and you can build again, and build again, and you know – it’s an upward cycle vs a downward cycle – yeah, and it’s not rocket science – it’s really not.

AM: that’s really smart – so…what were you typically finding as the deficiencies in the body today? (26:12)

MH: well, almost everyone is magnesium deficient, and a lot of people have issues with their thyroids these days – like iodine deficiency – B vitamin deficiency, like B12 – umm, you know it’s really hard to say (26:26) for most people – where their some of their big deficiencies are – D – vitamin D deficiency is rampant and a lot of people don’t know in order to absorb your vitamin D, you have to have vitamin K, too in the body, so there’s all these different angles that you need to know, but you can just kinda push that off to the side of the table like I said – focus on getting to the next level and then you can start pin-pointing these little minor things, so what I always tell people is we have it right inside our core kit –

We have all the 72 essential minerals – there’s actually 80 now in our new formulation that you need every single day, and then including the magnesium, the iodine, the selenium – all these things, and then you start to feel better and then you start to obviously – you know, you build on that – you know, maybe you’re vitamin D deficient, you could go take a quick test – you can find out – you can do an RVC blood test for magnesium – you can find out where your magnesium levels are, and even if you’re taking a lot of magnesium, ahh – you may still be deficient – it’s one of those obvious things.

AM: now, if you wanna address the public, ahh – this is really important ’cause – I’ve noticed, especially when I’m very fatigued – I always notice it’s because my minerals are “whacked” yeah – so, in-case there’s some of you out there that don’t know this – just pick up, you know, the minerals – pick them up to your sinus or your sternum area, and mentally ask your higher self – if this – how many drops or caps do I need of this product?

And if you put it down and you let your body respond – it will tell you – yes, it’ll kind of move forward, and no, it’ll kind of move backwards, and you can do that over and over again as far as asking how many drops that you need – because, what I’ve noticed Matthew, is our bodies are not going to be like a routine every single day – they are constantly adjusting to all the triggers and environmental stimulations & issues and the chemtrailing, and what you had for breakfast, you know – every day is a different day for the body, so uhh, I’ve noticed some days I’m gonna need, like, you know like 13 drops of minerals – some days I might need only 5.

MH: and you feel in tune with your body and that helps, and I think the more people practice this – the better they get at knowing their own body.

AM: yeah, I think it’s really important – you know what – it’s time for us to understand that we are in the driver’s seat – it is our sovereign right to take care of our own health, and we have – over the course of hundreds of years – we’ve given up that right – to….our doctors, you know, we’ve just basically said “well – you know what’s right – so – you just make the decision and I’ll just go with it” and we’re really at a time – because of being deluged by – unfortunately…..an institution, as well as an agenda that is trying to literally terminate our population – you know? It is time for us to fully step into our authority, and really figure out what do we really need to do, to get back to a state of health? And that’s why I feel it’s so important what you’re doing Matthew, I just know how sincere you are and I know just how much went into, the study of your products alone – I was just so impressed with that. (30:04)

Now the other day we were talking about – you know, you were just sooo frustrated with what you deal with – as a holistic, you know supplier of these sorts of products – can you share a little bit of .., uhh, with us, as far as – what is the typical day of a holistic health provider of products? You know, I think a lot of people can really relate to this.

MH: Yeah, the issue of that’s going on….thank you for what you said a minute ago when you said the “we have to take care of ourselves” – because that is what it comes down to – we’ve subjugated our power to the authorities of, you know – the medical establishment, thinking that they know more about your body than you do and in many cases – you know more, especially with the internet today – you’ve got more answers than anybody – so….a typical day in this world is – you know, it’s like anything else but what happens you get some of this idiocrasy that’s going on where – one of my manufacturers told me that there’s a company in California that’s got a “cease and desist” for selling its walnuts because (31:15) it contains selenium in the walnuts and they had on the packaging that selenium can be beneficial for something in your body –

Well you know, we’ve known that forever, but because it’s not, you know – done through one of their studies where it takes millions of dollars and you know – who can afford that? And then – years, and years of testing, well….then it’s no longer valid because it’s not done through their studies, and so, they got their “cease and desist” and they had to you know – re-label or stop selling walnuts. I mean – this is how – how far we’ve come – we’ve gone into, just like the movie – “Idiocrasy” in the future you go out – everything is a complete – you can’t even – you can’t even comprehend what we’re living in. Well, that’s where we’re sort of at today, and it makes me sad sometimes because – I think about – especially with my kids (32:06) and all of this marketing and all of this targeting and you know – it’s everything is sugar – all the commercials are sugar-loaded, it’s all garbage, garbage, garbage – you know, it’s all the kids want and you go and you see all these kids and – you know, I remember when I was a kid and – you didn’t see that many unhealthy kids when I was there and virtually none of them were on drugs – but I challenge you to do some research today of what it actually is – you know, today we have 3 out of 4 people walking around in this country that have a chronic diagnosable disease – and we call that “health”! You see how it’s crazy.

AM: It’s so upside down, it’s insane – it’s almost what I would call it and in fact, going back to one of the comments you made – you were talking about vitamin D, and I thought it was really interesting that all of these doctors were associated – they don’t know for sure, but they have a suspicion that all of them were either looking into researching or heavily questioning the regular state of events as to how you approach disease, cancer, and that sort of thing! One of the things Matthew, that they made a connection to is these GC proteins that are made by the microphages in the body – they kill cancer cells – they’re like – massively powerful (33:36) and if you don’t have these GC proteins intact then they don’t – they’re not capable of attaching themselves to the vitamin D – It’s like a poor thing.

MH: yeah – that’s what they’re (33:51) if you do the research, you can find there is a product that accompany cells that has that kind of GC / MAF in there in a probiotic formula – they sell it in the states – there’s a company that does it – they even recommend that you should take a bunch – like 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D with it, so that’s the 2 things – that’s what’s out there, I mean all over Facebook, people are posting it, so the information’s there – if, if you want it – I haven’t personally tried any of that so I can’t tell you if I know – I don’t know anything about it – it’s brand new to my knowledge

AM: Well I just thought it was interesting that with all of this, they determined that the GC proteins cannot attach themselves to the vitamin D, because of this thing called Nagalase – uhh-huh, yeah – have you heard about it?

MH: Yeah, well I read the same thing you did so I understand that in certain types of illnesses are creating that Nagalase or whatever.

AM: And you know what promulgated this was the autistic children and they really started diving into the vaccinations and then they saw a correlation between that & the MMR booster shots, and then they found that children who get their booster shot right around the 18 month mark – they end up becoming autistic if they receive this – and now they’re blowing it wide-open where these vaccination contain – they actually contain – live – viruses! Yeah, it’s crazy – and I want everyone to think about that! THEY CONTAIN – LIVE – VIRUSES!! These doctors are talking about that isn’t even possible – it’s not a mistake – it’s not even like OOOPS they got in there (short astonished laugh) I mean if we buy into that – where have we gone?

