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Michael Tellinger, Louise Clarke, Alexandra Meadors, November 18, 2014 – Part One

Alexandra: Hello everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of the Galactic Connection.com and I just want to say before I start this interview, it has been amazingly challenging. So I know that we are going to be sharing some very important information for the world to see, hear, and to pay heed of. Today I have with me on location Louise Clarke and Michael Tellinger. I’m sure that you all know about Michael Tellinger’s work. He’s just been a master of bringing forth all the ancient information about South Africa – the fact that it is the Cradle of Humanity, with the stone circles and, unfortunately, the cattle corrals that they claim that they are and that they bulldozed over millions of them unfortunately. So today, what I thought we would do is to review a lot of the information that he has. He has new information that he mentioned on the phone.

And I also really want to honor Louise’s work because she is kind of the woman behind the man that has brought forward the Ubuntu Movement. I think that it is something that all of us really need to take consideration of because we are now at the time when we have to take action. There’s no more sitting back and complaining about the dark. It’s now time for us to create the world in which we really want to live. The Ubuntu Movement is without a doubt – I’ve read the documents – it’s outstanding the information and the work that they have put into this. I don’t feel it is getting enough coverage around the world which is one of the reasons that I was motivated to come here today. I want to make note that we are inside Michael’s museum and we do have our friendly trees making some notes up above, so if you hear a little scratching sound that the reason is why.

Michael: The weeping willows.

Alexandra: The weeping willows. That’s my favorite tree. So thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s been quite a morning and I’m really honored that you guys are so patient.

Louise: Thank you.

A: Is there anything that you would like to start out with, as far as, what is currently the hottest, latest thing that you feel that’s really prepping people for acknowledging how important South Africa is in the changes that are about to take place on this planet.

Michael: Well, as you said, more and more people are beginning to realize that this is finally, we’ve presented the evidence of the Cradle of Humankind. The places that the first humans that we can really associate and resonate with, most likely that walked the Earth, that were our original progenitors, in probably a most basic and primordial, genetical way. And that information is now spreading rapidly around the world. But what is for me that is really attracting attention from around the world is the science and the technology behind the stone circles and the ancient technology that I’ve shared, and somehow discovered is part of this ancient civilization. And that is getting attention from some really leading scientists, people like Nassim Haramein and others who are are very much in the shadows. I mean Nassim is a big profile individual, but there are many other brilliant minds that are Nobel Prize laureates that contact me and interact with me on almost a daily basis that have really taken a shine to this mind-blowing information that we deal with, of advanced technology all to do with resonance, frequency, and silicon-based technology – basically, vortex technology, toroid field technology and so forth.

When I started here nearly eight years ago that was the last thing on my mind. I was still thinking, well, who were the people that built this and where did they disappear to, and why did they live here? And suddenly it’s changed completely – turned it upside down on its head that it’s not about the people that lived here, but the energy devices that were built here.

A: Definitely. We went to Adam’s Calendar yesterday in the mist. I literally felt if I had walked back in time and also into Ireland. I had never seen that part of South Africa before. And it was almost eerie. I mean, I knew that I had been there before, just that feeling that I had. But anyway, Michael reviewed the stones and the way that they were set up and I was wondering, just to start out with, can you go over that a little bit more? The thing that I think that people don’t fully understand is how can that literally be a calendar that they tracked time with? Can you maybe go over that a little bit?

M: Yeah. So before I say that, or explain that – to say once again, the Calendar was discovered by Johann Heine in 2003. For five years he tried to get it to the attention of the media and the academia and the universities without absolutely no response. Then in late 2007 I met him and he showed me the Calendar and the stone circles and I immediately realized that’s what I wrote about in the Slave Species of god. (Yes) And automatically and inextricably connected to the information of the Slave Species and what I wrote about in that book. And so the journey of discovery began. And very quickly Johann did the initial measurements and analyzed the Calendar and realized that it was actually a functioning, or could be used as a functional calendar because it still had the alignments pretty much in place. The one stone calendar receives the shadow of the calendar from it – let’s turn that around. The one stone casts a shadow on the second stone and you can tell every day of the year by the shadow of the setting sun. And it moves from Summer Solstice through to the Winter Solstice and then back. So it still is or could be used as an accurate calendar if you drew the lines on it.

It marks the equinoxes, the solstices, north/south, it passes right through the two central calendar stones, there’s the Horus stone that marks on the Eastern side, that marks the rise of the sun, next to it are the three stones that mark the rise of Orion’s Belt. So it is deeply encoded with all of this esoteric knowledge and connection to the stars that we seem to find in all the ancient cultures. And here we have it.

So once that was in place, that knowledge and information was in place, I started looking at it as – well, why is there? Who built it and how is it connected to the stone circles? And that’s when I went to visit Credo Mutwa and he told me and the group of people that I was with, that he was with initiated there in 1937 as a young shaman. And that it is a well-known and a sacred place for the African knowledge keepers and shamans. And it is known as Inzalo Y’langa, or the birthplace of the Sun, where humanity was first created by the gods.

A: It is so powerful.

M: So you can imagine when I heard him say this, I was like, in fact, it was preceded by me showing Credo a copy of my book, Adam’s Calendar, which is sold out. We don’t even have one single copy left anywhere.

A: Wow!

M: Well, I have to print some more.

A: Well, you’ll have to have to do something about that!

M: Yes, but the thing is, you need money to print some more books so first we have to raise some money to do that.

A: There’s a hint.

M: What some people don’t realize is that all of the money that we get from the book sales is going into the Ubuntu Movement and we are setting up this community of abundance. So everything that we have from the book sales goes into there. So when it comes to printing more books it’s not as though we are keeping the money to printing more books.

A: No, and trust me, everybody. I have been walking around their – what do you call this? –

M: This is the Ubuntu Head Office.

A: The Head Office, okay, and it is so cool. They have a library here. They have a restaurant here. They have a little hang-out place for coffee and tea. They have a museum, which is really cool. It has some really, really cool stuff. I know a lot of people have seen you ring the bell yourself. But tell me again, yesterday, you found as you and I were talking about how we thought it was interesting that there was a fine line down that central stone. (Oh yeah) So what do you think that was about?

M: That is the first time that I’ve actually seen it. It looks like the lichen, that one specific type of lichen, was growing right up through the middle of the central stone and I guess it’s got something to do with the energy of the stones because there is a vortex, a electromagnetic vortex, that travels out of the ground and into the sky. We haven’t even touched that. Now we are jumping around a bit. What? We need to get back to that idea later and explain the energies and what we measured at Adam’s Calendar, that it actually is a very powerful energetic device. In fact, I believe, it is probably the most powerful energetic device ever found and measured on this planet, to date. (I agree) There might be some more powerful but we don’t know about them yet. (Yes) This one, at this stage, we measured more than 375 Gigaherz of sound coming out, out of the center of Adam’s Calendar.

Now again, why is it called Adam’s Calendar? Because when Johan Heine found it it didn’t have a name, we just called it the Calendar. Then I called it Adam’s Calendar because I instinctively knew that it was connected to the origins of humankind some how. And Credo Mutwa told us it is called the Inzalo Y’langa, the birthplace of the Sun, and the sun, not just as ‘s-u-n,’ but in ‘s-o-n’ as well.

A: That’s interesting. M: It’s an interesting play on words there possibly.

A: Well, you also talked yesterday about the fact that I really agree with you because I did some work there yesterday that was pretty mind-blowing and one of the messages that came into me was, this truly was a program that was established around the world that was mentally, literally, looping the thought process that ‘we are a slave.’ We are the follower. We can’t make decisions on our own. We are subservient. We are unworthy. I was just feeling that the whole time that I was doing my ceremony.

L: That’s interesting.

A: And then you mentioned without you and I really talking a lot of the details, somebody told me that this was actually concerned the grid around the planet. And all of a sudden, BAM, you know, the messages started coming in. So that’s why I am here. So I really do believe that it was not necessarily a beneficial thing.

M: No.

A: No, not at all.