MH: well I think that’s the point – we’re getting right back around – you got – you gotta take your own power back – you gotta become – you know, an authority at some level and if you don’t want that power and authority at some level, then what’s gonna be laid out for you, you know, may not be of your highest good – it’s either, it’s either you take control of your life, or somebody else surely will.

AM: (36:16) you know back to the supplementation – do you feel that, that has become somewhat monopolistic at the top – like are there just the specific chosen manufacturers of say….I don’t know – the basic core filler that goes in like 90% of the actual supplements out there, I mean – does it – is it run like that?

MH: Umm, well most of it is – you’ve got good companies that care and you’ve got companies that are pure profit – I think it’s what their modus operandi was when they were putting the company together – is the company designed to pay the share-holders or is this a company that is actually done on a scale of – “well we’re gonna help people” and what I’ve found is a lot of companies that are put together by good naturopathic doctors and people who wanna help people – they’ve done the research and those are usually some of the better companies, and some of the ones that are the big corporate names – obviously – look at the corporate structure, I mean it’s so convoluted, and so many middle-men, it’s obvious –

You know, it’s not too hard to see through a lot of this stuff – but – there is this – there’s these supplement guide books out there and you might be able to find them on Amazon, but we used to have them in our store where they had independent revues done –

So they would take all these multivitamins – like a 1,000 different brands and they would actually take them to the lab and analyze them – and ohhh, some of these big-name companies were so horrendous – like they would be like 2 – 3 % actually effective of what it was ranked at from zero (0) to a hundred (100) They would rank it at like 2 or 3, or 11 or 12 then you’d have a few companies that were way up there – you know 90 – 98 – 100 – but for the most part, you’ve got a few really, really good ones and you’ve got a lot of really not-so-good ones – so you can’t be deceived by labels and packages and brand names – you have to actually check it, – take it for checking – you gotta look and you gotta figure out what’s real & what’s not and you gotta start by reading some of the stuff out there by Raymond Francis or by some of the people that have done the research, and then you figure this stuff out and then you have a guide to work from.

AM: you know, I think why I’m also really drawn to you is that you’re speaking from testimony, and you know – like myself, I must have tried every tried every type of therapy available to get well – and, and each one of the things I tried – some things I had phenomenal results but so much of it is your attitude about – wanting to be fully engaged through the healing process – and that’s what I like about you – you know it’s like – this isn’t just all about “OK – take my product and – you know – I’ll see ya!” – “and oh, by the way, it was a 98% profit margin” (short laugh) you know?! Umm, you know, it’s like we really all have to understand that helping – you know, just helping one person – helps – that’s a trickle-down thing – you know – I help you, you help me – it’s just an automatic thing, and this is really where we need to move our planet to – is that awareness and that attitude.

MH: Yeah, and there’s different levels of using supplements – if you’re strong and healthy – let’s say you’re an athlete – you have no diseases, you’re in the best shape ever – you can get away with some of the stuff that’s artificial, because you’re running on high octane anyway and your cells are not malfunctioning out of control – that’s – you’re already in a pretty solid state, and I still firmly believe that most all disease begins in the psyche, but I think that we are prepped for it because we have – you know, years and years of – you know – damaging ourselves through overuse of antibiotics or – I don’t know – maybe the vaccines – things that could get into your body, that could leave you susceptible because I think if you look at most disease and you cross-reference it with German new medicine where they talk about how there’s always a shock and after the shock comes the – you know the healing phase and the healing phase is when the microbes the bacteria and the viruses – they start to come, and a lot of that stuff really makes a lot of sense when you really look into it.

And so – I always think that – you know it’s holistic it’s mind and body. And if you become weak, and you’re in a weakened state, and you’re really sick, you can’t afford to have any of those toxins anymore – you’re just not in that position, and unfortunately, people that wanna build their bodies to this level, they’re either – they’re not the body-builders – they’re the ones who have gotten sick – you know their immune systems may be a little compromised and they’re saying “hey, I need to boost myself up” and they go to the nutrition store and the guy sells them the highest profit margin products, and there’s usually nothing of value in it and then they take them and then they probably get sicker and then they think they need more because if that’s not working then they try something else and then years and years and years go by and they still haven’t gotten the point yet.

AM: Yeah, yeah that’s definitely true, I also – in fact, you made a comment about – ahh most disease starts in the psyche, but you do have a good point as far as we are an amalgamation of our genes and our DNA make-up – yeah – and so we really have unfortunately arrived in this incarnation in particular, as I tell many of my clients, we arrive with a very full back-pack of junk! And we came here – I really believe this – this is just my opinion – I feel like we really came here fully loaded with the intention – “I’m getting rid of this, once and for all!”

“Yeah” – I mean it just feels that way because we carry this on lifetime after lifetime after lifetime – we’ve been in this cycle, you know, for so long and this is the time for us to break through – this is it! You know we’re at that – we’re literally at that doorway.

MH: Yeah – It has to be because with artificial intelligence coming and all this new technology – we’re at the age where technology could virtually obsolete & replace everything in the next 5 to 10 years, so – I think – I don’t think it’s gonna end up that way – I don’t think the “doom & gloom” – I’m not a “fear-porn” type of person and what I think is gonna happen is we – will – rise up and we – will – Ascend – I think we’re going to Ascend into a place that we will create the Universe and the world that has been talked about – the 1,000 years when Satan is put off – you know those kinda things I think are gonna happen – I think good is going to win – that’s just what I feel.

AM: And I think a lot of it – is winning – yeah, I do – so, and that’s the most exciting part.

MH: Yeah, we have people like you out there who are getting information out and care enough about people and people are coming in droves and listening to you – and that’s what it takes – hahahaha – it takes people to listen to Alexandra – hahaha – I didn’t pay him to say that guys – no, it’s true – I’m a listener and I’m participating and that’s what other people should do, is listen and participate and – good point – and I hope people will follow

AM: (44:27) well speaking of which – if someone came to you, and they said hey Matthew, man, I’ve got a son and he is autistic, where would you start him with your line of product?

MH: Well with autism in particular (44:42) you know I’m not a doctor so this is a challenging situation but obviously I’d start with the products that everybody needs, the minerals you know? Something that the human body needs but you know I would obviously refer him to some of the really good naturopathic doctors I know that work with that sort of condition – yup – and that would be the mind / body and bringing in a lot of other experience too – I mean that’s a tough condition – I don’t understand that and a lot of people – I think we’re just beginning to understand that –-

AM: yeah, well you know they’ve already – there’s one doctor out there that had such success – it was something like ridiculous – 85% of the autistic cases were blowing through in two weeks.

MH: no I read that – and that – impressive – looking into that – that was pretty impressive (45:33) yes – and he’s one of the ones who’s no longer around – correct?

AM: unfortunately – ya – well, here’s the other thing – these types of things do not happen unless someone has stumbled upon the answer and they’ve gotten too close to the solution – mm-hmm – and just imagine folks – and this is the cool part about it – and the reason I read off each of their names today Matthew was so we could honor them and – yeah – and I wanna honor each and every one of them for you know – just the fact that they’ve given their life, but hopefully we will take this as a sign, and a realization that we are really close to a fix – to a solution, to a realization of other means in which to approach the body that are not toxic like you said – yeah – that are not invasive, and that are not intrusive, and there’s so many therapies out there, there’s so many cool things out there that are beautifully oriented to bring the body back to a point of stasis – yes – I mean and that’s why I love your products because of that.

MH: I feel that we’re going to head into where frequency and vibration – I think that that’s gonna be the next level – me too – and I think that all the “cutting-edge” companies that are really “cutting-edge” and this is something we’re doing, and our manufacturer is one of the world-pioneers in these angstrom minerals but he’s also – ahh – you know vibrational and frequencies – we have that in the formulas, and that – you know like an example that he gives is – you know like sometimes you carry your phone in your pocket – cell phone and you know when somebody calls you can feel that buzzing in your leg – well you can take the phone and you can have it no longer in your pocket and somebody could call and your leg will still buzz – because that – when you think about it, how does the phone call get there? In one place – it’s frequency – they’re using – it’s vibration – well, everything in the universe vibrates and so I think the next level of healing is going to be geared towards stepping out of physical into the non-physical

AM: yeah and the vibrational medicine – exactly – yeah, I agree (47:57)

MH: That’s why I said, you’re already there – we’re trying to catch up to you Alexandra – hahahaha

AM: Well, I think we’re a great marriage – our products are just – Oh – My – GOD – seriously, I mean if you’re working with my essences and his products you’ve got a seriously good marriage! (OK they’ve got it) So just kind of go over, first of all – the new RNA drops that you just released, I mean I thought that was kind of exciting – we should let everybody know about that ’cause we have a lot of folks that purchase your products and I’ve heard some really good stories – so….tell me about that.

MH: (48:35) well we’re always improving and we’re always advancing and that’s the nature of everything – as technology gets better, you come out with better stuff, just like the – the computer industry – every 6 months to a year you’ve got – a completely new technology that – Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I can do this now! Well that’s the same with every other industry that’s un-regulated – by the way. So, as long as supplements are in the free market and as long as we can do this – this is what you should expect from companies that are heading in the right direction, so what we’ve done is we went – and we just keep searching and we found a better supplier – a better manufacturer that is able to do exactly what we wanted, and to do it with some of the new technology out there and a lot of it is proprietary – like a lot of the stuff that you’re doing – you know I’ve seen some stuff you use – that’s your proprietary technology and we have sort of the same type of phenomenon happening – you know, the results are – you put it to the test and you are the result.

AM: Oh – is he sweet or what guys? Well, I shouldn’t say “guys” ’cause they’re all gonna be like “oh, she’s a guy” – hahahaha! I’m being goofy, sorry – I do the same thing, yeah – haha – OK so, question – yes – tell me – ’cause I didn’t ask this last time – when people are taking the RNA drops, what do you hear as the typical responses, because people are like RNA and like oh that has something to do with the brain, maybe like the pineal gland maybe you could go over why do they need it and what are some of the results that come from taking it? (50:28)

MH: OK, well like again I’ll tell my story ’cause it’s safe to tell my story without any issues ’cause this really happened for me – well, with the illness that I had, one of the biggest components I had was I developed PTSD, and they labeled it under a different issue – they said PTSD and somatization – they had all sorts of things but what used to happen was I used to go into these – it’s like an almost altered, unconscious state, and it would go on for hours sometimes and then – wow – they would throw benzos at me in the ER ’cause they couldn’t stop me from shaking – it was a really, really bad experience and – I had to find a way out of that and I just prayed – I used my own manifestation – I prayed and then I started to read about the use of monatomics –

What they did with it at the Alpha Learning Institutes with director Sean Adams who has the 6th highest IQ in the world and like this guy can read a book in like 30 minutes, and he can remember books he’s read years ago like word for word almost (51:28) I mean, and he did this research, he found that immediately when monatomic gold touched the saliva it would balance both hemispheres of the brain and there was an improvement and they didn’t know the limits of it – well that study was done back in 2003, we’re in you know 2015 now and the science is waaay more advanced – now they can create this stuff in an exotic non-metal hybrid state (51:50) we get this from Switzerland and in Switzerland they do these clinical studies and I have these studies on these ingredients that they won’t do in the United States ’cause it’s not through the FDA, it’s done through their own independent testing, that, they have –

These are minerals keep in mind these are in a non-metal state, so what we’re talking about is frequency, we’re talking about like the homeopathic type frequency type inter-dimensional elements, that’s what monatomic – monatomics can go up one thing can become another thing and (52:22) well we have gold, silver, iridium, and ruthenium, and we also have a pharmaceutical grade probiotic in there – so that research came to me and I said, you know what – let’s pull, let’s pull the trigger here, let’s put this product together and then I started experimenting on this with this with myself – and one thing I was guaranteed is that it’s safe, you know, we’ve had 500 people that did these clinical trials and there was no you know negative metabolic effect, there was no side effects, but we do have all this corpus data of (52:52) of you know – positive stuff regulating with cytokines, stuff with brain – stuff with you know, relaxing and I said, well – give it to me and I tried it – well, within, I think it was 13 days or so umm, I felt – different, in my mind – I felt calm, I felt at ease, I felt centered, and I never – had – one – of – those attacks again, since that day, and that was almost two years ago.

And I was having them to the point of maybe once or twice a month for almost two years (2011 – 2013) so – that’s crazy, I was diagnosed PTSD as well, by the way – yeah – go ahead, for you…that, for me was life-changing and I do believe that my ability to…… manifest you know… what I want because of getting into the pineal gland now we’re so left-brain-focused, that in order to get into the pineal gland, you’ve gotta access (53:53) you know, the mid-brain – you gotta get into the mid-brain and I think from my own research and my own understanding, getting into the mid-brain is a cinch now and that’s when you can create – you’re in those alpha & theta waves and that’s when it becomes real easy to put things together.