M: No. That is where a lot of people are getting it very wrong. And a lot of New Agies spiritual kind of bunny-hugging, you know, kind of people who are tree-hugging and bunny-hugging kind of New Age spiritual people, and unfortunately, a lot of the people are like that, oh, they’re full of love and peace. But you know what? It’s not all love and peace out there. We are under attack! Every millisecond of every day. And that’s what we have to realize. We have to stand strong. We can’t just say, it’s okay, everything is beautiful. No. That’s part of the trap. And this is actually what Louise has been very vocal and very strong about, we have to stand our ground. And sometimes you have to be a warrior. I’ll let Louise talk about this.

A: That’s good. Go ahead. Well, and Louise, is very patiently just sitting here waiting her moment to talk. I also want to let everyone know that she has a very interesting background as well in journalism and media. And she has three children which no one would ever even realize that. But I would love for you to tell them the background that you have, because it is such a perfect precursor to being the main proponents for the Ubuntu Movement, where you’ve lived on a rural farm, you had no electricity and you were pumping your water. Tell me how was that? What was it like to live like that?

L: Well, I think that it actually made me what I am today. I grew up in Johannesburg, in suburbia, in a very normal protective life style. I went to the university, I knew nothing about the world or anything, but I felt instinctively, something was very, very seriously wrong. (Yeah) And during my twenties and my early thirties I spent a lot of time traveling Africa, living on farms, connecting with the Earth, getting a lot of spiritual dollars and information and really being trained, I think, in retrospect, if not at the fact, for what I am doing now.

A: I so agree with that. I can totally relate to that. So tell them a little bit about what you are doing. Because no offense to Michael, but everybody knows all about Michael, but they don’t know much about Louise. And these guys are such a team. Totally. You guys really definitely complement one another.

L: Yeah, we do.

A: Aww, I got him to kiss her.

L: We work really closely together. I think I have said it before. Michael has the framework of Ubuntu and I weave the strands of connecting people, I hold the space here, and the community – community is women’s work. So the volunteer project, the stone circle, the home, the restaurant, I hold that aspect of it. We are getting more into the community projects now, which is something that I am dying to get into as well. Michael’s leading that charge at the moment.

M: And it’s not easy. As you know. And we need to get into the explanation. The difference from what we are doing and what people think we are doing here. Because there is a huge misconception.

A: We will get into that, I promise. That’s one of the main things that I want people to understand so they can work with you, or even use your prototype, and be a network across the world because I really do see this spreading far and wide. And in order to stay on track let’s go back to Adam’s Calendar.

M: Yeah.

A: So at the point that you were researching, discovering, realizing that this was a calendar, was there any other information that came through, as far as the device itself? Did you find out anything else, as far as what do you think it’s emitting?

M: Well, it was several years. You know, these things don’t happen overnight. And also you’ve got to be ready consciously for it.

A: Big time.

M: The messenger has to be ready to receive the message before you can share the message in absolute confidence –

A: A very good point.

M: to the world. Because otherwise you will get shot down so easily. And believe me, I know that when ten years ago, in 2005, when I started talking about Contributionism, the philosophy of Ubuntu Contributionism, that we are now putting it in practice – it took ten years to get from thinking about it and starting to talking about it and now we are implementing it. It didn’t happen overnight. So when people say, oh you guys, what are you doing, you just came up with this flaky kind of idea, but it’s taken a decade to put into place and to be brave enough, and confident enough to stand on the stage and talk about it. Because I did that in 2005, and boy, did I get shot down. It’s so easy to be shot down by naysayers and the hecklers and so on because the negative kind of people, they have nothing better to do than always looking for the bad things and the negative things.

A: I can really relate. We did a similar kind of project in 2007, but it wasn’t the right time.

M: Yup. So I learned how to face that kind of thing, after being shot down and I realized that I don’t know enough about this to stand up and talk about this. I need to do a lot more homework. But I still talked about it on a lower level. And I kept learning. And whenever somebody said to me, well, how are you going to handle this? I said I don’t know, let me go away and think about it. And that’s why it’s taken ten years. So I processed pretty much every level of how a society without money would work. And now, I mean, Louise knows, we travel the world and we talk about Ubuntu Contributionism to the smartest minds and people that you can imagine and I have not been shot down yet. (Good) Or nothing, (Fantastic) no argument, nor negative sentiment has collapsed the model yet. Because it is not my model. (RIght) It’s a universal model. Yes, it’s a cosmic model. It’s just taken awhile for me to internalize it enough. The messenger has to be ready to take the message to the people. (Yeah)

L: But the important thing as well, is that people everywhere resonate with this, you know. It’s not like you’re telling someone something that you have to make them believe, or convince them about. They automatically are resonating it. It’s so innate to who we are as humans.

A: That’s a good point.

M: Yeah, and that’s exactly as Louise says, truth resonates. The Source resonates within all of us. And when you put it out there it goes in through the eyes, the ears, all the sensory parts of our bodies, it goes straight into your DNA and it resonates with your DNA and your heart and you go Woh, something is happening. I’m hearing this for the first time and it’s moving me and it’s shaking me and I’m totally seeing what you are saying but I don’t know why. Why am I breathing so strongly. And that’s what happens to people. You don’t know that the thousands of emails we get, just pouring their hearts out, on how they found us and they couldn’t stop watching the videos and how can they get involved and how can they spread the message.

L: And how they felt the same thing their whole lives.

A: Yeah.

M: So we don’t have to convince anyone. It’s in our DNA. So, I don’t even know where we started on this question or whatever, but truth resonates and it’s a lot easier now to take this message to the people now than it was ten years ago.

A: Well, and I think, you’re familiar with Deepak Chopra, aren’t you?

M: Yes.

A: One of the things that he brought out that was so significant was, he was saying that if you met someone all you have to do is just to be in their field and you were immediately changed. You would never be the same. Just from being in the field of this one individual. (Yes) Now that same thing applies with a thought. It also applies with the Movement. So if you imagine, if we shared this even with those that we felt are asleep, all of our family members that we all complain about, you know, on the internet. Just telling them the idea because you are planting the seed. That’s really where we are right now, we’re still trying to get the human population ready for this. There are some people who are ready but we truly are the pioneers, you know, setting the stage.

M: So I think we were talking about the research on Adam’s Calendar and how it impacted on taking the Ubuntu message and so forth. So what I’d like to do is to come back to that. Because the technology and the research on the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar was really what brought us to this point right here. So we are in the heart of this giant, vast ancient settlement. You’ve seen it. The museum is right next door to us here (It’s amazing!) and there are priceless items, artifacts here, that go back 300,000 years that people could hold. But not hammer and chisel with, they used saser technology, and possibly laser technology, but most likely saser technology because with these guys did everything with sound. Saser stands for sound amplified by similated emission of radiation, so saser versus to laser. Laser is light amplified simulated emission of radiation. So with sound, saser technology, you had clear crystals you were creating, focusing sound and this really what these cone-shaped tools that I speak about. And right next door we have a whole display of these cone-shaped tools that were most likely used for that kind of technology. Together with the torus stones and the toroid vortex-shaped stones.

It was really when we started looking at the stone circles and realizing that something was strange, because there were no door or entrances. There’s more than ten million of them. What’s going on here? Then I saw that they are in clusters and it was then that I realized that they emitted all of these wierd energies, incredibly powerful sound frequencies, and the sound frequencies that created electromagnetic fields inside the stone circles. So it’s just like the Bible tells us, sound first. God said, Let there be light and out of the primordial source of resonance of the Creator comes everything in Creation. So it’s the same thing here. The sound comes out of the Earth, the stone walls amplify it, it creates these electromagnetic fields and now, we have some powerful energy devices that are used for – we don’t yet know what they are used for, mostly likely for gold production, gold mining, manipulating the weather, the atmosphere, atmosphere creation and so forth.

A: I had a hit on this, by the way. One of the things that came in was the actual sound frequency that was emitting the various stone circles were actually like a letter or a signpost of that particular family. (Yes) Because at that time there were actually walking in and out of the walls, so they really didn’t need the doors and windows and things like that. That was one of the things. The other thing that was the sound could also represent the training that they actually offered. So if they were a silversmith or a doctor they would resonate that sound or frequency.

M: That’s interesting. L: Very interesting.

A: It’s a very different way of thinking than the way we do now. But isn’t it also fascinating the timing of this. Now when did you first discover the stone circles? In what year was that?

M: I came to first see them at 2007. But the first written record of the stone circles goes back to the late 1400s. So it’s been 500 years to decode them – 500 years – to decode the meaning of these stone circles.

A: And it still hasn’t been completed.

M: No, of course not. But at least now we are on the right track, or on the track that is leading to some advanced or – that has no ending to that at the moment. Because until now, until I realized that we are dealing with sound and technology, it was still the thinking that these were dwellings for primitive people – migrating tribes. So now we can completely dispel and dismiss those ignorant kind of theories and put it squarely on the table that it’s undeniable. It’s scientifically verifiable and supportable because we have done the scientific measurements and the tests. So no one can tell us that we are just making this up. (Right) And that’s probably why I haven’t been interviewed on programs like Ancient Aliens because I am not saying it could have been, or possibly was. I said this is what it was and it still is. (Right) And that’s a little uncomfortable.

A: Now what kind of stats are you getting inside the stone circles – as far as the electromagnetic – ?

M: Well, like I said, the stone circles – and each one of those stone circles – remember the reason why that there are more than 10 million of them, but each one is completely unique, is because each stone circle has a cymatic pattern. A cymatic pattern of the sound frequency of that specific point. So you are quite right. It is like a letter, but it’s the sound frequency of what is representing the shape of the sound representing that specific spot. So yes, it is a key. Each sound circle is a note, it’s a key, as in the key of A, or the key of G, or Bflat. It all has to do with sound and resonance. And now there are millions of these all connected by the channels that share the energy that they generate. And they generate the lowest frequencies that we’ve measured were, I think, 11.5 or 14.5 GHz. GHz. That’s insane. That’s the lowest frequency. And the highest frequency in the stone circles was about 35 GHz. And then at Adam’s Calendar, as I told you yesterday, it shoots beyond 375 GHz. Now as far as I know, nothing in human history has been measured at those levels. Specifically in nature. You don’t measure things in Gigahertz in nature or basic primitive structures that are emitting those kinds of frequencies. (Right. Right) It just doesn’t happen.

A: What determines how high of a reading that you get?

M: Well, the frequency that that resonance has.

A: Does it have anything to do with the actual shape of the stones, the patterns of the stones, I’m just curious.

M: Yeah, it would. It would.

A: Yeah. All of that and more. Right? Okay. Interesting.

M: So now, at Adam’s Calendar, just to explain, it seems like Adam’s Calendar was like the flagship, and it was receiving all the energy from all of these clusters of energy-generating devices, these stone circles clustered together would generate all of this energy and then beam it to Adam’s Calendar. And that’s why it’s so much more powerful. And it seems to still be receiving all of that energy even though these stone circles are scattered all over southern Africa. And they seem like these benign stone structures, but they are still alive. Because we have measured them and we know that they are alive. And Adam’s Calendar seems to have been one of these devices like I’ve shown in the temples of Egypt, not actually temples, but templates for computer chips, circuit boards, giant circuit boards, silicon-based technology that would generate energy fields that would be keeping this energy grid around the Earth.

A: We have to get into that. We have to get into that.

M: And Adam’s Calendar is one of those devices, and probably there are a lot more.

A: That is amazing. The other question that I wanted to ask you was, when you are traveling around South Africa, I know you are continuing to find more and more. For example, yesterday we had lunch in your little town here and I looked out and did a double-look and I saw stone circles. (Yes) And I was thinking, omg, they are everywhere.

L: They are everywhere.

A: So are you continuing to find more. I think that the last time that you said you had found 100,000 of them, right? Or had it gone up to a million, or something crazy.

M: Yeah, there’s more than ten million.

A: Ten million.

M: Ten million that I have counted. That was by studying aerial photographs and Google Earth and doing statistical projections, you know, counting how many are there per square kilometer and how many are there per hectare and how many per hundred square kilometers and then getting an average and then finding the clusters where they are through my looking at Google Earth. I’d see wow, there’s a cluster over there and then using those averages to then add them up. And when I did those calculations I kept thinking I was making a mistake. I went over it several times and I realized I wasn’t making a mistake, that it was just mind-blowing. But when it gets to even more exciting now that we’ve – when I saw, Louise and I we were together, when we had this recognition – we both looked at these aerial photographs of these ancient monuments and ancient temples – we were visiting some friends in Johannesburg and next to the bed was this very red book of aerial photography of ancient sites.

A: Ooo. I’d like to see that! L: Yeah.

M: And we started looking at this and suddenly we realized, oh my goodness, I said to Louise, ‘look, do you see what I see? It’s a bloody computer chip circuit boards. That’s what these things are!’

A: It blew my mind. We were talking about the shapes of the temples and we could not figure out why they had built so many pillars on the temples. And that was a big hit for me when you brought that forth. It was actually a chip. Now you mentioned that’s it’s taking advantage of the energies from the people that had been fed from the amphitheatres up through the road and into the temple. Do you also think that’s it’s taking advantage of the energy signatures from Planet Earth?

M: Most likely. Yes. As I have mentioned in some other presentations that you’ll find like the Acropolis and other various ancient sites, there’s the Acropolis, the giant computer chip, right? the circuit board, and then the textured area is the amphitheatre. And then over there there’s another amphitheatre, actually, two amphitheatres attached to the Acropolis. There might be more that have been broken down that we don’t know about. So it looks like they’ve put a bunch of people into the amphitheatres, got them excited, to make a noise, and then the human sound and that carries a very specific energy with it, the human energy, it’s emotion, it’s anger, it’s fear, all of that kind of stuff, laughter, whatever it is, that energy gets channeled up to the mountain to the circuit board. So the human energy could’ve possibly be the starting of – the activator to get this thing to work. And once it works, it’s possibly a self-perpetuating device. You just need to start it and every now and then come back and re-charge it by putting people in there again. And that energy I guess was used as the energy grid around the Earth as the enslavement – the entrapment grid.

A: So it’s reinforcing all the other grids that they built.

M: So we enslave ourselves with our own energy of our unconsciousness. A: Right.

L: Maybe it’s that they needed the imprints of the human energies, if that is what they were trying to effect, so maybe there’s an imprint of the human energies that thought up the device and then they manipulated it to control us.

A: I always so go back to the feeding the lions.

M: Yeah, exactly. Why is that? –

A: What kind of energies are you extracting with that experience?

M: That’s all of fear. Fear-based energy.

A: Big time.

M: Fear of the authorities. Exactly what is happening today. Most of the global population still lives in fear. Every day. People fear death, they fear disease, they’re afraid of losing their jobs, fear that their children getting run over, fear of not having enough food, fear, fear, fear. Everything is fear. And obviously, the media is the main protagonist of the promoting the fear factor and it’s just insane. It’s just intensifying. And more people live in misery and live in stress. But again, you can only push people so far.

A: It’s beginning to turn. M: Yeah.

A: It’s definitely starting to turn. And that is the purpose of the interview today.

M: Yeah. There really is a point where people say we can not be pushed any further. I’ve got nothing to lose so ‘screw this,’ What am I’m going to do to change this? And I think that is where we are right here.

A: I agree. Now I’m going to change turn the tables on you a little bit. Because you mentioned that you had a father who was Ukrainian.

M: Yeah, my father was born in the Ukraine.

A: How do you feel that that has affected the way in which you’ve gone down the path of ancient history, and stone circles, and bringing all of this information forth? Do you think it had any affect on you? I mean coming from those types of roots.

M: I’m not sure. I guess it must have had an affect on me. It must have had an affect on me. I know that my grandfather was an amazing, I guess, incredibly resiliant, probably revolutionary, if you want to call him that. He was a farmer in the Ukraine, and the Ukrainians were just completely exploited and devastated by Stalin during the Second World War. All of the farmers were pretty much rounded up and marched up to Siberia. My grandfather was one of those. (Wow!) And he told me before he died, he died at the age of 98, he told me that there were 3,000 farmers and people that were rounded up by the Soviet Stalin army at the beginning of the war. They marched for 3,000 miles and from 3,000 people or something like that only about 30 arrived alive. There’s a lot of 3’s in that, that’s interesting. (Yes) So of about 30 of them that arrived alive, he was one of them. (Wow!) And he worked in the snow concentration camps in Siberia for a while, I don’t know how long he was there for, and one day he just decided that he was going to get out of there and he managed to escape. I’m not going to go into the details but it’s a horrific story of how he escaped and what happened. So I guess I’ve picked up some of that –

A: Some of that fire.