AM: (54:13) I was gonna ask you – just from me taking your RNA drops, I’ve definitely noticed – how do I explain it? – umm I have a more…consistent – amount of energy, throughout the day. Yup, that’s true – I find that I don’t do this (indicates a sine wave with hand) mmm-hmm – you know – depending on – did I eat, then it will go up, you know, whatever – yeah

MH: so, as a disclaimer – everything I’m saying is for entertainment purposes only (53:43) so, what I’m saying – you’re entertaining me darling – (short laugh) so, what I’ve found, because I’ve done this research and again, this isn’t research done through the FDA, it’s not clinical trials here that costs millions of dollars, but what I’ve discovered is a lot of this stuff does have to do with the RNA and affecting the RNA so that you can create – you know one of those videos by umm was out there about David Hutchins discovery and they talked about how there’s almost like an overlaying – like an overlay chart on the DNA with some of this stuff that will just – help re-create it. And, now whether I can say that – that is what’s actually happening or not – I can’t say that scientifically but what I can say is that phenomenon you experience, where you feel that you have more sustained energy – mm-hmm – it’s almost like running a parallel – you know, energy circuit, that’s kinda what I feel like – yeah, and even James said that, our friends – yeah – hey – (55:43) he said he felt that way when he’s doing his athletics and I can certainly say the same thing – I’ve been through the Lyme’s, I’ve been through a lot of things, and I’m doing the same strength-training I was doing when I was ½ my age, before any of that stuff happened – crazy –

AM: well, I gotta tell ya, uhmm – I’ve been moving, as everybody now knows, and last weekend we moved Saturday & Sunday and I was lifting a lot of furniture which I swore I wouldn’t do – (short laugh) – yeah uhhh, and I was surprised how I was not super, super like sore, unable to move, the next day. I was really amazed – like that’s a 1st. Usually I get extremely sore – lactic acid build-up – all that stuff – the other thing I noticed was…clarity! – mmm-hmm – like I seem to be able to – now that I’m taking RNA – uhmm, I seem to be able to focus better!

MH: That was one of the – yeah, that was one of, that’s what I primarily wanted to hone in on because that – the ability to use your brain optimally is so important, and if you think about where – the stimulation – you know, if you go get a brain test done – you can buy these things, and I did a demonstration on my website in the knowledge base where I actually took them for the first time – I had this kit on (indicates around his head) and you could see just going around, all the way from theta, to delta, (indicates sine waves with hands) you know all through the brain waves (57:19) and so what I noticed is I started, you know, playing music better, I started being able to comprehend, I could understand what I was reading – I could actually – finally learn – because I think – we have so much information coming at us, I think so many people are border-line, there’s no such thing as the attention-deficit disorder – I think that (57:40) we’re just over-stimulated, and I think that we need to tap into a fuller version of ourselves and open up more of our – our brain, and so that’s what I feel like happens, when I use it.

AM: so what you’re saying is that you’re (57:55) not just being able to absorb the data, you’re actually being able to – see it, sense it, more multi-dimensionally – right?

MH: Yeah, it’s like a vertical integration & wide-scope integration – you can actually think on linear and horizontal & just – you know, you can pull together things that you could normally do when you’re – let’s just put it this way – like monks and people that have trained for years and years, and years meditating hours a day – they wanna get to this place, where their brain functions this way and what Sean Adams discovered is that – you can just do that right away (short laugh) – you know? So – you can get yourself to function like that.

AM: Now, – tell me a little bit about what is the latest thing going on with the minerals in our soil – the minerals with fertilizers, the minerals with the agencies – what’s going on there?

MH: (58:53) well it’s been like that for quite a while now, at least since the 80’s I believe, but the soil’s deficient – you know they don’t replace all the minerals back into the soil and they used them all up so it’s been over – it’s just been overdone, it’s, it’s gone, you’re not gonna get it, let’s just put it that way – like one of my – the guy that supplies us with a lot of our stuff said “look – if you had a potassium deficiency, go eat 100 bananas, you’re gonna have a potassium deficiency afterwards too” – (short laugh – oh god!) so – minerals, you gotta have them – cellular function, your gonna require the minerals and you’re not getting it and that’s why there’s so much deficiency and toxicity, just beat the drum with that, you know deficiency and toxicity – what are you deficient in? And what are you toxic – ’cause if you have deficiencies, you can’t even deal with toxicity ’cause you can’t detox properly – so, you gotta have both of those avenues in-mind

AM: (59:56) well I think it’s interesting too – the other day I ran a – uhh, a – scan – on James Gilliland who’s up at ECETI Ranch in Washington, and he gave me permission to share this information (1:00:10) I was – floored – at how many radio-active metals & materials were in – his – field!

MH: oh, that’s another story altogether – yeah

AM: and so I mean – are you addressing the real heavy metals with your products?

MH: the RNA drops chelate metals – oh my god, I didn’t know that!! – yeah, and so everything we sell is for a reason and it’s hard for me to get into that with everybody, but you should understand that – you know that our complete kit is designed as – a complete kit – and the reason why is because it’s all integrated, and this is done by some of the brightest people out there of what you need, so you add the complete essential RNA drops and that will help with chelating some of the metals, but you have to have a good multi-vitamin in order for that process to work correctly, so the multi-vitamin we have is from like a seaweed base – it’s a whole food – organic and it also has some of the algaes in there, and the algaes can address you know, the issues with radiation – things like that, and you know, you got the iodine, you got that in the Electrolyte Pro and you got magnesium, so all this stuff is designed to kinda cover the bases of the whole spectrum – you know, and when you talk about radiation, I mean that’s another story altogether – that’s something that – that’s anybody’s call again.

AM: oh my God so, OK (1:01:46) the keys here are deficiencies and toxicities – always, yeah – OK so within toxicity, we’re talking, what? – GMO foods,

MH: Yup, you’re talking like… you got your foods, you’ve got your drugs, you’ve got stress that creates toxins, emotional stress creates toxins in the body umm, you know – even – even excitement, you know, being overly-excited can create certain stress-hormone toxins, things like that – there’s a different – there’s a bunch of ways you can get that but you don’t want to over-complicate something – you know, are you in a state of joy and are you happy? And if not – then get back to a state of joy and be happy! To the best of your ability, you know, what’s, what’s your highest excitement in this moment – find the answer to that, then take the action, so you can get back into a place of being at ease in your psyche – in your mind, and then your body tends to wanna follow your corresponding emotional state, so if you can work on them both at the same time – I think – well – that’s how I did it, and actually – I give away this book (shows book to camera) and it’s called “How I Broke the Spine of My Chronic Illness” (1:03:00) and I give this away on our web-site, if you just pay a few bucks in shipping, but I talk about that, how it’s really a mind-body phenomenon of how I did it and it worked really well and I’m very, very pleased that I found the right people that could teach me these things.

AM: (1:03:19) that’s so cool – yeah – and isn’t it true that deficiencies and minerals are like the #1) contributors to depression?