M: I’ve always had a very, very thick skin. Nothing really upsets me. I might get a little rattled – I mean ask Louise. And I also, I don’t hold grudges. I really don’t hold grudges against anybody. Even people that really do me harm, I feel sadness for them. I want them to change their way. You shouldn’t want to do anybody harm.

A: Right. And unfortunately, for a lot of the high profile people like ourselves, we are definitely being targeted these days, in these final hours of the –

L: Desperation.

M: The separation.

A: The wheat from the chaff as they say .

L: Hmhmm.

A: All you can do is to just take the higher path and hope and know that people are really coming into their own intuition, trusting their own messages. This is a time that we have to go within. It’s not about going outside of yourself anymore. It really isn’t. But anyway, I also wanted to know if they can see this but I’m not sure. You have also written this book that you mentioned, Slave Species of god, and we were talking about the evidence of the human origins and I know that 97% of all the DNA is being proven to come from the stars, so to speak. So what other information can you share with us on that?

M: The DNA issue has been become a – it’s not even questionable anymore because there have been such great geneticists that have come out that shared that our DNA is not from here. Most of DNA comes from elsewhere. There are huge gaps and anomalies in our DNA like somebody took a piece out and put something else in that doesn’t even belong there. So it is so obvious what is going on there. If somebody still has a problem with that they haven’t done their research. And they still believe in the dogma that is being shoved down our throats for sixty years now, seventy years, about the DNA. Or the hundred years about the DNA, the bigger talk of eugenics and genetics that has been around. Not just with Watson and Crick, the DNA discovery of the double helix but that has gone back further in time.

Even in the Koran they talk about the DNA, they describe the DNA, about the creation, how the gods created us and not God in the Koran. And one of my favorite scriptures about the creation of the human race comes from the Sumerian texts when they talk about – they refer to DNA as ‘entwined essence.’ That’s how they refer to the DNA which is a far more elegant description of what DNA is – the entwined essence of the being. So we have the DNA, what the hell is DNA? Is it some wierd, crazy nonsensical modern scientific name, just like they do, call things names that we cannot resonate with or we don’t understand. Because calling something ‘entwined essence’ gives people a much more understanding of what it is.

A: Well, this is Michael’s book, if you haven’t read it.

M: With the entwined essence here on the cover.

A: Yeah, in red and green. The Slave Species of god. A great book. And the other thing that I wanted to ask you – you also mentioned something about their coming up with more and more discoveries about how many planets are actually in the Solar System which should give us a clue as to expand our way of seeing the Earth within the Solar System, within the Galaxy, within the Universe. Have you come across any other information or reference on that?

M: I’ve sort of stopped following the planetary explorations several years ago because I realized that whatever information that they are feeding us doesn’t necessarily to be the truth. (Exactly) So you get all excited about, wow, they’ve found another planet. Well, you know, it’s probably just b.s., just something they want to hand feed us to kind of create some kind of excitment but it’s actually probably an deception. Because anything that comes through the mainstream media or the main scientific journals it’s all just a part of the control mechanisms. So what people really have to realize is that the planets in the Solar System – there are many, many more – we only know about a fraction of them. Most of the planets are not necessarily on the same orbit or on the same plane of orbit.

A: I was just going to tell you the fact what we have been taught of the planets that are supposed to be in our Solar System which are not. A lot of that has been a misnomer as well.

M: But it goes even further than that. I remember that when I was writing the Slave Species of god, the New Scientist, the cover issue of the New Scientist was ‘how many stars in our Solar System’ and they had a ‘9’ scratched off and ’36’ written above it. So there was just a hint that they are telling us that it’s much bigger, and wilder than you can imagine. You can replace the 36 with any number you want to make up quite frankly.

A: Yeah, no kidding. And you really are big about bringing out the mythology. (Yeah) And what is the difference between that and history.

M: Exactly.

A: Can you tell us a little more about how that has changed your way of seeing things.

M: Don’t you love the fact that we call things mythology? And we say, well, this is just dumb people from the past who didn’t understand lightning and thunder. They didn’t know that it was natural phenomena. Really? And these are people like Plato and really smart people? And scientists and astronomers of the past who didn’t know what lightning was? They couldn’t tell a difference from a flying object that comes down from the sky and lands and beings come out of it or they can’t tell the difference from that and lightning and thunderbolts? Who are they trying to kid? Are you kidding yourself? So the thing about mythology is, the Greeks write a lot about the gods. The Sumerians, all these ancient people talk about the gods. All ancient cultures tell us that we come from the stars. Every single one of them. Not most of them. Every single one of them. And so is that something we should pay attention to? Yes.

A: Now this is an interesting question. Don’t you think it’s quite pondering to take the word ‘god’ and the word ‘gold’? And the only thing that is different is the ‘l.’

M: Yes.

A: Now there are people that have put up information out about the El which are a not so nice group of entities that wanted to enslave humanity. (Umhmm) What do you think about that? The word ‘gold’ versus ‘god.’

M: That’s it exactly. If you take the L out of ‘gold’ do you get ‘god’ or ‘gods.’ So let’s just look at that. The Elohim. (Yes) Miceal Ledwith made a big discovery when he realized that the opening phrase of the Hebrew Bible is missing the obligatory Aleph at the beginning of the phrase. Okay. When you insert the Aleph and I’ve tried to memorize the Hebrew texts and I’ve gotten very close to it but – I haven’t recited it for a while now so it escapes me now. But I showed him my presentations. I even have Miceal’s personal handwriting from the UN Washington recently when at breakfast he wrote it down on a napkin for us – the Hebrew text and inserted the additions and how that changes the text. And basically if you add the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is Aleph, and all sacred texts in Hebrew have to start with the letter Aleph. The first letter of the alphabet. Otherwise, you know that someone has messed with it. And that changes it completely. And in fact, not only does it change the meaning, it corrects the meaning.

Because the way the current opening of the Hebrew Bible is, it doesn’t make any sense. There’s a confusion between Elohim. Elohim is a plural word for ohim. Ohim is the single and Elohim is the plural, ‘the gods.’ So it doesn’t make any sense. Only if you add Aleph to it then it now means the following, instead of saying, ‘In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth,’ it now says, ‘The Father of the beginnings has created the Elohim, the Heavens and the Earth.’ And you realize that the Elohim are a bunch of beings, or gods, that have come from the same Source and everything else in creation. And those beings and very high consciousness individuals that have inserted themselves and could be called the ‘fallen angels’ or some of them, and that starts the separation of consciousness. It’s a complex issue.

A: I just had to share you with this. This came in a couple of days ago in another message. And I looked at the Adama so it’s A-DA-MA and then I looked at the Lulu and I noticed that DA was ‘father,’ MA was ‘mother,’ A was ‘the child.’ Because it was the A’s. And it was creation. A is the creation of the mother and the father. Then Lulu – this blew my mind – they basically said, that the reason they were called the Lulu was because the U was basically considered a well. It was something to store. Then they said, that the L was actually on top of the U, which closed it down and oppressed it, so there was no opening. And I thought, Wow. That is very interesting. In my work here in the last two months everything has been going back to the Lulu, the enslavement of the people. In which world age do you think that this came out of?

M: Well, just the people that are watching this that don’t know the word Lulu or the Sumerian texts. This was a Sitchen explanation as well. Lulu Amelu, the primitive worker. It goes back to the Sumerian texts and the Anu gods, the Annunaki and people that follow some of the distractors would say that the Sumerian texts don’t say anything about the Annunaki really. Really? Have you looked at the Sumerian texts? It’s in every bloody sentence almost talks about the Anu gods. It’s like you can’t get away from it. And Enlil and Enki and all of those names that Sitchen brought out, it’s just full of it. The Anu gods, they’re everywhere. And the El as well. The Lulu Amelu, the primitive worker, is key. And that’s why I think that there are so many names that have Lu in them.

A: Big time. So what is your opinion after all of this research regarding the Ark of the Covenant? What do you feel is the ultimate purpose of the Ark of the Covenant? Just from all of your own studying so far, I’m curious to hear it.

M: Whatever it was it was not a good thing, it was not a nice device. It was a device of manipulating and control, aggression, that’s the sense that I get. It was used for all of those purposes.

A: Do you have a hit on it, Louise?

L: Yeah, I have read up on some things with Michael. I dont know too much about it but certainly it seems to me one of the key areas of the whole system of control, the whole matrix of oppression.

A: I agree.

M: The reason that I say this is because the whole obsession with gold and monatomic gold and the amount of physical and spiritual torture and suffering that has been inflicted on the planet and the species of that planet is unmentionable and that kind of imposed torture and suffering and enslavement can only come from a low consciousness entity.

A: That is so very well put.

M: So the problem is that the cause we have the highest Source Code that is connecting us to the Primordial Source of all things encoded in us, that puts us in dissonance with the oppression that is enforced on us of the human race, the species. We have this Source Code in us, we want to be beautiful and express our divine primordial creating expression in our existence on this planet and that is being suppressed. So it’s like separating God from God Itself.

A: Yes, from it’s own particle.

M: And that is why humanity is in such grief and strife and a confused species because we have been allowed, through this oppression, to awaken, to become enlightened. But no matter what they have tried, whoever they are, these Elohim, or the Annunaki, or whatever other beings that are trying to keep this planet as a prison planet, no matter what they do, they can’t stop the rise of consciousness because that is connected with the divine primordial Source Code. And it is in us. So it seems like every few thousand years something dramatic happens that puts humanity back completely into a dark age mentality so we have to restart again.

However, I think we’ve now gone far so – So this time around, the 2012 prophecy was therefore such a profound prophecy because they knew that after 2012 we can’t go back to that dark age way of thinking. Yeah. So we are out of the loop, out of the slave loop and now we are on the track to ascension moving towards re-unification with consciousness and the Source Code and – (I agree) it is a huge subject. I’m not claiming for one second that I know the answers. But I resonate with we are going and what we should be doing to continue on this track. And the Ubuntu Movement has everything to do with that Source Code and the resonance and the unity with that Source Code. So that’s why it says Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World.

A: In fact, the other thing that you were mentioning really resonates with me and that is, when we read all of this material about the oppression and the enslavement and all of this stuff, do we ever stop for one moment to wonder, why the humans? Why humanity? (Umhmm) It’s not just about God. It’s about the fact that we are about as close of a representation of God of – from what I’ve been told by other people that have done some research or have received a lot of divine information, we are one of the most unique species because we can experience the emotion from one side of the Richter scale to the other. And nobody else can.

And none of these other ET races which I personally feel the darker ET races are a very small, miniscule amount that’s out there and they’re typically in cahoots with the government. They can’t duplicate that. Nor can they absorb that, no matter how much they are going to slice and dice our DNA and do all of these tests and everything else, which brings back to Enki’s Temple. You know, it gets back to Adam’s Calendar, you know, all of that. It ultimately always gets back to the DNA, which then gets back to the gold and the monatomic capabilities of teleportation, freedom, just being able to go from here to there which is our birthright. (Absolutely) It’s supposed to be completely free (Umhmm) and have no oppression, no enslavement.

M: And to choose be on a planet that we choose to be for all of the right reasons. But there again, that’s why so many of those that reach enlightenment choose to come back to do this work to help speed up the enlightenment. (Big time) So this is why a lot of people don’t understand again. And again the spiritual people newly born, the re-born spiritualists – there’s very little difference than Christians, there’s very little difference – they discover this thing of spirituality and God and Source and Unity and Love and all of this and they become just like new Christians, and they want to run out there and want to tell everyone, but they don’t have enough information. They are like little babies and they often do and say the wrong things. And it’s great, but just damp the enthusiasm just a little bit, because you might just put people off. First be calm and collected and really internalize this before you go –

A: – It is such a process, it’s such a process for everyone out there. But I do want to re-iterate and it’s probably one of the biggest things that I see and I know you guys do too with the emails that I receive is, if you are feeling unworthy, if you are feeling that you do not have gifts, or you are feeling that you do not have what it takes to be where you want to be, that is not your stuff. That’s programming that you need to get rid of. Period.

L: What we have to remember is that we have all of the keys within us. We can do or create absolutely anything. It’s just recognizing that makes us more able to project and to create, you know. And we need to co-create as well. So just remembering that we have everything within us. We are gods. We are connected to the Divine Source so as soon as we know and recognize that within ourselves and within each other we don’t need to know anything else than that really.

M: But once again, see, this is important information, but if you take this and from a lower perspective or level of consciousness and you say to someone, that we are divine gods, they are going to go, ‘well, go make a mountain.’ Okay, remember, we have the divine encoding that is in us, in our DNA. In fact, Enki did that. Enki encoded us, because he knew that – he was a smart guy – he is a smart guy – because he seems to be a higher multidimensional consciousness being (Yes) that was doing stuff here for certain reasons that we don’t understand and on many different levels, not just on –

A: We just don’t have much information on him. We really don’t.

M: Exactly. What I do understand is that both Enki and Enlil were doing stuff that – we don’t understand it. But anyway, Enki did the divine coding with all of this information. Source Code is in us. (Yes) That’s it. And he knew that if he didn’t do that he’d be breaching the Prime Directive. (Yes) What is the Prime Directive? He’s going against the Prime Resonant Frequency of everything in Creation. (Right) You see, and this is really – once you start understanding that the resonance with Source is everything. If you don’t resonate with Source you are in dissonance. You are a cancer cell (Yes) in all of Creation and you will be consumed and discarded to come and re-manifest yourself and see if you can continue resonating with the Prime Resonant Source Code. And if you don’t, you’ll be re-cycled again. (Right) And so it goes. So no matter what these distractions are and these dark beings and galaxies that are taken over by these draconian dark beings in our perception it’s an eternity. But it’s not. It might not be trillions of years, but it’s still a drop in the ocean of eternity (Right) and the Source Code. And they too will be re-cycled because they’re diseased. They are not coherent with the Source Code.

A: I have to throw this out to you. There is a theory out there and a suggestion that, basically, each of every World Age occurred because some of the beings that run the planet have access to the ankh, used the ankh, put everybody to sleep and they started all over again. Now why is that important? Because it’s getting right involved in what you are doing, which is discovering the stone circles. And what is it that archaeologists always say? Always look to the ancient sites because it’s going to be a building on top of another building on top of another ruin, on top of another structure, right? So then you get back to what do we believe. Okay. It really puts a huge question mark on time. Which I was going ask you about, because I know that you and I talked about this a little bit yesterday. It’s really confusing for people to look at Adam’s Calendar. What year were you thinking that is?

M: Well, the evidence suggests about 300,000 years.

A: I think it is a lot older than that.

M: It could be. What is important to know is, one of the other things that I forgot to mention earlier, is that Adam’s Calendar, although it is aligned with the

North, South, East and West cardinal points and the equinoxes and the solstices, it is not aligned with True North and South. It is out by 3/4 degrees counter-clockwise. So it tells us that Adam’s Calendar was built at a time when true North, South, East and West was not where it is today. So it was built before a huge geo-physical turbulence happened on planet Earth and then probably caused an massive extinction and a re-start of the whole planetary civilization. So that is a very important aspect of Adam’s Calendar and one of the most mystifying ingredients there.

A: Now talk to us a little bit about the first stone that we saw when we drove in. I can’t wait to hear you talk about that.

M: Oh right, the first stone, yeah. The first stone is called the Stone Man which was removed from Adam’s Calendar in about 1992 and then two years later in 1994 they found it lying in the workshop of the Forestry Plantation and they brought it out and that is a miracle in itself.

A: Totally.