MH: Yeah, (short laugh) that’s the most interesting part about it – yeah, let’s imagine you’re a young teenager, and you consume a lot of sugar, and you’re taking a lot of these energy drinks, like most of these kids, and you’re getting a lack of Vitamin D, ’cause you’re sitting in your gaming system all day long, – hahaha – then all of a sudden you become suicidal and you try to take your life – well, you see that story hits home with me because my youngest brother lived that story – you see this is all, it’s kind of easy to see from the outside, looking in, but we have to remember that, that’s not a normal way of living – you’re not designed to hide out in your basement all day, or in-front of your computer or on your TV and poison yourself, all day and then you see, the reason why is because he was so depressed and they had to put him on all these antidepressants which made him kind of lose his mind – you see (Alexandra does the spiral with her finger) it is, it’s the downward spiral (1:04:28)

AM: Oh my, that’s terrible – yeah – so, so go over the kit one more time, it’s got the – tell me again what’s in the kit.

MH: Yeah, the Complete Essentials Kit has the RNA spray, – now Dr. Howard designed that as sort of a super-immune support, he designed that to support the overall kit – itself with help for the immune system, and then we have the Complete Essentials RNA Drops – we covered that, we have the Complete Essentials Multi-vitamin – it’s a whole-food based multi-vitamin and then we have the Complete Essentials Magnesium and the Electrolyte Pro and those are angstrom-sized, ionically-charged you know – minerals that your body needs, and the cool thing about that is they’re both – they’re in a folic acid base, and folic acid is known to help with the absorption, also good for the immune system – and – they’re also energized in an energy vortex, so they’re – if you muscle-test with them, they’re gonna test pretty darn strong, ’cause that’s a very powerful pack – OK, OK –

AM: I just love that, I just love the fact that you guys went that extra mile with that – it’s awesome – yeah – now what do you do for – like if somebody calls you up let’s just say somebody that hears this calls you up and says “hey, Matthew, I have had AIDS – my whole life” would you immediately put them on that kit?

MH: Yeah, I wouldn’t do it to treat the AIDS.

AM: No, I understand that, and I know you can’t make a statement about treating AIDS, but I’m just saying, as a good support?

MH: Yes, I would do it to support the body – absolutely! You know, that’s where I would put everybody – basically the Core Essentials Kit is the minerals and the vitamins – I called it the Core Kit, ’cause basically that’s the nucleus, I mean it’s giving you essentially what you absolutely need every single day, and then the Complete is – you know, taking it the extra-step and adding in the RNA Drops & the RNA Spray so I would put them on that for certain and you know with an issue like AIDS, I would look into other things like (1:06:48) energetic – energetically, stuff that would – maybe you’re doing or somebody else is doing on an energetic basis – because that – well, what does Western medicine know about that? They’ve never cured it – so….you have to look outside the box.

AM: Yeah – and I get into more of the patterns – in the way in which a person thinks – the way of which they run their lives – the decisions that they make – the patterns of relationships, heartbreaks, – yup – even illness, and that sorta thing, and so you know it’s a completely different angle and approach than what you’re doing – and because we still – need – to support – the – physical body and it’s under so much barrage of pollutions – yeah – you know, even with the chemtrails, you know, the water – fluoridated water – so basically – OK so someone is exposed to a lot of fluoridated water – you would actually support them taking RNA Drops?

MH: (1:07:57) Yes I would, I would and I’m not in support of fluoridated water, I mean don’t put it back in there – some people have this mindset – you know, I have a friend, and she is diabetic, and she drinks – like sugar drinks, this big (demonstrates holding his hands 12 inches apart) and she does it – cakes, and fast-foods, I mean she just takes it in all day ’cause she’s given up – she’s like – “you know what, I’m never gonna get rid of this diabetes” – oh no, no – but this – she’s gonna get rid of herself because she’s getting – “as long as I counteract it with this insulin shot, I can keep having it” and that’s the mind-set you have to kind of get away from.

AM: Yeah – you gotta be able to break the bad habit, – and again, – like sugar is basically the biggest addiction on the planet isn’t it?

MH: Yeah it really is, so instead of thinking what can I get rid of? You’re always thinking – how can I bring in something? (1:08:57) You always wanna add in, not take away – so the way that I was taught how to get well when I had to “clean up my act” when I was really sick, – my nutritionist – very smart – she says “I want you to make this special salad, and include it into your day, every day, twice a day”, so what happened was, I started including it and then I started including the right supplements and then I didn’t want that other stuff anymore, ’cause I started to feel better, and I started to get leaner, and then everything came together and you kind of force things out by bringing things in.

AM: That’s a really smart (1:09:37) so what do you advise children versus adults, I mean is there a difference for instance in the way you offer your products to someone who’s younger?

MH: (1:09:50) Well what I do with my children – my son is 8 and my daughter’s 4 and they use the products – I don’t have them use – I think they use the RNA Drops a few times, like maybe once a month, you know – they don’t have to use that every day, but I do have them use the multi-vitamin & the magnesium and the minerals and what I do is I scale it down for their size – I don’t recommend anybody you know – 4 years or younger should probably use it – that’s something your doctor would have to tell you but – my kids – 8 & 4, I put it in their juice – they have juice with their breakfast, and I just put it right in the juice and they still love it – they think – they can hardly even notice that it’s there, I mean I know that they’re getting everything they need right there – right then and there! So they’re good for the day.

AM: (1:10:36) And you really notice the difference?

MH: Oh yeah, absolutely, and you know, when you think about it, kids are so wound up and so wiry and the magnesium and the minerals are like the big thing I’ve noticed – my kids are so healthy, let’s just put it that way – my kids – if you saw my kids – we give them – we give them good stuff and we take care of them, but we also let them have a little bit of ice cream – they get away with some naughty stuff and that’s OK, they’re kids, but we don’t let them go without the stuff their body needs, and they’re so energetic and so healthy and happy and that’s all I really want – I want them to have a good life and that’s all you can do.

AM: (1:11:17) So, tell me a little bit Matthew (distorted audio) (we have a really bad connection – sorry folks, but Skype is acting up today) (1:11:25) You and I talked last time and you were talking about the legislation that you’re having to contend with – can you share a little bit of that?

MH: (1:11:40) Well, you know, it’s not necessarily myself; it’s the manufacturers who provide everything for us and it’s gotten to the point where it’s just ridiculous – umm – so, what I was just told, it was about 4 days ago (July 24, 2015) is – I’m gonna keep his name confidential for obvious reasons – ’cause he’s actually in it right now – with the FDA, they did an audit of their entire company and they’re going back and forth – you can’t use PPM (parts-per-million) anymore, now you have to use a different formula – a different measuring system, (Alexandra, shaking head in agreed frustration with the system) and so he said it’s one thing after another – just getting them to change this, change that, and what he says – they’re moving in on potassium, magnesium, calcium, and they’re trying to get it, so that it’s considered a drug – the minute that you say ANYTHING about it –

Like let’s say “magnesium calms the heart” – well does it? You know there’s ample research out there to show that it will help you in many areas, but the minute that you say anything like that – it’s now considered a drug because as long as it affects any part of the body – they want control over the body, so now it’s considered a drug so what he says is that this is like an end-game strategy, like a check-mate move – you know – hey, we run all the people out of business that were natural and we give control of it to the doctors, and then take it away, because once the doctors get control of it – well they don’t want you to get healed and cured because there’s no money in that – they’re in the SICKNESS BUSINESS so we gotta keep – it’s ugly to think that that could be the case out there, and I know many, many doctors are amazing people and they want you to get well – my doctor here locally here – he’s an MD and he’s one of the greatest guys ever, and he would never want anybody to be sick but he cannot prescribe vitamins and minerals ’cause he could lose his license or be sued – so – what can he do – he can give you drugs! That’s what his scope of being a doctor is able to do!