M: First of all, why did they dig it up? Why did they decide to push over a random stone in the middle of nowhere and take it to the workshop in the Forestry workshop. I still don’t understand that.

A: And who did it.

M: Well I know who did it. I heard about the guy that was driving a bulldozer with a front loader who did it and I’ve been meaning to track him down but I don’t know if he is still alive.

A: And hopefully he’s not going to be found by Michael. (laughs)

M: No, no, I want to ask him who told you to do that. Who gave you the instructions to take that stone out and was there a reason that they wanted to take that particular stone out. And then why did they make you take it to the workshop. In any case, two years later, miraculously that stone was brought back into the Nature Reserve – when they were declaring the Nature Reserve open as the Blue Swallow Nature Reserve – that particular stone – closer to Adam’s Calendar where it was removed from. That is just insane. (Bizarre) Because the evidence is there.

But Credo Mutwa speaks about it as the ‘clitoris of Mother Earth.’ The clitoris of Mother Earth. Now, what do clitorises do? They vibrate. They resonate. They create very, very high energy and frequency within the body that they reside in. And that’s exactly what this Stone Man or the ‘clitoris of Mother Earth’ did at Adam’s Calendar. It was the resonator or the vibratory stone. I believe it was the receiver of all the frequencies and the energies from all the other stones, the other stone ruins and clusters, as I’ve mentioned before, and that vibration of the Stone Man was the activation for the two central stones, which are like two metal plates, that then vibrate and create the very powerful energetic fields.

A: Where do you think that it was?

M: What?

A: The Stone Man.

M: He was right where I showed you in the hole, where he was taken out. The hole was still there and it was taken out. Right on the edge of the circle aligned with the Horus Stone on outside. So the Stone Man was on the west side, the two calendar stones in the middle, then the Horus Stone on the eastern side. So the sun comes across like this on the equinox.

A: So you have Horus on the East side.

M: The Calendar Stone, and then the shadows.

A: Who do you think she represents – who do you think she was? That’s interesting.

M: Exactly.

A: Somebody dive in and look at that one. And you also mentioned that gold can travel around the universe, I believe it was in the Slave Species material.

M: I don’t know in what context I was talking about that so I’m a little fuzzy on that. But the reason that I brought up the monatomic gold and the mention of the gods, you know, the Elohim, you take the ‘l’ out of gold and it becomes ‘god’ or the gods and you see these interesting connections. The thing is, that whole lower consciousness stuff, if you connect it to Source you don’t need anything. (Right) You can experiment with these things. So in the physical form as Louise was saying earlier, we say we are gods, we have god encoded, the gods resonating into each of us but we operate in this density. And we have been so manipulated and are brains are being suppressed, and our third eyes being manipulated and there’s so much more that we haven’t even discovered on our bodies that we’ve been manipulated, we can’t manifest our thoughts in this state. We started to realize that we should be able to.

And I guess there are a lot of people that have risen to very high levels of consciousness and enlightenment that can do that and there have been reports of people doing that, that can move things, can move objects with their minds and levitate and do miraculous things and transmute things by looking at them or by chanting. So yes, it’s clear that people can do that. But not everyone can do that. (Right) And that’s the problem. (Right) But even if everyone could do that right now at our current level of consciousness that would be chaos. That would be a mess. You’d think, ‘Oh, I hate that person. I want him dead.’ No, no, we can’t have these Source Code abilities if you still are allured to a lower level of consciousness beings.

A: And acting like a child.

M: Yes.

A: I forgot who it was. I think it was Sheldon Nidle – they were referring to humanity at this point and they were saying, we are embryos compared to the rest of the Universe. We’re just at the small growth phase compared to where we are going. Michael, have you heard about the fact that all of the gold is being taken off-world?

M: Yeah, of course. That’s been one of the subjects that I’ve spoken about extensively and I get a lot of questions about in my workshops. It seems to still be going on.

A: Do you have any tidbits or profound information in that subject? To me it’s one of the biggest mysteries of all. Who is removing it, why, where is it going and is it ultimately to assist in this transitional period? Because maybe, as you’ve said before, we need a little bit of assistance on the monatomic gold, do get the job done.

M: Well, the thing is, we are not benefitting from it. Humanity doesn’t seem to be benefitting from it. The gold that we have left to us is the shiny metal, heavy metal gold and that is just not doing good for us because it just causes wars, separation and conflict and theft and envy so whatever is going on with the gold is not good for this planet. Whoever is taking it off, whether it’s the Annunaki or other beings at this stage that book is open. What it is being used for on it’s monatomic form or any other kind of form that might exist because we are only scratching the surface of the infinite, multi-level, multidimensional physics that we know a fraction about, so however it is being used by other beings in Creation I can only speculate. I’ve heard a lot of theories on that, too many theories to go into right now, because it will consume the entire conversation. So all that I want to say to people that are watching or listening to this, you’ve got this figured out, you are wrong.

A: I think it is like the newest, hottest discussion. M: Yeah. A: I really do.

M: But I’d like to say, we should not be discussing that. We should be discussing how do we move forward as a species. That’s all delving into the past. What’s happening in the past. Blah, blah, blah, blah. And I’m finishing up my presentation with that, and the ancient ruins and civilizations and the monatomic gold and the good stuff and the bad stuff in the past and I say great, it’s exciting information, so what? Now what do we do with this knowledge and information? That’s what we do with it. We look at how do we solve our problems, how do we use the knowledge and take humanity into the future. Unity consciousness, moving toward Unity Consciousness towards creating a planet of abundance because that’s what it is, removing it from a planet of fear, removing it from the planet of slave mentality, people realizing that by working together in cooperation, rather than in competition, we will very quickly create a pattern of abundance and it really, in essence, is that simple.

And that’s what the Ubuntu Movement and the philosophy of Contributionism is all about. So it’s all about learning as much as we can from all that we have been talking about and now moving into the future saying that we have a blueprint that is infallible. As I mentioned right at the beginning, for the last ten years now, I have not heard one comment, argument or anyone who shoots slings and arrows at the philosophy of Contributionism – they have not collapsed it. In fact, every sling and arrow that I take makes it stronger because it provides a new solution for a potential problem that we may not have addressed. And as I have been saying for a long time now, it’s a self-regulating system. I don’t regulate it, the system itself regulates itself for the best outcome for the entire community.

A: Absolutely. It’s the same as an economy. You just allow it to function naturally it will automatically adjust itself.

M: Yeah, but you need to have the right foundation in place. I don’t like to use the word ‘economy’ because it suggests that we have to ‘economize,’ and the word economy is a tool of the banking elite. So I try to eliminate the word economy from everything that we talk about. I’d rather talk about abundance and creating communities of abundance where everything is available to everyone all of the time. We don’t have to think ever of the time of economizing. That is a sub-set of capitalism, the global elite, the banking families, we have to economize. No –

A: It’s all restrictive thinking.

M: Exactly. Yeah.

A: Now I know that you are really chomping at the bit to get to Ubuntu, and I promise you that I will do that. But I want to cover a couple of other things. You talked a lot about the Abzu. (Yeah) Can you go over a little more – I think the reason that I say that is because being an American being here in South Africa has been a real wake-up call for me as far as what Abzu really is. It just seemed to put a lot of things in place for me. So if you can cover that. Where exactly on the map is the Abzu?

M: Abzu is, again, for people who have been researching it, it has many meanings. Many connotations are attached to it. One of them which I believe is one of the most significant ones is and, once again, you can dissect that word in many ways. AB and ZU, and connected to Enki, and these activities, and it’s connected to water, so much. One of the frequently mis-definitions is that it is the land below the equator where the gold comes from. And it is often described as – Abzu is like ‘hell’ because it is below the equator or there’s a line, the word ‘equator’ you are in the underworld, the line under the equator is the underworld. And then people misinterpreted that and they thought, underworld, ‘oh it must be hell.’ No, no, no, it’s the lower part of the planet.

A: And that’s where Enki ruled.

M: Well, that’s it, that’s about it, you know. Everything that’s about Adam’s Calendar has to do with Enki. Everything about the Great Zimbabwe has to do with Enki. And then you extropolate that the line – that 31 degrees east longitudinal line from Adam’s Calendar to the Great Zimbabwe and you get to the Great Pyramid of Giza. So we have to assume that Giza has got something to do with Enki.

A: Yeah. I’d think so. (laughter)

M: And the Annunaki. And again, this is the important thing – we can not underestimate the importance and the influence of the Annunaki on this planet, our Solar System, the entire Galaxy and our entire Universe and beyond. And from some research and some teachings of other researchers, like people like Ashayana Deane – again she has many detractors and people will go, oh no, no, – but you know what, you read as much as you can –

A: Her knowledge is amazing.

M: Exactly. You take as much as you can out of all sorts of sources of knowledge and information and put into the context of what you already know. And I can tell you what suddenly really resonated with me is that the Annunaki and what James Gilliland talks about as the primordial beings. She talks about both of them – the Annunaki and these feline energies that seem to be the first energies that were created, like the primordial creative forces – the seven primordial creative forces –

A: The Guardians.

M: The Guardians. Exactly. The seven primordial frequencies out of which these beings came and the Annunaki go right back to that very, very ancient primordial creative moment. So they are not just a bunch of beings that had been hovering around doing malicious things. We have started to look at them very differently. And there’s clearly been some sort of split. We can look at them as the fallen – possibly a part of the fallen angelics. There’s a lot of possibilities that we are dealing with.

A: I think we all ponder as to how to look at polarity these days. How do we look at evil versus good, and light versus dark, and where do we come to a place where we’re still able to acknowledge that we created all of it.

L: Yeah. And they are largely a distraction.

A: Yes. Even though we have been enslaved. Even though a lot of this has been put upon us – the yoke. We still have to take some accountability. (Yeah) Why did we come here in the very, very, very, very, very first place. That’s where I always go back to.

M: I find that what you are saying is great for conscious people. (Yeah) But to unconscious people if you say you have to take accountability – ‘I don’t have anything to do with this. I was born in New York. What do you mean? Accountability?’ So it’s really important.

A: We were born way past New York.

M: Unfortunately, we have to take those people, these children of lower consciousness that still think along those lines and say, okay, come, let’s show you the bigger picture and bring you to the beautiful story of humanity, the beautiful story of Creation, in which you were a Co-creator and somehow landed up in this thing. However, and again, you cannot also, like I said, underestimate the influence of the Annunaki. We need also, like Louise said, do not underestimate those dark and negative forces whatever – I hate to use the words ‘dark’ and ‘negative’ because it puts a thing on it – but the forces that are trying to suppress humanity – the suppressing forces that are working in antithesis towards Unity Consciousness.

A: And freedom.

M: And total free will. You know.

A: Yes.

M: And what is happening? And why are they doing that on this planet? And that is where you get the very distinct separation and these polarities moving apart. That’s a very confusing subject.

A: I know, we could go on and on on that one. Now I want to read this. This came out of your book and it was so profound. You might want to comment on this as well. “No one knows where the Great Zimbambe came from and why it is there. ‘Where the bowels of the Earth to enter – place of deepness he determined, for the heroes into Earth’s bowels to descend.'” and that came from the Sumerian Tablets, as you know. (Yeah) That can be interpreted quite a few different ways. What do you think about that? Especially the part about ‘the heroes into Earth’s bowels to descend.’

M: Well, as you just said, it can be interpreted in many ways. I’ve been interpreting it in the one way as creating the gold mine empire here. Being able to dig mine shafts where they went into these mine shafts to extract the gold and the gold-bearing ore out of the earth and then processing it and getting the gold out of it. But it could mean a lot of other things too.

A: Because I was thinking if they are thinking about the ‘bowels’ which would maybe be the lower third of the Earth then we are thinking of Enki’s territory, that would be one. The other thing that a lot of people have been talking about is ascension – Ascension – or is it – Descension, where you are becoming a new human once again with your mother, with your womb, with your own heart, your love Divine energy, okay. So we are actually descending because when you think about it, they are talking about Mother Earth is finally going to release herself and be free off the mantle because we are one of the very few planets that has beings living on the outside of the planet. So what are do you think about that, Louise?

L: I don’t know. It’s interesting. I always think all of this always pertains, again, to who we are and what we are, and we can use everything that we read or see as a lesson or as a point growth for ourselves.

A: Right. Right, I think so too.

M: Louise often says most of the things in our lives are a distraction. And the more time that I spend time with her the more that I realize that it’s really the life-style and everything that we are doing on this planet right now is a consequence of the slave species being totally controlled. So yes, everything is a distraction. We think that cell phones and computers and smart phones and touchscreen stuff, all this technology – it’s a distraction. It’s bells and whistles.

L: We ARE advanced technology. We ARE free energy. We should stop wasting our time looking for the solution. The solution is within us.

M: And again, people say, what do you mean by the solution is within us. We have the Source Code, the Source Code is the source of creating EVERYTHING. So by looking, thinking, speaking, imagining, we should be able to manifest everything imaginable. The Green Lantern, the movie, is a great example of that. Okay. You just think and manifest and create instantly as you go. That’s actually a great movie to maybe show people to go see the The Green Lantern that you can manifest instantly in your mind. We don’t need heaters, we don’t free energy devices, we don’t need shelter, we don’t need anything. We are the free energy devices because the Source Code is in us.

L: It’s very similar to that movie Lucy which has just come out recently.

A: I haven’t seen that.

M: Yeah. L: You should go see that. It is very interesting.

A: Well, and I’d say most people would say, well, that’s great for you. You’ve gotten to a state of consciousness where you’re capable of manifesting.

L: We are all capable. We are all capable. We all have the DNA within us. And that’s the thing I often tell Michael, if we don’t tell people that they are gods, that they have this same capability, it’s same as a (?). People have to start thinking and caring that they have such potential within themselves.

A: I totally agree with you.

M: And it’s like everything else. When you are a skinny, little runt you don’t walk into the gym and walk out a beefcake. You go to the gym and you spend a few months and you come out a beefcake. It’s the same thing with consciousness. And manifesting. We are in a very thick 3D density here.

A: Very. One of the thickest out there.

M: Yes, although you want to manifest it so it’s going to take you some practice. Teachers of high consciousness and enlightenment and so forth will tell you, they teach that you must do it everyday. It’s an exercise. And I’m not saying that you must go and sit down and meditate and do mantras and all of that because if you don’t know what you’re doing that could be dangerous too, and a distraction as well. Just think about it. Say, right, I’m manifesting for myself this and if you do it everyday, that’s your exercise. That’s your gym, your workout everyday. Even if you do it 30 seconds, or 60 seconds a day. Say, ‘today say I’m going to do this: I’m going to have the short term goals, mid-term goals, and long term goals’ and do it every day. Practice every day. And manifest this. I need this, I need that. We need this –

L: Feel it, recite it.

M: Take a glass of water. Drink the water so it activates the water. And do that with the water as well. Even if you think it is a silly ritual and at the beginning, it feels like a silly ritual but do it every day. This is your gym workout of consciousness.

A: Yeah, that’s really tough, you know.

M: And you get better at doing it.

A: I’m being facetious when I say that. I often tell people that just find a stick. Go get a staff. Create an imaginary staff, like you’re Merlin or whomever. And put all of your might into slamming that into Mother Earth with your intention and your heart and, of course, it has to be of the highest – see, I think the way in which we are moving into manifestation now is, we have to start thinking about all. It’s not just about what I need. It’s all of us.

L: It’s co-creation.

M: You know, I can only speak from my experience. I can’t even speak for Louise’s experience, even though we are very close. My personal experience is that in 2005 I realized that we have to start moving towards a world without money. Just imagine that simple little thought and in that little moment I came up with the word called ‘Contributionism,’ that people could contribute their God-given talents or their acquired skills because of their talents, each one contributes those to the benefit of all people in the community. Right? Then I realized that Ubuntu is actually the same ancient philosophy that, and Louise reminded me about it, and that’s why I called it Ubuntu Contributionism.