AM: (1:13:54) I’m speechless

MH: Yeah, I can get an antidepressant any day of the week if I’m not feeling good, and all I gotta do is say I’m not feeling good and I can probably walk away with three of them if I wanted, but if I went in there and said I’m not feeling good, they’re not gonna do any investigation as to – you know – what I’m eating, if I’m getting my minerals, if I’m getting enough sunshine, enough exercise – none of the obvious things are gonna be addressed – it’s gonna be – “oh, are you under stress – are you not feeling good – have you had suicidal thoughts, are you treating that? – Well we have something for you” I mean that’s kind of a – and he says “yeah, well, what do you have for me?” And he says “Well, we got these benzodiazepine drugs” and you go ahead and you YouTube and you Google search that – look at some people trying to come off those and see what they’re going through. I know teenagers that are on those and I know them personally and what a nightmare – you know and what an absolute, horrendous nightmare – I – I don’t know – it scares me – honestly! It scares me! –

AM: (1:15:00) that’s a shame! So, I would like you to play that clip you told me about – you said you had 1 or 2 clips that were actually really an eye-opener, as to what’s really going on out there in the “Legal” part of the holistic industry, right?

MH: Yeah, exactly we got one that’s about the legal part and we got another one that’s about the part of getting in your body what it actually needs as opposed to what’s main-stream, out there available. – Perfect – yeah, when you here these, it’ll be pretty clear to you, and this is from an industry expert, who we’re keeping confidential, so – this is good information so – you ready for the first one? –

AM: I sure am – let’s go for it!

(1:15:39) Recorded clip on holistic “controlled” legalities

So the main thing we talked about Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium – the FDA, they’re trying to classify those as drugs –

That’s gonna be inconvenient because calcium and magnesium can correct imbalances in the body and can help you with osteoporosis and if it can help you – repairing your body – they want to class it as a drug (1:16:13) anything that “they” consider you know you can say calcium will help your bones and the minute you’re doing that you have to get that registered as a drug, because calcium immediately becomes a drug – if it can help cure, or enhance your situation! They’re just gonna make it a drug –

So how does that work for most of the people? I mean this research has been out there forever –

you see the research is not a clinical trial and they DO NOT ACCEPT anything that is not a clinical trial – that is not done – that’s why they make it so difficult – that’s why clinical trials cost millions of dollars to do them and then it’s 7 or 8 years – so the only people who can afford to do that are PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES! (1:17:04)

So you said something about a company that had walnuts and….

Who – Walnuts and cashew nuts & Pecans, I mean California sells a lot of that and they were actually received a directive to “Cease and Desist” selling their nuts because they wrote on their advertisement that – on their product that their nuts have got selenium in them and that they had certain minerals in them and also that they had fatty-acids and vitamin E and using those would enhance your heart function and would help with certain parts of your – you know helping your body regenerate and because they did that, they told them to change their label or they had to register that fruit as a drug – that nut is a drug!

That’s insanity! So how does a company market their product if they can’t say there’s any benefit? Because the minute you say there’s a benefit, you have to register it, so people don’t want to buy it if they think there’s benefits from it.

Well you see that’s the main thing – the whole modus operandi – they are trying to get the doctors – they’re trying to get the doctors to prescribe natural products. OK, so they’re trying to force everybody that’s in the natural field out – and then get the natural products to be taken over by the doctors, and then the doctors can prescribe natural products (1:18:47) and then once they get them locked into that situation – the doctors will immediately STOP prescribing natural products ’cause the minute you put somebody on something natural, they can get healed so the doctors are gonna stop that, because they’re not interested in you being healed, they’re interested in you being sick! So once they control that, then they will stop prescribing it and kill the natural industry!

Do you think there’s a possibility that that would happen or do you think there will be a big enough push-back?

It’s happening in Europe – it’s been happening in Europe – You can’t buy vitamin C more than 70 milligrams in our food stores period –

Wow – You know, it’s all – this whole vaccination thing – it’s all being forced on us – we’ve got rogue courts, we’ve got rogue judges, we’ve got rogue people that are just taking money and are running with it and they don’t care what the public says – it doesn’t matter no more – we don’t have a say – no matter how you fight against it, they only way it’s gonna stop is like when Greece went down – the people started burning the place down and rioting – it’s the only time they listen.

Yeah it’s a dark situation, that’s terrible –

But It’s not hypothetical – this is what’s happening!!! –

Right – so, you gotta take matters into your own hands now while you still have the opportunity –

Well this is what you have to do but you know, the biggest problem is that they are – they are listening to what you’re saying – they are monitoring whatever you are saying and they are – you know the minute you start producing stuff and you start getting ahead – they start going for you – I mean we were (..?..) they got stuck into us because of our product having calcium and magnesium (1:20:45) and that isn’t because of ..(indistinct) and because of that – now that designates the body, a part of the body, and you know you need to have that registered as a drug before you can market it and the more you tell them it’s a mineral they don’t give a stuff – they just say listen this is a drug – WE designate it as a drug – (1:21:05) – Yeah – So this is very important – people must realize this – this is what is happening.

So what can the average person do, you know – what do we do? What situation are we in?

Well you gotta realize what’s going on, first of all and then you gonna have to start getting some product and start putting stuff away – you know, whatever you need – you know, buy up and start storing stuff – and buy a product that can hold for many, many years – I mean our product does not deteriorate, even though we are forced to put a best by date on it – I’ve had product that has been on the shelf stored for 15 years and had it analyzed and it’s still the same – you know, no deterioration because it’s the mineral, so people have to start thinking of looking after themselves, and yes, people will start growing fruit and vegetables and their own greens – thinking that they’re getting everything and they’re not because the soil doesn’t have it.


It’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food source period!

MH: (1:22:13) So that’s the end of that clip but – WOW!! – that’s what’s happening – that’s the nature of reality right now.

AM: (astonished laugh) and now they’re even going so far – see, in my opinion this is so audacious, and what I want to remind everybody out there is there’s a lot more of us, than there are of them – it’s time for us to take action. Anybody who’s willing to take this and run with it, maybe – get some petitions going – get the signatures going – get this going into the Supreme Court – we actually do have judges Matthew now, that are working for the light – uhmm, there are not many, but there are some because we had some landslide decisions that were for the benefit of the people, and not the – you know, mass corporations – Thank God for that, yeah – but ahh – what other ideas do you have after talking to??

MH: (1:23:16) Well like you said, you know we have – you know, they’re producing our minerals to make a long story short – I keep – I have, I, I have, I have a stock pile – you know I keep at least a year’s worth for my family – what if you can’t get your minerals anymore, what if they’re not available – what if this happens? You know? What if it happens – what do you do about it? Well – let’s just say – I hope that it doesn’t happen you know, because if the soil’s – you can grow tour own garden – like he said you can grow your own garden – people will start growing their own gardens, trying to get the food they need that’s not GMO that actually has nutrition – the problem is they don’t have the minerals, and if you can’t get the minerals then – what good – you might as well just eat whatever’s available because it’s not gonna do anything anyway – so – yeah – you know you have to have common sense, but like the main thing is you have to have – you have to be one – we have to take this power back – we have to say “look, no-no-no – this is stuff that nature gave to us – this is provided by nature – we need it, and we’re gonna get it ’cause we have to have it!

AM: (1:24:36) you know, I do also wanna bring up – there is legislation – I don’t know if you heard about this – where the bankers are just throwing a hissy-fit, and-it’s not to their liking, and I thought – the moment I saw this article – I thought to myself – remember the countless bankers that have been found to have – supposedly – committed suicide? – just jumped outa buildings – yeah, Right!! They’re in mid-steam of a census and they just run to the window and jump off – you know – one was like 32 stories high – I’m sorry….(Alexandra just shakes her head in disbelief)

MH: There’s better ways to go than that

AM: People just really need to wake up and recognize that the government, and the institutions that are – and I’m not talking about the people that run on the administrative level that don’t have a clue as to what the true agenda is, but the government itself and the agencies which that keep the motor running – you know – they are NOT – HERE – FOR – OUR BENEFIT!! Not at all – Not At All!!

MH: Yeah, I think that everybody understands that who listens to your – I think we’re there – I think people get that – I think people just need to just get – well what can they do about it? ’cause everybody feels like, well who am I, well I’m not a senator or a congressman – well, you don’t have to be – like you said, you have to have a grass routes campaign, and that’s where it has to start – it has to start by getting a small fire that builds into a big fire.

AM: (1:26:21) Well I tell people this all the time – those of you that are out there, that are talking to friends, family, people at the store – OK, yesterday – I was at a storage unit and a guy came rolling up and he had some people with him he had hired to lift the heavy stuff and he started talking to me and he said something about – “wow, it’s such a beautiful day” – now I always look for an opportunity to “drop a bomb” – so I said “yeah, it’s great, there’s no chemtrails in the sky” and he said “What?” and he was a very intellectual guy – he had talked to me off and on throughout the hour that he was there, and I said “yeah it’s great, ’cause there’s no chemtrails in the sky” and he said, “Well, what are those” so that led into a conversation, so then he said –

Well have you noticed how radically different the weather is? I can’t believe that we’re getting rain in the month of July – you know where it just poured rain.

And I said “well there’s 3 reasons for that – (laughs), so I listed off there’s HAARP manipulation, and there’s bioengineering and all this stuff – he looked at me and he said I never thought of it that way! – Opening Pandora’s Box – And then he just walked away, and you it’s like you could see the wheels turning (Alexandra twirls circles around her head with her fingers) (1:27:41) so for all of you out there – listen – I mean everybody that you are making a comment to, I mean who cares if they think you’re stupid – who cares if they think you’re ignorant – who cares if they think you are crazy? ’cause the bottom line is – they’re gonna be seeking out us!! Come shortly – yeah, yeah – very shortly, I guarantee it! So, I tell you what, was there anything else that you wanted to share?

MH: (1:28:10) Well. We have one more clip and that’s just about the effectiveness of most products and that’s worth listening to so I think we should just listen to this and get out of it, what we can!

Recorded clip about product effectiveness:

Yeah – so what they do is, they will then – if you go to the store and you buy calcium or magnesium – you will see that every product that’s in a capsule form is 2 calcium cals to one magnesium – if you notice that you’ll see – you’ll go and buy Cal-Mag you’ll see calcium is twice as strong as Mag now that’s done on purpose, because – the blood cannot utilize it like that – it has to be 2 Mags to 1 Cal for the body to utilize.

Yeah the other way – the other way around – It has to be the other way around – if it’s not the other way around, then you have a problem of calcification – Yep – so immediately they are selling you something that is not going to work in any case – Right

So basically what we found out was – especially with the bones – our product – people were taking calcium tablets and their bone density wasn’t improving and then when I did a hair analysis and I found out their calcium and magnesium was through the roof on the hair analysis – on the tissue analysis and I started to figure out that this guy’s got osteoporosis, and yet his calcium and magnesium levels are off the charts – what the hang is going on?

Then I started to do research on it and found out that the body was craving calcium and magnesium so much – that it actually stored the synthetic form – hoping it would break it down so that it could use it, but it couldn’t! So you would end up having calcium and magnesium through to ???? and have none in your tissues and have none in your bones because the body could not assimilate it – now the reason for that is – anything that is synthetic and made in a lab and by the pharmaceutical industry is molecular in size – it is one molecule in size – a molecule is 1000th of an inch, so is a blood cell 1000th of an inch in size – now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out if something is 1000th of an inch in size and something else is 1000th of an inch in size – they will not fit in each other! – Right –

So what happens is when you take the synthetic product it stays in your bloodstream and being calcium and magnesium it’ll cause kidney stones and all sorts of things – it’ll cause atherosis in the body, blocking of the arteries, calcification because it cannot get into a blood cell – you have to have something that gets into a blood cell, so when it gets into a blood cell the body can utilize it – use what it needs and disperse what it doesn’t – that’s where angstrom comes into being so when something is angstrom in size it is 1 – 250 millionth of an inch in size – that is an angstrom – Yep – now if you take a blood cell and you put a line across the center of it – you could put a million angstroms in a line next to each other to cover that distance – just to give you an idea of how small it is – if it’s angstrom in size, it’s the same as what it would be in a plant source and it can get into the cell and out of the cell at will – yeah, so that’s what makes it so different, so when I found that out, I then started to produce this product in the angstrom form and what was happening was, we found out in a period of 4 to 5 months, a person’s bone density would come back to normal and the calcium and magnesium that he stored, would dissipate out of the body because the body stopped holding it in retention, because it had enough, Yeah – and that changed my whole perspective on how this whole thing works.