But ten years ago I had this idea that some people have had it and let it go. And I realized that, well, if I don’t do something about it, no one is going to do anything about it. And I started talking about it and started manifesting it, and reciting it and repeating it as often as I could with everyone that I met. And unfortunately, you lose friends this way. Because they say, oh, Michael, you’re so boring, you can’t talking about anything else. That’s all he can talk about.

L: That’s true. (Laughter)

M: But it’s taken ten years. I do have fun every now and then. Not often. (Laughter) Not often enough. But it’s through this ten year manifestation. Look at where we are today. We’ve taken that simple, little thought and it’s taken ten years to get us to be where we are today in this place. Then I bought with an income through the sales my books. (Yeah) It’s insane. So we took this little thought and growed it and manifested it and kept reasserting and growing, growing, growing and now it’s almost that, we think we need this, we need that, and within an hour or a day or a week, we start manifesting it.

A: Well, I’m glad that you brought that up because now it’s time to go more heavily into the Ubuntu Movement. And I really want Louise to kind of kick this off with where were you, what was it about seven or eight years ago, you said that you had a realization through all of your world travels of where you wanted to take this idea.

L: Yeah, it’s an interesting story. It came as a little bit of surprise to me. Like a lot of people, I felt really sick of the way the world was. I didn’t know what the solution but I thought that something was very seriously wrong. And I got an inspiration and a very strong calling to go visit West Africa. I went backpacking there with my partner and my 5-year old daughter.

A: What a great experience.

L: We ended up on the Niger River and we were walking along through the black mud. You know you have those moments of clarity? Everything becomes still like a river and the women were washing their dishes and a kind of a rhythm was going. We were walking along this thick black mud and the wind blew and it said to me, ‘It’s time to create a new culture.’

A: That’s amazing.

L: And I was like, what was that? It said it twice, ‘It’s time to create a new culture.’ And, of course, everything fell into place. The reason that I had gone to West Africa was to escape my wasted life of privilege. We were living on a very opulent race horse stud farm, dining with the Sheiks of Dubai, the royal family, and it just didn’t make sense. So we went to West Africa, thinking we would go back to our roots and, of course, spirit reminded to say we can’t go back, we have to create new. And I became quite obsessed with this idea and started, like Michael, to think about it. How do we create a new culture? What are all the components? How do we do this? And I thought a lot about that for many years and in 2010 when I met Michael, we just realized that we had the absolutely same path.

A: It wasn’t like a lightning bolt or anything? (Laughter)

L: We instantly connected and this Ubuntu thing was the connection. Because in my search for new culture I’d been living with people in the Transkei and KwaZulu-Natal. I would be working with people, I could see Ubuntu in action. I didn’t know it was called Ubuntu intially but I could see these common, communal thread in the people where everybody just helps everybody else. Each person has a role that benefits the whole community. So I saw it in action long before I actually understood what it was. Michael actually defined that in his explaining his blueprints and Contributionism. For me, it reminded me of all that I learned from the African people about Ubuntu and what that means.

A: It’s kind of like the way the Bushmen live, right?

L: Yeah, absolutely, In fact, you know, it’s not only the Bushmen or the Native Americans. All of us come from that place. That’s why people resonate so strongly with what he is saying now. Everybody resonates with Ubuntu.

A: The other thing that is beautiful about it is that everyone has a gift.

L: Absolutely.

A: And it acknowledges everyone’s gifts. So no one feels left out.

L: Each person is vital actually. But I always think of the world. We are all here, we all have the divine right to be here. If you think about a globe or a web surrounding a globe. The web is held in place by each point. So each person is a point. Each person has to be strong and be responsible and in their power in order for the web to be secure. So we each need to activate all people. People all need to have their input and their gift and have their light shine. As we all do. We all have something to offer.

A: I totally agree. So where did it begin? How did you guys get this all first started? Did you put pen to paper? What was the first thing that you did? Did you go and start seminars? Or try to recruit people? Where did you start your learning process?

M: Well Louise and I met in one of my presentations.

A: Imagine that. M: Yeah. A: Considering how much you travel.

L: I was writing an article about his work. A: Ahh.

M: So she came to one of my presentations not far from a farm that was out in the sticks, you know. And I was doing a presentation in a private home near the Hartbeespoort Dam in South Africa and Louise came and we just connected. What is interesting is that I just really wanted to pick up on what she said – the strands, and everybody has to be strong. And I just realized that how the Ubuntu Movement really, we could never have imagined or projected this even a year ago how now we’ve got members in more than 215 countries, I don’t know how many it is around the world that are following the Ubuntu Movement that each one now is carrying that strand. So if you think about the Ubuntu philosophy and the Contributionism philosophy has spread across the world already. And wherever there is someone who is holding that consciousness or that philosophy we have a blood point into the Earth grid consciousness. So without us even – if I planned this it’s not possible. (Right) It’s happening organically.

A: And divinely.

M: And divinely, yeah.

L: I can answer that – how it began. It began with Michael’s Slave Species book. It moved on to his research – the Sumerian connection and the research in the stone circles here – the realization that we are an oppressed species and then it comes full circle to Ubuntu. If we are oppressed what are we going to do about it? So in 2010 Michael started talking around the world about the stone circles here and the Slave Species and little bit more and more and more about Ubuntu. About the liberation, what we are going to do about it. That’s how it got started. It really comes together so nicely.

A: Well, I was going to make that point that they still have to recognize first –

L: Absolutely.

A: – that we are oppressed.

M: Yes.

A: Which is why we had to cover this historical background in the first place.

L: Exactly.

A: Because if they don’t know their past they’re not going to be able to create the future with that awareness. But I’m just curious what was your next step? Did you buy land? You know, what did you guys do?

M: I was already living here.

A: You were already living in here? Okay. This is so cool. I love this place.

M: And at that stage my ex-partner and I were moving apart. She wanted to do other things and she felt like this was not really her calling. And that’s what happened. And Louise just – and it was immediate like – it was like that door had to close and another one open for Louise to enter the equation. And to me to come into her equation. And so she moved in here and started working on what we call the Ubuntu Village and sorting it out and fixing it up. But it’s taken a long time. It’s not been an easy task.

L: No, no, no. It really hasn’t been a plan. I mean –

M: Yeah. A: It’s just been whatever came up each day.

L: It’s unfolding.

A: The reason that I am asking that is because people probaby are going to say, okay, I’m really into this, but where do I begin. M: Yeah.

A: And how do I get started. How much money am I going to need to get started, to start different branch somewhere around the world. M: Yeah.

L: It’s an interesting thing because each community is different. Each community, in terms of geography, population, everything is different. Each community is different. Even though you can have a blueprint, and maybe a philosophy, but you almost can’t say this, this, this, – accept that Ubuntu needs people and people are contributing whatever that community needs.

A: Would you agree that this is actually one of the more difficult places to launch Ubuntu?

L: Maybe the most difficult.

A: I mean just since I’ve been here, compared to where I come from, which is in southern California where a lot of the people are awake.

L: Yeah.

A: A lot and a lot and a lot of people.

M: Yeah. I don’t know how to answer that either. I don’t know if it is easier or more difficult to launch it, but that’s where we are. This is where –

A: You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

M: And what I can tell you is that two years ago I was having sleepless nights, nightmares, about thinking how we were going to unite this community. Because remember we have eleven official languages in South Africa. So already we have the language problem is a problem. (Yeah) So I can’t just walk into a township where predominantly black South Africans live and they might speak Ndebele or Venda or Zulu or Siswati and I if speak English most of them won’t understand me. So already we have a problem there. And I was thinking how am I going to unite the people being an English-speaking South African who never learned an African language, which is really a huge problem. And something that I will always regret – I am trying now, but anyway I’m jumping – So now, if I took you around the township now, around the town, wherever you go you’ll see people they say, ‘Michael, Ubuntu!’ and I am stunned at how easy it has been to unite the people of this town.

A: That is fantastic.

M: And how quickly they are waking up and realizing that by working together we will achieve miracles and we will create the abundance that Contributionism is all about.

A: Well, I tell you what. We are going to take a break here and get a little bit more into all the details of the Ubuntu Movement. I know everybody is anxious to hear how can you start this movement in your hometown. So we will be back in a few minutes.

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