Yeah, you found the solution – you found what actually works in the body

Ya – and so then from looking at that then you have a look at a whole lot of ailments – we have an issue which is quite prevalent which is hemochromatosis – which is iron toxicity and people go and have blood let, & blood let & blood let – keep them away from vegetables and all that – we found if they start taking angstrom iron that the body will dump the iron that it’s storing and utilize the iron that it can use. Most hemochromatosis patients are iron deficient although the body’s full of iron it cannot utilize it (1:32:50) and most iron tablets today are iron ferrate and all these synthetic forms of iron that the body cannot assimilate – though we’ve had reversals in that too – so it’s basically chelation by replacement –

yup and most people are interested in the magnesium and we’ve used the product you made for us and – is it 45,000?

Yeah, 45,000 ppm (parts per million), ya.

Yeah, so that works the same way if people get that in their cells then they can build their levels back up again – have you had any success stories with that or do you have a mineral formula?

Who yeah well magnesium – magnesium is a fantastic mineral – if you had a migraine headache and you took magnesium for a migraine – it stops it within minutes – if it’s the right form of magnesium – you also find that in asthma – asthmatic patients actually have a magnesium deficiency – the minute that magnesium level gets back to normal, that asthma dissipates and goes away – yeah – and of course with the magnesium oil you can actually spray it in the skin also and it’ll absorb into the skin because the particle science is absorbable so basically you’re staying away from synthetics ’cause God never designed the body for synthetics, he designed the body for natural stuff. And so the body will assimilate natural stuff and the minute that synthetic – the body has a problem absorbing it – basically if you look at calcium carbonate – now calcium carbonate has 1 calcium molecule, 2 carbons, 1 nitrogen and 1 oxygen so you have those molecules in that combination – the body knows each one of those individually – it knows, calcium, it knows carbon, it knows oxygen, and it knows nitrogen, so it knows them individually but when it’s chemically attached it cannot break that up – so the body will bring it in, try and break it down – cannot, so it stores it hoping that it can break it down – mmm, yeah – so that, that, that’s the basis of all my research that I’ve done in the minerals (1:35:07) is that we’ve been fed this stuff in the wrong form.

MH: (1:35:14) Well there you have it –

AM: WOW thank you for sharing those that was really educational.

MH: so you can see, as I was trying to get myself well – nothing worked and I remember the body – my body used to be so sore, with the Lyme’s and everything – I couldn’t hardly move my muscles – you talk about lactic acid – I mean it was ridiculous – I mean they would lock up – well it took me about two years of using the angstrom size particles that we have in our company but after a couple years – I mean, I just ran 3 miles last night – I’m working out like a champ – I mean – what he said is so profound in such a short time in that – it just hit the hammer right on the head – hit the nail right on the head

AM: That’s fantastic and thank you for that – I do know there’s one doctor out there that researches the cell and how a film has developed around the cells now and that’s been another problem for our cells to absorb the good stuff – now that’s been a challenge – yeah – and this is why essences, or something alchemically based – is so imperative folks – I mean I don’t care how much you’ve been juicing, how much organic foods you have – it’s just we are still – we are still – very, very toxic – on the inside you know – because of where we live.

MH: That’s why I was – I keep saying like you said – what we do and what you do is such a good combination because you know you have to get into the outside of the box – that realm of alchemical, quantum, vibrational, that stuff – that – that’s where the action’s at – and it’s the smaller – technology’s getting smaller – well look it – we’re talking about nutrition getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

AM: The smaller it gets, you still have a whole world inside that piece right there (Alexandra indicates a tiny world with her hands) – powerful – yeah it’s amazing – well OK just remind everybody, how much is the kit – the essential kit?

MH: Well the core – the Core Essential kit I believe is $109 and the Complete Essential Kit is $119 – no I’m sorry, that’s $219 and that’s for 5 products – I used to buy kits when I was not well and I’d spend upwards of $800 and that was for starters and we’re talking about getting it in this form that the body can utilize and you know – for some people that’s a stretch but you have to understand – what you pay for is what you get – you’re getting the quality and you’re getting it for a few bucks a day you know that’s what it’s all about

AM: Yeah we’re getting that with galactic connection stuff too so – check it out folks and do me a favor please – honestly I don’t talk about this a lot but it literally costs me about $1500 a month to run the blog – OK and I do that gratis and so anything you can do to support Galactic Connection – I would really appreciate it – ahh – that is an awesome solution – it’s something that’s gonna benefit you. If you work with Matthew, please use Galactic Connection as a reference – there is a link up on the web-site

MH: Use the code, so you get your discount on – if you get anything that has the RNA Drops you use the coupon code GC (for Galactic Connection) GC10 and you’ll get an additional $10 savings on that product or on that kit, containing RNA Drops.

AM: See, he knows all about it – can you tell, like I forgot all about it hahaha – Great host –

MH: Like you said in the beginning, you’re doing all this and you’re taking on more, and more –

AM: hahhaha – Oh god. I’m sorry – anyway, so check it out, we do have – I try to make it really easy – there was a box up there that says liquid software and you can just click on that and it will take you right into the area to review all the cool products that they have – and that’s – this is just a small little piece – we’re gonna take them in small little chunks huh, Matthew? – But today we just wanted to focus on the Essentials Kit ’cause that’s what everybody can use right now.

So, anyway, just tying things up – wanted to thank you for your dedication, and your time and your willingness to share your story and share those really cool clips and I’m sure we’ll be connecting again soon here –

MH: yeah and mention if you can – please mention it in the check-out that you heard about it from Alexandra from Galactic Connection and I’ll make sure to add in something extra – special for ya just because I wanna support what you’re doing Alexandra – I wanna support your customers too – so and your audience, your listeners – everybody that’s tied into you, I wanna make sure they get a little extra so –

AM: Like I said, I have – THE MOST awesome audience on the planet – you do, you do – he even says that guys – the people that he’s talked to on the phone, like – they are incredible!!

MH: Yeah, when we did this before and I got to speak with several people that listen to you – these are some of the most enlightened people out there so

AM: They enlighten me, they enlighten me – they send me incredible emails and articles and keep me posted on everything that’s going on – they keep me uplifted – they keep me going when I’m like burned out – sometimes – anyway – check it out it is RNA Drops and you’ll see it on the right hand column I believe – you can’t miss it – you can just click on there – you can go ahead and research “till the cows come home” as they say and in the meantime take care – stay in-tune, because we have 2 really cool radio show programs coming up – we’ve got Tom Lescher, of Kaypacha – the guy that’s an amazing astrologer – I’ve met him in person just a really cool guy – I’m looking forward to that interview next week and then we have Sheldan Nidle coming up. So we’re gonna be doing another review with Sheldan shortly, and you guys take care, as always. If you have any questions go ahead and feel free to drop us a line – we’ve got emails all over the website, OK – Somebody wrote me the other day and said: I can’t figure out how to contact you – we do have Contact Us tab at the top of the blog – don’t ever forget that! OK – OK – lot’s of love. Here to serve, honored by being here for all of you and Matthew, lots of love to you too – you take care and we’ll talk to you guys later – bye – later, love, love!!

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